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Archives: October 6, 2006

CalThomas -- pop culture has no morality, so 'we' can't condemn Foley

Alvaro Vargas Llosa Sends Hugo Chavez to Dante's Inferno

HuffPost: What Happens When a President Finally Gets Bushed

Where there's war, there's Kissinger - Molly Ivins

An opinion piece (Islam)which may cost a man his life-Censoring Ourselves

Why no ID research -- the latest excuse

No Bush Left Behind

"Liars for Jesus" --- documents/refutes Xian revisionist history of US

Cross Post: Dems Beware of Absentee Voting - MCM & Bruce O'Dell

Good evening ELECTIONS FORUM....CA 50th, LandShark and Hastert

It's starting... in Ohio

On Global TV: "Breaking Ranks: The Documentary"

PM Should Explain Afghan Mission on TV: Senate

Bush Puts Steve


CP: Mounting Afghanistan death toll the price of leadership, Harper says

CP: Ambrose promises to cut greenhouse emissions but sets no targets

Liberals recounting Quebec ballots

President asserts power to edit privacy reports

Taliban Lay Plans for Islamic Intifada

Syria says U.S. embassy attack planned in Saudi Arabia

Online gaming had ties to US 'super-lobbyists'

EnCana, ConocoPhillips in $15B US oilsands joint venture

Former US attorney general says hanging Saddam would cause Iraqi bloodbath

In Bill's Fine Print, Millions To Celebrate Victory

Layoffs loom at Hummer H2 plant

Inquiry To Look At House, Not Foley

Elections chiefs won't send notice about Foley with ballot

9th Circuit Court of Appeals Blocks Arizona Voter ID Law Enforcement

CNN/Reuters: Over 100 mayors vow to snuff out gun crime

Bush Policy Irks Judges in West

Watchdog Group Disputes FBI's Claims on E-Mails

MSNBC: Battle for Baghdad ‘a critical point’ (for victory) in the war

GOP's Hold on Evangelicals Weakening

Muppets teach children a land mine lesson

AP: Thousands Nationwide Protest Bush

Another Freedom Cut Short

Ashcroft blasts 9-11 Commission

Syria says U.S. embassy attack planned in S. Arabia

NYT: Evangelicals Fear the Loss of Their Teenagers

Report Links Cancers to Santa Susana Lab, Ventura County, CA, Meltdown

Tibetan nun shot dead; other Tibetans feared killed on way to Nepal

Most bizarre pop-up ad ever.

A song for every occasion, this one reminds me of about 11 months ago:

Since when is forgiveness irrational?

NYC for me next week

damn! this is bad'n a muthafucka!

Will "The Departed" finally win Scorsese an Oscar?

Now THAT'S a lightning strike!

Another new pic of me!

Does anyone here have Vongo?

Best CAT PEE Cure?

There has never been anyone like "Weird Al" Yankovic

I'm sick (I'm guessing the flu) and want to do something fun.

Good Evening

Your favorite foods: "Right Stuff" or "Food Porn?"

nighty night all

Odd, but true: my life was the inspiration for the novel "Call Me Wesley"

I had a little stroke today

Amazing. (nothing interesting here, I just had to say it to say it)

I'm watching "Darmok"

Question for people in the movie business Re; cast calls

MoseyWalker move-your-ass thread

Spice World Appreciation Thread?

I want a Hummer 2.........

I've decided to stop posting until November 14th.

Mets win, lead their NLDS 2-0 games over Dodgers.

Did you ever have something you needed to talk about...

"Hug it out, bitch!"

Can we go one day...

Did anyone watch "The Nine" last night?

Glen Campbell oldie. anyone else watching CSI?

Need help with Statistics

Why I love DU.

How do you save IM's?

Did you see The Model in The Orange Platform Shoes? The poor woman... but

The Office kills me. It just kills me.

The sexiest song ever - "sometimes I wonder" by darius rucker

Oeditpus Rex, I'm calling you out!


My latest poem turned into a song early on.

Well, aren't I just the most observant little monkey. I just now noticed

I'm hunting a mouse...wish me luck.

If there is ANYONE in the Lounge who didn't see/hear Olbermann's

The Dear John Letter...

Guess what's on my mind?

my dog, Rocky pees on himself. ask me anything.

The newest non-human resident of my apartment . . . .

Tell me something you can NOT say with a straight face.

Do You Have A Very Happy Memory?

Funny Weird Al video, and a heads up to Skittles

Non Vegetable ethics question (bananas)

Howdy Loungers! I need your help!

I don't walk on eggshells for anybody.

Odd, but true: my life was the inspiration for the novel "Heidi"


Hey you, Whitehouse,Ha ha charade you are.

The haruka3_2000 appreciation thread!!

I am offended, when artists try to copy the Beatles.

New Pictures! ...Wayfarer's Chapel and the gardens..Pic heavy!

Thursday lyrics 2 - for my ex-wife

According to the Faux Sprots announcers

Do You Smoke?

Rosco just came out of surgery.

Post a great music video

Thank you bigwillq for the idea...PICTURE THREAD TIME!!!

By Way Of Explanation...

How a doctor's wife gets cancer.

Slovenia Holds First Civil Partnership

University of Arizona President opposes gay marriage ban

NBA Switches To Shitty Synthetic Ball

Whoo Hoo, NC State Wolfpack

Game of the Weak -- Raiders or 49ers?

"Power In Honesty - Staying True To Your Word"

Any news on bloggers meeting in Boston in December?

OT: Presto!

Remember the Kerry - Vermont 'junket' scandal???

It's quiet in here... too quiet...

Wow, I was just watching Glenn Beck and it finally registered...

1.2 Million Children Are Homeless in the United States

I have had an abortion and I refuse to live in shame...

If I disappear, it might be due to this message I just sent *

Mark Crispin Miller Warns: Dems will not be allowed to win this election

"The List" was originally created to BLACKMAIL gay repubs AND DEMS.

Time to write msnbc about Keith....if you want to keep him

VIDEO: Keith Olbermann Special Comment 10-5-2006

I'm tired of taking the high road!

Should the word Olbermann be added to DU's spell check dictionary?

What pisses me off more than anything about George "Macaca" Allen

Email addresses here to send your thanks to Keith and MSNBC

Kim's message: War is coming to US soil

How did Mark Allen Foley get to be co chair of the children group?

Scoop/Autorank: Appeal Filed in Bilbray Election Challenge

Head On Radio Thursday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

I've been out of it re: Air America. What happened to Malloy?

Think...what could be if...

Look at Bush's signing statement on Congress' latest Homland Security bill

Bush Sr. and Clinton get humanitarian award

HILARIOUS: Feeney 'Porn Mailing' Smear Against Clint Curtis Angers Mom!

James Baker III on "Fresh Air" today, stops just short of admitting


Protesters: Ever deal with the feds? I just did.

Stan Goff: "Sowing the Seeds of Fascism in America"

Some good news from Iraq and Aghanistan...

today Chimp said "We're living in a global world"...

Pat Buchanan claims NAMBLA marches in gay pride parades

Mark Foley does impressions of President Clinton

Was tonight Keith Olberman's last night?

Network of Spiritual Progressives: I stumbled on them tonight

I found a picture of you.

Hastert's Deputy Chief of Staff offers resignation, Hastert doesn't accept

Whole mess-o-polls today.

Hastert: Scandal Is Democrats 'October Surprise'

NYT's Jennifer Medina hurts Lamont's campaign with lies again.

The truth about the page scandal

36% Bush Approval-NEW TIME POLL & 2/3 Say Repubs COVER-UP In Foley Scandal

Five Years Of Fascism have caused me to

New Zogby Poll doesn't look good for Webb

Marijuana May Help Stave Off Alzheimer’s - Reuters\MSNBC

regardless of what Bush might pull for his October surprise remember...

Let's get Hannity fired by GMC

FL-5 Debate update. John Russell(D) kicked Ginny Brown-Waites ass tonight

How far will KO's speech reverberate ?

Here comes Keith's Comments! >>

Republican Sex Crimes

During Rice's meeting with Iraq President, lights go out, continue in dark

Louisiana Recovery Authority New Orleans census says almost 190,000?

Gay marriage dealt defeat in California

That sound you hear is the great republican whine.

Congress approves border fence, then pass bill allowing "virtual" barrier

Obermann VIDEO: Bush Selling Country Out To Preserve Political Power!

Shaken to the core.

LAT: A Standoff Over Plan for 'Die Hard' Filming

Amy Goodman on Colbert Report now!!! n/t

October 23rd Loserman v Lamont: The Rematch

McCain Has Lowest Score Of Senate By Disabled Vets !!!

What Goeth Before the Fall of the GOP (George Will)

Scumbag Clay Shaw is going down in Florida's 22nd district

Avg murder rates based on Death Penalty States vs Non-DP states

WP: Federal judges across the West are "fed up" with Bush

VIDEOS: Stewart, Olbermann on Fox Calling Foley a DEM! PLUS MORE!

If you hated Jackass 1 & 2,you'll really hate Jackass 3.

Most outlandish Puke ad?

evoting is coming to Holland - only THEIR media reports the problems

Evangelicals Fear the Loss of Their Teenagers

The Maf54 T-Shirt

Why can't I watch a baseball playoff game without hearing God

Western Judges 'Fed-Up' With Bush's Failure To Enforce Environmental Laws

It's not merely the intrusion upon privacy that concerns me,...

Warner Downbeat After Iraq Trip

Hey I got a funny - Rush on Foley

Jesus Camp? wtf?!?

Protest in Seattle

So, was there some kind of massive nationwide protest today or something?

Amy Goodman on Colbert tonight

254 Democrats, 180 Republicans

Want to read the craziest shit ever?

Letterman: Have you read the new Bob Woodward book?

Attn. West Coast Duers....POPPY * coming up on Larry King repeat...9PM

Mark Foley in Thirty Years Time

Lieberman takes a swing at Democrats who want to "politicize" Foleygate

Courage and eloquence from Keith Olberman tonight

Election 2006: Less About Democratic/Republic -- It's FREEDOM vs. FASCISM

Keith O vs. Bill O

My Colbert Report "The Word" video re:Kissinger's return is #1 at YouTube

Jury: Hormone replacement pills caused breast cancer

Dupe, sorry.

From the NO GAYDAR archives: eligible bachelor Mark Foley

Target to match Wal-Mart's $4 generic drug prices

Video of Lieberman Backing Hastert

CHALLENGE CHENEY Wherever He Goes: The Handcuffs Are Worth It

Panel approves subpoenas in page scandal

We have got to raise as big a stink as possible

Latest Excuse? "Maybe Foley's hands weren't on his keyboard." LOL!

John F Kennedy

Daily Show Tonight: "Iraq: What A F*#!ing Mistake, Huh?"

Isn't it funny that all of Lieberman's bipartisanship favors the GOP?

Tommy Franks quote Olberman used tonight...

USER: MoseyWalker

Let Freedom Wring

Hastert has some toll-free number for people to call to report abuse

In the last five days, 14 U.S. soldiers have died in Baghdad

dupe, delete please

Joe Lieberman backs up Pedophiles through backing up Denny Hastert

Who had a good post-presidency and who had the worst?

I'm Spartacus- More Lessons From The Movies

The unwritten rule of competing against the Big Three newsmen...

The "bogus" blog behind Foley's fall..

Reid: The Republican Leadership Owes America Answers on the Foley Scandal

Hastert's staff: our boss lied

Poppy Bush Says Democratic Takeover Would Be 'Ghastly Thing'

Just got my IMPEACH * Bumper Stickers...

its very sad

Big time question - WHY doesn't Keith O's profound, courageous

I want Hastert to stay right where he is.

Rate this statement for its insight into the world we live in:

Man's Best Friend - Luckovich TOON

Seizures of radioactive materials fuel 'dirty bomb' fears

I'd love to see Foley on "Punk'd"

Standing on a street corner waiting for no one is power...

Please DU. Help me out here. WTF does Bill Clinton have to do with

Just back from World Can't Wait march, feeling good

Vongo, anyone?

Republicans and Democrats in the NEWS

When did Scarborough turn on Repugs?

South Park;"You cant rewrite history"

If Keith Olbermann were to run for president, would you vote for him?

Bill Maher's DC special: Robin Williams, Tweety, Richard Clarke, Chafee...

Indiana to take up to 1,200 California prisoners

I had a little stroke today

“I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ ...

I haven't had any heroes for a long time...

Question about Iraq sectarian violence

Pat Buchanan accuses Rudy Giuliani of supporting NAMBLA.

Control Issue:Public lines up in Foley scandal

Wanna Help DeBunk A Doolittle Ad ??? (Re: Sheehan, Brown, Sex Slavery)

There is Nothing Wrong with being LIBERAL

The misbehavior with pages was going on during Clinton's impeachment

Thousands Nationwide Protest Bush

Faux labelling Foley a democrat

Instant Messages, Lingering Paper Trail

Bush grabs more power!!

My local peace group is starting weekly "Waterboard Challenges"

Katherine Harris weighs in on the Foley scandal...

Foley And The Gay Jokes

Little Lord Pissypants takes after slag mother, not doddering Pop

Former JonBenet murder suspect cleared on child porn charges

Dem fashion advice.. seriously, LOL do I protest or respect tomorrow?

Keith's comment now posted...

Answering Republicans: Mel Reynolds(D-IL) case is not like Foley (R-FL)

Child sexual abuse. Two stories that broke my heart:

fucking buccanon just said that pelosi marches in parades w/ nambla

If he were not a member of Congress, he would be arrested by now

Damn, did you see Scarborough's face when Keith turned it over to him?

Study Finds Daily Show as Substantive as Network News

Heh DUers we were right

The Survey that prove Replugs lie Iraq War Vets Reveal the truth

You want to know what matters in America? SEX SCANDALS

If you really want to drive out the Bush regime follow the money.

Women...I have a Question for you regarding Women's Safety.

Video of Keith yet? FEED us TVless folk please!

CNN Poll: Should medicinal marijuana be legalized?

Meanwhile - U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2, 736

Keith Olbermann Rocks!

Olbermann video up on Crooks & Liars.

"There is no doubt" "cakewalk" "catapult the propaganda"

Software Being Developed to Monitor Opinions of US- "Sentiment Analysis"

POLL: 66% say Hastert should RESIGN his leadership OR from CONGRESS

Check it out - Amy Sedaris as Candy playing Doro Bush on L King!


Three more former congressional pages have come forward

Keith's Comments up at Crooks and Liars now!

Scarborough has Dateline predator teen sex segment on ...

ABC: 3 More Pages Were Hit On By Foley, They Talk of more Pedophilia

Did you see Scarborough's face?

Pat Buchanan is the biggest asshole in the

Why would Congress make a deal with Bush* when he just

As many as half the world's species may face extinction by 2100

Olbermann's up on C & L!

Marc Ash Interviews Bill Moyers

Foley Offfered Page Lodging For Sexual Tryst.

Pat Buchanan Shouts: Pelosi Supports "Man on Boy Legislation!"

pedophilia on completely legal video

Well, Keith rocked another one!

Poppy on Larry King is giving evidence of the Gene Pool handed

what does or will it take for people to understand

"I've just returned to Iraq after a six week absence. I've never seen it

Here in Colorado, the repuke campaign ads

Larry "Depends" King doing his usual schtick....

Three more former congressional pages have come forward

Republicans aka "Rublicans" let Foley be the bill manager on H.R. 4472

I want to have Keith Olberman's children.

1,579 Iraqi civilians and soldiers were killed in September alone...

Shut up, Pat! Pushing the blame the media meme about Foleygate.

13 U.S. troops killed in Baghdad in last 3 days...

Keith O........WOW

Kennedy supports re-authorizing 'no child left behind' with a twist

What did Foley say upon checking in at rehab?

I'm about fed up...

Bombings as US Casualties Mount as Iraq has Worst Week Yet...

"Unexplored Political Gutters In Which They Can Wallow"

Latest Polls sees a tied senate and the democrats take the house

WaPo: FBI smearing "Foley's Fondles-gate" whistleblower!

Why don't Congressmen use bookmarks?

What If?

wow time to stop lying to us Mr. President..Keith

So, what else is being covered up?

This weekend on Canadian TV: "Breaking Ranks: The Documentary"

Yes, Florida is full of dumbasses

So,what's the skinny on Hastert?

OMG!! Check the weather in Hell. Is it frozen over????

FBI Smearing FOLEY-GATE Whistleblower

It's amazing that perversion, not Iraq will bring down the Repubs in NOV.

It shouldn't be hard to figure out why Hillary gets so much press coverage

How the Replug VA Budget cuts hurt a average veteran

What happened to the Plame case, and why don't we hear anything about it

Iraq Looms Large in Nationalized Election

Dean Responds to Speaker Hastert's Press Conference

Bush Labor Board Ruling May Bar Millions From Forming Unions

Dick Cavett: Bette Davis TCM 8PM EDT..n/t

Democrats Beware of Absentee Voting – Especially Where Verified by Diebold


Keith Olbermann: "A special comment about lying"

Did anyone go to an Oct 5th World Can't Wait Protest? (with pictures)

How Stoopid Do You Think Joe Six Pack Is?

Please help fund "Sixteen Candles for Soldiers"!

Republicans Caught in a Storm

To (gay) bash, or not to bash. That is the Question

GOP announces platform change

Dang, Big Dawg was in Wayne, PA today

Three more former congressional pages have come forward

K.O.: "He (Bush) stopped asking that we set aside our differences...

Heads-Up, everyone!

K.O. to Bush: "I'm Rick James, bitch!"

WP: New Democratic Star: Deval Patrick of Massachusetts

Winning the battle but not the war... Dem's in '06

How do YOU think the Dems are doing with all the recent news?

List of Republican Sex Crimes

Ethnic Cleansing in Baghdad.

Foley ought to be on a sex offender registry

AP: Signs to Say Negron Will Get Foley Votes

The Daily Brew: Save the Children

World Can't Wait -- any reports from today's protests?

LOL!! Introducing George W. Bush

Letterman: Number one sign you're watching a bad Mafia movie:

Hastert's motivation for the FBI inquiry...

Anybody who EVER praises Pat Buchanan for ANYTHING will get .....

Can Foley be spun as national security weakness?

Could Foley legally challenge if Negron beats Mahoney?

Signs in Voting Booths to Say Negron Will Get Foley Votes

So ABC/Disney...

WP: Polls show "God gap" in politics shrinking

When was the last time the GOP had a House Speaker

Damaging Scandals: Dems - $$$ Repubs - Morals

Bush hasn't signed the Torture Bill yet, has he?

Freepers defend one of their heroes-one of their own, Timothy McVeigh.

10/5/2006 Thurs -Daily Show with Jon Stewart (About dimwad)

Folks. I've voted in exactly 3 elections

Polls: Pew vs. Time

Jim Webb owns Wolf Blitzer (VIDEO)

TIME: The Paris Primary: Campaigning on Dems Abroad conference calls

WP, pg1: New Media A Weapon in New World Of Politics

WP, pg1: How GOP, Rove, Limbaugh, and Drudge use "new media"

Kerry calls for hearings on Iraq

The Impeachment Moment

It's up at Crooks and Liars

AMY GOODMAN on Colbert Report RIGHT NOW!

New Bush signing statement to affect privacy and more

OH - Dem Party Pushing Absentee Voting

Micheal Ware- Reporting the TRUTH in IRAQ and it AIN'T GOOD!

F* You Dobbs! Where I live Hispanics/Latinos are building Road/McMansions

The Dow Jones and S&P set record highs again. Why?


Saw an ad tonight, had an interesting twist.

"This administration is going to take us to war with Iran..." Wes Clark

Harold FORD knocks it out of the park ...

"The Revolutionary"...this writer grasps the essence of Dean's goals.

WP,pg1: Bill Clinton fixated on Democrats and the "new media"

October - Impeachment Month

Is George W. Bush a Catholic Saint?

NBA Says No To Leather (Mickey Z.)

Venezuela Rescues Ukraine’s Antonov Aircraft Company, Orders 12 New An-70

Condi's top priority: an Arab alliance against Iran

What Hath Fox Wrought? (

Froomkin:Olbermann's Special Comments

Pelosi calls on ethics to produce interim report (next week)

A new way to challenge the notion that Republicans will keep you safe

"The War Against Wages" (Krugman)

Despair at UN over selection of 'faceless' Ban Ki-moon

Barbecuing, Mark Foley Style

After 5 years of war, military shows fatigue

Imus, Therefore I Am (A F*cking Moron)

By the way, while all these Foley Follies are happening...

Path Is Risky for Gay GOP Politicians

Blame me ... but not too much: chicago trib op-ed

Rosa Brooks: Grand Old Party of Child Endangerment

Death of a soldier: US losses mount in Battle of Baghdad

The Warning Signs about Hastert’s Leadership Were There

Hastert Must Go

Help edit my LTTE re: George Allen (VA-Asshole)

Amnesty Int'l Report on Military Commissions Act of 2006

"If he was removed for taking a stand, does not bode well for our paper...

President Who? Dan Froomkin--WaPo


Garrison Keillor writes of habeas corpus

For warrior O'Reilly, facts get in the way

Deserter's surrender highlights war's emotional trauma...

bushco and M$M et al define 'our job'.... we are to consume, watch TV, +

Pedophile priest confesses his wrong doings in documentary

Foley scandal investigations heating up (AP via Yahoo News)

LAT: Path Is Risky for Gay GOP Politicians

Hastert career has milestones in misfortune- "The Accidental Speaker"

Oil Analysts Raise 2007 Forecasts as Demand May Outpace Supply (Bloomberg)

China Begins Filling Its Strategic Oil Reserve- IHT

The Boise River Is More Precious Than Gold

dc power converters ?

Geothermal Resources Could Meet California's Power Needs

Fungus Blamed for Wash. Porpoise Deaths

Greenpeace Warns of Toxic Risks to Two Million in Lebanon

States May Make Own Rules on Furnaces

Cape Wind to Increase Power by 7 Percent

Energy efficient sales tax holiday begins in Florida

AquaBuOY Wave Energy Technology Advances

Pennsylvania Governor Rendell Announces $6.4 Million for Clean Energy

All can play part in beating global warming

A Mix of Oil and Environmentalism - NYT

The Arab-Israeli Conflict: To Reach a Lasting Peace

The Road Map to Nowhere - Israel/Palestine since 2003

Palestinian PM collapses at rally

Palestinian Premier Vows Not to Recognize Israel

Hamas: Shalit deal to be finalized within 2 weeks

Palestinian PM collapses at rally

"Specialty Chemicals"

What Assad needs to do

Israeli Bomblets Plague Lebanon. -NY Times

Al Qaeda Tapes: Direct Link To Military Psyops And Donald Rumsfeld...

You Can Tell 9-11 Mysteries is a "Truth" Video

attn DrDebug ..... do you have any more info on TIAA's role

why I don't buy the 9/11 conspiracy theories

who is Ben-Veniste---Watergate, Whitewater, 9-11 Commission??

9/11 Press for Truth

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. Oct. 5 & 6, 2006 -

Alaska 2004 data apparently has been tampered with...

Levy fights on vs. new vote machines (Suffolk, NY)

Hand Counted Paper Ballots NOW!!! or fascism forever. Never give up!

E-voting= We'll Negotiate Away our Const but "won't Negot w/ Terrorists!"


Guilty in Appalachian Election Fraud Scheme (Dems)

Need autorank's posting on Clinton remarks re RFK's election fraud article

Raging Grannies take no prisoners, Denounce DREs at local meeting.

Best MSM E-voting Coverage: CNN Lou Dobbs (video) WeCount conference!

Prentice urges probe of $20 vote inducement

Ottawa Citizen: PM skipped Kyoto vote for hockey

Canada's pesticide screening of food criticized

Panel approves subpoenas in page scandal

Some good news from Iraq and Aghanistan...

LAT: Path Is Risky for Gay GOP Politicians

AP: Rice Makes Visit to Kurdish North

Former Seattle police officer killed in Iraq (Mercenary)

Goodyear Workers: No More Sacrifices On Picket Lines In 10 States, Canada,

Pedophile priest confesses his wrong doings in documentary

Passenger data deal for US and EU

Voter registrations faked in GOP drive (shocking!)

Foley scandal subpoenas OK'd

Vatican to review state of limbo

Venezuela Rescues Ukraine’s Antonov Aircraft Company, Orders 12 New An-70

Foley scandal investigations heating up (AP via Yahoo News)

Sen. John Warner (R-Va) says situation in Iraq grim

Pelosi Says She Would Drain Republican 'Swamp' if She Becomes Speaker

Purported spokesman for an Iraqi insurgent group offers negotiations

Kurdish lawmaker and driver kidnapped, killed

LAT: National Wildlife Federation Report Paints 'Bleak Picture' of West

Let me get Hastert's statement on pages correct....

Absentee Ballots Won't Have Foley Note

AP: Kurdish Lawmaker Killed in Baghdad

Presidential Signing Statements (new Congressional Research Center report)

Al Gore keynote speaker at Dutch summit

Journalist 'shot by US troops in Iraq', inquest told

More than 12,000 Iraqi police casualties in last two years

Sunni legislator, driver slain on Baghdad street

Ecuador's leftist presidential front-runner defends closer relations with

Ford Takes Slight Lead In TN- The Tennessean

Reporter Returns to Iraq, Finds Changing Attitudes (worse after 6 weeks)

Democrats a danger, Bush tells GOP donors

Platte County lawmaker wounded in Iraq

Thousands of Iraq police hurt since 2004 (over 12,000 police casualties)

UN despair at prospect of 'faceless' Ban Ki-Moon as secretary general

Youths No Longer Predominant at MySpace: Half of site's users 35 or over

Police: Father says he killed four children

Consensus on Iran unlikely; Rice delayed

Rep. Chris Cannon Dismisses Foley Scandal (Blames Pages)

Spokesman for an Iraqi insurgent group offers negotiations with the U.S.

Bush anti-terror message stalled by sex scandal

Death of a soldier: US losses mount in Battle of Baghdad

Missouri Lawmaker(R) Stationed in Iraq Shot, Injured

Pelosi Says She Would Drain GOP 'Swamp'

Kathleen Harris - need I say more?

Palestinian Premier Vows Not to Recognize Israel

Attorney says ex-page willing to cooperate in Foley investigation

Thousands Nationwide Protest Bush (sat on this for Friday?)

Marijuana may stave off Alzheimer's

AP: Marine: Gitmo Guards Bragged of Beatings

Salman Rushdie to join Emory faculty

Prosecutor: Libby Wants to Load Up Trial

Foley fallout hits Connecticut campaigns

TV spot links Braley (Dem House Candidate) to Communist Party

More than 12,000 Iraqi police casualties in 2 years

Path Is Risky for Gay GOP Politicians

Bush bucks Congress on privacy reporting(signing statements)

Syria: Attack on U.S. embassy was planned in Saudi Arabia

Britain's Straw Says Muslim Veils Cause `Separation'

Sheba participating in groundbreaking breast cancer study

AP Learns Gitmo Guards Brag of Beatings

Anti-U.S. Attack Videos Spread on Web

US Senator Hagel in Vietnam criticises "unwise decisions" in [Iraq]

After 5 years of war, military shows fatigue

Kurds show signs of seceding from Iraq

North Korea to Test Nuke?

NYT/IHT: Women Face Greatest Threat of Violence at Home, Study Finds

Report: Islamists in Prague had planned mass murder of Jews

Medic says marines murdered Iraqi

NYT: In a Flu-Season Turnabout, Officials See Wealth of Vaccine

Mexican police 'probed on drugs'

Despite jobs report, Bush pleased with U.S. economy

Biden: GOP May Split on Iraq After Election

Petition drive lands college student on Fox News

Fla. Botulism Linked to Carrot Juice

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday October 6

Army archaeologist seeks to heighten soldiers' historical, cultural ...

Soldier fighting in Iraq also fights for his U.S. citizenship

AP: Same-sex rite stalls judge nomination

Georgia accuses Russia of "ethnic cleansing"

Judge Says Mich. Seniors Can Get Ballots

Democrat Christian Radio Ad Slams Foley

U.S. Navy medic admits role in Iraqi murder case

AP: Space debris punched hole in shuttle

(Rep. Chris) Cannon: Teens "egging on" Foley in online sex scandal

U.S. Economy Adds 51,000 Jobs in September

US envoy admits mistakes made in Iraq rebuilding (Khalilzad)

Baghdad police find 35 corpses

Kurds show signs of seceding from Iraq

Cubans Remember Airliner Bombing Victims

Voter registrations faked in GOP drive

O'Reilly Show, AP Fix Mislabeling of Disgraced GOP Pol in Different Ways

(Repub. Senate candidate Tom) Kean calls for Hastert's resignation

Qaeda leader may have been held in Germany

Iran behind Rice's Mid-East tour

Parties must get rid of their militias: Maliki

Harper to Bush: Canada to officially protest U.S. treatment of Arar

Bushies 'used' Colin, (says Powell's wife)

Inhofe, his aide safe after plane crash-lands

Wall Street's political cash favors Democrats

Thousands evacuated after fire at hazardous waste plant

Cheney: GOP control of Congress needed for president's agenda

17 killed in Pak sectarian battle for a shrine

London Times: Reporter 'shot by American troops on way to hospital'

Family friend: Amish girl asked to be shot to save others

White House Aide to Rove Resigns

German neo-Nazis becoming more professional

Letters on Voter ID Confuse Ga. Voters

DNA frees 21-year prisoner

Nations to pursue sanctions against Iran

Judge OKs Liquidation of Tower Records

Budget Deficit Drops to $250 Billion

Why I love DU:

This is my 8883 post.

Could this REALLY be what's going on??

I Know How Busholio Is Trying to Fund the War - ME!

Speaking of models... The number one requirement to be a model...

Sorry, gang......but I'm in a pissy mood tonight.........

Really cool ST: Next Generation screen saver

If you had a medical emergency, how many unrelated threads would you post

Post your pictures of "stuff" on your cats here.

I'm signing the lease for my new apartment Fri. afternoon

good morrow cousin's

it's 2:33 am, why am i awake?

Most embarrassing mistake made as a child?

I'm off to Paris tomorrow..

I'm not off to Paris tomorrow..

Yarr, I'm an early mornin' pirate

I am to "off" Paris (Hilton) tomorrow

Who wants to do my job today???

Death to hippies (1967)

Caption this photo of Dennis Hastert

I'm an official old lady today

Man Who Stole 136 Cars Just Liked To Drive

Man Apologizes For Spreading His Feces Around Courtroom During Trial

Driving home from work at 3am, a California Highway Patrol car pulled up

Priyanka, I found the insignia for my local lesbian club.

Boxes are rather starting to pile up in my living room

kifta for breakfast!

Arming teachers will stop gun violence in schools

Which Would You Want: The Power To Read Matcom's Minds or erase it

Why we love women

"web detritus and notes"

a shark,a planet,a flower,woman talking to a freeper,and a butterfly

Man Set Polyester Clothing On Fire At Target Store

Maybe I'm amazed at the way you love me all the time

Youths No Longer Predominant at MySpace: Half of site's users 35 or over

Marijuana may stave off Alzheimer's


Which Would You Want: The Power To Read Minds Or Erase Temporary Memories?

I'm fascinated by the puppy alligators in my bathroom

Congratulations pinto! 20,000 posts

Woman Wins Ben & Jerry's Flavor Contest (Ritz Cracker Ice Cream)

ear worm damage

Abducted by aliens? Call now for compensation


Caution: Evil Evil Evil Earworm

Darn-it! My IBTL became a Deleted Message!

Rachael Ray Snaps Chicken's Neck Live On Air

anthropomorphic vegetables

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 10/6/06)

Who cares about the Jesus Camp ad - I'm tired of seeing Arh-nulds face

buddhamama CLOCKS!

Post here your pledge to this years Freeperthon Fundraiser!!

Anyone here see Peter Watkins' "La Commune"?

Rasslers are rather starting to pile up in my . . . never mind

Feeding time at my "zoo" *pics* (Possible gross-out warning)

I just came home from 5 hours at the emergency vet clinic


MY GOD what acid did these people drop making this youtube video

Ohio DU'ers - Amber Alert License Plate Petition

I'm burned out politically, I just want to have mindless fun...

Mark Foley's Favorite Movies

I got to hold one of these little darlings in my arms yesterday (Cub)

I still smell tobacco on my fingers

what I want for Christmas:

American Boxers are rather starting to pile up in my bedroom

This is a great item to buy. Saves a lot of time

Who's that Gut Lord marching?

Boxers with whom we'd like to pile up, in our bedroom?

One week from today, I will be fifteen.

somewhere nearby, a cat is hurting or dying.......arghhhhh

Mystery Fluid Found Inside City Hall Parking Meters

I admit it. I'm a nickist.

PDF files on the web are the work of the Devil

2 more posts to 5000

I admit it. I'm a Bic-ist.

Grandson Nathan Key wins silver medal at WAKO in Croatia

I really HATE fire people.

I love this video.... Bobby Fuller..."I Fought The Law"

Good News! Pot may Stave Off Alzheimers

Let's get rid of Columbus Day

That's one scary statistic...ouch.

Who wants to join my *cult*?

Battle of the "Bands"-The Del Fuegos vs. Kenny Rogers

Okay, I'll admit it. I have a man-crush on Bill Clinton

Hellllllp! I don't understand the new smilies! Anyone able to explain?

the ULTIMATE fancy pants test

who wants to join my *occult*?

Why am I watching this movie with Bill Nighy

What the hell happened with CSI last night?

Rod Stewart must be immediately stricken from the spacetime continuum

Hey, Iggle fans! Did you really cheer Michael Irvin's injury?

i really HATE firing people

GRR!! Time to pick a nit!

Well, I'm not a Thesbian, but Thespians just love my ass...

Well, I'm not a Hessian, but Hessians just love my . . .

I just found out that The Big Dog himself is coming to my town!

actual MSNBC story :Beans shown to fight cancer | Got gas? Talk about it

"nothing could be harder than the quest for fun"

Help Hastert Hide the Page game

For my 900th post

Was David Briggs a really good clavinet player?

Fed Ex blows

Who wants to join *my* club?

Maria Rita. My latest musical discovery. Any fans?

Was Reggie Mantle a really good guitar player?

Did anyone watch ER last night?

play the Foley game!

Was Jet Screamer really all that?

This is the janesez appreciation thread!!!

25th Anniversary of Warren Beatty's REDS

I need some Photoshop help (dialup warning)

Dodger fans!

Fed Ex bowls

I'm registering voters. Don't ask me anything. I'm busy.

hey buddhamama!

Cat bowling anyone?

NEW JERSEY, PHILLY! I'm playing in Avalon, NJ tonight!

That's it. I'm declaring a moritorium on the verb "party" if you're >25.

Simple Geography Quiz

The _______ (random DU'er) appreciation thread!

Man Tries To Drive 310 Miles In Reverse - Charged With Reckless Driving

Full moon tonight + broken heart = HUGE night on the town!

TV Viewers: Which net is showing the best lineup this fall?

Officials Say Donald Trump's Old Glory & Pole Too Big

Do you lube your shredder?

My next evil plan:

Does anyone here own a Nikon D80 camera?

Anyone here very familiar with Pine Ridge Rez in SD?

Today is a holiday!

If you saw someone walking around with their fly unzipped...

My movie premiers! Vampira! Zacherly! Ghoulardi! oh my...

Name this movie quote: "Joe lies... Joe lies when he cries."

Congratulations elehhhhna!! 15,000 posts

check this video

check out this email that I got

What kind of bear should I buy this weekend?

There's an actual real alien on Mars!

"Whale Rider" (Keisha Castle-Hughes) Kid Star Preggers

If cats are so standoffish, why does this one always want to stand on me?

I had the best phone call today....

So what cereal would you buy?

I just read "Letter To a Christian Nation" by Sam Harris

Share something private to everybody else in this thread!

Congratulations Revolutionary_Acts04!! 25,000 posts

My best friend's moving away.

Anybody else wanna get preoccupied with me?

Helllllllp!!!! There's a MONSTER in my bathtub

barenaked lady asked for it

love twenty years later

What should I do with the money I found today?

Lawyer Pursuing State Compensation For People Abducted By Aliens

Congratulations qnr!! 10,000 posts

Damn, my balls are filthy!

Happy birthday kaneko!!

Loungers!! This my 4,000th post!!

What kind of beer should I buy this weekend?

Look for the big fat moon near the eastern horizon early this evening

I need help with these lyrics!

We got a New House and . . .

It's raining, and there are 24 boxes

Is there something I'm missing?

A's sweep....

What's in your garage?

Women - do you enjoy being called "sweetheart" by strangers?

Gotta go to work gotta go to work gotta have a job.

Do you know me?

Does anyone here watch Nip/Tuck? I missed it Tuesday! Fill

Any way to get You Tube on slow dial up?

whats everyones plans for the weekend?

A good list of bad jokes...

really neat writer - Sherman Alexie

Arians - If you "don't eat anything with a race" (lamecopycat)

I just got cable internet, ask me anything.

Last Chance for ZombyCoffee for 5,000 Miles!

Know whats a bad time to realize that you are once again out of beer?

Last evening (Thursday)

Name the DU band

What kind of beer should I buy this weekend?

son of a BITCH, Grudge II...

Haruka, Stepping Razor, and HST fans:

I'm lame.

Finish this sentence: If my cat or dog took a dump on George W. Bush...

Do you pronounce the 'L' in 'folks'?

Harvest Full Moon tonite



I'll show you my cat if you'll show me yours...

Was Kurt Cobain a really good guitar player?

Has anyone seen cleofus1???

"It was a dark and sexy night"

I just sent this e-mail to the Los Angeles Dodgers

Finally! After all of my post whoring, I made it.

Men - do you enjoy being called "sweetheart" by strippers?

My New Haircut

Cheap Trick, Teenage Fanclub, Big Star...what should I add to it?

Well, I'm not a lesbian I'm hetero, but lesbians just love my ass...

So on to guitar playing. What makes a guitar player good to you?

Can we get reyd reid reed any peachier?

Random Questions on 10-minute Lunch Break

Boxers are rather starting to pile up in my bedroom

My damn parrot won't eat the new pellet food I bought.

OH MY GOD MissHoneychurch is coming round!!

Why suddenly come my ex-bfs online and chat with me?

Kidney Stones From Hell

I am going to see David Sadaris speak tomorrow

Finally - Battlestar Galactica returns tonight

Mistakes christians make when dialouging with atheists.

I can't stand Jay Sekulow

New Book Says Religious Right is Wrong About Christian Values

NYT: Evangelical Teens Deserting Their Faith In Droves

Prove to me you aren't a figment of my imagination!

How can limbo just be abolished?

50 proofs that God is imaginary.

Marijuana may help stave off Alzheimer’s

Help me put together a question for the insurance company.

'Monster' fossil found in Jurassic graveyard (Reuters/CNN) {pliosaur}

Study: Black holes power brightest objects (cool pic)

Mars images show rover perched on crater (CNN/JPL)

ER, (yes, the TV show), really got to me last night.

California appellate court upholds ban on same-sex marriage

Here's a thought to make RW heads explode.

Spitzer: Gay Marriage A Civil Right

Brownback Holds Up Judicial Nomination Over Same-Sex Ceremony

I came out in my church last Sunday

DUers think gays protect pedophiles (puke alert)

Is it probable that someone is gay and also a pedophile? I am gay ...

Anybody SEE a tag at home plate by the A's catcher??

Oakland sweeps!

Ceremony Tonight - Message from Global Consciousness Project &

Visionary Activist Show - any opinions on Caroline Casey?

Starlightnews 10/5: The great unraveling

I had the strangest thing happen this morning

On the news on Imus, Senator Warner

OT: Any thoughts on this?


Hmmmm...Bill Clinton: A Rescue Bid for His Party and His Reputation, Too

OT: What a week!

McCain is a liar -- Part I lost count

Need a laugh??


OT: This is rich!

Sen. Kerry Highlights New, Troubling Scientific Findings - Global Warming

Instead of being

Cheney campaigns for Allen; has to be snuck in via back door

Repubs say, "Oh my God! If Pelosi is elected Speaker...?"

DU'ers who are unemployed, underemployed, check this out!!!

Is the Florida GOP Imploding?

Was It Rush Limbaugh Who Made Lying Acceptable?

From WND: Christian leaders facing Soros-funded 'witch hunt'

Iraq is an absolute mess, we all know it. But Warner finally steps

Bush Could Have HAD OSAMA In Feb '01-But Did NOTHING

Scientists discover explanation for freepers


Philadelphia Inquirer - FALL FOLEYAGE

Big Dawg said he loves Bush41 ? Just saw on MSNBC

Bush The Elder " ...didn't hear any complaints at his golf club..."

Hastert / Foley Pics & Toons ...

LOL Randi Rhodes: "It ain't over 'til the fat man swings." !

GOP blames DEMS for uncovering the Foley cover-up

Great job on the conspiracy DUers! I just knew we could do it.

YouTube Removing War Footage

Signing Statement Watch - The two latest

Washington Times: Israel plotting strike on Iran

Bill Moyers Documentary ought to be the real DC scandal

Xtian Conservs. are SHOCKED that there are ANY Gay R.congressmen

House Ethics Committee - things the GOP want you to forget

WP: White evangelical support for Republicans down to 57%, from 78%

Schwartzenegger ahead!?!

Universal Mental Health -- Now Screening At A Pre-School Near You (Kathlyn

DU'ers. What's That Very Loud Cracking Sound I Hear?

Cameraphones -- Does Foley have one?

Evangelical teens joining the reality-based community in "droves"

Republican SPIN each new generation, finally sounding like Martians

Can anyone fix Iraq?

Best MSM Election (computer) Coverage So Far: Lou Dobbs (video)

Stephanie Miller is Disgusting!! (.... in the good way.)

Pat Robertson: "Foley does what gay people do"

Just heard on CNN: pugs to call for DEMS' sworn testimony on Foley!

Oops! Drudge and enablers get an Eric Boehlert smack down!

Clark stumps for Lamont, slams Lieberman on war

Mr. Cheney, You Can Take the President's Agenda and ....

If Pelosi is House Speaker, her first 100 hours "draining the swamp"

Ralston During '04 Election! FOX Won't Correct Error! GOP Fraud in TN!

Volunteer for the Democratic Party.

Could Pedophilia Be Rampant in the GOP?

Must See - Daily Show: What Exactly Is President Bush’s Job?

Why Do People Here Attribute To Karl Rove Magical Powers?

Could The Execution Of Saddam Hussein Be The Pukes Oct. Surprise ???

"The Way to Win" sounds like must-read for Dems.

Habeas Corpus only Revoked for Non-Citizens?

We have a new "visited" or "marked" function?

Let's Not Forget About Sen.John Warner's Dismal Report On Iraq Today

Don't believe this crapolla that Foleygate is a diversion

did foley use yahoo messenger?

For DUers who are interested in consumer issues here is a great site.

Why do we still have a columbus day?

Repubs try to smear Ford: Ford called self a lawyer but did not pass bar

"Al Gore Keynote Speaker at Dutch Summit"

Howard Fineman: 'This election is a rout", Church going bushies PISSED!

How's the sulfur smell this a.m. in your neighborhood?

No Bush Left Behind (Neil)

Chemical Explosion, Apex, NC/Thousands Evacuated as Fire still Burns

DU's bullhorn moment : BE the 9/11 widows megaphone

Thousands of NC'linians Spend 2nd Night in Shelters/Massive Chem Fire!

NanceGreggs making the email circuit

Condi's flak jacket tells the truth about Iraq while her lips tell lies

Its always been ridiculously easy to fool the repub Christian base

WSJ: Google mulls $1.6 billion for YouTube

President Bombs American Civilians

You Decide: Were the First Foley E-Mails Worthy of Investigation? POLL

Repubicons are coming to our way of thinking...

Just a little funny re: naming a new puppy german shepard

What are YOU doing this weekend?

Attention Florida DU'ers ----need your help with an investigation

The Official 'What is inside Ann Coulter's Adams Apple' Post

Bush & Clinton accept Liberty Medal and hail their friendship

I had a horrible dream last night...

Google Said in Talks to Buy YouTube

This lying f%cker on CNN blames the pages,then says he was misinterpreted

NJ: Rove Threw Bash at Signatures (Abramoff's restaurant) Not Charged

Ha Ha, Dubya now has to kiss and makeup with small Caribbean countries

Cheney T. Agnew

U.S. Homicide Statistics by Gender

Hardball coming out the gate strong

I have to stop posting my conversations with my boss here, he's going to

Time poll says Iraq war issue more important now than before Foleygate

Iraq's on going slaughter has taken back seat to Foley, 27 US. dead Oct.

Chris Cannon (R-UT rep) blaming the "precocious" kids/pages!

"Shoot me and leave the other ones loose"-Amish girl hoped to spare others

MSNBC: Tweety beating up on a couple of Repubs.

He is making faces at the camera again - * pic

A possible answer to "What did the Dems know"?

I hate both the Democratic and Republicans Congresscritters on Iraq

Caption this Foley pic

They're Going After Gay People Now

REAL TIME with Bill Maher PREVIEW....Some NEW RULES to keep you going:

Blunkett:· He admits he failed to question Iraq intelligence

The Progressive Book Club... is it for real or is it data-mining front?

One last post from me for the class and dignity to the Amish

Tweety replay on now - it's a good one. Watch if you can

For the last six years, I've had no hope for the Democratic Party...

Excellent point about Amish school shooting.

Keith Olbermann: Mark Klaas to be on discussing Foleygate tonight

Project X has turned a page.

27 dead US troops 'so far this week" say Lehrer news hour.

Wasn't Foley the one with funny CAFTA vote??

We've Got Those Republican Elephants On The Run Now!!!

Help Hastert Find the Perv!

Have any Catholic leaders condemned Foley's behavior like they did...

Halliburton Haikus

Hope the freepers don't find out our plan work!

Anyone with experience in musical theatre want to collaborate?

America's fascination with illicit sex is our key to victory

Conservative Activists Considering Role of Gay Lawmakers

Your moment of zen...

MSNBC: "By just about any measure, last 2 years were good for job seekers"

Why have Dems not exploited the meme "GOP will keep borrowing money"

Howie Fineman reveals on Tweety that Susan Ralston has RESIGNED!

Bush Judges Confirm Opponents' Fears

Sounds like Olbermann is on a rant again.

Election Season Handbills

Stephanie Miller on Tucker right now!

Randy Kuhl (R-NY) leaves ‘em laughing with his Katrina routine

"My client has not seen the IM's" That is what the lawyer for the page sa

Dean welcomes Rep. Laesch from the 14th District of Illinois?

Rep. shill saying Dems. will raise taxes on MSRNC

* Speak: "I know that many Americans feel" (insert lie)

Randi playing KO right now!!!

Freepers: "I'm jumping up and down in my chair! WOO!" (Prank story)

Mike Malloy was on MSNBC this a.m. Talking about Bush Crime Family

Bush Asserts Constitutional Right To Hire Incompetent People At FEMA

Please provide the caption....

American people are SICK of Karl Rove type propaganda and GOP corruption

Critics point to Ralston as evidence that Rove — and thus Bush

Michelle Malkin Vs.Youtube/Olbermann

Bush approval in New Hampshire: 36%....another House seat in play?

So when is Foley's book coming out?

The timing of the Foley story was exquisite...

North Korea to Test Nuke?

Teachers should be able to carry guns in schools-says Rep Frank LaSee R-WI

Let me get this straight about our Conservative Christian friends

Republican Congressional candidate lashes out at debate audience

LOL! "Hannity had that woman with the Adam's apple on today."

America can breathe a sigh of relief if Democrats win the House ...

There is only ONE REASON why Hasturd said 'the buck stops here':

Conyers:Dem Prospects Continue to Brighten:Message: Keep up the Hard Work

Why am I pro-choice?

U.S. Chamber of Commerce pushes for electing GOPers

caption *

" Courtesy of GOP, Voters Finally Get 'It'"

A family that preys together. Prescott Bush Jr. (Poppy's older bro")

I'm dreaming of a blue November

What is this implication that the page is least, I think

Neil Bush not left behind by No Child Left Behind

"Mrs. McGrath"

What is the Repube Rationale for keeping Hastert on as Speaker?

Couldn't believe these two repuke blowhards on hardball

Maf54 (8:08:31 PM): Get a ruler and measure it for me

Bush-Rove Goes with Economy as Security Message Disintegrates

I'm going to quit saying "big ones" and start calling them Olbermanns

Iraq comedy set in 2017 stars last Iraqi alive (Americans are still there)

Just like Iraq

They're back! STRS section is on MAINPAGE again.

CNN Poll: Are you sastisfied with the way the Republicans are

Let's have some fun - predict the next pathetic GOP excuse for Foley

nightmare in pa.

Bush and Rove lied about Abramoff

How amazingly different things are now (footage of Clinton on Tweety)

Jay Fawcett destroys Lamborn in CO-5

'panadol is good for you' - are these really marines?

10X3 bumper sticker inspired by a Big Dog speech on C-SPAN

The Foley scandal..

ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh (chimp calls)

Rep. Waxman: WH is trying to make Susan Ralston the scapegoat.

check out perverted justice

Tweety giving 2 Rethug shills a trouncing..

Amazing.. republicans can have as many "funded" organizations

"Wild Bill", the famous "writting" blogger, begs for your help!

Flashback >> don't forget where Rove's aide Ralston was election night '04

Caption time

NY Times: Hastert Lives Bachelorlike Existence with 2 “Aides”

I just saw two F-16s flying low and fast outside my house a moment ago....

David Shuster citing new poll numbers: very BAD for fascistas

Tom Kean Jr. Calls For Hastert Resignation.

What Is The Undisclosed Wrongdoing That Has Repubs Scared To Death?

DON'T be mad that the Foley story gets so much press!

Powerful pictures on Frameshop

Will there be a Bush-sponsored coup in Iraq?

Depression genes show when the drugs won't work Mobilize Now..TKO the GOP

The "blogspot" that exposed Foley has been traced to Portland, OR

leaked Key GOP Strategy Memo Found!

Death of the republic

Very nice photo of Clinton and the Lamonts

Truth about advertising: What you hear 1st sticks, esp if emotional impact

Mark Bryan - Artist of Genius

Olbermann navigates tightrope minus a net

A New Bumper Sticker for Keith.....

Is this a coded message from ABCNEWS.COM? re: Hastert

Turth about advertising: What you hear 1st sticks

Libby Scooter defense: "I was too busy!"

New Bush Comic: No Child's Behind Left Behind

Mexico's Two Presidents

"Foley Scandal Clouds Remaining Bush Term"

Is there a website to show the accuracy of predictions from polling firms?

Ideal Scenario Regarding Hastert

(VIDEO) John Laesch on Hairballz

Lessons Missed in Iraq—Why George Bush cannot win the war! (good read)

Schwarzenegger "Relocating" Prisoners?

Kathleen Harris - need I say more?

Patrick Murphy from PA is ADORABLE and Smart and hopefully will WIN!!!

Both Repubs on Foley Ethics Panel Have $$$ Ties to Hastert

Ileana "We are winning Afghanistan" Ros-Lehtinen on Maher tonight

A Decade of Excellence —

Its Friday ya bastads!!!

Anyone see Cavuto's Soros interview on FoxNews?

60 Minutes to cover the "No Fly List", includes dead & jailed

Bush: "an attractive man, a family man, an honest man."

What are you afraid of?

About those Pew polls

I wish Democrats would stop posting on Hannity's site

AP Learns Gitmo Guards Brag of Beatings

Mark Morford (SF Chron) IM's with "The Cowboy"

World Can't Wait - Yesterday Rally Photos in San Diego

Does anyone have information on voter roll SCRUBS going on NOW?

Foleygate's Next Victim? Reynolds Trails In Latest Poll

Yahoo News Headlines 10/6/06. Welcome to the Bush/Republican hellhole.

Harold Ford's lead continues to grow in TN

New Polls: We're moving up!

Is intelligence and information inherently evil?

(VIDEO) Senator Byron Dorgan on the Colbert Report

Can Democrat John Laesch Take Down Hastert?

"God Don't Like Ugly"

My two prop bets coming together. Lieberman and Senate final

U.S. Government betrays its very own Troops

Spinning the Blue Sky!

Dana Perino explains gun safety in press conference today

Looking for Bush quoting Osama on Iraq (recent quote)

Glorifying imperialism with yellow ribbons

Former Foley Teen Page Getting Threatening E-Mails. FBI Investigates

United States clears out of Iceland

OK, let’s try this again…(revelations in Woodward's book)--a kind of poll

Is Clinton Prez again? MSNBC Breaking to show (Bill) Clinton Speech

I'm Okay With Not Winning A Majority In Either House

Yikes! Will Israel nuke Iran?

Rethugs pull an ENRON: True US deficit is double official figures!

Shrub congratulates Denny on Katrina-like "promptness" in response

So, now its "Bold Decisions" we need:

Al Qaeda leaders letter: "prolonging the war is in our interest"

How many DUers already knew about these revelations? (re Bob's book)

Our Congress is under attack by predatory children!

How many seats in the House do you think dems will pick up?


Pelosi Says She Would Drain GOP "Swamp"

2737 RIP Ed,Ben,Dan, Jon,Joe, Satieon,Mike,Joe,Mario, Chris,Denise,Justin,

DNC: McCain's Double Talk Express Hits Stump for Foley's Cover Man

Greater Bible Way Temple:"God give us victory over Democrats and liberals"

Has an FBI Spokesperson explained their investigation yet? Foley.

The night that the lights went out on Condi

How long before Foley pulls out the "born again" card?

I Predict: Rs Have Conceded Election, Will Challenge Results In Court

Drudge's "Prank Gone Awry" Story Labeled "Fiction" By Page's Lawyer

Oklahoma evangelicals with their panties in a wad....

When will the media point out that Foley was allowed to prey on pages

Are you a hateful fringe kook? Contact these guys for free air time

Marine Scientists Report Massive "Dead Zones"

Americablog: Russert Says WH "Very Much Involved" w/ Foley Damage Control


9/11 widows blast Bush Administration over Rice, Tenet meeting

Lieberman Flip-Flops on Holding Hastert Accountable

9/11 Press for Truth

So CBS News has hired a former Bush/GOP flack as Political Consultant?

4000 Iraqi police killed in 2 years

Thank you, got the screen capture done, thanks.

Current TV: Freeway Blogger documentary

CNN talking about rendition now

I've been out of the country for a couple of weeks....what did I miss?

GOP disinformation method #123412341: Pelosi will be Speaker

UN set to warn N Korea not to test nuclear weapon

HAHAHA- This is GOLD: Congressman Runs Ad to Apologize for Affair

Will gas prices go back up right after the Nov election?

Sensenbrenner for President

October 6, 2006

New Poll: Happy with how GOP handling Foley?

Los Angeles WCW Protest - Pics & Descript


Hey kids! It's Friday, and that means News Dump time!

Is anyone else surprised that Republicans have been calling

Republican SEC Chairman Cox Covering for Cheney, Halliburton?

R's Warner (cut and run) and Frist (appeaser)

Time to pull the plug on FAUX - cancel your cable subscription.

democrats and republicans unite against the neocons....

LAT: Africans Lash Out at Chinese Employers

Haditha, Abu Ghraib, Gitmo, Rendering, Torture, 2736+, Spying ..

Does anyone know where to find the video parody

Dem leaders should say

On the current impasse with North Korea; correct me if I am wrong, but...

Mike Malloy on TV! (friday morning)

Lots of Bush books are out this year..........

So Long, “Security Mom” -What were those guys thinking?”


When in Rome, do as the Romans do...

"Manhattan Project Building Preserved"

I just made a bunch of copies of Keiths special comment last night

CNN still advancing baseless GOP conspiracy theory that Dems orchestrated

Justice William O. Douglas' thoughts on habeas corpus

Who is this woman speaking at the white house?

"Santorum Struggles to Win Voters' Hearts"

Peter Gabriel: 911 was an Inside Job

Republicans waiting for child to be molested before taking action.

O'Reilly's exec producer re: Foley Dem label: "It was an honest mistake"

Mark Foley's Favorite Movies

So what happened with yesterday's World Can't Wait Protests?

Starbucks wants the world and it wants it NOW.

Wilson/ Foley Connection


Pondering point made by freeper regarding politicians "in the closet"

We are fundamentally opposed to the ideology of the terrorists...

Donald Trump May Ban Foley from Mar-a-Lago

Voter registrations FAKED in GOP drive - Tennessee - STEALING VOTES!

On MSNBC, Fund falsely claimed "Bush's ratings are up"

AP, LA Times ignored increase in N. Korean nukes since Bush

Mr. Foley's Neighborhood

If he were really smart...

My ticket to GITMO: We CAN Force All Paper Ballots for THIS Election !

I predict fewer and fewer polls in the next few weeks

The SBOBU Index - August update

Hastert TOOOON (Bagley, I love you!)

I somehow got on the GOP's mailing list

C-Span Now....Incredible Clinton Speech...NOW Blockbuster!

Anti-U.S. Attack Videos Spread on the Internet

We Need To Help Conserv Fundies Run THEIR OWN CANDIDATES!

I think Olbermann is preparing Americans for a Bush impeachment

E&P: AP issues correction on labeling Foley a Dem; O'Reilly doesn't

MSNBC anchwhore: repubs have turned the corner on foley scandal

"Study: Primary Voter Turnout Hits a Low"

Creepy pics. gwb at Beauprez fundraiser. Beauprez compares gwb to Lincoln,

GOP runs attack ads in Iowa, calls congressional candidate a "commie"

Atlanta Man Says Foley Sent Lurid Messages Ten Years Ago

US Not Monitoring Mail of Jailed Terrorists

I think Hastert missed his calling

Report: Interior employees shop, gamble, & visit sex sites at work

Foleygate's All in the Polls, and It Ain't Good for the GOP

Kurt Fordham: "I have no congressman and no office to protect."

Big Dog on c-span2, appearing for Joe Sestak.

Lou Dobbs on the Today Show suggests everyone register Independant

check out the letters folks are sending Bush

GOP nervously rallying around Hastert, hoping new info won't surface

Denny Hastert =Vogon

Why Don't Conserv Fundies Condemn Repubs Who Covered Up Foley?

Newt, Have you no shame (Callista Bisek your THIRD WIFE)

$20M will buy 12,500 flak vests, or 35,000 padded helmets.

Abt Lieberman: Party Identification is MORE IMPORTANT than party loyalty.

Iraq is lost, we have no other option but to leave....

Anyone remember so much Diebold coverage when Dems were losing elections?

Presidential Signing Statements (new Congressional Research Center report)


Bush Sr. Warning Over Unilateral Action

My Letter to Keith Olbermann

BW-Sec/defense should be prepared to overturn prez if necessary.

We're LETTING Them Win (RW rag alert!)

Marc Maron on with Sam Seder now - AAR

LAT, Brooks: GOP-led Congress has long record of "child endangerment"

Rice Warns Kurds Against Monopolizing Northern Oil

US "invents" software to track press

Malloy on MSNBC is there video?

WJ caller: Is our government still an effective form for this day and age?

Has ABC redeemed themselves?

The Chinese cyber-attacked our government again....

Wearing helmet and flak jacket, Rice says Iraqis 'making progress'

Bruce Fein is eviscerating John Yoo on WNYC right now.

"This was no prank," said one of the three former pages...

Republicans launch desperate swiftboating attempt

NBC: investigators had yet to find evidence that federal laws were violate

Bush hiding another damning report on Iraq until after the Nov. election

My letter to Rhandi Rhodes, Help the angels...

Let me get Hastert's statement on pages correct....

BBC: (Jack) Straw's veil comments spark anger

So much for Independence - US STILL influencing Iraq's policy decisions

Senate 50-D 49-R 1-Tie, House 218-D 216-R 1-Tie

Is the green zone in Iraq vulnerable?

FYI: US Immigration Policy Symposium at UCF on Oct 9

Republicans On Ethics Panel Investigating Foley Have $$$ Ties To Hastert

"Voters Say Scandals Will Affect Votes"

Time's "quote of the day" by Mark Foley

Bush cites authority to bypass FEMA law

How bad is bad?

Indulge me in a little theological rambling if you will.

Heather Wilson, who cried about Janet Jackson, served on Page Board

"Death Squads In Iraqi Hospitals and Morgues" Is It Civil War Yet?

Hastert Bans Computers in Wake of Masturgate :-)

Al Qaeda Tapes: Direct Link To Military Psyops And Donald Rumsfeld...

Marshall Thompson has walked 4 days, has 23 to go. He has walked 82 miles

Does Hannity have the hots for Shirley Phelps-Roper

Repuke-scum scribe Podhoretz "almost rooting for Dem landslide" (LOL!)

LOUIS FREEH to examine page system

North Korea getting ready for possible conflict

I think there is one Democratic casualty of the Foley scandal: Ned Lamont

Here is today's Heartfelt Blessing.

Nomination for Worst Person in the World - Republican high moral values

Just got off the phone with Pelosi's office concerning Freeh

Sam Seder just made a point so simple the freeps should get it. RE: Foley

I think by focusing on the Sex scandal, Dems are helping GOP

**YES** They have BOTH flipped!!

NEW POLLS: Dems lead Republicans in TN, RI, MO, NJ, MD senate races

Bush has NO desire to keep America safe

So our President stands behind Hastert obstructing Justice.

Mike Malloy was just on MSNBC. Hopefully he could be a

Hastert's Memo To Clarify Common Congressional Terminology For House Pages

George W Bush, Central Scrutinizer Of The United States...

An Email I received from John Edwards

So...NPR plays a clip of Newt blaming the Foley thing on Dems/

My friends, I need to rant about bush and crew. This is long.....

KO utters the "F" word last night-- will others follow?

Sen. Kerry: New, Troubling Scientific Findings: Global Warming & Refuges

Wiliam Kristol has a Secret Service detail assigned to him.

Viguerie is concerned about the "establishment."

News dump - Not just for Fridays anymore.

Mark Foley's IM Log of Conversation with Former Page (ABC News)

Denny Hastert, Abramoff and Brian Ross

What Kieth should've said...

Grotesque headline of the day....

== My Secret IMs With 'The Cowboy' == By Mark Morford

Muslims are waging civil war against us, claims police union

CNN just reported Nancy Pelosi did not stop the Freeh Probe

Keep Condasleaza, Iraq, and Jr.'s newest signing statement kicked.

Ripping off the Tribes. A long & continuing American tradition.

Radical Fringe toon - 10/6 Friday: De'Nile Cruises

Ginny Brown-Waite (R-FL5) got her ass kicked last night!

Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq's Green Zone (new book)

They blame it on teenagers...

Republican J.D. Hayworth on Imus defending pedophiles right now

As of 11:20 PM last night

What's "IVR" polling method?

How did the story come out-What were the motivations-ect ect-Public

I hate it when certain pundits and even some reporters

What are the emails you get with the subject line reading

Relax! Bush is not going to invade Iran until--

$250 Ticket To Teen for Playing Hacky Sac-Crime of "Releasing Projectile"

Katherine Harris Says Bill Nelson Doesn't Act Like Christian

What happened to Ed Helms and to Rob Corddry from the Daily Show?

Special Session is Needed in Order to Vote Hastert Out

"They want cheap oil, but not drilling." Frum on WJ.

Are we headed for a revolution?

Abducted by aliens? Call now for compensation

Its Freeeeeky Friday! Its Octooooober! BOO!

Former Republican Page Says Democrats Promote Sexual Deviancy

Another fine mess the Bushists have gotten us into

Thousands evacuated from N.C. town

U.S. Economy Adds 51,000 Jobs in September, Far Fewer

any interesting moments on Larry King last night? (B*sh Sr.)

The GOP needs a new mascot. Which one would you choose?

Longtime Republican was source of e-mails

Fiction becomes truth?

Blaming it on "Culture of Washington"

Okay, what's next?

Minister's wife admits to making calls threatening to kill high schoolers

Those darn biology teachers

Anyone else wonder why Republicans have been dragging up Gerry Studds?

Nancy Pelosi on CSpan

Foley our October surprise?

Foley this General Discussion or Genital Discussion?

Border fence not likely to be built

who investigates sexual scandals better=Dems or Repubs?

bush "Used Colin" wife sez

Studds vs. Foley

Shall we Talk Washington Journal?

My Dad (south Jersey dem mayor) is doing this 3 Day Breast Cancer Walk...

Would you take a look at these photos? Have you seen them before?

Walk-On Photo Op Not To Be Forgotten - 6 Oct 06

After all the jawboning, protests, letter writing, phoning, meetings,

one of the pages now an aid to Istook who is rep candidate for OK governor

Truth stranger than fiction

Amish girls funerals

Where have all the men gone?

All this pedophillia stuff is making me sick.

California appellate court upholds ban on same-sex marriage

2,737 U.S. troops dead in W's war of choice

Stinky feet, annoying noise top IgNobel prize list

HAZMAT Emergency in Apex, NC 15,000 evacuated


I'm sure I heard Bob Woodward say

Just watched 911: Press for Truth..................

Who's this woman subbing for Bernie Ward?

Laesch: Hastert should resign as speaker

Big Government Gets Bigger from Bush's 'War On Terror' As Economy Slows

Remember this? "St. Louis Man Claims Limbaugh Gay Affair"

White House aide to Rove resigns (over Abramoff WH visits)

This is GREAT! William Kristol getting lambasted at U TX Austin 10/3/06

Salem, MA poll being FReeped: Bush vs Clinton 9/11 attack

Foley asks Bush same question as he asked the Pages

I love Stephen Colbert. And I think he was doing his best Matt Lauer

I feel bad for Anderson Cooper

ANIMATION: New post-Foley GOP mascot

What has Falwell, Robertson and Dobson had to say..

Action Alert- Iran. "Congress: Only YOU Can Authorize War on Iran."

Soldiers in Iraq asking: 'Why are we here?'

Channeling TIA: Get Ready for Another Stolen Election

Just do it.

Before we get all warm and fuzzy over the Amish...

Melanie Sloan says FBI is Lying. Re: Foley investigation.

About Keith Olbermann's Commentary Thursday night

Help Nancy Skinner air ad with RFK, Jr.

"The Next Progressive Talk Radio Star" - Yes, you can try out too!

"Bush Says He Can Edit Security Reports"

Don't quit, Denny! Don't quit! Stand up to the liberal media!

*** DU Meet-Up in Portland Saturday! ***

George Carlin gettin' inspirational ...

Creative Loafing does expose on Air America&Mike Malloy

Mark Foley, this worn out Liberal Salutes You.

Billy Bragg on Craig Ferguson

Larisa Alexandrovna: 9/11 Widows BLAST Bush Admin Over Rice, Tenet Meeting

Suppose Joe Lieberman wins and Democrats control Senate 51-49?

MSNBC changing format?

One of my bumperstickers is missing!

My fellow Duers, We must be prepared to take to the streets

No Child Left Uneducated

Police Attack Portland Anti-Bush Protest

WCW OCT 5th PICS and reports LINKS PLEASE and Kick and nominate


Page scandal reaches U.S. Rep. Sue Kelly (NY 19th) . . .

VIDEO: Kucinich on E-Voting Machines:

Health Care Industry sole source of jobs

Video of Kucinich at the 2006 We Count conference

Sign Conyers Petition for National Health Care

PAY ATTENTION HERE: Bush's Mysterious 'New Programs'

GOPers to Hastert: Cut the Conspiracy Chatter

BushCo staged a massive, all out, bombing assault on Falluja in the...

Bush & Foley laughingly arguing over Dick size OR Caption this Pic

BBC US correspondent blogs: "This sex stuff is a trap for the Democrats"

After 5 Years of War our Military is showing fatigue

A Possible Link?

Capitol Crimes--Bill Moyers (video)

The PUB FACADE has a bad case of Termites..those little creatures

How John Ashcroft saved his own sorry rear end, and not the lives of 2,973

More foleys to be dc'd

Conservatism A Disease? This might be old but I never saw it before...

Repugs gave up overnight polling?

David Swanson: The Impeachment Moment

Alexander, Frist stepping up efforts to aid Corker

Boston Globe: Bush's plan to expand power at expense of legislative branch

Morning News

URGENT ALERT: Confront Rep. Shimkus live on radio at 8:20 AM (Central)

Bush's border fence "may never be built, at least not as advertised"

Gay Republicans: America's Newest Menace


MSNBC on Hastert's "defense strategy"...BLAME THE CLENIS.

Tom Feeney's Smear Campaign Sends 'Porn Mailing' to 100,000 Florida Voters

Page Scandal: The Moral Collapse of Modern Conservatism

$20M tax dollars set aside to throw a party celebratiing Iraqi freedom?

Big Government Gets Bigger from Bush's 'War On Terror' As Economy Slows

Latest Bush Approvals: 36% (Time), 38% (AP), 37% (Pew), 39% (NBC, CNN)

Tony Snow Channels Scott "The Lyin' King" McClellan

"Freedom on the March" in Iraq! No singing, cut yr hair, no liquor...

Bleeding Afghanistan: Washington, Warlords and the Propaganda of Silence

Hastert Cancels Fundraisers, As Chorus Grows For His Ouster As Speaker

Wandering Eyes......

Toon: Hastert seeks refuge

Top 10 Senate seats most likely to change party: Shift is toward Democrats

From an editorial in The Hill

C&L, Daily Show Vid Clip: What Exactly Is President Bush’s Job?

Santorum Struggles to Win Voters' Hearts

Neil Bush makes millions from No Child Left Behind Act ($3800 "COW")

Foleygate's Next Victim? Reynolds Trails In Latest Poll

CNN has it wrong...Again.

'Values Voters'

Please vote: Who would you like to see control what in Congress?

John Warner (R-VA): Situation in Iraq "simply drifting sideways"

Liberal news media does not cover protests! What?

Hastert/Foley playbook...have they blamed Clinton yet?

MSNBC's Amy Robach: "Will voters even remember this (Foley) on Nov. 7?"

Liberal news media does not cover protests! What?

U.S. Set To Cut Deal With Taliban

Is anyone else seeing nra attack ads?

"The March to War: Naval build-up in the Persian Gulf...

O'Reilly: The Far Left Becomes Dangerous (they dissed Gonzales!)

The real reason they're not ditching Hastert

Pelosi: Rewards Work, Not Just Wealth --jobs report

Get the POPCORN: Raw Story: "9/11 widows lash out over Tenet, Rice"

Polls can post Negron notes (Foley Seat FL)

MSNBC announced that Bush was going to help the Hastert campaign...

German released from Guantanamo calls camp 'place without laws'

A quote to start your weekend on...

NY Times: Hastert Lives Bachelorlike Existence with 2 “Aides”

neo con in-fighting showcased on Wash. Journal this morning

Backwards Bush...

Tony Snow: Hastert's a "get the facts, find the problem, fix it" kinda guy

Just heard Tony Blankley on the Diane Rehm Show predict...

the waterboarding of bush and cheney

Russia Deports 136 Georgians After Imposing Blockade (Update2)

Democrats and Evangelicals

Remember when Republicans were outraged over a pedophile?

Incumbent Rep. Pat Tiberi's (R-OH) campaign lit shows he's vulnerable

Freeper "angcat" gives you morans an edumacation in "Iraq Milestones."

Franken gets foley and o'reilly mixed up

Story about Foley from 2000 (from today's Indy Star)

Who was the first person to accuse Al Gore of claiming to have invented

Nineteen thousand nine hundred and ten troops wounded in Iraq

Why would any gay person be a GOPologist?

Hey Connecticut! WTF?!

Don't buy the talking points....Dems are not ahead because of Foley

Help an old clown feel good. Say something positive about the Virginia

Bush ignores slowing job growth while taking credit for lower jobless rate

Alabama Democrats Beat Republicans in Fundraising

next thug tactic: blame foley on Clinton popularizing blow jobs...

Stephanie Miller on Tucker Carlson at 3:00 central time

New Bush Comic: No Child's Behind Left Behind

Did I just hear Andrea Koppel say GOP leaders had things together now?

AP: Letters on Voter ID Confuse Ga. Voters

Will anyone on Maher's show dare to challenge Ros Lehtinen?

Some happiness and sadness for the weekend.

Scholars Land Book Deal for Attack on ‘Israel Lobby’

Democrat Christian Radio Ad Slams Foley

DFL House candidate Wetterling to give response to Bush address

Record low primary turnout could spell trouble for the GOP

"I'm not going to comment on an ongoing investigation"--Republicans

Does anyone have a link to the Republican - 9.11 clip?

bush's Iraq Strategy

What is going on...?

If I didn't say fuck so much

Scarborough Prediction on MSNBC

Sailor: I watched Marines kill Iraqi civilian

Rice chats up the 6+2



Bush and Republicans ...Dictator or Democracy?

WHOOA look who's tied to Foley now!

Virginians, DCers and Marylanders ....Webb needs your help this weekend!

Page Hot Line Question...

TIME Poll has Bush At 36%

Crosspost: Creative Loafing article on AAR and Mike Malloy

On Lou Dobb -- Ford is not really a lawyer as he says

Lemma have a "Huzzah!" for my local postal workers

"We support her decision and consider the matter closed," Perino* said.

Taking out the trash in the eves of Foley...

8:25 pm ET, C-Span2: Bill Clinton rallies for Joe Sestak (PA-07)

Running for President.

New Gallup Polls (VA, TN, RI, NJ, MO, MD): Dems got the MO!

I'll see your Gerry Studs and raise you a Jeff Gannon

Democrat Ads Attack GOP Over Scandal

New Dem Radio ad on Christian Radio

Good news from Central Ohio ... the worm has turned!


Wes Clark stumps for Ned Lamont (link to video and pictures)

McCain's credibility gap

Action Alert- "Tell Speaker Hastert to Step Down." And pass it on.

Pat Buchanan discusses "this flamer, Mr. Foley" with Dead Intern Joe

GOP blames DEMS for uncovering the Foley cover-up

Radar Online: Foley's DC home 0.2 miles from W.H. Page Dormitory


Colorado D-05 Fawcett/Lamborn Debate

Setting the Record Straight-courtesy of

Anyone listen to these two BOOZOS on Tweety

KO:*doesn’t just hear what he wants.He hears things that only he can hear.

Who the FUCK is this Rep Patrick Henry (R-NC) in Hairballz BLAMING

Closeted Gay Republicans

We truly believed that by building that bomb there’d never be another war.

Shame on every last one of them.

We need to embrace the Living Wage Campaign for 2008...

Barack Obama: The black senator who could challenge Hillary

Abramoff: the gift that keeps on giving - top Rove aide resigns

NEW Senate Races Gallup Polls!!! MY, MO, NJ, RI, TN, VA

"Senator Macacawitz" -- Offensive or Not?

Imagine its Nov 8. Lamont has lost to ........

Ned and Wes at McDonald's

The Repugs hate Socialism because...

TV spot links Braley (Dem House Candidate) to Communist Party

Felix Allen and Jim Webb neck and neck in Virginia race...

Help Nancy Skinner air ad with RFK, Jr.

I hate, hate, hate making phone calls

David Gregory: Republicans are on the counterattack. WTF?!

Bush Declares Pages "Enemy Combatants" !

NJ11, this race is tightening, ActBLue for DEM Tom Wyka vs. "R" Frelinghuy


No Child's Behind Left

Soundest way to get our country back and right its democratic course.

Seeking 2004 coverage from Mark Halperin or John Harris of Firefighters'

Hate Mail... Boy, Do I Get Hate Mail

Question: Why Does the GOP Hate America?

FDR pegged it- exactly what we are suffering under now-

Lou Dobbs Fans....Question: Why is he in Favor of Voter I.D.?

Pelosi: How to drain GOP 'swamp' in the first 100 hours of Dems in control

Rep. Heather Wison scandals -- anyone here from NM?

I've Had Enough With Privatization; THE CONSTITUTION IS NOT NEGOTIABLE!!!