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Archives: December 12, 2006

The Atrocities of Gen. Augusto Pinochet and the United States

Death of a Pig: Poetic Justice for Pinochet (Ron Jacobs)

NAFTA Super Highway (Mike Malloy host talked a bit of this tonight)

The EPA's Unconscionable Silence

All along the watch tower

Redistricting favored Ohio Republicans

Karl H. Rudolph, head of CEI during '70s battle with Kucinich

Al Gore: The Energy Electranet (Newsweek, My Turn)

The EPA’s Unconscionable Silence

Use this program to help save the environment...please K&R

Newsweek: Will Oil Prices Lead to a New Tech Boom?

On the Frist day of Christmas a denialist gave to me...

India to ignore nukes-for-mangoes law

Avigdor Lieberman: 'The unfaithful cannot be citizens'

Israeli PM admits to nuclear weapons (Two admissions in a week????)

Israeli official 'not sorry' Tutu's probe into Beit Hanun strike canceled

Israel, Palestine, peace and apartheid

It's Not Apartheid: Jimmy Carter's moronic new book about Israel

Greenburg, AIG buy US port operations from Dubai (are we safe yet?)

Does anybody know where Robert Gates was on 9/11?

Musicians Win Back Payments From CBS

Fuel economy estimates falling

Business lobbyists flock to Centrist Democrats

Former Reagan Aide Stockman Facing Possible Indictment

Health Officials: E. Coli Found On White Onions (Not Green Onions)

Russia upbeat but wants changes on Iran UN measure

Iraqi VP criticizes nation's security

Judge settles classified info fight in Libby case

Mortgage delinquencies a rising threat (to banks financial health).

Russia Mulls Libel Suits Over International Coverage of Litvinenko Affair — Report

Afghanistan: Justice for War Criminals Essential to Peace

2004 Afghanistan crash blamed on pilots - Blackwater USA

Australia won't embed troops with Iraqis: Downer

Net Neutrality Proponents Claim Victory, Prepare For Next Battle

Opposition threatens to topple Harper over Afghanistan

Pelosi promises steps to protect pages

Trail of poison from key Litvinenko witness lands four in hospital

Astronauts check potential shuttle problem

House intelligence chair calls al Qaeda Shi'ite

Congress to look into food safety failures

Pendleton-Based Marine Is First Female(Marine) Officer Killed In Iraq

Skilling won't have report to prison: WSJ

Rice warns Syria and Iran over Lebanon protests (AFP)

Routine and systematic torture is at the heart of America's war on terror

Six Irish to be tested over polonium

CBS: Poll: Iraq Going Badly And Getting Worse (Bush Handling 21% JA 31%)

Dems to wipe out pet projects in bills

War on Christmas over At Sea-Tac Airport..Rabbi Gives In..

I'd click on the sloth video thread, but I'm sure it's like 70 hours long

"And I got that shit goin on tooooo...!!!!."

Can I cook tortillas with an household iron? I am in a hotel room and trying to make


Do you EVER get over the need to put on doo and make up the fix when...

Spelling arrows.

Can I cook Bushistas with an household iron? I am in a hotel room and trying to make


Is it just me, or are those no-stink deoderant crystals getting harder to find?

Question for you guys. Would you purchase a car from someone

Wizard of OZ

Son is a Gadget Kid--So, got him this for his B-day (right after Xmas...)

"Rewarding. Very, very, very rewarding."


Someone is not a happy puppy

Take a suck of that one!!

Firefox Question- Why doesn't Gmail Manager work anymore? Is there a replacement?

Do you have a flattery-operated friend? (lame copycat)

I'm out, I'm out, I'm out

Can I cook Daniel Craig with a household iron?

I just spilled a box of spaghetti in the garage - hilarity ensued (not)

"Hey, fattie! Quit it!"

My toddler just snorted jello

Spam chronicles, episode II: Return of the Nonsense.

Anyone heard from RevActs?

Someone is a happy puppy,

Way dumb questions: K&R?

Paper cut!!!! *whimper whimper*

Anyone seen The Day the Earth Caught Fire?

I'm reading "Sophie's Choice." Does it get as depressing as "Lie Down .."

Broken bones suck

Dear Capitals fans,

Can I have a hug? n/t

Two Lost Nights in a row. Never had that before.

Well, I think I did pretty well on my Ethics final.

Oh man - Satan is EVERYWHERE!

Do you EVER get over the need to put on makeup and fix the doo when...

How About A Name That Tune Game?

Bears v. Rams thread

I feel slighted.

For PeggyCalifornia -- an angel on this earth.

LOL! 1954 vision of a 2004 home computer!

I am officially a sellout. Buy my book today.

How About A Name That Tuna Game?

511 posts to 4000! Ask me anything!

have you ever let something bad happen because it was facinating to watch?

Guess what adult show my 6 and 8 yr old boys have gotten into?

count down to the a.m. Hysterectomy

Web designer/web master- a quick question please?

Today we got a holiday letter that reeked of cigarette smoke. Yikes!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...

Half way there

If you were me, what would you do for a job?

Tax accountants: Can the IRS garnish ALL of one's earnings?

This guy is Hugh and Series!!!11!!

a ridiculous question...but this is my last resort

Are women who ride Vespa scooters

Can't Grocery Stores Teach Common Sense To Their Younger Employees?

Ouch, Owie, Waahhhhhh! My knee looks like a gray basketball.

Kitty people: what do you know about Litter Crystals?

Okay - I did it!!

BREAKING: The Hilton Sisters are VERY inappropriate

Update - My daughter and the mole


Funniest Movies Ever:

Spelling errors.

Are men who ride Harleys Republican or Democrat?

There really is no point in my going out with a 32-year-old, is there?

photos of the sloth i saw today

Can you name someone who became successful late in life?

I don't like California

Best Stanley Kubrick Film

"Major Christian Leaders Are Widely Unknown, Even Among Christians"

When I stopped believing in Hell...

Have you seen or know of someone who has seen a "ball of lightning"?

A question about the fate of atoms

"Wedding Wars" on A&E with John Stamos

Do you think this is a good song?

This doesn't sound good:

My take on the DPW/AIG ports deal (DPW will run the Ports)

Eliz Edwards still hanging out on the blogs.....wonderful!

Cops look for prankster who may have poisoned himself

Born again Repug Gordon Smith coming up

Catholics defend Santa over blasphemy accusations

Have we really learned so little?

Do Christians Enjoy Being Persecuted?


Why is Hot Tub Tom Delay's opinion so damned important?

Gee, an awful lot of folks on here seem "concerned" about Obama

Why The Media is Covering THE DEMOCRATIC 2008 Pres. Candidates in 1 Word:

Watching Delay (a strange guy indeed) on Hardball, is it a form of aiding & abetting...

Rep. Chet Edwards says Congress left to much undone

Annan says farewell with a swipe at Bush

On the draft, Obama in '08, Kucinich, and other matters...

Gun-Waving Sermon Lands Pastor in Pokey

If something (i.e. impeachment) is off the table today,

Dick Cheney born January 30, 1941) is the 46th and current Vice President of the United States,

I smell bagels

Who Wants A Primary, The Dems Or DLC?

Even the Wall Street Journal is noticing the health care crisis

PREDICTION: McCain will be the Next President of the U.S.

Wizard of OZ

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Guest Host Jim Farias

I always thought of myself as a mediocre christian.

Articles of Impeachment - official 'copy' for your friends

Barak Obama is a COWARD!!!

A Manchurian Rises-Yup Barack Obama

The infinte Bush theorem

Imagine if Muslims did this to a Christian boy

Where is Pat Robertson Jerry Falwell Ann Coulter James Carville

Gordon Smith just lost all credibility with me: He said it was a good thing to remove Saddam

Obama just announced on MNF!!!

A Victim of Torture, the Doctor President Speaks, Spanish, Portugese, German, English and French.

So how many of you have seen THIS?

and so it is in the life of the little big decider

Bush picture of the year... my contribution...

Corporate Media in Love with Obama

So Sean Hannity went on a plane ride

Senator smacks the White House on budget gimmicks Veterans Health Care

Cindy Sheehan ---coming up on Mike Malloy talk radio show.

Deployment data underscore the strain of combat operations

I'm sure you all heard that Mr. Talabani is against the ISG findings. Especially withdrawal?

Big Oil Stiffs US Billions $$$$$ In Royalties

The wonder of VOIP

Something may be wrong with the Shuttle's heat resistant tiles!

Joe Scarborough's obsession with everything Rosie O'Donnell says

Are you ready for some Obama? Nope...

Great story on MSNBC: aborted fetus used to save a boy's life (vote in the poll)

Remember the cool Xmas decorations last year with the Wizard music?

Did Tweety come back off of Sick Leave? (I've been gone)

Libby's graymail gambit defeated? Judge settles classified info

Conspiracy theorists call DU "fake progressive website"

Jon Stewert is giving the convening Congress the "Animal House" treatment

The liberal secular progressives have invaded my neck of the woods!!

Went and put a package for troop at the UPS office


New Jersey impeachers

Lets pick the GOP candidate for them

You know what I know?? - Some poor dumb kids already died.

I can't believe Jack Kingston has the nerve to show up on Colbert

"Small Nuclear War Could Lead to Cooldown"

The words "I'll be dead when they get it right" just scares the hell out of me

Wanna have some fun DUers??

"Child Stem Cell Recipient Heads Home"

Please, Please, Please tell me there won't be a nonstop string of Obama threads

setting here listening to Eric Clapton on PBS

"John McCain is a phoney. He's nothing but a Rhinestone Cowboy".

A simple analogy to show why "IMPEACHMENT ASAP" is wrong.

CBS Poll: Iraq Going Badly And Getting Worse (Check out their pic of *)

Only Six Fluent in Arabic at U.S. Embassy in Iraq

Obama to make announcement on Monday Night Football?

Caption the grand gamemaster

4 -year-old Accused of Improperly Touching Teacher

"An Inconvenient Truth About Christmas" OUTRAGEOUS VIDEO!

I want impeachment more than I've wanted anything in my whole life.

Bird flu? What happened?

I am really sick of the leg amputations, arm amputations. When's the Peace March on D.C.?

My Repub Friends would Support Gore

"Schrammie" for a conifer catastrophe Airport Tree Snuffolla

An evil egg that can lay in your brain after all the shit that's happened...

For DUers opposed to IMPEACHMENT ASAP - a question for you.

I heard a story about a man who was killed in prison

Kentucky treasure, master dulcimer maker, musician,

Dennis Kucinich, the next President of the United States

Michigan's Recent Job Loss Compares To The Great Depression

Steven Spielberg is evil

Eric Rudolph is GOING crazy.

The writing on the wall is getting clearer for Kerry and an '08 run.

Shhh! Secret Meeting of Impeach-Right-This-Minute Club (NO StrategRists Aloud !!!)

It turns out that the Contra-Cocaine thing is TRUE

Some of our fellow DUers need HELP NOW. Let's talk

Loch Ness Monster-Like Creature's Bones Found

Small Nuclear War Could Lead to Cooldown

Kline ... DA in Jo Co Kansas...some people just are stupid

Iraq Veterans Against the War Holiday Bulletin

Bargaining Digest Weekly by Gordon Pavy, Dec 9, 2006

Iraq Workers Form Unions Despite Violence, Obstacles

John Judge on Impeachment

Scarborough: Is Bush An Idiot?


First Obama Campaign Ad (spoof)

Underwear Go Inside The Pants

Freak me out

Mr Speaker put the Gavel down and Back Away

Barack Obama has had enough

Iraqi Workers Form Unions Despite Violence, Obstacles includes video

"Progressive" blogger whining about Rahm Emanuel and the Foley e-mails

fitzgerald wins and may want more?

Is Hillary a dynamic enough public speaker to win? - video

Question about Annan's speech.....?

Talk Of Civil War As Tension Rises

NH Voter Offers Sound Opinion About Hype Surrounding Obama

Dems to Wipe Out Pet Projects in Bills

Remember, at this point after the 2002 midterms, JOE LIEBERMAN was the front-runner...

Rudy Disses McCain on taxes but not Iraq

Christmas terror strike 'highly likely'

Obama or Edwards?

"There has been a Bush or a Clinton on the ticket for the last 30 years" Incredible!

Chris Matthews and Edwards at UNC tomorrow...I'll be there!

AOL Poll: More americans are ready to vote for a black president than a woman president.

Bill O'Reilly & Sean Hannity are my....

Let's stop messing around.......

MSNBC just announced...drum roll.....

Jimmy Carter on Jay Leno in 2 minutes.

No dynasties...Stop Gore in 2008...

How is the Obamarama affecting John Edwards?

Britain stops talk of 'war on terror'

In a liberal Democracy, are political dynasties...


Look at what I found at Freeperville

I'm leaning towards Gore right now but...Gore supporters explain...

Dennis Kucinich for President 2008!

I will support the Democratic nominee in '08

If Dean became his top adviser, Kucinich could win

Caucus vs. Primary

Why do the SAME people show up to bash the SAME candidates in thread after thread?

The Public Interest and the Limits of Volunteerism


Anthrax attack on US Congress made by scientists and covered up by FBI, expert says

Dave Lindorff: Torture, Impeachment and a Vietnam Veteran's Tears

LMAO !!! Soy foods "turning our kids into homosexuals" - World Nut Daily

Impeachment rally brings out faithful----part of nationwide effort

Marie Cocco: A Fraudulently Financed War

Pierre Tristam: For This Immigrant, America Has Become Almost Unrecognizable

Pinochet's Death Spares the Bush Family (Robert Parry)

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary For December

Life in Iraq Grates on Soldiers' Morale: "So much of what happens is out of our hands."

AP U.S. military deaths in Iraq hit 2,934 (dec 11)--other countries listed-

Orange County (CA) Register: The revolution ends with a whimper

Exiting the Rat-Hole: Iraq & CheneyBush

Economic Apartheid Kills (Joel S. Hirschhorn)

Alternet: Govt Spying Goes Global


Gay and Evangelical, Seeking Paths of Acceptance (slow but sure)

U.S. losing legal work to overseas firms

Closed-Loop Ethanol Plant in Mead, Neb, Dec 06 Eliminates Need for Fossil Fuel in ethanol production

Science Teachers' Group Rejected "Truth", But Accepted Conoco-Phillips Video Series, Then Lied

Study finds enough electric capacity to "fill up" plug-in vehicles across much of the nation

EPA Changing Fuel Economy Estimates

Composting Toilets Offer Solution to Water, Sanitation Problems

Mild, Damp Winter Behind Collapse Of Swedes' Traditional Gingerbread Houses - AFP

Prairie Grasses Emerge As Rich Energy Source

Australian Resources Minister Urges China & India To Rely On Coal & Gas For Development Needs

EPA Rules All Pre-2005 Cement Kilns Exempt From Mercury Control Rules - LA Times

Freightliner to cut 4,000 jobs (crosspost)

Australia's "Unstoppable" Bushfires And The Silent Earth They Leave Behind -

Oil habit hard to break, experts say...political will is in question, panel finds

Summer Arctic ice-free by 2040? (not 2080)

Biofuels Seen As A Luxury China Cannot Afford - Food Needs Too Great - AFP

Scientific Conference Participants Alarmed By Rising Arctic Mercury Levels - CBC

Green Revolution Sweeping the Construction Industry

Rona Ambrose Stumbling & Bumbling As Harper's Environment Minster - Globe & Mail

San Jose (CA) solar cell plant could open by spring (proposed 400 MW per year)

Beijing's Thirsty Dilemma - 15 Million Residents, Water For 14 Million - AFP

Maine ozone cutbacks praised

Ice at north pole could be gone by 2040

Australian Farmers' Federation Slams Howard For Stacking Climate Group With Industry Reps

Drought Pushes Australian Wool Production To 20-Year Low - AFP

Hysteresis and really big numbers

Company agrees to Saco dam fishways (Saco River, Maine)

New Squid Species Found - can chew its food!

India Parliament Debates U.S. Nuke Deal

Can pig power light up Manitoba?

Weather Will Rule (Natural) Gas Prices in '07 (Houston Chronicle)

World's Largest Landfill Gas Power Plant (50 MW) Built in Inchon (Korea)

109th Congress Passes Last Minute Environmental Bills (Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Act)

Looking for more info on the epa wanting to relax lead in gas law...

One Australian Fire Front 155 Miles Long - Fires Spread To Four States - WP

Hamas gunmen open fire on Fatah protest

Calls for Olmert to resign after nuclear gaffe

TIME Magazine: The Big Lie About the Middle East

Israel blocks UN mission to probe killings in Gaza

High Court: Compensate civilians harmed by IDF

Olmert's stray comment fuels the nuclear debate (admits arsenal!)

Bereaved father: Now we can sue IDF murderers

Three rockets fired at Israel from Gaza

Reality, Truth and Evil by TH Meyer (Reviewed by K.Barrett)

Question for the Official Conspiracy Theory supporters

Should we re-open the 9/11 investigation?

The Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth - 12/16/2006

If you have one of those Lou Dobbs E-Voting DVDs, we finally....

ROFL!!! DeLay bids to resume his career -- as a blogger

ahem...a bit of help with the rec button would be appreciated...

NIST, DREs, Holt: Try to Stay With The Program Folks!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday, 12/12/06

Can U.S. Elections Be Decidedly Accurate, Cost Far Less, and Run Like Clockwork? YES!

How Come Only 4 of the 62 Fighting Dems Won?

Texas child suspended after hugging aide (what the

Bill would allow legally blind Texans to hunt

Ancient global warming suggests high sensitivity to carbon dioxide

Newspaper: Skilling won't have report to prison

Anthrax attack on US Congress made by scientists and covered up by FBI, expert says

'Peace mom' convicted of trespassing

The Cost of an Overheated Planet

U.S. losing legal work to overseas firms

AP cameraman killed by Iraqi insurgents

CHRONOLOGY-The deadliest bomb attacks in Iraq

DaimlerChrysler to up parts sourcing from India

NYT: Iraqis Consider Ways to Reduce Power of Cleric

"Personal responsibility" but no regrets for Rice over Iraq failures

To Stem Iraqi Violence, U.S. Aims to Create Jobs

A Not So Merry Christmas

Christmas trees returned to Sea-Tac Airport

Olmert's stray comment fuels the nuclear debate (admits arsenal!)

Germany gripped by Russian spy drama

Interpol joins Litvinenko inquiry

Report of Student Suicide at Springfield (Montco) H.S.

Global jihad's new front in Africa (while we bog down in Irag).

Ethics panel clears Reid-Dismisses complaint over ringside seats

Explosive Increase in Massachusetts Foreclosures as Holidays Approach

Reuters: Taliban kill British Marine in Afghanistan

Creation museum pushes 'true history'

Israel's Olmert under fire over nuclear remarks

Bomber kills 70 in Baghdad, Bush talks to generals (ironic headline)

U.S.-led raid, suicide bomber kill at least 12 Afghans

UCLA break-in puts data on 800,000 at risk

NYT/AP: Bush Iraq Update May Be After New Year (not before Christmas)

Greenspan sees more declines in dollar

Arar's lawyers file appeal against U.S. officials who sent him to Syria

Ex-agent held over illegal spy ring

LAT: Major breach of UCLA's computer files: Personal information on thousands exposed

Reuters: Canada to probe cases of trio jailed in Syria

AP: Car Bomb(s) Kills 42, Wounds 106 In Baghdad

Congress Demands Answers on Anthrax

Immigration Agents Raid Swift Plants Across U.S.

The Federal Reserve kept a key interest rate unchanged at 5.25 percent for a fourth consecutive meet

Report: Russia to start shipping nuclear fuel to Iran next March

FDA seeks to improve access to experimental drugs

NSA Says Diana Was Not Phone Target

MSNBC: Skilling denied bail during appeals process

AFP US general ( in Iraq) calls for more time to help Iraq

AP -Congress Demands Answers on Anthrax

Gulf group calls for Israel sanctions

China rejects U.S. trade complaints

Saudi clerics rally support for Sunnis in Iraq

WP,pg1: Military Experts Advise Bush Not to Reduce Troops: Share skeptical view of Iraq Study Group

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday December 12

WP-ABC News Poll: 7 Out Of 10 Americans Disapprove Of Handling Of Iraq War

CNN/AP: For Bush, victory is still the only option in Iraq

Anti-Gay Church (Westboro Baptist) Must Pay Marine's Family

Wolfowitz in firing line as World Bank faces mass exodus

Children die, miscarriages increase as U.S. troops lay siege to city

Reuters: Five U.S. servicemen die in Iraq

Items with lead pulled from Hill gift shops

UPI: Rumsfeld visits Iraq with only conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity: No pool reporters

Saudi Ambassador Abruptly Resigns, Leaves Washington

Majority say history won't be kind to Bush

Scandal-plagued Jefferson kept off Ways and Means

(Harry) Reid hammers Bush for 'waiting and delaying' on Iraq

Memorial Can't Keep Pace With War Dead (Santa Barbara memorial)

Generals: Bush level-headed in evaluating Iraq policy

Nashville Musicians Decry Media Consolidation: "We're at a level of potential censorship here."

Iranian Cleric: Holocaust no more than a myth

Judge orders ex-Enron CEO Skilling imprisoned immediately

UPS seeking more job cuts, offers severance to 650 workers

Dems plan to cut rates on college loans

Ford offer leaves (14,000 more) workers with tough choice

Immigration Agents Raid Swift (meat) Plants Across U.S.

Iran president says Israel's days are numbered

‘Saddam faces quick execution, no monument’

Government appeals currency redesign meant to help the blind

Airbus A380 certified air worthy

'Convert or die' game divides Christians Some ask Wal-Mart to drop Left Behind

'Mallard Fillmore' creator arrested for DUI

In Praise of the Penis of Waldorf.

Two tests and a speech tomorrow. Then finals for the next week and I'm free!

the following statement is true . . .

ok.I'm both drinking and smoking cigars tonite.I need a few friends

Evil Christmas Images

Attention chocoholics: Trader Joe's new "Sipping Chocolate" mix

What if Basil Rathbone's first name was a different spice or herb?

I Don't Like Caligula!

Oh crap, I lost my star

If you could change your reality, how would you change it?

I just bought a calender from Japan. Ask me anything

Well, I made it 7 days without smoking. Then I caved. I guess that counts for something.

I watch a lot of true crime programs on Court TV.

A very big THANK YOU to WritingIsMyReligion ....

Africam! Turtles boinking!

Curiosity killed the cat!

If you could start a new career that would be rewarding, fun

Manatee & Colmes

Which Final Fantasy Character are you?

What if Basil Fawlty's last name were a different adjective?

Billo is gonna blow a gasket - War on Xmas now infilitrating Sea-Tac airport

DU Men! Help me choose a nice watch for my husband for Christmas?

Lawmaker Introduces Bill To Let Blind Hunters Use Laser Sights (Texas)

Hang in there, Loki! (AP Photo)

Baby Jesus Stolen, Beer Can Placed In Manger

Tori Spelling Has Yard Sale To Sell Personal Items

Will be 59 degrees today. How warm is it by you?

Resolved: there are two violently opposing forces ruling the universe--gravity and scotch tape

Congratulations Clark2008!! 15,000 posts

Has an Iron Chef Japan versus Iron Chef America been done yet?

Judge Blocks 'Borat' Frat Brothers Lawsuit

Pauly Shore suckerpunched doing standup in Odessa, TX

"2001: A Space Odyssey" set to Pink Floyd's "One of These Days..."

Grocery Stores - Aren't They Set Up Backwards?? (Serious)

Women Know Love Stinks

Would you consider joining a onion?

The social/political side of Supernova.

Real Estate Agent Giving Away Free Handguns To Homebuyers (In Law Enforcement)

Man Calls 911 To Report Stolen Marijuana - Arrested

Any musical theater fans out here?

Ok Who the hells awake?

The Things They Carried

caught on tape: dad delivers baby in car

I'm sure this has already been around but...

Congratulations Estimated Prophet!! 20,000 posts

Does anyone know how much a care nurse would cost ?

Happy Birthday... Frank Sinatra!!!

Presents you won't be getting for Christmas

Which Rock Star/Band gives you the biggest Christmas Vibe?

History Channel in 9-11 Documentary Mode

Apple Vs. P.C.

I love motivating Mr. Writer.

I like a lot of bad music, see

How old is too old for you for a serious relationship?

I woke up with Kate today....

Evel Knievel Sues Rapper Kanye West Over Video

I have a Euro

Girl Crashes Into House After Being Chased By Truck Passenger Threw Egg At

My yearly rant about toys.

Should I buy a Goomba?

OK, DU get ready to laugh...

Should I buy a Sis-Boom-Bah?

I had to post this in the Lounge - Mallard Fillmore cartoonist arrested for DUI!!!

Sorry but I can't hold it any longer... DEVIN HESTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

White Chicken Chile

Some days Freepers astound even me...

3 Million Bees Removed From Couple's Apartment Kitchen

Now that I've gone and 'done it' ...

HO! HO! HO! Come tell Santa what you'd like for Christmas. HO! HO! HO!

WhiteTrash Chile

When I read GD threads about Rudolph being tortured...

I loathe jewelry advertising around Christmas.

Anyone here read Russian?

My own war on Christmas, or how I scared the beejebies out of my kid

I love DU and so do my friends and family

I woke up with hate today....

I miss my Grandmother today

the "Heart Attack Grill" most unhealthy restaurant ever!

A question for DU rock-hounds:

Congratulations ohiosmith! 5225 subject lines!

Antelopes sparring on Africam....good stuff...

After 15 Years, Llamas Will Be In Rose Parade (Could Scare Horses - I'm Hoping For The Worst)

Happy 25th BD to my daughter: she got laid off today!

Mom: Talking doll called my daughter a slut.

Pringles - you really CAN'T stop!

Last night, I pulled out a wool-lined jacket I've had since 1988...

Last night, I was a big jerk at school.

Women practically throw themselves at Mr. Gray

My last five days

If John, Paul, George and Ringo HAD NOT been Beatles, would any of them have had significant musical

Could Oasis have beaten Gary Lewis and the Playboys in a battle of the bands?

*SPECIAL* Holiday -Seperated at birth?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 12/12/06)

Sylvester Stallone looks great at 60

Do you give careful consideration to your threads, or like me post whatever comes to mind.

You know what's wrong with this lounge - not enough threads about Neil Diamond

OK DU guys--What does "Stop Winging" mean?

Police Find $500,000 Worth Of Cocaine On Beach

Help me out here. What do blind people do for porno? Seriously.

To all potential Mary Worths out there

I'm flushing myself down the toilet in 30 minutes...

Santa is DEAD!!


For LynneSin: Neil Diamomd's.........

DU women -- do you prefer men with or without rugs?

BLESS ME LORD...I have 4 Chihuahua's to bathe tonight. Post prayers here.

Most embarrassing and long-running spelling mistake?

****The Official "Did lizziegrace Get Her Keys Back?" Thread****

What is your LEAST favorite Christmas song?

I have discovered that a laptop power converter is an excellent heat source.

Stevie Wonder's "Superstition"

My Half-Year of Hell With Christian Fundamentalists

I just got my kids a Hasbro Zoombox for Christmas

The brattiest place on earth!

The annual GD primaries meltdown has begun

Sweet, creamy Satan!

DU women - do you prefer men with or without makeup?

have a blackwater christmas! but order before the 18th!


'To Bess Truman! To Margaret Truman!'

DU computers - do you prefer users with or without batteries?

I got carded earlier today. Guess what for?

Text input in Windows XP batch file

How does one mispell a word?


DU women - do you prefer men with or without Vocal Chords?

Should I worry about my blood pressure?

I've lost count now. How many wars we in?

I just got a bill from the IRS for $30,000!! Ask me anything!!!

I have to finish my Christmas shopping today

DU women -- do you prefer men with or without hardwood?

Mmmmm.... Gingersnaps....

I want to vacation at Fawlty Towers

Just started taking a niacin supplement--it gives you wicked hot flashes!

OK DU guys--What does "Swinging" mean?

Write my book, or get a job? So what happens?

I Don't Like Cauliflower!


So...I no longer have to share a cubie at work....

Post a silly pic

Post a Willy pic

Why do people have to be such assholes?

Forever In Blue Jeans

Microsoft Outlook 2003 HELP!!!

Whoever kidnapped REV, bring her back. PLEASE!

Traveling to Europe--which airline should I use??

Christmas and religion through the eyes of a 4 year old.

IKEA in dog penis scandal

Did We Win?

Help: Books to Read on a Plane?

Shameless self-promotion thread...

Today in history 12-12

My guilty pleasure.... Sexy Back

Hey - DU Magicians

Happy birthday Straight Shooter & dropkickpa's daughter!!

CONFESS!!!! Where were you 6 years ago today when you heard the news

what the hell are those noises on africam??!!

Put on a hap py face....

Should I do the Rhumba?

I saw Stephen Colbert on PBS this afternoon

Kid fights off hawk to save mini-dachshund.


I have gained 10 Lbs since the summer ...Ask me anything...

Do you care if your SO opens mail addressed to you?

What will Mary Cheney's baby's first words be?

The master of physical comedy?

Sometimes you just need to listen to some George Clinton

Aughh! Fathers do not "babysit" their own children!

Random movie quote thread!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Dick Holden:

DU men - do you prefer women with or without makeup?

Post your Fly Fishing pet peeves here!

Is Captain Kirk a Republican or a Democrat?

There is a special place in the deepest depths of hell for Workroom Fridge Thieves

If anyone wants to give me a holiday gift...

Are Heralds of Galactus Republican or Democrat?

i love the way ambien makes the message board look like it is

Final word on the Xmas/Holiday wars.

"Some Basic Definitions" (from Starhawk)

Has this forum had any effect on your beliefs or ideas at all?

Receive a chain "War on Christmas" E-mail? Responses here.

Creation museum pushes 'true history'

I believe in Santa Claus

Another CO. Evangelical Pastor found to be gay (Haggard wanna-be)

Red Sea Might Save Dead Sea

Last chance to weigh in: Washington Defense of Marriage Initiative

ANOTHER Anti-gay pastor (Barnes) forced out of the closet

Soy: A devil food is turning our kids into homosexuals

Hester Makes History As Bears Beat Rams

Marcus Vick yet to record and actual stat with the Miami Dolphins

Bruins' rookie Phil Kessel has testicular cancer

Nutz .. Not a lot is said

looking for a resource on premonitions/psychic abilities

A tarot reading question

Update on my car/money situation.



Kerry and Democrats

More non-news by an alumni of the Boston Globe.

Diary in GD: Who can and who can't win in 2008

Humble Elias's latest take on the Obamamania and what it implies for Kerry

please go kick this one

Are we allowed to use photos from last holiday season?

Of course, if I WERE to enter a photo like this...

The Year in Photos

Extreme Makeover - Bathroom Edition

CNN Breaking: Iraq car Bomb kills 40 with 34 injured

There is this book - you should read this book.

the following statement is true . . .

K Street is vying for a piece of the soon-to-thrive "crisis management" business

About helping DUers

Should we re-open the 9/11 investigation?

Impeachment poll. Let us focus, yet again.

Just watched Chaffee on TDS

Generals appear in Christian video

Bernie Ward starting in on Pinochet & post WWII American foreign policy

CAR BOMBS HIT BAGHDAD AGAIN: 54 killed, 146 wounded

Toxic Times

Halliburton/KBR hiring subcontractors w/o federal approval

A suggestion for helping DU'ers

Ancient global warming suggests high sensitivity to carbon dioxide

Do you think Bush's "consulting" with others on Iraq is just a puff of smoke?

2,932 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis

In pictures: Baghdad bombing

I don't know if this has been used yet or not.

The intelligence was fine

A side effect of outlawing legitimate stem cell research

TV networks may form anti-YouTube cabal

Suffer The Children! Look What bush Has Done To Them...

Dick Cheney's Google Searches

Cindy Sheehan: In Search of/Trespassing for Peace

"Experts" Advise Bush ..(who were the "academics" that advised these crooks?)

CSPAN3 doing Iran-Contra coverage right now and through the day

Gates considering firing Joint Chiefs Chairman Pace

Iraq Study Group question - who appointed them?

It's a War FOR Christmas, Not ON Christmas

"America is ready to turn the page...This is our time. A new generation is prepared to lead."

Bush changing his Iraq spin from achieving "victory" to achieving "success" won't change the reality

White House had the best Lawyers money could buy

I just found a great avatar on, of all things, a snowboard mb

Bernie Ward: "Best ex-President we ever had was Jimmy Carter."

I'm having a real problem with what Arthur Davis (D-AL) is saying now on WJ

My Turn: The Energy Electranet: By Al Gore

'Tis not the season at Sea-Tac Airport...

This adminstration spends more time creating "new" agencies...

Dogpile search engine's current "favorite fetches" are heartwarming

6 y/o child who received fetal stem-cells on way home for Hanukkah

Iraq's civil war is spiralling further and further out of control. (never ending)

School shooting in PA and a DAMN fine webmaster!

christian embassy-oh my gawd

Radio Ranter Mark Levin Twists Bush's Lack Of Somalia Policy Into Attack Against Dems

Snow Lies To CNN Viewers About Iraq Study Group Findings

Sloganeering has been a way for Bush to change the subject...

Jeane Kirkpatrick denounced neocons and was anti-Iraq War

A very special dedication

Will Santa be dressing like this in the year 2040?

Hmmm...Molly Ivins circa 1991-92 is downright eerie reading.

So I am standing in a line at the food counter and a door slams into my side

Ok I have a question,what does everyone think of a Gore-edwards

Ice at North Pole could be gone by 2040-Dire news on global warming as Geophysical Union meets in SF

Documentary: 'Independent America'

anti-immigration people: Here you go, you tax dollars at work protecting

What if your son or daughter or spouse or parent died while Bush* is 'listening'?

Not a Good Sign: Saudi clerics call on Sunnis around the world to mobilise against Shiites in Iraq

Abramoff's anti-recycling gay-bashing Rabbi Lappin joins The War on Christmas

First woman Marine officer dies in Iraq

Catholic priest and aids.

Joe Wilson: "Fox News once again proved itself the master of make-believe"

TBogg pokes fun at Bruce Tinsley, creator of the comic strip Mallard Fillmore--and it is funny!

Iraq finmin expects dinar to strengthen 13 pct

Are you pessimistic on Iraq?

Anyone listening to Pete Stark on CSPAN1 talking about health care plans

The war on Santa.

Why has there been no other terror attack since nine eleven?

Student shoots self at Philadelphia high school

Is this Bush's eventual destination?

The NO QUESTION PRESIDENT....Bush hardly ever asks questions...?

Is Al Gore, with the advise of his handlers, purposely changing his image to resemble Alec Baldwin?

Rumsfeld back to asking and answering his own questions

Break out your popcorn: small plane circling airport for next 40 minutes.

Snow: Bush Really Does Like Reporters.

Tony says Repug Gordon Smith’s Criticisms---are "emotional" ---so,

Saudi clerics rally support for Sunnis and Saudi ambassador Abruptly Resigns

Vatican Condemns Conference Of Holocaust Deniers

Finished a parital outline of how the taxi book might flow

Seventy-million-year sea reptile found in Antarctica

I just found out that I dress like the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Full Text Of Kofi Annan's Farewell Address

Delay's 'BLOG' now screens posts!

Poppy & Pissy, heart to heart

NYT op-ed: Time to Offshore Our Troops: Not only from Iraq, but from the entire region

Do any retail outlets have it written that an employee must say Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays..

Hardball has "expert" Tom Delay on to comment on Iraq Study

Unexpected consequences: 100,000+ Iraqi refugees headed for U.S.?

Life is Good (for the chosen few): NYT: At Holiday Parties, St. Nick Starts to Morph Into Bacchus

Preparing for the glorious THIRD ANNIVERSARY!!

CBS Poll: Chimpy overall job performance: 31% (- 3points)

Highlighting one individual fallen hero

Topple into the Twisted Torque of Tuesday, and then please CAPTION!!!!

Well, that did it

Repost of article “Coming GOP War — Over the War!” Buchanan blames Dem Senate for Iraqi war

Talkin' back to the TeeVee . . .

Dog tunnels through snow to save owners (w/video)

A bird flew into my window pane and died. Am I a hypocrite for not removing all glass from my home?

The Bush Administration Has Become The Global Jailor

Repubs will tell Bush : "...Won't get fooled again.."

For the sake of "fair and balanced" should the federal government

Group seeks probe of evangelical military video

Kucinich declares candidacy minutes ago;video is at

I love DU and so do my friends and family

To combat the "War on Christmas" crowd...

Mount Misery Where Slaves Where Tortured, Bought by Rumsfeld

Christmas, pagans and religious divergence (Will the VA recognize Wicca?)

Put on the tin foil hat while we talk about terrorism

New Bush Comic: The Decider Ponders Iraq

Do you know who is mining your data?

A National Waste of monies: Bush and his expenses:Instead of doing what is BEST for the Nation

Any Possibility Of Malloy Being The New 9pm EST to Midnight Show On Sirius Left?....

BREAKING FOX NEWS: "President leaning towards sending MORE TROOPS to Iraq"

Interesting thought: Barack Hussein Obama as president

From CNN - Saudi Ambassador Resigns and Leaves Country

Very cool historic photos

caption this Bushco pic...

OK, Everyone. Fantasize a scenario in which Gore is drafted in 2008.

Generals: Bush level-headed in evaluating Iraq policy - "very engaged" and "very sober-minded"

Creation museum pushes 'true history'

Christmas, Pagans and Religious Divergence

The serial killer in Ipswich

Award Winning Photo in College Photographer of the Year Competition

Are meat-eaters who are unwilling to kill animals hypocrites?

The Daily Show says goodbye to the 109th Congress

For Wingnuts: Great Myths We Have Debunked: Evolution, Global Warming.

Lethal lead levels found in Congressional gift shop souvenirs

Snow Wh briefing NOW: 12:45 PM EST

Please tell me my tax dollars are'nt paying for this

Christmas tree growers battle poachers (with Urine????)

There are days when a noon-hour check on your stocks won't be warm and fuzzy

"The kid's in way over his head"

I can't believe that in 2006, a major network would allow something like this to occur!

Jefferson Unlikely To Win Back Seat On Ways And Means

Skilling wins delay of sentence

NH Voter Offers Sound Opinion About Hype Surrounding Obama

College Repubs support buying "Made In China" products -- but don't want the public to know about it

Who will get the credit if we're out of Iraq in 2008?

Anchor Olbermann counts on commentary to boost MSNBC's ratings

blood tests

What ever happened to Ann Coulter?

AllHatNoCattle version of today's Bush photo

CNN's Jack Cafferty Thinks Not Impeaching Is 'Strange'

Liberal trap in the War on Christmas

American made products losing across the board.

Hannity on GMA -- why?

I don't mind tradition.

Advertisments of 'Sleeper Cells' why does this forum think it's above fear?

Please sign this petition to help women/children in Darfur

Guess what?! The Iraq Debacle is now less popular than...

ACTION ALERT: Plans Ready To Sneak Heritage Area Land Grab Through Lame Duck Session

All but ageless, turtles face their biggest threat: Humans

Wow...just wow: German gamers face jail for acts of virtual violence

Someone should tell him he's really a liberal

Need Help For A Third Grade Lesson:

Annan Bows out of UN with Attack on Bush...

"Waxman has Bush administration in sights" - what a great article title :)

Frist's byebye letter. A must read POS. Warning: high spew factor included.

Bruce Tinsley Mug Shot (Caution -- DISTURBING PIC OF RIGHT-WING DRUNK)

Paulson in China: Tread softly, forget the big stick...

What would be said if Obama said...

looking past the Wal-Mart ref - Green Revolution Sweeping the US Construction Industry...

My response to a strawpoll08 freeper

Conservative Publication: Soy Products “Turning Our Kids Into Homosexuals”...

Doesn't US have criminal penalties for "virtual kiddie porn"?

The Perfect Latkes

Didn't the Iraq Study Group Say We Had Weeks, Maybe Days?

Listening to Obama's NH speech now and his appeal is that

The dangers of genetically modified wine yeast

Did Cafferty just call Faux News "the f-word network?" That's

Tom Tomorrow

We need some serious prison reform

Ask Congress for new election in Sarasota., Florida where undervotes...

Did it take ten years to investigate the princess Di accident...

More notes from all over DU.


I know we voted to stop this occupation , however

Slannity was on last night with some soldiers....

It takes a big man to admit a mistake

IRONY ALERT!! Today's Mallard Fillmore...

"The Real News" founder on the radio Wednesday night...

Is debt relief on the list of things...

Tony Snow mentions the "way forward" 11 times @ Press Gaggle

Cafferty said that the Dems have put a moratorium on earmarks

Gut war?

2937 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Afghanistan - the forgotten war?

It's Still About The Oil...

What if bush resigns after the vacation...

Are large protests still possible and likey to have an affect ?

Tweety is back today

(TOON) Steve Bell on the death of Pinochet

"I'm gonna listen to advice and mull things over"

Watch Dennis Kucinich announce his candidacy for POTUS

Georgia Foreclosures jump 99%...

Which do you think we'll have first - presidential poll

Anti-Gay Church Must Pay Marine's Family

Phred Phelps Phucks ordered to pay Marine's family for legal costs and violating right to privacy


CNN report puts Obama on split screens with bin Laden and Hussein

Who says that living in Trailer Parks in Florida is bad?

Who is gonna take away his license to kill?

Woolsey Calls Iraq Study Group’s Report “Too Little, Too Late”

Most Literate Cities chopped Blue/Red....interesting

Breaking-Bush Stalls Iraq Plan Until January

Tom DeLay: 'Hillary Will Be the Next President'

My Name Is Troll

Are mega pastors just rolling up the scam with these gay

I think I'm ready to admit that I'm now

My newest nominee for Conservative Idiot. And this guy is a real piece of work

Conservatism is a Mental Disorder

Has anyone coined the phrase "Obamania" yet? Cause if they haven't, I want the credit.

A minor diversion, but why don't we pronounce General Pace's name right?

Huh?! WTF is with the Dollar?! Check out this Dollar v. Euro Chart.

Axis of Evil ---pix--->>>

Soy Products -- The Devil's Food (and makes you gay, too)

Tinfoil prediction

Christmas trees return to SeaTac

As of this moment there are 99,039 DU members.

Bill on Civil Unions Moves Forward in New Jersey

Rush: They're harvesting newborns for stem-cells!

All the terrorists have to do is get a job at a fast food restaurant and....

An Inconvenient Truth - a convenient surprise

HAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Creator of unfunny right-wing comic strip Mallard Fillmore arrested

Former N.C. deputy charged in PS3 shooting.

my momentary spasm of paranoia

Obama on Monday Night Football (VIDEO)

Is anyone else like me regarding "ethics" emphasis?

Police: Man Posing As Officer Pulls Officer Over (DOH)

fuck! bush** Wants To Send in 40,000 More Troops to Iraq???

If Gore decided to run would you support all other candidates withdrawing

Does it matter that Obama admitted to cocaine use in his youth? What about the shady land deals?

My kid just came in while K O was on and out the blue says about bushitler, "I wonder

Has the "views" column in some way made it so people

I am ill; the worst political scenario imaginable

Do you ever root for teams from BLUE states to kick teams from RED states?

Reality Check : Not All Criminals Are Mentally Disturbed/Insane

My brother is home from Iraq!!!!

I just read where Kuchinich is going to run and Gore

Is a Double Proxy war brewing in Iraq?

Does the AP read DU? I think so.

A Thank You From Straight Story and Myself

Hey, Bush: Barack Obama told you so!

At the core of the "Hillary Issue"

NPR reported bush* may NOT address nation before Christmas.

I want to thank my Fellow DU'ers - & talk about 'mental prisons' & an experiment

Dwarfed by his wife and the podium...

Black And White - DU inspired this poem from my wife this morning - kick it up!

153 to 1! At the U.N., one country voted against the anti-weapons trade treaty. Guess Who???

Unions oppose ‘draft’ of federal workers to Iraq

Children's Book Makes Fun of Liberals

High school stops publishing honor roll, cites stress on students

Unpopular in Latin America: Shrub, CHAVEZ, CASTRO. Losing (more) ground in MX: OBRADOR

All politics All the time....Experts Advise Bush Not to Reduce Troops

Bush is postponing his speech to the nation because...

Any '08 candidate that wants my support should go on TV and give a speech like this one

What the fuck is a "Listening Tour" mr. bush?

"[That dog is] not a human being. And that dog was trespassing."

A Mr. Fish Retrospective, Part 2 (Dialup warning)

Saudi Ambassador's Sudden Departure - Signals Dangerous Uncertainty

71 Dead in Iraq Today...Thank God there is Not A Civil War.

I don't get it DU. A woman and a black man who may run who have a real chance is historical!

Iran's leader: 'Zionist regime will soon be wiped out

That which we do not speak! Right-wing domestic terrorism in the United States.

The Looney Tunes Administration

Does anybody else think that this is getting a bit ridiculous?

Why do we always have to have an enemy?

Holiday Wish List for Democratic Congress

New rule: Godwin's Law for DemocraticUnderground.

Note that today is the anniversary of Bush v. Gore (12/12/00)

It seems like a lot of fellow Du'ers are in financial trouble of one

Angelita Able # prisoner 258511

Check out this cool bit of Graffiti I just found!


Rant: I loathe the neo-liberals almost as much as I do neo-conservatives

My "Religious Right" sermon. Thanks for the help!

Holding grudges for thousands of years is just so strange to me.

PINOCHET: A Declassified Documentary Obit

Congress demands answers on anthrax

Cynthia McKinney's Full Remarks on Bush Impeachment Bill

Anthrax attack on US Congress made by scientists and covered up by FBI, expert says

A Prayer for America - note the date this was written

Democrats who can and can't win the '08 presidential election, IMO.

Why McCain will be hard to beat in '08.

The Bastard will attend 24 (!) Christmas Parties but hasn't time for a fucking Iraq PLAN?

At lunch today: "Prove to me being gay isn't a choice."

No wonder we can't win. We can't shoot...

08 Litmus Test

Child's toes gnawed (off) by pit bull puppy

Supermax Prisons Are Torture. Period.

Lesbian family blog in the right wing crosshairs - please help by voting!

war, a beautiful lie.

Your President Truly Believes...

Fred Barnes hopes the "lame Duck" Bush bombs Iran on the way

PDA's 'Stop Funding the War' Campaign

South Dakota Congresswoman Stephanie Herseth gives floor speech.....

Bush's Failure to Prevent 9/11

Nancy's message to Bush.

Lewis Black: Last Laugh '06; Bush, The Flag, Christmas

Ava's Latest Video for UFPJ - Keep Hope Alive! (Jan 27th March in DC)

Barney's Holiday Extravaganza

Jon Stewart lambasts Glenn Beck...

Obama on Monday Night Football

CNN Puts Obama In Split-Screen With Bin Laden and Hussein

Elizabeth Kucinich' first TV interview

Another reason I cannot support Barack Obama

Bayh on CSPAN 1AM Eastern - Turn Now.

Obama Favors Universal Healthcare and Battling Global Warming

57 Day Laborers killed in Baghdad - Bad or Good News to "Conservatives?"

Get out now-in two part harmony

Iraq Study Group: How it Started

Richmond Times-Dispatch: "Pinochet wasn't THAT bad."

Kennedy rethinks support for a Kerry presidential run in '08

2006, The Year in Review, part 1 -- courtesy of Tom Tomorrow! ('TOON)

Kucinich Still Gives me the Heebie Jeebies

Their poll compared to ours on DU?

Pelosi struggling with response to Jefferson re-election; may give lesser committee assignment

I Think It's Good That We Start the 2008 Candidate Wars Early

White House Video: And A Nauseating Holiday Season To All

Contradicting Bush, Rumsfeld Claims He Was Replaced Because Of.........

McCain's anti-"porn" bill targets all online forums, including DU ... and you

CNN Attn: Jeff Greenfield

*Very* nice speech by Obama in New Hampshire, C-span. I'm warming to him. . .

Is the media attempting to divide the Democrats with the Obama/Hillary stories?

New Bush Comic: The Decider Ponders Iraq

Michael Moore - Fahrenheit 911 Revisited .........

Bush courts Congressional Democrats -- six years too late

Citizens' Hearing to Put Iraq War "On Trial" Before Lt. Watada Court Martial

Its long past time to adopt one of the "Kerry 03 doctrines" ...... the one on terrorism.

McCain: U.S. may have to confront Iran militarily

bush to wait until after Xmas for his "double secret" Iraqi plan.

Aserious question about 'executive privelege' (Cheney energy meetings)

Rush is looking for Father Greeley to come on the air and discuss

president fu*kface shirt

Do people reallly want to hear an Iraq speech the week before the Holidays?

Mind if I hold off supporting any candidate yet?

Bloodless Coup in Washington? McCain to Replace Cheney? Things that make you go hmmmmm...

Something I've wondered about

David Duke

I'm greedy...I want Hillary, Gore, and Obama to run

Last Push: Vote Nancy Pelosi TIME's Person of the Year

Why is ** taking so long to make a desicion about Eye-raq?

Obama "announcement" on Monday Night Football

Desperate seeking Obama speech in NH.

What's the story on *? He had the ISG propose 79 suggestions,

So what are these "Tough questions" that Bush is asking all of a sudden....

Dear Mom - a Marine's letter home from Iraq

Where does DU find such confidence in Republicans?

So let's think about this "Obama doesn't have enough executive experience" rap . . .

The Latest Iraq Polls

Do you, for a second, think there will ever be a President Kucinich?

Who has the power to arrest the president?

DK is on Wolfie's show...brilliant man

The Impeachment Cast Against George W. Bush. Count #1 Intelligence Fraud

Wes Clark Jr, on the Young Turks

"This isn't Pepsi-Cola trying to get ahold of Coca Cola's trade secrets..."

My email from Noam Chomsky

If Obama REALLY wants to get elected...

AP: Waxman Has Bush Administration in Sights

Big Vichy Dem-Ellen Tauscher..campaign manager doesn't like democracy

No. Effin. Way.

Gore supporters - who do you support if Gore doesn't run?

SIX years ago today (yes only 6) Supreme Court halts vote count

In Effort to Smear Democrats, FOX Hosts Report Unsubstantiated Rumor as News

Mark Penn's analysis of why Gore lost....looking back at 2000 in light of Penn's Venezuela polling.

"I saw an engaged President, asking deep, clarifying questions .... "

Obama, and the Excuse That Bush Had A Similar Lack Of Experience in 2000

John Edwards is doing an INCREDIBLE job on Hardball !! (Tweety's 1st day back)

The Ten Biggest Losers of 2006

"Commander in Chief" as meme .... and with respect to the 08 cycle .....

"Is Hillary Likable?" "Should She Run In '08?" STFU!!!

LA Times Opinion Piece: Hillary's too vane to be president.

Who are the rethugs the most afraid of in 2008?

J.Dennis Hastert may retire in March