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Archives: December 25, 2006

Will Stinky Cut The Big One?

Edward P. Kennedy: Yes, Oil From Venezuela

Disappearing world: Global warming claims tropical island

Americans back Bethlehem - but not sure where it is

‘Bethlehem is being starved to death’

Disappearing world: Global warming claims tropical island

Shiites stick together in Iraq: Cleric rejects plan to isolate extremists, ask for al-Sadr help

Report Criticizes FBI's Okla. City Probe

Ethiopia declares war on Somali militia

Posthumous Pinochet note justifies coup

No, I am not related to HIM.

Baby-It's-Cold-Outside OVERDOSE!


From A to Z for Intrepid and Opinionated DU Lounge Dwellers

Track Santa with NORAD....

Check out this Jerome Murat performance

It's snowing again in Denver... Merry White Christmas to all...

Could someone please explain "Landscapes in the Mist" to me?

Happy Christmas my brother and sisters


Merry Christmas from the Religion/Theology forum :

Rotary Connection - Peace

Merry CHRISTmas, my friends

If everyone in the world, or enough of us, believed something was true

OMG! I just heard major sirens and horns, so I look outside and -

I've been robbed!

Puzzle: What is very Different about this coin....

Peace on Earth/The Little Drummer Boy

In honor of the holiday -

I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy Holidays!

Ok, tattoo experts, I need some advice:

IBC! (In Before Christmas!) Pics to blow you....away

the power went out for two hours just now

Africa cam right now!!!!

Lion at the drinkinghole. Now.

Raygun says send your friends Chesterfields for Christmas

Fa la la lala French Vanilla Cool Whip - wicked good. That's all.

Does anyone enjoy shortwave radio?

That Santa's a clever S.O.B., he is. Mrs R is going to look in her stocking first thing

Female lion at the water hole.

I need your advice on an ethical dilemma I'm having right now:

The tree is decorated, and all the gifts are wrapped...

For some reason, Christmas Eve is tough for me to get through today

Sunday, December 24. Aristus' Thought For Christmas Eve:

I'm delirious.

Let the kissin' commence!

Have any of you minimalists confined your

Are you the only one who really exists?

How many times do you use the same owl?

How many here are watching A Christmas Story on TBS.

The Yak Before Christmas - 2006

Jesus went missing

Who's going to Midnight Mass tonight?

My son FINALLY listened to me. He left Santa a ham sandwich and a beer, instead of

Your holiday mood/mindset right now?

What holiday song do you utterly despise, regardless of who performs it?

Bet you didn't have a dessert like this so far these holidays! (pic)

I am worried about my brother.

I finished my MySpace page..

If I could own a dog, here's one I'd want... (PHOTO)

Hello? hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello,

I finally told her.

Let me be the first to congratulate NATURAL SELECTION - Winner of the DU SuperBowl!!!

To all.....

Happy Holidays All!

Oh, my God, look what Santa brought me for Christmas!

Peace Salaam Shalom

Daily Show "If we are not winning or losing in Iraq, are we at

Peace, Peace

Peace and Prosperity for all

Sigh. I was really hoping for some wonderful Christmas news the LBN forum.

A Christmas wish.

what happened to that "bustling" economy I keep hearing about?

Military Recruiters Take Desperate Measures, According to NY Times Story

Women are silent casualties of war on drugs

Happy Holidays, DU . . . Let There Be Peace On Earth (video)

Wolf Hunt

cyber St. Nick just relayed this to me. . .what all the kids really need this year

Mall Shootings Increase as Jesus Comes to Christian Communities...

CELEBRATE THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS! (pick me up for progressives)

Worse Santa, Ever

What do you want for Christmas?

Afghanistan deal could net DynCorp over $2.1B

What is the much better and much much BIGGER thing * and Co. are working?

A song for DU this Christmas Eve

My kids are teaching me

Santa just stopped by our house, my daughter heard him!

Wall St. Bonuses: So Much Money, Too Few Ferraris


I step back , this can't be reality

Has anyone here ever had a tattoo done over a freckle or a liver spot?

George Orwell Was Right: Spy Cameras See Britons' Every Move

'Hello. It's George'

Just got back from seeing The Good Shepherd

Geez, AM 1200 & 1430 (Bos) turned into Rumba 1200 :(

My naughty X-Mas plans

*** TOONs: Happy Christmas Eve ***

"Old FBI memo: "It's a Wonderful Life" is commie propaganda"

How do you think a McCain-Lieberman ticket would be received?

Autistic Child Tasered By Police

Stephen Colbert's Christmas card

The Universal Spirit of the Golden Rule

A Christmas gift from Mad Magazine.. You're gonna love this

500 Miles to Babylon...trailer for movie


Woke up this morning Knowing we Must Investigate 911, from beginning to end!

Happy Holidays, Sen. Allen (Now Learn How To Be Sensitive ...)

Iraq= Viet Nam? Wrong analogy

6 US soldiers killed in Iraq (A Christmas present from Chucklenuts)

If Hillary had voted no to the IWR, would you be supporting her for president?

Why not a "democratic" Kuwait or Saudi Arabia or UAE ...?

View of 2006 from about 2020. Could it be.

Pelosi and Conyers-- Smarter than Impeachment

Paul Krugman:Helping the Poor, the British Way

Shift in Congress Puts Health Care Back on the Table

Health interests gave $4M to Arnold

Christmas for Every Child

John Nichols, In Praise of Impeachment

Kagan: Send more troops to Baghdad and we’ll have a fighting chance

Lies and obfuscations

NYT: Pork No Longer Paves the Road to Re-election

Bob Herbert: The Ninth Ward Revisited

LAT: Expanding the military, without a draft (Lower Standards)

Fossil Fuels at Peak-Peak Food and Population Overshoot

Cities, towns step up global warming fight

Call for peace in Bethlehem

Qassam hits Ashkelon, damaging several buildings

UK newspaper: Jesus was a Palestinian

Jordan to host Abbas, Haniyeh to try to mend ties (Reuters)

A MUST READ- “Sharon, Why Did You Destroy My House?”: Operation Rainbow a Year Later

The test is yet to come (Ha'aretz editorial)

Rousing the religious demon

The Rise of Avigdor Lieberman *EDITED*

Israel Approves Removal of West Bank Checkpoints

Israel plans to ease West Bank travel rules

NIST CoverUp In Progress

Interesting new presentation: "9/11 Coincidence Theory"

Alarming 9/11 claim is found baseless

Merry Christmas to 9/11 dungeon dwellers

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News - Christmas Edition 12.25.06

Orlando Sentinal: touch screens a failure; time to drop them and go to pen and paper!!!

A Christmas Eve Update on the fight for FL-13's voters

Suicide bomber kills 3 in western Iraq

FBI Chided for OKC Bomb Investigation

U.S., European officials visit Fatah base in Jordan

U.S. Military Urging Iraq to Rein In Guard Force(linked to Sectarian Violence)

Tom Vilsack: ABH 2008

UK forces blow up Iraqi police HQ

Car bomb kills at least 5, wounds 8 in Baghdad

WP: Bald Eagle to Be Taken Off Endangered List

Poor records plague Bush AIDS effort

Cities, towns step up global warming fight

Russian official hails Iran sanctions (Bushehr still a go)

Spokesman: US Troops Detain 2 Iranians.(diplomats)

Interior, Pentagon Faulted In Audits

Cocaine traces 'on Spanish euros'

WP,pg1: Nonprofit Connects Murtha, Lobbyists: Ties to Pa. Group Mutually Beneficial

IRAQ: Smuggled oil hampering reconstruction

NYT/AP: Senate and House committees, chaired by Democrats, planning Katrina oversight

Iran puts 17 oil blocks out to tender

British forces storm Iraq police station

NYT: Flaws Are Detected in Microsoft’s Vista

LAT: Alarming 9/11 claim is baseless, panel says (Able Danger)

James Brown is dead

NYT: U.S. Is Detaining Iranians Caught in Raids in Iraq

Merry, Happy, and Joyous Everything to Everyone!

Looks like it is going to be lion day at the old water hole, now showing is a male lion.

Merry Christmas.

Do you feel like you haven't been to church for a long time when

Just finished "A Christmas Story". Now, it's "A Christmas Carol"

Carol of the Buds : Merry Christmas

Marla the DU Lounge Rescue Kitty says "Merry Christmas!!!..."

have yourself a merry little christmas

Merry Christmas from this Naughty Girl.

I triple-dog-dare you!

I am changing my sig line but I need your help deciding on the image!

Have you ever seen anything that makes you feel like an ass for complaining?

Whoa... Morphine and Flexeril are kicking in!

The lions have a kill.

what time does Santa come to your house?

Merry whatever...

I just took cough syrup with Vicodin in it...Ask me anything!

An unabashedly sentimental video dedicated to you, DUers,

My christmas gift to all of you:

I had dinner with the shaggy DA,


It's 2:45 AM and I just called the police to stop this loud music across the street

Who wants to unwrap my package?

I think I've turned my right-wing sister-in-law against the war!

How many times do you use the same vowel?

Good morning and Merry Christmas

How many times do you use the same cowl?

How often do you use the same bowel?

Merry Christmas!!

So, what did you give your bog for Christmas?


Ever wake up with something on your head (warning - kitty pic)

The QUEEN MOTHER of Dirty Words!


Well, Call Me Wesley opened his "main" gift

James Brown dead

Nobody loves me. Everybody hates me. I'm going to the garden and eat worms! Sick for x-mas!!!

I left Santa morphine, a blotter of acid, and a Scarface pile of coke - how's the west coast today?

Rosie Roomba is running. Keeps banging into my door. And I keep thinking....

Materialism disturbs me terribly.

I'm forcing my way out of isolation to engage in Christmas revelry.

Bug: looks like a cross between a cockroach and a shrimp. What is it?! (no pic)

Cliff Huxtable's position Thread!

I just don't feel it


Where's MrsGrumpy?

It's after 8:30 am and I'm the only one awake!

I'm you. How about drinking cheap wine?

Onions and Christmas Trees

I dreamt again that I was drinking beers with *

Help!!! Daughter gone wild!!!

Christmas photos!

ok the hams in the

I'm shocked, I tell you shocked....

Thankyou to all you DUers

Me n' Ma wuz drinkin' last night and got to laughing how me

Who HASN"T opened any Christmas presents yet?

Apparently it is "doing a cutesie" to almost drop a box full of glass bottles

Is it even possible for Time to have come up with a lamer "Person of the Year"?

Here is where I went for Christmas Eve. Where did you go?

Merry Christmas from the hospital

Okay, everybody. Follow my lead. One... two... three... JUMPING JACKS!!

computer question WTF???

I'm drinking cheap wine. How about you?

Christmas family blowout stories! Post em!

I've been Elfed!

RIGHT NOW!! soft-core lion porn on africam


Anyone else have to sign for a sinus pill yet? I have to get another box

So, James Brown has stolen Jesus' thunder

Congratulations Maestro!! 10,000 posts

Charlie Chaplin left us 29 years ago today

The Customer of the Day proves some people should not breed

For all the fans of that camera set up on the African waterhole

I dread the inevitable rush job James Brown biopic

I like society

I'm forcing my way out of isolation to engage in Christmas Rivalry

Just got back home from the liquor store...

I had a very naughty dream about Keith Olbermann last night

Who the hell eats fruitcake?

Travel advice for Thailand needed.

africam: I heard that lions killed a cape buffalo this morning!

Pardon me, but who told the lie that Taylor Hicks could sing?

Could someone tell me what 12.49 English pounds

Who's the Best Photographer?

non-Christmas music thread

In-Law Hell and Cooking Disasters CHECK-IN Here!

My sister invited a Shi'ite Muslim for Christmas last night....

Lawyers, some help with a form?

Weirdest Santa photo I think I have ever seen....

Is there anybody here who did NOT wake up to a new Lexus in

Merry Christmas Everyone!

So, what did you give your dog for Christmas?

Christmas question: Thank-you notes

I'm thankful for food. My pre-Xmas dinner fare, enjoying right now, is:

Ahhh...White Russians and marzipan.

Dear Santa,

What's the coolest present you've gotten today?

I saw the new Bond movie today, I wasn't impressed *spoilers*

Eagles gonna KICK Cowboys ass today!!

Wow. Axis and Allies has changed.

Are you any good at wrapping presents?

Well, this has been a really good day...

Eagles vs Cowboys in Dallas, TX

What this country needs is more Billy Connolly...

Please help me name this new puppy

I had dinner with the assistant DA,

Radio Lady Previews: "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" on tour throughout the U.S.!

Just got back from seeing DreamGirls...

Gift Juxtaposition Thread!

Religion does more harm than good - poll

What I found out about God...

To all my friends on R/T....

10 myths - and 10 truths - about atheism

Gibbons Defend Against Predators With Song

New Jersey CIVIL UNION law..

anyone getting Liddell v Ortiz?

Patriots - Take a bow

The end of suffering...

I see several posts about "The Secret", and I have been to the

Blessings to you all, my DU family!

Merry Xmas from the VA --Deemed Denied Ruling

What is American Legion?

Merry Christmas Kerrycrats, from the MSM (yes really)

John Kerry has a nice holiday message for all on his blog

Effect of macro lens aperture on background lights

Did you say something?

Season's greetings, Beautiful Photo Group Peoples!

January Theme Poll

The 2 Wise Men

The Cannons of Christianity

Former US trooper who protested Iraq war released

Iraq massacre: US Marines 'will point the finger of blame at senior officers'

Organizational man?

Murtha Aide Says Charity Not Political

Well, guys

Peace be unto you all.

raids to deport immagrants?

Google obviously hates Christmas

2,969 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis


How many more days of G W Bush do we have to suffer?

Ok several people were mentioned that were the great ones in time magazine and mute CNN. Great sounds and non-sounds.

Good laugh for Christmas morning

What is the real agenda?

December will be magic again. Happy holidays to all of DU.

"only with their hearts would the shepherds by able to see ... the child God laying wrapped in

Merry! Merry! Happy! Happy!

I am as giddy as a drunken man. A merry Christmas to every-body!

Pardon me, but who told the lie that Taylor Hicks could sing?

Please kick this thread

Tim McVeigh was seen with white supremacist weeks before 1995 Oklahoma City terror attack

Ethiopia is lying

A beautiful and timely Christmas story

Spokman: US Troops Detain 2 Iranians(Iranian diplomats)

Heads up: MSNBC hosting a "Christmas Crime Marathon"

Is the War on Xmas over now?

Gently comes the season of love.

Charlie Rangel's Christmas Card

Only song I want to sing at Christmas

Why do we continue to say PEACE ON EARTH and never see it?

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir has bested itself again. I've often

so no-one got Peace On Earth this year - WHAT DID YOU GET AS A GIFT THIS YEAR?

Boy, 9, suspected in stabbing death of Dallas 2-year-old

Message from the "lib'rul media" about giving...

TV Newser: At CNN, "It's a very Larry Christmas!"

James Brown Obituary - Loved that Guy...

Here's to all the youngsters who have a parent or two in Iraq

I feel depressed on Christmas these days.

Keeping Iraq attack numbers under wraps

On This Day - December 25, 1989 - The first couple was executed

I remember in '67-'68, a kid strutting down our street singing 'I'm black and I'm proud'

Among TIME's People Who Mattered in 2006: The Winning Team: Reid, Schumer, Emanuel & Pelosi

Ex-cop plans 'Never Get Busted Again' video

Now that gifts have been exchanged...

One of TIME's People Who Mattered in 2006: John Murtha

One of TIME's People Who Mattered in 2006: Al Gore

Merry Christmas DUers!

There is brave men and then there are brave men.

One of TIME's People Who Mattered in 2006: Stephen Colbert

Kinda Creepy FR Christmas Post

Let's keep the "X" in Xmas! Merry Seasons' Greetings! Etc. Now please . . . CAPTION!!

Convince me net neutrality is wrong.

Merry Christmas to our Women and Men in harms way

A frightening thought I came across going back through my writings.

ROFL! "Pope makes Christmas appeal for children"

The Physics of Santa and His Reindeer

!!!!! Merry Saturnalia !!!!!

Unconfirmed- Leading Shi’ite leader Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani is dead

I'm glad the stores did not do well this year

"Merry Christmas and Please Don't Die"

Its a wonderful life considered commie propaganda by FBI

Katrina fraud could top $2b

In-Law Hell and Cooking Disasters CHECK-IN Here!

Eagles vs Cowboys in Dallas, TX

Poor Mitt Romney

What will be bush's legacy?

'Godfather of Soul' James Brown Dies

Brent Budowsky on the Mark Riley Show

The right's prison conversion

FAUX NEWS: "One Nation Under God" GINGRICH lectures on Separation of Church & State!

Now on FOX "News": One Nation Under God! Gingrich lectures on church/state

9 US troops killed in Iraq this past weekend. 83 this month alone. HOW LONG

Weirdest Santa photo I think I have ever seen....

Eleven fire victims ‘did mean something’

2972 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Just a little something to positive to think about

"The Holidays Are Here" (and we're still at war) song - Must Hear

What are repubs going to do? Their primary choices are an insane man, drag queen, and cult member?

Looking up a 'free' credit report

Sex offender allegedly plots kidnap-for-pardon schemes

I don't buy conflict burgers and other food, conflict computers, conflict pharmacy products.

Violent Storms Hit Florida on Christmas (FLA DUers -- everyone okay?)

So much money, too few Ferraris

Merry Christmas and so long for now.

Power of Mischief- Spattered Remains of Precious Meal From A Pigs Trough

The Real Work of Christmas Begins...

Doro Bush on why Junior doesn't consult Poppy

Where have all the people gone?

!!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!

We Cannot "End the War Now"

One of TIME's People Who Mattered in 2006: Michael J. Fox

Can Somebody Please Explain US Economics to Me.

Detroit and the Auto Industry have been in decline for 40+ years (Interesting article from 1961)

Gold Star Mother: This Christmas should be no holiday for Mr. Bush

Socialism would be great

Nancy Pelosi's Web Site is Down

Singer James Brown "Godfather of Soul" Dead at age 73

Merry Christmas and a Hopeful New Year from the Radical Fringe

Local church gives away Starbucks gift cards to lure people to services.

DK: Merry Christmas...

'The Out Of Office Countdown' calendar

What this holiday means to me this year and My Birthday

Katrina Fraud Likely to Balloon Past $1B

Owning homes on borrowed time (many homeowners stuck with bad loans)

Merry Christmas DU, Happy Hanukkah DU, Happy Days DU, etc.

FBI chided for OKC bomb investigation (executed McVeigh tosoon)

Best Documentary Film Ever.....

We had a surprise visit from Santa

Dedicated to our Wonderful Mothers

I was looking at photo's of the great depression

According to "dad" Joe Kennedy and Hitler were bosom buddies!

Bought a cheap Manger from China, and it has FOUR wise men!

Bush "set to go out with a bang"; ready to do exact opposite of Baker-Hamilton

The latest on my battle with the neocons. (Update to the "Are You There, Lurkers?" articles.)

Thy Will Be Done: The Conquest of the Amazon : Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil

Bush-Watchers Wonder How He Copes With Stress

Sermon on the FOX

dateline nbc: to catch a predator -- what do YOU think?

Prosecutor: Mother's drinking led to newborn's death

Just saw "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

Cindy Sheehan: And So This Is Christmas

free will is holy

Dreaming of a Black Christmas

Akinola shook a gay person's hand, and "sprang backward the moment he realized what he had done."

The Peaceful Crusader

One of Time's People Who Didn't Matter - Howard Dean

Merry Xmas! War is Over! (If you want it)

Ali G Interviews Raph Nader and some Greens

Dubya's other daughter

Christmas present - * tells the truth!

Bill Hicks at Oxford on Poppy Bush losing the election

Michael Moore - Healthcare Olympics

Powerful Song - Should Be Edwards' Campaign Song #2

PNAC, the men behind the curtain

The Internet 101: Series of Tubes Music Video

What's wrong with this thesis? "Min wage should not be raised if small busnesses fail"

Another example of legalized murder by business

Der Mittenfuhrer throwing sharp jabs at Der Wafflefuhrer

Katrina fraud likely to balloon past $1B

Silence of the righties

Oh the Hypocrisy... a look at the 2000 GOP foreign policy platform

Montana 2008... could be competitive

How long will the Iraq war need to keep going before dumb ass

Did Wesley Clark really say he "probably" voted for Richard Nixon?


According to Novak Obama is unequivocally committed to run in 08

Another reason to kick James Carville out of the party

"We went to the moon. Then we built a lot of Wal-Marts."--young person,

Obama strong in new poll, IL Sen. would beat McCain and Gooliani