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Archives: December 15, 2006

Essay: Hysteria Over Iran and a New Cold War with Russia

Conason: * could hand GOP senate by replacing Bolton with Joe Lieberman

Joseph Galloway: Bush's 'New Way Forward' is Into Quicksand

Amnesty International: New Hamdan Ruling Does Not Validate Guantanamo Detention Regime

'National interest' halts arms corruption inquiry

The Answer to Global Warming Might Be Going Up in Smoke

Oceans may rise over 4 1/2 feet by 2100

Hamas in control of Gaza border crossing

New UN chief denounces Iran for denying Holocaust, threatening Israel

Hot off the press! 41 Episodes of Lou Dobbs slamming E-voting, on DVD for "free"

David Dill Unpluggd: Computer glitch leaves electronic voting machine advocate without a script

UMWA Welcomes Renewal of Retiree And Widow Health Insurance Guarantees (first made by Harry Truman)

LAT Iraqis flee war, run into hostility

U.S. must reform Iraqi forces before leaving: Hashemi

Federal judge issues split decision on new Military Commissions Act

WP: Democratic Sen. Johnson in Stable Condition After Brain Surgery

Groups push probe of mining mercury emissions, Nev. fisheries

Top general: Army 'will break' without more troops

NYT: U.S. Is Dropping Effort to Track if Visitors Leave

Music pioneer Ahmet Ertegun dies at 83

600 Guide workers to leave plant for last time

More Americans hungry, homeless in 2006: mayors

Missing Soldier Classified As Captured

Global Warming Denier Michael Crichton Fictionalizes Critic as Child Rapist

Bolton seeks charges against Iranian leader

Rice Says U.S. Won't Engage Iran And Syria

Taxing times for US firms brings biz to India

McCain asks Iraq PM to break with cleric (al-Sadr)

Pollution Leaves Beloved Dolphin Of Yangtze 'Functionally' Extinct

Test Of Blood From Cows Approved

Duke Lacrosse Accuser gives birth (9 months after "rape")

Bravo's Top Design

Yay! I'm getting another cold sore on my mouth.

What if someone is a perfect match except for politics?

I think my laptop is going to die soon....

Male DUers, shave your underarms

The best new Christmas song of this year is from Cleto and the Cletones

I SO want to boycott Christmas this year...

Orange Julius: General in the War on Christmas?

If you were given the power to remake the US federal government to your specifications...

Snail mail: How many days to get from east coast to west coast?

Post a bald guy

'Old Glory'

The zebras are back

Who here can pinch an inch?

Giant Space Seen from

Should I keep studying for my final or call it quits?

All right, fess up!!

help - rear view mirror fell off!

"Deadwood" fans...

Yay! I've finished writing out my Christmas cards.

(Video) You've seen this before, but you need to laugh (I can tell), so here it is again.

OMG! Scallops steamed in sake, white wine, and oyster sauce!

has anyone ever noticed that

Gatsby was a schmuck and Daisy.....

Deep AOR Rock can take you places, but only pop can make you climax

Ok, this is a really dumb question but I have to asks.

Living with an 18 year old is funny already -

squinty says, "merry x-mas already will'ya!!"

Men who wear makeup, question.

The lights keep dimming.

Experiment in economics

I just watched "Clerks 2"

I just realized why football is silly

status of Radio_Lady reported in GD....

The case of The Elves' Vanishing Faces. WTF?

I just finished making 6 dozen bourbon balls

Did anyone see the animal torture on 'Medium' last night?

Happy Anniversary to Us... Happy Anniversary to Us......

Thursday, December 14. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I need some career help....

Is there a difference between Nintendo DS and DS Lite -- besides

What do you think about gifts from Heifer International?

I am baking White Russian Brownies tonight

Lounge: Settle an argument. If you are attracted to geeks, does that make you a geek?

One of my best friends is a damned fool.

Tis early morning at ye ole watering hole...

Gallagher attacks Green Day for 'ripping off' Wonderwall

Who is "Tiorio"?

Rhapsody users - check my first attempt at a themed playlist

I am having surgery tomorrow

Alternate Christmas Carols...

**Movie thread** I just saw Clerks 2

My dad addressed my christmas card to both of us.

Practice: Does your religious organization provide for the spiritual

The Bibe Against Itself

Ok people 2 1/2 down 47 1/2 to go.

Dobson Lies and steals all in one article (Two Momies Is One Too Many)

They're making a movie of "The Mayor of Castro Street"

I would like to know what you all are seeing re: the Saudi "thing".

Kerry Criticizes Bush in Egypt

Not to rush anyone, but did I miss any picture threads from Monday's

Looking for a Photo Lab that will print and MOUNT a picture.

Better eyes than mine -- Need photo choice help please

Comment Thread for The December Contest

For My Country? Young Latinos in the Military

Lehrer doing good segment on Tim Johnson PBS

Send a get well card to Senator Tim Johnson with one click ACTION >>>>

BGLT? Maybe consider a move to New Jersey if you want to get hitched...

Most Americans are retards: as colleges increase tuition, they become more desirable

Who here can pinch an inch?

Where has all the money gone, Why are the states always broke?

10,000 US Researchers - REJECT BUSH ADMIN POLITICAL INTERFERENCE - In Scientific Process

Here is the thing- you ever use a tracking stock to follow a

A powerful and dangerous storm... Seattle and greater PNW!!!

Wiley50- ShadowKnows69- MrScorpio... All need HELP. Please read

Federal Judge: Bush's Law Denying Legal Rights to 12 Million LEGAL Immigrants Is UNCONSTITUTIONAL

BUSH Breaks Army

Holiday Greetings! This will cheer you up!

Interview: Loving To Hate Jeff Gannon

Heads up West Coast (If you get the News Hour at 6, like east

Do you think B*sh is stalling for time when he says he

If Johnson is absent (but still in office), does he have to vote on control?

Lessen resistance and increase production

Airline Workers Sacrifice Camel At Airport

Clinton Impeachment Question

hilarious screenshot from Fox News

Baby Jesus replaced by beer can

Stolen Baby Jesus Returned With Devil Horns

Israelis Dig 'Borat,' Jokes in Hebrew

Time Person Of The Year: The Republican Party

While there actually isn't a "war on Christmas", I think it is fair

Regarding Tony Snow's fabulous, cosmic, Oscar-worthy apology...

A website for all you worried about your finances. Some great calculation tools.

Snow Falsely Claims Americans Trust Bush More Than Incoming Congress

You know most people here were brought up christians -

Let's be honest. If the situation were reversed

Steve Clemons on Rift between Prince Bandar + Prince Turki

I think I might be pregnant. I just ate a cupcake.

INFANT DISCOVERED IN BARN: Child Protective Services Launch Probe

Today I gave someone Christmas dinner.

Overheard a conversation today about environmentalist being responsible for beetle damage to trees..

FEC Has Found Swift Boat Vets Have NOT Met The Letter Of The Law

What if they formed a Commission and Nobody cared?

VA official caught in Pentagon Proselytizing probe

I lost respect for the police today

Have any RW people come out and hoped Sen. Johnson dies?

Survey: 95% of Iraqis Believe The Country Is Worse Off Now

Your Level of Commitment to the Democratic Party

My Christmas message to bush (feel free to add your own)

Army moves to reduce strain on troops

Psychedelic drugs? Daniel Pinchbeck on the Colbert Report

Testimony Blair fought to keep secret made public, charges Blair knew Iraq war was illegal

Peace Prayer

Blind hunters can't be as dangerous as Dick 'Boom Boom' Cheney

Send a message to Senator Johnson via "Give Em Hell Harry" website

Progressive Democrats of America

Billy GRAHAM family feud over burials. A talking mechanical cow.

I need help with a quote...

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

What the historians will say

A genuine patriot on the front lines needs help! Please read!!


Joe Scarborough: "I think Tony Snow is a class act"

TDS/Jon Stewart's guest tonight: Rajiv Chandrasekaran:

Independent frontpage on Iraq: The REAL Conspiracy

The Do-Nothing Congress.

Check it out... a freeper thread....

Fried Green Tomatoes, the movie.

Double Down Bush....chasing the Pot with a Bluff...Its ALL choice but to bluff

Fighting corporate fascism and ending "corporate personhood" - Media resource list

Yeah, that's it...KILL all the Muslims!

I need some rumor control re. Senator Johnson.

O'Really's new low: David Duke not White Supremacist, but "White Nationalist"

Bad scab picked tonight: Viet Nam and the Jolly Greens/Sandys

Sen. Barbara Boxer - Holiday Support For Our Troops

Man called 911 when armed robbers stole marijuana from his home, then booked for drug possession

How do you explain crazy in the head Republicans?

Kerry Criticizes Bush in Egypt

""FUCK IRAQ...FUCK IRAQ" :: U.S. soldiers lead Iraq children in obscene chant

Al Gore: Censorship of science? - pics, video, and article

The middle class is already dead (or at least is terminal)

FL (where else) to investigate 34 min execution

Some hospitals violate emergency contraception law, survey says

If you read nothing else I post this year - please read this

Jim & Tammy Fay Bakker's son.............

BREAKING NEWS!!! Duke Lacrosse accuser nine months PREGNANT

AFL-CIO Building Trades--Helmets to Hardhats--Truly Supporting our Troops

Liberal Ignorance And Stupidity About Religion Will Screw The Democratic Party's Election Chances

A Flaming Sun, A Bleeding Brain, A Trimmed Penis-- Metaphors for Now and for the American Experiment

Greetings! Radio_Lady asked me to post this.

Army goes after TruthOut,

The Age of Oil Short

Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy - TV Drug Of The Nation

FluxRostrum Attacked by NYPD ~ VIDEO

Justice for Boston Children's Museum workers!

Romney’s real friends

Foodmaster managers refuse kids’ letter of protest (Smithfield packing)

Der Mittenfuhrer withdraws midnight judge nomination due to lewdness allegations

Plight Of Mansour Osanloo re-arrested prominent Iranian labor leader!!!!

Obama: Not ‘the un-Hillary’

DuPont Still Hiding Teflon Hazard Study

Feingold saying wants Bush to set date to withdraw troops by next

Watch out for the MORAN Freeper Trolls. There are TWO Tim Johnsons in Congress

OK, I have been away all day. What's the deal with Snow/Gregory and an apology?

Bush & McCain Conspire--More Troops Will Be the Plan.

"Music of Solidarity" Caravans Headed To Indiana To Support Conn-Selmer Strikers fight jobs to China

Iraq Solution: Offer Haliburton a no bid contract to fight the war

Terra Terra Part XXVI - Jailed cleric's illness triggers al Qaeda attack fears

They're gonna do a victory dance on Sen. Johnson's grave...

Mary Matlin calls all dem's thinking of running in 08 empty suits

The GOP (Mehlman) statement on Senator Johnson- (Does this sound convincing to you?)

AP and SD lay groundwork to circumvent law

Okay, what the fuck is wrong with Bill O'Reilly?



Wow..Reyes didn't even know Al Qaeda is Sunni?

Jebus! I just realized Barack Obama's initials are B.O.!

If Edwards wins the nomination, who should his running mate be?

John Dean: " Refocusing the Impeachment Movement ..... "

Stop raids on Social Security

A Gag on Free Speech

Michael Crichton Reaches A New Low...An Incredible Low

John McCain's Shameless Call for Escalation in Iraq

Amnesty International USA Response to Creation of Commission

Lebanon is making history, potentially

Univ. of Washington Professor Mark Emmert: Consolidation of Media is Unhealthy for Education

AP: 'Vicious killers' from Guantanamo Bay routinely freed by other countries

A bitter struggle for power in Iran

Feldman at Frameshop: GOP "Smear Gangs" Target Obama

The Nation: Morality of the Minimum

Iraq is a disaster: old warriors have their say


Outsourcing issue could get ugly again

N.J. Carwash Looks At Alternative Energy (finds NIMBYs)

Al Gore urges scientists to speak out

A compendium of gloom

A little perspective

My Ecological Footprint .... How many planets are needed???

LAT: GOP misses chance to reshape environmental laws: "Testament to changing, greening West"

Europe's air getting cleaner

2,600 apply for jobs at new wind turbine plant (Iowa)

Solar Santa Monica (America's 1st Net Zero City?)

Capital's water shortage a population problem (Beijing)

Green Revolution Sweeping the US Construction Industry

REC to Raise (PV) Wafer Production Capacity by 650 Megawatts (per year)

Can China go green?

Forces open fire on Hamas supporters in West Bank (Reuters)

Report: Syria's Assad calls for dialogue with Israel

31 hurt in Fatah-Hamas clashes in Gaza, Ramallah

Hamas demands simultaneous prisoner swap with Israel (Reuters)

The army has no commander

UN to set up registry for complaints against fence

Fighting erupts as Hamas says Abbas seeks war

Palestinian civil war underway

In case of a Fatah vs Hamas civil war, will Israel support Fatah with arms,

Former President Carter says he won't visit Brandeis

Carter's Double Whammy: Wrong On Israel, Wrong For Democrats

John Berger and 93 other ... call for a cultural boycott of Israel

The Green Line is the border

"Respect the dead, let them rest in peace"

Credulousity and Its Discontents

The Global Dominance Group: 9/11 Pre-Warnings & Election Irregularities in Context

The video that started me thinking about controlled demolition

Anti Paper Forces Push for Paperless Systems in NC

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. 12/15/06 Utter Distrust

Criminal Inquiries Look at U.S. Oil-Gas Unit/ NYT

NYT: Military Considers Sending as Many as 35,000 More U.S. Troops to Iraq, McCain Says

NYT: Global Warming Trend Continues in 2006, Climate Agencies Say

Britain leads major Afghan operation

KD Investigates: PA Cyber School

Denied licenses, LEGAL immigrants sue state Registry

Olive branch for Baathists at Iraq peace talks

Car bombs explode outside US bases in Iraq--police

Noe trail leads to Voinovich associate

Last-Minute Inserts Offer Benefits in Medicare Bill

Secretary of state pick could bring voting paper trail

President Bush leads Pentagon farewell to Rumsfeld

Blair defends dropping probe into Saudi arms deal (Saudi threat worked)

Reuters - No More Corruption!

Tribal leaders don't trust Iraq soldiers(according to US Col. Sutherland)

Troops in Iraq to get fire-resistant uniforms (Citizens Started First)

Civilians flee Somali town as government and Islamist rebels prepare for war

Hawaiian Air to shift some 230 jobs abroad

Gunmen kill Shiite tribal sheik in Iraq (3 US troops killed)

Guantanamo prisoner transfers coordinated in Germany: US army

Reuters: Kyrgyzstan threatens to review U.S. airbase deal

"We Want You — to include us at school" (Detroit Schools grant Counter-Recruitment group equal time)

Parents of teen missing in Aruba sue brothers

Colombia: banana plantations expropriated

We’ve Lost Another Cetacean Species.....

Rice plans to boost funding for Abbas forces--Palestine

US Senator seeks free trade with India (Frist)

Mount Hood rescuers find note left by missing climbers as they ascended

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 15

Editor&Publisher/AP: Study of Americans' Media Use Finds Web Finally Passing Newspapers

Over 250 sick after eating at Indiana Olive Garden

Iraqi Red Crescent cites U-S forces as `main problem'

Kellogg's Pop Tarts Recalled In 23 States

CNN: Senator Johnson responding to wife's voice, following directions

Ban Ki-Moon Sworn in as 8th U.N. Secretary-General

NYT/AP: Gore Urges Scientists to Be More Active: Scientific findings suppressed

(Edit) U.S. military says two Marines, one soldier killed in Iraq(54 for Dec so far)

Police investigate death of Pa. student at school rifle practice

Rumsfeld Warns Against ‘Graceful Exits’ From Iraq

British diplomat's document lays bare the lies behind the Iraq war.

Morgan Stanley's Mack Gets Record $40 Million Bonus

Breast cancer drop linked to HRT

BREAKING CNN (Television): Executions suspended in Florida!

Reuters: Iranians go to polls in test for Ahmadinejad

Top (Air Force) Gen. (Schissler): Anti-Terror Fight A War of 100 Yrs.

Pentagon Request of $99.7 Billion More for War Would Set Record

There's no revolution in Belgium. Really.

WP: Experts Optimistic About Senator Johnson's Recovery

Senator Johnson's condition improves: doctors

CNN: Florida execution was botched

Kerry, headed to Damascus, calls Bush refusal of dialogue with Iran, Syria ''a mistake''

Over 160 sickened after eating at Olive Garden (Indianapolis)

US congressmen in rare Cuba trip

Diabetes breakthrough

Head of DNA lab says he and Nifong agreed not to report results (Duke LAX)

AP: Bush Happy About Mary Cheney's Pregnancy

BBC: Sign of hope in US-Venezuela ties

Learning resource for brand-new computer owner?


Hey ZombyWoof...

Redstone, I have unlocked the secret of the puppy and the pig's ear.

Why are there so many computer animated animal movies lately?

So Why Are The Threads All Crooked Tonight?

Samoa Joe just made enigmatic tap out....

So, I was giving directions to my house,

Does anybody know anything about gerbils?

What can I eat?

A hypothetical: Let's say you have put your heart and soul into a piece of writing...

deleted by writer

My daughter may have cancer

Artist Moves Nazi Gingerbread Men To New Town

Deer Antlers, Handgun Used In Road Rage Incident

Ok, there's been a successful download from my exam site

I Have A Day Off Today. What Should I Do?

Americans sure are an unhealthy looking bunch

Democratic Underground Saves The World

Leos are the best drivers - Really. Geminis came in 2nd.

Northwest got hit with another really bad storm.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 12/15/06)

It's Show Time!!!!

Anyone else watching PeeWee's Xmas Special on Cartoon Network?

I'm out for the holidays!

Okay, I have a fire drill in 3 hrs at work (5am CST)...any ideas how I should evac?

Advice on getting a big blog readership?

10 Days Til Xmas. Where Are You In Your Holiday Shopping?

I don't think I'm going to be

Long before Clinton played the sax

A legend has passed away today: Ahmet Artegun

Thought it was maybe about time...

Thanks Alaska Airlines.

I'm geekier than you and I offer this as proof:

Is anybody in touch with MrsG?

Serius or XM?

Seasons eatings.

So there's been a shooting just down the street....

Can we finally agree that Roger Huff is an asshole?

Listening to my birthday present

I just got my husband his "big" xmas present

Need a gift for a stranger

My grandfather just died - and I feel weird

I won the Euromillions Lottery!!!!

HRT - quit now

I'm having quilt induced nightmares

It's Friday!

Squirrel adopted by dog--so sweet! PIX (links now fixed! )

I am at work, coughing my head off...

I have empirical evidence that the gifted identification program in my county is hooey.

Does anyone remember that old comedy clip "Hockey Tonight"?

Billy remember to go home after work

I think I'll go to the Olive Garden tonight

I see a guy driving down the road yesterday drinking a beer....


Are you OG?

Could it be? A wiccan freeper?

Oh BOY! I have a date tonight.

I Need Help Deciding How to Best Weigh Poll Results. Help!

Hey, Billy!!!!!!

Now I'm having guilt induced nightmares....

QUICK! need some Christmas help!

QUICK! need some Christian help!

OK- The "Soulmate Calculator" ad got my attention.....

Mrs. Ah-huh-whiggins get in here and take a special birth-a-day memo

Don't remind BillySkank to buy bread

Today was my last day of radiation.

There is nothing more amusing than...

"Gallagher? I hardly know her!"

econo-geeks might like this flash vid.

Bit breezy up here in the Pacific Northwest....

I have empirical evidence of the existence of empirical evidence.

It's going to be a wonderful weekend

Another Grammar Question: Pronunciation

Old-skool internets question...does this ring any bells?

WA State Storm Damage reports: Updated frequently -- Slideshow of damages OMG!

Is anyone a fan (or at least knows something about) "LonelyGirl15" on YouTube?

Check in if you don't give a crap about authenticity, as long as you like how the food tastes.

DMOZ is broken

Normally I wouldn't go see a movie like "Happy Feet" but....

The Urinals of Olive Garden

Over 160 sickened after eating at OLIVE GARDEN

Somebody wish me a happy damn birthday, please.

Seperate Car Crashes At Exactly The Same Spot Injur Both Dad & Son (3 Hours Apart)

$cientology Christmas pagaent

Has anyone seen my Monkey Peeler?

Is Jennifer Hudson going to be the new Streisand?

I'm sick of the Olive Garden!

I have empirical evidence that my cat is dumber than a worm

It's Friday, ya bastids!!!

Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab

Menorah lighting etiquette

Please remind BillySkank to buy bread on his way home tonight

Marlboro lighting etiquette

I'm having trouble with my displaywrite 2 floppies. Should I upgrade?

War on xmas - my correspondence with a RW columnist



*VIDEO* of Seattle's 520 floating bridge in last night's storm:

anybody have any furry vaccinations coming up?

I see a guy driving down the road yesterday drinking [with] a bear....

Cheesy Christmas gathering where I'll be expected to wear

Anyone seen "Coming to America"?

anyone interested in a yahoo fantasy basketball league???


Hey Olive Garden, I want a fresh bowl of e-coli with a side of free breadsticks.

Eye love DU guys.(And Gals).

RCMP in western Alberta ask for public's help to find missing zebra

What's for lunch in the lounge?

Is there any form of Zicam that isn't completely nasty?

. . .chestnuts POP . . .

Ahhhhh... that felt SO good!

Good news about Mr. Writer

It's Friday afternoon...

Woohoo. Just got back from the firm's holiday luncheon. Much wine was imbibed.

Hey Jeff, See You In Cooperstown

Amazingly, I'd never heard of..."Monkey Steals the Peach"

anyone else having a pre-holiday baking frenzy?

Goodnight, you all

My office party today - Brazilian wax

True dedication to the cause: a firecracker suicide bomber


I am listening to Randi Rhodes and Stephanie Miller at the same time, also baking cookies and

Happy Heineken to all my drunken friends

Will SOMEONE turn the lights on in here?

If you are what you eat, what are you this morning?

UFIA: Student faces 21 counts of rape for a wrestling move

Band game of the day: _______: music to _______ to

My drive to work this morning was like the scene from TWISTER where

My doctoral application is finished, ready, and rather delicious.

I am the GREATEST Uncle in the world and the WORST brother all at once!

It's my husband's bday today! It's also my lover's bday, ..

How do I make my own avitar?

Please - I need advice from anyone with knowledge of doggie disorders/diseases

Bring your kids to work and let them run wild? Bill Handel thinks so

Exams are over!!!


eBayer buyers / sellers - do you have an opinion on

"Watch out for that tractor!"

What is your reaction to hearing Christmas carols?

I suffer from

First, soymilk making people gay. Now, cupcakes impregnating people.

Grammar Question!!!

Anyone seen "Angels in America"?

The house is empty: What should I do?

My office party today - Brazilian steakhouse

Giraffes on africam

home from the hysterectomy

Post two youtube songs from the same artist that represent two different emotions

I'll be away from DU for a couple of weeks.

Guitar question...

Help me, Jeebus..(or techies) Should I get an iPod, or is there a better mp3

Any good restaurants in Grand Rapids Michigan???

Where Do You Stand On Chocolate?

"Everyone's Bi....they just haven't figured that out yet."

You probably never heard of him, but he was one of the F1 Mythical Figures of my childhood

How many of you suffer, or have suffered, from depression?

I am looking for super-sensitive skin shampoo

anybody have any fun vacations coming up?

Depression can really be painful.

Have you sent /received your cards yet?


A TOY question for all the Lounge smarties....

Happy birthday Lucifer!!

Digital photography enthusiasts: what pixel and quality settings should I use?

I just got some early Christmas presents

My philosophy on depression.

Lounge Alert! Olive Garden REALLY makes 250 people sick in Indiana

For all you Christmas Story fans, a great little video game to play.

People who eat hot peppers, and similar things: crazy masochists?

Since when did naturally curly hair become a bad thing?

CONFESS!!!! Who was your FIRST celebrity crush

Tell me everything there is to know about Seattle!

Can we finally agree that Rosie is an asshole?

Chocolate preference?

2 THINGS about NEW Casino Royale -- WHAT THE H___!?

From Tikkun: Muslim Leader Critiques Holocaust Denial by the President of Iran

Letting Go of God - Julia Sweeney on The Late Show with Craig Ferguson (video)

I home Sunday School my daughter.

Put on Your Yarmulke, Here Comes Radio Chanukah!

What is the purpose of this board?

Jack Chick put out some new tracts.

Fish dance on sulphur cauldrons

Celebrating the creator of Cobol (sic)

Charity Begins at Homo

Deconstructing 'Rudolph' (some food for thought).

If kids of gay parents were equally healthy, why wouldn't eating cupcakes cause pregnancy?

BRAINSTORM: Refute some arguments against marriage equality

This NFL Network thing stinks

Daily OM: "Expressions of the Heart - Creating Meaningful Homemade Gifts"

One of our special people . NJCher

Question about Negative Prayers?

Boston photos. Finally.

Tangentially topical: Teddy to appear on Fox News Sunday

A timely reminder of Gore's words reKerry on environment.

Awesome post.

OT: Iraq

Kerry advises talking to other countries in Middle East

You know, we need to send people to YearlyKos next Aug

[OT] OMG. Mega "awwwww...."

Hillary lunches with Ed Koch and Al D'Amato

Please rec and comment on my dKos diary about Kerry/Dodd & the M.E.

Right Wing Blog Watch: Wingnut's Doctored Photos and Videos

Hope Kerry's office saw this editorial.

Repub Committee Assignments are out for next year

Obama wins the Democratic Primary! Wait! Wait! Stop everything! The winner is...Edwards!

Hey Blue, since you are there in the great north

Help me pick my "...'Tis The Season" entry

Conscious-less Bush: "“I must tell you, I'm sleeping a lot better than people would assume,” he sai...

Hannity-Mel Gibson lovefest...

So Rush, are you just overdosing on your meds to be an asshole...

Vibrating Bush?

Olbermann showed this vid ("Nuckin' Futs") in its entirety

Nuckin' Futs! - the new JibJab the year in review

Why does everyone have their panties (and shorts) in a bunch about 2008?

College Women at Risk for Psychiatric Illness at Politically Correct Campuses

2,938 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis

Sure miss you Andy.

We are 'the salt of the earth'. Does anyone remember that phrase?

Outstanding Story on Traumatic Brain Injuries of U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

(Global Warming's Effects) STUNNING BBC report: 2006 Hottest Year on Record

Trial expert has link to Abu Ghraib

I humbly suggest, Ruck Fush. A bit of a twist from Buck Fush, no? nt

Army near breaking point, while bush plays with himself

Heads up. Geminid meteor shower still strong.

When WAS the last grainy Osama video?

Anything MSM can do I can do better

Anyone else watching PeeWee's Xmas Special on Cartoon Network?

If the next president signs us onto the World Court, will they prosecute

Call Washington Journal And Tell Them Your 2008 Presidential Choice!

Fascist Friday 2.0 on CSPAN WJ

I appreciate Olberman's rants against the Bushies, but I can't help but feel he'd put me down

Cambridge a front in the War on Christmas? Some people really take this shit seriously!

Let's see...

Fumigate DU!!! Anal cystboy Rush Limbaugh was here earlier today!

Gosh that Lou Dobbs is a real independent fellow lately

== I Apologize For My Nasty Slur = Mark Morford

michael ware on cnn now

Chris Matthews on Imus .....

The thing I'll remember most about w is the way he giggled through it all.

McCain & others calling for more troops to amplify their own patriotism

Email get well to Senator Johnson

Rice Says She Won't Talk With Iran And Syria About Iraq

DUers..get over yourselves! Rush Limbaugh does NOT visit this site.

Uh oh-- Chimpy's comparing himself to Harry Truman

How annal is this Bob McManus on C-span? He is wound up so tight

Galloway: A state of desperation and denial in the White House

Amy and David Goodman on C-Span 9:00 EST

The Clash Of Symbols: Religious Leaders Stake Out Turf In Public Square

The condemned man took more than half an hour to die

Amy Goodman coming up on CSpan i

Obvious prediction #1: mccain/lieberman unity ticket 08'

BUSH: “I don't drink alcohol. I can remember when I used to drink, I had trouble sleeping at night”

A salute to Rumsfeld on his final day

Iraqi vice president who met with Bush calls on U.S. to set timetable for withdrawal

Obama and family worry about personal safety during presidential campaign

Grammar Question!!!

Buh Bye! ---pix--->>>

(Reuters) Castro near death: Negroponte

OK Who In Bush's Adminstration/Repub Party Has The Nerve To Stand Up to Bush??

I think the Iraqis may be running out of busy markets

Is down?

New NPR Presidential Poll......"They like us, they really like us!"

A challenge to Rush Limbaugh - Debate me on your show (I know you read here)

Another Grammar Question: Pronunciation

Pssst! Yeah, I'm talking to you! Come here, I have something to tell you:

Why did Zogby ask me so many questions about Bethlehem

Homelessness & Safety - Bobbolink -

Saw a chilling and horrifying movie last night

Whatever happened to .... ??

Car bombs explode outside US bases in Iraq--police

Morgan Stanley's CEO Mack Gets Record $40 Million Bonus

Juan Cole: 40,000 additional troops won't work

Get your pets a microchip

C-SPAN asks Pelosi to roll back rule that puts House Speaker in charge of TV cameras on House floor

Baby Jesus returned

Hermaphroditic deer with seven legs ‘tasty’

Ceremony for 2006 Recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom - pics

TX Monthly: "If You Don't Buy This Magazine, Dick Cheney Will Shoot You In the Face"

Saudi-Gate is Treason Gate

$40 Million BonusMorgan Stanley's Mack Gets Record

Doctor: Senator responding to voice, touch

Did anyone here see "30 Rock" last night? There was a running theme on Condilieza. Alec Baldwin's

Mother Nature wreacking havoc on the Pacific NW.... again!

Tabasco maker scraps museum to build levee

Girl shows the spirit of giving (something wonderful to read today)

George Clooney & Don Cheadle report on their trips to China & Egypt requesting help for Darfur- pics

Group Challenges Wolf Recovery Program

Two-Thirds of Congo Basin Forests Could Disappear

Northern Hemisphere Warming Twice as Fast as South

Mysterious stomach bug sickens students, teachers in Tewksbury, MA

1,000 cartons of Kellogg's Frosted Blueberry Pop Tarts recalled

Democrats Determined to Take the Lead Managing Mideast Unrest

next to be silenced is U.S. Geological Survey by neo cons

Following Recent Claim That Bush White House Likes Reporters, Snow Apologizes To Gregory

Current Air Travel rules?

Mass Gov.-Elect Latest To Combat Conservative Spin That The Left Is "Soft On Crime"

Who in the hell is the enemy in Iraq?

Local Girl Makes An Emotional Plea To Santa (kleenex warning)

Another wingnut lie exposed

Vatican Priest tells Pope Ratso to celebrate Yom Kippur to attone for child-rape complicity

As nice as it would be to control the Senate the most important thing is that the HOUSE investigates

Cable "News" Newsmodels have a new nickname!

Over ONE MILLION With Out Power In WA STATE!!!

FITZ Adds To Speculation That CHENEY Will Have To Testify In CIA Leak Trial

After "broken TV sets, windows and other calamaties," Nintendo replaces Wii wrist straps

Naughty cons, death threats aren't nice! Nutty freeper:

Happy Birthday "BILL OF RIGHTS" Adopted To "Prevent Abuse of Powers" On 12/15/1791

Can You Smell It Yet? National ID Cards Coming Up

Solution To Iraq: Put it To a Vote (in Iraq)


Bush Could Hand Senate To GOP By Appointing Lieberman To Replace Bolton (Joe Conason)

The Great State of New Jersey

Donald Rumsfeld bids farewell, insists that invading and occupying Iraq was a swell idea

Fox News is so full of BULLSHIT when it comes to Sen. Johnson

Sign a postcard for Al Gore: Help me send a message to Congress Now is the time to act ACTION >>>>

The New Way Forward In Iraq! Robocalls?

Did anyone see the anti Wall Mart ad? An employee states she would

NewsBusters: Proving Stephen Colbert Right

When Animals Resist Their Exploitation

Captain Phonesex Dishonors U.S. Marines, Seattle, Toys and Tots: Bill Leads War Against Christmas

For Senator Johnson, from Harry Reid. Email:

NJ's creation of civil unions instead of marriage is a disappointment, but

1.5 million homes in Wash., Oregon without electricity because of storms

Baghdad residents hit by robo-calls....good grief

Soldiers lead Iraqi children in "Fuck Iraq" chant

The great divide...

Baghdad Residents Hit By Robo Calls (TPM)

This is the Captain speaking.....

The Chimp compares himself to Truman--what president should he compare himself to?

Loving listening to amy goodman on cspan 1. so so refreshing.

Gingerbread Nazis rally again

Proof of the ill effects of smoke follows:

Deputy Finds Rats Eating Man's Body..

"Runnin' Rummy", per bush the Decider

"Secretary of Fence"

Remember way back when there were no conspiracy theories?

Border Fence Firm Snared for Hiring Illegal Workers

c-span taking calls on rumsfeld now

For Welfare Clients, Temporary Jobs Can Be a Roadblock

YouTube documents war, upheaval in 2006

Top 10 things I want the new congress to pass or work on.

Cheney, "Rumsfeld the greatest Sec. of Defense ever."

You Better Watch Out

press conf with Tony snowjob now on cspan 1 --talking of Rummy etc

A sad state of affairs (adjacent threads in LBN)

Smirky stalls for the neo cons' new Iraq plan

FOX Mews has issued a vibrant red terra alert because

Where's Guy James?

"don rumsfeld is the finest sec defense our nation has ever had."

Oceans May Rise up to 140 cms by 2100 Due to Warming

William Safire was rewarded for his service to the * propaganda machine

Military Considers Sending as Many as 35,000 More U.S. Troops to Iraq, McCain Says

Carter's Double Whammy: Wrong On Israel, Wrong For Democrats

Who you crying for, Rummy? [PIC]

Anyone who thinks racism isn't perfectly acceptable on this board better look here

It's Friday Ya Bastids!!!

I posted a while ago asking if people were concerned about terror

Rumsfeld praised on final day at Pentagon - "We've been through war together," the president said.

my take on the little mans dragging his feet on what to do in Iraq.

Would you like to see America's electoral system changed?

Beck: Holocaust deniers - only one not there was Jimmy Carter

Daughter does political survey

That's nice, but... STILL no frickin' laser beams on their heads!?!


Next time someone tries to bring up the "positive" about Iraq...

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Fri 12/15 - The Fixiacator

Donald Rumsfeld is a dick.

Did anyone catch the last episode of last season's "24"?

Caption rummy, *, and cheney

(Polish) President calls reporter 'monkey'

True wisdom

Here's a reasoned view of Dodd and Kerry in Syria and the Mideast.

Cheney: Rumsfeld ‘Is the Finest Secretary of Defense This Nation Has Ever Had’

Border Fence Firm Snared for Hiring Illegal Workers

Stephen Colbert ALMOST gave Bush a Certificate of Presidency at Press Dinner

UK Diplomat's Suppressed Document Lays Bare the Lies behind Iraq War

Lamb read an item about D'Amato & Koch gushing over Hillary Clinton

What's going on with the Detroit Police HQ? Underground explosion??

Obama admirers looking for a "safe haven"? Lots of articles in the new Obama Group forum --

Iraq aid agency 'attacked' by US

X-mass , Iraq , the poor , the lost

Why is William Bennet allowed on Teevee?

FOX News Continues Its “Happy News Only” Policy About Iraq On Hannity & Colmes

ABOUT FACE: 1000+ Active-Duty Soldiers Call for Iraq Withdrawal

How do animals instinctively tell when something bad is about to happen?

BREAKING: Federal judge in California - rules lethal injection 'unconstitutional'

Bush says nearly 6000 Iraqis have been killed or captured by US since October

80 percent majority decries persecution by Jews, athiests, ACLU

Audio of Tim Johnsons Conference Call

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays from the Bushes

a nice Gore picture

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Katherine.

Randi Rhodes right now: saying

As a taxpayer and a Democrat, which do you resent the most?

radio question: Why is noon to 3PM considered a good time-slot?

US staying the course for Big Oil in Iraq

If hardball Matthews & others in the media had been this persistant for the republicans to

youtube vrs. audio feeds

"We sure pulled one over on 'em, didn't we?" (photo)

Bush says Iraqis must stop killing each other. He is getting very annoyed about it

Full Dinner Jacket. Bush >Rummy: "We've been through

Georgia State Rep. Roger Bruce =Sen Johnson

Top Ten things you know George W. Bush was thinking today at Rumsfeld's goodbye.

TOON: The Decider as the Thinker

War on xmas - my correspondence with a RW columnist

Cheney: Rumsfeld ‘Is the Finest Secretary of Defense This Nation Has Ever Had’

Official says Fla. execution was botched, Jebby suspends all executions

What the hell is wrong with Florida?

How can I help a Vietnam vet who is about to become homeless?

IKEA is set up as a sham charitable foundation as a tax dodge.

Respect for the 'office' of president works both ways.

Is this the smoking gun?

Glasgow professor thinks clothing for obese people should carry health warning labels

You know what makes me sick about this Johnson situation?

Laura Bush explains why Condi doesn't want to be president

Where do you want the 2008 Democratic National Convention to be?

Home Depot's ad on "pulled over Santa" too close for comfort

What's going on here??? (my first rant - yay!)

Mormon leader must stand trial on 2 felony rape counts

If Hillary wins the '08 election, will right-wingers respect her?

Wisconsin: Local Men Petitioning To IMPEACH Bush

aarrgghh can someone help me find a simple list of past state reps from Arizona?

Breast Cancer linked to HPV says Australian Research Scientist

Latest "War on Christmas" update.

What's with all the food illnesses lately? A normal thing, or government failure?

Observations from the Retail Wars: Uppers are Shopping; the Middle is Screwed

CNN Reporting White Powder Leakn From Envolope at UN

New Jersey Activists Want Farm Practices Declared ‘Inhumane’

Florida legislator ran for judge, used campaign donations from GOP partisans..lawsuit continues.

Gold Star mom on Fox thinks free human beings should not be able

Mid-40s in mid-December, home of "Over the River and Through the Woods"

My deep love & respect for President Bush grows more each day.

I just watched "An Inconvenient Truth" - now I have to persuade my Republican brother to watch it

Off The Table For Good Reason

Truthout's Sarah Olson Subpoenaed in Watada Case (New Development)

Publication Of Previously Suppressed Docs Show: Blair - LIED - About Saddam's WMDs

Title Dubya's autobiography

T'was the night before the Democrats

Why do you think they're asking for more troops?

How much money would you have to make a year to feel "comfortable" ?

NY Times Friedman: "Bush needs to get back to green roots"

Why do I get the impression Pelosi is dreaming

Suppressed Document Lays Bare the Lies behind Iraq War

Assholes check in here.

Trim the tree, drink the egg-nog, sing the hymns, but first . . . CAPTION!!!!!

Laura Bush sinks her claws into Condi

Bush: "I'm sleeping a lot better than people would assume." (w/ graphic)

Please don't miss this important post in GD-P by reprehensor.....

How the fundamentalists 'celebrate' Hanukkah....

OJ Simpson is a free man because

The Baghdad Billions: BBC Investigates Where the Reconstruction Money Has Gone.

“Six Brutal Truths about Iraq,” By Gen. Odom (READ THIS, dammit!)

Short people in charge?

Meet Elizabeth Kucinich

India's apparently been killing baby girls en masse for 20 years.

Noam Chomsky at his best here. CBC interview.


Happy Hanukkah, Y'all!

Ahmet Ertegun of Atlantic Records dies. What a man, what a man

Bush Says He Has More "Knowledge" Than Anyone Advising Him

I don't know what to think about the Ho Ho Ho dolls for kids

For FIRST TIME Since Vietnam - Soldiers Call For Iraq Withdrawal

Is Dennis Kucinich in it to win it, or to effect the debate?

Response from a Current Kucinich "Staffer" Ceil

O'Reilly: If kids of gay parents were equally healthy, why wouldn't eating cupcakes cause pregnancy?

Dobson and Medved warned of purported pro-gay "subtext" in Happy Feet

A picture of Mr and Mrs Kucinich that had me ROFL

You know why I love atheists?

RadioPower Going Silent?

EXCLUSIVE: White House Forbids Publication Of Op-Ed On Iran By Former CIA Official (Think Progress)

Solving The Out-Sourcing of America - POST YOUR PROGRESSIVE SOLUTIONS HERE! What have You Got DU??

Cheating college students are the lowest form of scum.

Barack Obama smokes???

I am a smoker

If you are sickened at the thought of a 250 yr old oak tree being cut to

Daily Show: Stewart bids farewell to Rumsfeld (7:48 min; Satire.)

Ani Difranco - Self Evident ... AMAZING POEM!!!

Mumia Abu-Jamal -- Never Again? Really?

mad world.

Kucinich' interview on CNN about his run for POTUS

Katrina vanden Heuvel: A Just Response...

The media is just dancing with glee at the thought of Senator Johnson dying, aren't they?

It starts with a list.....there was one in February 05 in Fargo, North Dakota.

Is John McCain's Fly opened?

And the Frontrunner Is... John Edwards? (Joe Klein's article in Time magazine)

Der Mittenfuhrer masters hiding from the press and avoiding questions

How McCain Became Irrelevant

Edwards Came Out Way Ahead in Iowa!

Email get well to Senator Johnson

Pollution Leaves Beloved Dolphin Of Yangtze Extinct

Rice on Iran and Syria: Are they really this stupid??

Condi, are those really the only two options you can think of?

POLL: Voters remain angry at GOP, support troop withdrawal, Dem advantage in 2008

David Broder on the media and Presidential contenders: solid reporting not star gazing

Christian teens active in elections

Kerry Urges Dialogue With Iran, Syria

The Three Laws of Middle Eastern Hostilities

NM Governor Bill Richardson to showcase diplomatic skills with North Korea meeting

AP: Sen. Johnson Responsive After Surgery

I am becoming disappointed in Ms. Pelosi.

* Says - “I Must Tell You, I'm Sleeping A Lot Better Than People Would Assume...

Besides Troops - Biggest Winner in Iraqi Pull Out is,,,,,,,,,,,,

Romney Odds & Ends

Sen. Barack Obama says he regrets financial arrangements with Ill. governor's fundraiser

what is this f***ing CEREMONY for Rumsfeld ????

Will Rumsfeld be gone soon??? I mean really, really gone.? I just

Early look: Top Ten Senate seats most likely to change party in '08 (three Democratic seats)

ATF Director resigns

Rumsfeld honored at Pentagon ceremony

Rush explained the wage disparity yesterday

Joe Lieberman's prediction

Rush is laughing heartily at David Duke's nastiness to Wolf Blitzer

Once again, Calvin {and Hobbes} anticipates Bu**sh** ...

(Reuters) U.S. must not quit despite "ugly" combat: Rumsfeld

Will Republicans Find the Courage to Tell Bush and Cheney It Is Time To Go?

Obama admirers looking for a "safe haven"? Lots of articles in the new Obama Group forum --

What should be investigated?

Delusional, parts I and II: Bush and Cheney on Rumsfeld

Are the Repuks still holding all the cards? What's up with Lieberman

Just watched Tsanami on HBO....gave disturbed memories about the 04 hurricanes here.

Snow said' the statement was not timed to coincide with Nelson’s visit.

Why are we putting everything on Pelosi's shoulders?

I heard Wolf mention another Republican had formed an exploratory committee.

Close Friend Of Bush At Center Of Coast Guard Contract Fiasco

Bandar's back?????

That Didn't Take Long - Congressional Dems Already Backtracking

Ex-Rep. Barr quits GOP for Libertarians

Losing Faith: Congress May Investigate ‘Faith-Based’ Initiative

The neocons, breaking the army and what Iraq's VP wants

The Dreamy Candidate With the Swoon Vote

Will Republicans Find the Courage to Tell Bush and Cheney It Is Time To Go?

"Dying For Saudi Arabia" (We Should Have Known)

Here's the Gingrich "contrasting" Thom Hartmann is talking about...

U.S. confronts reality of Iraq in 2006

Newt Gets His Own FOX News Special

John Edwards Gets It (Taylor Marsh in Huffington Post)

Kucinich wants to know: Impeach Bush/Cheney?

Chris Matthews just mentioned a Gore/Obama ticket...

AP: Denver May Not Land 2008 Convention

Former British diplomat makes public secret evidence on Iraq

ABC Breaking on Duke Case

The Chinese government's efforts to promote rule of law are significant and ongoing.

Would cutting off funds and withdrawing troops end the war?

Romney invokes Reagan in abortion switch

Bush administration hates gay people, brown people, old people, sick people, and now blind people

Evidence of MAJOR Political TECTONIC SHIFT (ASTONISHING Poll Numbers!)