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Archives: December 27, 2006

2006: A Vintage Year for Ideas that Will Change Our World

NYT op-ed: "Our Founding Illegals"

Dershowitz vs. Carter in Beantown (JOHN V. WALSH)

In New Orleans's Lower Ninth, Still Waiting for a Break in the Clouds

7 U.S. Troops Added To Rising Toll in Iraq

Ezra Klein: Going Universal: The American Health Care System is, simply put, a mess....

EPA Gives OK To Production Of Fuel-Cell Cars To Meet Zero-Emission Mandates

Fuel Scarcity Intensifies In Nigeria -

Russia Threatening To Turn Off Natural Gas To Belarus w/o Doubled Price, Pipeline Control - AP

U.S. Wants Polar Bears Listed as Threatened

Global Warming Era Parenting

Minimal Output From New Asian Oil Fields Expected In 2007 - Maybe 100,000 B/D Of New Production

Armadillos Now Making Themselves At Home In Illinois & Nebraska - ENN - 2007 In Energy - "Fundamental Supply Challenges Remain"

State Slams Alaska Hatcheries For "Egregious" Mismanagement, Ineptitude - ADN

More Evidence of Global Warming?

French TV Star Puts Royal, Sarkozy & Political Establishment On Spot W. Green Pledge - Reuters

Robert Novak - Industry & Capitalism Helpless Before Awesome Power Of Environmentalists

Warmer Winters Change Washington (DC) Foliage

29 Districts In Tanzania Going Hungry - Fuel , Grain Costs Hurting Relief Delivery Efforts

Abu Dhabi Will Lead OPEC Oil Production Cuts In February - 3 - 5% - Reuters

Algeria Imposes "Excess Profits Tax" On Companies Exporting Its Oil Starting In 2007

Leading UK Climate Scientist Challenges Skeptics - Lindzen, Michaels, etc. - To Put Up Or Shut Up

Mt. Brighton, Popular MI Ski Area, Hamstrung By Too-Warm Weather

2006 Antarctic Ozone Hole Biggest Ever - But Arctic Ozone Picture Very Different - AFP

Warmer Oceans Disrupt Distribution Of Shellfish Larvae - Mongabay

New Tougher Australian Water Rules Not Nearly Enough In Record-Shattering Drought

As Africa Dries Out, Water Shortages Drive Violence In Uganda Between Herders, Army

With IPCC Update Due 1 February, More Political Rhetoric Likely On Climate In 2007 - AFP

Corruption Stunting China's Attempts To Improve Its Environment - ENN

North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperatures May Exacerbate Western US Fire Season - Mercury News

Two teens hurt in Qassam strike by Sderot building

Army judge criticizes detention of Palestinians without trial

Evangelical Carter is having problems with a Jewish state

Israeli-Palestinian website offers civilised dissent but no consensus

A Palestinian view of Jimmy Carter's book

BBC: Israel approves a NEW West Bank settlement, 1st since 1992

OK, I need help...

Negative Stories Get To Sequoia Voting Systems;

Where God meets big business — and it's soon coming to a church near you

Iran Is Seeking More Influence in Afghanistan --NYT

Private Funds Prepare To Lobby

CNN Breaking: Gerald Ford Died

"Major announcement" concerning Gerald Ford

Lawyer Asks Bush to Revoke His Nomination to the Bench

Castro 'does not have cancer'

Canada throws out 'Russian spy'

AP: Miss. Attorney Asks Out of (5th Circuit) Nomination

US creates terrorist fingerprint database

U.S. Wants Polar Bears Listed as Threatened—Designation May Force Action on Global Warming

Plane Carrying Tony Blair Overshoots Miami Runway

AP: Killer's Ashes Ordered Out of (Arlington Natl.) Cemetery

AP: Obama Intern Linked to Fundraiser


How much hanky panky went on in the Oval Office before the Clinton Administration?

Mahogany: does it come naturally to you?

Monocacy: does it come naturally to you?

Premature Impeachulation

Was the soundtrack to your Christmas gathering like this commercial?

Annoying family dynamics.........

Because I'm in a great mood.... Seven Day Weekend by Elvis Costello

So, do you like guitar?

Sometimes it pisses me off when my cat visits the neighbors

Inconsiderate Dryer Hogging Bastards!!

This fantasy artist is HILARIOUS.

When do we invade American Idol? (Idol Producers say they will "blow America away")

I just got my BESTEST Xmas present ever (outside the Eagles win of course)

Quick question about DU


What DVDs did you receive this holiday season?

The sun has risen in Africa

So, the weirdest animal strode up to

I'd like to hear some stories about funny holiday gift exchanges.

I shredded two of my old journals - ask me anything

I'm Writing A Check For $6,000.00 Tomorrow - What Are YOU Doing?

This has to be the grossest Xmas dinner ever

I'm confused

I'm watching Thunderball!! One of the greatest of the Bond films, fer sure.

*sings* I have a digital camera! I have a digital camera!

I have been gone all day, have the lions left yet.

Anyone here every actually see Jimi Hendrix in concert?

VIDEO: Andy McKee's Astonishing Acoustic Guitar

Well, they've taken my car...

Gerald Ford has died.

Does anyone here live in the Titusville, FL area?

It's December 26th and I'm still listening to Christmas music

Mrs R outdid herself tonight. Delayed Christmas dinner so we could have the neighbors over:

How many of you still have in-laws/family in your house for the holidays?

a teradactyl ate my kitten

Hope everyone had a nice Boxing Day,

Scrubs -- what a great show!

I Drove Past a Fatal Accident Today

People who are totally being gypped out of winter check in here.

So, I'm watching some movie on Spike TV About 8 Vaginas

Tuesday, December 26. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Would someone please find my copy of Love Actually for me?

Any satellite/Dish network tech experts around heah?

Has anyone here filed for bankruptcy, either Chapter 7 or 13?

Why dont we see grown ups buzzing around on those sneaker-skates...

Snowdrops in December...

Anyone see the new "Charlotte's Web" movie?

high school senior photos -- post 'em if you got 'em, and include the year...

A Double Threat! Post Your Picture AND Vote in My Poll!

A very kind act by a Wiccan Witch

How can you be both Christian and gay?


The Repubz keep saying Iraq and the 'war on terror' are important.

Photo of James Brown, taken in NYC in 1984

Can We All Recycle?

Edwards repeat on Hardball now (7pm EST)

Environmental Organizations

Pat Buchanan on MSNBC looks terrible:

Heres the shit that pisses me off, we lost 7 soldiers and on our local news not one mention of that.

Human Rights Watch opposes Saddam execution.

Merry Christmas From President Bush to Federal Employees: You get a 1.81% raise

Christmas Essay by Baghdad 28th CASH Chief of Anesthesia, Dr. Ian Black

At the end of the year, is it better to owe the IRS or for the IRS to owe you?

NRA Comic Is Heinous Hoax & Then Magically Real Again (Kos vs Wonkette?)

Dateline NBC Immigration discussion thread.

I'd like to hear some stories about funny holiday gift exchanges.

RW Wiki update - 100 pages

Nearly 3,000 flags recall troops' sacrifices

Interesting photo I found

Another victory - Democrats have taken Pennsylvania House

Iraq quagmire erodes Bush's confidence and power

Wow, 599 Till Du Has 100,000 User Registrations!

So Arnold just had ninety minutes of surgery and is

Misinformer Of The Year: ABC News (Media Matters)

Some gems from the land of backwash and make believe

Will Biden Be On This Sunday?

Mike Barnicle pulls no punches

Cripes, Here I Am Watching scarborough - At Least It's Not A Repeat, And

Pentagon Does Not Know How Many Contractors In Iraq; Army Census Stymied

Three Stories: the day's surreal news.

Uh, oh, Freepers will be in meltdown. CBS shows Private Ryan killing scenes

Any satellite/Dish network tech experts around heah?

the lies just "surge" sometimes along with the smirker's smirk, the "you gotta understand[s]"

41 bodies found in Baghdad Tuesday. Some handcuffed and tortured.

Thanks to the post 7 pm people.

VIDEO: Andy McKee's Astonishing Acoustic Guitar

I Drove Past a Fatal Accident Today

BBC: Israel approves a NEW West Bank settlement, 1st since 1992

I Said Nothing

Democrats Eye Huge Oil Company Profits For Conservation And Renewable Energy Fund

Gerald Ford has died.

Why don't insurance companies cover hearing aids?

Gerald Ford has passed!

Shouldn't Bush be the one who pulls the lever that opens the trapdoor to hang Saddam?

History Channel: Time Machine

You might find CNN interesting right now

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! I hope Everyone had a

What I want to know is....

Hope Bush isn't getting ready to hang this poor schmuck to get his poll numbers up

Pentagon Considers Fast-Tracking Citizenship For Immigrants Willing to Serve

Able Danger - DEBUNKED

Which One (Or More) Of These Fine Potential 2008 Dem Prez Candidates Have You Met?

Ok, It's time for the "Dog Whisperer" to go to the White House, and it's not for Barney.

Commander in Chief ---pix--->>>

CNN: Should Saddam's daughters witness the execution?

Why do Christians think they can rule the United States

Will anyone actually stand up to Bush if he continues his

Fort Carson on Defensive after soldiers report PTSD stigma

Right Wing Americans are Getting What They Deserve

Idea : Everything sold in the US MUST be made here...simple?

The Only Cartoon Ever Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

The color of our life - war, politics, and the intersection of time

A U.S. military 'at its breaking point' considers foreign recruits

Saddam Hussein Should Not Receive The Death Sentence

Hardball's Tweety is a real Johnny-Come-Lately on Iraq.

Disappearing Islands 10,000 evacuated

WIN Year in Review: Labors Role in the 2006 election

Documentary: Moon: Emperor of The Universe-see it while you can!

Bush-Watchers Wonder How He Copes With Stress

gwb, is a lying, sociopathic coward. If you don't agree, you're in the wrong place.

Poll shows Obama strongest general election candidate, Clinton weakest.

Leave Al Gore alone.

Kerry concession

Why Biden Is Right (And Reid Is Wrong) On Troop Increase in Iraq

Joe Biden has it right about Bush's troops "surge" in Iraq...

Kerry or Gore in 08??? (why does the DU keep throwing these names around?)

Gerald Ford has died

What we have to do to keep our House seats?

My holiday music plug: Yusuf Islam's "An Other Cup".

All those looking for "LEADERS" Have you figured out the Leaders are US?

Year-end Presidential Candidate Analysis Summary

"Fight Them Over There..."

The GOP's $3 Billion Propaganda Organ By Robert Parry

Democratic sweep may be long-lasting!

Will Bush publicly celebrate Saddam Hussein’s execution?

Military Considers Recruiting Foreigners

Uncovering an Epidemic — Screening for Mental Illness in Teens (NewEngJourMed)

Bush's New Look on Iraq: Weary

Ray McGovern: Troop 'surge' in Iraq would be another mistake

Judge Won't Reinstate Abortion Charges

Special Interest Science...(Global Warming, NSTA and Exxon Mobile)

Meat and the Planet

10 Happy Thoughts for 2007!

RW Editorial: Any surge must be "large and lasting."

bush Admin Proposes Listing Polar Bear as threatened

AP: Ex-Guantanamo Detainee Held Again

Novak: Losing to the Greens

William Fisher: Where are the Christians?

A Leak From An Undisclosed Location BY James Pinkerton

The Peace Dividend ...Kucinich Hopes To Win Support ...

WP: On a Mission In a Hard Place

David Swanson: New Year's Utopianism Needed Fast

No-nukes fallout

Truthdig: Trouble Brewing in Paradise (Kurdish region of Iraq)

Gerald Ford's statement on pardoning Nixon:

A Visitor's Guide To London-On-Sea - Telegraph

Nuclear power industry is profitable only because Government picks up so much of the costs.

70,000 In India, Bangladesh Face Immediate Threat From Rising Seas As Sundarbans Start To Go Under

Nuclear ("..material.." _JW) traffic doubles since '90s - USA Today

Proposed nuclear plant in Idaho to use cogeneration heat to distill ethanol for cars.

2nd Largest Oil Field Drying Up Faster

Canada gas exports to U.S. could plunge: analyst - Reuters

Vice Prime Minister - China To Use Foreign Currency Reserves To Acquire Key Minerals, Resources - BW

Beijing Officials Try To Boost Public Transit Use Through Public Persuasion Campaign - IHT

China fears disasters, grain cut from global warming - Reuters

Wet Snows Of Recent Years Making Life Harder For Scandinavian Reindeer, Herding Peoples - Reuters

Arsenic Contamination Prompts Well Closures In Drought-Stricken Burkina Faso - AFP

Rapid Warming May Be Behind Unusually Late Pink Snapper Season In Australia

Fatal Floods, Massive Refugee Numbers WIll Continue Until Indonesia Deals With Deforestation - AFP

Environmentalists Ask Military To Help Control 200 Million Toxic Cane Toads - ENN

Westinghouse Receives Orders for 4 Chinese Nuclear Reactors.

Great Barrier Reef's Small Fish Species Starving As Corals Bleach - ANI

Progress Energy Announces Site of 2 Potential New Nuclear Plants in Florida.

Egypt: Captured Israeli Soldier Is Alive (AP)

Rice to visit the Mideast next month: Abbas (Reuters)

Israel okays first new West Bank settlement in decade

I Witness the Israel Lobby in Action

Water supply restored to W. Bank residents after 48 hour shortage

Poll: 43% for Fateh 29% for Hamas

Has Carter crossed the line?

Israel says will act against Gaza rockets

Israel says may have hit ambulance

Top Ten 9/11 Smoking Guns

ATTN: WTC 7 Did NOT Fall Into Its Own Footprint

Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed 12/27/06-PULL THE PLUG ON ELECTRONIC VOTING

Trump mortgage chief inflated resume

LAT: Democrats prepare for a battle on Iraq war

Peru: Key witness reaffirms Toledo's participation in signature scandal

Reuters: Iran MPs oblige government to review IAEA cooperation

U.S. Signals Backing for Ethiopian Incursion Into Somalia

Reuters: Car bomb kills eight near restaurant in Baghdad

Convicted lawmaker files bill for felons' vote

Courts Side With NSA On Wiretaps

NYT: First Settlement in 10 Years Fuels Mideast Tension

Hundreds apply to be Saddam’s hangman

(NY Governor) Pataki grants no holiday clemencies

Arabs say Iraqi violence overshadows fate of Saddam

US to Unearth Latin America Files

U.S. Army Reservist, Upset About Deployment To Iraq, Killed By Police In Standoff

BBC: Two Latvian troops killed in Iraq

S.E.C. Changes Reporting Rule on Bosses’ Pay

AP: DA Won't Prosecute Nevada Governor-Elect

US tries to assure allies that extraordinary renditions are over

Spitzer Picks Republican as His Chief of Security

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 27

Justices lose one to Fieger (He demands recusal of biased SC judges)

AP: Democrat John Edwards running for president, campaign says

Russia links YUKOS boss to Litvinenko murder

(Massachusetts) Court won't force gay marriage vote

TSA modifies screening machines (won't show intimate body parts)

British Iraq commander says Army needs more money

White House to Joe Biden: Hold Your Horses on Rejecting Iraq Troop Surge

African Union demands Ethiopia withdraws from Somalia

US denies Virgin America access

1 missing climber's body found in China

Dozens Of Pieces Of Lost Luggage Dumped In Trash

A View to a Kill on U.S.-Made Gallows

Baath Party Threatens to Retaliate

Rudy's Angels of 9/11 (Giuliani wants 9/11 victims for Pres campaign)

Ohio Gov. Taft reprimanded over ethics

Uncle Sam wants US Muslims to serve

Contractor's Handguns Missing From Homeland Security Vault

Bush: Ford helped heal divided nation

U.S. soldiers divided over Saddam’s execution

Reuters: Iraq's Sadr bloc says aide killed by U.S. forces

Dollar Declines; U.A.E. Selling U.S. Currency, Buying Euros

Gov't watchdogs under attack from bosses

FDA Expected to Rule on Cloned Food This Week

US expects Saddam Hussein's hanging to trigger reprisals

Katrina insurance suit moved to state court

Waxman sets sights on 'very long list'

3 U.S. servicemembers die in Iraq

Heartburn drugs raise risk of hip fractures: study

'I Say Goodbye To You,' Saddam Writes

Prince Harry off to Iraq

Nooooo!!! Another 14 inches of snow predicted this week for Colorado Springs!!!

Flip flops on 12/26, in Massachusetts....Wtf?

delete, it was in poor taste esp when pictures wouldn't work

I'm taking my post count to another level!

Generalissimo Francisco Franco is...

I'm turning 30 in 3 days....

Well, it's official as of today. I need glasses.

goddammit, I hate the holidays-- I gained FIVE pounds this week!

Does anyone else keep going to their "My Post" thingie

A day late... It's snowing here!

Great images I found (on a hunt for myspace codes):

I have realized that I have a thing, and I am a bit concerned.

Anyone used the site What are your thoughts?

The Agony That is Comcast

was Gerald Ford 'wellstoned'?

Wanna see my coolest Christmas present

It's a Miracle!!!!! You have heard of the image of the Holy Mother

I just put for my vacation (of sorts) - ask me anything

I got an MP3 Player for Christmas!!!

Red States Lose: Gallery Of Walmart's Beautiful People

Videotape Shows Toddler Drinking Tequilla, Smoking - 3 Charged

Young & the Restless fans check in - who remembers Steven Ford from the show

If I am totally attracted to a Lesbian

Flatulence Blamed For Prison Fight

HELP! Pod people!!!

The holidays are hard without Angie

Gerald Ford is a poopy head stink bomb!

Out of Context new toon

My opinion on Ford

You can challenge 3 other famous people throughout history to a game of RISK

Question to all DU'ers who wear glasses.

A 18 year old misheard lyrics. Worse, a misheard TITLE!

Monopoly Fans - what's your strategy for winning the game?

There are 15 people at my house right now tearing through my clothes

My car was rear-ended and now I can't get the trunk open.

Anybody ever see the Japanese horror movie "Infection"?

Does 'Tickle Me Elmo' encourage naughty sexual contact?

I'm out of popcorn

Any lawyers here -- or someone who wants to play one on DU?

Meditating for Positive Energy later. Anyone want any?

Man Wins $208 Million In Lottery - Dies Of Heart Attack At 43

Who's more hopeless--the Raiders or the Lions?

Anyone remember that "Army Men(video game)" commercial?

Found this smilie-- It's sooooooo DU Lounge!

If I am totally attracted to a thespian

Fred on XM Radio is playing some awesome songs right now.

I kinda like KT Tunstall

So bored at work today...send me links

There are 15 people at my house right now tearing through my roof

Opinion from fellow DU's, am I doing the right thing here?

There are 15 people at my house right now tearing through my ZombyWoof

Take THAT DMV! I found the branch's phone number and

Does the US have an agency with motto "Wisdom, Strategy, Strength"?

CNN, when it's not talking about Gerald Ford, is also talking about another blizzard in CO!!!!!

Ford's death is a DIVERSION!!!

Noka Chocolate Is A Scam ($2,000 per pound chocolates sold at Nieman Marcus)

How iPod has changed history

Thanks to fellow DUers for your kindness

Am I sick because I keep thinking about this?

I can't help it, I just love JELLO

i'm going to new york for new year's and NOT going to times square, ask me anything!

Fundy asshole annoys the hell out of me in Vegas.

I am a little drung, and I think I i tood xanax

How many "pro-lifers" does it take to change a light bulb?

Spike Lee to direct James Brown movie: report

Help a guilty conscience

So a gallon of chocolate syrup must weigh like 14 pounds

HELP! iPod people!!!

Ever tried, when somebody tries to convert you to his/her

I can't help it, I just love Mellow

If door slamming and cabinet banging were Olympic sports, the three Midlos would

I can't help it, I just love YELLO

I can't help it, I just love Othello...

The word "signage"

I can't help it, I just love ELO

The Saxual Content thread

It's weird when you can't get traction on your sheets...

MySpace sucks recently.

So Ford goes and dies.....

"What can 'Brown' do for you?"

Relaxation Technique:

First James Brown, then Gerald Ford....

What time were you up with kids Christmas morning?

Good sources of iron?

Congratulations Midlodemocrat!! 20,000 posts

I'm back from Minnesota!

Happy birthday wishes to...........

Do you use your cell phone as a conduit for internet connectivity?

I want a new spiffy quick way to organize my firefox bookmarks. Any ideas?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 12/27/06)

Top pet peeve of 19th century photoshoppers?

Favorite - 'One Hit Wonder'

Anyone seen the Blue Man Group?

I've taken to putting a splash of this in my coffee

Was Gerald Ford the Ford Festiva of presidents ?

Say hello to my new son, Declan!

I got an email with an offer for a $250 WalMart card. And, all I have to do is turn over the three

Oh geez, I just now noticed that James Brown's partner's name is "Hynie"

Millions of Youtube links in the Lounge ... But here's the real stuff, folks!


Well, the 6k will likely be 7k now

Revenge for those who park like an idiot......

Who found love again post divorce?

Retail Alphabet game - how well do you know your Logos

Tavernertot had a 103.2 F Temp last night

Can I record my VHS tapes to DVD?

Bunch of perverted Liberals here! I do a thread with

I have realized that I have a thing for older men, and I am a bit concerned.

Hypothetical question....

rEpUbLiCaNhOtTiE IV- The Double-Header

Okay, every show from the 70s produced by Norman Lear is out on DVD

Did you mistake a WIN pin for a NIM Pin?

List people you hope you will not have to hear about in the new year.

It's weird when you can't get traction on your threads...

ANOTHER Question to all DUers who wear glasses:

given the opportunity, would you ever consume human flesh?

An Ethics Question

Going to SanFran tomorrow -- what should I do?

How common a practice is it to ask for ID for credit card purchases?


i have an idea for a smilie--

Anyone know how much a gallon of JELLO weighs?

Christmas Kittens (plus 2 bonus pics of yours truly)

My sister's Sonogram picture.

Which car do you guys think I should buy?

1 in 32 American adults are under some sort of supervision by the US prison system

Hey, so if a gallon of water weighs 8 pounds...

Congrats to DUer naturalselection - 2006 DU Fantasy Football Champion

Queen Slacker's Morning Random Questions:

I miss

The Evil Dwarfs are here...

Post a fact about yourself that no DUer knows about yet.

Top pet peeve of 19th century photographers?

Trader Joe's 10 pound bar of chocolate: is there any use for such a thing?

Bush: "I always felt a special kinship with Jerry Ford"

Seattle Sewage Has More Vanilla & Cinnamon In It During The Holidays

Hot damn! The new Doctor Who season has begun!

***World Trade Center***

I can't help it, I just love BROWN

Annoying tv commercials that make our stomachs turn.

BREAKING -- Abe Vigoda still alive

Superman Returns is structured as retelling of the story of Jesus.

W/O Scientific Support, Dobson Again Tries to Hijack Real Research

Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, Tom Brady- in that order

Aggravating Notre Dame and Carolina fans in the same place

Made me tear up:

I feel like such a wimp!

What on earth is the matter with people?

X-Sailor busted for impersonating a Marine

OK, I've had it!

Steve Clemons promoting Biden

Anyone familiar with this new vet's program - looks good and pretty new

When does the REAL work begin?

Does anyone know exactly why Martin Peretz despises Kerry

Big Oil's tax breaks subject of Dem Congress investigations

What does the troop 'surge' mean and who is pushing it?

NYtimes article on Small Biz quotes Sen. Kerry

A "You're Our Hero' Award from Alliance for Justice

Sad news: President Gerald Ford has passed at 93

cross post: 19th century photography poll.

Does anybody here knit sweaters out of cat hair?

2006: A Look Back (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Tony Blair's Plane Overshoots Runway in Miami/343 Passengers Aboard.

Gerald Ford: (Formerly) Last surviving member of the Warren Commission

James Brown and now Gerald Ford

With all respect to Gerald Ford: Remember, he pardoned Nixon.

Gee, are we now going to see posts about how the BFEE killed Gerald Ford?

Gerald Ford and genocide in East Timor. Remember the victims.

I can't wait for FAUX to broadcast Ford's funeral.

At his core Ford was a decent man .... true story

Popeye in Polkadots is making me dizzy

Bad justice is bad law

BREAKING -- Abe Vigoda still alive

Remaining living presidents...

MSNBC on Gerald Ford

Was there quispiam-quispiam going on between Nixon/Ford?

Gerald Ford

Dear leader will be making a speech...

Ford's pardon of Nixon allowed the nation to finally heal...

What's with singers and presidents dying together?

I remember Gerald Ford making

What ever happened to that thing called "Net Neutrality?"

President Ford Defends University Of Michigan's Affirmative Action Plan

The word is out that if Ford was not VP, Nixon would not have been

Quick! Kos on film!

President Ford's Profile In Courage Lifetime Achievement Award

So BLIAR's plane skid off the

caption needed

Nancy Reagan's statement on Ford's death--she mentions stem cell research

My sister's Sonogram picture.

Seattle Times falsely claims Ford to be the "only unelected President"...

Coastal Alaskans face physical, cultural erosion

Simply dying doesn't absolve you of your sins in life.

"The Boondocks" Marathon Begins at 10:30 PM Pacific Time

Bush Jr. Statement on the passing of Pres. Ford

Do wish the media would stop calling him the "only unelected President"

AP: Court Considering (shortcut in) Saddam Death Sentence

Nice LTTE: God did not promise peace.

Crane for Army War College on WJ: Counterinsurgency training from School of the Americas

Thank You Gerald Ford

ford, Washington, and Lincoln, in the same sentence.

Paul Sanford, first to ask McClellan about Plame/treason link, commits suicide

Saddam hanging timed to coinside w/new Dem Congress

Was there a Nixon/Ford quid pro quo?

Aww. Shrub has to cut vacation for FORD. Plus Saddam's hanging date.

If this country can't get over something that happen more than 30 years ago...

The hidden casualties of Bush's war -- death here at home

When the US drops a Brigade from the 82nd into Iraq, there's some major shit about to go down,

Today I will remember the deaths of 3000 soldiers, killed in the republic war

Holiday blues? Sugar weight? Love-handles turning into luggage? Empty wallet? Then come CAPTION!!!

What fantasies will the republics create when bush's 41 & 43 croak?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Wednesday 12/27... on a coin flip?

I wonder if Jimmy Carter would have pardoned Nixon?

a No Brainer: 'Some Iraqis fear Saddam execution would fuel violence'

US tries to assure allies that extraordinary renditions are over

My opinion on Ford

The holidays are hard without Angie

Our Long National Nightmare is Over

Ya know how newspapers have pre-written obits?

Do Blair & Ford know too much?

Lead Washington Journal caller today: "We should all be Republicans today."

Let's celebrate the life of James Brown instead

One More Note On The Ford Hagiographers

file under cool maps..

President Truman also died on Dec 26th..

days away from a new year, 20 lives away from 3,000 dead in Iraq

What will happen in Iraq when they hang Saddam?

Two good letters in my local paper - one on negotiating, one on Congress

Concerning passports

Ford was NOT the only unelected president!

With any luck, Ford's funeral will be the same day as Hussein's

Cheney re Ford: "assumed the nation's highest office during the greatest constitutional crisis"

Was there any connection between Agnew's resignation

Save some money on eBay. Listings only 15 cents today.

FDA Expected to Rule on Cloned Food this Week

Gerald Rudolph Ford 1913-2006 (with photos)

So who will be the NEW Gerald Ford?

Post all your Anti-Ford things here in this thread. Pix, articles, stories.. whatever u want

Army Reservist Suicidal Over Returning To Iraq Killed In Police Standoff

No funeral arrangements for Ford yet, but this is what might happen.

The Highwaymen (who owns your roads?)

Gerald Ford and his staff's reaction to losing to Jimmy Carter

Mandatory minimum sentences for a kid selling crack. Pardons for the real criminals wearing suits

Never forget

Katrina Evacuees Can Appeal Housing Decisions

"SO, here’s the crime – time. We’re out of it."

Occupied Afghanistan Now Supplying 90% of the World's Illegal Opium

Who's the moran filling in for Rush today?

Who is next Sharon or Fidel Castro?

According to the "National Review", you can have ready made

The reason Ford was chosen by Nixon

Is the Traditional Values Coalition in the red?

Presidential funerals in the future....

REGAN trashes O'LOOFAH, takes testosterone, moving to Dublin

Anybody still have their WIN buttons on their coats?

Bush to amputee soldier: "I’m so, so sorry"

I want better for my upcoming first grand daughter.

Banana Republics: In Search of Peace with Cindy Sheehan

Major League Baseball To Be Hit With More Steroid Scandals? (breaking on Drudge)

Duke DNA Cover-Up Transcript

Impeachment or Iraq pull-out? A hypothetical poll.

New Dixie Chicks Album Is Great!

FORD & BUSH: Compare and Contrast

Jimmy Carter remembers Gerald Ford

Sleeper Cell

This country needs to heal. A modest proposal.

Joseph P. Kennedy II for President

Art Exhibition On TORTURE-Set To Open In San Francisco Will Open Abu Ghraib Wounds (Warning-Graphic)

Baker sought to cover-up illegal trade with Saddam's Iraq, Israeli charges

Bush has declared that there will be a national day of mourning

Amazing reality check - Democracy Now vs- CNN regarding Pres. Ford.

Betty Ford is good former first lady

So if a Republican dies, we're not allowed to bring up criticisms of said Republican?

Covered up the Kennedy murder, pardoned Nixon, what a swell guy.

My mother, a liberal, has never heard of the Downing Street Memo

Tricky Dick was a criminal and a thug.

BAKER Involved In Cover-Up Of Illegal Trading With Regime Of Saddam Hussein

A Christmas Message from outside a US children's prison...

Something to consider about Ford's selection....

Gerald Ford didn't attend the funeral of the Marine who saved his life

Your prediction - How will Shrub make a photo-op out of Saddam's Death?

I just lost Randi...

I am seriously thinking of leaving DU

What about the Saddam poison-gas trial?

The global warming deniers at the White House have flip-flopped

This country could use more Gerald Fords

I didn't need a blast from the past

Funny how MSM & the Reich wing is soft peddling Vietnam on Ford's watch.

Rapist preys on men in Baytown

Edwards announcement tour will launch in New Orleans, LA on 12/28

Gerald R. Ford - Biography from site

Specter visits Syria, says it wants peace talks with Israel

WP's Ford obituary writer died last January

Why Biden Is Right (And Reid Is Wrong) On Troop Increase in Iraq

Be a Clone, Be A Clone, Be A Clone, you are whut ya eat!

Can we debunk the "Kerry dining alone in mess hall" photo?

Dead man writes Ford obituary

Well, I am really confused - set me straight DU friends about the US and the world

New bush poster

US accepts threat to polar bears (BA acknowledges global warming for the first time)

Edwards Statement on the passing of President Ford

Rice has not announced whether she will appear before Congress. What too busy?

This Takes The Cake Re: Gerald Ford

Dennis Kucinich on Gerald Ford...

These guys just wanted a "massage." They ended up becoming big time actors on the internet

Ford (and John Lewis) received the Kennedy Library 2001 "Profiles in Courage" Award

Do You Agree With Ford's Call For Congress To "Rebuke" Clinton?

Gerald Ford: Shrub cheerleader from the get-go

Stop trying to tell me Franklin Roosevelt was a great man...

Rotten Dead Pool -- pick who will die next

Mark Hemingway was the wrong man to write about Blackwater

FYI the Oprah show will rebroadcast the Obama interview tomorrow, I

Why isn't President Ford's death on the front page?

"DIRE warnings from China's first climate change report "

What do you think were the most important and under-reported stories of 2006?

Washington Post/Newsweek attacks atheists

If I can do it, any DUer can give $5 to the food bank fund drive!

The timing of Ford's death

Chess player caught cheating with wireless device.

NOOOOOO! now they are going to mess with peanuts

Money laundering, serial killing, theives, and bribe taking criminals and pardoners who pardon them

Sorry - I remember Ford as a "placeholder" and not much else.

Bush Prepares For Meeting Thursday With Top Advisers; Sheehan Plans Protest

What should a soldier bring to Afghanistan??? My BF's ex-stepson is headed

Vets recount experiences in Iraq...

Holiday blues? Gaining Weight? Savings depleted? Make it right. . . . Come CAPTION!!!!

Here's an idea to freak the wacko Christians out!

rEpUbLiCaNhOtTiE IV- Original message rEpUbLiCaNhOtTiE IV- The Double-Header by TFT

Idiot "Trophy Hunters" Shoot Farmed, Fenced Elk

A flap over recouping costs of Medicaid

This whole Gerald Ford thing...

AlterNet: Announcing the P.U.-litzer Prizes for 2006

Ford's Staff: Cheney, Rummy, & Jim Baker ---pix--->>>

The Forgotten Prince: How One Racehorse Escaped the Slaughterhouse.

Ford wasn't a perfect man

Did you see shrub doing the blinky thing with his eyes during his news of GRF's death?

*** Wednesday TOONs: Post Christmas Special ***

If Saddam's hanging is televised, will you watch?

Beware when Bush goes to his ranch to "think"...

The Soldier

Curtis Sliwa ===> repug asshat

DemocracyNow!: the cold slap in the face of reality, just like DU

Global warming deniers - the new Holocaust deniers?

OMG! Will Pitt is a shill for al -Qaeda!

Will any Dems have the courage to speak out against Saddam's hanging?

Okay, the "War on Christmas is over." Time to plan for our "War on Easter."

Update: Disappearing Info List Still Growing

Another blizzard headed our way in Denver

The Most Outrageous Right Wing Comments of 2006

TOONS: Midweek edition

"Conyers Wants Nothing More In Public Life Than To Punish Bush For His Crimes"

They said rotten things about every president that ever died.

Saddam Urges Iraqis to Seek Coexistence

One thing we can all thank Gerald Ford - Justice John Paul Stevens

Enough about how bad Gerald Ford was. How about a poll on the real issue?

82nd Airborne's 2nd Brigade (Fort Bragg) is going to Kuwait

Obama did nothing for 2 years in the Senate? Another media lie! Here is the truth:

Confirmation Aircraft Carrier John C. Stennis to Sail for Persian Gulf Next Week

What's up with CBS News???

Chavez wins Time's Person of the Year - Time ignores the result.

When chimpy dies, will we refrain from saying bad things?

Bush Administration "dissappears" numerous records from public view

I've lost much of my humanity.

'A thick skin'

What's Wrong With Cinderella?

THE number one obstacle to overcoming the problem of global warming is

Today's drug test ruling: What are the Constitutional ramifications?

Condi " Got Her Grove On" At the Kennedy Center Honors~

OK, you don't like that Ford pardoned Nixon

You know it comes in 3's: Gerald Ford, James Brown---who's next?

Gerald R. Ford Sort Of Goes To Heaven.

NRA's Graphic Novel Includes "Animal Rights Terrorists," George Soros As A "Gun-Ban Bankroller"

The Impact of Corporations on the oldie but goodie.

All of this Ford-bashing is really disheartening...

Stop trying to tell me Gerald Ford was a good, decent man.

Ford pardon "sealed Watergate shut "

FBI Says Files In Leak Cases Are ‘Missing'

DUers have raised $12,393 for America's Second Harvest so far! -- And there's STILL TIME TO DONATE!

John Kerry bashing continues...

Kid Rock: "No matter what you think of this war, you have to support and respect our troops."

Can a President Pardon Himself?

The long slow spiral down…

John Pilger's first cinema release: "The War On Democracy"

To Lionize or Demonize...

The thing that Ford was MOST proud of is the biggest stain on democracy

1973--V.P. Agnew Resigns, Nixon consults on successor- could it happen again?

More bashing of Bush admin in Stripes: Rumsfeld was a catastrophe

More than 1 million New Yorkers ask: food or rent?

Why We Need Criminal Justice Reform in 2007

MSM Gives Bush a Pass On His Denial of 655,000 Killed in Iraq


Retail SLAVE LABOR and the So-Called "Robust Economy:" How Companies are Screwing Retail Employees!

President Ford in denial about the Communist Threat

Watergate Scandal Escalates......Gerald Ford is named V.P.

Cafferty on the costs of war (12/22/06)

Red State Update - Gerald Ford Dead

Alternative Christmas Message (2006)

Pat Robertson, dressed all in black, says we have won the war already.

Gerald Ford for President 1976 TV Ad

NYT: With Promises of a Better-Run Congress, Democrats Take on Political Risks

Conservatives are alien to me

The Shoot-out at the Corral

Converting The Heathens (Mara Vanderslice, the guru of the DINO Movement)

Converting The Heathens (Mara Vanderslice, the guru of the DINO Movement)

New Year's Utopianism Needed Fast

Behind the scenes, George Bush is personally pushing Iraqi puppets...?

We, the mob

Scuttle is Sen Evan Bayh is considering running for Gov of Indiana

Best city to host the 2008 convention

Military considers recruiting foreigners, Muslims

What The Hell Is Going On? * Makes Statement On Ford With "Western White House" Seal In Background?

RIP Gerald Ford

Ford's legacy: Evangelical Jimmy Carter who opened the door

Gerald Ford, We Hardly Knew Ye

U.S. "Joe Blow" keeps track of Iraq war dead (

Taking the War on the Middle Class to the other side

Anybody have poll archives for December 2002 (Democrats)?

Gerald Ford couldn't tolerate Bunnypants Bush anymore

Bush's New Look on Iraq: Weary

Juniors in High School will have the opportunity

Polls from late 2003 (a lesson in how meaningless current ones are!)

Anger in Iraq's Najaf after U.S. kills Sadr aide

bush might pass the 3,000 slaughtered "number" before the New Year

Keep your eye on our new senator! Ms. Klobuchar is ready to do the people's work in Washington!

Iranian Elections Give Stubborn Bush An Avenue Toward Diplomacy

Intollerance...A republikkan value. Still doubt me???

John Edwards joins presidential race

FEMA to be run by Pigs and Animals....

DU this poll! "Are you glad progressives will have more of a say"

The Great Giveaway of America's Roads and Military to Non US Citizens!

Aborting abortion rights

The TV Was On Loud In Another Room When I Woke Up This A.M. And I Still Didn't Know Ford Died......

For those who think ignoring the South is a good election strategy

AAR - no longer in Boston - any word on its future?

question--WHO was that idiot on msnbc last night, during the "ford died" breaking news segment,

It's official: Edwards to run for president

Edwards Supporters ! Are you ready !!!!

Isn't it time for someone to declare they are running for President in 2012?

Were you sad Gerald Ford died?

wouldn't it be great to hear these words of Ford's come out of Bush' mouth?

For the record--the Ford pardon of Richard Nixon

Tales of the French, er, oops, no the American foreign Legion!

Looks Like Big Trouble Ahead for Clinton and Obama.

Correction: Schwarzenegger breaks leg waiting to ski

I Don't Have A Problem With Any Democrat Seeking The Presidency...But

Senate sex blog suit heads toward X-rated trial [AP]

Time gives full credit for Dem win to 4 people....Dean gives credit to the people of the party. .

It's OFFICIAL!!! Edwards going for it my prediction he's the front runner by...