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Archives: December 2, 2006

Polonium 210

People like this nutcase make me realize how the Germans just let things go

Supreme Court 'Faith-Based' Case Deals with Narrow, But Important Issue

Can anyone link me to the N Physicist w/ the fusion reaction

Surprise: Not-so-glamorous conservation works best (CSM)

100-Mile Chef Doesn't Have Cold Feet (BC 100 mile diet winter restaurant menu)

Generating hydrogen and oxygen from water with blood components

9/11 Mysteries (Google streaming video)

WP: Webb's Icy Exchange Might Diminish Effectiveness

RMS announces expanded outsourcing joint venture with New Delhi subsidiary

Well-known (WA state) GOP activist held in sex-predator sting

N.H. GOP Settles Phone-Jamming Lawsuit

Libby Trial May Discuss Terror, Nukes

GSA Chief Seeks to Cut Budget For Audits

GOP Faces Struggle In 2008 Senate Races

Key Rumsfeld aide resigns:Stephen Cambone

Corruption: the 'second insurgency' costing $4bn a year

U.S. Rethinking Iraqi Unification Goal

Venezuelan Community Organizers and Local Officials in Get Out the Vote Drive

Heads up: Al Gore on Oprah on Monday

I need help from the Loungers -- can someone please give me a drinking straw?

This may be childish of me, but... Senior Housing Assistance Group, or...


Would you say...

Mac Audio Question:

Hmmm... my hatred for Nickelback is slightly tempered by their new song

38 houses/properties

So ever had a sudden desire to listen to an embarrasing song?

George Timothy Clooney! Get in here right now!

The wheels on the bus go round and round.

Connecticut and Massachusetts DUers: How did you guys make out with

A Field Guide to Trolls

today would have been my parents 55th anniversary

Whose fault is everything bad - Clenis or Jenis?

Well, I think my wife got us banned from a restaurant tonight

The Decemberists vs. Stephen Colbert: Round 1

THE funniest Budweiser ad I've seen so far...

I just ate a wookie.

THUNDERSTORMS!!! (And 62 Degrees)!!!!11

Dear god my 12 year old daughter is going to a school dance tonight and---

Trading Spouses tonight: Religious wars, again.

Did you guys see the size of that chicken?


I'm tired, I'm sore, I actually made it to the road. Woohoo!

"Why Do People Have To Fight?"-Herve Villechaize

I'm drunk off my arse - ask me anything

What do you guys think of the Dog Whisperer?

Just when school finally started winding down and I only had a few things to stress out about

Always something there to remind me

If you could have frozen time/progress...

I'm a big fat dork...

GOPisEvil is near!!!!!!!!

I was going to "out" myself in LynneSin's thread

I FINALLY bought a xmas present!

Okay goddamnit

Are you a window peeper?

This is ridiculous....what does the electric company

My 6 year old is taking stuff from around the house and wrapping them up

Who here is currently in, or has experienced, an "open marriage?"***

I just turned on "Duel" on EMYSTERY. Remember this gem?

I heard one of the saddest stories I have ever heard, today.


Your eyes make a circle

Favorite Star Trek Franchise

The drugs are working.

I wish I were single so I can flirt with all of you!

Friday Night - How many will be PWI tonight

Chick tracts gone horribly astray.....

A concentration test, for men.

To your information

CONFESS!!!!! 'IN' yourself here in this thread!!!

More kitten photos (dialup warning)

Name some really good people who have died young...

Who remembers Space Food Sticks?

Revolutionary_Acts04 Appreciation Thread.

Ah, Marky Mark whiskey! 'Tis a heavenly libation, indeed!

Ye Gods. Home on a Friday night!

December 1st! Show us your Christmas Desktop!

OK, did you ever think, just maybe I mispelled when I was signing up?

When they speak to you of love....

My ex-husband passed away today, December 1, 2006 (MEMORIAL PHOTOS).

New business question for the MBAs and wannabes here.

How rude is it to be an adult and let your offspring roam freely?

Fergie - Love her, hate her, don't give a shit?

help! just finished my book and don't have another one lined

Happy fuckin' Friday. I'm going to a Roller Derby party.

Need recs for a GOOD sports bra

okay it's friday night and post a picture of your bare foot

OMG Hilarious rant against PS3/Sony

So, saying it about yourself first, before someone else says it about you?

Need help from DUers with Aspergers

For Sam Harris fans. This year give the gift of reason.

Generating hydrogen and oxygen from water with blood components

Umm...well, since Dreamgirls is spozed to be the hit of the holiday season. . .

AstrologyZone: December horoscopes by sun sign

Hey, we had a pretty good week, I say we Party! Pic Thread!

It's been several weeks, where are they now?

Where can I get 110 film?


Acute effects of Polonium poisoning ... (wow)

How does one become a seminar caller on RW talk radio?

Assault on press freedom (interesting article!)

"He is the President who does not feel."

Anyone else notice the new * pharse: " long as the Iraqi government wants us there"

Local weatherman flummoxed by pretty flashing lights LOL

Anybody Here Catch This ??? - His Sister In Danger, 4-Year-Old Plays Hero

President's who did not swear on the Bible at their inaugurations

Eye of Newt, Tongue of Toad

Why is the Polonium Spy Poisening getting so little Press Connecting Dots?

Petition for Paper Ballots

lewis black - on a rocking chair?

Obstinate, uncompromising bastards

Has anyone heard anything more about Mann Colter's voting fraud

One last poll---- My Balls or Romney?

Link to HRC campaign? Got a reason n/t

Gee, I wonder if this is a Coulter cousin?

Fox News ‘Unwilling To Fall Into…Tender Trap’ Of Calling Iraq A Civil War

I don't know any Iraqi Vets...but I think some DU'ers know them and they

2 US soldiers accused of sexual assault of a child

VA 's Ability to provide benefits worsens

(TOON) Steve Bell on the "Special Relationship"

Quick question about the DLC

When is a door,not a door?

Gov. Linda Lingle (R-HI) takes the oath of office upon a Jewish Torah

Power is back on for now, but I am p*ssed about this

Bush, legacy, LBJ

The next time a Democrat runs, (s)he ought to say


Malloy believes he will be on both XM and Sirius.

NCLB is ruining our schools...Truancy is a major cause of schools not making AYP

The present oath of office debate is making me laugh.

What stance do the current Dems take regarding the Patriot Act?

Audit of Fla. 13 Voting Machines Ends as Fight Rages On (Jennings sues maker of iVotronic)

Sadr-Bush Breakthrough on Iran

US helicopters fire in Baghdad, heavy clashes

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Common PTSD Drug May Be Useless

Senator Obama is going to be on Jay Leno tonight

Debating death for child rape


Ann Coulter, "If I were a man standing around men."

I don't really care for Lindsay Lohan, but I despise dishonest journalism

Crime takes hold of new New Orleans

New Rules Make Firms Track E-Mails, IMs (Your company is watching what you post at DU at work )

Senior Pentagon official Stephen Cambone to resign

If a muslim prefers to swear an oath on the koran...

Bill O'Really: "I'm a fact-based guy."

Freeper Logic on AIDS and sex. Gag alert & Stupid alert.

Dallas Star's letter to the dixie chicks

Pope Benedict in Turkey (freedom for me but not for thee)

Documentary contest clips - vote now. . .

Le Plot Thickens Part 4-Larisa Alexandrovna On Russian Spy Poisoning

Should American Democracy continue as it has or is it time for a change?

Paraphrasing Ghandi, if asked: "What do you think of American Democracy?"

800,000 on streets in revolution to put Lebanon in hands of Hezbollah

My one beef with the metric system:

Are icebergs, asteroids and ozone holes forms of temotional errorism?

All I want for Christmas...

So, anyone else heard of this "Amero" nonsense?


Trashing the roads...

The GOP Attack on the Social Security Trust Fund and FDR’s Legacy

Terrorist ratings and nudie x-ray searches..watching Countdown now?

8 of 10 Coast Guard cutters yanked off patrol in Keys

Cheney's Defiant Posture Is Understandable: He Is the Likely Target - By John Dean

BOOK TV Schedule - December 2nd - 4th

Great bumper stickers that I won't see in this neighborhood.

What are you going to do about retirement? Got a plan?

ARAVOSIS: GOP Assaults Marriage with Divorce, Hookers ...

Re: Inside Limbaughs Studio As He Mocks Michael J Fox

GOP self pity

Are we doing opposition research for the Right?

Alabama attorney general. I HAVE to blow off some steam.

It's been several weeks, where are they now?

Murtha Raises Alarm Over Study Group, Warns ‘Kissinger Came Out With The Same Type of Thing’

we have a chance to change No Child Left Behind this next year.

What is the chance Al Gore will run for president in '08?

I am a little worried that there's so much talk about 2008 when the 110th

Ford’s Idea on Negative Ads

U.S. economy or Baghdad: Which will completely free-fall into chaos first?

Obama on faith and "a new and better politics," from today's speech (VIDEO)

Clark or Kerry?

Massive terror screening on Americans' international travel draws outrage

Was the Iraq Study Group a "scam" to get through the election? last one. Vilsack or Hillary Clinton?

TIME: The Phony Argument Against an Iraq Timetable

Kerry or Edwards?

is the Democratic Leadership Council necessary?

Why is gay marriage an issue for the courts?

To those who knew the IWR was a "vote for war":

It's A Wonderful Life dubbed "subversive" by Hoover's FBI....

Why didn't afterglow last longer?

Ellison Taking Oath On Koran. What's The Problem?

Top 5 Worst Americans in last 100 years?

We have to push populist bills we know bush will veto.

Barack Obama can't win the presidency because he is black(True/False)

Clark or Edwards?

Recession Likely

The Dirty War of Oaxaca

He's The Worst Ever

Puffing on Polonium By ROBERT N. PROCTOR NYTimes

Vilest people in US corporate-controlled media

Impeachment/Withdrawal Bad for Democratic Party

Chavez supporters hold poll rally

FBI Taps Cell Phone Mic As Eavesdropping Tool

Our economic quagmire-- Boston Globe

Editorial: Ellison and his Qur'an get wingnuts whirling (Mpls Star-Tribune)

Political elite finds a new home out of harm's way

A duck hunt for global warming

Human rights group wants Saddam verdict overturned By Diane Sweet

St. Pete Times: Democracy? Sure, just as long as the right guy wins

Analysis: Reid to change U.S. energy plan

Decision nears on 168 wind turbines (Utica NY)

A Dream Blown Away

State considers cap, trade plan solution to CO2 (Maine)

Honda Establishes Solar Cell Subsidiary: To Start Thin Film Manufacturing

Annan: UNIFIL exposed 13 cases of illegal arms possession

Israel accused of violating ceasefire as Abbas sees top diplomats

GA Resolution: Israel must withdraw from E.J'lem, Golan

Bulldozing the rule of law

Costa Rica opens its embassy in Tel Aviv {edit}

Settlers' council blasts Peace Now report on land confiscation

Ahmadinejad: Israel will disappear

If 9/11 was a hoax and the plane didn't crash into the Pentagon, then tell me:

Considering Cockburn

Cellphones & Aircraft

REVOTE Rally in Sarasota this Sunday!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sat. Dec. 2, 2006

Does Diebold make shredders, too?

Black Box Voting recives new legal threats from ES&S (X)

Officials Expect No Big Changes, No Matter What Panel Advises

Annan: UNIFIL exposed 13 cases of illegal arms possession

Ex-Iranian president declared fugitive by Argentinean judge

CNN/AP: Spy chief Negroponte: Iraq is more precarious than Vietnam

Darfur's violence spreads across borders

AP: Truck Rams Into Crowd Of People In Iraq, Killing About 20

AMD Receives Federal Subpoena

Helicopter missing in south Afghanistan

Administration May Abandon Plan to Unify Iraq

MNSBC: Killed in today's Iraq bombings now 91

Soldier killed in Al Anbar Province #2890

N.D. tribe barring church protesters

Iraqis doubt prime minister can head off a civil war

Car bombs kill 38, wound 84 in Baghdad

Reuters:Rumsfeld proposed Iraq shift before resigning

House Republican leaders agree to vote on an offshore drilling bill

Afghanistan Opium Crop Sets Record

US business seeks GSP renewal for India

Ahmadinejad: Israel will disappear

LAT: Defense nominee Robert Gates' business ties raise concerns

Rumsfeld Memo Proposed ‘Major Adjustment’ in Iraq

Independent:- Weak dollar bleak for world economy

Stéphane Dion elected as new leader of the Canadian Liberal Party

Ramadi defended by insurgents turned police

Many Marines head to dangerous Anbar (2,200)

Record number of US CEOs depart executive suite

Iraqi police may have murdered British sergeant, Army admits

NYT: Next House Intelligence Chairman, Silvestre Reyes, Opposed War: Appointment sends strong signal

Rumsfeld honored for citizenship amid protests

Rev. Wallis: Dems, GOP must cooperate (Dem radio address)

Congressman (Ellison) faulted for (swearing on) Quran at oath

Red flags raised on voting machines

Bush may end drilling ban in Alaskan bay

Gold hits 16-week high on weak dollar, silver firms

Military Radio Signal Jams Garage Doors

CNN: Bayh will form presidential exploratory committee next week

Police admit planting evidence

Blackwell accused of stalling transition

N.Y. Cracks Down on Mystery Meats

Bush acknowledges public anxiety on Iraq

Dean: Dems will defend gains via action

Lebanese billionaire is drawn into BAE arms deal inquiry as 'second middleman for Saudis'

Castro absent from Cuban revolution parade (hand of friendship extended to US)

LA Times: Castagana Indicted For Sending Threatening Letters To Olbermann, Pelosi

The UPRISING Thread!

I passed through...

Holy Jeebus! I just watched the first episode of a Brit series called MI-5

My husband and I are playing a board game called Urban Myth.

Is there a Christmas song called "In the Mood" or something?

who else out there has doomsday nightmares?

LOL! They're arguing about the METRIC SYSTEM!

If I said that one of my all time favorite albums is........

Time to try to sleep, goodnight all, keep your bunions warm.

It's December 2nd, Blue-Jay turned 40...

Does anyone else see a resemblance here?

Lets waste time, chasing cars

I've lost my chakra(s)

OMG! I just watched outside and it's a blizzard!

Hello, I Love You (Let's Get Tested For AIDS)

Fraggle stick car.

Cool graphics link..

Which came first?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 12/02/06)

Good relationships are like hangin' out with your best friend

and finally... June Cleaner

I've been up for an hour and a half and I am sick....

It is time for me to upgrade my operating system

Microsoft Firefox

Do you know of a good multi-region DVD player?

It's 43 degrees outside, and 5 of 7 cats prefer to be out in the atrium

Pre (lame copycat)

Does anybody else own a dog as pathetic as this one?

Ice Wars (figure skating) Did anyone watch last night?

let's end the earth on a good note: greatest babies in the world

Saturday, December 2nd. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Y'know, I never thought of myself as a 'cat person'

I am shocked no one has asked the obvious ?? about spray-on condoms

Congratulations AlienGirl!! 15,000 posts

And I walked into a large bar at 9:30 am this morning

Joss Whedon's writing SUCKS!!!

Eddie Van Halen replaces Valerie Bertinelli with Britney Spears

Okay, DU, I need some help here... I'm writing a blog and...

OK, Who Hired The Freeper?

If I went to a bowling alley, will they allow me to take pictures?

Cute website for dog lovers

Sigh...what to get for a cop friend for the holidays?

Have you seen The Corporation?


I am so fucking sick of this accursed war right now

Is there a level of pain so great that you just stop feeling and pass out from it?

Jazz on the air 89.1 FM

Congratulations zidzi!! 45,000 posts

I've lost all respect for Eddie Van Halen...........

I am sorry that I posted the thread about Hall & Oates because I was "tripping" on "acid".

Camera buffs - why are there "digital" filter lenses?

Email from freeper 'friend':

let's end the night on a good note: greatest baby in the world

Update on 'celebrating' deceased cousin's birthday.

Good morning from across the river

What is it with people and shopping carts?

FiberOne cereal tastes like cardboard.

Choose your next employer:

The Last Of Sheila

atrios jumps on the dis nickelback tip

What is tombstoning?

What's wrong with this picture?

Natural/physical law or mere coincidence?

How 'bout them Deacs!!!!

Computer geek opinions needed: Best small desktop deal for hubby

Happy birthday NewJeffCT & NiteOwl!!

Who's the cooler character?

"Hi, Mom, where are you? I'm coming over at 4..with my laundry"

MissHoneychurch having fun

I crave...


Jai guru deva om


How to Succeed in any Workplace: Step 1: Be Incompetent.

OOH OOH, Tomorrow is photos with Santa at PetSmart

help! My stupid computer just erased my camera

Don't get your picture done at Wal-Mart.

USC: Trojans or Cocks?

Question for Stephanie Miller fans

Are you a slave

Memo to crooks: In a blizzard, stay inside...

Help me with my hair predicament, PLEASE!

50 Cent launches race attack at Oprah

should I shower before going out tonight?

Since it's past midnight, I guess I'm officially 40 years old.

FIRE a member of ANY rock band or t.v. show!!!

Fuck USC and UCLA!

Shopping on Audibles: Looking for book recommendations

Company Holiday Party

I hate religious weddings, especially in rural

Where Do They Steal Xmas Wreaths Off Of Homes? Why, in Fresno, Of Course!

Dance Rev Acts 04!

There is a gun-crazed idiot in my neighborhood, and I hate it!

Steven Colbert has funny ears.

I'm thinking of buying a new laptop. Can anyone recommend a good manufacturer?

Brazilian wax?

Rosario Dawson dancing on the rooftop clerks 2

I do enjoy these little surprises. (Dorm Life)

Any Rosa Passos Fans out there? If not, why not?

A year ago today, I had to put my cat down... on my birthday!

Has anyone been to Costco today?

If not David Lee Roth (VH tour) then...?

Question for Monty Python Experts:

Hall & Oates "Out of Touch" outsold The Beatles' "Hey Jude" by over two and a half million copies.

I'm not dead

A 1971 Sears Catalog from an estate sale


Saw the LOST action figures at Toys R Us today...

Is DU just a my space for grown ups?

We got a new dog. Meet Bean

Bertha Katzenengel, KitchenWitch........and me.......New pics!

HELLLLLLPPPPP! Paging all DU computer geeks

Toy breed dog owners....what are you feeding your pups?

Rolling Stone: Eddie Van Halen hires his son, fires bassist Anthony, plan summer tour with...ROTH?

I think I'll send Tom a friend request , after having deleted the wanker months ago.

Looking for a good website for research on human sexuality

How did your animal companion(s) come into your life?

Frank Zappa

Dedicate a song to a duer or two :o)

Bitchin' Galactica tonight.

More scary people of the internet

The Qur'an-some requests about quoting

I'm havin' too much fun lookin' at these old clips. . .

List of BGLT policy institutes?

Gay Man Facing Long Prison Term In 'Hate Crime' Arson

NYT: The Sit-In at the Altar: No ‘I Do’ Till Gays Can Do It, Too

Ray Durham...

Maya Del Mar, creator of passed away this week....

The Stars This Week: December 4 - December 10, 2006

The Universe must be sending a message.

Full Moon in Gemini - Monday, December 4, 2006 - 7:25pm EST

Women take on major battlefield roles

An update on my cousin & uncle

Need a laugh?

Two more days (Monday 12 noon Pacific time)

I'm with Kerry on all this '08 talk

DELETE (dup)

Two words I have noticed on DU to describe Kerry,

Diary summarizing all candidates' Iraq position (well researched)

Portraits of my Cat Family...

Thanksgiving Photo Dump

If 9/11 was a hoax and the plane didn't crash into the Pentagon, then tell me:

"Republicans have no reservations about abusing the processes of governing"

Must Read from The St Pete Times

*'s brave new ME policy has been to shake up the ME and to

Anyone else having odd problems with DU right now? (7am est)

Is this a good time to cancel the CYBER ATTACK?

anyone upload Obama's Tonight Show interview yet?

To all you lurking Freeper types who have bought into the fear,

I was sorry to see Bill Thomas of California retire...

Italy withdraws all its forces from Iraq

The Shock...the Horror...

Keith, Newt and the War of Ideas.

WaPo: Lame Ducks Get The Book

Christian Coalition Refused to do the Work of Jesus - President-Elect Quits

"The Vertical Hour" on Broadway

Scalia Needs To Go Duck Hunting-Its ONLY WAY For Him To Understand Global Warming-Derrick Z Jackson

You Are Being Watched - Part One, Two and Three

Afghanistan opium crop sets record; bush's "ROLE MODEL for Iraq"

Leading Conservatives, In a Funk, Turn to Comic Books

Where is Karen Hughes lately?

McCain and the Elephant. LOL! Mr. Fish, you are Baaaaaad!

Reverend Jim Wallis gives weekly Dem Radio Address

Condi Rice admits mistakes were made re: Iraq but won't say what they were!!!

January issue Vanity Fair: "Neo Culpa"

500,000 without electricity due to winter storm

Betty Nguyen on CNN, who's a dope, (but very pretty)

Reuters: Saudi denies may interfere in Iraq to back Sunnis

An ominous email from a Venezuelan friend

Is DU just a my space for grown ups?

I don't want to talk about this again

Iraq government to police press

On cnn now Jack Cafferty's costly war "in the money"

Government Ponders Easing Rules on Financial Industry

Stay the course?

Pa. Protesters Rally Over Rumsfeld Award: sparks firestorm

Didn't the writers of the contitution mean separation of church and state in this?

They hate us because...

New GSA chief wants to cut audit funds, reduce oversight; calls Inspector General, staff terrorists

Why is it some people JUST HAVE to know the race of suspects

Anyone interested in seeing what Lake Effect looks like?

Negroponte Says Iraq Worse Than Vietnam

Houston Chronicle on Reyes

Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Safeway=top 3 WA subsidized health care users

Conservatives have no new ideas, yet keep accusing Liberals of same

Court Records Show Libby Trial Could Discuss Terrorist Threats, Nuclear Programs

Freedom River, with Orson Wells. Great clip on the dangers we face.

This is going to turn out to ba part of a dramatic neocon conspiracy

It's becoming a very painful realization for me....

DHS official took $600,000 in bribes for fake documents

Protesters rally against Rumsfeld award

Please turn off your cell phones.

Something to ponder about with ACLU

David Kuo writes an open letter to Dobson and Colson ripping their integrity

Do schools have "dress codes" for staff photographs?

Democratic National Committee Responds to Phone Jamming Settlement

University Study Links Psychosis With Supporting Bush!

He didn't go to Turkey to Build Bridges with Islam: We went for Christianity

Book Tv Doro Bush

'Emotional rollercoaster' hits war hero

I found this..

Steven Colbert has funny ears.

Delay on tax break plans affects many

GSA Chief Seeks to Cut Budget For Audits

Eric Foner: Bush is the worst president in US history

Right Wing Disability - Stop the discrimination!

Saudis arrest 139 'sleeper cell' suspects

How many geeks does it take to shut down a computer with Windows Vista?

Fox News Won't Use "Civil War;" Reasons Stated Are Just Empty Conservative Spin

For Ky. war hero, wounds are invisible

RUMMY's Farewell: "In My View It Is Time For A Major Adjustment"

AP: U.S. gov't terror ratings draw outrage

FDR or TR?

This Iraq study group

Helen Thomas: Repubs May NOT Be Able To Hold Off Dems Who Are Itching To Find Out Whats Going On...

Excellent map of U.S. military facilities in Iraq

Apparently Condi Rice will finally admit wrongdoing..

Worst Fundie Wingnut LTTE Ever

Why isn't education used against the trade imbalance?

Women take on major battlefield roles

Philadelphia Union League Gives Rumsfeld Gold Medal

I think Chuck Hagel is the Republican to look out for in 2008.

The Word That Is the Very Definition of Unspeakable

I personally would like Dean to come back and kick these peoples ass

Looks like chimp will have to invade/bomb TX now..."mini-mujahedeen " camp found

Bush prison camps again - old news, but I have questions...

In case you missed it yesterday

I was just on C-SPAN re:airport screening

It's quiet out there...

The neocons in Iraq: one of the worst blunders in human history

Olbermann's Hot News

Who killed the electric car movie?

How 'bout a (((TOON-UP)))? Get your motors runnin'...

Rumsfeld Memo Proposed ‘Major Adjustment’ in Iraq

REVOTE RALLY Set for 2 PM Sunday, Dec. 3 at Bayfront Park, Sarasota

MNSBC: Killed in today's Iraq bombings now 91

Do you realize 20% of Lebanon's population showed up in Beirut to protest

So, it's now been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt. The Moral Majority is neither the majority nor

An extremely important message from down under.

Hey, Agent Mike!

A plan for Iraq

Looks more and more each and everyday that the bushCo* has no intention of leaving

The "Special Strike Force" that needs to be sent to Iraq.

Rice: I Won't Discuss Iraq Mistakes Until Bush Leaves Office...

Anyone want to explain to me why Pat Elephant....

Keith Olbermann Proves Dissent Has An Audience

Greatest American Satirist

How long until The Phoenix X-Ray party?

We finally saw "Borat" last night--

Are the AP and Reuters photographers pushing the simian angle a bit, here?

Rush Limbaugh: My "Cat Taught Me More About Women, Than Anything...

Could You Live on $7 a Day?

I didn't believe Iraq would be The Worst Mistake in US History...But maybe it is.

About the chemical composition of the pResident's mind...

OpEd: X-ray naked pics for "TSA Officers in Remote Locations"

Hey Freepers, you really are nothing but nazi filth.

Look Who Was Behind the Mexican Inauguration!

Please try to make it if you are anywhere close --- Revote rally!!!

Free speech vs Hate speech

In U.S., fear and distrust of Muslims runs deep

Are You Part Of The Marriage Boycott? (Straights Refusing To Marry Until Gays Can Too)

Thank you SC for not giving Duncan Hunter a "safe" presidential campaign stop...

Jim Wallis: Speaking to America - Democratic Weekly Radio Broadcast

"Quiet warfare" - Interesting article on anti-abortion terrorism

Kerry pledges to overhaul SBA in chairman's role

Whatever you think about class and race, this will blow it out of the water.


Faux finally admits it

A little late, but how did you gloat?

is the War in Iraq similar to the French Algerian War ?

WOW!!!! Jerry Klein ropes in bigots and exposes them on his show!!!! Must SEE!

How would Saudi Arabia fare in a war against Iran? nt

Imagine a demonstration like this in DC...

Fox News Has Declared It Will Not Use Phrase “Civil War” To Describe Current Violence In Iraq

Hey! You guys want to see the Director of the Transportation Security Administration's breasts?

"Hate Group" plans protest at Native American soldier's funeral

Radical Fringe Toon Saturday 12/2: with strings attached

6th Grader Tazered in School

Funny how the signs are lasting weeks not hours.

Please, for the love of God, Air America, take the Young Turks off, pleassssse!!

For those that doubt the joy of cultural diversity... here.

Military radio signal jams garage doors

Black Box Voting recives new legal threats from ES&S

Be prepared to get really angry.....(photos from National Geographic)

What are we going to with the Taliban? (or ourselves?)

Look who owns U.S. debt now

BBC: Ailing Castro misses Cuban parade

Dose in Litvinenko would have cost £20m

Are you "BRANDwashed?"

Gore: Bush admin 'Most incompetent, inept, and with more moral cowardice..'

Do you have high speed internet or dial up?

Question for you financial wizzards about credit cards. We paid all of our off

Where is the 'christian' Right on the use of backscatter x-rays?

My first Atheist Meetup

No alternative but to rank him as the worst president in U.S. history (WaPo)

A great quote about "wealth" from the film "The Corporation"....

Truman: We're not going to turn the US into a right wing totalitarian country.

Canadians are sorry

ABC News: Humphrey/McGovern Debate (5/28/1972)

ABC News: The Death of the Duke of Windsor (5/28/1972)

ABC News: Richard Nixon appears on Soviet TV (5/28/1972)

NBC News: then President Carter reaction to Lennon's death

Tin Soldiers

New York City Hall celebration/chaos of Yankees 1978 World Series

A Current Affair: The Buckwheat Hoax (fooling the corporate media is easy)

NBC News: President-elect Reagan's reaction Lennon's death

Run Gore, Run!

Terry Fox

NBC News: Death of John Lennon - Lead Story - (12/8/1980)

CNN demands Rep. Ellison (D.) prove he's NOT 'enemy combatant'

Radio Host Exposes Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Immortal Technique

The NeoCons: a powerful video

The Indictment

The Value of Insensitivity

Is a "thumping" and a "tsunami" the same as a "mandate"?

A fascinating dynamic

The Saturday Cartoons

In the West, conservative means ‘conserve’ - Washington Post Article

What's so "Civil" about War anyway?

Today's Bush Radio Address: "I recognize that the recent violence in Iraq has been unsettling"

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they hate us, because we rob them

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Bush lied, violated the IWR and illegally invaded Iraq

DHS: "Info could be used in a manner inconsistent with privacy policy stated at time of collection"

Monster Mainstream Media...



Why is the GOP lawyer gloating about the NH phone jamming case?

There is no Clark cult, or Kerry cult, or Dean cult. There is only one cult, the Bush cult!

Is this an example of an illegal search/ civil liberties violation?

Here's a real question about the IWR, why didn't dems force Bush to accept a stronger resolution?

Which Senator-elect will shake-up Washington the most?

If you had to vote for the following, which would it be?

Whatever you do, please don't Lamont us in 2008.

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