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Archives: December 19, 2006

No Canadian Seafood to be Served at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Cafes Until Seal Hunt is Stopped

SEESHOLTZ: Satan, Soy and... Shrinking Penises?

Clinton Impeacher Quits Republicans (disillusioned) - AP

The Ancient Failings of George W. Bush (Steve Horowitz)

Pentagon Cites Success Of Anti-U.S. Forces in Iraq (WaPo, 12/19)

The Killing of Jean Charles de Menezes - A Missed Opportunity.

The Highwaymen (privatization of roads) (MOTHER JONES)

Dirty Business: E-waste in Nigeria (BBC) {Audio/Podcast}

Gotta xpost this Toles 'toon from GD ...

Israel's informers - real and imagined

Who Deserves Democracy? In the Palestinian territories, hypocrisy is the best policy

Israel arms sales peak despite Lebanon war fallout

Former Pres Jimmy Carter now is an "Anti-Semite." Here's the article...

A test

Currently watching "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime"

Firefighter Describes “Molten Metal" at Ground Zero,

(Reuters) U.S. must tighten port security: panel

AP: Mich. to Delay Affirmative Action Ban

No Canadian Seafood to be Served at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Cafes Until Seal Hunt is Stopped

EPA relaxes rules on reporting of release of toxic chemicals

Reuters: US govt withdraws demand for return of secret memo

US trade deficit soars to record reflecting higher oil bill

MSNBC's Olbermann Seeks Big Raise

Mass. health plan drawing interest as model for US

Pentagon Cites Success Of Anti-U.S. Forces in Iraq

Report Links 9/11 Memories to Proximity

Coroner faults Brit's death in Iraq ("unforgivable and inexcusable" delay for body armor)

Georgia lawmakers gear up to oppose national ID requirements

NYT: U.S. Inquiry Falters on Civilians Accused of Abusing Detainees

As Talks Resume, Army Ponders Trying To Break Goodyear Strike (Taft-Hartley Act)

Hillary Clinton Says She Wouldn't Have Voted For Iraq War

Senator Removes His Block on Federal Court Nominee

Rangel: I Support Giuliani-Kerik Ticket

First lady Bush treated for form of skin cancer

New Life youth pastor resigns over sexual misconduct (Haggard Church)

AP: (Roundup)-resistant weed worries farmers

Rapist preys on men in Houston area

Iraq Insurgents Starve Capital of Electricity/ NYT

I am ,knackered

Sheriff called about marijuana-filled firewood

Mr. Bigstuff....

Irony is not dead

Anyone wanna loan me a better Internet connection?

What is the best music site

Will the recent NBA fines result in...

Ok. I don't get it. What's wrong with Rachel Ray?

Big Lounge love for Midlodemocrat

US cartoonist Joseph Barbera dies

I got maid!! I got maid!!! Wooooooo Hoooooooo... CHECK IT OUT!!

I sent myself a total of seventeen PMs today

Who shares my opinion that Hannity and Colmes has to be one of the best COMEDY shows

Natasha Lyonne Dog Molestation Charges to be Dropped

Aldi's or Sav-a-Lot?

The Knicks won! 8 players left after the suspensions and they beat Utah!?

It's a little strange, but I take enormous comfort in this song:

That SNL "D**k In A Box" music video is flat out funny.

Anyone seen the movie "The Quiet Earth"?

Who cares about the holiday? I'll take cookies any time I can get them!

Ghosts of Rwanda.

I'm here...but I'm just carry on.


I like to smoke cigars

Gallagher gentle as a Li-amb

My 21-year-old cat loves canned food as a treat

So, I think I got a good deal on Plymouth Gin Today.

I watched "Mean Girls" today

ever have a DU crush but then

I complained to the manager of a restaurant this weekend

In this thread, try to get IN BEFORE THE LOCK!!!!!!!11

KFC knockoffs


I finally broke down and bought one!!

Something weird just happened

I turned the f'er in!

Even though Meryl Streep did an excellent job in the role,

I watched Harvey,Munich and Syriana while home sick yesterday.

I don't need no stinkin' helmet

Hey all naughty girls...

Who would you want to be President/VP in 2008?

An update of sorts: No more worrying about the guy at work who kept asking me out.

I watched " V for Vendetta" last night. What a wild movie!

Help me find some really, really good Henley T-shirts, short and long sleeve.

Cross-posting fromt he computer support forum...My computer hangs at "Verifying DMI Pool Data"...

Who keeps stealing the "Fucking" signs?

did john cena just join DX?

Jesus, DU's ugly tonight.

Pet boa constrictor chokes owner


how many others LOVE the soundtrack from Valley Girl...?

Christmas Cookies!!! Christmas Cookies!!! Christmas Cookies!!!

My family is bored with Christmas

Does your supervisor call in to you when he's not coming in?

LynzM said I have to post this in its own thread

There's been a hoot owl howlin' by my window now

OK..Steely Dan Fans...your top 5 Dan Tunes

OK, you KNOW there's a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang remake at some point.

who has a good lentil soup recipe?

NY Times: "Episcopal Parishes in Virginia Vote to Secede."

Talk In Class Turns To God

The Nose Knows Better

Lance Bass's Boyfriend on "Tyra"

Galileo and Gays: Credibility Lost, Yet Again (Mel Seesholtz)

ESPN are a bunch of effing idiots

New Moon in Sagittarius - Wednesday, December 20, 9:01 am EST

E-mail from Cam to another DUer:

OT: So Hillary FINALLY sorta kinda regrets her IWR vote

At least the international press treats Kerry with respect

How to Read Thomas Friedman

You can't take pictures here! Yes I can!


Think Progress Best Liberal Blog

The Human capacity to Destroy has far surpassed

31,709 Earmarks Later, Bush Decides Pork Is A Problem

House Dems slam troop increase plan (Ike Skelton)

Do you agree with this quote?

Former Rep. Les AuCoin (D-OR): Sen. Smith "shooting the wounded"

Bush* War Approval 28 % Per CNN Poll

Gov. Schwarzenegger Orders Staff To Fix Lethal Injection Methods

I didn't know Mark Foley moved to Houston

Marijuana Top US Cash Crop, Analyst Says

Natasha Lyonne Dog Molestation Charges to be Dropped

Breaking up is hard to do (photos)

Has the push-polling of John McCain ever been proven?

Anniversary of War is Peace speech: worst speech in American history

Pet boa constrictor chokes owner

'Santa' charged with kidnapping girl

Quick Question: Where would one go to buy a flag of a foreign country?

Death toll from windstorm rises to 12: Seattle Windstorm

Did Keith Olbermann have a show tonight?

It can be only one of two things, either lil g'orge goes down or we loose our democratic style

Hillary Clinton Says She Wouldn't Have Voted For Iraq War

Via Daily Kos: "Help fight Factory Farms" -please K& R DUers.

It's beginning to look a lot like....Easter?

LMAO! someone *please* tell me they recorded the Shrub Impersonator

Did God resign as Dubya's adviser?

ACLU Fights Rhode Island Abstinence Only Program

Fighting Crime Using Videos on YouTube

If two unrelated gay people cannot adopt, how was Brad Pitt able to

I think if there is going to be a fight for the city, it probably

Anyone hear Howard Zinn on Democracy Now?

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!

Hey Condi...Do us a favor...

In this thread, try to get IN BEFORE THE LOCK!!!!!!!11

With leadership like Harry Reid, who needs Republicans?

Scottish soldiers forced to share kilts for now (life has its snarfuuus)

Who would you want to be President/VP in 2008?

25 Cuban refugees land on Longboat (Sarasota FL)

"Surge," my ass. Just another pretty word for the politicians to hide behind, signifying nothing

Saudi report -- Iranian infiltration of Iraq

Keith Olbermann's show tonight is "Best of Special Comments"

Nixon on Babs Bush: "that woman sure knows how to hate"

the wwe had on a bush impersonator .......

Leader at Haggard's church out over sexual misconduct

Clinton beats McCain, Giuliani and Romney in Newsweek Poll

Quarterly report says Iraq violence at highest level on record

He didn't have to do it. That's one reason he's still admired

Random thoughts - Music in the stores?

Bob Barr has quit the GOP

Highest-Ranking Female Officer Killed In Iraq Was Escorting Oliver North and Newsweek Journalists

How the Jews and secularists did not steal Christmas

Just watched "United 93"

The Ervin Committee Report on Watergate

Moral Values and the American War in Iraq

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Welcome Sirius, KSAC in

There is a bright side to the NSA Wiretapping...

What is so special about Rudi Giuliani?

So Hugo turns to INTERNAL affairs

I lost my best friend this year.

Why did the aspens turn?

hannity's fill in today spent quite a bit of time trashing Hillary....let them

Re: The Surge: "Harry Reid Had A Moment of Political Cowardice"

I have a deep, gut feeling that Bush is going to be impeached..

12% of Americans support Bush

Who should I have my company donate $100 to?

Did 9 U.S. troops die in Iraq today?

So, My question about universal health care . . .

Yogi Bear Creator Joe Barbera Dies at 95

Publisher (Judith Regan) Allegedly Cited 'Jewish Cabal'

A Top Female Officer Died In Iraq So Oliver "Iran-Contra" North Could Jack Up His FOX Ratings

Keith Olberman is doing a special special comments show...

Tim Johnson - a staunch and quiet defender of Native Americans

Hillary Clinton Says She Wouldn't Have Voted For Iraq War

Iranian Election-Good news. Now, watch Condi & Cheney blow it.

My young friend Courtney

THANK YOU JON STEWART! for the 12 footer!

Bush Administration (Stolen) is WORST I'VE SEEN IN MY LIFE! Any Oldies Agree?

Elliot Abrams must go! A challenge to bloggers from Juan Cole

Something here I found very disturbing today

Its all about the water. The bfee's purchase of a large tract of land in Paraguay


Profiles In Balls - Colbert is at it again!

Did I hear correctly? Bill Kristol will be Jon's guest tomorrow night?

The Christopher Reeve First Amendment Award......Sean Penn (kickass speech)

It's worse...much worse than we ever imagined!

I visited a Marine's wife today

Sirius subscribers: Mike Malloy tonite at 9 ET, ch. 146. Yay! nt

The Truth About The Grinch (Chronic Pain Sufferers and Caregivers should read)

I thought Vilsack was good on The Daily Show

Tom Vilsack on TDS tonight: Jack Welch on Colbert:

The tragic ending

WaPo: White House pushes troop buildup; Joint Chiefs say NO!

Dear DUers, please help my thread - it's sort of a research project.

To Any Of Those That Think Slowly Freezing To Death Atop A Mountain While Being Completely Terrified

Hockey player fired for not signing flag for troops (Canada)

A (perhaps dumb) question about dropping the bomb on Hiroshima

Nakagawa calls U.S. A-bombing of Japan 'an inexcusable crime'


Laura Bush has skin cancer

Bill O'Liarly & Sean Vanity...

Pearl Jam - Do The Evolution

Daily Show - Jon Stewart's Crossfire Follow-Up...

Rep. Steny Hoyer - There was no oversight. There was no fact finding...

Do They Know It's Christmas? Hurricane Katrina is not over.

Kerry, Dodd hold talks with Lebanese leaders on political crisis

Attacks in Iraq at record high: Pentagon

Gates: "Failure in Iraq at this juncture would be a calamity that would haunt our nation"

Halliburton Solves Global Warming - "It's essentially a gated community for one,"

Lester Brown: Santa Claus is Chinese, or Why China is Rising and the US is Declining

"like four stooges helplessly prostrated to the phony one...."

If Lyndon LaRouche gets in the race, it's all over!

Latin-American elections: Leftist candidates ahead in Guatemala and Paraguay

Tauscher Primary?

Tauscher Primary?

Biden plans to run

Does primary season normally start this early?

It is too bad that Bayh and Warner decided not to run

US Army May Break Goodyear Strike

Keith Olbermann: GREAT commentator, or the GREATEST commentator?


Email from Cam Kerry about getting ready for Election 2008

Iraq 'surge' won't solve quagmire

Hillary Clinton Says She Wouldn't Have Voted For Iraq War

If anyone thinks that the 2008 candidates or nominee won't be swiftboated

What other political discussion forums do you belong too?

Folks, neither Hillary nor Kerry are going to be our nominee. There is just no way.

A Simple Plan

Dr Dobson slapped down by multiple researchers, told not to distort

Eating the Planet Like a Bag of Doritos for Jesus

Joseph A. Palermo: Why President Bush Must be Impeached

Santa: Please Grant Us These Wishes

'Sustainability' gains status on US campuses - CSM

Peggy Noonan on Barack Obama

How the Democrats can Keep the Youth Vote

Bush 'brainwashed' Blair over Iraq

Ignatieff named deputy Liberal leader by Sisam Delacourt - Toronto Star

Standing up to Ahmadinejad: Discontent Brews in Iran

Woman beaten on Jerusalem bus-didn't move to the back

Happiness (and how to measure it) The Economist

Roberto Lovato: Rounding Up the Usual Immigrants

Robert Gates Lines Up with Bush (Robert Parry)

Starbucks to Build First Coffee Franchise on the Moon

The Smoky Bomb Threat by Peter Zimmerman - New York Times

HIV Injustice in Libya — Scapegoating Foreign Medical Professionals (NEJM)

Iraq was terrible mistake, thinktank says

Brent Budowsky: Rush Is Wrong

Missing: a functional Iraqi state

WaPo: Failure in Iraq? We've Already Failed

James Moore: Men without Honor

Froma Harrop: Will Americans Sacrifice for Posterity?

BBC's Andrew North Baghdad diary: Another planet (Blair's visit to the Green Zone)

FT: How Bush can fix his policy failures

Davis Sweet: A New, New Way Forward in Iraq

US mountain troops feel the heat in a ‘forgotten war’

Sean Penn: On Receiving the 2006 Christopher Reeve First Amendment Award


Jabari Asim: The Invisible Men - Blacks in the Revolutionary War

Eating the Planet Like a Bag of Doritos for Jesus

Troops make little Iraq difference: Evans (Australia)

LAT: White House accused of censorship

Iran and Iraq, Fourteen Questions You Shouldn’t Have Any Trouble Answering.


Four Years After Prestige Oil Spill, Cleanup Crew Members Show Genetic Changes - DPA

Survey Results - Roughly 50% Of Americans Unaware Humans, Dinosaurs Were Not Contemporaries - AFP

Experts Say Entomb WWII Sub Off Norway (mercury)

Car Washing, Lawn Sprinklers Will Be Banned In Melbourne Effective New Year's Day

In your opinion, what's the best environmental group to support financially?

Ok who woke everyone up?

Washington DC Breaks All-Time Temperature For December 18th By Seven Degrees - WP

Great Barrier Reef Shark Populations Collapsing - Mongabay

Clinton's Climate Negotiator - "The Word (Kyoto) Is Radioactive" To Bush - Reuters

Shenzhen, China's Dream, Choking On Growth Amid Brutal Work & Foul Environment - NYT

Spain On Track For Warmest Year Ever Recorded - Reuters

James Cook University - Reef Dieoff Worst In At Least 11,000 Years - Mongabay

Cooling down with solar power (Jamaica)

Finally watched AIT last night....

Kucinich Declares Victory for Protecting the Great Lakes-U.S. Coast Guard Ceases Live Fire Weapons

Solar energy park proposed (1000 MW, Colorado)

UK Offshore Wind Projects Given Green Light

Interesting piece on responding to climate crisis deniers

Palestinians seek security abroad

Right activists return to Homesh, announce reestablishment

Four killed as Gaza violence resumes

Jordan's king hosts Israeli PM for talks

Christians plan 'night to honor Israel'

Palestinian: Soldiers invaded my home to nap

Court: Ban on Palestinian students in Israel is unreasonable

Netanyahu to ambassadors: It's 1938 again, stop Iran

Factional shooting at Gaza hospital

Palestinian girl, 14, killed by IDF fire near West Bank fence

Willie Rodriguez invited to Iran.

Thermite vs. Steel Engine Block

911 facts....

Implosion World: Were demolition comes alive

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday, 12/19/06

Voting Expert- Florida Dist 13 biggest problem likely due to ES&S programming problems

AP: Marine captain to be charged in Haditha killings

U.K. official: Iraq fuels terror threat

CNN/AP: Spokeswoman: Senator Johnson shows signs of recovery

Slashing earmarks could hurt innocents

Senator (Durbin) seeks detainee abuse case update

Connecticut soldier killed in Afghanistan

Russia says UN Iran draft meets main concerns: Ifax

US to warn Iran with naval buildup in Gulf- CBS

MNF Iraq: One Marine killed in western Iraq

Equator's glaciers slipping away

WP:State Dept. Losing a Top Figure In Terror War

Sadr Army is called top threat in Iraq

NYT: Mayor Bloomberg Plans New Office to Help New York City's Poor

Gunmen seize at least $875,000 in Baghdad heist

AP: Polish Leader Asked to Extend Iraq Tour

NYT: Hungry for Coverage: Edwards will announce candidacy next week in New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward

Conservatives fear tax-increase deal (Bush with Dems)

Dollar dropped in Iran asset move

White House Backs Off Bush's Iraq View

Reuters: Report: Iraq on Brink of Becoming a Failed State

AP White House: No fight with Joint Chiefs---gee, they must not want

AP: Iraq Executes 13 Prisoners, Shows Video

LAT: Iraqi TV station plays up U.S. losses

NYT: Censured PBS Bunny Returns, Briefly

NYT/Reuters: Blair has Failed to Influence U.S.: Report

65 bodies found dead throughout Baghdad

CNN Poll: Only 11% Back Call to Send More Troops to Iraq

Reuters: Iraqi vice president favors U.S. pullout timetable

Fannie Mae VIPS charged by feds (Clinton’s budget director)

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Democrats leave Bono disappointed: No promise of funds

Anti-Defamation League Condemns Regan Remarks

CBS/AP: Security Council Group Makes Deal On Iran

Mt. St. Helen's minor eruption

An eruption at Mount St. Helens sends steam plume billowing over Washington state

Rice calls for end to Palestinian violence

Washington Post: President Bush plans to expand the size of U.S. military

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday December 19

Violent Crime Is Up For 2nd Straight Year

Brownback Wants to Re-Question Nominee

iPhone surprises technology world (BBC) {NOT from Apple}

Radio, TV Martí to be aired locally (S. Florida)

Union Balks At Denver's Democratic Convention Bid

Veep's home: The Buck Stops Here (Dead deer on Cheney's lawn)

U.N. evacuates 71 workers from Darfur

Bush Plans to Put More Troops in Iraq

Denver's convention hopes hit snag

Inflation roars back with 2 percent wholesale price jump

Ga. school district abandons stickers ("Evolution is a theory, not a fact.")

Libya sentences medics to death

Jennings camp expert testifies on first day of election suit hearing

Court halts Maryland executions

Steel column installed for WTC tower

Johnson's son says senator is recovering

Insurance institute not impressed by minicars, suggests drivers buy bigger

Reuters: Costs for Iraq war approach record - U.S. official

Former Irish PM Haughey took cash for favours

Washington Post: President Bush plans to expand the size of U.S. military

Democrats put off convention decision

NATO jets kill several Taliban in Afghanistan

Reuters: US to warn Iran with naval buildup in Gulf- CBS

Senator Seeks Detainee Abuse Case Update (Durbin)

Tubbs Jones to head House ethics committee

WP,pg1: White House, Joint Chiefs At Odds on Adding Troops: "unanimous disagreement of Joint Chiefs"

Documentary says French troops had bin Laden in sights

Breaking: Cheney to Be Defense Witness in CIA Case

US soldier suicide rate in Iraq doubles

Paramilitary Ties Implicate Colombia's Political Elite (right-winger Congress, ETC.)

Swift & Co. Facing Employee Lawsuit

Pot is called biggest cash crop (in entire country!)

I want to snuggle up between Brad and Angelina.....

Forget the Cowboy Pajamas - Leopard Print Pajamas!

Hey stores, here's a crazy-ass idea:

Good fantasies?

Caption this logo

2008 Presidential Poll

When should the U.s. leave Iraq?

Should we sponsor a CapAlert movie review?

Freedom Rock

"Shoelace"- Charles Bukowski

Big fun volunteering today!

My dog snores

How many non-smokers here drive a van or SUV?

Every so often Madonna surprises me...

I just got off the phone with Bernie Ward at KGO

This could be funny if people weren't probably dead

The blue sun melts the red snow.

people, man...

Need 100,000 Free Condoms or Lubricant? Order Online From New York City

At Least 35 NFL Players Have Been Arrested This Year

shouLd mountain cLimbers pick up smoking?

2 Arrested For Stabbing 12-Foot Inflatable Frosty The Snowman

Woman Tells Police The Crack She Just Bought Wasn't Very Good - Arrested

Wanna See Mrs Matcom's Xmas Present?

We Need Some Log Pics Thread!

Help needed

I get a post on DU home page and I can't even get the typo fixed

Cartoon pioneer Joe Barbera mourned

What is the Gnarls Barkley album (CD) like?

Twas the Blog Before Christmas -- Let others finish this

Good news for NASA dorks like me

when pop/rock/country stars record Christmas music, do

Need help finding name of Movie. (should be easy)

CNN Poll

Talk softly and carry a big __________.


What did you do this weekend? I had a personal best in my Half-Marathon time!!!

10 worst toys of all time.

If you liked the BSG Holiday Card - Here's one for 24 Fans

Baby Jesus Stolen, Taken On Road Trip

Check out the thread on Ava in GD! Congrats Ava.

All I want for Solstice is this:

I never want to hear the word "abend" again

Required viewing in case the Lounge gets raided.

Just in time for Christmas: How to be a good customer, a retail rant from LeftyMom.

and a little something for KitchenWitch to tide her over till the season starts...

So, does Brooklyn hold the charmers underneath?

Feeling worse than a Neocon in Rangel's office

Willie Nelson fans - help finding a song -- ??

78 Year Old Man, Upset With Home Depot Customer Service Brings Gun Back To Store

Where's a Terminator when you need one?

Good Vibes needed Please!!!

When you read "This is not a wine cooler", you'd better believe it pal!


Yes! My Christmas running around is done!

All I Want for Christmas is a Hippopotamus

We're lazy: this year the tree is cardboard.

I woke up and realized that I hate being alone.

Hell with it. Five posts to 15000, let's do a quick ask me anything post.

Miss USA to join Mark Foley in rehab!

Oh, my. GD is rather messy today.

I'm all done with school for four weeks!

"nothing is dingling, nothing is teetering'

Damn... every time I go to my dentist for my semiannual checkup, she's redecorated.

ThomCat, are you around here?


Good fantasy authors?

15000 posts!

George W Bush monument

Juvenile Hall Santa - this story made me cry like a baby

Well, I gotta an A in my Creative Writing Class....

OMG! OMG! Did I just get a gift in the mail!

Quick question. Has anyone else stopped working for the week?

I hate it when I...

Just sent my parents a Christmas gift.

DU doctors and nurses! What affliction does Jim Carrey have?

Cheney to be Defensive witness

Companies Who Didn't Choose Their Domain Names Wisely (FUNNY)

My wood just went from a 9 to a 10!!! Learn how!!!

My neverending saga of LOW TECH-itude: This chapter, IE7

I don't give a rip about everything.

I'm ambivalent about everything.

Frosty was a smoker

Family Accidentally Leaves 3-Month Old In Shopping Cart At Toys "R" Us

Post your pet photos in Christmas gear!

I like some things. The moon, for instance. Or marmots.

Hardee's new chiliburger commercial is DISGUSTING!

I'm casting asparagus on everything.

Hey, Let's Get This War On Christmas Started, Okay!?

*Holiday TV schedule* here

I love everything.


Variety: AMC to remake "Prisoner" series (!!!)

I quit smoking pot 11 minutes ago.

William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day is on hold; my computer has a virus.

My latest confession: Yesterday, I drove an SUV.

I quit smoking 11 years and eight months ago

I DARE you to go to GD and post another smoking thread!

Edumacation level?

Damnit, can't all you farters please find someplace else to unload your noxious fumes

GameCube Question

its time for a serious discussion about...

I want this adorable apron!!!

American Idol plans "a big event show"

Does the word "gnarly" still mean something is "bad, gross, icky"

Time to cut my hair again...opinion needed...

Yeah, you know it, finals are OVER!!

Collapse of massive lava shelf appears imminent

A personal poll: What % of DUers are totally out of touch with reality?

What is your favorite Christmas story?

Good news! My daughter is OK ! ! !

"Please let it be whale vomit"

What sound do you make when you belch? (input requested)

"Flintstones" and "Scooby Doo" 's Joseph Barbera dies.....

Smoking threads

Can I just say that some people totally stink?!

Pick Your Favorite Holiday Show:

Has anyone here ever gone skydiving?

Jeebus, going into GD made me want to start smoking again

Streetcars return to (a short stretch of) St. Charles Ave. today

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 12/19/06)

for naughty DU lounge lizards, a blond pole dancer...

Best 80's era New Wave Guitarist

A plane crashed near my house this morning.

OMG Jillian Barberie is preggers!

What do you know about Tryptophan?

Alert! Baby-Boomer Invasion of

We Need Some Butt Pics Thread! (lame copycat)

Congratulations ZombieNixon!! 15,000 posts

We finally watched An Inconvenient Truth

Happy birthday StaggerLee & ocelot!!

What do you NOT want for Christmas?

I am up to my eyeballs...........

CaliforniaPeggy drops the Fbomb on Christmas cards. I AM SHOCKED!

My office looks like Santa's workshop exploded in here.

Random question: Where do old birds die?

Why oh why do we have to make the arboreal sacrifice to Santa, God of Stuff?

My Christmas card to the lounge

Post a inappropriate "Kitty" picture.

OK, I need everyone's opinion

I hate everything.

How cold is it?

Bored, bored, bored...

"What's the word on the street, Johnny?" (or, favorite Police Squad/ Naked Gun quotes)

Okay for my 500th Posting, calling all naughty girls.

I hardly thought it possible, but my gift wrapping skills seem to have worsened.

I'm a'skeered


Create a new expletive!

I really don't know how much more I can take.

Whose your favorite character in Dickens "A Christmas Carol"

CONFESS!!!! Closest you came to winning the Darwin Award

Is it too early in the evening for a DU Hug-O-Rama?

"Finally, I'm in a size 2!"

We Need Some Chest Pics Thread!

It's Never TOO Early to start deciding what to give the 100,000th person guy.

Revolutionary_Acts04 Update.

Teen Arrested For Ejaculating Into Ranch Salad Dressing

Radio Lady's Movie Joke of the week: Two films are opening on Friday, December 15...

We got one of these for ZombyGrandson

Help me choose which wine to serve with Christmas Dinner.

What are some of your favorite quotes. Here's one of mine:

Is it snowing in Hell yet? It is in Las Vegas

Education level?

We have no power, but we are fine

When a person stares at you, how can you tell if

I'm alive

And my head explodes....EVOO added to Oxford Amer. College Dictionary

The Coyote and the Assholes - a Creation Story by Johnny Moses

Have you ever "studied" with Jehovah's Witnesses?

Sensation: Apostle Jacob’s Coffin Made by Aliens

Belief, in nothing, something, anything, or only on conditions?

War on Christmas Article that Should make you Furious

Comet dust yiels up some surprises

Is this why we're really going to the moon? (He-3)

Iverson traded to Nuggets (report)

You want outrage. This is worse than smoking, SUV's, and paid rescues.

What's your favorite TO controversy?

My son just discovered 'Be Here Now". This is what I wrote to him.

Fevered dream, vision, or what?

The elephant in the living room

Freedom Rock!

Veterans groups are joining up in force for 2008 run

Middle East Travels - UPDATED

Hillary says people need to get to know the "real" her. I'd say we just did, end of October.

What the heck is this? Humor?

Contribution e-mail from JK. These are good causes.


Join JK's PartyBuilder Group

Hey, Tay!

Middle East picture thread

What's really behind the RW noise about Kerry's trip to the Middle East?

What are the odds that Americans might swarm to Sen. Kerry because

Does Iraq need more debate? - An interesting editorial about the need for more debates.

If You Smoke, You Lose All Your Progressive Cred

Conservative Mallard Fillmore cartoonist arrested


Why Did Cheney Administer the Oath of Office to Gates instead of Bush?

Help New Orleans this Christmas Season - Please

On Charlie Rose tonight: Matt Damon Bob DeNiro, and Angelina Jolie-

Nothing New Here -- And That's the Point (very interesing group)

The L Curve...

How many non-smokers here drive a van or SUV?

Alleged Nuclear "Near Miss" In Texas

EXCLUSIVE: Stephen Heller Says Thanks; Powell Gets Cornered; Utah Gets Screwed

The PERFECT Presidential Candidate for 2008

I am a pitcher--not a smoker.

Can Dems override vetoes

Ex-Iraq minister flees police station, how much longer before its Saddam

Georgie, the people are downstairs

Witness: New Orleans cops shot mentally retarded man in back as he ran away

2,949 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis

Count your blessings DUers

Apartment to Condo conversions over in Phoenix. Now some converting back to apartments.

Former Pres Jimmy Carter now is an "Anti-Semite." Here's the article...

How often do you post a 'How Much Do You Drink' poll in GD?

Malloy Live on Sirius Left 146!!!

McCain manse sells for 1 mil under original. They are going condo now.

Orlando Patterson's Op Ed on Washington Journal

Screw overpopulation. Progressives should breed.

Bank robbers in military uniforms stage heist in downtown Baghdad

And George Jr. has a "common skin ailment that can lead to cancer"

6 years of Repub incompetence or deliberate sabotage?

Irony alert - media will focus on the cancer on Laura's leg

Mr. Gates: "We Simply Cannot Afford To Fail" - Pentagon DUMPS New "Iraq Report": We Already Have

One sure sign that BushCo really does fear the new congress.

US to warn Iran with naval buildup in Gulf- CBS

Has Cheney Convinced Bush to Shock and Awe Iran? ---pix--->>>

100 mil Courthouse for trials at Gitmo. 100 million.

SMU Faculty, Students and Staff Protest Bush Library

As a policy, "the surge" is a dud. (only 11% of Americans support)

Secular Coalition for America

Should mountain climbers buy evacuation insurance?

Company that helped build border fence in CA used illegal immigrants for work

Any news from Al Franken over in Iraq?

Bush signing statement on US-India nuclear deal erases Congressional restrictions

Iraq 'surge' won't solve quagmire

Late night political humor

George W. Bush Presidential Library Design Contest ...

It's Official. I've been accepted to Al Gore's Climate Project training..

US Army and Marines Corp issue new Counter-Insurgency Manual

Hilarious B*sh parody site: www.

Draft Gore 2008 & how you can make a real difference.

Recent Noam Chomsky speech on "Democracy Now!" today:

Why George and his clan have to go - urgent for the world...

Mission Accomplished: No Power and no schools in Iraq

WP: Joint Chiefs unanimously oppose Surging troops

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Tues 12/19 - while bush waits

US plans Gulf naval buildup to warn Iran: report

The Neocons are still leading Smirky around by the nose

Countdown: 15 Days

Pentagon: Al-Sadr more dangerous than al Qaeda..... Music to Bushs'* ears.

"Hi, I'm Senator John McCain"...

Why Do Liberals Reject Personal Responsibility? You Take Unnecessary Chances

The crew who are causing so much strife in the world today got their wings with the Nixon Whitehouse

"Ozone, schmozone, enjoy the balmy weather"

What to Make of this? Iraq's Economy Booming

U.S. Army to break up strike?

GOP presidential hopefuls and their wives.

A personal poll: What % of DUers are totally out of touch with reality?

Schadenfreude, Sweet Schadenfreude

Judity Regan crashes and burns. (worse than you might expect...feast)

WP, Robinson: A 'Surge' in Wasted Sacrifice

An apparently flame-proof 2008 Presidential thread...

Leaving DU

Open Letter To The Honorable Al Gore

CNN waits breathlessly for Trump/Miss USA news conference.

Surge, Zerg, Reinforcements???? Why are we using SURGE all of a sudden?

Where can I find out which California companies donated to which candidates?

l'il goeorge and Unka Dick have a Christmas present for all of us!

My Letter To Sen. Harry Reid On His Support Of "Surge" In Iraq - Please Write Too

Turn a Tuesday into Good Torque (Karma), please post a CAPTION!!!

A desperate mother ignores the odds (crosses ocean to find son 20 yrs. later)

Barack Obama's 2004 Keynote Speech -- He Wrote it Himself

In honor of being named Time's Person of the Year

Spike Lee's "When The Levees Broke" -- out on DVD today

Toss a Tuesday an innerTube! . . . Please CAPTION!!

Rethugs aren't wingnut ENOUGH for Johnny HART (fundie B.C. cartoonist)

So I'm guessing the Donald got a Blowjob from Miss USA?

All Air America affiliated websites, out of service?

"Dick Cheney's waning influence over B*sh"

For God's sake, can we PLEASE stop using "surge" as a transitive verb?!?

All of you need to read this

DJ on Tulsa radio station this morning:

Snow Suggests Some Iraqi Deaths Are More Worthy Of Counting Than Others

Give habeas a chance

Whatever happened to Hookergate?

The FBI catches military recruiters moonlighting as cocaine runners

Any Future Spending on This Iraq War Should Be Tied In To Rollbacks on Bush's Tax Cuts

Anti-war protesters out in Downtown Tulsa today

Post reasons to stop smoking here

DU needs another ghetto

Call me Ebenezer.

Bush Admin meets ONE ON ONE with N. Korea

The Marlboro Man was a smoker!

What else could endanger my progressive "cred," Mr. Shaw?

Do you think the GOP would help jettison (impeach) W?

Newsweek Misses The Boat With Obama Vs. Clinton Cover

Karen Hughes: Still after "hearts and minds"! "Monitors" television stations!

Century Foundation Iran White Paper Series Fundamentalists, Pragmatists and the Rights of the Nation

Palestinian Refugees and Children Held in Hutto, Texas Jail

O'Leilly (shamelessly pushing his book )on a propoganda tour of

Veep's home: The Buck Stops Here - There's a Dead Deer on the Lawn

Juvenile Hall Santa - this story made me cry like a baby

The "other" military casualties. I need some advice.

John Kerry: Help for Heroes And Children ("Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund")


800lb Gorilla in Congress: Iraq

If you drink alcohol, you lose all your progressive cred

Attention Smokers: Thanks for your participation

What if a nation parked battleships at N.Y. to 'send us a message'?

What's up with all my peeps here smoking?

230 people arrested - 20 people charged

Ivorian diamond trade goes on despite ban-UN

every repuke wants to be a goldwater/reagan repuke...why not a bushy repuke?

Swift Boat financier was primary source behind anti-Hatch ads

Tobacco, Marijuana, addiction, huge profits & the law.

Family of 4 killed in Ohio plane crash

Donald Trump, Miss U.S.A, & 3 thousand Dead Soldiers...

Should we nominate anybody who voted for the '02 Iraqi resolution in '08?

If you don't go around telling everybody else what they should & should not...

How should we have gone after those responsible for 9/11?

Litvinenko & Scaramella linked to former EPA official

Welcome to Irannam!

About this "Serge" I keep hearing about

All drunken smokers with no progressive cred- check in here.

International Crisis Group's plan for Iraq and the region.

Cigarette Smoking and Polonium

I quit smoking 11 years and eight months ago

Why are the Mt Hood climbers getting such prominent national attention? (media rant)

Will the Republicans ever grow up?

Iraq's economy is growing strong, even booming in places

You want outrage. This is worse than smoking, SUV's, and paid rescues.

Things must be going okay in the US if smoking and rescue missions are it's most pertinent issues

An Inconvenient Truth DVDs For Teachers

Mods, any chance of a "Filter threads by keyword" option in the future?

I remember a lot of fighting here over the primary system back in '04

Maybe smokers need their own DU group

Santa was a smoker!

A lot of people would be outraged if...

no more Mr. Nice Guy-- STOP THE SMOKING THREADS...

PDA's STOP FUNDING THE WAR CAMPAIGN (video and petition)

International Crisis Group issues its study on Iraq and recommends

For smokers and non...

Is smoking bad for you?

A question about all the smoker issues

Nothing causes as much pain and anguish as smoking

My own opinion on the smoking arguments: Shut the fuck up. Please. For the love of God.

Who is reading DU besides DUers?

Pole smoking: Do you do it?

You think your job is bad?

Gandalf was a smoker!!

The reason people start smoking threads in GD

Can anyone say 'ESCALATION'? Bush wants to continue his folly by

Some days, the outrage is just too much to handle.

How many DUers drink alcoholic beverages?

OK, now this is just messed up:

I don't smoke but

Smoking baby circumcised on mountaintop by lost climbers

I, for one, am glad about the ban on smoking that went into effect here in Ohio...

A "'pissed off' mom's" war story ~

Okay, I am SICK of it...

Gingrich uses Abe Lincoln to answer Obama experience question.

Democracy Needs Voices, Not Silence

Iraq on Brink of Becoming Failed State: Report

My first insane post , well maybe

N.O.W.: Sign The Giant Card To Speaker Pelosi

What's everyone using for AAR these days?

Tell Congress: Speed Matters!

Dick Morris: I’m Leaving if Hillary Wins!

Image, if you can, there will be no primary before Christmas 07.

Feeling the Warming: Villagers in Southwestern China Grapple with Climate Change

Just saw something way cool... our local weather forecaster said

Take Their Troop Surge In Iraq And SHOVE IT

WHEN are we going to stop blaming the victim?

Son: Dad back at work 'sooner rather than later' (Tim Johnson)

Stop the presses! The First Lady is a Private Citizen???

Why is the US demonizing and going after al Sadr?

I don't care how it makes me look, but I DO NOT GIVE a FLYING FLIP about pickles

CNN Poll: Do you believe that Swift, and companies like it, conspire to keep wages down...

A picture of Pickles in dire need of captioning

OREGON Search ended for lost sailors

I'm looking for a quote...

TV Newser: Carol Lin Leaving CNN

Now My Hair is On Fire About Climate Change!


Iraq to cost US $141bn this year

Did Cokie Roberts wake up too? Roberts: America wakes to dying dreams, dead soldiers

the Jan. swearing in and congratulation parties for Pelosi

"Merry Christmas" victims of Hurricane Katrina.

What Does George Bush Mean by Our “Commitment” to Iraq?

This day in history: 12/19/1998 - Bill Clinton impeached

Where my tax dollars should (and should not) be directed...a wish list for Legislative Santa.

Could Laura Bush's cancer have been caused by her smoking?

A Letter to the President of Iran

"O Come All Ye Black Folk" still raises anger. Editor maintains it was "satire"

Science the destroyer


bizarre subliminal image in "Apocalypto" trailer

Breaking: Cheney to Be Defense Witness in CIA Case

OK, Kucinich supporters, what has he accomplished

No power on Earth will stop bush from doing as he pleases, he wins, we lose

US general issues warning: politics must not interfere with 100-year “war on terror”

"Lifeless eyes. Black eyes."

Al Gore: Sign His MoveOn Climate Petition To Congress

New Pimp for the Bush Occupations

America's Class War

I am a liberal, Secular Humanist. I applaud human endeavor: be it mountain climbing,

"Threads" (1984 BBC Film)

Are you traveling over Christmas?

I have completed my portrait of George W. Bush's soul.

Mass.: Coast Guardsman pleads guilty to distributing KKK material

Berlin police protect Mozart opera

The ULTIMATE progressive cred quiz!!!!1

You do know the difference between Sunnis and Shiites don't you?

PREDICTION: Cheney Will Perjure himself during testimony

Oh shit

CNN: Christian Companies are Okay!

How Dems can build on 11/7 results: A Blue Tiger Prowls

Jay Bennish vs. David Paszkiewicz

on the lost climbers and false outrage

DU Charity Donation Drive, Day 1: Over $3,500 raised for America's Second Harvest so far!


Why Do People Swear In On the Bible?

In 1997 I was air evacuated from the Clearwater NF, Idaho

How will we bring back manufacturing jobs in america

Congratulations to DUer Ava - made Rolling Stone Mag 2006 Honor Roll List

Reduce your carbon footprint now!

Is the cost of this rescue operation on Mt. Hood really

My Toast to Rush Limbaugh letters gets a response

Chris Van Hollen, the new head of the DCCC

Gag me: Guess who's signed on with McCain?

Fooled Again: Robert Gates Lines Up With Bush:

Excellent Post and Comments over at TPC: " Should we Worry About Saudi Threats?"

CARTOON: Bush's Wonka World

"An Inconvenient Holiday" the Environmental Impact of our celebrations

Can Bush use military force without Congressional approval?

Has anyone here ever participated in

Hemp Oil

Sean Penn Hammers BushCo

CNN : Mini-Cars "Unsafe"

Kuddos to kid for exposing public teacher's Baptist preach-speak in school!!!

What happened to Texas kids seized under new meth law?

Kucinich Gets Poor Reviews In Ohio (second item)

Philosophical Question

Righteous Outrage At Cost Of Rescuing Constitution Under Blizzard Of Snowjobs

Another Inconvenient Truth: Why aren't we working to reduce U.S. birthrates?

Good thing we won't have gay marriages sullying the sanctity of THIS union...

Out of Sight (100s of children in FEMA's trailer park)

Bargaining Digest Weekly by Gordon Pavy, Dec 16, 2006

The Jailhouse...

Veterans For Peace video

Is there any security at all, psychologically? Part 1 of 4

Royal Society says to CEI: Cease and desist your lies!

(Following) John Edwards Webisode One: Plane Truths

Neil Young - Pocahontas


A not so bright, bloodthirsty megalomaniac who surrounded

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: 'There's a hunger to be inspired again'

WP, Dionne: 'The Real America,' Redefined

Whitewater revisited?

Ahmadinejad suffers in Iran poll

Pretty soon tony snow will be able to add the #3,000 to his repertoire

And The Democratic Front-Runner Is ... John Edwards?

Clinton Impeachment Day

White House, Joint Chiefs At Odds on Adding Troops

Arianna Huffington: A Surge of Insanity (by Harry Reid)

Has anyone here read Obama's "The Audacity of Hope?"

I think there will be an uphill battle in Florida for change in the party.

San Francisco Chronicle: Pelosi seeks input from diverse array of confidants

Dear Santa...............Georgie

Okay seriously now- about the candidates

Stuck on stupid

Real U.S. shortfall: $4.6 trillion in red

Now, most of the violence in Iraq coming from Shiite militias...not al Qaeda

Iraq on brink of disintegration: think-tank

Pelosi to Tap Van Hollen for DCCC Chairmanship, to succeed Emanuel

Newsweek Misses The Boat With Obama Vs. Clinton Cover

What's really behind the RW noise about Kerry's trip to the Middle East?

Dennis Kucinich interview from Congressional Quarterly

Time to kill the RW noise! In fact, Kerry is one of the best speakers!

Has the Media ever began election coverage THIS early before?

What did Kerry do recently that pushed the anti-Kerry threads?

Anti-abortion group: Stop 'heretical' Pelosi from going to church

Paul Rogat Loeb: How Democrats Can Keep the Youth Vote

ICG Report: After Baker-Hamilton: What to Do in Iraq

It's "escalation", not troop increases. Let's start using the right

Recent DCCC Chairmen, 1979-2007

John Edwards, Untucked

Update on Senator Johnson's Condition

So - does all this talk about the surging "way forward" in Iraq have you...

Opinion Piece - The Message Behind Obama-rama.

announced the deaths of three U.S. military 2,948 December 19, 2006

Media Blowing Laura's Cancer Out Of Proportion? I AGREE.

Snow Suggests Some Iraqi Deaths Are More Worthy Of Counting Than Others

why not want to be a bushy repuke???everyone wants to be a goldwater/reagan repuke

India, the treaty and signing statements. Once again the idiot

GOP Senate Did One Thing in 2006: Kill Democratic Initiatives

How many think that Kerry can't win AND that the vote was stolen

I'm worried that Barack Obama is going to peak too soon

"Hi, I'm Senator John McCain"...

We should want ANYONE to run who believes their voices add to the Democratic debate.

Iraq Insurgents Starve Capital of Electricity and this is what will happen

NYT: Hungry for Coverage: Edwards will announce candidacy next week in New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward

Send a message to Speaker Pelosi via

Hey Clark supporters...Send the Democratic Party a message by joining this group.

McCaffrey says sacrifice 3-5000 more troops to "Bust their chops!"

Surge: A new way to be dishonest with the American people.

Becerra tapped for assistant speaker -- great choice

Kucinich Gets Poor Reviews In Ohio (second item)

Holiday Flashback:A Very 1970's Christmas Greeting From America's Super-Wholesome Royal Family

Ugly Trend Behind Green Zone Jail Break

Colin Powell Center For Policy Studies

So....Who is "International Crisis Group" saying Baker Plan Not Enough? Big Guns!

Eating the Planet Like a Bag of Doritos for Jesus

Newsweek Poll: Hillary beats both McCain and Guiliani...

I don't get this beating up on Kucinich

Why Kerry Is A Bad Choice for '08

Dennis Kucinich's candidacy is as quixotic as