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Archives: December 24, 2006

Bush’s last throw

The Bush Era Draws to a Close (WIRED Magazine)

A Bad Year for Empire (JIM LOBE)

Why does Plato believe that only Philosophers are fit to rule?

Comeback kid Edwards takes fight to Hillary

Testing the Waters, Obama Tests His Own Limits

Disappearing World: Global Warming Claims Tropical Island

E&E Crosspost: Islands disappear to climate change.

Frankincense trees are threatened by Christmas.

Old allegiances crumble in battle for Palestinian hearts and minds

"War On Christmas" Has A New Jingle: Money

UK Poll: Religion Does More Harm Than Good

Top Shiite Cleric Balks at Plan for Iraq

Man burns self in religious protest

Commander Is Called Open to Troop Surge

New rules enable healthy savings (HSA expanded by Congress)

Bay Area hit by third earthquake in four days

Iraq massacre: US Marines 'will point the finger of blame at senior officers'

Channel tunnel is terror target

Election Challenge For Florida District Is Taken to the House

Rice urges immediate enforcement of UN sanctions against Iran

Gov. Bush leaves Capitol for the last time

Bush ponders £10bn New Deal to create jobs in Iraq

Schwarzenegger breaks his leg while skiing

Sea Shepherd Launches Operation Leviathan

Santa leaves the North Pole in 10 hours.

please help me! computer emergency

My parents are visiting tomorrow, should I go out for a one night stand tonight?

Will somebody please 'splain me something?

Dude - there are so many palm readers in Los Angeles!

"Rudolph and Santa, as Good as New"


Help: Saw Pursuit of Happyness last night and have soundtrack question

What I am truly thankful for during this time of year..pic heavy

I, for one, am glad that the holidays come around *once* per year

Madonna ripped off Men Without Hats. Video proof

Happy Saturnalia Everyone!

Need a laugh? Carol & Julie in Phantom of the Opry

I just tried to watch a pirated version of Man of the Year.

I just saw a lion on Africam!

From Crooks and Liars...Saturday night music, "Solsbury Hill" By Peter Gabriel

LIONS on africam.

206 views for "photo of Limbaugh's anal cyst" thread?

Merry Christmas, REV!

wacky christmas links from boingboing.......

I have a wonderful son-in-law.................

Do you re-gift?

Is anybody else watching "30 Days" on FX?

Christmas in Dixie . . .

Oh, lovely. Stores are running out of food in Colorado.

"I Love New York"--must see TV!

Saturday, December 23. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Payday advance loans

Optical Illusion from

Nicoderm Flight Attendant = Hilarious.

My nominee for most asinine movie of 2007...

Do you decorate your vehicle for the Holidays?

Chain Italian: Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill

Some would Say I Need a Haircut.....

Someone please tell me some good news!

You know, "Blast from the Past" is really a very cute movie...

Children Of Men. Just my opinion but...

Actor who played "Lionel" on "All in the Family" and "The Jeffersons" has died.

What commercial makes you want to shoot the TV?

It's Christmas Eve Eve

Do you like getting those cheese, sausage (and sometimes chocolate) gift boxes?

Stupidest Christmas idea you've seen this year.

I have yellowcake - ask me anything.

So has that "Christmas feeling" hit you yet?

Anyone do any shopping today?

The most evil Christmas e-card I've ever seen:

What's Daryn Kagan from CNN going to do now that she has more time?

I made it home for Christmas

Am I wrong here? My sister thinks I am.

If you smoke - do you roll your own? (about $1/pack)


What would you like to come back as in your next life?

GoPsUx is willing to stand on one leg for an hour

What is the best Christmas flick?

I just made crabcakes for nine. Ask me anything.

Merry Christmas DU

A Christmas message from the Beatles

My first rapture captures!

To the lovelorn, and the lost, and the suffering, and the lonely during this holiday season,

my dog won't tolerate me singing any julie andrews songs

How late is "too late" for people to blast loud music in an apartment living situation?

DU submissive owners: Do your subs wear collars?

What percentage of viewers will vote on a poll?

Turn the other cheek

Rebuttal needed (dailykos)

Here's a video from Progressive Dems of America:

Snowing again - night shot

My Card fan friend did a 180.

John Edwards: "So before I make a final decision, I need to hear from you: Are you ready?"

Why Stealth Conservatism MUST be broken

please help - computer emergency

There would be much more economic equality between Blacks and Whites

Swamp Rat Rocks

Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia

Ad for Iraq war crimes report now carried in Army/Navy/Marine Corps Times

With bigger US army, a bigger task for recruiters

Pursuit of Happyness question....soundtrack

Dietary Genesis (funny!)

finding no way to weasel herself out, ros-lehtinen finally admits that,

UMW deal: Biggest pay hike since ’74

Anyone ever file a Freedom of Information Act request?

If I Were Jesus

The History Channel, "The History of Christmas"

Sibel Edmonds, the FBI translator who was gagged

Why do people pretend that the chimp is sane?

US to outsource drug war in Afghanistan


Schwarzenegger Remakes Himself as Environmentalist

US wants more sanctions on Iran

U.S. military deaths in Iraq hit 2,965

I'm all for putting Saddam back in power...

Sure is quiet on the Tim Johnson front.......

See no..Hear no..Speak no.. (one of Reuters' best of the year)

Resolutions For Our Earth

Keeping Christmas Alive on a Baghdad Street Corner

John Kerry on the “Surge”: When Resolve Turns Reckless

Man burns self in religious protest

Edwards Is Very Authentic - He's For Real!! Go John!!

"I want my daddy home from Iraq for Christmas"


People wake up! You had better pay attention to what Scott Ritter is saying about Iran.

To the lovelorn, and the lost, and the suffering, and the lonely during this holiday season,

Is it true, as Wouk wrote, that "the most insignificant writer can serve peace . . .?"

Jeb laments loss of bath towel service

I just drove by a mall

How do we get to universal health care?

CBS News: 1968 California Primary

To all my fellow DUers. Happy Holidays!

Don't Leave me with US Nurses they scare me Bersceloni

Crime of the Century


Richest man in Babylon

Bushie Christmas

John Lennon- And So This Is Christmas.....

The Trib Plays Gotcha With Obama

DU Posters: Stop Unfairly Using 2008 to Bash Candidates.

Sam Brownback: Dangerous dude

Bush signs executive order for pay raises ( for Cheney, et al)

Clinton, Obama Clearing The Field

Hillary beats McCain and Giuliani nationally and hasn't stepped foot in Iowa in years

New WashPo op-ed piece by John Kerry: "When Resolve Turns Reckless"

Who do you want to become the next First Lady/Gentleman of the United States??

Which war protest is more impressive?

Carville lets more slip about the attack on Dean after the election.

Bush Is Not Incompetent

Democrats are taking their senior posts in Congress literally

Faith-Based Killing? Critics Rip Christian Video Game

Iraq War - Pardon the Troops Accused of Crimes

Legal Farm workers on Visa have a Fed Min. Wage of $8.54

If Bush Jr. is Scrooge, then Bush Sr. should be Jacob Marley

UK Independent: Bush A Blow-Up Santa among Presidents...

Tax changes spur Americans abroad to give up citizenship

Congress, the Voters & a Peace Plan (BRENT BUDOWSKY)

Micah Zenko: Let's Get Everybody's Troops Out of Everywhere

The 1914 Christmas Truce.

My letter in Joliet Herald


Bush wants to avoid a slow fade

Eyes Wide Open

NYDNews: Bush's Skewed Sense of Sacrifice

Robert Fisk: Banality and barefaced lies

Armed forces 'face tinpot future' {former UK Admiral speaks out}

As civil war boils, the country's future depends on how sectarian groups divide what's underground

Would you send your relative to Iraq? Wu asks

Saudis dispute strategy on Iran

Al Gore Speaks To My Spirit

Looking for advice on water systems. Cisterns / Stream water ?

10% Ethanol Gas (or maybe RFG) is RUINING my car!!!!

Australia ponders climate future - BBC

Carcieri looking again at R.I. joining greenhouse gas initiative - AP

State Department Weighs Plan for Palestinian State

Diskin: Fatah has near zero chance of winning PA elections

Sderot: Qassam lands near nursery

Independent Appeal: 'What would happen if the Virgin Mary came to Bethlehem today?'

Minister: Free prisoners despite Shalit

Is Giuliani suspected of LIHOP? I recently read something but can't find it.

Explosive sounds and the World Trade Center

Woke up this morning Knowing we Must Investigate 911, from beginning to end!

I started this in GD: Andy's partner's holiday greeting.

Dump Diebold

Election Reform, Fraud, & News 24/12/06 - "Buchanan Not Seated" She Said!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,

Dear Santa, All I want for Xmas is Hand Counted Paper Ballots! Please don't bring any sourcecode.

Disappearing World: Global Warming Claims Tropical Island

Two US soldiers killed in Iraq

Archive sheds light on Nazi death camps

Commander (Casey) Said to Be Open to More Troops


Suicide bomber kills 7 police in Iraq

Iraqi insurgent snipers gaining skill

North Iowa Minuteman takes on illegal immigration

A battered Bethlehem gears up for a gloomy Christmas

1 Dead in Shooting at Crowded Florida Mall

Senator Dodd: Surge 'won't solve any problems'; Time to withdraw

Thousands of Iraqi police killed in the line of duty (12,000 since '03)

AP: (Phoenix) Airport Delays X-Ray Scanner Testing

How much did cops drink, Al (Sharpton) demands

Lampson leaves hospital, says he is 'feeling great'

Iran refuses to cease uranium enrichment

Ethiopian planes bomb Somali areas - witnesses

Italian (Scaramella) who met spy Litvinenko arrested

Bush Makes Christmas Eve Calls to Troops

AP: 3 U.S. soldiers die in Baghdad bombing

One person shot to death at South Florida mall (Xmas Eve)

New House speaker may not seat certified winner in disputed race

Report: Spanish surgeon rushed to treat Castro

Slain Taliban leader's ID confirmed(but can' t provide visual proof)

Time to buy a cow.(udder) Tell me about the cows you love


Time for Virginia to make an appearance

Mmm, mmm! Sandiwiches!

So who's going to DC on January 27th?

Is it just me, or are other drivers ITINERATE?!

I'm a little Drunk right now!

A gift for six year old girls (twins)..

Favorite Christmas song?

Wishing you all an early Gung Hay Fat Choy....

A little snowstorm for my lounge friends...

It's now Christmas Eve here in Bama

Hey people, guess what! (hint: involves Harry Potter)

For that Gump guy: Presley's 'Burning Love' Songwriter dies.

Grr, the girl at the candy store!

How much is a Festivus pole anyway?

1:10am EST - Just wondering, how many GD du'ers are out there tonight

Is there anyone who isn't drunk right now?

I got one of my Christmas Presents today.... A new Kitty!!!

I love Miss Nevada!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 12/24/2006)

Mr Hankey's christmas classics

Any good magazines for professional/business women?

Vote for one

My Republican friend sent this holiday prayer to me. Perhaps

Why did Santa go to the North Pole in the first place?

What Game Will You Be Watching on Monday?

Merry Christmas to me!!! Le pere brought home, on Friday, this fascinating thing...


How hard do you think * is hitting the bottle on this little

Christmas Cutie Cutes

Merry Krimble to All!

My Child Would Never

For the Season and all year round - My message to DU

I watched Polar Express for the first time last night. LIKE IT!

It starts tonight!

My daughter won a local paper holiday drawing contest

West Coast DUers - are we gonna have that meetup?


This is like the freakiest photo yet (not bush)

Of sabotage and LeftyMom

DU Dog Owners: Do You Wear Collars?

I just found something really cool

Anybody watching the Africam, only one animal.

Christmas carol by The Monkees - Riu Chiu

If you're still awake... please tell me what people from Denver are called...

what are you wearing for Christmas?


How do I get back the Status Bar after IE 7 has PILLAGED my preferences?


"White Christmas" by the Drifters...

OMG, it was nucking futs!

HOLLYWOOD'S SHAMEFUL SECRETS (Movies we don't see... )

Computer help please.

A question about beer and ale.

What's the secret to a shabby marriage?

Ok, I apologize, I asked this before, and the thread is buried. Who

I just got done burning 50 cds...

So this is Christmas...

WooHoo!! I am one happy camper today...

Damn, I have to go out today

A Christmas message from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ultimate sign of the apocalypse: Celine Dion does AC\DC...

Leprechuans in Mobile AL (youtube) Zonkers says watch this now.

I'm off to the mall... wish me luck!

I can predict your local news tonight

In the year 2525

How many times do you use the same vowel?

Boy - that Comcast commercial with the triple-billed duck is sure ...

Suddenly It's Christmas

Self delete


Do you pronounce the 't' in 'Christmas'?

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all at DU

Great Christmas Song + Eye Candy for the ladies

I'm in hog-heaven ......

I really hate it when something else takes my attention from DU....

Redneck timeout

Ever have a period dream?

It's very rare that I get jealous, I did Friday night though

Damn it!

I think I might have just had an effect on the "War On Christmas"

Bad Santa is the only Christmas movie that matters....

Dysfunctional Family Christmas

Go to this site. Pick your favorite, and post it here.

Why we should celebrate Bill Clinton:

Friendly advice to pet owners #134

Santa on "To Catch a Predator"

When are you coming home? - This made me cry like a baby

The three types of Republicans

Why the eff is Tucson so cold right now?

Rachel Ray wants you to crank it up as high as it will go!

I am so FREAKING sick of the New York Giants!

Do you have everything ready for Christmas?

Santa's left the North Pole

I don't want to open any presents from my kid

I'm pretty fucking high. Who's with me?

I want to buy this shirt..

My mom and grandma want me to go to a church service tonight.

Can this poll get 250 votes by December 31?

Anyone else working today and/or tomorrow?

If you're looking for something to listen to today and tomorrow

What Crosses Your Mind When You Hear "Aye Carumba"?

How many times do you use the same towel?

Anyone else started their Christmas Eve / Christmas cooking yet?

Is anyone else making xmas tamales this year?

The Official Christmas Bah Humbug thread.

Gift Cards the laziest of gifts

Question for next year: do Festivus poles HAVE to be aluminum?

For your Christmas Eve listening pleasure: the King's College Choir (YouTube)

I am a Secular Humanist Realist!

Jazz lovers.......I need your help, please!

David Hyde Pierce, David Ogden Stiers, or David Clayton-Thomas?

welcome to the world. the newest DEMOCRAT!!!!!!!

Hey DU Loungers! I Love Ya Man!

Christmas just isn't Christmas without Bing Crosby

Guitarists: How do I do "THE STEELY DAN CHORD"?

Xmas craziness....

I'm bored I think I start a picture thread.Who's in?

YOU! A to Z

Michigan DUers, I NEED YOUR HELP!! Actually all DUers, I NEED YOUR HELP!!

Without a doubt, this is the most handsome actor who ever lived...

Levels of consciousness and receptivity

An atheist Christmas anthem

Which do you love: God or Mankind?

Light for the darkest time of year (in the Northern Hemisphere)

Conspiracy Carols: The Hidden Message in 'Jingle Bells' Played Backwards

Who will win this week's games?

Yao out for six weeks!

Happy Holidays, fellow sports fans!

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for December 24: Merry Christmas link to DL The Secret.

We are one

THIS is very interesting...

LaRouche gets on my nerves (somewhat Kerry-related)

OT: Mass House Dems make the DU front page

"Late Edition" Best of 2006

Man at work - HullBoss clearing snow off the carport roof

Happy Holidays to my Photo Buddies!

just for fun: "Kodak - Winds of Change"

Help me out on contest timing please

Christmas presents: WITHOUT spending a fortune.

Christmas, the birth of Jesus - my Liberal interpretation for the holidays

*** TOONs: Happy Fish Day ***

Red Star over Macy's

Md. Death Penalty May Come To Fore


My soldier cousin got a pic with Al Franken in Baghdad

Happily deleted

1:10am EST - Just wondering, how many GD du'ers are out there tonight

The revolving door - another ex-election official goes to work for Diebold

Ex-Paratrooper Finishes AWOL Sentence

Last minute shopping for that perfect email Xmas card to send? Try this on for size...

Is there a more recent update for the Second Harvest fundraiser

How many of you are planning on taking the day off and being glued to

LIVE liberal radio on Xmas Eve? Yup, Edie Sellers on KGO -- stream

Castro Castro Castro can anyone give me a hand.

Does Bill Richardson have children?

NYC Disc Jockey Shot 13 Times Dies

Is there anyone who isn't drunk right now?

bush: 'we give thanks for Christ's message of love and hope'.

A Toast! May bush have his worst year yet!

David Bowie & Annie Lennox " Under pressure"

Science, justice, and morality

Schwarzenegger Breaks Leg While Skiing

The night before Christmas

I say fight it out Democrats, fight long and fight hard and when the dust settles


“Trainers skeptical on training” and *’s strategy depends solely on training.

Archive sheds light on Nazi death camps

Get yer jingle on, DU! Come all ye and . . . CAPTION!!!

A Swarm of Santas! Oceans of Good Cheer! A Wealth of Wreaths! And all for a . . . CAPTION!!!

MSNBC - Ten Influential Women of 2006: 1. Nancy Pelosi

When Are You Coming Home

Prison guard quits over cell killing

One of the best things about Air America Radio

An offbeat version of a Christmas song

An actual solution for Iraq - And Bush would probably refuse to do it

Macys was selling Dog fur jackets.. what Assholes!!!

Kurdish Islamists arrested in Iraqi Kurdistan

"Eat my grits sucker!" Or how I shutdown a conservative nutjob!

Larisa Alexandrovna: Reds: The Target Edition-Ridiculous Censorship Ploy

Help viewing video - .avi file - downloaded via bittorrent

How many soldiers will never see their families again for Christmas?

The thought of 2007 scares the shit out of me.

Deal Or No Deal, eh?

GMA's idea of Day before Christmas stories

Think Progress: Naughty and Nice list for 2006

Blame the Dame Game - why the GOP will keep losing (for now)

Obesity might be caused by bacteria

True or False: The "surge" in troops will lead to a "surge" in violence.

Every time I hear the MSM use the word "surge" my blood........

Second Harvest Update?

What I sent the American Family Association...

Happy Winter Solstice Eve Everybody.. S!

Attacks kill 12 in Baghdad as "3,000 flee Iraq daily"

When you scrape the bottom of the barrel, this is what you get

"Operation Iraqi FREEDOM" Isn't it time to change that Stupid Ass Name?

Kyrgyzstan threatens to evict (US) Air Force

Montana repuke's aide hacks university computer (to change his grades)

I'd like to wish DU a Peance-freeance Holiday...

King Herod & George Bush

BREAKING: Scaramella arrested (Re: Litvinenko poisoning)

Nuke plant leaks, school district hurt


It's simple really, all I need is a CAPTION

US' more Authoritarian Allies in Cold War tried to spread influence throughout world

Peace On Earth

The poisoning of Alex Litvinenko is starting to remind me of Gladio and the Strategy of Tension

RADICAL FRINGE - Out of Context TOON 12/24

Iran: 600,000 jailed since start of year

Every American must have a passport beginning Jan, 1st, '08

Bill Kristol: BUSH Lies To American People AGAIN So That We Can - "WIN IN IRAQ"

Three more soldiers killed today.

Survey: Naughty Outnumber Nice ...... (humor by Andy Borowitz)

Sen. Dodd Argues for Iraq Withdrawal

Can't we all get along? --- I think so.

Bush Makes Christmas Eve Calls to Troops -"Give Them My Best"

2969 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Thoughts on Peace

Kristol believes Bush mulling more than 'short term surge'

Overthrow, by Stephen Kinzer

Why we stand for immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq

Where did Pickles get her nickname?

How many families have to live on minimum wage?

Happy Christmas

Merry Christmas America... tis the Best you have had for a long while.....

Fox: Threatening 'note from God' grounds plane at NY airport

Happy Holidays !!!

Iraq troops finally standing up! Rip live bunny rabbit apart and eat it raw!

MEDIA IS UNREAL! Breast-augmentation for Michael Jackson is not an attempt to grab Janet’s publicity

Explosions kill 4 US soldiers in Iraq; 'Bush Bids Good Riddance to Long, Hard Year'

Remember Chad Castagana?


Few in Hong Kong support Taiwan's Independence

i feel the Violence in Iraq is not a Civil War.. much more dangerous, it is a Family Feud, LINK>

Oh look. There's Laura.

Congress rebukes FBI in Oklahoma City Bombing probe

" Gratitude in your Attitude "....................

So, I am now a victim of ID theft.

Wiccan lawsuit's goal: Acceptance

Can someone explain to me why the taxes on a $100 million

Not over 'til it's member called back to Army from IRR

No water? No worries!

Art Buchwald on CSPAN2 - 11am !

Irony alert - the Governator breaks his leg skiing

Fundraising pitch from "Christian Seniors Association" disguised as "Census" mailer

Ethiopia officially at war with Somalian Islamists according to Ethiopian PM

Clinton and Obama tied in New Hampshire Poll

Season's Greetings to all...

A holiday cartoon & poem..

Sibel Edmonds...should she be the FIRST person to testify to the new Congress?!

I only want to say to all at DU

Overtime gives prison guards fat salary (over $100,000 yr.)

Wounded veterans learn to live with new disabilities

"The Twelve Days of Invasion" by Charlie King--great lyrics

Christmas 1948 with Babs and her filthy spawn**

AP: Posthumous Pinochet Note Justifies Coup

Parade Magazine: "I Can’t Believe I’ll Be Home for Christmas"

Aide to Fired Editor Says Remark Wasn’t Anti-Semitic

Can someone please tell me what happened with The Boondocks?

We Are One

America's Second Harvest: We still need to fill 464,070 bags. Matching Grant!


Some Christmas Pudding from Michael Moore

Laura Bush, Just as Dumb as Her Husband (on Face the Nation)

5 years at DU! How bout' you?

Bloody George: In Search of Peace with Cindy Sheehan

Hi Gang! A Most Very Merry Whatever!

rEpUbLiCaNhOtTiE III --Don't let children have cell phones

Che/Bart Simpson TShirt search

Chris Wallace in full 'GOP media whore' mode on Fox News Sunday today

ABC wins 2006 Misinformer of the year award

So far, enjoying the balmy weather in Phoenix

Do They Know It's Christmas Time - Hurricane Survivors Flash Video

Lynne Cheney: Putting Scooter Libby On Trial ‘Does Not Reflect Well On Our Judicial System’

It's Christmas Eve, birds are singing and people are outside without jackets in Michigan....

Sunday: 68 Iraqis, 4 GIs Killed; 134 Iraqis, 2 GIs Wounded

Happy 2007


Caption *

Some observations about Wall Street Journal and the stock market

a small Christmas gift for lovers of traditional American music . . .

A DU Wop Christmas animation!

For the Season and all year round - My message to DU

Let's face it, folks: George Bush will do whatever he damn well pleases

Baba Wawa, Dawai Wama, Hawwy Weid, the Golden Wule Wadical and Democwacy

Remember this picture taken at Coretta S. King's funeral?

And -a-one, anna-two ....

Bluetec Diesel Cars.

Chistmas Eve in Baghdad.

Poppy: "Give spare change from shopping" Babs: "working for God doesn't pay much...


Most presidents were handed their Legacies after leaving office

Anyone know how to contact the IRS and complain about a church?

The Ancient Origins of Christmas

Challenging corporate power....Time for a new contract with corporate America?

So you don't like Fundamentalists...

Update on "Are You There, Lurkers?" for those who are curious.

Folks tend not to shop if there is another war breaking out, so...

'Potty parity' is revisited as House gets its first female speaker

Wolfowitz Owes Us An Explanation For His Role As "Chief Architect Of Iraq War"

The best thing about being a liberal dentist:

Crucible of Impeachment: If Not Now, When? .... from AfterDowningStreet

Meat, milk from cloned animals OK'd

Pulling Back The Curtain

Post your greetings to Andy's Termite here. He gave me permission

Happy Holidays DU and Peace to all

USW members vote to end Goodyear strike

Joan Baez - We Shall Overcome - Woodstock 1969

Bob Dylan & Joan Baez - Blowin' In The Wind (1976)

Stop Lossed To Iraq

How the Grinch Stole Christmas- Part III

I Can't Believe It's Christmas


David Bowie & Bing Crosby- The Little Drummer Boy

Merry Christmas

The holiday yule log

ABC News: Nixon Order B-52 Attacks on North Vietnam (1972)

ABC News: Gen. Abrams' Comment on N. Vietnam's Offensive (1972)

ABC News: 1965 Watts Riots

Video Blog 11: Bush Must Be Impeached

A Soldier's Silent Night

I'm A Democrat VIII: Taking a Beating

Happy Christmas - war is over if you want it

Powerful Song - Should Be Edwards' Campaign Song

John Bolton gets Questioned on PNAC

Kristol pushes Neocon rhetoric for permanent Iraq increase

Former CIA Official Exposes Bush Administration Fraud

FreewayBlogger presents...

David Bowie & Annie Lennox " Under pressure"

BEFORE THE DELUGE let the music keep our spirits high

Goodbye Bush Regime

Matt Damon says we should put Cheney under oath.

I am more impressed with Obama after reading the "Audacity of Hope"

New Congress mirrors California shift: White, male and Republican yields to diverse array of Dems

New NH 2008 poll: Obama and Clinton in statistical dead heat (last month Obama down by 23%)

Thank You Fuc&ing Much Mr Bush.....

Is it fair that Hillary gets free Secret Service protection?

Indiana Rep Mark Souder(R)-More Troops will not Stabilize Iraq

Powerful Song - Should Be Edwards' Campaign Song

Hey Oil Companies - Instead Of Jacking The Prices Of Gas Up For The Holidays.....

Iran Plays Into Chimp's Hand...Gives UN the Big FU

Where the hell is Wes Clark?

Hey Oil Companies - Instead Of Jacking The Prices Of Gas Up For The Holidays.....

Do you share my disgust with these statements DU?

"Four Trials"

Why were Karl Rove, George Bush, and the Repubs so wrong...?

Lawmakers Press Bush to Put War Costs in Budget

Raising $$$ in 2008? This guy is SO wrong....

Parties Urge Aging Lawmakers to Hang On for One More Term: GOP Particularly Fears Open Seats

Have Clinton and Obama Really Cleared The 2008 Field?

David Irving: Jews should ask themselves why they are hated

Can a DUer be loyal to two '08 contenders? If so how? Anyone else with this dilema?