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Archives: December 3, 2006

NYT: Has He Started Talking to the Walls....(Rich nails it again)

Single massive asteroid wiped out dinosaurs:

The Decline and Fall of American Conservatism - The Objective Standard

More Farmers Seek Subsidies as U.S. Eats Imported Produce

NYT: As Trucking Rules Are Eased, a Debate on Safety Grows

Historian Douglas Brinkley: Bush joins Hoover as a case study on how not to be President

The emails that show how Borat sparked panic in the Foreign Office...

Blowing the Whistle on Big Oil

Dear Jim and Chuck by David Kuo at Huffington Post

Friendly Fire

Activists' banner facing the Kremlin: "Give the elections back to the people, bastards!"

Offerings to a Stone Snake Provide the Earliest Evidence of Religion

Viva Chavez!

Minimum Wage Breaks No-Raise Record

Egypt searches Sinai for Palestinians suspected of planning attack

Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel Rate Congress

Israeli Arabs seek right to return to villages abandoned in 1948

Video: New Pentagon Video Released

Delay on tax break plans affects many

US pressured Blair into arms bribery inquiry

AP: U.S. troops kill Afghan policeman

Senior Pentagon official Stephen Cambone to resign---Stephen Cambone

Embargo foes see hope in Democratic-controlled Congress

More Farmers Seek Subsidies as U.S. Eats Imported Produce

Blowing the Whistle on Big Oil

NYT: As Trucking Rules Are Eased, a Debate on Safety Grows

Triple car bombing kills 51 in Baghdad

Review Finds Army Mishandled Friendly-Fire Case

Blair and Bush to hold Iraq handover summit

North Korea wants Russia support, offers uranium -paper

GOP Will Pay $135K To Settle Phone-Jamming Suit...

U.S. diocese favors break with Episcopal Church

Daschle Will Not Seek Presidency

Telegraph UK: Saudis And Iran Prepare To Do Battle Over Corpse Of Iraq

Pfizer Cuts Off Cholesterol Drug Trials


It's not over til you're underground (greenday)

Well, my third novel came out yesterday...

Argh. My Buena Vista Social Club cd is not ripping in a satisfactory fashion!

Need a favor. Could you go to this page of my website and try the

I've been working too much

Sour Times - Portishead

I got this frozen broccoli and veggie "beef" bowl for lunch at work next week.

Ms Dewey is useless

I think I would just knock on the door

Hogs-Gators in the SEC Championship Game

Early word on Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto"? Very, very good.

Well, I will bite my tongue and say congrats to the UCLA fans here.

It's Saturday night, cold, and I'm sitting here drinking cocoa

I require good Mexican recipes.

the one song i want is not available for downloading.

Target and the grocery store were OUT OF TOILET PAPER today

Toys for the filthy rich!

Whatever you do, just DON'T. (pic)

Lookie here! Cate Blanchette as Bob Dylan

Who wants to nibble...?

WiFi DUers: How many of you have upgraded to draft 802.11n yet?

Rutgers vs. West Virginia.... wow, some game!

I didn't know how to figure out percents until now.

'But for the British, it's all about Fucking'

Writer gives you the evil eye.

Oklahoma-Nebraska about to kick off for the Big 12 Title

we really need to do something about our borders...

This is my 1000th post!

The calm before the storm...

Okay, college football fans — stand up and sing your school's fight song!

I feel so used!! I am much more than just a cheap piece of meat!!

I require shitty, inauthentic Mexican recipes.

the restroom door said "gentlemen"

Have any of you seen the movie "A history of violence"?

Post your picture on DU w/out a camera - AMAZIING

Vanilla Pepsi flavored lip balm is awesome.

After the sumo match, a little fun (pic)

Best Song by Mellencamp

Mrs R told me tonight that I said something to her that

EMERGENCY! Need help! How do I open champagne w/out a corkscrew?!

The Power of Words.......

XM or Sirius?

This is the strangest music video I've seen in a long time.

Irish Whiskey drinkers: what's your favorite?

Say hello to Casey, the newest member of the Redstone clan.

Which God is this paragraph discussing?

Why is the universe life-friendly?

California Assemblyman to introduce new gay marriage bill...

Rutgers beats Louisville who beats WV who beat Rutgers

This is unbelievable! UCLA upsets USC!

Florida SEC Champs!

Florida or Michigan?

OK. Who should play Ohio State?

Two words to describe JK

So, why are YOU here? What do YOU believe in?

At least 100 more Iraqis died today

AP: Iraqi Shiite Leader to Prod Bush on Iran

Justices to weigh race 'tiebreakers'

Contractor's Helicopter Feared Down in Southern Afghanistan

Where Do They Steal Xmas Wreaths Off Of Homes? Why, in Fresno, Of Course!

White House fights pressure for early Iraq withdrawal

1st Openly Gay Congressman Memorialized

WAL-MART's Organic Folly(ies)

Fun quiz on your knowledge of sex and the Bible

Canadian tanks deployed in combat situation for 1st time since Korean War

Looking for the website that graphs senators on the conservative/liberal scale

Marsalis gets political on new CD


All you withdrawal-timeline and stay-the-course types!

Jim Webb is the rare Washington figure who doesn't suck up to power

looky at the Rummy hat on yahoo front page:

Bush Nuts - Are George W. Bush lovers certifiable?

Unexpected consequences: Opium crop in Afghanistan sets record.

Caption Dick Cheney...

whoa!!!! Rumsfeld Urged Major Changes in Iraq and then was sacked

Rumsfeld wrote memo-Iraq strategy not working before getting-axed.

Women take on major battlefield roles

Here's a bold prediction...

Delay on tax breaks affects millions

2890 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

A Christmas appeal on behalf of the victims of climate change

Have you seen retaliation against you since the election?

What exactly is the point of 'get out six months from now'?


'Daily Show,' 'Colbert' producer leaving

Sunday Talk Shows 12/03

Guantanamo Inmates Turn to Freed Fellows

Senator John Kerry will be on Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer, this Sunday

Regime change is illegal.


(FIORE) Still Decidin'! and Alliance of Wimpiness

Will the DVD release of Gore's movie boost his '08 standing?

WTF?!? Another Borat lawsuit? (spoiler warning)

Pfizer Cuts Off Cholesterol Drug Trials

Guess how much Bank of American charge Social Security customers for NSF?

Did you know this happens?

The Whitehouse declares war on Christmas!

Pastor accused of scamming man out of $300,000, would "heal son's brain tumor"

Frank Rich:Has He Started Talking to the Walls?

BBC: Rumsfeld 'had doubts' over Iraq

Early Christmas Gift

Rockies' Snowpack Shrinking

Barack Obama Is the Almighty - Bow Down To Him Now (by David Sirota)

Roll Call.....Peace Activists from DU

Noam Chomsky with Bob McChesney for the hour - Sun 2pm ET

Who will be the great progressive hope of 2008?

Dean Should Not Be DNC Chairman. He Should Be The 2008 Nominee

So, who all is going to march in DC on January 27th?

Is it fair NewYorkCity has 8/19's of a Senator&8 states with same pop have 16?

Did you know there is a channel on satellite TV called God TV?

Bush is a war criminal!

Why is the universe life friendly?

War Widow Dedicates Wiccan Plaque Symbol

Rocky's back and fighting for Jesus

Kansas Outlaws Practice Of Evolution

Robert Fisk: Like Hitler and Brezhnev, Bush is in denial

Observer:The House of Death (Washington cover-up)

FDR’s Unfinished “Second Bill of Rights” – and Why We Need it Now

Gov Dean: 'Bush Thought He Could Be President For 1/2 Of America-Treated Rest Of Us With Contempt'

Information from the front: Here is my talk with a Soldier in Afghanistan tonight:


Mike Wallace Sues Son

Sheeple project: Best sources for enlightening the complacent?

ABC News: Moratorium Day/Chicago 8 Trial (10/18/1969)

Trailer for documentary "U.S. vs. John Lennon"

Kendrick Meek asks Capitol visitors what to do with the giant rubberstamp

Frozen in time: The group that hauled down the ‘56 Georgia flag

A glimpse of being a reporter in Afghanistan......

Denver TV Station looks at Political Endorsements from shadowy vets group

"On Rumsfeld’s watch the Pentagon’s...woes have gone from a mess to an utter shambles."

GSA Chief seeks to cut budget for audits of contracts for fraud. NO KIDDING!

Rice looks ahead: "I can look back and write books about what we might have done differently"

Lame-Duck Congress May Run Out the Clock

Where's Our Share?

It is official DASCHLE......

"I don't have anything against Blacks, but I'd lose business if I hired one . . .

From the NYT Blog: Deans 50 State Lovefest

Obama Is Going To Go For It

Ohio GOP legislature subverting democracy (again)

I Wonder if You Know ...

Rev. Jim Wallis Gives Democrat's weekly radio address

A Reflection on Cities of the Future (James Kunstler)

NYT; Kristof on Religion, blasting Dawkins and Harris

Douglas Brinkley: Move Over, Hoover

Women veterans cope with emotional wounds

Mideast allies near a state of panic (devastating for Bushco)

Plunging dollar will set world markets reeling

Novak: New Senate leader's shortened recesses could cut off Bush judicial nominees

Iran and the Violation of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (Jeremy R. Hammond)

Dave Lindorff: Fighting the Iraq Wars at Home

Merry December to You (Mickey Z.)

Scorched Earth Step Two (Major Dick)

The Surreal Politics of Premeditated War

Clinton-Era Free Trade May Be Over

Mideast allies near a state of panic

Dion seizes Liberal crown by LES WHITTINGTON at The Toronto Star

Military's dilemma -- stay or leave (Part 1 of 3)

The House of Death

Venezuelan President Chavez set for election victory.....

Lame-duck Congress may run out the clock

Republicans - A National Party No More?

Exodus from Iraq unsettles Mideast -- Neighbor states fear instability

Reid's rise to power may be bad news for Yucca backers

The House of Death

Chávez rides on wave of Venezuela's economic growth

1,000 megawatts of wind power is on the drawing board in Maine (Portland Press Herald)

Since 1990, Maine has cut coal by 44%, raised reliance on gas by 223%

Nuclear criticality accident in Russia last 7 days, kills one technician.

Wow, by 2015 DOE has a goal of commercial sequestration at no cost.

A Satirical Savaging Of Global Warming Doubters Now On Huffington Post - See The Video There.

Seagrass Ecosystems At A 'Global Crisis'

Nepali gov't to distribute 60,000 solar lamps in western remote areas

Shutdown of EPA libraries worries scientists, advocates....

Qassam rocket lands in Negev; no casualties or damage

Palestinian killed in West Bank

With the recent claims of who own parts of the West Bank - What is the legal status of the WB & GS

Report: Israel's Olmert To Open Talks With Saudis

In Palestine, a Dream Deferred

Dutch bank divests holdings in J'lem light rail, cites settlements

OPT: The Agreement on Movement and Access one year on

Israel, Palestinian militants see ceasefire at risk (Reuters)

Israel approves completion of Lebanon pullout


Qatar 'to pay Palestinian wages' (BBC)

Israeli bulldozers destroy water well in Bethlehem

Gaza group warns women to cover heads

Most Pakistanis - 9-11 Was Inside Job

OK - here's an idea I have long held about the "cause" of 9/11 --

Peter Lance's new book Triple Cross

The NH phone jamming case: players, history.

Hart Intercivic eSlate machines switch votes and malfunction in many states

Sarasota Revote Rally Blogged on KOS

Why Elections Do Not Matter

Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 12/03/06 - HELP REVOTE FL-13

Paul Lehto: E-voting Gives Election Cheaters & Actual Conspiracies a Free Hand

MNF Iraq: (two) 13th SC(E) Soldiers killed in Al Anbar

The House of Death

AP: 6 militants, 3 others die in Iraq raids

Pinchers owner putting vegetable oil to good use with ‘Frymobile’

NYT: Polonium, $22.50 Plus Tax

UN agency warns Internet users of ID theft

Reid's rise to power may be bad news for Yucca backers

Death squads roam Baghdad's hospitals

Exodus from Iraq unsettles Mideast -- Neighbor states fear instability

CATHOLIC CHARITIES: Homeless who drink left out: Agency gives breath test to men seeking shelter

Venezuelan President Chavez set for election victory.....

Five Tons of C4 Explosives Stolen in Iraq

Lame-duck Congress may run out the clock

The House of Death

Leader of Baathist loyalists cites stringent conditions before any talks

Parks see spread of 'nature deficit disorder'

Adviser: Clinton actively weighs '08 bid

Poison spy probe moves to Moscow

Ex-KGB agent says he named spy suspect

Soldier killed by roadside bomb # 2891

LAT: Adviser Stephen Hadley: Bush Open to Rumsfeld Ideas

Sectarian Clashes in West Beirut Kill 1

Iraqi President Rejects Calls for Conference on War

Fred Barnes is absolutely insane (Misposted - move to General, please)

AP: 1st Openly Gay Congressman Memorialized (Studds)

De Facto Partition Takes Hold in Iraq

Kremlin is the 'biggest spy threat to London'

Plunging dollar will set world markets reeling

Clinton’s Talks With Democrats May Signal Bid for President

$10M CDC deal raises questions (AJC)

Afghan blast kills 3 in NATO convoy

Rumsfeld memo admits Iraq strategy failing

Breyer: Court should aid minority rights

Scientist Fights Church Effort to Hide Museum's Pre-Human Fossils

Annan: Iraq in civil war, worse than under Saddam

AP: War Widow Dedicates Wiccan Plaque Symbol

Chavez heads to reelection: exit pollster

UK poisoned spy probe widens to U.S. and Russia

F-16 pilot downed in Iraq listed as KIA

Weather keeps protesters (Fred Phelps) in Chicago

S Korea rejects second batch of US beef

American Legion Chief Alters Line On Service (Morin Led Legion Attack On Kerry's 10/30 Iraq Comment)

Scientist Fights Church Effort to Hide Museum's Pre-Human Fossils

(Liberal Party winner) Canada‘s Dion says he‘ll honor Kyoto

Theologian Hans Kueng assails President Bush

WSJ Editor on Bush's Iraq Strategy: 'I Don't Think He Has To Adjust'

Ga. lawmaker's wife appeals deportation

EDS to move jobs to India

Chile's Pinochet hospitalised after heart attack


Blind Faith's gonna be on PBS in less than an hour


Am I the only one who eats like this?

You know you've had too much to drink when.......

OPINION: Why is Britney flashing her cooter all over the place?

Holy shit, do i love The Decemberists

View From the Vault II 6-14-91

Which is the better Blink 182 splinter band: 'Angels and Airwaves' or '+44'

Okay this is my 2000th post

I can't decide whether this song is worth all the airplay it's getting on Sirius alt nation (LISTEN)

Okay, this is my 15972nd post

The Librarian: Quest for the Spear

Crabby Dicks

dupe for some damned reason . . .

You know what is good

Am I the only one who bleats like this?

I'm so tired of studying tonight.

Lisa's words of wisdom:

8 Count... U * * * C * * * L * * * A* * * UCLA FightFightFight!!!!

Forrest gives you the Elvis eye.

I'm so tired of being insomniac tonight...

I have so many good ideas, right now.

I think LaraMN is channeling me tonight

My husband says I have tog o to bed now (but I hid a slice of pizza in theden,)

So GoPsUx's thread has me wondering

"I don't like Mondays"- Boomtown Rats.

time for bed here.. g'nite DU where ever you are :) n/t

My bathroom is spotless, I'm up to 469 albums archived on my computer,

If I ever drink again, I wanna drink with LaraMN

It's 12:03am and I'm on the phone with the guy I like. Ask me anything!

Y'know what? I'm not mad at anyone, right now.

I think my head might be too small for my body.

Another random photoshop question

We MUST bookmark LaraMN's threads

Local paper's end of year music poll

I wish (____) would throw a cooter shot or two....

Happy birthday bushwentawol & HiberniasDaughter!!

More Dangerous Than Heroin ?.That's Right , Alcohol

You know what pisses me off?


Dr. Laura Schlessinger (imaginary transcript)

Post pics of a place that is near to your heart

Always give Hymie a helping hand!

Gosh I hate it when the body creaks and pops

Why DU I DU the Lounge only when I'm Drunk?

This is interesting.

Imitation crab at 3:00am, why not?

Gosh I hate it when the house creaks and pops


Dining in the Dark

LOL... Toon

Just in time for holiday feasting: The Lap-Band.

Socks for christmas present....

christmas lights

This is the funnest night in the Lounge since summer

Hey Lounge...

Pumpkin Ale...I lurve you....

did someone mention dr laura??--just in time for christmas!

Those little crispy frnch fried onions are the DEVIL!

More Dangerous Than Heroin ?.That's Right , Agitating

Top ten Signs Bush is having a bad Christmas

Those little crispy frnch fried anions are the DEVIL!


things you see on myspace that make you shoot your drink thru your nose....

I wonder if Skinner would let us

Robin Hood, Santa Clause & Stickin it to the Man - A Must Read!

does anyone remember that creepy burger king commercial....

For those of you who live and drive in Southern California, here is a tip:

Vogon Daily Poetry Thread (12/03/06)

Bears v. ViQueens

I'm off to the grocery story.

w00t! Cheesy Christmas-themed movies on Lifetime all day long!

Who just told me that I'd posted the best post they've seen in days?

Said at Friday night's party

Um- a clarification.

Is The Lounge usually this drunk on a Saturday night?

The Movie, "The Siege", Starring Denzel Washington, Annette Benning, and Bruce Willis

Cat location update

long term, cheap parking near Atlanta's Hartsfield airport?

Ok. I dare you to go wake up LaraMN.

I just watched An Inconvenient Truth

I've decided what I want to do for my new career. I want to be Bob Dylan's cook.

Britney Spears Exposure Haiku Thread

A cure for messy restrooms in mall stores.

Apparently, some people have headaches, this morning...

A few questions for Linux users

Important question for bakers of bread:

Need to scatter ashes (human friend) Anyone here with experience?

So how is it

Robert Goulet vs Neil Diamond

For my journal (please don't reply)

Does anyone really care what Gwenyth Paltrow really thinks???

my three kitties

Who else dresses up their dog in cold weather?

Update on the Confidentiality Issue: The former bookkeeper got arrested for grand theft

More Dangerous Than Heroin?.That's Right ,

Blue poinsettias, yea or nay?

Uh-oh. My fiance is having trouble igniting herself.

Any CA teachers here? I have a question about Clear Credentials.

Vikings at Bears - let's try this again!

More Dangerous Than Heroin ?.That's Right , PMS

Has anybody ever choogled on down to New Orleans?

The air is so dry and full of static electricity

Here are borders I think we need:



Woohoo! Just got a $250 gift card for Victoria's Secret via the E!

we have successfully completed the pagan ritual

U ........C .........LLLLLLLLL .... A!!!

I can't get my pilot light to start...

Very cool cam, African waterhole cam

Uh-oh. My furnace is having trouble igniting itself.

How can authorities track down the exact same shark that bit off a boy's leg in Australia?

From the matcom newsdesk: Sorority girls trash campus newspapers at university

What would happen if I flashed my bo or luke all over the place?

If you hate Avocado, you'll love Kraft Guacamole

A word of warning to people using bagged concrete

I fucking HATE Bob and his bullshit Enzyte.

I think there's something subliminal going on here, but I'm not sure

I'm now officially spoiled... I just got a new monitor...

MLA documentation experts...Question...

Blue poodles, yea or nay?

So Loungers, it's that time of the year again: Have you been naughty or nice this year?

I hate bowling

I think they should start inserting commercials in to books.

Its Sunday night and

Young Adult reluctant (HAH!) to work. What tactic would you use to motivate?

I have a mini canker sore. Owie.

Dinner With a Soldier Today

If you're a wee bit tired and have things to do, what's the best stimulant

The first time in my life I scratched a DVD

10 worst corporate URL domain list

I Love You, RevActs!! Just like Tommy lurves Lukas.

My good deed for the day: unlocking an old lady's car at the risk of my hand (her terrier)

BNL War On Drugs

Isn't my sig picture CUTE???

Congratulations NewWaveChick1981!! 10,000 posts

Picture of a holiday decoration you made.

Like, I'm from Pittsburgh, man. I don't know to many local dudes.

I'm having fun now!!!

Anyone ever try SmokeAway?

"You are number 453 on the list."

Man, the new Apples in Stereo album is SO good.

Geek Question Re: EAC rips.

I have this weird habit when reading books.

I'm leaving this Board

MA DUers - Join US & RICHIE HAVENS For A Friday Concert (INTIMATE)

The Sunday Rat Pic Thread

Grammar rant that seems apropos today

The Sunday Cat Pic Thread

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 12/03/06)

Who is your favorite fake plant sitter?

A sad day indeed.

Anyone want to help this poor little crippled Chihuahua?

More Dangerous Than Amused ?.That's Right.

What movie is this picture of Sean Connery from?

Whats your FAVORITE tv show?

Mama Kef's Getting Married!

What's more embarrassing?

I have "Helter Skelter" stuck in my head.

Would you rather have a thing, or an itt?

What's up with the pronunciation of "bosoms?"

I hear you're mad about Brubeck./I like your eyes, I like him too!

Can someone PLEASE post some hangover cures?

I have to throw one of you overboard. I'm sorry, but the Lounge is listing.


My wife must think I'm Macgyver, or something.


The OS Declaration of Independence

Noel Gallagher: 'Liam is The Icon Of The Nineties'

Who else dresses up their dog in garter belt and fishnet stockings?

Damn someone to Hell!!!

Not a type of crash you see everyday.

Tell us what you love about your SO (significant other)

That Penquin Movie "Happy Feet" was so scary and racist we had to leave

Well, this is 10,000th post... (dialup warning)

I can't log in to DU on my new laptop

Heads up on interesting gay documentary on Sundance Channel...

If this LTTE wasn't so damend scary, its inaccuracies would be hilarious...


The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for December 3: Let the games begin

Hey H2O man---you betting the Rocky fight?

Final BCS standings (after bowls): Big Ten 1, 2, 3?

"Journey Through Nine Dimensions" with Barbara Hand Clow & Gerry Clow

Molecules and Choice

Another download with Audio Visualizations:

Cross Post: Mama Kef's Getting Married!!!

"The Perception of God"- Kryon

Please rec and comment on my dKos diary about Kerry/McCain

And then there's just the brutally stupid:

So far weather looking good for Boston


We need to get John Kerry on Meet The Press. Email link below.

I hope net neutrality gets new Dem activists to open their eyes about what kind

John Kerry has been all over TV this week looking very Presidential.

Holy crap. What do you all think about this? (Amer. Legion's Morin)

Did anyone see this about Jim Webb and Congressional Dems ?

Obey - online photo scavenger hunt

Bring Hicks home

Doonesbury Straw Poll Uses Word 'Clusterfuck' As Possible Description Of Iraq

Is the Iraq War the

A Poem about Bush

Anyone want to help this poor little crippled Chihuahua?

Bush to ease rule limiting HIV-positive foreign visitors

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury (Iraq War Coverage)

Living in the 'hood.

Disgraceful: Shorter sentences handed down in criminal cases arising out of Iraq

Too cool, I start my day off with radfringe's gracefulness,

Dr. Laura Schlessinger (imaginary transcript)

Anyone know if anything ever happened with Laura Ingraham and her voter

2108 Democratic Presidential nominee

Which God is this paragraph discussing?

Pinochet will never pay for war crimes

Breaking from AP/SkyNews: Saddam has appealed death sentence

The Venezuelan election is today: here's hoping all goes well

CSPAN WJ caller: "White people not welcome at Univ. of Michigan's law school."

Dept. of ROTFLMFAO: Funniest comic strip panel of the day...

Caption Rummy!

Iraq mourns 60 bomb victims as US reviews tactics

Envoy: Rumsfeld memo part of Iraq review

Adviser: Clinton actively weighs '08 bid

"Bush May End Drilling Ban in Alaskan Bay"

Washington Journal: Fred Barnes wants * to "be bold"

Condo-leeeeeeeeezzzza.. (found some interesting pics of her today)..Here's one..enjoy

US forces kill six insurgents, two women, child

Faux: The Only Cable News Net To Lose Viewers Vs. Last November

Who do you think will be Time's Person of the Year?

Editorial: Leahy has historic opportunity

Hadley & Warner LYING Their ASSES OFF on Meet the Press

Unidirectional Separation [church/state] is no Separation at All

Late Edition on now. Kerry and Feinstein on later

Taliban says it shot down U.S. civilian chopper

CNN/Time: Can Bush find an exit?

Breaking on Skynews: Spokesman says Pinochet given Last Rites

CBS-Too bad there aren't any prominent Democrats around.

Taliban Truce in District of Afghanistan Sets Off Debate

Clinton’s Talks With Democrats May Signal Bid for President

Day 2: Reminder to all lurking Freeper types who have bought into the fear

Stick a fork in him ...he's done !

NYT: Polonium, $22.50 Plus Tax

Mideast Allies Near A State Of Panic (LA Times)

End is near in Babylon

Houston pro football lineman tasered by police - became 'verbally combative'


Why criminal habeas corpus matters so much...

The government we replaced the Taliban with is a great improvement

Watching Hadley on MTP, I think he might be Bush's genetic clone

Was It Me, Or Did timmy Kick hadley's Ass???

The 44th President is speaking on CNN Now

The Republicans Lost Iraq

"Eve of Destruction" on PBS

Next month the Dem's will have something much more powerful than the power of subpoena

TIME: * is "hung over" and ISG's work like a "family intervention for a substance-addicted cousin"

Did you see SCJ Steven Breyer hand Chris Wallace his ass?

Know what's refreshing in a post-Nov06 world on Sunday cable shows?

Death squads roam Baghdad's hospitals

CSPan 1 a Palestinian journalist

Democracy is Only One Part of Freedom

Iraqi Shiite with Iran ties to visit Bush

Join the Army and blow stuff up remotely!

Learning to live with the Ayatollahs

John Gibson/Capt. Pike - Separated at Birth?

I can't log in to DU on my new laptop

I would love to know the timeline of Rumsfeld's memo re: Iraq

a 9/11 poll - my nephew is writing a paper for school, please participate

Paul Gigot: lunatic moran or idiot optimist?

Do you suppose Rummy was really just acting on Shrub's orders?

Now that Rumsfeld has split with the Prez....

Five Tons of C4 Explosives Stolen in Iraq

E&P: Five Sunday Washington Post op-eds set off debate: Is Bush Worst President Ever?

Would John F. Kerry Make a.....

Pentagon Spied On Quakers, Peace Activists And Veterans

Scandal At Volkswagen - With Prostitutes and Shady Executives, There's No Love Left in this Bug

Jimmy Carter speaking up for Palestine on MTP now.

Parks see spread of 'nature deficit disorder'

Bush promises graceless exit from Iraq.

Illegals Aliens ripped off,Thought they were buying American Indian membership

That post at the top on the Gadflyer is hilarious

What is a good prescription discount plan?

RW Wiki update

Let's list the things Bush has done to make the lives of people better.

Did everyone see this picture of Rumsfeld?

Does anyone really care what Gwenyth Paltrow really thinks???

Scientific American Discovers Technocorrections


Need to scatter ashes (human friend) Anyone here with experience?

Mideast allies near a state of panic (LA Times)

Is THIS taking things TOO FAR?

NYT: Polonium, $22.50 Plus Tax

What Is Bill Clinton doing?

Clint Van Zandt: A Man for All Catastrophes at MSNBC!

Dell...understating earnings?

How can authorities track down the exact same shark that bit off a boy's leg in Australia?

This may very well be the death knell for NOLA

Do donor stars on DU expire?

Dying Without Trial: Torture/Murderer Pinochet is on his deathbed.

Rep Steve King (R) - 12 Americans Are Killed Every Day By "ILLEGAL" & "LEGAL" Immigrants

Post Rapture message delivered for only $5.99

Keith Olbermann and Socratic Democracy

Anyone noticing the new attack ads against NET NEUTRALITY popping up?

Who is the bad guy/gal the one who illusions us in the first place or the one who disillusions us?

Muslim elected to congrees wants to swear in on the Koran, wingers flip out!

Balt Sun: "Ratings Rise With Olbermann Anger" (Great Olbermann Interview)

Where did the "reality based world" quote come from in reference

Chairman Dean's 2006-2008 strategy

Now on C-Span2: Karen Armstrong: Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time

need that picture of the Hawaii gov swearing in with the Torah

2898 Reasons Why the DSM is Important

another katrina victim found

Since I usually post to GD

Repubs want accountability????

Mandate for Peace: National Call-In Day tomorrow....

Polls Close In Venezuela With Chavez Clear Favourite

Long article on Cheney's authoritarian tendencies

My sister asked me to remove her W sticker from her SUV

It's time to withdraw troops

RW father finally turned on the war

***President Carter on CSPAN2 * 12pm * LIVE***

Bush Twins Invade Iraq - satire by Andy Borowitz...

Richards 'to apologise in person'

Even if you think Venezuela is bad

Yay! Rasmussen's survey.

I need some names

My response to an editorial hit piece

Seven More U.S. Troops Killed In Iraq While Bush Dithers

Has the Vice Presidency been ruined forever?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Sun. 12/3 - Swan Lake it's not

Next time there is a major protest, the protesters ought to hire security...

Fred Barnes is absolutely insane

FBI Eavesdropped By Activating the Microphone of a Cellphone Which Was Turned Off

Why Did Bush Invite Abdelaziz Al-Hakim (Mr. Death Squad) To Washington?

Any CA teachers here? I have a question about Clear Credentials.

A Swamp of Bribes - Siemens Forced to Battle Internal Corruption

Any news about the Venezuelan election?

Guilty for Peace by Cindy Sheehan

Why Rummy was fired

Corporate Media, apply directly to the forehead!

HAHAHAHAHA! How will Laura explain all the clipped out places in today's WP?

Shadow's Taxicab reports: Think the military isn't having recruitment issues?

Relative intelligence of Americans and Europeans


Impeachment Is Like The Final Stages Of A Serious Chess Game

Exit pollster says Chavez heading to reelection

Petition asking Senator Clinton to not run for Pres. Please sign if you agree.

MEXICO: Another reporter in Veracruz found murdered

AP: Women Face Emotional Wounds Of War

CANNONFIRE: Here's how to remove Bush and Cheney

A stake in New Orleans' heart?

LINK: Kmart's $15 "90 Day Generics" program; 94 meds in formulary

TOON: At home with Nate the Necoconservative

Don't let them start blaming Dems for Iraq!

Al Gore/An Inconvenient Truth....

Cat Stevens on CBS Sunday, with new album - An Other Cup

What, Me Worry? ---pix--->>>

My letter published on George Will (re: his column calling Jim Webb a boor)

National Commander of the American Legion caught lying about Vietnam service

Toons - Civil War or Not Videographer Just ARRESTED IN OAXACA


The 300 pound gorilla re:Bush

Personal story about bringing a fundy around--How a boy becomes a man

US Media not reporting: The House of Death (Guardian)

Who's the most annoying (non-Faux) TV "news" personality?

Police: Teen killed after vehicle hit with eggs

My Friend my Brother Veteran Randy Barnes has been called to Heaven


San Francisco Citizens' Demand for Impeachment to be Formally Certified

The interesting thing about Clark is that

I support the concept of "off-shoring" to reduce wage expense.

Net neutrality issue's gonna explode - list your MUST READ SITES for SOLID reporting.

DU's Favorite Senator?

"Chavez anticipates crushing election win "

Lee Hamilton (Dem Guru) Says...America must accept "Dirty Money."

If Al Gore runs in 2008--may I suggest that my fellow DUers visit Bob Somerbys archives.

Braced by a freeper at my local American Legion.

Giving credibility to the same organizations who pushed for the war, is insane.

What if Bush is completely, totally, utterly bat shit crazy

ARTICLE: Independent Women Can Choose to 'Date Down'

There are a lot of great Democrats running for President...

setting aside all the parsing, triangulating, cult worship, etc., do you agree:

Why on earth did Arizona re-elect Jon Kyl?

Johnny Carson as a politician taking a lie detector test....

Spitting Image: The Ronnie and Nancy Show (political satire from the 80's)


Happy Xmas (War Is Over) John Lennon

Impeachment 2007 - A Constitutional Duty...*graphic warning*...

Judy Garland-have yourself a merry little christmas

Evan Bayh Solutions For Iraq

Goodnight Saigon (song/video) And it's happening all over again:-(

Anti-Recruitment Ad #2: Runner

War on Christmas - repost

Pt 1/4 - Go Hallibruton Go, other 3 within...

Barack Obama on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1)

Hold Them Accountable (Full Length)...*graphic warning*...

Mosh Continued ...

Mad World

Randi Rhodes vs. The Chickenhawk...

Rumsfeld and Bush charged with War Crimes...

Nightline on Jefferson's (D-LA) personal use of Army during the flood

Just how well is the Republican Party ??

FBI taps cell phone mic as eavesdropping tool

Seriously- what is with all the prez nom 2008 threads?

Kick him to the dungeon of complete, utter incompetence

Time Magazine Cover - Boots, Rifle, Helmet Memorial

Be A Recount Observer For Mary Jo Kilroy/Deb Pryce In Columbus, Ohio!

Obama could even be a Supreme Court Justice

More pictures from Arlington Miami.....a tombstone tribute.

Meet The Press.: Carl Levin ,Jimmy Carter: Love these Men!!!

"That’s cut and run. And as the president has said, cut and run is not his cup of tea"

My Talking Points - Rumsfeld Memo

Denver Tries to Sell New Look to Democrats for '08 Convention

Those who were against the IWR are the only true LEADERS

Should the Democrats make alternative energy the cornerstone of the 2006-2008 term?

Annan:"When we had the strife in Lebanon...we called that a civil war -- this is much worse."

John Kerry supports our troops- & VA can't handle Iraq War Veterans

"J'accuse!" or "Just get over it "

What's with all the recent black and white thinking on DU?

Howard Dean off to Europe ~ Will announce '08 Dem Convention location upon return!

The most honorable plan that Democrats can come up with for withdrawing from Iraq

Forget Hillary: Gov. Kathleen Sebelius Dammit!!!!

Hillary tells top democrats she is likely to run and asks for their support

Mitch McConnell: 'This is the kind of guy you have working for you'

Why doesn't Dean get more credit for midterm victory?

Adios all you good folks going back to work in DC.

Is Michael Richards' alleged heckler entitled to financial compensation?

2008 General Election Choice: Chuck Hagel vs Hillary Clinton

So what if Obama's middle name is Hussein? John McCain's full name is

Rumsfeld "shocking" public relations memo

Hagel and Lieberman on Face the Nation

loathe Nader? champion Lieberman?

***Should foreign lobbies operating in United States be banned?***

John Kerry on CNN’s Late Edition (TRANSCRIPT & VIDEO)

A little tribute to Judy Dean's courage in being who she is.

Jimmy Carter LIVE-C-span 2

It's Not Maple Syrup Dean's Out Selling

If Hillary is the nominee we LOOSE in 08 plain and simple

I... rather.... like Hilary.

Obama or Hillary?

Why does every thread complimentary to Dean get hijacked?

Censorship and bigotry on this board and society in general

If Hillary Is Our Nominee

The IWR: Who knew what and Bush's manipulation of the evidence

Should the U.S. withdraw from the World Trade Organization