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Archives: December 16, 2006

Gift of wreaths touches nation

How the Republicans are Stealing the November Elections

Actor Richard Dreyfuss speak about TV (other stuff)

Women Lose Ground in the New Iraq

Several Editorials on Latin America by the Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA)

Formerly Migratory Birds Staying Put, Mating This Month In Finland - AFP

Anticipated Sea Level Rise May Be Faster Than Previously Thought - BBC

Wisconsin Driver Hits Deer With 7 Legs, Nub Antlers - AP

Muscovites Await Winter - At Least 5 All-Time High Temps For December Set This Month - Scotsman

Judges Approve Fast Track For Six Planned Texas Coal Plants

Commission Rejects Inuit Petition Pressing US On Climate Change As Human Rights Issue

Harper Govt. Suddenly Decides To Resuscitate Liberal Environment Programs

Blair Says Transport Critical To Climate Policy, But Refuses To Back Down On Airport Expansions

Australia Experiencing Warmest Spring Ever Recorded

2006 Warmest Year On Record For Britain Since 1659 - Bloomberg

With 1 Week To Go Until Summer, Australian Fires Burn 20 Homes, Kill One

Victoria (Aus) Emergency Commissioner - "Unprecedented Fire Behavior" In Warming World - Age

Should Fmr President Carter debate Prof. Alan Dershowitz on Israel/Palestine?

UN: Palestinians in Iraq threatened

Arab-Israeli-Palestinian Peace: From Crisis to Hope

UN to register complaints against West Bank fence

EU backs peace plan worded by Spain, France, Italy

An elementary tale

Hamas accuses Fatah of attack on premier

Fungus killed thousands of ducks in SW Idaho

AP: Hezbollah Seeks More Power in Lebanon

Saudi inquiry decision faces legal challenge

Army chief accused of lying about Britain's readiness for Iraq war

3 more GIs killed in Iraq this week

Reuters: Iraq's Maliki promises to target insurgents-W.House (national conference Saturday)

Sovereign cutting 7 percent of work force (800 Jobs)

Bayh Bailing On '08?, Intense Speculation That Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind., Won't Make A Presidential Bid

Motion to dismiss Jennings' suit dead

Boeing Employee Fired After Laptop With Employee Info Is Stolen

Pentagon to move troops into Kuwait (from NC) -so begins the buildup

WP: Women Lose Ground in the New Iraq

Publisher behind O.J. Simpson book fired

Venezuela's Chavez says Castro does not have cancer

great moments in the war on christmas

What should I make for dinner?

The Beatles..Discuss..

Lets see your menorah

Is Lust still your favorite deadly sin?

Any northern DU'ers see the Aurora?

How do I post music?

List masterpieces and who made them.

"Everyone loves hot peppers....they just haven't figured that out yet."

Please help!! Comedy Central

Another chance to see TDS being filmed

my depression on philosophy

Dear Santa,

Gallagher blasts Beatles update

Is there a gas shortage? Have we returned to the 1970's???

Grammar Whores, check in! How would you rewrite this sentence?

A song for Hannukah

Can we finally agree that I'm an asshole?

Tonight's Assignment. Story time...

What should I have for dinner?

Is there a Classical Gas gas shortage? Have we returned to the 1970's???

Can we finally agree that an asshole is rosie?

When I need some rock and roll ear candy...

Redstone's new DU name should be RedStallone!

Flash Video: The Christmas Quiz

Who's finished shopping for presents?

I just watched Blazing Saddles (spoilers)


I have the hiccups

Gift wrappers....what is the weapon of choice?

I must get this for Christmas--best. shirt. ever.

Salt or no salt?

My dog is trying to post

Where Do You Sit On Chocolate?

I learned something new about humidifiers today...

Favorite Mel Brooks movie? (Bonus: Add your favorite quote!)

Welcome to Fucking, Austrria

REV emailed me. Her computer died.

Gilbert O'Sullivan--"Alone Again"--Gorgeous.

I caught the fucking squirrel in my attic! (follow-up)

I just watched Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith (spoilers)

I ate a whole bag of salt and vinegar kettle chips tonight...

Anybody want a cat?

Anyone else agree: Xmas music makes you wanna blow your brains out?

Sometimes I think the Lounge IS my only social life

Goddammit! I miss SRV.

What's the junkiest food you ate this week?

So I created a MySpace account.

pic thread (12/15/2006), 6:31 pm Pacific

"Behold, the sight of his noodly light." yes it`s-------------

"To Be Continued..." are the worst words in the English language.

I hate religious Xmas carols!

I predict that in 2007, matcom will be the new Rabrrrrrr

whoops wrong group

Flash Video: The Christmas Quiz

Poll in GLBT re "God".

Happy Hanukkah

Anyone here ever tried scanning a 35mm slide to look for a faint comet?

How long did it take you to realize 'God' doesn't hate you?

Jeff Bagwell Retires-Should He be in the Hall of Fame

ASTROLOGY - location

Michael Lutin - Jan. Vanity Fair - "Special Alert: Horoscope U.S.A."

nice oped on what's wrong with the press

OT: Bayh out!

TO THE CHOIR: If they vote for war, occupy 'em!

The signature wound of the war on terror

I can't find the LesbianDad post...

Morgan Stanley CEO gets $40M 2006 bonus

UK Diplomat Releases Suppressed Document That Reveals Lies Behind Iraq War

Friday Night at the TOONS

HarperCollins FIRES Judith Reaan over O.J. "If I did it" book

Gore is not going to run for president in '08

Rumsfeld decries dictators, weapons proliferators, and rogue regimes.

On Keith Olberman: Tony Snow apologizes for calling NBC's David Gregory

Government fails 10th consecutive audit

Hummmm... "create your own postage stamps"....this could be fun!!!

was there something passed where a company didnt have to put info on food

Reuters: Rice questions why Saudi might need nuclear energy

Bush Admin. Refuses To Tell Congress Number of Attacks in Iraq

Guardian:Britain never thought Saddam was threat - diplomat

Did you ever see such a sight in your life,

The feds contract with a firm with illegal immigrants to fence out illegal immigrants!

CNN Now: Florida suspends executions ...

Ted Kennedy on chris wallace sunday

Donald Rumsfeld...the poet.

I haven't heard anything about Tim Johnson. How's he doing?

Is Obama ready? Sit tight.

Shouldn't folks be petitioning certain state legislatures?

Women Lose Ground in the New Iraq

Hurray! I'm finally got SIRIUS!

Morgan Stanley CEO Gets $40M 2006 Bonus

The Battle Cry is Back Hell no we won't Go

Dobson and Medved decry "Happy Feet" for promoting homosexuality as - gasp - genetic!

Most Gitmo detainees freed after transfer

'...Finest Secretary of Defense This Nation Has Ever Had’

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! 10 days to Christmas

Twin irritants - Anderson Cooper and Rick Sanchez......

EXCLUSIVE: White House Forbids Publication Of Op-Ed On Iran By Former Bush Official

Too little, too late...Pincus and Milbanks in WP tell of Bush's lies March 18 2003.

i just heard Kate O'Beirne parrot that the states in Iraq are so great...

Why is Jeb called "Jeb"?


ABC: Motorists: We're Being Cheated with "Hot Fuel"

And the Wind will blow

So-called “Conspiracy Theories” in Perspective

Poppy Bush Says He's Ready To "Beat The Hell Out Of" Hillary Clinton If She Runs

Coulter or Hitler?

"I just don''t want them forcing it down my throat"

The Buzz - What People are saying about

Can Anyone Help Me Disprove This RW Tax Fable?

Breaking news: Judith Regan fired

80 Members of Congress Pen Letter to President Bush to Fund Renewable Energy

death penalty - seems to me that the only way to ensure

Oh no! I liked Glenn Beck on the radio today.

Warning Labels On Plus-Sized Clothing? Maybe

High IQ link to being vegetarian (BBC) {Healthier too!}

Biblical Question of the Day

who would you currently want for president

Caption this 1970's Christmas card of the Bush family

Matt Damon: Maybe The President’s Daughters Should Go To Iraq…

Book TV Schedule: December 16th - 18th

Venezuelan Lawmakers Pass Mandatory Community Service

Mr. IMPEACHMENT himself has left the GOP!!! Bob Barr is now a Libertarian!!!

"Liberty News TV"

CRYBABY ---pix--->>>

Republican Sen. Specter plans Syria trip

I wonder, how much money are they spending to find those Mt Hood

"Warmest Wishes for Freedom, from the ACLU"

Tom DeLay, Behind the Scenes on 'Hardball' - Matthews, pathetically kissing ass of disgraced rep...

Bill Clinton describing what motivates the Republicans in DC...

Barney's White House Christmas Video...Recut

Taylor Marsh With Significant Afghanistan Interview

Since All MEDIA AGREE....Obama is "New Face " of Dem Party

Iraqi Refugees To Plead for U.S. Sanctuary

You Know, I Wouldn't Want My Prez '08 Candidate Leading This Early

Do you think it is important that Democrats are united behind one Democratic Plan for Iraq?

MyDD: Breaking: Bayh is OUT

I am becoming disturbed that so many are behind Candiates they've Chosen!

Economy: Fed Statistical Manipulation (Again)

About Face: Soldiers Call for Iraq Withdrawal

Stinky's 08 Line. This may not make some of you happy ....

Pssst..."now John McCain is becoming a liablility"...from a GOP blog

General Wesley Clark on NPR Yesterday. Full text of Clark's remarks.

Maureen Dowd: Farewell, Dense Prince

Lone Star Iconoclast:The Difference Between Treason And Reason

Army Captain's Simple Demonstration: How to Win in Iraq (Stick Figures)

Limiting Free Speech and the Internet: When the Oligarchy Loses Control

From Iran-contra to Iraq

(Craig Murray) The War on Shampoo

Saudi inquiry decision faces legal challenge (Guardian)

The strict regime that is enticing Somalis to go home

Renewable Energy – Cannot Save Consumer Society

Climate change has animals heading for hills

Brit firm builds 640hp electric Mini

NYT/AP: Climate Change Melts Kilimanjaro's Snows

R&D shale oil extraction leases granted - AP

China urges oil consumers unite - Reuters

Israeli troops kill Palestinian gunman - medics

Abbas calls for early elections

Jimmy Carter Issues Letter to Jewish Community on Palestine Peace Not Apartheid

18 people hurt in Hamas-Fatah clashes in Gaza

Why they deny the Holocaust

Abbas: I have decided to call fresh elections in PA

MK Avigdor Lieberman's visit to US

UN demands an immediate halt to Israeli settlements...

We Made Google quotations today!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sat. Dec. 16, 2006

Its extremely easy to manipulate vote totals in DRE counties; & its happened frequently

Kempthorne wants Colorado River water pact from states next year

Testimony Helps Detail CIA's Post-9/11 ReachEuropeans Told of Plans for Abductions

U.S. claims Maher Arar still considered a threat to U.S.; will remain on watch list

Comparison to Bush Disgusts Signing Chimps

Arar still considered a threat to U.S.: (Amb.) Wilkins

Protests spark clashes in Bolivia

John Major leads calls for inquiry into Iraq conflict

Defiant Hamas rejects call for elections

Incoming Chairmen Ready to Investigate

Abbas calls for early elections

US envoy to meet one-on-one with North Korea

Perry sees Iraq "quagmire" absent changes (Dem Radio Address)

6 Suspects Detained in Sadr City Raid(another airstrike)

US 'troop boost in Iraq likely'

AP: McCain seeks more troops in Afghanistan

CNN: Gore to party with MoveOn members: 1,800 "Inconvenient Truth" screening parties Saturday night

Abbas seeks early vote to end standoff

WP: U.S. to Armor-Plate Iraqi Police Vehicles

Camp Striker dining facility becomes ‘No-Spin Zone’

Reid's `Dead-of-Night' Maneuvers on Measure Contradict Pledge

Breaking: Air search yields pair of climbers on north side (Mt. Hood)

Former president leads in Iran’s assembly polls - Reformist camp victory

CNN/Reuters: Secret dossier 'led to spy death'

Turkey, Israel agree to build pipeline

Bayh rules out White House bid in 2008

Other countries free U.S. terror detainees

Former Bush aide named to U.S. attorney post (interim appt. no senate confirmation)

Reuters: Iraqi PM invites Saddam officers to return to army

Workers struggle to ID Katrina victims

NYT: Options Weighed for Surge in G.I.'s to Stabilize Iraq: Troop increase option gaining ground

Brisk business for burial shrouds in Iraq holy city (Najaf)

WP: Incoming Democratic Chairmen Ready to Investigate Bush Adm. Actions in War, Counterterrorism

Bush spotlights economy; warns Congress on spending (radio address)

AP: 7 Afghans Return Home After Imprisonment (at Guantanamo Bay)

AP Showdown Looms Over Domestic Spying

Judge orders hand recount of ballots in crucial (PA State) House race

Tortured Canadian Still on U.S. 'Watch List'

Hospital closes units after babies get sick (CA)

Iran Prez: I'll Share My Nuke Technology

US Embassy doubles visa generation capacity (India)

(San Joaquin) Valley terror plot alleged

Climate change melts Kilimanjaro's snows

Smithsonian TV Deal Irks Investigators

U.S. Firm to Build China Nuke Reactors

Bush to send 30,000 more troops to Iraq

MSNBC Breaking: John Edwards To Announce Presidential Candidacy

Denver May Not Land 2008 Democratic Convention

Al-Jazeera (Saturday): Anti-Putin rally in Moscow

Ex-Rep. Barr Quits GOP for Libertarians

Survey indicates Iraqis in despair (90% say Iraq worse off now than under Saddam)

Confess! When did a day go by when LynneSin didn't have a post going?

Screw mountaineering!

Barack Obama

2400 Christmas songs diced and resmushed into one MP3 .

Do you ever start a thread and then

Does LynneSyn ever NOT have a post on the main page?

I hate when Windows forces updates on me...

Any cool new electronica?

"Let's hit the fuckin' road!"

Who's seen the movie "The Quiet Earth:?

Goddammit! I miss JFK.

Goddammit! I miss ELO.

Goddammit! I miss CRT.

What is the highest quality brand of commercial vitamins?

I know it is late, but it is still Friday here in SoCal! Bounce baby bounce!

Goddammit! I miss KFC.

Looking for a cool JFK "coffee table" book....

Aurora pics from all over of light show from latest solar flare

Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore, galloping through the sward

I feel very alone.

Dinner last night with my former co-workers.......What a blast!

You HAVE to see this: Howard Stern "visits" Jimmy Kimmel Live

Are vegetables vegetarians?

Memember Meadowlark Lemon?

The ULTIMATE tv toy!!!!!

The next time you argue with a repuke,

Is Africam messed up for anyone else?

I hate religious Xemas carols!

Yesterday I met the dumbest person in the world

One of the most dangerous (and offensive?) toys of all time...

Disney World Tells Santa Lookalike to Hit the Road

Fake news of Belgium's split causes outrage

Have you ever seen someone who looked exactly like someone that has passed away?

Wish me luck.

An offer for my DU friends...

A Year in the Life: Where the Bush Administration will be in 12/07

Has G.W Bush met with the aliens?

Off to take a break...

Don't mess with your parents


Damn Interesting

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Any Fans?

Anyone want to check out some really cheap music?

Have you ever altered your consciousness?

I have one question for all of you and one question only.

89.1Jazz with Jessica, on your internet tubes.

A Christmas Carol from AC/DC

I hate secular Xmas carols!

How to handle a delicate situation re: apartment tenancy

Are you now or have you ever been a vegetarian?

How do I get my kepyad to light up on my motorola razr?

Forrest Over Troubled Water...

Holy ZEUS!!!1 Just found out my phone calls can be picked up by WIRELESS

Which is your favorite Star Trek Color Bar? *pic heavy*

is there anything nicer than having your house spic n span, the decorations up

How do you environmentally safely dispose of candles?

!Bienvenido a el barrio!

Congratulations bif!! 10,000 posts

this is the coolest thing i've seen in weeks

Finally I am done x-mas shopping YAY!

Going to An Inconvenient Truth party tonight!!! I'm socializing. Woo Hoo!!!!!!

One angry Democrat!

my hair is so dirty that it hurts

How do you environmentally safely dispose of vandals?

Yoko's after me!

Democrats annoy the hell out of me.

You annoy the hell out of me.

Got a new cell phone today and I feel kinda old

Did anyone see the boy that swallowed a flashing toy on America's funniest videos?

I finally found a present for flvegan.

Congratulations wtmusic!! 20,000 posts

"Everyone's Bayh-sexual, they just haven't figured it out yet."

"Everyone's Boobah-sexual, they just haven't figured it out yet."

dogs and their owners annoy the hell out of me....

New Jerseyans annoy the hell out of me.

"X annoys the hell out of me" threads annoy the hell out of me.

I annoy me.

The DU Lounge annoys the hell out of me.

Vegetarians annoy the hell out of me.

I got my first Christmas present!

Today's Hippywife Music Appreciation Thread

Annoy the hell out of me, YOU!

Anyone hear anything from u4ic's operation?

"Everyone's High....they just haven't figured that out yet."

My six year old just ripped off Johnny's cash

Going to A Solidarity party tonight!!! I'm socialist! Woo Hoo!!!!!!

Bah HumBug : I'm so sick and tired of vandals. They struck again.

Happy 89th Birthday, Arthur C. Clarke!

Wow. I was at a club for 90 minutes last night and there were 2 separate fights!

Got an answer abt phones being monitored by WIRELESS receivers(thanks Nickster et al.)

Happy birthday LaraMN, cfield & unpossibles!!

I hope my kid grows up and annoys the hell out of me.

Congratulations Blue-Jay!! 15,000 posts

The DU Lounge enjoys the hell out of me.

Freeper presidents annoy the hell out of me

Wise President Bush comments on Pac NW storm damage

Leonard Nimoy had the hell annoyed out of him

PSA: Pyrex explodes when it gets too hot

Darth Vader gets his @$$ chewed out for losing the Deathstar

Saturday, December 16. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

My dog just had some top round


Attention Apple users! Do you use Safari or another browser?

I was being breastfed by a Vegan waitress at Olive Garden. Ask me anything.

My six-year old is singing Johnny Cash.

Recommendations for a cell phone headset with an amplifier?

Julie Newmar or Diana Rigg?

Are there any good free DVD burner programs?

Queer DUers! A Christmas Carol!

"Kids With High IQs Grow Up to Be Vegetarians"

I am a grouchymeister. Ask me anything.

something for vegetarians to consider....

My wife's Hannukah gift got the Heisman

Animals at the water hole on Africam.

HELP! I have information on the girl in the office everyone hates...

I am totally lost in the scientific world

When did the USA jump the shark?

Anybody out there have an "interest only" mortgage?

Circumsiced Vegans Breastfeeding at Olive Garden

Can't find a Nintendo Wii so he buys a !@#$%^ Playstation 3!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 12/16/06)

PS3, XBox 360, or Wii??

Everyone go vote in my poll!

Help! Basic sewing machine for mom...

So, is this the end of Battlestar Galactica? Being moved to Sunday night?

I was bored......funny cat pics.....

This is my 3,629th post. What shall I do now?

Jimi vs. Stevie Ray

Anyone here watch Sleeper Cell?

A quick Circuit City rant....

Nighthawks 68 (dial-up warning)

Which (UCC) ad is your favorite

Religion for Captive Audiences, With Taxpayers Footing the Bill

What do you see as the future of religion/faith/spirituality in America and around the world?

NYT: Episcopal Rift Drawing Near Point of Revolt

Here are three questions and answers with Dr. James Webb

Researchers Find Surprise in Makeup of a Comet

gay bashing in Ada, OK

**Stupid trade alert**

we've felt so stuck lately

Quick question about old surgery sites

Question about retrogrades on natal chart - what do they mean?

Obama Obama Obama

JK in Baghdad today.

Pepperdine Speech can be watched in its entirety online here

No Northern Lights, BUT

Help me choose for Dec!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The Death of Hors ( 'tis the season )

Here's what happens when a non-photog takes your picture!

How can anyone actually believe that 20,000 more troops...

OK. In November 2006 the voters woke up and sent a message

'Home of the Brave'

HOWARD ZINN for the hour with Bob McChesney -- Sun 2pm ET

Did I dream that Teddy Kennedy recently posed as a penguin?

What did Laura Bush say about Condi Rice to People magazine?

The latest today on Denver 2008......Salazar more optimistic.

3 Teens survived 13 days in Mt. Hood snow cave in 1976

Since when do you get a freaking parade when you've been fired?

Have you ever altered your consciousness?

3,000 by the end of the year?

DUers who have served in the miliatary: What do you think of the generals

Anyone have any word from Corpgovactivist?

Iraqi, US forces call air strike during Sadr City raid

If this "war" is so important maybe Bush's daughters should go over there

Save a Saturday and Solve Christmas . . . . please come and . . . CAPTION!!

A picture of dissonance and sadness

How many Iraqi "boat people" do you think there will be??

BBC: Litvinenko 'killed over dossier'

AP: Some Gitmo detainees freed elsewhere

Can anyone tell me what this letter from DHS FEMA means?

Red Crescent Official: U.S.-led multinational forces pose greater threat to the RC than insurgents

So went a colorful character...

what happens if the Vice President dies ?

Republican Sen. Specter plans Syria trip

Bayh tellls AP he is not Running either

Someday maybe a politician will break down the Marijuana wall.

Miss USA DISGRACES Crown by doing coke and making out with Miss Teen USA...

Goldman Sachs Announces Ginormous Employee Bonuses (avg. $623,418)

Speaking of Ariel Sharon.....(were we?).....what's the story on him?

Shopper had pattern of leaving child unattended

justice sings?

The Nation: "About Face - Soldiers Call For Iraq Withdrawal" (INTERVIEWS w/ Appeal Soldiers)

Surveillance footage of Queens NY 'groom shooting'

Trump on Rice; "Ilke her, but no matter where she goes, nothing ever happens

Cut and Run, the Only Brave Thing to Do ...a letter from Michael Moore

Christmas bonus for teachers-Students give staff night off by watching their kids

An observation on the "spirituality" of the Little Monkey.....

Specter candidate to switch to Democratic Party?

Barney White House Dog Video on DU. Performer Union Violations

When I see George W. Bush I see a real for sure cut in the wool, Fool

McCain seeks more troops in Afghanistan to smoke Osama out of his cave

I find Hillary's voice grating. Does it matter?

U.S. firm to build China nuke reactors

"Surge" is such a SEXY word!

In Rupert Murdoch’s world, they'll fire the Woman, Regan, and keep the Man, O'Reilly

President of Iran Denies that Holocaust Denial Conference Ever Happened

An email from Elizebeth Kucinich, she very well may be our First Lady one day

When a medical breatkthrough is in it's early stages there is no shortage of volunteers,

Morgan Stanley CEO gets $40Million 2006 bonus

I would like to recommend a post that has been locked.

Publisher (Judith Regan) behind O.J. Simpson book fired

Does Arlen Specter's new found "bravery" have anything to do with the Dems taking over?

Disney World Tells Santa Lookalike to Hit the Road

Russia to re-equip its new mobile ICBMs with multiple warheads

(Reuters) Fidel Castro phones Cuban officials: paper reports

Troops Who Led Iraq Invasion Prepare For Unprecedented Third Tour

mountain toping coal mining... national disaster.. a product of * redefining environmental LINK>I

George Bush Says He's 'Happy' for Mary Cheney

George Galloway rox the mike.

Bible heroes can fight alongside G.I. Joe

Air Force looks to outsource casket duty

Swiss Army weapons "kill 300 people a year"

Iraqi Joke of the Day

Researchers Find Surprise in Makeup of a Comet

Laura Bush/Condi Rice, to me it was clear enough, Laura was just doing....

Is this the incredible, shrinking presidency? bush losing the upper hand - - -

OMFG! LTTE actually quotes Limpballs....

Falwell: War on Christmas Continues: ‘Joy to the World’ Revised as Sex Romp

What would W be if his name was Joe Smith?

Troop Surges, everything old is new again.

John McCain’s War On Blogs


Bumper Sticker Ideas: Pro-Life & Talk Radio

George W. Bush Presidential Library Interactive Map

Yuck! I saw a "Condaleeza 2008" bumpersticker yesterday!

The Gift of the Magi: by O. Reilly

Snow Queen Vodka "official liquor sponsor" at snake Cheney's party

don't melt your money - you could go to prison

Regarding campaign staffers

Salon's "Person Of The Year"...S.R. Sidarth---"Macaca"

Damn Interesting

Leahy is forming a new subcommittee on Human Rights and the Law

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sat. 12/16 Sitting on the 'post'

Excellent LTTE in today's Seattle PI on "faith" in W

Suga Mama, Politicized

Calling for Gore supporters in Iowa!

Does Andersen Windows offshore?

Smartest Americans live in Blue Cities

Oil producers shun dollar

Why has Evan Bayh decided not

Dumbya finally does something right!!

Bush The Abuser: Google it..the ABUSIVE PERSONALITIES

Remember the future?

speaking as an Obama fan, I do worry about...

Ship the obscene bush twins off to Iraq - - -

Yoko's after me!

Come fight the War on Xmas, New Yearz, AND pre-school thug rap . . . please CAPTION!!!

NYT: Bayh Won't Run For Pres in '08

The Number of Iraqi Journalists Who Have Died In The Past Year Is Staggering

"Will The Chad Castagna Case Self-Destruct?" (Threatening Letter Freeper's Not Guilty Plea)


Showdown looms over domestic spying

TV Newser: CNN's Michael Ware on reporting from Iraq

Heads up! Live press conference on missing climbers, 2pm Oregon time (link)

Paternity test ordered in Duke rape case

McCain Says Major Financiers Will Back His 2008 Bid...

"I Love The Uniform, It's So, So Sexy"...

Design Iraq War Memorial - Request For Ideas

Question for African Americans: Does Jesse Jackson speak for you?

Salon Person of the Year

Head spinning and Angry

Bad news, America: World doesn't like We the People

Media shill on the McLaughlin group

Fox news and Mosanto : A Corporate Marriage Made in Hell

Teacher Under Fire for Bottle Bathroom

Climate Change Desperate Solutions and "Buying us a Few Decades"

ABC Breaking 30,000 additional troops

Are DH & I asking for trouble? His holiday party gift exchange:

U.S. taking a tougher line with detainees at Guantanamo.

Which Is a More Logical Option? (Pet Store Protests)

Cancer drop suggests link to menopause hormones

Is new Bush Iraq exit strategy to have Dems cut off funding? Bring it on!!

Do you live in a red city and/or red state, and if so, why?

TREE REDUX. Do Atheists have trees in their living rooms

Drudge Exposed As Head Of Liberal Media!!! This Is HUGH!!!!


teddy Kennedy on Air America now talking of health care

A question for DUers whom have served in Iraq or had someone in Iraq

Got around to viewing "Control Room" yesterday ....

Who will win the '08 nomination (not who should win, but who will win)


7pm - How Corporations and Governments Addicted the World to Oil and Derailed the Alternatives

more on Solar production of Hydrogen

I Cry for Christmas

"CBS & Charlie Sheen ridiculed & mocked Christ, Christmas & Christians!"

Who exactly is the ruling class in the United States?

Fox most "anti-religious" network

Clark on the 30,000 increase in troops: temporary measure, marginal military advantage

E&P: Laura Bush wants focus on Iraq "schools opening": L.A. Times reports a different school story

MSNBC's Carlson joins Limbaugh in taking Obama "big ears" comment seriously...

George W. Bush's Unreported Contempt and Hostile Disrespect for the American People

Woman gets first Maine delivery of discounted Venezuelan oil...

Did you think that you'd be saved by burning flags to cleanse yourselves of shame? Graphic Warning

Citizen Dreyfuss - by Katrina vanden Heuvel

Searchers ready mass attack of Mt. Hood--(3 Missing Climbers on Mt. Hood)

Outline: The Case for Private Armies?

Do you ever put folks on "ignore" and why?

U.S. still stuck on stupid in Iraq

Kids With High IQs Grow Up to Be Vegetarians

"James Baker ran after W. with a butterfly net for a while. . ."

Are George W. Bush lovers certifiable?

BBC: Healthy newborns killed in the Ukraine - for stem cells

america (the united states) is dying a slow, agonizing, death.

Iraqi Red Crescent: US Is Biggest Humanitarian Threat...

Sunday Talk Shows

Phone cards for veterans

The rest of the world makes jokes about us -- here's one from Iran

Gift ideas for the freeper in your family

Primary Fear: Musings on the upcoming DU bloodbath.

Explain how America fell for such an ass whistle?

Kerry: Iraq Visit Helped Focus His Views

Dems control congress so Meet The Press gives stage to Newt Fricking Gingrich.

Would Abraham Lincoln be classified as a Liberal or Conservative today?

Clearing up the Mount Hood situation

Have you ever seen a more happy couple?

On - Edwards to enter 2008 race..

Comparison to Bush Disgusts Signing Chimps

Convince me that the argument for vegetarianism isn't flawed.

Summary of Conyers Town Hall 12-15-06

Kucinich on the war in '02

Does the Pentagon have too many golf courses?

I saw something at the mall that made me want to scream.

'Don't Sweat Small Stuff' author (Richard Carlson) dies at 45

The hi-tech ePassport could make forgery and identity theft easier, BBC Click discovers.

What are the negative consequences of drilling in ANWR?

Bush says the $3.70 a day he thinks wages rose by this year will bring a family of 4 holiday cheer

Kerry Reveals 2004 Campaign Was Botched Joke

Edwards Offers Progressive Agenda (Associated Press)

Shopper had pattern of leaving child unattended (Story update)

John McCain

What should our position regarding refugees be??

An Olive Branch to smokers, and perhaps a compromise?

Bye-bye Bayh. Bayh won't run in 2008.

Primary 2008: The first battle

Am I to discount everything TruthOut has ever written because of one incident?

Revolutionary Motives

The Twilight Zone: The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street pt 1

Oliver North questioned about plan to use FEMA for martial law

President Speaks To The Nation, FDR 1933/05/08 (1933)

Golden Slumbers War Movie

Insane ANTI net neutrality commercial... from the telcom companies.

Letterman's Great Moments in Presidential Speeches compilation

A Perfect Circle - Pet

Amazing footage of FDR's 1936 landslide win.

Revolution in Cuba (Errol Flynn talks about his experience with Castro)

“Do not kill a woman, a child or an old man. Do not cut a tree”.

My Iraq Solution - "Pieces With Honor"........

Where Can I Find Out Who Is On What Committee And What

Bush's "Double or Nothing" for Victory

The Senate challenging White House over Iraq policy...

Rumsfeld and Cheney vow that America will stay on the Iraq

"Saudis Say ..."

Biting Humor from the Onion: "Operation Desert Santa"

If Condi were elected Prez would W be the 'first mate'?

Does not play well with others...

Co. That Builds The Border Fence Caught Hiring Illegals!!!


The Latest Political-Book Best-Seller List

US News Does Dem Senators with Repub Govs Death Watch

two months after heavy Republican losses

AP passes along press release: Bush wants to be "moderate", "rejects most dramatic Iraq options"...

The Community of Democracies

Options sought for surge in U.S. Troops.....You keep hearing about this, is it real??????

Pelosi's First Priority is to Halt Iraq War

This is what's guiding bush now.....

So much for the EXPERIENCE factor for 08

The Saturday Cartoons

`08 Wish List

Why did the US government chose to depose Hussein?

Japan routinely rigging and manipulating “town meetings,” meant to air the views of ordinary voters

Gov. Richardson meets North Koreans in Santa Fe

Senator Chafee to Take Post at Brown University

Proof that Washington, DC is surrounded by a bubble that IRONY CANNOT PENETRATE!

Mother Teresa said:Mother Teresa said: I will never attend an anti-war rally;


John McCain's War on Blog & bloggers!

What an amazing bloody catastrophe

U.S. Soldiers make fun of Iraqi children. MORONS!!!

Breaking on MSNBC: Edwards to announce

Economic competition between localities in China

Plugging a Must Read Blog about Media Predictions

Got an Abramoff link?

Electoral map for 2008

The "surge" option for Iraq is a fantasy

John Edwards to Run Baby Run!!!!!

Gore is a candidate for Time PY: Go vote at!

Richardson on withdrawal: "fewer will die than if we stay."

AP: Bayh rules out White House bid in 2008

Edwards to Claim Front-runner Status in polls within a month (my bet)

Edwards to Enter 2008 Race

We expect individuals to work for a living and then corporate

People NOT running for president in 2008

I Love Dennis?

Who else besides me does NOT have a favorite potential 08 candidate?

All of the Bills Ever Proposed by Barack Obama

Barack Obama has as much experience as Adlai Stevenson did

Good Bayh Evan

Rosie O'Donnell

The Case for the Impeachment of George W. Bush - Count 2: Domestic Espionage

I will vote for the Democratic Presidential nominee in November 2008, no matter who it is!!

Is John Dean Lost in the Fog of Watergate?