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Archives: December 13, 2006

NY Times letter to the editor on Richard Perle

Experts says U.S. barrier islands could disappear - Reuters

Regional nuclear war could spark climate change

Poland, hoping to meet climate change goals, to build nuclear plant.

Survivor discusses Gaza shooting deaths

PM will meet Abbas 'anywhere, anytime'

No Palestinian fishing rod (Amira Hass)

Ideas: Presidential Provocation

US agrees to double emergency equipment in Israel

100 Phantom Votes Found in One PA Precinct!

Dennis Kucinich up next (6:30pm/CT) on CNN

Rice says no firm deadline for North Korea talks.

Ohio lawmakers override gun veto

Breaking CNN: Saudis threaten to support Sunni insurgency...

Kerry to meet soldiers, leaders in Iraq

Australian Minister of the Environment Supports Sea Shepherd Antarctic Campaign

US to double emergency equipment stored in Israel

Pakistan accused (by Karzai) of supporting Taliban

Negotiations on Iran Sanctions Delayed

Part-time faculty on rise, report says

Study Finds 49M Burdened With High Medical Costs

AP: Bonilla (R) Loses House Seat After 7 Terms (TX-23)

EXCLUSIVE: Renowned Expert Agrees to 'Riverside Challenge' to Attempt Hack of Sequoia Voting System!

David Duke attends Iranian Holocaust Conference

Senator [McCain]: Illegal images must be reported

70 more pages

So now I understand the title "Herbie: Fully Loaded"

help with a term paper (turkey and LGBT rights)

Somebody is shooting off serious fireworks down the street...


Procrastination. What have you been slacking on?? ( when it comes to DU)

Memory foam mattress toppers

Ever listen to Jingle Bells in reverse?

I am coming out!!!

My Mom talked! My Mom talked!

Anyone miss me?

What city is area code 801?

Well hello there...

Is this what people want in a news story?

For $10,000, would you...

Self Delete= Other posts already

The Mormons just came by. I told them the wonderful gospel of Sagan

Kids conned me into letting them go to town for junk food.

My Computer Is Making a Whistling Sound-Seriously!

Great T-shirt!LOL

Anyone gotten into The Lost Room

So Tired of Idiot Bosses...

Pardon Me If I'm Sentimental...

Three words I'll be happy NEVER to hear again ...

Alternative uses for your ideas........

I don't like anyplace outside of California

Anybody going to this march...?

Sayonara suckers!

My Guilty Pleasure...McDonald's McRib Sandwich daily

Tell me I'm petty

I think it's best if I hang out in the lounge tonight instead of GD...

Tell me I'm naughty.

WTF is up with GD?

They tell me I'm pretty naughty

Help!! I have the urge to hurt a man I've never met and never will meet!!

Tell me I'm Naked

I don't like anyplace outside of my mind

I'm Ironing My Clothes

Some GDers get it

Hahahaha!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!

I Passed The 6000 Mark! Took A Muscle Relaxer -Ask Me Anything

Good night DU

Best of the Three Magi

Cool Optical illusion.

Anybody up for a beer?

Why did that guy wanna start shredding wheat?

***Fly this one.......or fly home***

Now that billyskank is gone for the day:

Doctor doctor.... I have been having these dreams....


Uh-oh...I have to get up at 7:30, and

Tell me I'm sexy.

Were those springbok on Africam?

Tell me I'm witty

Happy Birthday Edvard Munch!

Pictures with my visiting daughter... (Warning: Pic Heavy!)

Wish I could hang out here tonight, but I'm busy with important things.

Where do DUers come from? Take part in the geographic distribution poll....

The salad is the best part of any meal I eat.

You know what's yummy?

I double dog dare you!

5000 posts! Ask me anything!

Thanks for your input on my dating dilemma.

You're to drop and give me 10!... of your favorite LOL movie moments

Where Is The "Front Line" Of The War On Christmas?

Fuck It! It's Food Porn Time!

If DU had a feature that would cut you off

You know what's rummy?

Wake up Lil Animals...It's time to go to the Watering Hole....

(Peeking around the corner)

I am ALL DONE with my first semester of law school.

Hmmm...Beatles "Hey Jude" video discovery...I think

Tuesday, December 12. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I don't like anyplace outside of my apartment

Barbaro, the racehorse, is doing well...

Movie Quotes! You know how the game works:

My dog JUST went into surgery.

Favorite Joni Mitchell album (1968-1979)?

Tell me I'm pretty

Vegans: are there certain perfumes or colognes that contain animal ingredients?

Barney Cam. WTF

California DU'ers: When are we going to have another get-together?

Should George W. Bush eat dog food to show he's not a wimp?

Just bought a french press coffee set on sale

Suprise drug test tomorrow -- I'm studying tonight

Post interesting little entertainment trivia bits here! I'll start.

Reassure me...

I finished my Winter Concert tonight. Ask me anything.

I've Lost 43 lbs Since The Summer Ask Me Anything

I just had a visit from the cops.

Attention lesbians: please have a toaster on standby.

Jesus Christ (Woody Guthrie / 1940)

New Near Earth Space Weather Cause Found

Spacecraft spots tall mountain range on Saturn moon Titan

Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt fighting for his life

Veterans Return Retreat. (Jan. 4 - 7, Albany NY)

Jan. 26 - Feb. 4, 2007 - spiritual & communal healing of vets and PTSD

So, How was your weekend? Mine was good! BTW, JK & THK say Hi!

Salon: The virtual John Kerry

John Kerry goes to the Middle East.

Another observation about the weekend.

We're not the only ones who squee.


December double rainbow

What did Rumsfeld say?

Prisons, Military and Authoritarianism

51 dead US troops so far in Dec (Lehrer news report just now)

Saudi Ambasador Resigns....Whats Cooking...


EYE-rack! Terra! Tom DeLay is clearly DeLusional. You gotta see this:

Saudi ambassador to Washington resigns to spend more time with his family

GCC gen-sec calls for sanctions on Israel for its nuclear program

You know . . . Rumsfeld seems to be the only person to get canned by Bush over Iraq

So, I wore a shirt with a peace sign on it tonight...

"...any animal that threatens my children, IN ANY WAY, is a dead animal."

Indian school throws out HIV boy

Hey, kids! Bob Woodward's looking for an assistant!

Ever notice how much Condi shakes her head in the classic "no" body language when she's

Baghdad death toll 60, Bush to review policy

Who else thinks Keith Olbermann will be hot tonite?

An important story you didn't see - the Army is broke - as in $$$

Matthews back on Hardball and he's feeling better.

What does Smirky have against blind people?

Well, maybe this explains a lot, recently

Rockridge Nation Launches Today

Is this racist? (Something contained in today's email)

Prominent conservative lawyers joined liberal colleagues Tuesday in opposing * anti-terror tactics

Pinochet: A Declassified Documentary Obit...

Frontline on Walmart right now

Buchanan says the GOP civil war

Citizens’ Hearing to Put Iraq War “on trial” Before Watada Court Martial

Bush administration asks court to overturn ruling re: currency for blind

States Refuse To Save $ By Taking Health Insurance Co's Out Of The Picture (Chirolas)

Why Doesn't Barack Obama Get Credit For Opposing The Iraq War Resolution?

Kucinich surely the only candidate, a true dem

The little man, he needs some time to let it all soak in, he says.

You could almost bet that the parents were sleeping off some

For you, the true indicator of the Fall of Western Civilization

Top Conservative News Site Says Soy Products Make You Gay

So what's up with Bush announcing his "new" Iraq policy in January?

Rumor: Fidel Dead!

Jon Astley's I AM THE ANIMAL: So relevant

How many Iraqis have died as a direct result of the US invasion and occupation?

NeoCons were only part of Reshaping the World?

"Like MOST Americans, this administration wants to succeed in Iraq.."

Arab nations eye nuke program

Opposition To The War Is Now Taking On Historic Proportions

Proposed congressional earmark moratorium includes Fort Campbell projects

Musings from 2004 OR "W" really IS too stupid to be President

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

So who are the real DINOs??? The Intolerant ones.

Listening to Elliot

Where did Santa Claus go? My musings on politics, life, and DU'ers

Kofi Annan's Wikipedia page was vandalized today

Kerry prepares for Middle East tour

My Personal War On Christmas

Military meets, exceeds recruiting goals

Dumb answers of intelligence chief

"Convert or Die" video game: Who Would Jesus annihilate?

The border is now almost completely Democratic...

Jon Stewart is going absolutely nuts on Rumsfeld

The next first lady of the United States . . .

My take on Bush's delay

Time: vote for person of the year! Hugo Chavez is winning so far

Aside from Happy Birthday! What is the GOOGLE SCREAM trying to Tell Us?

Nancy Pelosi - Barbara Walters Most fascinating person of the year

Fareed Zakaria "Bush may be the last neocon to hold this office"

Ahmadinejad: Humble Freedom Fighter or Evil Turd?

Has Anybody Seen The Current Issue Of Vanity Fair?

USA Today Gallup Poll - Majority say history won't be kind to Bush

Are you in favor of ousting Silvestre Reyes?

Try shopping for a Menorah this Christmas -- my own experience

Hillary and Obama supporters are like an AA group

Time for yet another unofficial DU '08 straw poll--vote early and often!

OH CRAP! Breaking on CNN, Saudi's may officially support Sunni insurgents...


Vidor, Texas - A racist town? Don't "mingle" with Blacks

Dennis Kucinich deserves the nomination. He's the real deal.

Let's simplify. Post your nasty stuff here.

Advocating for a third way...


4-year-old suspended after hugging teacher's aide

Walmart Selling ReligiousRight Kids Game Where They Lill Muslims & Jews

"Undocumented Foreign National Registration Ordinance" being proposed

Another one bites the dust: Rep. Bonilla (R-TX) goes down!!!

Second Colorado evangelical resigns over gay sex

Damn! Kids can be so fucking mean!

DEMS WIN ANOTHER HOUSE SEAT - Bonilla ousted in Texas special election!

Vegetables nearly as dangerous as under-cooked meat, study says

Three men missing in Oregon Mountains--

With all due respect, your candidate sucks

Holocaust Denial Is No Joke

Obama, not Edwards, is the true choice for progressive voters...

Where do DUers come from?

I'm saddened to learn that I'm not quite as progressive as I thought I was.


Only Impeachment. Only Impeachment...

Classic Democratic TV Spots and Ad Reels: 1960-1984

How Long Will The Right Let Us Love Obama?

U.S./Saudi Rift?

Lehrer News Hour: Phillis Bennis- Institute for policy studies. Saying

I believe that our mantra for 08 is now clear...

The Taliban's Book of Rules

"Pop Fashion Demagoguery" (Fashion Trashing the Dems) Kevin Drum..

Rumsfeld: ‘It Is Not A War on Terror’

Bush gives no hint of new Iraq direction (has no way forward yet)

110th - I've got your challenge right here

Group Ignorance::: A Phenom of Modern Politics

Bush has curled up in a corner, and is shaking in his cowboy boots!

The O'Grinch Factor...

Bonilla (R) 47.2%, Ciro (D) 52.8%: 40 of 267 Precincts Reporting

Experience is not a prerequisite for governing.

Green Bus vs. The White House On FSTV

Which candidate do you continue to support, even if Gore gets in?

UPDATE: AP Calls Ciro Rodriguez the Winner over Bonilla!! (TX-23)

Anyone have video of Obama's weekend speech in NH (CSpan)?

Kucinich kicking ass on C-SpanII now

M. Malloy is talking of deceptive Iraqi violence reporting by WH in ISG

What's going on in Saudi Arabia?

Should we kill the Bank?

Kerry prepares for Middle East tour

AP: Sen. Dodd to Decide on Joining 2008 Race

John and Elizabeth Edwards hit a homerun on Hardball

CASTRO IS DEAD. Unconfirmed, heard on Spanish Radio.

I have no doubt who will be the strongest candidates in 08', should they decide to run.

Nancy Pelosi snubs Ethically challenged Congressman Bill Jefferson

Dennis Kucinich up next (6:30pm/CT) on CNN

The picture of Kucinich shaking Bush*'s hand has mysteriously disappeared.

Keeping GOP Families Together

Gore Vidal: Bush Could End Like Nixon

Durbin said, [bush] "reacted very strongly. He got very animated

Local pundits ponder Putnam's "white rednecks who go to church" remark.

Lighten up, everybody - Obama's not hurting anybody! Enjoy the fun!

Anyone want to join me in being Undecided for the Primaries for now?

Is there a progressive alternative to Kucinich?

Is America Still Too Homophobic?

CNN: Bush Is ‘Very Seriously’ Considering Sending More Troops To Iraq

"The Great Wealth Transfer" (Paul Krugman, Rolling Stone)

Death By Coke (Joshua Frank)

Did Pinochet kill or cure Chile?

Richard Clarke: Five serious counterterror ideas for Dems

Mark Morford: America Loses Another War

American Engineers vs. tech management: H-1B battle: Round 1 - US citizens WIN!

UAW And AFSCME Add 40,000 New Union Members In Michigan

Different Approaches to Influenza Vaccination (New Eng Journ Med, Editorial)

Asia times Iraq update

"the U.S.-India Nuclear Deal, Wal-Mart in India and More"

Why Withdrawal Is Unmentionable .... Michael Schwartz

An Open Letter to Henry Kissinger from One of Pinochet's Political Prisoners

New Middle E Cold War: Saudi/Israel/Lebanon v. Iran/Syria/Iraq..

Bush the Decider? Is this really happening?

"Castles in the Sand"

NYT op-ed: One War We Can Still Win: Afghanistan

Baker Cleans Up His Own Mess

Marcus Raskin: Release Secret Documents Now

Once again, a presidential run with a conscience

"Fixing" the War ,,,, Tom Engelhardt

Pepe Escobar:US staying the course for Big Oil in Iraq

Gene Lyons on the War On Drugs

Papers on (FBI) Terror Expertise to Be Released (AP)

States Refuse To Save $ By Taking Health Insurance Co's Out Of The Picture (Chirolas)

The ISG Report: Why Didn't They Talk to the Grunts?

Low-cost (Venezuelan) fuel to warm Mainers

New venture to produce ethanol from citrus peels

Methane ices pose climate puzzle (BBC) {new findings complicate picture}

White Yangtze Dolphin May Be Extinct - AP

Sea creatures' global warming fix (BBC) {could salps & pumps sequester carbon?}

NYT: Executives Urge Action to Cut Dependence on Foreign Oil

Massive growth in the Middle East's new and renewable energy sector anticipated

Albatrosses on temperature watch (BBC) {they're helping report data}

'Zero carbon' homes {UK gov't} plan unveiled (BBC)

Satellites weigh Africa's water (BBC)

In Forest Plans, No Environment Analysis - AP

(MN Gov.) Pawlenty sets greener energy goals

NYT: Grid Limitations Increase Prices for Electricity

New Publishing Rules Restrict Scientists (at USGS) - AP

Landmark EU chemical law passed (BBC) {environment & safety regs}

21 fleets push for commercial hybrid (truck) development

Report: Caribbean Coral Reef Being Damaged

Biotech Company Now Powered by Solar Energy (134 kW, Los Gatos, CA)

(MT) PSC sets rates for renewable power producers (Dems vs. GOP)

(Mass. House Speaker) DiMasi to present plan to tune up energy policy

Five Qassams fired at western Negev despite Gaza cease-fire

Palestinian gunmen kill Hamas-linked judge in southern Gaza

Merkel: Military option 'not on the table' over Iran

Annan hints refugees should not be given right of return to Israel

Man given 3 years in jail for role in Nazareth church bombing

Judging By Israel, Women Have It All

Haaretz Editorial: Iran grows strong, the world yawns

Gunmen shoot dead Hamas judge at Gaza courthouse

Guard seriously wounded in stabbing north of Jerusalem

Carter Prays With Rabbis Angered by Book (AP)

Arab media play up ultra-Orthodox, anti-Zionist Jews at Iran conference

Move to bring genocide case against Ahmadinejad as Iran president repeats call to wipe out Israel

Annan hints refugees should not be given right of return to Israel

Michael Meacher MP and Andreas Von Bulow on 9/11 Part 1 & 2

need witnesses to NC 08 Recount

Vermont SOS: bulk of recount changes have come in towns that use HCPB

Renowned Expert Agrees to 'Riverside Challenge' to Attempt Hack of Sequoia Voting System!

'Rigged Recount' Trial'll Be Contentious As '04 Election That Sparked It


Two Years Ago Today...

Vosicky Needs Help with Discovery Count!!- ill state senate

Stolen Boeing laptop puts (382,000) employee information in jeopardy

Anti-abortionist sentenced for carjacking, robberies

Karzai says Pakistan wants to enslave Afghanistan

(LAT poll)Set Iraq timetable, most say

Leahy to Promise Justice Dept. Oversight(may send LE from FBI etc to clean up corruption in Iraq)

Democrats claim another seat in Texas race

U.S. Custody Request Denied in Philippines (convicted marine)

Pakistan court drops charge in London plot case

Leahy vows to guard privacy rights

Too few British troops with too little equipment in Iraq, Afghanistan: report

Iran, Iraq sign 48 documents for co-operation: Envoy

Prop 2 (anti-affirmative action) backers to take campaign to other states

BBC: (UK airline) 'Bomb plot' terror charge dropped

Reuters: U.S. says Saudis not planning to intervene in Iraq

Spy's Poisoning May Have Been Earlier (Litvinenko)

FBI Officials Said Anti-terror Training Not Given Due Weight in Agent Promotions,

Iraqi Army Plans for Wider Role in Security of Baghdad(Iraq's Nat. Security advisor wants US out)

Pentagon's plan: More U.S. troops in Iraq (LA TIMES)

CNN/AP: Democrats outline education agenda priorities

Miami police chief's son sentenced in NY drug case

Britain sets sights on "zero carbon" homes

Families mourn lost soldiers, question war

Military to back big Iraq buildup (did we have an election in NOV??)

Army, Marine Corps To Ask for More Troops

Climate change catching voter attention around world

Saudi royal family, gov't split on Iraq

Botswana bushmen win land ruling

Venezuelan discount oil is delivered (to Maine and 15 other US States)

WP/AP: Political Groups (527s) to Pay Campaign Fines: Swift Boaters, MoveOn

New security plan as 37 killed across Iraq

United and Continental flirt with merger

Britain On Board With Fighter, Pentagon Relents On Sharing F-35's Technology

Democrats Consider Outside Ethics Panel: Independent Congressional watchdog breaks with tradition

Prodi urges Palestinians, Israelis to swap prisoners

Kalahari bushmen win land bid

AP: Iraqi PM weighs political realignment

Official: Saudis to back Sunnis if U.S. leaves Iraq (AP/CNN) UPDATE: WH denies

Bush presses Damascus to release all political prisoners

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 13

CNN Breaking: Lettuce likely culprit of E-Coli Outbreak says CDC

Ex-Enron CEO Skilling reports to prison

Car Bomb Kills at Least 10 Iraqis

(Hillary) Clinton hires faith guru

CNN/AP: Romney signs agreement allowing Massachusetts state police to detain illegals

U.S. confidence at new low on Iraq war (NBC/WSJ poll)

CNN: U.S. congressional delegation visits Iraq: Includes McCain, Lieberman

US needed 'Iraqi De Gaulle' for invasion: Perle

Rwandan priest guilty of genocide

Wall Street eyes heart of darkness: global warming

Leahy promises ‘real‘ oversight of FBI

Actor Peter Boyle dead at 71

Judge demands answers on Katrina housing

U.S. sees rise of hard-liners in Cuba

Death penalty dropped against soldier (rape/murder of Abeer)

Groups penalized for breaking campaign finance laws in 2004 election

Bush to seek $100 bln more war funds: House report

Fla. senator defies Bush, visits Syria

ACLU: Government seeks document marked 'secret' - AP

Oregon senator [Wyden] prepares universal health coverage plan

Bush: I won't be rushed on Iraq

AP: Judge upholds detainee rights terror law

Is Obama a "Marxist leftist?" (DeLay charges he is)

AP: Scalia argues for better judicial pay

Ohio voters see Wal-Mart as positive part of community

(Sen. Pat) Roberts confirms he'll leave Intelligence Committee

Bush decides direction of Iraq policy. more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

MSNBC Breaking: Tim Johnson (SD-D) Has "Apparent" Stroke. n/t

Grandson of Pinochet to leave Chile army (Golpista wannabe)

BBC: Circumcision 'cuts' HIV infection

DNA Tests Reportedly Clean Duke Players

New Jersey suit a test case on farm animal cruelty

I'm worried about Redstone.

G'night, DU...

I want to break the pol vids rules

Shhhhh. The ducks are sleeping.

I uncritically reiterate a synthesis of the opinions that I uncritically osmote.

Nasty women unite!

Put on a harpy face....

I'm tipsy and listening to house music....

I feel an odd and great need

Monkey on the Africam!!!!

Wow my niece Is moving to DC.

I'll probably be struck by lightning today.

What reindeer do in the off season . . . .

WorldNutDaily pissed at Two and a Half men for Joy to the World parody...

I would like to lodge a complaint about AfriCam

Teen Drives 142 MPH To Get Home Before Curfew

Dumbest question ever in the newspaper

You know, I like ducks, but can we please have some different

Oregon Kindergartner Is Oscar Mayer Jingle Winner

matcom's finishthed decorating

Well, the "Early Childhood Sing" is over.

Art Teacher Who Paints With Genitals Suspended

An Inconvenient Truth...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 12/13/06)

anyone ever teleworked? I know I saw a thread on here several months ago

One of the BEST Family Guy clips EVAR!

Brandy The Chihuahua Is The World's Smallest Dog (6 inches long, less than 2 pounds) PIC

Congratulations trogdor!! 10,000 posts

Zappa performs in St Louis tonight.

Christmas gift help

Airline Workers So Happy To Get Rid Of Troublesome Planes, They Sacrifice Camel On Tarmac

The key saga continues

One O'clock

Matt Damon Does Matthew McConaughey

I'm listening to Morrissey at this moment. I'm so filled with optimism now!!!!!!

Decorators gone wild

From the "I Never Thought I'd Hear This" file...

HD TV questions - baseball

Whoever invented Cheesecake should sit at the right hand of God and be worshiped as a Deity

I'm no longer living alone.

Gather 'Round Kiddies For Matcom's Joke O' The Day!

It's an elephant! Oooooo!!!

Favorite Holiday/Christmas movie

Has your town been invaded by inflatable Christmas decorations?

Plumber poll

The perfect all purpose last minute gift

Bald cocks are funny looking!

I was everyone's best friend at class, last night.

Moms or Dads?

Wow! The mattress guys, who said they'd be here between 10-1, came at 10:45.

Circumcision--your thoughts?

PSA: the dangers of stuffed chicken breasts.

Is Arizona the dumbest state? You decide.

Circumlocution--your thoughts?

Circumtriangulation - your thoughts?

How old are those google satellite pics?

Do clothing stores have white pants this time of the year?

Is this Male Appendage Day in the lounge and no one told me?

Post here and I'll give you a snack!

Classes are OVER!

ROFL! Throw the book at OJ:

Should I get penis surgery

Awwww.. poor thing. He/she died a hero

My Hubby Getting Our Christmas Tree Last Week:

Should I get Tossed Salad Surgery?

* is ruining my lunch. Ackk

ok, enough GD today for me

Should I get Brain Salad Surgery?

Lawsuit (Yes ANOTHER One) Says 'Borat' Accosted Man In Bathroom

Proof God does NOT want the human race to die off: Alka-Seltzer Cold Medicine (Orange Flavor)

For all of you who do not believe in a higher power, I pose this question.

Hyenas....we have hyenas!

Post your thread titles guarenteed to start a massive flamewar in GD/GDP

I want to dump IE7 and I want to know the easiest way to do it.

It's gotta get better

I graduate from college in three days!

OMG!!! I just realized.

Do you think half of all men have E.D. after 40? CNN does.

Everyone - please give your prayers & karma for Sen Tim Johnson of SD

Should we buy George Bush a gift certificate for a lobotomy?

How much notice would you give at your job, if you were quitting

Any vegan/vegetarian jocks here?

Post here and I'll get you a shot of tequila


Boys' Letter To Santa Returned With "Insufficient Address" Notice

Do you care that today is my second anniversary posting on DU?

Have pair of "Lion King" tickets for LA--Sun 17 Dec.

Post a Holiday picture you like; painting, photo, sketch...etc.

Graudating students: Do not consolidate loans yet!

Heeheehee... I freaked out several people earlier...

The most bestest Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. gift you ever got as a kid?

Spontaneous Opera Syndrome ( for cat lovers )

Zebras at the waterhole

Dog Pack Kills Alligator In Florida

After months of a dry spell, I now have two fantastic jobs!

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful

Patsy women unite!

71° on December 13th - THIS AIN'T RIGHT!!

Drudge is hoping that Tim Johnson dies

I guess I'm cruel.

Please love your loved-ones while they are alive

This is fall down funny!

My taste buds are at war with my stomach.

Should I get plastic surgery?

Hey - Great Golden Shower Tonite

i want liposuction

Hey - Great Meteor Shower Tonite

So, the assistant principal at TeenMidlo's high school just flat

Pasty women unite!

Does anyone know of any entertainment internships?

If Underpants wins the presidency in 2008, what position in his cabinet will you want

Stuff you do that you know is not necessarily good for you?

Pauley Shore assaulted at a comedy club caught on video

I'm putting you on Ignore.

Olive Garden now has streaming video demostrations on how to cook their dishes

Tony Soprano to be King of Bacchus this Mardi Gras

"A truck got stuck in the Bankhead tunnel"

I love California

"Lizard licks his eyball...I don't want to get hit in the reeeeeer

Greetings from the Library

I'm stealing Christmas! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

@#&?!% The Left Has Not Stolen Christmas!

I'm so sick i can't think and i m in the last part od finals.

I take full credit/responsibility/blame

I stole Christmas- but it's stinking up my garage, now.

Season's Greetings - from the Democrats

It's gonna be a fun night

Okay, I’m a little freaked out right now....

i just picked up a christmas present for my wife on ebay-

Question ladies.


Well fucking done Fiona Apple, you're a Klingon... WTF??

Things that I like about California.

Your least favorite type of Xmas cards?

Can you 'splain me this?

I Mortify Myself: Doggy Day Care

So they built a house between me and my view

Day #2 of Rick Santorum's retirement - how has your world changed

Oh no, Peter Boyle died last night.

Free Play St. 3 to children who accept JC as saviour.

i want lip suction

East Coast DU'ers: I double dawg dare you

Computer date files question...

I'm upset at a fellow teacher - Re: Pledge of Allegiance.

The ironies of this dragon riding movie

Yes!!! I'm getting Stollen for Christmas!

Van Halen to Roth: dude, get your ass up there and sing, bitch!

Have you ever been to Germany?

You got a real purty mouth, boy.

What do you use as your primary coffee maker?

Parenting is interesting, that's for sure.

At what age did you leave home?

I just applied for a new passport (last expired in '78)

Geek/Science/Gamer comics!!

Scissor Sisters - they copy everyone but they are still awsome!

Howdy DU Lounge... what's happening?

Actor Peter Boyle dead at 71

Well fucking done Apple, You support Klingon... WTF??


So they built a horse between me and my view

Your Favorite TV Commercial "Gimmick" (LOL)

FUNNY FIND: K-12 illustrations of dress code violations (includes fuzzy slipper and jammy pants)

I hate being ignored by potential employers

What person in your life have you been the most disappointed in?

Who here doesn't have any holiday decorations up at home?

I lost my precious kitty today

I am so pissed at my mother right now...(rant).

What's the poem about 4 wise men and an elephant re perspective?

Should I get plastic surgery?

Asking for ID

Mike Malloy to be on Sirius--starting Monday.

Should I get brain surgery

SF DU'ers: Ever play in the Battery at Battery Wallace or at Fort Funston?

Hellspawn (word association game)

Did it ever happen to you

'Girls Gone Wild' producer given community service

Hellscrewn (word association game)

Ouch. I just got dumped by my girl-i-o

Funniest VW car ad EVER!

Is Teaching your Children Religion Child Abuse?

New X class flare

Brain Tumors May be Infectious

New (US) South Pole Station Nearly Complete

Big meteor shower Wednesday night (

Final stage for {world's largest} telescope design (BBC)

Mammals May Have Flown Before Birds

Survey targets 'ghost' mountains (buried under Antarctic ice) {BBC}

What is a Warrior?

FEC hits Swift Liars with 300K fine

Im free!

OMG! The Herald gets it right!


OT: Santorum going to Fox?

MSNBC is reporting that Tim Johnson (D, SD) has had an apparent stroke

The spin on the Mideast trip has begun

Sort of OT: This is just bloody PERFECT.

Two nice diaries in the dailykos Dead Letter Office

OT: What a loser!

Cows have just flown; Instapundit was impressed with JK on Kudlow

Good "think about it" post by Dave Johnson & George Bryce

Say something nice.

A review of the new Pentax K10D DSLR

Okay, so where do I download Stephen Colbert's page for the new Webster's Dictionary?

Americans Say U.S. Is Losing War (Washington Post-ABC News survey)

Tom Delay's stink blog. WTF!???

Report: Saudis may back Sunnis

could Oliphant's latest cartoon be prophetic?

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Jack Cafferty: “The Decider Has Decided Not to Decide”

Memorial can't keep pace with war dead

Blame and Run.

Former church camp leader faces child pornography charges

I love ya'll.

Student Sues District Over Sexual Discrimination

2,937 U.S. Troops dead in W's war against the Iraqis

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Who watched Lewis Black's Last Laugh '06

More dangerous than Government Spying on Citizens

3000 dead Americans on 9/11 were victims of Bush/Saudi nexus of evil...

The last call on CSPAN WJ......

Telegraph: (Allawi) Call for martial law as 70 are killed in Iraq

Here, have a tasty dish of Schadenfreude with a side

DiCaprio Wants Environmental Answers

Nicaragua Doubts CAFTA Kindness

Okay, nobody panic...

Even the blind can't get help from this administration

N. Korea to have over 50 nuclear weapons by 2010: retired general

My predicition: 25,000 more soldiers to Iraq (and then what?)

Bush decides direction of Iraq policy

Look at these Bush poll numbers for early Dec. I just don't believe this.

ATimes: "US staying the course for Big Oil in Iraq"

Note to Dems in Congress: Bush will HAVE to be Removed

They're baaaack... Taliban surges in E. Afghanistan

The psycho-in-chief couldn't name the leaders of 4 countries HE'S THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES

The Decider Decides to Decide Later --->>>

The War on Christmas and other thoughts

Should We Just Let Saudia Arabia Fix Iraq?

Does the New Congress have Any Options to Convene BEFORE Jan?

The New Middle East Cold War: Saudi/Israel/Lebanon versus Iran/Syria/Iraq/Hizbullah

Help! Need List of O'Reilly Bending The truth!

Scarborough really has taken celebrity stalking to a whole new creepy level.

I am looking for a source article or video where Lawrence Eagleburger

Exactly what has Oliver North been doing in those private schools for

Report calls data-mining expensive, ineffective "and threaten civil liberties,"

Pick A Big Ol' Juicy Mogambo Booger (BOJMB) Out Of My Nose (Mogambo Guru)

Insanity: $500 Billion Spent-Additional $150 Billion Requested- Troop Increase Coming Up

On CBS this morning, some idiotic named Mary with a shit-eating grin on her face

The war most of us do not hear about

HILARIOUS! Bush's Inability to Speak Coherently Even Cited in Disney Travel Guide! (FUNNY)

Pentagon pushes for more troops in Iraq - Where they going to get the troops I wonder?

Sorry Mr. President, I couldn't wait any more

Global warming worries on the world ski circuit-one more piece in the puzzle.

Why is it such a problem if the Saudi's give financial support to

I think maybe it's time to declare war on a Middle Eastern Country

Idiot Fundy: NJ Senate Bans Anti-Gay Marriage Pastor

"Iraq is now Bush's baby, and Cheney doesn't want to be tarred with it in the eyes of historians."

Repubs don't attack the left....according to Delay

only candidates against IRAQ - if they voted for Iraq they are not good decision makers

It has to be panic time in the WH about what to do in Iraq...

Intel Chairman- Rep. Sylvester Reyes- Yikes!

Elder bu$h gives advise to *

The world is waiting for America to do something about bush & cheney

Sour Grapes From Rumsfeld?

Tony Soprano to be King of Bacchus next Year (Mardi Gras)

are we at the point in Iraq where sectarian hatred overrides...

armchair psychology: what if Poppy (subconsciously) wanted Junior to fail?

Dear Lou Dobbs: an ass by any other name still smells like ass

THIS IS SO SAD! "White Yangtze Dolphin May Be Extinct"

Anyone listen to the Bill Press show in the mornings?

Mike Malloy on Sirius

Teaching tool or restraining device?

How do you put a leash on a mad dog?

"Pray jesus keeps his covenant with Israel."

"Romney's Record on Gay Rights Questioned" See what happens when you crawl in bed with the devil?

How Will Dems Treat Repubs Now Claiming to Oppose Bush After Yrs Of Lockstep Support?

Ten Least Fascinating People of 2006 . . . (the Top Ten Bores) . . .

I think Bush is waiting until after Christmas because he's gonna go nuclear next.

Nigeria considers same-sex marriage ban

Leahy Targets War Profiteering

Will we EVER leave Iraq?

Who has conquered the middle east over the course of world events?

Do you like people of your own race more than people of other races?

Is it legal to charge an admission fee for the swearing-in of an elected official?

An Hallucinating Legacy

Leahy on CSPAN1 LIVE talking about Judicial Com. agenda this

Annan gives farewell with harsh words on Bush

Would you agree that the most dangerous thing in the world is a bad parent(s)?

Source: Bush told Iraqis need more funds, equipment

Bush Family Motto = Bush Family Secret?

Ethics Panel Clears Reid

It is ok to do anything one wants to do

Texas extends an invite to bring back Big Dick Cheney for another hunt...

Frank Rich (NYT) coming up on "The View"

"Dems Plan to Cut Rates on College Loans" How can ANYONE hate Democrats?

If the GOPranos nominate John McCain we should nominate John Glenn

Carl Levin News Conference on Iraq on C-span2 shortly

Pat Leahy is on C-SPAN 1 right now...LIVE. Speaking at Georgetown. n/t

Where were YOU when you heard about the 'Turning Point' 3 years ago today?

Snow WH briefing: starting now- C-SPAN 12:40PM EST

What is really going on?

Another missive from the "liberal" media

So we won another House seat last night!!

Do you want a break to savor 06 before thinking about 08?

Sorry Duplicate...

listening to Pat Leahy on cspan, not necessarily listening to the words

Whistle in a Wednesday with a . . . CAPTION!!!

Who should get a "2006 Rochambeau Award"

What's a wheelbarrow full of Wednesdays worth if not a . . . CAPTION???

Why has Cheney been so silent lately?

Question for Lurking Freeps: Why did Bush say he has a plan for Iraq, and now he's asking for one?

Egg Hunt

Let's pretend there's nothing we can do & maybe he'll just go away.

I was just wondering.... What if the "sectarian violence" increases.....

Samantha Bee (TDS) on Barack Obama-funny stuff!

It's too late.. We are a Military Industrial Complex....

Ape to make profound afternoon statement from the Pentagon!

WP, Milbank: Just Call Him Tony 'I Don't Know' Snow

Bob Perry nation's biggest political donor

'Convert or die' game divides Christians (some really sick s**t)

Bush twiddles while our troops die for naught.

A declaration of war against the Neo-cons

Does anyone have thh Bush document, from his TANG days...

Things seem to be going sour between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia

Carl Levin, Jack Reed on CSPAN2, RE: Iraq. 11:36amCT. nt

NYT editorial: Without Deliberate Speed: White House's calm deliberation on Iraq is maddening!

Meet the new Course...Same as the old Course...of course!

Don't let Dick Cheney read your palm

Here is the decider "Consulting" With HIS Iraq Study Group

Repubs Strongest Presidential Candidate Would Be Chuck Hagel....

LAT: Pentagon's plan. More troops and an offensive against Sadr.

Rumsfeld's final error, he broke up the team of Hannity and Colmes

Hard work. Strategy. Victory.

"These people should be court-martialed" Former Air Force officer Mikey Weinstein

Political Correctness from the Right

Would somebody just tell Bush....

Wal-Mart still selling Nazi T-Shirts

I think even Kyra Phillips has had it with Bush

Yahoo! is eliminating it's news-linked message boards

Just empeach the bastard!

Give me an S-U-B-P-E-O-N-A!!!

We're going to talk about Impeachment on "The Guy James Show" today

What approach should Democrats take toward these over-whelming problems?

What's going to happen when it's showdown time in 2007?

"Bushman anxious to hunt again like his ancestors."...actual headline on!

WP, Dan Froomkin: Who Cares What You Think?

I'm guessing you can be deported if you spend to much time in the tanning booth?

Military (and likely Bush) want to spend MORE money on instruments of war for Iraq! Feed the Beast!

So, has Lieberman come out AGAINST These 'Left Behind' Video Games?

Banned Xmas tree, Nicole Richie, and the Iraq Study Group

Convicting Bush and removing from office would be nearly impossible

Pentagon official - "We are the aroma of Jesus Christ" If you haven't seen this yet....

Call it a "home security system": Real estate agent gives guns to homebuyers

"There have been a lot of violence in Iraq"

AP: South Africa to Ban (canned) Hunting of Animals

Our path to 'victory' ends in defeat (Mark Morford)

Our poor old world has personal problems.

Great moments in presidential speeches - video

Why America is not winning in Iraq. ..

Snowjob sez * is hunting the "best facts"

* 's speech on tv just now

And the Military Industrial Complex says "KA-CHING!"

Is this demeaning to women?

Your Favorite TV Commercial "Gimmick" (LOL)

Ed Schultz says there is a rumor that Castro has died. Also says

Dan Savage on Mary Cheney

The war was lost about three years ago or so.

Kucinich chairs Iraq panel with Juan Cole and Lancet Study authors

Is Saudi Arabia Preparing for War? Or is this a political favor to force us to stay?

Jeff Greenfield - I was joking about Obama dressing like Ahmadinejad

U.S. troops to plant symbol of peace in Iraq

NBC is reporting that Sen Tim Johnson (D-SD) has had a stroke

Officers say U.S. soldiers ‘abused’ by al Qaeda inmates

List of administration quotes on progress in Iraq?

Canadian Prof at conference in Iran is shocked to find Holocaust denial so prevailent.

Pinochet grandson on way out of army after defending dictator at funeral

Iraqi police 'soft targets' as US attempts to train for takeover

Rodriguez' Win Gives Dems 233 Seats, More Than GOP Has Had In 50-Plus Years

School official calls foul on hecklers

Work to live, not live to work!

Bush's speech you didn't hear (video)

Jack Kevorkian to be paroled

Its frightening that the future of our country hangs on the balance of 50

After a war longer than WWII, Bush wants to hear an evaluation?

Do Not Believe Saudi Arabia!

Proof that the Saudi Royal Supported Insurgency Statement is Political STUNT!

Edwards Shows Deference To Kerry, But Doesn't Duck Obvious Question About Obama

Peter Boyle died

I can't laugh at George Bush anymore.

Am I wrong to be impatient with the neo cons?

Former Teacher (including husband) Charged with Sexually Assaulting students

Al Qaeda in space!

Did anyone else watch House in a state of rage?

Saw Kucinich on Cspan this morning

So, whats in a word. Tell me what "Hussein" means

Jenna's Argentine boyfriend "She has a salary from her job and her own credit card"

Hey, how do you earn one of those flaming icons for your thread?

What do you think about the Talibans no-smoking policy?

Former Cheney Adviser: ‘Iraq Is Now Bush’s Baby, And Cheney Doesn’t Want To Be Tarred With It’

Should Dems begin the impeachment process - Y or N?

Bush admits it would be a disaster to withdraw our troops at this time...

3Xs Tucker was told by panelists including a Rep they did not want

Religious right leader, Republican politician Roy Moore, says American Muslims aren't fit for Congre

I thought the senate will be 52 dems- 48 repubs next session

Hillary to have dinner with Carville, Begala, and Lockhart tonight...

Children's editor sent to prison

Did we know about McCain's bill to censor the Internet?

abc evening news reporting Tim Johnson is still is hospital

Circumcision Reduces Risk of AIDS, Study Finds

This Tim Johnson stroke / balance of power thing is Frightening as Hell.

My Top Three Common-Sense Candidates for the 2008 Presidential Race.

Circumcised male DUers: Do you feel like you've been "mutilated?"

Anybody have links to the editorials Randi read today?

When Is Big Too Big? "Europeans declare war on the SUV"

Just avoid the green onions, white onions, lettuce and cheese.

did anybody catch the david duke with leslie interview a bit ago

Topeka-Cap-Journ: Kathleen Sebelius -- Making us proud

AP: Filmmakers Pay Fine for Castro Movie ("Comandante")

Not about a draft, but about draftees.

In A Way, Soldiers Dying, Civil Liberties Disappearing, U.S. Torturing, Neo-Fascism Doesn't Matter!

Why are some Rich so STINGY and MEAN??

Senator Tim Johnson reportedly suffers stroke; Senate power seen in the balance.

NBC leads with the Johnson Stroke.....Precedent

So, is it now officially a dictatorship?

Jon Stewart on Donald Rumsfeld's farewell tour last night; classic!!

Are the neocons leading up to a draft...

TPM: Rangel says Bush "is in deep sh*t"

Poll: (Iowa) Caucus-goers pick Edwards

Remarks by United States President George W. Bush, December 13, 2006

Fareed Zakaria wonders if Bush needs a therapist more than an advisor

LA Times op-ed: Mel Gibson's dark fantasies and bloody porn

Busholini will role the dice!

I'm gonna say this one more time: politicians are not "rock stars"

Bakker son is 'One Punk Under God'

United States imprisons more people than China, Russia or any other nation, experts say

Do yall remember Eason Jordan?

Pentagon's plan: More U.S. troops in Iraq

Brownback: GOP has room for gay rights backers

Obama responds to Tom Delay's "Marxist leftist" comment

Bush, Hitler, and histroy.

Bush: "I WON'T BE RUSHED!" US not leaving Iraq "until job is done"

Novak: Rove To Retire After Bush's Term Ends

New York faces all-day rush hour by 2030 (AP/CNN)

Another Katrina victim's body found. Merry Christmas, Mr. Bush!

Bush seriously considering agreeing with McCain and ordering more troops into Iraq

Ministers(UK MPs)to ban creationist teaching aids in science lessons

Could you imagine the chaos it would have caused if the new Dem leadership had said,

I think bush is going to pull a Nixon & escalate this sucker after Xmas.

Climate Change Catching Voter Attention around World

Randi talking about renewable fuel and no oil

Wow...I underestimated how big a fuck-up idiot Wolfowitz is!

Sadr and his countryfolk have to live in Iraq, not Bush . . .

Mother of Rhode Island senior sues school for rejecting yearbook photo

Web Site Hunts Pedophiles, and TV Goes Along (To Catch a Predator)

== America Loses Another War = Mark Morford. What a treasure he is

CBS: Actor Peter Boyle has died

Help the decider decide. Send him his favorite decision-making tool ...

I'm not going to be well liked by the parents at xmas this year

Did they try to "Wellstone" Tim Johnson?

I'm confused...what makes you gay?

Caption this cheney, *, and rummy pic

Randi Rhodes saying Tim Johnson out of hospital.

Juan Cole: "If they are leaking this sort of thing, their hair must be on fire with anxiety"

Leahy just put Gonzalez on notice.

Short of Bush being removed from office, what would make him remove troops from Iraq?

FEC Fines Swift Boat Vets $300K

What's the difference between Muslim wingnuts and Christian wingnuts?

So how *do* we get the little crazy man out of the White House?

Mathews is calling out rw shill who used Obama's middle name

another thought on the Bush administration delay re: Iraq....

TIME's Person of the Year?

UTAH DHS RAIDS- light-skinned workers considered citizens, dark-skinned workers get scrutiny

"7 Deadly Social Sins" according to Mahatma Gandhi

Should people who get lost in the wilderness have to reimburse

The Front Lines from the Back Seat-Chapter One

Department of Unexpected Gifts

Al Gore At The Gate

Immigration raids stir controversy in So. Colorado

Immigration Raids In 6 States- First They Came For...???

George McGovern’s Plan for Getting Us Out of Iraq

Secret Halliburton document regarding the Iraq Study Group?

Tim Johnson WIll Be OK Says DU Resident Stroke Expert

Is this demeaning to women?


RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Wed. 12/13.. Spinning the Wheel

Wednesday TOON Collection

the 2008 horse-race debate is counter-productive

Damn these Xmas commercials... Diamonds are'nt "forever", they're Bullshit..

Army Targets for Subpoenas in Watada Case

A Mr. Fish Retrospective, Part 3 (Dialup warning)

John Kerry: "If [Gore] had not just been elected but been inaugurated as president..."

Students Told To Urinate In Bottle - Some Call Bathroom Escort Policy Too Harsh

You Do Not Have The Right To Remain Silent

CAP's Dr Ana Unruh Cohen on Dems and Energy Policy on CNBC...

Behind the scenes of the Bush - al Hakim photo op

Behind the scenes of the Bush - al Hakim photo op part 2 - Cheney looking on

Head'a State Episode 01...

Kyra Phillips from CNN Sounds Fed Up


Bible study more important than doing job, says senior Bush appointee

Clinton's Response to a Heckler (1992)

Beyonce vs. Bush

Kucinich 2008

Videos of an Impeachment Rally

Bush admin sinks deeper into Iraq quagmire, ignores Afghanistan

25,000+ Dead or Wounded Americans in Iraq

Remind me; the US is supporting a 'free' Iraq, not Sunnis or Shi'ites or

OK Rumsfeld visits same day as Hussein's Nephew Escapes


The person I really want to win the nomination.

Lets all take a moment and write a letter to the editor

Rep. Pascrell assigned to Ways and Means panel

On the sorry state of the Repuke field - they are actually lobbying Jim Gilmore to run

11:30 AM --ET Patrick Leahy--cspan1: speech on Judiciary Comm(110th)

A New Blog Site For Obama

Goofy Things Said in Senate's Final Days

tony snow and Pat. Leahy coming up on cspan 1 and 2

100,000 Iraqi Refuges may end up in US: Bombshell news missed yest-

tony snow coming up on cspan2 (late to the podium)

A dark legacy


White House in total disarray over what to do in Iraq...?

If the 911 commission recommend to share intel had been implemented

Rodriguez' Win Gives Dems 233 Seats, More Than GOP Has Had In 50-Plus Years

"because the United States isn't going to withdraw." US official.

What do you think of the President's delay in releasing a plan for Iraq?

2008 at last I am eligible to run for the Presidency

"An Inconvenient Truth" House Parties This Saturday

Tony Snow Briefing coming up now Cspan...N/T

Some people impeach, some people have it thrust upon them

Swift Boat Veterans For Truth Settle with Federal Election Commission

FEC Fines Swift Boat Vets $300K

Photo op pic on yahoo now----the WH Thinkers (stinkers):

Senator Tim Johnson (D- SD) has reported stroke...

We need a healthy dose of trust, but verify....

I'd rather roll in fresh dog shit than have ANYTHING to do with Mitt Romney

Evaluation of CNN's Obama/Osama Segment

In {U.S. }Forest {Service} Plans, No Environment Analysis (xpost from Enviro/Energy)

Appropriations/Budget Report: GOP Legacy

Faces of Death: Pics

I just received this in an email

You all understand why Bush is waiting until January to give his Iraq speech, right?

."Stormtroopers came in with machine guns, rounded [the workers] into

David Duke / Wolfie smackdown NOW on CNN!

The Guy James radio show is talking of Impeachment today.

$5000, or best offer

Pelosi extravaganza in this time of crisis?

But in this time of great defeat, we must remember, that our loss on Nov 7th 2006...

A "Horrorday" Card

Holocaust Denial Is No Joke

NYT: Without Deliberate Speed

What do they get if they tear everything apart? I've been here for

DU this abortion related poll about picketing private homes

Edwards on Hardball - My Thoughts From UNC

Oh Lordy! Hillary hires "faith guru"

Did that idiot just say... "the war we find ourselves in?"

George W. Bush: A dangerous, cornered, rabid animal

I'm thinking of running for City Democratic Chair.

Kansas Coes It Again. Phil Kline appointed District Attorney.

Edwards Shows Deference To Kerry, But Doesn't Duck Obvious Question About Obama

POTUS '08 poll, fly-over state version.

Ed Maurice Rogers

AP: Senator (Wyden) Wants Universal Health Care Plan

If the disaffected non-voting progressive majority won't push Kucinich over the 5% primary mark...

Senator Johnson can stay for the rest of his term (read on)

Did Saudi Arabia threaten the US last night with supporting the

Light A Candle For Tim Johnson

US subpoenas ACLU, ACLU fights back ~

Kerry says Gore "elected" just not "inaugurated"

The case for getting behind Dennis NOW...

Based on performance, is Dennis Kucinich qualified to be President?

ABC Breaking - Bush "Will not be rushed"