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Archives: December 21, 2006

Larry Chin:"Geopolitical lumps of coal for the world"

The Nation: Get Carter

Support Our Troops by Jane Hamsher at Firedog Lake


NYT: Iran President Facing Revival of Students’ Ire: "Death to the dictator!"

Inside the “bloodiest war on record for journalists” from a writer who has been warned not to return

Behind Bush's "new way forward" by Sidney Blumenthal - Salon

Brown's first job must be to break free of US shackles

The $2 Trillion Dollar War


Column on Ollie North Yucking it Up-Not Mentioning Marine Escort's Death

Preaching to the Democratic Choir is America's Salvation

Reclaim Democracy: Transnational Corporations Dodging Taxes through "Transfer Pricing."

Out of touch' Bush wants to boost size of Army

It's official: Lieberman and Co. lied about "hacking" - Daily Kos

Climate Change vs Mother Nature: Scientists reveal that bears have stopped hibernating

Study: Long U.S. Work Hours are Bad for the Environment

Survey shows Britain caught the green bug in 2006

American Chemists Attempt to Hydrolyze Ethanol Byproduct to Improve Economics.

9% Failure of DRE Printers, ADA Touch-screen Not Accessible

Larger Audits Required to Confirm 2006 US House Races

Death Bed Unity for HCPBs (Hand Counter Paper Ballots)

Boy hurt by cannon blast feels twice wounded (Gets Threats not Sympathy)

British soldier 'gave Army secrets to Iran'

U.S. may send second carrier to Mideast Gulf

Judge Reverses Species Protection Ruling

FBI Investigates N.Y. (REP) Senate Leader

The Top 1% Pay 35% (of ALL IRS Collections)

Bloggers must disclose sponsored posts

Iraq war memorial vandalized

Secrets to Be Declassified Under New Rule at Age 25

Bush says Mary Cheney will make a "fine, loving mother"

«The Scream» (Munch) is ruined beyond repair

Bush puts conservative on public broadcast board

(Senator John) Thune: Johnson Is 'Making Progress'

Costa Rican leader to give salary to poor

'I have no future' -- Jeb Bush tells reporters

Chicago's 'Schindler' who saved 8,000 Poles from Nazis dies

Long-Rumored Shuffle of Generals Expected

Kerry: Syria leader wants to assist in Iraq

Bush links minimum wage to tax break

Reuters: Raul Castro calls for more policy debate in Cuba

Loss for one is another's gain Applicants line up to fill jobs left empty by Swift plant raid

TIVO help?

Lawmaker won't apologize for "Islamophobic" letter

boo baby! picture thread!

what is the fountain about anyhow?

Operation Nipples

Aging with a smile

My crush and I just came up with a toy that would piss off

Boondock Saints, now on Spike TV...

Anyone want a horn to honk?

I raked every last damned leaf

So, I am STILL trying to get my car back (Subtitle: Miss SeattleGirl's

DU...Any vibes request, please

Africacam addicts. Please help me out.

Just did something that I NEVER thought I'd do....

"If you need money, feel free to ask."

If you're sending gift cards in the mail

Have Lounge mods EVER been SO prudish and yet - *SO* - SEXY?!!1

Favorite music for "amorphous moments?"

Some asshole keeps calling us and not talking.

Weird Al interviews K-Fed and Jessica Simpson

Women are so full of it


I've got another cold...

What has your pet done for you lately?

OK this is just weird

Snow Ice Cream recipe

Whoa, look at this picture of me in my birthday suit!

'Frosty the Snowman with an Attitude'


Am I the only one here who LOVES BB King?

DU...Bad vibes request, please

Whoo! Look at this picture of me in the sexy robe my husband gave me!

My kid wants a guinea pig

I had premarital sex with the bottom 5% of America.

real-time, ever evolving art site...dreamy, trippy, cool

I leave Gray alone for five days and she turns into me?!?

Another gift to piss off your fundie friends...

The "Santa question"

Well, there was this movie I seen one time,

I had a colonoscopy today, ask me anything.

The REAL Meaning of Christmas

I get smarter as I get older.

I am 38 years old yet my father treats me like a child

YouTube is beginning to suck!

Christmas season, 1969. I won the lottery. #26 out of 365.

NoCal DUers -- who else felt the earthquake???

Post a "Heart Attack On A Plate" recipe

Scarface on AMC!!

Best female crooner ever

CONFESS!!! Your top 10 music albums of 2006

Good news/bad news and a question

Favorite music for "amorous moments?"

"Where do the birdies go when it rains and when it's cold?"....

Pastafarians: Are you worried about the coming of the antipasto?

Time for a "what's in your Netflix queue" thread

Author Breaks the ‘Antichrist Code’ in New Book

"Out of the Groove" - Karen Bishop - December 20, 2006

"The Seven Cosmic Laws" - a Kryon channelling - November 25, 2006


Another article on progress in Syria:

Capra got it wrong...

Lets all go shopping. N/T

I don't know if the poll has been "DU'ed" but the results

jim Lehrer news hours--large clips of bush speech now

Is this pic of Bill Clinton supposed to be funny?

Is Carter an anti-Semite?

White House Unveils New 'Situation Room' aka "your tax $$ at work"

Mexican Farmers Fight Transgenic Foods

Anyone speak German? I just bought something on German Ebay.

If Iran is the "axis of evil," couldn't David Duke be sent to gitmo for

Judge Throws Out ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ Defamation Case

Senator Dodd seeks call-back exemptions for unfit soldiers

Edwards family Christmas picture

Bush's 'solution' for Iraq - Throw more men at it

So I bought some Alaskan cod in the market today and when

Reuters: U.S. may send second carrier to Mideast Gulf

War is US: Weapons Provider to the World

Just as we knew we were going to Iraq by the clues, what are Iran

Unity 08: Is this a good thing?

Dear President Bush: Did You Censor Info on Iran?

A Christmas Intervention for Scrooge Bush

Rising sea levels engulfing Indian islands

TDS w/Jon Stewart: Ben Stiller on tonight

OK, I'm now officially backing Hillary for Prez

Chavez Landslide Tops All In US History

Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN) opposes Iraq escalation.

Signing Statement Watch - Bush erases Congressional restrictions on Indian nukes

Contention Increases On Troop Numbers

Will media challenge first lady's criticisms of media?

needs a caption.....

It's official: Lieberman and Co. lied about "hacking" (Daily Kos)

The halo's slipping from view. Something else is taking its place...

No death penalty in Jewish center shooting

Scarborough to Obama: "Sit it out, she will crush you"

Rich Lowry of 'National Review': Liberal Media Actually Proven Right on Iraq

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Happy Hanukkah

New Chimpy Halo Picture

Bush as decider is hard to believe

Cats in my yard

As much as I complain about the fundies, they were very nice just now!

Freeway Blogging: Ann Arbor !

FLASHBACK: Bush Said Kerry Proposal to Increase Size of Military Would Make The Country ‘Less Safe’

2956 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Lots of DUers are way more manipulated by CM$M than you'd like to admit

One in four country music fans believe in Segregation

I've had it. The FCC has to lose the authority to police language on TV & Radio.

CA earthquake?

Bush Watches Enzyte Commercials, Wants Bigger Army

did bush really tell people to go shopping today?!?!

Lessons learned from Barbaro

Get ready for THE most shocking anti-Muslim display, ever.

If W doesn't get it, we must impeach

My freedom linked to others -- including gays

Secrets to Be Declassified Under New Rule at Age 25

Talk to me about Qatar.

Anyone know how to draw cartoons? I have an idea and no talent!

Jeb Bush: "No Tengo Futuro"...

History of the Middle East In 30 Seconds

Richard Nixon's final days -- and the nuclear "button."

Holocaust denier Irving is freed from jail early

Scarborough RIPPING on Bush tonight

You can Rev up those Impeachment Engines

Local drunk pilot gets bail, not a "flight risk"

Great News! Saudi Government 1. Threatens to Lower Gas Prices

Mom blames ferret for chewing off baby's toes (Not 6 Week Old Puppy)

More evidence revealing Einstein's wife authored Theory of Relativity

Mike Barnicle just called Bush "delusional."

Al Gore Is Our Person Of The Year

Operation Nipples

School accuses 5-year-old of sex harassment

"Go shopping"!??!!?? what the hell is wrong with g.w. bush's brain...

Obama's Political Past May Hold Key To '08 Run

"If we accept the notion that using power against the powerless is wrong..."

Do you know why Hawai'i is so nice? - We don't have any legalized Gambling!!

Why War? (Warning:some blood/gore)

Minds on Vacation...

Evidence of Harm from Toxic Mercury Proven by Canadians

FINALLY! Bush Gives in, Mr. Kerry gets his way

Josh Marshall makes a very good point about Guiliani's lack of experience...

Will Cheney Perjure Himself At The Libby Trial? Will That Be His....

Snow Job

How do we register our discontent if Congress votes for more $$ for Iraq?

Jeb Bush announces in Spanish: No tengo futuro

I hereby declare war on happy holidays

Kissinger joining up with McCain.

Tom DeLay's Pandora's Box on Redistricting has opened.

The Impeachement Case Against George W. Bush - Count 4: Dereliction of Duty and Criminal Negligence

Nancy Jacobson, wife of Hillary's pollster, Mark Penn...joins the Hillary campaign also.

This is why I am really fed up with these 2008 threads

Let The Kid Play

Obama would become first Hawaii-born president in U.S. History

FLASHBACK: Bush Said Kerry Proposal to Increase Size of Military Would Make The Country ‘Less Safe’

Should the Democratic Congress hold hearings on Bush's troop surge in Iraq?

FINALLY! Bush Gives In, Mrs. Clinton Gets Her Way

Newsweek: Surprise! Iraq is booming

Al-Qaeda's Sanctuary -

THE GENIUS OF IMPEACHMENT:Founders' Cure for Royalism

John Podhoretz: Dubya in the Dumps

Iran President Facing Revival of Students’ Ire

Making noise on global warming

DEMOCRACY NOW: Ritter & Hersh: link to rush transcript


Media Follies 2006! This Year's Most Overhyped and Underreported Stories...

InterPress: Massive Migration Sweep Creates Havoc for Workers' Families

Legal research growing globally

ZNet | Mexico: The puzzle of Oaxaca

Believing in second chances

John Nichols, The Nation: "Surging" in the Wrong Direction

Record number of bodies turns up in Baghdad The toll, 76, is the highest yet for a 24-hour period

Editors of The New York Times (Thursday): Rudderless in Iraq

HP has hired, fired by the thousands

Reconstructing Lives — A Tale of Two Soldiers (NEJM)

Tens of Thousands Stranded in England Fog

Murray-Darling River - Key To Australian Farming - Drying Up Rapidly

Libya's Oil Boss - "Peak Oil Output Is Not Very Far Away For All Of Us"

Green power to the Sri Lankan people

New German community models car-free living

Hundreds Of Private Jets To Be Exempt From EU Aviation Emissions Trading Plan - Times Of London

Group fears possible state action about global warming (AZ Chamber of Comm.)

Drought Expected To Eliminate 1-2% Of Australian GDP - Drought May Last For Decades - VOA

Australia's Treasurer - Economic Outlook Fine As Long As Rains Come

Stockwell Day Ordered To Remove Mockery Of Climate Science From His Personal Website

Australian fires threatening ski resorts

BP Announces New Leak At Prudhoe Bay Facility - No Details Yet - Reuters

Continuing Texas Drought Produced Worst Single-Year Losses Ever For Crops, Livestock - Chronicle

World Conservation Union's Red List Longer Than Ever - CSM

Invasive Citrus-Stripping Butterfly Spreading Across Caribbean, Approaching Florida - Reuters

2 killed, 60,000 Displaced In Worst Flooding In A Century In Malaysia - AFP

Papua New Guinea's Carteret Islands And Their Inhabitants Wait For The Last Tide - Times Of Londo

4,000+ Firefighters In Victoria, NSW, Prepare For Windy, Dry Conditions - AFP (12/21)

Indonesian Mudflow Now Threatens Key Rail Line - 13,000 Residents Already Displaced - AFP

In Defiance Of Facts, Harper Lies Through Teeth, Denies Casting Doubt On Climate Change - Star

Australian Environment Minister In Sudden Backflip Allows Wind Farm To Proceed - Age

Italian Oil Facility in Nigeria Seized

Nature Continues To Throw Wrenches Into Australia's Political Machinery - Age

Boston Looks To 'Go Green' To Curb Global Warming

SolarWorld to Raise (PV) Wafer Production Capacity to 500 Megawatts (per year)

Balmy winter puts chill on bird migration

Muslim prayer room set up at Ben-Gurion Airport

3 Qassams fired at Israel Thursday morning

EU monitors to stop Hamas money at Egypt-Gaza border (Reuters)

Qassam hits house in northern Gaza; 3 hurt

"I think the Israeli shelling is easier to deal with",

Alan Dershowitz: Why won't Carter debate his book?

More evidence shredding

For that finishing touch on the tree -- a Diebold ornament

Election Reform, Fraud, & News Thursday 12/21/06 - Notice of Contest Regarding FL-13

Please sign the petition for paper ballots!

CNN video update on the Florida e-voting disaster

Excessive undervotes in Ohio Diebold Counties -- 2006 Senate Race

Reuters: Suicide bomber kills 10 in Baghdad - police sources

Turkmenistan's 'iron ruler' dies

Al-Jubeir reported to be new Saudi envoy to U.S.

MNF Iraq: Two Coalition service members killed in Al Anbar

Marijuana top US cash crop

Shiites seek cease-fire from cleric

Bush's India statement raises Congress concerns-'THUMBING HIS NOSE'

"Robo-calls" reach 2 out of 3 U.S. voters: study

'Hibernation' saves Japanese man (BBC) {bizarre--24 days w/o food, water}

Morgan Stanley cuts 170 jobs

Report: Radical Iraqi cleric al-Sadr in cease-fire talks

U.S. third-quarter growth revised down (sharp slump in housing)

Soldiers in Iraq urge Gates to send more troops

New US House foreign affairs chief vows to "listen" to Asia

Hevesi is ready to resign (NY State Controller)

BBC: Nigeria militants in deadly raid (on oil facility - 3 killed)

Gossip ghostwriter Herman Klurfeld dead at 90

Iraqi Fugitive Donated to Bush Campaigns

Reuters: Canada doesn't see safer Afghanistan in next year (Harper)

Dodd says more U.S. troops not the answer in Iraq

Rwanda seeks to join Commonwealth

Squad Leader Charged in Killings of 24 Iraqi Civilians

GM To Cut Overnight Shift At Spring Hill Plant (500 Temp. Jobs)

AP: Panel Says Issue Ads OK During Elections

More evidence shredding

Dems (& Harry Reid) to launch draft Richardson effort

3 more U.S. soldiers die in Iraq; December now among deadliest months of year

Ahmadinejad opponents win elections

U.S. senator (Tim Johnson) recovering from brain surgery

CIA exercise reveals consequences of defeat

Reuters: Iran gives UN key enrichment plant records-diplomats

Jailed Syrian dissident prods Bush on Palestine, Iraq

Bush warns of more U.S. losses in Iraq

First lady on cancer: 'I was never sick'

Congressman Criticized for Muslim Letter

Cuba's Raul Castro signals more openness

Bush India statement raises Congress concerns

Reuters: US to review why Canada's Arar still on watch list

President issues 16 pardons, commutes sentence of man convicted on drug charges

US Military Charges Marine Sergeant with 13 Counts of Murder in Haditha

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday December 21

U.S. military charges 8 Marines in Haditha deaths

Abizaid, (and Casey?) Top U.S. Mideast Commander During Iraq War, to Retire

AP: Mass. Gov.-Elect Says No to Trooper Pact (illegal aliens)

Turkmen President Niyazov dies at 66

Judge Rejects Soldier's Suit Over "Fahrenheit 9/11"

AP: North Korea Nuclear Talks Deadlocked

Officials Redirect Flag on Freedom Tower

Study: Solano County (CA) has one of highest foreclosure rates (in US)

Attorney admonished for statements on Libby

Recount Overturns Vermont Auditor Race (dem pickup

AP report: Bush library headed to SMU

U.S. soldiers tell Pentagon chief send more troops

Rice calls Iraq worth the investment and says U.S. can win

Scientists reveal that bears have stopped hibernating....Warming.

N.J. gov. signs gay civil unions law

Florida Dem candidate Christine Jennings to Congress: Vote machines "malfunctioned"

Two Islands in India disappear due to rising oceans.

Holocaust Board Chides Radio Host Member (Dennis Prager)

I've taken to hiding threads

I challenge Redstone to send me 3,000 dollars...

Where the hell is everybody? It's quiet in here... or is it just me?

WTF!!! UPS Drivers are told not to make left turns

Look, blood maybe thicker than water.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Rise for Our National Anthem

I have the most spoiled boyfriend in the universe. I'm making his box of baked goods tonight.

Cat fight!

There are good reasons why I shouldn't do a google search

The followers of the false Prophet must be stopped now!

New Here

55 days!

Regardless of what time I have to get up (5:30), I'm getting drunk...

giraffes at the waterhole now

I just have to thank the Lounge again

I am leaving DU

We used to make fun of Granny

underpant's kitten

PM'S Sucks! (lame copycat)

Oh no I killed the lounge

Gods the venom that is spewed in the "main" forum here!

Jesus was such a good tipper that people are still fighting

Family Cat Let Off Bus At Wrong Stop

Listening again to my new Loreena McKennit CD

Oh no...Didn't Cobert warn us about this? Robot's demanding rights

In two more hours, my first born child turns 13

Firefox question

To the DU family from my family

In case you are wondering why I post so much these days

My Back Pages

The OFFICIAL Christmas Kitten Thread

CHUCKELLNUTS On Parade!....(spewed coffee alert)

_____________WHY do you build me up buttercup baby just to let me down...

Oh ... come on guys, it is after 8am on the Eastcoast

Do you have a name that is mispronounced constantly?

Hey Chiefs, Broncos, and Chargers fans

Harry Potter fans! Title of Book 7 revealed (no spoilers)

Music appropriate for a 10-year old girl?!

I FEEEEEL you....

Man Caught Masturbating In Jo-Ann Fabrics Store

'Hibernation' saves Japanese man (BBC) {bizarre--24 days w/o food, water}

The Case of the Disappearing Lawn Deer (pic heavy)

I hate machines that think they're smarter than I

Failing NYC Students Get Credit For Sitting In Their Seats

I attempted to take a "nice" holiday pic of my kids last night,

Why has Peter McKay been walking funny lately?

Christmas,year end or what not bonus question

12:25 lioness on Africam

My new desktop

I thought I might get to 10,000 posts by the first of the year

Billyskank got a new monitor (flat screen and hugh!1!1)

More baby pics!

Nice customer handed out gifts at the store today

Holiday Eating Tips

Strippers Pitch In Tips To Bring Christmas Joy to Children in Need

new pics from Colorado

A story in snow.

Why are 13's coming up so much for me today?

lions on africam right now 9:45 a.m. pdt

Nothin' but *DANCING SANTAS*

Best band feud ever?

The "Soup to Nutz" kids visit Santa

Donald and Rosie: Channel 12 in Milwaukee uses these photos...

Ollie has thumbs.

PMS Sucks!

Happy Birthday Frank Zappa!

What is your favorite Oasis album?

Chateaubriand Served On A Blackberry Port Wine Glaze - What Are YOU Cooking?

As we spend this time of year with friends, please remember to raise a glass and toast

And this is news.

Can someone explain airline policies to me?

'Seinfeld' Spurs Festivus Pole Sales

Best Teas in the world: Republic of Tea

A bird just pooped on Africam!

Trump vs. O'Donnell: Next "Trial of the Century"?

When you're watching a movie on TV,

I wish they still made places like this...

'07 prediction-Nonstop Rosie v. Trump coverage on... Nancy Grace!

Advance Planning? What's that? Well.........

Why do people use the word "gift" as a verb?

Advice on shipping pets by air.

December update on Barbarbo......

There seems to be something wrong with my boss

Hi, it's Delilah-Who's on your heart this holiday season?

Can someone bring me eggs?

Getting my car back -- the Not-So-Excellent Adventure continues.

well, that totally and completely sucked

In 2007 Kenneth Blackwell and Katherine Harris will now be unemployeed

Is it bad that I sang to the Salvation Army bell ringer?

Is it bad that I smelled the Salvation Army bell ringer?

We are sorry our president is an idiot. We did not vote for him.

Is it bad that I yelled at the Notre Dame bell ringer?

Frosty The Snowman Brutally Attacked By Vandals

How long is Donald Trumps comb-over?

Anyone know of a site which identifies cultural trends?

Discrepancies between CBS's "Rudolph" and the Bible's (8PM CBS again tonight)

Post your Holiday Hints/Helps here:

Wee hours rant: Never set a fax on automatic redial!

What is the speed of dark?

The reconciliation of God and the Big Bang...

Seeing my therapist today. What should I talk about?

Lovely. There's a Level 3 sex offender moving in a block and a half from my house.

married DU men-- are you a good husband...?

Let's give a big WOOHOO for LoZoccolo

Which do you prefer? Oasis or a blow to the head with a 2x4

My biggest gripe about video games nowadays...

Random questions...


Their Real Name is Christmas

Do you have secret coworkers?

Does anyone use Skype?

Pics from my weekend in Munich [DIAL-UP WARNING]


The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 12/21/06)

Greetings from South Jordan Utah!

It's FINALLY snowing here!!!!!

Events on the Africam most closely mimic which forum?


Is it bad that I ran over a Rabbi?

Do you have secretive coworkers?

Whooo HOOOO! Reichen is gonna kick Perez Hilton's ASS!

Is it bad that I yelled at the Salvation Army bell ringer?

Anybody been to a "Pump It Up" kids party?

Craigslist exists purely to drive me insane.

Flames Inspired Picture Thread

Too Darn Cute -- ***DIAL-UP WARNING*** Kitten Photos!!!

Blue sky in Denver

Ten more days of smoky restaurants!!!!

What color are the walls in your house?

Favorite home invasion/kidnapping movie

Why the hell would anybody want a Brown Christmas?(rant)

The sandwich guy thinks i'm a wimp

It's going to be a LONNNG weekend (or I was secular before it was a war crime)

In a world without forgiveness.........

Who was the jailbait who starred in the 'Dukes of Hazard' movie?

/Wired/ used one of Jeff Gannon's "man date" pictures as a stock photo!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! There, I said it. I've said it before and I'll likely say it again.

a thank you to all emergency service workers

Blessed Solstice to all my friends in the Lounge

The bar has been raised. Canadian blows .479 after been found in car, asking kids if they're horny

Just throwing this out there hoping for some feedback

OMG, I'm getting old!

OMG, I'm getting off!

To the married women of DU, are you a BAD wife?

Santa and his Singing Reindeer

Anybody been to a "Pump It Up" adults party?

Who's the more overrated topical dweeb?

How many states can you guess in 3 minutes?

I'm not sure, but I think Colbert's shred-off with the Decemberists' Chris Funk might have

What is ritalin?

I have to give up my dog and I'm heartbroken

Is it time for the airing of the grievances yet? Did I miss it?

Damn! Now I need a new favorite dictator! Turkmenbashi is dead.

Argh. Is it time to go on VACATION yet?

If someone asks you if you would

Miss Nevada 2007 stripped of her title *Warning*

Post what you're not getting for Christmas

20 inches and still snowing steadily

If you were the "Donald"

Random answers...

Free Mrs Matcom!

Nothin' but *DANCING SATANS*

Will anyone miss me while I'm gone?

Venturing Outside In The Snow In Estes Park! (pic heavy)

He's done it 371,000+ times since age 25!

I just got my ER bill after my bout with pneumonia!

I need a dose of kitten pics

BO'R: Most women who like artificial trees have artificial breasts.

I CANNOT WAIT for Monday!

Happy Birthday Frank Zappa ...

Congratulations bigwillq!! 30,000 posts

The Ref

can someone teach me about Chaka Kahn?

Some info. on the Winter Soltice... which begins today.


To the married women of DU, are you a good wife?

Happy birthday, Samuel L. Jackson!

Does anytone know the title/band of the rock Christmas song

Best, worst, funniest non-religious Christmas song?

My co-worker has no money to buy gifts for her kids

Post pics of natural beauty

Why the hell would anybody want a White Christmas?(rant)

In Honor of Festivus it is time for the "AIRING OF THE GRIEVANCES!!" (post em here)

billyskank, you fucking rock.

Have you ever served in the US Military?

Rosie vs. Donald Trump (I'm with Rosie on THIS one)

Last minute Christmas Netflix suggestion....

Dispatch from the Front Lines of America's War on Christmas

Conservative Christian leaders seek to help pastors battle desires

So....there is only a 5% chance of the "virgin birth" story being true?

I received mail from this organization today

A peculiar document from the early church raises questions about Jesus's historicity

I cannot find that faith in myself, never have to be honest. I tend to believe

'Hibernation' saves Japanese man

'Virgin births' for giant lizards (BBC)

Garter snake deserves protection

At the Heart of the Wii, Micron-Size Machines

Why conservatives can’t handle Mary’s (and Heather’s) baby

Penguin book back in Charlotte schools as committee considers ban

Alaska OK's Same Sex Benefits -governor took a step toward a public vote to ban

A rant about heterosupremacy

NJ OKs civil unions for gays

Thank You Redskin Fans

Does anyone know what time Barack Obama was born?

I just received this in an email: Top Foods for optimal health

the 12:12 energy

Daily OM: "Rediscovering Your Joyfulness - Holiday Blues"

Local Sidereal Time

To be filed under the heading "No shit Sherlock"


"A Solider's Story," Must read from Larry Johnson's blog

Can anybody make any sense of this?

Link to JK interview on NPR.

OT: Huh -- dailykos meets redstate about the troop surge

post removed by author

Link to some JK pictures from Dimascus, yesterday, interesting.

Denver isn't the only place where it snows...

Freakishly long fingers

And finally, I complete the trifecta...(6)

Will It Blend?

Bush and Condi discuss foreign affairs

Tides Affect Speed of Antarctic Ice Slide - Report

The “Hoax” That Wasn’t: The July 23 Qana (Lebanon) Ambulance Attack

The followers of the false Prophet must be stopped now!

Race to the Moon for Nuclear Fuel

"It turns out you never can find the leaker"

2,956 U.S. troops dead in W's war on the Iraqis

Report: U.S. undermining Syrian leader

Hey is it True that John Abizaid has applied for Retirement

Sending more troops will only fuel violence: Pentagon

everyday you dont Impeach Bush

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Thursday 12/21: Open auditions at the Opera House

How much of your US tax dollar goes to the milindus complex?

Bush determined to transform America into a banana republic.

Bush warns of more U.S. losses in Iraq

Opinion: Bush's Iraq policy dead in the water like Sunset Blvd...but he won't see it

{California} Users compensated in Sony CD row (BBC)

Survival of Dwindling Stocks Dominate Annual EU Fisheries Meeting Again

I have a dangerous hypothetical for Bush...

Author Breaks the ‘Antichrist Code’ in New Book

*: "That is a ..a.. (checks paper in front of him)...a dangerous hypothesis."

Well, Here we are approaching another holiday and gas prices spike AGAIN!

Oh hell - the best reason for anyone to support a Clinton-Obama ticket

(TOON) Steve Bell on the claim of Shrub "brainwashing" President Tony

FYI: Link to 12/20 transcript: Bush presser: don't worry go shopping


While Bush looks for victory in Iraq, al-Qaeda finds sanctuary in Pakistan's tribal areas

What was Bush saying again about Iran needing a democratic government?

Fire sets senior citizen complex ablaze (someone fell asleep smoking a cigarette)

Sandy Berger...

C-Span WJ now discussing "surge" or "drawdown"

Republican congressman gets ripped for anti-Muslim letter

More Chimpy signing statements

Make a short video, upload it to C-SPAN, and they might play it.

C=Span WJ now has Flynt Leverett discussing Iran

As Christmas approaches a Komodo dragon gets ready for virgin birth

CNN asks Should the United States send more troops to Iraq?

Record number of bodies turns up in Baghdad

Three U.S. troops killed in Iraq - Cable news doesn't mention this any more

I was going to ask a question about Mexico's healthcare system

The final Weblog Award winners have been announced

CA Guard Troops May Face Mandatory Iraq Duty

Is Cheney back in charge this week?

Der Mittenfuhrer says he supports Der Chimpenfuhrer's War of Terror policies

Vigil for Peace in Response to Worcester, Mass. Anti-Gay Violence

Iraqi men, women, and children are dying by the hundreds of thousands and Bush says go shopping

US News: Rove Influence Hasn't Waned (insiders say)

Urgent questions - surge budget permission preparedness Iran

Quick! Thursday's sprung a leak! Get a tourniquet! . . . And please CAPTION!!

HOLY sh.... -- The thefts included a Tomahawk Missile simulator

I just don't see the repub party recovering by 2008

Seagull massacre in Everett, Massachusetts

Would Bush/Keating been any better?

Today's climate change snapshot: "White Christmas only in most Canadians' dreams"

Funny line heard on Marc Maran's AAR show

How long is Donald Trumps comb-over?

Dems MUST brand this now: The failed REPUBLICAN occupation of Iraq.

So....there is only a 5% chance of the "virgin birth" story being true?

If We Had Armed The "Insurgents" Would They Have Ousted Sadam?

It's that time of year again! Fuck Christmas!

December update on Barbarbo......

100,000's of layoff coming in housing industry

Robert Fisk criticizes 'experts' cited in Iraq Study Group report - from Democracy Now!

The 12 Days of Whoopsmas - Mark Fiore

Believing in second chances

UK Poll: Bush's "Yo Blair!" moment made public smile the most over the past year

This whole "troop surge" idea is so dumb.

McCain Hires Blog Sockpuppet

Der Drunkenfuhrer doesn't remember recessing ConCon to deny a vote on a woman's right to choose

Charges Imminent for Pendleton Marines in Haditha Civilian Killings

Questions for Cheney and other TOONS (dialup warning)

Deer Hunting + Drinking + Alabama = Church Burnings!

Troops tell Gates to send more troops

Are Moral and Social Decline an Historical Imperative?

What if we had dropped aide instead of bombs?

Trump vs. O'Donnell: Next "Trial of the Century"?

Apparently George has suceeded in a very tricky maneuver

Do you realize that a lot of people who are saying increase the

Bush Administration refusing to deal with refugee crisis in Iraq

There's no shopping going on in Denver today (gasp!)

Polish MPs want to coronate Jesus as King of Poland.

"I never made so many coffins a day"

Tell FOX News to stop the war on Christmas

My Christmas present for trolling Freepers

Preaching to the Democratic Choir is American's Salvation

Shock Waves Can Save Hearts (non-invasive, pretty cool new heart help!)

Funny as hell Repuke blame game::: Newt turns on *, blames "Turd Blossom"

Bill Would Require Access to Rest Rooms

Caption this!

Wilson challenges subpoena in CIA leak case

Publicly Financed Campaign. Which Orgs are Best?

New Phrase Enters War of Words Over Iraq: “We’re not winning. We’re not losing.”

Daily Howler Pith and Vinegar: "The Rule of the Wrong"

Rice - "with the common sense of a traveling rabbit"

So Goode's letter was sent by mistake, huh?

202- 225-4711

Oh My Google has joined the War On Christmas ROFL

Today's Poll: McCain 47% -- Obama 43% - Only 4 points behind

Final FBI Files on John Lennon Released

Iraq made simple: US replaces Saddam as Iron Fist holding Iraq together

Did anybody happen to catch on the news last night the new adoption restrictions in China?

Study Casts Doubt on Assumptions behind Abstinence-Only Education

A Reptilian Liar Comes To Washington- Yesterday's Press Conference

Whooho, just woke a kid to what is going on

Congressman Pascral on Ed Schultz about Goode NOW!

Critique wanted of my LTTE on Lieberman's call for more troops

U.S. to Declassify Secrets at Age 25

A prediction I'm frightened to see coming true

Tax cuts, pollution and poverty stricken federal judges

Caliphate, Bush's timeline, and the 500 year war.

Santa and his Singing Reindeer

Wilson asked a federal judge Wednesday not to force him to testify in the CIA leak case

U.S. Military Officials: Bush Trying To Bribe Us To Support Iraq Escalation

What evil underhanded just plain awful crap will bush

U.S. Military Officials: Bush Trying To Bribe Us To Support Iraq Escalation

A stretch, even for Drudge

F'wit Turncoat Chickenhawk Self-Involved Lieberman Calls For More Troops in Iraq:

Anyone Have Further Information On This?

Fla. Man Charged After Puppies Eat Other Puppies

Jeb Bush: I have no future.

Merry Christmas to all of DU (or whatever day or season makes you happy)

Is the left now more anti-Semitic than the right?

George W Bush has only one goal remaining...

N.J. Governor Signs Gay Civil Unions Law

Something's Fishy in Your Good Humor Bar (for real)

Denver, Colorado would like to apologize to Canada and most of Europe...

Remember all those Conservatives lauding Bush...

Words of wisdom from Whitman

A spring break 2007 party not to be missed!!! It's hugh!!11! I'm series!!1!!

Caption this * pic...

2958 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

I met someone in Bush's base today, and now my brain hurts.

Let there be Peace on Earth, and let it begin in GD

Annan vs. Bolton: The Quiet Man Ropes the Dope

Bush: "We're going to win."

My Girlfriend's Dad Passed Away...

7 day cruise with your favorite Neocon

Newsweek reports Iraqi economy is booming

Even Texas doesn't like him: SMU protesting the George Bush presidential library

Calling for people who want to join the RW Infopedia

WTF? Cafferty's got a Q about Sandy Berger ... SANDY BERGER?

As long as we Evil DUers are feeding people...

Military person: Surge would be "like throwing kerosene on a fire"

I have one quick question boys and girls...

"Dreamer" by Ozzie My Christmas Message

3 more US soldiers, Iraqi Olympic officials killed

"I'm Jealous of Cuba" An Interview with Gore Vidal

So what did Rosie say about Trump's

Can someone tell me where in the law presidential signing statements

Happy Holidays from the Edwards' (Dial-up Warning)

Joe Galloway: No! to Bush's Double Down

Time Mag: Bush Admin is considering a plan to fund political opposition to the Damascus gov't

Jack Cafferty's question for today:

Three cheers for Thom Hartman's plea for a grassroots Dem Party infiltration!!

Man Hurls Rocks At GOP Headquarters

Focus on the Family accused of data manipulation

Is it just me, or are the biggest cheerleaders of Islamic Terrorists actually the RW'ers?

CNN obtains NARA report detailing Berger's document smuggling

"Why would any conservative Christian work in conjunction with a LIBERAL!"

BO'R: Most women who like artificial trees have artificial breasts.

Tweety: ''why would ANY DC jury believe anything Dick Cheney said?"

Seattle Area Poet Sends Out Bizarre Anti-Semitic Email for Christmas


The Constitutional way of REMOVING BUSH (and Cheney) From Office, NOW.

What will this weekend's polls say?

Does drunken sex = rape?

Repuke Robin Hayes has a plan for victory-- teach Muslims about Jesus!

Republican Corruption is not just national - its local, too. Get Involved!

I'm Shocked I Tell Ya!!! Soldiers Tell Gates What Bush* Wants To Hear.

Those aren't devil horns

I'm sitting here wondering what changes will realistically occur when Dems take over Jan/07. Ideas?

Is using the President Bully Pulpit for stupid things an impeachable offense?

yea! It's Winter Solstice the sun will start coming back

Is Santa a Wiccan?

Navajo group protests proposed power plant

Fox News to surge forces in war on Christmas

a conversation with the surgin' general

What's going on?

Freaker Math

There was a post a while back

Post-traumatic futility disorder

Street flooding in New Orleans

Good God, Iraq: Grave & Deteriorating , and CNN'S worried about Sandy Berger.

WTF! Whorin Hatch's song has gone platinum.

Did contractors shoot at unarmed Iraqi for sport and get away with it? that

First HONEST photo of GWB. Share it with the fundies. They'll love it.

Bush Declares He's Not Bound By Provisions in the India Nuclear Cooperation Law He Just Signed

Right wing plant guard had this posted today in the gatehouse at work.

why oh why did you keep the foreskin and throw away the kid

No TV for over two years: Can someone tell me *'s approval rating?

Holy Foreskin! Here's a new angle on the DU circumcision argument...

Little Known Christmas Fact

Does DU have a back room forum and a user picture archive?

Teen Fights Removal Of Bullet In Head

24 year old female teacher charged with molestation of 12 year old

O'Reilly: "We can't find one TV critic in the United States of America, not one who isn't a liberal"

Judge issues warrant to search Bush's head for evidence (AP/CNN)

A Near-Miss Nuclear Explosion (Texas 2005)

Article II, Section 4. Impeachment: How do you interpret it?

30,000 American soldiers died while Nixon figured out how to lose Vietnam over 4 years

Monks fight it out for the Church's soul

Here's Virgil Goode's new emblem for his office door...

Once upon a Time, there was an article, which predicted our failure in Iraq...

A random act of kindness

the real rationale for the "surge"

Tens of Thousands Stranded in England Fog - 600+ flights

"I never made so many coffins a day"

To honor the military and raise money, teachers grow beards

The Extremely Profitable “War on Christmas”

Attack On Reason

How many Non-Christians do we have in Congress??

Is MSNBC using Keith Olberman as a "model" for their other talk shows?

Best Quote of the Bush Era:

There's Profit in Alleging a 'War on Christmas'

CNN video update of Florida e-voting disaster

Share Your Favorite Colbert Report Moments...

My morning just took a nose dive.....

On raising the minimum wage.

Animals Rights: when do humans take precedence?

Wall Street Bonuses; Do U Agree?

Tilting the balance...the Saudis weigh in

"Birth as easy as 1-2-3: one woman, two wombs, three babies "

Night Before Christmas 2006

W wants to increase the voluntary military

So what ya doin to promote universal health care

Woodrow Wilson--your thoughts good or bad

Debbie Schlussel: "Barack Hussein Obama: Once a Muslim, Always A Muslim"

Lewinsky graduates from London School of Economics

Families go shopping because of Bush

Tomorrow is National Homeless Persons' Memorial Day.

Rep: 'Everything depends' on bringing Christianity to Iraq

Is Global Warming causing Puppies to act the way they've been acting?

Pooping peasant (in Nativity scene) popular in Spain

Activists take credit for juice poisoning

No presents for naughty Bush (my weekly newspaper column)

A rant about heterosupremacy. . .

Voting Registrar Pleads 'No Contest' to 43 Charges; Feeney Claims 'Political Dictatorship'; MORE...

Grateful Dead to play Pelosi tribute

Longterm, the most profound effect of this presidency will be...

LEAHY: To Question Gonzalez Re "Extraordinary Renditions"-Says They're Gross Human Rights Violations

U.S. Military Officials: Bush Trying To Bribe Us To Support Iraq Escalation

Bush "Developing Illegal Bioterror Weapons" for Offensive Use

So, the Frat-Boy says he now supports a min. wage increase (only if tax cuts come, too)

Zune Player from Wal-Mart came pre-loaded with gay male orgy

Make the case for or against Hillary Clinton.

Muslims Mark Solidarity With Jews

Where is Bush's PROOF that there can and will be "Victory in Iraq."

Alternatives in political action?

Seen on a license plate frame in Dallas this AM..

The Plame Cases

Living in dread under Bush

"But, I've got a tarp."

FCC FU - this is priceless

Another reason not to purchase from a pet store...

Ford soon to be pushed into 3rd place by Toyota; why? GAYS!

Excessive Undervotes in Ohio Diebold Counties – 2006 Senate Race

My most profound apologies to gay, transexual, transgender DUers

When's the next Bush poll due out?

Winter Solstice

Global Orgasm For Peace Day?

It's Year Two and Carnival of the Liberals #28!

This Just In: I'm a gay man who sleeps with Cindy Sheehan!

Throw drowning polar bears a lifeline.

Reid, Dem Leadership UNITED against "The Surge"

Day Of The Animals

My Big Fag Gay Wedding, Episode One

On this longest night of the darkest day

I'm exploding!!! I had to take the day off to write this RANTafter receiving an email

Third state this week halts executions

Privatized Immigrant Detention Facilities for Families Revealed to be Modern-Day Concentration Camps

It's not Surge, it's Escalation

How many kids are enough?

DU Charity Donation Drive, Day 3: More than $7,800 raised for America's Second Harvest so far!

The Anti-Labor Labor Board

Maybe we should put Gallagher in a ''Detention Center''

Matt Damon: intstantly prophetic regarding Bush and shopping

What is a Crime Against Humanity?

Remembering Rummy

U.S. Constitution- the mini series; Intro & Preamble

U.S. Constitution- the mini series; Article 1, Sections 1&2

U.S. Constitution- the mini series; Article 1, Section 3

U.S. Constitution- the mini series; Article 1, Section 4&5

U.S. Constitution- the mini series; Article 1, Section 6&7

U.S. Constitution- the mini series; Article 1, Section 8

U.S. Constitution- the mini series; Article 1, Section 9

U.S. Constitution- the mini series; Article 1, Section 10

U.S. Constitution- the mini series; Article 2, Section 1

U.S. Constitution- the mini series; Article 2, Section 2

U.S. Constitution- the mini series; Article 2, Section 3

U.S. Constitution- the mini series; Article 2, Section 4

ABC Halftime Report: Riots against the Shah of Iran 11/4/78

ABC News: Koppell's harsh commentary on U.S. foreign policy (1975)

Ain't Gonna Study War No More - Song at AlliantTech Protest

Scarborough on BUSH: Determined or Delusional?

Abu Ghraib - The Bottom Line

Home On The Range (Bush style)

My Horrid Night

Veterans laughed at "Bush has a plan" a month ago and now we still wait?

Subpoena {of Joseph Wilson} challenged in CIA leak case (AP/CNN)

US Tortures Veterans!

Good News and Bad News from Iraq for "conservatives"

Huge Southern Baptist Church rocked by sexual abuse charges

george and laura to visit wounded soldiers before

GOP's Santa: Abramoff's 2001 Holiday Shopping List...

Nevada Dems urge West's "favorite son," NM Governor Bill Richardson, to seek presidency

Who is the real Mitt Romney??!!

Does Romney have any advantages in the Iowa primary ?

New Saudi Ambassador

(Massachusetts lame-duck governor/White House wanna-be) Romney to miss Patrick inaugural

What would you call this?

5 year old boy accused of sexual harassment...

Sixty-One Troops Lost So Far This Month on Bush's March to "Victory"

*Surge Overkill* and the song of the Bush years

United Democrats are putting Repubs in "tight spot" over Iraq policy...

Poll: 47% don't know Obama ... link

CNN poll shows interesting trend

"Hey Dude! I just got hired to go Iraq!" Loyalty to * and the RP

Jennings files protest in House/Sarasota FL undervotes

BradBlog Poll: When will Bush Leave Office?

Still More Evidence Of Moderation Emerges From Romney's Past

Was I a child molester at 17?

If Gates recommends that more troops NOT be sent to Iraq, and Bush still goes ahead and sends them,

Christians do not know their Bible

Fallujah....comments by Dahr Jamail. Heartbreaking.

Bush's Reason #53 For The Iraq War: To Help Fledgling Democracies???

Evil is in the eye of the beholder?

Thom Hartman now----What is the Chessgame that is going on in the ME

Tweety calls Gore "the Hindenberg" and Blankley says: "I know about that

Great Anti-Bush, Anti-Republican Slogans For Bumperstickers Like JAIL TO THE CHIEF

Woman who posed as liberal commenter gets job working for FlipFlop McCain

"Audacity of Hope" Excerpt #2: Senator Byrd and the Constitution.

Bush, Republicans Remain Disingenuous On Raising Minimum Wage

Can you imagine if Muhammad Ali or Kareem Abdul Jabbar ran for political office?

Is DU being used as a focus group for RW negative ads? I think

Kerry does not rule out troop surge, but demands real diplomacy.

Meat Packing workers/Construction Workers no Different from Jews, Irish , Italian

" The police are there to preserve disorder" applies to Iraq.

Virgil H. Goode Jr.'s, R-Va letter warned first Muslim in Congress a serious threat

2004: Kucinich got fewer delegates than Al Sharpton (23-27)

Interesting Analysis of Bill Richardson for President in 2008

"the surge"?????

Rove's Top Priority: Make the Dems look bad

Some random notes from Virginia (the state)

John Kerry is unequivocally opposed to Bush's absurd "Troop Surge" gamble in Iraq

Edwards Transitions From "Fresh Face To Crusader"

Only 12% of Americans, plus the Third Way/PPI/DLC, approve raising troop levels.

This is not the post that I sat down to write.

"Obama's Toughest Sell May Be To Other Blacks"

60's folks: Could we muster enough young people today

I don't know if I can support rasing the mininum wage if small businesses are not protected