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Archives: December 30, 2006

Chris Floyd: Rope Trick:Burying America's Collusion With Saddam

Human Rights Watch :: Hanging After Flawed Trial Undermines Rule of Law

Warming may change Amazon, By MICHAEL ASTOR - AP

Racketeer loses his swagger

InterPress: Saddam Execution Set to Destabilize Iraq Further

Robert Fisk: A dictator created then destroyed by America

Comments on the death penalty for Saddam

Saddam Hussein: Made in the USA

U.S. networks face quandary over Saddam execution

Pls. Delete. nt

Police officers indicted for murder in New Orleans


Military families weigh Saddam execution


Pictures of Ayles Ice shelf collapse

Israel's dominance may be going into slow reversal

Palestinian And Israeli Soccer Stars Play Together In Annual "Peace Game"

Feds fail workers hurt by outsourcing (a real piss-you-off special)

(CBS) Exclusive: Unabomber's Secret Code Cracked

Apple Says Options Probe Exonerates Executives

Gas prices more than $3/gallon?

Saddam Hussein has been executed (with his half-brother): Raw Story

CNN: Saddam Hussein executed at 5:57 AM Baghdad time (9:57 EST)

CBS: Taliban Leader Vows To Force U.S. Out

Reid seeks better US-Bolivia Relations

WP: Iraq Expels 2 Iranian Agents Captured in U.S. Operation

Security Effort by Coast Guard Is Falling Short

NYT: With Hussein Dead, Iraqis Consider Fate of His Body

AP: Search for Human Remains Expands at WTC

U.S. judge weighs Saddam request

Latest news: Saddam was executed.

Iraqi-Americans pray for Saddam's death

Mystery Billionaire Pays $200 M in Back Taxes (Keeps CA afloat!)

Most Americans Want Public Policies to Prevent Obesity

I Am Chopped and Well Done

F--- Netflix -- did they up the fees?

Posted on Kos - our wounded troops need calling cards!

MiniMandaRuth talks too damn much.

Ariana Celeste...please PM me I need to tell you something about yoru case

Rabrrrrrr is secretly wanting a cookie!

Dang! Just had to tear my entire PC down...

So I bought a hose today.

So, I bought a horse today

So I bought a blouse today.

So, I bought a spouse today

So I bought a mouse today

OMG! SVU marathon on USA now!

Friday afternoon thread (evening for those of you not in PST)

OK, I might as well get all of it done in one thread!

MiniMandaRuth says cookies are delicious.

Why do I never get nekkid pics in my PM?

My waiter has made a platterful of grilled gerbil sandwiches

So I bought a spouse today

So I bought a Grouse today.

Why do I keep getting naked chicks P.o.'d at me?

There must be a high speed chase in our area

Friday Night I have no life picture thread.

So Rumsfeld is giving the president his daily briefing

So If I Had A Taser, I MIght Have Used It Tonight!

Please, keep this kicked... very important

Wanna know what's AWESOME?

colorado couple sells snow on ebay

30th Birthday Food Porn!!!

I keep sending nekkid pics to RetroLounge

Today I saw a magnetic ribbon that said "Support Lap Dancing"

I must be getting ill - I feel like a corporate shill:

Hey, everybody! It's the 15th anniversary of my 30th birthday!

I am a hose... Ask me anything!

Pet photo thread redux! Since I missed the earlier one...

All right--computer geeks who know Windows XP Home, please help!

Why do I keep getting naked pics PM'd to me?

I'll admit it - I'm not afraid. I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE MEAT.

I'm Running To The Shore

Any Texas DUers ever been to Baker's Ribs??

ariana Celeste...READ your PM important

My employer shorted me by quite a few hours on my last check.

Why does coke (cola) taste different in the glass than it does out of the bottle?

Recommend a film in which DUers may have appeared.

A question of etiquette

I'm Running To The Spore


Just once, I want to be let into my hotel room and order Dom Perignon '57 and caviar.

marriage made in heaven?

By request: a recipe for Chicken and Walnut soup.

I sound like the hybrid of an old lady smoker and a robot.

My husband has made a platterful of grilled cheese sandwiches

The ULTIMATE fortune cookie...

That's it. I'm crackin' one.

Who is worse------Saddam, Shrub, or SINATRA?

Recommend a film in which DUers may have peed.

Recommend a film in which DUers may have peered.

I got cocky this holiday and stayed at home at night in the museum this week. Ask me anything.

End of '06 Gratitude List:

I was so disgusted with the media tonight, i went to Ebay and bought

Never mind...found it...

Godiva dark chocolate and Gumdale Reserve Shiraz

I purchased 2 packages of Melissa's Vegetarian Black-Eyed Peas today...

Wildebeests at the watering hole...

Any one been to Tulum / Riviera Maya

Nearly spent (can't, sorry)

I want that eclair... but there's no room in my stomach

Recommend a film at which DUers may not have sneered

Video: LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS - Let's Pull A Party

Update: I've polished off a bottle of Blackstone Sauvignon Blanc and...

Friday Night I have no lights picture thread

Recommend a femme at which DUers may have leered.

That shape is my shame. There. Where I used to stand.

Hey Macarena!

I have an irresistible urge to Limerick

I am wondering if LaraMN ever found that piece of pizza she hid the other night!

All of you men going through naked pic withdrawal - STOP IT! STOP IT NOW!

I'm mad at LaraMN

How many people here can drive the Electra Glide?

OMG!!! Texas Tech WINS!!!

Reverbing. Would this be considered reverbing?

Need to vent (rant, sorry)

Will someone, for the love of all that is good, pour me a drink?

Why is it, when you need people the most...

Young-ish ladies or *really* special men; would you ever consider being a surrogate?

A cat in a basket.

RetroLounge just told me he was getting too many nekkid pics

So I guess I need to get a housewarming gift for flvegan.

I'm watching Superman returns and here are my first impressions:

What football game (if any) will you be watching New Year's Day?

Bring it on !!!

How many people here can use the Astro Glide?

I'm Running To The Store

Guess what I'm doing on New Year's Eve?

I Thought this was a topless bar

BREAKING: Francisco Franco hanging tough in his struggle to remain dead...

Regifting. Would this be considered regifting?

I keep checking my Pm's yet still no naked chicks!! Retro has all the luck!

Aquarium advice needed

Guess what almost all the threads on GD are about!

How many people here can do the Electric Slide?

DU Late Nite Music Club

Why does the cat only knead the comforter when I'm under it?

Do The Hustle!!!

Hey Loungers! I may need some help staying awake tonight! So Kick Me!

So what's Jerry Haleva going to do now?

So, how will you be ringing in the New Year?

I saw Rocky, The Holiday and Night at the Museum this week. Ask me anything.

NASA considering human mission to asteroid (CNN/

Terps 24 - Boilermakers - 7


This is sooooooo cool:

Tornado over Crawford, Texas the day Saddam is executed.

Anyone have the facts re this allegation?

OT: Hagel is out? And not running for Senate?

The rehashing of 2004 and Iraq continue

Net Neutrality -- anyone know what Kerry will do as chairman?

Diary about the Winter Soldier movie (mentions Kerry)

Hooray for Lawrence O'Donnell!!!!!!!!!!!

Im horrified about what our kids are about to face.

Ariana Celeste...please PM me I need to tell you something about yoru case

Healing the nation

Thanks for the memories, Saddam. We've got him. We've always had him.

***DUzy Awards for week ending December 29, 2006***

CNN: 2 Arabic-language TV networks reporting Hussein could be executed within the hour

The Irrelevance Of Joe Lieberman

It's the Big Countdown on CNN....

Swamp Rat. Step into my office.

Anyone listening to Edwards on Hardball?

Al-Iraqiya talking about Saddam repeatedly.

Family Says Soldier Likely Committed Suicide in Iraq

CNN: "This Week at War"

Chris Mathews is such a blowhard whore

AFA Ford Boycott

what Scaramella tells us about Berlusconi's Italy (occult, dirty tricks, corruption involved)

No, I do not want to see Saddam's execution on my tv!

how much you wanna bet Bush gets a 'souvenir' from the hanging?

Didn't Nixon also say: "Don't hate your enemies..."

Someone should start a site: "TWEETYWATCH"

It's the weekend, and it's Sadam-orama everywhere you look.

I just feel depressed today.

Thanks for the Memories. Saddam - We've got him. We've always had him.

George W. Bush: Using the lives of our troops, and our treasury ,

Note regarding Saddam, Reagan, Rumsfeld

Funny how we're supposed to accept so many things in Iraq which we wouldn't tolerate here at home

Sen. Boxer Recalls Award to Muslim Activist

I love Keith, but

September 3, 2001... It's been a fantastic 8 months.

"Earthlink is losing alot of emails"

Battling Bush's Enemies In Iraq

One potential big problem with Saddam hanging

*IF* this surge is "temporary"

FOX News is peeing all over themselves about execution.

Saddam will be his victims. Let's review.......

Saddam Letter Urges Iraqis Not to Hate

No one will be happier than Rummy

Geez, the media is absolutely giddy about Saddam's execution...

I suggest that those of you with access to BBC

The BushFuehrer Disconnect: Celebrating the Holiday with an Execution

OH MY GOD. this is HUGH!.. CNN will cut into a commercial

Pa. soldier dies of wounds weeks after being injured in Iraq.

The Joke That Will Be Called "Bush's Plan"

Saddam Hussein will be hanged before dawn on Saturday in Iraq, before 6 a.m. (10 p.m. Friday ET)

How about a Gore/Edwards ticket?

CNN: Saddam will be executed by 10:00 PM EST, within a half hour.

A very sad day for America. GWB allowed or orchestrated a deep crime against humanity

Saddam's execution accomplishes zilch, nothing!

File this under: "You can't make this stuff up"...

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, "... trial was illegal."

Let's atart a list: the first thing I want the Cabinet under a Democratic

PBS' "Washington Week", the year in review, is great tonight.

Saddam execution: Think about it

I just wish Saddam had spilled the beans on the US aid he received before now.

Saddam has to hang. Bush wants his souvenir.

"No man is an island, entire unto itself:

this image says it all

Don't we have an official "Saddam Death Watch" thread yet?

Coming Soon! (after Saddam's hangin').....Another season of "24"

The only people more excited about Saddam's hanging than the Shia and Kurds are the Iranians.

Dawn comes at 7:06 in Baghdad; It is now 6:05 AM CLOCK TICKING HERE

U.S. officials urge vigilance against any possible terrorist attacks

"Well, if I have to leave, I'll just burn down the house..."

2205 EST.... did they git er done?

Ask not what your country can do for you...

A holiday hanging tradition

CNN reports Saddam was executed 10 minutes ago.

Al Hura TV -- Saddam Was Executed 9:55 PM EST

U.S. judge denies Saddam's 11th-hour appeal; may hang within the hour

Holy cow! Saddams lynching knocked the really big story off the MSM headlines today

Saddam murdered by BFEE - let's get the facts straight n/t

If I see an image of Saddam's corpse, I am thinking of declaring myself stateless

Robert Baer: " Making a Martyr Out of Saddam"

Saddam's military promoter worked for the Bush administration. The Dan Pipes Story

Goldilocks and the Greenhouse (A NON SADDAM THREAD)

If you have Direct T.V.....hit info on CNN. Creepy.

Is the female reporter on Cnn in Bagdad in front of the can fire safe?

And the media circus begins

one iraqi tv station said it happened 10 minutes ago

Saddam was basically a manufactured enemy.

So NOW can we get the fuck out of Iraq?

Sick, just sick...

MSNBC / Saddam execution - did you see the X-mas trees behind the correspondent?

This is truly barbaric. Like bad children and stupid tribes.

The Execution: Anyone else thinking of Naked Lunch?

my dad asked me earleir tonight

How can we justify killing another human being?

$20 says the Nutsack is on the phone with Poppy now...

Will It Be Saddam Or One Of Those Body Doubles He Always Used?

Can we go home now? This could give bush political cover

THOU SHALT NOT KILL...unless your death satisfies our baser natures.

What kind of mania will be aroused among the "pro-hanging" folks once Saddam is dead?

Remember, they go in threes

Drudge is flipping out. He has two sirens going now! eom

Remember Peter Arnett? Fired by NBC after interviewing Saddam. He was on CNN at 9:55pm ET

The Silver Lining, if there could possibly be one

does this make a trifecta of dead famous people?

BBC cannot confirm

I MIGHT "celebrate" Osama's execution

Did MSNBC just dredge up the claim about Saddam kicking out the inspectors?

BREAKING NEWS: Foreign news is reporting Saddam has been hanged...

Okay, they are going to kill Saddam. Now what?

Laura/Pickles----------BAR THE DOORR!!!1 n/t

Who is worse------Saddam, Shrub, or SINATRA?

In the meantime, we're on the cusp of another very sorry milestone in Iraq....

If we are going to execute Saddam for "death and rape"

Check for duplicates, indeed...

Do the families of 3000 dead US soldiers get their loved one back now that Saddam's dead?

Are there Christians here who support Saddam's execution?

This is the kind of quote that reeks with irony and hypocrisy.

The Devil rejoiced...

Michael Moore's take:

OK Bush, now go get Osama bin Laden!

Think Shia/Sunni split is big?...

Alright everybody, quiet down about Saddam Hussein

Okay, which sovereign leader is Bush gonna execute next?

Saddam dead and it only cost us 3,000 dead American kids! Mission Accomplished!

kelly odonnell sucks no text

Let's see what kind of statement Bush makes tomorrow.

BREAKING: Francisco Franco hanging tough in his struggle to remain dead...

Who will Rumsfeld shake hands with now that Saddam is dead?

Front Cover Up At CNN: SADDAM HUSSEIN 1937-2006

Saddam has been executed.

Thoughts on Kevin Trudeau and his Natural Cures book?

Delete - accidental dupe

So Saddam Hussein has been executed....

Sunday Times: Iraqi gov't thought a group might help Saddam escape

Aldous Huxley was right:

History channel and religion: They are

Regardless of how it came about, justice is justice

Why do I keep recalling that old WWII film clip of Hitler dancing a little jig? Why tonight,

OH MY- "The Americans want him to be hanged respectfully"

When is OBL, the 9/11, planner going to get justice?

Who's Going to Wake up George Jr....tonight.

Saddam's death = Chris Rock's "O.J. Prize"

I Had To Switch From CNN When They Talked About "Dancing On Graves," And

Can we go home now?...

So now, the question is: Have they created a martyr out of Saddam Hussein?

"Saddam's execution marks the end of a dark period of Iraq's history."

Why in the World do them GOPers think they can REBOUND and ressurect

smirky will be dying to grin from ear to ear when he talks on TV

How dare Saddam's death upstage Ford's!!!!!!

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

"Saddam: The death of a dictator." A fascinating article by Juan Cole.

"Is there something ghoulish about this?" Larry King has the nerve

Bush blames Iraq's instability on Hussein not the continued US occupation - March 29, 2006

Saddam can be tried in absentia for the other crimes he has committed

Meanwhile the Crawford Coward Hid in His Own Private Tornado Shelter on his "Ranch" Today

So Sadam is dead

World laughing at US: Mahathir

If Saddham had been executed before the midterm elections,

looking for the 1939 cartoon that was nominated for a nobel peace prize

So With saddam Dead, How Will Our Soldiers Fare?

Mission Accomplished! We can go home now?

The Execution Sure Brought Out The Barking Mad Freepers....

Killing people to show that killing people is wrong.

Yeah, Saddam was a very bad man but didn't he serve a purpose holding Iraq together?

saddam is dead

Do you really believe your government? I mean really?

Avert your eyes from the President!


Who has caused more people to be killed; Saddam or Bush?

My step-dad as a good point re: Saddam

They Danced On Saddam's body

OK...people are dancing around the soon... (CNN)

anyone watching Fox snooze? bet they are the first to show pictures

If Ford had been elected to a second term

What??? No grave dancing????

Friday Night at the TOONS

"The guilty will stand trial." DA Nifong, 3/06, CBS Early Show

Disgusting, appalling, infurtiating.

Clearing cedar in a thunderstorm (georgie)

Now tell me this isn't all planned ahead of time

Good night DUers: Here's Nietzsche for Bush

I Shed No Tears For Saddam

A question on Saddam's execution

Rope Trick:Burying America's Collusion With Saddam

Quote of the year from James Baker III

So for all of those rejoicing at the death of Saddam

I have no opinion on Saddam's guilt or innocence

god please help humanity - they are very sick n/t

Do you feel safer now that Saddam Hussein is dead?

Saddam Hussein - rest in piss.

Is the Internet really different than MSM?

Public Service Announcement: It's still the holidays. Chill the hell out.

Saddam just got hanged for signing 148 death warrants - Bush signed 152 death warrants

BBC: Shrub left instructions NOT TO WAKE HIM WHEN SADDAM EXECUTED...

Elder-Care Costs Deplete Savings of a Generation

I am a Clark supporter but I think Edwards is going to win

Just got an email from Cindy Sheehan

The Death of Saddam is not worth 3000 Brave US Soldiers

Iraqis in Dearborn Michigan Dance in The Streets

Just a Word

Gerald Ford: George&Barbara Lied To Religious Right-"I Know Damn Well That They're Both Pro-Choice"

Sometimes, when you hunt a monster, you become one (my take on Saddam)

Making a Martyr Out of Saddam - Time (Robert Baer)

If Hitler were alive today, would you be against hanging him?

Saddam Hussein: Open Letter to the American People

Execution of Saddam... "so what do we do after?"

"Dead President. WAR IS OVER. Regime Changed, George H. W. Bush Finally Safe"

Hey, GW

Check on YouTube, as there was a film made of it, per BBC

NYT: Infamous ‘Drop Dead’ Was Never Said by Ford

Saddam was a madman, who gassed his own people, who had rape rooms,

Forget Bush Admin Crimes & Applaud The Swinging Corpse Of The Dictator We Created (by Robert Fisk)

Book TV Schedule: December 30th - January 2nd

I get damned angry when I see posts at DU that attempt to trivialize the truly monstrous

Republican National Convention 2004 in 3 minutes

From the movie 1984: The Two-Minute Hate

We finally got the guy behind 9/11, right?

"There is no compensation for the dense, black cloud of fear that hangs over the head of every Iraqi

Who can vote in the primaries, and how is that done? I know it's early,

America media hungry for the hanging of Saddam

Gov. Hugh Carey of New York - Opinions?

Awwww, How Very Sweet... Tweety Really Likes John Edwards!

Bush's Reign Leaves Destruction Behind


Tonight must be erection central for Junior Bush

Saddam Hussein's execution is now a _MAJOR_ violation of the Geneva Convention!

an iraqi blogger on saddam`s soon to be hanging.....

I urge anyone who's not sure about Obama's qualifications/experience to read "Dreams from my Father"

Where's Rummy?

Photo alert on Yahoo:

Could this be why Bush put off making his 'new' plans for Iraq known earlier?

I Feel Sorry For John Edwards. I Really Do.

Democrats to revisit detainee issues (AP/CNN)

Brownback has dropped out of the Presidential race!!

Saddam Hussein has been hanged!

Edwards resigns as head of UNC poverty center

I do not mourn Saddam Hussein , but the Death Penalty is still wrong...

DAMN!! Sadaam was hanged before the second trial so much...

I feel sick. Is there any going back? Can we ever redeem our reputation?

How much direct control did the US have over when/if Hussein would be executed?

CNN & Anderson Cooper Will Give Fair Warning To Us Before We View Saddam

I have no clue who I will support in the primaries

I changed my mind, we need to move towards impeachment even if we do not have enough votes

How can our F***ing President not go to a former President's funeral??


Living in America’s Fringe Economy

The Disrespect for Truth has Brought a New Dark Age

Now We're Killing Grandmothers. (Mysterious Death of Army Major)

Experts on Iraq react to the execution of Saddam Hussein

Toll Of Australian Drought - 46 Cubic Kilometers Of Freshwater, Mapping Project Shows - AAP

Met Scientist On Climate - "The More We Look, The More Positive Feedbacks We Find" - Independent

Indonesian Rains & Flooding May Push Palm Oil Production Below Biofuel Demand - Financial Express

BBC Summary Of 2006 Climate Policy - Lots Of Talk And Practically No Action

Questions Surround Deaths Of Thousands Of Birds At Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan

Red Tide Suspected In SW Florida Seabird Epidemic, Dieoff - News-Press

Brazilian Meteorologist - Warming May Transform Amazon Forests To Savannah By 2100 - SMH

Ohio State Team Uncovers Evidence Of Warming In Changing Midge Populations In Mountain Areas

Driest Year On Record In Perth - Western Australia - AAP

Kids Help Ecologist Replant In Japan, Turning Away From Monoculture - Asahi Shimbun

Travel Habits Must Change to Make a Big Difference in Energy Consumption

Why are we making Saddam a martyr?

The malignancy of bush science...

The disturbing way evidence from the WTC was handled

BBC2 to run documentary about 9/11 conspiracy theories

Building a collection of books.

Remember the antenna that was on top of WTC 1?

This is an excellent interview!!!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sat. Dec. 30, 2006

Where is everybody?

Human Rights Watch :: Hanging After Flawed Trial Undermines Rule of Law

Breaking CNN: Indonesian ferry goes down with 500 to 800 passengers aboard.

(Missoula) Peace sign to make comeback

Saddam done...

TIME: Making A Martyr Out Of Saddam

Blairs blend in on Beach holiday

Bomb kills 15 in Iraqi fish market

NYT: U.S. Official Overseeing Oil Program Faces Inquiry

Four hurt in Madrid airport bomb, caller says ETA

NY Times: Justice investigating whether Interior officials steered oil-trading contracts to favorite

MNF Iraq: Bomb blast strikes Baghdad patrol (2 incidents, 2 dead)

Police say car bomb kills 15, wounds 25 in northwest Baghdad

December deadliest month for Iraqi civilians

European Union report: Private media in Venezuela very biased towards opposition

U.S. Company Selects Malaysia For Opening Office

Update: 79 dead in Iraq violence Saturday

WP/AP: Opponents Of Law on Detainees Rebuffed: Judges Reject Brief On a Technicality

Four men living in UK accused of Rwanda genocide

Reuters: Manila bows to U.S. over custody of convicted rapist

Bush: Execution Will Not Halt Violence

Scarlett, author of the Iraq war dossier, is knighted

Human rights groups denounce 'victor's justice' execution

Marine charged in connection to killings says he's saddened

U.S., Iran praise execution of Saddam

Saddam likely to be buried in secret - official(will not give body to daughter)

MSNBC Breaking: Ferry with 850 aboard sinks off Java coast, navy commander says

Execution will hold up to scrutiny, expert says

Trounced at Polls, Kansas GOP Is Still Plagued by Infighting (WP)

NYT: House Democrats to Object to Florida Election Outcome

(14 Massachusetts) Legislators counter-sue (anti-gay) marriage group

Tax forms mailed with Soc. Sec. numbers

Democrats vow to restore political integrity (radio address)

Saddam's body flown to hometown-lawyer says

Siachen glacier melting fast due to military activity: study

Ford, Microsoft team up on tech

Ford’s body arrives in nation’s capital

FCC OK's buyout of BellSouth by AT&T

Hanging Saddam "barbaric" - top EU official

MSNBC Breaking: Explosion rocks parking lot at Madrid airport

Univ. Texas rethinks Confederate statues

***DUzy Awards for week ending December 29, 2006***

I am wondering if KitchenWitch ever found that piece of pizza I hid in her car engine.

Ya know what I hate?

Shameless, wonton flirting thread #2

Shameless wonton flirting thread.

Sometimes I just like to eat croutons.

that's nuthin' sometimes I just eat bacon bits

How many people her can do THe SLip N' Slide?

I am surprised at the lack of bagels and lox tonight!

Tonight's brew: Pickled Santa

Like billyskank, I'm going to post a "Good night" thread.

Surprised we are not on level 2 or 3 yet.

I think some kind of spectre broke into my den asnd backwashed in my bottle of water.

If RIchie Sambora wanted to borrow my staple gun, I would not let him.

Shameless, wanton flirting thread

Oh dear, now I've done it

what is it with all the floppy hats?

OK, then guess this DUer

If You Just Went To GD or GDP, Tell Us Here:

Buy bread, Left is Write!

Who is this DUer?

Greetings from New Hopeville Iowa:

Nkorho Pan watering hole - what are these lovelies? Gazelles?

Anyone else here remember Sunblind Lion?

How many people here can do the Bump 'N' Grind?

What is with all the copydogs?

What is with all the copypigs?

For everyone who is reeling from holidays with family:

Audio Technology Question

Is there a Hamburger Hall of Fame?

Sure are a bunch of threads started often

Tons of them

So, Norfolk Pines, how the heck do I save them?

Jeebus H Pryce!

What is with all the copycats?

Guitar Hero II

Saddam's done...

I'm postin' just for fun!

Scared of Santa pics.. some of these are hysterical


Guess the DUer!

What is with all the copykittens?

Well, I am done post-whoring

This is the Olestra appreciation thread!

Just had a serious blowout with the family...

Ding dong the witch is dead......

judo vs karaté - cats

Any computer/printer pro's around- help me save some $$$!

Anybody read this book? Has it happened already?

If Mr. Writer doesn't stop playing computer games, I am personally going to melt every inch of snow

What do you tell your friends when they are having guy troubles?

Melatonin: Have you tried it? Good/bad results?

Noel: Minnesota boy.

GD isn't faring too well still. Anybody think 'Vicarious' feels appropriate?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 12/30/06)

I'm watcing this reality series about the Gottis on A&E right now.

BREAKING: Jazz on 89.1 WEMU.ORG !

OMFG I actually saw one!

Anyone care to help me identify a melody?

Do you ever use "Expand Threads"? Whoa Nellie!

So now you have to take off your shoes to go see a concert?!?!?!

New Bush joke

How many people here can see the Astro Glide?

Christmas e-cards PISS ME OFF.


The things kids say...

BBC: 100 Things We Didn't Know This Time Last Year

BREAKING -- Gene Rayburn still dead (may he rest in peace)...

Where the hell is winter?

Photoshop banners (i got bored)

Men Served Fries Doused in Oven Cleaner

Saturday, December 30. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Do you have a third nipple?

Go see "The History Boys"! Terrific movie!


Blood diamond or Babel?

Hey Delaware DUers!!! I got a question for you.

DU Moderators: Is there a proper "alert" protocol?

Is it regifting to use a gift certificate to buy someone else a gift?

Want to really get trippy with Ronny James Dio?


My new favorite bumpersticker.

I'm Suddenly Feeling Very Something... Good Night Lounge babes and dudes!

I'm heading out for a 180+ mile bike ride today. Wish me luck.


My heart is beating from me I am standing all alone. Please call me only if you are coming home

I rode my bicycle 186 miles (300K) in 8 hrs 45 min., today.

Any parents here? I need belated Xmas gift advice for an11 year old and a 7 year old, both boys.

Introducing the Invisible Cat!

replace ONE WORD from a movie or song with the word "Saddam"

I'll see yer yak and raise ya a moose!

hilarious video from you tube. Not for those easily offended

Don't you just love "Happy Cow" commercials?

Why are there no strumming patterns with guitar tabs?

I miss Gray.

If I vacationed in New York City......where should I go?

Ugh. Who else couldn't sleep, last night?

Grades are IN!!! w00t!

replace ONE WORD from a movie or song with the word "ignore"

This is so moving....................

Is it regifting to use a gift certificate to buy someone else a gift certificate?

Guess the DUer!

so who else has never used "hide thread" or "ignore"?

WOW my first night

I hate it when older men lie to me, thinking I'm naive.

Deck The Balls: Christmas Party ends in "Malicious Castration"


Guess who is going to play Freddie Mercury in an upcoming movie....

Happy birthday booklady, kick-ass-bob & GenDem!!

I just bought the Bad Brains Live at CBGB 1982 dvd.

Celebrate with me!

What gender is your brain quiz: take it now. I'm female..big surprise!

how many people here have a big behind?

My daughter called today from Bremerton

When your heart grieves and your brain tries to kill you

How long do you keep your xmas tree up after xmas day is over?

I'm on a mission - who's with me?

Musical Genre Displacement

Law and Order

Hello all from sunny Acapulco

I'm going to be in Virginia on the 22nd of January. Anyone game for a DU Meet-up?

When you flirt with a DU'er, do you ever do so seriously?

Did you all know that the British forum here has more threads in it

Youtube's "Dark Side"

I have a dilemma

CONFESS!!! What did you get yourself for Christmas

"Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer"

Woman Charged With Malicious Castration

Ghosts in the Machine

Was the timing of the execution during Haj and Eid wise?

From a Forbes article I read regarding Saddam Hussein's execution.


Will being gay ever not matter

Ex-President Ford reached out to gays

Miami-bound today. Go CARDS!!

boxing fans - what is the future of the heavyweight division?

Saddam's Last Letter

Have a really bad feeling right now...


Remember when we talked about the Queen of Cups?

[OT] I do not belong to an organized party.

Interesting post by Jeff Jarvis on Edwards' internet campaign

Run, John Kerry, Run

Poll on dailykos and comment on why Kossak should support Kerry

Check out this holiday greeting I got from my co-worker

My Christmas trip to Memphis

Saddam's execution and the pound of flesh

McHusseinKhomeini McGhaddafi-McbinLadenZarkawi

Since CNN keeps showing the staged Saddam Statue toppling...

I asked my 15yr old... "Saddam was executed tonight.. what does that mean to you?"

Tonight was the opening salvo of a new propaganda campaign against US...

AP: U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,997

PBS: McLaughlin Group on now, year end show. In Houston, check your

Saddam Was Merely A US Bagman- The Real Crooks Are Off The Hook

Who here believes that Bush slept through the CNN just reported


AP: Castro Once Advised Morales to Shun Arms

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Send this to your Wal Mart lovin freeper friends

CNN's Anderson Cooper is comforting viewers who want to see Saddam hanging pictures and video

Cockburn: This year's worst failure [great article]

Who here believes that Bush slept through the CNN just reported

CNN Should Show DAN RATHER"S hussein Interview, The One Just Weeks Before The W-ar

After the disgrace in Nov, this is how jr shows he's got the upper hand

who the fuck goes to bed before 10 pm on a friday evening

Ok.. I was wrong. Some people really ARE celebrating

Are the Dearborn, MI demonstrations shown on CNN bought and paid for?

If killing a bad guy makes people feel good it warps peoples distinction of levels of good and bad

just show the damn pictures already

Saddam Hussein was not worth the life of a single US soldier or Iraqi

Is this death to evil dictators month?

Bush beats Saddam in AP "Biggest Villain" poll...25% vs. 6%...

Good work, George, uh, I mean, Karl and Dick

CNN: Bush asleep when Saddam's execution was carried out.

Dearborn MICH Celebrators on CNN now

Anyone see Obama on Conan's show?

I'm against revenge killing.

CNN's Anderson Cooper is comforting viewers who want to see Saddam hanging pictures and video

Great.! Can we look for Osama now?

Why does the media think it's so normal that Iraqi government officials were dancing on the body?

WP op-ed, by Senator Edward Kennedy: We Can't Ignore Iraq's Refugees

Since when does a thread have to be "helpful" to be allowed to exist?

I'm Going to Bed

President Bush's Statement on Execution of Saddam Hussein

Who supplied our country with oil during the oil embargo by OPEC?

Saddam & Me

a bit late to be asking this Q , but doesn't surrender give provide immunity from execution ?

The fucking cowboy-chimp gets to put another notch on his gun..

Hunter S. Thompson on Nixon

who the fuck goes to bed before 10 pm on a friday evening


Car bomb in Iraqi Shi'ite city, casualties -witness

Audio Technology Question

The power of nightmares

Did Saddam fit into your personal definition of an 'evil' person

Oh, the irony: Bill O'Reilly's "Talking Points" tonight...

Notice how they HANGED Saddam's statue long before they Hanged HIM?

Anyone a Muslim? I need help to explain the reason Saddam

CNN Reporter in Dearborn:: Saddam's Death JUSTIFIES the Invasion

A question for First Amendment experts, inspired by the execution...

Just in on CNN: Strong Explosion in Madrid airport's Terminal 4

Bush is Our Saddam..They are very similar really

Since so many FReepers committed a mortal sin tonight...


Okay, so in a really f***ed up way, there was some justice...

TIME: Making A Martyr Out Of Saddam


Saddam's Death is Insanely Dangerous for our Troops and Iraqi Civilians

What a coincidence; bush gets voted #1 villian...

Saddam Hussein is STILL Dead. Lets get out of Iraq.

bush's Amazing "sovereignty" of Iraq

Saddam executed for 148 deaths - meanwhile 4 Americans and 17 Shiites are killed

Frankenstein and Saddam....a tale of duplicity and greed

I guess jr. showed daddy who is the better man once and for all!

Bush and Karl have got to be pissed that old Jerry just passed away.

Blairs blend in on Beach holiday

10/29/06: tornado in crawford, saddam executed, bush guilt: blood on america.

Saddam's dead. Do you feel safer and have job opportunities returned?

"Executioners" in black ski masks guarding Saddam... they don't even make the connection on CNN

Sadaam is done ... so OBL?

My TV Network Would Show The Hanging.

Saddam was executed for an act of revenge he committed. Pinochet committed an act of revenge too.

Saddam Hussein's execution: Your views

Do You Approve Of Saddam's Execution?

OK then Saddam is dead

I don't have a good subject to put in this line.

I am resolved in this New Year to work for a new international policy.

Falwell: Rethinking Kwanzaa


A classic picture, in celebration of the hanging of Saddam!

Memo to RW lurkers:

Is the death penalty murder?

self delete

on front page Italy's most widely selling newspaper today

The Power of Nightmares - You Have To See This

It's official: We have become barbarian ...

So the flags at half mast will look silly tomorrow.

Human Rights Watch's rep Tom Porteous's orgasmic front page:

CNN Poll: Will Saddam Hussein's hanging help bring stability to Iraq?

If the bfee will overthrow a country and brutally kill its citizens

I finally saw "Borat" yesterday....

you gotta imagine Bush was thinking the wrath of God was bearing down on him . . .

Hmmm... big rant fest on myspace,

Robert Fisk: A dictator created then destroyed by America

Want to know how sick the BFEE really is?

I just saw Betty Ford on television standing

I refuse to watch CNN et al....could somebody who has

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Saturday 12/30

I guess Noriega thinks he got a good deal from the Bushes

The murder of Saddam Hussein

I'm heading out for a 180+ mile bike ride today. Wish me luck.

108 of our brave soldiers have died while Bush* twiddles his thumbs.

Is intentionally killing a person when they don't threaten anyone always wrong?

Rape Rooms

Saddam execution = political pornography

Do you expect retaliation?

The King is dead! Long live the King!

Breaking: Justice executed for War Crimes

Riverbend has posted to Bagdad Burning again

Alexandra WITT doing her dance of death

More than just tax cuts during a time of war

Saddam got his Habeas Corpus ... what about the others?

What's Molly Ivins up to?

Experts say ......................

Saddamn Was Lynched Before the Democrats Could Commence Investigations.

"Many that live deserve death.

Saddam in World Court?

They Should Have Locked Him Away And Let Him Write His Memoirs

Another six troops dead today - BBC breaking news.

Non Breaking Noose

Saddam hangs, Osama laughs.

If you've never seen it, turn to C-SPAN and hear Dr. Joseph Lowery

Non Breaking Noose

"At the time of his death in 2006, more than 300 criminal charges ... were still pending"

Chinese Walmart workers have more rights than ours. FIgures.

Enough of this shit! Get our troops OUT of that fucking buzzsaw!!!!

2,998 Soldiers Killed Since Bush* Invasion.

Remeber this, we gave the chemicals to hussein that he used against the Kurds

I'm a FReeper. Saddam has been sent to Hell. So who do I hate now?

The Fundies have taken over the Grand Canyon

Bush: Execution 'An Important Milestone'

Bush: "My long personal nightmare is over."

December deadliest month for Iraqi civilians

A round of shots on the house

Hooded executioners?

Noose picture on front page of Yahoo. Play by play on CNN.

Saddam Hussein deserved to die - but not like this

The Constitution grants Americans basic human rights

Link to the video showing moments before Saddam's execution

109--December Deadliest month of the year--cnn

A Short History On The Origins Of Saddam Hussein

Is this the night when Condi says, "You've got the biggest one ever, Georgie"?

International Reaction to Saddam's execution

Sometimes a handshake is only that, a handshake.

what will happen in Iraq now?

Okay. Here is the thing. If the IRAQis themselves had captured saddam without US involvment

The New Hate Speech!

Saddam Hanged: Reaction In Quotes

Would someone please explain to me what the difference between Saddam and the US is...

When the suspected war criminals here are tried and found guilty, do we hang them too

Forgotten History

Local news website needs a DU slap in the head (dead Saddam pic as web headline)

If Saudi Arabia was behind our march into Iraq, and is now pushing for Iran,

Bush: King not President? - This Date in Bush History

How do you think our world would be different if...

Am i crazy?

The greatest hypocrites of them all: The British

Alrighty now, Saddam has been executed, so what dictator do we go after next?

Chinese church official denies crackdown

History lessons from the 'splendid little war'

Silencing Saddam By Robert Scheer

Manila bows to U.S. over custody of rapist

Real perpetrators not held accountable for Abu Ghraib

BBC live coverage of Ford's coffin about to be flown back to Washington

What a waste of an execution....

So, are the Iraqis dancing in the streets over Saddams death?

Democrats vow to restore political integrity (Democrats' weekly radio address)

3.5 Magnitude quake in Bar Harbor, ME leaves no damage

It's good that the kiddies got to see Saddam's twisted neck.

Oh My! They are actually showing it now.

I'm so sick of these assholes

They should have postponed the hanging til after Ford's funeral.

So when will we hang....

European Union report: Private media in Venezuela very biased towards opposition

The American People are being held hostage by Big Media.

Guest lineup for Sunday TV news shows (Edwards with Steph, "The Gerry and Saddam Show")

90 dead, 148 wounded since Saddam's execution

Good fugging grief: MSM is like a

Was the show worth the price of the admission?


December 2006 - The 3rd greatest monthly death toll of US troops in Iraq

Scarlett, author of the Iraq war dossier, is knighted

You and I Paid To Hang Saddam...I want to see the video dang IT!!

Should those who put and kept Saddam Hussein in power be put on trial next?


President Bush's Statement on Execution of Saddam Hussein (seriously and damn you mrbush)

If you've never clicked the alert link on a post, check in

Anyone else find Editorials and Other Articles not working today?

America will sink MUCH lower before it collapses.

Roll Call of Notables Who Died in 2006

george w bush, may you go to...

Is one worth 2998?

U.S. Tolerated, then Villified Saddam Hussein

Breaking on BBC

Childish Fun with Saddam - A News Coverage Parody - "Saddam was a Bad Man"

Discussion with my 28 year old Fraternity Brother Son

I'm confused, was Gerald Ford hanged?

Here's An Upcoming Milestone In The Iraq Quagmire !!!

We are all tainted by the vengeance in our name.

Help Me Understand

TOONS: Mr. Fish on Saddam/Bush, and some Arab toons...

Generic pithy blurb celebrating public lynching.

The Bill of Wrongs: The 10 most outrageous civil liberties violations of 2006.

Today, I Weep for my Country... ~ US Senator Robert Byrd (March 19, 2003)

What does bin Laden think of the execution?

For Arab Critics, Hussein’s Execution Symbolizes the Victory of Vengeance Over Justice

I Am SO Not Turning On Cable TV News Today

Wash Journal caller: "Any good day for America is a bad day for them (liberals)"

Executing Saddam, Protecting the Rackets (Mafia-Style Justice)

Why is Saddam's execution so much more bemoaned than any other?

Man , I can't take this any longer .

Tweety comment about "Marxism" reflects cluelessness of MSM and Beltway Pols

Ok, let me get this straight - some are comparing bush to saddam

Does this make anyone feel better about the execution of the vicious despot?

Africa Command plans approved by Bush, DOD officials confirm

The Dixie Chicks make's list of best selling items of 2006

"Finally, it appeared that Saddam Hussein would die during 'Larry King Live.'"

So we bagged a bad guy and hung his antlers on the wall of the world...


Saddam's STATE FUNERAL is scheduled for Tomorrow

Check out the Bullsh@t way CNN treated John Edwards.

Hangman shouted "Long Live Muqtada al Sadr"

What gender is your brain quiz: take it now. I'm female..big surprise!

Remember when NewsMax printed a deck of cards about us 'crazy' Liberals?

Report: Saddam Hussein to be buried with sons

Two Opposites ....Ford And Bush....

very interesting observation on Saddam hanging video at TPM...

Saddam is alive and out fishing with Ken Lay (perhaps a moment of levity)

Something that REALLY bothered me when listening to the radio yesterday.

How do you feel about Saddam Hussein's execution?

Question: Did I hear wrong about Saddam's execution & Bush being in bed

CNN has the cannons blasting! Are we at war with the lawn?

AP ESSAY: Saddam made perfect villain

Ooo, Look... We've Achieved Political Pornography !!!

will the republics in the new congress still rubber stamp bush ?

Do you believe Saddam was responsible for gassing the Kurds?

Yikes! "Don't buy any real estate near sea level"!!!

Did George W. Bush really say,


Too Much Death

Babel or Blood Diamond?

Killing Saddam and his sons was an act of patrilineal genocide

Short history of Saddam from

Sunday Talk Shows

Remember when Bush told everybody to 'but American'?

Short history of Saddam from

Would you leave your spouse if you had economic freedom?

Petition To Help Al Gore And Our Planet

So....Saddam has been executed.

We must stop the insanity.

What a joke DoD and VA using cartoon videos to teach

If you didn't see "The Blog Wars" on the Sundance

I rode my bicycle 186 miles (300K) in 8 hrs 45 min., today.

so is there a video?

Bill Maher said something once that has stayed with me ever since

Watching the Ford Funeral arrival ceremony on CSPAN

2998 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

So the wingers think the video of Saddam hangning is great, but

Who disgusts you more?

$300b Miraculously Appears In US Treasury; Thousands Rise From The Dead

Birth of an island

One point about the Ford interview

Are prison sentences kidnapping?

Weirdest Erev-New-Year's-Eve I've ever spent...

Spread the word - Everyone should turn down being knighted

The Magic Kingdom invaded by millions of real, live mice

Does the Constitution still work?

Glenn Greenwald: The President's praise of fair trials and the rule of law

U.S. Flag at half-mast at our local McDonald's

Can someone give me a brief summary of the process leading to Saddam's hanging?

Is this a different take on the Saddam execution?

Do you ever wish you were born earlier ?

Barbara Starr 2nd day in a row...on CNN...

(Missoula) Peace sign to make comeback

Its not about Saddam.

Boxer recalled award she gave to an Islamic activist because of his ties

Why would Saddam decline a hood over his face yet prefer a coat?

Oh great, eulogies from Deadeye Dick, Jabba The Hastert and Ted "Tubes" Stevens

"Hussein took with him to the grave a trove of secrets."

Saddam hangs while Bush sleeps! Bullshit!

So, that was one expensive hit.

PLEASE TAKE THIS POLL- An Interactive Moment Of Collective Hate

Pardon me for not celebrating.

why did they execute Saddam NOW?

Hanging to be shown in all GOP churches tomorrow?

Juan Cole: "His Shiite executioners danced around his body" & How US has enabled Hussein since 1959

Would it be right to apply the "justice" Saddam received to every leader who kills with an army?

"Let the Dead Bury the Dead"...

We've become an empire ruled by a culture of death. Agree/Disagree

Edwards wraps up early campaign blitz-asked about impeachment and if*should face same fate as saddam

The Nation's John Nichols gets it right about Saddam show trial. execution

FDA plans to allow sale of meat from cloned animals

I wonder if he prayed

Oh Boy, Deerborn Mi: CNN: They Feel "This" "Justifies" The W-ar

I just heard about the ancient ice shelf breaking free...

Robert Scheer: Silencing Saddam

Who do you think Saddam's execution and its associated photos are for?

Am I the only one here on DU who wishes Saddam still ruled Iraq?

Saddam will never attack us again, so the 3000 dead G.I.'s was worth it.

So Is * Not Attending Ford's Funeral?

"US joins Iran in hailing Saddam’s execution, Britian, Australia object."

''After all, this is the guy who tried to kill my dad.''

*** Saturday Toons: Gerald Ford ***

This Democratic Underground

Make no mistake - Our grief is not for Saddam - It is for America.

U.S. Diplomatic and Commercial Relationships with Iraq, 1980 - 2 August 1990

Is "permanent removal from society" an acceptable punishment to you?

More from Iraqi blogs about the execution.

What is this? The Stone Age?

The execution: From an Iraqi blogger.

All in all, it's been a really swell year!

I call bullshit on the Noah's flood/ Grand Canyon story

BUSH Praises Fair Trial For Saddam-While Denying Justice In America

Do we really WANT to know the 'truth'?

James Brown's Service on CNN! It's rocking!

Unedited video of Saddam execution (**Graphic**)

SICK! Local NBC affiliate shows Saddam with noose around his neck


The emperor with no clothes (vigil photo)

Mr. Bush...... I`ve a favor to ask when you finish your bike rides.

I'll bet the White House won't be talking much about Jesse Jackson's comment.

I finally figured out why fundies are so adamant that being gay is a choice

Kids Save Horses Headed To The Slaughterhouse

World Leaders Condemn US Execution Of Saddam

I, College Republican, having avoided service ...

Troops understand the lies. This is from an article on AOL:

PORTLAND DU MEETUP - Dec 30th - Keep Kicked

War Crimes Act of 1996, ... Bush, Rumsfeld etc...Death Penalty?

We may be as susceptible as freepers to the tactics of a demagogue.

what do you hope to accomplish with your next post on DU?

"Do you ever think about things that you do think about?! " - From Inherit The Wind

Texas man races pigs and sells sausages near planned mosque site as protest

Did Bush's hooded Saddam executioners look a lot like the head choppers in the Nick Berg video?

IMPEACH BUSH - for His Own Good - He Is Morally Bankrupt & Criminally Insane (Baltimore Chronicle)

How the US Armed Iraq - In the Loop: Poppy's Secret Mission (Waas & Unger)

Public needs to get versed in 'Perception Management' - the sooner the better.

I would like to hear about your opposition to the Iraq war.


Kucinich on Saddam Hussein - Accountability

Jesus on toast, Virgin Mary on a tree, Mother Theresa on a roll....

Are corporations run more efficiently than government agencies?

Strange Days

While You Were at War . . . By Richard A. Clarke

Sen. Boxer Recalls Award to Muslim Activist

DUers, CLICK here to SMILE - 100% unrelated to anything serious :)

How can you be pro choice but have a problem with the death penalty?

Josh Marshall's Incredible Rant about Saddam Execution!

"Saddam Gassed The Kurds"...some food for thought.

Why We, Some Patriotic DUers, Are "Moaning" Over Saddam's Execution

Am I the only member of DU that's glad Saddam is dead?

FT Article: Cheney faces troubled new year

Witness: Saddam Hussein argued with guards moments before death

Terra! Terra! Terra! NYC police, looking like storm troopers strongly present at Times Square

Bush beats Saddam in AP "Biggest Villain" poll...25% vs. 6%...

"After all, this is the guy who tried to kill my dad at one time."

2DTV - Banned George Bush Advert - Why It Was Banned

Bush versus Bush

Bush gets outpolled by Lucifer

Blogger video: Edwards Announces in NOLA!

Noah's Flood Created Grand Canyon

Christmas Warzone

A Constitutional Duty: IMPEACH IN 2007

Hey, I like the sound of this

Ford a f*ckin' Fraud

New Jersey: Invoking Jefferson's Impeachment Protocol

Making the World Safe for Terrorism: bin Laden Must Try Harder

Edward's supporters and curious undecided people

What Did Saddam Tell Ramsey Clark - When Will Clark's Book Be.....

Overflow Crowd Greets Edwards' Tour (New Hampshire)

Rev. D. James Kennedy hospitalized after suffering heart attack

I have the fist picture of Sadaam execution but I must WARN GRAPHIC

Buy A Piece Of The Rope That Hung Saddam On E-Bay..........

The Week in Political Cartoons

Speaker-Designate Nancy Pelosi Statement on the death of Saddam

Quote from AP

Huckabee says he won't SCARE Democrats!!

Saddam, thanks for the memories

"Pro-Life" groups condemn Saddam's execution

Anybody else think the Shiite conducted this execution in a deliberately insulting manner?

Edwards dives in with new theme

Soldier makes sense of Saddam hanging

Saddam's execution: Nothing more than another "Mission Accomplished" moment.

77 killed as carnage grips post-Saddam Iraq

34 hours of Saddams hanging designed to bolster Bushies numbers?? WTF is going on here???

need help--a quick link to the pic and info debunking that "kerry alone in iraq" nonsense

Norah O'Donnell is expecting-

Which was worse: The invasion of Kuwait or the invasion of Iraq?

We've always had Saddam! "Thanks for the Memories" Saddam

Geraldo Rivera re: Gary Gilmore. If other media types ascribe to this, f*** them!

Hagel quitting politics?

Bu**sh**'s New Year's resolution ...


A drunken rant on the lies my father told me....

Baath Party Urges Iraqis To Avenge Saddam Execution

Which Republican candidates would make it easier for us to win?

Today I listen to Monster & re-read A Handmaid's Tale

CNN Poll: "Will Saddam Hussein's hanging help bring stability to Iraq?"

OAC: Live Blog from Chapel Hill, NC today:

Casual Friday for Saddam's hangmen: Two legacies in one image.

IWR apologies - my two cents

We Can't Ignore Iraq's Refugees by Edward Kennedy - WPost

Why Did 3,000 Of Our Soldiers Need To Die For This One Death?

What Do Gerald Ford, Sadaam Hussein, & James Brown Have In Common?

Saddam's summary trial and execution was a grave injustice

Kucinich doesn't completely believe in the first amendment.

'Why I Object to Testifying Against Lt. Watada' Sarah Olson

Anyone who supported 'Shock and Awe' had best not say that

Matthew Rothschild (Progressive Magazine) nails it on the head regarding Gerald Ford

John Edwards, Now Seasoned, Elbows His Way Into the Field

Senate races in 2008

I found Rev.Sharpton and Jesse Jackson's coddling of Micheal Jackson at James Brown's funeral

A one sentence post.

Bush = Death. That is the Bush Junta's entire legacy. Death--and greed.

We say "Revolution"! They say blah blah blah. We say HCPB's NOW. They say blah blah blah. We say the

Riverbend compares Iraqi death Iraqi father mourns his son.


I guess it's best that our Democrats aren't speaking out about Saddam's death.

John Edwards: greatest threat to US is China and radical Islam...

THE DECIDER: A Brief History Of Bush In Action (Inaction?)