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Archives: December 14, 2006

US staying the course for Big Oil in Iraq- Pepe Escobar

Robert Scheer: One Last Lie for the Road

Economic Report: Job Creation In Five year Recovery Worst Ever

Saudi envoy leaves US after post not renewed

Blumenthal: Mugged by reality (Jeane Kirkpatrick)

January 20, 2009 – It Still Seems so Far Away it is Hard to Keep Thinking About Tomorrow

Safety issues probed at Texas nuclear plant

Indonesia may cancel huge gas pipe project

Make YOUR vote count for global warming!

This year will be Britain's warmest since records began, say scientists

Netanyahu wants Iran president tried for genocide at the Hague

Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi-Israel should be Jewish state

does this pic show another column cut with thermate?

Thermite and steel

UAW And AFSCME Add 40,000 New Union Members In Michigan

Economic Report: Job Creation In Five year Recovery Worst Ever

'Girls Gone Wild' producer given community service

U.S. eases its tactics on suspect firms

450 laid off at AOL headquarters as company restructures away from dial-up Internet

A win for terra - Judge upholds * Terror Law

Bush: Iraq enemy far from being defeated

Hawaii National Guard Aviation Unit Iraq-Bound (provides medevac here)

US defends its opposition to ban on weapons in space

Government Seeks New Ruling in Cheney Case

New publishing rules (by the WH) restrict scientists

UK: Campaigners' victory as law lords uphold right to protest

Spokesman: Johnson Did Not Have Stroke Or Heart Attack

520 Breaks for Select Companies Added to Tax Bill

Democrats Plan to Tighten Reins on Iraq Spending

Mengistu found guilty of genocide

US scientists reject interference (BBC) {10,000 signatures! WOOHOO!}

Troops Sue to Avoid Anthrax Vaccines

Nationwide strike today (Thursday-India)

Severe space storm headed for Earth

(NJ State) Senate bans pastor after he condemns same-sex marriage

What is that thing in the top right corner of the africam.

Was Michael Medved always a reactionary?

Is 8PM too late in the evening to exercise?

If you feel slightly ill and want to call in,

Please, if you ever cared about me, Elf yourself so I can watch

Depression Truly Sucks...

Folk Alley sounds like chipmunks right now...

My ex-friend sent me "F*** Yourself". Ever heard of this?

Posted on the Johnson & Johnson blog

I just f'n love you,She is so friggen Beautiful!,He is the Nicest F'n Guy!

So they built a "house" between me and my view

DU men - Do you prefer your women without clothing?

I'm drawing princesses with Sophie, and what song pops into my head?


DU Women - do you prefer your men with or without polls?

An alternative to toy SUVs


Zebra alert!


"Is the place next to Germany called Austria?"

Ever have one of those days where everything goes well....


Bush and Iraq

Zebras on Africam right now. n/t

Alton's on a steamroller tonight.

The Beatles are...

I think people who like to post "IBTL!" should all be made moderators

Hindu/Buddhist question.

Kitty Kelley Book Due on Oprah

Yes!!! I'm getting Swollen for Christmas!

I wish we had Holiday Smilies to choose from.

Does anybody remember the comic strip "Robot man"?

The Monticello miracle: Freak racetrack accident restores vision

Wednesday, December 13. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

DU Chumps and Chumpettes: I need your advice

A communication button

Oh, for fuck's sake!

With stocking face, I boooought a guuuuuun...


Red Sox sign Dice-K to 6-year deal

Who here remembers "Xanadu"?

If Mr. DTBK gets laid off, where should we move??

...I thought I'd torture myself by watching "Carlos Mencia".

Half-pasty and flamin' red

Jose Feliciano appreciation thread

Never mind-delete

Anyone watch Primetime's The Human Chain?

Help keep me awake

Do motorcycles make men more sexy?

Do motorcycles make men more sexy?

Anyone work with a passive aggressive? I do, and it's

Are you happy?

Jimmy Fallon was one of the worst Weekend Update anchors in SNL history

Does anyone remember the organization that had Military Opt-Out forms for high school students?

REV & Graywarrior are disgusting thread hi-jackers

I did some rithmutic and discovered I am now thirty years

Sex is...?

Do any other heterosexual DUers sometimes watch LOGO?

I think my Christmas Magic Touch is gone, or misplaced.

Your comments? Four films get seven nods at Critics' Choice Awards

Worst NFL team ever

I have a puppy welded to my left leg.

Who's heard of this Christmas song?


Calling all 26-year-old males.

My baby is HOME!!!!

A great time waster

Gluten-free diet. Anyone have problems with gluten?

Anyone here tried the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 yet?

Has anyone here considered communal living?

Lovely photographs, offered free as wallpaper ...

Need some new music suggestions.

Giant Penis Seen From Space

Clive Owen = YUMMY

"We haven't asked him at this point to jump a mare. But Barbaro's close

Books that should be made into movies

You all need to come over here right now and help me!!

Women who wear makeup - a question

What person in your life have you been the most appreciative of?


So ever buy a cd you looked at and said "why did I buy this?"

Those ducks on Africam better shut up!

Tell us something about yourself that's true, but nobody will believe. I'll go first:

My friend sent me "Elf Yourself". Ever heard of this?

Has anyone else heard of the case of Rachel Bevilacqua?

Goddesses of the modern world

Athe, the god of atheism

Please sign petition and pass this along. . .

Any thoughts out there on "The L Word"? Sorry if this is an old topic....

What do you see happening with Senator Johnson (S/D)?

Walter Reed will no longer take care packages

Ha!! Kos post on CNN's Greenfield whining about outrage over his "botched joke"

There is a post, with pics up

New MSNBC/WSJ poll has Kerry 4th

John Kerry and Al Gore were together last night

I just took my last final


Silhouettes revisited

Levin on Lehrer News hour saying he told Pres. to cut troops--

Children In Limbo After Immigration Raids

Lehrer just started a segment on the 6 state immigration sweep (PBS)

Lakoff declares a progressive victory. Excellent Buzzflash editorial.

Catch Jenny Backus on WiffleBall w/ Tweety.

Yes - Habeas Corpus is truly dead for now - Judge UPHOLDS Bush Terror Law

But Dad I LOVE Him! ---pix--->>>

'RIVERSIDE CHALLENGE': County Supervisors, Voting Machine Company Begin to go Wobbly on Hack Invite

On CNN: David Duke spouting off kkk bullshit, criticizing Jews.

"NY senator charged with fraud over charity funds"..In really deep DODO

ACLU backs Toledo homeowner in dispute over anti-war signs

The Middle East is NOT going to explode in a Sunni vs Shia war!

Bomb left from Vietnam War kills four

Hey fucking ghoul RePUKES, looks like Sen Johnson is going to live

2 from International Herald Tribune:

66% Think Bush Is Spying On Us - 52% Want Congressional Hearings

Senator Tim Johnson did not have stroke

in addition to his narcissism, his paranoia, his antisocial personalty traits ...

Edwards beats McCain 43 to 41 in new WSJ poll

Just Call Him Tony 'I Don't Know' Snow

KO isn't sounding good about Senator Johnson

It could be a brain tumor

OMG! Bush's idea of 'fixing' the Iraqi problem - 30,000 more troops!

Sen. Tim Johnson: lots of coincidenses... anthrax poisonings anyone?

Does anyone know of any internships with any liberal or progressive groups in Missouri?

Thank You (In a way) FOX NEWS

How many polls per day should we have on impeachment & '08 candidates?


I would like to dedicate this video to George W. Bush (they are singing to YOU George)

U.S. confidence at new low on Iraq war

...he has awoken from his "shiavo-like" coma.

CNN: Johnson may not have had a stroke / heart attack

LOL!!! The first 75 minutes of unfiltered comments on Tom DeLays new blog

New Judiciary Committee member: "Impeachment appeals to me"


Ignoring Bush policy, Senator Bill Nelson (D) meets Syrian president

THE LATEST: Political Insider.Com: Sen. Johnson speaking and will be fine...

KO cracks me up!

Johnson's attack caught on tape

Do you remember how the GOP refused to let Strom retire?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Maybe it is a good time to say a prayer

FBI tries to intimidate ACLU into turning over so-called "secret" document

I have to say - I like Joe Scarborough

Bloggers back another prez bid by Kerry

Lordy! More Senators Head to Syria

Ahh, memories... 11/05 Plan For Victory.

For Ecologically Sensitive Americans, a Way to Pay the Way out of Global Warming Guilt

Fear among American muslims 'as bad as after 9/11'

Over/Under on Rumsfeld getting the PMoF?

Jewish school target of hate crimes

Olbermann: ROFL! It's "I don't Snow"

Group seeks probe of evangelical military video

Notice the assumption that a Republican governor would

Wolfowitz Clashes With World Bank Staff and Mideast Chief Exits

New ABC News Wash Post Poll: Hillary 39%, Obama 17%, Edwards 12%, Gore 10%, Kerry 7%

Was "Leslie" Blitzer (CNN) a former lobbyist for AIPAC?

How would the American people react to another terrorist attack today?

Is the Kucinich announcement rerun from yesterday available to watch?

Did * actually have the balls to say the "war we found ourselves in"?

No Christmas Nativity scene in D.C.

Will Bush serve out his term?

New Jersey Suit a Test Case on Farm Animal Cruelty

Is Fidel Castro already dead?


Bush urged to break US oil dependence

Zoo Animals Manure - Facture Power in Germany

From the 2005 Archive: Fuck Christmas

Replug Veterans Chairman gets last laugh on us veterans

Should there be a tinfoil weight limit for posting,

I know why Bush wants to send more troops to Iraq

Committees: Jefferson to Small Business, Ciro Rodriguez to Appropriations

No Stroke At All...

Bush wants $100 billion more for wars

Over/Under on Cheney getting the Presidential Pardon

I think Iran hosting a holocaust deniers convention is as repugnant as:

Ban On Christmas Decorations Reversed

JibJab Year in Review 2006...

Would it be possible for there to be a worldwide separation of church and state?

Rich Republicans Suffer Horrible Deaths At Beach Club - A "Just B" Production

We almost lost what we don't have,

the "liberal" media was salivating at the news of the senate changing


February 10, 2005: Russia Says It's Ready to Arm Saudi Arabia

Is the Saudi threat real or a plant to prop up

Justice Stevens Retire?

REUTERS:Baghdad blasts kill 15 while bush reviews policy

The truth about Democratic 08 Presidential Candidates


Anyone have the link to the military opt-out for high school students?

DU will be divided by Edwards v.s. Obama

Army, Marine Corps To Ask for More Troops

Rest and fight, rest and fight - List of Activities to Make a Difference!

the daily show is on.I can't wait

Light a candle for Tim Johnson.

What happend to the seat of heat?

Rep. Charles Rangel: BUSH IS IN "DEEP SHIT"

As expected, gas goes up $0.25 today (had been nearing sub-$2)

19 reasons to hold your breath in the 110th Senate:

Child who received stem cells from aborted fetus on way home

The American Heart Assoc. page on TIAs...

Anyone watching CNN with Paula Zahn?

MSNBC; Conflicting reports arise on senator’s condition .... & TPM

How does one become a lobbyist?

nutty email never gets read -- does it?

"I will not be rushed", will look good on bush's tombstone.

To George W. Bush and the Republicans....

HERE'S YOUR BIG BREAK! I need a phone guest on my PBS audio show on Friday, Dec. 15th!

Tweety was brilliant tonight in handling Ed Rogers.

have you read the ISG Report?

This year will be Britain's warmest since records began

Thank you, Homeland Security

Are patriarchal societies/institutions/religions demeaning to women?

Oh Jesus - Is George himself actually making the decision?

A Bright Gay Future For Marriage

Simple Tips Make Huge Impact on Decreasing Greenhouse Gas Effects

"Need a response to a President who engages in...misconduct. Otherwise, the record can be rewritten"

Generation X... 12-15 years to Power

Oh Will Pitt... they're talking about you...

From The CNN Wire - Sources: S.D. senator undergoing surgery at Washington hospital(Sen Tim Johnson)

Holy Matrimony Billy!

war is gruesome, but let's take our time...

Gil Scott Heron - Winter In America - live solo - 1990

Apocalypto Recut

Big ICE Immigration Raid Snares Some Legal Workers In The Net

Is Bush going to send more troops because the Saudis

DNC: Romney Seals the Deal on Immigration Hypocrisy

Smith (R-OR): "possibly criminal" Hagel: "Unpardonable" Stinky the Clown: "Impeach the fuckers"

How to Spend the War Money

NBC's Jim Mickalshevski (sp?) had exclusive tonight; * to increase troops

Had Enough?

Kerry prepares for tour of Mideast

Joan Walsh on Scarborough calls B* behavior "tantrum",

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: Clark earned stripes in party, analysts say; forged place among Democrats

Iowa 2008 - Edwards is looking STRONG.

'Draft Obama' movement to start tomorrow (Thurs.) in Hawai'i says Tim Johnson is "speaking and is expected to be fine"

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Obama "happpens to be black , not a black politician"

25,000 Dead or Wounded

Your government, looking out for the not-so-little guy: (Justice Dept)

Immigration Raids: The Day After at School

Johnson did NOT have stroke

I predict U.S. troop levels in Iraq will be roughly the same the next election as they are now.

South Dakota law on replacing Senators who resign?

Who will be the winner? Il Dunce or SecDef Gates?

OMG! Samantha Bee (The Daily Show) just did an "American Re-work" of Al Jazeera English!!!

Will the blue states remain blue?

What is your "nightmare ticket"

On Being Godless ...

The triumph of Hugo Chávez and Latin America

A Way Forward, a Look Back (Robert Parry)

Robert Parry: A Way Forward, A Look Back--Consotiuum News best of the Left!

The End of Pax Americana

Sergei Plekhanov: The Nightmare Scenario (Nukes-U.S.-Russia)

Time Person Of The Year: The Republican Party

The Great Lie - Education Will Save Us (Huffpo) J. Tasini

Timothy Garton Ash: Bush Has Created a Catastrophe at the Middle East

Ten questions for the PM about Iraq

Argus Leader (Sioux Falls, SD) - Keep senator in your prayers

Ways & Means-article on Charles Rangel

World's tallest man saves China dolphins (pulls plastic from stomachs)

Run, Rummy, Run!

GM: Hybrid cars make no sense (from 2004)

For the Birds: Audubon Society Stands Up in Support of Wind Energy

U.S., China Commit to Coal... and to Climate Change?

80 Members of Congress Pen Letter to President Bush to Fund Renewable Energy

Mushrooms Sprouting, Bears Wide Awake In Russia's Warmest Nov-Dec Ever Recorded - AFP

2006 Set to Be 6th Warmest Worldwide

State task force takes aim (sustainable energy, Delaware)

Cape Wind's Prospects and Energy Output Get a Boost (Mass.)

Report: N.C. can expand alternative energy without soaring rates

Requests flood state for renewable energy grants (FL)

Thousands of Ducks Mysteriously Dying In Idaho

Israel Court Won't Ban Targeted Killings (AP)

Man held over Gaza child killings (BBC)

Court orders criminal probe into IDF killing of Rafah girl in 2004

UNICEF: 2006 One of The Worst Years for Palestine Children

Israeli blocks Haniya Gaza return

Qassam strikes Sderot, damaging buildings, cars

Israeli TV catches Olmert "coaching" Italy's Prodi

Time to pay for mistakes

Palestinians fire rocket into Israel

Haniyeh crosses into Gaza, leaves millions of dollars in Egypt

The Media Lynching of Jimmy Carter

Where do we presently stand on WTC demo theories?

Is this forum monitored by spooks?

Interview w/ former Boston Center Air Traffic Controller regarding 9/11

DR Jones & the War Against Cold Fusion

New connections reported: Mohammed Atta, Flight School operator and CIA

Paper Ballot Campaign Launched By Dozens of Organizations--Click to Email Support!

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News Thursday 12/14/06

Asia times Iraq update

Netanyahu wants Iran president tried for genocide at the Hague

AP: Gunmen Kidnap 10 Children in Haiti

Lamar Hunt died, another link to President Kennedy's murder gone

EU fund to help workers hit by globalisation

CNN: Senator Johnson undergoing brain surgery, sources say

WP: Joint Chiefs Advise Change In War Strategy

'04 Pentagon Report Cited Detention Concerns

Democrats Plan to Take Control of Iraq Spending

Political groups to pay campaign fines (Swift Liars)

Israeli blocks Haniya Gaza return

Net Profits: The devilish details of AT&T's merger deal, the FCC, and net neutrality

(Reuters) Sixteen Saudis held in Guantanamo return home: SPA

Over 1,000 mallard ducks die in Idaho

Asia's greenhouse gas 'to treble'

Bakker, Brown: What the hell happened to Christianity?

Charges loom against Marines in alleged Iraqi civilian massacre (Haditha)

(AP) Police: Gunmen Kidnap Dozens in Baghdad

Johnson able to retain seat even in prolonged absence (LINK)

CNN: Sen. Minority Leader Reid: Johnson 'looked very, very good'

CNN banner Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, serving life in prison in connection

UK: Fighter aircraft fraud probe ends (Saudi blackmail succeeds)

Fighter aircraft fraud probe ends

Gates unlikely to rein in Pentagon on intelligence

Haniya stuck at Gaza border as unrest grows

Unpopular Iraq war still has supporters

Quebec party seeks to topple Canada's Conservatives

Labor unions court (Rep.-elect Steve) Kagen over health, wage issues

Scandal rocks Colombia's leadership

Palomar airport may offer Customs service

AP Pelosi announces intelligence plans

WSJ/NBC poll: "War-Weary Public Wants Congress to Lead"

Arab attitudes toward U.S. grow more negative: poll

Americans see rich-poor gap worsening

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday December 14

Reuters: US official warns UAE on trade with Iran, Syria

WSJ: Pelosi Plans Panel to Oversee Spy-Agency Funds

CNN: Potential vacancy could determine Senate control

Bush urged to break US oil dependence (by CEOs and retired generals)

Reuters: (UK) De Menezes family lose bid to prosecute police

NJ Passes Civil Union Law

Democrats to Decide Soon on New York Bid for ’08 (convention)

U.K.'s Blair quizzed by police in cash-for-state-honors probe MSNBC

AP: N.J. Assembly Approves Civil Union Bill

Reuters: W.House defends Bush use of Iraqi body counts

Army chief seeks more forces, reserves

Breaking CNN: Johnson "underwent successful brain surgery for an arteriovenous malformation"

Fitzgerald mum on Cheney in leak case

CNN: Democratic leadership aide: 'We're not changing hands any time soon'

Mother loses bid to ban Harry Potter books

LAT: Senator Leahy, incoming Senate judiciary chair, threatens to subpoena Bush officials

White House: Syrian visits (by Senators--most Dem) hurt progress

Editor&Publisher: Laura Bush Hits Media 'Drum Beat' on Iraq

Execution of Fla. Inmate Takes 34 Min....

Bush Sr. worried China faces trade backlash in U.S. (from DEMS he says)

Blair bows to pressure to hold Iraq debate in parliament

Sen. Johnson in Critical Condition After Surgery

Where's my White Knight?

Can I get some hugs??

Who has seen the Oprah bra show?

I feel really good right now. A near-stranger I haven't seen in years remembered me.

Why do we say "copyCAT" and not, oh, f'rinstance, "copyPARROT"?

If life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

2006 In Review by JibJab

Makeup tips from pornstars

If life hands you lemons, make lemon pie.

Should Green Onions sue Taco Bell for defamation?

Woohoo! Zebras and wildebeestes and a hyena, OH MY!!

Where's my Black Knight?

What do you call 52 players watching the Super Bowl?

A cute christmas jingle...

For the Math Nerds...

post deleted

Attention hungry DUers:

Congratulations whistle!! 15,000 posts

Schipol, Amsterdam; Dubai are by far the best

Peter Boyle dies at 71.

deleted because I feel stupid for asking

Police Dressed In Drag Catch Motorists Running Red Lights

youtube thread

Satellite radio - looking for recommendations

Where is everyone?

To anyone with a loved one sick or in the Hospital at this holiday time I send you hugs of karma.

Does anyone on DU have an Orkut account?

New York Women Release Their Anger - By Jell-O Wrestling Each Other

World's tallest man saves two dolphins

This is NOT The Jenis!

Yikes! They're discussing circumcision over in LBN

I don't think I have enough Reynolds Wrap to venture into GD today.

7-legged deer "And by the way, I did eat it, It was tasty."

World's tallest man saves dolphin

Procreation Dilemna

World's Tallest Man Saves China Dolphins (Literally!)

hi everyone!

I just got a Christmas card with a Chick tract in it.

Who the hell remembers Pete Barbuti?

Dammit, I'm sick. And just in time for finals.

Salvation Army Short On Bell-Ringers Turning To Parolees For Help

Court Sentences Peeping Tom To Stop Using Cameras (Looking up teen girls skirts)

WORST Christmas movies and TV specials!


These must be some tough-ass ducks....

Severe Solar Storm - Is that why my phone is full of static ?

Monty Python reference in GD!

Holiday lynching today! What are you bringing?

Barbaro May Be Released from New Bolton Soon!


The Truce with Christmas!

"We are Marshall" opens Dec. 22nd

Closing in on 100,000 registrations!

LBN recap-Senator has circumcision. Mike Hunt is dead.

Thanks Underpants

FASHION TREND: Islamic fundamentalist meets American teen

Actual picture of that really tall guy pulling something out of the dolphin's mouth

Bwahahaa! My kids' preschool holiday program....

Fun with Google Ads

I HATE cascading overdraft charges

Rosetta Stone Language Software - Anyone Use It? Is it REALLY that good?

My boss gave me a block of wood for Xmas

If you see only one BABY PICTURE today .....

senator's johnson seen from space

AVM on HBO's Six Feet Under....

Did anyone else see Twisted Sister on Leno last night?

Dumb Freecycle "wanted" post of the day:

Little LIWs (Don't open if you are tired of kid pictures!)...

Quick! I need ideas for toys to donate for Toys For Tots here.

Do people in these cities received extra attention on Christmas?

Naughty Girls

we were born to sin,

Holiday luncheon today! What are you bringing?

Thoughts on hot air hand driers....

A bad joke about medical tests

A List of People in Foreign Lands who are Desperate to Give Me Money:

Emmett Kelly Jr. has passed away (83) - Famous Hobo Clown

I challenge you to find something nerdier than this

Is it safe to ask this question regarding circumcision?

Why is it that just when things start to go really good, everything else goes so bad? Hugs needed

STUART DAVIS (the musician) fans, check in!

"Did you mean: donkey show"

Sweet Butter Jesus!

I can't quit touching my own ass.

So many people in the neighborhood

Who needs a drink?

check africam --- creepy weird bellowing

If we had three arms, could we reach more, or would we just get confused and wave around alot?

Nine weird and/or funny Christmas songs...

have you joined the DU FACEBOOK group yet???

anybody have a really good

No one wears bigger collars than Evel Knievel!

Apparently I make our CFO very nervous...

Anyone here know of a good tendon liniment for people? (not seeking med advice)

thought I would send a suggestion to What Not To Wear but

Is this pear ready to eat?

Da Bear's Tank Johnson's home raided?

TV shows that should be made into movies.

I just broke wind, how is this a part of an evil conspiracy by the space aliens...

Way to go, girlfriend! Waste my money whydoncha.

Should I get brian sugery?

I had to come in here to ask this-you'll see why:

Should I get plastic surgery?

If we had three legs, could we run faster, or would we just get confused and fall down alot?

Okay...does anyone know about the monkey t-shirts for kids?

What would you get a great music teacher for a gift?

Alright, who's Al Roker?

How long before the Falwelliban starts saying Johnson's stroke was an act of gawd?

Anyone here make panna cotta? I wanna try it for Xmas dinner!

Okay. Everybody, tell everybody else everything is going to be okay.

When do you get off for Christmas?

Have they changed the formula for Honeycomb cereal?

Efforts to replace Johnson premature-"I'm not dead yet."

For the first time in a long time...........I LOVE my hart!

For the first time in a long time...........I LOVE my tart!

Alright, who's the joker?

On a lighter note, I give you the "Dr. Evil Appreciation" Thread.

omg..Alex Grey is such a talented artist

I have only one tiny request....for anybody posting about Africam..

Christmas cards

For the first time in a long time...........I LOVE my hare!

I think I have reached the point of stress where I want to hit someone and just scream.

Happy birthday wishes to................

After hearing the song several times, I've figured out what "Fergalicious" means

No animals but the sound of drums on Africam.

I love DU! (Yes this is the everchanging thread.)

World's Tallest Man Saves China Dolphins


Music for Hypnotoad

Anyone know anything about child support enforcement?

I can't quit touching my own asp.

I got a parking ticket today and it was a lie. I'm shocked.

How about another DUer appreciation thread

Another day over at the the Library


This is potentially the worst movie in the history of the universe...

In ten years Richard M. Nixon will be on the $1 coin

OMG!!! Randi Rhodes just said "Merry Christmas"

Irony Department: Man Fined For Feeding Rats Found Eaten By Rats

I seem to be having a rather bad communication day

For the first time in a long time...........I LOVE my armpit hair!

Anyone here from a large family?

whoa-- major storm coming on the Norcal coast....

Top Chef fans check-in!! **spoilers***

A repuke in the waiting room.

Eat THAT NY Yankee Fans!!

A Man smothered to dealth by Sand.

Tipping your postal person....

Has anyone ever actually eaten Cream of Mushroom soup?

My foster kittens (photos) are back to good health!

I'm the biggest blame fool in the Jungle of Nool

What is the last lie you told?

Darn, someone beat me to it. Website: 'Atheists for Jesus'.

The media event I've been waiting a third of my life for is happening tonight

Three hours of work left. Meet me at the pub at 4:30.

'Rabrrrrrr Gone Wild' producer given tennis bracelet, orange slushy, signed photo of Death

Lounge Decemberists fans:

being sick sucks

I once helped Father and Mother Christmas with an internet issue.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 12/14/06)

JibJab Releases 2006 Year In Review Video

RANT: What NOT to do at your office re: Christmas

Grammar whores, check in. I need a little sentence structure advice...

What's for dinner?

Philly Duers: Which cheesesteak is better? Geno's and Pat's?

Women: herbal remedies to relieve cramps?

What's an 'expert'?

Happy 32nd Anniversary to Bullwinkle925 & Mr. Bullwinkle925!!

Tell me a joke

Baby BNL is 5 today

Post a pic of your favorite Holiday special secondary character

Goldman Sachs bonuses this year: $623,418 per employee!

Arrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!!! I Need A Hug Please!

80's New Wave Fans - Check out Scissor Sisters' "The Other Side"

Lights will guide you home,And ignite your bones,And I will try to fix you

Speaking of Boobs.. I am my Girlfriends Bands Boob Model...

Happy belated birthday to MikeH.

I don't get it..I'm never GOING to get it...

Eye love you guys...

Sign up for deadpool 2007


My little girl makes her first confession today

Okay! It's 10 years in the future. G.W. Bush has become a destitute alcoholic and drug addict.

I Need Some Advice- Post It Here- I'll Give You Chocolate-or...

I come with information about Mr.Scorpio (and I have a ? )

Greatest musical work ever written

For the first time in a long time...........I LOVE my hair!

Medically insignificant yet annoying maladies that constitute torture.

A moment of silence please, for Lamar Hunt.

if you have trouble sleeping or relaxing,I highly recommend these albums

CONFESS!!! What albums do you listen to on an almost regular basis?


Extremist Jewish Sect Opposed To Gays Embraces Iran Anti-Holocaust Conference




Are theism and atheism societally compatable? or Why Dawkins Matters?

The best Religion Poll Yet!

David Sklansky has an open bet that if you are a fundamentalist Christians then you are stupid

What the hell happened to Christianity?

Hero who brought down Foley and helped give us Congress needs our help!

Mass. gay marriage opponents sue lawmakers (with a nasty twist)

Virginia's Family Foundation boasts about voiding contracts between same-sex persons.

sign up for deadpool 2007

Pregnant Davenport to take break

T.O. blames team snitch for problems

Epstein masterful in Matsuzaka signing

So how come my roommate

"Page Two" - Karen Bishop - December 14, 2006

Huuge solar flares are comin'our way.

Spirit of Element, Water


Blogs about Kerry's meeting with "bloggers".

Scott Lehigh on a Kerry run.

Middle East photo thread

Assorted poll-parsing

Somebody want to take this?

Beachmom, Andrew Sullivan sucks!

Blogroll info collection thread

Hey look!

Discussion thread on whistleblower book you all might find interesting.

Kerry Lost Iowa

Story Teller...James Dobson misrepresents research. Surprised?

Another question for the pros

ugly duck

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Biscuits

walking ...some days are easy and somedays are not...kinda like 5 & 6

Heads Up

Open Submission for December 'Tis The Season photo contest

Calling Blue_in_AK--Aurora Alert! Severe Space Storm Headed For Earth!

"We haven't asked him at this point to jump a mare. But Barbaro's close

Senator Reid Cleared of Ethics Charges

Looking for ranking of states from bluest (biggest Kerry win) to reddest (biggest * win)

23 percent back Bush's Iraq strategy, an 11-point drop since the previous NBC/Journal poll

Question for anti-illegal-immigration people and immigrants' rights people: Are you willing to band

Bernie Ward ranting on the disappearing middle class - stream

Senate precedent: KARL MUNDT

All of our Dem reps need extra

Which is better: Assimilation or Inclusion?

I can't believe it...

So no one knows what ails Tim Johnson

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Thur 12/14.. no bull's eye

Wisc hunter bags deer with seven, really...


Let's settle down. We don't know anything yet.

Circumcision Reduces HIV Rates, U.S. Studies Confirm

Lamar Hunt died, another link to President Kennedy's murder gone

Is anybody suspicious about what 's happened to Tim Johnson?

I just saw 7 meteors from the Geminid meteor shower! Go Look!

Giant Penis Seen From Space

Government Of the Corrupt, By the Corrupt and For the Corrupt

NBC Today Show: Tim Johnson in Critical Condition

Murderer Executed Takes 34 Minutes To Die

Point of information? How many Representatives have to have "strokes"

Peter Boyle dies at 71.

Ban Ki-moon to formally take U.N. helm

delete, sorry

CNN doctor just gave bad news about Senator Johnson

Sickest RW Tee-Shirt I have ever seen

A small list of things that will get you called a nut.


Is There Any News On Senator Johnson, And Whatever It Was That Made Him Fall Ill?

It's a Damn shame that we have to pray for a guy to live to maintain power!

Anyone here tried the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 yet?

McDonalds testing mini-gyms in restaraunts

Eat less, exercise more, Bush tells ailing Sharon

Ron Wyden OR is talking of his Univ. Health care plan Cspan 1

Will somebody please put a cork in the barrel of kool-aid!

Thread in GD: P about AP report with details on Johnson's condition

Previously Undisclosed Report Shows Pentagon Concerned With Illegalities Of Detentions in 04

Chairman designate of the House Judiciary Committee John Conyers: "Greater Scrutiny and Examination"

In Iran, a council of religious "experts" pick candidates that the people vote on

Be patient with Dumbya...

2000 mallard ducks drop dead in Idaho

World's tallest man saves two dolphins

Kevorkian, 78, suffering hep-C & diabetes, weight at 113lbs, 1 year to live. So they release him

Wes Clark will be on with Diane Rehm at 10AM....

Rep. Pelosi coming up on CSPAN momentarily, 9:06am CT., to

I smell something fishy re the illness of Sen Johnston

Reid: Johnson looks "very, very good" - per CNN - good news!

Why Repukes are Repukes

Conspiracy theories have never bothered me.

I suspect that repubs kill people to retain power. Am I crazy?

Democracy Now - on C-Span tomorrow with Bryan Lamb. Watch

Statement by Bill Frist on Tim Johnson

A quick 2008 Primary note : I'm taking Kucinich to Gore

"Fla. Senator Defies Bush, Visits Syria" .....Bill Nelson

Gosh, we're having an awfully warm December in the midwest.

Families Feel the Pressure as Mortgage Delinquency Rates Rise

World's Tallest Man Saves China Dolphins (Literally!)

Nancy Pelosi press conference on C-SPAN 1.. LIVE...NOW!

Man Banned From Flight For "Offensive" Anti-Bush T-Shirt

We better start talking about Senate 'flippers'

I don't like this "60 vote" meme

Unprecedented Grand Jury Subpoena Seeks To Confiscate "Secret Doc" Acquired By ACLU

national do not call list - is this true?

Why Withdrawal Is Unmentionable

Borat gets nominated! (Golden Globes)

Mind Control in the 21st Century

Will bush 'listen' to reason? I doubt it.

Barbaro May Be Released from New Bolton Soon!

Opportunity for a republican to DO THE RIGHT THING (I'm not holding breath)

They told my niece that she was going to S. Korea, but it's Iraq instead.

Take a good, hard look at these Congressional Democratic SCANDALS/major political events

Many right wingnuts are convinced Hillary murdered Vince Foster

Emmett Kelly Jr. has passed away (83) - Famous Hobo Clown

I just realized something

While "The Decider" decides

Conservatives hate "Happy Feet." But how about the dirty secret about "Barnyard?"

Eason JORDAN (ex-CNN)'s new blog: IraqSlogger

Plans for Washington during Inauguration week?

43 Dem congressmen have odor under their armpits: May need to resign immediately.

Scalia wants a raise. (Yeah, we'll get right on that.)

Mel Carnahan, Paul Wellstone, Congressman Robert Matsui, Tim Johnson

A 50/50 Senate in these times, would seldom vote 50/50 ?

Horoscope: Thursday can turn "blearly bleak" unless you . . . CAPTION!!!!

Harry Reid live on CSPan 1

Caption *

Are people who climb Mt. Everest crazy?

FOX News reporter Major Garrett reports the neurosurgeons will NOT comment on Johnson operation.

Is there any reason to believe that Freedom and Democracy automatically

Waaaah! Major Garrett crying on faux..

CNN: Harry Reid said Johnson looks "Very Very Good

* chopped Millions in Funding for Navajos (Health/Education) for Iraq War

Get well soon, Senator Johnson

Others have been unable to serve in Senate

So who are the "Good Guys" in Iraq these days?

World's tallest man saves dolphins

That Embezzled Anti-Castro Money (speaking of Miami/So. Fla.)

Bush doesn't want to make a hasty decision on Iraq as "hasty made decisions

I am tired of Bush benefiting from the death of others!

Froomkin: Bush Doing It for the Soldiers

If a Senator is not able to serve should the Gov. appoint a member of...

After bush, we need to give candidates tests for mental capacity.

Laura Bush blames the media's Iraq coverage for her husband's low poll ratings (AMERICAblog)

If Johnson doesn't return to the Senate, it is not clear if a special election occurs or not

RUSH IS RIGHT-Iraq Study Group Report Is A Cover Doc For American Surrender (Lawrence O'Donnell)

Why are threads allowed with speculation over what will happen but not what did happen to Johnson?

Reported here that Michelle Malkin going to Iraq?

Were there calls for Arlen Specter to step down?

Sen. Craig Thomas (R- Wyoming) has acute myeloid leukemia, returning to Senate

50/50 Senate - who controls the committees?

Brisk Holiday Sales : Heard on the News

Department of Homeland Security investigating Idaho duck deaths?

Conservatives must be upset, as another corruption claim against Reid goes bye-bye

Fantastic new site for detailed Iraq news

Toony Snow in a nutshell

Chalabi Emerges In Damascus On Peace Quest

Next week I head for my annual drive to Arizona

Wisconsin hunter bags deer with 7 legs, and he eat it

'Gitmo Is Like Being Alive in Your Own Grave'

Jeff Greenfield Botches Joke on Obama "Terror" Clothes BUT HE FLAYED KERRY FOR HIS BOTCHED JOKE!

Light A Candle For Tim Johnson

Would Gov. Rounds Be An American?

From The Green Zone Bunker McCain Says "Iraq is Improving"

Spammer Slammer Targets Politics

Senator Tim Johnson, born with a tangle of vessels in his brain.

while watching c-span's Wash. Journal did you notice the fog in D.C.?

My seasonal message


THE perfect republic pres. candidate! (King of flip-flop)

Is the Administration Hiding a New Torture Memo?

E.P.A. Library Closures Could Threaten Public Health

Terra Terra...FBI Issues Warning as Blind Sheik's Health Fails...

All of the smug bashing of those who wondered aloud about malice regarding Tim Johnson

Kurt Browning (Pasco County SOE) named Florida Sec. of State

Time to change Xmas to a 4 year cycle!!

New Publishing Rules Restrict Scientists

Free Blogads On WNT Site

Novak: Rove Will Retire From Politics After Bush Term

Replay of The Daily Show's Samantha Bee GREAT "American Re-work" of Al Jazeera English at 2pm!!!

President Bush Urges America Not to Judge Iraq Based on How It's Going

Life is unpredictable.

New Group Proposal: Conspiracy Theories

Censorship at DU

Conservative NewsBusters gains on Raw Story for Web Award

Bush has been incapacitated for six years and hasn't been removed from office

The Shameful l & Hopeful Rush Repukes Will Not Get Control Of The Senate

Vic Kamber will be on "The Guy James Show" today please keep kicked

Gate on Road Kim's Took Was Never Locked this Winter

"Tancredo, he's pretty good. I would probably vote for him for President," David Duke told me.

The only way to win the war on the noun "terror"

It's Official!! We Now Have A Ban At The U.N.

Speedy return Tim! Yet if he can't, now hearing SD statute says special election must be held?

Regarding the "Blind Sheikh" Omar Abdel Rahman - can anyone confirm

High School Science Teacher At My School Wants To Borrow My Copy Of Inconvenient Truth

All He Wants To Do Is Dance *A song in Pictures*

AP Names Top YouTube Videos of '06

Bush Babes in Buenos Aires

"His condition has improved," Billingsley said.........

N.J. teacher ill after opening envelope with powder

"Bank of America" hilarious email fraud.

Online gossips get it wrong, linking (Sen. Olympia) Snowe to crash

Unofficial DU Straw Poll #5 (12/12/06): Results

We need to know what caused Senator Johnsons "stroke" or "heart attack".

How vile and disgusting does he have to get before Rush is sued?

US lawmaker visits to Syria unhelpful-White House

The Warrior Within

Late-Night Political Jokes for Dems

The message going out to the public is that Bush does not

Crichton's Revenge on Critic: Write Him into Novel Plot as Baby Rapist

(VIDEO) Harry Reid speaks to the media after seeing Tim Johnson

Next Job For Santorum? You Guessed It ... Cable TV Ranter

China, UN launch "Green" project to alleviate poverty

If for any reason, the Senate becomes 50-50 again...

Here's a question I just came across on the Zogby poll. RE: war:

Can the DU have scheduled events which feature our Reps.?

how many other times in history has death changed majority in senate or house?

Caption This - Staff Meeting

If Senator Johnson can't serve - two options

Army Trucks still patrolling the Streets of New Orleans

Bush held Xmas Party for 500 of his "Closest Friends" in the "Media" says Chris Wallace

4 South African mercenaries still missing in Iraq

What Is Cheney Trying To Hide?

Mistletoe & Egg Nog for the Oil Barons

"We Sincerely Regret the Error"

AOL Lays off 450 at Dulles, Virginia Office


2006 Set to be 6th Warmest Worldwide: UK Report

If a congressman/woman, (D) or (R) has to leave office early, is it fair

Thief tell it like it is

Bush will appoint medical team to care for Sen. Johnson...

Tim Johnson and "preemptive news"

Very. Bizarre. Synchronicity. "Your grades have been slipping, Shane"

Army drops death penalty for rape-murder defendant

What makes people attempt a mountain climb in DECEMBER? This is regarding the three climbers on ...

Is there any doubt after Pickles's remarks that she and George are practiced liars?

I'm so vain-I think every thread is about me

If you care about Al Gore and global warming

TIME slammed by second doctor for publishing anti-gay hit piece

Disasters suffer West's "deadly neglect"-Red Cross

Does South Dakota law call for a special election, or not?

so we are spending $2billion a week in Iraq....

J.C. Watts on the 60 vote meme...AGAIN!!! On CNN:

Michael Crichton's Poison Pen, Aimed Straight At Michael Crowley's Penis


CA State Senator Recovering After Brain Surgery

Waist deep in the Big Muddy

SD Secy of State already scheming to replace Tim Johnson

Administration asks to keep Cheney logs secret

72% of Americans say Iraqi people are better off now than under Saddam Hussein

How come critical things happen to Dem senators from states with Rethug governors?

Vows fight to keep progressive radio on air.....

As far as a Senate Majority goes; we're not out of the woods yet. Here's why:

NFL and Chunky Soup, Click for Cans 2006 to fight hunger:

Zogby Finds Arab Attitudes Toward US Steadily Declining.

Ha! "The 3 Top R Candidates Have 8 Wives Among Them" Sez Pat Buchanan

WHAT? Nuclear fuel for India in exchange for 500 WAL-MART STORES THERE?

Its not inflation.

Puppy chews off a baby's toes??!!

FDA considers issuing antidepressant suicide warning to adults

So the sheik is about to die...

Update on Senator Tim, verbatim from Capitol physician via Wolfie:

Mint bans melting coins now worth more as liquid than loot

Global warming has to be our highest priority!

At what age did you stop believing in Santa Claus?

Teen Expelled From School For Turning In Found Gun

An interesting and sad "The story"

Dear Freeper Lurkers: Thanks for your civility regarding Senator Johnson

Interesting tidbit just shared to me about china-mart...

Fear of losing privacy is it JUST a cultural thing?

Baker vs. "The Lobby"

Chris Matthews wife leaves WJLA as Anchor for Executive job at Marriott Hotel

Shop at Sears....They are treating their Reserve employees well

Uranium Fever Fuels New Land Rush: Mining Claims on US Public Lands up 47%

Dixie Chicks breaking up??? because of their outrage over Bush???

How I KNOW things are bad for the Republicans.

AP: Calif. (fence) Company Faces Immigration Charges

Isn't Randi making this no more oil sound a bit too simple ?

Katie Couric means no disrespect when calling bush, 'mr. bush'.

Why was Lou Dobbs slamming that union guy? He doesn't hire workers...

Circumcision Reduces Risk of AIDS, Study Finds

Why the hell are McCain and Joementum wearing leather bomber jackets?

Now we know that Pickles is as deranged as her hubby....

My perdictions of how it is going to go with bush & Iraq

The Russian spy poisoning, & the '01 anthrax letter murders.

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta: 'Long road' ahead for Sen. Johnson

Michael Crichton gets back at a columnist by naming a child rapist in his new novel after him.

"Dear Mr. Knievel, My research staff had assured me you were no longer alive...

Just heard on CNN that 10th mountain Div. troops....

Is Tweety sick again? He was there Tuesday, and I didn't watch yesterday. What's going on? n/t

Scraping by on $150,000 a year. Are you kidding me?

Please DU this poll

Eason Jordan offers to pay Malkin's way to Baghdad for a week

Unbelievably funny:

TV Newser: Tony Snow Apologizes To David Gregory

On THIS DAY a child was born (a modern Christmas Tale)

Where the FUCK was Repub. Sen. Smith? - Iraq "may even be criminal"


Help me understand - how can people deny the Holocaust actually happened

Kirsten Gillibrand Spreading Sunshine on Congress

More Americans hungry, homeless in 2006- mayors

'Healing Ritual' Herb Becoming New High For Fla. Teens

I just saw Inconvenient Truth for the first time, and I demand we draft Gore

While * parties

On Death Row, Fate of Mentally Ill Is Thorny Problem

Christian Wire: "Everybody Loves Raymond" dad's death a "loss to Planned Parenthood"

So what's an example of Iraqi humor these days?

John McCain's War on Blogs, and us.

JOHN EDWARDS (not Hillary) leads 08 Pres poll released today!!

Johnson was the wrong Senator to assassinate if the GOP wanted to take back the Senate

we won the Senate 52.4 to 47.6

What effect will the next terror attack have on America?

FBI says Shiek sick & if he dies could spark terror attacks on U.S.

They're advertising the LEFT BEHIND: ETERNAL FORCES, as the no blood game. LOL

We haven't forgotten about the DU Charity Donation Drive. Here's an update.

Doesn't sound to me like Conyers isn't going to investigate

Pelosi just nailed them

*'s Diminishing Ability to Manage Anxiety

What the hell happened to Christianity? (written by the son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker)

It Was My Fault (A Lesson from Grief)

U.S., Russia To Explore Oil And Gas In Afghanistan

Retailers getting competitive on Generic Drugs

Office of Sen. Johnson released following at 5pm: Uncomplicated Post-Op/No Further Surgery Needed


Thursday TOONS you might have missed

The 2007 Bum Steer Awards

Time Person Of The Year: The Republican Party

Bush Officially Embraces Vietnam-Era Strategy Of Publicizing Enemy Body Counts In Iraq

Sen. Johnson survives. Conservatives across the country disappointed that prayers aren't answered.

A Mr Fish retrospective, Part 4

at the lab waiting room a woman walked up to the window ...

Do You Know the Diff Between War and Occupation? Neocons do

TransAtlantic Bomb Plot - Just Another Staged Terror Alert - Ring Leader Cleared Of Charges (BBC)

Tony Snow Apologises to david Gregory

Global Warming And The Problem With Technological Solutions

Join the Paper Ballot Campaign Launched Today by Dozens of Election Integrity Groups!

Michael Crichton Slurs New Republic Writer As Child Rapist

Scalia: "you can't raise a family on 165K/yr"

Randi has just explained why we went to war in Iraq.

A friend found out her branch office was closing, landlord showing office.

Sen. Johnson's stroke: 'Like a leak in the dike' (from MSNBC)

This is old news, but wow, did you see this Clay Bennett toon of the midterms?

Shrinking of Lake Chad: Tale of human abuse, climate change

"LOVE COUNTS" - NJ Legislature Passes "CIVIL UNIONS" Legislation For Gay Couples-Gov WILL Sign.

"[H]ow fucking hilarious would it be if [Johnson died and] the Democrats lost ... the Senate?"

"The senator is recovering without complication," said the physician

Kennedy: I want to splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds

Blind Texans may get right to hunt

Man Shoots Great Dane In Head

In case anyone is interested - Bobbolink -

BUSH THE DECIDER? (he chokes whenever it's crunch time) --->

Protesters: Pet store shouldn't sell pets

On CNN: They can't get rid of Johnson! This is great!

“We’re here to learn how to have the best sex,” - Abstinence program teaches them to wait

Hotline's Joshua Green on Hillary Clinton's membership in two conservative prayer groups

If YOU are in the "18 to 49 or So Demographic"... Obama T-Shirts Sell Well!

A message from the DU admins: Please stop posting baseless conspiracy stuff about Senator Johnson.

Male DUers, are you circumcised? How do you feel about it?

Any pressure yet for Sen. Johnson to step down?

Good grief, arteriovenous malformation (AVM) sounds more common than it should

Do you personally see any evidence of global warming?

Why all the vitriol on the circumcision threads?

Why are the over 50 crowd never given notice ?

Mom shops in Neiman Marcus with dog, leaves 2 yr old in car

In Case of Emergency, Break Glass

Milton Friedman: interviewed on America's Drug Forum

Dirty Dick...

Orwell Rolls in his Grave 1/4

Olberman on stay the course and Tony Snow...

Haliburton Convoy Ambushed in Iraq Driver Video & Interview

Nancy Pelosi: Most Fascinating Person of 2006

Globalization and the Media...

McCain's Military Miscalculation...

Tony Snow Bangs His Head on The Podium...

Dean speaks to Dems Abroad in Australia...May 2005.

Gil Scott Heron - B Movie

The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart Says Goodbye to the 109th...

Colbert on Charlie Rose. 4 parts ~ 40 Minutes long

First Draft Obama TV ad airing in New Hampshire

'Neil Cavuto mops the floor with NY Time's Loon Paul Krugman'

Tim Johnson, please "Get Well!"

For consideration of the membership:

I really feel secure knowing all the criminals from

Remember this? Coverdell death curses Dems with ZELL!

POLL: Voters favor McCain over Clinton in '08

WP: Rodriguez' Texas House Win Adds Insult to Injury for DeLay

Thurmond precedent ...

This is "The Pet Goat" Part 2

When Bush stated 5900 of the enemy had been killed or captured,

TIME magazine accused of misrepresenting scientific study in effort to demean Mary Cheney and gays

Pelosi to give press conference on CSPAN at 10amET today.

The Nation: Health Scare, Democracy Scare (Sen. Johnson)

If the Senate is 50/50 who controls the committees? Would the Dems still

Conservatives must be upset, as another corruption claim against Reid goes bye-bye

AP Report on Sen. Johnson condition this morning 9:15 am

Intersting tidbit from today's Crains Insider

The Trial (and re-trial) of America's "Peace Grandma" (Mickey Z.)

Hotline's Top 10 Most Vulnerable Senators in 2008 (five Dems and five Repukes)

I almost feel sorry for the chimp...his marriage coming apart, Condi

109th Congress actually did one thing really well: Name buildings

Chalabi Emerges In Damascus On Peace Quest

Dear Judge, I never thought I'd be writing a letter like this, but...

McCain from Irag----- wants : "Troops injection' 15,000 to 30,000 troops

Bush's second Katrina moment ( Iraq war ).

What an idiot sounds like

George Will calls on Obama to run .... link

U.S. Soldiers Lead Iraqi Children in Chant "F**k Iraq"

Can we stabilize Iraq?

On Protecting Senate Minority, Reid Shows Honor GOP Lacked

White House site now has...

Person of the Year Poll

Remember, guys, Arlen Specter had brain surgery

NEVER let the rats forget as the flee the doomed U.S.S. Bush

If we loose the be it..... it's beyond our control.

Are you ready for some DASCHLE?

Top 10 funniest political quotes of 2006: (or maybe not)

Kucinich Speaks!

In 2006 the Sierra Club endorsed 228 Congressional candidates. 217 were Democrats (95%)

Will Kerry be on Hardball today?

Freepers literally praying for Johnson's incapacitation.

Sound familiar? Oh, wait, it's in Italy

TIME: How the G.O.P. Got Blindsided in Texas

Now That I've Caught My Breath

Statement from Sen. Tim Johnson's office:

Laura Bush must be waiting for the media report on the 100 people who aren't killed in Iraq daily

So, what are the Fox News Vultures saying today about Sen. Johnson?

Repubs need to get real on Iraq, but McCain and Lieberman are indulging in fantasy

Gov Rounds "Don't be a Dick" Blogspot

Bush admin want to keep Cheney's visitor records secret

Government rejects e-voting paper-trail proposal

Concerned about Obama's progressive credentials? Conservative Kudlow makes terrific case...

Whoa, Nelly! David Duke vs Wolf Blitzer. Heavy stuff.

Next Job For Santorum? You Guessed It ... Cable TV Ranter

Edwards leads in poll of likely Iowa caucus-goers (ahead of Hillary by 20)

Great rant! - Goofy Things Said in Senate's Final Days

Draft Obama launches first TV ad in New Hampshire

Remember Khe Sanh?

Anti-Worker Labor Board Prevents Workers from Sharing in Economy Boom

America Worries as Income Gap Widens

Looks like the Republicans are about to attack Sen. Obama

Is this the actual law in South Dakota ?

Attack Attack, whine Whine WHINE..them GOPers...thats all they do

Fox News Speculates How Officials Could ‘Declare’ Sen. Johnson ‘Incapacitated’

Bush Dawdles for a Reason

Is it me or are the Rethugs and FOXNEWS wishing for Senator Johnsons to die...

Life in Glenn Beck's America

Just Another Day

MP3: Rush Limpole attacking Obama's ear size

Anyone know the status of the 08 election for Senate?

WH pissed, Dems visit Syria and talk Foreign Policy. (What's that?)

Giuliani scores high among Republicans, even conservatives

Legislation Enacted Over the Last Six Years Has Raised the Debt by $2.3 Trillion

Any special election in SD will occur in November, 2008

If Johnson cannot finish his term...and I think he will...but if he cannot...

With NJ getting on board, I don't think the country gives a shit about gay marriage

I hate to speculate, but could Sen. Johnson's wife takeover?

So, if Cheney becomes the Senate tie-breaker, Impeachment is

need help, please. WHO are the senators who have been ill, and continued to serve?

Rep. Diane Watson's Statement, RE: Conyers' Impeachment Resolution

Great Digby rant on Dowd, Greenfield & Co. Trashing of Dem Candidates!

John Kerry in the Middle East

Freepers celebrate Johnson's condition

Challenge to potential '08 candidate supporters: articulate your candidate's Iraq position.

Is there a GOP Senator who would switch parties?

Larouche Youth Movement claims credit for Ciro's win....says they teamed with Clinton.

Telling the Truth & Paying the Price: Jesselyn Radack's Story

Edwards gets most of the answers when quizzed on world leaders