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Archives: December 29, 2006

The Achilles' heel of American corporate fascism is BOYCOTTS, BOYCOTTS, & MORE BOYCOTTS

A friend of mine was profiled in the New Yorker (not a political article)

WP: Ford, Nixon Sustained Friendship for Decades

Gerald Ford, Unsentimentally (MATTHEW ROTHSCHILD)

Crisis in Housing Adds to Miseries of Iraq Mayhem

Chris Cooper: But He That Believeth Not Shall Be Damned

NYT: Crisis in Housing Adds to Miseries of Iraq Mayhem

Anatol Lieven: The End of the West as We Know It

Reporter returns to Baghdad to find it far different - and worse off

The 'untouchables' of US science

China joins U.S. FutureGen project

Scientists Work on Map of Climate Change

Would a Pancake Collapse Leave THIS Standing?

Court Restores Inmates' Voting Rights

Evidence Jennings won in Sarasota Dist 13 with a fair count- stolen election

First reporter to ask Scotty about Plame/Rove leak "falls" to death

Russian Jet Forced to Land After Threat

Cong Gerald Ford tried to impeach Justice Douglas

AP: Iraq War Critic Arrested Near Bush Ranch (Cindy Sheehan)

Protesting mom Cindy Sheehan arrested at Bush ranch

WP: Ford, Nixon Sustained Friendship for Decades

Dems likely to resurrect detainee issue

Bush taking more time to craft Iraq plan

NYT: Bush Considers Up to 20,000 More Troops for Iraq

Not enough troops for training exercises (UK Army has canceled over 60 exercises)

Bag with missing passport applications is found at LA airport

Saddam may not hang within month -

Bureau of Land Management Head Resigns (Guardian)

AP: Domestic Violence Rates Down Sharply (Over Ten-Year Period - 1994 Violence Against Women Act)

Sen. Johnson improves after brain surgery: aides (being taking off drugs :)

AP: AT&T offers concessions in merger deal

Kennedy Targeted on 1963 Ireland Trip

Investors back Jobs as Apple stock probe widens

Officer says he was demoted for Mel Gibson arrest

Rice still struggling for success after two years as top US diplomat

Colombian paramilitary leader killed

Do you like your outlaws? Why or why not?

any fix-it people around? i need help

Where the heck do you buy a PlayDoh magazine these days?

Are there any Anime/Manga freaks like me on here?

well GD should be "fun" tonight

Damn you mediocre corporate programmers!

So, if we clone Saddam..

A bus stops and two Italian men get on (Fallopius and Columbus)

Head On...apply directly to the forehead...Head On.....

A letter to my only daughter.

Just Peeled Del Monte Banana & Found Beetle.

Thursday, December 28. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

OMFG! I passed 20,000 message posts! n/t

I broke a tooth

When Stars Are Blue..

does anyone know anything about getting work on ocean crossing freight ships?

I'm listening to "Modern Times" by Bob Dylan...

How could two hyenas make so much noise?


Favorite Christmas beer/ ale/ stout?


Have you ever played Baccarat at a casino?

My friend at work has really dry skin...he says lotion doesn't

Apparently, there wll be something like a Blake's 7 revival...

Ever have a Stapp infection?

Countdown to 10,000 posts!!! Watch me crawl!

Everybody loves my pet bird!!!

OK who posted the original Africacam post

I was all the way to Long Beach

So Olive Oil Is Olive Oil?

Cooking with cleavage

Thursday night fun with Anbesol.

Thundersnow in latest volley of CO bliztacular.


My Christmas present paid off already...

Here's an interesting family dilemma for your opinions....

I am going out to buy some cloned food

Lifetime Movie Network-I need an intervention!

I actually had a hobo offer *ME* money today

Is vengeance ever on your mind?

What if you had an ingrown toenail, and it grew right through your toe and poked out the other side?

Song for the soon to be ex. Repost-got too trigger-happy with delete

Which day in 2006 was the best day of the year for you?

Ever have a staph infection?


Are there any Anderson COOPER groupies LEFT on DU?

For you Rachael Ray haters....

Gloom Dispair and agony on me....

What is Freedom?

Feeling a little sad just now.

We could always get KamaAina to smash his Abita bottle by bringing up A. N. Roquelaure

What did you burn over the holidays?

My new son came home today, and met some of the cats!

My bosshole quit today!

'Don't mention the war!'

So I Took A Fundie To Lunch Today!

In further Rachel Ray news...

Tooth update -- 3 hours and $500 later

Here's A Story That's Been Going Through My Mind Lately

Anyone Heard From Barenaked Lady? Or Nicole?

What is the better college major? Paralegal Studies or Poli Sci?

Dolphins - take a bow

What a game Oklahoma State and Alabama

I think this is a good time to think again about just and unjust wars

STOP ... and enjoy the sunrise

Back from vacation, looking tan and rested, SNOWZILLA!

Five days of mourning for Ford

Q: "Surge" with what? A: Send Officers from the Pentagon to "Surge"

ARG poll indicates that Gingrich could actually get GOP nomination

An idea for my fellow D.C. residents and voters

"I only regret that I have but one life to (lose)(give) for my country." . . . which is it? . . .

Isn't hanging Saddam like Bush yelling "Bring 'em on!" to about 5 million Iraqi Sunni Muslims?

This time next month, impeachment may be a more serious topic?

First reporter to ask Scotty about Plame/Rove leak "falls" to death

Ex-Maine Lawmaker Plans Anti-War Offensive

Edwards announcement repeat on Cspan now, 8pmEST, 12/28

What is Freedom?

A letter to my only daughter.

What a game Oklahoma State and Alabama

Roh takes aim at Washington

As long as Bush stays in office, we the people are responsible for current Iraq genocide

The high cost of Chinese cashmere: destruction of grasslands, dust pollution, starving animals

Bob Novak

Cheney's Vice Presidency Unconstitutional???

Bush has made his decision on Iraq!

Read this fascinating account of this Afghan refugee in Japan.....

OMG, CNN is analyzing how hanging would feel

Deleted by poster:

NASCAR Driver Reprimanded By FEC For Displaying Bush Sticker On Race Car...

We really should learn from our enemies

If history looks kindly on Gerald Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon, then

Ford: Nixon Friendship Affected Pardon

which is your favorite political satirist, comedian, or talking head?

Bush gives new reason for Iraq war

Sadddam's quick execution = no talk about how

Great Fundraising Idea

What the fuck is an "Islamist"?

Shrub the Revenger

Pix From March '06 Peace Rally in San Francisco

New Years Eve at Pork Manor. Jeb and Shrub watching a snuff film.

Killing Hussein doesn't cleanse the Iraq disaster...

Hey! DU'ers: Thinkers, Writers, Bloggers, Creatives...They are trying to Screw Your Mind!

I can't make sense of Bush's stated "New Year's Resolution."

50 dead in Iraq

Pile-on, on Scarborough Country...

dick cheney is pugnacious as VP do not even recognize him

I am sick of the "GREAT FORD"

Did you celebrate the execution of Timothy McVey?

When Clinton ran in 1992

Saddam hangs, Osama enjoys the good life.

Regarding the passing of Ford, I offer a thought inspired by Reagan.

My Ignore List (so far): Have I missed many?

need a Crawford Caption

Kucinich on escalation in Iraq

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Jonestown (saw this tonight)

Just t alked to Cindy's son Andy

Lawrence Walsh in 1991-92: Documents indicated GHWB lied about being "out of the loop".

Cong Gerald Ford tried to impeach Justice Douglas

Right From Iraq about Saddam

Giuliani in drag (picture)

The DECIDER Announces He STILL Can't Decide ---pix--->>>

Upheaval Similar to 1776 Predicted

Bad precedent in Venezuela

Edwards is hot.

Skip Pres and suggest best VP candidate - because THAT is the attack dog role.

Wake Up and Smell 2007

Impeach! Imprison! Restore and Protect the Constitution of the United States of America!

Impeach! Imprison! Restore and Protect the Constitution of the United States of America!

What kept Saddam from "spilling the beans" all those oportunities he had"

Does Sheehan's arrest violate the conditions of her conviction in NY?

Iraqi religious holiday bars executions from this Friday until January 7th...

Ha! Ha! Ha! Poll 25% say bush #1 villain in the world.

So, Why Haven't Any repukes "Officially" Declared Yet?

Yahoo List: Announced, Exploratory, Widely Mentioned, Not Running

Mental Health Bill seems likely to pass

Saddam's hanging will not increase violence in Iraq


John Edwards Presidential Announcement on Cspan 8pm, 12/28 Thurs repeat

Reid Seeks Better U.S.-Bolivia Relations

New poll has Hillary leading in all primary states, including Iowa, SC, NV, and NH

Saddam to be hanged by Sunday

Sandy Berger

Support clean elections.

Motor mouth, Fuzz brained idiot!

Many soldiers say troop surge a bad idea

It's not about Saddam - it's about us.

John Edwards in Des Moines Today

Another Right Wing Blogger gets caught in a lie!

What Should Congressional Democrats Do, When the Bush Administration Stonewalls Their Efforts To Und

Bill Bennet asks Gerald Ford to "show a little more decency"

Feds fail workers hurt by outsourcing

Riverbend: the year in review, or, you know your country is in trouble when...

Feds fail workers hurt by outsourcing (a real piss-you-off special)

The Crucible of Impeachment: If Not Now, When? By Robert Weitzel

Growth industry of 2007: Antiwar Republicans

Truthout: Living in America's Fringe Economy

The Accidental President --John Nichols/ The Nation

Gerald Ford's Historic Mistake By Stephen Crockett

Woodward's Woody (Ford Interview)

Bush Admin: What You Don't Know Can't Hurt Us

Posthumous battle plans

A Different Baghdad - ('How many times can they kill us?' )

Analysis: Iraq oil in '07, bleak as '06

Hightower: Throw the Bums Out and Change Direction

Defense Secretary Is Wary of Adding More Iraq Troops

The Disrespect for Truth has Brought a New Dark Age, by Paul Craig Roberts

Israel lets through arms cargo for Fatah

America, Sí! Amerika, No! Respect our immigrants

Reporter returns to Baghdad and finds it far different - and worse off (McClatchy)

Too Little, Too Late

New Book Reveals Long-Suppressed First Dispatches from A-bombed Nagasaki

Americans Want a Rapid Exit from Iraq but Elected Leaders Aren't Even Considering It...

Gmail users complain of vanishing data

Boston Globe editorial: No Mercenaries in U.S. Uniforms

Gerald Ford's Mixed Legacy (ROBERT PARRY)

Why We Need More Troops in Iraq, By Joseph Lieberman/ WaPo

Iraq War – Why Spend Time & Effort to Execute Saddam Hussein?

Paul Krugman:A Failed Revolution

Bush admits global warming

Northern Europe To Ring In New Year With Ice-Free Baltic Sea - AFP

Happy, Happy Weather, According to Happy Happy TV Broadcasts!!

Based On Electricity Use, A Second Life Avatar Uses As Much Energy As A Brazilian

How much fresh water is locked up

SE Virginia's Native Longleaf Pines Once Covered 1 Million+ Acres, Down to 200 Trees - Red Orbit

Corps Of Engineers May Not Have Enough $ For New Orleans Levee Improvements - Times-Picayune

Des Moines Just Shy Of All-Time Snowless Record For December - DMR

Flood Insurance Getting Political Nod - AP

Australian PM says nuclear power inevitable - Reuters

China On Track For 10% Increase In Oil Imports During 2006 -China Daily

Living & Healthy Reefs Provide Better Tsunami Protection Than Diseased, Dead Formations - AFP

Harper Fires Special Environmental Official In Charge Of "Climate Fund" - Vancouver Sun

CSIRO Researcher - Australia's Current Drought Natural, Not Warming-Linked - Reuters

2006 Fifth-Warmest Year On Record For Portugal - AFP

Millions Of Environmental Refugees In Our Future

Group Seeks Protection for Right Whales - AP

A Point-by-Point Examination of the Document Titled "The 'Hoax' That Wasn't"

High Court orders dismantling of concrete barricade in the southern Hebron hills (B'Tselem)

Qassam rocket lands in open field in west Negev; no injuries

PM: IDF may target Qassam squads, but cease-fire stands

It's simple apartheid

Palestinian journalists caught in the Gaza crossfire

Book: Israel, Lobby Pushing Iran War

Gaza kids who suffer post-traumatic stress, Children becoming assassination victims

The war on children, Violence turns Israeli kids' lives upside down

US weapons prompt Hamas arms race?

Muslim, Jewish college students offer hope for peace in Middle East

Imam: Holocaust denial cannot be Islamic cause

200 trailers placed in West Bank outposts since June (Haaretz/AP)

'Corrie' canceled in Canada

New Intifada coming Daily humiliation on roads will lead to another Palestinian uprising

HRW retracts statement about "human shields"

Nafeez Ahmed - International Terrorism: The Secret History Since 1945

Has anyone tried to reproduce the chicken-wire/bunny-cage experiment??

Why would Jennings do this in Florida 13?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. 12/29/06

House candidate (Jennings D-13 FL) can't inspect secret voting software(X)

Holt to Support Jennings Contest on House Floor

Year-end Appeal for Lawsuit Support (VoterGA)

What is "Public Campaign" and where do they fit in election reform movement?

Judge Issues Order Denying Jennings and Intervenors Permission to Examine Source Code in FL-13

NYT: Disputed Fla. Election to Spill Into U.S. House Floor

NYT: Crisis in Housing Adds to Miseries of Iraq Mayhem

50 dead in Iraq

S Korea antidumping plan out of trade pact: US

Stockton Soldier Dies in Iraq

Reporter returns to Baghdad and finds it far different - and worse off (McClatchy)

Archbishop's 'regrets' over Iraq - (UK)

Reuters: British soldier killed by bomb in Iraq

Officials: Saddam Still in U.S. Custody

U.S. forces kill 6 during raids in Iraq

Striking Goodyear workers OK contract

NYT: Report: U.S. Frees 2 Iranian Detainees

WP: Bush Considers Economic Package for Iraq

Thousands greet Somalia's PM in capital

Suicide bomber kills 10 north of Baghdad

(AP) Report: Japan may extend Iraqi air mission for another 2 years

Saddam transferred to Iraqi custody: defense lawyer (Execution near?)

Reuters: Saddam handed over. ... AP: Judge says execution by Saturday

Bush admits global warming

ABN Amro to cut 900 North American jobs

Ice Mass Snaps Free From Canada's Arctic (41 sq. miles)

Reyes: U.S. Intelligence 'Manipulated'

Calderon Escalates War on Mexico Drug Cartels, Using Troops

Analysis: Iraq oil in '07, bleak as '06

India, US launch joint legal group

Lawyer who took on Karl Rove,"suicided"

Anti-Ethiopian Protest in Mogadishu

Revered Saudi cleric denounces Shi'ites as infidels


Schwarzenegger vetoes bill to work around Electoral College

Alcoa strike ends

Lawyers work to stop Saddam's execution

Saddam meets with lawyers, brothers

Iraqi leaders weigh Saddam execution (MSNBC)


Saddam to be executed by 10 PM

Ford: Nixon Friendship Affected Pardon

Vatican wants Saddam spared death penalty

Army to Court-Martial Soldier Featured in (NPR) PTSD Story

MNF Iraq: Three Marines killed in Al Anbar

China to strengthen military

Jennings wants Buchanan seated in Congress temporarily

China defends military rise, says faces threats

TV plans tasteful coverage of Saddam execution

Court Won't Consider Judges' Arguments (Guantanamo Bay )

Two crew die in submarine tragedy

Soldier’s death followed call back to war (

Sen. Lieberman seeks 'more troops' for 'winnable' Iraq war

Ancient ice shelf snaps and breaks free from the Canadian Arctic

More Troops Unhappy With Bush's Course In Iraq, Poll Finds

Cooking, Cleaning And Washing Helps You Ward Off Breast Cancer

Saddam dead by Saturday

Bushes put in armored car for tornado warning

Morales says Cuban doctors top U.S. medical aid

Renters Gloat Over the Housing Slump

WH: bin Laden Capture "A Success That Hasn't Occured Yet"

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 29

House candidate (Jennings D-13 FL) can't inspect secret voting software

BBC: Chavez to shut down opposition TV

Bring 'Em Home

I just checked the weather, a lot of us are going to get major wind and rain tomorrow

An empty place and a long path (just trying my hand at photography)

A Question for the Ladies.......

I got my cast removed today!!!

my leg hurts, and I am not due for more percocets for a few hours...

Another EVOO thread

Give me a break.... Do women actually wear these? (PHOTO)

I am having a nerdy new year's!!!

How do you feel when you win at a video game for the first time?

Tired and wired.

YAY.....the Giants got Barry Zito!! But . . . . . . .

Drunk Driver Stops To Help Police - Arrested

Thirsty Man Sells His Daughter's Pet Beagle To Buy Beer

Head on....

I heard Gerald Ford supported mandatory circumcision.

Zebra's at the water hole.

Wildlife or cat?

Me to my brother: "I think I'm catching your cold."

Wilson Phillips--did they ever record any songs by Brian Wilson or

long haired chicas: do you ever get those thicker, kinky strands of hair?

Congratulations.......Your Friend, "the Reverend Ted"

Cat Saves Family From Fire By Clawing Owner's Face

What band am I thinking of? (#2)

Who do you think has the best sig photo and/or line?

I hate odd-numbered years - dreading 2007!

What band am I thinking of? (#4)

Couple Find Bloody Paper Towel In Frito-Lay Munchies Bag - Suing

Time for a repink on the clitoris (BBC)

Read this subject line then make a wild assumption and attack me...

This is one slow day at work so far.

Well, THAT was strange...

Tea lovers: Check out this really cool little gadget!

What band am I thinking of? (#3)

I'm out, Lounge!

Gerald Ford always left the toilet seat up!

Portable air filter systems

I got Rachael Ray's 30-minute Meals for my Birthday!

Should Saddam be given a last cigarette?

Well lookee what I found while cleaning out the file cabinet:

Happy birthday bicentennial_baby & Lochloosa

I Defy You to Name a Better Food Combo than Ham & Cheesy Grits

Lounge Karaoke: What are you singing?

Is anyone else watching Animal Planet right now?

My new coffee maker does not make hot coffee.

When's the best time/day to go to the DMV (aka "Sec'y of State" in Illinois)?

Earworm, anyone? It's good, I promise....

November 22, 1963 - the day Democracy Died

Anyone else here remember Samson the gorilla?

Who is Keppler?

Workplace dilemma - do I tell her she's going to a crappy new workplace?

So I bought a mouse today

I started a thread in GD. Hide me.

FATHER TED fans, check in here! (There's a poll, too, if you like...)

New terms: Ignoranus n. being both stupid and an asshole

So I bought a spouse today

Nintendo - Excellent Customer Service Experience (A Pleasant Surprise)

Who plays the lead Greek Orthodox rebel Monk in the movie?

I'm sick...

This slack goes on, this slack goes on...

How much Fresh Water is locked up

Radioactive Dirty Bomb Misplaced by Baggage Handlers.

Cock Sauce or Spotted Dick?

Can someone please explain the "copythread cat" to me?

Could some one distain the copycat poppycock bread thread for me?

Can someone please explain the "thread copycat" to me?

Can someone please explain the "poppycock bread" to me?

Here's your freshly coined neologism of the day...

Should we get the chimp a dog carrier?

Can someone please explain the "capybara head" to me?

Can someone please mime the "copycat thread" for me?

Got a digi cam for xmas. So now I have to show off

Can someone please sing the "copycat thread" for me?

Can someone please explain the "Chupacabra thread" for me?

Can someone please obfuscate the "copycat thread" for me?

Can someone please explain the "copyboy hat" for me?

Oceans 13 trailer.

What's on George's mind?

Okay it's 2:15 on a throwaway day at work...


I love the upgrade more than you do

Technology has rendered natural selection moot, evidence here

a belated merry Chrismas from Oklahoma, y'all

Okay. Mincemeat pie? Sick joke, or something the cat drug home and the dog won't eat?

Biggest Las Vegas buffet complaints.

He was a skater boy, she said see you later boy

So, due to the friggin' Patriot Act, I can't renew the registration

How's everyone in Colorado and NM?

Greatest 5 seconds of Rock and Roll....

AMAZING crystal photos!

A Brassy Holiday Medley

Haven't heard a peep from Chicken Legs (aka Ann Coulter) lately

My wife says I look like Saddam Hussein.

Spring is just weeks away. What should Ptah Plant?

I'm going to get some coffee, anybody want anything?

Before you order a book, make sure it's printed in the language you speak.

Harry!! I saw out through the end of your tail!! (what a photo...)

S.A.D.: Knowing that's why I'm depressed doesn't help.

Damn sciatic nerve

I've been in such a bad mood today that I felt I had to try one of two things. Which one would you

The stupidest cat in the world

Ahh memories.. the day Catwoman declared war on matcom

Mi Amor Celia Cruz!!!

Congratulations HawkeyeX!! 10,000 posts

I don't recall if I asked, but would you go with somebody who had an outbreak of eczema?

Do you know of any feline dentists who make house calls?

Michael Jordan And Wife File For Divorce

Saddam's last meal request:

What is the most likely cause of my 'night sweats'?

Hey Folks, Y'all Have A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Saddam's hanging is a diversion!

I am chipped and raw

My wife says I look like a Sadist's Hussy.

What is the most likely cause of my 'night sweets'?

Caption This!

Can someone please explain the "copycat thread" to me?

Typo causes tourist to land in Sidney, Montana

Thief Steals $50,000 Worth Of Broccoli

flvegan caught a mouse today

A good registry management program....

Everybody have a great evening.

I Am Chapped and Raw

What's your favorite kind of pudding?

It's not just ANY birthday for BicentennialBaby....

All this talk about Saddam has obscured the Real News of the day.

I think 2007 is gonna rock the house!

I Defy You to Name a Better Food Combo than Spam & Greasy Grits

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 12/29/06)

What is the name of that big, North American, wild cat?

*YAY* New Years Bonus check!

In the spirit of this Animal Planet show, do you think your pets are very much tuned into you?

There are Tornadoes all over Texas and they are ....

So, I bought a house today

Research Suggests HOUSEWORK Can Cut Breast Cancer Risk In Women

How did you spend your upgrade time?

So how 'bout that Toyota Corolla?

500 posts! Ask me...well, SOMETHING...

So I sat next to a military guy on the plane yesterday

Event most likely to make $100,000.00 vanish instantly...

Has anyone else made a pact with themselves to ignore the news channels for the next few days?

Which 2006 Death Affected You the Most?

Uh-oh. John Edwards talks about faith. GD now entering meltdown mode.

Heads up Loungers

I met a girl from Vermont who is friends with Howard Dean's daughter...

Share YOUR Family Photos: Here's Mom and me in the 1940s. (PHOTOS)

Random question: Has anyone had laser hair removal?

The classic question from childhood: Would you rather be deaf or blind?

Can someone plesae explain to me about good cholestrol, bad cholestrol? I am at my wits end trying

Recommend a film of which DUers may not have heard

Post a lyric to a song you totally got wrong

ATTN: January/February babies!!

Owl Puke

I spent a day with a woman in a desert oasis, a real happening place -- we got our kicks on Route 66

What is sexy?

Well I finally got put on someones ignore list

If you were the last person on Earth to hold your particular religious beliefs, what would you do?

My apologies for a broad brush smear

Snakes in China 'predict quakes' (BBC)

BBC: Housework cuts breast cancer risk

A Heavenly Wind - Ether theory challenges "Invisible Mass"

Amazing crystal/cave photos.

"Loverboys" by Ana Castillo

Hilarious rant rewrite by a Cub fan

Iron Mike Tyson arrested.

Biggest Bowl Choke of the year?

Okay, when is Bama going to get a coach?

Did you see this astrological forecast in GD?

OMG! did you crystal people see this?

If you had the choice, would you come back to Earth again?

Statement of Kerry Staffer with Kerry in Iraq on Photo Controversy

Does anyone have the text to Kerry's speech in NH earlier this

Lieberman OpEd in WaPo. More troops please!

A moment of Zen -- moonrise

Inspired by Maestro and........

(Bad picture warning!) My family is growing -

Maestro's 2006 retrospective (56K ultra beware)

The Year from the Rear View Mirror - Goodbye 2006! (pic heavy)

A Gardener's 2006 Retrospective

Greetings from Colombia

Ford, Nixon Sustained Friendship for Decades (FORD WAS A LYING SACK OF SHIT)

Can we the people sue states to stop selling off highways?

AP: Many U.S. Troops in Iraq Oppose Escalation

When Poppy moves on, who inherits the ring to be kissed?

How could it be any sweeter? Bush goes all out to build Ford's

Edwards urges fight against poverty

Ghoulish but funny "Hang Saddam" game on

So...Did Bush wait to reveal his new "stratergy" so it would be AFTER the hanging?

One more Saddam thread...

Bush: the Education President

Prince Harry can go off to war and fight but, W couldn't???

What does GWBush and Kid Rock have in common?

The "surge" in Iraq --- giant bait-and-switch may be heading our way

a few rosie thoughts

Laura Pickles better rest up. she is about to have a night of long gross sex

President Ford was eaten by wolves!!!!

Prizes for 100,000 Named Duer?

Saddam will die today

Where's Osama?

Local Veteran: I Won't Go To Iraq

NCO Sent Home from Afghanistan: Globe

Separating fact from mythology concerning Osama bin Laden

Okay, let's try and pick who will be the TV advertisers for the Saddam execution.

Iraqis sorry they ever took part in the elections

The spy in the sky?

dupe --please delete, thanks mods

Death penalty dropped for soldier in Iraq rape, murder case - Saddam hanging imminent

Where is Mrs. Saddam?

BuzzFlash GOP Hypocrite of the Week = Robert Gates

What if FORD Had Been Assassinated in 1975?

Aren't they even gonna torture Saddam before they hang him?

Repubs don't like to talk about how Saddam rose to power.

Lieberman seeks 'more troops' for 'winnable' Iraq war. Oy vey.

When up may be down and you no longer even know

Nixon: "When Ford talks, does anyone pay any attention?"

Cuyahoga County Commissioners want to replace Diebold Electronic Voting Machines - You won't believe

Meeting of the fucked up minds last night on Headless News....

"...oil men are going to carry the day in Iraq"

Hackers break into online broker accounts in USA

2 photos. Same planet. Different worlds.

I think we need this one again

Victor Davis Hanson - he puts "Demented" in the word NeoConMan

Oh didn't he ramble? ...later James.

Reuters: Saddam to hang, but confusion over how soon

Tim Johnson Update

It's scary that Cons once had more power

My Feelings On Saddam's Sentence.

Is The Pentagon Cooking Intelligence Up Again for an Iran Attack?

On AMC now: Deliverance

A scenario that gets interesting responses

The search for the new boogeyman will begin immediately after Saddam's execution

Anderson Cooper has jumped the shark.

Please help to end Horse Slaughter, by signing ....

My wife says, America has lost it's soul.

Caption this creepy McCain pic

Knuckledragger and the Puppet Master (A Seemingly Endless Adventure Series)

So, Ford posthumously admits he lied about his support for Iraqi war and why he pardoned Nixon.

the rude pundit on saddam`s hanging...

what if some other nation decided we needed to be saved from our leader

In Georgia, Republics still control the state house

CAPTION the star crossed love birds

Freudian Slip?? (smirk on Ford)

Who said this?

Pardon this hanging.

Steve Clemons responds to Lieberman's op-ed in WaPo calling for Bush's surge in Iraq

"We need to get out with honor." Something I keep hearing

Mom & Dad, I've joined the Marines to fight for our country's freedom.

Can you believe how desensitized & barbaric the press has become?

AP-AOL Poll: Bush Top "Villain" of 2006

Who will the GOP run for president and VP?

Dems In House & Senate & Key Repubs Will Attempt To Restore Habeas Corpus Rights

Readerspeak: What punishment should Bush get? (LTTE)

Lieberman (surprise, surprise) favors escalation in op-ed

The past six years--Repukes horrendous. Democrats pathetic in opposition

I imagine Bush is feeling all excited and antsy today because

Do you believe Bush is on the phone with Maliki?

What if we started talking about the "radical conservative media"

Stinky the Barbarian ---pix--->>>

Bush Admin Stops Park Service From Telling Geologic Age Of Grand Canyon

Saddam has one son left?

What Secret Do You Think hussein Knows That Scares * The Most?

Why is Saddam Hussein often referred to as 'Saddam' in the news media?

I had a very interesting conversation with an air force guy tonight

What happened? Didn't the term "Iraq civil war" catch on for NBC?

WJ this morning: Brian asks

Is hanging Saddam Hussein wrong?

The execution -- an appeal from the rational

Bush* flips off voters while soldiers die. He's in no hurry whatsoever.

Why More Troops in Iraq? - My Theory

My Feelings On Saddam's Trial

WH: bin Laden Capture "A Success That Hasn't Occured Yet"

Triple header death-does it get any better than this for the media?

Tune into Hartmann! Sanders discussing "what can citizens do to make

I wonder how the rest of the world sees this imminent hanging of Saddam,

Saddam Hussein was, without question, the leader of a brutal dictatorship.

Yule ornaments inspired by news - Dick shooting the peace dove, bald beaver

does bush honestly think the american people are gonna rejoice

Can someone answer these Saddam questions for me?

What's your position on Saddam's execution?

I was curious about Dennis K's wife...

Editor&Publisher calls for press to drop Bush's chosen label "surge"; his plan is an "escalation"

Classic CAPTION opp.... my three scummers

2006-The Year in Photos

And so it begins... the fight for the 2008 Democratic Nomination...

Global warming experts - how big a deal is this?

I Wonder If hussein Wil Pull Some Shit

President's remarks on death of Saddam.

Yr Tax $$ at work...Grand Canyon caused by Noah's Flood

AT&T agrees to observe Net Neutrality principles for at least 24 months.

RW Hate Radio - Lusting For Blood

Sen. Tim Johnson improving, but still in critical condition

How many Kurds and Shias did Saddam supposedly kill?

December 29th 1890

On the arrogance and transience of power

If you're thinking about melting down pennies for the metal; don't it's illegal.

Battling Bush's Enemies In Iraq

Talk about caving in re:NYSE

Please DU this Poll: Should Saddam Hussein's hanging be televised?

How's your 'national mourning' going so far?

on this date in bush history: bush doing good!

I think we should contact Bush in mass NOW with idea that compassion for Saddam

Remember when Saddam was President of Iraq and not a dictator to the MSM?

Peace vigil tonight in Granville, Ohio

Let's pretend: If you were President of the US for one year...

What I wouldn`t give for a little ray of hope......

HRW: "Prison cleansing" campaign at Abu Ghraib - numerous executions, many without due process

While everyone is focusing on Saddam's murder

I wonder how long Der FrankenFuehrer's temper tantrum

Even Bad People Deserve Due Process

What are your feelings about President Ford?

'New Mozart work' gets premiere (BBC)

You sit down in your favorite chair. You turn on Air America.

Can Iraqi chem-warfare victims sue Rumsefld, Cheney, and others?

SADDAM Transferred To Iraqi Authorities - Execution Imminent...

Jesus looked more like Saddam then company left my house

Screw the Hussein execution - THIS is the story of the day

coming war with Iran

When businessmen bragg about working so hard consider how they won't shovel their walks.

so what is the time difference in Iraq to here. It is 12 noon here

Bush To Daschle: "I just want you to know I'm in charge."

This Just In... Bush Administration Bad For Comedy?!?

TV plans tasteful coverage of Saddam execution

Krugman-911 Created A Window Of Opportunity & 4 More Yrs For: A FAILED REVOLUTION

danny bonaduce freaks out on an anti-bush guy

Are we DUers really out of touch with the rest of America?

Shorter WaPo: We don't understand the concept of ethics and morality

Boil the frog slowly and watch the results.

re ATT merger- read the fine print!

Progressives being EXcluded from juries??

Boy! FAUX News is on a racist roll today......

Thanks Chimp! Another day of pay lost!

Kangaroo court, and a quick lynching. It's the All-American Way in the New American Century

ex US President Gerald Ford honored with a parade and a color guard. Meanwhile

Finally, the true story being the "lonely Kerry" photo

Un-fun with numbers: what we've done to iraq

As of today, more than 2,990 U.S. troops have died in Iraq.

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Fri 12/29 -- Set the table

Will a Dem congress be able to stop the Bush/Cheney machine of death and corruption?

There is a Tornado Warning out for Crawford Tx

Could Somebody Tell Me What It's Like to Fly Nowadays? Security, Interrogations, Shoe Removal, etc.

Compassion and Love is the only way. Call Bush Now

Ford Private Service: Barbara.Starr on CNN

Freepers are absolutely fucking morbid

Could it be OUR fault that the Far Right has gotten so powerful over the last 6 years?

Tuesday a national day of mourning for President Ford

If Saddam was going to be executed before Eid ul-Adha, it has already happened.

Attack of the Easter Bunnies.

Killing Saddam will only compound his "street cred"

So Will Bush Dispatch Air Force 1 to......

For First Time-More TROOPS DISAPPROVE Of Bush Handling Of War (Military Times Poll)

A gathering fit for ghouls

Opinion of Sen. Jeff Bingaman ?

Homeland Security mouthpiece on capturing Osama - The definition of failure

(CA) Supreme court upholds decision of jury that read Bible passages

Ever heard of Mir Aimal Kansi?

Tornado hits Crawford

No wonder the troops don't have any

The saddam watch, its like it's going to be the next big thing WTF

Saddam used to walk amongst his people....

So tell me, FReepers - where is Osama bin Laden?

Ford Administration Served As An Incubator For The Imperial Presidency’s Rebirth (Robert Parry)

John Dean: If Dems Do Their Job-BUSH & CHENEY Will Find It Difficult To Stonewall Dem Investigations

The Trouble With Troubled Teen Programs - How the "boot camp" industry tortures and kills kids . .

dupe OOOP.

MSNBC Breaking: Saddam has been handed over to the Iraqis. Execution by tomorrow, Iraq time.

49 minutes for the Iraqis to execute Saddam...

U.S. soldier to Saddam: "President Bush send his regards"

BBC international just said that Bush and Laura

Motivation for the rush to murder Saddam

Will lynching Saddam make America safer?

Another witness goes missing

Just heard on CNN.........

Did anyone else just hear that ad on AAR about an artificial ice shelf to save polar bears?

death toll will surge over 3000 if saddam is executed

Christian Identity group seeks 'lone wolves'

Why are we making Saddam a martyr?

Yeeeee haaaah! They's havin' a hangin' t'day ma! C'n me 'n Clyde go?

Housework wards off breast cancer

Saddam Hussein quiz...

FCC Approves AT&T's Buyout of BellSouth

When they decide to go forward with the hanging

Pure Evil and....

Do Third World citizens have stronger immune systems?

Thank you Tweety

Russert this morning: Dems won't do anything to stop troop buildup

What earth-shaking event is most likely to happen in the New Year?

Iraq: Reverse Decision to Execute Saddam (Human Rights Watch)

(R) on CNN: At least killing Saddam means he won't be put back in power.

Don't you just love Article VI of the Constitution?

Riverbend: the year in review, or, you know your country is in trouble when...

Will Kucinich betray progressives by visiting Ford or going to his funeral?

Time to cut Weather service funding. NOW.

PHOTO: Don't put out the fire!!! The CHIEF will decide! Right?

"You're a goddamned genius!"

Tonight I will pay respect to Gerald Ford in Palm Desert.

More Media Consolidation. FCC approves AT&T's buyout of BellSouth

Two killed in fall from US submarine (This is really a weird story)

Saddam to be executed before 6 AM.

Anyone Watching These Two CNN 'reporters' Grilling John Edwards?

2 CNN Dipshits trying to beat the s--t out of Edwards...

What factors determine if one is a Sunni or a Shia?

they say they are pro-life yet they love killing others -

best Bush anagram

U.S. urges vigilance against terrorism (associated with Saddam Hussein's impending execution)

Any Dem voting for IWR should be upping their responsibility to get a withdrawal

Why do I support Kucinich? Here's one reason why:

Something I was going to say about Fitzgerald...

HELP>>>quick need printed quote of bushy saying this is the guy that tried to kill my dad

OMFG.. CNN is discussing the hanging process with an expert on hanging

Something to send your Conservative friends

Get in the Streets

Propaganda Campaign In Full Swing Over Hussein Execution

Why Iraq is executing Saddam

Newshour: Lowry says that if Ford hadn't pardoned Nixon, the U.S. would

Saddam's execution will usher in peace in Iraq

did you all hear bush say that he was not involved in the hanging

CNN....Breaking...Another Dose of Fear

wouldn't it be a hoot if Saddam escaped during the transfer from US to Iraqi custody

Remember the Department of Defense playing cards?

Are you tired of living on the edge ?

I feel nothing regarding Saddam's execution...

2996 with 2 days to go in 2006

(CBS) Exclusive: Unabomber's Secret Code Cracked

AP: Pentagon Maps Plans for Iraq Surge

CNN: Chimp and Pickles taken to a shelter during a tornado warning.

Bush needs to explain why he destabilized a country which didn't threaten us at all

Whoopsie! RW blogs and the Kerry photo that wasn't (LOL)

Happy days are here again: Cure for flu found! Vaccine works on all strains...

Will Bush*, Cheney, Rumsfeld & Rice gather 'round the secure plasma screen to watch hanging?

If a Democrat was President during a time of war

The BRAD BLOG Year in Review 2006 (Part 1)

Is Saddam hanging timed to overshadow #3000?

The most disquieting thing about the execution of Saddam Hussein

Air Force pursuing antimatter weapons

Lyndon Johnson told the nation, "Have no fear of escalation!"

Prince Harry to go to Iraq in May to lead a unit near Basra.

Hey anybody in Denver, how is the weather?

Thinking About the Need for Impeachment

Saddam Hussein: No Noose Is Good Noose?

River Bend is back

Gas prices more than $3/gallon?

Bill O'Reilly calls George Soros public enemy number 1

Saddam's execution! Live on Pay-Per-View!

Do You Think Saddam Knows....

CNN International Breaking: Saddam reportedly in Iraqi custody; defense lawyer...


Danny Bonaduce was on O'lielly last night and he said...

Do Bush/Cheney ever consider that at some future date they could be tried for war crimes?

Small Nuclear War Would Devastate Global Climate, Scientists Warn

43 to 41 after got him. you couldn't but I did (please add to )

official: saddam to be executed 10:00 pm est

Is it possible that a Saddam look alike will take the noose?

Is anyone angrier than me? Could I be even angrier?

Park service "suspends" geology to avoid offending Christians

Remember when Arabs were dancing in the streets after 9-11?

Wow! When Did CNN Become The Execution Countdown Channel?

Looks like the 3000th soldier to die in Iraq

"The most beautiful sight that we see is the child at labour."

Okay...With Saddam gone....

Blitzer: Ellison (not Goode or Prager) "touched off a raging controversy" (from MediaMatters)

John Edwards, I'm not a Christian and my hands are dirty.

Saddam being hung sickens me

Bush: "We'll be writing a chapter of peace (in Iraq)"

Spread the Word!!

***DUzy Awards for week ending December 29, 2006***

XLNT-Alexandrova Guest Op-Ed At Informed Comment: Saddam's Execution and the Iran Option

Saddam execution a freakin' farce!

What are we trying to do to each other?

What Great Military Mind, Reminds Us Of George W Bush?

50 Dumbest Things Bush Ever Said

George Orwell Was Right . . . Spy Cameras See Britons' Every Move . . .

Hartmann's guest claims Americans won't pick peaches for $20/hr

China, Iran, Saudi Arabia & America alone share the death penalty

I'm seeing John Edwards in a town hall meeting here in Reno

Isn't Saddam a prisoner of war?

"Breakup Of the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf"

Ford Prolonged Our Nightmare, Impeaching Bush Will Heal Our Nation

Should Ford have pardoned Nixon?

Outsourced worker, now homeless, robs bank to get food/shelter (jail)

5 more troop deaths; 100 in December; you take your time deciding, you prick.

Hussein Execution Wrong

Who was the bigger war criminal - Bush or Hussein?

in steel magnolias sally fields loses control right after they burry shelby and darrell hannah tells

Josh Marshall provides insight, re: Saddam

watching CNN...I am crying for Betty Ford. She is one awesome lady

So Im watching John Edwards announcement on CSPAN right now...

The ''Label'' BFEE...

Lawyer who took on Karl Rove,"suicided"

I had to go and look...

Senator Barack Obama: Escalation Is Not The Answer

Edwards: "We didn't used to be the country of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib" (Announcement Transcript)

**WARNING, GRAPHIC PHOTO** of tragic and infamous gay execution.

Macabre. Watching the number. 2996

Charity Donation Drive Friday Update: HUGE OVERNIGHT INCREASE TO MORE THAN $20,000!

IMPEACHMENT FLASHMOB (1,200 people plus helicopter) Jan. 6, San Francisco, Ocean Beach

Let's hasten to the revelry.

CIA Accused Of Bank Heist

THE DECIDER: A Brief History Of Bush In Action (Inaction?)

How will history remember "W" ?

Dennis Kucinich Is a Very Silly Person

Grand Canyon park can't give estimate of age; Bush says may upset fundies

How would you rank the last 12 US Presidents in order of best to worse?

Medical unit in Iraq: "Our soldiers can't protect us anymore...."

Religionism is a Betrayal of the Nation's Enlightenment Heritage

Personal Preferences and the Concept of Progressiveness

what's wrong with the world momma...Where Is the Love?


Marvin left you a gift

John Edwards - Des Moines Town Hall yesterday

put your bodies upon the gears and break the machine!!!

One thing I've thought for years

Four Years Ago, The "Liberal Media" Picked On Kerry's Wealth. Now, Edwards' Wealth Is The Story

Maybe it's just me, but I did not especially like "Blog Wars" on Sundance.

AP-AOL Poll: Bush Top "Villain" of 2006

Killing Saddam kills 20 or more years of his Iraq/ME knowledge

Minnesota is a case study for Election '06 political shake-up

AFP: Democrats to hold hearings on Iraq

I would much rather hear about efforts to make sure the 2008 election isn't stolen

Tallin' up the year end tax stuff..... a little over 10k in medical bills...

Well, we know now there will be a troop "surge."

WP: Why We Need More Troops in Iraq By Joseph Lieberman

Bush is #1

seek to ban political robocalls

Facing Activist Burnout Head-On-by Paul Lehto

"Tomorrow Begins Today"

GATES: GOP Hypocrite of the Week (Buzzflash)

Lieberman: "Why We Need More Troops in Iraq" (WP)

random thoughts on John Edwards candidicy...

What were the most significant political moments of 2006?

vote on this poll....

Question for any candidate bashers here

Cowgirl's Early Morning Line--Democrats

Do Domain Registrations Predict Republican '08 Ticket?

Think about a world without the U.N.

I'll support the Dem primary candidate who supports my Second Amendment rights

The ignorance of "Christians" reigns supreme at the Grand Canyon


does bush honestly think we americans are gonna party for this hanging?

CBS Breaking News - Saddam No Longer in US Custody

Names of 104 US deaths in Iraq for December:

The OTHER reason I hope General Clark runs for president

Think there are "no stupid questions?" Here's a great one from a Faux Host to Gen. Clark

My interview with George W Bush :

Someone should introduce Joe Lieberman to Afghanistan.

Saddam to be executed today or tomorrow - CBC News

CBC - conflicting reports that Saddam has been transfered to Iraqis.

Congress Has Acted Unconstitutionally for Decades

Laughing Liberally in New York City Tomorrow

Can the Republicans Go Into the 2008 Elections With the Status Quo in Iraq?

What will they try to hide today? Ford funeral, Saddam hanging

Sheehan got busted. Is the MSM covering this?

Two days to go in December, and it's already the deadliest month of 2006

WH attempts to redefine failure to capture bin Laden

What possible excuse can Chimpy come up with for blowing off Ford's funeral?

question for the hiLLary Lovers here

Alexander Cockburn, Counterpunch: Ford Greatest American President

Lets see if Sadaam is the anti christ then with his death the war....

Just Curious - Whatever Happened To All Of Saddam's Doubles?.....

Is Hussein's expected execution the ultimate Friday night news dump?

"Hang Saddam Hussein because there's nothing else this president can get right."

Iraq was in Civil War since early this year and all DC lawmakers knew it.

Anybody else sick of seeing John McCain on TV every half hour on that ad for Operation Homefront?

Kucinich says Kerry should have listened to him in 2004

The hanging of a human being until dead

The PNAC shop is closing....trying to disappear and make themselves forgotten.

Chavez to shut down opposition TV station

Who's behind the rapid acceleration of the Saddam execution?

Saudi Arabia buys all new ICBMs... "Now, the Middle East gets interesting. "

Edwards criticizes Iraq war as political race begins, condemns "surge" (Washington Post)

23 U.S. Senators who voted against the Iraq War Resolution who do not need to recant their vote:

The Players in 2008 - My Thoughts (SORRY!!)

Why Edwards does not change everything.

jr to daddy after hanging... please elaborate as you wish

The Government and the Private Sector

Are Neocons Finished and What Is Their Most Pernicious Idea?

Riverbend's blog from Iraq has been updated.

Edwards greets overflow crowd; message focused on health care, poverty, energy, global warming

Statement of Kerry Staffer with Kerry in Iraq on Photo Controversy

the moment that cost Edwards the nomination in '04

I think Barack Obama is going to win the Presidency in 2008 with relative ease

question for the Hillary bashers here

Folks: This Is NOT Meant To Be A Candidate-Bashing Thread (So...&...BUT)

John Edwards re: IWR: "I was wrong...[i]t was a mistake to vote for this war."

An Antitrust Glossary for the 110th Congress

Has Clark commented on possible VP spot on the 2008 ticket?