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Archives: December 20, 2006

New Iraq Strategy Emerges: First Security, Then Politics

Iraq War – Most People Do Not Know When Exactly the Wrong Path Was Taken or What to Do Now

Eugene Robinson: The Worst 'Way Forward' in Iraq

Turkey's Erdogan says US should set Iraq timetable

Neo-Cons Wanted Israel to Attack Syria (JIM LOBE)

Are Americans Ready for Fiscal Sanity?

Newt writes off Bush, blames Rove for failures, likely will not run in '08

Book Review - Pulse by Robert Frenay, The Sunday Times

Here endeth the lesson (Debate against intelligent design) The Guardian

WWF: 52 New Species Discovered on Borneo

2 Invasive Species Found in S.C. Waters

USFWS again rejects protections for Mono Basin sage grouse

John Howard To Allow Environmental Groups, Renewable Energy To "Have Their Say" On Task Force

UK Government Pledges Climate Action, Plans Doubling Of Commercial Aviation - Guardian

Neocons Wanted Israel to Attack Syria

Do America and Israel want the Middle East engulfed by civil war? (JONATHAN COOK)

New York: "We're going to have to sit down with the Department of Justice"

Keep Machines Counting Our Votes?

Miss USA to take a time out for rehab

Family of 4 killed in Ohio plane crash

American Idol plans "a big event show"

Democrats put off decision on convention to early January

U.S. Inquiry Falters on Civilians Accused of Abusing Detainees

International Labor Rights Fund Loses Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart

Foreigners living in Britain face compulsory biometric ID cards (Guardian)

SEIU Cuts Deal With Mall Owners To Uplift Janitors (373 malls)

Deer supposedly "shot" on Cheney's property hit by vehicle

Berlusconi has surgery at Cleveland Clinic

Man Charged After Being Found on Plane at RDU (Funny but depressing)

China Tightens Adoption Rules for Foreigners

Libya Condemns Nurses Despite Evidence (chilling story)

Peru President Suggests Coca in Salads

Nevada lawmakers promise new fight against Yucca Mountain

No more $13 teas, $70 lunches for legal aid outfit (AP/CNN)

Wall Street bonuses bubble into the billions

Swift raids (Immigration) put Iowa Guard at risk, Vilsack says

Google Steps More Boldly Into PayPal’s Territory

Escaped Minister Says He Fled Iraqi Jail ‘the Chicago Way’

Migrants' ordeal: Hallucinations, 22-foot waves, hunger

Most Americans Have Had Premarital Sex (Study Says 95%)

Farmer: Cloned Cows May Be Sold for Meat

General Opposes Adding to U.S. Forces in Iraq, Emphasizing International Solutions for Region

Bush 'brainwashed' Blair over Iraq

Mexican Soldiers Find Hybrid Pot Plants

Top Iraqi Shiite Cleric Is Inching Toward a Coalition

Murtha: U.S. has lost 'militarily' in Iraq

Goldman Chairman Gets a Bonus of $53.4 Million

Wages of average workers trailing far behind surge in corporate profits

Swift Boat financier was primary source behind anti-Hatch ads

Activists take credit for juice poisoning

Flash animation issues

Caroling etiquette

I just watched Donnie Darko again

It was six years ago today that we lost my sister...

Olbermann looks HAIRLARIOUS tonight

Son of GoG the Elder has a stomach virus...

If you are already over your Xmas budget, check in here.........

DAMMIT!!!! The Ghost here at work just walked up behind me.

WOOHOO! I just got Frank Zappa's "MOFO," the "Freak Out!" making-of audio documentary!

Hey matcom! Come rub some linseed oil on my ankles and talk like Kissinger.

I am tired. Today, I have...

IDENTIFY THIS LYRIC "Everything I see turns to glass"

I'm dead.

Jumping Jesus on a Pogo Stick! Do you know what the Queers are doing to our soil?(satire)

my dog is growling in his sleep

I Think My Son Is The "Shrug" Emoticon/Smilie!

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

An engineer in hell--JOKE

Psssst....I *may* be getting drunk this evening....

My vet came up with a fantastic (we hope) solution for Richard!

55 Percent of Americans had post-marital sex

Darth Vader Calls The Emperor (video)

the coworker who is a human suppository for management

You know what sucks?

merry christmas from the bush family!

you know what blows...?

Goodnight everyone I will be back in about 5-6 hours.

I'll be gone for about a week, starting tomorrow.

This was a first ...

CNN's Heidi Collins, the beautiful redhaired anchorperson in the morning, had her eyes reshaped.

Puppy soup:


So, how well do you know ABBA?

Alert!! Good cult film with Jodie Foster coming up on TCM at midnight EST

Join the Navy!

Ok, I've come to the conclusion that Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies

I got a total of zero PM's today

I would celebrate the first Kudzu thread birth minute if I could stay awake until 8:37 Pacific


December Photo Contests Finals!:

I got lost climbing a mountain once

An Ode to Zucchini Tacos

71 Posts Until 8000 Posts- Ask me anything- at least ask me something!

Fun poll up at -- pick your favorite regional foods

Is that Spinal Tap in the new AMEX commercial?

"Paste" has quit working on my computer


I forgot how tragic a movie "Monster" was.

I am definitely on cloud nine tonight!

Mad Magazine spoofs Scientific American with a jab at repukes

Okay - copying off Bullwinkle925 - wanna be my MySpace friend?

I got home from jail today.

My apartment was broken into this afternoon.

omigawd shoes

Sometimes, Sarasota just freaks me the fuck out.

Can a cat overdose on Catnip?

95 Percent of Americans had premarital sex

Happy first birthday, Kudzu!!!

My friend reported his wife as missing Saturday night, and they found her body Sunday.

Hardy bug re-opens Mars debate (BBC)

This lounge thread definitely needs a cross post here.

World's strongest nanowires 'near perfect materials'

Strange dream....

This is where we may have to be careful

Final Round

need a quick hand here

My daughter's christmas card...

Can we all pray for an inspired act of God regarding Drudge's mideast visit?

Looks like a decision on the 2008 convention is put off till Jan.

Court halts Maryland executions


Powell just makes me angry. The time for him to have spoken up

Tonight Fellow DU'ers, pat yourselves on the back - I have something good to tell you! (you helped)

Do not post any more smoking threads today.

One reason Howard Dean is taking his time on the Denver decision...unions, DLC

BREAKING ON HARDBALL: Bush asks Gates for ways to Increase Overall Military Size

A Jeff Danziger Retrospective, Part 2

October 2000: Saddam to switch petro marker to euro

An Oldie but a Goodie: Joe Republican

POLL: When will Bush Leave Office? And more...

I hate FWD:fwd:fwd:fwd Freeper "Dems are Stupid" Email

Do you think the U.S. will fire on & provoke Iran?

So where does * think he's going to get people to increase the enlistment in the military

um, Excuse Me?? "Bush Plans To Expand Military "??

U.S. gift givers grab "Bush's last day" gear

Bush is KILLING THE GOP with his unilateralness, his abusive decisions,

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard Tweety just now.

Is it true that ex-VP Nelson Rockefeller died having sex with his mistress?

So what is Pickles' nom de plum online?

What do you want for Christmas present?

2952 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Question for the moderators re: locking smoking threads

Skin cancer wise, Pickles ain't got nuthin' on me...

State OKs Allstate's 8.2 Percent Hike

Dem candidates for Pres 08 from the Congress better make a point of

What is your favorite Christmas story?

This post is not about smoking or lost climbers so don't read it

basing the end on the Iraq occupation on political gain

I say draft everyone in Vidor and Jasper TX and all sundown towns.

Living off rats to surive in Zimbabwe

you know, i'll bet The Saudi Royal Family has been calling bush's poppy...

GWU Law professor explains how Nifong and Durham County

I think the White House and Congress should move from state to state every 4 years.

I got lost climbing a mountain once

Lovely Christmas message to share with your Conservative Christian neighbors

If you were an Iraqi citizen, would you be offended by...

FYI: Spike Lee's Katrina documentary available today on DVD.

Funny/Extreme Video Clip - Benny Hinn Religious Nut

? About Will Pitt's new book

Johnson's Son Says Senator Is Recovering

e.e. cummings for your Tuesday evening contemplation

Dear Santa......

Real talk: Why has Congress failed to conduct oversight?

US torturers guards interrogators, everyone involved, needs to be on a public registry

Anthrax Vaccine Contract Voided, Thwarting Administration

Costs for Iraq war approach record - Pissing away more than $2 billion a week

Can someone else who's watching Tweety tell me

Al Gore wants us to sign a petition about global warming.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Happy Hanukkah

I finally know now why Bush and Blair invaded Iraq

Glenn Beck likens outrage against Tancredo to "re-education" policies of USSR

Ho boy, Ari Fleischer may run for Congress

International Migrants Day December 18

What about the troops? What about the troops? What about the troops?

If We Surge 30-50,000--What if NK moves on SK, China moves on Taiwan??

Thousands gamble at new slots parlor at Philadelphia Park

Jon is making a complete ass out of Bill Kristol

Tweety on Hillary Clinton: "Is she convincing as a mom?"

History of 1907.

Military Role in U.S. Embassies Creates Strains, Report Says

Wait 3 mos --You won't be able to find a Repub that even knows Bush!!!

Holidays Rough For Military Families

CNN asks What was the top story of 2006?

So Pickles has skin cancer - BFD

This is so unjust it is insane!

Happy Winter Solstice Season

The leg thing is a distraction.. nothing more..nothing less

Will Bush Pardon Libby ??

The triumphant return of rEpUbLiCaNhOtTiE

George Washington's Parish makes official its bigotry...

WWZD? Media, Mental Floss Tycoons and Treating Dandruff By Decapitation

What if it's the REPUBLICANS who initiate impeachment?

Let's clear this up: Are most Kerry supporters part of the liberal elite?


Jon Stewart is kicking Bill Kristol's ass!!

FEMA's trailer parks and America's Second Harvest

Who gives a good damn about the First GOP woman's right leg?

Ladies and gentlemen, Matt Damon.

If Scarborough didn't have Rosie, Jon and Steve

What do you think? Are we going to attack or invade Iran?

Congrats to DUer onyourleft! Folding@Home milestone! 100,000 points!

freek republic wants to shop for his "upper crust" wife...the have mores

Iraq Troop Buildup Idea Worries Generals

Jonah Goldberg is a f..king psycho....

I fucking despise racism!

A simple way to help stop Global Warming

Shocking Study: Most Americans have had premarital sex

Privatization Of America's Highways

Mike Malloy talking of Impeachment now--saying that it is NOT up to

A Steady Diet of Garbage

The Rascals Are Still In Charge (Paul Campos)

December Photo Contest Final Round

George Bush Must Be Impeached by the House of Representatives.

Tara shouldn't be given a second chance, She should go to prison

Bush Sucks

Tim Ryan Rocks D Ohio

Iraq war footage

Unseen Al Gore Campaign Video - by Spike Jonze

Already Started: 50 most vulnerable republican seats for 2008

Bush 'brainwashed' Blair on Iraq pullout - Iraq VP

in 2008 senate election 21 republics 12 democrats up for reelection

NEA Hopeful For Its Congressional Agenda, But Won't Depend Just On Dems

destruction of art/culture by Taliban in Afgan-PBS special on now

The Ghost of Christmas Future visited me and spilled a few beansover the eggnog:

The Clock is Ticking, Mr. President (Sen Harry Reid)

Will a warm winter season signal a more credible Gore...candidacy?

virgil goode (full of sh*t-VA) Is this a joke????

Turn to CNN! Town Hall Dialogue On Race. Set in Texas and includes Al Sharpton.

For what it's worth (or not) Rasmussen shows McCain leading all Democrats.

Virgil Goode (R- 5th CD, VA) Makes Complete Ass of Himself

Science fiction goes political

Hillary 2008: Taylor Marsh Nails it...

Santa May Be Late This Year ...


War with Iran ? .... Only if the insane Neocons ignore the Joint Chiefs

Clark, Edwards, and the Bar Fight

Al Gore: The Voice of Reality, 2006 (from Huffington Post)

The occupation's failure became clear in the first week of the invasion....Nasiriya.

Stupid effing wingnuts immunize Obama from anti-Muslim bigotry

Chris Matthews: "Not always so obvious to the cretins who got us in to this war that real people

Proof the corporate media is lying when they tell us that everyone thought there were WMDs in Iraq

Homeless Demand Our Aid

Mozilla fixes Firefox and Thunderbird bugs

Dems win with antiwar voters then back "troop surge" & war funding

Losing the war, as well as the battle BY FAREED ZAKARIA

Robert Scheer: Bush Just Can't Kick the Habit

John Nichols, The Nation: If Cheney's Talking, He Should Talk to Congress

The Age of Mammals

Crisis Group Seeks 'Clean Break' in US Strategy (JIM LOBE)

The Guardian: Dark days ahead for Kabul

Can We Decrease the Violence in Iraq by Leaving?

Holy warriors set sights on Iran (Asia Times)

(Questions for) Cheney on the Stand

Pentagon wants $99.7B more for Wars

Bush Determined To Escalate War & Increase Killing

Again: Iraq solution is sooooo simple!

Chris Floyd: Assault on Red Crescent an Escalation in Iraq

Tariq Ali: The War is Already Lost

Government abuses hurricane victims....

Have We All Been Played? by Steven Weber at Huffington Post

Voters, party chiefs say political system broke

Syria in Bush's Crosshairs - Time/CNN

The Retreat from Empiricism and Ron Suskind's Intellectual Scoop by Jay Rosen at Huff Post

On the War, Determined to Go His Own Way: Bush policies will not be changing

Iraq Troop Buildup Idea Worries Generals

Outsourcing: Beyond Bangalore!

Dowd: Flunking Our Future

Gene Lyons on The Long Wait

Gilded Apartheid for the Old?"


'Ask Me About Guantánamo' H. Candace Gorman

How Beckett's answers raise more questions on Iraq

Government leaving Hicks to 'rot'

Do America and Israel want the Middle East engulfed by civil war? (JONATHAN COOK)

EPA library update

MIT engineers a modified yeast which produces 50% MORE ethanol in LESS time!

TXU Applying To Build 2 New Power Plants In PA - Yes, They're Coal-Fired - Dallas Morning News


Massachusetts Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Cape Wind

Australia To Hit 127% Of 1990 Levels Of GHG Production By 2020

Firm admits ships dumped oil off Maine (pays record fine: $37 M)

The coming fight for oil (China, Chicago Tribune)

ESA Projects To Concentrate On Color, Temperature As Ocean Climate Indicators - AFP

Japan population 'set to plummet' (30% over next 50 years)

D.C. suburban agency signs wind-power deal. Will save $20 million over 10 years.

More wind power coming to San Antonio

Merkel To "Press" Bush On Climate In January DC Meeting - AFP

Chinese Photovoltaics

Sources Say Harper Will Dump Ambrose As Environment Minister In January - Canoe

China Restricts Grain Production For Biofuels - AP/IHT

Across Europe And Into Russia, The Wait For Winter Continues - WP

1500-Thick Blanket Of Bushfire Smoke Covers Melbourne, Producing Worst Air Quality On Record

British Snails, Shellfish & Seaweeds Shifting North Rapidly - BBC

Questions On How Shell's Sale Of Sakhalin Hits Its Reserve Replacement Plans - Rigzone

World Bank - Angolan Oil Production Will Peak In 2011

Pemex Total Production Off 171K B/D YOY November 2006: Total Crude Off 148K B/D Same Period

Fish deal put forward in Brussels (BBC)

Like the Taliban

Israel may release tax funds to Abbas: sources (Reuters)

Israel 'used chemical weapons in Palestinian lands': minister

US compensation lawsuit against Ya'alon dropped

Israeli freed by Hezbollah in 2004 admits drug deal

Bnei Brak rabbis: Don't rent to Arabs

The “Hoax” That Wasn’t: The July 23 Qana (Lebanon) Ambulance Attack

Al-Qaeda calls for Palestine jihad

So many here claim that the towers didn't

an interesting shared scandal between bin Mahfouz and Victor Kozeny

NEW VIDEO: plane over the pentagon

Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed 12/20/06-Democracy Too Important To Leave To Chance

Military Role in U.S. Embassies Creates Strains, Report Says

Baghdad bombings kill 15

Qaeda's Zawahri says Palestinian elections futile (new video)

Skelton: More troops in Iraq 'won't mean a thing'

U.S. defense secretary arrives in Iraq

High vitamin D levels cut MS risk

Blair warns of 'global struggle' (BBC) {accidentally speaks truth}

Dumping by tanker nets record fine

Suit asks to see inside vote machine

Iraqi ‘Insurgents’ Made Strategic Gains: US

Tory attack over 45-minute claim

Gates Inherits The Mother Of All Messes

Contractors Lost in Pentagon Bureaucracy

FBI releases controversial Lennon files

LAT: Top general in Mideast to retire (Abizaid)

Ohio Congressman Is Selected for Ethics Leadership

Tape contradicts Ros-Lehtinen (Castro assassination comments)

Al-Zawahri: U.S. should talk to al-Qaida

NBC started a special Report---Bush talk will be on soon-they are waiting

Bush says for first time that U.S. is not winning in Iraq

Feds approve FSSA outsourcing contract

10 housing markets ready for a fall

High Levels of Vitamin D Appear To Lower Chance of Developing MS

'Mass purges' at Iran universities

Lamont camp cleared in hacking of Lieberman Web site

Irving wins appeal on Holocaust denial in Austria

Giant {UK} ID computer plan scrapped (BBC)

India's November Exports Up 34 Percent

Man indicted for planting 'logic bomb' in company's IT systems

Reuters: Democrats increase pressure on US health official (oust Keroack)

Transformer explodes near Nashville courthouse (five taken to hospital)

Baby is sent through X-ray machine at LAX

BREAKING: (PA) Slots Decision in - GETTYSBURG DENIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BBC: Heavy fighting erupts in Somalia

AP: France Pulls 200 Troops From Afghanistan

CNN: Search for climbers now recovery effort

Furor in Italy over "Gay Nativity' in Parliament

Public Universities Chase Excellence, at a Price

Report says poor students shortchanged

Anthrax Vaccine Contract Voided, Thwarting Administration

AP: Pentagon wants $99.7B more for wars

Attorney argues FCC rules on profanity unfair (Fox Network)

CNN: Blair slams Iran as extremist and calls for US action.

Divided FCC Approves New Cable TV Rules

AP: U.S. Warns Sudan of Possible Action

NYT: Georgia Man Fights Conviction as Molester (also see thread in GD forum)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 20

Freightliner plans Mexico factory despite layoffs elsewhere

Bush bash: the gift that keeps giving

Romney appoints 4 to bench despite vow of no "lame duck" picks

Six countries could lose US trade benefits - USTR

California Supreme Court to Decide Gay Marriage Cases

87 dead bodies found throughout Iraq. Many tortured

U.S. Hands Najaf Province Over to Iraqi Forces

Lieberman Calls For More Troops

Repeat Iraq Tours Raise Risk of PTSD, Army Finds (50% more likely after 1st tour)

(Senator) Coleman opposes surge in U.S. troops in Iraq

Feds Probe Joe (Bruno -- Leading NY Republican)

Triple threat targets Word users (BBC)

Budget chief: 2007's Iraq war costs will exceed Bush administration's projected $110 billion

Mailbox may be the polling center for next elections (Denver voting by mail in May)

US Coast Guardsman jailed over Ku Klux Klan fliers

US judge rejects Iraq war veteran's lawsuit over 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

Report Says Poor Students Shortchanged

Venezuela Jobless Rate Falls to Eight-Year Low

Oaxaca Protesters Describe Jail Beatings, Abuse by Police

Bush Calls for Bigger Army

Kentucky court officials to get Spanish language immersion

Poland ponders giving Jesus an earthly realm

AP: Insurgents have thwarted U.S. in Iraq, Bush says

Bush to sign new law Wednesday that changes postal operations

Report Says Berger Hid Archive Documents (Under Construction Trailer)

AP: U.S. military says two soldiers killed in bomb attacks in Iraq

Huge Southern Baptist Church rocked by sexual abuse charges

(Virgil) Goode stands by anti-Islam letter

Radio, TV Martí face a congressional probe

AP: Wilson Challenges Subpoena in CIA Case

I found something I don't hate

Read post # 8, #11, and #22, and then you will know ALL!

When is the Brazilian Joke's birthday

We finally broke down and turned on the furnace tonight!


You know what really grinds my gears?

To all my dear worried friends.......

Hello :o) who's here?

The Customer of the Day demonstrates how not to rip off the Army


Need feedback...

A little lower ... that's it ... right there!

It is frustrating

Help me stay awake...

Man Assaults Co-Worker With Meat Hook

Need hugs...shitty night at work

Kind of funny, but I think not really appropriate...

I have been working from 8.00am to 10.00 pm...Ask me anything..

"Finally I'm in a size 22"!

Man Wins Lawsuit After Injury On Job ("Devout Christian" Forced To Turn To Hookers)

It is uncanny

I'm sick of Christmas already.

The product (*gift*) so good they can't keep it in stores

I've absolutely had it!

Anyone seen BareNakedLady???

Baby monkey on Africam!

YeGods ....

Need one of those "patches"...well, here you go! Great as a gift

I suddenly *need* a beer.

A little Christmas Spirit

I'm an atheist with two favorite Christmas albums sung by Neil Diamond and

Naughty or Nice?

The best PMS defense is a good offense

Why am I always wide awake at 1 a.m.?

Beware the Sleigh Ride!

Unprecedented court ruling in Detroit, Michigan

Grandmother Drives Scooter Into Storm Drain

What percentage of couples don't have post-marital sex?

5 Percent of Americans didn't have premarital sex

The phrase "premarital sex" is stupid

anyone watching africam?

Rut Roh! Peggy has the paddle out!

Medical question.

Prag's World Famous Snow Ice Cream Recipe

Small town entertainment--House fire by my place today PIX

I have attended spinning class twice a week over the last month. I am SORE.

My furnace is pissing me OFF.

What cloud are you on?

DC Du'ers: What should I expect in DC early Jan? What to do?

Britney: Pretty! Pretty!

Furor in Italy over "gay nativity" in parliament

Listening to Steely Dan's Katy Lied Outtakes and Gaucho Outtakes

Hey, Ava! You still on Cloud Nine?

The numbers are in from the annual Big Texas Toy Run

In serious need of MP3 101 - please help the ignorant here

Santa Clause Catches Streaker

Firefox plugin - Bush countdown timer.

Colorado: It's a snowing a bit out there, yeah.

Tonight is the Third Annual Midlo PF Christmas Party.


#1 way to spot a freeper

Woman Puts Baby Through Airport X-Ray

Describing Jeff Gannon?

Good Morning, Everybody!

Pippin the Dog: Please Teach Me to Pee in the Snow

Does anyone here work at Parkland Hospital in Dallas?

Chris Isaak

How Much Does Justin Timberlake Suck? I Mean BIGTIME!!


7 Injured As Rival Gangs Of Monks Storm Monastery

Question for cat people of the Lounge

Is it just me, or are the stores full of crap this year?

Cats that look like Hitler?

3 posts until the big 3000

I got a Freeper spiked on Amazon!

Do you wrap gifts "from Santa"?

which do you prefer

who has a good gerbil soup recipe?

OMG, it's the 20th of December

My new toon strip - out of context.. feedback appreciated

Vent: My GF's family giving her grief for NOT doing Christmas anymore!

Prep for the Midlo PF thank God this fucking year is over party.

For the crooner lovers: Dean and Frank! Merry Christmas....

Congratulations JI7!! 20,000 posts

Could someone please tell me how to do the desktop capture thingie

matcom dreamed of me last night, and when I woke up, my pillow was gone.

Another BC I don't get. I'm sure it's offensive.

KUSA TV: Denver airport closed, 1,600 flights canceled due to weather


A Prayer for the Denver Restaurant Delivery Driver

What are the other CSI shows like? (Miami and NY)

I just got carded.

Iraqi soldiers eat frogs, rabbit at handover ceremony

its real simple--

I'm snowed in

never mind--must have been a glitch in the system


So much for "Neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night,"

Holy crap!

What's the best way to hunt snowbunnies?

Pet Pee Thread

It's it too early for a cup of coffee with a shot of Bailey's in it?

Dispatches from the Loony Bin:

Wee Pee thread

No, Eloise, there is no Better Business Bureau for crack dealers

What do you leave for Santa?

What's there to live for?

Congratulations Blue_in_AK!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations karlschneider!! 10,000 posts

Best. News. Conference. EVER!

Woohoo! I just got a $10 gift certificate to.....

Ferrero Rocher should not be allowed to sell crack.

This is Soooooo NOT a SEX thread!

Happy Birthday aQuArius!!!

Congratulations Redstone!! 20,000 posts

My boss just gave me a sewing machine!!!

Radio Lady Discusses: Clint Eastwood's movie "Letters From Iwo Jima" a sensation in Japan!

My 7000th Post!

Best male crooner ever

Happy birthday ElFuego!!

Children Pelt Santa Clause With Mince Pies

Pee Wee thread

The Tacky Christmas Light Tour of Richmond

Oh I get it, so that's why Bush is increasing the size of the Army and Marine Corps...

Wish me luck

Squeech plays live in Boston

Requesting those legendary, patented lounge vibes, please!!

Me & Mr. Dinger Have Been Married 26 Years Today

Romper, Stomper, Bomper - Bu

I'm so happy I could just about tongue-kiss the whole Lounge!

Do you ever feel invisible?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 12/20/06)

Fill in the blank: The only thing I want for Christmas is___________.

Oh no!! It's...SCUT FARKUS!!

Pet peeve thread

I had premarital sex with 5 Percent of Americans

Want to see what I got Underpants for XMas?

Oh, Snap! My Mom's funny/sad reply to me re: Laura Bush

Landmark Forum - why I should go to their special evening

We are getting a puppy!

Pay rise today!


CONFESS!!! Your guilty music pleasure

Sweet mother of pearl! It's a blizzard here in Denver, CO!

I don't know which of you did this, but...

My family's version of Christmas cheer.

Just to whet your appetite -- see this picture link: Do you know what it is?

If I called you right now for a 'come as you are' party,

I Passed!!!!

Friday is "Synchronized Global Orgasm Day"

What are you gifting your partner/gf/bf/spouse/so/lover for the holiday season?

hoo baby! picture thread!

Who stole Jesus' foreskin?

My refrigerator has "Sabbath Mode"

If I were an atheist, this would scare me.......

Happy Winter Solstice to the pagans

Has there been any updates on the latest quest to find "Noah's Ark"?

For believers: When and where do you feel closest to God, and what does that feel like?

Religion in the Public Square

The girl who paints God. (plus video)

Maths prize is awarded to Indian (BBC) {Ramanujan Prize}

COROT space mission ready to search out new planets and map the interior of stars

That Nikola Tesla was just amazing, 100 years ahead of his time.

Universe's first objects possibly seen (

Earth Shattering Ex-gay interview

Have you fucked any of these men?

this thread -- along with others --

Help David Carr make a big play

post your biggest pro bowl snubs here.

BUSH' HAND - Need some tech HELP.....

What is up with the shadows?

Solstice blessings!

Dailykos diary about Kerry's remarks on more troops in Iraq needs rec's

Congrats to Kerrycrat JI7 - 20,000 posts!

Kerry and Dodd accomplish more in 2 Hours than Bush in 6 Years

Another "Kerry was right" moment - Bush orders expansion of the military.

JK on Today Show.

Some things just need to be dropped.

America's Two Party System: The Marketing Party and The Product Party


Interesting discussion on Iraq from CFR

Local fire yesterday--Old abandoned farmhouse

I played a bit with these pics

China sect leader 'put to death' (BBC)

Safer laptop batteries produced (BBC)

2,952 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis

Um. Yeah. Here is proof you mustn't count your (impeachment) chickens before they're hatched,,,,

literature, poetry, essays, etc?

Tsunami funds languish in banks (BBC)

If the military generals are worried about sending more troops, shouldn't Americans be?

I read it here first

Real millionaires rarely look like a million bucks

America has grown a homegrown GROFAZ.

The Charge of the Muny Light Brigade

Another Bushco success in the war on terror....

New Software Will Scan Web for Content Copyright Violations

Front Page of WP- U.S. Not Winning War in Iraq, Bush Says for 1st Time

Ari Fleischer for Congress?

bush: 'we're not winning, we're not losing', oh, I get it now.

On the subject of war with Iran and US policy in the MidEast

Wild West Girly Action!! Man-Eating Steer! Come on in. (But first please CAPTION!!!)

Does the mighty United States really need to rattle sabers?

DAMN RIGHT WE'RE LOSING! - Iraq On Brink Of Collapse & Total Disintegration

Does Anyone Know What Permanent Active-duty Military Is?

Expanding Markets & Dying Oceans: Eating the Planet Like a Bag of Doritos for Jesus...

CNN: bu$h calls another of his "snap" news conferences.

Gold Star Mom's Open Letter to Bush and Congress -- Bring our Troops Home!

One reason to be thankful GW is currently president

Wednesday's windfall will be paid in . . . CAPTIONS!!!

Caption Chimpy and girlfriend

Rep. Virgil 'Goode' (sic) exploits fear of Rep. Ellison, Muslims in letter to constituents

Holy Warriors Set Sights on Iran...

Li'l George Dubya Told the Nation

Experimentation on the prison population.

Hillary is scheduled to be on the View today

Drunken, bleary-eyed loser -OFFICIAL THREAD

Pentagon Will Need Congressional Vote Before Getting Second Guantanamo Courthouse

Sen Reid (HuffPo): "The Clock Is Ticking Mr President-&-I Do NOT Believe More Troops Is The Answer"

Darfur: Bush and Blair plan no-fly zone and consider air strikes against Sudan

Iraq Impressions From A Soldier On The Ground: "This Place; Big Picture-HOPELESS"

Beautiful Young Blonde White Woman Acting Badly Is The News Of The Day???

Does anyone know the Time for Bush newsy Conference??

A Stupid Idea That Resurfaces From Time To Time

State Dept. Chief of Counterterrorism to leave--interesting development

This is a suggestion for Mr. Bush

Fox televison v FCC (live on c-span) 7AM PST 12-20

Madman addresses nation.......

will you sacrifice all you Christmas parties...

Just who IS 'the enemy'?

Would another terror attack make you support a draft?

32 missing Jesuses recovered, praise the Lord.

Gasp!!1 Johnny HART sez White House is Jericho's walls tumbling FOR DEMS!!1

So.. are Reagan, Bush 41 & Rummy "Saddamists"?

Hey Mr. Dumbfuck President!

If you're leaking classified documents...

Guess who McCain's partnering with in photo ops these days!

If you mean "Saddam supporters" yes. If you mean "sodomITE" probably only one or two

Will some reporter ask Bush who many Iraqis he has killed so far?

NBC started a special Report---Bush talk will be on soon-they are waiting

Update On Inconvenient Truth DVD & Science Teacher In My School

Bush says he is going to bring the bad Iraqis to justice

If that was a Dem president spouting platitudes and not answering direct questions...

200,000 free air miles and a red baboon!!! . . . Just CAPTION!!!

Why are we STILL in Afghanistan???

The war is against the "ists." Bush is nutz

U.S. not winning war in Iraq, Bush says FLIP-FLOP!


Bush's puppet government hangs 13 Iraqis. Makes 40 executed so far

Some how it is always the Democrats fault...

U.S. soldiers’ suicide rate in Iraq doubled in ’05

WP, Froomkin: White House Year in Review: Bush Loses His Parade

The World is Flat? - no it's tilted!

What does *² want for Christmas?

Rev Joseph Lowery on CNN now.

Need help driving traffic to company website... and opinions please!

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Wed. 12/20 ... ummm...errr... dang?

I don't know, Tweety, but I would hardly call the pResident as being

Is anyone having a hard time following this press conference? N/T

"At least disgraced republicans do the honorable thing & step down". ha.

* shows great leadership..."I encourage you all to go shopping more."

* Speech REALLY pissed me off this morning

Software to Spot 'Phishers' Irks Small Concerns

* was marking territory today in that press conference.

PIC: Klone Karl Rove & this would happen: (how did he fall off the radar anyay?)


buzzflash calls Rice - Scheherazade Sec. of State

Will Bush be President when he is the ONLY one left that sees Iraq as winnable?

Serious question: have we had a mentally ill president before?

is it true that non violent felons on being released from prison are joining

10 housing markets ready for a fall

No longer reporting they captured no 2 - CNN reports capture of senior al Qaeda leader

Memo to Bush: Empathy doesn't work for you; don't try it

what do they mean when they say an army is "breaking"?

It looks like our donations to 2nd Harvest are especially

America cannot wait for impeachment - Bush needs to resign immediately...

MSNBC Poll, This one is loaded all the way - What do you think of * statement?

Climate change: National Arbor Day Foundation revises U.S. map of "hardiness zones"

it has 5 years 4 months and 9 days ... where is bin Laden?

Did Caligula say HOW we could expand the military?

Double Up To Catch Up

Has any President ever disregarded the Joint Chiefs on a Military decision?

Reuters: Blair urges bold action against "extremism" in Iran

Green Zone Iraq prison escapee plans trip to U.S.

Tweety called the "the people who brought us this war"... "cretins"

No money to treat 9/11 workers, $3 billion a week to fight Iraq?

New CNN poll good news for dems in '08

'We're Not Winning...We're Not Losing'

The Only Way To End The War In Iraq Is To Escalate It

Melbourne, Australia chokes on big smoke

America's Two Party System: The Marketing Party and The Product Party

public school uniforms: your thoughts?

Huff Post: "Does He Even Listen to His Own Bullshit?.."

New Alaskan governor selling Murkowski's old jet on eBay

How Environmental Pollutants Are Causing Reproductive Problems

". . . the Swa, where it is the job of women to say stop when behavior . . ."

File under: How stupid can people be.

Air America gone in Boston

Chimp called the ISG "The Hamilton Investigation"--can't bear to say "Baker"

" A bunch of little scrooges"...

Suicides, Mental Health Issues Increasing Among Troops Deployed In Iraq

Let's write history: Pretend you're writing a chapter about bushco 30 years on

The Reason Why The Income Gap Is Growing

76 dead bodies found around Baghdad

Here is an interesting short video - Evolution (deals with beauty, not the science)

Columbia Journalism Review: When will the press cover Bush flip-flop on listening to the Generals?

If We Need To Expand The Size Of The Military. . .

10,000 Scientists Speak Out Against "Political Interference"

EX-VA Gov. Jim Gilmore pondering GOP run for president in '08

USDA appoints corporate agribusiness reps to Organic Standards Board

Bush Library Watch -- SMU Professors have a beef:

Richie Daley Endorses Obama for Primary --

Rice tries to put positive spin on year of disasters

More Soldiers To Burn For Bush's 'Ideological War'

Question: Who made the following statement on Feb 27, 2004:

A short Surge to a Long War

Does Mccain have a behavior problem?

Vermont soldier offers troops baked goods, way to speak out against war

John Lehman (of 9/11 Commision fame) is a defense contractor!

Assume for the sake of this poll that it's decided that we must increase the size of the military.

How much does the "surge" idea sound like buildups in the early/mid 60's in Vietnam?

if the bush family is so smart as their place in history might suggest

Does anyone here work at Parkland Hospital in Dallas?

Norm Coleman comes out against "surge"

Iraq War Voted Top News Story of 2006 , followed by the election

A pensive thought on Aviation

John Lehman (of 9/11 Commision fame) is a defense contractor!

How many generals has Bush fired into retirement now?

Bush: "We're not winning, we're not losing" -> Cronkite: "Stalemate"

Va. congressman fears election of 'many more Muslims' to office

Wha... (A very unusual protest sign in Gaza.)

Cafferty's questions for today.

I had a dream last night that I had turned into a Republican.

Freeper Phenom: How to Slander Someone Who Actually Matters

Drug tests for welfare checks?

Looks like General Abizaid just walked the plank.

Why are the reporters so polite to our maniac president?

With some considerable regret

Talk Host Gallagher: ‘Round Up’ Olbermann, Damon, And ‘Put Them In A Detention Camp’

Is Air America dead?

Attention Floridians!

feedback appreciated

EPA Libraries Update

Letters to Santa (if you find any out there add em please)--kids.....

The "Real" War

How politics is like Christmas

Local Vote Embarrassing Iran President

Was the Decider sending a message to his Base?

Why is the MSM not reporting the FLIP FLOP on the larger military.

Plastic America, Plastic Society....

Do You Need Help With Chronic Pain?

You Say You Want A Revolution?

Did you throw a chair at the TV?

Jesus accompanies teens on trip to movie, mall

TPM Muckraker: "Bush Admin: What You Don't Know Can't Hurt Us"

OOPS!-- I screwed up. But I'm checking into Rehab, so it's cool.

Take heart, Bush's numbers just dropped another 10pts.

Va. Rep. goes after Keith Ellison of Mn., "fears more Muslims coming to U.S."

If 'We're Not Winning & We're Not Losing' There Is No Excuse For Our Troops Being There.

2 more dead US troops reported today

WTF! $3 Billion A Week For The War In Iraq But No Money For 9/11 First Responders!?

Rejoice! Another Christmas miracle: Virgin Komodo dragon is expecting!

Have we ever had a sitting President get arrested?

Hoax Web site jabs anti-illegal immigrant U.S. town

______ is in the eye of the beholder...

Update on the "War on Christmas." Not much time left.

I'm PROUD to do my Patriotic Shopping Duty for America!

46,880 Wounded, injuried, or sick U.S. troops in Iraq. 31,493 airlifted out.

Pentagon cited again for weak oversight of Iraq contractors

What happened to the DU Draft Discussion Group?

Rudy FORGETS his 2 Kids in his "JoinRudy2008" web site Bio!

"We will win. Freedom is a universal value." WHO SAID THIS? Photo the caption, please.

CNN: Blair slams Iran as extremist and calls for US action.

Surge and Splurge Republicans are spending like drunken Chimps.

Time for the APA (American Psychiatric Association) to weigh in on B*sh

Swifboater covertly funds attack ads of MN dem governor candidate (and he lost)

Baby is sent through X-ray machine at LAX

Congressman of the Year: Kucinich; Congresswoman: McKinney; Senator: Feingold

Liberals and Young Americans are lining up behind Kucinich

Key senator says Democrats will not be soft on terrorism

Does Bush have Another Reason for the “Surge” and Naval Deployment to Iraq?

When Bush* Proposes a Draft, I Will Be 100% Against It.

Prepare to be shocked and outraged, those with weak stomachs run from this thread! ;)

If We Surge, Will We Later Ebb?

if you want to get a funny,political gift for someone

Matthews likened Sen. Clinton to a "strip-teaser," asked, "Is she a convincing mom?"

2954 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

What's in Rick Santorum's office dumpster? Books about Gays!!

I heard there are 70 more dead in Iraq today , why the torture ?

Keralite (Indian) spared death sentence by Saudi court

The "Needy DUers" Charity Drive Is Nearing Its Goal - Please Give A Little If You Haven't

Couric To Interview Mt. Hood Widow - Hey go interview a War Widow

Iraq: Seriously

LOL: Even the Freeps think Brownbacks' Gay Wedding Fracas is STOOPID

The Jesus Lizard

Change is a-coming

I'm a little peeved about Bono and this $1bil he wants from the US government

Where were you the day the world stopped turning, that December day?

Joe Wilson doesn't want to testify?

Caption *

Help in Debate

Bush press conference today

What happens to Bush when the American people unite against him?

"caught many in the Pentagon by surpriz"--the promise by Bush to build

Dever/Colorado DU'ers...

Day of Outrage - Shut Down Wall St! Thurdsay 12/21

Bu$h News Conference Thread

Times are tough. Armed Robbery is up. An 80 yr old widow robbed in broad daylight

2008 White House Derby: The Field So Far

Is this a scam????

It's past time we faced up to it. Is George W. Bush insane?

Grandma on scooter is rescued from drain

Does anyone have any info on "powerlineblog"?

"He's the Commander-in-Chief...He can do whatever he wants..."

I don't fucking believe it. There are actually people out there who are SO low

What's with Sears' ad? It's so in-your-face

Search and Rescue / Personal Responsibility: Balance

Last minute gift idea: Car detailing

Why is it contraversial to run ads for a church which accepts gays?

New Rule!

MO's Old Order Amish have the tv news people over the proverbial barrel!

Remember - Only 15 more days!!!

(REPOST) Rove will not face leak charges

Another virgin birth!!! Our new savior is a .....lizard?

Wednesday Humor

U.S. Military Draft Announced in Simple Code Today by President Bush

Denver Blizzard: AA Flight 1860 stuck for 8 Hours. Returns to gate. Airport is now closed.

Anti-Choice Art Explains Life, Sex, and Moral Decay...with Flowers

Have any prominent liberals called for banning Rush Limbaugh?

"The intelligence was deeply flawed. . ." another campaign step by HIllary

I had no idea that Digby was a Lady.....

Lightening strike in Denver snow storm

For those who missed dear leader's entreaty that we Americans should shop, here's the quote:

bush wages invasions and occupations because he does not know how to do anything else.

Coast Guard withdraws Great Lakes live fire plans

Mom said, " They Left A Child Behind..."

Everyone in Denver get to work ok?

Palm Beach County now has a pants bandit. (No kidding. Real radio report.)

Reality check: 95 percent of Americans had premarital sex

DU Charity Donation Drive, Day 2: $5,852 donated so far! AND A $3,000 CHALLENGE FROM REDSTONE!

Sam Brownback is a very strange man

No news from missing mtn climbers Christine Boskoff and Charlie Fowler - search area too big

time for some more bumper stickers...

Little Chance in Hell of Ever Understanding People Who Eat Rabbits Alive - IRAQ

DU CNN poll: Do you agree with President Bush that the United States needs to increase the size

In Good Will Hunting, here's why Matt Damons character said he would not join the NSA.

AP: Pentagon Wants $99.7B More for Wars

The question on the front page of my local weekly paper: What is the meaning of life?

Phil Ochs was born on Dec. 19, 1940. If you have heard his voice,

I wish the Dems would stop all the politeness & attack this son of a bitch.


My God. This man (pResident) is truly psychotic.

Crusaders trying to brainwash the Military

Bush: “I believe that we're going to win (in Iraq) . . . not nearly as fast as I wanted"

Body of missing Fulbright scholar found

Would any sane person give this man MORE troops?

Tara Conner, "Miss Implants" USA, and Donald Trump, "Mr Sorry" USA, are living proof

Americans Have Never Been So United ... As They Are On Iraq War Policy

A new photo of El Diablo

A Jeff Danziger Retrospective, Part 3 (dialup warning)


Harry Reid: The Clock is Ticking, Mr. President (Huff Post)

Given georgies* track record for the past five years

Can someone give me the brief on morons* speech today?

S.R. Sidarth enters senior year with 3-word essay: "I am Macaca."

DU this C-Span poll

Storm in Denver - My Kid May Not Get Home Until Sunday

Okay...I lied.

The "Swiftboating" of Obama

If you don't like the name "Freedom Tower", what are some suggestions.

Online source offers "IRREFUTABLE PROOF" that FIRST-CREATION is swift GENESIS, not gradual EVOLUTION

So the DLC called me yesterday ...

Bush is listening to answers in an earpiece. There is no question.

LIve stream from Denver metro area, blizzard info.

Why is the liberal blogosphere and radio obsessed with Laura Bush's cancer removal?

Must-Read: Dan Froomkin has a year-in-review column up.

Granny Bee – Merry Solstice

Get some new leadership Dems...

Those Born 1930 to 1970! (Makes you wonder how we Survived)

Why do the "odds" enter into discussion of the merits of impeachment?

Montreal Mayor makes bizarre statement when son charged with laundering $1 billion in drug money

Help William Pitt's rating on Amazon!

What is your opinion of Oregon given recent events?

So my new book is now available at Amazon

Sen-Elect Webb: Bush "Is A Failed President"

From the Edwards' Family:

Democrats need to change Iraq War debate from security and democracy to oil and cronies

Happy Holidays from the Obama family

17yr old gets 10 yrs in prison for a bj ...please DU the petition

My Pelosi Thread

Ros-Lehtinen & the Kill Castro Controversy on CNN

George Galloway on Dinner With Portillo: Part 3 of 3

George Galloway on Dinner With Portillo: Part 2 of 3

George Galloway interview Sky News(Brit's Fox News)

I'm A Democrat VII: Christmas

George Galloway on Dinner With Portillo: Part 1 of 3

"War is Over...if you want it." Lennon. Or "So This is Christmas."

Good Will Hunting -

Hillary Clinton interview from Today Show

Country Joe McDonald at Woodstock....."Fixing to die"

Analysis of Apache Gunship killing Iraqis Ploughing a field

Ideas: History, Pivoting On the Unpredictable

Canadian needs infos on Barack Obama

Gates Inherits The Mother Of All Messes

An interesting poll on non-partisanship

Iraq troop buildup idea worries generals

Impeachment Good for Republicans and Democrats

Rudy NY fundraiser flops

Another Bush news conference thread...

Referring to Blair as "brainwashed," Iraq's VP pushes for withdrawal timetable

America's Two Party System: The Marketing Party and The Product Party

Unofficial Bush press conference thread

Random "glimpses" of the Political Industry

Bush Throws a Bone to Working Families

"Twenty-two U.S. soldiers in Iraq took their own lives in 2005"

Presidential politics: Staging the Perfect Announcement

Is Obama really a "peace candidate"?

how does one go about stopping an insane dictator?

Beware the Whistling Esses

WOW! Virgil Goode (Va.-5th) makes a complete ass of himself with letter

Former VA Governor Gilmore will explore run for Presidency...

I know that we are not supposed to post about locked threads

Thom Hartman doing show on WHY are the home grown White supremists

MSNBC and WP consider Joint Chiefs part of administration.

Dear President George, This small business owner asks you to shove your tax cuts up your ass.

Neocons Still Piss Me Off

Quotes on Evil - Who do they Remind you of?

What's with this fascination with McCain?

A General Talking about increasing the army on CNN

Jeb's parting shots: OK's new power plant and state's inflated $$ land purchase from developers

Dear Dems, you now have your cover as you start the new Congress ......

Watch for the bastards to start making it harder to get low income

Notes on Bush's press conference

Seriously, How stoopid are the repuglicons?

CAPTIONs take wing...and fly!

True or False?

Jeb Bush-appointed task force says state needs more faith-based prisons

More Repukes Plead Guilty......Montana

Road to White House may cost $1 billion

Americans United Against Bush. Just 11% Support More Troops, and Just 32% Want Status Quo.

Preachers who campaigned for george bush from their pulpits

Do you want these people in the White House?

Harry Reid: The Clock is Ticking, Mr. President

I am starting to think Florida got a good Dem governor in Repug Crist

John Abizaid (CENTCOM) is resigning.

Short Satire - Must Read

If your up, catch Senator Kerry live on the TODAY Show 7:05 am Wednesday,

10,000 Scientists Speak Out Against "Political Interference" ... Guess Who They're Upset With?

I'm reading Obama's "The Audacity of Hope," and I want to post this short excerpt.

CNN Poll: Gore would barely beat McCain; Clinton would beat Giuliani

Two long years ahead, and this place already looks like the primaries

Newt writes off Bush, blames Rove for failures, likely will not run in '08

Did Bush link increase in min. wage to tax cuts?

Damn hypocrites! Anti-abortion group: Omit 'heretical' Pelosi from sacrament

Reid Clears the Record on Iraq

Why do pundits never point out Guiliani's lack of Foreign Policy Experience?

Obama's decision on presidential bid expected this week

Does anyone have any doubt George the Incompetent will overrule his generals in Iraq if they say no

"What are they smoking in the Bush White House?" [SF Chronicle]


What's YOUR SocioEconomicStatus Class?

Invitation from Ned Lamont

Dodd and Kerry accomplish more in 2 Hours than Bush in 6 Years

Blair jumps on the Crusader Bandwagon

America Is One Sorry Ass Country. We Have Become Moral Monsters Under Both Political Parties

Interesting Comment About Rudy G in WaPo Article

The conscious mindlessness of conservatives

If he is running, General Clark HAS to announce now!

On Darfur: Obama A+, Clinton A+, Biden A+, Kerry A+, Kucinich C