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Archives: October 3, 2006

Hastert Owes America An Apology

WaTimes: Resign, Mr. Speaker

Rice and Foley and the Republican Party in Power. Incompetence, Pedophilia

Stevens, Bush Nemesis on Court, Scoring Points at 86

Engineering students build wind-powered water heater

An idea struck me about tidal power....

Red alert as climate change takes its toll on Scotland

Palestinian group threatens to kill Hamas leaders

Video Download: Annie Machon (former MI5)

Check in here if you believe LIHOPers are crazy moonbats

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday, October 3rd

Barbara Simons: Elections Must Be Secure-Reliable-Accessible & Verifiable

Jerusalem Post: Harper's veto

Holy crap. What do you think of Frist's comments, Mr. Harper? Mr. Hillier?

Iraq taps Alaska military for huge deployment (largest since WWII)

Prosecutors: Threat Notes Mentioned Bush

Recession looming? It sounds like it. India is noticing.

Is Venezuela next? Rummy is sounding hawkish.

Britain to US: we don't want Guantánamo nine back

50 bodies of tortured Iraqis found, two U.S. Marines killed

FBI Knew in July About Foley E-Mails to Teen

DRUDGE: Wash. Times to Call for Hastert's Resignation Tuesday, Oct. 3

NYT: Across Nation, Housing Costs Rise as Burden

Pryor: Iraq improving, but troubles remain (Another DLC Dem)

Aljazeera: Attacks on women soar in Mosul

Bush Admin To Host Conference On School Violence

Papers Knew of Foley E-Mail but Did Not Publish Stories

Records Show Tenet Briefed Rice on Al Qaeda Threat (State Dept admits it!)

WP: After Foley, New Fears For GOP At the Polls (Lose House and Senate?)

Rumsfeld, Ashcroft received warning of al Qaida attack before 9/11

Woodward Defends Holding Scoops for Bk: Wanted story told before election

NYT: Pressure Grows for G.O.P. Over Foley Scandal

Rumsfeld: Venezuela Build-Up Is Concern

WP: Tenet Recalled Warning Rice

Lieberman says he has been promised seniority

Helen Chenowith- dead.

A gay friend of mine cracked me up this evening.

So you're feelin' the blues

KO on Letterman tomorrow night!

Foley Follies: Apparently Opie/Anthony acted out the IM chat on radio this

Ah the ability of YouTube to pick up one's spirits on a gloomy evening!

Women: You'll know what I'm talking about when you see the options...

Seriously. Can anybody explain some cancer things to me? "Mass"


I will give an answer to any question

My artist friend just sent me links of his new stuff.

tonight's south park.. Red Hot Catholic Love

What You Say When Really, Really Mad

can someone explain "elmo" to me?

Can someone explain "emus" to me?

Painting question: how do you tape off stucco?

Can someone explain ELOI to me.....

My nephew turns one in couple days,any gift suggestions?

can someone explain "elo" to me....

I want to say something nice to you, so if you respond

I'm interested in monocular vision. Should I.....

A man was robbed on my street today

can someone explain "elmo" to me....

What's the fuss? Gay & Lesbian people already have all their civil rights!

I'm all by myself tonight

I'm NEVER going to do it without the fez on. (Practically a sex thread!)

I bought a new keyboard.

If Grey and Thespian people are given civil rights,everyone will want them

Parenting question: how do you tape off stucco?

DU Parents: So when the work really began

one hot spud

One Potato Two Potato,Idaho.

Who am I?

Sam Spud

I blame violent Amish video games.

one hot stud!

"Gott DAMN, that was a snake! Got Tallmighty!"

Can you lock it real good?

What did women in primitive cultures do about menstruation?

What has Joy Division contributed to your life?


strangest place you have hair...

Apparently coyotes are dangerous animals!

i can be a bitch. i try to use it only for good. this time...

Kitty Video ........My daughter just made her first video.

can someone explain "emo" to me....


Need some cheering up...

If they can send a man to the moon, why can't they cure post-op nausea?

Someone You Work With That You Want to Say Something Good About?

Public Service Announcement: GD sucks...the bad kind of sucking.

I should hunt my boss down and kick her ass :(

Have you wanted to say something so much..??

Tweety was actually being reasonable on Leno tonight

Mid-size, liberal-ish western town/city? Any suggestions?

Studio 60 on Sunset Strip RAWKS!

has anybody seen the movie "Down in the Valley"? *spoilers*

Well, damn it, I may not have been able to walk today, but I'm kinda proud


Without Access To a Computer

Can someone explain EIEIO to me?

Why is it

I saw Carlos Mencia on his "Punisher" tour in San Jose

To everyone trying to improve their looks: A fake orange tan is not

Women: Do you get rid of your arm hair?

Love will...

Forget airbags, silicone breasts will do

First kiss with your SO: Was it magic?

When did patterned sheets go out of style????

What are you recovering from?

I'm afraid my dog might die tonight.

How much longer should I put up with this?

OMG! Jenis has gone undercover!

ZombieNixon......this one's for you!

oh naughty girls - Etiquette guide offers sleaze tips for posh girls...



Lynnesin's victory over me in Fantasy Football is merely a "distraction"

So P-Diddy is now Jazy-Z....

So... tell me how long your pen is?

feel like captioning a series of photos? (these have been posted before)

In Praise of Women Named Margaret

HEY GUYS!!! I wanna introduce my friend Pelza12.....

It's yet another 'post your pic' thread!

My Aspie kid is driving me nuts

Help me put together a playlist of sensual love songs, please...

I have been on DU for a week

Post Your MLB Playoff Picks!

Sam Harris - NPR Interview "Letter to a Christian Nation

Somebody tell me I am tinfoil hatting. Please. Seriously.

OT: Do you believe

Frist has just said we should surrender in Afghanistan! WTF?

While Home Waiting To Break Fast, Watched Softball...

PBS Line Up This Week

Woodward on Larry King tonight

Why are posts about Lawrence E King & Boystown being locked in 9/11 forum?

I am not siding with the pedophile, but at a trial

Do Democrats finally have a blue dress?

New Republican Theme Song, or Voices in My Head?

Craig Crawford: Repubs will throw Hastert under the bus "if he fits"

It's been a violent week for teens.

Foley tried to 'deal' w/ABC (offered an 'Exclusive' for hiding messages)

MUST SEE!!!!! Mark Foley VIDEO to congressional pages in 2002 on C-SPAN

Election Predictions - Republicans now lose majority in Senate too

To all the DU'ers that are defending Foley.

Who do you think murdered Olof Palme?

has anyone asked the diaz-balart brothers, ileana ros-lehtinen and e.clay

9/11 Commission saw the 'scary' briefing of 2001 (left out of report)

Since Foley is also an alcoholic, has he been in any fender benders

Safe XP.


Gak!!! Lucianne Goldberg alert!!!

How many pediphile conservative congressmen does it take?

Has the Larry King interview been on?

Bush's Mission Accomplished Speech Was Originally MORE Triumphant

Predatorgate: What did he know and when did he know it? (video)

*SNORT* A Vote for Mark Foley is a Vote for Joe Negron! Bwahahaaaa!

I missed so much news today,

One problem with the Woodward book.

if foley knew that he had "alcoholism and emotional problems"...why

Are the Media / Republicans Staying Away From Words Like, "Gay?"

Race for control of Senate: "As close as it can get"

This is a HUGE test of the current attention span of the public, and

Is Anderson Cooper going to FLA to do on the ground reporting...

If you thought rightwingers hated homosexuals before......

Elizabeth Edwards on the Charlie Rose Show tonight

White House On Page Scandal: "Simply Naughty Emails"...

Anyone have the video from Cindy Sheehan's book signing today?

What is "Investor Protection Assoc. for America"????

'Have You Had Enough?' Must See You Tube vid to toss Hastert

How in the hell did Condi get a Ph.d?? Good lord, she has got

Anybody watching Tom Reynolds press conference?

It's not just emails and IMs -- it was a night out at Morton's in a BMW!

what sort of trips has foley taken recently, and to where?

Ok, this is a funny and strange freeper post for your amusement.

BTW, Bill Maher Will Be Doing His Show Live from D.C. on Friday

We should keep an eye on what's happening that DOESN'T involve Foley.

So, I'm watching Woodward on Larry King...I'm listening to the words

Who are killing these people in Iraq? Is it this Administration?

A day in the life of the Secretary of State

Just sent this email to Larry King, hope he mentions it to Woodward

Jack A sharing the plans to attack Iraq 9 mos before authorization?


Democrats get majority = shit board of the year!

Haynesworth's punishment

Bush Administration concealing right to join Unions

Has anyone spoken to their RW family or friends about the Foley scandal?

Why Churchill Opposed Torture

Help Foley protect our children!

House Managers-Livingston and Hyde, Gingrich, Bennett, Rush,

Britain to US: we don't want Guantánamo nine back

Post conservative sources calling for Hastert's resignation

Zelikow Left Damning Info Out of 9/11 Report. Rice Must Be Fired!

James(dog beater) Dobson on Foleygate

I haven't enjoyed watching cable news since I don't know when

GOP = Groping Old Pedos? More "shoes to drop" says news anchor...

Ladies and gentlemen, the new GOP poster boy:

Frist: Taliban Should Be in Afghan Gov't

Did the Amish shooter really have a bush sticker on his truck?

On Scarborough a minute ago--"Why does Rosie hate Catholics"

Mark Foley, Dennis Hastert, Tony Snow, Roy Blunt, Brit Hume....

bomb iran with the "planet of the apes" box set.

Religious Leaders Call for Repentance, Resignations in Foley Scandal

Friendly reactions to my Impeach t-shirt this weekend

Bill Frist: Taliban should be in Afghan Govt

Religious Leaders Call for Repentance, Resignations in Foley Scandal

What the F*&% does being an alcoholic

Is it time to bring this guy up again (have eye bleach handy)

Just heard something during the NFL game that made me go "hmmmm"

I may not win......but I might

This is why 36% of Americans think 9/11 was an inside job.

Rice initially refused to testify before 9/11 Commission. Now we know why

1936: J Edgar Hoover and Congressional pages

Foley blamed Democratic activists for spreading rumors in 2003

Mens careers are sacred.

I'm confused, who found Foley's emails and IM's?

PUDGieWUDgie - Moonie Times calls on Denny to RESIGN??

Can you imagine the Bush Administration having OTHER jobs?

BREAKING! Republican National Convention '08 Site Selected: Thai Brothel

DUer Ocelot points out something important and interesting

No Mike Malloy. Can't wait for Bernie Ward tonight.

TDS has Trent Lott get the popcorn!

Would a Hastert resignation be good or bad for Democrats in '06?

Has Ann Coulter weighed in on Foleygate yet?

Psst, hey, ya wanna see Foley's voting record?

Olbermann on Drudge and O'Reilly: "...pinheads."

What is the disconnect that is happening to cause these shootings?

USA Today: "Don't Trust Diebold"

John Stewart is on fire tonight

What is a Washington read?

They keep giving us ammo

Where does GANNON fit into this FOLEY thing?

Bush/Cheney Attorney Named as 'Public Election Monitor' for OH! & MORE!

So we will have to get a foreign back account to gamble online now?

Ladies and Gents....The Karmic Wheel is Spinning Like a Fuccin Top !!

Since october 6th is coming up

Teen: "7 and 1/2".......Foley: "That's a great size"

TOONS - - - - - - - - > Grand Old Perv Party Edition

Candidates Give Foley Contributions Away

So, now we know why Ashcroft stopped flying commercial?

Ca. Man Arrested Following Anthrax Threats (*, cheney & others since 2001)

Senator Barack Obama Visits QCA.

FBI Knew in July About Foley E-Mails to Teen

Across Nation, Housing Costs Rise as Burden

The Game Is The Good Guys Against The Bad Guys

Could it be a GOP fissure coup?

Hastert sings Streisand....

The list of shame. Who voted Yea and Nay on torture and detention...

I wanted to say thanks.

Bloody Day in Iraq Leaves 150 Dead

Foley's atty. just now on CNN - He lead a double life.

Question about Podcasting The Thom Hartmann Show

Sen. Trent Lott is the Guest on The Daily Show Tonight?!?

I just heard that there are now 4 dead from the Amish school shooting

PBS reairing "Eyes on the Prize" - NOW

I bought a new rifle last week


OK, so Foley wanted to meet with some of these kids,

"If you can't enjoy the downfall of a hypocrite, you have lost all zest...

The new GOP website!!

Mike Malloy Update


Woodward's book, Foley, the Intelligence estimate...What does it mean?

(Hmmmm) Who's this, I wonder?

4th. Little Amish girl has died according to breaking news on

Proof Hastert lied and more conserv. calling for his resignation...

Do Bush, Condomloosa Rice, and Barney have a bunker?

King George and his Poppy put the "fun" in dysfunctional

What if this is all just a big Rove plot....sacrifice one of their own

If they get some Page to say a Dem sexually harassed them

Fatal Vision: The Deeper Evil Behind the Detainee Bill

I'm beginning to enjoy Jon Elliot..

Fiscally clueless,morally bankrupt,defensively inept.

HOW does one become a congressional page?

A sneak preview of Bush's post-"presidency" memoir

Ever see crabs in a bucket? That's what Republicans remind me of

Head On Radio Monday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

Washington Times: Resign, Mr. Speaker

Foley Erect!

Tony Snow speaks for the chimp, so...the chimp is defending Foley?


Foley on Clinton

The country is falling apart

Remember the last Puke leadership scandal?

Here's why the GOP is toast in Florida this November.

The Right is after Hastert -- look at the photo Drudge has up...

Warning signs about Foley went back FIVE years!

After Foley, New Fears For GOP At the Polls: Could lose House &Senate

Do you hate George W. Bush?

Mark Foleys website is down, but you can still get to it via WebArchive.

Six helpful hints for how to manage the Foley scandal.

Who is keeping and who is donating Foley campaign donations

This is not about Democrat or Republican. This is about abuse of power.

Focus On Family On Foley: "Not a time to be talking about politics..."

Back in the old days (1991) when habeas corpus had respect

Interesting ads on the Daily Show

The Seven Cardinal Sins....

Fact checking the DeVos Granholm Debate

After Foley, Some Say Party Could Lose House and Senate

A Plea from a Former Republican - It's over. I've had it. They must go.

Abused Pages for Truth - who's with me to set up this new 527??

Tweety on Leno.

No wonder Bush, Cheney, Rice and other refused to testify under oath.

Bush was too busy today to speak about the school shootings in person.

"Protect the Pages." You're F'n Kidding - Right?

"God's Gonna Cut You Down"- Johnny Cash

Tonights "Vanished"

Has anyone put "Maf54" on their Buddy Lists?

hopes have been raised so many times since 2000, 2002, 2004

Capito left out of the loop (Foley)

"Studio 60" had an oblique reference to Bill Maher

About the shooting in Lancaster, Pa today

BREAKING: Genius media whore still tying Abramoff to Dems. (The Hill 10/3)

Lord-why do you never grant me the ability....

"Maf54: I miss you lots since san diego." (DID FOLEY MEET WITH A PAGE??!)

"We have been conditioned to violence"....

MUST READ!!-President Clinton Jails 938,000 Illegal Enemy Combatants!!

"I'm The President Of The US" Bush Fumed & "Ken Blackwell Is A Nut"

Helen Chenoweth killed in car crash

The Best "DU this Poll" Ever ! Rate Cable News Anchors...

NYT Foley editorial: With sweeping power, power becomes the entire point

Would Hastert's resignation help or hurt the GOP for November?

Bob Woodward on Larry Live...n/t

Sex sells. Everything else is too complex.

Foley- graphic pictures

And there was talk about Rice in 08! Could she be a bigger POS?

Rice should resign NOW!

It's nice to know the Miami & Tampa papers are looking out for kids

Chris Floyd: "The Deeper Evil Behind The Detainee Bill"

Woodward on Larry King Live CNN....."Bush is delusional"

New question for pollsters. Instead of who would you want to have a beer


I'm surprised no one has a clip of Foley saying...

Watch this: Dem strategist squashes Repub in debate on corruption in DC

BREAKING: Reynolds staff tried to cover-up Foley scandal

**Washington Times will call for hASStert's resignation on Tuesday**

St. Pete Times - Get you're Foley Timeline

Just saw "The US vs. John Lennon" - GO SEE IT.

HELP! Need suggestions for the best things to do in Ft. Myers, Florida --

Smack pResident Bush here!! Really!! Just got this in an email

Holy shit! ... Senator Trent Lott (R-MS) on the Daily Show tonight

Coming up on "To Catch a Predator"

Attorney: "Foley Not a Pedophile" - Bwahahaaa!

Holy SHIT. "Frist: Taliban Should Be in Afghan Gov't"--FRIST!! TALIBAN!!!

BEWARE! I Don't Mean To Bring Everyone Down.... However

Something that will always bother me

Are Dem Candidates/Leadership going to ruthlessly exploit the Foley

John Laesch is running against Hastert

Why Capitol Pages Fear Retaliation( read it my friends)

Washington Times Calls for Hastert resignation

Sexual abuse/assault as a child, teenager-did you tell

If you were assaulted sexually before grad H.S, told, did you get help?


President Bush is now revealed to be Nekkid...The Gopers are Nekkid too

New Republican Clock - doesn't need hands!!

Wait. Stop. Think.

Republican calls 'christian' Right "gang of thugs"

Hastert la Vista, Baby !

Killer Election Integrity Talking Points

history repeating itself? excellent info about one of the last times...

ABC News: Pages Sending All Sorts of Messages About Possible Other Members

Do you think Rove is laughing at us - all of us in a big tizzy over Foley,

Goldwater Democrats?

CREW urges DOJ I.G. to Probe why the FBI failed to investigate

Colbert had Mike Lewis on tonight ("The Ballad of Big Mike")

Photoshop fun for your amusement - Foley in orange, * in handcuffs pic hvy

Backdoor Alert: "Ike" to deploy in first war on terror assignment

Keith Olbermann will be on Letterman Tuesday night 10/3


So. 7/10/01, Rice/Tenet meeting. Same month, Asscroft stops flying....

Advertising magazine Brandweek lauds Olbermann

Today, I was Ridiculed. Rant Rant Rant

Tom Reynolds C-SPAN Press Conference a COMPLETE DISASTER

Violence against teenage girls

She was very religious

Reid caved on the Iran Sanctions/Regime Change Bill


Holy Shit! Frist wants the TALIBAN back?

A constitutional amendment to avert another George W. Bush (Wash. Post)

Eleven GOPers Fingered in Foley COVER-UP

"If he fits"!!!!!!!!

Over 800 Rally for Peace in New Hampshire

Begala --- deal with a law firm Smith and Wesson. :)

Analysis: What did GOP know about Foley? (with a Watergate twist)

Keith Oberman calls Matt Drudge a PEN HEAD on national TV

Jenny Granholm giving Dickless DeVoid a bitch slapping.

White House On Page Scandal: "Simply Naughty Emails"...

Louisiana's First is against child rape - the campaign is on!

Don't get confident with the media....remember a T-shirt they gave Dean.

Foley attracts new endorsement for GOP Congressional Candidates

Scarborough: "The end of Republican rule in Washington"

Democrats' Risky Strategy: Trumpeting the Wealth Gap

Hastert was Delay's puppet. I doubt he can survive

Serving Christianity and dicking little boys

Did the nazi bitch dAnn actually say this?

So arnie is a walmart stooge. Who'd have ever thought?

Can Lieberman (if he wins the senate seat) change parties

If you can't delight in the downfall of a hypocrite

GOP Fundraising Photos of the Oedipal, Substance-Abusing Frat Boy-in-Chief

Craig Crawford: "Throw Hastert under the bus...if he FITS"

Bush and Rove are at the Reno Airport right now ...* just got done

Are we seeing a GOP meltdown or CIA Coup d'état?

ATTN TEXANS: Voting Straight Party Ticket Will NOT Help Doggett

So, who, exactly, gets to be a congressional page?

Lamont-Lieberman poll numbers? What are they now? Predictions?

Bill Clinton must be laughing his ass off

Motley crew

Our TV add targeting Bobby Jindal/Mark Foley

Could a potential third party make inroads with this strategy?

AP: Vt. (GOP) Campaign Aide Accused of Plagiarism

Should Hastert and Boehner be jailed for covering up Foley?

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe...

Hotline: The Democrats' Foley Playbook

What's going on with the GOP? Are they trying to lose?

Is Hastert Vulnerable?

They Were Expendable.....

I've seen more of that fat Hastard Speaker than I can stomach

Battlefield Foley (Scientology Alert!)

The Onion Has Been Peeled...

corroborating Woodward?

Hey KKKarl - It's October........

"The Smirk" Better Pray That The Dems Take Over

MUST SEE! Georgia repug gov's T.V. spot about "guys on the internet."


The wheels are coming off their wagon...

wow! Chris Matthews just gave a great "speech" on Jay Leno!

What about Alexander? Why didn't he do more to protect his page?

Sept 28, 2006 – The Shot Heard ‘round the World

Rumsfeld and Ashcroft also received briefing about Al Qaeda attack on US

TX-22 Lampson petition-give Foley $ to Nat Cen for Missing Exploited Child

CNN TRANSCRIPT:Hastert not reporting Foley for fear of gay-bashing

Time's Up, Denny - even the Wash Times says it's time for you to go

Warner, McCain and Graham: Look Past The Tortured Distortions

I'm calling it.. It's all over for the GOP

Kerry: Republican leadership failed to protect children

After all this .... What if the GOP keeps control of the House and Senate?

Good Grief. FOX after Murtha/ABSCAM

Clark will be campaigning with Lamont this Friday.

Good for you, Bay Buchanan

Democrats projected to now take Senate as well as House!

Gone but not dead

The "F" Word and How To Escape

The Dark Night Descends

The Redder They Are, The Harder They Fall --WaPo

Accuracy In Media: Republicans Protected Foley, Not Kids

Cone of Silence --By Howard Kurtz WaPo

Wonkette: Battlefield Foley (new Scientology angle!)

request to ban Fahrenheit 451 received during Banned Books Week

GOP Hitman Matt Drudge Blames Kids For "Playing Foley"

Flustered Bush Misses Air Force One Flight --Onion

Four Years of CODEPINK Rabble-Rousing for Peace by Medea Benjamin

RW + religious right "homosexual agenda to blame for Foley"

Revenge of the Jedi Bag Lady (Mickey Z.)

Four Years of CODEPINK Rabble-Rousing for Peace

SEE it's like we told you all along---George Will on "State of Denial"

Molly Ivins (Truthdig): Ring the Bell for a Texas Democrat

de Borchgrave: If and when Bush 'Iraqs' Iran


Cold war battle still simmers in Tbilisi

NYT: The Foley Matter

Ms. Clinton - An Excellent Investment For The Wealthy


Desperate measures from desperate men

Energy Dept. to Delay Oil Purchases

Top 20 Global Polluting Countries Meet In Mexico City To Talk, Talk, Talk

Bush Seeks Ban on Destructive Fishing

Study - 95% Of BC Wild Salmon Juveniles Killed By Lice From Fish Farms

Rate Of Global CO2 Increase Rising - To Hit 2 PPM/Year By End Of 2006

The century of drought (extreme drought to affect one third of planet)

At 379.1 Feet, CA Redwood Confirmed As Worlds Tallest Tree - Reuters

Ozone hole reaches record size

Fuel Cell News

Survey Finds Little Hope For Improving Hong Kong Air Quality - AFP

Numbers Of Snakehead Fish Rising In Potomac River - ENN

Australian Public Miles Ahead Of Government On Climate - SMH

Tories Deep-Six Plans For Carbon Tax On Cheap Airfares - Guardian

Plane Skids Off Runway In Indonesia - Smoke Hurt Visibilty, No Injuries

Canadians Spot 25+ Illegal Driftnet Boats In N. Pacific - Reuters

No Change Of Australia Avoiding El Nino - Continuing Drought Likely

Renewable Energy in Ireland to Triple by 2010

Feds Fine Ameren $15 Million For Taum Sauk Reservoir Collapse - ENN

Wisconsin Governor Proposes $450 M to Develop Renewable Energy

Ozone Hole Size Matches All-Time Record, Ozone Levels Lowest Ever - ENN

Ecological upheaval on the edge of the ice (Bering Sea)

Hybrids With a Power Cord: Plug-In Vans Put to the Test

Israel's New Reality

Israel, Hizbollah broke human rights law: U.N. envoys (Reuters)

Doors of re-entry shut to Palestinians

Qatari plan: New PA gov't would accept int'l demands

Both Israel and Hizbollah broke human rights laws-UN

Abbas orders payment of wages to PA workers

Does MIHOP imply that Osama Bin Ladin is no real threat?

Four Years of CODEPINK Rabble-Rousing for Peace by Medea Benjamin

More proof 9-11 was an inside job.

Rick Siegel (911 Eyewitness Hoboken) Interview VIDEO >>>

Video Download: Alex Jones - June 2, 2006

Turkish Plane Hijacked

NEW MCM: Our Rigged Elections

Mark Crispin Miller: Our Rigged Elections: Elephant in the Polling Booth

To Raise Awareness --- set up computerized voting at Political

This part of Woodward's book sheds new light on election night.

Barbara Boxer sponsoring (S.3963) the Confidence in Voting Act

Notes from The WeCount2006 Conference on fair elections

EAC Requests Comments on Manual for Voting System Testing & Certification

B/C '04 Ohio Atty to be Cuyahoga Cty 'Public Monitor' for 2006 Election

Zaccardelli must resign — or be fired

Vt. (Republican) campaign aide accused of plagiarism

Prosecutors: Threat notes mentioned Bush

GOP scandals key issue in Pennsylvania, too

Hastert says he didn't know of explicit contact

Papers Knew of Foley E-Mail but Did Not Publish Stories --NYTimes

Bush says Democrats shouldn't be trusted

Gas traders start giving it away - UK

Former Rep. Helen Chenoweth-Hage killed in vehicle accident

GOP Hitman Matt Drudge Blames Kids For "Playing Foley"

Pasco nudists recall 'hypocritical' campaign (Foley)

Would booooosh (Mexican pronunciation)......

Ashcroft Disputes Claims in Woodward Book

Tom Reynolds press conf on C-Span right now--

Bush visits Reno to stump for Heller in House race (denies being war prez)

Reuters: EU-U.S. extradition treaty worries U.N. rights expert

breaking report on BBC radio about Turkish hi-jacking

Further Airbus A380 Delivery Delays Lead Emirates to 'Review Options'

Terror inmates' mail still goes unread

Woodward´s ´State of Denial´ Selling Big

E&P: Woodward Tells Larry King: Book Could Have Been Called 'Crisis'

Jet hijack to protest pope's visit

State Dept. confirms Rice-Tenet meeting

BBC: N Korea 'to conduct nuclear test'

Bush Organizing School Violence Summit

HAFEN-PORTER RACE: GOP duty to military challenged (Max Clelland!)

Justices Hear Arguments on Deportation

Next Year, Anywhere But in Grim Baghdad (Last rabbi leaves Iraq)

Pennsylvania Amish killer in sex abuse confession

White House denies Bush called Ohio election official 'a nut' (Blackwell)

Breaking: Commercial airliner hijacked in Greek airspace

(Australian) PM admits pleading for intelligence on Iraq war

North Korea preparing for atom bomb test

Israelis Reach Out to Arab NationsThat Share Fear of Ascendant Iran

Manufacturing growth slackens while construction spending rises (AP)

Democrat admits money violation: Titus returns $10,000 contribution (NV)

Hastert won't resign over Foley scandal

Alaskan storm cracks iceberg in Antarctica, study says: Global warming?

New Foley Instant Messages; Had Internet Sex While Awaiting House Vote

Herald publisher to resign . . . others terminated - Paid by US gov't

Bush 'disgusted' by Republican sex scandal

Levin: Iraq plan offers 'ray of hope' to end sectarian bloodshed

Rumor that National Journal will drop bombshell on another Congressman

(Jeb) Bush says pundits 'underestimate Florida voters' on Foley replacemen

Lamont Writes $500,000 Check for His Run

Fox had Foley emails, chose not to run

Two US troops killed as NATO sets Afghan expansion date (56 total/yr)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday October 3

Hastert Contradicted by House No. 2

Bloody Baghdad Day Leaves 263 Dead

AP: Miami Herald Publisher Diaz Resigns (Gov't paid reporters rehired)

"Foley Bombshell Coming"

AWOL soldier says he's atoning for Iraq

Democrats Assail Frist's Afghan Comments

Party Affiliation Trends Show Democratic Momentum - Rasmussen

New Iraqi Bid to End Sectarian Violence

U.S.: Iran navy not prepping for war

Bus company guilty in Rita evacuation deaths

Violence driving 9,000 Iraqis from homes every week: IOM

Sunni, Shiite politicians rally around Iraq peace plan

CNN: Police: School killer confessed to molesting family members

Whirlpool laying off 1,200 U.S. workers (hello Mexico)

Gunman may have planned sex assault at Amish school

Colorado man says he was arrested after criticizing Cheney (acting strange

AP: Iran Suggest France Enrich Its Uranium

Man Nabbed At Cheney Event Sues Secret Service

LAT: Gasoline Prices Fall for Eighth Straight Week: Politics?

Eleven US soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq (Edit)

GOP Leaders Dismiss Idea Of Doing More About Foley

Women Sign "We Had Abortions" Petition (5k + names incl. some celebrities)

WP: George Allen's Seven Measly Words

US: Iran Could Have Nuclear Bomb in Four (to Nine) Years

Dow soars to new closing high of 11,727

Rice seeks end to Palestinian violence

Syria, Iran intelligence services aided Hezbollah during war

Ex-page threatened over role in Foley flap

Bush in favor of Foley investigation

Bush Says Democrats Shouldn't Be Trusted

High-Calorie Diet Fattens Gitmo Inmates

Hastert won't resign over Foley scandal

Top congressman defends Hastert (Boehner, R-Ohio)

CNN/AP: Americans win Nobel physics prize for work on big-bang theory

Foley says he was abused by a clergyman

Labor Board Ruling May Bar Millions of Workers from Forming Unions

New Foley Instant Messages; Had Internet Sex While Awaiting House Vote

Gallup: Americans Say Country Ready for a Female President

Bolthouse Carrot Juice Tied To Botulism Cases

2 Canadians killed in Afghan attack

Good night.

The Theater Fire....

well that was fun

So who in the Lounge plays Hitman: Blood Money?

I love this song!

Sometimes Samatha Bee just flat hits one out of the park.

These guys...

I am listening to the replay of the Stephanie Miller show, it is a good

I am listening to the replay of the Stephanie Miller show, it is a good

Clooney: Date Many to Outwit Paparazzi

Best Eric Clapton Song (and with other groups)

How do you make

Forgive my ignorance...

*** A Toke***

I hate when people post bullshit just to reach some stupid milestone.

I hate when people post bullshit just to reach some stupid millstone.

I'm awake! I'm awake!

Suspected al-Gebra member arrested attempting to board flight at JFK

She had no right to get upset with me, I say. Cmon, DU, you agree with me

Good morning everyone

Skinner - can we use this for the next fundraiser?

Lost Season Premier tomorrow - EW Preview

What would it take for you to go brainless?

Anyone heard the band "As Tall As Lions"?

My first smiley

Well, I'm off to school. Post naughty threads for me.

Double Rainbow this morning in Ohio - Dialup warning

It's that kind of morning

has anybody seen "the proposition" *spoilers*

Admit it!

yet another earthquake hits Maine

Tapioca pudding

So he says he needs some time...

1,000 one, 1,000 two, 1,000 three, 1,000 four,.......

Who is #1? LynneSin is #1! Who is Undefeated? LynneSin is Undefeated!

I had an alien probe chip removed from the back of my neck

Will someone please motivate me to clean my house?

Bumper sticker idea. Comments?

Does it get any better than this?

Happy birthday Scout1071 & RBNYC!!


Woman Gets Prison For Attacking Neighbors With Pooper-Scooper

Just out of curiosity

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 10/3/06)

Doesn't the GOP make Hollywood hedonists look really tame?

One really, really GREAT thing about my job

Blast! I just ate a bunch of jelly beans!

I don't want to block the ads on my screen but I'm awfully tired

What does "No Games" mean to you, when you see it in a personals ad?

The 'Mary Ann or Ginger?' of the 21st Century- Joy or Catalina?

Eric Clapton is playing J.J. Cale's " Cocaine" again.

You guys look bored--want to be entertained?

ARE YOU INSANE? Please take the bathtub test -----> Just for fun!

TV Series based on movies that preceded them?

Time again for WORLD DOMINATION: How will you win at Risk?

The MrsGrumpy appreciation thread!!

"Republican Has Nerve To Request Treatment For Genetic Disorder"

Use your imagination

Must OF? Should OF?

I saw the Marilyn Monroe exhibit at the State Fair yesterday

Woman Chases Husband Around House With Ax During Drunken Fight

"BOY was I drunk last night. I don't remember a THING!!"

So now I have a carcass fascination

I swear to god, random people seem to know me as I walk down the street!

The clock on the computer says 3:07 p.m. The clock on DU says 3:12 p.m.

What would it take for you to go topless?

If Bush attacks Iran they might just reactivate me

Do you know what makes a day awesome?

Dead Men Do Tell Tales: Just in time for Halloween

What is your favorite salad dressing??

Clown Running For Mayor Of Alameda

A's 3, Twins 2 (1-0 Oakland)

Is it Human Resources at your job helpful ?

Hooray! Was the first person at B&N in Berkeley today to purchase

Man Enjoys Running Around Town Naked Every Few Years

Fundy asshole on NPR equated stem cell research to Hitler & Jews.

GEICO caveman in airport commercial

You think the Beatles udder is sore yet?

Country remake of a Brandy song.

Just Ordered a Copy of Bob Woodward's Book for the Leader of a Country

It's a dog's life...

"Especially when you be moving pianos man..that is the worst"

Not craw....CRAW!!!!

Today in music history 10-3

Roll here and now if you are...

So, puting is not a word?

New Pic your own too!

Anyone seen the Zappa plays Zappa show?

Domini Domini Domini, you're all Catholics now.

Hey, Lounge.! Will Pitt is on the Randi Rhodes show RIGHT NOW!

This is the johnnie appreciation thread.

Just so you know - Freeperland is on the job protecting your children

Giving new meaning to the term 'mood music'

This is Your Brain on W

Stress release

Man Charged For Assault With Meat Cleaver

Hey ZombieNixon

I got a flu shot this afternoon.

Signs you're having a good afternoon:

Favorite New Vonage Commercial?

Have you ever had a mind-meld with another DUer?


Mitch Hedberg ALERT: Member of boy band Hanson marries a DUFRESNE!

Have you ever had a Taco with another DUer?


Somebody please buy this for me.

wow, these are some really flavorful bean sprouts

did they catch this terrorist yet?

Hey, we're at Level Something

Remember my post about the poem? Help me decide what to do..

I'm goin' out!

Best joke ever on DU homepage: "White House internal ethics investigation"

Why doesn't anyone ever want to make picks in the DU Football pool?

Ney was first Republican to use the Alcoholic defense...

I'm off to take my test now

Yess! When I Google my DU name, my journal is the third hit!

Are we gonna start the post-season hate fest now?

Favorite "Let's Go" song

Loungers to the GD please...Loungers to the GD please

Over here, wannabe!

Like a Virgin

Don't Laugh at Me

Where, oh where could my Sugar Smack be? Check your PM Bee-yatch.


Anyone ever visited a "nude beach?"

So, by dumping Hastert with Foley, does the GOP hope

One last thread.... I need serious good vibes coming my way later

I am a Du Mod-Toy...Ask me anything!

I just watched the highlight where McNabb (Eagles) ran in for a touchdown.

Netflix is pissing me off...

well I TRIED to make a funny in GD

Any Celexa users?

this song makes me cry

What would it take for you to go carless?

I'm a curmudgeon, ask me anything.

Couple of questions about Opera 9

I got three books from RetroLounge's shop yesterday...

billyskank!!! You need to stop working and come PLAY!!

What's for dinner tonight?

Does anyone here put salt in the soda?

I hate it when I get a worse grade than I was expecting....

cool...i made the greatest page for the first time

I caught a grammatical error on a HALLMARK CARD!

Post here and I will give you a flower.

Baseball announcer grammar rant

Have you ever had a mind-meld with a pink taco?

Important music poll!

I am starting to get involved with a married woman....

Show Us Your Smilies! Impress Your Friends & Fellow DU'ers


Friday Night Lights

When did being suave go out of style?

When did the "previews" at the movies become "trailers"?

A Republican Quiz: Why don't Republicans use book marks?

Help. I need some calculus help? Please?

Woman Shows Up Drunk For DWI Hearing

Say you were trapped on an island with no food ..And every Duer you know

HOLY SHIT! Mr. T meets Beetlejuice on todays Howard Stern show

Just found out Dick DeVos and I share birthdays - Ask me anything.

unPopularity Contest....Name Your least Fav Du'er!

another weird episode from Florida

Popularity Contest....Name Your Fav Du'er!

What would it take for you to go braless?

The downward spiral continues...

I have decided to do a 50k race in March

Have you ever had a pink taco with another DUer?

Have you ever had a tuna-melt with another DUer?

Name three things you've never done.

What is the last thing that you lost, and still haven't found?

Anyone else want to see some more Hawaii photos?

"What's the big deal about having a pregnancy?"

Landlord showed up at 9 AM this morning GRRRRR

We haven't done this in awhile...TRUTH OR DARE!!!

If they cancel Studio 60 I'll go ballistic.

Heard any music today or yesterday?

George W. Bush Elementary School, Stockton, California --

It's my first day! I'm kinda freaked...

OMG!!!! YOU GUYS!!! OMG OMG!!!!! I'm going to FAINT!!

Official YANKEES SUCK thread (w/poll) - 2006 playoffs


England is neither "jolly" nor "old."

I had this dream about swag.

I could eat the ass out of a dead rhinoceros.


Someone threw out a bible down the road...

Unpopular atheism in the US...

'Ancient light' takes Nobel Prize (BBC)

Record Ozone Depletion over Antarctic

Irish High Court Hears Marriage Equality Case

Apology over BBC broadcasts gay insult

Gay School Sup't Accuses Board Of Trying To Push Him Out

NGLTF criticizes House leadership MasturGate Scandal Cover-Up

Are Titans Fans Sick?

Who will win their respective division series?

Who will the Bears Play in the Superbowl?

LSU fans smell just like corn dogs.

Maya: September 29 Day of Infamy For the US & other articles

Mark Halperin's book a hit job on Kerry - No big surprise here, but

JK Post on the Dem Daily :The “Retreatican Party?”

So we now know Ben-Veniste and Hamilton covered up for Bush on 9-11.

ISU rally yesterday - Who says Kerry does not connect with people?

Midwest card ready to go -- Who needs it?!?!

Great rallying cry for dems -

Terrifyingly plausible

PA People: BGlobe column today: "Right Back at ya, Santorum"

Just another reason to not trust Carville per Woodward book

I'm trying out a new avatar...

"Black Muslim" running for Congress on Tavis Smiley right now

It REALLY was all about Clinton's 'distinguishing characteristic'

Barbara Lee Hails Momentum in Preventing Permanent Bases

GWB doing TWO fundraisers in ONE day -- Ain't work a bitch?

What does it mean??

Big Dawg's Smackdown of Wallace Is Now Old News-And That's GREAT!

ABC News On Foleygate: Possible Other Members???

Rethugs "Faith & Values" Turns Into Their Maginot Line

DU, Wash Times just threw Hastert overboard! Resign!

Rumsfeld: Venezuela Build-Up Is Concern

Tonight it's not enough.

Work weary?

My neighbor is a klan member, and I think our hood is cursed....

LAT: Capitol's gay community long knew of Foley's interest in young men

Louisiana Weekly: 'Condoleezza Rice Pimps the Civil Rights Movement'

This one sentence is devestating to the repuke party...

Why Were the 9/11 Terrorists Seen on Abramoff's Sun Cruz Casino Boats?

So we have Foley, Hastert, Woodward, Rice, the NIE...

All of this talk about Dennis Hastert

George: A Life in Mug Shots

LOL. Free Republic says it's defending the Constitution.

To betray the trust of a wide eyed kid & rob their innocence is despicable

Two Types of Repugs, either perverts or pervert enablers

Will hastert be the THIRD repub. speaker to step down?

Don't forget ..wednesday PBS ..Bill Moyers' new show

Walk-On Photo Op Never To Be Forgotten - 3 Oct 06

"foley duped many. he lied to me. foley ought to be ashamed."

Enough of the mob mentality

Fox News Priest compares Evolutionists to TERRORISTS, LOL

The idea that I somehow would have ignored that, I find incomprehensible.

Congressman Foley caught in "Dateline" sting--as an SNL sketch

Lies and Cover-Ups are not "Being in Denial" !!!!

Bush's incompetence and/or neglect as stated in Woodward's

Wash Times calling for Hasturd to resign--my local station just said

Enabler-In-Chief: Is Laura Bush partly to blame for the failure of BushCo?

washington journal -"Resign,Mr Speaker"

The amazing power of sexual scandals in politics.

Keep digging, George...and when you're done......

Holy F**king Sh*t!!! Documentary on Kursk: Was definitely sunk by US sub

Understatement of the friggen century!!!

Condi is in Saudi Arabia Schmoozing with al-Faisal


I'm thinking that the fall is oil prices is desgined to hurt all those

Hehe... Limbaugh.. too many Oxy's today... hehe...

"Did Democrats Page Mark Foley?" - THE DEMS DID IT !!!!

Think the UN should be reformed? How to contribute!

Terror Inmates' Mail Still Goes Unread (no $$$ for translators, etc.)

Henry Hyde for Speaker??????????

The Reynolds Press Conference

Can't get fooled again.

Bush to have a 'conference on school shootings next week. my local

Imus swooning over Jerry Lee Lewis. Timing seems a little odd.

On the plus side for the fundies. Mess with little boys and you don't need

GOP "Republican Values" Roll Call

Coming out of the basement feels GOOD!

Pressure Grows for Republicans Over Foley Scandal

You had no qualms issuing a subpoena to Terri Schiavo...

WP: Anchor Katie Couric Blasts Into Third Place

BBC Opinion Poll....."What issue will decide the outcome of the

Even Nukes in Korea can't save the GOP

What does Barney Frank have to do with anything?

Royal decree in the 21st century - so much for democracy

Bush apologist Victoria Clarke on wash journal defending rumsfeld

Speaker Pelosi would NOT have ignored a Sex Crime in the House

US Military Is Recruiting Felons, Racists, Gang Members To Fill Ranks

Hastert & Bush help fundraise for GOP congressman(strangled his mistress)

Funny Toon You really have to watch this.

Conservative Group Examines 'Real Issue' in Foley Case

The pace of life is steadily increasing, we drive faster, we

Fundies Sound JUST Like Foley When They Tie Pedophiles W/Gays

Did anyone cache Foley's campaign website?

Hastert, Cheney, Bush and Boehner Go Easy on Pedophiles and An Adulterer A

Torture's now legal so Bush restores mil. training to 21 barred countries

The total silence from the Fundie crowd is curious

Ties that bind: Karl Rove and Jack Abramoff

Fox may use force to end Oaxaca protests

Bernie Ward says sex scandal is Rove ploy -- Don't look at 7/10/'01

What role did Gov. Tom Kean play in the cover-up of the "meeting"?

(VIDEO) The latest episode of Lil' Bush: Iraq

Beware of turd blossoms.

I've been over to the Research Forum and I still can't find

Can someone find out why they can vote for Foley and it go to Joe Negran.

Would booooosh (Mexican pronunciation)......

John Walsh is supposed to appear on Larry King tonight

Is the age of consent different for online behavior?

message to bush; DEMOCRATS ARE NOT PSYCHOPATHS therefore

North Korea Says Nuclear Test Is Set

Our Page program Must be kept CLEAN-How could the bipartisan

Ban Ki-moon to succeed Kofi Annan

Am I still supposed to admire colin powell?

FL-16: Mahoney's opponent is Mark Foley

Mid-terms can't come soon enough. The Bushbots are losing it!

Did Foley buy silence with the $100,000 contribution

Mark Foley and Fellow Republicans Have Tiny Dicks (Rude Pundit)


Foley Tried To Close Nudist Camp In 2003 - "Expose Children To Pedophiles"

Does anybody here ever listen to Lynn Cullen? ..she is great!

Tom Reynolds press conf on C-Span right now--

New Meme! "Hastert: the Page Pimp".

My Head Is Spinning

Foley had $2.7 million in his campaign coffers...what happens to it?

As of 10:50 am TODAY-Foley Still Logging Into Chat WIth Same Screen Name

While Bush Fiddles with Iran: N. Korea Threatens to Burn Down Rome

An open letter to Democrats running in Republican districts

A quick answer to the GOP regarding Foleygate

I want the GOP leadership to burn for enabling Foley

Is there any possibility that Foley was on the plane with Limbaugh

LAT: Outages Highlight Internal FAA Rift

Doesn't the GOP make Hollywood look prudish?

Sam Seder has a freeper hotline going today

Critique this campaign website: Louisiana Predatorgate R's Democratic

LA DU ALERT: FCC Hearing this Afternoon on Relaxing Media Ownership!!

Where was WOODWARD in the run up to this 'crisis'/'denial?

I can't believe these dipshits like Rush Limbaugh (re Foley)

So, I take it that Condi's presidential bid may be in trouble?

Go to and vote

Tom Reynolds press conf on C-Span right now--

What's this case I keep hearing about? Why are so many people handling it?

Presidential Speechalist

Is our government acting like a cult?

Clinton's dick, Clinton's dick, Clinton's dick

How long after we win in Nov can we expect

FoxNews this a.m.: Promoting corporal punishment in Middle Schools

Have Turkish Agents Penetrated Highest Echelons of US Government?

Meanwhile a tragedy unfolds in PA

The Foley Scandal: Rovian plot? Y/N?

Follow $$! Ask Reynolds about Foley $330,000 Contrib To His Committee...

No Vet Left Behind Convoy coming to Indiana

Anyone know about the Gerry Stubbs "scandal"?

11 years ago: pages were warned in 1995, afraid for careers

Surprised it took them so long... guess who's to blame for Foley?

My email to regarding Ben Stein.

GOP = Guardians Of Pedophiles eom

Chip, chip... Is Hastert being cut loose by Repubs to float away???

We just received our absentee ballots

Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches; New Militias Push Gov't Back

Snow Spins That Woodward's Sources Weren't "Key Players"

If Democrats win, how many investigations do we need?

Man Says He Was Arrested After Criticizing Cheney

Guys, this video wasn't about our stolen elections but mentions it

Turkish airline HIJACKED in Greece. CNN says it landed in Italy.

That was then...

We should demand more than mere resignations from war criminals.

Please DU these polls about the Michigan gubernatorial debate last night this email from a Former Republican re: Foley

Et Tu, Boehner? Boehner back to first story! Hastert 'taking care of it'

"Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act" Blocked!


No WH Press Briefing Today from Mr. Smarmy?

It took many years to show that rape is not a sexual act

Republics ready to concede 5 Republic seats to Dems!

I predict more reps will be exposed as perverts and they'll be GOP

Any word whether or not the Terror Alert Propaganda Meter has increased?

Dump House Leader for Protecting Foley ACTION >>>>

Group wants high school course where Bible is the primary textbook.

I can't believe the double standard here

Republicans: Screwing the next generation, literally and figuratively.

Election Predictions - Dem propsects for House just got brighter

"I Don't Remember"

One medium with a liberal bias: books

I'm not really in favor of WikiVandalism, but...

How can anyone win a war on a tactic like terrorism?

Was money exchanged for silence from the pages, ala Jacko?

Who else gets mass emails from repub friends and relatives?

To the GOP Leadership: You've failed to protect children (rant)

Playing the whole game won't help

Since all are in agreement (including Condi ) that it 's INCOMPREHENSIBLE

MSNBC Poll > Should Dennis Hastert resign?

Why Capitol Pages Fear Retaliation

Sophomoric Foley Youtube reenactment.

The FBI knew about Foley since July...

D.U.'s Stephanie Miller Club First Meeting? Blog w/ Mama

Caption *

Netflix is pissing me off...

Foley pressures teen

CBS 'free speech' school shootings due to Evolution and Abortion

I wonder what Kitty Kelley is up to these days?

Dow Jones Industrials Pass All-Time Trading High

What do you get at a $250 breakfast with *?

Imagine if Condi was YOUR Accountant or your Doctor

Society's treatment of children is unacceptable!

How are the Rethugs in your life dealing with the meltdown?

Investigate the 9/11 Commission...

OH Dem Women's Group Supporting GOP Breast Cancer Group

Our children are our future

I'm so scared my kid is going to be killed in Iraq.

Fox's Smith falsely suggested recipient of Foley IMs, not emails, describe

Might Be Fun to Caption This Pic...

LOTS more women in Congress and the Senate

My friend owes the State of Calif. $500 in taxes for internet purchases

Gonzales, FBI knew last July about GOP child molesting ring

Katherine Harris comments on Mark Foley. She's SCAAAA-REEEE!

People who are obsessed with other people's sex lives ...

Congressman Conyers:Ignoring the Terrorist Threat

Boehner Must Resign Post As Majority Leader ....

Protesters quite vocal against *'s Stockton, CA visit

WP, Cohen: Can Bush 41 Save Bush 43? The kid's in way over his head.

Navy Seal killed in Ramadi yesterday

Foley's new image!

What did they know, when did they know it and what did they do?

Who do posters go mental?

FOLEY: I would like to know

Man blames school shootings on abortion and the teaching of evolution

NEW MCM: Our Rigged Elections

WSJ: Foley mess due to tolerance of homosexuals!

Tom Reynolds used children as shield at his press conference to avoid ques

Lamont should put it on line: "Vote for me if you want Dem Majority"

AOL poll about Faux News is being freeped -- needs our help!

LA TIMES: Foley's Behavior no secret. DU this POLL

What's this? A "dictator" facing an election?! NO WAY!

Fineman: Then came the Foley scandal

sudden thought....we have a big tent....they have a big bus!

Have you been able to get your flu shot yet?

World Net Daily: Republicans Unworthy of Governing


While Republicans rape kids, Fundies scream about... Cable Television!

Audioslave guitarist arrested in protest

Scalia's racist remarks

Shrubby is on lets see what he says about ol' Denny boy.

CIA Warned in 2002 That An Iraq Invasion Would Damage War on Terror

Has ABC made amends for past actions?

Tell the Christian Right to stop letting these perverts USE you. n/t

Foley, Roberts.. it's all abuse...

Foley had cybersex...during house vote...

Bad Taste, Or Bad Luck, For Fox Re-Airing Osama Episode Of Family Guy?

A theme song for Repugs right now:

B*sh in 2004: "I enjoy working with... Congressman Mark Foley"

Another horrible free trade deal coming your way in November

Polls: GOP Losing Grip On Senate - McClatchy News Service

Maf54 (Ex-Rep. Foley) Still Lurking Around and on-line today

* spoke about Foley while at the George W. Bush Elementary School

Congressman says Foley scandal page threatened

Developing (Rawtory): Congressman Says Foley Scandal Page Threatened !!!

Rove isn't that smart, and thinking that he is serves to paralyze

RANT ~~ Protecting Pedeophiles.....GRRRRRRR!!

Maya Angelou - A Brave & Startling Truth

GOP big donors for Lieberman. Yet Lieberman says Dems promised seniority.

I love the smell of desperation in the morning...

More freeway blogging in Rome (Pic Heavy)

Bush endorses Hastert!!!

Hijacking a plane to protest someone implying you are violent

What's this I hear about one of the pages getting death threats.

HA!!! Just overheard in my cube...

please delete

Bush:"we're not going to allow the Democrats in Congress to take it away."

I hope people realize that ABCNews is not ABCEntertainment...

Media Matters: Just what are the right-wing screeds saying about Foley

Rice Should be FIRED: July Briefing "10 on a Scale 1 to 10"

bush: "I will restore honor and integrity to the White House";

First prediction: Senate could go Dem. (TN in Dem column?)

Fifth person in two years dies of Las Vegas police taser shocks

Bush stands by Denny Boy.

U.S. is recruiting misfits for army: Racists, Felons, Gang members

What if it had been a female page, or for that matter, a female rep?

Now, more than ever, here's the message to get out ....

What is so bad about Internet gambling?

Did anyone see Rita's interview with Foley's replacement?

SInce when do two wrongs make a right?

Foleygate? Pervertgate? Cybersexgate? NAMBLAgate?

How many times is one subject, with the exact same subject line

Any Foley investigation must include his Govt computer and the entire

I get the feeling the Foley issue is going to reveal something huge.

They LET 9/11 happen, didn't warn us, yet there they still are. Why?

The American South - Progress & Disappointment Regarding Race

I am proud to be a part of the Liberal conspiracy!

Foley = Trial by fire for Democrats too?

I'm not distracted by the various distractions, really.

Cafferty's got 3 real zingers today. Did W deliberately mislead Americans?

who has purchased and is reading the Woodward book?

Video: Rep. Alexander says pages are receiving threats...

Let's investigate the 911 Commission

With all the "Why do men..." threads lately, I would like some answers

U.S. embargo cost Cuba $4 billion in 2005

If the emails were so benign, why the warning on Foley?

MSNBC just reports Foley's lawyer will be on in an hour with "new details"

Scattered Pictures, Of the Smiles We Left Behind ...

Foley while waiting to cast a vote has Internets sex, then he asks

We're not free to say what we think. Not even here!!!

Was Foley outed by the internet police?

OK, So tell me again how things are going to change?

LA Times poll: do you think House Speaker Dennis Hastert should resign?

Fundy pastor, 'Focus on the Family' go after DFL Minn state senator...ugly

Sex, not babies: What the abortion impasse is really all about

Removing pages from congress is very Talibanesque

Representative Foley Does not use bookmarks...

CNN Anchor Cites Fictional Hollywood Movie to Defend His Science Reporting

Handy Rundown Of Conservative Reactions to Foley Scandal - TPM

Dear Skinner: Please Make ALL Foley Stories Sticky

Urgent Alert! Tell Your Representative: Don't Cover Up for a Child Sex Pre

Bill Moyers has a segment on Lou Dobbs today

Hastert Says He Will Not Resign

Did Foley buy the repukes' silence?

If the repiggies get their ass handed to them in Nov. December draft?

So Foley plied them with booze too . . .

Damn! "Maf54" is already being used on the Freep

Halliburton Duped DoD Auditors; Armitage Connection

CNN is just sick

HAHAstert on Situation Room blaming Dems!! What a fat fecker!

2729 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Hastert as Sgt. Shultz: "I know Nusssing! Nusssing!"

Hastert announces strategy for fighting back.

Mark Foley gets his groove on with Young Republicans

My goodness GRACIOUS the Pedopologists are all in a Tizzy huh?

Washingtonian Survey: Other Foley's out there......October Surprise?

Ex-page threatened over role in Foley flap

You can hear John Laesch on the Ed Schultz Show on his site now

Alexander R-LA reported the emails to Hastert TWICE!

OH-Gov: Woodward: Bush called Blackwell A "Nut"

Bill, Demi, Ashton...distraction from Foley now?

WTF!? George W. Bush Elem Stockton,California Bush speaking now

When Was The Last Time Rove Controlled A News Cycle?

W just said Foley was a coach

Rumsfeld, Ashcroft received warning of al Qaida attack before 9/11

Bill Schnieder CNN reported a poll that said that most Rs don't deserve

A sex scandal........

US News: Hastert may have just days to save his job

Why do some top Dem leaders still trust Lieberman?

Bush says Hastert "was a teacher". Well, so was I, for 32 years, and

Rice plays the indignation card again (and again and again)

Violence in Iraq leaves at least 49 dead

Fox had Foley emails, chose not to run

The Religious Right Says "Shop At Walmart"

Where is the large The Humping Elephants logo someone posted ...

Memo Contradicts Rice on 9/11 claim from Woodward

A quirk of the law: Real sex legal, cybersex not so much

My friend hit by illegal w/ no insurance.

Inhofe repuke of oklahoma is an idiot

Freeperland In Total Meltdown CODE BLUE!

Hastert right now reminds me

Easy Action Alert: Tell Rep Don't Cover Up for a Child Sex Predator

Wayne Madsen on Randi Rhodes right now!

Worst. President. Ever.

Cut and Run?

Five Winning Habits to fight our losing tendencies (a break from the

BREAKING-Cheney knew where WMD were!!! (Woodward revelation)

I think hastert is Goin' Down

Hastert may have just days to save his job

PA-10: Democratic Wave Forming?

Rasmussen: Party Affiliation Trends Show Democratic Momentum

How will FoleyGate impact these GOP candidates?

Freeper pep talk! The gloves are off now so watch out!!!!!

Frist has ruined his chances to run for president.

Will Pitt on Randi now!

Frist has ruined his chances to run for president.

RFK: "I've avoided politics all my life but..."

They're bringing out the big guns, folks: "Did Democrats Page Mark Foley?

so the 3rd school shooter lets the boys go and shoots to kill the girls

About those Rethug sexual predator campaign ads

Rumor that National Journal will drop bombshell on another Congressman

Anyone Who DIDN'T Believe LIHOP/MIHOP Before Believe It NOW?

Detailed Foley IM Transcripts ===> Have your barf bags handy!

Play the Foley Trick-or-Treat Game!!

FRIST wants hastert to step down?

Conservatives Respond To Foley Scandal With Anti-Gay Smears

Can someone direct me to the site where you can check your

GOP stands for.....

Rush L. interviewed Hasturd today says npr. anyone know how it went?

So does anyone know where Foley is now?

Boehner needs to go too.

I am a native of Stockton, California

Call your congress, DU. Demand Hastert's resignation!

Report: Foley had cybersex before vote

7pm Situation Room - Sen. Allan wants to argue issues. what do you think?

Bo(eh)ner Stiffens up and Pokes Hastert with blame

We just might see gasoline prices at 65 cents/gallon by November

Almost too easy... Caption this Rick Perry photo

Kiss of Death: Bush: You're doing a heckova job, Denny

Tweety said responsibility stops at the speaker's office...

Perfect answer to KoolAid drinkers questioning the timing of Foley scandal

Just got a recorded call about the Foley scandal

Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Hardball

Woodward: Bandar Bush tutored W on foreign policy

Republicans and their gay underworld. (The Texas Mafia)

Katerine Harris - "anxious" to find out who in the media or which Dems...

My neighbor--"Disgusted by foley" unbothered by the war.

Denny, you're doing a heck of a job.

Congressman says Foley scandal page threatened

Drudge saying that ABC will say Foley Cybered while waiting on a vote

Hastert Flip-Flopping? "We found out about it, asked him to resign"

Maf54 (Ex-Rep. Foley) Still Lurking Around The Internet

Wait a minute. What happened to the talk about the Military Com. Act?

Hastert might as well resign now...

Head the NRCC, Tom Reynolds, using small children as human shield.

Are they shorting us on Flu vaccines.....again?

Charlie Crist rethug running for governor outed..

Foley scandal hurts GOP chances with bettors

What has this Foley scandal taught us?

Cong. Vic Snyder's response re: wiretapping bill

Schieffer on CBS radio... rethugs in DC are rats fleeing sinking ship.

Eight US Soilders Died in Iraq Today

Remember 2000, when the Reeps promised to restore a moral White House...

Let's DU the caffertyfile-he has great questions today

I demand a full release of the Abu Ghraib pictures

New Foley Instant Messages

Cue up Gomer Pyle...Surprise, Surprise, Surprise...

Stick a yellow ribbon on your SUV

Its going to take a SEX scandal

Does everyone know the difference between an e-mail and IM?

When will the repubs finally turn on Bush...

Summary of talk radio excuses for MASTURGATE today

How's this for ironic?

mp3 of the that great "Had Enough" AFGE Ad you may have heard on the radio

58% Think bush is a Liar...........

Hannity: "Backlash" to *PEDOGATE* - - it will energize Repukes.

Operation Illwind/1986-child molester sparks largest Pentagon scandal in

R. Budd Dwyer redux in fifteen minutes?

This is too weird....Mn. under another tornado watch...on Oct. 3?

I think this is the bombshell: Foley was molested by a clergyman

Hastert: Foley Scandal Is A Liberal Conspiracy

Focus Group: "Foley's boozy defense didn't hold sway."

start linking your local GOP members to hastert, foley now

Important Questions from the Media: How long did Foley know he was gay?

So what do you think the Foley" Bombshell" will be?

Break a leg, WilliamPitt :)

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman!" Hmmm, Foley's

Frist is distancing himself from Hastert, IMO, on CNN

Foley Blaming it on Child Abuse!!!

Could this "bombshell" blow up on the Dems?

Bush's Fart-Joke Legacy

Have you caught on to the "game" yet?

Why isn't the PA Shooter referred to as a Terrorist?

Is this the new RW meme? "It's all Carter's fault"?

Online Foley game

Foley's defense: I was molested by clergy!

The REAL reasons Hastert should resign.

OxyRush: Pelosi is the one who should resign

Child Strip Search Bill/WTF

GM hires SEAN HANNITY for ads

Too many of you people are in awe of ROVE, and it has to stop!

There was sexual contact with minors!

I keep getting this error when trying to open du posts - what's up?

I just read the newspaper story about the Amish girls

Lawyer: "The focus MUST be on Mark Foley's RECOVERY!"

October Surprise?

Randi & William sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g...

Which of the 12 steps is blame somebody else?

All they've got is the freaking twinkie defense.

Foley had computer sex w/boy during a vote on emergency war appropriations

Breaking: Dennis Hastert was abused by Jack Daniels.

~500 Foley threads in last 24 hours. Can someone describe a way...

BKNEWS: Alcoholics and Priests to sue Mark Foley

Fundamentalists are Disowning the Republican Party

Foley's therapy must be magnificent

Hastert Says Foley Victims Are "Out To Get Him", Against War on Terror

October 3rd 2006 In Iraq.

Report: Bush plans Bolton recess appointment

Ah, hell....I just received a summons.

Whose At Fault For The Scandals?-All Persons In US Who Are NOT Republicans

Let the coverup get started/Who else will take the hit for this?

Foley Woodward...etc. Inside GOP Jobs...The party purists are sick and

Freepers not pleased by Foley "defense"...

I should have known. Here come the gun grabbers.


I was molested, and I drink...

1000th post, more or less

I really feel for the pedophiles and drunks out there that are

OMG! Bush said getting Bin Laden only a matter of time!

Where are all the "Rove engineered the Amish schoolhouse shootings to

republican congressmen give pedophiles a bad name

Quick question -- Is Foley still hiding?

they all were enablers -says Pelosi Lehrer news hour doing good

To Alcohol!

So does Foley's blame game mean the R's are no longer the Party of

Aren't there more urgent matters at hand than Mark Foley?

patty wetterling wasting no time with ads going after GOP leaders-re:foley

14 troops killed in 2 days of Oct. says abc evening news. Glad to see

Donate to the candidates running the Lie/Die TV spot

2006 Election guide...screen shot of map for the house races

Please Pity the Poor Pedophile, Pilsner & Priests Perverted him.

Republican Bombshell: Republicans are the Victims

The Party of Personal Responsibility Not!

Hardball is sizzling tonite

I fished for years in Wisconsin without every catching a Muskie.

Midwest Heartlanders, a question:

Mark Foley. Andrea Yates. The RW spin I heard today....interesting

I ain't buyin' the booze & clergy abuse pity party bullshit

NBC News: New poll numbers (Bush back in the 30's)

Bill W must be spinning in his grave

!! REMINDER: PBS Frontline "Return of the Taliban" TONIGHT 9pm Central >>

ABC News > Disney

I shouldn't laugh but........

I'm not making excuses, but here's my excuse...

Who is sicker bush or Foley?

FOLEY BOMBSHELL: "Foley's The Victim"

Article about online sexual predator law...

ABC News -- What happened to Brian Ross tonight?

Liar! Liar! Iraq is on Fire!! - Protest pics from California today

So it was the Gay Mafia that "protected" FOLEY from mean ol' HASTERT?!!1

Bill Moyers on Lou Dobbs

why did Paula Zahn invite Lucianne Goldberg on cnn this morning?

Alrighty, who has the picture of Babs putting on the lipstick?

Are there federal cybersex laws?

Olbermann's skipping Countdown tonight; watch him on Letterman instead!

Okay, last night you all said I was a jerk

Breaking: House Ethics Committee to meet Thursday in

Desperation time for the Bush Fascists...

Foley still logging into chat account with screen name linked to scandal

Channeling TIA: Putting some facts on the record:

Tweety doing a good job of exposing Tony Perkins' fascist homo-

Foley's attorney says Mark still has his computer-he's been instructed

How is Larry Flynt going to cover this?

Rice plays the indignation card again (and again and again)

13 US Troops Killed in 3 days in Iraq

Wow he's really burning through the 12-step program

Foley's MySpace page - "I don't want kids" Well, we know how

Beer drinkers beware: 4 percent of U.S. hops crop burns

Florida election laws- are you kidding me?

PA shooter had KY Jelly with him (among the items with him)

Reminder: tonight on PBS, Frontline - Return of the Taliban

If Foley did nothing wrong, why the "bombshell" today??

The 3 Pillars of the Republican Party are....

Remember Jimmy "I have sinned" Swaggart?

Parents Citizens for Newborn Children to Receive Automatic Citizenship

Senator Macacawitz to Mark Foley

News media had Foley emails a year ago

Foley made the law and he knew how NOT to break it...

Former pages speak out about Foley at Facebook (screenshots)

Iraq deserter turns self in to military

I have a question for the Republicans jumping ship because of Foley.

Heads up Veterans are on the move again Indiana We are coming

FCC Media Ownership Rules Meeting (report)

CNN's King and Crowley suggest Wetterling's Foley ad is opportunistic.

Bloody Day in Iraq Leaves 263 Dead

New CNN & NBC/WSJ Polls Have Bush approval at 39%.

Being a Democratic Would You Vote for Ron Paul if He Ran for Prez?

Rumsfeld: "I don't get involved in politics in the United States"

there's some kind of crap on CNN explaining Foley...

Why oh why are we Democrats so conniving yet so incompetent?

Will the Scientologists try to make Foley "ex-gay" ?

Foley is a lot of things

Foley had an 84% approval rating from the Christian Coalition

CNN - Candy Crowley just assured us Hastert will stay on as Speaker.

I Am Not A Gay Man, but my G&L friends find this Foley slime...

What is the ONE thing that the fundies want MORE than anything?

CNN: Viguery is a "moderate" conservative?? wtf??

The swiftboating has begun

This is an amazing thing to watch...The Republicans

If someone had the IM's for 3 years as Hastert keeps claiming

Chicago Trib and SunTimes going very easy on Hastert. Know why?

The freeptards are having a fundraiser

What Foley's online sex chat phrases REALLY mean

for the record, gerry studds happened in 1973

TOONS: I Love the Smell of Rumsfeld in the Morning

What's the difference between being a "minor" and age of consent laws?

Is This All Cover For Bush Military Deployment For Iran Attack?

Calling all recovering people. Ever been in treatment? What

20 million American Catholics just hid under their beds.


Several Florida newspapers sat on this story for over a year

**Official Foley News Conference Thread** **Live Video Link**

Anti-war demonstrator meets * supporter in Stockton - pics

I was listening to Sean Insannity on the way home

"Did I mention that the pedophile was a Republican?"

Tom Reynolds hides behind kids at press conference (video)

JC Watts "the graphic pictures"...

I Sat on the Jury for A Pedophile Case Once

Light Up Light Up, As If You Have a Choice...The World Can't WaitOct 5th

Coburn to Breast Cancer Community: Drop Dead

Pelosi Statement on Sen. Frist's Comments on the Taliban in Afghanistan

Some Question Foley's alcoholism

Oh, the Mistakes We Made--- Richard Reeves

The Worldwide Age of Consent

They had a "Win a Dinner with Mark Foley" contest???

LOL !!! - Caption This !!! - - - - Plus... Fun Bonus Story Attached !!!

That's a BOMBSHELL?!?!?

(VIDEO) In anticipation of Bill Moyers' return. The Secret Government

Any Du'ers have a close relative in a "Evangelical Cult"?

Foley On O'Reilly defending the Child Safety Act... Oh, the irony.

If there's only one reason why America needs universal health care,

"American Family Voices" Calling people in Fl

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED- Nine U-S soldiers, two more Marines killed in Iraq

New Foley Instant Messages; Had Internet Sex While Awaiting House Vote

**Official Foley News Conference Thread**Live Video Link- #2**

*** Attention All Criminals ***

Is it possible for a woman to rape a man?

Caption Cheney In BigSky Country

Question about possible record DOW today...

WestHoustonDem's father passed away last night

Typical! Can't take responsibility w/o blaming the Priest!!!!

How Classy! bush Puts His Butt in a Child's Face!

The Path to 9/11 broke the Gentleman's agreement and unleashed a dam

Bush: "Hey, Jay, you want to do Iran?" (Woodward Excerpt)

"and, unfortunately, I voted for Mr. Bush"

**CBS: Foley's Atty. to hold 5:45 News Conf. **ABC: Foley Bombshell coming

JK to Frist: Stop telling Taliban what they want to hear just get job done

Officer uses stun gun on raucous youth football parent


BWAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!!! Oh, this is just TOO RICH!!!

Being sexually abused does not= becoming gay!!

Bush: "If you don't take my word, take the word of Osama bin Laden"

Republican actor/pundit/idiot Ben Stein on the Foley mess . . .

I am a gay alcoholic

WH launches internal ethics inquiry into Rove's aide

Bill Moyers: Lincoln Weeps

$18 for eight hours of work.

There's an upbeat assessment by analysts of Dem chances on CSPAN right now

Rep. Majority Leader Boehner defends Hastert in letter to Washington Times

What about sexual contact with a kid 16 and up? (Aravosis nails it)

Charitable Funds Have Been Set Up For The Families in Lancaster

Rep. Boehner Points Finger at Hastert re: Foley

Radical Fringe Cartoon Tues 10/3 --- no child's behind

Is this the way we imagined taking them down? Nope. More inside.

PHOTOSHOP: the GOP shipwreck of '06 painting

Ok, my daughter came home from school and said she is supposed to wear red

"Iraq War Naysayers Have Hindsight Bias," says Post writer. Oh really???

Foley on the Clinton scandal

What's the ongoing record on Republican pedophilia? Recent list here:

Homoerotic social ordering -- Deconstructing Foley

Contessa on MSNBC covering the $100K money Foley gave to

Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Pages

BREAKING -- Mark Foley has been BANNED for the Library of Congress!

More Republican kiddie sex & cover up.

Why do men go postal?

help wanted in submitting anonymous opinion letters

There is no way in hell

What the hell is going on?!

Bush plans Bolton recess appointment

Maps of War 5000 yrs in 90 seconds

Talk with a conservative about why the 9/11 Commission was rigged

Foley acquaintances question alcoholism

AP: Fox News Had Foley Emails; Chose Not To Run

Why Freepers are immune to reason--it all comes back to one argument

Phony Snowjob appreciates the second guessing, just don't mischaracterize

9/11 Commission = Fraud. Time to Raise Holy Hell

Foley is recovering from Priest Rape and Alcholism...and he has given

Tell me this Fox News photo is photoshopped please

Meanwhile in other news . . .

They can run but they can't hide...

2729 RIP 13 USA military died yet unnamed in Sept and all others.

Bill Moyers Investigates Abramoff Lobbying Scandal

The "Secret Weapon" is Headed To Buffalo for Rep. Reynolds R-(Enabler)

Rumsfeld, Ashcroft said to have received warning of attack

Please unFreep this poll (Texas Gov. race) which is important for two

Dumbya goes to California - Look at the Welcome! (photos)

MUST READ:Ben Veniste suggests Zelikow suppressed 911 briefing

I'm beginning to suspect that the shit has hit the fan

*Breaking: Boner fingers Hastert in Foley scandal!

ABC To Name Who Knew What And When In Foley Scandal

We Already Knew About the July Warning, Right Before the August Vacation

Killer of Amish Children Was "Deeply Christian"

Big Questions about the Big Lies Told to the 9/11 Commission.

BREAKING - Man with a gun at Woodrow Wilson Elementary in Salt Lake City

TOON: Dennis Hastert as Archie Bunker ===== >

I need serious input... would YOU buy and WEAR this T-Shirt? *REVISED*

This is gonna be one god damned crazy October

Wouldn't it be worth it to disarm everyone to prevent tragedies?

What has Bush done to AMERICA'S GOOD NAME in the world? ===>

20,000 Sailors Go To War - Massive US and Allied Naval Deployment

Sixteen Candles for Soldiers


Re-channeling TIA .... TIA's response.

IRAN, IKE (CV-69) & Marines on the move, Adm. Swift posted to Bahrain, -

Why DC Dems CAN'T admit election fraud & covered up Bush's 9-11 secret

What does "a well-regulated militia" mean?

The 'Ownership Class' and "(im)plausible deniability"

Ben-Veniste admits 9/11 Commission knew about Tenet briefings

Did the 9/11 Commission make a deal to keep some facts secret for 5 years?

Woodward book: Carville yapped to wife, who spilled ballot challenge beans

Watch first Foley related Democratic Campaign Ad HERE: Rec. it please

The Bill Clinton song (Everybody sing along)

Is all this Foley BS going to smother the Condi/Tenet meeting of July 10?

Link to Register to Vote.

Okay, now I'm ready to see Dick whathisface--the triangulation guy--say...

You know, Tim Mahoney's daughter is pretty hot

Get Out the Vote drive starts OCT 7

Time to Revisit the Downing Street Memos

America the Tyranny (Manuel Valenzuela)

More reason why Jon Tester ROCKS!

AP: Fight Over Army Chaplains May Be Renewed

He said he wouldn't do it again

Bill Frist, Taliban appeaser

The party of Mark Foley has f*cked itself good. John Cole nails it....

Foley - Another GOP Chickenhawk in the Chicken Coop

Some quick hits

Republicans Seek to Divert Attention from Issues of Character


Allen appears in ad with wife, Redskins helmet, wants to focus on issues

Behind Frist Taliban idea: Shore up Afghanistan in advance of Iran attack?

Anyone hearing anything about an October suprise?

So, if Clinton had gone into rehab, would the impeachment hearings


policy changes - thinking beyond the politics of scandal

Religious Right Strangely Silent About Foley

Foley at Summit Christian School in West Palm Beach, while the GOP knew.

So, now that the Repuke party appears to be imploding, should we expect

Torie Clarke is a Comcast Consultant now?

GOP meltdown -- Foley, Frist and more -- Greenwald's got the lowdown

Foley's Folly: US version of the Profumo scandal of 1963?

I'm still standing

The essential truth of Politics 2006. And a question.

US Gov't paid journalists working for TV Marti, Radio Marti, VOA

Top 25 House seats most likely to change parties

Bush: Democrats "Weak-Kneed, Shouldn't Be Trusted" to protect Americans

It took a sex scandal for the Republicans concede that they're in trouble.

Mehlman just sent "Get Your Absentee Ballot Today" message

Some repugs discuss Party's Plank w/ Denny Hastert Pix

who's running against hastert in his district? i want to contribute

O'Reilly: "GOP haters" Dean & Pelosi "actually helping the Republicans"

Jon Stewart, Daily Show Video Clip: "Foley Erect"

Hasturd to World: "Fuck you, I ain't leaving."

Richard Viguerie feels betrayed

John Laesch for Congress: Response to Hastert/Foley Pagegate Scandal

Rice Forgot Briefing Described as Urgent Threat ‘10 On a Scale of 1 to 10'

I am curious as to why Foley's name will be on the ballot

Democrats protest president's policies on * visit to Reno yesterday

"Family Values" Conservatives Line Up Against Hastert For Cover-Up

A little help on this Foley matter, please??

Bush Reno NV fundraiser-$325,000. raised & pics with * cost $2,100.

MSNBC Hastert won't resign over Foley scandal

Mansoor Ijaz NOW wants to end the terrorism blame game!


A mid-Tuesday Foleygate roundup

Definition of PEDOPHILIA

Frist to Soldiers who died in Afghanistan - "You Died in Vain"

2006 G.O.P. Leaders


Appreciate some feedback on a LTTE I'm writing

Republicans seem to be imploding - now do we have enough

Gallup: Are Americans ready to elect female, black, Jewish, Hispanic...

Report to Rice Scary on a 10 out of 10 scale

This is why you have a challenger in every Congressional district.

Gonzales directing federal judges?

Imagine the news we'd have if it weren't for GOP threats of retaliation?

Al Qaeda Threat Warning to Rice : 10 on a Scale of 10

Vote here please ASAP! Should Dennis Hastert resign?

Caption Contest

Back at you, Santorum

Rodney Alexander= backstabber to Democratic party

Rove's Exec Asst "peppered" Abramoff w/ requests for small perks & favors

'The page' part of this story is a secondary matter

Bush supports Hastert

Joe dead woman in office Scarborough opens his mouth

hastert cannot deny a coverup... the fact is, he didn't share the informa-

If foley's emails were only overly friendly then why the need to talk to

Here's the way I see it, folks.

At 10:50 AM EST today, "Maf54" (Foley) was logged into AOL Chat

A question for any legal minds.

36 Days to Go: College Democrats Mobilize to Get Out Youth Vote

RI Senate Race: The 17% undecided in a deadlock

please take a second....

Over 22Thou soldiers Iraq killed/wounded.Can someone tell me where I can

DNC: Where’s The Outrage?

WTF did Hastert mean....

FACT CHECK: Excuses For Foley Cover-Up Debunked

Irony Tsunami: Bush Proclaimed Monday 'Child Health Day'

SLOGAN- If the Republicans can't be trusted to protect our children,

Want to vote for Harold Ford? Right here:

Richard Viguerie spanking the republicans on Ed Schultz

Remember, folks, the Repukes set the ground rules in this battle

How time have changed in Virginia...Democrats campaigning with Hillary...

Pelosi- Statement on Hastert's Comments Regarding Foley Matter

The Washington Cowboys (00:26)

Democratic Whip Hoyer on Foley

If democrats are guilty for "timing" the foley story to come out

"I know Denny. He's a father, teacher, coach; he cares about children..."

Possible example of "working the refs" does work...


The Possum Queen weighs in on GOP handling of Maf54 scandal

MSNBC Breaking: Hastert spokesman says he will not resign

Should we call Congress pretending to be conservative Republickers...

War hero blasts Republican 'slime machine'

U.S. citizen abroad? Visit

I think I could have a heart attack!

Freeps on Frist: "Thank God. I thought Frist had lost his mind over this"

Where we are now -- Tom Tomorrow 'TOON

Democrats are clearly to blame in the Foley scandal

So Hastert was a teacher. So was I, for 32 years, and if I even SUSPECTED

This ***IS*** a partisan issue (the coverup)

"Age of Consent" in DC Questions

Beware the New-Wave Republicans: A Very Partisan Post

After Foley, New Fears For the GOP

Is Nader Clearing Way for Easier Access to Ballots in 2008?

So, are the Diebold execs and programmers cons or neocons?

It started with Nixon, and repugs STILL don't get it.

Hastert: Blames the Victims!

This is your brain on W

Election Predictions Projects Gains in Both Houses

EPA internal docs says 1000's lives/yr could have been saved if

Barbara Boxer/PAC For A Change email message:

OH SHIT tweety is giving the republicans pure HELL!!!!

Mark IS GAY....

Who is Scarborough? I caught him last nite -with 3 very conservative

ABCNEWS.COM says breaking news coming on Foley

The rethugs keep bringing up STUGS

Foley's attorney to make a "bombshell" announcement

This attorney made an ASS of himself hears why

Never been publicly loaded, but has a substance abuse problem?

CNN runs nuke terra distraction during Foley conference

Can someone here make me a bumper sticker, please...?

So now Foley was molested and thats his EXCUSE PLEASE!!

Holy Crap Republican County of Lee Pulling Hastert Signs

Can Emerald City survive until Nov 7?

They're trying VERY hard to reframe Foley as a Democrat dirty trick

So, on the Ed Schultz radio show today, Richard Viguerie said .....

PA-10: Democratic Wave Forming?

IMHO Hastert is Toast if there are graphic pictures....

Bush: "Dems... wait until we're attacked again"

Hastert on Foley: 'We Thought It Was Resolved'

Jack Caffery's question Should Denny resign

Bush said Denny will provide whatever leadership he can to law enforcement

MP3: William Rivers Pitt interview with Randi Rhodes today

Scarbough: i never saw Foley with a drink in his hand...

DNC: Bush Continues The West Coast Swing Of His Smear And Fear Tour

Alcoholism is dodge to secrete Foley in rehab until after the vote.

The November Surprise: Attack Social Security

Slots for 66 Pages; 44 slots are reserved for Republican pages

The OTHER shoe I'm waiting to hear drop ...

The Foley scandal is fascinating, but I wonder what we're turning

AP - State Dept. confirms Rice-Tenet meeting and that Ashcroft was briefed

The Chair Out From Under Them (NYT on Walmart)

The Elephant Is Dead - New Republican Symbol - The Foley Catheter

What Else Is The Bush White House Not Telling The American People?

Save the world!

Why oh why are we Democrats so conniving and yet so incompetent?

SEVEN: The GOP is the personification of all the Deadly Sins

Russ Feingold's "Progressive Patriots Fund"

Come One Come All! Protest the Strickland/Blackwell debate!

CNN just said your ISP does NOT save any IM messages, but the

The Revenge Of The Palm Beach County Democrats

MSNBC Breaking: Attorney says Foley is gay, was molested by clergyman

need help here--a number of people on other boards are insisting

Is anyone listening to that homophobic motherFUCKER Pat Buchannon?

another list of repuke pedophiles and other sex offenders

Foley re: Clinton

Protesting is a waste of time

Foley's lawyer says Foley is not a pedophile

Just a personal opinion, what do you think?

Why the hell was Carville passing Dem info to Matalin on election night?

So Republicans in Congress are breaking ranks and the MSM has taken

Polls: GOP Losing Grip On Senate - McClatchy News Service

Help Larisa save her cousin! Vigil needed in Florida

The Foley issue: it's about power and aristocracy

Ohio Dem Women's Group Promoting GOP Breast Cancer Organization

Please DU these polls about the Michigan gubernatorial debate last night

ABC News: Pages Sending All Sorts of Messages About Possible Other Members

Tucker Carlson: "Part of the beauty of being a Republican politician...

NYT editorial: The Foley Matter

Has even ONE incumbent Republican supported Hastert?

thank you, Mr. Moyers ...

Should Hastert Resign? MSNBC Poll

Don't Take Bush's Word, He's Listening To Osama

"Mark Foley wants you to know...."

This is funny ... Katie Harris couldn't even get an endorsement from Foley

WES CLARK- "Bring Govt back to"PUBLIC Service rather than SELFISH Service"

John Kerry Post on the Dem Daily :The “Retreatican Party?”

Do you support "Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington"???

Building the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party.

Rats leaving the sinking ship - Final post on RedState

FLASHBACK 1 month - GOP Plans to "Get Personal-Dig Up Dirt" on Dems

Let's make this REAL clear: Being Gay does NOT make one a Pedophile

Man arrested for talking to Cheney

NPR just did a segment on 11 dead US troops. Has the cable covered

Wow! Turns out these "pages" are paid over almost $19,000

Mark Foley Drummed out of the Boy Scouts

While Bush in Town fundraising, Wes Clark Steals the show!

ouch ... an ugly editorial about the Clintons - is it fair or not fair?

jackbourassa's ELECTION PROJECTION...

Clark on new torture rules: If you give up your own beliefs, you've lost