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Archives: December 1, 2006

Bring Hicks home, bishops urge

If it's not civil war in Iraq, it may be worse OC register

Which President was better in supporting Israel's Right to Safety?

Why can't Bush just push the Yossi Beilin & Yasser Abed Rabbo Geneva Solution to Israel/PA conflict?

Title May Provoke, but it's the Reality for Palestinians

TIA: For what it's worth, something is happening here

The Illustrious Leaders of the Religious Right

Iraq Ministry Forms Unit to Monitor News

India monsoons worsen as climate changes: study

IRS Deep-Sixes Outsourcing Plans As Tax Season Approaches

Calderon defies Mexico protests before taking power

(UK) Minister in Moon talks with Nasa

State rep owes IRS more than $300,000 (GA Repub Ralston)

Pa. Soldier Died From 'Huffing' in Iraq

FEC to pols: Blow whistle on yourself

NYT: Huffington Post Will Add Original Reporting to Its Blog

UPDATE: AP Replies to New Claims Against Disputed Iraq Story

South Africa first nation in Africa to legalize gay marriage

Iran accuses Canadian embassy of spy activity

Accenture opens its 4th R&D lab in Bangalore

UN investigates use of 'uranium weapons'

WP: U.S. Considers Ending Outreach to Insurgents

Exxon Chairman gets $14.2 mln in restricted stock

Abortion pill thwarts breast cancer gene

Exxon Mobil CEO Warns Ending Tax Breaks

NYT/Reuters: Senator Specter: White House will deny Democrats details on spying, interrogation

Judge rules on road ban in forests

Local (GOP) political operative busted in Internet (sex) sting

Halt enquiry or we cancel Eurofighters

Pa. soldier died from 'huffing' in Iraq

Strong earthquake hits Indonesia’s Sumatra island

Move to new planet, says Hawkin

Russia starts supplies of Su-30 fighters to Venezuela

Males and having sex with guys

For when you are totally bored...but it's soooo cool

I Hurt.

wolf blitz- Which Lord of the Rings character does he remind you of?

Is the wave of the future a diesel-powered shoelace?

Where the hell is Arwalden?, an adolescent geek's home away from home (HILARIOUS)

Being a "Newbie", how can I post my "personal Ad " here?

just in time for christmas "grab bags" at work....

killer loose in my neighborhood (good reason to own a gun)

My New Pet Peeve: A Device Created In Satan's Workshop.

Drinking Champange, Freezing my ass off.


I'm actually taking a Sabbath day tomorrow - I'm so excited!

is the wave of the future a belt driven wrist watch?

What should LoZoccolo serve for a holiday feast?


Dude. What the Fuck?

You know, I thought it was just the Repukes who are obsessed

Who here in Chicago hopes we get snowed in?

New Celebrity Crush...

I left my white grape juice on the counter at dinner.

So Britney Makes A Lot Of Money

Which celebrity's life would you most like to see dramatized on the silver screen?

It's 34 degrees outside, and one of the insane cats *insists* on

Please help and DU this un-political puppy poll!

Prison Mike!

Dammit, I miss catchphrases!

Our fame has spread.

Scrubs. How did I not know about this show before?

I'm just going to hang out in the Weather Group tonight.

For when you are totally naked...but it's soooo cool

The Official DU Old School Commercial Jingle Thread

a riddLe: when are Lounge threads Like bageLs?

Any other Michiganders planning their "Pot Garden?"

The Twelve Bears of Christmas!

I just ate about a half a pound of Peanut M&M's.....


sonofabitch, someone HAS already taken

I refuse to be here after 11:00 pm EST tonight.

I hurt.

Thursday, November 30. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Expiration dates on prescription pill bottles

I love you guys....

Fewer than 48 hours until GOPisEvil descends upon us!!!

I love you.

We have a pretty sunset tonight I the only one with a blood alcohol level > 0.8 tonite?

I received a ten day invitation to play World of Warcraft

Why do sand dunes look like body parts?

What is the temp where you live.

A Poem ..........for tonight......

Females and Durags

Would someone please offend me?

What not to mention in personal ads:

My thoughts on random homophobic jokes etc

What's for dinner?

I'm watching Ugly Betty for first time - I have a question

June Cleaver

Fellow pet owners, beware of dumbfuck vetinary assistants. I just had to step in and stop two from

Stupid sexist Target "gift guide."

Anyone know of a (female) beagle puppy who needs a home?

'Celebrating' deceased person's birthday.

Anyone know what kind of dog this is?

Snowing, Sleeting, Nasty Stuff Tonight Here

To all my wonderful friends here at DU - please help!

Ever use a "self-checkout" at a superstore?

Did anyone see Danny DeVito on The View?

I can't think of anyone whose opinion I value more than Rosie O'Donnel's

If you woke up in the morning and you were the only person left on the planet

What songs/music make you feel like you are in heaven?

Is religion a cycle?

Need DU Help! Vote for "We Belong" A documentary about bullying of gays in high school

Golan Cipel is a homophobic, dishonest, lying piece of garbage

Parker, Longeria Engaged

Transmutation News - Sandra Ingerman - December 2006

Update on my 11/29/06 request for good vibes:

December prayer request, light and healing thread.

An inability to forgive -- a lefty freeper trait

Have any Democrats commented on these recent incidents?

OT: Max Cleland will not run for Senate in '08 (some thought he would)

Anyone still have Bush's signing statement to IWR?

The "Schindler" Of Photography

wolf blitz- Which Lord of the Rings character does he remind you of?

"It is neither ‘cut and run’ nor ‘stay the course,’ ” ISG Punts.....

Why would George Soros do this?

scam email I received

Al-Sadr bloc talks of alliance with Sunnis, Christians

"A strategy about makin' progress, that everybody can feel good about"

Wow - Keith's looking HOT tonight

911 call records naked man's epic fight with gator

Want to help Louisiana, ask congress to let us help ourselves

America's Secret War Sexual Assault

Help...I know DUer's can help me find this charitable organization.

TV Newser: Two Networks, Two Iraqs

U.S. warns of possible Qaeda financial cyber attack

Here is Psiphon-human rights software beats censorship

Orcas or any terminal animal should not be in zoos.

14% of Americans believe Bush on the question

DU get-together in Key West next week...

I watch Scarborough Country to see Pat Buchanan's head explode.

Condi Speak tonight on NBC news.

I just watched V for Vendetta again. It strikes a nerve.

1,245 Secret CIA Flights Revealed by European Parliament

Anybody just see Pat Buchanon and Joe Scarborough screaming?

Thursday evening brain teasers - easier than last week's :-)

Information about military movements in Iraq ends up on Internet

Well I just started the first Obama Meet-up group in Virginia

Army probes report of mishandled casket

El Salvador-style 'death squads' to be deployed by US against Iraq militants

AP: Feds rating you for terrorism when you travel. You have no right to see your rating.

can we start a DU Pirate Radio program to transmit AAR on FM off computer if you live in an apartmen...

DU, should we continue to fund the Iraq war?

Al-Maliki faces revolt within govt. Tom Hayden calls it a peaceful coup

can we start a DU Pirate Radio program to transmit AAR on FM off computer if you live in an apartmen...

You know, I thought it was just the Repukes who are obsessed

Iraq Study Group to Recommend Withdrawing Most Troops by 2008

Which candidate is most likely to win the Republican Presidential Nomination in 2008?

Public to be sold shares in new prisons

Can We Still Avoid Dangerous Human-Made Climate Change?

Al Qa eda launching Financial Chaos? Fuck Off! This bullshit needs to end

So Lawrence of Arabia & Winston Churchill recommended poison gas for civilian control.

AP: Without Notifying Public-Feds Have Assigned "TERROR RATINGS" To Travelers Including Americans

Are these racist statements?

Olbermann’s Special Comment on Gingrich: “We fight for liberty by having more liberty and not less”

Impeachment (Chimp & Darth) is the only way out of Iraq

U.S. Considers Ending Outreach to Insurgents

The Democratic Party Must Recognize That "Liberal Issues" Have Widespread Support

Oprah's gift

Wanna see something REALLY disgusting? The website of my congressman, Connie Mack. (Dickhead/FL)

Reuters: Chavez says Bush "devil" speech spur of the moment

New Bestest Friends! (pix)

WP, Froomkin: Bush waves off family fixer Baker's rescue attempt; he'd rather stay the course

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Reminder - Keith will have a Special Comment on the show tonight

My God, how can we EVER be forgiven for allowing this?

hmmm. our first new terra alert in . . in . . . months? I forget.

Homeland Security tracks travelers' meals

1 in 32 Americans in jails, on parole

US unveils new citizenship test

Ponder this:

Have you ever been in prison?

Not so fast Stephen Colbert!!!

Another one hit out of the park

Ya think, maybe, I could have ONE more Rec?

Guardian: Litvinenko was victim of 'Russian rogue agents'

Is there ANYTHING the government isn't spying on?

Bush thinks Iraq's constitution is "one of the most modern" ever written in the ME

Report from Chad - David Rubenstein, Save Darfur Coalition

"Let Them Eat Cake" The gluttonous Bush menu for the Holidays

America's honor is at stake in Iraq....

Have you read the Audacity of Hope? Pathetic Results

Any Iranian military experts here?

Republicans in debt. So sad, so sad

Question.... Why is Pat Buchanon even given a microphone....

Is Ann Coulter still spewing her venom?

Tancredo calls Miami a 3rd world country and upsets Jeb

Freepers claim AAR leaving Boston? Any info?

Antonin Scalia doesn't even try to hide his bias these days

Vote for Time's person of the year

Haggard enters treatment for his homosexuality

Krugman predicting Serious Economic Storm 2007

Go to the homeless shelter, you may get arrested.

Remember, remember the 5th of November

Can you pass the new US citizenship test?

My dream 2008 ticket: Gore/Lieberman

Central IL - We're getting SLAMMED by an ice storm

Personal products needed for wounded servicemembers at Walter Reed

Interesting Articles on BARACK OBAMA from 1990

*** Thursday TOONS: Civil War ? ***

Schools offer cars for good attendance

Lord only knows why, but Page Six asked Al Gore if he thinks Britney Spears should wear underwear. “

Why the news blackout on the most important news of the day?

Ok ok, you guys convinced me. I won't vote for Ahmadinejad for Prez in '08

Oprah, Breast Cancer, Cheryl Crow, and Religion

In Iraq did Saddam kill as many innocents as the US has with Bush's WAR?

$1 Donation to National AIDS Fund for every Virtual Candle Lit (please keep kicked)

Case for impeachment rant :"Impeach the Cheerleader, Save the World"

Disemboweled, then torn apart: The price of educating girls

"Impeaching Bill Clinton was a black mark on our history. Not against him. Against us."

Are Americans really dying in vain in Iraq?

Federal case may redefine child porn

Iraq War

Greenday & U2 : The Saints Are Coming


on the Iraq war...

From 1935, FDR speaks of the Social Security program he is enacting.

Danny Devito Bashes Bush on The View

(An Angry Gringo, Un gringo arrecho)

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on Gingrich

Nixon Resignation Outtakes

Dr. Victoria Wulsin applies to Strickland to head OH Dept of Health

Al-Maliki faces revolt within government

I hope they build their Christmas characters out of straw.

AP: Democrats Give States Primary Incentives (to hold back)

Clark on Washington Journal: "Iraq's not a war you can fight to win."

Shuster hosting Hardball. Definite improvement! n/t

GOP starting rumors about Ohio redistricting

Vilsack, yea or nea?

Do we yet have any openly gay politicians of the stature

Iraq spending bill to test Democrats

Bill Clinton on CNN radio

How many times did the Idiot say Al Queda today?

Wingnut Trolls Can Stow Indignation on AP Story

Will there be a clear PNAC candidate in the 2008 race and if so, who ?

U.S. Considers Ending Outreach to Insurgents

If you were a U.S. Senator... What Would You Ask Robert Gates (at his hearing)?

Democrats like Iraq commission's report

Free speech and the delusion of grandeur. (Olbermann responds to Gingrich comments)

Interesting tid bit on McCaferty file about campaign Finance reform...

Tom Vilsack's run at the '08 presidency began today...and ended today.

No Senator who voted for the IWR will ever become POTUS

Do you believe that if Congress had voted down the IWR, there would be no Iraq war?

DU Best 08 Combos Poll

Clark favors a timeline that gives us the most flexibility and political leverage.

What qualified Bobby Kennedy to be President in 1968?

Senator Kerry on October 9, 2002:

Let's look at the Electoral College math and use it to focus on 2008

LAT: Unedited Schwarzenegger: "How about some wild sex?"

Rhetoric is what you use when you have no control over something.

"DC punditry are constitutionally incapable of believing (Bush) has ever...gotten anything wrong"

AfterDowningStreet is asking for email to be sent supporting Rep Holt for Intel Chair

Minnesota tv station fact-checks Paul Wellstone on Iraq (he was right)

The Cult of Clark

Let's recap the REAL reason we are suffering a Bush2 administration and their wars

On Calling Bullshit - Froomkin

(Milton) Friedman Obits by Justin Raines & Doug Henwood

Faith groups urge cuts to AIDS fund (Boston Globe)

Embargo foes see hope in Democratic-controlled Congress

Hearings on Bush's Crimes Will Unite Nation By David Swanson

There is Only One Way to End The War in Iraq, Part I --Rep. Dennis Kucinich

Like Hitler and Brezhnev, Bush is in Denial....

NYT: Idea of Rapid Withdrawal From Iraq Seems to Fade

Why We Worry About The Things We Shouldn't...And Ignore The Things We Should (Time Magazine)

Paul Waldman: The Incredible Shrinking GOP

Bob Gates & Locking You Up Forever - By Robert Parry

WP: Webb's Icy Exchange Might Diminish Effectiveness

Disembowelled, then torn apart: The price of daring to teach girls (Afghanistan)

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (OR, 3d) explains 'Why No Impeachment' to us

Vietnam, Iraq, and the M Word

The Importance of Generation Y

SEESHOLTZ: The Evangelical Campaign Against Reality

There He Goes Again By Eugene Robinson(Bush and civil war)

Moral health tip to America: Stay out of draft byANDREW GREELEY

Special Prosecutor investigates handling of pigs on N.E. Ohio Hog Farm

Democratic Power Struggle E. J. Dionne Jr. --WaPo

Pioneers in AIDS Care — Reflections on the Epidemic's Early Years (NEJM)

Bad Manners (Bush v. Webb of course!) Nora Ephron

Iran and Syria Won't Be Riding to Our Rescue By Charles Krauthammer

Been There, Done That (Baker Commission) By Howard Kurtz --WaPo


Bush pick threatens women's health

The suffering that betrays a world divided

Radio Spoof Draws Support for Nazi-Like Treatment of U.S. Muslims

The Only Consensus on Iraq: Nobody’s Leaving Right Now (brisk stroll, Dems)

Time To Leave.

GM potato trials given go-ahead (BBC)

As (heating) oil prices dip, those who bought it early suffer (Maine)

Wind energy project gets approval (MN schools)

Millennium Electric to build (105 MW) solar power station in Italy

THIS THING BLOWS! Umm, it’s a wind turbine called the Loopwing. (actual headline)

Suit: Lead Ammo in Carrion Kills Condors - AP

Atlantis Energy Commissions 592 kilowatt Solar Project (CA)

Forecast: U.S. Renewable Energy to Hit 700 GW (by 2025)

Anti-coal groups seek promotion of renewable energy (KS)

UN human rights inquiry: Israel should compensate Lebanon

IDF soldier gets two weeks in military prison for shooting Palestinian

Qassam fired despite truce; militant killed in Hebron clash

Does Israel Have A Right To Exist? By Mark Goldman

The 9/11 Factor and the Mayor of Staten Island And Queens

Cheney: We never said Osama did 9-11

The Global Drug Meta-Group:Drugs, Managed Violence, and the Russian 9/11

NIST White Paper Recommendations

Link to Franklin Co OH Precinct level election results:

X post: Mexican people, Congress not rolling over for stolen election.

i just noticed something strange- '04 numbers in illinois

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. 12/1/06 What Next?

Petition for Paper Ballots (Democracy for America)

Washington Post: Security Of Electronic Voting Is Condemned

Clint Curtis audit finding lots of problems in Florida; campaign requests more help

What were some close Congressional races in various states; I believe some were swung by manipulatio

Demand that the new Congress put paper ballots on the agenda...

UKTelegraph - Halt inquiry or we cancel Jets (Saudi's)

16 Taliban killed, two commanders seized in Afghanistan

Key ministers sacked in Ukraine

Philly Papers, Union to Continue Talks

FDA, lawmaker clash over antibiotic

WP,pg1: Iraq Panel to Urge Pullout Of Combat Troops by '08

Berlusconi suffers setback in Mediaset trial, ally cleared

AP: Rice Prods Congress on India Nuke Bill

New rules compel firms to track e-mails

Huge Iraq spending bill to test Democrats

Labor groups plan anti-war rally

Sixth Grader Tasered

IAEA chief says sanctions alone not enough (N.Korea and Iran)

Manfacturing Contracts, Construction Spending Falls

Former US President (Carter) Calls for International Conference on Iraq

Romanian charged with hacking U.S. government computers (Navy, NASA)

Iran: Iraq Violence Sparked By U.S. Says Top Cleric

Ark. begins faith-based inmate program

Iraq data shows 44 pct Nov leap in civilian dead

U.S. volunteer charged with terrorism in Uganda

Bombs, clashes in Baghdad after PM vows control

MND-B Soldier killed in Baghdad #2887

Facing turmoil, Calderon opts for midnight swearing-in

U.S. helicopters fire in Baghdad, heavy clashes

Iraqis to take over security in north in 3-6 months: US general

Al-Maliki faces revolt within his government (VP wants Maliki’s government gone)

Well-known GOP activist held in sex-predator sting

Millions of travelers rated for terror potential

Ex-mayor pleads guilty to 243 felonies

State: Workers erred in testing

(Public) Schools offering free cars and trucks for good attendence

Bush to meet separately Iraqi Shiite, Sunni leaders

Major Snowstorm hits Midwest!

Woman being used as 'human shield' shot by U.S. forces

This could be disastrous. (On the other hand its hippy heaven)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 1

Russians 'set up hit squad to kill London dissidents'

Ban on CIA’s ‘Guantanamo Express’ from Irish airports

Obama Offers Frank AIDS Talk

Explosive issue pits future jobs against nukes

Yucca coalition presses Reid on 'abusing' powers

'Whole world will pay' if US abandons Iraq - Kuwaiti emir

Seagrass Ecosystems at a “Global Crisis”

Bush pledges fight against AIDS, promotes abstinence

Protesters seek Lebanon PM resignation

Jewish Groups To Challenge Ethics Reform

Pope hailed for praying towards Mecca like Muslims

FM: Russia ready to back sanctions against Iran

Italy pulls last troops out of Iraq

Spy's wife said to test positive for polonium-210; mystery deepens

Spy chief (Negroponte) cites perils in Iraq

Millions of Travelers Quietly Rated for Terror Potential

Foe of birth control to head Family Planning

Some Sunnis in Iraq have a plan for peace

Rice: US has made mistakes in Iraq

Brawl Breaks Out in Mexico Congress

Birth control credited with drop in teen pregnancy

Thousands of acres (northern New England) designated wilderness by president

Outsourcer Offers Windows Vista Upgrades -- From Offshore

CNN: Pelosi has chosen Rep. Silvestre Reyes of Texas to take over as chairman of the House Intel

North Korea claims complete success in AIDS fight

CIA Agent Stole Jewelry, Panties

Lebanon prepares for mass protests (Fri)

New (Federal) Rules Compel Firms to Track (Employees) E-Mails

McCain: 'I'm older than dirt'

Man tests positive for radiation (Scaramella - Italian contact)

BBC - US manufacturing activity weakens (lowest in 3 yrs!)

Gunmen Kidnap Soccer Official in Baghdad

(At least) 388 dead in Philippine mudslides

AP: Faith-Based Charities to Be Reviewed (by Supreme Court)

Britain gives go-ahead to GMO potato trials

Colombia Congress investigates president

Illegal immigrants toiled for (Mass.) governor (Romney)

Any of you DUers ever race cars?


I walked into a large bar at 9:30 am this morning

Serious question: what is a flamewar?

"Contains: Razor Blade. Not intended for Children."

My boss just loaned me "Destined for Destiny"

Whats your storm damage?

Snow Day Movie #2 - Ice Age - The Meltdown

Here's 'The Thing'...(Hollywood remaking John Carpenter classic)

What is your post-to-reply ratio?


In Memory of my cousin. On AIDS Day

It's that time of year again...what are your favorite Christmas cookies?

What's the ideal home computer?

I got sent home from work today...

My father in law wants all the rain and snow you can send to Boulder CO..

Question for the Martial artists

What the hell is wrong with people lately?

How did you respond when first told about the birds & beers?

Cat Owners: Have you ever introduced your cat to a dog?

January 27th, Washington DC, anti-war protest - who wants to go?

Ack. Just brought all the Christmas boxes out of the attic.

The coolest part of using an electric razor?

Besides this one, name the most worthless post here lately.


Feeling totally overwhelmed at the moment.... *sigh*


(LMAO) Get/send a call from Dwight Schrute (The Office)

Thousands Of Bags Of Doritos Wash Up On Beach

Maxwell Smart for President!

Annual 'War on Christmas' greeting selections...

anybody know of a beagle puppy that needs a phone?

I got fired today, no great loss - relief on all sides.

Question for marital artists

Is cooking an unborn ability?

It's so friggen muggy out!

We are having the mother of all sleet storms in MO today.

Should I stay up?

It's My Birthday!

We have anyone on IRC talking to a repub right now?


Oh fuck it! It's time for Food Porn you freaks!!!

Omega-3 fatty acids

And now... The Yugo

If I'm a raging stress cadet from GD, can I find shelter

The Lemon Song

Just watched "Two Cathedrals"

My dad always corrected my spelling and grammar.

A Must watch on DVD "House of Cards"

i hate the way sponges smell

Rant #1 - people who don't how to answer the #@*$(&%$# phone

Rant #2 - It's December, so freecycle is 99% "I want! I want!!!!"

Rant #3 - sunny days in December, January, and February

Is this a normal weather "man"?

Where for art thou, Bi_Baby?

Why am I craving sushi?

I think Will Ferrell speaks for just about the rest of the world (re: Lindsay Lohan)

How to RSVP to a holiday party.....

Poetic Justice

I love party shopping lists. They can be so bizarre. Witness:


Jacob Bronowski: We have to touch people.

Have you ever trusted someone and really regretted it?

...and now a random CIA document

Late night DU chat on Skypecast if anyone's got a mic.

OMD! It's freakin' DECEMBER!

from Wonkette: the best internet discussion board hook up ever.

You cannot look at this pic and NOT believe we are related.. (well maybe not the hair)

Some advice, please?

Parents demand, get panel to pick team — but none of their kids get picked

how long to deep-fry pizza rolls at 350 degrees?

All I can say is...

how does one convert 35 mm slides to a CD-rom?

Ladies 'n' gay fellas!

Awkward Position I found myself in today at the Library w/a young teen

Rant #4 - why the @#$@ can't people R.S.V.P.??!?

Rant #5 - cards that are cheap photos of families all dressed in Christmas sweaters

Meat Cleaver

It's Dec. 1. 8:00 am. 66 degrees.

A Pic For Dog And Cat Lovers Alike!

Out my window at 3A.M Friday Morning.

Where is billyskank?

Congratulations fujiyama!! 10,000 posts

We polled a hundred people....

Police Taser Python To Free Man

Sigh, first call to parents about cheating for this school year...

Share your favorite Google Maps link!

Having Snowy Weather? Good Morning From A Tropical Paradise!!!

Broken Commandments Checklist: How ya doin'?

Furniture for houses with cats and dogs: a question

Your favorite 'Standard Issue' rock album

Man Tried To Put Wife In Oven On Thanksgiving

Welcome to December

Wolfgang's Vault now offering full concerts from back in the late 60's-70's

Dog Groomer Charged With Killing 3 Dogs

If you woke up in the morning and you were the only person left on the planet would you loot?

Southernmost point of the continental U.S.

Santa Clause Banned From Kindergarten Classrooms

Can someone make my headache go away?

Inspired by another thread: weird death commemorations.

Snow day!

Moulin Rouge - Perfect Movie for a Snow Day

I absolutely want to say:

I Think Fred Willard Would Make a GREAT Fox News Anchor

The weather sucks here is Florida....

My take on being gay

I'm the only person in my department who made it to work today

as a minority and immigrant ...i can tell you one thing


K-Fed to test knowledge on gameshow TONIGHT!


in your face, your grill...

I'm at work, but I'd rather be with John Edwards today.

Best flamewar EVER!

JackMN is much happier today.

Does anyone else feel overwhelmed when redecorating a room?

New Chick Tract: The Elder Gods are Coming!

My friend got a ticket cuz he was my designated driver....

Honeycrisp apples: anything that is that damn tasty

They just admitted my wife to the hospital!

What should I bake?

The Greatest Music Video Mash-Up Of All-Time

Men--do you wear underwear?

`12 Days of Christmas' Cheap Until You Order the Dancing Ladies ($19K)


Troop morale boosted by surprise visit from First Dog

The USB ports on my laptop have died out

The Beatles vs. Oasis goes Papal

Happy Friday and happy weekend everybody. I hope all my

Do you have to watch /Dynasty/ to have an attitude?

Have you ever trusted someone and really regretted it?

Guess what people?

So, If you had to choose between a last meal or a last poke....

Hello, my DU peeps. Peep 'dis. LOL funny.

Today just sucks!

Get yer Friday Afternoon Useless Facts here!

Russian politician is very fond of his cat:

Anyone out there with dual monitors?

Guess what people?

Women - Do You Wear Underwear? Because now its hot to not!

She's A Real Left-Winger 'Cause She's Been Down South

Pink Elephant Land Is For Real.......

Ever Try to Wipe With The "Other" Hand??

In Memory on World AIDS Day

Sheesh, it's five o'clock somewhere...

CIA Agent Steals 1,074 Pairs Of Panties

On a lighter note--The praises of beer

Poetry-reading DUers... can you help me out here?

The Allmans

Am I wrong to be creeped out by this?!

I want to date a standard lady but I'm anxious about breeders.

my nephew brought over a bag of shrimp and mashed potatoes for his lunch.

Now this guy is one heckuva good animator!

Question for the iPod people

Seven Day Weekend

I just ate a cookie.

Freudian slip?

So, I'm all alone this evening til late...Ask me Anything!

What would YOU do?

Cheetahs are better than you. Turtles are better than you. Penguins are happier than you.

idiot test

Happy birthday wishes to............

To the Computer Geeks of the Lounge

Boy that Geico caveman sure is sensitive isn't he. I wonder how

Need names to counter this image:

Who else is still eating turkey

How did you respond when first told about the birds & bees?

(Diving for cover) I'm going to get killed for this post, not to mention flamed...

Annie HAll on TCM... Damn, I forgot how freakin' funny that movie is...

Thai food for dinner tonight. Yum.

The War on Xmas, The Official Field Manual

The miss_american_pie appreciation thread!

X-Box 360 problems update, X-Mas shoppers be advised:

Post pictures of markers or monuments (geographic or historic). "The Exact Spot" type.

Is cooking an inborn ability?

Give me 10 double space pages on the coarse of human events

Question for the Pod people

I'm watching Donnie Darko for the first time right now.

'Cute Remorseful Puppy' Smackdown: Beagle vs Jack Russell Terrier

So is the whole country covered in snow except Delaware

I'm going to see Kathy griffin tonight

Childless by choice: Check in here!

Need a gift idea?-The Elvis Presley® TCB™ Tribute Revolver (.357 Magnum)

Does your employer have an obligation to clear snow from the parking lot?

Spray-On Condom Tailored To All Sizes

How would you classify your accent?

I want to adopt a Standard Poodle but I'm anxious about breeders.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 12/1/06)

I have now lost 49 lbs and am half way to my goal. :D

Last month of the year...How has 2006 treated you?

CONFESS!!!!! 'Out' yourself here in this thread!!!

DM of the Rings (LOTR Parody)

So, If you had to choose between a last meal or a last toke ...

Catholic High School Forced to Perform Musical Without its Name

This says it all to me about the so-called "War on Christmas"

Theist / Atheist views of human nature

Every Old Meme Is New Again

Biotech Century

Meteorite yields life origin clue

New breed of earthquake identified (MSNBC)

Tsunami buoy laid in Indian ocean (BBC)

"What a Beautiful Blue Planet". Stunning photos of earth from space.

Der Mittenfuhrer's fight against gay marriage hits snag

Central Michigan wins MAC title!!

Pharaoh's curse or coincidence?

So tell me your opinions about this theory:

O/T In honor of World AIDS Day, I'd like to ask a favor...

Veterans Advocate Jim Strickland sounds alarm on Veterans Commission

Fake Vets

kerry on Late edition Sunday.

AP Article on Kerry and '08.

James Fallows: Just leave Iraq

Well, it's official -- all my favorite Iraqi bloggers have gotten out of Iraq

"Adopt a Pundit" Update

Main Page MSNBC TV

A synthesis of Kerry's interviews yesterday.

I miss the Senate again.


Kerry the "persistent bloke"; dKos diary about Condi and permanent bases

Think I may be done rotating the paws on the nuclear mouser.

Poll ...well sort of here

Got my new D80 in

Any way to add manual focus screen to Nikon D80?

A Final Water Falling Over Things 2006 -- The "Lost" Retrospective

Did any other San Fran residents notice the new Pelosi billboard?

Dean and Kerry featured on Hannity & Combes, Just on Now. Prob Repeat.

they see all of the anger

Why isn't Mainstream Media Skewering GIngrich for Anti Free-Speech Remarks?

Wesley Clark on c-span's Washington Journal replay in a few minutes

2,887 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

Why are Republicans so determined to destroy the Constitution?

Cleland won't challenge Chambliss for Senate in '08

2008 Republican National Convention Proposed Agenda (LOL)

Warning: Fake Bank Emails - "ALL Your Passwords Belong To Us" Watch out!

NYT editorial: Bush, Maliki and the Memo: We can no longer afford Bush's refusal to face facts

Have you ever trusted someone and really regretted it?

Like Hitler and Brezhnev, Bush is in denial

Some advice, please?

Has Zell Miller jumped off a bridge yet ??

Day 1,900 With No Osama

Well, Last night I stopped another crime in progress

You must remember this. A kiss is still a kiss...

he is delusional. They hate democracies.

My crusades

U.S. rates travelers for terror risk

HIV 'afflicting global workforce'

Will Bush's continued insistence on six-party talks make North Korea give up their nukes?

HIV impact: Region-by-region

We Can Not Allow this People...W.House will defy Democrats on security: Republican

Gonzo can't think of a mistake he's made, either.

This is the winter of their discontent

Suprise Suprise..Another REPUG busted for SEX.....

Some seriously delusional people calling into Wash J

Rice Gives Iran Weeks, not Months, To Decide on Nuclear Talks - 6/2/06

George Bush you're going to hell: WJ

Comedy Relief: 2006: Did you watch it? I did and I'm just enraged!

Charlie Wrangel: Just another Washington Whore?

John McCain Suicide Watch: Day 23.

Tony Blair: The Bridge (cartoon by Steve Bell)

Monday: National Call-In for Peace Day....

Peggy Noonan gives it to the Chimp

A Reader's Guide To the Hadley Memo: Laura Rozen

No Graceful Exit..... WTF?

Laughton Smalls and Marc Maron on AAR now!

Conservative columnist backs Webb over Bush in "That's not what I asked you" flap

Military Gear At $2 Billion A Month: What A Return On Investment!

Winner of the "Not Understanding The Gravity Of The Situation" award goes to...

Mona Charen coming up on C-SPAN

Holy Crap ! TSA to become peeping toms!!

CNN = Propaganda network. Daily dose includes a story on military morale.

I had this horrible dream last night....

Spector Says WH Will DEFY Democrats On Spying & Interrogation Issues

Editorial: Bush talks nonsense about situation in Iraq

What other means besides controlling the money does Congress have of

== Red Meat Does A Body Good = Mark Morford

Mitt's Presidential Ambitions Just Got Tanked.

It's a good thing conspiracy theories are all bullshit...

Mel's Apocalypto is drenched in blood and pain

HOLY MEXCICANS BATMAN! CNN is now talking about Calderon-Obrador...

Iraq data shows 44 pct increase in civilian dead last month

NYT: "This administration has been orchestrating a foreign policy disaster of epic proportions"

From the DID (delicious ironies dept) - CNN front page, political section -

Pelosi Chooses Rep. Silvestre Reyes of Texas to take over as chairman of the House Intell Committee

So after English is the officially required language in the US

Canada turns to reality show to pick a PM

Bush supporters are loonier, says study

Are you going to download Psiphon?

Freepers on CSPAN have solved the case of the missing WMD

Voter recall of the President??

Bush* will FORCE Dems to withhold funding for war.

I'm SHOCKED! Hypocrisy at the New York Post!!!

To all you Vermonters, an Iraqi visits your state.

What's your terrorist score? HSD keeping 'potential-terrorist' database

DO something.

Bush Talks Nonsense about Situation in Iraq

Did the Prime Minister Malaki of Iraq snub George yesterday?

looking for info on the man who set himself on fire to protest the war

self-delete - computer error

Clueless Chevron Condi

The Arrogance and stupidity of the radical right (long)

Conason: The madness of George

Fiasco In FL -- 18,000 Missing Votes -- May Lead To Legislation Requiring Verifiable Paper Trails

Report Sparks Changes at Pharmacy Chains

Pickles: "But he's the president, so he gets his way on Christmas Day."

War is HELL: 24 White House holiday-season parties

Georgie doesn't worry me as such, even I could tie him up with his words,

Bush's Other Losing War: AIDS

Registered Traveler Program Is Fake Security -- UPDATED

A controversial question, but: vs.

Why does Maliki think Iraq will be ready in June? ABC reported this...

The Mystery of the Pump-and-dump Spammers

Do you know your terror score? No you don't and you never will.

50 vehicles off the interstate between Madison and Beloit, WI

Mitt Mitt Mitt, tsk tsk

Aides: Pelosi taps Reyes to head intelligence committee

Should Congress Shut Down White House if Bush Defies Subpoenas?

MPAA kills California anti-pretexting bill

Boy can't sue for being barred from girls' team

Rush plays the sympathy card (re: Stem-Cells, Michael J. Fox and Rush's deafness)

The Sad Truth About Bush and the Iraq War

Me Translate Pretty One Day (Computer algorithms for language translation)

Please critique my LTTE on Bush's new "bipartisanship"

WingNut Daily Continues to Obfuscate on Libel Lawsuit

Marc Maron on Air America


RADICAL FRINGE TOON Friday 12/1 - Penguins seek refuge

Just In Time For World AIDs Day, Religious Right Attacks Global AIDs Fund

Oh for Chris'sake: Another Republican Pedophile

Bush "THE GRINCH" Proposes Federal Pay Raise LOWEST IN 18 YEARS

Stupid Freeptard Comments re: Danny Devito's Bush Bashing

Max Cleland for Secretary of Defense


Robert Fisk: Like Hitler and Brezhnev, Bush is in denial

George HW Bush, Alberto Gonzales attend secretive Calderon swearing in

An Inconvenient DVD - more on NSTA and Laurie David

Thomas Ricks, author of Fiasco coming up on the Al Franken show

Why Liberals Are Better Than Conservatives

Did George NOT get the mandate or what?

Moral health tip to America: Stay out of draft

Should DUers consider voting for Bush as Time's Man of the Year?

Cheney: We never said Osama did 9-11

Your Boss is now your Big Brother.

Video: Hannity: Swearing on the Koran may lead to swearing on Mein Kampf

Schwarzenegger Calls Mexico Chaos 'Good Action'

Net Neutrality Update -- Markey's back

Pope, while in Turkey, visits mosque, faces Mecca and "prays like Muslims"

Neocon heads exploding? "Iraqi Shiite with Iran ties to visit Bush"

donations for wounded troops

Proof in LBN: bu$h doesn't get it

Smells like a mixture of BullS**t and Napalm in the morning

Al Gore is too fat to run for president--(Just heard on MSNBC)

Little Dick ---pix--->>>

Did the latest pages latest video always have pics and mine just started working?

Who deserves to be Time Person of the Year?

SCARY Fact: U.S. still stores about 10,000 nuclear warheads! See here if they are stored near YOU.

Danger!! Danger!! Muslims praying onboard! Smoke in the cockpit!!!

Bush's heels dug in determination to "stay the course" smacks

Anyone watching the protests

Reuters: Powell says U.S. should talk to Iran

After the IWR vote, shouldn't Democrats re-evaluate their criteria...?

Muslims praying in airports is now considered 'suspicious behavior'?

Grandma convicted of hauling pot to support her Bingo habit

Lamest Homeland Security scare yet

$100 Billion Iraq Spending Bill To Test Democrats


U.S. Murder Rate Declined in 2004, Even As Death Penalty Use Dropped

The one thing they CAN'T say...

Its Friday ya bastads!!!!

GO F YOURSELF MR. CHENEY! Leahy vows OVERSIGHT of terror screening!

Laura Rozen: Leaked Hadley Memo Suggests Internal WH Battle on Future of Iraq Policy

Juan Cole: Jordan meeting highlights the contradictions in Bush's Iraq policy

Should the Congress only allow the White House two hours of electricity...

Where is Scott Ritter?

Letter to St. Pete Times and Tampa Trib.

Private HMOs Costing Medicare $5.2 Billion More than Traditional Programs

You heard what I said wolf

So * is looking for someone to replace al Maliki in Iraq?

About Obama

George Bush is funny

I was naive six years ago. Dangerously naive

My LTE to the New York Times

Another Repuke Pervert!

Jimmy Carter, the Anti-Defamation League, The New Anti-Semitism and YOU.

John Dean: Are Congressional Wars Coming? Capitol Hill says yes

Was Sylvestre Reyes a good choice for Intelligence Chair?

Barack Obama is creeping out the Rapture Ready loonies.

Jack Cafferty questions for today:

The world's on fire; yet King George & Queen Laura will host TWENTY-FOUR Xmas parties.

If looks could kill: Murtha hammering Wolfie

Why does Donald Wildmon HAVE to point out that Dennis Prager is Jewish?

Obama wars from Kos...David Sirota vs. some other people

2006 Grinch of the Year nominations:

Helen Thomas Interview

Search engine aids rights workers (BBC)

Explosives found ex-soldiers home (wanted to bomb local school, shoot students)

Strategy in Iraq has been to divide and conquer...using "Death Squads"..

Looks like the Keith Ellison Bible flap is going to blow up into a major story

Bush's Pick for FDA Chief REFUSES to give Congress Subpoenaed info on deadly antibiotic

I have Red on today

POLL: Will pulling US troops out of Iraq shorten the civil war currently raging?

White House is now for sale.


Al Gore vs. IWR supporters who were "deceived"

Newt Gingrich and censoring the net.

Are you glad the Right Wing is attacking cartoon Penguins? I am.

My Day of Reflection – *World AIDS Day*

Air America has a staff meeting at 11AM EST today

Have I failed the Secret Liberal Test? Should I become a Republican now?

So, I'm all alone this evening til late...Ask me Anything!

Laura Bush Unveils White House Christmas Decor

The Dump and Run Congress

Major Snowstorm hits Midwest!

Friedman's Apologia Revisited: "Bush's audacious shake of the dice"

Is it just me, or is there something BIG coming down the pike?

The sheer breadth of Randi Rhodes' knowledge is amazing.

Guardian on Litvinenko Poisoning: "Only the state would have access to that material".

DU This Poll.....Travel Profiled

This radioactive poisoning business is giving me the creeps:

Reflections on World AIDS Day...

Soldiers body flies with baggage on Northwest Airlines.

Gates Foundation to Spend all its Money...

How Do We View Illegitimate Governments That Do Not Have The Consent of the Governed?

Sen. Brownback at church say to Sen. Obama "Welcome to my house"

O'Reilly states Bush has failed in Iraq.

Could You Live on $7 a Day?

POLL: Can you imagine being in LOVE with a Republican?

Keith Ellison gets support from Tom Tancredo


Gingrich Aide Admits Newt Has No Chance At Presidency

It's World AIDS Day

HIV sufferers in Britain face poverty, hate crimes, stigma, abuse

Gasoline Up $0.17 Since Yesterday - Anyone Surprised?

Who knows someone living with AIDS or HIV?

What will happen to our fearless JOKER?

When Condi puts on her condescending face, look out for the lies

1 in 32 Americans in jails, on parole

CNN...Evan Bayh is probably going to run for prez....SURPRISE!

Standing up to bullies - no, not in school: Companies and Government bullies

Is Air America Radio streaming anymore?

How do people think that change will take place....?

Obama will be on Tonight Show-Leno tonight

Officer Uses Taser To Subdue Python (Snake was eating man's hand)

Mona Charen imaginationist opened her mouth again on Wash. Journal

$1.1 million to "buyout" a football coach?

They really have sold the WH!! CNN report

Last Minute TOONS

New rules compel firms to track e-mails

Anyone Notice How The Chill On Free Speech Is Beginning To Wear Off???

"Did Howard Dean Write The Ahmadinejad Letter?" and other stupid memes from religious sites

Pathetic, Petulant, Pompous, President's Craptastic Jordanian Adventure

Based on what I posted yesterday, looks like I need a lawyer

Why I love DU

How do you feel about Zoos and Aquariums?

Meet Bill Olielly in Person this saturday

Sibel Edmonds: America's Watergate

Does bubble boy have pickles on a budget and all she can

Controversial X-ray scan to be used at (Phoenix) Sky Harbor

Robert Gates - and locking us up forever.

About the whole America, or should I say Amerika=Nazi Germany

Dewey the cat dies in librarian's arms:

Was Gates tapped because of his Contra experience in Nicaragua?

Motion Picture Association of America kills bill to prevent theft of personal information

Amazon schedules a special sale for Sunday morning, fundies flip out.

THE INDICTMENT: United States v. George W. Bush et al.

"the most morally hideous and deeply racist column"

Personal products needed for wounded servicemembers at Walter Reed

Portland, OR - DU MEET-UP - Saturday!

"WKRP in Cincinnati": The Christmas Episode

Supreme Court takes 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' free speech case

Dennis Kucinich: There is Only One Way to End The War in Iraq, Part I

Sign DFA's new petition: Tell Pelosi we want PAPER BALLOTS in the first 100 hrs!

Wouldn't the talk of impeachment now be conviction before trial?

WaPo Page 1: Paperless Voting Machines 'Cannot be Made Secure'; Brad on TV on Election Meltdown 2006

"Empire" and the second Civil War. AWESOME!!111!

Jacob Bronowski: We have to touch people

NYT: No joy at the White House, despite holiday garb

DC gasbags blaming "weak-kneed" American people for Bush's war gone bad

Parents get mass truancy warning

Sioux Nation wonders when U.S will pull out of the Dakotas

A worrying thought from Matson and other TOONS

'Breakfast with Santa' banned (PTA fundraiser- war on christmas heating up)

[Globalization] Economic Occupation: The World Bank and IMF in Iraq

"Already Too Busy for Civility " Webb vs Bush

Al Gore To Be On Oprah Winfrey Show

what's the matter with Afghanistani men???

Mexican inauguration - punches/chairs being thrown - Poppy due as guest

trumad enters treatment for his hetrosexuality...

Ending Violence Against Women

The headline Andy Stephenson was waiting for.

Ariz. Cop Had Black Men Rap Away Ticket

Dustin Hoffman: Bush manipulated 9/11 attacks to facilitate the invasion of Iraq

Your opinion, please.

Sixth Grader Tasered

I need the chart showing the profits since 9/11 in the defense and aerospace industries

Bush and his minions greatest fear about leaving Iraq

Myth of the 'Twinkie defense'

Halliburton/Cheney and the New Federal Court Rules

Help protest the Christians' stealing Yule again this year!

THE Solution to the Illegal Immigration Problem

What's the most outrageous thing you've heard a RWer say?

The Nation: Olbermann's Hot News - DISSENT SELLS!

Diabetes is a major bitch--no matter who suffers from it--even Tweety..

Nightline: Why don't the Christian Right care about the poor & sick

Michael Savage: Jimmy Carter is an anti-American, anti-Semitic swine.

Holy Shite: Was the polonium mechansim of delivery this simple?

Let's have a conversation about HIV/AIDS.

GOP is a "National Party No More." Kevin Drum says it's a Texas party.

Has the sheet covering Lady Justice's boobs at the Justice Dept. been removed?

Mercury-free Flu shots....Trying to find one for my 3 y.o. son...any ideas?

Livestock Responsible for 20% of Greenhouse Gasses

Please read and help! I really need my Democratic friends...

Vehicles Used In Iraq Car Bombings Were Stolen In The US

observations on barack obama and gun control

Mexican pretender Calderon can't be sworn in in public because

Chris Matthews Hospitalized

CNET's James Kim and family missing -- have you seen them? US NW DUers

Put that SOB in JAIL NOW! Defund AF One! Lockdown the White House! Stop HIM!

State Of The Union - GW Bush is a dose of sunshine...

Hunter S. Thompson on Richard Nixon and More

Bush Girls Gone Wild!


Nixon - The Checker's Speech - with commentary

Gun Confiscations In New Orleans

Refuge Of Last Resort: New Orleans Katrina Documentary

Ramsey Clark on US Government 7:45 min

Big News of 1941 - 1941/12/24 (1941) - Universal Newsreel Year in Review

With America Distracted by Sex, Iraq Explodes With Violence...

Beautiful Rendition of our national Anthem

Media Matters releases study on Sunday shows...

Colbert Defends Limbaugh For 'Carrying The Water'...

Ann Coulter: Plagiarist...

Bono's message for World AIDS Day

Rise Up

Gore Vidal on Bush and the Iraq War - Tavis Smiley Show...

Gen. Zinni NWO

Big Brother

Motivations and The Defense Monopoly...

Pirates and Emperors

Bush's Border Control

ACCU Terror Forecast

Our friend Dick Cheney...

CBC talks with Belinda Stronach and John Manley about Dean's speech

MEDIA-OPOLY 2:26 min

21 Nazi Chiefs Guilty, Nuremberg Trials. 1946/10/08 (1946)

Living Colour - Terrorism (Bass Solo Peice)

Rummy's slip-o-the-tongue....or was it a Freudian slip? Listen up....

War Corporatism...

Al Gore's X Prize Speech - Former VP Al Gore condemns the Bush Administration's new Space Policy...

Why We Fight Trailer: Great Documentary. A Must See.

Were You Thinking Something Was Going To Change? Ha!

Iraq: Every once in a while the Pentagon releases a report saying...

Rep. Ben Chandler (D) KY-06 will NOT run for governor in 2007

Iraq Panel to Urge Pullout Of Combat Troops by '08

Legal Issues in Pryce/Kilroy for Congress recount---Ohio


Interesting 2000 article about speechmaking politicians and public expectations.

Hire Sam Jackson to deliver message to Bush

Are there any Fundamentalist Bushtians

Even Foley will keep his $32,000 pension

Riding the BushCo Duncemobile

Facts Be Damned- Media Bias Alive on Both Sides

Here is the winner of the Bush vs Bush Photo Caption Contest...

Anybody pick up on this little Bush/Iraq change?

Interesting Research on 2006 Campaign cycle

If the "Republican" controlled Congress had voted down the IWR,

World AIDS Day: Will Dems challenge "the Luxury of Abstinence?"

Touch Screens? Vote Yes or No

Flip-Flop McCain Crashes Der Mittenfuhrer Romney's Party

Illegeal Aliens Toiled for Governor (Mountain Meadows Mitt Romney)

Remember Shock and Awe ?

Protesters seek Lebanon PM resignation

O'Reilly's War Against Himself

Stop Mitt Romney

Illegal immigrants toiled for governor (Mitt Romney!)

CNN just did a "Drunk on TV" segment and mentioned Shrub?

no comment on David Schuster's week hosting Hardball?

Frist's Exit Creates Void For Southern Republicans

Fiasco In FL -- 18,000 Missing Votes -- May Lead To Legislation Requiring Verifiable Paper Trails

Romney: Marriage is between a Man and a Woman.....

The one question every '08 candidate MUST answer

Obama Meets With Iowa Advisors For Gore 2000, Kerry 2004

said on AAR yesterday, rumor has it the bush twins were in

My Response to UTs "Young Conservatives" ACLU Nativity

Quiet warfare: Few have been paying attention to that other ongoing terrorist threat (MSNBC)

American Family Action Alert!! American Family Action Alert!!

DC might FINALLY get a vote in Congress ... what do you think about this?

AP: Vilsack Criticizes McCain on Iraq

He (B*sh) said it, not me!

Jebbie going to RENT a $5,000 per month condo in Coral Gables.

Anyone know how that Al Qaeda attack is going on the financial/banking

Obama's Secret Strategy Session

Net Neutrality champ Ed Markey to chair the House Telecom and Internet Subcommittee.

GOP Must Fear Obama 2008 .... Already Playing The Race Card

Controversial X-ray scan to be used at (Phoenix) Sky Harbor (Airport)

Need help with an item I found at an antique store.. Can anyone give me more info on this item

the unintended beneficial byproduct of republican hubris

"Arab world was left dumbfounded" by Bush, Maliki summit

Obama will be on Jay Leno tonight ...

A Plan for Iraq? Hillary Clinton vs George W. Bush. Who Will Be Last to Have One?

Analysis: 85 GOP House Seats Could Be At Risk In 2008

Dodd Mulling 2008 Presidential Run

Obama to Brownback: "This is my house too - this is God's house"

Let's recap the REAL REAL reason we are suffering a Bush2 administration and their wars

Why is a Progressive Smearing Obama When He's Supposed to be a Progressive Himself?

Why On Earth Would Jim Webb Be Nice to George W. Bush?

HuffPost: "Do you want the U.S.A. to win in Iraq? Yes or No?"

O'Reilly: "It doesn't matter whether there is a civil war there— that's a media-driven situation"

How come WE knew?


Republicans to lose their Bible-study room in the Capitol

The Democrats who were responsible for the Vietnam War

“ACLU Nativity Scene” at the Univ. of Texas at Austin

Evan Bayh launches exploratory committee

Hillary May Skip Iowa Caucus

Rotating Primaries