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Archives: December 22, 2006

Bob Herbert: America’s Open Wound

Canada's quiet revolution by Gordon Chong Toronto Star

Study Suggests Incentives on Oil Barely Help U.S

A risky throw of the dice for Bush (JIM LOBE)

The Middle East’s new map (MARK PERRY)

Amy Goodman: Find a Cure for 'Contagious Shooting'

Startup working with Ford to commercialize Direct Injection Ethanol boosted engine by 2011.

Steelworkers union condemns EPA rules change

Scientists Rebut Big Easy ("Mr. Go") Channel Report - AP

Carter's about-face betrays Jews, Christians

Get Carter

Holocaust as alibi

There's Profit in Alleging a 'War on Christmas'

Boeing Rep Speaks Out On Laptop Thefts And Security

'Stay the course' named top catch phrase of 2006

Ahmadinejad allies last in final Tehran vote count

More Layoffs Seen For Big Pharma

London Braces for Attack; 'Miracle' If There Isn't One

200 Darfur rebels killed in fresh attack: Sudan army

[Selective Service] Agency To Test Military Draft Machinery

Bush Signs Executive Order on Pay Raises

USA Today Adds Foreclosure Listings To Real Estate Web Site

Largest Indian Outsourcing Deal Ever: Tech Mahindra Wins $1 Billion Pact From BT

"The Soul is in the Bowl" ...

If they come out with a golf game for that new Nintendo console...

This story was in my local paper!!!

Nighty Night.........

Funny DMV prank in Virginia

Mario Lemieux: Pittsburgh Penguins to move?

I'm going to hit a 1000 tonight...

Any "Billy and Mandy" fans out there?

If you were the "Daffy"

Miss Nevada USA Loses Shirt, Then Title

So, it sure does slow down at DU around Xmas doesn't it?

The Donald and Rosie Escalate Their Feud

Celebrities who flash their boobs - a rant

Patrons Toss Dead Cat Through Drive-Thru

Must brag - I have a post on the Greatest page!

Our War Resident Reads Jomini

HEADS UP! Steve Guttenberg in The Day After

My favorite Christmas recipe-French silk pie

I bought myself a Christmas gift yesterday ....

The Warmth of a President (A parody of *)

It's raining alpacas and dromedaries here!

People Know Me from my Bumper Stickers

My 5 month old kitten is losing her baby teeth

Do you support Hilary for President?

It's 32 degrees F out., 9:00PM Do you let your children wear shorts outside?

All in favor of granting Katie Rees (former Miss Nevada USA 2007) the title of Miss DU Lounge 2007?

Did you buy Jessica Simpson's "Newlyweds" TV show on DVD?

Rum Balls! On the hunt for Rum Balls!

Speaking of Donald Trump.....

Sisters. Siblings have an incredible bond

I made a screensaver for the first time today.

It's make a limerick time... spontaneity is key

Judith Regan

Pictures from today: Colorado Blizzard 2006 (pic heavy)

Nini is making caramel popcorn!!!

I noticed something last night about Rev_Acts

Steely Dan Fans: What do you think of "The Second Arrangement"?

Does anyone use People PC as a dialup ISP?

I keep thinking today is Friday.

K. O.

Hello? Ptah??

List gifts that have no monetary value, but are still great gifts.

My muscles aren't sore and I'm constantly h.... - what gives!

Parasite takes over insect's brain.


Pictures from the moderator holiday hot tub party

college students! Help me with a gift, please.

Woohoooooo!!! I GOT MY CAR BACK!!!!

Anyone Else Do Stupid Silly Things Over and Over?

My muscles are sore and I'm constantly hungry - what gives!

fotoshop idea....could someone please photoshop Dick Cheney's head onto..

Halp!!1 GD is under SURGE with Rosie TRUMP & Donald O'DONNELL threads!!1

The mall SUCKS!!!!!!!!

I'm not sure what I did to deserve what happened tonght

Wow. One of my students handed in her crib notes with the final exam!

Despite being full of shit all the time, the conservative movement...

OK, I give up. I can't argue anymore. I have both a puppy and a kitten sleeping on me,

Dear Santa...(Santa answers letters after too much egg nog)

Help--the cats are driving me insane!

For whatever it's worth.Happy whatever. (sarcasm)

Does anyone else hate getting "newsletters" in holiday cards?

I just got my R.E.M. fanclub holiday package!

Tell a Duer you love them!

"Another One Bites the Dust" at New Life Evangelical Mega-Church

If you believe in prayer...

Europe's biggest dino is revealed (BBC)

Jehovas Witnesseses excommunicate the Nemesis Rising twins for being gay

Bonds vs. Babe

How Diplomacy is Done.

Interesting poll results for Iowa here.

Sestak fans - Joe to be on CBS Newsmakers this Sunday at 8:00a.m.

Merry Whatever, fellow photographers. Thought you'd like this site.


Condi Rice interview now on Jim Lehrer PBS

VA Secretary Jim Nicholson Supports Draft but does a about face

How far do you think Bush will go

US plans broadband safety network (BBC)

For the benefit of all...A re-writing of congressman goode's letter

Think about it ...

Ride with Zulu for Mardi Gras 2007!

Pix of the London Fog: Beautiful

Clear Channel keeps Air America station (WXXM in Madison)

How do you feel about this?

Does anyone use People PC as a dialup ISP?

Somalia's Islamists: We are at war

Scooter Libby is not on pardon list

I want you to envision a world...

French pulls troops from Afghanistan - No sign of Osama hiding in his cave

EPA Fines Syngenta $1.5 Million for Distributing Unregistered GE Pesticide

Spike Lee's New Orleans Film

condi rice - lord voldemort? Her interview on PBS today was amazing.

Turkmenistan: Russia casts steely eye on country and it's gas.

New guidelines allow troops with traumatic stress

Any DU'ers here who Played with Toys Stamped: "Made in Occupied Japan?"

A Question about Women's Suffrage

David "Albright Ad" Zucker at it again, this time comparing James Baker to Neville Chamberlain:

Saudi Arabia buys all new ICBMs... cool heh? >gulp

Scarbourgh, please just ask Jon Stewart out already!

What do you see as the top 3 issues in 2007 we must address?

Bush pardons cocaine dealers


Did the Turkman leader cross Putin?

Blasphemous Blogging: Christmas Letter

Air America off in Boston?

Why the hell do small businessmen think they're better off

The CIA under Gen Hayden are servile to Busholini.

Agency to Test Military Draft Machinery

Sobering discussion here

When you're at a Holocaust-deniers convention, you don't want to be the guy ordering the kosher meal

Oddly enough, it looks like * had much in common with

Austin Nativity Scene Features Mary Cheney's “Immaculate Conception”...

Unions collect Toys for Tots

Speaking of Donald Trump.....

Kosher fare with side of fairness


This Is My Greatest Personal Indicator That The Middle Class Is Being Squeezed.

The Gender-based Rosie-Donald Poll

2006: a good year for religious conflict and atheists

Bush always claimed he would listen to the Commanders on the ground in Iraq

Should NJ Hetero couples have "Civil Unions"?

American Muslim Delegation Visits U.S. Holocaust Museum

FOX talking head John Gibson says that liberals hate Christmas.

O'rilleys new word today...

Miss Nevada USA fired for racy photos

This country needs a good, honest labor movement.

Who remembers the "Clinton years" ?

The history of the Rosie/Donald snafu. With video clips so you can judge for yourself

On being gay. From a straight guy.

If you were a Freeper, how would you respond to this?

Shadow's Taxicab reports: Scheduled appearances in the War on Terror and Al Qaeda’s top five

Bush's New Spin For Iraq War: Help Fledgling Democracies Fight Extremism. Wonder How Abbas Feels ...

"Once a punk, always a punk..."

Climbing Mount 'General Discussion' in the state of DU, I got lost

2-year-old girl seen by two doctors before she died from ingesting baking soda (she weighed 17 lbs.)

What will future generations call this decade?

George Clooney on with Charlie Rose tonight -- only guest listed


Rice says Iraq Investment Worth It - "Investment" means torture and death to her

Anybody watching Anderson Cooper dissin' Rosie and

What does Christmas mean to you?

New freeperism: "servered"

How the 'taxpayer census' fights the 'homosexual agenda' (TVC deception)

Who here voted in this election to get us out of Iraq

Here is the letter promoting bigotry, from elected BIGOT Virgil Goode (R-VA)!

I wonder what 4 tours in Iraq will do to all these young people.

IMAGINE if Bush had NEVER been born ...

Study: Psilocybin Relieves OCD Symptoms

Colorado Blizzard Pics

A term worth discussing - 'Ugly' and my own episode (bias) with it from youth

Truck Hauling 6,000 Pounds of Uranium Overturns on North Carolina Highway

Wow, Donald Trump's crying like a huge baby brat to Larry King about Rosie

Rhode Island lawmaker bolts GOP

Army at war buys 322 non-deployable helicopters...WTF?

(TOON) Steve Bell on the Chimp's plan for Iraq

Those like me not doing so well .

Help - Looking for good Choirs or Orchestras for Xmas Music!

Request to restart the "Draft" forum.

MSNBC panel discusses the impeachment of an isolated, delusional, verging on the criminal, Bush

Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseekers' Check-In !! Happy Winter Solstice!

Question in all seriousness: Just WHAT is Christmas all about?

If a cluttered desk goes with a cluttered mind, what does this desk say?

LIBERAL FUNDAMENTALISM is still fundamentalism

Did VA Chief Nicholson just float a trial balloon for the COMBAT DRAFT?

Do you come to DU looking for a fight?

*** TOONS: Pre-Christmas ***

Who here has been homeless?


Simple question: Do we, as DUers and liberals, believe in a woman's right to do


Time Magazine Person of the Year 2006 Winner

ABC News: Koppell on U.S. foreign policy (1975) Correct Link

Venezuela & Hugo Chavez: Lessons for the US...

George Bush: "If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier"

When the Levee Breaks

Nana Mouskouri - Song for Liberty

Help urgently needed-Please support Lt. Watada's refusal to participate in illegal war!

A modern aspect of mass protest

Pelosi vs Tauscher

The way for the Democrats to put their mark on the Iraq War

R.I. lawmaker defects from tiny Republican party

Lieutenant Ehren Watada for President! HE'LL stop the war!

Name just one thing Condi Rice has accomplished as Secretary of State?

Pelosi Aims To Recast Self, Party

Is There A Politically Correct Neo-Con War On Science?

Edwards hopes labor puts him in race Chicago Sun Times

Question: Can Bush Send More Troops If The House & Senate Majority

Congressman Hayes (lunatic-NC) has THE plan to end the war in Iraq. Thank God for Robin

"Not ready for duty, sir . . ."

peace at last

Steelworkers union condemns EPA rules change

AFL-CIO : Minimum Wage Hike Should be No Strings Attached

Obama or Hillary? Binary poll

The Democrats and Big Labor Washington Times (Labor contributed around $100 million last election)

Economic Report: One in Twenty Latinos In U.S. Go Hungry

Republican Rep says win Iraq by spreading Christianity there

Kerry proposed surge in military...

Pay attention, Condi.

Sen. Lieberman Drops Centrist Coalition For More Conservative Company

"Edwards' toughest sell may be to other Whites" - Oh wait a minute

KCCI Poll Shows Vilsack 3rd Among Democratic Hopefuls (ahead of Hillary)

Edwards and Obama Tied in Iowa (22% each; Vilsack at 12%; Clinton at 10%)

Leading RFK assassination researcher died with unanswered questions

Bush's 'Global War on Radicals' - Robert Parry. Consortium News

Mr. President, you're no Harry Truman

A brief history of the PNAC: a refresher .....

Obama the anti-Bush

Al Qaeda-backed group offers US safe Iraq exit

A tragedy's emotional impact can engulf journalists, too

My LTTE published today


A Congo lesson for Bush

Iraqi Factions Try to Undercut a Plan to Isolate Extremists by James Glanz at NYTimes

Area Muslims want apology from Goode (Danville)

consensual sexual activity,-----underaged while drinking, etc.

TomPaine: Beyond Diversity to Justice

Truthdig (from AlterNet): The Shadow Army

(New York) PATH Tunnels Seen as Fragile in Bomb Attack - NYT

Democrats (Pelosi at the helm) Nurse Freshmen at Risk

Congressional aide admits trying to hire hackers

HERE is the redacted version of a draft Op-Ed (Flynt Leverett, cia)

A doubly informative op-ed

New Scientist - Canadian Government Just Doesn't Get It On Climate

Hardiness Zone Changes

Cantarell Decline Rate 2X Pemex Estimates- Calderon Mulls New Tobacco, Pop Taxes To Fill Revenue Gap

Seychelles Islands Bracing For Extremely Rare Equatorial Cyclone (Cat 3) - Reuters

Australia - Sydney's Water Supply Falls To New Record Low, But No Water Restrictions Yet - SMH

Extreme autumn temperatures cause unseasonable flowering in the Netherlands

NCAR - Thermosphere (Outermost Atmospheric Layer) Thinning Thanks To Climate Disruption

Anyone drive a 100% electric car?

Lawsuit: Alaska sea otters need critical habitat (AP/CNN)

Allstate To Cancel Property Coverage In Dozen Chesapeake Bay Counties Starting February - WP

Manitoba's GHG Emissions Up 20% Between 2004 And 2005 - Free Press

MD Activists Charge Operators Of Power Plant With 14,200 Violations In Four Years - Baltimore Sun

Arizona Now Fastest-Growing State, Narrowly Trailed By Nevada - CSM

CSIRO Modeling Suggests Much Worse In Store For Victoria, Melbourne By 2030 - Age

Joint Indo-Chinese Team To Map, Study Glacial Melt At Sources Of Brahmaputra, Sutlej Rivers - ENN

Rockhopper Penguins ("Happy Feet" Model) Populations Collapsing In S. Atlantic Home Range - AFP

Oceans Warming and Rising

Still on colision course

Settler jailed for murdering four Palestinians commits suicide

Bush signs law banning aid to Hamas government

Civilian killed in Gaza clashes

Brandeis group pursues Carter visit

Sale ends machine flap

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. 12/22/06

Ohio Secretary of State-Elect announces additional key individuals who will serve

Discussion on DU Election Reform forum linked from OpedNews

The proposed Sarasota software audit team looks good

Sen. Lieberman Drops Centrist Coalition For More Conservative Company

(AP) Lawyer: 5 tapped in N.J. Posada probe

U.S. to maintain long presence in Gulf region -Gates

Incentives on Oil Barely Help U.S., Study Suggests (more gov. waste for

Man remanded over Suffolk murders

US plans broadband safety network

British charge man in prostitute murders

Reuters: Suicide bomber targets Afghan MP, kills 1

Gates plans report to Bush on Iraq

N. Korea nuke talks end without deal

Reuters: Four U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq's Anbar province

WP - Report Says TSA Violated Privacy Law (Airline Passenger Data)

Mass. Governor-elect Patrick set to rescind Romney plan for troopers: Opposes use to arrest illegals

Iran's President Says Bush 'Most Hated'

Black Hawk crash leaves 2 dead, 1 missing (based at Fort Lewis, WA)

Lebanon police seize explosives from pro-Syrian group in north

Lynne Cheney brushes off fuss over Mary’s pregnancy

US, Iraqis in 'broad strategic agreement': Gates

AFP: US cancels Philippines military exercises over rape case

Rape Charges Dropped in Duke Lacrosse Case

Feds deny U.S. forces helped former Iraqi official flee

Abandoned and terrified, (Palestinian) refugees are targets of the (Shia) death squad

Violence hits Iraq on Muslim day of prayer

Puget Sound orcas remain an endangered species (judge: farms, developers not hurt by listing)

Subcontractor On Troubled Texas Welfare Contract Files Claim Against Accenture

Sale Of Voting Machine Firm With Venezuelan Links Will Avoid U.S. Probe

Russia offers to set up weapons service centres in India

Charges dropped in Duke rape case

AP: 5 U.S. Troops Die West of Baghdad

Venezuela mulls euro oil switch

Refugees shut out by war on terrorism

(Bipartisan) Lawmakers want stricter accounting of war costs

Congressional aide (Republican-MT) admits trying to hire hackers -- to boost his college GPA

AP: Venezuelan Co. to Sell U.S. Subsidiary (Sequoia Voting Systems)

Man of the Year: Jim Sensenbrenner

Pfizer's McKinnell to get $180M package

Russia Charges Rocket Scientist With Spying for U.S.

Court Says Issue Ads OK During Elections

Man arrested in Ohio GOP headquarters vandalism

Iran turns from dollar to euro in oil sales

DeLay prosecutors' appeal set for Jan. 24 hearing

Muslims Mark Solidarity With Jews

US lawmakers press Bush to put war costs in budget

(NY Comptroller) Hevesi Resigns

Extreme autumn temperatures cause unseasonable flowering in the Netherlands

Time running out on Kurdish rebels in Iraq, Turkey tells US

Duke rape charges dropped!!!

UN poised to pass Iran sanctions despite threat

Attorney: Kline files criminal charges against Tiller (Kansas Abortion Doctor)

Rockhopper penguin numbers tumble in South Atlantic

Space Shuttle Touches Down in Florida

State of the Union address set for Jan. 23

Iraq town has little faith in US trial of Marines

Haditha defense seen focused on Iraq battle chaos

Iraq strikes deal with US on war strategy--"a broad strategic agreement"

AP: La. to Get $75M for Katrina Cottages (officials feel shortchanged)

(Iraqi) Troop Levels Unknown (Rep. Shays sends WH Iraq report)

5 More Troops Killed West of Baghdad NY Times / AP story

ABC: Al Qaeda Operatives in Greater London are Being Encouraged to "Strike During the Christian

NASA waves off first Florida shuttle landing try

(AP) Judge: Iran has some blame in '96 attack (Khobar Towers, Saudi)

Al Qaeda Sends a Message to Democrats (and shows his softer side)

U.S. Rep.-elect Nick Lampson taken to hospital (DeLay's successor)

British troops seize Iraqi police chief

Court strikes down 2004 EPA smog rules

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 22

President, Mrs. Bush visit wounded soldiers at Walter Reed hospital

CNN: Muslim Congressman-elect Ellison: Congressman Goode has 'a lot to learn about Islam'

Bush caved to pressure on troops

Iran turns from dollar to euro in oil sales

Judge Orders Saudi Princess Deported

Lawmaker (Rep. Goode) stands firm on Quran criticism

Charges against Kan. abortion doc dumped

Homeland Security Admits Violating Privacy

U.S death toll nears 3,000 in Iraq

US 'Nazi guard' faces deportation

Air America Station to Stay in Madison (Power to the People!)

Katrina Housing Program on Hold (DC Court of Appeals until Mar..grr

State cuts social services contract (Texas)

Test run of military draft machinery announced

Toyota 'to overtake GM in 2007'

Police want bullet from teen's forehead

Haditha Residents on Charged Marines: Let Us Have Them

Documentary: French soldiers had 2 chances to kill bin Laden

(CNN) Poll: Bush not trustworthy, doesn't share values, no longer inspires confidence

Al-Qaeda offers US safe passage from Iraq

Court cuts Exxon Valdez judgement in half

Flu Pandemic Could Kill 62m With Poorer Countries Most Affected

SOME charges dismissed against 3 Duke rape case defendants

This post is for you...

Raise your hand if you care about the Rosie and the Donald thing.

Van Morrison, Brown-Eyed Girl

Chocolate, I have chocolate!

Got my Christmas card from The Wiley and Excellent Boy Cat Named Ginger this morning!

I never thought of scanning underwear

Christmas Tequila Cookies

Chestnuts roasting in the microwave

Turtle attacks dog (youtube)

CONGRATS SimplyFugue to 3000 posts!!!


Daytona 500 Fragrance for Men . Interesting.

Post your holiday well wishes here!!! Hope it's a great season for everyone

Is anyone participating in Global Orgasm Day?

Now *that's* the spirit we've been looking for


Awsome Billiard Tricks.

If your last name begins with A-N, call now! If it starts with O-Z, call tomorrow after 9AM.

Alright! Who wants to gather 'round my Yule Log?

Somebody remind me what month and day this is?

Dogs, Bats & Kentucky Fried Chicken To Be Served For Christmas Dinner

Who will have snow this Christmas??

I just accidentally made up a new word

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 12/22/06)

Lots of animals on Africam.

Have you ever gotten up an hour early and not realized it?

In keeping with the Festivus activies today we will have the "Feats of Strength"

Our dear Miss Honeychurch is leaving soon...

What's your favorite present you're giving this year, and who are you giving it to?

So Mr. Writer sets his alarm for 7:30 in the morning.

Boys Caroling Get Harrassed By Cop (Assumed They Were Drug Dealers)

I just got an endoscopy! Ask me anything!

Depp To Honor Oasis With BRIT Award

Festivus has jumped the shark. The best yuletime holiday is now the Feast of Zover.

What's your most meaningful & affordable gift you like giving to family members for Xmas

Father, forgive me, but I know EXACTLY what I'm doing.

"Say 'Happy Birthday' again. I dare you."

Mr. B and I picked up our Prius this morning

So I had a note on my car

Baby Jesuses Stolen From Several Cities

What should we call them?

So My Boss Gave Me "The Out Of Office Countdown" Bush Calendar For Xmas

Do you think jesus will get mad if

"The Audacity of Hope" suggests

I really don't want to screw this up

Why do cats go crazy after taking a dump?

Microsoft Extends Xbox 360 Warranty to One Year (retroactively)

Woman's Sex Ad On Craigslist Brings In $1,400 In 2 Weeks (Arrested)

Does this song advocate stalking and/or rape?

I am sitting here in the office with my colleague

BOY did I impress my kid.

I'm tired of snot.

Mike Evans of "The Jeffersons" has died

MatcomNews Update: Rebel Monks Gang REMAIN Barricaded In Monastery

Merry Christmas and Happy last night of Hanukkah!

We are showing "Inconvenient Truth", a hosting for

Very windy day here in LA--our building is actually swaying.

Anybody Able To Get Their Hands On Their Wii?

Dominck the Italian Christmas Donkey


Dave hates this pony

Earplugs? Check. Functional Lock on Bedroom Door? Check...

Oh God NOOOOO...

Here's a nice music video for today. The music is great,

"Black Christmas" all white people

Does having a Cafe Press biz really make a person money?


My wife moved my Christmas Presents

Happy GOP (Global Orgasm for Peace) Day!

Good thing Bush didn't have the grades to be a doctor

Miss Nevada USA Loses Shirt Then Title (YES!!)

Good to know


Pre-Xmas shopping hell....

Who would play Wesley Clark in a movie?

Really really cool site for free ware:

I got loved on by a Pomeranian puppy

Call Me Wesley, kindly avert your eyes. I'm showing one of your xmas gifts to our friends.

What is the weirdest job you ever had?

I hope I hear good news from my best friend tomorrow.

This is what I want for Christmas !

Is this rude or what?

I am become Orrex, destroyer of threads

Nicknames from your own name

I upgraded my internet explorer yesterday

My Power Just Went Out

In case you're wondering, yes, I've weighed in on the Rosie/Donald thread

I made a funny and they locked it

Post your Christmas food intake for today so far

Anybody else have a day where they wanted to kick their computer in its transistor?

Vikings officially choke for the 46th stright year...

Merry Clucking Christmas!

Did you hear about the Texas teacher...

Who the hell are Rosie and Donald? Too lazy to read the threads

I think Santa Clause is a woman!!

self delete

Whom are you missing this Christmas?

I propose that Global Orgasm Day be combined with Festivus

Finally! My copy of January's TEXAS MONTHLY is in!

I really did not like my child, this morning. At all.

Happy birthday plcdude!!

It's Patrick Fitzgerald's 46th Birthday Today!

Sean John label jacket made with DOG fur sold at Macy's

Has anyone seen that BMW commercial where the 2 kids

The rabbit and the snowman.

Can you tell who posted a thread without looking at the name?

What is the angle of the dangle equal to? I just can't remember

A nice little story

To fans of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Mama's Brain Surgery recovery Update:

I hate being sick

Can we stand one more circumcision thread?

Goddamnit. It's officially global orgasm day and I'm not in the mood.

What do you buy for people who buy everything they want?

How many of you have had relations on the board?

which topping should I put on my cocoa??

Anyone else spending Christmas alone?

Killing a Man

How Would YOU Handle Catching Your Spouse in Adultery?

I may be alone here but these ED comercials are pissing me off, wtf

Andy Dick got his ass beat in my hometown last night.


If you have a food processor, check in here

Let's see how far we can take this thread without getting it locked

And You Think Canada Is So Cold?

Caption this Stunned Kitten

Father-Son Pic Thread:

I need help figuring out how to tip my super!

Okay, I've Been Around Sick People For Weeks at work- NOW I Get Sick?

How many of you have relatives on the board?

Photobucket posting question - what size pic option should I use?

What's the secret to a happy marriage?

december birthdays. who has them? who hates them?

My heart is heavy today!


Have you cheated?

I got a 419 scam email from God

How do I get something to Colbert? Or at least his staff?

Who will be Christmas shopping tomorrow? What's your gender?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all DUers thread:

Can I have a show of hands of who here ISN'T a Miss USA contestant with naked pics on the net

Persons of DU: are any physical attributes in potential romantic partners dealbreakers?

Who's going to YearlyKos in Chicago?

Photo Thread!!! - Can you ever have too many?

Generate your own Concert Ticket Stub

Radio Lady Discusses: The Devil Wears Dench -- that's Dame Judi Dench, the English actress.

The Reverend Jim Carrey

If you had to choose between the following two candidates, which would it be?

Bob Dylan: Conservative Christian

What is fundamentalism?

Maths solution tops science class (BBC/Science) {Top Ten Discoveries of 2006}

Scientists Predict Big Solar Cycle

Suppose: power "plants"

Futuristic slingshot whips satellites to space (CNN/

Japan researchers film live giant squid

Anybody know how *Friendly* NW Connecticut is?

'God' billboards bring gay-friendly message (in New Zealand)

First openly gay gubernatorial chief of staff calling it quits

Catholic bishops push for gay marriage vote

Gay candidate for Mayor of Dallas, TX acknowledges 2002 arrest for playing with guns

Pope Ratso Attacks Gay Marriage in Christmas Address

Marlins' Dontrelle Willis arrested in SoBe on DUI charge

OSU vs. Florida (like the Macintosh commercials)

Anyone Listen to Jim Rome?

Got my car back, FINALLY!!

Anyone have insurance for a home business?

OMG, I received the most wonderful Holiday card from Senator kerry and Teresa.

Seasons Greetings from NECN!

Jon Tester

Nice threads on GDP. A strange alliance is in place.


I need our best Kerry pics.

Question for NV Whino, or anybody else who knows wine

Movie shoot

Real good special 'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' coming on now

Watching "What If: The Oil Runs Out" on the Science Channel

Hidden message in American clothing sold in France

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping

On Rights

Are there any cultural memories of prehistoric times passed down in legends?

There's no place like home.

This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want. Beware them both.

NY Times prints redacted version of Leveret op-ed. Black lines and all

Report: School aid not distributed evenly (AP/CNN)

LOL!!! Sen. Lieberman Calls for More Troops

Peace on Earth

Overpopulation is the least of our worries...

Does this monster look like his heart breaks on a regular basis?

I wonder how often bush & cheney use death threats?

Have any repuke leaders denounced Representative Goode's

What is fundamentalism?

Imam Mohamed Magid: "We have to stand together, committed to compassion, love and mercy"

Blue Christmas: for the soldiers, and the loved ones

Breaking: Tom Delay Retiring

Watching the late night Scarborough rebroadcast.

Waas under attack...

I'm watching Olbermann' s "best of" comments and I AM PISSED!!@#$!

Most Investment Bankers work 80-100 hours a week and have no lives, keep the bonuses in perspective

C&L Christmas Carol.. Bing Crosby & David Bowie ?!?

WAR ON CHRISTMAS? So which concept can ANYONE defeat in a WAR?

It's a Wall Street bonus bonanza -- USA Today - Good Article

Bush, Republicans Remain Disingenuous On Raising Minimum Wage

TIME, Andrew Sullivan: The Year That Religion Learned Humility

Americans spend every cent - and more (

Merry Christmas to all of you wherever you may be

It Can’t Be Won Militarily; So, Send More Troops?

Awsome Billiard Tricks.

Edwards Transitions From "Fresh Face To Crusader"

Cost in lives & dollars 'worth it'. Oh, I'll bet they were condi, I'll bet they were.

Stars & Stripes letter to editor: Wrong to endorse one religion

Most hit men work 80-100 hours a week and have no lives, keep the bonuses in perspective

Santa says, "Get your jingle on!" . . . Please come CAPTION!!!

ICE's Swift Plant Raids Netted Only Poor Folks

Have a shag for peace today!

Sell-Out Democrats Walk Into a Bush Trap on Iraq

What's in a name?

Would some of you be offended if I called myself "Chocolate"?

This nightmare has gone on long enough, its time to end it.

CAIR leaders would like to see the US under Islamic Law?

"Test run" of military draft machinery announced as president, Congress take up plan to expand Mil

Hmmm, this weather is so goofed up, I suppose I'm forced

Columbia Journalism Review: Is Laura Bush leading the debate on media bias?

was the full October 2002 NIE ever released???

Bushco Continues To Rape American Coffers For Oil Companies

What's your most meaningful & affordable gift you like giving to family members for Xmas

I think it's time to clear up some misconceptions about the power of the Executive Branch

O'LOOFAH practices Looking - out- for- YOU by picking on little guys

Louisiana gets much less than MS for Katrina housing.....wonder why?

Are public service announcements ethical?

Is it against the rules to discuss the rules?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Friday - 12/22: Goldi-NOTS

Ethics of posting to message boards:

"Stay the course" named top catch phrase of 2006

Let's use a little commons sense: In the "Surge (escalation)" matter...

Bush uses recess appointment to get conservative on CPB board

Pinata stuffed with US soldiers now gone

Robert Gates Is Another Bush* Politico That The Democrats Gave Benefit Of Doubt.

A thought on Bush's dismantling of civil rights/right to privacy...

I want the troops home now but please answer this for me...what about the sectarian violence?

Editor&Publisher: The Press ignored the Haditha story for months

Freepers get their underwear in knots over Lewinsky graduation

FOX news talking about Robots rights

U.S. Deaths in Iraq Could Top 9/11 Toll Before Christmas

Nuclear Workers Fear Retribution (NY state)

One thing I always find utterly amazing about FOX...

12% of 300 million is 36,000,000. They want to send more troops to Iraq. Sign up!!

The reason for the season? Unclear

Bush's Foreign Sex Policy - Imperialism's Second Front

"Jessie" A Christmas Story

DirecTV gets new owner... bye bye Rupert...


Virgil Goode And Fareed-up-Tahir {Satire}

Ever wanted to rant against Dumbya?

Matthews: Gore is "the Hindenburg"

This is just god awful, glad this sick freak got life in prison - (disturbing news warning)

Bush issues order for 2.2 percent pay raise (Executive order)

Rape Charges dropped in Duke Rape case (lacrosse players)

Geraldo is a punk ass bitch

Just wanted to wish you all a very happy holiday season.

How can anyone still support the repub party after all this?

Has anyone here ever been threatened on Free Republic?

Why exactly is Christmas a FEDERAL holiday?

Worst coral reef die-off in 11,000 years

(Republican) Congressional aide admits trying to hire hackers -- to boost his college GPA

Student Ejaculates in Cafeteria Salad Dressing

Those Inflatable Santas: Eyepoppers to Eyesores

British woman with two wombs has three girls

I need a photo of King George and Queen Laura stepping



Bush* Visiting Soldiers At Walter Reed. Photo Op Accomplished.

Remember the Hunger Site

Teaching our children about Sexual Predators

Talk Radio HELL

Bush to mull Iraq strategy over holidays

Catch Phrases

Bush receives an unfriendly message while landing for Walter Reed Photo Op

* helps volunteers wrap presents for families of wounded soldiers - pics


another shameless photo op

"We have NEVER been about 'stay the course'"

Who would play Wesley Clark in a movie?

Caliphate, Bush's timeline, and the 500 year war.

Move-on on Senator Johnson's Condition

How Can It Be a War On Christmas Without Bumper Stickers?

Bumper sticker I saw yesterday

What ever became of the true statesmen ?

Richest 2 percent owns half the world's wealth

The Only Right Thing To Do In Iraq (response to Nng)

Rahm Emanuel to Bush: Denounce Goode

Canned Pfizer CEO Walks Away with $198 Million

NPR is playing Christian Christmas Music this morning

Rice: U.S. Ready for Black President

Concorde Passes Under Verrazano Narrows Bridge; Arrives at Floyd Bennett Field

Kan. Abortion Doctor Charged, Atty Says KS Attorney General files criminal

Georgia court hands down embarrassing punishment to liar

Scientists reveal that bears have stopped hibernating

Elder amateur chorus sings Coldplay song-->Video

Court Cuts Valdez Judgment Against Exxon (in half)

That was 2006: The Year of the Sneer

5 U.S. Troops Die West of Baghdad (Rice: "Iraq..Worth the investment)

Pastor sold stolen Bibles on eBay; started "Sunshine Find" then raided it

Remember sports fans-tomorrow 8 PM the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl

Catholic Monk Admits raping orphan boys ages 9 to 15

FDA consolidation plan could close federal food and drug labs

Texas teen fighting efforts to retrieve slug from head

Any lawyers in the House?

The Immigrant And The Progressive

Why can't the Military draft

Good news: Sen.Johnson from

U.S. Army To Pay $4.6 Billion For Translators In Iraq

Bill Frist keeping mum on New Hampshire Phone Jamming Scandal?

Gates pledges ‘enduring’ US presence in Gulf

A Very Dangerous New Year

Skydiver survives 3-mileplunge without a chute

Navy Times Article; Carrier Stennis to be Deployed to the Persian Gulf

Report paints grim picture of Asian rights abuses

Once Again, "Loophole" Allows Government To Violate Law, Broadcast Propaganda To US Audeince

Jimmy Stewart is probably rolling in his grave

Triplets for woman with two wombs

How many right-wingers have ever read the Koran?

Vatican takes hard line on the most awful of crimes-- defiance of Pope Ratso's authority

A stipend to learn English?

How Would YOU Handle Catching Your Spouse in Adultery?

Keith Olberman Special Comments

NSTA refuses Gore film, but freely distributes CONOCO video series???

Get this: The name of Duncan Hunter's PAC is

I've Watched My Neighbors Turn Into Torturers and Traitors

Shuttle landing track over Houston, NOLA, Pensacola, ETA 33 minutes

A timely quote....

Iowa Poll: Edwards 22%, Obama 22%, Vilsack 12%, Clinton 10%, Gore 7%, Kerry 5%

Truck overturns on I-95 in North Carolina with 6,000 pounds of Uranium onboard

FWIW: Tenet has a book coming out in Frebruary

Human Events "Man of the Year" is F. James Sensenbrenner

PHOTO-OP: "Message: I care"

Madison, Wisconsin totally rocks!

CNN mentioned a website that tracks the landing of the

inflatable Christmas decorations.

Shuttle Discovery de-orbit burn for KSC landing in 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1

Target stores pull Che Guevara CD case

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Selective Service Prepares to test Draft Machinery

I say we draft an Army of fundy preachers to go and save the Iraqis.

Ben Cohen's BB video--WMDs

Will the real TSA security detail please stand up?

Environmentally we are COOKED! Paris Hilton, Donald Trump & Brittany

A journey of follies, first Shrub flies his gas pig to Iraq to see

Christmas Song

a freeper's 14 yr old son was killed in an accident.

Screen Shot needed .... Katie Couric is dressed as a Xmas present


Jesus returns -- to Bakersfield district's school calendar

LOL! Mr. Fish weighs in on the Moran Congressman Goode

I Wish I Had More Supporting Documents....

Is Bush Taking AMBIEN?

Insurer to limit policies in state (Global Warming!)

George Is Too Stupid for a Gift-Wrapping Job ---pix--->>>

Rape charges against Duke lacrosse players dropped

"Only Military Action Can Stop Iran"

CNN: Security Watch "Tunnel Terror"

Need help with wingnut e-mail discussion.

Don't the irony and hubris enrage you?

Gov. Jeb Bush's Official Portrait Includes BlackBerry

I may be alone here but these ED comercials are pissing me off, wtf

Any bets on what Gates is going to report to Bush tomorrow?

Pelosi denies CSPAN's request for cameras on House floor

Space Shuttle is due to land today! Let's all wish them good luck...

Denver Airport Now Open Limited Flights

caption *

Virginia Politician: "If we aren't careful, more Muslims will get elected"

An excellent cartoon that Radfringe made for me

Senator Jon Tester Family Christmas Portriat

Bush: American people owe the troops "a huge debt of gratitude."

Still Smearing Ralph Nader for 2000

Let's spend the next two years impeaching and hope (put your candidate here) wins 2008

Ann Coulter, damning liberals for being right

Okay. I need a response to this.

Secy. Of Veteran Affairs: “I Think That Our Society Would Benefit” From Reinstating Draft...

School Bans Hugging

So what happens when a sitting US President lacks the mental capacity to continue?

Anyone here been on multiple deployments to Iraq?

* presents Purple Hearts at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center - pics

Ex-Cop Plans Video on How to Hide Drugs

Shuttle Discovery landing - at Kennedy Space Center TOUCHDOWN

should we have a seperate forum dedicated to Iraq??

Overpopulation is a real problem. Could paying people not to breed help?

Larisa Alexandrovna: Exclusive: VP, not Pentagon, prepped Gates for confirmation

Cool web page: What countries or states have you visited?

E&P: Columnist Barnicle Joins MSNBC's Scarborough In Expressing Alarm About Bush and Iraq

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from an Iraqi blogger.

George W. Bush Is A Sexual Pervert As Are Many Of His Supporters

Holiday greetings from Wes and Gert Clark

My fiance and I have done our part for world peace today.

What is the political leaning of your relatives

Al Gore on SNL VIDEO

ABC News: "Iraq is generating an exodus of terrorists"

Director Gus Van Sant arrested in Portland for DUI ("Good Will Hunting,", "Drugstore Cowboy,")

Is American Hinduism gay friendly?

Larisa Alexandrovna: Bush Is Waiting For An Iraq Solution That Will Never Come

Look at what some wealthy people do with their money!

Dept Of Homeland Security FORCED To Admit They VIOLATED PRIVACY LAW

Marine Lance Cpl. Brent E. Beeler

Who wants to play Freeper Bigot Time????


Shoppers flee after gunshot in Costco restroom

'NYT' Sunday Preview: Sen. Jim Webb Says Story on Rift With Bush 'Emanated from the White House'

20 Amazing Facts About Voting In The United States

NOLA for Convention

ROSIE O'DONNELL: 'I LOVE BUSH!' (November 2001)

Eyes are the window to the soul...

The government is doing a test drive for the draft...

California governor calls for $11 billion prison reform

Impeachment ... "It’s our responsibility of our times, of our generation"

Is there any 1 person considered the father of US outsourcing?

Standing ovations greet Watada in Hawai'i

You people really piss me off you know that?

I'm LIBERAL and I love Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Counting My Blessings. My Blessings Are YOU!

Secret Internal memo on the SKILLS DRAFT (thru Freedom of Information Act)

Ten Times Around The Sun Without Carl

are you an unabashed LiberaL?

We Dare Not Speak Its Name

Help! I have NOT made the Freeper's Top Ten list this year. Time is running out. I need some sugg

The reason I support...

Congressional aide (R)admits trying to hire hackers -- to boost his college GPA

MUST SEE!! - - BBC's Sun Myung Moon documentary -- "Emperor of the Universe" up at google

As a parent, how would you feel about or react to a military draft?

Key Dem Committees Hiring LAWYER-INVESTIGATORS To Probe Bush Admin

My take on Rosie and Donald.....

Our union "structure" at my workplace

ABC News: Kissinger Cited for Contempt by House (11/15/1975)

All The President's Men, Deep Throat: "Everyone is involved"

Moses + Jesus + Muhammad = Peace!

Where are these pro-Bush freaks now?

Rep. Keith Ellison on The Situation Room

Support raising the minimum wage by Ted Kennedy

"All I Want For Christmas Is A Soldier Coming Home"

Strongest sign yet Obama is running ... link

Once Again, "Loophole" Allows Government To Violate Propaganda Laws

Nasty r-THUG says Sen. Tim Johnson became ill b'cas "God wants Republicans in charge"..

Rice: U.S. ready to elect black president

Shop, Damn it! Shop!

Will Burns Use Campaign "Surplus" For Legal Defense Against Ties To Abramoff Scandal?

Iraq: One Way Or The Other by Ned Lamont

I Liken The Current Situation On Iraq To The Initial Vote Taken To......

AlterNet: 10 Things Democrats Can Do to Hold Corporations Accountable

The Constitution Is Not A Bargaining Chip

You do realize Bush put that BIGOT PRAGER on the Holocaust Museum Board

Selective Service to "test" Draft machinary..

Should DU require paid political operatives to declare themselves?

The $100 billion Supplemental for Iraq War ?

Never Thought I'd See The Day - Censorship By DU Admins!

Democrats' "incumbent retention program" provides help to Congressional freshmen at risk in '08

Is "white" the qualification that people are less willing to forgo, or is it "male"?

The enlisted men who want more troops.

Losing faith in the war in Iraq-----Haditha will add to the sense of despair and gloom

And then there is Loretta Sanchez (D-CA) Christmas Card

U.S death toll in Iraq creeps closer to 3,000 mark

20 Amazing facts about voting in the US

Incentives on Oil Barely Help U.S., Study Suggests

A holiday thank-you from Senator Clinton and her family

Stewart, NYP "Surrender Monkeys" cover, I thought he was kidding!

"Poll: Venezuelans Have Highest Regard for Their Democracy"

My LTTE published today

What do you think of Pelosi's 4-day swearing-in celebration?

Business Never Better For Contractor That Failed Badly In Iraq

Should DU offer paid political operatives more money to come work for them?

AP: Romney Set for Presidential Announcement

Jim Dean at Huff Post about Tim Johnson:. "For A Deeper Democratic Bench"

Top 5 Alliance for Justice Goals for 2007:

Robin Hayes says we will win in Iraq by "spreading the message of Jesus Christ" there.

"I guess liberals are the only ones around on Sun. afternoons' (DeLay)

Left Jab...moving to AAR? It said 167, which is XM's channel on which to hear AAR

The 10 House seats most likely to change parties in '08

Fun political quiz - candidates middle name match-up. Please post your results!

Merry Christmas

Reuters: U.S. to maintain long presence in Gulf region -Gates

Someone stole my anti-W rear window sticker

On Snowe-Landrieu Bipartisan Initiative: Kiss My Democratic Ass

What Was -- and Wasn't on the Public's Mind: Top News Interest Stories of 2006

The Minds Of Many DUers Have Been Colonized By The Mass Media -Victims Of News Cycles

The Black Commentator on the Kucinich candidacy

What Jeb's going to miss: fresh towels

Do Democrats have enough votes in the Senate to Impeach and Convict Bush and Cheney?

Bush's recess appointment to Public Broadcasting's board of directors

Santorum says media helps terrorists

In 08, you should support...!

I am so sick of talk of who in '08.

Will conservative Christians support a Mormon for President?

Lieberman's Irrelevance in the New Year

reality: Obama's impossible sell will be to whites.

Condoleezza Rice said Iraq is "worth the investment" in American lives and dollars.

Step out of character. Tell us what's wrong with YOUR fav candidate.