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Archives: October 7, 2006

Letter from a Marine to Home that's Landing In General's Inboxes

Past comes back to haunt us in form of Kissinger (Helen Thomas)

Closeted Gay Republicans...(Lawrence O'Donnell)

How Al Qaeda views a long Iraq war

Chip Off The Old Blog

Foley Story Wasn't Reported, Until It Was (NPR)

NYT:Warner's Iraq Remarks Surprise White House

Senator McCain has won the battle but lost the war

A WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE: Libidinous mischief on Capitol Hill

Why? Inquest wait goes on for families of dead soldiers (UK)

"The Gaza Economy"

Here's the New Buzz About Election Reformers

Idea for Parallel Elections Groups


Jaballah dangerous, CSIS warns

Palestinian PM collapses at rally

Release of Iraq Report Sought

Victim Advocates, Fla. Diocese Urge Foley to Name Alleged Abuser

Were Terror Detainees Held In Germany?

AP: Pentagon To Probe Gitmo Beatings Claim

Pentagon to probe Gitmo beatings claim

Padilla's lawyers ask for criminal charges to be dropped

NYT: In House Races, More G.O.P. Seats Are Seen at Risk

Rendition flights inquiry criticises Hoon (EU/UK)

Report: Thousands wrongly on terror list

Foley could face state charges if federal case is weak

WP: Staffer Cites Earlier Role by Hastert's Office

GOP prods Dems over Foley scandal

Mexico files fence protest

Secret Papers Could Halt CIA Case

Bush Balks at Criteria for FEMA Director

Soldiers in Iraq asking: 'Why are we here?'

FDA Announces New E. Coli Recall (Beef-7 States)

I guess I'm a podophile. I love young

Suppertime Math:

Seeking Opinions: Cormac McCarthy's new novel "The Road"

I guess I'm a pedalphile. I love little

Sirius Satellite Radio Fans--Received your Stiletto Yet?

I have a friend that looks like a celebrity

I guess I'm a pescophile. I love little...

Dang!! Anyone else have trouble logging into myspace??

RL has inspired me! Here is me!!

I hate Faux New, but I might have to give them credit here:

Bad Moon Rising

I pulled out OneEighty's book today

A Moon Poem


Harvest Moon

Have you noticed anything weird going on here?

WTF? What happened to Dennis Farina?

M O O N....that spells....

I have dueling ear worms.

My dog has no normal heartbeat, just arrhythmias

I just caved...


Some Harvest Moon pics from Augusta, Maine

I've been listening to the audio book of The Andromeda Strain

Effin' cats! In the moonlight!


My neighbors house caught fire

New and baking in my oven right now...

Well.... I guess I got too happy too quickly.

Vacation! I don't have to return to work until Oct. 23 What should I do?

Well, I made it.

BSG Seaons Premire - Quiznos commercials

Goodnight Moon

ATTN DU Misties with Broadband!: All MST3K Eps on Youtube

Tigers!!!! ahead 2-1 damn...

Just got back from a party for Nicole Parra (D-CA) Ask me anything!

So what are you drinking tonight?

The father appreciation thread

Memory lane...

If ignorance is bless?

WOOO! Yankees fuckin SUCK!!!!

"We got married in a fever . . . ."

Okay, I'm bored...

Football player just named Homecoming Queen....

Anybody else notice any similarities between Battlestar Galactica

I just told my cat to get off the table 8 times in two hours, she just

What do you think of Jimmy Buffett,

Fire and Rain - James Taylor.

Here is the song that killed all the hair bands.

Well it's a marvelous night for a moondance

Rare experience: North Mississippi All Stars at Holman's Restaurant

Why is the National Anthem performed before sporting events?

Our CD is finally available on CD Baby!

Tell me about where you live! Post 5 good things and 5 bad ones.

1991 Buick LeSabre

Good thoughts and prayers needed, 3:40 PM PST, 10/7/06

So what are folks going as for Halloween?

It's too quiet in here! Dance Party!

DUer Mabus has strong magic.

Well my MN Twins rolled over and died quietly...which means...

For post 17,000 I give you a picture of Me!

Who do you think should win project runway?

Has anyone heard of 'Fat Tire' beer?

Daily Show - Even Stevphens - Religion

Dobson's values aren't family values (LTTE)

Historic church faces possible closure as it celebrates 164 years

I came out at church last sunday and that is why I asked about open

Maryland Students Protest in Support of Jewish Officer

U of A science is the BOMB:

life on Titan ?

Negro League great Buck O'Neil, 94, dies

First Female West Point Graduate Death In Iraq

Hey gang - anyone preserve the Warner-Kerry debate on withdrawal?

Texas Hill Country Trees

Rep. Harman (D-CA) demands release of 'grim' Iraq intel report

wanna go trollin? have some fun? look at the Wichita Eagle's op line

If you really want to thank Keith---->

Who here on the DU think the replugs care about veterans and the troops

Open the Closets on Capitol Hill

James Baker raging on PBS w/Charlie Rose.

Worse than FoleyGate-Denny Hastert's dodgy real estate deals. (TNR)

BUSH CONCEDES IRAQ FAILURE-But Will Lie About It Till After Election

Is John Warner running for President?

I just found out that my nephew is going back to Iraq

Perhaps you didn't notice Justice Douglas' thoughts on habeas corpus

I want to Share My Very First Political Cartoon !!!

Loyalty Oaths as a Precondition for Voting.

NY-20 John Sweeney formed Fund Comm WITH FOLEY 2 WEEKS AGO: PROM!!

Head On Radio Friday Best of Mike Malloy! Truthseekers Check In

Hannity and Pat CADDELL, what a COUPLE!!!1


Helen Thomas Podcast on Foley events

Rep. Chris Cannon says it's the parents' fault...

Dateline NBC is going to comment on Foley on their To Catch a Predator

Rice says Iraq making progress

Robin Williams is similar to Olbermann, but his schtick is

Shimkus seeks apology from Pelosi, Durbin

Auditors, Day Traders, Energy traders, what does this mean?

Bradley Whitford on Leno mentioning Foley:


Bet that plant in Apex, NC was located in a mostly poor, mostly minority

Accused GOP Pedophile Ties DA to Blackmail Plot

Staffer Cites Earlier Role by Hastert's Office:Confrontation With Foley

Watch this film clip and kiss the words "Fair Elections" GOODBYE!

a myspace bulletin i saw, regarding Chavez (need some insight)

Does the Foley scandal prove the existence of a God?

Foley threads keep getting locked over at RR, Very funny!

We have the truth on our side

Too bad Foley didn't know about this:

ITN reporter was shot by US soldiers, inquest told

Nashville: Voter registrations faked in GOP drive.

There is an awesome harvest moon out tonight

Appeal Filed in Bilbray Election Challenge - Friday, 6 October 2006, 12:18

Have you noticed how sad and downcast most pundits look when

Webb Shifts Debate to Iraq, Urging Diplomacy to End War

Tomorrow evening's 06 debates on CSPAN1

A single shot rang out...

Ohio State Sen. David Goodman (R): " I don't need this job"

Play chess on your nearest e-voting machine

Cluster Bombs and the New York Times

*LA Times Cover-Up? New Publisher w/Rumsfeld & Reagan connection*

Nashville: Voter registrations faked in GOP drive.

Newbies...want to know why I hate this administration ?..let's go back

At midnight, it will be one month until the November midterm elections.

Democrats Abroad, Paris Caucus and the "French resistance" (pics)

VIDEO: Outfoxed wishes Fox News a Happy Birthday

Neil cavauto on whait it means to be fair and balanced

"Bill (Maher) On The Hill" tonight at 10pm CT, HBO, and guests:

Rahm vs. Reynolds on ABC This Week, Sunday

Foley is the kind of guy I spent 20 years trying to keep away from my kids

youtube has worldcantwait protest videos

Did anyone here post this report that FOX"news"sat on the Foley story too?

Neil cavuto on what it means to be fair and balanced

French Customs Find 'Esctasy' Tablets in (Jimmy) Buffett's Suitcase

When Is a Terrorist "Mastermind" Not a Terrorist? (Posada Carriles)

DU your Thangggggggg

"Riding with the Bad Boys" - The rise of Iraqi death squads

If the Dem's had the EMails... Why didn't they wait until closer

A wingnut's reaction to Keith

***Real Time with Bill Maher at 11pm EST***

Release of Iraq Report Sought:Jane Harman's letter to CIA

CAPTION this scary, winking Devil:

At the start of the Iraq war: over 1000 western journalists...

Anyone else's kids get invites to the 'good news club' from their school?

I got my flu shot today

Stephen King (And John Grishom) Slap Down Nancy Grace


Rove throws his aide Susan Ralston overboard

The two faces of Iraq

Dragging out old VHS tapes - re-watching the 2000 sElection...

Anybody watching Larry King?

Her Glass May Be Half Full...

Foley and all those other predators....a story that has legs and is runnin

Is the U.S. Training Iraqi Death Squads to Fight the Insurgency?

Velvet Mafia?


"La Page Aux Foley": excellent summary post of Foleygate events:

How NBC treats protesters in Massachusetts

Check out this fuckin "Bryce" FASCIST page on Larry King

A Bit of Advice for Denny Hastert...

1,200 Iraqi cops suspended for suspected links to death squads

Toon: "I was molested myself, once"

The FEC has a few questions for Tom DeLay!


A difference of opinion...

I just realized that my daughter lives in Foley's district ...

Please, CT, don't re-inflict this Bush-kisser on the US Senate

The ACLU never quits (thnakfully). I did quit,...and I'll tell you why.

Great quote from Mark Klaas re Foley on Olbermann:

Media continues to report Hastert's charge that Dems are behind Foley scan

Republican television ad links Democratic to Communist party.

If the FBI squelched any investigation re: Foley, could there be trouble

Marck Klaas Ripped Foley And The Repugnicants A New One

Give a helping hand to the candidates running the Lie/Die TV ad

Let's put things in perspective

Senior repugs 'despondent' (RE: Foley), per Richard Wolfe on KO.

Hmm... Maybe Page Reform Could Initiate Congressional Reform !!!

(VIDEO) The ad every Democrat should remake and run

My Brother-In-Law's Grandfather died last night during a home invasion.

Alexandria, Arlington, DC Dems Should Prepare to Host...

HAHAHA- Newsbusters worst persons in the world

Dateline: Predator scoop-up again (CBS 2) 9:00

Question on relatives, cousins etc

Eliminating "Don't ask, Don't Tell" should be high priority next Congress

On PBS now...images of the Iraq War.

Bush To Foley - "This Big - Honest"

What percentage of Americans think Hastert should resign?

Foley Could Face Charges in Some States

Soldiers in Iraq asking: 'Why are we here?'

Soldier fighting in Iraq also fights for his U.S. citizenship

Rethug Closet Cases Enlisted to Attack!

Report: Thousands wrongly on terror list

Google in talks to buy YouTube for 1.6 billion dollars

Polly Klaas' dad will be a guest on Countdown

Does Hillary Perform "Frist-ercisms" Too?

So, uh, what happened to Drudge's "prank" story? Are they backing away

SONG PARODY: What's Up, Dubyah? (Non-Foley-based humor!)

Did any house Republican or Republican staff consult with:

Patrick McHenry...Wingnut Hatchet Man

LA TIMES pub. is RW "hatchet man" with ties to Judge Roberts and Ken Starr

So the GOP sends the Democrats a letter about the Foley Scandal.

Hastert bribed by Abramoff on Marianas - Hastert enabled sex slavers for $

AP: Former Negro League star Buck O'Neil dies at 94. Details to come

Real time with Robin Williams.....Now n/t

Bush Sr. is no humanitarian

The Heartbreak of the churches stance on Anti-Choice

Just passed 5000 posts


Went to Vomitville, brought this back for you:

TPM: Hastert's Chief of Staff Is In A Heap of Trouble (Scott Palmer)

Do you support radio ads which attack Republicans?

* * * *As seen on DU, October 6, 2016* * * *

Did anyone watch Battlestar Galactica? OMG! It's a metaphor

Book TV Schedule: October 7th - 9th

If you like the "Had Enough?" ads...

Marc Klaas on Keith Olbermann show

very minor change, and this could be said in 1998

Let's just call him "Jabba The Hastert" from now on...

Few things are funnier than listening to right wingers insist that because

Colo. Gov Poll Shows Democrat Leading

Jinkses the cat - I don't want to tip my hat - don't jinx me - says Foley

Dateline: Predator scoop-up again (CBS 2) 9:00

I would love to see a law that says,..

In House Races, More G.O.P. Seats Are Seen at Risk

The Cook Political Report

Dateline shows Foley crediting Dateline

Are we really this afraid?

Jim Baker interestingly has showed up on Charlie Rose show (3)

It's only typical that Bush is rallying around Hastert

Notice corporate networks - they are not showing face of Ralston.

Marc Klaas went after the Republicans on Countdown

AP (gone wild): "Hastert Learned from Wrestling" (to take the blame).

GOP Blows Through $8 Million in ONE DAY to Attack Dems

White House aide with ties to Abramoff resigns (better headline than

Will Has-terd get flushed?

Bush, Pubs, Pub Media Whores are TEACHING a whole Generation

AP: (Katherine) Harris Calls Dem's Policies Unchristian

Real Time, No Real Chemistry

How wonderful Kerry sounded

Man, is Tom Reynolds ever spending money FAST!

Hastert question. GOP strategy in key races. (TPM Election Central)


Lieberman Grilled at SCSU Campus Stop

Whats up with this Lenny Davis

Federal budget deficit drops to $250 Billion

Some SUBSTANTIVE discussion of Susan Ralston

A Freeper's Guide to Family Values

"Tracker Torture, Episode 2" - Fun with a Webb Volunteer

McLaughlin Group starting on my PBS - 10PM eastern

It is quite possible at this point that the Dems will have 51 Senate seats

Rate these campaign videos from (D) Tom Wyka for Congress

Deep down, what do you think is really going to happen in Nov, 06?

Garrison Keillor blasts those who voted for the torture amendment.

Andy Card's Cousin Says Bush Administration Had Her Illegally Jailed

George W. Bush has a crowd of skeletons in his closet

Illegal Immigrants Sue Wendy's

Censoring .. Is No Way to Fight Terrorism (reaction to Redeker Islam dump)

GEORGE MCGOVERN: the Way out of War

Median household income now less than it was in 1999.

Is it Time for a Bloodless Revolution?

New Wall Not Expected to Stop Migrants

HARPERS: Our terrorist who blew up an airliner

Great wall to seal off Iraq

Torture debate: Chief Justice lays down law (Australia)

A Conversation With Mark Crispin Miller

Foley Case Upsets Tough Balance by Capitol Hillís Gay Republicans

Who is Scott Palmer? (Lawrence O'Donnell)

Be afraid, America. Be very afraid

Days as congressional page shaped Reno grad

Foley to Escape Punishment by His Peers

Do-Nothing Congress

E&P: WP Editor Downie: Everyone in Our Newsroom Wants to Be a Blogger

Staffer Cites Earlier Role by Hastert's Office

US no-fly list includes 14 long-dead 9/11 hijackers

The "Media": America's Achilles' Heel

'Black Friday' effect of Internet gambling measure fuels exodus

Torture plane was here (Portugal)

Rescue Day for Carnivorous Plants


A couple of questions...

PNAC chief-criminal Bill Kristol confronted at U of Texas

message received, stand by for transmission...

Conspiracy Fact: The Bush Administration Planned 9/11

Voter Confidence Committee Presents Peter B. Collins (w/Brad, Guv, others)

My 5 Ken Blackwell True False questions for a Flash movie feedback needed

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sat. Oct 7, 2006

Herculian effort by rumple, VOTE UP THE ERD NOW- soldiers. . . . do it..

Manitoba closes highway overpass

40th Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan: report

Bleeding Afghanistan: Washington, Warlords and the Propaganda of Silence

U.S. embassy attack 'was planned in Saudi Arabia'.

'Black Friday' effect of Internet gambling measure fuels exodus

Cunningham's Wife to Pay $1.6M in Taxes

Abe (Japan) risks China fury over war comments (pardon of war criminals)

Canada in protest over rendition (Canadian man deported to Syria)

Thousands misidentified on terror watch lists

Illegal Immigrants Sue Wendy's

US medic jailed over Iraq killing

'SHOT IN THE HEAD BY U.S':Witness claims Americans killed newsman Lloyd

US medic jailed over Iraq murder

Group: U.S. had secret prison in Germany

Ex-Enron executive gets 2 years' probation

Canada to Protest Treatment of Suspect (by US)

AP Freed inmates lobby against death penalty (against WI referendum)

BBC: Blair promises 'more for troops' (in Afghanistan)

Has anyone seen Death of a President?

Wall Street's political cash favors Democrats (Reuters)

Fine (MN-5 GOP candidate) had record (of hitting wife) expunged

NYT: Harvard Law Decides to Steep Students in 21st-Century Issues

NYT,pg1: Film on Pedophile Priest Revives Focus on L.A.'s Cardinal Mahony

AP: Bomb Kills NATO Soldier in Afghanistan

Turkey may hit back at France with Algeria 'Genocide' law.

AP - Sailor 'shocked' by killing of Iraqi

E&P: WP Editor Downie: Everyone in Our Newsroom Wants to Be a Blogger

(Turkish) Skyjacker Seeks Popeís Assistance

Palestinian Islamic extremist shot dead in south Lebanon

Days as congressional page shaped Reno grad

Soldiers question when Iraqis will take the lead

Foley to Escape Punishment by His Peers

U.K. tried to curb U.S. on Iraq, ex-minister says

Judge: Doctor a Conscientious Objector

Journalist, Putin critic shot dead

"Researchers attack e. coli at source" using bacteriophages

Senate Democrat says Afghanistan, Iraq need more resources

Second Source Tells ABC of Earlier Role by Hastert's Office

Stephanie Decries Condom Use Opposition (by Catholic Church)

WP: Mars Rover Opportunity's Panoramas of Martian Crater Thrill Scientists

Battling Power of Incumbency, and Feeling Left to Fight Alone

Kurds and insurgents 'close to truce deal'

LAT: FDA Budget Malnourished: Food and drug safety threatened

CNN: Suicide bomb rips Tal Afar; bullet-riddled bodies found

Kennedy: We Owe it to the Kids-(headline from talk/front page Chico paper)

AP: McGovern Library Dedicated in S.D.

Polling Station Moved Citing Religious Concerns (OH)

Bon Jovi, Bill Clinton announce plans to restore homes in Philadelphia

Democrats launch new Foley offensive against Republicans

Threats to Iran unacceptable: Russia foreign ministry

NYT/AP: Bushes Celebrate Christening of Carrier U.S.S. George H.W. Bush

Rosamond Carr, saved Rwandan orphans, dies

Reports Undercut Hastert on Foley Timeline

Air Quality in Singapore Plunges

Italian prosecutors aim to charge 26 CIA agents over abduction

Buck OíNeil dies

Sadr City outraged over 'Buddy Jesus' (aka Kevin Smith's 'Buddy Christ')

Marine Base Seeks Missing Laptop

Marine Scientists Report Massive "Dead Zones"

Rumsfeld Shift Lets Army Seek Larger Budget

Fine (GOP House candidate from MN) had record expunged

Newsweek: A Political Limbo - How low can the Republicans go? (Bush 33%)

Warning shots fired at Korea border (Reuters)

NYT: Warnerís Iraq Remarks Surprise White House

Tensions Mount Over North Korean Threat

Patty Wetterling Delivers Democratic Radio Address (text and audio link)

Foley incident stirs up a stereotype about gay men

In defensive move, Reynolds launches ads on scandal

'United 93' used to support war

Jeb Bush gets rude welcome(Pittsburgh-Forced In To Closet)

TIME: Castro Is Reported to Have Cancer

Venezuela Official Calls Bush 'Monster' (not Hugo)

NYT -- Hillary Clinton Hits Road to Support Party

NYT/AP: Russian Journalist Found Dead

India may gain 10 million jobs from outsourcing

Taliban back, using Iraq-style violence

2 jets just miss colliding at LAX

I want my spinach, dammit!!!

anyone else having a super rad night?

I left all my damn bedding in the washer again!

the youtube great video thread made me realize



Best reason to be awake for over an hour?

A geek/movie goer....

hey folks, whos still up late?

Lets Go Mets!!!!!

How do you know when Bush, Cheney, Rummy, or Condi are lying?

Found a cool new kitchen gadget yesterday.

Good Saturday morning, DU!

Congratulations cal04!! 10,000 posts


We got "corned' last night! (copy-cats invited)

It's all about the D, BABY!

OK, Last night I think I may have had the ultimate drunk food.

Crazy Drunk Rob

Anyone else noticing glitches on DU this morning?

Sports fan names newborn son ESPN

Need anti-Bush and Anti-Rep slogans, sayings, quips etc

Who Is ...

Another Highway Patrol/State Trooper question:

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 10/7/06)

Here's to the Sooners...

A cheetah,a bay,a flower,3 terrorist(sarcasm),and a butterfly

Funnies for math teachers, et al.

$800 to get a cat's teeth cleaned? Re: Daddy's accident/lost teeth

I am freaking. My sweet young fellow from last weekend emailed me.

I got the day off of work!!! YAY!!

Do you bite your toenails?

A word to the wise:


A beautiful, mesmerizing, and just COOL video.

LSU Tigers vs FL Gators.....HIT THE LIGHTS.....

one of my friends just got home from afghanistan yesterday!!!

Favorite Band member?

Matcom would be so proud of me!!!

OptiMINDization by Stephen Pierce

Phineas J. Whoopie..Was he actually the greatest??

In coherent ramble

Does Dr. Pepper pay attention to the lyrics?

JAZZ with Jessica on 89.1 - post requests here

I am thinking of moving out of the United States...

The Official OSU Game Thread! (With Pics)

Congratulations leftofthedial!! 25,000 posts

Owie. I think I twisted my ankle really bad.

Hey look; over there!

New Portable Toilets To Be Announced

How the hell do you cultivate a social life in a strange town?

*achooo!* I cleaning my room, good lord it's nasty.

My mentee discovered Pink Floyd recently

You have no idea how hard it is to canvass votes with

I don't see one black face in Tiger Stadium (in the stands, anyway)

myspace background image question

You're dangerous 'cause you're honest

Question now in Washington: How do you separate the men from the boys?

The Wager

Heh heh, overcast on a saturday..........

Samuel L. Jackson anime trailer up.

8 police cars down the street and a chopper overhead

Guys in their BOOM-BOOM cars

Good Darthkitten / Evil Darthkitten -

Anyone see "US vs John Lennon" yet?

I had a sandwich with "au jus" sauce today.

What is a "performance shoe?"


looks like SAGA of MSSU will have National Coming Out Day Observance

Congratulations rodeodance!! 50,000 posts

Wow. Go Texas.

How cool are the Tigers?

Steve Trachsel gets his cance to be more than just a comma in Mets history

Official ALCS (Detroit Tigers vs. Oakland A's) Prediction Thread:

What's for dinner tonight?

WHAT is my cat trying to TELL me?

Happy birthday crispini & Dulcinea!!


Farrah Fawcett battling cancer

I'm DJing at my campus radio station tonight! post requests here!

My puppy says

Bye all. Headed next door for Corinne's birthday party. She's 3.

TV: "Smith," "Kidnapped," & "Happy Hour" on the chopping block

You read it here first: YANKEES LOSE!!!

I sure wish someone would start a picture thread...


My laptop is alive...ALIVE!!!!

Such a sweet and playful little cat. (Dial-up warning)

HOW is it POSSIBLE the YANKEES lost?

If you smoked tobacco and quit, how did you do it? Was it

OU-Texas coming up at 2:30


I'm cooking my ass off this weekend! yay!

Anyone watch Dateline's "To Catch a Predator"

Auburn's going down!!!

I'm scared, someone hold me... (Marvel BABIES??!!??)

Tigers beat the Yanks!! 8-3! You can't buy a World Series, you

Kiity-know-it-alls...HELP! This guy needs you:

Do you have a job that is easy to leave at work?

The 2nd Annual Get "Skinner To Notice This Thread" Thread

Can DU help me with some info? re: Unitarian Church

Torture violates religious teaching, should be abolished

Biblical Archaeology

Defining Deity for debate and discussion.

Woman Dedicates Her Virginity to Jesus

Liberally religious people & philosophical atheists - "Truth"

Cricket machine masters bowling

Ig Nobel awards announced!

Is Evolution selecting out Religion?

The answer to the church over Marriage

U of Arizona Wildcats throw the long bomb:

LOOK what someone put up: A great VISUALIZATION for the future!!

Veterans Head Up Again New Phone Scam--- Depolyment

My nephew is here after serving in Iraq, and I need some advice

Can someone pour me a STIFF DRINK?????

What's the purpose in posting this?

Could people push this post (if they think it's good)

I'm back from the netherworld

Rosenberg on TPM Cafe wondering about Carville betraying Kerry

Look what I just found: Kerry Edwards campaign train video

Fire up your Photo Editor......itís pic challenge time

Guy Fawkes, can he rescue us?

FYI: TX Governor Debate on CSPAN now, 1pmCT. nt

'Murican's Are NOT Stupid/Shallow/Ignorant - So STOP Saying That!

Bush, Gatsby, Oprah and Hip Consumer Culture

Pages Declared Enemy Combatants & Sent To Guantanamo

Robin Williams' "Man Of The Year" could be an important film

Another chance to read intense letter to Bush by DUer , Karl.

Demented musings from the far right.

a map of death

Halliburton and RIO Contract (Restore Iraqi Oil)

FBI Cover-Up on Inaction on Foley Emails - FBI Lied to Reporters

As mush as I love polls

Question About Filling Out Voter Registration

This is how hard up the enlistment is for the Army/Nat'l. Guard....

Only 38% in TIME poll now support President Bush's decision to invade Iraq

Same song, different scandal

Ethics Investigators

smirk's man pope Ratty has made a decision on Limbo

Matthews let Republicans push Conspiracy Theories about Foley Scandal

A Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

Pirates of the Mediterranean (NYT)

WP/AP: Hint at what's been going on behind the scenes at Libby trial

GOP Raises Religion in Court Race, Calling Democrat an Atheist

Since Sex sells ...will the media look into Jeff Gannon and all his visits

Kirk Fordham won't be the last closeted gay Repug outed by Folie scandal

Viral Bumper Sticker Campaign -

NC 8th District All Tied Up!!!!!

I need a few good stem cell research links

Talking Points Memo - GOP "meme neutralizer":

A Political Opportunity for Women

Funnies for math teachers, et al.

"Schieffer Stresses Need for Free Press" - hidden in entertainment section

Walmart and gays...

NYT,pg1: Film on Pedophile Priest Revives Focus on L.A.'s Cardinal Mahony

"Election Day Begins, Goes All Month Long"

M. Dowd: Death by Instant Message-as if your id had a typewriter ...

Are you satisfied that a sex scandal will apparently bring down the GOP?

What do the following three people have in common? (tinfoil fans only)

Dem candidate jabs GOP over Foley matter

Why is it that I have to go to a church to vote?

Ronald Reagan Says It's OK to Switch Registration from R to D

Imagine Ted Kennedy sending 'overly friendly' emails to a 16 yr old girl?

New Republican rallying call: The Soviet Union didn't do any better

If This Is True, Then Hastert Is Lying & Should Be Removed.

Two Huge Blatant LIES from the GOP that Democrats have never addressed

Republicans have been in charge of everything for a while

Story about Foley connection with Scientology. Figures!!

Mitch the Moral Midget (Sung to Puff the Magic Dragon)

Mark Foley and the shootings of little girls in Co and PA.

Has anyone seen Death of a President?

Verdict date postponed for Saddam Hussein...

Silly question: Where is Mark Foley?

Brit Hume questions Bill Clinton ...

The idiot son of an asshole is christening a ship to the asshole.

RAW obtains Foley probe letter sent to House members

E.J. Dionne Hurls Boulder Through GOP "Family Values" Facade

Despair at UN over selection of 'faceless' general secretary

John Stewart "THE COMMA"

October surprise?

Pa_lease Let Us Not Have Hastert Resign ...

Matthews let Republican tag team push conspiracy theories about purported

On habeas corpus (and Freep this poll!)

Did the top general in Iraq say "We've got to get the fuck out of here?"

Newsweek Poll: 52% think Hastert covered up for Foley

Today is gonna be BFEE day (photo)

Coach jailed on porn charges... (Where else...Florida)

Cable "News" Bimbo is claiming that the economy has become...

Anyone see Polly Klaas' father on Larry King Live?

How Many watch PBS NewsHour? And do you think it is balanced?

On Our Experience With The Duty To Warn About Our Suspicions Of Abuse.


Repug Talking Heads - MIA - where are the usual repugs

Tony blows a Snow job in Cincy, stumps for "I don't know nuttin'!" Schmidt

Where did all this "thank you for your leadership" stuff come from?

Is The Government Reading Our Mail Too?

Europe Today: A Study in Success

At least 25 killed in violence across Iraq

Foley TOONS that I haven't seen in other DU threads (Dialup warning)

MLK had a Dream. I have nightmares.

Second Republican Congressman Snared In Page Sex Scandal?

BUT...BUT...BUT...William Jefferson Hid $90K In His Freezer!!!!!!!

Karl Rove is now in charge of Foley damage control

Jack Kingston will be making the rounds on the cable channels

US Occupation of Afghanistan: No Progress in Five Years

Bush is Lord

Rumsfeld cites progress in Afghanistan

LAT: Al Qaeda "consolidating and expanding its reach" in Iraq

House Democrats MUST respond to Repuke Foley strategy

$1K offered for info about "Right Wing Trespassing Thief"


No court-martial for Army deserter

Law Enforcement should be in charge of Election security ,Are they?

Whats going to happen to N. Korea after they test a nuclear weapon?

Wesley Clark joins Lamont on the campaign trail

It had to be known that republicans would simply blame all around...

WH Spokesman Sells Siding In Iowa

"Cold War Shivers": Middle East and Central Asia

Text This: Words Alone Can Violate Federal Obscenity Laws

Moronic C-Span Caller

CNN: The Most Trusted Name in News?

LOL has anybody been to the Birthday Card section-- Bush and Cheney cards

Heckuva funny video clip of desperate Repub

Bush Kings Christen Pernicious Symbol Of Their Militaristic Legacies Today

McCain under fire for fundraiser for guy who knew about Foleygate

Prisoner abuse by U.S. Guantanamo guards described

It will take many years to clean up this Republican mess...

I spoke to Richard Viguerie on CSPAN yesterday Friday.

Tony Snow: Foley scandal doesn't matter.

Idiot caller on C-Span asking for Armageddon in order to stop it

So, The New Robin Williams Movie Deals With Electronic Voting?

What did the Dems know and when did they know it?

Washington Journal asking about Pelosi's 100 hour plan

Chemicals for explosives, rocket launcher, found in house raids in England

How many work for a corporation?

Republicans are now rallying around Hastert.

Walk-On Photo Op Not To Be Forgotten - 7 Oct 06

WI debate for gubenatorial candidates--interesting because Doyle's

US Detention Camps, Bush's "New Programs" and REX-84

Powerful You Tube Video on Bush's lies

Keenan Wynn would've been the perfect Dem candidate for our times.

Notice Wingnuts' Language Manipulation

The Republican are screwed

abu-ghraib detainee tells his story

And we would've gotten away with it but for meddling those kids...

Al Franken and a surreal political world last night.

For Those About To Iraq: Al-Waleed bin Talal's Army of Arabic Pop Stars

Do you consider yourself an extremist? I don't.

Seizures of radioactive materials fuel "dirty bomb" fears

The Wager I'm Happy I Lost

OU-Texas coming up at 2:30

You want STRANGE right wing living arrangements - remember this?

The greatest threat to our national security

The absolute has moved into the fortress of the absurd

WTF?!? Pelosi and Emmanuel have to "clear their names" over Foleygate?

Catalan candidate offers 'naked truth' (pic)

Iran behind Rice's Mid-East tour: From the BBC

Foley Case Upsets Tough Balance by Capitol Hillís Gay Republicans - NYT

Parents heads UP: the choking game aka "space monkey" read this:

An expensive fight for Fox, Drudge and others.

AP: Fawcett Remains Positive Despite Cancer

Major Chains Refuse to Play Bush Death Film

I think I'm actually starting to hate the name "George"

Caption * from today's ship christening

I am changing my avatar to honor Pittsburgh re: Jebbie

Wow a Letter I found in

'United 93' used to support war

Need advice regarding an AWOL soldier

Drudge DC Update: ďProtecting our Politicians from Pages ActĒ introduced

I spent some time phone banking today

BlogActive will 'out' Hastert staffer on Monday..and every Monday.

DU help .... I be dumb .... young knowledge please

Pelosi says she would drain GOP 'swamp'

Caption Chimpy and Foley!

(VIDEO) Real Time panel discuss Man Of The Year, e-voting

and here's a well thought out comment on my toon....

Santorum getting desperate - False ads against Casey

Barbara Bush to campaign in Boca, dahhhhling. $1000. for a photo

Breaking: Bush at 33%

American Spectator is circulating an horrific lie about Pelosi... this is

Tower Records Is History: Liquidation Sale Starts Today

Useful Guide to Understanding Where All That Stuff Comes From

Can Someone Explain Why Who GOP'ers Live With Matters?

What 9/11 REALLY changed...

Wiley's Non Sequitur: getting out of the forest by going in deeper - WOW!

October 7th 2006 in Iraq

Run for office? Do I LOOK crazy?

"America was created by whites for whites"

Trial May Hurt Ohio GOP On Election Day (Noe) - Seattle PI

AP: Time Warner Renegotiating CNN's Contract With Republican Party

What has Chomsky's response to Chavez's indorsement been?

Foley's Rehab and Amends

Woman Dedicates Her Virginity to Jesus

Help me dispel a couple of what I think are myths.

WP,pg1, 5/29/05: Hastert and Scott Palmer, with photo

AP: Speaker Hastert Claims He Was Molested By Bill Clinton

WP: Robin Williams, The Mouth of The Potomac

The next shoe to drop? Trandahl was fired after confronting Foley!

I met

are there homeless people in other wealthy nations ?

Being Gay in Utah VIDEO >>>

Read about 2nd Republican congressman snared in page sex scandal?

Isn't She Just The Sweetest Old Granny You Have Ever Seen???

What the heck is Newtie up to? I just came back in

2739 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Say: Has Gannon/Guckert/Whatever shown up lately?

"The Secret Letter From Iraq", good read.

Hilarious dramatic readings of Foley's IMs! (Videos)

Its Time To Vote For The 2006 "Heck of a Job" Award!!

35 states now allow voting before Nov. 7

Nice front page on right now:

Mike Malloy on MSNBC, Sunday

Hang down your head, Mark Foley

Close Ohio race gets dose of Foley on Christian radio

The more I learn about Mark Foley, the more he offends me

Must Read: President Bush asserts power to edit privacy reports

Sunday news shows guest list

An evening of 06 debates coming up on CSPAN1 tonght

Protesters Corner Jeb Bush in Pa.

Republican Sex Scandals-what a bunch of sleazebuckets!

Reyonds is saying in his new ad that he "forced" Foley to resign.

It seems to me that the only way to approach neutralizing Clinton's

Source Undercuts Hastert on Foley Timeline

Meet an American tragedy from the war in Iraq and one guy who said no

Oooooo, Kean and Menendez get into it today--- down and dirty.

Well DUH! Reep Congress has been wacking off for 5 years? This is NEWS?

Corker / Ford, Jr debate tonight....

AP: Sandra Day O'Connor to Sit on Appeals Panel

Mike Malloy to be on MSNBC 2PM ET Sunday 10/08

The blogoshpere has not dropped Lamont...

Why do they still run on being "moral conservatives"?

TN Senate: Harold Ford To Debate Bob Corker At 7 CST CSPAN

I noticed something on my radio a year or two ago. Fortunate Son

Castro Foe With C.I.A. Ties Puts U.S. in an Awkward Spot

Would you ever seriously consider leaving the US?

From Buzzflash:Stunner: Abramoff Bomb Lands In Karl Rove's Office

South African Nobel peace laureate Desmond Tutu celebrates 75th birthday

Why was Buck O'Neil denied entrance in the Hall of Fame?

Ten Pranks You Can Play on a Child Predator:

Will the Bush coincidence do the Yankees in today?

Republicans searching desperately for a Democratic "scandal"?

TennesseeGuerillaWomen: Protest Dobson's Anti-Gay Rally in Nashville 10/16

How Long Until Mediawhores Put "D" For Dem After Hastert's Name?

My Birthday is one month from today, Nov 7th - ya know what I WANT?

Making people listen to Kieth...

Brian Wilson, who knew he had gained that much weight and worked for FOX?

I'm Bursting! I Just Had A House Party W/3 Levels Of Gov't. Represented!

I was thrilled today

Another Day Of Conflict In BigSky Country

Shove Studds back at them...

Recognizing Trauma in all our war veterans

America ponders cutting Iraq in three

Wonder if Jeff Gannon is somehow involved with this Foley mess?

Signing Statement Watch - Bush rejects minimum experience to lead FEMA

Extremist? I think not.

does anyone agree that Laura Bush looks pissed all the time?

What if I wanted to vote for Foley?

I am watching the Blue Angels fly right in front of my house.

The reason why Ned Lamont hasn't closed the deal in CT is simple

Americablog: "Second Republican congressman snared in page sex scandal?"

Cannon jumps into Foley mess 'Precocious kids' comment triggers outburst

awesome clip of Malloy on You-tube...worth watching

I'm leaving in an hour to get in line to see Helen Thomas! EEEK!

I have been reading State of Denial and let me tell you

Sen. Macaca Joins the BFEE for the USS GHW Bush Send off...

Foleygate Is Also About Sexual Harrassment In The Workplace

Help me out here..Page was 18 years old?

Why couldn't people couldn't figure this out themselves?

War/violence has been the cause of ethnic/culturual success

Let's work hard to help elect Lamont again

Freepers going ape over Pelosi marching with NAMBLA (w/ no evidence!)

Once the dust settles, who will the Republicans blame for their downfall?

Sun Micro founder big on ethanol

Great George Carlin video clip

The rock star of the Democratic Party was in KC this morning

Come out of the closet Jeb! (Hysterical!)

Interesting photo essay on Congressional Pages from

Deserter will not be charged, lawyer says. Heah!!

The Christening of Battleship Bush

Kennebunkport Kleptocrats

TOONS (animated) ----- > BUSH IN FREE FALL! ------- >

Your best Bush quotation or Bush slogans

WH Counsel Stops Investigating Ralston's Help of Abramoff Because She Quit

Bush approval 33%

The Pelosi Plan

(VIDEO) Mike Malloy on MSRNC on Friday

who is this: Rep, Patrick McHenry (R-North Carolina) goof-ball...

Will Defense spending bankrupt our nation like the USSR?

Bob Schieffer Stresses Need for Free Press

Horror of Horrors: What happens if the PUBs RETAIN their POWER?

"To Catch a Predator," Foley, and habeas corpus.

When you see young people campaigning for Republicans - hand them this

Kentucky Kleptocrats: Don't Smoke Mitch and Elaine's Dope

Halliburton/KBR Blocks Troops' Access to Battlestar Galactica

Why has the blogosphere dropped Lamont like a hot potato?


I predict Hastert and OTHER heads will ROLL next week - the heat IS ON...

Teen Jailed for Swearing at School

Why Fox remains No. 1 in cable news

The Secret Letter From Iraq

The Republican Party in Freefall....

LTTE: Pages should wear burqas as to avoid tempting weak willed

He's got Scientology Eyes

A Nation Still at War* by Cindy Sheehan

"War is the terrorism of the rich and powerful...

Gay Activist Blog: Allen's Office is the "Gayest Place on Capitol Hill"!!

(Jeff Trandahl) "He seemed to suddenly disappear in a puff of smoke."

Hastert lives with his Chief of Staff Scott Palmer? Odd, but, oh well.

Betcha You Didn't Know! Bushco Strikes in Secret....

Tomorrow will be the day. We will know about November after tomorrow.

The 2006 Midterms, "All you can eat!"

KERRY Was NOT Going To Concede Ohio-Carville Tipped Bush Off!!!

I laminated my poster.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Bush with Foley!!!! Caption Pic:

Pelosi: " 'We donít have time for that (impeachment)"

GOP GetOutTheVote organization heavily dependent on data mining

It looks like 30 days might be about right.

Let's have President Pelosi!

Pryce/Kilroy race - OH15

Blitzer grills Webb on 1979 article, gives Allen a pass on "macaca"

Iraq for sale--the war profiteers a film by Robert Greenwald

BBC - Iran behind Rice's Mid-East tour

The Week in Political Cartoons

W.H. Page Foley encouraged to "strip & relax" will speak w/ Feds next week

A simple truth : The Democrats are better at governing than the Repubs...

Latest Cook Political Report shows 43 House Republican seats in danger

Senator Lieberman is Abusing Detainees

Run, Democrats, Run

Dem rspnse to W Saturday---Wetterling, from MN

PORTLAND: Dean will join Democrats in door-to-door campaign

Regarding: The Scandal

AP: Rumsfeld Cites Progress in Afghanistan

Fox's John Gibson on Pelosi's proposal for "draining the GOP swamp"

Gingrinch lies: Republican sex scandals worse than Democratic ones

NPR: Foley Story Wasn't Reported, Until It Was

Condi's snag-filled trip to ME-----she missed a photoOP with big six.

'United 93' used to support war

Per Newsweek, dimson now down to 33% approval. So, how low

connecting a few dots re hastert/foley/fordham:

Victim Advocates, Fla. Diocese Urge Foley to Name Alleged Abuser

Bush**s poll numbers: EVERYBODY LIMBO!

Finally: US trusts Dems more than Repubs on moral values & terror!

FBI Cover-Up on Inaction on Foley Emails - FBI Lied to Reporters

Cruella: Nelson doesn't act like a Christian

Take the SENATE, or GWB will nominate another to SCOTUS

Democrats against the "war on drugs"?

Mark Foley isn't to blame!

Query on child molesting and heterosexuality.

"October Surprise' This Week

The "Media": America's Achilles' Heel

A Dem with Balls ! Calls out the Repuke at his own Presser

Conspiracy Fact: The Bush Administration Planned 9/11

As mush as I love polls

Kristol's Foley answer: ban gays from the Boy Scouts

Need some help finding a thread...

Fox: "The Democrats could take the House, the Senate or both"

As much as I love polls

Of course the Neocons would love to control Iran's oil, but look at facts

Republicans on panel have ties to Hastert (money ties)

New electoralvote2006 polls show Dems taking the Senate

Joe Sestak (PA-07) live-blogging NOW at firedoglake

Only 38% in TIME poll now support President Bush's decision to invade Iraq

Mission: Voter Registration

The "List" covered at

A picture is worth a thousand words

Why didn't the St. Pete Times publish the Foley emails?

MN- Game, set, match for Klobuchar. Check out here latest ad.

Just a few facts - on a rainy afternoon .....

Democrats "above the fray"?

Jeb cuts, runs, & cornered in dwntwn Pittsburgh subway station

Obama coming to MI to help Granholm & stop scAmway DeVos

Tactics used to catch Internet predators precursor to "terror" entrapment?


New Newsweek Poll: Repugs in meltdown

GOP campaign chief: Sorry for not catching Foley's 'lies'

A Few Reasons Why the GOP Hates America

College Republican Twerp vs. upstanding, ethical Democrat (NC race)

The Courage To Fight Lieberman

Conspiracy overview

Can Anyone tell us what has been done to make sure our votes won't be

The best part about these scandal laden times....

If you missed it watch Bill Moyers Capitol Crimes Sunday. 500th Post!!!!!!

My pet peeve why bush should be impeached, all that $ for photo ops.

Photo: Junior, Poppy and Doro Bush christen war ship "George H.W. Bush"

N.J. Candidates Spar in Uncivil Debate

Leno last night

Oh my God! Now BartCop is running an ad for a Republican Congressmen

Why the "Cynical Independent" should vote Dem.

New Burns ad lies about Jon Tester, Act Blue, and DKos!

Can churches post political signs on their property?

A hidden plan to create Disorder

Another Page problem - this time it is with a girl???

The closest US Senate race in America....

AP: Cunningham lashes out at media in jailhouse letter

TN Senate: Harold Ford To Debate Bob Corker 7 CST CSPAN

Need a caption for this Bush-Foley picture...

Jeb bush blows "air kisses" @ steel workers; almost gets ass kicked

Let's Go To A Freeper Church Tomorrow

NYT: Senate Armed Services Chairman Warner's remarks surprise White House

For the DUers who don't like telemarketers.

A Sneak preview of Reynold polls in Buffalo news tomorrow

Trial May Hurt Ohio GOP on Election Day

Anyone Have the newsweek poll link

Jabba the Hastert and Scott Palmer live together?

'Why I Refused to Go Back to Iraq' Camilo E. Mejia

When Bush says 'strong on security' you say 'Dubai ports deals'

What will be W's legacy?

Freepers are AFRAID! "The Coming Impeachment"- mentions Downing St memo

Faux news has done it again!

Diebold question.. because something is bugging me....

WTF, < 5 weeks before the election, Bill Clinton "...I love George Bush."

Are Women Smarter than Men? Looks that way! NEWSWEEK POLL

Iraq profiteering COULD be the next scandal to hit the Republicans

Why are we bothering to care? To work for candidates? To vote?

John Edwards' Diary - My Trip to Uganda

NJ campaign report, House and Senate races

Ralston, Rove, Abramoff, and the 2004 Election.

We have nothing to sell but fear itself.

Steele's Ad Seemingly At Odds With Fundraising

Are you registered to vote yet? Here is the deadline for your state.

BCCI, Iran Contra relevance: UAE, Saudi, Pakistan, money and Bush family

Gay prostitute Jeff Gannon visited the Whitehouse 100s of Times.