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Archives: December 11, 2006

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 271

Rated R ! In Brief: Why Ann Coulter Is a C#nt, Part 3240 (Head Injury Edition):

David Duke Speaker at Iran's Holocaust Conference

Crisis in China Could Devastate the U.S.

What If Baghdad Bob Was Right All Along?

NATO Expansion May Prove a Fateful Error

Gore Plans to Initiate a Grass-Roots 'Carbon Freeze' Movement

Former chief justice to rule on IDF, gov't actions in territories

L.A. critics plant flag on 'Iwo Jima' ("An Inconvenient Truth" Best Documentary)

Prison chief arrested after Saddam's nephew escapes

Military readiness lowest since Vietnam War

Churches Must Report on Offerings, Services (Russia)

Halliburton Workers Attacked in Algeria

AP: U.S. Postpones Guantanamo Building Plans

Pinochet opponents clash with police

Taliban and Allies Tighten Grip in Northern Pakistan

Crist cancels inaugural ball amid criticism (FL Gov-elect)

'Vanity Fair' details Foley's veiled life, teary fall

WP: No Rift With Administration, Baker and Hamilton Say

Florida congresswoman pans video clip

GOP heaps scorn on retiring Frist

AP: Talks Under Way to Replace Iraq PM

Olympic bomber Rudolph unhappy with Colorado prison

White House commends Chile for surviving 'difficult period' of Pinochet reign

Question for cat owners - kitty etiquette

LaDanian Tomlinson just broke the single season TD record...

When was the last time you flat out lusted for (your) boss?

NO WONDER we in this area are having a hard time.

When was the last time you flat-out lusted for ass?

It would appear that I sprained my eye, watching LaraMN take off her pants.

Happy Sunday Night!

Do you go to Taco John's?

What's for dinner y'all?


My wife always gets a little strange around her birthday.

I don't like NASCAR, misspoken words/phrases

Jeannie or Samantha?

Butthead had his brights on following me for several miles just now

I shaved my beard off today

I just don't like Macarena

I just don't like MACARONI

Help -- My volunteer work is now more stressful than my job!

What's the best method or product for hustling?

This thought just came to mind: there sure is a lot of pollen in the air here.

Lewis Black on the Comedy Channel tonight, 10 pm EST.

My One Thousandth Post.

I bought an IPOD Nano today...Any advice for me?

PACKERS WIN! Sign of the Apocalypse?

The Bastard Fairies - Whatever

Louis BLACK------------ ROOOOOOOOOLS----------- n/t

How should I convince my mom that the protest on Jan 27 is totally worth going to?

Wait, Arizona beat Seattle?

2 posts, 2 locks

Does this movie trailer look awesome or what?

Have you seen my Laura Bush impression? WARNING: this is not for the faint of heart.



Dupe delete

Gomez or Herman?

Harry & David, crackers, chips, dip, cookies, wine, and ham....

I just stole 19 dozen holiday cookies and ate them - don't ask me anything.

I'm really gonna have to pay more attention to

Rabrrrrrr did NOT steal my cookies

I have a confession to make to you, my Friends. It happened in wartime...

I have had to put the cookies in an undisclosed location

Esteban is the greatest guitarist in the world!

"That Girl" Marathon on TV Land

Rabrrrrrr did NOT steal my cooties

Making the best of Florida. I hung out with these guys today.

Does someone here have a good eye for statements of purpose?

How on earth do you listen to a CD backwards?

I have to give a cat medicine so nasty that I can't even catch him anymore. Ask me anything.

Let's recap!(LF life in 2006)

I just baked 19 dozen holiday cookies - ask me anything!

Anyone here watch Brothers and Sisters?

For the first Sunday night in five years, I am not dreading going to work.

I just don't like MASCARA

I won a DVD recorder at my companies' Christmas party tonight.

Our dog groomer: Bastard with a Shaver

The flvegan Appreciation thread!!

Looking for a book on caring for elderly parents

Ann Marie or Laura Petrie?

Do you have a nemesis on DU?

I finally caught the bastard

Need a suggestion for Xmas dinner. NOT Turkey

V. important.

Grammar snobs: Worst lyrical pet peeve?

Country Music

I'm baking presents Wednesday. Any requests?

if all you had in the house was budweiser---

I need some major Lounge comfort tonight

Kid friendly comedy albums? (for 11 - 12 years old)

Morticia or Lily?

OK, so I'm the last person on Earth to see "that" Britney Spears pic...

"Amazing Race" Finale Thread. (Possible Spoilers Inside)

What is a random relaxing moment in your life that you can remember?

In praise of the Venus of Willendorf

Pumpkin pie: Cold or warm?

Do you have an imaginary DU stalker?

Books for an eight-year-old boy?

What are some commonly misspoken words or phrases that bug you?

Religious Warfare Stocking Stuffer

Watching an all gay gospel group's Christmas concert in the South

Any trans-sorts in the Baltimore area want to help me find an endo?

Great piece on 60 minutes about MMA.

Was Tyler Hamilton Guilty As Charged?

ladainian freaking tomlinson..

Thanks to everyone who helped with that scholarship!

Inquiring minds: so is there a birthday party tomorrow and is the

Very cool, and a bit scary:-o

Williams Finally Gives It To Kristol and Hume!

Conservative rabbi is really a liberal atheist promoting war against Christmas!

So, how much to send Rummy to Iraq?

1,100 troops from Arizona leaving for Afghanistan

Was Rumsfeld trying to get Darby killed?

Wow!! Doesn't Frist's wife look like his sister?

"An Inconvenient Truth" wins Best Documentary from LA Film Critics Assn.

What do ya'll think of Anderson Cooper's 60 Minutes debut?

Bush arrives at church

Condoleezza Rice defends Bush on handling of Katrina, black issues

PHOTO: Tears wiped away, Poppy arrives in Thailand as "special envoy of his son"

New Gore Book May Prompt "Draft Gore" Movement (And Clark Has A New Book, Too)

Are you all WATCHING 60 Min.????

Conyers not planning investigations!!!

Who's watching 60 Minutes?

Anderson Cooper On 60 Minutes?

Kucinich at the Debates 2004

After Baker, what next for the war in Iraq?

Riots in Santiago as I type


L.A. critics plant flag on 'Iwo Jima' ("An Inconvenient Truth" Best Documentary)

Did anyone else catch that funny little name-drop of Turd Blossom on 60 Minutes?

SF protesters urge Pelosi to pursue impeachment of Bush - story and pics

Just found this article

Wolfowitz made a speech at an Atlanta Synogue tonight.

I was watching the HBO Tsunami movie and I thought,

What famous (or infamous) media faces should I use

Comedy Central LAST LAUGH '06 Official Watching Thread

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Repuke!-FL) calls for assassination of Castro?

'Unprecedented' turnout for first Obama event in New Hampshire

Just got email from Mark Cuban -- Wow. I have HDTV and

Is anybody watching "Big Brother-Big Businenss" on CNBC?

Broken By War, And Ordered Back (just in case you've run out of outrage)

Paul Krugman: Outsourcer in Chief

An old photoshop I had saved about the war...

Secret open-air tests of chemical and biological agents in the 1960s in Central Florida.

Is Lebanon just like Iraq?

This doesn't happen very often

Romney sucks.

Gore Vidal Slams U.S. Policy on Cuba

Pinochet is dead and I am glad!

CNN now: Will Obama run or not? I'm already coming to the point

Military readiness lowest since Vietnam War

Has King Karl Lost His Magic Touch?

Tony Auth, got to love this guy. Other toons for you

Culture Wars of the 1920s

This has been asked before I know--But how are Liberals elitist?

The Iraq Study Group Report – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

Safire Among 2006 Winners Or Presidential Medal of Freedom

Augusto Pinochet has escaped justice - let's make sure George W. Bush does not

Is anybody boycotting Rockstar Energy drinks?

A Woman’s Worst Nightmare by Cindy Sheehan

Kucinich urges mass march to end Iraq war

What is it about losing football games that makes people so hateful

BRAD BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Sarasota Gave Faulty Info to Voters on Undervotes in FL-13 Election

Rudy Giuliani for President - Will it work?

The Christofascist connections to the ISG

I hope everyone is watching 'Combat Hospital' on CNN.

Two years ago today Gary Webb committed suicide-a tribute to a real journalist

Jonathan Turley at Conyers’ NSA Hearing: Bush Committed a Crime

Headsup: Documentary on Gary Webb's work on BET

Seen on a bumper sticker tonight: IF LIBERALS HATED AMERICA

The Rich are not like Us

Song and posters of Democratic Chile 1971-1973

A song by one of General Pinochet's most well-known victims, Victor Jara

John Oilver - Daily Show - Dec. 4, 2006 - Part 3, the Rumsfeld memo...

Moms of dead soldiers want to be the last

Lara Logan disputes coverage accusations on CNN...

Greenberg,Carville, Shrum...Our Brand is Crisis Trailer..Bolivia

Stephanie Miller Outfoxes FOX News - extended comments regarding Cindy Sheehan's...

This is Bullshit Congress allows VA to Borrow $684 million because no budget passed

Just got back from Dem Celebratory Party for Our Candiate Who Won!

Senator Bahy said he rather be a Governor running for President than a Senator..

SF protesters urge Pelosi to pursue impeachment of Bush

Mel Gibsons new movie has ulteriors motives!

Talks underway to replace Iraqi Prime Minister..(Heckuva job Malikki)

Did You Hear The One About The Republican Senator Who Said The Iraq War "May Even Be Criminal"?

Has a front runner two years out ever won the nomination in the dem primary...

Evan Bayh...Is My President! Saw him on C-Span and he's singing Kumbahyah!

Please forgive me asking you to rehash, but help with debunking some myths told to me by freeper...

Obama vs. Condi

RFK link?

Who do you think is the most *intelligent* of our Dem leaders?

Cheap Labor Bonanza: Vietnamese Trade Agreement


Hillary/Obama 08!

Global jihad's new front in Africa - As Islamists take over Somalia, its Western-backed neighbor Eth

Two Mommies Is One Too Many - James Dobson in Time

Taliban and Allies Tighten Grip in North of Pakistan By CARLOTTA GALL and ISMAIL KHAN

Tinker Bell, Pinochet And The Fairy Tale Miracle Of Chile

Wretched Excess (James Kunstler)

The Time is Now- Bob Herbert

Good News, Everybody: We've Got a New Iraq Slogan!

Hillary Clinton & My Visa Bill

Hannity goes to Irag with Rummy---"Exclusive" reports to come to Fox.

Outsourcing: Beyond Bangalore

Dahr Jamail: Today is Better than Tomorrow: Iraq as a Living Hell

Iraqis Seek Coalition to Curb Cleric by Edward Wong the New York Times

Afgan police training outsourced---and its a flop job

Scientist Fights Against Evangelical Crusade To Hide Kenya's Pre-Human Fossils...

No virtue in being pigheaded and great vice in being 'busholute'

Bread,Bread,Everywhere, Yet not a Morsel to Eat

Neo Culpa --and --George let down the Iraqi like Poppy Bush did (VF)

The lies being told about Hugo Chavez

Iraq’s President Harshly Criticizes U.S.Strategy by Kirk Semple

Iraq Study Didn't Say "The Policy's Not Working"...They Said The US "Needs A New Policy'

Muzzling Those Pesky Scientists - Editorial, The New York Times

The Road to Reliable Elections - Editorial, The New York Times

We are what we eat by Ira Boudway - The Toronto Star

Did any of your local papers carry "What Real War Looks Like" by Elan Journo?

Darfur sinks deeper into misery by Carol Goar - The Toronto Star

WP,pg1: Outbreaks Reveal Food Safety Net's Holes: Produce Growers Balk At Calls for Regulation

Is the Rocking Horse King Riding Off into the Sunset?

Small-scale Nuclear War Would Cause Global Environmental Catastrophe....

U.S. relationship with Britain is strained

Lincoln Gp award 20$m to support Military efforts (good news) in ME.

Exploring the distinction between "legal" and "illegal" - Greenwald

Iraqi exodus could test Bush policy


At least in America they understand the notion of cultural difference

How do I calculate the "carbon impact" of driving?

Governor Strickland says he won’t cozy up to coal interests

Nissan drives green car programme (BBC)

Agency Report Shows Jump in Corn Prices (ethanol)

How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic

DOE Scientist - Global Carbon Emissions Up 28% Since 1990, Nearly 3% In 2005 Alone - Reuters

'LA Times' Honored With Columbia Environmental Journalism Award for series "Altered Oceans"

Kucinich announces for 2008 presidential race. Environmental thoughts?

Small Nuclear War Could Lead to Cooldown

Iran replaces dollar with euro in most oil dealings

Oil producers shun dollar (Financial Times)

Is Peak Oil Pessimism a Generation of Men Coming to Realise How Useless They Are?

Oh, oh. The Germans are in trouble. Their coal plans have been over-ruled.

(Deval) Patrick (D. Gov. elect), Murray take aim at new energy projects (Mass.)

92.7% Of New South Wales In Drought - Rain Prospects Bleak With Summer Ten Days Off

(NZ) Government throws its weight behind wind farms (and more)

Shanghai - Warmest Autumn In 134 Years

High Court Rules on Oil, Gas Royalties (against Big Oil 7-0)

Nearly 500,000 Acres Already Burned In South Australia

Senior NOAA Scientists Claim Word "Kyoto" Banned From Discussion At Boss' Orders - RMN

Warmest French Autumn Since 1950 - Migratory Birds Not Migrating - Reuters

Smoke From Distant Brushfires Delays Flights, Sets Off Smoke Alarms In Melbourne - Reuters

Uganda's Forest Head Quits After Orders To Allow Clearcutting For Palm Oil Plantation - Reuters

Democrats May Give Alternative Energy a New Push (NYT)

Democrats Plan Oil Royalties Inquiry (NYT)

Pacific Power Orders $35 Million (10 MW) Sol-X2 Concentrator Solar Modules (CA)

Activists race to hunt down whalers - Guardian

Lieberman (Avigdor): The unfaithful cannot be citizens

PA source: Hamas to join forces with Hezbollah in prisoner talks

Hamas minister target of attempted assassination in Gaza

MI officer: Syria preparing its army for war with Israel

Hamas threatens violence if President calls early election

Gunmen kill PA official's sons at Gaza City school

Olmert indicates Israel has nuclear capability - JP

Haniyeh: Iran Pledges $250M in Aid (AP)

PA source: Hamas to join forces with Hezbollah in prisoner talks

IDF soldier shot in head near Jenin

The truth about 9-11 is MIA

Media Coverage After the Attack: Reason and Deliberative Democracy Put to the Test

Tennessee appears to be worst state for vote-flipping in 2006

Sarasota Disinfo - Nailed it - NIST Flips Out , Breaks with Reality on E-Voting

NYT editorial: The Road to Reliable Elections

Radiation linked to contact of ex-spy

WP: Obama takes first steps in N.H. Crowds, media, bolster speculation

GUARDIAN: Britain stops talk of 'war on terror'

AP: Roadside bomb kills one U.S. soldier and wounds another west of Baghdad, the military said

Pinochet Dies

Police find 51 bodies in Baghdad; Chalabi security officer killed

Six killed in Baghdad attacks

Bush begins new series of consultations on Iraq(after shock-therapy indictment of his conduct...)

Rights focus sought over climate

Infosys to Be Nasdaq-100's 1st Indian Firm

Recount confirms Pryce won re-election (OH)

AFP: Lebanon aims for compromise after huge opposition rally

Pakistanis arrest 90 Afghans at border

Democracy Now!: Death of a Dictator: Victims of Augusto Pinochet's Reign Remember

Britain: Terror attack likely over holidays

Outsourcing: Beyond Bangalore

Roadside bomb kills 3 U.S. soldiers in Baghdad (2 wounded)

Bush seeks advice on new course in Iraq ( shuttling around DC)

Baghdad robbers grab $1 million and run

(Evangelical) Pastor (Paul Barnes) resigns over homosexuality

Students interrupt Iran president

Dozens sickened after eating at Taco John's (Iowa)

Black Watch major warns of more attacks as handover draws closer (Basra)

Former Reagan Aide (David) Stockman Facing Possible Indictment

Japan announces 82.6 billion yen loan to Iraq for energy projects

National Police evacuate wounded following barracks blast in Jaza’ir

(UK) Soldiers admit Iraq gun charges

US Supreme Court backs gov't on oil, gas royalties

Bush says Iraq's neighbors need to help (Bush consulted with Condi also)

Pakistani Islamists protest against pro-women law

China`s trade surplus climbs to all-time record

Chicago Mayor Daley running for 6th term

U.S. Marines Work To Befriend Iraqis

18 injured in helicopter landing in Iraq

Saudi clerics call for help for Sunnis in Iraq


Iraq: Abduction of women on the rise

Gore Vidal Slams U.S. Policy on Cuba

Dubai Ports sells its US operations.

(UK) Wounded troops to get payouts as victims of crime not war

Allawi says Iraq nearing "point of no return"

UK: Wounded Iraq vets to get millions in compensation

State department Googles for intelligence on Iran

Arizona Ex-Treasurer Gets Probation

Fire Breaks Out at Baghdad Oil Facility

Data Mining Doesn't Catch Terrorists:New Cato Study Argues it Threatens Liberty

Iraq bomb attacks kill 4 US soldiers (48 in DEC)- (+ 60 Iraqi corpses)

Sen. Clinton delays decision on 2008 bid

Flat denial from White House of Iraqi move to oust al-Maliki

Born Fighting - a new Webb in the world!

FCC hearing pits David vs. Goliath

DuPont restructures in race for super-seed market (cut 1500 jobs)

Annan to blast U.S. in farewell

NYT: Arctic Ice Melting Faster Than Expected

Holocaust deniers ban dissenting voice (Iran)

Ecuador's new leader says no to free-trade accord with U.S.

AARP Releases Senate's'Top 5' Excuses for Not Passing Critical Rx Affordability Bills

Robbery in downtown Baghdad nets $1 million

WP: Inquiry sought over appearance of military officers in uniform in Evangelical video

Financial Times: Oil producers shun dollar

Secret codes clash may sink £140bn fighter deal

AP: Dems Take Middle Ground on Drug Plan

AP: DP World to Sell U.S. Port Operations (to AIG)

Seattle airport removes Christmas trees to avoid lawsuit

(Tom) DeLay getting back into the political game

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday December 11

Judge settles fight over classified info (win for Fitzgerald)

Synagogues Warned To Step Up Security Over Christmas Trees

Gazprom 'wins $22B Shell gas plan' (Shell caves to the Kremlin)

4 British Soldiers Admit Iraq Gun Plot

2nd teen gets 90 years in brutal party attack (rape with patio umbrella pole)

(Rawstory) Exclusive: Murdered ex-KGB officer was working for British security company

MSNBC BREAKING: Kucinich will run in 2008.

War protester 'peace mom' Cindy Sheehan convicted of trespassing

Protesters urge Pelosi to back impeachment

Iran students heckle Ahmadinejad

Mortgage delinquencies a rising threat

Rabrrrrr can have my cookies!!

I bid you all a good night, my friends.

I'm not so sick, but I still need comfort and joy.

ok..a confession..I've been drinking

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

I'm taking a break from sanity and responsibility

GWB named Biggest Tool of 2006

Golf is more dangerous than NASCAR

Christmas carols for the disturbed.

We -- all of us here with consciences -- have born a tremendous

I'm taking a break from DU and politics for a few weeks

James Kim, hero or idiot?

Have a question about Internet!

That's my boy!!!!!

FDA approves Kitchen Witches silicon baking implants

I liked Bob Scheiffer's comment

I'm wide awake, dammit!

I hab a code in my dose

Hot Dog Stand Selling Rudolph Wieners

Person Who Put Mannequin On TV Tower Possibly Exposed To Radiation

Rabrrrrrr ate my silicone baking mats!

Yes or no?

Its 8:24 Monday morning and I already want to SCREAM !


Any suggestions on the best way to give a child's bike away?

one final paper done!!

cell phones in foreign countries

Eagles may soar....

Post Your All-Time Favorite You-Tube Video Here

Three years ago today I was adopted by a 14lb cat - that cat is Abbott

The things you own....

Smurfs are Communists....

Who would win in a fair fight?

Singer Mariah Carey In Trademark Fight With Porn Star - Politician Mary Carey

I am sorry that I keep doing this but I need more karma prayers for strength.

A newby question

Bedbugs, Bedbugs, Bedbugs, oh my!

Going to the movies today - need your input::

So, after last night in the ER, I have pneumonia!

The tractors are coming....

How the heck do you count that break in Rick James' "Superfreak"?

Super Fun Christian Christmas Coloring Pages

My fingertips are tingling...

I think I'm going to do it today.

My oldest daughter is visiting! Her plane should be landing any time now.

My new favorite non-traditional Christmas song:

*snerk* For all you baseball fans

Gifts you can make

I keep asking myself: "Would California Peggy do it? Would graywarrior do it?"

My neighbors need to have their breathing privileges revoked.

Do men get more or less verbose when talking to a woman they like?

Okay - I'm leaving now. I'm going to do it after the movie.

Anybody care to lend me some excel help?

BREAKING: Nicole Richie DUI arrest (drove wrong way on highway)

Each thing I do, I rush through....

People who use the phrase "Thats Hot" 10 million times a day, should be flogged

Accomplished #1 goal today - pissed off a Republican!

Anyone use a tire iron to straighten their spouse? I have a question

Prince Will Play Super Bowl Halftime Show

Christmas Jingle

Nicole Richie busted for DUI!!

How tidy or messy are you?

Anyone use a 9 iron to straighten their hair? I have a question

Need a good coffee drink recipe for my wife's birthday.

O. M. G. ! THE best gadget gift yet!

The Plan

Who makes your blood boil more than anyone else?

Bush’s 12 Days Of Christmas

I need a mental break; post a pic of something thoroughly distracting.

Welcome to Monday

Wildcard Tiebreaker Question

LOL! Rapture Ready freaks freaking out over possible Bolton replacement (a Muslim).

Can I pick your brains re: word usage in a line from my paper?

Should I get this bumpersticker?

Cool Christmas pressents at the Oxfam website

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 12/11/06)

If I gave you $100, what would you do with it?

so what team is AI going to?

Congratulations goclark!! 15,000 posts

My last official class tonight... until the new semester starts anyway

Anyone put together model ships?

A great reason to shop at Target

Hey lounge--lighten up!

I need to put on my thinking cap.

Note to grad students: What NOT to do before your final grades are turned in

Do You Realize

I have my Ethics final in an hour.

DU, tell me my hair is pretty!

Pantyhose Sales Down 70% - Industry Sagging

Christmas Funny

"I shit you not, sir. I just guessed and it worked out."

Darwin's Theory

I humbly suggest a Wikipedia-based game. See if you find it fun.

Heart Attack Burgers

Another iPod question (sorry) -- where to buy?

If I gave you a lame cat, what would you do with it? ($1.00)

If I gave you $1.00 what would you do with it? (lame copycat)

Is this so wrong?

Another iZod question (sorry) -- where to buy?

Congratulations ayeshahaqqiqa!! 20,000 posts

Should there ever be "Two Americas"?

"Christmas 2.0: Subverting the Holidays With Re-dubbing "

Did anybody watch the "That Girl" marathon on TV Land this weekend?

Help me out here, ya'll. What ARE these things all about?

Why does ANYONE watch football OR the Food Channel?

Ding fries are done!

Grahmerikly challunged Peeple chek in hear!

Donatella Versace - is she even human?


I have a new favorite Salvador Dali painting!!!

Hi everybody

Dang you TVLand....where the heck is Star Trek!!

Is this so wrong?

Three weeks left in 2006 - any plans for New Year's?

Do you have a motor-mouth friend?

Fucking squirrel in the attic. Oh, the irony!

Chelsea or * twins?

Do you have a favorite holiday special on TV?

I would like a friend...

BREAKING: Paris insists she and Britney are just friends (not lovers)

True or false: No reputable doctor would prescribe cigarettes.

Congratulations skygazer!! 10,000 posts!!

There is a dark cloud of financial uncertainty...

Finals -- home stretch! Post your TORTS hypotheticals here!

Introverted Overweight Computer Geek Seeks Doting Companion

Larouche announces for 2008 presidential race.

The Fall Issue of DU's The Necessary Language is up and running!

new car infatuation- how long does it last?

I've got a cat that sucks.

Zinc lozenges are tragically bad

Quick! I need some good non-denominational meal blessings!

Why do men watch the Food Channel?

Monday, December 11. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Anyone use a flat iron to straighten their hair? I have a question

The africam is back. Yay!

Best Leon Russell song?

GOOD NEWS folks, good news indeed!

People who watch "The Wire" on HBO

If I gave you $100,000,000, what would you do with it?

I've finished 60% of my exams...ask me anything!

Bachelorman! (CARTOON) He needs a new logo, because BM means something else to me!

Congratulations Heidi!! 25,000 posts

I have two (2) shares of TWA stock.

Do you have a battery-operated friend?

help my friend find a rehab...

Why do women watch football?

For Lynnesin! Just what she needs!!

My husband just got laid off.

Name something that has changed your life.....

Invisible Bike!

Monday, Dec. 11th question

So apparently Phillips makes a ball shaver..

My keys are at the bottom of an elevator shaft

ANIMAL LOVERS: video of a sloth i saw this morning in the mountain near my house!

"He went to Jared".

The possibility of new love is the most exciting thing EVER.

if you have some depressing songs, post them here.

What are the BEST and WORST airports?

I'm not a huge cat picture thread guy but I have to share these

98% This is a really freeky test.....try it

Anyone watch Dexter on Showtime?

Muslim school official bashed by 'Jesus'

"Let us make man/gods in our own image."--Anthromorphism and...

A blogger at Street Prophets claims the blogosphere has brought forth its own prophet

Is monotheism the apotheosis of theism?

Stonehenge Was A Hospital. Not a fortress, or a temple, or a calendar.

Kucinich announces for 2008 presidential race. Thoughts?

Full text of Romney's 1994 gay rights letter surfaces

Is there an organized effort to fight this?


Brees V Rivers - Super Bowl 41 ??

Thanks for all that. I can't say how much.

For those who believe in reincarnation

A look at thr new Attorneys for Veterans legislation

My uncle is finally back on DKos


online photo contest

'Tis The Season- To Get a Good Deal

December theme... difficult to get something "different"

Walk day 4...and a few masters of camouflage

'Tis the Season...


if Brazil can do it...

Ahmed Chalabi Security Guard Killed by Gunmen

and down he goes

Taking a break

Comedy Central's 'Last Laugh 06' is on now

Have a question about Internet!

GOP Lawmakers Add Provision to Passing Tax Package

Dear World Leaders

Rep. McKinney Files Articles of Impeachment

A rather interesting diversion

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Mon 12/11 .... something different?

Online "underground railroad" helps deadbeat dads to flee country.

WP editorial: Mr. Inhofe's Last Hearing: Thank goodness.

2,929 U.S. Troops dead in W's war against the Iraqis

Cops harass train enthusiast for taking pictures of trains

Senators, Cheney go hunting

MSNBC reports that * is focused on Iraq today and charting his own course.

poopy and babs arrive in Thailand for the chimp

w: 'If we leave Iraq now, we'll just have to go back later"

Top Democrat: Halliburton Violated Multibillion Dollar Iraq Contract

President Bush: State of Denial About Iraq (FAUX NEWS...WOW)

Every day that w is not stopped will get worse and worse.

Pop Quiz DUers: Which Presidential wannabe said this?

4 yr-old Pre-K student accused of sexual harassment--suspended from school

3 more American soldiers die...43 in December..2932 total...Sing, George, sing!

Iran Opens Holocaust Conference

So, why does the DU spellchecker find "Repukes" as a misspell?

Seeking Iran Intelligence, U.S. Tries Google - Can U Believe It??

Where is my favorite poster "President George W Bush"?

I guess you can't arrest mass murderers if they are popular politicians.

C-SPAN at 10am ET Lancet Iraqi Study Dead--Juan Cole, Kucinich

Conservative Dennis Prager "presents intolerant, ugly views."

What if....

Your Captions Please!

Next time some Fox news guy says "Barack Hussein Obama"...

Caption this....

"Wounded to get millions in compensation" soldiers in UK.

Can anyone tell me if this virus alert is valid or not.....

Finally a decent pic of Bush...

Republican C-SPAN caller: I want Al Gore to run!

Pinochet will receive military honors and flags to fly at half-staff at military installations. WTF

When the Dems...

Excuse Me While I LAUGH MY FRIGGIN' ASS OFF!!!! (US News: Rove Has Lost His Touch)

'Shameful, Sad and Worse'Apparently the Bush 'freedom agenda' doesn't apply to Washington

James Kim's death does point out a basic misunderstanding that

Who will decide if we win or lose in Iraq? Will it be us, the Iraqi, God, who?

Democracy Now!: Death of a Dictator: Victims of Augusto Pinochet's Reign Remember

Rummy: the farther we get from 9/11, the solidarity by Americans during the period dissipates

Republican Lawmaker Denies Castro Assassination Quote

Anyone watch Dexter on Showtime?

Bush admin is discouraging resettlement of Iraqi refugees in the US

Prediction: "We Don't Know Much About This Bush Fellow Except What We Read In Newspapers"...

Civil War spreading across middle east - 3 Palestinian kids dead in Gaza drive-by

Candidates seem to be emulating Reagan

If this kid were Stewie Griffin, this story would make sense

caption this * pic...

The Fatal Difference Between Viet Nam and Iraq: No "Peace With Honor"

Irony Alert: W proclaims Human Rights Day, Bill of Rights Day, and Human Rights Week

Cindy Sheehan, others, found NOT guilty on 3 counts, fined for

Notes from all over DU.

Inequality at home between men and women leads to poorer health

Onward Christian Soldier's... proselytizing!

"John McCain is a phony. He's a Rhinestone Cowboy"

War on Christmas vs. War on Stupidity

Did Mr.Kim die in the Oregan mountains because of Iraq?

Is "patriotism" just one more scam used by the haves against the have nots?

CAPTION the Ass-Faced Weasel and his minions...

How much do the "talking heads" really know about what they are reporting on?

Newsweek: While Karl Rove was predicting victory, Josh Bolten planned for electoral defeat

Bush has broken laws

COVERUP: NWS has NOT PUBLISHED Weather-related deaths for 2005

"Cindy Sheehan Convicted of Trespassing"

What's wrong, Condi???

* PICTURES OF THE YEAR - lots of pics

If Sunnis & Shiites Refuse To Share Power Who Do We Choose To Back?

Iraqi PM: How long till he is overthrown by militias?

Another Wanker Preacher bites the dust

If Bush Leaves Office Early .... You Choose & Tell Us Why.

More than 1,000 try to break down gate of US military base in Afghan.

Bush: "But the role of America is to help this young democracy survive."

James Baker's Billion-Dollar Scam as 'Special Envoy' re Iraq

Please answer this question:

Air America's sale deadline has passed. Any news?

Absolutely must see T.V. for Obama fans

Bush SINGS While Baghdad BURNS ---pix--->>>

letter to the editor at Asia Times Online

Larisa's Blog on Litvinenko Polonium Poisoning Death Worthwhile Reading... LINK

* Commemorative Stamp

Barack Obama is getting some good early press for a Presidential run.

Lesson from Foley scandal: Stupidity, partisanship and endangering minors don't violate House rules

MSNBC: "The Most" supposed to be broadcast online right now...

'The Way Forward'. Leave it to this administration to reduce their Global Disaster to a soundbite.

What can Republicans point to about George Bush that makes them proud?

12:30pm Kofi Annan farewell address UN webcast link-

Sean Hannity only member of media to accompany Rumsfeld to Baghdad?

Bush * to meet with 'historians' and 'generals'.

UK Sunday Times: Insurgents told US, give us the weapons and in 30 days regain control of Baghdad

'Apocalypto' does disservice to its subjects

was it ever discovered who smirk bought the S.A. land from?

What happens if the ISG Rept is ignored, which IS likely?

Unions oppose ‘draft’ of federal workers to Iraq (outrage)

Students to make biodiesel to run school buses

Does Bush even believe that we are fighting a war on terror?


Big, black helicoptors over northern New Jersey last Friday & Saturday.


How often are convictions reversed/overturned (need in response to "eye for eye")

I knew it had to be there!

Move On calling on Nancy Pelosi about voting in Sarasota FL

Bush* starts illegal war THEN seeks advice on what the hell to do.

Bush voted biggest tool of 06

Just what punishment will the Dem leadership have for New Orleans

Banning Mandela

The Madness of King George.

Will Christian conservatives hate me for what I am about to say?:

The Secret Service was not wiretapping Diana, the secret services were...

Bush Administration Has No Plans To Follow Vast Majority Of Iraq Study Group's Recommendations

Shouldn't The MSM Be Discussing The 2016 Presidential Race?

How 'bout a bon voyage for my new blog? (With a true must read article.)

2932 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Outgoing UN boss blasts Bush

Illegal immigration ...article from The Desert Sun...

A loan that'll get ugly fast

Wait! I've just thought of a solution!!

Juan Cole: Iraq is beyond civil war.

Bush*: "My 2nd favorite kind of blow"

On Veterans For America is a letter to Dubba great read

Does Rupert Murdoch have a say-so over Iraq War policy?

Sen. Gordon Smith (R-OR) Doesn't Backtrack From Comment That Iraq War "May Even Be Criminal"

I don't think the Bailey Building and Loan would work today. Potter would own it all.

Mexico Leftist Leader Joins Oaxaca Protest

Hey, what gives? I thought we didn't have health care?

Will Blood-Drinker Kissinger Give Eulogy at Blood-Drinker Pinochet's Funeral?

Clint Eastwood Makes a Huge Anti-War Statement With 'Iwo Jima'

Rummy: increasing US troops in Iraq, would embolden the extremists

IRAQ parody of UNEASY RIDER by Charlie Daniels Band

Ohio Rep. Kucinich to run for president

“our country is in distress” mother of PTSD soldier that commited suicide.

Once again, it's predict the Fed's rate decision.

Sen Gordon Smith:"That is not our fault. That is not our fight, and that's not something we can fix"

Ohio SB 5 could cause insured folks to lose health care

Monday Afternoon Toons...

Holy @#@!! Local TV Station Says CIA "Aided" Rise of Pinochet >

Per MSNBC: * will announce what he's going to do about Iraq in A FEW MINUTES!

Rummy's Farewell Tour ----pix---->>>

Kofi Annan's farewell speech

the Strategy to Winning in Iraq ...

Last Neocons Standing ---pix--->>>

Many Americans still see the war as a football game.

That giant U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, can we keep that when we cut & run?

Is this as disgusting as it appears?

He even dresses like a Nazi

Obama mania hits NH

All the Wingnuts attack Ahmadinejad's view on the Holocaust but

Tony Snowjob's WH daily briefing -- 3:13pm ET -- CSPAN

Mitt Romney pet "Staples" to move jobs from Mass. to S. Carolina

We -- all of us here with consciences -- have born a tremendous

What is the Central Criminal Court of Iraq ?

U.S. Marines Work To Befriend Iraqis

Hannity: "This has been a life-changing weekend for me"

Iraq National Library and Archive

Dobson to stay silent on Romney's support for gays

Call to Action - Please sign Petition

Uh... Why Were We Spying on Princess Diana?

Military risk lives to protect Hannity?

Charlie Daniels: Why are Muslims so afraid of Christians?

DU holiday Memo

New Zogby Interactive Poll Asks The Impeachment Question

LBJ's Anguish - Bush's No Empathy - Check these photos

AP: N.Y. Planning Sex Offender Polygraphs

The Fall Issue of DU's The Necessary Language is up and running!

What is that criminal Delay doing on Hardball?

ROLF!!! DeLay on Hardball talking about his blog!

worn thin subject

Here's a pic of 110,000 people. Six of these matches the # of Iraqi civilian deaths ...

Guliani and McCain are top GOP picks for 2008?! BWHAHAHAHA!

Reyes already proving to be another appointment of an unqualified and

Work Freeper: "There's no way I'd vote for someone whose name rhymes with Osama."

Polonium according to Chalk River Plant scientist... scientist said that

Also, Tom Delay is posting over at Red State, and OH MY

Now that Kucinich is running, can I pass on a piece of advice?

Gore/Kucinich 2008

So they're going to cremate pinochets body

Did Bush give Iraq VP Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim a go-ahead when they met for a silent coup to oust Maliki?

Hannity goes to Irag with Rummy-- and Pent. press core left at

Can anyone tell me the name of the org. that helps with advocacy issues for soldiers?

"Like most Americans, this administration wants to succeed in Iraq," the president said.

Why are folks incensed about Jefferson's re-election? Didn't DeLay get re-elected

RW pundit Cal Thomas asks Rummy, "Will it take another 9/11 to make people wake up?"

The only way forward is to investigate

why are we kissing their asses, part 2

Dennis Kucinich / Juan Cole newsconference from this morning up at C-Span...

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Adm. Grace Hopper

Tweety's still out

Just got an email from Cindy Sheehan

Tom delay has a webblog

Obama sounds too much like Osama...

Oh. My. Gods. Governor-elect of FL cancels inaugural ball- $$$ to charity.

Tonight on Countdown

John Sweeney, architect of the Brooks Brothers Riot, is a SORE LOSERMAN!

Why are we kissing their asses?

In Chile today, Pinochet's funeral. None of the flags were at half mast!!

Sheehan to Pelosi/Reid: "Impeachment is NOT Optional"

How to Murder a Mountain of a Monday??? . . . Just come in and CAPTION!!!

Anyone watching CSPAN? Kucinich holding discussion of Lancent Study

My generation was full of druggies and anti-establishment rabble rousers!

Do you feel we are less safe now ?

Freeper Invents New Term: "In gage", as in "In gage us in war" ROFL

Ed Koch calls Dennis Prager a bigot and a shmuck

Presidential 2008 Campaign Prediction: Obama backs Gore

The racist creeps over in Freeperville are really frightened of Obama

Welcome Baby Webb! It's a Girl for Jim Webb :)

Oil Producers Shunning Dollars Shifting To Euros

Ever wonder if your anti-Bush rants are being monitored?

"You stupid DemonRATs!

Shut up and sing

You did not desert me, My brothers in arms

Drawing Board - Pat Oliphant, "NO! I WANT MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!"

It is IMPERATIVE that we IMPEACH ...

I have a really ridiculous question about Bush's leaded-gas proposal

Yippee! Dallas, Tx gets him! (if not Paraguay): Chimpy's retirement

Bloomington Il Pantagraph - Five percent of U.S. workers have second jobs

Climate Change: Windstorm in France 148 km/h kills 1, injures 2

George w. bush and his war on Iraq;

American soldiers dead in Iraq - 2932 Iraqi dead - 618-in Dec.

Conservative Tufts students publish vile "O Come, All Ye Black Folk" carol

Full-length Jesus Camp posted at Google.

"This is my president you're bashing, okay?"

I sure hope that Obama is prepared to guard against the "set-up" his

My friend is interviewing Jason Leopold thursday - what should he ask him?

Madame Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, On with Barbara Walters "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2006."

The CIA was spying on Diana.....

Very interesting article. "Is George Bush “The Manchurian Candidate?”

Bush Makes Idiotic TV Appearance, Then Runs For Cover

NC Duers: What Dem can beat Elizabeth Dole in '08?

They are still laughing at us!

So, "Stay The Course" Has Now Become "The Way Forward"

The effect of the Iraq War hits home - Lexington, KY

How Do Creationists Explain The Existence Of AIDS?

ROFL - Read the comments on Tom Delay's blog

A Mr. Fish Retrospective, Part 1 (Dialup warning)

(TOON) Rowson on Rumsfeld's last visit to Iraq

Bush Convinced He Knows Better Than Americans On Iraq

W I M P of the YEAR...BUSH...No Courage to do the right things...

If "Red America" votes Republican again, they deserve what they get

SOPHIE'S CHOICE: end Iraq War or impeach Bush & Cheney?

What I want investigated...

A few more Monday TOONS

TOONS: Doonesbury and Opus both skewer the Texas Tard

CSPAN Alert! Dennis Kucinich & Lancet Study on Iraq's 650,000 Casualties 10:00AM Today!

From the "With Liberty and Justice For All" Files.....


TV Newser: Santorum negotiating deal to be a cable news "screamer"?

If a "christmas tree" has nothing to do with religion, why is it called that?

I am PISSED: Rumsfeld ruins the life of the Abu Ghraib whistleblower!!!

Habitat for Humanity - good or bad?

David Duke (R) attends Iranian Holocaust Conference.

So what's a person?

Welfare or Charity? Which should it be or can we do both?

'08 poll: including new entrant Kucinich

Stewart Lampoons Cavuto...

Sub-Iraqi Homesick Blues

Al Gore: Comeback Kid? (from Bill Schneider, CNN)

People And Power: Death of the Dollar

AAR's Rachel Maddow on Paula Zahn Show, 12/7/06 (re: Mary Cheney)

Not angry about this anymore, just not going to forget. There was something behind this.

F*ckin' Rumsfeld Is Gone: Death Cab For Cutie at Madison Square Garden

How to Talk to a Naderite (If You Must)

India and Israel: Nuclear Non-Proliferation myopia and U.S. Foreign Policy.

In New Congress, Seniority Takes Back Seat to Spirit

Former Rep. DeLay, indicted on state campaign finance charges, begins new 'career' as blogger

AP: Democrats Slow to Embrace Iraq Study

Movement to overthrow Maliki - will they call for a new election?

Some Dumb Questions About A Possible Iraq Pullout.......

Louisiana Politics alive and well (Jefferson election)

1500 show up in NH to see Obama many others had to be turned away

The War on Drugs has brought us to this

What's the freeper reaction to a Muslim banker winning the Peace Prize?

GOP Beats Up On Outgoing Frist…

As highest female elected official in U.S. history, Nancy Pelosi intends to paint her own picture

Tom must read

Bush Before: "Iraq Study Group Is The Answer." Bush Now: "Ain't Happening."

corporate bonuses through the roof

A Tale of Two Brothers....

Obama-Richardson 2008?

"Red America" means The Right Wing Conservatives.

"We dispute the criminal part, obviously"

Wesley Clark

WP: Rep. Jefferson's Win in Louisiana Poses Dilemma for Party

(OH-15) Ohio Recount Confirms GOP Rep. Pryce Won - AP

Boston Globe: Obama's star power shows on N.H. visit

Pelosi: Congress will act to protect our young people in the Page program

How would you finish this chant?

WH knows what the strategy for Iraq is. All this "study" is about how to present it.

Fox News to try something new: Facts

Bumper Sticker Texts ......

Blue Diamond Workers Win One at Home (guilty of more than 20 labor law violations last spring)

Profile of the Perfect Presidential Candidate ?

A Baby Girl for Jim Webb!

Will Pelosi entertain impeachment proposals if it came from a Republican?

Taliban Seize US Cash from Locals to Fuel Jihad

John McCain on Vietnam - shameful, criminal

Democratic National Committee Backs Employee Free Choice Act

anyone else think they (BFEE) will try to sneek Jeb in through the VP office?

Pat Buchanan think Al Gore could be Democratic Nominee.

Elizabeth Edwards and the Blogosphere

Dirty Confession I'm making.......I am ashamed of myself for revealing this...

House ethics panel cites Jim McDermott for 1997 Newt phone leak.

Kudlow wanting to tear Obama up on CNBC now! 2:40pm (PST)

Swift Boat Vets, related groups to face big fines

One of the Most Deserving Nobel Peace Prizes ever...a banker?

Tell me again why any 08 discussions right now are more than political masturbation?

The 2008 Dem Nominee for Governor of CA Should Be....

On Sen. Gordon Smith (R-OR): "CYA" or honest realization?

Will Hillary end up like Kathleen Kennedy?

Harry Reid: "We're going to find out how intelligence was manipulated, taking us to war"

AP: Gore Chases Oscar Nod, Possible 2008 Bid

Randy thinks the media is giving Hillary and Obama major coverage is...

Comedy Central votes Bush "Biggest Tool of '06"

FBI taps cell phone mic as eavesdropping tool

Anyone heard this rumor: Bloomberg considering indie run in 08?

MSNBC BREAKING: Kucinich will run in 2008.

Randy Rhoades i'am afraid for his safety but he has to run

Fun Online Presidential Quiz!

Who was the most **improbable** Dem winner in the 06 cycle?

BREAKING NEWS!!! Congressman Kucinich is in the 08 race

"Edwards aide seen as pit bull"

The Goldwater Moment (Mary Lyon)

Obama Supporters: Here's where "they" will attack you.............

Carville will be part of the Hillary campaign, and it bothers me.