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Archives: December 28, 2006

As Castro fades, a crop of new leaders

Latest Blue-Ribbon Panel Awaits Its Own Fate(ISG)

AlterNet: Bush Could Usher in a Very Dangerous New Year

The trials of occupation

What freedom of information? (UK)

Buzzflash interview w/Greg Palast: New Orleans-Still Under Water

My critique of Inconvenient Truth

Norway wants US to see warming Arctic

Egypt transfers arms, ammunition to Fatah

You can't credibly deny thermit....

Litvinenko, "The Family" and 9/11

GOP senator calls for ouster of Republican NY Senate leader

More than 1 million New Yorkers ask: food or rent?

Backwoods Celebrity Faces Long Prison Term For Incest

US arrest of island employer 'legal'

Belarus Warns It May Block Gas (Russia/Europe)

WSJ: Quake Damages Undersea Cables, Disrupting Internet Service in Asia

Bush's support for death penalty opens rift with UK

Apple chief's stock options did not have proper board approval - report

Chris Brown, former All-Star third baseman (and Halliburton employee) dies after (arson) house fire

Graying of US academia stirs debate

Ex-Interior Secretary Norton to join Shell as counsel

Ford state funeral plans revealed

FBI Says Files In Leak Cases Are 'Missing'

Woodward: Ford Disagreed With Bush About Invading Iraq

My sister is shopping for us at WalMart...

Computer Peeps- HELP ME make a choice!!

This is what I hate about ordering escorts online:


This is what I hate about ordering clothes online:

What is your greatest hope for 2007?

The 2006 List to end all lists/Eye Weekly

Vote for your most favorite Rodney Dangerfield joke!

Mmmm...Turkey soup

Gerald Ford Made His OWN English Muffins For BREAKFAST!!!

Go me ! I found an apartment! :)

I need Mr. Writer.

Why is it called 'Spirograph', and how is it relevant to Spiro Agnew?

Been on the road all day, have the lions left.

If every golfer in America dropped dead tomorrow...

Is a cover letter the same as a letter of intent?

You know how you can hear the train horns only at night?

Just coming back from seeing Casino Royale - wow good!!

Yowza! A couple big tomatoes and a loooong cucumber!

Every time I try to watch Africam, AOL kicks me off

Overstock ruined my Christmas

I just punted our cat down the stairs

DU this poll please!

FDR movie = "Annie" (the musical) ----The Sun'll come UP TOMORROW - is playing right now!!1

I just gave $$$ to the Kuch!

I discovered today a new evil candy, Hershey Kisses Cherry Cordial.

Anyone watching the watering hole today>?

MATTRESS: What kind should I get?

Debit cards - a freakin' rant.

It's just me and the two littlest Mn's for the next few days- what should I do?!

Should I donate my organs?

I Keep Getting An Automated Phone Call From UPS

RetroLounge - you wanted pics? You got pics! (Dialup warning)

Why are the only left overs in the house pie, cookies and candy?

Or should I donate my nads?

After 5 hours of phone support from Apple, Microsoft, Dell, my iPod Nano is working!

I just Realized that if Global Warming is true.....

I realize I have a thing for women who say yes.....

My good deed for Boxing Day

Gerald Ford dead today at the age of 93, he was eaten by wolves:

If every gofer in America dropped acid tomorrow

Or should I donate my gams?

If every gofer in America dropped dead tomorrow

Should I donate my orgasms?

DU this troll please!

I haven't shown off my grandson in awhile, so check out the cutie!

I have realized that I have a thing for younger men, and I am a bit concerned

How Much Is Too Much Time on U?

Wednesday, December 27. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I am so fucking flummoxed, right now.

Let's tell elephant jokes

CRAP! 30% of my right vestibular system is gone.

What painter am I thinking of?

Tell me why is it that I'm digging your scene?

Stories from the Road: Cheryl

Pic Heavy - Windy Waves today.

A DUer's nephew has been killed in Iraq:

Fuck -- my tooth hurts

Worst soundtrack for a Girl Gones Wild video? Eno's Ambient IV: On Land.



Warning: Not for the sensitive or P.C.....

Phone sex Doctor

Great minds...

The 12 Compositions of Christmas

Another thing I hate about The Da Vinci Code

I just pulled a pine needle out of my thigh.

I'm on a myspace rampage tonight

Ladies of a certain age: Do you remember the 1st time you heard "I Will Survive"?

My cat has something to say...

How Much Is Too Much Time On DU?

Do you actually believe Batman is stronger than Superman?

Picture Thread!!! Probably the Last of 2006. Get in on it!!

Night at the Museum?

The Courtier's Reply


Week 17 picks!

Periodic welcome to lurkers and newbies thread!

the fake Kerry pictures

2006: The Year in Black & White

Funeral Plans For Ford Announced

Go back 68 years...

What is this garbage bush rants about "history will tell " ?

On a lighter note (GWB air freshener)

democrats and republicans agree about the investigation of politicians' crimes:

FYI: Keith Olbermann will be live tonight on Countdown

As we near 3000, a re-visit to "the list"

Iranian Elections Give Stubborn Bush An Avenue Toward Diplomacy

Army Reservist Fatally Shot In Stand-Off With Police...

For our own good, Daddy knows best: Gerald Ford

So will chimpy boy have to cut his vacation short again?...

I hope that George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Bush live to be 115

Bush is bracing for new scrutiny

Watching keith

Hey everyone, the stock market closed today at a record high.

Where's Katie? News not big enough?

Best Careers for 2007: Get-Ahead Careers for the New Year

A Jew Asks What Would Jesus Do?

The Institutional Separation of Society

Light the Candle & Bristol - Myers donates to AIDS research

What was on the missing 18 1/2 minutes of the Nixon tapes that were "erased"?

Surge in sales of surge suppressors to insurgents!

Was Gerald Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon the right thing to do?

Another legacy of Gerald Ford: The single bullet theory

My post on Gerald Ford.... and I live in West Michigan...

Hmmmmm. Rudolph isn't the only one with a red nose

Do you actually believe Batman is stronger than Superman?

Did Hitler ever try to be funny like Chimpy? You know, looking for WMD's

C-Span has Ford hearing on Nixon pardon

Woodward just fanned my flame for impeachment.

FYI: Anderson Cooper Segment on "What is Christianity?" (CNN-right now)

Hunt for CIA 'black site' in Poland

for some reason,"1984" seemed appropriate to watch tonight

T B and a BeeGee on the QT (Tony Blair and Robin Gibb)

BC: Empire, Racism and Resistance

"Fordís presidency began by pardoning a criminal scumbag."

I just Bought the soon to be banned "Bush Lied" T-Shirt

So, when do we take posession of congress and the senate? Popcorn stat.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Do you actually believe Obama is more electable than Hillary in the general election?

If Ford had not pardoned Nixon, what would have happened to Nixon?

watching msnbc about Ford...

Question for Ford apologists: What is an impeachable offense?

My Letter TO Iraq and our troops

I remember Betty Ford and how she impressed me.

LIVE NOW | Mike Malloy on Gerald Ford's "Massive Coverups"

Name just ONE thing bush has done that is Illegal.

Nathan Given ..... (For Th1Onein)

What U.S. Supreme Court Justice wrote this?

Does "Democratic Underground" do us a disservice?

Ford felt he would go to hell when he dies

Obese, those with alcohol problems may be denied priority NHS care (UK)

Tor F? Is all the pardoning of Republican crooks the reason for their ascension?

Elizabeth Edwards post 2004 statement on DU

Gerald Ford Lambastes Bush from the Great Beyond

Wow! What a pic RawStory picked for their new article on McCain.

Would Nixon have been pardoned if he and Ford were both Democrats?

DU your thang.....Pervert Phill is watching

DU "Views" Thing is Creepy! I post and get maybe 3 Replies yet there are over 300 VIEWS?

Gerald Ford, Unsentimentally - The Progrssive editorial

All Presidents Do Good Things and Bad Things

Embargoed Interview-FORD ON IRAQ: "Rumsfeld+Cheney+Bush Made Big Mistake Going To War"

Good looking guy. You know who he is? Sure you do.

Presidential Primary Predictions

"Ford was the only unelected President in U.S. history"

Healing can only begin when repukes get off the hook for their crimes.

Dana Carvey Announces Gerald Ford's Death

Today I say enough

Nicolas' mom did not choose abortion. She chose to have her child.

Ford Death Rekindles Memories Of Gay Man Who Thwarted Assassination Attempt

Bush twins' quiet return to DC

it was CARTER's pardon, not ford's, that healed a divided nation

Mass. High Court Refuses To Order Anti-Gay Amendment Vote

Is George Bush cracking under the strain of the White House

What if Agnew had still been veep when Nixon quit?

Edwards is in the Race!

Anyone want to consider a current issue today?

Is all war wrong?

What is neo-realism? How does it relate to the Iraq War?

I found an old mirror the other day, and I saw something in it I had not seen before

First Person To Suggest Plame Leak Was Treason COMMITS SUICIDE!?

Hey, just how NICE is the new DEM majority supposed to be???

MUST READ! Greg Palast: Katrina Was BushCo's Version of Ethnic Cleansing

Most. Powerful. Anti-War. Music. Video. Ever. (Metallica - One)

Bush Blair Press Conference

Tomorrow Begins Today

Edwards in New Orleans, Ninth Ward, day before announcement.

WIN Year in Review: Labor enters the Information Age

Three Dead Presidents in Photo from 1991.

Scarborough's next piece

B-U-S-H spells death.

FYI: Anderson Cooper Segment on "What is Christianity?" (CNN-right now)

what must happen

Syrian Ambassador Wants Dialogue With U.S. On Iraq's Future

Obama on Oprah tomorrow (re-run)

Two sensible letters from local paper... to make up for the horrible one I posted previously.

Mayaguez press coverage at the time

Obama or Edwards or Clark or Kerry win in '08, some DUers will complain if Dean doesn't get credit

Edwards new website & logo is up!

I urge anyone who's not sure about Obama's qualifications/experience to read "Dreams from my Father"

Serious question - can we win in 2008...stay with me for a second.

Neal Conan today on Talk of the Nation

Evans-Novak Report: Bush Must Begin Redeploying Troops By 2007 To Avoid GOP "Catastrophe" in 2008

Edwards appealing, should I jump ship?

When President Ford pardoned Nixon for Watergate, he also pardoned him for Pinochet coup

Candle light vigil in Lakeland, day after 3000th death.

Holy Cow. Outsourcing Torture Began Under Clinton, Not Bush.

If Dennis' candidacy is "quixotic" why are denouncing him for running?

Voice of San The 7 (Mostly Funny) Wal-Mart Objections

Democracy Now: Robert Parry talks about Gerald Ford

President Gerald Ford Dies at 93; Supported Indonesian Invasion of East Timor that Killed 1/3 of Pop

The End of the West as We Know It?

Gore Vidal: The U.S., a banana republic after the coup d'ťtat of Sept. 11

Bushís Use of Pardons Isnít Very Compassionate

Congressman Suggests Jesus Surge for Iraq (TRUTHDIG)

Chris Floyd: Escalation and Expansion: Bush's "Great Leap Forward" Into Hell

Good Riddance: Why Pataki Won't Be Missed (NY Post really lowers the boom)

Truman's Story Offers Hope for Bush

Damascus at the gate

Selling Fear: Congressman's anti-Muslim remarks Reflect Lack of Faith in America

Pinochet is gone, but his methods are still with us

A president named Hussein

James Boyce: The Line In The Sand

Latin America through Herald eyes

Drop dead headline killed his Prez bid

Third time's the harm (No to Iraq after serving 2 tours in Afghanistan_

U.S. "Joe Blow" keeps track of Iraq war dead

Sectarian Ties Weaken Dutyís Call for Iraq Forces

Good Samaritan Makes Up for Stolen Bikes (sounds like a Dem :)

Sentence a long step backwards for Iraq

NYT: The Energy Challenge: Itís Free, Plentiful and Fickle

can someone please tell me why so many people use the all or nothing approach???

Former Interior Secretary Norton Now A Lawyer For Royal Dutch Shell - Marketwatch

Ayles Ice Shelf In Arctic Broke Up 16 Months Ago, Scientists Discover - Impact Noted On Seismographs

China's Coal Demand To Hit 2.5 Billion Tons In 2007 - Xinhua

With Dam Gone, Goldsborough Creek (WA) Salmon Numbers Rising Steadily - Seattle Times

Polar bear numbers sound alarm bells, say conservationists

Pale Male Spots Bald Eagle Soaring Above Manhattan, Fish In Talons - ENN

Pakistan Shuts Down 4 Power Plants Because Of Natural Gas Shortage -

ChimpCo Delivers Protest On Proposed $16 Billion Chinese Gas Deal With Iran - NY Sun

Big USA Today Story Notes That Energy Conservation Is A Good Idea

Howard Pushing To "Streamline" Australian Mining Approval Process - Australian

Missouri River Barge Traffic At 55-Year Low - Less Than 200K Tons Shipped In All Of 2006 - KC Star

China - Meteorological Administration Says Extreme Weather Events Increasing, Will Continue - AFP

Odd Alliances Form As Battle Lines Drawn In Texas Coal-Fired Power Plant Fight - Austin Chronicle

A Dozen Of The Sundarban Islands Face Near-Term Threat Of Submersion - AFP

State-Controlled Media Say China's Environmental Problems Far Worse Than Reported - AFP

Firm told to pay $420 mln for Indonesia mud disaster - Reuters


Australia's drought natural, researcher says - Reuters

James Petras: Why Condemning Israel and the Zionist Lobby is So Important

Study: Sderot teenagers suffering from chronic anxiety

Foreign Minister Livni supports talks with Palestinians, even under fire

Death of a student stirs revolt in Gaza

U.S. critical of Israel on West Bank settlement

Egypt sends weapons through Israel

Qassam rocket strikes western Negev; no injuries or damage

(Avigdor) Lieberman calls on Israel to move directly into talks with PA


A Religious Problem

The temples of the occupation

Islamic Jihad: We are firing more accurate rockets

Report: Israel killed 660 Palestinians in 2006

Eitam gets slap on the wrist for anti-Arab remarks

Manuel Garcia Sees Physics That Donít Exist

Why did Osama need WTC blueprints, pictures and construction materials?

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News Thursday, 12/28/06

As Castro fades, a crop of new leaders

Biden wants Rice to testify on Iraq policy

Barricaded Army reservist shot dead by police (CNN)

BBC: UK soldier killed in Afghanistan

AP: 3 U.S. Soldiers Killed by Bombs in Iraq

51 dumped bodies found in Baghdad Wednesday

Islamic forces abandon Somalia's capital

Pro-govt troops capture key Somalia town from Islamists

Ford Disagreed With Bush About Iraq

FDA set to OK food from cloned animals without special labeling

Iraq officials say U.S. behind Sadr aide killing

Department of Homeland Security Prepares for '07 (Can Prevent Any New Yr Attack)

Russian Plane makes emergency landing in Prague after reported hijacking

Bombs rock Baghdad as Saddam judgement published

Ex-Maine lawmaker plans anti-war offensive (Tom Andrews)

Qassam rocket strikes western Negev; no injuries or damage


Confirmation Aircraft Carrier John C. Stennis to Sail for Persian Gulf Next Week

DoD Identifies Army Casualty (#2990)

Bombs kill 23 civilians in Baghdad; U.S. military announces 3 troop deaths

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday December 28

Saddam could be executed within days-U.S. official

Washington Sex Scandal Trial Pits Free Speech Against Privacy

Vatican official says executing Saddam would be wrong

U.S. death toll in Iraq seen spurring anti-war protests

Buried drums toxic threat

Bush set to make Iraq statement

Human Rights Questioned in Oaxaca

Homeland Security apologizes for strip search of Muslim woman

No charges against Kan. abortion doctor

Iraqi violence sparks increase in internal refugees

WP: Medicare Premiums Will Surge For Some

Iraqis are entering U.S. through Mexico

AP: Incoming Senate Majority Leader Reid to miss Ford funeral

Successive terms for (Virginia) governor studied

N.C. bar files ethics charges against Duke lacrosse prosecutor

White House says no terror threats for New Year's

Peru launches first domestic-made space craft

Senate sex blog suit heads toward X-rated trial

Sens. seek to smooth Bolivian relations

Downtime possible tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 29) during the afternoon

Mogadishu falls to Somali government troops

Financial Times: Euro notes cash in to overtake dollar

Five US troops killed in Iraq as December toll tops 100

AP Poll: Bush both a villain and a hero

Saddam's Death To Be Videotaped

Johnson passes human rights ordinance (Iowa)

NBC News: Saddam Hussein to be hanged within 36 hours.

Cuba slams Costa Rican leader's remarks

Bolivian court orders Cuban dissident deported

N.C. Bar Files Charges Against Duke D.A

LAT/AP: Many Soldiers Say Troop Surge a Bad Idea

British Mum About Mercury Allegations

FDA OKs food from cloned animals

Sheehan, Four Other Protesters Arrested (w/video link)

7 indicted in Katrina bridge shootings

4 Americans kidnapped in southern Iraq

I Just Pulled A Pine Needle Out Of My Fries

Should I probate my Whams?

I just pulled a knitting needle out of my thigh.


Or should I donate my yams?

Puncture Thread!!! Probably at Least 2006. Get into it!!!

Okay, you've heard about the inmates fighting over a gassy problem?

PICK ONE!!! (1/5)

Are you the proud owner of one of these:

I have counted up my gift cards, and I have $380 worth.

I sold the Wii!

Goodnight, DU!

question for the ladies

I'm in a weird mood and need a hug :(

I no longer have a favorite book, or song or movie....

Just finished watching "The Man who Cried" dvd

writing through the earthboy 40

Jodie Foster on a M***********g PLANE!

Woman Crushed By Leaping Dolphin

I am being tormented by love from the world's greatest mouser.

Crude prices "tumbled" yesterday.

Congratulations graywarrior!! 15,000 posts

The Two Wolves

Okay, admit it- at some point in your life, you fantasized about getting it on with Tarzan.

crap, I have an ear infection, advise please

Most Outrageous Right Wing Comments of 2006

Hey - matcom - how's your roof going?

Okay, admit it- at some point in your life, you fantasized about getting it on with Cheetah.

Real Genius 2!

Which satellite radio service has the best progressive programming?

What band am I thinking of?

Anyone else get one of these in their stocking?

That's one in the WIN column for lowly peons...

Are you drinking/ drunk right now?

the perfect shirt for Keith Olbermann

Most annoying stage presence.?

Group hug, I love you guys

I'm sick, for the umpteenth time. Wtf?

Who do you want to see in this primary?

Who do you want to see in this magazine?

Dang! My nuts are frozen.

Order now for next Xmas! The George W Bush Pen Holder!

Hilarious rant rewrite by a Cub fan

**Christmas Eve Pics**

"aaaand this bird you caaanot chaaaaaaaange...."

Presidential Death and Birth trivia

Have you decided what your New Years Resolution(s) will be?

For JVS:

Little LIW is seven years old today....

Well, JackMN just took down the Christmas tree, for me.

MySpacers - can someone tell me how to put a background on my page?


i don't want anymore snow

Other peoples computers are driving me nuts.

I'll take 'One Hit Wonders' for $1.49 Alex

Can you name some songs about money?

Funny names..

Best song written specifically for a movie

A quick hi, from the Comp USA

Hah! I just got an e-vite for a St. Patrick's Day party!

VOLUNTEER IN 2007!!!!!!!!!

please heeap!! $%###@@$%%%&&&((*&^%#@

Downloaded my first CD in five years

Enjoy the lites

Other people's nuts are driving my computer

My first Freecycle post: I'm going to ask for a Viking range.

i reaLLy hate chain-maiL shirts.

'Malaguena', 'Conquistador' and 'Send in the Clowns' Best trumpet ever!

MatcomNews Update: Students Who Ate Sperm Salad Dressing Will Be Fine

I seek the one named taterguy.

Santa: The Day After (OK, I'm a bit too late, but it's funny anyway)

RANT: Please stop calling these awful men "Bad Boys"

Biggest NON-GOVERNMENT loser of 2006?

I'm bored. I really need to think of something to do that isn't cleaning my house.

I remember the day I grew up, I was 7 years old

Drunken Airline Passenger Slaps Undercover Air Marshal - Arrested

Have a beer with me?

Will this day just END already??

Former Miss Nevada has more photos appear on the internets

Rachel Ray's g-damned face plastered all over the supermarket

Scion TC or Hyundai Tiburon

anyone have any links for educational games or puzzles online?

Ford healed the nation, Reagan bankrupted and divided it, Bush One made it a criminal

Martha Stewart/ Rachel Ray Death Match: Who Wins?

A humidor question for cigar smokers regarding humitubes.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 12/28/06)

Pass the Clorox Eye Wash

God Damn Field of Dreams

Hello everybody

i reaLLy hate chain-maiL petitions

How to Foil a Phone Thief

So what's everybody drinking on New Year's Eve?

Where the heck do you buy a Playboy magazine these days?

If the sun keeps eating all that sausage, he is going to have a heart attack...

Everybody! "If I had a hammer..."

What is your preferred career choice?

Canker sore! Aughh!

Let's Go RUTGERS!!!

Tell me this is not funny. I DARE you.

Edwards is hot.

You know what would have been funny?


*~BEST of DU 2006~* check your bookmarks

Downtime possible tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 29) during the afternoon

Get Your MySpace Graphics or Skinable MP3 Flash Player!

My shameful new fave dance song:

FWIW, I'm here...


What did you learn over the holidays

Best U.S. City To Get Drunk In

What Did Your Father Do For A Living?

So THIS is how RetroLounge got his name

Time for rethink on the clitoris (BBC)

Happy Birthday to Nichelle 'Uhura' Nichols!

Today in history 12-28

This is wrong. (link fixed.)

I must confess, I wish I were available to love many of you.

hi friends: I think I had a nervous breakdown but I am better now

We could always get Dad to smash his Lillet bottle by bringing up Placide Cappeau de Roquemaure

Hey Minneapolis/St.Paul/MN Duers, guess what?!

Do you like your in-laws? Why or why not?

Equal time for moms: What did your MOTHER do for a living?

Dog Pictures. Let's see 'em!

The DU Myspace thread.

Need laptop suggestions.

Give up.

Best baby sweater ever!

Hitler was a Christian, Stalin was an atheist

Mohammed was an epileptic?

Rick Warren is wrong. Hitler was NOT an Atheist.

Bad things happening to good people

Jewish College Students Across America Back Pro-Gay Ruling

URGENT!! Massachusetts Legislators under assault!

The Temerity Of A Kiss - Black Cat raid of 1966, celebrate this New Year's Eve with a radical act.

Woman-beating gay-basher Cirignano may face civil rights charges

To my fellow GLBT members

Who, in the long run, will be the best QB from the class of '06

S.F. Giants sign Barry Zito for $126 Million

SERIOUS need for some light and loving energy here:

Fascinating Interview

Old thread re: sending positive light to the "evil" people?

Convicted murderers remains to be removed from Arlington

Confirmed VA Short 3.9 Billion

Don't shoot the messenger, okay? More, 'you running?' from MA folks

Article about Veterans against the war

Did you see THIS about Carville (re: Dean, but still scary)

For once I agree with Matt Stoller.

100. The number is now 100 for December


Korea 1953-I did not take these pictures

another 2006 retrospective

Like water off a duck's back...

My year in review - in COLOR.

Photo of Yosemite with my new Nikon D200

Awesome!! More Dorotha Lange photos (high-res scans available!!)

Satellite begins search for life on other planets

2,987 U.S. troops killed in W's war of choice

Karel's sitting in for Bernie Ward ... and he's eating a freeper now

Who Ford DIDN'T pardon

Thoughts on rich folks by Jim Jones in a 1973 sermon

The president is a dangerous maniac, just a reminder.

Bush's own words - could easily be said about his Dem successor in 2009:

Bush singing 'Sunday, bloody Sunday'

Ford set an awful precedent...and wasn't really very effective otherwise

writing through the earthboy 40

For Nathan Given

Want to see someone describing a sociopath?

Something I heard

AFP: Iraq prepares for rapid Saddam execution

Possibly stupid question for DU stock market experts, cause I

Breaking news.........Gerald Ford still dead.

If your son or daughter died in Iraq.

I wish they'd stop with the 2001 Kennedy quote. . .

The Future of Progressive Media

More than 400 children below the age of five die every day in occupied Afghanistan

How My Uncle Came to Have a Drink with President Ford

I think it's odd the media is quiet about hanging Saddam.

I'm dyin', here.. Any news on Arnold's femur? Or Nathan Given?

China's Hu calls for powerful, combat-ready navy with "blue water" capability

U.S. Wants Polar Bears Listed as Threatened

Who's Watching John Edwards

America; keeping good company with the death penalty

Freepers: It's all Woodward's fault!

Didn't you find Bush's statement on Ford to be really wierd?

I'm sick of ford, & cheney, & rummy, & baker & bush's already.

Before this week did you know that Ford gave approval and aid for genocide in East Timor

What will DU do...

An Inconvenient Truth:'s #2 best seller!

Local man prevented Ford assassination 31 years ago

What will they say about bush 43 & his legacy when he passes?

The Road to Guantanamo - Full Documentary

Ford re Cheney: "was an excellent chief of staff. First classÖhas become much more pugnacious"

RFK: "Let no one be discouraged by the belief there is nothing one man or one woman can do..."

More Ford... re Bush's wiretapping: "I was dumbfounded when I heard they were doing it."

Who was clumsier, ford or bush?

Ford disagreed with Bush on Iraq

Just finished reading.......Grisham/Oklahoma

Best U.S. City To Get Drunk In

Gale Norton, Former Sec. of Interior, Goes to Shell

Rick Warren is wrong. Hitler was NOT an Atheist.

S.E.C. Changes Reporting Rule on Bossesí Pay lol

On Ford, seems like he was one boring man....

Cartoon penises have their say on syphilis.

Accountants and fund advisors--is social security getting an unfair rap on costs?

John Edwards will LIVEBLOG today at 12:00 EST

defend Israel on this one if you can

Syrian Ambassador Wants Dialogue With U.S. On Iraq's Future

John Edwards will announce!

Gov't Watchdogs Under Attack From Bosses

Happy New Year from George W. Bush, January 1, 2006 ---pix--->>>

$How Many Million?: Cost of federal employee's day off for Raygun's funeral

GATES - Privately Opposing - BUSH SURGE PLAN

Need some names of who is funding the Right Wing echo chamber

Reuters: Boats with Somali refugees capsize, at least 17 dead (140 missing)

Re James Brown: Has anyone noticed that

John Edwards is live blogging at Daily Kos.

georgie says

bush, cheney advisers having "non-decisional" meeting in Crawdad, TX

AP: No Charges Against Kan. Abortion Doctor

W will not respond to Gerald Ford's

Free speech vs offensive language...

Bush Speaks

The Story of a Oaxacan Movement Prisoner: I'm Going to Stay Right Here

When are you going to come home? (video)

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Thurs 12/28 -- stepping in it

Empire, Racism and Resistance...

Bush Administration got shamed by Ethiopia

Christian Newswire: Kwanzaa EXPOSED! Anti-Christmas, Godless, anti-American!

caption BushCo...

Did someone declare open season on Edwards?

Euro to Overtake U.S. Dollar

Editor&Publisher: Opinion Swings Left -- Will Syndicated Features Follow?

Will they really show a video of Hussein's execution?

Texas town trembles as rapist stalks straight men

Gerald Ford - War Hero!

As a man---whould I allow myself to get raped by gunpoint?

Do you think this insane hanging of Saddam will explode ?

"War Prisoner" Status Protects Saddam from Death Sentence by Enemies

Time for rethink on the clitoris (BBC)

Senator Barack Obama: Escalation Is Not The Answer

Army Sgt: "This is a civil war, and we're just making things worse. We're losing. I'm not afraid..."

Would Edwards still appologize for his IWR vote, if we had done well in Iraq?

'Egypt sent arms to Fatah with help of Israel' following official discussions with the USA

A slightly different view

WH says no terror threats for New Year's (No, I'm not kidding)

Who here believes that this universal ID that bush admin..

U.S. death toll in Iraq seen spurring anti-war protests

Bwahahahahah! Bush outdistances Osama as villain in AP poll.

Afghan war still haunts Russian vets

Sen. Specter: I would meet with Ahmadinejad

Bush's Freedom Agenda did 'wonders' this year - 2 Military Coups in 2006

TROOPS Say NO To Surge

What do you think when you look at this photograph?

Bush: "making good progress towards coming up with a plan"

US backs Ethiopiaís invasion of Somalia

Activist judge cancels Christmas

The Hague, The Rome Statute, and Who we are

When you will know Saddam has been executed...

AP Poll: Bush, Britney Get Thumbs-Down (Bush won the villain sweepstakes by a landslide)

It would be all fine and good except his 'plan' is to sell his snake oil to the American people

All You Need Is Love - Original Video Broadcast

3 more soldiers died Wed. What is the official count in Iraq now?

Happy 60th Senator Johnson

Evans-Novak Report: Bush Must Begin Redeploying Troops By 2007 To Avoid GOP "Catastrophe" in 2008

Iraq War and Midterm Elections Voted Top Two Stories of 2006 by Editors (AP)

Business booming for contractors rebuilding Iraq equipment

Good Charities to Donate to?

Why don't you all just go "elf" yourselves

Media Matters' Most outrageous comments of 2006

I wish someone would make a movie about the Founding Fathers in a time machine

Too bad we'll never get to ask Saddam about his CIA support

Saddam's Execution to be Videotaped

Saddam to be videotaped, execution may be this weekend: CBS

The DU Myspace thread.

MSNBC going to the movies

Sundance at 10 tonight: "Blog Wars" ....could be very interesting.

RW bringing in Cold War Gurus to spread fear about Islam

Poor Barney...

Early 20th century history of Iraq.

Daytona Beach Police Chief: Give Homeless Bus Tickets To Leave

A word about "Healing"

We Need Foreigners To Do The Jobs That We Won't Do!

I don;t want to see a hanging or anything else

Yahoo wants to know the most overlooked stories of 2006

Barack Obama on Oprah now! n/t

Wow! All the flags are flying at half mast around here for James Brown!

A wealth of travel/blizzard information from Colorado

The LATEST from the "working holiday": it was a NONDECISIONAL gathering

Saddam Hussein's Half Life

So are they going to show us Saddams dead picture like his sons? Warning: Pics of dead sons.

FDA set to OK food from cloned animals TODAY (28/12/2006)

* needs to "do more consultation" before revealing "the plan," and

Gerald Ford was a war criminal, straight and simple!

There's A Theory Put Forth That Paul Sanford Was Killed By The BFEE Solely Cause He Asked A Question

Have you ever seen such a sorry group of bastards in your life?

I just gave. You should, too.

Are there still McCain doubters out there?

Is it silly to think that Bush wanted Saddam dead before the Dems took control of Congress?

Rick Warren Needs To Be Investigated.

The Mexican train crash

Garden zones creeping North (my weekly newspaper column)

Edwards just announced.

Looks like they're going to execute Saddam within a couple of days

There's a theory being put forward that there can be only two possible answers

Word of the day: "Smart-alec" (History of the name)

Bill Bennett: Ford cowardly for embargoing anti-Iraq war views until after his death.

A look back at what the previous year of Bush's Iraq strategy has cost.

Bush's Proposals for the *BRAND SPANKING NEW* Plan for Iraq

The MSM always makes dead presidents look better

Angela Davis speaks out on Prisons and Katrina NEW!

making progress and its hard work lines are getting old!! I want that fucktard gone from our house

On Tweety's circus: NIXON accepted GUILT when he accepted the PARDON

News Outlets Want Access to AT&T Spying Documents

I just don't think we should go hell fire and damnation around the globe

God I hope that Saddam finds a way to kill himself before they hang him.

I remember the day I grew up, I was 7 years old

There is no "Moderate" political thinker in America.

Rudy Giuliani dressed in drag and kissing Donald Trump.

* statement: "my [New Yr] resolution is that they'll be safe.

The Art of Resistance: The Oaxaca Collection

Sheehan, other protesters arrested near Bush ranch

December Death Toll in Iraq Nears Record - Bush says he still sleeps well over Iraq

Cheney looks a little embarrassed here

My Nominee for DU's Man of the Year ---pix--->>>

Most Popular Blog Posts Of 2006: Colbert, Olbermann Top List at Crooksandliars

Reminder: Tonight on the Sundance Channel

Futurist's 2007 Predictions (looks like positive trends)

I submitted the following email to John Edwards:

Sad Story - Homeless in America

Mission Accomplished (disturbing photo warning)

Bush Declares Jan. 2 a Day of Mourning to Honor Ford (feds get day off from work)

Ford told Bush that he supported the war in Iraq

A picture worth a thousand words (or 3,000 dead troops)

Trouble in Hillbilly Paradise.

President Bush Meets with National Security Team and Gives New Year's Resolution

WND Ramps Up Nazi-Homeschool Link

If faced with a gun and a demand for sex

ABC's Nightline has degenerated into this ...

Ayles Ice Shelf In Arctic Broke Up 16 Months Ago, Scientists Discover - Impact Noted On Seismographs

Whose death makes you sadder?

Hardball: Ford wouldn't have gone to war in Iraq.....

Edwards gets off to a Bushy start

Another world 'leader' died recently

Did You Hear That His Full Name Is Barack HUSSEIN Obama? Conservative Won't Let You Forget

Snuff films go mainstream

98 soldiers dead in Iraq this month... is there an election going on?

If you have a favorite candidate, are you OBLIGATED to hate all the other ones?

Ford Administration: Same gangster enterprise as the current Bush regime

ARG polls of Democratic sentiment in IA, NV, NH, and SC

If you're gonna excoriate Ford for E. Timor, don't forget to savage Carter

bush: "a New Year's resolution -- my resolution is, is that they'll be safe"

DUers' Rage Against FORD: Perspective, Proportion, Past and Present

Leave Bush alone! He spent nearly three full hours working on a plan today!

ford pardoning nixon didn't 'heal the nation', it harmed it.

The impending hanging of Saddam has more to do with the US Congress changing hands

Victims of Sexual Assault, let us shed some light on our struggles...

John Edwards in Pictures

Charity Drive Update: More than $14,100 Raised -- and a *NEW* anonymous $500 challenge!

My letter on Iraqi escalation makes it to print

What if Saddam didn't do it?

Further Down That Bloody Path In Iraq

Would anyone let their kids watch Saddam being hanged on TV?

Bush is in full on "Commander-in-Chief" mode.....

Killing Saddam is gross. Sorry, I am against capital punishment.

Are people really concerned about cloned livestock?

Jesus Camp - the full Documentary


Fresh Hot Thursday TOONS

Fight to keep progressive radio in Ohio! THis is IMPORTANT!!!!

December 28, 2001 - FIVE Years Ago TODAY - Bush LIES to America at ranch (Iraq war plan)

What happens when unresolved scandals take a back seat to a domestic agenda, President Ford?

Scum sucking FDA

Bush is skipping Ford's state funeral on Saturday to stay in Texas


The Way Forward: Escalate, Then Figure Out a Mission

I'm afraid I'm done laying into people who shop at Wal Mart.

What the fuck should we do with Darfur?

You're not poor, so send cash to the charity drive, dammit!

On Speaking Ill Of The Dead

Downtime possible tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 29) during the afternoon

A scientifically conducted and peer reviewed examination of rape and assault.

It is not a surge, it is an escalation. Us baby boomers know

Did clerk pay herself $2 million and no one noticed?

RiverBend: When All Else Fails...Execute the dictator

Band-Aid Lady photo

LOVE the way The London TImes words things... "Ford delivers posthumous kick in the teeth for Bush"

Impeachment is the only way!

A Sentinel in Time (thoughts for the New Year)

The numbers mount



John Edwards. Like the message - dislike the 3 multimillion $ homes

The greatest political crime in the history of the United States of America

If Saddam had beans to spill, why hasn't he spilled them already?

Dead men tell no tales to an all Democratic congress.


With Ford's death, history is being rewritten and


Imperial Life In The Emerald City: The One Book On The Iraq Debacle That You REALLY Need To Read

The GOP's $3 Billion Propaganda Organ

I'll make it easy for EVERYBODY - IMPEACH him for this!!! Right Now!!!

1976 Democratic Presidential Primary: Who Would You Vote For?

It's request night here at WSCE, and this one goes out to BigBearJohn

Thermonuclear Bombs during Operation Dominic I...

Joe Biden on Torture and the Geneva Convention

Iraq's Stolen Reconstruction Money...

Think-Tanks and The Bush Doctrine...

George W. Bush: What The Hell Is Going On? (Menorah Lighting Ceremony)

McCain Supports Gay Marriage

george bush - er I ummm...

Joe Biden Speaks about Global Warming


DFA gathering with Ned Lamont, December 6.

George Bush (Dead Ringers)


Iran's Ahmadinejad on Holocaust...

Can Edwards win the Lou Dobbs Vote?

Ok...The question of the day.......

"Iím going to stay right here": The story of a Oaxacan movement prisoner

An Amateur Mourning Map for Mothers of the Recently Murdered

just signed yet another

I Received A Christmas Card From * - It Said "Piss On Earth"....nt

Bush, advisers crafting new Iraq policy post-Saddam execution

Brad Miller on BlueNC this morning

Senator Gordon Smith (R., OR) in Spotlight After a Critical Iraq Speech

Ike Was Right

So I Finally Got Off My Butt...

"I just don't think we should go hellfire damnation around the globe freeing people,"

About the Bush it really just Bush digging in the heels

How about "Escalation" instead of "surge"!

"Warmonger" .... the etymology of the word ......

Ex-Maine Lawmaker Plans Anti-War Offensive

Reuters: Bush to huddle with top advisers on Iraq strategy (Bush statement at 12:30)

Is it illegal by international law for the US to hand over Saddam to his enemies?

If Americans circa 1975 really had felt "healed" and "comforted"

AP: Dems Likely to Resurrect Detainee Issue

What did Edwards do for North Carolina?

Bombs kill 2 Carson soldiers - now 179 total killed from Ft. Carson

John Edwards, 08

Edwards on all three AM shows Friday 12/29 ...start of 7am hour

What happened in 1952?

All this talk of casualties must really upset the conservatives amongst us

The last house seat still being contested.

How Do You Think The State Of The Union Address By * Will Go This Time Given.....

If a special primary is held in your state, who do you vote for?

Classic end of the year Conservative Whining - Trent Lott

Today is Senator Tim Johnson's birthday ~~

Edwards's Theme: U.S. Poverty (Wall Street Journal)

Are people who do not vote more progressive or more stupid than those who do?

Here we go with the media Bashing Edwards

WP political blog: John Edwards is a top-tier candidate; biggest question mark is fundraising

Bush on CNN:"I'm making good progress on a plan for Iraq."

Your opinion on Edwards: fair shake or a solid burning from the media?

Just when you believe they couldn't be....

poor widdle bushy got his feelings hurt by the comments in this post. wont go to funneral

Interesting poll

MSM: Try to hang onto your last shrinking vestige of credibility in upcoming elections

Edwards 2008 bid to push plight of poor

John McCain wants his son to go to Iraq. Read why.

Didn't John Edwards used to have a mole or something

Appointing more Supreme Court Justices?

The Temerity Of A Kiss - Black Cat raid of 1966, celebrate this New Year's Eve with a radical act.

Were you sad when Ronald Reagan died?

Edwards is running an Ad here on DU

Did You Hear That His Full Name Is Barack HUSSEIN Obama?

Anyone see the documentary 'Our Brand is Crisis' that follows US political consultants

Isn't John Edwards just so dreamy? I think he sings better than Elvis. Did you know

Why this media circle jerk over Gerald Ford's grave?

Ford gave interview to Woodward two years ago and says War in Iraq a mistake.

Wes Clark is the BEST choice...

for my money, this is the most impressive guy for our next president - John Edwards

Would you rather have the Senate or House?

All the talk about candidates for 2008

Count me in the Edwards camp

Why John Edwards Changes Everything

The Nation: Candidate Edwards: Version 2.008

Democrat's Dream Team ..(IMO)

Edwards, Obama or Clinton?

Affleck and Damon's script was prophetic genius

Edwards's 5 priorities to change America