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Archives: December 26, 2006

Global Economy Faces A Dangerous Year

Iran’s Holocaust conference and the dead end of bourgeois nationalism

Voting machine maker hires ex-election head

UK forces kill 7, blow up Iraqi police HQ. (Basra again?!)

Maine bans boozy Santa beer label

Today 40 bodies were found in Baghdad

WP: Democrats Pledge to Restrain Spending

Bolivia to deport Cuban dissident

Santa Cruz schools rethink blood drives after gay student barred

UK raid angers Basra politicians

One more sink of dishes to go.

how long does percocet last in your whiz?

There are two ways to live your life.

i am sick and i want ice cream!!!

Who here has photos on Flickr?

I dreamed I met Al Gore.

I dreamed we got Al Gore.

Is that the lion drinking?

Santa sure loves those only grandchildren!

Steve Winwood earworms. Uh oh!

Do you know DUers who NEVER come into the DU Lounge?

You travel back in time and kill your grandfather. What happens?

Has anyone seen Invisible Woman?

Were you voluntarily handcuffed during your first kiss?

Looking to buy my first MP3 player any suggestions?

Sniff, Sniff... Charlie Chaplin and now James Brown

Just saw "The Good Shepherd"

How would you like your pumpkin pie?

James Brown, I miss you already

brother james brown singing-"christmas in heaven"-

Whatcha get?

The lions are still eating.

REV REV REV ! ! ! ! ! ! OMG!

Stick a fork in it -- Christmas is DONE!

On new year's eve, I'm going out to celebrate.

Well my friends, I am leaving DU

How do you handle people who try and get you to go to church with them?

Bad Christmas pictures


Damnit .... Big Fish did it again ....

Maine bans boozy Santa beer label

Does anyone subscribe to Consumer Reports?

Squirt Cheese...

Has anyone seen Bionic Woman?

Has anyone seen Celtic Woman?

I have been off line today, are the lions still at the water hole, I think I see them.

OMFG, the Wii is the coolest game counsel EVAH

Where can I get muscle-building steroids?

Yay Christmas is over

Is it Mrs. Grant or 'Mrs. Butterworth'?

I am madly in love with my Christmas present!

Any other Cassiopecia PocketPC E-125 fans here?

Worst thing

You don't have to smoke outside our house but.....

New Year's Resolution

I need SNOW pictures!

The Bartle Test

My mother in law is such a bitch!

xmas gift: the 20 questions video game

Just saw Good Sheperd. (sat through it twice) Anyone else see it?....

Speaking of time travel, what's your favorite time travel story?

What does your family eat on Christmas?


OMG! i just bought a homophobic plant

My Christmas Day - Wonderful and Awful, all rolled into one

Santa Claus is why i became an Atheist at age 5, when i found out santa was a lie, i figured the

The Character of Jesus...

The Voice of God

I want my fish poached!!

Eagles manhandle Cowboys, take lead in NFC East


OT: Any other Mass Kerrycrats going to the Patrick inaugural bash?

Happy DogMas

delete - accidental dupe

It is always darkest before the dawn

The Travel Channel will repeat Anthony Bourdain in Beruit @ 8 eastern

Medical tourism is the new wave of outsourcing from India

Voice of America: Bush heading to Texas ranch for a WORKING vacation

My Christmas Day - Wonderful and Awful, all rolled into one

Video of Rudy Giuliani in drag kissing Donald Trump

Multiple DHS agencies may have violated funding law

South Korea offers prizes for prostitute-free New Year

Has anyone heard anything new about the Senate's organizing resolution?

We are all Jim...

Sun Times: "Obama, on vacation in Hawaii, has decided to run"

Damned sad: Prussian Blue from Tehachapi gets press, but this girl???

Santa Claus The Great Imposter.

War on Xmas claims first victims: Rash of anti-Semetic holiday vandalism hits Houston.

Please DU this poll - Keith Ellison

Anyone with a few brain cells still working after Xmas Dinner?

On the O'Reilly Factor: "Liberals Give Less Than Conservatives."

Should expired gift card money should flow to treasury ?

To George Soros if you read DU:

"It's a wonderful life" - DU Style.

Help with past thread

I just couldn't take my family's racist crap and left before dinner

The United States is Insolvent

Dangers of Zyprexa

John Lennon Happy Xmas War is Over

Sir, no Sir! (trailer from documentary) GI resistance

Olympia Dukakis "Fire His Ass!"

'Twas the Night Before Declaration

The Decider Hath Decided…

Rep. Maxine Waters urges diplomacy

Did I miss something,,, looks to me Jr and Sr did not do Christmas together

I am soo ANGRY at Bush Iraq. I could spit nails

Sen. Biden touts experience in 2008 bid

How can Edwards effectively compete with Obama?

If this isn't a Class War, then what the bloody hell is it?

Courts Side With NSA On Wiretaps

Heart Surgeon Saved by Operation He Developed(Dr. Michael DeBakey -- 97 yrs old)

Condi's Diplomatic Triumph by Gordon Prather

War Critics See New Resistance by Bush

WP: Troop Push Is Personal For McCain

Bush signs executive order on pay raises --AP

Medical advances lower death toll, increase number of US wounded

Trump mortgage chief inflated resume

The dollar melts as Iraq burns by James K Galbraith

America's Perfect Intelligence Targeting Activists

Iran in Afghanistan: Paving with good intentions?

Haunted by which failure?

Iraq's Grim Oil Politics


Dahr Jamail: A Grim Christmas for Iraqi Children

Energizing America

Top Ten Myths about Iraq 2006 (JUAN COLE)

NYT: Hundreds Disappear Into the Black Hole of the Kurdish Prison System in Iraq

WP: The Freedoms My Brother Is Defending (Sister Against the War)

Salon: A decisive year for "the decider"

Study: Oil decline threatens Iran

How to respond?

Almost 1500 dead in Africa from fluid fossil fuel accidents in this decade.

Fifth Qassam of day lands near strategic site in Ashkelon

IDF offered to 'transfer' 2 W. Bank villages, court told

Dear John. (Forward Editorial re John Bolton)

Robert Fisk: Banality and barefaced lies

Israel to Build New Settlement in Occupied West Bank

New settlement planned for former Gaza settlers

The 21 Biggest Technology Mistakes of 2006 (3. Hacking the vote)

Recount Overturns Vermont Auditor Race

Convicted Lawmaker Wants Felons to Vote

Start your VCRs NOW! Hacking Democracy airing on HBO

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday, 12/26/06

State To Investigate Robo Calls

Sequoia gets dumped by new owner....

Health interests gave $4M to Arnold

NYT: In New Orleans, Ex-Tenants Fight for Projects

WP Justice Dept. Database Stirs Privacy Fears

U.S. deaths in Iraq exceed 9-11 count

Global Economy Faces A Dangerous Year

CNN: CBS legend Frank Stanton dead at 98

WP: Troop Push Is Personal For McCain

Triple car bomb attack in Baghdad

Dozens Killed In Baghdad Car Bombs


War Critics See New Resistance by Bush

Iran vows not to cut oil exports after UN sanctions

Shift in Congress Puts Health Care Back on the Table

Yahoo - Auditors expecting Katrina fraud to reach $2B

Katrina Fraud Likely to Balloon Past $1B

Many forgoing SAT, path to college

Medical advances lower death toll, increase number of US wounded

Brown's Partner Denied Access to Home (not married...

Sen. Biden touts experience in 2008 bid

Car Bomb Kills 15 and wounds 30 in Adhamiya District

NYT: Bipartisan Effort to Draft Immigration Bill

Three U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq (Tues

US death rate in Iraq tops carnage from 9/11

Holy COW! Carrier Stennis Moving Into Iran As Well!

LAT: Afghan heroin's surge poses danger in U.S.: Purest in world

Military considers recruiting foreigners

Heart Surgeon Saved by Operation He Developed(Dr. Michael DeBakey -- 97 yrs old)

Attack plan for Japan's whale ships (Sea Shepherd)

Iran in Afghanistan: Paving with good intentions?

Israel to Build New Settlement in Occupied West Bank

Cardinal Health in $11 mln settlement with Spitzer

America's Perfect Intelligence Targeting Activists

Iran faces crisis as its oil exports drop, threatening the country's stability

Nigerian pipeline explosion kills 200

Iraq fugitive minister arrives in Jordan (on a US plane?)

Pelosi: Democrats Will Target 'Big Oil'

Senators Nix 9/11 Allegations

Wikipedia Founder Plans Search Engine

Pakistan against sanctions on Iran:

Election Date Set in Turkmenistan

U.S. Deaths in Iraq Exceed 9-11 Count

Gates sending brigade of 82nd to Kuwait

New Republican PAC seeks GOP majority in Legislature

Stay out of Iraq's internal politics, Shiite politician warns neighbors

Strong quakes jolts Taiwan 6.7

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday December 26

Nebraska Democrats name new director (Matt Connealy)

Syria wants to work with US forces to control Iraq border: senator

Saddam loses death sentence appeal: govt official

Civil rights groups sue over rent law

Parents of Slain GIs Travel to Iraq

Pakistan Announces Plans to Fence and Mine Border with Afghanistan

Democrats eye oil money for conservation

British military finds 'appalling' Iraqi prison cell

Spanish doctor says Castro recovering, no cancer

Pipeline spilling oil into Gulf near Galveston

WP: After Long Struggle, Whooping Crane Population Hits Milestone

Vatican warns Paraguayan bishop against run for president

Kansas Judge Lets AG Press Abortion Case

NYT: Rush at end, but holiday sales fall short

Large families 'bad for parents'

Ethiopian troops advance on Mogadishu

Biden wants Rice to testify on Iraq policy

Bush: US deaths in Iraq not in vain as toll tops 9/11

Barricade Ends With Army Reservist's Death - Soldier Upset By Call Back To Duty

September 11 families split over US toll in Iraq

James Brown's Widow Says She's Locked Out of Home

GM slams possible fuel economy changes(unfair, since SUV & trucks would take a hit)

Venture Bros. Marathon -- funniest damn thing on TV or not?

Omg! Only 56 shopping days left until Washington's birthday!11!

Merry Christmas DU

I found the brains of Santa Claus underneath my bed.

One of the male lions has moved the kill into the outer area.

Since there's nobody in here, I can post my butt, right?

Monday Dec 25, 2006

Got shrimp?


Good night everyone...Merry Christmas, HO HO HO

Your favorite James Brown song?

I have to catch a 7:20am flight today, so I decided to stay up all night

Satire to War

...and how will you prepare your leftovers?

OMG! i just bought a homoerotic plant

is it okay to have an open discussion of cia...*spoilers*

What this country needs is more Jennifer Connelly...

Mary Tyler Moore Show - favorite character?

A Mellow Song Just Came on my iPod

Yeesh, Madonna doesn't look so good without her makeup!

Heer You Go: Geo. Bush Dumbass Head on a String

Gentle pitbull refuses owners commands to attack convenience store clerk and cop

I just came back from another world

I saw 'Lady in the Water' last night.

Wurst thing

Merry Day After Christmas!

My how Christmas can go from grand to f*ed up in no time at all

all my menfolk are still asleep - should I wake em up?

MMMM- Smoked Pig ears! (For my doggie friends)

Your Family During the Holidays -- Blessing or Burden?

Favorite episode of All in the Family featuring Mike Evans?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 12/26/06)

Africam--Lion and Lioness!

I Sat on Santa's Lap for the first time in my life...ask me anything

For all you Spanish Rock fans, I give you Jarabe de Palo...

Here is a beautiful on-line Seasonal card... Lights, Music, ACTION...

So Bush signs up for this big university brain study...

Happy Boxing Day

I tunes.. BEWARE!!! Argh!

Happy Boxing Day

Pandora truly is all gifts - listening to New York Dolls Radio now

Following yonder star...

Happy Boxing day! As if you know what that is, Yankee scum!

Any tips on get a lid off a jar of pasta sauce?

Man, imagine going to THIS high school

I just found two pennies and a soda-can pull-tab with my new metal detector. Ask me anything!

Sour Orange Awards: All wacky, all Florida

Wardens in jeep using spotlight on lions

I got gift certificates for Xmas from Grandma (in 1984)...still haven't used them...

Dole in the Lounge

Anybody else have a crappy Christmas?

Ugh I feel like I'm swimming in fog

Happy Boxing Day!!

Did the cats and dogs show more Christmas spirit than the people?

How Much Did You Spend For Christmas?

I needed a laugh - Eddie Murphy pays homage to James Brown


aarrgh! Anyone having problems returning items???

Rejected iPod Engravings

Help! I'm trapped at a Panera Bakery.

Kindness of my brother in law

How hard am I supposed to try to be grateful for this president?

OMG! I just learned I'm going to the march in DC on Jan 27

Ah the splendor....

Not having enough financial credit history sucks !

Chuck Norris writing for worldnutdaily?

Please. Don't give the africam this much publicity. Think of the tourists!

Stanley Kubrick, photographer for Look Magazine...

This is a great site:

LOL, the response to my personal ad - looking for a 'boy friday'.

If You Could Ask One Question To Any Living Famous Person...

Somebody please slap me if I ever decide to do the after-Christmas sales again...

Where The Hell Is Rev Cheeshead?

Anyone else have a bad Christmas? Seems like this wasn't a very good year.

GREAT video of Tina Fey discussing "piece of shit" Paris Hilton

I just bid on a Kenneth Cole long sleeve shirt on ebay

How to make a tasty holiday treat

My wife called me tonight. I don't know why she does this.

"Homosexuality isn't natural"

Observations from Denver, CO, 1 week after the blizzard:

so what did you learn this weekend?

I just put some nice sliced turkey in my dogs food dish

So I've rewritten the lyrics to "All in the Family"...

Greatest threat to world peace?

Anyone seen RevCheeseHead lately?

My nephew Joe is joining the Army

"What is 'consciousness'?"

If someone posted that his PC had been destroyed

Miniature pony killed, another injured in pit bull attacks

Looking at my polydactyl kitten.

is it okay to have an open discussion of THE cia...*spoilers*

It finally snowed here - ask me anything.

I feel I owe you all an apology - please accept

just finished making 4 dog pillows

What do you think should be done to family members who refuse to listen?


Who has to be at work this week?

Can Anybody Here Interpret Dreams? I Had This One Last Night:

I wonder how Barbara feels about Jenna being "The Popular Twin".

SURE has been a fuck of a year; hasn't it?

I cannot successfully download iTunes. What the hell?!?!?

NH man keeps drinking, while being arrested for DUI, *FOURTH* time!

how do you spell?

Any hard rockers here?

What is the best LCD/Plasma TV and best deal?

For the ladies- That "talk" your school had in fifth grade or so

Happy birthday wishes to.....

Tongue 'n Groove

Will an 8 lb sledgehammer void Compaq's warranty?


How hard am I supposed to try to be grateful for this present?

from now on i will always call it THE cia

This is a very stressed-out cat. Meet Nila:

The best of Bush 2006

Have you ever been stuck on someone and could'nt let go ?

Hi, everybody! Did you miss me? Did anyone notice?

Monogamy: does it come naturally to you?

My obsession with Africam has led me to plan for a big African

Best gift you received?

Post and Run.

Any Fans of "The Venture Bros." Here? Please Check In

Quick! Emergency! Come Flirt With Me Here!

Myspacers-post your links.

tell me I did not break my effing ankle for Christmas/Festivus

Classical music countdown.

CONFESS!!!! What did Santa get you?

Have you ever wanted to just walk away from it all?

Where God meets big business — and it's soon coming to a church near you

Christ addiction

Jews for Jesus


Poll: NH Residents oppose gay marriage, though less opposition to Civil Unions

Well, At Least My Beloved Packers Are In The Conversation

On spreading Peace ..

A request for prayers, light, healing, and positive energy, please.

Global Peace Meditation and World Healing Day -20th year

The Stars This Week: "Take Advantage of Opportunities" - Dec. 25 - Dec. 31, 2006

Why the troop surge is a bad idea

I fucking hate cynics

Hearings for 2007: What is being planned.

We found a little snow near the Zugspitze

Santa Claus is why i became an Atheist at age 5, when i found out santa was a lie, i figured the

NYT: In New Orleans, Ex-Tenants Fight for Projects

An entire blog dedicated to wishing Evan Bayh a happy birthday

In long shot 2008 presidential bid, Biden touts value of experience

Witch children Evangelism in the Congo

Myth: Ethiopia is mostly Christian

WP Justice Dept. Database Stirs Privacy Fears

The Freedoms My Brother Is Defending

2975 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Saudi frees 18 former Guantanamo detainees

If Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem today, would they get in?

Bush's alternative to Maliki had Iranian guests in his home.

E.J. Dionne Jr.: Christianity’s African-American Soul

Iran Unfazed by Sanctions.

Supreme Court, especially Chief Justice Roberts, becomes more media friendly

3000 vs. The InDecider - Which will happen first?

Bus riders get gifts from Secret Santa

O.k., enough with the peace on Earth crap, let's get back to bizness.

Escalation and Expansion: Bush's "Great Leap Forward" Into Hell

Saddam to hang within 30 days?

The Nightmare Scenario

Military considers recruiting foreigners-Expedited citizenship would be an incentive

What kind of man is this?

NY TIMES- These Are Heady Days for Makers of Weapons

DNC already working toward 08....compiling dossiers on the opposition.


Why wasn't Saddam and his co-conspirators sent to The Hague for prosecution like we normally do?

Iran's economic woes could make the country unstable and vulnerable

Juan Cole: Top Ten Myths about Iraq 2006

Would we be living in a sovereign country if some other country had our citizens in prison camps?

Poor ol' Saddam, hanging for Osama's sins.

Is Bush promoting another genocide in Somalia? It sure looks like it

AP Headline Propaganda ...."U.S. toll in Iraq surpasses that of 9/11/"

These are a few of my favorite repub catch phrases:

Japan Considers Building Nukes

U.S. arrest of Iranians reportedly upsets Iraqi president

Revised foreward to the taxi book

Something about bill kristol I really admire...or pity. I'm not sure which yet.

When will our military have it's 'Hey--wait a damn minute' moment?

Gentle pitbull refuses owners commands to attack convenience store clerk and cop

Miniature pony killed, another injured in pit bull attacks

who put forth the original idea of a Peace Department in the US?

Ladies and Gentlemen, "Invisible Children"

Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11. What is the MSM trying to push?

U.S. Military prefers illegal aliens over gay Americans

Wired Magazine's 2006 Foot-in-Mouth Awards

Sowing the Seeds of Fascism in America.

"Not Too Late For Us To Honor The Almost 3,000 Service Members Who Have Died"

MySpace Users Big Targets for ID Thieves

fair triaLs are no Longer needed

My wife and I got the best Christmas present ever...

Anyone wondering if a draft would prevent leaders from waging war. read on... McCain's son...

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Tues 12/26 GPS works better than a GWB system

Quick - send a professional 'de-programmer' to the White House! Please!

If someone posted that his PC had been destroyed

It looks like the oil men are going to carry the day in Iraq

English-only FReeps want return to Latin mass - Go figure

When the crash comes,

Paranoia, bigotry go together

U.S. deaths in Iraq exceed 9-11 count

Congress votes to spend $38 million to restore ten World War Two internment camps

"Where is a cow supposed to be? On grass," said Sue Krusenbaum

Last night I dreamed I was in Baghdad Iraq

I needed a laugh - Eddie Murphy pays homage to James Brown

My neighbor is being sent back to Iraq

'Microsoft Corporation Word Lottery' Scam

dick cheney's last mortal thoughts.

FLASHBACK: One Year Ago, Gen. Casey Told Bush ‘Less Is Better,’ Pushed Reducing Troops In Iraq

Military deaths in Iraq surpass Sept. 11 toll

DU is quoted in Kristen Breitweiser's book...

Predict the first Republican on the Hill foot in mouth moment of 2007

Military considers recruiting foreigners

How many hours per week do you work?

"War on Christmas," Mission accomplished.

Granny Bee – Virtually Living

I feel I owe you all an apology - please accept

7 Americans killed in Iraq; 90 in Dec.

President Bush celebrated Christmas at Camp David during a conference call with troops

Did you know that Bush is providing aid to the leader of a Somali militia that killed 18 US troops?

Is there such a thing as a "puppet" defense?

The ultimate news dump: The US illegally detains Iranian Diplomats

How will Iraqis react to Saddam's execution?

2979 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Rapist Checklist

I have a dream -- or perhaps a nightmare.

How many miles a day on an average do you drive in your car?

Your Christmas packages were received in Baghdad!!!

So, I guess it's down to Barney now (photo)


Bush is bracing for new scrutiny; White House hiring lawyers in expectation of Democratic probes

So now the Pentagon is recruiting foriegners...

Big news on Saddam's appeal apparently pending

When Bush's Iraq puppets hang Saddam will that be the result of bad intelligence too?

Ron Christie (right wing shill) "Iraq is a beacon of democracy in the middle east"

So much for the 'Axis of Evil' - Bush Administration caught trying to make deal with North Korea

The denial within the US military is understandable...

According to Rasmussen 40% of the population is insane and dangerous

Hey kids! Take the WAR AGAINST CHRISTMAS quiz here!

Any lawyers here especially estate lawyers?

Jack "MPAA" Valenti on FOX 'news' talking about the war.

is january 23rd the next, and the last, State of the Union speech for bushinsky?

I went to the local watering hole and saw people smoking

Your top 5 favorite political events of 06.


Iran oil profits could dry up by 2015

Another undertheradar media deal: Avista Capital Partners buys Minn Star-Tribune

The Collective Costs of Suburban Sprawl

I wonder how Barbara feels about Jenna being "The Popular Twin".

The Perfect Book Title!

Did anyone else receive this Christmas Card from the President.

Bush in Texas to rethink Iraq course

Afghan heroin's surge poses danger in U.S. - Rapidly overtaking Mexican heroin

China Seems To Be Characterizing Condi As A "Simpleton"

OMG! Did you know there was a Middle East connection to the OKC Bombing?

WP op-ed: Lessons of Tsunami Reconstruction After Two Years, by Bill Clinton

President Bush Read Newspaper Last Week

22 left before we can say--- Bush lied, 3000 died.

George Orwell Was Right: Spy Cameras See Britons' Every Move

Happy Kwanzaa

So Ahhnuld broke his leg. Give ME a break.

What qualifications are needed to be President?

So I was watching old reruns of ER while cooking today, and now I have

I am tired of keeping my powder dry. I expect the Dems will come out swinging soon

Iraq War and BLOOD DIAMOND: chaos and planned scarcity

Oaxaca 500 Years of Resistance

New Reagan statue temporarily displaced

Has Skinner had his baby yet? Inquiring minds want to know...

Was Listening to a popular TV Preacher yesterday - Man, what a crock!

Does the USA need a bigger or smaller military?

Obama cartoon, or Harold Ford repackaged?

How much should the multi-million dollar bonuses of Wall St. be taxed?

Curtis Files Challenge; GA Official Hired by Diebold; FL Paper: 'Touch-Screens Failed Experiment'

Can you imagine the bull S*** when bush speaks after Saddam is hung?

Grassroots movement launched in response to Bush withholding $34 million

Holy crap, how do these people sleep at night?

PHOTO: Can he have one photo taken in which he doesn't appear ridiculous?

Has anyone heard of Manfred Roeder and Haus Richberg?

Maybe they can hang Saddam during the upcoming half-time Super Bowl?

Lecture on Globalization by detractor Joseph Stiglitz

The Elves of Christmas Present

Believe it or not, I'm going to defend Bush for a second....

Is AAR in bankrupsy

Is anyone waiting to hear the news ?

As fate would have it,my local paper printed obit of Corpsman and my LTTE

TSUNAMI -- 12/26/04

The inability to admit failure. Is it a male pride thing?

In Class Warfare, Guess Which Class Is Winning

Biden vows to fight any Iraq troop boost

CNN Lou Dobbs: We captured some Iranians in Iraq today and

Washington To Be Nuked; FEMA, FBI Moving To Boonies

Retail sales down nationwide for the month of December...

Actual White House Christmas card 2006 - war on Christmas rages on:

When did Discovery Channel start airing televangelists?

False flags, dirty tricks and the dismemberment of Iraq

Ethiopia launches invasion of Somalia.

White House Christmas trees through the years (pics)

BUSH Admin Hiring Lawyers In Expection Of Dem Probes & Investigations & Possible Subpoenas

Pelosi and Conyers-- Smarter than Impeachment-

Do you believe that "Evil" should be destroyed?

Great: Big Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico - 21,000 gallons so far.

Windows Vista security flaw discovered

Kraft Lawsuit for its Avacado-less Guacamole

Is anyone aware of any dental charities in the U.S.?

Nephew back from Iraq - and comatose

Christmas has come and gone! Our long national nightmare is over...for now.

Substantially Higher Part B Premiums in 2007 As Medicare Means Testing Starts

Holy COW! Carrier Stennis Moving Into Iran As Well!

Recession clouds darken 2007 outlook

Has anyone seen the cover of the new Esquire Mag? This will stop you in your tracks

"Fiasco" by Thomas Ricks .....

What happened to CorpGovActivist?

Faithless - Bombs (Best political music vid of the year!!)

David Swanson on WMDs lies and Downing Street memo

Bush and Blair Holiday Greetings (Great for a post-Christmas laugh)


Tiesto - Dance4Life (anti-AIDS video)

How to Impeach a President

RIP--James Brown: I Feel Good...

ISG - No. The Cabal. Choosing Victory, A Plan for Success in Iraq

Consultant Helps Democrats Embrace Faith, and Some in Party Are Not Pleased

2008: Obama/Richardson (D) vs. McCain/Barbour (R)

Back to Reality...

Impeachment Good for Republicans and Democrats

Voters voice regard, regret over Slick-Mitt Romney

Sen. Biden touts experience in 2008 bid

Christopher Dodd on Withdrawing Troops And Presidential Bid

Is bush trying to screw up even more in Iraq, the M.E., and the war on terror?

Lynne Cheney: Putting Scooter Libby On Trial ...

Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see...

Good website shows that the ACLU is pro-Christian!

Has anybody ever hear Bush use the term neocon or neoconservative?

The 20 year old Soldiers bush is having killed in Iraq today

If I didn't know better ...

LAT: "Instant runoff' voting touted

Parties urge aging lawmakers to hold on for another term

G. Bush: "slow to engage our military, slow to commit our troops..."

"From tomorrow, any day could be the day of implementation."

Sen. Allen Says Another Questionable Thing In Conversation About Newfound Jewish Roots

Military Recruiters Take Desperate Measures, Suggests NY Times Story

Pentagon Cited For Weak Oversight Of Contractors In Iraq

Pentagon Considers Fast-Tracking Citizenship For Immigrants Willing to Serve

The year is 2000. GW Bush is the DEMOCRATIC candidate

the signing away of Iraqi OIL

U.S. military death toll in Iraq exceeds number of deaths in Sept. 11, 2001 attacks in U.S.

Pentagon Does Not Know How Many Contractors In Iraq; Army Census Stymied

Remember "Have You Forgotten about Bin Laden?"

If Sen Johnson cannot continue his duties, the Dems will be off the hook

To the Clark supporters look at this

I Think I See What's Going On Here - (Build 'Em Up & Tear 'Em Down

Biden Vows to Fight Any Iraq Troop Boost

I'm already getting my barf bag ready!

12 American Soldiers Die This WeekEnd In Iraq And All The Media Can Talk About Is James Brown..

11% of Americans support escalating the war


Expressions of outrage won't balance the budget.

Top Ten Myths about Iraq 2006

Edwards on Hardball College tour (repeat with Matthews).5 pm EST MSNBC -Great show.

The High Anxiety of America's Middle Class

Mind Bender: what is your real reason why Bush wants to continue to war in Iraq?

Bless me, father, for I have sinnned. I like Laura Bush.

Does anyone know how I can contact Al Gore about a proposed speaking