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Archives: December 5, 2006

Is President Bush Sane? (Paul Craig Roberts 12-02)

Chavez Buys Himself An Election

Kinsley: Relative Values (The Bush Twins)

2008 GOP Field Disappoints Some Conservatives

At the U.N., a Mixed View of Bolton's Tenure

The People Party vs the Money Party: here are the players

"The Surreal Politics of Premeditated War" -- Bushco's crimes in a nutshell

Few tears for the great intimidator

Vanity Fair: Don't Ask … Don't E-mail ( Everyone knew about Mark Foley)

Fidel's Final Victory

Bush's Second Biggest Mistake.....

How to Stay in Iraq: The Iraq Study Group Rides to the Rescue

Your Taxpayer Dollars Down the Drain: Bush Appointee Cutting Budget for Finding Waste and Fraud

9/11 Is Why He Is The Worst President Ever by Bob Cesca

Is peak oil happening now??

The electricity produced by renewable means in 2004 was 150% of production in 1990.

Deadly drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

Revisions to federal inventory of oil and gas deposits could leave wildlife in the lurch

Education Minister: Put the Green Line back in textbooks

Hotel security video shows 9/11 Pentagon blast, but no plane; link to a non-Myspace host.

State with most reported voting irregularities in 2006- Pennsylvania(summary)


Congressmen Want House to Probe Conviction of Border Patrol Agents

Hundreds of Locked Out SEIU Nurses Hit Picket Lines In Las Vegas

AP: (Denmark) Journalists Acquitted in Iraq WMD Case

Rule stops Texas foster parents from smoking in front of kids

Fiji PM says coup is 'imminent

52 bodies found around Baghdad, plus 7 in Mosul

U.S.: Poorly paid Afghan cops get bribes

Bush Says Rarely Talks Policy With Dad

Bush:'I'm not happy'about Bolton's resignation(You've been a stalwart defender of freedom and peace

Springer pulls plug on radio show

AP: Extra Checks on Voting Machines Rejected

Reuters: U.S. rejects talking to Cuba's "dictator-in-waiting"

WP: NASA Plans Lunar Outpost

Walmart putting the sacks in the cart no longer a job duty???

dupe Pardon me. nt


Should I turn on that MS Explorer Phishing Filter that comes with

Ack, help! Anyone own a copy of "Torch Song Trilogy?"

Alton Brown sells out. Buys croutons.

Who here has heard of a Juicy (or Jucy) Lucy?

Most Annoying Pet Gift

I just got notification that my think tank was accepted-- it's officially established now

Who's got the Funk?

Anyone else know about Pandora?

The 2006 Billboard Awards

You control this house's Christmas lights!

Thank you

OMG you gotta see this elf bowling download!!!

What is my "real identity?"

Let me go check my Horoscope...

"I am not a monk, I am a friar, and I can curse all I want to, dammit!"

wow!, i just checked my profile and I had *exactly* 31000 posts

Remember "The Right Brothers?"

I dreamed lelapin, ZombieNixon and Rev_Acts were at my house

Do You Want the Terrorists to Win?

Rudolph the blue-nosed reindeer...

Song parodies written by fundies

How can we stop judaism?

How can we stop Islam?

If you don't forward this to five friends, your kitten will get worms

Is your dog so lazy you have to drag him/her?

Should I Date This Guy?

Ever have one of those nights where all your replies are LAME LAME LAME?

Is it just me or does Christmas bring out the absolute worst in people?

How can we stop Robin Williams?

How can we stop christianity?

My wife is extremely confused :(

How can we stop sloppycats?

has anyone done a "cat" thread to yet tonight?

How can we stop copycats?

How can we stop?

How can we stop Matcom?

"Tiara Girls" on MTV--holy crap. pagent moms.

Dude....who here is watching HEROES right now?????

Damn--those credit card fraud people are SHARP!


I am Hiro Nakamura, and I have an important mission.

Ever broken a promise you made to God?

How do we stop Kudzu?


Who here has heard of Randy Couture?

Forbidden Rice w/mushrooms

How can we stop ignorance?

What is the percentage of military who are gay? Higher or lower than general population?

Looking for a cat sitter (from Best of Craigslist)

O.J. Simpson forgets lyrics, almost loses book deal at Kennedy Center event

pResidolt Protests!

How to get back at a telemarketer

To keep the equilibrium: What's the BEST present you get to look forward to this year?

DemoGlad! (From Mark Fiore)

I've decided to make Sean Bean into a pudding for Christmas dinner.

Hey Redstone....

Even been in a George W. Bush kind of mood?

Jessica Simpson forgets lyrics, almost loses dress at Kennedy Center event

Please don't miss ironflange's post about the catsitter.

This should work better than Ambien:

Ever been in a Kate Bush kind of mood?

Monday, December 4. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:


Who here has heard of Juicy Couture?

Very cool cam, African bunghole cam

How can we stop Lukas and Toby?

less gender problems more political theory(paper)

Need Some Good Lounge Vibes For My Sister

Who wants to watch "Fargo"?

Ideas for finding hot women progressives (understanding that hot is relative)

Steve Earle fucking rules

quick! animal fight on Africam!

WTF is wrong with me

I propose that ALL members of Congress should swear on

Anybody Else Tired Of Being Screwn By Guilt?

Let me go check my Horrorscope...

I just got to say Hi! to Teena...

who'll stop the rain?

I just got to get High! with Dookus...

Quote I found Today...

If you where a devout Christian, what would you be more offended by?

Niece having major reconstructive facial surgery...needing gift ideas for her please?

Should I read Alan Colmes' book at the bookstore tomorrow?

Who is watching Heroes? (might contain spoilers)

I just watched To Kill A Mockingbird...

Update on Mom's Brain Surgery, for anyone who wants to know

Another Itunes music survey...hehe.

Hello beautiful people. Tomorrow is my birthday.

I'm going to steer clear of the Canada forum for a little while,

Alexander Litvinenko's last wish: Muslim burial

Periodic Table in photographs -- and QTVR (partly)

An interesting Cold Case last night (spoiler alert)

Obama not on board with gay marriage?

Tons of good stuff.

“Riders take stand for fallen heroes”

After Boston, the next Kerry group trek should be to Colorado for the DNC.

Question about Logan Airport.

You can make a difference - email the smear site and tell them what you think

Even in Alaska...

3 Years ago

Follow up American Legion defends the Commander Right wing nut cases

Is it White Bronco Chase time yet for Bush?

In "Eight for '08" series, Chris Matthews Show followed McCain gush-fest by bashing Hillary Clinton

Did BushCo change safety regulations concerning produce?

Is the FBI doing its best to combat terrorism? - Highest-ranking Arab-American agent says no, sues..

David Gergen said that [the Administration] has been less than

I have a confession to make

Freepers fear Hillary because she could become Unitary Executive

Election Reform? Nah...that would make states fix their machines...

Take a preemptive strike on the "war on Christmas"! Use this Google Bomb now.

Larry Was King of Deadbeats

Did You Call Your Congressional Representative Today?

I heard Blitzer will have a segment about whether * is becoming unglued.

billbuckhead was trying to raise a legitimate question and a lot

What qualities do you want in your President?

Christine Jennings and her fight!

Freepers eat their own

Help me out! I need a creative presentation idea...

Complete this: "The REAL reason Bush won't pull troops out of Iraq is...

What's your reaction when you see someone selling the Socialist Worker?

Lawyers Show Images of Padilla in Chains...

Bible History Buffs! I've Got A Question

Does anyone know where to find a list of El Rushbo's sponsors?

Celebrities busted for drunk driving

Need help--please recommend some podcasts for me to subscribe to

TOON: Derf on a Bush Thanksgiving

Get Well Soon Chris Matthews

Politically Connected Pedophile (R - What did you expect?) remains free



Army contractor to pay $8M in claims

Worthless and WEAK!

Government issues new privacy guidelines

The Bush Family Is Planning on Building a Home In The ONLY Place They'll Be Accepted

What's going on in our government? "Is the FBI doing its best to combat terrorism?"

Colbert has a giant lighted Nativity scene behind the interview table

Do you think anyone showed Bush all the WP editorials about him

Well, you know what they say: Obama Happens

I Q or You Q ... Have fun

If they talk about it enough, maybe it'll go away

Michigan's Job Loss Compares To The Great Depression

Chavez bought election - gave money to Carter Center to certify

Does anyone have a vid of Obama at Saddleback Megachurch?

Where are the Govt's financial incentives for people to learn Farsi, Arabic, Irdu, etc.

Hows about Rumsfeld for U N Ambassador ?

Help! Mom! There's a Lao Tze Under My Bed!

Who is the most hated man in America.

Hey Bush and Cheney

Nothing to see here. Move along.

House to vote on abortion anesthesia bill

Citigroup VP arrested in drug raid ("couldn't find a good drug dealer")

Daughter said 'Happy Holidays' and was confronted...

Union of Concerned Scientists is selling 07 calendars here.

Saudi fury at slush fund claim threatens thousands of UK jobs

What will Bush replace Bolton with?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

LEAHY on assuming judiciary chair: Bush should be TERRIFIED

Rummy's Replacement: Is Gates as next Sec. of Def. A Done Deal?

"I'm the Commander-in-Chief" the boy king says with a stomp of his foot...

We all know Cupid, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Comet, Blitzen, Vixen, (and Rudolph) ...

How many replies have you decided to NOT post today on DU?

pulling out the tears...its all they have left. GHWB 41 crying on the situation room

John Bolton....the gift that keeps on giving

Iraq Shia leader seeks tougher U.S. action

Sex for money - my view on it (it really is legal all over the US....) discuss...

So, the SCOTUS aims for "equalization" in schools. How do we do that?

My biz landlord accused me of warring against Christmas when I wished him "happy holidays".

Subliminal Advertising at the Huffington Post?

Could we form a new "permanent" majority dem party by appealing

Two Giants Of Our Time: John Kenneth Galbraith And Milton Friedman

Cops Kill Kid for PS3

'Pro-life matthew' sez: Ann Coulter is hot!

I am a Hospital (SNF) CEO in favor of Universal Healthcare


Supreme Court Lets 55 Year Drug Sentence Stand (for pot)

VIDEO-MUST SEE: L-Curve: The Movie (U.S. Income Distribution)

Why did people come out of the Depression with different attitudes?


Sorkin is a genius! Studio 60 was so dead on tonight!

What is trollish behavior?

Hoffa Says Organizing, Strengthening Contracts Are Among Top Goals

Bargaining Digest Weekly by Gordon Pavy, Dec 2, 2006

Here's To The Crazy Ones

Dylan & The Dead ~ John Brown

Ray McGovern 0wns Donald Rumsfeld...

New Environmental Agenda Under Democrats...

Michael Moore Lets Fred Phelps Have It

CIA guns drugs bank fraud Iraq...*graphic warning*...

Republican caller to CSPAN calls Pres. Carter racist and anti-semite. He responds

Bye Bolton Bye

Watched Mr. Smith....

Economic Report: Wages For Women Up While Men's Wages Decline

High Court hears pay-discrimination case: woman makes $6,000 a year less than men in same job

Hundreds of animals liberated by the Italian ALF, Including 25 Monkeys

Reuters: Quick confirmation seen for Pentagon nominee Gates

Wal-Mart Tries To Sugar-Coat Harsher Employee Policies With Holiday Discounts

Concerns that women/minorities can't win the Presidency: a good reason to end the Electoral College?

NJ Senate votes to give NJ early 2008 Presidential primary....

Just had an idea

We all want to make things better.

The new Karl Marx?

Scarborough is asking if George bush* is the worst president ever?

GAS Prices

Who Will The GOP's Fundie Base Nominate For President In 2008?

Hey geeks! Can I get around the keystroke police by doing this?

Hillary never said, "I trust this White House"

Obama not on board with gay marriage?

Alachua City Hall catches fire....records burn..curiouser and curiouser

Does Hadley look like 3CPO

If Supreme Court overturns Seattle and Louisville school desegregation plans

Well, you know what they say: Obama Happens

What's happened to our governors in 2008?

George H. Bush breaks down and CRIES giving a speech on son Jed

On the notion of experience as a qualifier to be president

Robert Gates said the U.S.would be required in Iraq “for a long time.” NY TIMES

Premeditated War by Bush& co great read

Why Did They Flinch? (Bush, Cheney and Rove) by David Michael Green

A Window of Opportunity

Most Chicken Harbors Harmful Bacteria ...83%

Dean Baker: The Housing Crash Recession of 2007

Sins of the Father

Iraq: Escrow Exit Strategy by Dan Carol

Russian security service 'led poison plot' - Times Online

Where's the Leak? (IRAQ) By Dan Froomkin --WaPo

Truth, Justice and the Un-American Way

Message From A Megachurch (Obama vs.Fundies) --Dionne, WaPo

Hillary and the Passion Question By Howard Kurtz --WaPo

Who Brought Us to the Iraq Abyss?

Richest 2% own over half of world's wealth

Make Glorious Publicity

Dr. Dobson, Tear Down That Dishonest Article on Your Website by David Kuo

(outgoing IA Rep) Leach would serve well as U.N. ambassador

NYT: Destination Is the Space Station, but Many Experts Ask What For

Losing the Good War - The New York Times

Troubling ’07 Forecast for the Old-Line Media but Not for the Online

Two parts hubris, one part paranoia (Rudy)

NYT editorial: Losing the Good War: Afghanistan


Obama Happens: A Cautionary Tale for Perfect Little Hillarys Everywhere

The Dollar Melts as Iraq Burn

WP: Democrats Who Opposed War Move Into Key Positions: New Chairmen Had Warned of Postwar Disorder

Water to Flow Again in California River - AP

State by state energy consumption rankings.

Sakhalin-2 project broke lot of rules, says Russia - Reuters

Human Fingerprints on Global Warming

Danish study shows virtually no harm to world's 2 biggest offshore wind farms

IRS Distributes $800 M to Renewable Energy Projects

Fortune 500 Companies Embrace Renewable Energy to Combat Global Warming

Solar company looking to build Pueblo (CO) plant

200 MW Ocean Energy Plant Proposed in NZ

Pollution 'reducing rice harvest'

Multinational Corporations Violating China's Environmental Laws and Regulations

LAX Requires Hotels to Consolidate Courtesy Shuttle Trips to Improve Air Quality

Rights group: Entry law meant to keep out Darfur refugees

Negotiations, blocked by the choruses of intimidation (Baruch Kimmerling)

Palestinian clerics: Israel trying to export AIDS to PA

Israel should prepare for non-conventional war: Peretz

Too late for 2 states?

Court unanimously rejects appeal by Jewish terrorist

Cluster bomb blast kills man, wounds another in S. Lebanon

Israel ready to free 1000 prisoners in Shalit deal

Rabbis forbid using books with map of pre-1967 lines

Inspectors catch Palestinians cutting olive trees

Study could acquit Israel of war crimes

Can Someone Explain This Proof Stanley Hilton Claims To Have Re: Bush?

MIHOPers: Explain other major terrorist attacks

FBI Releases New Footage of 9/11 Pentagon Attack

Pressuring for a new 9/11 investigation

Government rejects e-voting paper trail proposal

Election Reform, Fraud, & News Tuesday 12/05/06

Evidence of 2006 Election Fraud -- Cross-post to GD

Daily Herald: Request for recount in (Illinois) District 46 election

Sarasota audit to review computer code

Auditor was completely dumbfounded, and used the "F" word.

CNN/AP: Kansas Governor Sibelius to lead Democratic Governors Association

Analyst: IBM To Employ 100,000 Workers In India By 2010

Mom, 2 kids survive -- frantic hunt for dad (Kim family ...Cnet)

CNN: Car bombs, gunmen kill 29 in Baghdad

NYT: U.S. Military Shifts Troops Into Advisory Roles in Iraq

Ahmadinejad: European acts to curb nuclear plan will strain ties

AFP: Bush warns Shiite leader over Iran, Syria roles in Iraq

Iraqi Shiite politician calls for tougher U.S. action against Sunnis

Flatulence, not turbulence, forces plane to land

Stem cells 'could cure diabetes'

Reuters: Merkel, Chirac urge Syria not to meddle in Lebanon

EPA closing libraries and destroying documents

AP: Kuwait court overturns Gitmo conviction

Reuters: Italy prosecutors want kidnap trial for CIA agents

Argentina, Chile to create joint peace corps

Bush Doubts Iraq In Civil War

Productivity revised to 0.2 percent gain

Reuters: British soldier killed in battle with Taliban

Reuters: US not winning in Iraq-Pentagon nominee Gates

Obama Meets Party Donors in New York

Rumsfeld calls Iraq options memo weeks-old

AP: Iran urges Arab countries to eject U.S. military

Hicks case set for Australian court

Lawyers Demand Release of Chinese Muslims (Guantanamo Bay)

House GOP pulls offshore drilling bill

BBC Breaking: Military 'takes control of Fiji'

Spain reopens Iraq media killing (by US tank round)

CNN: Senator-elect Claire McCaskill listens in on Gates confirmation hearings

Robert Gates says U.S. is not winning Iraq war

CNN/AP: Edwards taps former Rep. David Bonior to lead potential campaign

Richest 2% own 'half the wealth'

NYT/AP: GOP Senator Warner Wants Democrats in War Debate

Vilsack would remove U.S. troops from Baghdad, southern Iraq; some in north for limited time

BBC: Gunfight at US embassy in Yemen

AP: Package tossed near White House

Boxer says no to further environmental rollbacks

John Warner announces unanimous confirmation of Mr. Gates.

Iraq to command own forces by spring: US general

NYT: Renewed Worries on Medicare Drug Plans

Iraqi speaker admits failure to establish strong Iraqi state

CNN/AP: FBI computer system short on funds; Leahy: "Mismanagement knows no bounds."

Spain reopens Iraq media killing

WP: Federal Panel Rebuffs Guidelines That Insist on Electronic Voting Systems Paper Trail

CNN: Defense Secretary nominee Gates clarifies 'not winning' comments

WP,pg1: U.S. Army Battling To Save Equipment: Gear Piles Up at Depots, Awaiting Repair

CNN/AP: House Republican leaders abruptly pull offshore drilling bill from floor

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday December 5

US diplomat calls for Iran action

Reuters: Spain reopens Iraq cameraman killing probe

Gates OK'd for defense by Senate panel

"Don't Know" Leads for President in 2008 (38% - Gallup Poll)

Three US soldiers killed, six wounded in Iraq

Reuters: Mexican police arrest head of Oaxaca activists

Congress votes to save internment camps

Only 9% in U.S. Say Iraq Situation is Getting Better

Alps Are Warmest in 1,300 Years

Foetal cells 'to treat strokes'

Hackers attack Naval War College computer network, taking down

Posters of terror suspects displayed at U.S. airports during holiday season

CNN/AP: NYC health board bans trans fats at restaurants

France to Launch of English-Language (24 Hour) News Channel

Census Counts 100,000 Contractors in Iraq

South American countries agree to eliminate visa requirement for their citizens

Oh Geez, watched Dukes of Hazzard movie before coming to work

I have to get up at 5:45, and I'm not tired...

I was 'out and about' today - what did Bill Clinton do to screw up the world

Now that was cute ...

Another reason I love my daughter. youtube of her latest decoration.

Cats sing "Silent Night"

I think I'm getting sick.

Talk to Santa....huge Longhorn fan

There is a growing protest movement

What do you do when you find out your sister is a porn star?

okay, who posted that damned zoo keeper flash game?

Women dating down

Message from my bro:

Rip Torn...DUI

Is anyone else just really freakishly lonely tonight?

I'm beginning to develop misogyny toward women my age (college).

What is it suddenly

How do you escape from Form ?

Got a good second date idea? need em!

I have no will power as far as waiting to give Christmas gifts

Good Morning Lounge

Man Arrested For Driving Parade Float While Drunk

Good Morning

My wife thinks I'm sick

I'm getting harried next week!

If Hillary Clinton eats at Olive Garden while talking on her cell phone and smoking...

I still have TONS of Halloween candy

Serena Williams Pit Bull Bites Guard In Florida

Sidewalk Caves In, Swallows Woman

Man Admits To Sexually Assaulting 92 Year Old Woman

Serena's William Pitt Bull Bites Guard In Florida

I told my wife that we should not get each other presents for Christmas

I am officially a dork.

Let's do one of our polls on the Angels

Thanks for the beer

Possible kitchen disaster occurring right now

Don Cheadle to direct and star in Miles Davis biopic, rights secured to use Miles music in film

All hail the 2006 DU Fantasy Football League Reg. Season Champ!

Whee, got into graduate school last week!

Most underrated CD of the last 30 years

I am officially a duck

Walkin' round in women's underwear

Why did New York City just ban transsexual fat people?

Human resources.

George Clooney's Pig Dead at 19


I LOVE the Africa Cam!!! Just the sound alone is amazing.

Is there some kind of secret activity that you 'long' to do?

What Are Your Favorite Words?

How are you different from your parents?

I slept for 10 hours last night.

I've been reduced to lurking

I'm too tired to go to work

Welcome to December!

Questions for debt collection attorneys (UCC-1)

The greatest 'Kramer' impersonation EVER! (SNL)

I'm warning each and every one of you ...

Oh yea baby. You know you want it. How do you like it?

My shrink is moving to Thailand

My (short) rant on Brats.

Woman Finds Live Bat In Her Christmas Tree

Bat Joins War On Christmas

Am I wrong for

Going to Taco Bell can I get anyone anything?

Jesus Christ: Fraud, Delusional, Son of God?

Flatulence, not turbulence, forces plane to land

Careers that ended with a TV series. Thankfully.

Five surprises about the 2006-model Oasis

"You'll never find, as long as you live, someone who understands you...

Don't know if this is a dup. post or not - those of you who have seen 'Babel' ...

Hey, please recommend this thread!!!

bringing it to ya, lounge style!!!

Oasis vs. George W. Bush - who would you choose

I saw a DU bumper sticker on the way to work


The neighbors cat has adopted our porch

Even in Alaska...

So Gates is giving the pResident his daily briefing...

I find the Google Ads on the top of the Lobby page to be a constant source of amusement.

I've discovered that DICKTARD

for all you bewitched fans in the lounge.....

Talking Heads were not genius but rather f**king brilliant geniuses - discuss

Want an atomic wedgie? You know you do...

GD: It's allllllll Hillary allllllll the time!!

Succulent Humans chime in!

Now THIS is journalism!

The GDP Forum Will......

Etiquette question about a family birthday party.

I Can't Believe I'm Asking This....

It's good to be Santa!

I just gave my boss typhoid!

Someone in GDP didn't know the Brazillion joke - Seriously!

I had no idea they were illegal.

my work computer is officially slower than my home computer. ask me anything

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 12/05/06)

post something sarcastic

Just another day in the MN household...

Post the ugliest Christmas card you have ever received.

Two versions of Redemption Song

I SAID.. "NO sour cream"

Cat Head Theatre

Best quote from Star Trek - The Next Generation?

Would you ever tape a duck?

Gordon Lightfoot is better than Oasis

I got your smoking threads right here


i got your smoken thread right here

If You Don't Think Guns Should Be Banned You Haven't Seen This

i got your smoking thread right here

Johnny Cash - Montreux Jazz Fest, on OVATN right now if you are a fan

Goes to show when your down something makes you smile

"Summary of My Last Year on the Computer"

What are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

a few questions for our Photographers

I'm completely out of my fucking mind these day, so I'm doing rice and twig tea for a week

How do you like your steak?

Fill in the blank. Everybody doesn't like something, but nobody doesn't like___________.

Where would you go on a honeymoon?

How's this for a good car?

Do you really care what others think of you? Why?

Happy birthday soleft & elshiva!!

I don't like being sick.

Secular Humanists chime in!

What Disneyland ride should Disney turn into a movie next?

I want to say thanks to Oeditpus Rex

African Waterhole Cam Part 2

Torrent download freak? What are your latest triumphs?

Tuesday, December 5. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Have you ever wanted to post something but just couldn't think of anything to post?

I desperately want a new tattoo.. Is the AIDS ribbon too pretentious for me?

What did/do you want to be when you grow up?

Penalty for unwrapping gifts early: Arrest


My 2 1/2 year-old cat keeps nursing off my shirt...

any advice about roommate troubles? (ok, a little ranting too)

I thought of something that GoPsUx can post!

Unrequited Love

Some POKER advice as I leave DU

Mavericks first walk in the snow!!!

Congratulations tigereye!! 15,000 posts

CONFESS!!! Craziest Junior/High School essay you ever wrote

"Comedian" Andy Dick heckled at L.A. comedy club, decides to follow in Michael Richards' footsteps

HELP! Need some funny college names

Post photos from a place you wish you were.

Anyone else get christmas cards with those self-congratulatory biographies

mom's new rule- cellphones

"There's nothing piled all over your desk, so you must not be busy"

I'm learning (I think) - post a pic!

The LynneSin Appreciation Thread

My son (19) is in love with a girl who lives in Greece.

Be very, very afraid...

My curtains were stolen and now I finally found out who the culprit was who took them

my life is on the rocks

matcom Subject of Most Ironical Post/Headline Ever

I'm getting married next week!

How many of you grew up on a farm?

Post pictures of your looking EXTREMELY relaxed.

I downloaded my first Oasis Album. Ask me again in 2 hours if the hype is real

Post pictures of your looking EXTREMELY naked

There's been a lot of hostility towards Jesus and Christians in the Lounge lately.

Best quote from Star Trek - The Original Series:

My (short) rant on Brits


The Dog Part of the Brain

"Christian Right has largely retreated from the culture wars"

"Surely you can pray for me and I can dance naked in the woods for you"

Are atheism, agnosticism and theism discrete? Are they complete?

Too Many Males: A Fast Lane to Extinction?

Why do big, heavy vehicles such as trucks kick up more pebbles

NASA announces lunar base plan

Natural Nuclear Reactor.

Phonebank Volunteers URGENTLY needed at MassEquality!

Old Looking Young Athletes

Vince Young vs. Matt Leinart

The NBA's new balls

"Head Colds and Body Stiffness" - Karen Bishop - December 5, 2006

My mind was yelling "fire"

Sen Kerry interviews tomorrow


Olbermann on Kerry last night

I received a reply from the questionable "site" .

Iraq is finished

Totally gratuitous vanity Birthday post!

I heard this morning that Senator kerry is to be on Hard ball.

Question of the Day MSNBC TV

John Kerry on Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s Plans for a Regional Summit

Silly Season polls

Well, may as well pack it in. Markos has called it for Obama.

Ha, ha, ha!! My experiment with the main boards on DU proves what I thought.

Sirota on the upcoming Congress--mentions JK

I live in a black and white world...

This guy has aspirations to become President of the United States?

MSNBC: Did you see that video on how ignorant the FBI is about

the anti-Hillary threads make me cry

O'LOOFAH demands apology to Faux from Dan RATHER ---HAH!!1

Outsourcing giant Infosys believes it is the new model for global businesses

The problem with Congress is that is has a combined age of 8 million plus.

Seattle's Discovery Institute(Intelligent Design folks) hosting global warming critics....

Venezuela uses petro-dollars to help US poor

please delete

please delete

Joe Barton Calls Global Warming Science ‘Absolute Nonsense,’ Vows To Fight CO2 Caps


"A few minutes of Republican Love" on "The Guy James Show" today

Wow... That Was Quick !!! (Offshore Drilling Bill)

McKinney Was Ready to Impeach Bush in 2001

It’s all about CONTROL (or the lack thereof).

I'm shocked and pleased

Will you not vote in '08 if you don't like the Dem. Pres. Candidate?

So my fundies in laws are visiting - He, said those Tee Vee people and Democrats need to see another...

"American Anthems" - John Mellencamp's favorite "protest songs" . . .

Westboro Baptist Church Chased Away (video)

Appropriation bills must be pretty insignificant. Why even have them?

Senate committees as campaign forums over the next two years.

2907 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Senator Jack Reed was just on Big Ed singing

Bush has a way out of Iraq

Worst . Poll . Ever

Congress Needs To Hear From You- Sign This Petition To Protect The Internet

What--no uproar from sensitive DUers because we're making fun of Poppy Bush crying?

Jim Baker has a "talk" with Darth Cheney....

Are there any issues that Democrats say either / or

At Least We Aren't Nazis!

17 US troops dead so far in Dec

If You Don't Think Guns Should Be Banned You Haven't Seen This


Spain reopens media death US attack Palestine Hotel

The Onion: Holiday retailers court the Dicktard demographic-too funny

Does the 1796-97 Treaty with Tripoli Matter to Church/State Separation?

Dennis Prager responds to my (and everybody else's) letter(s)

Caption the *'s 'holiday' portrait - pic

Should drugs be illegal?

Report: Bush's Program to Combat HIV Abroad Fails Countries Struggling With Pandemic

how else are these public officials to be held accountable for irrefutable high crimes?

Gold Star Mothers chapters make reappearance

Mike Webb tonight - the case for impeachment (starting now) 9pm Pacific

MCCAIN: "Going to campaign against JOHN KERRY is just something I wouldn't consider"

Kucinich: There is Only One Way to End The War in Iraq, Part 2

żUn bromista? Ofrecen en Internet el celular robado a Barbara Bush

Health Care Professionals, please check in here,

Say it was 30 years ago...

(TOON) Rowson: Hercule Poirot is back on the case

Our local news anchor called gwb "Mr. Bush". NOT president. LINK

SWAT Overkill: The Danger of a Paramilitary Police Force

Repuke Chickenhawks - "Bungalow Bill".


It's 3:01 a.m. Do you know where your government is?

Companies increasingly pushing healthy habits

U.S. sued over environmental reporting

'Land Of The Free, Home Of The Brave

Washington Journal: What kind of person do we need in the UN?

When Archaeologists dig up remains of early 21st century, I hope they find Pitt's "War on Iraq" book

Kucinich on Iraq Funds "The vote on this bill is going to be the moment of truth"

Anyone else see Studio 60's Christmas tribute to New Orleans?

Recent Gallup Poll Shows Big Jump In Pelosi 'Favorable' Impression

Two new presidents named at C-SPAN

A letter from God to His children on this holiday season. - A counter to the War on Christmas

WP's Walter Pincus "pointedly" observes that those who were right about Iraq are given little credit

Do ya'll realize how stupid Karl Rove is? Really, think about it.

You Are Going To Have To Want To Do This:

Videos -

MoJoBlog: SCOTUS to hear "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" case

Ho? Ho? Ho? Maine Says No to Santa Label

Senators Wife to be deported?

WaPo Front Page:CIA - Growing Number Of Wrongful Imprisonments & Erroneous Renditions

I too have a dream.

"He was guilty of merely not telling people what was going on.."

Millions still deny that bush is dangerously insane.

The Iraq Study Joke comes out tomorrow, get ready to laugh.

3fer: Congresswoman Nanny? Who's NOT running for prez? Islamic Russian spy.

SJC watchers? Did Judge Thomas ask any questions during

January 19, 2006: My Prediction was SPOT ON

List of Bush crooks and perverts grows...

WHEN Dems take a larger majority in Congress and the Presidency,

Whoo-hoo! Just got my new registration card. I'm now officially registered Dem.

Robert Gates Tells Senate Committee he does not Believe America is Winning in Iraq

This time, Hart's blunt warnings hit home - Boston Globe

Gates cited number of US soldiers killed in Iraq-- unlike Wolfowitz

2,904 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis

Yikes moderators can we have a separate 'Hillary or not for President' discussion group

Jesse Jackson: Congress must insist Bush isn't above law

KAGAN, dumpee (by CNN/Limbosevic): "more spiritual person"

Bristol-Myers Squibb will donate one dollar to the National Aids fund for evey person who visits the

This is funny: Bush Brought Down to Size in Cartoon Satire

Byrd to Gates: "Do you support an attack on Iran?"

So RawStory now quotes the "NY POST" that Hillary is going to run

Walk This Way ---pix--->>>

I am impressed. NPR has interview with Ghandis grand-daughter

Government responds to FOIA request with 100+ totally blacked out pages

Stem cells 'could cure diabetes'

Did Gates basically say we won't catch OBL?

What exactly do they mean when they say "They're playing politics"?

YOUR House of Representatives is back at work!

How can I look up old approval ratings (ie Senator Edwards)?

Only 9% in U.S. Say Iraq Situation is Getting Better

Why so little outrage over bush's failure to get Osama or win the war?

BUSH: "One thing about Don Rumsfeld is he understood mistakes."

I've Got My Al Jazeera in English- How about you?

EXXON Chief Urges More Drilling

C-SPAN 2 is labeling Lieberman as "D", not "I"

Just as I suspected....he's lost Barney, too

Looking to the future: The argument two years from now?

Twist the nose of that nasty Tuesday . . . . Please come and CAPTION!!!

Gates supported Iraq invasion in 2003

Robert Gates says next step could be "conflagration." WTF is that?

Iraq blog: Posters seen in Baghdad calling for all school studies to be canceled

Reuters: Bush to get early word on Iraq Study Group report

Gates "will go to Iraq" if confirmed

Talk To The Mandate

Bat Joins War On Christmas

Cons like to say "Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim"...

Alexander Lipt???? former KGB spyhas died. Just reported on CNN.

The BIG question that the democrats need to ask Gates 24/7.

When do you think it's okay for myself and others to raise hell

SEN BOXER: "NO MORE Environmental Rollbacks In The Dead Of The Night"

What time is Al Gore on Oprah today?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Tues 12/5 -- Signs of Christmas

Anybody with access to C-Span (I'm on dial-up.) On TV they just stopped coverage of it. I want to

"Say Hello to the Goodbye Weapon"

Can congress expunge an impeachment?

Webb vs Bush, my take on it.

My letter of dissatisfaction to the local natural gas provider and the state PSC

AP: Hackers Attack U.S. Naval War College

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton.

Official Thread #1 of the Gates confirmation hearing--CSPAN 2 now

New "Non-Lethal" Weapon Certified For Use In Iraq

What's the proof that Osama is mastermind behind 9/11?

Such minor blessings grace the earth . . . . Come give us a CAPTION guys and gals!!!!

I call BS on Carafano (Heritage Foundation Clown) on WJ now...

I just read the NYT Padilla Video piece

Al Gore on Oprah Today!

Over 100,000 contractors in Iraq

OK, color me ignorant, but can anyone explain to me exactly what

God This Is Delicious!

Is Air America Radio down?

Any Bait and Switch going on at stores while you shop?

Why dd Poppy cry?

report, photos from demo in Vicenza, Italy against new U.S. military base

WTF ??? - Are Lou Dobb's Website Polls A Kind Of Internet Push-Poll ???

Can somebody help enlighten me on Chomsky's "Rogue States?" re: East Timor

Bush-ignored-advice-to-be "extra-senstive" when talking to Webb about his son:

Organic Conversation Begins Anew (again) (excellent read!)

TechWorld: All mobile phones may be listening devices (wiretapping)

Progressive women outnumber 'blue dog' Dems

Sewage Discharges Threaten Great Lakes

I used a google check-out on an internet purchase to receive 20$ off of my order

I've heard that Gates is assuring withdrawal from Iraq behind the scenes. Should

Being liberal.....

Former GOP Official Charged With Forging Candidate's Signatures !!!

Ah, Geez

Forget O'Reilly's blathering, read the user comments at the end

Read This

Chicago Man Immolates Self in Protest of Iraq War

There Seems To Be A Problem With George's Surging Economy

Any recent updates on Tweetie's condition?

HEADLINE: Biden charms local GOP

GORE on OPRAH NOW (east coast)

Times Person of the year you can vote

Shiite leader al-Hakim came back to the WH for a second round with Cheney

SF orders cookie-scented strips in bus shelters be removed- concern over potential allergic reaction

AP: NYC to Ban Trans Fats From Eateries

I met a fellow today that reminded me why I am a democrat..

Wretched Excess: The Airbus A380 "Flying Palace"

"Can You Hear Me Now?", is the title of a piece written on

Jamba Juice warns consumers about smoothie contamination

Check out the first response when you google the word "asshole"

Will bush end his days in bitter isolation and madness? I hope so.

Please assert your copyrights!

Why KO's job is secure:

Failure to Protect: America's Sexual Predator Laws and the Rise of the Preventive State

Hannity's response to Robert Byrd at Gates hearing

This is weird, but I need some help

There are 269 Christmas wreaths in the White House

Can someone propose a war crimes law for private contractors?

About Iraq on the Record - searchable database - Rep. Henry Waxman

The Goggles were on Jose Padillia to keep him from blinking Code

Rove: "We need better candidates, stronger organization, and a sharper, clearer message"

The Rummy Memo and TDS

Robert Rubin gets the floor to himself to talk to new Congress folks.

So what'd I miss? Why is Bush Sr crying?

"First President Bush SOBS as he talks about Jeb's leadership"

Pathetic: Tony Snow: Bush Disagrees With Gates, Says We Are 'Winning'

Lehigh on Gary Hart's terrorism warnings

Any news on Tweety's health? Also, about MS NBC situation? Someone said a lot of the people would

I'm listening to the marvelous Max Cleland on Blitzer...

BRAD BLOG: Sequoia Ignores Truth; Cable Ignores Gates; Army Ignores Troops...

Water War along Mexico-California Border Sparked by Proposed Improvements to Canal

Instead of trashing Texas, here's what the rest of you can do

Here's a NEW LOGO to Represent the Republican Party and Bush Diplomacy

Gates claims "I have no idea what the Iraq Study Group report says"

Poll Suggests Obama, Edwards Have Best Combo Of Name Recognition, Favorability Ratings

Gates Hearing Just Gross

My toast to Rush Limbaugh makes it to print

POLL: Which descendent's of our DEM leaders do you hope runs for President in 2056?

Are you a Blue-Dog Democrat?

Do you 'swear' to tell the truth? On what?

On Duckworth, Rowley, Brown, Greenhouse... Just To Name A Few...

Rep. Dennis Kucinich Tackles Healthcare

Gates Hearings Have New Urgency.....Robert Parry (good read)

I think it should be made illegal to use any lies in campaign's

CNN: Gates was confirmed Unanimously...Just Now Breaking.

Times Person of the Year your vote please LOL

no forgiveness in america (personal story)

So, what finally happened to AAR? Are they GONE??

Missing man's pants found (James Kim)

Regarding searching for missing people (Kim family) - an idea

While reading the article DU the poll

Do We Have A List Of Senate Seats 'On The Bubble' For 2008 ???

Why all the fake crying from Poppy?

SPACE RACE! Russia Moon Base 2015 & Mine for Helium-3; U.S. Planning Moon Base by 2020 then to Mars

Best Way Forward In Iraq

Is Mel Gibson at it again?

Fallows: In Iraq, "the choice is between a terrible decision and one that is even worse."

freeper mail: "target idiotic cartoonist for distruction"

seriously, stop with the "Bush I CRIED!" threads

*** Tuesday TOONS: Bolton ***

I have no prblem w/bush Sr. crying...

BUSH Admin: Repeatedly Tried To Cut Payouts To NUKE Workers Sickened By Radiation

The Lesson of Iraq Is That Our Political Class Did Not Learn The Lesson of Vietnam

Torture Cheney: Impeach bu$h.

Did You Guys Already... Caption This ???

Peace On Earth....U.S. Predicts Bumper Year in Arms Sales

One question I wonder if Bush has EVER asked???

ACLU Announces "Landmark" TORTURE CASE Against Rumsfeld To Be Heard In Fed Court This Week

A seasonal mopaul rant "you're a mean one mr. bush"

Cut Hillary a break! How much do YOU know about 2002 war authorization vote?

Blue_In_AK's Excellent Alaskan Photo... Take A Look!

Counterpunch: "Repression on the Menu in Mexico"

I need evidence that Republicans have trash-talked about Dems

Kos: "If Obama runs in '08--he wins"

Best PIC to remember Bolton by: his face on UN with top ten floors bombed out

Must see! Look what appeared mysteriously appeared on the Geoge W Bush Parkway

Bush Sr. Sobs During Speech...

What if Jeb had won in his first Florida Governor's race in 1994?

Iraqi poets have called it: Their Country is Finished

Is Christmas More or Less Commercialized in Other Nations?

Cheney Says Dems Can't Stop Bush's War With Iran

Woman gets 30 days in jail after friend's cell call outside home (WTF??)

Brazil creates largest tropical rainforest reserve

Gore on Oprah Now!

We cannot allow the Jose Padilla story to die

Air Force tests new ADS Weapon on humans and dogs

CNN Reported that Robert Gates Was Not Under Oath Today.

Olbermann: O'Reilly's people repeatedly have called management, pleading with us to stop

Do people in MASS like their new "universal" health care system?

Why doesn't someone just come out and SAY IT!

Season’s Greetings from a Jesus Freak

US District Judge Expresses "DISGUST" & ISSUES BLUNT INDICTMENT Of Bush's Military Commissions Act

New York City passes trans fat ban

Solution to the War - Build a robot army

Are we winning in Iraq? Gates No Sir.

10 MILLION denied jobs and this bastard cries about his demon spawn losing an election?

You're Wrong, Nancy Pelosi; Impeachment is Your Constitutional Responsibility

For the past two years I've been a hoarder

PETA calls for CDC chief's resignation

Kid gets ARRESTED for opening Christmas present early!

Your Last Chance To Stop Horse Slaughter


Christmas is a crock...

truckers, alone in their trucks, cannot smoke now in Ohio

Sen. Bayh said "nu-cu-lar" 4 x!

EPA closing libraries and destroying documents

Most days I leave cnn on in the background so as to monitor the news

Fine Print in Defense Bill Opens Door to Martial Law

ACTION ALERT: CNN's Glenn Beck threatens Muslims with concentration camps

Do you want real Ethics Reform?

Evidence of 2006 Election Fraud

Frank Zappa's second appearance on Crossfire (1987)

Even Fox are mocking the wannabe Castro-killers!

Fox News has to cut to commercial as ACLU rep tears them a new one

Zell Miller on Hardball (Nutcase Zell challenges Tweety to a duel)

John Bolton UN Scream

As Jeb Bush Leaves Office, Big Role Awaits Him as Party Power Broker

Is that Bernie Ward streaming now on the DU link?

Excellent Gore Audio of his speech about the (anti)Patriot Act

WTF is up with Tiki Barber?

Another Hillary thread

What will the Democrats do now?

AP: Congress Takes Up Offshore Drilling Bill


Wil the Repukes be punished for this?..............So many things............

Freeptards on parade in Cleveland - laughable "write-in candidates" ino Cleveland

In our name

Lame-Duck House to Vote on Abortion Anesthesia Bill

Let's NOT fight, Let's vote on it!

How Many Members of the Bush Administration Are Needed ...

Can Robert Gates be trusted?

The conservative whining is getting louder

War want to know more about Bush ...air america has posted

Let's be clear about what "Talking to Iran and Syria" means

Salon: "In Obama's eyes, the GOP can no longer claim ownership of all things evangelical"

"I won't support _____ because of _____" is the politics of the lazy.

Saturday encounter in bank line

Frist on Senate floor talking filibuster - Now - Cspan 2

Former Tobacco Lobbyist Turned Miss. Governor Kills Statewide Anti-Smoking Program

Someone's gonna Photoshop THIS one...COUNT on it.

*Here we go* "We need to have accountability for our Iraq policy"

Just laugh at them ....... just laugh and laugh. Roll your eyes. Have fun with them.

Labor Unions Advocate David Bonior to Lead John Edwards Campaign

Skinner. Can we get a Hillary Haters forum? I think it would solve the problem.

CNN: Senator-elect Claire McCaskill listens in on Gates confirmation hearings

Canadian Member of Parliament decries "big-ass subsidies"

Two people crying

Who lost Iraq?

Shelley Sekula-Gibbs is a horrible speaker.

Poll: if Bushco tries to negotiate with the Dems for immunity from prosecution...

WaPost column: B*sh is "taking instruction from his dog"

OH Dem Party Chair to marry GOP Fundraiser

Bush Twins must speak out in opposition to war or enlist and serve

"DNA Testing for paternal verification"

Did Mrs. Alito cry when she learned of Poppy Bush crying over the end of Saint Jeb's reign?

I think Obama's middle & last names will become an asset, not a liability

With the Democratic Congress, Groups Gear Up for Fight Over Paid Sick Days

Republicans Losing Farmers

Hadley Pulls Bait-And-Switch With Russert On Whether U.S. Had Enough Troops At Start Of Iraq War

QUICK! Call the kids! Gather 'round the fireplace! The 2006 George & Laura Holiday Portrait is HERE!

If Hillary groupies are sick of the anti-Hillary threads, here's how they could counterract them.

WH holiday greetings to Katrina victims: FEMA appeals order to pay.

"The politics of common purpose..."

A suggestion for helping Americans understand who our Reps are talking for.

Pelosi: Announces Nominations for Chairs Exclusive Committees

If I read one more candidate thread I'm going to puke

Giuliani: Authoritarian Narcissist. Do we need ANOTHER one of those in the WH?

"Who is Obama??????"

The way to victory in 2008: mobilization and persuasion, NOT triangulation.

For Women Only-To test the misogyny theory

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette printed my letter about Webb and W!

If Obama simply enters the race, we ALL win!

We need a 2008 election forum!

Brownback taps creator of new FL religious community for pres. exploratory committee

Bonior to lead Edwards' expected campaign

Your favorite for Democratic nominee in 2008, Heat One

Time to Draft Howard Dean for President

Your favorite for Democratic nominee in 2008, Heat Two

I don't like Hillary for Prez and I'M SICK OF THE BASHING

Bush was told to be "extra sensitive" about Webb's son

Hillary May Play In Iowa After All

John Kerry on Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's Plans for a Regional Summit

We Are All Torturer's Now!-- Disgusting torture taking place WARNING

We have a while before the primaries begin. Bring things up a level people.

Your FAVORITE Democratic issue to be addressed in 2007

If the tears of Hillary could cure cancer and her touch could rid acne, would you vote her for Prez?

Can we all agree that the following should be in the 2008 platform, no matter WHO we nominate?

Gates on Senate Panel? Dems vote, we'll be watching you

Senate Democrats on Bolton Resignation

Hillary Clinton must be stopped

I Will Not Support Hillary Clinton for President

I live near the Clintons

WP, Dionne: Message from a Megachurch: No longer a cog in GOP machine

Democratic Governors - 2008 Presidential Prospects