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Archives: December 10, 2006

NYT: The Sunshine Boys Can’t Save Iraq (Rich nails it hard again)

HAYDEN: Iraq Study Group had oil, construction, & finance execs, wanted to end war but keep oil

Go, Barney! Frank to try to get Unions back on track

Recommendations for Federal Legislation To Ensure the Integrity of our Democracy

"Barack Obama, Inc." ...Birth of Washington Machine...Harpers Magazine

Swiss halt geothermal experiment after tremor (Reuters)

Vast African Lake Levels Dropping Fast - AP

Rev Up Your Green Engines (Newsweek)

Assess renewable energy's feasibility, governors advised

The orphans of Sumqayit (BBC)

E&E Crosspost: A Toon.

"Sky News" Was poisoned spy false flag whistleblower?

Recommendations for Federal Legislation To Ensure the Integrity of our Democracy

Shenanigans in MO.

Why is King County opposing the recount in close Washington D8 race?

HAND COUNTED paper ballots YES! Sourcecode anywhere-NO!

NYT: Romney’s Gay Rights Stance Draws Ire: Conservatives criticize 1994 letter

LAT: Afghanistan war nears 'tipping point': Another long, costly fight with Islamic insurgency?

Taking on Third World water (Seattle group with help from Gates Foundation)

San Francisco fights over its character

It's Still About Oil in Iraq (LA Times OpEd: ISG report advocates continued petro-colonialism)

Another typhoon slams the Philippines

New Orleans mayor says city's tourism economy on upswing

La. Dem Incumbent in Tough House Runoff (Jefferson)

Bush sees US consensus over Iraq ("victory in Iraq". )

Indian, U.S. Officials Welcome Nuke Deal

Saddam's Nephew Escapes Iraqi Prison

Iran Offers to Help U.S. Exit From Iraq

BREAKING: Secret American talks with insurgents break down, from the Times of London

Shiites Rout Sunni Families in Mixed Area of Baghdad (Remember: NOT Civil War)

CNN: Space shuttle Discovery lights up night sky

CNN: Aide: Head of House Democratic Campaign Committee Rahm Emanuel heard of Foley e-mails in 2005

Jefferson storms back to win re-election

US bugged Diana's phone on night of death crash

S. American Leaders Aim for EU-Like Body

Goodnight, you guys

Taco Bell...Taco Bell...It's Christmas time in the city.

Joyeux Noel (Merry Christmas) movie recommendation...

revelation = phenomenology = judgment = pariah

Posting on DU is addictive!! I have proof!!!

There is a goddam leopard or SOMETHING coughing on the Africam.

More Poetry from the Tomes

In which trof stumbles upon the secret recipe for Durkee's Famous Sauce.

A Soldier's Christmas (Can we support our troops and not the war?)

How 'bout them lunch toters?

Goodnight my beautiful things.....

Mmmmmm. Navy beans are good. Soaked 'em all day.


Hey, Has Anyone Seen My Lenny Kravitz Greatist Hits CD?

Bad joke: What do you call it when you beat up a dead person?

Good news and bad news...

I've got my fifth wheel in a parking lot and I can't turn around!

Just backed my 5th wheel over a shopping cart with a thing on it's nose.

FYI: The search for n/a wine continues...

My "XM Boom Box" has failed. I can use the vehicle adaptor kit in my car

Anyone here ever invest in

What do you do

When is the last time you had a wet dream?

VIDEO: College Professor vs Neo-Con Preacher

Scandal!! Zamfir is NOT the master of the Pan Flute!!!

I have 19,492 posts. Will I make 20,000 before New Years?

List movies that depict the people and culture of a specific area and time in the U.S.,

ok need some ideas for poster board slogans with positive spin

"Gut Feeling"

To be Patsy or not to be Patsy

Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens

My butt hurts.

God damn! IncrediFlash Xtreme is complicated

Do they have broadband on the shuttle?

Attention Parents: What would you have done in this situation?

Veal demi-glace with Sriracha and cilantro in the wok with shrimp?

Rachael Weiz.

If you use your debit card, and the amount in you account isn't enough for the purchase,

Well, I've been asked recently.......where are my pic threads?

Fashion Q: Would this be a good dress for a short, plump chick?

Sigh, why do I need attention tonight?

I will be trying to post a photo, my daughter helped, so wish me success

My imaginary friend from childhood just called

Should I watch "Flip THIS House" on A&E or "Flip THAT House" on TLC?

How to create a popular thread:

Does Bill Clinton deserve to have a pimp cup?

If offered... would you sniff a complete strangers finger?

My epidermis hurts all over.

Radio Lady invites you to view... Amazing Mexico (PHOTOS of Aztec and Mayan sites from 1984 -- 1990)

If you were to change your DU screen name - what would it be?

OK, Your Heisman Prediction...

I just did something not good, and I don't know if it's against the rules. (Need help)

aarrrrrgg! walked into a Walgreens today, got a Phil Collins musak earworm

Who's making the deviled eggs?

Jesus Christ, I hate GD...

I invoke the collective grammar power of DU...

Why I am not laughing at Saturday Night Live.

Seven-year-olds are the greatest

Birthday cake dilemma (aka what a fool I am)


How come Superman never has bugs in his teeth?

What are you smelling right now?

My company Christmas party was tonight

What is going on with Mr Scorpio?

What phrase will be written on the chimperor's tombstone?

O How A Rose E'er Blooming -- Your favorite Christmas songs?

Richard Nixon the Cat: Maybe coronavirus (FCoV), maybe giardiasis.

Uh oh, DU, I have a cell phone

My wife and kids are out of town tonight

What are you listening to right now?

How about a "Dedicate a song to a duer or two" (reprise thread)

What phrase will be written on your tombstone?

I just don't like NASCAR

Quick! Don't stop to think, don't look up photos, just post a name: Who revs your motor?!

WAHOO!!! Finally got DSL! Goodbye to dial-up FOREVER!!

The Gospel of Christian Atheism (Thomas J.J. Altizer / 1966)

Planetary triple play sunday

Sexual harassment in the workplace, MY workplace, directed at ME

Picture (film) of Solar Tsunami on Dec 6

i can't believe this happened to me again

Mood Music for Contest


Can't we just jump the track?

Scandal!! Zamfir is NOT the master of the Pan Flute!!!

Anybody know if the launch will be on any cable channel?

New Gore Book May Prompt "Draft Gore" Movement (And Clark Has A New Book, Too)

Who should be Time's "Person of the Year"?

Cool "YouTube" of Lennon,

Clinton has plenty of campaign cash left over

Rumsfeld is in Iraq?????? WTF????? Unbelievable...

hmmm. . .How specifically pointed

Here's a live countdown site for the shuttle launch.

Shuttle Discovery at 9 minutes and counting down

"Democrat" Leader (& Other Such Bullshit) . . . (CNN Headline) . . .

Larry Scott of VA pay tribute to Randy Barnes

"War on War"

Secret American talks with insurgents break down

Thank Lt Watada

George Bush and Social Security

My father would have been fired if he had committed negligence at HIS job

Noticed this sign permanently attached to the wall at granddaughter's basketball game tonight -

Sometimes, if you want a good cool drink of water....

Bill Jefferson has won reelection in Louisiana.

Black-Market Weapon Prices Surge in Iraq Chaos (NYT)

Will the shuttle lift off tonight? What do DUers think?

Italy to recognize gay couples; Vatican says it will "eradicate the family!"

SNL restore Sadam and write a check for the damage

The War On Christmas Hits Seattle Tacoma Airport..

So Donald H. Rumsfeld is back in Baghdad, where he helped arm

The housing market will correct when the median price relates to the median family income

What makes someone "unelectable?"

How George W. Bush has ruined the family franchise

****OFFICIAL LA-2 RUNOFF RACE (William Jefferson-freezer cash man) THREAD****

Rage from hawkish Right gives Bush political cover to reject Iraq Study Group plan

Global warming again: "Bark beetles ravaging western US forests"

I think that it looks more and more like the road out of Iraq

Oaxaca: March Scheduled For tommorrow, It could get Rough Again

Frank Rich: "The actual reality is that we have lost in Iraq."

World Peace Day tomorrow... Any good slogans???

Iraq Study Group Recommendations 46, 72 and 78: Government officials should not lie

50 years from now, when the effects of global warming really begin to materialize...

Media censorship during the Iraq occupation video

A Venture Capital Alternative to Federal Student Loans

My e-mail reply about that Citgo thing.

Just Saw "Bobby"...

45 women died in a fire yesterday

I didn't like Happy Feet, but not for the same reason as Glenn Beck & Neil Cavuto

US intelligence listened to Princess Diana's calls before crash

Include a Peace Sign when you sign your Christmas Cards

The FCC is reversing the break-up of AT&T...

Gun porn

San Francisco fights over its character

Why Gore would be a Shoo-In (more wildass speculation from


I Have A #9 Dream

Habitat for Humanity plans ecologically green housing development

James Kim trekked much farther than first thought (Was 7 Miles from Lodge)

It's pictures like this that still leave you in awe of mankind's technology

Kucinich Likely To Make Second Run For President

Religion for Captive Audiences, With Taxpayers Footing the Bill

Things I'm hating right now

Gore/Feingold - The Brilliant Strategy?

"We Were Soldiers" author Joseph Galloway: Leave Iraq now; don't wait until 2008 election day

The best giving starts HERE on DU FOR DUers- Please read.

His Spanish is better than Bush's English.

The End of Suburbia trailer

The ISG report exposes the deep split within the Republican Party..

WP: Candidates Woo Bush Donors for 'Invisible Primary'

I Don't Get it -- It Looks Like William Jefferson Won?

Startling True Confession: I Am A Candidate Advocate

Important election to watch today

The Saturday Cartoons

January 4, 2007


Is the US Institute Of Peace a new version of Project For A New American Century?

Obama Shrugs Off "Rock Star" Label...Heads To NH

Darn it! Jefferson won!

I know this is a dumb question

Was There an Analysis of the Military Vote for the '06 Mid-Terms?

"We will not forget it. But I have to ask you: why has your country forgotten?"

The most accurate test on US’s “democracy” for people in China: CNN’s iReport

Bush seen as rejecting Iraq lifeline

The Incredibly, Unbelievably, Stupendously, Incurious George Bush

Call Me Crazy, But Think I've Been Here Before

Rahm to oil industry: The honeymoon is over

Subpoena may signal a wider corruption (Fed investigation of Ted Stevens' son Ben)

What's the Opposite of a Pyrrhic Victory?

Stephanopoulos' TV Show Gains Momentum

— while carefully never mentioning Ms. Rice by name.

Iran's Universities are Still Alive

Newspapers That Once Called Upon Clinton To Resign Are Silent On Bush

Iran looks like the winner of the Iraq war

Iraqi President Criticizes Study Group Report - AP

Take My Secretary Of State, Please by Nora Ephron at Huffington Post

Witnessing Execution a Matter of Duty, Choice

Bread, Bread, Everywhere, Yet not a Morsel to Eat (Jason Miller)

Religion for a Captive Audience, Paid For by Taxes (but Catholics feel

U.S. looks to Disney for welcome for visitors

U.S. banks find customers in Mexican Consulate

Armando Iannucci: Multiple choice test on Iraq

Ethics Panel Finds No Rules Violations in Foley Case (all is well)

A cleaner, greener Christmas

The effort to link Al Queda & Iran has begun

Black-Market Weapon Prices Surge in Iraq Chaos

Samo, Samo: Civilization (vs.) the Barbarians

Training Iraqis May Pose Risks For U.S.(embedding)

LAT: Unhappy with U.S. handling, cities get a grip on global warming

Cow 'emissions' more damaging to planet than CO 2 from cars

Peak Oil at West Point(they get it)

Carbon Trading: Attacking Warming with a New Tool, or Shell Game?

Region discovers new opportunities through alternative energy (Pittsburgh, PA)

(Alec) Baldwin moderates (nuclear) power plant discussion (Oyster Creek, NJ)

NYT: some possible public service announcement posters on Conservation

Global Warming Will Exterminate The Human Race Just Like It Killed These People

Public utilities pose block wind energy (Nebraska)

Water Levels In Lake Victoria Dropping Fast

Pay as you pollute (buying "carbon offsets", Maine Sunday Telegram)

New (power) line expense may hit Mainers (New GOP FERC rules)

Builders told to make all new homes 'carbon-zero' (UK)

Solar: Doing the Dirty (PV grade silicon supplies)

Growth gets a foothold on Galapagos

Labor, Meretz MKs sign deal with Palestinians

PM to ministers: Keep mum on Baker report, it is internal U.S. matter

India and Israel: Nuclear Non-Proliferation myopia and U.S. Foreign Policy.

Saudis welcome US report's accent on Palestinians (Reuters)

Elbow to elbow, like cattle (Gideon Levy)

cool site for watching...

Panel Rejects Fair Elections

Sarasota Herald Tribune: Sample ballot was different from screen

Election Reform, Fraud, & News 12/10/06 - FL-13 Breaking News in Sarasota!!!

What Hand Counted Paper Ballots Look Like - Wiki & Journal

WP: Candidates Woo Bush Donors for 'Invisible Primary'

Housing slump projected to 2008

Four civilians killed in NATO airstrike in Afghanistan

Gunmen kill Shi'ite families in Baghdad after raid

Reuters: Gunmen kill some 30 civilians in Darfur-UN

Anti-U.S. cleric criticizes Iraqi gov't

Pilots in Brazil crash return to U.S.

Holocaust exhibits link faces, horrors

U.S. banks find customers in Mexican Consulate

CIA is undermining British war effort, say military chiefs

Cities face life without 16 Ford plants

WaPo: Davila Offered Gallaudet Post, Sources Say

Iraq army weapons (from US) wind up on black market

Subpoena may signal a wider corruption (Fed investigation of Ted Stevens' son Ben)

Study authors defend Iraq strategy plan

Karzai: NATO bombs, terrorists kill kids

Rumsfeld bids farewell to GIs in Iraq "should not quit the war"

Iraqi leader: U.S. report is 'dangerous'

'Banker to poor' receives Nobel Peace Prize

Col. submits Guantanamo investigation

Candidates Woo Bush Donors for 'Invisible Primary' --WaPo

Gunmen kill two Shi'ite families in Baghdad massacre

U.S. troops must defeat enemy in Iraq: Rumsfeld

Iraqi President Calls U.S. Security Training a Failure

BJP says U.S. nuclear bill "humiliating" (India)

US violator of human rights: Buddhadeb

Gore plans to initiate a grass-roots 'carbon freeze' movement

UK: Passport applicants will have to attend personal interviews

Algeria bombing kills one, wounds Westerners

40 bodies found in Baghdad. Many shot and tortured

Large anti-gov't protest held in Beirut

(Whoopsie!) 3 Iraqi soldiers killed by US friendly fire

Total success in Iraq 'not possible': former US secretary of state (Eagleburger)

Afghan poppies to get herbicide spray

Britain stops talk of 'war on terror' (i am not sure Bush himself invented

Breaking CNN: Pinochet dead

Lend to beggars, Nobel laureate urges banks

3000 gathered in Santiago, Chile's Plaza Italia to celebrate Pinochet's Death

Pelosi's first priority is to halt Iraq war

Gulf States: Maybe We'll Go Nuclear, Too

Does Bill Clinton deserve to have a pimp hat??

There's something about those ol Road Runner cartoons...

Wow, Joan Cusack's Local Flavor is one lame fuckin show. Does she really need a gig that bad?

Jesus Christ, I hate VD...

How many times have you seen An Inconvenient Truth?

Time keeps on slippin into the future...

The lowdown on the pasty pic thread (if you care to know.)

Anybody Awake......

Bob Seeger and the Silver Bullet Band.

The ultimate poll:

Anybody Awake......

Goodbye to the US after seven weeks

going to bed now

YaY....I've officially been published!

Anybody know why Aaron McGruder didn't restart "The Boondocks" after his hiatus?

I have a confession: I am a NASA/space geek.

"Lord of the Rings" or "Lord of the Flies"?

Oh no. I've moved on to the tequila

You know, the flaming bag is really the thinking man's poo prank

Which 80's TV character pulled more chicks?

anyone decorating a tree this c'mas?

Party was good. We have tons of leftover food.

GD, I hate Jesus Christ...

Who came up with "Generation ____" and "Generation ___" anyway?

Pictures of peoples' loved ones should not be displayed at work.

Diploma's, I hate GeD's...(really lame copycat)

Coffee with Brown Sugar....

Like Stephanie Miller's : It's a Blunderful Life parody says;

Àfter seeing a fight to the death about a friggin dress,

Detroit's dumbest criminal...

Anyone Here Remember Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman?

Dear (probably great minority of) Americans:

Crap that Fergielicious song is stuck in my head !!!!!!

I'm just going to run away, now.

Whose name will be written on the chimperor's tombstone?

Piano Man or Rocket Man?

Your favourite Ralph Wiggum quotes thread

Is it Christmas yet?

Help me find a really cool desktop picture

self delete

How do I register a domain name (I dont own it )that expired 3 days ago? How long is the grace

If you saw ">=", how would you

Please DU, I beg you, Don't Eat The Pictures!!!!!!!!

Priest to bed fine non-virgins

Quick Question : Where the word "flame" originate ?

Priest to wed nine non-virgins

Priest to be fed to nine non-surgeons

Has anyone else tried "playing" Lounge threads with a text-to-speech program?

Company Christmas Parties

'The Corbomite Maneuver'

Anyone ever heard of the Grandfather of YouTube?

Wedding priest to fine non-virgins

Anyone check Africa cam today or yesterday? Snow?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 12/10/06)

Stop the madness.

December 10 is Human Rights Day.

Damn, letters of recommendation are hard to write!

Murphy's Lesser-Known Laws

A poem I found that i felt was worth sharing.

B&W photos -- 2 pics I dug out of storage

Okay, call me unfeeling and callous but....

the company my wife works for has a very strange christmas party...

Happy Birthday, sfexpat2000!

I have to say that I'm extremely jealous ....

Are you brand loyal?

Gingerbread recipes?

Introducing Sirius Wiggles.

Congratulations MADem!! 25,000 posts

When was the last time you flat-out lusted for Lance Bass?

Last night I had a really stupid dream.

Does Anyone Else Love This Song?

Crapptiy-Crap - So far Green Bay is kicking the shit out of my Niners.

Help me write this lament for Pinochet and co.

Mmmm just made a batch of peanut butter cookies with reese's pieces, ask me anything!

So I bought some Plutonium 210 at Walmart

Breaux Breaux Breaux....

When was the last time you flat-out lusted for bass?

Ho Ho Ho....

When was the last time you flat-out busted your ass?

What's the best method or product for dusting?

Good night, all

Happy birthday ulysses!!

James Bond... [spoilers]

It would appear that I sprained my toe, taking off my pants.

I can't find my copy of The Cartoon History of the Universe III.

I'm a total dork, I know, but I'm totally giddy about my new DVR.

Should I start shaving my body hair?


college students: is your library's rent-a-cop an insufferable douchebag?

Need a good laugh?

Good news - My mom is home from the hospital.

I have a humongous .....

I have a humongous zit .....

So I bought some Polonium 210 at Walmart

Describe your Christmas tree. and how its decorated this year.

Hey 40-somethings

Let the fun begin.

Any MySpace people out there?

The Cross . . .

Speaking of pictures of loved ones...Post them here...(PIC HEAVY)

Windows explorer crashing everytime I open a certain folder?

A Charlie Brown Christmas, as voiced by the cast of Scrubs

Another question for the collective grammar powers...

I would post this in either of the 'Books' forums, however - I'm not.

Request for positive thoughts, good vibes etc. Please

Mrs. and Mr. Maestro have an anniversary today.

Funniest.thing.ever. If you can read this without laughing your ass off

Any Outer Space people out there?

Help me fix my furnace, please!!!

Here it is for your listening pleasure.

Okay, here they are, the Kitties of DU wishing you Happy Holidays

Once and for all: Most attractive band member.

Listen to my computer speak an actual thread from the DU Lounge...

My girlfriend just kicked me out...what to do...

So, I have this friend ....

Xmas Lights: Multicolored or White?

Radio Lady invites you to view... Amazing Mexico (PHOTOS of Aztec and Mayan sites from 1984 -- 1990)

a question- for those that believe in an afterlife and/or an immortal soul...


Congratulations HypnoToad!! 50,000 posts

Tonight's Christmas Cheer update: One of my cashiers broke down and cried

Cool ! Food Network is showing a British cooking show, and not dumbing it down for Americans

Today's cruise of Freeperville - Beware Insanity Ahead

Conservative rabbi is really a liberal atheist promoting war against Christmas!

Why do Atheists care about Religion?

Military's New Active Denial System

Predict the outcome of the Saints-Cowboys game tonight

Eagles hold off the Redskins!

Tom Brady is Jason Taylors Bitch....

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for December 10: In Memorium David Bronstein

Super Bowl XXXXI's half-time show (piece of crap)

Forgot to mention the new Cosmic Dimension is up

The Stars This Week: "Help Arrives" - Dec. 11 - Dec. 17, 2006

Could I your help and support? Against genocide?

Does anyone have a myspace page?

Funny cartoon

Anybody home...

New blog post up

Something to look forward to.....

Has anyone ever used TracFone?

Some Questions for the Iraq Study Group

New Taliban rules target Afghan teachers (1. Warning 2. Beating 3. Death)

My Values (Why I am a Liberal)

Faux News screws up Shuttle launch reporting

BlackBerry Orphans

2,928 U.S. troops killed in W's war against the Iraqis

OK...this is gonna seem REALLY 'random' (b/c it is???) BUT

Top Air Force Lawyer Had Been Disbarred (since 1984, and no one knew?)

No apologies

Iraqi orphan Ali refused benefit payment . . .

Fighting THEIR wars...AGAIN

115 views, 3 nominations...

Using Foster Care Children as a Ticket to the Good Life

Why I formed my own political party.

Democratic congressional agenda on C-Span

Branded for Life . . .

Link to BBC documentary - Expose about Torture Inc., America's Brutal Prisons

And then there is Apocalypto

Should Speaker Pelosi Do Anything About Rep. William Jefferson?

abc Blair, Biden on ISG --George S. now

ISG: Is there a single member who opposed IWR?

Foley Timeline (Repukes, Dems AND Media knew long before 2006)

I finally got around to watching The Road to Guantanamo. I cannot describe the revulsion and guilt..

Bush's Numbers Are So Bad Even The GOP May End Up Wanting Him Impeached

ECHELON has been confirmed by the Princess Dianna spy story...

Some Pictures of the Year 2006

Will more killing for LIES make these family members feel any better? Don't they get it?

It all reminds me of an old MAD Magazine parody

A Great Holiday Gift

So an Average Joe’s impressions of the ISG Report

Combat Hospital

So is this why rummy is in Iraq, not to say goodby to the troops but to twist arms maybe

Snow job getting some tough questions

Blair on ABC's This Week ... Saying Iran is undermining Iraq's new gov't.

'You must leave in 24 hours or your heads will be cut, your houses burnt'

AK-47 appetizers for main-course security

Mike WALLACE gets FDR medal. A Lib?-----who knew??!!1

Please help me decide which votes were important in Congress

An Ungrateful Volcano

"Uncle Georgie dropped his tongs!"

Hey Skinner! (100,000 mark contest)

The "Wolfowitz Cabal" and how it all began

AP: Gunmen Slay Indian Activist in Oaxaca

People who imagine a victory in Iraq are just plain stupid, I'm sorry.

Sunday Morning Talk Shows Have Spoken: ISG is DOA.

"Bush ready to change 'tactics,' not goals, He meets with Congress leaders, awaits more advice"

A worthy new word to sum up 2006

What a farce, Tom Delay said :re: good things GOP did in the last 12 yrs

Sunday Morning, Coming Down...

Haas (Time): "It is essentially important for the future of this country that Iraq be seen as Iraq's

Holocaust exhibits link faces, horrors

What is Bush's favorite Deadly Sin?

Idiot Brit Hume just said that

Pack it up and go home!

Analysis: "America's `Iraq syndrome'"

Live from Leavenworth Penitentiary:

Hawks bolster skeptical president (Washington Post)

Before you drive, before you shop, before you eat, . . . please stop by & CAPTION!!!!

***Tariq Ali on CSPAN2 - 1pm - Pirates of the Caribbean: Axis of Hope

Editor&Publisher: "The Last Soldier To Die for A Mistake"

Bread, Bread, Everywhere, Yet not a Morsel to Eat (Jason Miller)

Ask your senator & rep: whose side you on--OIL companies or American and Iraqis democratic will?

Imagine, if you will

Shorter Bill Kristol: Since we went in honorably, it would be dishonorable to leave

Ed Young: Telemarketing religion to the Clueless.

Paul Bremer and the neocon true believers gave Iraq over to anarchy.

Western Culture comes to Latvia

Karzai cries during speech, says Afghan children are dying from terrorism and NATO bombs

I think this girl is on to something (must watch!!!)

Will Little Boots attend Pinochet's

dead bodies in iraq used to spell out the word VICTORY

Aide: Democrat leader heard of Foley e-mails in 2005 (Rahm)

If You're Concerned About Global Warming See Funny Free Video On Huffington

Why is Tony Blair saying ...


What Would You Do If Faced With Stephanie Miller's Dilemma?


Black-Market Weapon Prices Surge in Iraq Chaos

A Humanitarian's Review Of Mel's Latest Flick - 'Apocalypto'

Opus: "The Decider"- W's war in 1 toon

We don't understand the culture. If you abuse an Iraqi man in front of his wife

Need some help

New Dem House Intel chief can't answer 'fundamental questions'

A plan that might save our butts in the Mideast - your thoughts

Pinochet, Kirkpatrick, and Livermore

Bit of a shock: a friend from a non-politics board is a freeper.

What do you think it will take before Bush will realize...

Bill Nelson says offshore drilling "a huge day for Floridians"...Landrieu ecstatic.

CSPAN2 - 3:45 pm - Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace

Homeless in Chicago

Got Dirt?

Do you think that the Dems will go to far with the bipartansianship...

If you'll forgive me...

"What would the world look like if we won?"

Funniest.thing.ever. If you can read this without laughing your ass off

Demonstrators take to the streets after hearing the news of Pinochets death(pics)

Iraqalypto and other TOONS (Dialup warning)

Candidates Woo Bush Donors for 'Invisible Primary' --WaPo

Are there any DUers who served in WWII?

This is an interesting read - Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle"

Sky News UK "changes of terror attack highly likely"


Anybody else get that wierd Zogby questionaire??

An Inconvenient Truth Wins Documentary Award

Government wants Hamdan case dismissed (Military Commissions Act)

The Midwest Veterans Homeless Shelter is up and running

Danziger TOONs on Poppy Bush's Crying and "the War President"

Breaking on CNN: Pinochet is dead

Partner and I just renewed our passports

Watching the state kill

Britain drops the phrase, 'war on terror'

I need DUers suggestions for Political books and DVD's for

C-SPAN 2 - Tariq Ali dispels lies about Chavez. now

Sherrod Brown to use position to force 08 candidates to embrace populism

Now that we have the ISG, can we do an Afghanistan study now?

After watching "We Were Warned" on CNN, seeing what the

PNAC signatory leading candidate to replace Bolton at U.N.

Can someone get me David Brooks' article on Iraq and civil war?

Greg Palast - The Baker Boys: Stay Half the Course...

The Faces Of Poverty

joint nuclear program for Arab gulf states proposed



Cancer Expert Was Paid $1,500 A Day By Monsanto

Think Canada doesn't support the illegal war on Iraq? Thing again.

Ever been asked to respond to a political telephone poll?

Carbon Trading: Attacking Warming with a New Tool, or Just a Shell Game?

Bush could of skated for another 2 years if he would have

A lady just followed me all the way home

The Best Reasons Not to Impeach, And Why They're Wrong


Why Hezbollah's Al-Manar Television is broadcasting Sunday Mass

Tom DeLay on FOX t rying to make a comeback??? Spinning GOP CRAP

Brownback goes to prison

So are we at a kiss your *ss goodbye moment?

NYT: Study Detects Recent Instance of Human Evolution

Has anyone else recieved ...dollar bills

Pinochet death 'saddens' Thatcher

NY Times: "The Muslim Stereotype."

Was just listening to ABC Evening News, lol

Insurgent fighting in Baghdad stops during Iraqi soccer games

Chain Reaction the movie, now a reality..... coming to a

White House Dogs ---pix--->>>

A place to get News we want to hear

Anyone find it interesting that Pinochet, Friedman, and Kirkpatrick all died within a month?

So it's going to be Hillary vs. Obama in a slugfest.....they are sucking up all the media's oxygen

To all those who say "if we leave Iraq now there will be chaos"

Donald Rumsfeld still adding his two cents worth about the Iraq Study Group


No wonder ...

LAT: Renters press officials for affordable housing

I am convinced the cream will rise to the top...

Book titles & other unintended comedy in the bios of the ISG members

The Chris Matthews show is SO much better with David Gregory in charge

History is against Obama and Hillary (and even Edwards) in a 2008 Presidential election

Is it Baker and the Saudis vs Bush and the Shites?

Maureen Dowd's "The Oval Intervention"...

Since Obama is only one letter different from Osama

Freepers discuss Pinochet. Don't read if you have a weak stomach.

“...the self-licking ice cream cone that passes for Bush's coterie of advisers...” McGovern on Gates

TOON - Sunday's Doonesbury ("Worst President In U.S. History")

Eastern Kentucky students hold onto Confederate school symbols

Senator George Clooney(D-KY) in 08? There's an effort to draft him

Iraq army weapons (from US) wind up on black market

Make Your Prediction: U.S. Troop Levels In Iraq in early January, 2009.

You know what scares the crap out of me?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Sun. 12/10... it took a child

bush convinced history will ultimately vindicate him. Yeah, right.

Finally! A photo of Chad Castagana (The UnaFreeper)

Media Consolidation

We shouldn't have gone into Iraq, but hindsight is 20/20.

Will bush become an object of pity in his decline, or of revulsion?

McKinney and Karpinsky Silenced for Telling the Truth

Predictions you made about bush that came true.

First CSPAN question this morning about Limbaugh's ISG comments

Congressman Barney Frank Says Kill The Funding. Period.

Iraqi Fledglings Still Refusing To Fly Solo

Dairy Industry Crushed Innovator Who Bested Price-Control System

Australia is fighting a huge brushfire, perhaps biggest in history, in Victoria

Please help stop secret genocide before it's all over!

US opens new Guantanamo camp jail

DU this CSPAN poll,51% rate 109th congress A not F?

Felonious Monk: What's The Deal With The Dalai Lama? (Mickey Z.)

Somewhere A Banker Smiles

Why are so many people committed to voting against Al Gore?

Congress in race for worst ever

I still LOVE you, Cynthia McKinney!

What made Poppy turn on Saddam, anyways?

Movement pumps up Jesus' manly side

History of Dirty Tricks (Pt. III): Who Gained from the Self-Destruction of Europe?

U.S. bugged Princess Diana's telephone without British permission on night of her death

Diana Vindicated

So, yall going to post on Tom DeLay's new blog?

If you missed SNL last night

'Apocalypto' earns $14M, resurrects Mel Gibson

Kirk Douglas 90th Birthday Message to America's "Generation Y"

Juan Williams Hits His Limit on Fox News Sunday: ‘Sometimes I Just Want To Scream’

American Jewish Committee Outraged by Prager Rebuke of Muslim Congressman

Why the f*ck is there an "American Idol"?

White House now "HOSTILE" to Iraq report; Bush insists on "victory"

LAT op-ed: The bubble boy in the Oval Office "is treated by everybody around him as...a child."

Pt. 1 of 3- Tavis Smiley Interviews President Clinton

Pt. 2 of 3 Tavis Smiley Interviews President Clinton

Pt. 3 of 3 Tavis Smiley Interviews President Clinton

Bolton Bolts

Drinking Buddy!

The Bastard Fairies - Whatever

Rep. Jackson Lee - There Is No Cut and Run, There's Reality...

Henry Rollins "America is under attack."

Jello Biafra @ Dreamspace 05 - In the Grip of Official Treason...

Why we will win in 2008

Can any Louisiana DUers explain why...


Annan's valedictory speech at the Truman Library tomorrow

Newsweek poll: Americans agree with ISG, Bush at 32% (AFP)

Question for the GD:P Forum

`Truthiness' is named Word of the Year

Karen Carter "raised nearly five times as much money as" William Jefferson...

Barbara, whose look could freeze not only the Potomac

Why isn't C-SPAN carrying Obama in NH that's happening right now

AP: Study Authors Defend Iraq Strategy Plan

Election in review?

Best idea for a bumper sticker yet.

Texas District 23 Run-off Election in 2 days!

William Jefferson (a POV to ponder): A perfect storm of opportunism and racism

Defrank: Poor Bush had a week that reeked (WH Totally Constipated)

Congress approves offshore drilling bill

Dean in tomorrow's interview with BayNews9...asks cooperation on primaries.


Tony Blair in private. Warning Graphic

With Pelosi's statement, what will the rethugs do, or what will

AP: Florida Congresswoman Pans Video Clip (638 Ways to Kill Castro)

Let's let our congressmen and senators Know what our agenda is ...

War is not a game that you can win

GOP dissent, and calls for checks on Bush, are way up since party's midterm loss of Congress

Harry Reid: Nevada Lawman

Bush's letter to al-Maliki (from

Volunteer Thank You party and political buzz - Andy Hurst VA-11th

St Pete Times: "Butt out, Dean; Buchanan won." Odd editorial for them.

The Obsession With Bush Is A Necessity

Should Congress endorse the ISG report as Dodd has suggested?

What are the chances that this country will ever elect a Bush family member to the Presidency.

Bush to send 25,000 more troops to Baghdad ?

I shall be released (if I pray to Jesus, that is)

Sunday Bushes Pics

Poll Suggests Americans Don't Think Bush Will Remove Troops By 2008

(TX-23) Negative Campaigning Marks Texas Runoff - AP

The Disease of Willful Ignorance

Robert Parry uses Gary Webb's suicide to illustrate the sorry state of the US media.

Ken Adelman stars on Press the Meat in the Sgt. Schultz role .....

Spotted on I-66, heading away from DC and the Beltway today ......

Hillary Taboo

109th Congress ends --- Time to see Democratic report card

Jeb Bush - GOP Darkhorse '08?

So has anyone else noticed ? Where's Condi?

In New Hampshire, Obama Heightens 2008 Prospects

Former Democratic opponent urges Obama to run for President