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Archives: October 31, 2006

A Floating Chernobyl?

The Forgiven: Clint Eastwood's Good War (Mickey Z.)

Now What does this paragraph on MAO remind us of ????

Bush's Economic Policies: Don't Look Behind the Curtain

SEESHOLTZ: When Words Frighten: Wal-Mart and the New Jersey Supreme Court

BAROUD: American Voters Must Not Reward Failure

More than a year after deadly blast, BP still paying the cost

Remember to Vote, Hope It Counts

Oops... Gas Profits Did it Again (10.5 BILLION)

Our World: Israel's encirclement

Family: State ignores kidnapping of Israeli-Arab

U.S. arming and training PA guard against Hamas

Please Vote thread in Video Forum UP - African American Voter

Watch this video and help send this guy packing!

the election in Nevada will be stolen again, Bush goes to Elko, sets

E-Mail Voting Comes With Risks

What ever happened to the BBV 2004 poll tape fiasco?

On CNN: Former LA Ram Deacon Jones is stumping for George Allen.

Election Reform News Tuesday, Oct 31st

Reno citizen activist sues provider of electronic voting machines (sequoias)

2nd Marine to plead in Iraq killing

More than a year after deadly blast, BP still paying the cost

California labor has split focus in election

Sadr okayed US raid on bastion: Aide

More Iraqi Security Forces Needed?

A crooked alliance in the war on terror?

Chirac's horror as woman burnt in riot

Cheney: Iraq Violence Linked to Election (US mid-terms)

America loses if Democrats win, President says

Iraq Watchdog Office Faces 2007 Closure

U.S. arming and training PA (Palestinian) guard against Hamas

WP: Bush Says 'America Loses' Under Democrats

Elko readies for Bush visit on Thursday (Nevada)

Steve Irwin Halloween outrage

LAT/AP: Democrats counter Bush's attacks with ads critical of Iraq war

'Virtually no progress' in alleviating world hunger: FAO

Violence, corruption slow Iraqi reconstruction: US watchdog

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq at 2,814

WP: NASA Invests in Its Future With Venture Capital Firm

WP: Fights Brew As Democratic Rivals Spar Over House Posts

Bush Opposes Nukes for Allies

"Criminal probe starts into Nevada candidate's alleged assault"

Mideast hopes for policy shift in U.S. midterms

US force in Iraq swells to 150,000: Pentagon

Democrats Seen to Gain in Races for Statehouses

New CNN poll shows Webb with slight edge on Allen...

U.S. stymied in al-Qaeda anthrax case

Abstinence program for (people in their) 20s also

Money trails lead to Bush judges

CDC: Salmonella Sickens 172 In 18 States


A Cylon what??!!??

I'm home from work

Michael J. Fox on 'Inside the Actors' Studio' right now.

has anyone tried Yerba Mate?

I really, really, really have to study tonight, so I'm asking loungers to be boring.

Why do we give up our hearts to the past?

The phone call I received earlier.

I've claimed my first victim

The fight club has been arranged.

Have you ever clicked on "post" from the Greatest Page?

I think I may have depression for the first time...

TAO Stories #3 -*-*-*- Gift Of Insults... (Enjoy :) )

I recommend that GD and LBN be renamed:

Santorum: BEYOND desperate

Ugh... for my writing for visual media course...

Are you going to a halloween party tomorrow?

anybody read anything by Florence King?

Homework update: Tons left to do. Please continue to abstain from sex

DU now has embedded videos, and FR...

A post from GD that I wanted to bring to the Lounge's attention:

Anybody like Scrapple?

Astounding Stories covers, 1930-present

Let's start a thread bashing women on how they look!

how the eff do you spell that!?

Ladies and Gentlemen.... The Roots!

Anyone else think the NFL Instant Replay officialsare having a bad weekend?

The Motor City's burnin'!

Post Here and i will give you a Crabby Patty!!!!!

Daily Show making fun of Dems

All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy….All Work and…

Watching a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie. Help me.

Homework update: Tons left to do. Please continue to abstain from sex threads,

&%$#@!!! Someone wake me on November 7th...

How do I tell if my car is gay?


UPDATE: Former Principal Charged In Shooting Of Kittens


Now I'm gonna have "Ohio" stuck in my head.

The farting co-worker...

I'm making Matcom's meatball recipe tomorrow.....

"Cool robot vehicle transports man around Tokyo"

"William Shakespeare's TFTD" fans: ever check the act, scene, and line

Female vocalist Youtube thread (post a few )

I screwed up, and I think I've got a date!

hit and run asshole

***Mini DU Meetup! CaliforniaPeggy & Liberaltrucker!***

"Urgh! A Music War" is on VH1 Classic right now

tell the troops how much you love them and hate bush


Save the Cheerleader.... Save the World.....

The Lets Blame The Goddamned Republicans Game!

Attention Cate Blanchett / "Elizabeth" / Elizabeth fans!

Found my Halloween Costume...What's yours?

Joe Walsh and some lame backup musicians...


I am Slytherin, hear me roar!

Vampire bat saliva could help fight strokes (Reuters/CNN)

does anyone in GLBT know a good place to stay in Puerto Rico?

A record which (hopefully) will never be broken

Breeders' Cup Heats Up

I could sure use some "warm fuzzies" or light or healing or prayers,

JK in L.A. and a Trivia Contest on the Dem Daily

"Bizarroworld"- Once again, Digby is right.

Happy Halloween! A nice tale of the season

For fun: The Raven, updated for 2006 (apologies to Poe)

Sock puppet "requests" extension of US presence in Iraq...

Bombs & Shields: Bradley Roland Will 1970-2006


Anyone else catch a preview of The Simpsons set to air Nov. 5?

Who has the new polls for the House races please

Ray McGovern's excellent article...

My first bumper sticker for the post-06 elections.. no matter which way it goes...


Election Scorecard Needed

In case you didn't know: The Time now is the ACTUAL time.

Unconservative Listening - Latest

Sigh. CNN: "Democrat Party"

Olberman - President no longer charging admission - He is lying for free!

One More Reason to Win: Letting Sibel Edmonds Speak

please caption this pic...Gumby in mid smirk....

Well, hush mah mouth! KO: "Bush's southern accent a little thicker"

Anyone heard this story? Chavez/Seqouia voting machines...

Can We Safely Say Bush Will Not Invade Iran after all?

What would you give to their side for National health care?


In World Bank Role, Wolfowitz Keeps Up Battle to Reshape Iraq

Winter Blues - One Remedy is Lots of Sunlight on the Skin

A.N.S.W.E.R. Oaxaca Protest Schedule

For those of us who don't have HBO

Video And Photos: NY Mex Consulate Demonstrations

If/when the GOP steals elections on Tuesday, what is the official Democratic response?

Don't believe the Rove spin; the repugs are getting ready to flee.

Fox's Col. Hunt endorses Webb over Allen on Hannity and Colmes

Show this to those who say fighting global warming will bankrupt us.

Glitches and Conspiracy Theorists. That's how FRAUD IS BEING REPORTED!

CNN is getting better

GOP Monster Parade

"Rush, PLEASE go back on the drugs"! KO's close on naming Limbaugh "Worst person in the World"

G*ddammit. It's six and DARK.

reminder - TDS in Columbus, OH tonight and Barry Manilow

Truthseekers Revival MIKE'S Back

"Lynne Cheney is not a Good Man"

Democratic Congresswoman Sanchez on "no fly list"

Please stand up...

CLINT CURTIS to be interviewed on "The Mark Bernier Show"

On CSPAN3 tomorrow, Bill Clintons last Medal of Freedom Ceremony

Bill Sali's renewed link of abortion, breast cancer angers survivors (Idaho)

THANK YOU SKINNER! I LOVE the new Video Forum!

JC Patriot does the speaker of the Oregon House...

Bush Says America Loses if Dems Win-WRONG!-HE LOSES!

I can't shake the gnawing feeling I have about November 7th.

Malloy just said...

So let's have a "crying pool"....

Scarborough about to talk about Google pulling plug on Daily Show

Walking the talk? (BBC) {Did Polish POW's trek from Russia to India?}

The "Compassionate Face of the Bush II"that we NEVER SEE!...Here!

Wish you could all watch the Florida Gubernatorial debate tonight

10-year-old Iraqi boy: "I'm from the resistance," he shouted. "I will kill the Americans."

Hey Mike's talking about us! He'll be visiting soon. HI MIKE!!!

The truth is, we're about to kick some MOTHEFUCKINASS

"Why We Vote" in the words of voters.

Countdown to Malloy!

There is a subtle message within this short video `bout Bushco...

Great little article on Mike Malloy and the new Nova M Network.

This must be what he means by "ownership society"

The media is helping the Repubs set up for the "steal" by falsely reporting

Stern's report: 'If we act now, we can avoid the very worst'

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Welcome Back Mike,

The US is STILL "Detaining" AP/Iraqi Photographer With No Charges!!!

Informal car honk polling

Iraqi TV Report: Saddam gets death sentence

Consider civil disobedience if your Dem vote changes to Republican

i'm seeing a lot of distractions. democracy is down. who wants

List of "Peace Candidates" by state

Upcoming HBO documentary to feature Andy Stephenson

Ex-Hussein political adviser claims Iraq accepted Bush's ultimatum before invasion

DU this CNN Poll re: Bush

I can't get Malloy to stream ...I am crying

Update for DU'ers who Don't Have Cable and Don't Watch TV!

Dan Rather on Tavis Smiley tonight ... Carly Fiorina (HP) too

Bush does seem to enjoy having porn stars at his fund raising dinners

DU this Faux poll

Rain Forecast on Election Day

This week's line-up for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

How soon before Santorum has a show on Fox News?

Readings in the Age of Empire, Review of :State of Denial

Tuned into the Hannity interview with Bush for a bit

America And The Dollar Illusion

If your first name is Congressman and your last name is Republican...

Ok, not a controversial thread but...

Does this mean the NBA would ban George Allen from all games?

"Election Predictions" upgraded races!! Good news.

CNN Anderson Cooper 360 is killing me!!!!

if you have dial-up= you can still listen to mike

Are exit polls going to be leaked to the internet on election day?

How Do You Prefer Your Election News, Scrambled, or Sunny-Side-Up?

Web Radio Listeners... neat gadget you might want...

Military Commanders To Sacrifice Even More Soldiers For A 'Win' In Iraq

The Emerging Russian giant and Washingtons nightmare.

Black Box Voting - what's it gonna take?

VIDEOTAPE YOUR VOTE (Electronic voting machine users)!

WTF is Pat Boone doing advertising on Mike Malloy?

WP: Lobbyists Won't Like What Pelosi Has in Mind

He's Blue, But He's Not A Dem....

In Baghdad, a Force Under the Militias' Sway(U.S. Fears Iraqi Police Infiltration )

OK, Tucker Carlson is officially an asinine idiot.

Cheney: Lynne gave Wolf Blitzer ‘the slapdown

Three New Polls Show Webb Ahead Of Allen

it breaks my heart to realize that 'we' are 'them'

Excellent Asia times Online article spells out real reasons

Paul Mooney interview on Stern this morning (discusses censorship for anti-Bush jokes)

NAMBLA is a joke

what is this shit on CNN with Candy Crowley

Is Letterman a Liberal?

The GOP does NOT control Reality!

Can someone please explain how this guy can be "Lucky"

More Republican deteriorata: Houston Chronicle headline

Stephanie Miller on Larry King now, and John Aravosis, 8:40pmCT -

Don't you just love messing with Push Pollers?

Good thing Rush doesn't care about polls.....'s only murder.... the wit and wisdom of Charlie Crist

A poem for Halloween (repost, for...well, Halloween!)

Big-Name Anger on Behalf of the Little Guy - WAR ON THE MIDDLE CLASS

Rasmussen: Webb 51 Allen 46

New Daily Show From OHIO starting Now!

Mehlman Caught With Hand In Cookie Jar-Abramoff relationship

NEW POLL: Sen. Allen trailing; in "big, big trouble"

Voter reciepts: A way to stop voter fraud once and for all.

How can I tell him?

A Halloween Tale. With Rethugs.

awwww...just look at the cute, petulant little dunce

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Second watergate about to be on MSNBC, Countdown!!!!

Anybody watch the Florida governor debate tonight?

The Reason They Hate Michael J. Fox

Colbert is DESTROYING Rush!


41 new polls at Majoritywatch, Dems doing good

Ben Stein now thinks that Iraq is a disaster....No shit Ben, ya think?

British evacuate consulate in Basra, Blair faces "humiliating" defeat on Iraq.

Our Soldiers Are Dying To Win

NYT photo essay: Burials in Arlington (get some Kleenex)

CA-04: Pure Political Cowardice from John Doolittle


Jim Gibbons Assault probe reopens-Ruh-roh

A new approach to Health Care that might work

I'm sixty years old today.

MSNBC Promo: "Battleground America 2006!!!!!!!111!!!"

Malloy keeps accidentally?? saying Lon Cheney

PHOTOS: *WHO* is paying to fly this woman around on her campaign tour?

I miss Peter Jennings. I wonder what he would say about KO these days.

"China military to tour U.S. bases" Why?

ha ha ha -- check out this voodoo doll on eBay!

Testosterone Jesus - Now Fundies Think Christianity has been Feminized!

Check out this pic of Jeb

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Welcome Back Mike, #2

On the COVER of the Rolling Stone!!!!!!!1

Bush Says '06 deficit Was $248B -- But National Debt Grew $574B (Chirolas)

Election Protection Voter Assistance Hotline 1-866-OUR-VOTE

Experts crack cancer 'gene codes'

Google bombing Joe Lieberman

Free Get Out The Vote (GOTV) phone bank list for Central Florida Dems

MONEY TRAILS LEAD TO BUSH JUDGES - 4 Month Investigation (Salon)

What will happen to the people who actually believe in Bush when the truth comes out?

Kristen Gillibrand to John Sweeney: "Have You No Decency?"

Sen. Talent on his Smear Ads: MO Senate!

Amanda Congdon interviews Keith Ellison (MN-5)

Olbermann's special comment on Clinton VS FoxNews

Nancy Skinner's latest commercial

Olbermann's smackdown of Bill O. over "Normandy"

Keith Olbermann on the death of Habeas Corpus

Michael J. Fox

No Decency

Will Saddam verdict be October Surprise?

Nancy Skinner's first commercial with RFK Jr.

Wes Clark's Keynote at Warren County Democratic Dinner

There goes the Neighborhood Half Past Zero

Had enough of Hastert? Vote Laesch!

The Big Money

Jim Webb Speaks at GOTV Kickoff

Jim Webb Speaks at GOTV Kickoff - Part 2

Truth - from WebbCampaign

Bernie Ward (KGO) smacks down conservative Chris Baker

Donald Trump On President George W. Bush

Bush/Jesus Montage Set To Phil Collins 'Jesus Knows Me'. 4:16

Al Franken on Letterman - Part 1

Al Franken on Letterman - Part 2

"Why We Vote"

Jonatha Brooke on Letterman

Wes Clark: What's Fair - How about a real strategy in Iraq?

A response to the Response


LMAO! Bobble Head Republicans: Care Of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz 1:04

Zombie 2006

I'm A Democrat IV (Halloween)

I'm A Democrat V (Mistakes)

I'm A Democrat III (Medicine)

I'm A Democrat I (Better)

Wes Clark on Climate Change - from Clinton Global Initiative 2005

Wes Clark address the Texas Dem Party Convention 2006

General Wes Clark TV ad for Ned Lamont

Absolutely Brilliantly Done Bush Rap Parody, Set To Eminem. Trust Me, Watch It. 4:14

Lewis Black - Iran...Iran...Iraq!

I'm a Democrat, I'm a Republican - Better (my favorite)

I'm A Democrat II (Country)

george washington: Powerful allegory about US hegemony

John Edwards: What's at stake in these elections

I'm Takin' My Country Back - Honkey Tonkers for Truth

Vampire Bush..Neil Young

John Edwards stumps for Ned Lamont - August 20, 2006

LMFAO! Awesome Short Spoof Of The Harold Ford Call Me Ad! 0:53

Little Bit Of Everything Here: Anti-Bush. Great Song, Great Clips, DU Will Love It! 3:36

How Can We Make America Better?

Dixie Chicks Shut up and Sing Trailer

Not Ready to Make Nice Dixie Chicks

Jackson Browne Lives In the Balance {3:37}

Bring the Boys Back Home

Quote: from Republican Howard Rollings:you can steal an election

Pentagon mounts media offensive

Patrick Murphy Leading Mike Fitzpatrick!

Hugo Chavez is Rove's October surprise?

Photos: Kay Bailey Hutchinson joins Der Führer's rally at airport bunker, Sugar Land, TX

Mike Malloy on NovaMRadio...

Darfur demonstration Parliament building - Winnipeg

Thoughts on Gov. Schweitzer's (MT) lobbying reform initiative?

POLL: Dems up by 26 points among "most likely voters" (61 / 35)!

Cheney says Iraq insurgents constantly surf Web, monitoring U.S. election

A challenge I'm hoping no one can take on .....

Robert Byrd runs for re-election at 88; his GOP opponent serves only to solidify the Senator's base

Greensboro (NC) News-Record endorses Brad Miller (D,NC-13) vs. challenger Vernon Robinson's only murder... the wit and wisdom of Charlie Crist..

The best way to vote is to apply the KISS principle.

Midterms: Matthews & Olbermann Anchoring For 12 Hours On MSNBC

Although Reagan said this in a different context, it applies today to the Bush

"Dick Keeps Swinging" (with apologies to David Bowie)

in your opinion, which of these messages is most effective...?

CLINT CURTIS to be interviewed on "The Mark Bernier Show"

Bush rehashes last-minute gay-marriage fear...

A bid for Ohio votes

The three most popular politicians in Virginia....

Dj'ever notice - our wedge issues help people, theirs hurt them

I need a Katherine Harris goofball fix. Anybody have a link

excellent (!) endorsement for Mel Watt (NC-12) -Greensboro, NC- News-Record

Charlie Cook tonight says "there are no signs that this wave is abating."

A huge war chest and soaring ratings - Clinton looks beyond the Senate

VA-Sen: Webb ahead in yet another poll....CNN 50% - 46%

The Republicans really need to win this time.

Hastert Post Seen in Jeopardy

How ironic would it be if Dems win big and Republicans claim machines rigged?

You really need to check this out. Really.

Arizonans - has AAR - PHX had any effect on attitudes there?

Why was the FLORIDA gubernatorial debate a NATIONAL news story?

Venezuela owns manufacture of electronic voting machines used

"The Democrats Don't Have a Plan"

With the GOP in jeopardy, former Bush speechwriter turns to hate and more lies

Awwww SHIT!!!! Election theft AGAIN????

need help, please. anybody got that pic of mccain hugging bush?

Master mind Rove can get his guys elected but cannot get them to govern

New Majority Watch Polls from across the country....

Question to Senator re: post-election problems (2nd post; K & R, please!)

Just keep it up, Bush

The Value of Empathy

Olbermann: Bush "is now lying for free"

Two Republican districts tightening in CO. Musgrave in danger of elimination!!!

Olbermann: "But eventually the movers always win..."

Bush Says 'America Loses' Under Democrats (WaPo)

Freepers crying about Rasmussen poll that has Webb up big (51 to 46)

What is the most likely pick-up of the 3 toss-ups.

ELECTION NIGHT... Where you at?

Lisa Meyers, MSNBC now: Repub Dirty Criminal Tricks in NH Phone Jamming - Tied to WH?

Ha! Ha! Ha! Crist just said he believes marriage is sacred...

Digging out old forgotten war songs please add some that come to mind

Anderson Cooper just reported on CNN:Troop levels could rise...

U.S. air base in Kyrgyzstan tied to organized crime; money to ruling family

Bush makes baby cry

donate $100 to each of *which* three Dem senate candidates?

Please quit using repukes, found on an MSM blog...

Are Higher Taxes in the Offing?

Army wifeTamara Bell:"Everyone has a breaking point, and that was mine,"


Free GOTV (Get Out the Vote) Phone Bank List for Central Florida Dems

How to cut and run -- By William E. Odom, Lt. Gen (Ret.)

????? bushco plans to use churches as courtrooms -- blurs sep of church + state

Unions Are Out in Force for the November Elections

"Fool Me Once... & Dying Moderate Republicans" - Stoller (the myth of "moderate" GOPers)

US consumer confidence in decline (BBC)

"Dead Clay" article in Stars and Stripes

YouTube Is Purging Copyrighted Clips

US to stay in Iraq longer than expected-PM/Iraq: out of control

"Americans turn off and tune out"

OH-- dominionist DBarton campaigns in churches; Blackwell at 1st church stop


My partner's weekly editorial in The Phoenix, Phoenixville, PA

Why Voting for Dems Is Required: Pre-Election Scenarios


Drastic action on climate change is needed now - and here's the plan

Republicans See Edge From Early Voting

Dutch government scraps plans to use voting computers in 35 cities including Amsterdam

DW: Germany Starts Rethinking its Foreign Deployments

On November 8, the Struggle Continues

US's Afghan policies going up in smoke

No 'real change' for Afghan women (BBC)

AFL-CIO Announces Huge "Final Four" GOTV Push

I work for a company that is in the power industry

The Day That Changed The Climate/Stern Report

OPEC Says British Government Climate Report "Unfounded" - Reuters

Rumors In The Air Of Shell-BP Merger - Guardian/Mail & Guardian

Al Gore To Be Asked: Where Are The Pacific Evacuees?

Zoo celebrating rare dove birth (BCC)

Ocean array acts as climate alert (BBC)

With Billions at Stake, China—Yes, China—Calls for a Better Kyoto Protocol (

Australia - Howard "Won't Sacrifice Mining Jobs" For Climate

During Jimmy Carter' s term spending on renewable energy 4 times Bush admin

Stern Review highlights "substantial" potential for biomass (UK)

Stop The Presses! White House Acknowledges Existence Of Stern Report!!

Guardian - Likely Impact Of Stern Report In Bush White House - Zero

Canadian Government Now Wants To Start Over On Climate Plan

India - Rising Sea Covers Two Islands In Sunderban Chain

Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change (UK)

Clean Energy Could Create Thousands of Good Jobs (OH, PA)

Intrepid Expands Its Biogas Facilities Fivefold (Idaho)

Wave Energy Project Gets Environmental OK (Makah Bay WA 1st US wave farm)

‘Switch to Renewable Power Before You’re Forced to’ (Korea Times)

PV in Italy: Sunny Future But Slow and Chaotic Start

(Europe) Mighty vulture back from near extinction (Boston Globe)

Great idea for a Halloween costume

Poll: Haredim most hated group in Israel

Hezb rejects demand to disarm

IDF worried Hamas may build anti-tank division

Israeli warplanes stage simulated attacks over Beirut

Israeli armored vehicles mass near Gaza: witnesses

Peretz: Saudi peace plan could serve as basis for negotiations

Israel planes stage mock raids in Beirut

Lebanese army says fired at IAF jets

PM: Hizbullah no longer threat to north

help me get this on the greatest page please - xpost

VIDEO UNLOCKED - needs one more recommend!

Shanksville contrasted with Lockerbie

Rummy slips up re Ft 93

Pres Bush you're under arrest

Ohio descends into "calculated chaos"

Exactly who is running the new voting machines?

Jefferson County Voters Continue To Raise Concerns About Voting Machines

FL has NO IDEA who runs their voting machines (don't ask don't tell)

Important pre-election show IMAGINE - press release...

What proportion of American voters say they are Republican?

Eureka Times-Standard: Scary tale of technology

Why does the mailing envelope for the completed absentee ballot show my Party Registration?

"...[W]e recognize when the same message comes from vendor representatives and election officials."

Avi Rubin Reports on Another "Accuvote" Evaluation

Instant Action on Election Day!! - national pollwatching!

Will Shocking GOP Court Victory & Rove Doom Dems?-Fitrakis & Wasserman

what's our M.O.T. in this election (Margin of Theft)

Just back from voting in Colorado: No cameras allowed.

Scoop/Autorank/Truthisall - U.S. Election Fraud 2006 Risk Assessment Update

Slow-Countin' the Paper: DU'er kpete fed up, files Lawsuit in San Diego County (Court of Appeals)

Hastert Post Seen in Jeopardy

WP: In Baghdad, a (Police) Force Under the Militias' Sway

WP: Auditors Say Shift of Rebuilding to Iraqis Appears 'Broken Down'

Saddam accepted unltimatum before war

Guards oppose plan for Calif. inmates

Bell running short on cash for TV spots

Pentagon boosts 'media war' unit (BBC)

Masilotti charged (Republican County Commission Chairman)

Giuliani, Clark stump in Nevada

Paralyzed Nevadans praise Carter's stem cell stance

Exactly who is running the new voting machines?

AP: 3 Killed in Second Bomb Attack in Iraq (also 2 US soldiers killed in Baghdad)

CIA planes carrying terror suspects landed at Tel Aviv airport

Two senators take on KBR

Reuters: Myspace purging copyrighted content from site, music, video

Fox backs Culver (Iowa Democratic candidate for governor) for stem cell stance

Dems Counter Bush Attack With Iraq Ads

Saxton seeks distance from national GOP in Oregon governor's race

Former Gibbons housekeeper speaks out (NV congressman)

Democrats Are Seen to Gain in Statehouse Races

AP: Convictions Overturned in Pakistan Bombing (near US Cousulate)

Las Vegas Police to Reopen Gibbons Investigation

Reuters: US must stay until Iraq forces ready-Iraqi leader

BBC: Rumsfeld starts new Propoganda Unit to show "true picture of events in Iraq"

Dura Automotive files for bankruptcy

AP: Webb Has Slight Lead In Virginia Senate Race

Syrian Official May Visit Baghdad

Abramoff friend describes Burns staff's ties to lobbyist

WTC responders to receive much-needed funds

Republicans See Edge From Early Voting

Foley extends rehab, acquaintance says

IBM to set up development centres in India, China (Reuters)

Virus writers target web videos

NYT/AP: Iraqi Leader Orders Lifting of Checkpoints

DW: Germany Starts Rethinking its Foreign Deployments

BBC: Euro inflation continues to cool

Iraq says needs $100 bln to rebuild infrastructure

GOP again buys Burns TV ads

Early-absentee vote total tops 140,000 in Nevada

Baghdad bomb rips through wedding procession

Taliban supporters threaten retaliation for Pakistan bombing

Jefferson County Voters Continue To Raise Concerns About Voting Machines

Santorum: Pension investments under Casey tied to terror

Fitzgerald doesn't want to talk about Armitage

Teen Arrested for Raping His Mother

CNN: Pentagon developing public relations response team

LAT: Resistance to Deadlines for Iraq is Weakening

British Court Rejects Pitcairn Appeal

CNN: Critical congresswoman lands on no-fly list

Terrorists win if we lose poll: Bush

USA Today: Heavy coverage at midterm favors Democrats, study says

AP: 2 NATO soldiers killed in Afghan bombing

Suicide Bomber Strikes Baghdad Wedding

AP: Bush Warns Sudan to End Darfur Conflict

Hubble telescope will get upgrade

Activist Denies Violating Ban On Ballot Work (now working for Lieberman)

Padilla: Dismiss charges because I was tortured

Blair faces Commons defeat on Iraq inquiry

Police: Teen raped his mother

Witness says Noe moved $11.2M just before search

NASA Watch: Space Science Cut Update (less funding, but Bush is "science friendly")

Lawsuit By 3 Tossed From Bush Event To Go Forward

S&S: Bell: U.S. will answer attack on South Korea

Secretary Rumsfeld: "Kurdistan" map incident unfortunate

Black Democrats Cross Party Lines To Back Steele For U.S. Senate

Blair defeats opposition call for Iraq probe

GOP reins in spending in 3 House races

US Policies on North Korea Out of Favor (among South Koreans)

BBC: Liver cells grown from cord blood

Gloom as Intel plans to close Cambridge lab

OPEC says British climate change report "unfounded"

Reuters: Over 40 Iraqis kidnapped north of Baghdad - police

Congresswoman has no-fly list troubles

AP Poll: GOP outreach to blacks falters

Vaccine Resistant H5N1 Bird Flu Spreads In South East Asia

"Accused candidate for Governor wins release of surveillance video"

Nasty Campaign Ad Spending Beats Nice 10:1

CNN: Sen. John Kerry says he apologizes to no one for his criticism of President Bush

U.S. Drops Bid Over Royalties From Chevron

GOP scales back spending on O’Donnell race for Congress (also in OH & PA)

Rumsfeld weighs increase in Iraqi forces

BBC: Former South Africa leader dies (PW Botha)

Air Force said to seek $50 bln emergency funds

Bush praises Lieberman in TV interview, draws Lamont's ire

Sign of the Times: For first time since Watergate, NY Times endorses no Republicans


AP: White House Spokesman Slams Kerry Remark

Alleged terrorist (Posada) expects chaos when Castro dies

Jewish, Muslim figures clash in U.S

North Korea has agreed to rejoin six-nation nuclear disarmament talks

'Lucid' Pinochet charged with murder

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday October 31

Montana Newspapers Delivered Wrapped in Conrad Burns Political Ads: Paid for by NRA

Study: Brain Stem Defects May Cause SIDS

Attorney Dressed as Osama bin Laden Arrested in Maine

Air America Radio in talks with suitors

Backwash from racist voice mails may swamp a legislator's career

Incident at Allen Campaign Stop in Charlottesville (asked about spitting on wife)

AP: Saints' Brees tells mother (Dem) to pull his image from political ads

BBC: Iraqi PM lifts Sadr City cordon (US spokesman unaware)

New male contraceptive Pill with no side effects (in the works)

Media Matters: ABC Memo Reveals AAR Advertiser Blacklist

I'll just say it: I hate Halloween

What Was the BEST DREAM you ever, ever had?

Anybody else watching Borat with Beck on Letterman?

Why can't I DU while riding my stationary bike?

Vote (updated)

Why I'm so cool

Hey, its HALLOWEEN... Time to act STUPID!!

What Do You Want?

We just bought a B&B in Jemez Springs!!!!

Okay, how can someone new join the cast of Lost....

Help! How do I create a list with columns in a DU message?

(fyi) Great deals on the "scratch and dent" candy at Kmart

Happy happy Halloween, Halloween, Halloween....

Hot Fuzz

Some punks T'Ped the Google logo damn it!

Kobayashi Eats 97 Hamburgers In 8 Minutes

I have some new Pitter-pat photos! Share your kitty pics! (large pics)

Brees wants no part of mom's campaign in Texas

Man Burned When His Sheep Costume Catches Fire In Bar

Why won't I date you?

Tuesday, October 31. William Shatner's Thought For The Day:

May I say something about the new DU Video Forum?

Midlo expounds on the beauty that is Halloween.

why Dad loves Halloween

Spider in my car?

I posted this last year on Halloween (God..I'm such a Pig) Funny.

Thief Leaves His Sliced-Off Finger Behind For Police

Why Men are Rarely Published in Dear Abby

Dead Woman Wins Election In Alaska

Gather 'Round Kiddies For Matcom's Story Of The DAY! - Today: The Potato

Did you watch the Today show?

Man Cleans Human Skulls For A Living - Says Humans Are 'Greasy'

I'm eating candy as part of my breakfast, because it's Halloween.

right now, my i-Tunes radio is blowing me away

do you plan on spending your entire life working?

My jack-o-lantern gets set outside tonight to protect the house.

MATCOM's dog has a date for this evening...

Two years ago today, our town's Magic Shop burned to the ground.

Congratulations indepat!! 10,000 posts

My kitty in a Halloween costume!

I can't believe I'm about to go to work dressed like this

It's Halloween - The Shaggs

Neanderthals most likely interbred with modern humans

Halloween is just an excuse for me to buy a buch of candy 'to give to children'

Who is this BUSH idiot who's on TV every fucking minute of the day

Bush goes trick-or-treating

All those years of changing mom's remote back to channel 3...

What's your favourite randy? (lame copycat)

What's the Mexican Spanish term for player?

Male enhancement ad on the Cartoon Channel?

Spooky, very real Halloween Pic

What's your favourite candy?


Video | Indigo Girls| 'Power of Two'

A remake of that video "America we stand as one" ( the guy who mispronounces America)

NFL Teams that you can put a fork in. They're done!

Halloween on the Barbary Coast

French press declares Halloween dead

Download a * mask

Bill Maher goes as Steve Irwin

You're Not the Boss of Me


Does anyone watch the show Most Haunted on Travel Channel

There are Halloween-sized Pop Rocks!

Boston Dialect

Yay!! the "Views" are back!!!!!

This picture will make your heart melt with a warm fuzzy feeling!!

Looks like the search for an apartment is FINALLY OVER





The preliminary result of my test

Am I losing my mind?


Danger, Will Robinson!

There is a GOP November surprise!

Hey, Dave!!!

I'm off to spend the day with the guy I like!

Anybody else notice how many views NewWaveChick1981 has?

This is my great big chest

How can I get Rabrrrrrr to read my threads? I mean, if Rabrrrrrr won't read my threads...

I don't know how old this is, but it made me pee my pants...

Woah, those view counts are weirding me out...

Don't look! Do NOT look! Definitely don't reply! I'm going for a shutout!

My name is reyd reid reed

Rabrrrrrr's breasts. A pic thread.

Worms, Roxanne, worms!!

I liked Rabrrrrr better than Rabrrrrrr.

I Simply Do Not Have The Ear For Asian Languages.

Favorite Childhood Costume?

DEATH CERTIFICATE RANT (not a halloween thread)

Writhers Inured While 'Pray Blighting' With Fnord And Soylent Monger (Jabbed)

Views! Views, I tell you!, For all your Rabrrrrrr needs

"Views" should also list the viewers and if they are police/snoops

Let's give the GOP what they gave us on 2000:

Something looks different in the Lounge.

My Beasts. A pic thread.

How many James Brown songs can you sing before you need a lozenge?

Do you suppose the Admins knew, when they added the "Views" feature,

Elad must be a busy bee today - We have View counts

When you do it, do it for Whitey Ford

It must be Halloween today 'cause

Trick or treat

Well, spank my ass and gimme these!

Everybody's going to be "V" this year, aren't they?

What does it MEAN??!?!?!!!??! I keep having sexual dreams about my high school sweetheart!

I got my hair cut!

I wonder.........

my belly button itches!

Check out my big knockers!

You know, these "views" are very gratifying


Bollywood Thriller

Ladies and Gentlemen.... Zero7

handing out candy to children is a terrible idea! much for Halloween fun.

handing out loaded automatic weapons to children is a terrible idea!

Check out my hairy balls!

Wow, I just realized I had two books lying on the front counter for 31 days...

DU Men Who Wear Dresses Please Advise (Buying advice)

Scary!.... Its the Michael-Jacko-Lantern!

Is it bad to have a drink before noon on your day off?

Did anybody watch the old movie 'Everybody Sing' on TCM last night?


Need any design/writing? I'm affordable, progressive and there for you.

Everybody drive safely tonight!


Here's a special HALLOWEEN pic thread. Post yourself in costume...

The Great Pumpkin is coming.

How cheap are you?

Would everybody just chill out about Halloween already?!

Oooh, we just got our first Trick-or-Treater! We don't get many here

Congratulations FLDem5!! 10,000 posts

"Nanty-Glo, Pennsylvania" What's a goofier-sounding town name?

are people seeing a lot of Bush masks this year?

Everybody drive dangerously tonight.

Did anyone have people dress up at work?

DU Men Who Wear Dress Shirts Please Advise (Buying advice)

Did anyone have to undress people at work?

Either haruka and her state or Kerry cost us this election according to GD

Oi! Take a good long look at my big pole!

Found a great little gif .. gay rights theme

Poor good kitty crosses rainbow bridge.

Hey! We just won $99 on a scratch-off ticket!

scratch-off me and see what you'll win!

Check it out!! A picture of my butt!!!

What does DE COLORES mean? I've seen it on bumper stickers.

My brother in law was laid off

How old is too old to go trick-or-treating?

Happy Birthday Darth_Kitten's Mom!!!!!

So what's all this talk about Kerry.....

Today in history 10-31

Do you believe in Bigfoot?

What SCARY THING have you done to honor Halloween?

Favorite horror movie?

Bob Barker (The Price is Right) is retiring after 50 years on TV

10/31/2006: R.I.P. Price is Right

What are you handing out tonight for the Trick-or-treaters?

Hello from Washington DC - saw the Supremes in action today

GD in meltdown

Give a shout out here if you like KIMCHI!

Ok, brats, here's how it works

Anybody watch "Cracker" last night?

This is my 25,000th post

Finally, video proof of the Loch Ness monster....

say--ya want some T-n-A for Halloween?

WOW! Look At Next Month's Cover Of PLAYBOY! (Pic)

Remember back in the day before Rabrrrrrr was Rabrrrrrr? Good times. Good times.

From now on I'm only reading threads that have my name in the title

If you're gonna view my damn post, don't be a lazyass - POST IN IT

Halloween laughs

Hey, Naughty Girls of the Lounge!!

Happy Holloweenie - Official Thread!!

Brothers Injured While 'Play Fighting' With Sword And Toilet Plunger (Stabbed)

Tuesday, October 31. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Shortest instantly recognizable jingles?


The Annual Halloween-Be A Freeper Thread

Dear sir or madam, will you read my post. It took me weeks to write

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 10/31/06)

For Halloween this year, I'm going naked.

Only today will you see what I have seen

Booooooooooo! good morning

Cindy Alexander .... IN THE FINAL FIVE!!!

Which coast do you prefer? (pics)

My Breasts. A pic thread.

When will I stop fooling around and type the damned Board Minutes?

Anybody know what happened to "Idiocracy" (Mike Judge)

Rabrrrrrr may view this thread but he may not post in it

I got a job!!!

It's my birthday!

Is this the worst menu in the history of the universe?

The Unfortunate Costume Thread.

First Radio Station you remember listening to


Donald Rumsfeld...

More painting junk. My painting of Nixon announcing his resignation

The most trouble you ever got into as a kid?

A modest proposal

Stuff you find hilarious about your parents?

So my dog apparently swallowed an orange crayon...

Who is this BORAT idiot who's on TV every fucking minute of the day


Truck Spills 2 Tons Of Pig Heads On Road

Im series!!!11

Bible-Carrying Teen Yelling "I Want Jesus" Shot By Police

Christian Haunted House Convinces Girl, 11, To Remain A Virgin

I found this old pic of matcom in the archives...

Texas Faith-Based Initiative Is Political Shell Game

Faith Based initiative Unconstitutional. - James Madison

Fluff: Which better reflects the hope of the season?

Define "god"

Read and Discuss

Study suggests vitamin D may help slow breast cancer (Reuters/CNN)

Study: Brain stem defects may cause SIDS (AP/CNN)

New strain of bird flu found infecting people, poultry in Asia (Boston Globe)

Deep Impact probe heading for new comet (AP/CNN)

Could scientists create a person/animal hybrid, such as a

First Evidence to Show Elephants Recognize Themselves In The Mirror

Hubble Decision today (signs are POSITIVE!)

Both Sides In Colorado Gay Battle Get Support From NJ Ruling

Gay Legal Group Blasts Bush Attacks On Judges

Gay Adoption Highlight Of Fla. Gubernatorial Debate

Red, white and blue Americans are Patriots (fans)

Mayweather v Baldomir

Dream - a letter from my grandmother.

Shameless plug for my Ghost Story thread.

Feelin' lousy...

Energy enhancement: How To?

(German) court orders self-proclaimed witch to refund fee

Wonderful website....not sure all of you are aware of this

John Kerry speaks for me



poll: does Kerry owe troops an apology?

Here we come with the "anonymous top Democrats" crap again.

OMG - Kos on "The John Kerry Nonsense"

GOP unity vs Democratic unity.

JK Video and transcript up on Dem Daily - “I Apologize to No One for My Criticism of the President”


Hahaha! What a great day for Kerrycrats!

Rachael's coming to the defense on AAR now.

This is how THEY treat the troops

What Kerry was supposed to say (Taylor Marsh)

Video up at

don't miss Max Cleland's statement backing JK

John Kerry this poll.

Ed Schultz is pissed off about this episode today.

FOX NEWS: JK NAILS them to the WALL.

John Kerry is once again the standard bearer for our party!

** Please weigh in on this MSNBC poll **

Do we have other snippets

Assholes, assholes, assholes, assholes, assholes, assholes,

Response to attacks on Kerry up at Liberal Values

Randi Rhodes about to play Kerry Press Conference --

Guys, please head over to the Kerry Blog right away.

Post on the Mess!

A Miracle: DailyKos community has Kerry's back

I have one thing to say to the wingnuts!

just want to say,.... i LOVE kerry..... in a

Kerry on in a minute in MSNBC - defending this heated debate

John Kerry Responding to Republican Distortions

Just on CNN now

New thread: what is the EXACT quote?

Latest attack line on Kerry

I'm putting together little "histories" of the haters on dKos

New Kerry e-mail - Emergency candidate alert: 5 house races

JK stumps for Duck, Murphy and Sestak


Autumn poll

October On The Beach ( dial -up warning)

Help me pick my Autumn Contest entry...

Word from Raging in Miami...

Doesn't Little Lord Pissypants look sad and ridiculous talking about "gay marriage"

Kerry. Hot Damn! RePUKES making an issue of a flubbed joke is HELPING US

DEFEAT fraud, video of the vote

Why across the board do the Democrats in power support Israel and their terror tactics?

Wes Clark's Message in New Hampshire: What's at Stake November 7th

Letter from an anonymous soldier- Time magazine

For first time, majority of Californians may vote absentee

It's Worth Repeating: Ds Will Take 27 House Seats; 8 Senate

NY Times: Bush Shows Potency in Rallying the Faithful

Is the local media setting the stage for another election theft to replace Tom DeLay in Texas?

Cook Report poll: Dems lead generic ballot by 23 points


Wow Colbert ...Sing it Baby

Why the rush to impeachment?

Missouri Campaign Mailings

What an asshole

Walk-On Photo Op Forget Me Not - 31 Oct 06 VOTE!

Maybe you've seen but I invite you to take almost 2 mins to say HELL YEAH!!!

Stumping not boosting bush's popularity.

Republican Momentum? What Utter Bullshit.

They call it the war on terror, I call it the "republican war".

Pres Bush you're under arrest

WAIT!! Saddam accepted the US ultimatum BEFORE the war??


T-Minus 168 hours (7 Days)

The Great Kobayashi humiliates American gluttons yet AGAIN!

British scientists grow human liver in a laboratory

Rummy slips up re Ft 93

Top US Commander: We May Need More Troops In Iraq...

We get what's left of America after they're done destroying it.

Breaking Point: Virginia GOP just joined OH, NY, IN and FL on the implosion meter

You do know that Zogby has the CT race at Lieberman (CFL) 47%, Lamont (D) 43%

7 more days! 7 more days! 7 more days! 7 more days! 7 more days! 7 more days!

Concertgoer pelts Streisand with beverage

Washington Journal: GOP sees "successes" with early voting

U.S. Army finally catches up with recruit who skipped basic training 7 years ago

Rangel flambees Cheney

NY-20: Gillibrand-53% Sweeney-42% (Constituent Dynamics)

We prosecuted Japanese soldiers for war crimes after World War II for Waterboarding our soldiers

What are these people doing in positions of authority?

Reuters: Myspace purging copyrighted content from site, music, video

Two solid years of mainstream middle-class legislation

New Tammy Duckworth Ad...

There's no way the republicans retain control of the House....

Why I'm voting straight Democratic on November 7

New Iraqi PM telling US to dismantle checkpoints, ok we're out

From the Middle East: American Voters Must Not Reward Failure

We killed another 70 Afghans

Dems counter Bush attack with Iraq ads, about damn time they did

Department of Homeland Security Violates Whistleblower Protection Laws

Civilian deaths turn Afghans against NATO: report

Slam MJFox, Slap a man in a wheelchair, Slime Purple Heart Vets...

Are there enough House races in areas NOT using e-voting machines

Florida voting machines help you pick the right candidate

I'm Looking Forward To Hearing The Words "Madam Speaker"

On the COVER of the Rolling Stone!!!!!! part 2

Abramoff friend describes Burns staff's ties to lobbyist

Traveling billboard

Democratic challenger Brown attacks Doolittle over Marianas

New Element on Periodic Table

Has Bush's Cabinet mostly cut and run?

Racist skinhead movement growing, more dangerous

Radical Propaganda - Fake Statistics Used Against Gays, Immigrants

The CBS Early Show apparently doesn't know the song "Turning Japanese"...

I'm Going To Vote In An Hour And A Half

MOLLY IVINS - We "Have To Practice For Victory As Well As Defeat"

If The Polls Go the Other Way Nov 7, I'm Not Going to Scream, Cry, What Have You

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Looking Past One-Party Rule

Perversions of Power: Mark Foley and the Bush Administration

Black Democrats back Michael Steele for Senate....

Menendez Pulling Away From Kean -Yey

All You Sluts - Uncle Sam Says Your Days of Philandering are O-VER!

Michael Steele: "Proud" "Republican"

Lieberman activist breaks law again!

It was all a BIG Stinking LIE!

The Republican plan for everything--EVERYTHING--in one word:

ok-DU my local paper's poll re:GOP

ok-DU my local paper's poll re:GOP

Lynne-Cheney's "Sisters " book as pdf The magic of the Internet!

Shamansky and Tiberi in Statistical Tie in Independent Poll :Ohio 12th


Has anybody heard how the campaign to reverse S.D.'s abortion ban is going?

Extinction of the GOP

Midterms: Olbermann Anchoring For 12 Hours On MSNBC!

deceitful gods ...

I did the 'early vote' this year.

VIDEO YOUR VOTE!!! Everyone, Video the screen AS YOU VOTE!

Spoof of Corker "call me" ad....shows teen saying "congressman, call me"... LOLOL!

AZ Senate Seat may be in play now

What is the Democratic plan for Iraq?

"I Hate Ann Coulter" Contest (Harper Collins)

This is the machine we actually STILL USE where I vote.

Injured Shiite: "Bring Saddam back! It wasn't like this under his rule!"

C'mon my friends, we simply HAVE to get this to Olbermann. Talk about a bitch slap!

Wingnuts: Kerry Supposedly "Bashes" Military In Speech In California

G*d Damn "The Today Show" !

How About Some Off Cycle Redistricting?

Why is Laura Ingram so full of hate?

I can't wait

CAPTION the Frisky Phony...

Here is today's Heartfelt Blessing.

If you want to get sick to your stomach, check this out.

What Libby DOESN'T Want You to Know (New Motions-PDF)

WTC responders to receive much-needed funds

Requests Hit Record for Absentee Ballots

Aaaah! No Malloy podcast yet?

What's left for the GOP? Sex.

Can someone find a copy of John Kerry's whole speech that has been deemed controversial?

caption this * pic...

I would consider just getting rid of Santorum next week a huge victory

The Day After -- Even if Dems control all, BUSH has his Patriot Act

Bush has really been showing Americans his ass lately. It's getting worse.

Yes Virginia, dick cheney is a Son of a Bitch, & a pig like his wife

Virus writers target web videos

Hey all you Dem candidates! A word ....

Is uber-conservatism some sort of weird mental disability?

In what states do the Democrats control the vote counting?

"Bush's skirt is off, but his cheerleading's back" (CNN.COM)

Anone who wants to keep up with the British Parliament Iraq debate, see this thread

How will you stand the tension next Tuesday?

US's Afghan policies going up in smoke...

Ask all of your Republican friends...

CNN is on a shameless, endless Pro-GOP full-court press

Don't wait to last minute to locate your voter's certificate of registration card

Two People Kicked Out Of BUSH Event - Win Court Order


Today is payday for many. Who can we help for the final week?

My Liberal Democratic Mother got caught in the Rovetrap

Tell these Bishops to stay out of the gay marriage debate ( Poll)

NPR Solid repug Spin This Morning

We're At The Mercy Of The American People Who Vote

Outstanding...(Hubble Telescope life extended)

So the latest boogie-man is... "The dems will raise your taxes...."

Abstinence Education Implies that Americans are Really Dumb

Who will win the election?

Pentagon: US force in Iraq swells to 150,000

NBY 'Toon: Rumsfeld's catapulting the propaganda

Who is this General LYING on CNN??

(TOON) Steve Bell on Tony, the Chimp and climate change

Bill Clinton campaigns for John Hall (NY-19th) . . .

Republicans explained in evolutionary terms?

In Colorado, Repubs attempt to get "absentee ballot" to every Repub voter...

CBS's Martin Gets Iraqi Security Scoop

CNN live in Ohio; Ironic description of the coming election...

So what, if ANYTHING, is going on with the Foley Investigation????


I think that the backlash from all the new powers given to bush*

"Is America going to be hit again, in your estimation?", Bush: "I think so"

Is Allen's sealed police records becoming an issue in VA?

Iraqi president hiding in the Green Zone says US withdrawal would be “catastrophic”

Grounding flights to clear all air space whenever the President flies-

Understanding Karl Rove's Politics

Something scary for Halloween...

I am NOT afraid of Karl Rove!!!

Imagine a Democratic president with the powers bush has made possible

WTF? NY Post Endorses Hillary (The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling)

If Dems take Congress, the first order of business for the WH

Do you really think Democrats would just 'pull out'?

Video idea for you wizards

WOW! Check out all the events that have happened on Halloween

Cheney on Lynne's CNN appearance: "We refer to it around the house as the 'slap-down' "

The best anti-Steele ad: "Proud to be a Republican"

Where's Osama? It's 1 wk pre-election, time to trot him out.

Reid: Another Day and Still No Plan, No End

Flying Spaghetti Monster & Halloween

Zogby Shows Ned Inside the Margin!

John Kerry is right! Young soldiers are being taken advantage of!

Does Tom Kean, Jr's head look abnormally small ??

Nelson (D) Endorsed By 22 Florida Dailies; Harris (R) Endorsed By ... Zero

This is what my RW friends thinks the Dems will do...

I am not a spokesman for the Democratic Party but I would like to respond to GWB...

Democrats should see major pick ups in Governor Races (predict gain of 7)

Shadi Hamid: "David Letterman gets Iraq Wrong"

US troops abandon posts in Sadr City

Courage To Resist: Kyle Snider, Outspoken War Resister, Iraq Vet To Turn Himself In Today

Bill Maher goes as Steve Irwin

So, is anyone dressing up as Karl Rove for Halloween?

Actual 3Q GDP Growth below 1%

Which repub candidate would you most like to see lose?

Please tell me this Web site is a fake!

Is GOP "72 hour" GOTV explanation a canard?

Check out this Tennessean headline!

The Rw radio hacks and media need the democrats to take the house.

Cheney: the insurgents are on the Internet "all the time"

Republics still don't get it regarding Foley

Excellent anti war video non YouTube. first time seeing pictures of Alabama's Repuke Gov...

Katherine Harris to write tell-all book??

Are conservatives afraid of being challenged?

The 110th Congress won't have the Gang of 14's deal anymore. Remember?

CNN's Idea Of Fair & Balanced..Bill Bennett alone bloviating on the polls.

I was disappointed that Mike Malloy's show of last night wasn't

Why the religious right loves Bush but hates Clinton

Republicans, gay marriage and gay bashing: it's time to call it what it is.

Rangel re-Cheney: "He's such a real son of a bitch-he just enjoys a confrontation"

Caption this, PLEASE? The bottom one sure LOOKS like Laura Bush...

Bush-Cheney: Democrats want terrorists to win

Snow: President Bush Has ‘Actually Taken The Lead’ On Climate Change

Cheney's own porn bites her in the ass

Mark Halperin admits to not ever voting for a President.

Hastert & Barton on Combating Autism Bill

Shout Out to the DU Propaganda Group:

More Polls- Mostly Good News And A Bit Of Bad News

Photo from Bush's hippie days unearthed in Rumanian cave

why does the RW think the military is dumb?

After watching the Florida Governors debate how is it possible Crist is ahead?

Santorum says Casey aids terrorism

TOON: Derf on Dick Cheney, Halloween & election

DU this MSNBC Poll:

I recorded Malloy last night!

We should see a Democratic landslide next Tuesday. But what if it's stolen?

Hey DU Admin

4 Polls In The Last 24 Hours Have WEBB AHEAD!!!!

Looks Like The Ds Finally Ignored The "Helpful" Advice From The Rs & The DINOs

Kerry just delivered them another "global test."

GOP reins in spending in 3 House races--Weldon

Seattle DUers near Grand Hyatt - Kerry to answer BushInc. at presser @2:00

Did we finally get the timing right?

S. Florida becoming a haven for retired CIA agents

TV Newser: MSNBC Posts Big Gains With Hardball, Countdown, Scarborough

MSNBC Panel: Mort Zuckerman, Buchanan, Scarborough...Running from Repugs...

Little Johnny McCain is a disgusting cowardly tool of Bush/Cheney

Kerrys comment can be taken to mean that its hard to AFFORD college

Jeb Bush warns of Democratic 'agenda of anger and revenge'

Never forget: McCain stands with Bush & Cheney and their war lies.

The Note's Halperin: "Having a dangerous thing."

For Dr. Fate: Kerry Presser today to answer RW stupidity

Breaking on MSNBC: McCain now criticizing Kerry and calls for

Trick or treat, KKKarl's defeat...

How does the GOP know they're winning in the early voting?

New Jersey Du'ers, is Keans one trick corruption pony gotten old?

"Army Finds 7 Incorrect War Death Reports"

Faux News Still bleeding - KO is up 61% in October

CNN just showed photos of Bush as a cheerleader

Deregulation... How do Pugs explain British Petro?

Let the weeping and the gnashing of tooth begin.

LIVE DEBATE from House of Commons on Blair and Iraq Inquiry

New male contraceptive Pill with no side effects

I smell an Internet Crackdown Coming...

ABC News headline: Kerry gives GOP new ammo in homestretch

Osama's Party

Stupid question about what's happening in Mexico

What Kerry was SUPPOSED to say:

Laura Bush on Michael J. Fox: ‘It’s Always Easy To Manipulate People’s Feelings’

Mike Stark (Calling All Wingnuts) attacked by Allen Staffers

I CANNOT Believe that National Geographic put Bush on the Cover..

Bush's Skirt Is Off, But His Cheerleading's Back

I love watching the RePUKES flail around in desperation in these last days

who has the entire Kerry speech???

So what "Genius" rolls out Cheney right before the election?

Quick - name the National Security Advisor-

Haven't more terrorists crossed the Canadian border than the Mexican

Americans are united against the... neocons.

Sheesh It could be an early night next Tuesday

So where's Kerry's presser? Snowjob live on CSPAN, the "news" channels...

These four, cheney, bush, rumsfeld, and rice

Tony: "Democrats don't have a plan, they have an anger mgmnt problem."

Snow: President Bush Has ‘Actually Taken The Lead’ On Climate Change

Two GREAT guests on The Guy James Show today--please keep kicked

Dutch pull 10% of their voting machines, more to come?

Teen Arrested for Raping His Mother

Recently retired CIA Chief has a new book you might want to read:

North Korea agrees to return to six-nation talks

The race in VA is pretty tight, and I decided today to speak out

Total Information Awareness Is Back Under A New Name - "TANGRAM"

I'm going to enjoy Santorum loss most of all. What about you?

Party Establishment abandons Lamont and party primary voters

"a cut and run policy in Afghanistan and a stand still and lose strategy in Iraq"

Israeli warplanes stage simulated attacks over Beirut

How to talk to a Right Winger

Beliefs that are essential to Republicans.

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - 10/31 medical diagnosis

Protestor To Sen Allen: "Why did you spit on your first wife?"

U.S. analyst knocks global warming report

CNN: Webb ahead of Allen in new polls

What do we Win?

U.S. consumer confidence down in October

Vote-flipping software would require a computer science guru to write

"John Kerry Comment/Joke Controvery Megathread" Consolidate the threads here for Christ's sake

The List :RE Media Matters ABC Radio Memo Advertising Boycott

RePUKES are UNHINGED. Beating up constituents, airing CRAZYYYYY ads

On CNN just now,military troops getting in debt because of payday loans.

FUCK MSNBC. Keith, are you going to call out your masters?

Dick Cheney needs a TRUCK for all his shredded documents (PIC!)

Kerry on in a few minutes MSNBC

Yipes! All of a sudden I can see how many views my post has.

Musharraf has good reason to be desperate

I'm beginning to think Kerry's "gaffe" was orchestrated by a political genius?

Teaser: Chris Bowers ( hints at "very interesting" MO Sen poll

Hahahah! CNN -Allen staff attacks a protester

To the Bush Admin, it's OK to kill before you're 29, but not to have sex.

What happen to the discussion page format..

Molly Ivins: Bush economics burden the middle class

I'm Going To Spend the Next Week Laughing My Ass Off At Desperate Attempts

Putting our money where Malloy's mouth is...update

Why Georgie ain't getting traction spinning the economy

Theft is "RIGHT" !!

For those that missed it..Randi is going to run the whole Kerry interview

After searching and searching, I finally found a better pic of Dennis Hastert

New Repug Dirty Trick! Calling Dems and pretending it's a Survey where

Financial Times: Rumsfeld and Bolton may be out in the coming months

My dad's (R) update of a Jim Pederson (D-AZ) rally today


Tony Snow holds up a couple of Halloween eyeballs - pic

Viacom and YouTube reach accord over clips (Comedy Central)

Iraq: gunmen hijacked 12 minibuses and kidnapped as many as 40 passengers

Oh wow, when did the number of views come back?

Killing the Middle Class; How the Corporatocracy Sets the Rules of the "Game" To Create Peons

The only problem with Kerry's comments

U.S. Drops Bid Over Royalties From Chevron (brown nosing the barons)

On the streets today...

Bible-Wielding Teen Killed With Stun Gun

Inquiring Minds Want to Know: Who is running the worst campaign?

US's Afghan policies going up in smoke

Hey! Thanks, Senator Kerry, for getting FREE press to pound the Right on Iraq today!

George Allen's staff beats up man asking question

FL has NO IDEA who runs their voting machines (don't ask don't tell)

Terrorism is growing and thriving under Bush/Cheney

Regarding bush on Dem's Iraq proposals/ideas

Allen's campaign is toast

OK, Confess - who can't get "I write the songs" by Manilow/Colbert out of their heads?!

Ford now leads Corker via Hotline!!

Tucker, STFU!

I just heard that Chimpy is back in GA?

Good Article by Jonathan Chait

Save the Republic: get out of the Middle East, and put Bush on trial.

My cousin argued a death penalty case before Supreme Court today and kicked ass!

Local (WHDH) Boston Channel 7 Kerry poll....

HAHA. Book "smear" gave Webb a chance to highlight his military heroism

"Rubber Stamp Republicans" -- why are we not driving this term into the ground?

Go Get em Kerry!!!!!!!

I just noticed the *Views* column.

DU THIS POLL: MSNBC - John Kerry wrong, right, or taken out of context?

Here's your apology, McCain

Bev Harris on MSNBC right now

Good Grief! Some insane guy on Schultz now!

We have "views" !

Help!!!! I need a pic I saw on DU about 2 years ago

It's so much fun watching the Rethugs drown in their own hypocrisy

At every turn, Allen ought to be asked why he spit on his wife!

How the Pentagon censors Hollywood

Are Kerry comments on Iraq--helpful to us or to the GOP?

Kerry's statements are dead on the money. If people refuse to realize that the

So next week I get to ask Nora ODonnell a question in a public forum...

The October Surprise Setup: Hugo Chavez to "steal" Votes FROM Reeps on 11/7

Republican response to Kerry is insulting/CLASSIST!

"If a liberal mom throws a birthday party, everyone is late"

Landover Hell House Shut Down for using real blood and fetuses

Wolfie: Allen protester "not just any protestor..."

Bush to respond to Kerry 'stuck in Iraq' comments at 5 PM EST...

is W the first incumbant pResident to spend most of his time campaigning??

Repugs asking: "If it was a joke, why didn't he correct himself yesterday..."

MP3: Kerry's Q&A after his press conference

HAHA. Idiot Son LYING about Kerry remark, thinking he won't get caught

PHOTO: 'By vote of applause, which salute better defines our Grand Old Party?"

Re: Kerry's non-insult/muffed joke.

Are the repugs tacitly agreeing that the troops really are "stuck in Iraq?"

What about all of chimpler's "gaffes"?? Why don't freepers freak out like some YOU do?

Someone Jerk A Knot in those Democrats

From weapons of war to great coffee (BBC)

To the Kerry Concern Trolls: When all else fails....

any live feed online of bush at 5pm?

Recruiting shortage: Pentagon changes policy to allow HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUTS to enlist

Nielsen reports Americans watch TV at record levels...

And now for something completely different...

Anyone have the Kerry conference VIDEO link? n/t

bush - cue the little black kid...

Undersec of Defense: Nearly 40% of recruits score in bottom of Army aptitude test

self-delete. unnecessary. nt

To Quote a decorated Vietnam Soldier

Little Lord Pissypants likes to pretend he was a soldier but he wet his pants

Do you think Kerry's non-story will hurt us?

time to chill, dudes and dudettes

Hey Karl. You're slippin' "Boy Genius." Yer SLIPPIN! HAHAHAHA

What was the "botched" joke Kerry said yesterday that started all this?

Escalation in Iraq: 3,000 More Soldiers Sent To Fight And Die For Bush's Occupation

Kerry spoke the truth...

Bush focusing hard on the tough issues... like gay marriage

Air America owners looking to sell the company

MP3: Kerry comments on Repig Machine's desperate attempts on his comment

Katherine Harris....It's all just too

Ha-ha! Rangel taking on Cheney, and Kerry taking on Bush.

Bush response: "Senator Kerry owes them an apology."

Man who asks George Allen an inconvenient question gets assaulted by Republicans

Malloy officially on KQKE San Francisco!!

Bush seems to forget that Kerry is a combat vet; he is not!

Bush owes the entire world an apology.

John Kerry is Not the Issue

We all need to grow a spine

If you are frustrated as your good OPs vanish too quickly; READ THIS

Republicans make me sick

Notice CNN isn't showing the Bush campaign speech live..

Our response to Kerry quote mis-characterization should be

Is the average Iraq grunt more offended by BEING THERE or being called uneducated

Kos on the Kerry "nonsense" which he calls a load of "bullshit"

October Surprise Confirmed - The GOP is trying to turn KERRY into the October Surprise

If the middle class is afraid that Dems will raise taxes, ask them if

It is less than useful to say Kerry was right (re: the troops)

Well apparently Lou Dobbs didn't get the joke.

Lou Dobbs doesn't get it.

McCain campaigning against Duckworth: "Many (soldiers) have lost limbs, you know!"

Should John Kerry just STFU?

I love the free air time Bush is getting

Cube rat: How is the media playing this Kerry story?

Malloy show will be on 960AM in San Francisco starting next week!

Bush just said one true thing-


three pictures of the commander in chief

NBC: Kerry has suddenly become a target....

Is Tony Snow apologizing for calling troop casualties just a "number"?

"RANGEL & VEEP IN ALL-OUT WAR" Here's the New York Post article about Rangel and Cheney!

Bush's performance is despicable beyond description.

Whenever I see Bush holding a baby, all I can think of is ...

OMG before Nov 7th Rumsfeld will increase troops levels

You know what this is? The Dean Scream Part Two


There needs to be a revolution...


In the final mud-slinging countdown: Fear always wins

Mods - can we get a forum for the Kerry speech discussion?

Pelosi and Reid Slam Bush's Failure in Iraq

I am totally insulted...

The RW is desperately grabbing for SOMETHING/SOMEONE to run against in 2006

R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N It will set you free! Economic and Social Justice NOW! HCPB NOW!!!

Yet another disturbing fundy site.

Kerry's speech was YESTERDAY and we're only hearing the "outrage" now?

Interesting Movie/Indie Film

Unitary Executive, just a nice way to say AUTOCRACY

Book banning - after one parent complained!!


shouldn't the real talking point be

Scandal rocks Nevada governor's race

Kerry was right: The non-college-bound ARE most likely to enlist!

Anyone else's AAR affiliate commercial-free today?

CNN just showed Allen thugs beating up a constituent

Should Bu$h apologize to the troops and the world for his criminal war of aggression?

CNN: Power outage kept hundreds of church bus voters from early voting

`Nature' eyes sad life of captive chimps

HAHAHA. . .Mehlman gets roasted in parody of RNC TN commercial

THANK YOU (finally) KERRY!!!

Keith takes on Kerry's comments on tomorrow night's show.

Kerry response video on homepage

I just sent the following Halloween e-card to my lists - feel free to steal it!

The latest polls

Colo. soldier to surrender after fleeing to Canada

Republicans must also think Dems can do better in Iraq.


Pelosi: Discussing Sending More Troops to Baghdad is Fresh Evidence that Bush's Policy Is a Failure

Kerry Press Conference TRANSCRIPT --

In Public, BushCo says "GOP will not lose Majority!"

Americans Will Ask Themselves, 'How Did This Happen?'

Cute (true) Halloween/politics story to brighten your day:

ABC memo reveals Air America advertiser blacklist

Voting machines at UT Austin left out in public at night, unattended

FYI: Bev Harris next on Lou Dobbs.

Demand an Apology!

Must see TV.

Charlie Rangel called Dick Cheney "A SON OF A BITCH!"

Has Bush apologized to the troops, their families and innocent victims for this:

Did Kerry actually take one for the rest of the team?

"Gaffes" are the only way to break through the corporate media filter

Kerry Live on CNN - Now!

Don't forget to sign up to help the GOP with their 72 hour push. They need our help ;-)

Kerry's mis-speak

uh oh, Jack Cafferty fans... He says John Kerry is a symbol of Failure

Randi is discussing the Kerry situation now (will play Press Conf)

New Poll: Harold Ford Leads Bob Corker By 5%...

Scientists Try To Reverse Movement In Ohio Toward "Intelligent Design"


DU this Poll about Kerry's remarks.

Musgrave (R-Homophobic bitch) attacks.

Botha, bastion of white rule, dies

So I hear Kerry has made that joke before

I just struck my blow for Democracy. Check in when you have.

We've just seen Presidential Politics,version 2008, unfold today.

How is your LOCAL media covering the elections?

When is the HBO documentary about e-voting on?

Tonight's CSPAN1 Debate lineup (starting at 7:20pm EST)

Should Dems's compile a group of high profile veterans to respond to Bush

Chevy commerical/John Mellencamp

Who is the puppet? Bush or Maliki? (btw - where's Ahmed Chalabi?)

The MSM is our biggest enemy--- uh DUH!

There is NOTHING wrong with what Kerry said - it's the damn TRUTH!

WTF?!? Comedy central's "motherload" crashes Firefox.

Check out this Classic Pre-Iraq War Daily Show clip at this New site!

I'm starting to like this ticket for '08 - Kerry/Cleland ...

ROFL! James Dobson trashes Dick Armey in Fox News Column, GOP infighting begins!

Donald Rumdumb,"draftees added no value, no advantage"

Kerry does a " Rove", minus the evil. All dems should do this.

Why does it take YEARS to get a dead person off the voting rolls?

Please DU this Kerry poll.

My Letter of Support to Kerry - GOP Now Exposed to Massive Counterattack!!!!

Kerry needs to get on Olbermann tonight

Statement of Max Cleland on John Kerry’s Response to GOP Attacks

So ...are Kerry and Rangel doing a Full Frontal Assault on Bush/Cheney?

Caption *

"No Matter What Happens, Blame the Gays."

Can someone please explain why Democrats went along with HAVA?

Don't forget the ADULTS tonight!

'stop teaching evolution, or I'll hit you with a brick' man says in middle school

Please help my thread - it's my feeble attempt at a Tax Manifesto

CNN's frontpage says it all about their intentions regarding Kerry:

Cook: See this! More Toss-up Races--Incredible!!!

John Kerry would be a formidable Presidential candidate in 08

My halloween decorations!

Lying troops to their deaths in invasions is not shameful...

Lockheed Martin aims for Blogger

How the hell does Candy Crowley get her information?

Who is going to ask Bush-Cheney why they killed 80 Pakistanis yesterday?

*Tonight 10/31* on Countdown...

REpigs taking The Bait by making this election now about the Iraq War

A True Halloween Story

Christian Conservatives have LOST the war on Halloween! Hail Satan!

WP: Pakistan Strike Looks Like Failed WH Try for October Surprise

Latest picture that just screams "Freeper!"

Carry-On Madness, And the Method Behind It

MSNBC POLL: Were Sen. John Kerry's remarks ...appropriate?

My post #1000, one week before the last "most important" election in our nation's history

Fascist Wiki Stormtroopers now trying to delete VoterGate starring Andy Stephenson!

Kerry Gaffe was a PURE GIFT ....

Bush lets factory farms gut the Clean Water Act

More Touch-Screen Votes Flipping in FL; "Sleepovers" Underway in San Diego; Chaos in Ohio!

2,814 U.S. troops now dead in W's War of choice

Apalling... McCain calls for Kerry apology while campaigning against amputee veteran

Halloween House of Horrors! ---pix--->>>

Suggestions wanted: What should I ask or say to John Kerry?

DUers Say the Darndest Things™ 10/31/06 "Little Thread of Horrors" edition


EPA Closes Principal EPA Chemical Library (a form of book burning)

Laura Bush on Michael J. Fox: ‘It’s Always Easy To Manipulate People’s Feelings’

How the Web Prevents Rape

Letter to Cnn. Too strong?

Al-Jazeera TV in English language coming soon...

How long will HATE and WAR divide us? the answer is BLOWIN' IN THE WIND w/ GRAPHICS

Screw the polls.

Blackwell to "fool" the polls and win the election..

"I guess Kerry wasn't content blowing 2004, now he wants to blow 2006, too."

Hell House ( a haunted house by Trinity Church in Texas) - lots of pics

RW Says John Kerry makes fun of troops. Kerry Responds

I demand that George Bush apologize to our nation's obstetricians.

Is it me or is the GOP OUTTA CONTROL with this election? All they do is attack

Air America Blacklist by HP

How many terrorist do you think have come across...

Bar fight due to politics.

So how does a computer record votes right most of the time and wrong once in a while?

Media Matters: ABC memo reveals Air America advertiser blacklist

Now That I'm at Liberty, Here's More of the Halliburton Story III


"John Kerry thinks our soldiers are stupid. He's going to regret it!"

What letter writers are telling Stars & Stripes

If Andy is "starring" in Harris's Film on HBO

CNN Lou Dobbs poll - Does Kerry owe troops an apology?

Video of Liberal Blogger Mike Stark being Attacked by Allen thugs

TPM: Mike Stark pressing charges against Allen and staffers

Stop calling them Jihadist, a more proper

Kerry trashers/ whiners

1 week before regime change begins TOONS

You see how Kerry is defending himself and calling the pukes out on their bullshit?

Please DU this AOL Poll about Kerry!

Wait, now we get to see the number of views a thread has?

George Allen's Sister Recalls His Beatings

We're just as dumb as they say we are

BREAKING REUTERS: American citizen Jose Padilla was tortured:

Kerry just needs to shut his big mouth & donate cash!

ACTION ALERT! LOU DOBBS POLL! "Should John Kerry Apologize to troops in Iraq?"

Touch-Screen Vote Hopping in TX! New Diebold 'Sleepover' Ad! Bad Report on Diebold Op-Scan Systems!

Pentagon boosts 'media war' unit

WOW!! AFL-CIO Announces Huge 'FINAL FOUR' GOTV Push

what's our M.O.T. in this election (Margin of Theft)

Are Repubs putting money into MT and MD Senate races or "pretending"..?

The Pubs keep asking for our Plans??? WTF? Theirs NOT working so they gatta

re: Kerry"flap". (Message discipline... keep it simple)

Hi! My name is Solly and I'm a military wife.

Kerry vs. Bush - Double Standard

Ok, I need help. Since the Video forum was added, everytime I go to

Hey...I hope no one's forgotten that SD is about to vote on

A very special Halloween parody (sung to Addams Family theme)

Writer Harlan Ellison slams Limbaugh over Michael J Fox comment.

THE DU JUKEBOX - October 2006 (Special Election Edition!)

LEAKED!! Air America Advertiser Blacklist!! From ABC Radio!

KERRY: "I’m not going to be lectured by a stuffed suit White House mouthpiece"

Kpete Leads Way: Sues Repub Elections Official for SLOW-COUNTING paper ballots

As much as I am uncomfortable with it, our big tent will need to accomodate the RR

Do your sofa cushions have 25 cents?

Donut-headed Dem Party hacks lost 2004, not Kerry.

The RWNM Has One Goal Before Tuesday: Suppress Voter Turnout

Scoop/Autorank/TruthIsAll - U.S. Election Fraud 2006 Risk Assessment Update

AZ Dem Senate candidate Jim Pederson interviewed by Andrea Mitchell

Panda - Guaranteed laugh

Pentagon Launches Pre-Emptive Strike on Media

Take Back the Capitol!

FLASHBACK: Bush's 2000 RNC Convention hypocrisy

What was Bush thinking

WTF Are We Gonna Do This Election? You Tube Revolutionary

Hey. We ALL need to laugh. it's 45 seconds and I think you will.

The Roots With ROY AYERS, Proceed 2

All their lies...

Democrat Tim Ryan kicks Bush's ass

What real news looks like this day and age


John Kerry Speaking at Rally for Ned Lamont

A Brief History of the United States of America (from Bowling for Columbine)

Equal rights don't come automatically ...

What would you ask Marilyn Musgrave? EXCELLENT

Mock The Week - Rory Bremner screwing up as Dubya

Blue Man Group - The Complex Tour - Exhibit13 (live)...

IVAW War Veterans And The Practice Of Killing Civilians

John Kerry at Livestrong Summit 10/29/06

Letterman vs O'Lieley - Round One

John Kerry at Livestrong Summit 10/29/06 - Clip 2

Stirling Newberry on the word: 'progressive'

Letterman- response to Coulter's charge that Clinton is gay (1:07)

Al Franken reads operation chickenhawk.....

Republicans: Weak on national defense. Soft on terrorism.

for merh ~ is Waterboarding torture?

Rick Santorum "Rasslin'" Campaign TV ad

Rush Limbaugh Does The 'Shameless' Robot Dance

Amnesty International 1989 TV commercial: Waterboarding...

Kerry Fires Back on This Week with George Stephanopoulos 10/22

Exposing Santorum's lies: the attention-getting way

Black Republicans "Do the Walk"

The Life and Death of a Pumpkin

George W Bush - American Idiot

Bill Bennett mouths an obscenity on "Meet the Press"

Arrest of Free Stater in New London, Ct. for standing up to 'new Eminent Domain' standard


Simple. Effective. Silly. GREAT Tester ad by the DSCC

Police abuse of anti-war demonstrators in Pittsburgh, Pa. at recruiting station

What a contractor who exploits Hispanic labor thinks of his fellow Americans

Dubya in Mock the Week

Hardball 10-18-2006:College Republicans Lack Of Integrity

Kris Kristofferson - In The News

Brad Will, Indymedia Journalist killed in Oaxaca

John Edwards in Denver

George Allen Thugs tackle Mike Stark after he asks a question

The Ten Types Of Republicans

Lamar Smith: The Enabler

Arlington Miami...we finished this late last night

9/11 Press For Truth - Documentary on the Jersey Girls and the lack of press

Dust to Dust

Bush's Anthem

dick cheney on Letterman

Gil Scott-Heron | The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

The Power of Nightmares

Another poll with Webb in the lead!

Daniel Ellsberg lecture at Rutgers University on Nov. 8, 2006

Bush family members hit the campaign trail

Bachmann thinks Pope is the Anti-Christ.....Catholics vote Wetterling!

Rush & Savage biting the dust...Faux also

heard any of the Bush campaigning clips today? Is he inciting violence?

An end to torture and lies — for real

BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHHAHA!!!! Watch this Repug-inpsired ad!

VIDEO YOUR VOTE!!! Everyone, Video the screen AS YOU VOTE!

John Kerry e-mail - Emergency candidate alert: Five House races

A song from my new musical, "October Follies"

Let's talk about the Washington Journal!

George Felix Allen Obsesses About Gay Marriage

Bush cut and ran from Saudi Arabia.

How do you get a Saudi Ambassador to use GOP talking Points?

So if we should happen to not win next week...


The Sierra Club is endorsing Mike Fitzpatrick (over Patrick Murphy in PA-8)?!?!?!

Dobbs Featured New Repug Talking Point "Do You Want To Win"....

"Radical Left"

Halloween politics

Just saw this site in a comment over at Brad Blog.

Webb ahead in 4th Poll...ZOGBY Webb 51% - Allen 47%...

Dutch ban one type of e-voting machine

Other than another bin Laden tape, what other scare tactic will Repukes use

"smarter than us" Who is this?

The Uniter (not the Divider): "Democrat (sic) goal: get out of Iraq. Republican goal: win in Iraq"

Iraq accepted Bush's ultimatum before invasion

Does the RNC or their machine tell their people to lie to exit pollers?

44,779 total non mortal casualties of U. S. Forces

Cross post from GD so more candidates see it.

Can the wide margins in today's CNN Senate polls be right?

C-Span now-Dem & repug pollsters & media types

You know, I was pretty impressed with Harold Ford when he was on Maher

Video Link to Florida Gubernatorial Debate on Hardball - Crist (R) got nailed!

GOP swiftboating used to supress the truth.

The Republican "Tupperware" Congress

Does someone have a link to the most recent polls?

Mike Hatch leading in another poll...

Why I Vote

Good Morning!!! Zogby: Oct 31 Lieberman (CFL) 47%, Lamont (D) 43%

SIGN ON THE LINE (Chickenhawk Bait)

On George Allen: The Wahoo Yahoo Reaches For His Gun (Good read!)

An obscure "must-read" article from the WSJ, 1999,... seriously.

I'M NOT WITH HIM - that GOP candidates are dumping Bush

Shame, shame . . . Katherine Harris LYING on video....again.

In Ohio, Democrats Show a Religious Side to Voters

I have $50 to donate to 1-2 candidates - tell me why it should be yours!

Republican Districts showing more support for pulling out the troops

We need another really stinky, vile putrid rethug scandal, and we need it now!

Bill Winter (CO-06) Live Blogging on KOS at 10 Mountain time

Dear Mr Lamont...

Purge the GOP of Gays - Who would be left?

Do you think they'll try to hang Iraq on a Dem majority in Congress?

TIME: Why Some Top Republicans Think They May Still Have the Last Laugh

Rasmussen Polls. MO and TN. still less than 2% separates them.

We need a Plan A AND a Plan B

Stop election thieves NOW!

ATTENTION: Voter Registration Lists May Foil Voters. Is this the Republicans' secret weapon?

Bill Winter may be on Countdown w/ KO re: Tancredo's racism

C.W. "Bill" Young dodges debate in FL-10.

NY Times failed to inform readers who GOP consultant LaCivita really is

Kerry vs. Republicans!

I cannot take this anymore.

Get serious about MySpace activists !

Nice try, Rita "Fluffer-throat" Cosby

Gail Parker (VA-IG) will stay in race against Webb and Felix .... for now .....

Katherine Harris to write "tell-all" book. Dare we hope?

Looks like "Zig Zag" Zell Miller isn't done turning the knife

Breaking News MSNBC Kerry's comment

Caption Pickles in orange, * looks like a ghost. Pics.

Sheldon Whitehouse Dominated Lincoln Chafee During Their Debate

hahaha Kerry is insulting the Repubs

New Orleans DUers (1350 AM)

Jeb On Elections - Get Over It

What is worse? John Kerry telling the truth about

Bush Headed Toward Mid-Term Elections with Lowest Presidential Approval Ever for 2n'd Termer

at msnbc, Kerry comment is "top story", yet they ignore his press conference?

Segment on Hacking Democracy coming up on MSNBC NOW 12:55 PST

Bushcronium - geek humor

Republicans Don't Support the Troops - Just ask Them

Happy Birthday Dan Rather

Online Newspaper showing all Rep ad.

Hundreds of thousands have died or have been injured because bush lied

Bushies have jumped the shark (re: Kerrry attack)

Scientists Push Pro-Evolution Candidate In Ohio

NY Post Endorses Hillary (The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling)

Many people who don't study hard or do their homework

i hope i`m wrong,but i see this thing

Ram it down their throats, then drive them out!

What John Kerry Said is Almost Word-for-Word What I Tell My Sons

I'm afraid Senator Kerry was wrong in his education comments

I am so fucking sick and tired of the chicken hawk Republican

GOP opened the door for an ass kicking from Kerry

I voted today. My feelings

Will a Shocking New GOP Court Victory & Karl Rove's Attack on Ohio

New Diebold video from Debra Bowen CA-SoS: The midnight adventures of a Diebold Voting Machine

kerry/limbaugh media double-standards

So MSNBC has time to give Shrub a free commercial

2004 Redux

Attack, attack, attack...the issue is Republican tactics and incompetence..not Kerry's statement

Kerry has severe FOOT in MOUTH disease....

so neocons? you cowards are the patriots and veterans are cowards?

Poll on Kerry's Comments

Media in a lather over Kerry. Now if we can get the media to comment

The "democrat" party

Kelly O'Donnell, MSNBC Breaking: Bush is going to personally demand an apology from Kerry

A Talent Supporter at the SEC? (Jim Talent (R-asshole))

What if B*sh says things are moving ahead in Iraq?

republicans act like we have been in Iraq for only a few months !!

Shouldn't Bush have to apologize to everyone who has ever

I've seen some sleazy polls, but

MP3: Compilation of Kerry statements and Bush's response

Eminent domain and the ballot box (

I think I'm going to barf: I have to watch this idiot in chief but

How absurd is the politics in this nation? Where one persons comments trumps...


Josh Marshall posts Webb's new ad--his "closing argument," and it's really good.

Lou Dobbs: Kerry's words the most arrogant and elitist ever

Mr bush...Please Define an Iraq Victory........Dialup Warning...

For those handwringing over Kerry's this can help us

Josh Marshall sums up this kerry flap brilliantly

Bush is HOWLING like William Shatner, if Shatner were a monkey with a fake Texas accent

DU this poll!!

Jim Webb's book is iconic Marine Corps book; read by 98% of infantry officers

Last stop: Tel Aviv (rendition flights to Israel & Jordan)


Tired of all tricks and no treats...


It is OK for the president to call the sacrifice of these children a comma

Why did my Dad and Mom hate our troops?

Find Out If They Really Do Support the Troops

Kerry: So what?

Apology for what? Kerry Does Not Need to

Excuse me, people, it doesn't matter. The Kerry thing will blow over in a

On this day of Samhain, let us remember and celebrate....

Check out this Classic Pre-Iraq War Daily Show clip at this New site!

Freepers are winning AOL poll on Kerry and troops

A G.O.P. Leader and Star Struggles for Traction

Wes Clark's Message in NH: What's at Stake November 7th

Is Rush Limbaugh a clone of Bif from the "Back to the Future" trilogy?

Make Bush Apologize For Not Listening To His Generals

oooops Allen's people ruffing up heckler hits CNN

Pelosi: Discussing Sending More Troops to Iraq

25 threads (26 including this one) on the front page about the Kerry flap.

Fuck you Lou Dobbs! n/t

The media in the final stretch, and Kerry brilliantly jumped on an opportunity!

Ed Schultz destroying the white house hate machine

CNN: ..Coming up in this hour, Charlie Rangel responds to Cheney with "You son of a bitch!" LOL!!

Let's show our support for Senator John Kerry

I am curious about the "if we're way ahead in the polls, they can't steal it"

Kerry Video and Transcript - “I Apologize to No One for My Criticism of the President”

If the Senate ends up at 50/50, it will not be all bad for Democrats...

Do you know that Harold Ford used to date a white woman?

I've just voted - have you?

Is this the effects of GOP Op Wenzel? ( Zogby vs others in OH Sen Polls)

Hotline believes Kerry was referring to Bush because he's used a similar formulation before.

Kerry Needs to Counter Bush with One Word -- Impeachment

GOP: "The Dems will raise your taxes" The Truth: The GOP have been WASTING your taxes

Rush Limbaugh says that we aren't hearing about ...

Republicans take aim at Kucinich. $2.4 million in TV ads.

WP, Dionne: GOP turns Morning in America into midnight horror show

Real Clear Politics Predicting 50/50 Senate Makeup

Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc

Wow - if it's this easy to knock DUers off their game, we may be in trouble

Help a Senior Citizen attain her life-long dream with Charles Taylor's help.

Head over to BlogActive and check out this new Mehlman ad...LMAO

TAMMY DUCKWORTH - 2006 Woman of the Year/Glamour

the most beautiful part about how this election is shaking out-

$7.50 An Hour To Die In Iraq

New ad gay-baits RNC chief Mehlman (via rawstory)

Read this piece of crap from a lying sack....

It's just a jump to the left ...

Bush's Drunk Driving Lawyer Arrested

The Last Scare Tactic (Mary Lyon)

Kerry: "I apologize to no one for my criticism of the president and his broken policy"

No matter what happens one week from today - thank you Howard Dean

MoveOn's Call For Change (GOTV) campaign - "the dishes can wait"

I am sick of the fear mongering by conspiracy theorists!

dream big - what is the best headline you could wish for on 11/8?


What people here are doing to Kerry shows we are fearful of the right wing.