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Archives: December 6, 2006

Eating Fossil Fuels

The Coming Clash over Iraq War Policy

The Present Situation in Lebanon....

Egypt police find explosives, destroy Gaza tunnel

Report: Israel, Iran holding debt talks

Carter's compromised statesmanship

Archbishop Tutu, please be fair

What Election Fraud Looks Like

Clerks cast doubt on new election machines

2008 GOP Field Disappoints Some Conservatives

Pelosi to fast-track minimum wage bill

Denver housing market in free-fall as foreclosures eclipse record

Lockheed gets $144 million deal for Pakistan F-16s

AP: Administration Withdraws Airlines Plan ("Open Skies")

Feingold Faults Bush Policy On Somalia

FBI Releases New Footage of 9/11 Pentagon Attack

International Aid Rushed to Typhoon-Stricken Philippines

EDS Wins Purchase Agreement From Veterans Affairs

Brazil urged to allow two American pilots to return to U.S.

Worker Productivity Slows While Layoffs Climb

Iran urges Arab countries to eject U.S. military

Nations fail to agree on Iran

U.S. seeks to make stolen nukes useless(& ignores more important uranium theft /smuggling bomb)

Obama hits New York, lauds Hillary

U.N. chief: Darfur is in 'free fall'

NYC Has New Emergency Command Center

(AP) Canada: Suspect Tortured Despite Warning

‘We Can’t Afford to Leave’ (Dem Reyes calling for more troops)

Pakistan's Musharraf promises more help for women

Editor&Publisher: Tony Snow: Bush Disagrees With Gates, Says We Are 'Winning'

"There's nobody piled all over your desk, so you must not be busy"

Who has their Mistletoe up yet?

Sentimental Christmas toon fans--this is on TV tonight:

What's better for a cold?

Soooo guess who asked a boy to Sadie Hawkins?

Green Bay PBS is having a begathon...

Who invented the TV ratings system? PG, TV14, and all that?

I don't like Andy Dick.

Who has their Toilet Seat up yet?

I don't like Andy's Dick.

3668 Monkey-Meters

Ween - what makes these guys so good?

COSMOS on The Science Channel right now

So I got to "rescue" a man from the mountain wilderness Sunday night.

I just put in a new pair of contact lenses- I can SEE!!!

Best use for Michael Medved

Note, from my SO, the IT guy, to people who use "adult dating" sites on coffee-shop computers:

Such a fine piece. It's worth a replay. (I'm Just a Jealous Guy, J Lennon)

I don't know whats wrong with me, but i could use some help(relationship issue)

Where would you go to moon your honey?

I just met Oliver Stone.

Christmas ham

Is it bad that Lady Macbeth is my new favorite tragic heroine?

Journey: Ugly Band or Fugly Band?

I will not support satan for president

Canada goes for wingers over singers: Yahoo! Canada top 2006 online search results reflect cultural

Have you been to Lily Dale?

Satan/God 08

I love Cesars salad

We need a Rick Mercer in the US

Somebody give me an excuse to use the :shrug: smiley.

I just realized I threw out 3 expensive prescriptions!

The TBS Sitcom "My Boys"... Ladies and Gentleman...

Is this legal?

George W. Bush is as honest as the day is long...

I just watched "Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town" on ABC

I have just decided that Nancy Grace's program is pornography for the uprighteous.

Africa Cam: Zebras - and a baby one!

endoplasmic reticulum

[Eddie] Murphy Ditches Scary Spice and Demands DNA Test

Who's sick of X-Mass music already?

Best Republican Presidential Candidate - 2008!


Is it bad that my younger cousin can sing "Do It Again," "My Old School," and "Reelin in the Years"

He Says "I Want To Watch You Work Out"


Which band(s) less than 5 yrs old will have the staying power of the Rolling Stones?

Can someone go over to Africa and step on that cricket near the webcam?

Post a picture of yourself looking extremely invisible.

Sweet! Racist twin child singers on Boston Legal!

Talk to me about Freemasonry

Who has their Christmas Tree up yet?

How do you like your snake?

Yikes! My baby is getting married...

Who won't have a Christmas tree this year? And why?

Uhm, if you want to buy me a Christmas Present...

Africa Cam, #3


So I got my braces on today. And a free iPod. Ask me anything.

Sin and Choice

If I Were God, Christians and Muslims Would Make Me Sick.

On Agnosticism.

Fellow believers, if God manifested before us and said to hate gays and women, what would you do?

OT: Iraq

Funny read: W talks with Tricky Dick :-)

Anyone listening to Scott Thurow on Maddow now?

Bush! I cried

FBI Discriminates against Arab agent.

News from Oaxaca Mexico, Flavia arrested today...

CSPAN: Gates Confirmation Hearing Repeat

Nancy Grace

CHINESE Muslims held in Guantanamo

KO only 47,000 viewers shy of O' Reilly

According to Russert Hillary ONLY spoke up at Gate's hearing today...

Family to get $500,000 in VA Corrupt Cancer Research Case

tired of 08 candidate threads? Here is one more.

Why has this been forgotten?

Did I just see Keith BEAT O'Really in the money demo for a part of his show?

From the Hill. Bush already devising a divide and conquer strategery.

Are there Perma-Puppies & Perma-Teens in our future?

Re: 08 - anyway you look at it, it's all good! pic heavy

On Keith Olberman: Was the wrong son of Bush 41 elected president?

Iran has blocked access to YouTube

Don't be worried, if Dr. Gates lied, he can still be prosecuted...

The Robert Gates confirmation is good.

Bush to meet with Centrist Dems

San Francisco orders that cookie-scented strips in bus shelters be removed

There is Only One Way to End The War in Iraq, Part 3

Online Retailer Removes Auschwitz T-Shirts After ADL Voices Concern

Nightline: the search for James Kim and options (?) in Iraq

White House Christmas 2006

*, AWOL, Dumbya, Dimson, Dimwit, Chimp, etc., may have done one positive thing:

bushyboy sez: "...and we're GOING to succeed in Iraq!"

The more things change...

Ambulance rules not popular for some rural residents

"Running As Woman In Politics"

Wyoming wins over Michigan job seekers

12 year old arrested for opening XMAS present early

Richest tenth own 85% of world's assets

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Today's Prayer for Bush in Freep-land....

There are *62* people fasting today for George W. Bush!

City-Wide NYC Meeting in Support of Oaxaca

GREAT READ: Someone Tell Bush We LOST Vietnam!

I finally figured out I owe $2,500 for my 20% of medical care.

James Carville officially turned ... he is in Wichita and said Brownback would be a good candidate

Treating the Post-Election Blues

"Dad, it's up to me. Go on a crying jag, and that will help ne get elected in 2012.

There will be a Memorial For My Brother Veteran Randy Barnes

Obama Meets With Potential Presidential Donors - George Soros

if you want to be really angry go to this link, read, and listen

With the Democratic Congress, Groups Gear Up for Fight Over Paid Sick Days

Studio 60 is AWESOME! Great tribute to New Orleans tonight.

Whistling Past The Cemetery Or The Mall?

For those who are wondering, here is why we are having all of the '08 threads

Iran Has Decided To Replace The Dollar With The Euro In It's Foreign Trade

Thank God. My nephew is in Ireland coming home to Texas

What happens when we leave Iraq? Why won't anyone talk about it?

Democrats and Republicans leading noms for 2008?

My Mom says I'm wasting my life...

TV Newser: Chris Matthews left hospital Friday, expected back on MSNBC next week

Sirius in trouble....

Smokers - do you litter your butts?...

Do not miss Colbert Report tonight

Colbert named 2006 Media Person of the Year/Scarborough video

Congressman Reyes! Listen to Matcom of the DU!

Word from Cuomo: Hillary Will Run

Independent frontpage: One by one, they tell the truth (Iraq)

It's Almost Hypnotic In It's Own Delusional Way !!! (Freepers on Gates)

Census Counts 100,000 Contractors (Mercenaries) in Iraq

Honorable Senator Byrd wants to hear from us re confirmation of Gates!

11:00 AM EST, December 6, 2006. Iraq Study Group download

What can I, or you, do.... to change this world?

Why is it that we allow private defense attorneys?

Wanting Babies Like Themselves, Some Parents Choose Genetic Defects

What if * had you arrested? In Oaxaca, Flavio Sosa arrested by

I love "Boston Legal"! Taking on white supremacists tonight.

For 1,000 or More Homeless in Hawaii, Beaches Are the Best Option

New York Bans Most Trans Fats - Limpballs probably boycotts NY

Bill O'reilly needs to shut his damn mouth.

My take on poppy's breakdown or whatever it was.

Great Question: What SHOULD we do with THE rubber stamp?

Somewhere A Banker Smiles -- Muffled Noises From The Ranks Of The Babbling Paranoid (Joe Bageant)

James Moore won't say "pussy."

I have got something to say

Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack Of Racism And Racial Slavery

Gap & Old Navy join the War on Christmas

How do the Bushes explain away the Nazi connection ?

HUBRIS's Michael Isikoff: W's 'Disengagement' from Iraq...

'David Corn @ New America Foundation'...

Congressman-elect Tim Walz (MN-01) speaks to the DNC Executive Committee

Bush gives an unwanted backrub to German Chancellor Merkel

Noam Chomsky - Militarization of Science and Space -1 ~ 10

Rep. Meek (D-FL) - What Should We Do With the Rubber Stamp?

Freepers on Gates hearings - MUST READ - TOO FUNNY!!!

Americans' Iraq Views Sink To New Lows, Poll Finds

USW President Leo Gerard Says Economic Policies Giving Goodyear A "Map Outta Town"

I just want to share...

I will not support satan for president

SEIU: Locked Out Nurses Are Standing Up For Improving Patient Care

Satan/God 08

Must-see DVD: The Road To Guantanamo

(Labor union champion) Bonior would lead Edwards campaign

I will support HILLARY CLINTON

Another skeleton unearthed from Bush & cronies' closet

Old Clinton team ready for action

Does Jack Cafferty read posts on DU?

Larry O'Donnell on Franken today...sizing up 2008, separating wheat from the chaff....

Rudy WILL win the GOP primaries

How many of us are unsure as to who we are supporting for 08?

TPM reports via The Hill, Bush to have Blue Dogs, New Dems to White House for chat on Friday

Question: Has Bayh said he regrets voting for the IWR?

Yoko Ono to buy up Happy Christmas Billboards (sends message to W)

Tweety, come back! All is forgiven...

Larisa Alexandrovna: GATES Iran-Contra & Treasonous Past Matters Now

Why I just crossed Evan Bayh of my 2008 list...

Gore on Oprah: Global Warming 101

Question: If Hillary, Gore and Clark all run, how will they be able to attack each other?

Hillary gets first major NH endorsement...

Sen. Kerry on hardball he's still impressive he's got my vote over...

Secunia Reports Mac OS X FTP Vulnerability

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Only One Way to End The War in Iraq, Part III

Some Republicans Take a Scorched-Hill Tack

Neo-Cons Move to Preempt Baker Report (Jim Lobe)

Analysts: Bin Laden alive but hamstrung

Robert Scheer: Becoming What We Despise

House leaving town with work incomplete

NYT: Is it possible to restore the great Afghan Buddhas destroyed by the Taliban?

End Times for the Christian Coalition?

Microsoft Security Advisory (929433)

U.N. Chief: Darfur Is in 'Free Fall' - AP

"Biking with Donald Rumsfeld" ......Tomgram Analysis

'Pesticides are what is killing our kids' - Globe & Mail

Campus Antiwar Network---Get on the Bus to Protest the War!


The Un-Rumsfeld - The New York Times

Traces of radiation found at London stadium - AP

Dion to push for Afghan Marshall Plan - The Globe & Mail

Official Iraq War Costs Don't Tell the Whole Story

Gore discusses Iraq and global warming.

Media Sham for Iraq War -- It's Happening Again

Gene Lyons on why boys will by boys

WP: Liberal Coalition Eyes First 100 Hours: Lobbying, PR Offensive Mirrors Conservative Efforts

DOE - Energy Consumption To Rise For Decades, But Prices Will Stay Stable Or Drop

£59m biomass plant to power paper mill (UK)

Ethanol plant to add wind turbines (MN)

Pod Living at Its Finest

Relentless Drought On Track To Cut Australian Wheat Harvest By 2/3rds

Arizona's renewable electricity production fell essentially to zero between 1990-2004.

I'm all for putting more vehicles on our roads. As long as they're coaches (George Monbiot, UK)

PSNH Renewable Power Plant Burns Wood Chips (New Hampshire)

John Howard "Very Proud" Of His Government's Environmental Record

Global Warming To Have Major Effect On Ocean Food Web - Study - AFP

Xcel wants solar power boost (CO)

UK Sales Of 4X4 SUVs Down 15% In November - Resale Value Dropping Fast - AFP

McLennan County, TX (Waco) Wants Air, Ozone Monitors In Place Before Voting On TXU Plan

Plateau Update - The Oil Drum

Spectrolab solar cell sets efficiency record

Dallas Oil Executive Sues TXU Over Coal-Fired Power Plant Plans

No Snow For Austrian Biathalon - All 31 Ski Areas In Spain & Andorra Closed - Guardian

450,000 Kilograms Of Fish Killed By Pollution, Chinese Govt. Study Confirms

EU Fisheries Chief Calls For 25% Cod Quota Cut - Cites Years Of Non-Improvement - Reuters

Deputy Mayor Of Amsterdam Accepts Responsibility For Ivory Coast Toxic Scandal - AFP

Alps Warmest In 1,300 Years As "Winter" Sets In - Reuters

Some Relief For Spain W. Reservoirs At 55%, But Med Side Misses Out On Rains - Reuters

Aussie Bushfire Season Well Underway - "We Don't Expect These Fires To Go Out" - Reuters

Warmest Autumn In 55 Years In China - Xinhua

So How about Public Transit? (Seattle Times)

Trucker's stove (solar powered wood gasifier camping stove)

Cal Poly Engineering To Dedicate Solar Energy System Dec. 7

Nation's Agricultural Industry Has Potential To Help Reduce Global Warming

Group: Close New Orleans ship channel - AP

Palestine: "One Doesn’t Hear Europe’s Voice Any More"

Jerusalem: The European Union conceals a policy of Annexation

Coming soon: Bibi Blog

Sisters, mothers, martyrs

(ISG) Report urges direct Israel, Syria talks (Reuters)

Man sentenced for throwing pig's head in mosque

Baker report: Israel must withdraw from Golan

Report: Soldiers captured by Hezbollah seriously and critically hurt

Hamas: Government or Terrorist Organization?

Carter's Palestinian fantasy No. 242

Holocaust survivor [Elie Wiesel] urges speaking out against intolerance

U.N. to ask for $450M in Palestinian aid

Peres shrugs off P.A. unity talks

Probe: IDF top echelons failed at all levels during war

No one listens to U.S., Israel

[Simon Wiesenthal Center] Criticizes President Carter's Bias Towards Israel

Hirsch: The Truth Regarding the Second Lebanon War Will be Known

Emory Professor Resigns from the Carter Center

NYTimes: Iran Invites Scholars to Assess Holocaust as History or Fiction

Israel destroys homes of Palestinian Bedouins (42,000 Homes To Be Razed)

'Apartheid' label doesn't fit Mideast

Air Traffic Control audio related to Flight 93

Why has Bush sealed up information involving Rex-84?

Wendy Burlingame, Daughter of Flight 77 Pilot, Dead From Fire

Has Participation in the 9/11 Forum Changed or Shaped your Views?

Hero of 9/11 Won't Stop Speaking Out Against Bush

Where can I find all the facts concerning Delta 1989 on 9/11?

Election Reform, Fraud, & News 12/6/06-WaPo: End Of Era For Paperless Voting?

Deep South States have major touch screen switching, machine problems, many unable to vote, suppres

What do YOU think needs to be DONE in election MOVEMENT?

Afghan suicide bomb attack kills eight in south

Iraq study group calls for shift to support role: report

WP: Liberal Coalition Eyes First 100 Hours: Lobbying, PR Offensive Mirrors Conservative Efforts

Builder puts $16 million into election process

2nd Colorado Springs Policeman killed in line of duty.

Electronic voting panel passes proposal

Stem cell bill passes parliament

IBM to Set Up New IT Solution Centers in India and China

FEMA Appeals Katrina Housing Order: Administration challenges court order to make housing payments

Military Experts Question Iraq Pullback Proposal

Some Republicans Take a Scorched-Hill Tack

Report: Vice president's lesbian daughter pregnant

Text of Letter From Iraq Panel Co-Chairs

Reuters: U.S. military prepares Haditha murder case charges

Flatulence on plane sparks emergency landing

U.S. military: U.S. serviceman in Kyrgyzstan fatally shoots civilian

Iraq Report Sees "grave and deteriorating" crisis

Reuters: Clashes erupt in Baghdad after mortar attack

‘Many women’ languish in U.S., Iraqi jails

NTSB: Pilot error caused Blackwater plane crash in Afghanistan

U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Likely to Take U.N. Post (Khalilzad)

Audit says FEMA squandering Katrina aid

Photos strengthen case for water on Mars (NASA)

Live NASA Press Conference begining NOW: Flowing, liquid water on surface of Mars!

WP: Three from Congress Ask GSA Head Not to Shift Audit Burden to Private Auditors

Democrats: Panel's Findings Consistent With Their Proposals

Gates, Schmidt Lead Stock Sales To Highest Since 1987

UK Guardian: Hardliners turn on Ahmadinejad for watching women dancers

Jamba Juice May Have Had Deadly Bacterium (Southwest US)

Plan B pill now readily available (way PAST time for this to happen)

Iraqi politicians play down significance of recommendations by U.S. panel

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 6

AP: Admirers Swarm Bill Clinton in Hanoi

Terror war a bust (Arrest Stats Inflated)

FBI Is Probing Leak of Curt Weldon Investigation, Mueller Says (PA 7)

One killed, 25 injured, in Milwaukee blast, fire

AP: Iraq to Send Envoys to Some Neighbors

The Iraq Study Group: Executive Summary

Lost Dad found Dead in Oregon Wilderness

AP: Nominee for Pentagon Watchdog Withdraws

Iraq Study Group: Change Iraq strategy now

Cisco to ship 20% top execs to India

U.S. looks to Disney to improve image

Iraq war costs could top $1 trillion

Senators Rap FBI Over Domestic Spying

White House: rules out one-on-one talks with Iran

Tories to introduce gay marriage motion (Cdn Parliament - watch debate live on line)

WP: GOP House Leaders Choose to Let Bill Die: Would have given D.C. a House voting member

Seven die in suicide attack on US firm

Gore comments on war in Iraq (worst strategic mistake in the history of the US)

AP: U.N. Security Council OKs Somalia Forces

Arctic ice field could melt by 2080: European research

E&P: As New Talk of Sending More Troops to Iraq Builds, Poll Shows Most Americans Want a Pullout

France says Iran will face sanctions

Sales Soar For Iraq Study Group Report

Australia overturns cloning ban (BBC)

Workers notified of big layoffs at Andersen Corp.

Radiation found in Moscow's Brtish embassy (spy's death now a 'murder')

WP: Mary Cheney and Her Partner Are About to Be Moms

Third U.S. mad cow case reported in Virginia, CDC says

The Senate confirms Robert Gates as President Bush's new defense secretary

WP: Culture Shock on Capitol Hill: House to Work 5 Days a Week

Daughter of 9/11 Flight Pilot Is Found Dead After a Fire (Burlingame)

Searchers Find SF Man In Oregon Wilderness (update, found dead. RIP)

BREAKING: 10 US Soldiers Killed Today In 2 Separate IED Attacks in Iraq

Baltimore mother receives discounted Venezuelan heating oil

NASA To Announce Major 'Find' On Mars

Aiding Needy Students - by Ending Pell?

Why is John Edwards on Letterman with a monkey?

16 Military Wives

So when Friends with Benifits, you know, get it on.....

Ir's now official....

Check the link in this GD post'll enjoy it trust me.


"O Holy Night"- Homer Slockenheimer

Human Slingshot Video

And So The Holiday Season Begins....

Sen. Boxer reported today that our environmental pollutants ..

Revisiting the decisive cultural issue, once and for all:

Keith Olbermann used what I sent him in his "World's Worst!"

Am I the last one to find out about 'Li'l Bush'?

I Believe in Father Christmas......

Mom calls cops on 12-year old son who opens present early

Best Christmas movie ever!

Hot damn, an ice skating treadmill!

There's been a lot of hostility to free thinkers and non-christians in the world for about 2K years.

The Pouges.......

Carpal Tunnel question


People are trying my drug without being in the trial.

Who does the best 'Rocky Road to Dublin'?

Morning all!

I Need To Get A Life

I would have changed it too (another sex thread sorta)...

I have to say it...Bang Up performance of "Hard Knock Life" on GMA

Officers Keep Record Of Beautiful Women At Border

Man Donates Saab To Car Museum After Driving It 1 Million Miles

Good/Bad-do you expect to see Satan this year?

No Hugs Required!

Our "12 Days of Christmas" at work

When did it become cool to be a smartass?

Whoever 'invented' the computer-generated sales phone call should be killed

Man Stabbed In Chest For Refusing To Give Up iPod To Robbers



I'm freezing cold!

Does anyone else get humbuggish during the Holiday season? I do

Mary and Heather are having a BABY!!!!


Does the film "Pleasantville" have an alternate ending? (SPOILERS INSIDE!)


Flatulance Forces Plane Diversion

List of potential Cheney sperm donors shrinks

Business booming at Polonium Restaurant

Junk Mail Poetry Jam Session


Flares Thrown By Fans During Brawl At Serbian Basketball Game

Man Rear Ends Car While Flipping Off Driver - Hospitalized

what happens if a seller backs out of house sale prior to closing?

Boy Arrested for Opening X-Mas Presents Early

Hmmm... what body part should I post today?


I dropped out of my graduate program -

Flatulence on plane sparks emergency landing

Maybe We Are Descended From Aliens?

No more Lucious Pusey

Where's Johnnie been?

Any excel gurus out there? Converting mixed length numeric to fixed length

It is 9:35am MDT. I am going to shower now.

Listening to Stern: Gilbert Godfried is going to be a father

Maybe we haven't met aliens, because nobody makes it past this point in evolution?

'tis the season. Please allow me to introduce myself.....

Score another one for Oasis

Let's all jump on the Michael Richards bandwagon!!!!

oh LADIES!!!! Like a man that can dance?

Cashews, anyone?

Mel Gibson Is Responsible for All the Wars in the World (Movie review)

Best Ween Album

Britney Spears Most Searched Yahoo Topic

"People called Romanes, they go the house?"

Holy Shit - Huge Explosion not far from me

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 12/06/06)

Saw "The Departed" today ....

Bride for the Fourth Time

Water on Mars? Oh oh.....

My repub friend tells me Rush Limbaugh and George Allen lost the GOP the house

Did you know? The Internet is for porn.

I cannot freaking believe it...........

I have the perfect thing for my secretary to tell people when I don't want to talk.

Young Conservatives Nativity Scene

Conspiracy Museum Shut Down - Replaced By Quizno's Sub Shop

Elizabeth Hurley launches beachwear line for ages 2-10

Does this Headline make anybody else giggle?

I crack up at a frozen smilie.

The madness of crowds.

This guy BLOWS!

Dinner alone..... again

The New Best Thing in the World

Vicodin - Wheeeeeee!

Damn you, Lean Cuisine, I'm still hungry.

There's been a lot of hostility towards Jokers and Copycats in the Lounge lately.

Could I get a better deal on a laptop AFTER Christmas?

Swedish man has appendix burst while waiting for Wii

Report on last night's Christmas pageant:

My dog bit the male, HADES!!!!

I feel lucky today!

Why can't someone manufacture corduroys that STAY tight?!

Talk about a heroic rescue, this is a good one:

OMG Breastfeeding in public right now

Day 2 of rice/bancha tea diet.

There's been a lot of jokes abour Hostility and Copycats in the Lounge lately

My mail lady bit the dog.

sane person?

I crack up at a frozen simile.

Why are there so many songs about Rainbows?

Seduce me in a foreign language.

I guess I'll go home now....


December, 6th

I've nobody to tell right now so I'm going to tell you.

same person?

A frozen smile cracks up at warm temperatures

Found a Harry Connick Jr Christmas Cassette in the bargain bin today

Is the term "black friday" new?

Another thing I like about Japan - using bills that have "10,000" written on them

Ladies & Gentlemen: Thomas Kinkade - Christmas Treasures DVD With (Nat King Cole)!

Happy flu season!

I bought my son a Playstation 3 for this Christmas.

I've nobody to tell off right now so I'm going to tell off you.

I wonder how long a body can go without adequate sleep?

I have a confession to make.

This is a pretty serious question, but I'll pose it, anyway:

My dog bit the mail lady.

There's been a lot of jokes about Josie and Pussycats in the Lounge lately

Who, do you never ever want to see naked?

From the Matcom News Desk: Man fined for tossing pig over hotel counter


Cool, Skinner just added the Asperger's/PDD Group

Sis being wheeled into surgery right now--she needs your best, DU

I need a DU girlfriend!! any takers?? pics inside

You know, I have no issue discussing sexuality...

Post'em if Ya Got'em-- Christmas/Holiday/Santa Smilies & GIFs

I am pleased to report that my carotids are as clear as hosepipes.

University-Owned Home Sustains $50k Damage In Bottle Rocket War

Water Found on Mars

A hilarious moment in Parliament (in Canada)

Stories from the Road: Tony

I'm back! It's been a while......

Happy birthday libodem!!

Is there such a thing as good tasting non-alcoholic wine?

Nobody's going to tell you so I will tell you.

Please GOD give me the strength to keep from jumping over this cubicle wall...

Full Contact Cheerleading, or Why I Just Got Back From the Emergency Room

Who wants to stage a coup

Before the rumors start. I did not steal Jennifer Aniston...

Have you ever wanted to try a drug, but are too old and responsible to do so?

Glaceau's Vitamin Water.... anybody tried it?

When you were a young'un, what was a song you inexplicably loved?

How much does your writing style vary from the way you speak?

A great Broadway Musical to see .......

What is your pet's real name and nickname? (pics too please!)

Why do some men not say "goodbye" when they end a phone conversation?

Has the Lounge become 'ruly'?

A moment of your time please for a Friendly Reminder

Damn, I just said hello to a woman today and I can't get her out of my mind.


Who else believes Christina Aguilera has matured into a great singer??

Insult me in a foreign language.

On a scale of 1 to 5: How hairy are you?

George W. Bush BEDPANS!

"Mary Poppins re-cut into Horror film"--"Scary Mary"

People, I'm a little scared.

freshly brewed coffee

Ever had a job where a secretary had inordinate power over those who technically outranked her?

Best gift for a six year old girl?

Steve Miller: not just for breakfast any more

Do you have a nickname?

This thread is for cwydro.......

TV shows not currently on DVD that should be

"There are no coincidences."

Who the hell keeps their house at fucking 62 degrees when it's 32 degrees outside?

Now that Johnnie's surfaced, where's asthmaticeog??

I think we all need to get on the same page as far as definitions...

"There are no coincidences."

"the world’s religions offer a view of reality that is now so utterly impoverished"

The Soul as control

NASA Catches Black Hole in Mid-Snack

Future Dimming for Puerto Rico Telescope (Arecibo) - AP

Planet-detector nears its launch (BBC)

Crosspost about liquid water on Mars

Link Between Water On Mars and Lake Vostok?

Pendulums, Predators And Prey: The Ecology Of Coupled Oscillations

Canadian Parliament debates same-sex marriage today (Wed) - watch live on line

BREAKING: Cheney's lesbian daughter Mary is pregnant!

Baby Cheney Has Two Mommies

Conservative Judaism eases gay rabbi ban in a confusing and frustrating approach

Imagine College Basketball run by BCS mentality

Looks like college football did have a playoff this year.......

Daily OM: "Redirecting the Eruption - Lashing Out"

About James Kim, missing in Oregon.

Life Support Newsletter: "A-B-C Method of Managing Attitudes"

May I lean on you for a moment?

We are all trying to get to the same place even if we're taking different routes

I now have all 3 birthday cards, safe and sound

Go to dailykos front page for the '08 Straw Poll now

Anyone have the sould clip from the ED Schultz show.

ISG Report borrows heavily from Kerry's Iraq plan (aka Kerry/Feingold amendment)

Please rec and comment on my dailykos diary (Kerry/ISG report)

Report: Hillary Thinks She Can Win A "Bunch" More States Than Kerry

AP is the biggest joke in the universe: Gates confirmation a "victory for Bush"

Obama says, on CNN, that the Baker Report "Mirror's" what HE

Heads up - BET series American Gangster covers CIA-Contra drugrunning story

RW attack machine standing down these days?

Sen. Kerry's remarks on ISG Report

John Kerry on CNN’s “American Morning” (VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT)

OT: lunacy! Seriously, lunacy!

Interesting catnip in US News (I guess these marines were not upset).

Weird GD poll

Need I say more?

An uneasy peace

~~~**~~~ Run-Off Poll ~~**~~

sending a care package to soldier in baghdad. help please

Now here's a job.... Baghdad EMS.... jeesh!

Divide in economy gets wider

Culture Shock on Capitol Hill: House to Work 5 Days a Week

since 1990 America is Healthier but since 2000 little progress

The White House Christmas Drapes Have Arrived!

"If not me, who? If not you, who? If not now, when?"

The 100 to 1 crack sentencing ratio

The 2nd Brigade of 1AD returns from Al Anbar province (Ramadi) election report: 3.2 MILLION members cheer wildly!

Actual screenshot from CNN

The Final Cut ? To Play the King?

What is with Mel Gibson and his blood lust?

Why would a post I am putting up have lines all through the text?

Deleted and reposted in another forum

Hope someone taped James Spader ("Alan Shore"}'s speech

Lucky text messages led engineers to missing San Francisco family

WP, pg1: Baker panel will recommend pressure on Iraq -- but many advisers concluded war is lost

Does anyone else get humbuggish during the Holiday season? I do

Why Is There A News Blackout On Photos Of The Fake Anthrax Guy?

Bush to ease rule limiting HIV-positive foreign visitors (will the Right go apeshit over this?)

Are Post 11/7 Dems giving Iran Contra/CIA figure Gates a pass to be in charge at the Pentagon? Why?

Justices question school-diversity plans as race, education return to U.S. Supreme Court

2,907 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against Iraq

BEYOND BELIEF 2006..Dawkins, Harris, Weinberg

Iraq perspective

An interesting thing happened on my way to tennis tonight.

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Wed. 12/6 - Merry-happy Christm-aka-wanza

A threat to the status quo? I think not....

We have one untapped source for fueling our automobiles and lights and appliances.

== Gift Ideas For Dirty Contrarians = By Mark Morford

Your Take on Micheal Weiner(Savage)

Psst--hey pal, y'wanna buy some trans fats & cigarettes?

Some Republicans Take a Scorched-Hill Tack

"Report to urge bush to put screws to Iraq"--actual headline

“Tax Evaders: Multinationals are Selling the Country Short”

Was that a little nervous break down ,Guilt at what he's wrought the world?

What's Andrea Mackris done for us lately?

The article says the exhibit [is] drawn from a museum in Israel. Yet..are these the looted artifacts

1st Anniversary Edition of Carnival of the Liberals

The other kind of terror

Has anyone been watching Al Gore on Today?

Funny TOON about 08 candidates

The media is putting our lives in danger by overblowing the threat of Islamic Terrorism

Washington Journal today

Can anyone tell me how much we payed for the Iraq Study Joke?

Neo-Nazi group, National Alliance, membership down 90%

Glad Bush family loves Country Music, here's one for you Poppy

Dick Cheney's Gay Daughter Said To Be Pregnant

Iran to host meeting on Holocaust

Floridians, is Jebbie as adored down there as the media keeps

bush to make statement on Iraq Study Joke, 8 a.m. Eastern

Susan Colins (R) just said the Iraqis (the live ones I guess?) are better off

Is Rumsfeld's memo headed for the "Cover-Your-Ass Memo Hall of Fame?"

The solution to the Iraq problem...

Poppy likes to leak from all his orifices in public.

A suicide bomber attacked the office of a U.S.-owned security company

John "Dumbest Man Alive" Gibson touts Romney's tough immigration plan, but fails to mention...

Caption ..

Call. Rep. Chris Smith 202-224-2131 NOW re his "Fetal Pain Bill" Bullshit

So the Iraq study group report is probably ambiguous enough

Who is the sperm donor/father of Mary Cheney's baby?

Students Sue After Ovaries Sign Banned

So is Poppy's insanity more evidence that W is nuts?

I have a confession to make. I am the Father of Mary Cheneys baby.

IBM to Set Up New IT Solution Centers in India and China

Thinking of giving her/him a diamond for Christmas? Read this first.

Watch Freeper Heads Explode At News That Baby Cheney Has Two Mommies

i just went to freerepukelic

Cavuto to Krugman ‘You Are Lying To People’ (short VIDEO)

Cheney Insemination Photo

George H. W. Bush cries! Mary Cheney has a baby!

Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the Iraq Study Group, led by James "the Fixer"

No More Victims!: Medical sponsorships for war-injured Iraqi children

If I see one more set of plastic testes hanging off the back of a truck I will....

Should the USA have a presence in the Mid East?

Culture Shock on Capitol Hill: House to Work 5 Days a Week

The FBI Doesn't Know the Difference between Sunnis and Shiites - Some scary stuff here

List of potential Cheney sperm donors shrinks

Conservatives Are More Generous

In articles on the Bolton resignation, four major papers failed to quote a single Senate opponent...

. . . and therein lies the tale, Wednesday. Now please CAPTION!!!!

The ISG, Iraq Study Group report is released while Cheney's lesbian daughter gets pregnant

How many would PAY to see Leslie interview MAMA Cheney today?

I think Heather Poe must be an idiot...

Last week I emailed my two Senators in Florida asking for an...

Bush Admin To Be Cartoon: "Lil' Bush" Re-imagines Bush & Key Execs As Elem School Misfits

A hilarious moment in Parliament (in Canada)

"Where are they now?" Jim & Tammy Faye

The Master of the Small Gesture

Mary Cheney - can you stand one more thread? a different point of view

Cheney's Straight Daughter

Do you like/love The Newt GinGrinch???

One councilman's wish: A gun in every home

Hero of 9/11 Won't Stop Speaking Out Against Bush

Panel: Try diplomacy in Iraq, then leave

Military Experts Question Iraq Pullback Proposal

Anyone see 'American Gangster' on BET last night? It covered the Contra Cocaine

Mr. Gates' War

Jerry Springer ends his radio show - not a RIPPLE! OUCH!

Bush calls for bipartisanship in one breath and insults Democrats in the next.

Some gave all

FEMA still squandering Katrina aid

Family Sues US Mint Over Rare Coins

who would/could have predicted that Bill Clinton would have an endearing friendship with Poppy Bush

WTF Is the Little Jerk Smiling About??? ----pix---->>>

Open Letter to Mary Cheney

Anyone else think that we've converted many who were Free Republic posters?

Official Iraq War Costs Don't Tell the Whole Story

Mary Cheney's pregnancy - can we make this a stem cell debate?

Bush Responds To Iraq Study Group Report...

If Bush didn't plan to follow ISG--Why would he appoint member Gates.

ISG: In 2008, maybe start thinking about troop withdrawals...

BREAKING MSNBC: Suspicious package in Fairfax, VA.

"Rush to Air" Backfires on Baltimore TV Station

Democrats must be very careful not to step too deeply into the muck...

*'s plan for Iraq is obvious.. and simple...

Anybody familiar with regs for non-profit boards, in terms of public info?

RE ISG: Who's going to implement all this? It's NOT Condi's thing!

ISG (Iraq Study Group) News Conference starting now

What if Mary Cheney used

What a contrast........ Clinton is warmly greeted by Vietnamese..............

MSNBC - Iraq Study Group executive summary excerpts ~ Send in more troops before we leave?

Caption Dick ---pix--->>>

Today is the day the WORLD officially is told "You are a MISRERABLE FAILURE George Bush"

CNN is really on top of the news! Look at the breaking news alert I got...

Did anyone listen to The Stephanie Miller show listen to the Baker/Hamilton press confab?

One Gay Dad's Take on Mary Cheney

Why Big George Broke Down Over Medium George?

Get on the Crazy Bus!.....Draft Katherine Harris to run for president.

Clear the Green Zone !

As the SS Republicanus sinks into the sea Rep. Chris Smith yells Drs. must tell of fetal painnnnn

bush himself is DEFEATED. America wins a bitter victory.

Pelosi Statement on Iraq Study Group Report-"Presidents Iraq Policy Has Failed"

So... How long after the ISG report was released did Bush toss the thing in the round file?

Amnesty Int'l: BUSH ADMIN Has Abandoned Notion Of Universal Human Rights & Rule Of Law

Reid: The Iraq Study Group Makes Clear the President Must Change Course in Iraq

ISG= Stall for another year of WAR at least. Don't play that game. U.S. Out NOW!!!

After today's news the George Bush action figure discounted at Wal Mart

Bush has done what it took 42 Presidents 224 years to do

How did John Roberts get his black eye?

Rumors on the internets: Santorum's "Gay Bobby" Traynham to be new Log Cabin Repuke President

Oil Contracts...

The recommendation of the Iraq Study group was for Bush to read Will Pitts book (Pic)

What was the website that was supposed to have the ISG report

Pelosi Statement on Iraq Study Group Report

So they're down to the nut cutting now

Bush: "country is tired of pure political bickering" on Iraq.

Here's the full Jesus Camp documentary.

So, why isn't anyone talking about the deal between Iraq and Iran?

Leaks to NYT show Bush admin has lost control of its story

North Dakota preparing to grow industrial hemp

Buzzflash gives James Webb the Wings of Justice Award

Executive Reform MUST be made an issue for 2008

ISG report: Iraq's neigbors should form a "support group"

I hate MSNBC, but...

Bush is REALLY in trouble now.

DU this poll: What do you think of the troop withdrawal timetable?

Dick Cheney's grandson has two mommies

"Don't Tell Cheney...": How the ISG Came to Be

Jeff Sessions: "I talked to those that lost their lives"

Republicans cut and run on US: "Some Republicans Take a Scorched-Hill Tack"

Alps are warmest in 1,300 years

Flatulence Forces Plane To Land

I don't trust these guys: "Employers offer electronic medical data"

Cheap Children

While Bush cries, we approach 3,000 dead US soldiers in Iraq.

Father of marine KIA: Cheney & Rumsfeld hands are stained with the blood of his son

Scalia's Mental Status

Bushists demand $125 million to build kangaroo court system on Guantanamo

Steny Hoyer: House members to work 5-day weeks starting January!

Schweinfurt, Germany, 1ID, has lost another soldier, 19 years old

Ahmadinejad tells West to follow God or vanish from face of the earth

FEINGOLD: ISG Report Does Little To Change Flawed Mind-Set That Led To Misguided Iraq War

Baker: "Fuck the Jews" again

Reporter to Tony Snow: "How many Iraqis have to die for this to be a civil war?"

Snowjob on now LIVE spinnin' a blizzard.

Duncan Hunter said that the ISG report is a tool for everyone to get behind

Did lil boots just get the shit slapped out of 'im

Vietnam War STARTED as a "training and support" mission.

Deluded Wingnut: "Pathetic, spinless worms, the lot of you who think we're losing."

Poll to DU: Are you better or worse off economically than you were on Jan. 1, 2006?

Jimmy Carter was the best friend the Jews ever had ......

Abortion (by Country)

Why has Bush sealed up information involving Rex-84?

What's your opinion?

Steve Earle will have a show on Air America.

Why Is There No "Good News" Coming From U.S. Reporters In Iraq?

The Conservative Civil War On Iraq Policy

War widow dedicates Wiccan plaque symbol

Now that the ISG report is out it looks like we are going to be bombarded by

Panetta just said that the country needs to unite if we are going to be at war.

caption this Snowjob pic...

Organizations that are Major Players with the Christian & Political Far Right...

Orson Scott Card is on w/ Hartmann, and sounds sane

Washington man faked retardation to collect Social Security benefits

"The Democrats could care less about families"

Found a Harry Connick Jr Christmas Cassette in the bargain bin today

January issue of "Vanity Fair" out today

RW Wiki update

Poppy knew what was coming down the pike today....

I've got something to say (Volume 2)

Get rid of 250,000 illegal immigrants now!

I believe that they are EXACTLY as stupid as they look.

If we were Macchiavellian, we would...

Wow, Freepers are Unhinged over a 5 Day Work Week

CAPTION "What're we s'posed to do NOW ya morons?"

Dig the push poll MSNBC is running on the ISG....

Sorry To Say, But I Don't Trust Anyone On This ISG "Blue Ribbon Panel"

Hardliners turn on Ahmadinejad for watching women dancers

Tom Friedman: The insurgents basically been defeating the U.S. military for the last four years

Brief Overview Of Iraq Study Groups Recommendations With Full Report Available

There will be refugees from the conflict in Iraq...

Aussie boys expelled for urinating on and setting fire to the Bible.

Bush to announce his plans to go to the Sun (not the moon)

Just what the hell is Eagleburger doing?

Senators Lobby FCC Chief For Local Broadcasting Ruling

Crucial marine food chain link withers

Damn you, Jim Baker. You and your Iraqnam Tsk(!) Force.

Is Bush talking to "conservative" Dems because he's trying

"Laughter Yoga" Pixs/LINK- Happy Holidays!

Did anyone notice that at the press conference about the report...

Well that didn't take long. McCain's already dissing the ISG report.

Video blogger dodging bullets, teargas in Oaxaca, Mexico

Oh BTW: 10 Americans were killed today in Iraq? la dee dee daaa

"Alzheimer's was too good for Reagan as far as I'm concerned"

Now this is f'ing sad--Bradenton GI dies after taking buddy's place in Iraq

Robb & O'Connor on Hardball now

What did the Iraqi members of the IRAQ Study Group have to say?

KY-Senate: George Clooney?

"...there is significant underreporting of the violence in Iraq..."

Health and Prisons

Free Emergency Contraception Available At Hundreds of Planned Parenthood Health Centers on Dec. 6

Senate confirms gates

What happened with the downed chopper

Military Deploys Wave Beam Weapon, Cute "Goodbye Effect" Touted...

ISG: Force Fed. Employees to serve in Iraq

Hey... Mass DUers...

Baker spanks Junior? "We do not recommend a stay-the-course solution....

How many indictments do you think will result from serious

Obama coming up with Wolfie on CNN

Did Tucker just call Big Dawg a child molester?

Is Ed Schultz going to continue on XM radio or not?

Political Wire: "Important" Bushists plot exit rather than face Waxman and Dingell

Another story posted here today

So Mary Cheney is pregnant... Does that prove the fundy theory

10 US service men killed today in Iraq and all I can see is Mary Cheney's pregnant.

I'm willing to take a chance on Gates

US food sector wary of GMO wheat - Gen Mills exec

29 US Troops Dead December

Dicks to the end: House GOP hawking "Fetal Pain" bill

Best reponse to the republicans don't want to work 5 days a week scandal

ISG co-chair Hamilton: "We think chief violence today is sectarian, not al Qaeda."


Neil Bush Propaganda for Schools on Habeas Corpus

So should Mary Cheney's child be taken away from her?

Falwell vows to take Lesbian Rights in Artificial Insemination to Supreme Court...

Breaking on CNN Gates confirmed 95-2

Really saddened by the report of Kim's body being found. More saddened about

Bartcop poker tournament, correct table ID number

Reuters: Only six fluent in Arabic at US Iraq embassy-panel (ISG)

"Mistakes were made".. a phrase I would love to see retired forever

Criminalize Alcohol and Tobacco Now

OK, I know I'm late to the party, but this is pretty funny.

Sen. John Warner tells Gates you have to be fearless..

On Lou Dobbs & "Middle Class"

Idea: New option for Welfare - take free tuition in place of money

White supremacist gets 30 years for nerve gas plot

Democrats missing votes

I can't wait for the new Congress to convene in January...

Note to fascist propagandists:

Dr. Justin Frank (author, "Bush on the Couch") blogs on Poppy's crying jag:

Please help me out with a word uttered by Bush. Is this word (interchanges)...

World Nut Daily - Hamas met delegation of Democrats

I just came across this Voltaire quotation that nicely sums up a lot that's happening today.

News black out on mad cow case?

Did all this talk of a draft spook Mary Cheney?

I propose Amnesty for all lurking freepers.

This year I will be drumming at a Solstice Feast!

So ... who has had a chance to check out the new FRANCE 24?

Saddam Hussein Is Writing Poetry In Solitary Confinement

Aww...Santorum votes against Gates. Does this mean he doesn't get the UN position!?

10 Americans killed today in Iraq

National Board of Review Awards "An Inconvenient Truth" Prize for Best Documentary

Nun charged with sexually abusing boys

ISG: There is significant underreporting of the violence in Iraq.

Is impeachment the only way to declare Bush mentally incompetent?

Chávez puts religion into his revolution

The Iraq report won't be insignificant. It shouldn't be left for Bush to interpret and spin.

Take heart from this exchange between Gates and Byrd?

Christans and the "War on Christmas"...which is more offensive?

Election night Tweety was DEMANDING that Dems "come up with a PLAN, now!!!1"

So who is meeting with Bush this week by request? Blue Dogs and New Dems.

Is Wonkette Persona non Grata?

How Pathetic! Baker/Hamilton Prioritizes Dubya's Ego/Pride Over Troops' Lives!

Kos: Senator George Clooney?

If reincarnation is true.... What will J. Falwell come back as?

Did Americans vote for a "Way Forward" in Iraq?

Dear Gore & Edwards, can I get a lemon in my Corona?

Who is Roy Beck /"Immigration by the Numbers" ? Someone I like,

FLASHBACK 1999: Federal Official Sworn In On Koran

Inhofe Slams Scientists Who Tout Global Warming, Says They Are Only In It For The Money

Gay nativity scene not all it seems

Sophie Scholl – Die letzten Tage

A Historic Middle East Peace Initiative

Bush Admin Officials-Fearing Investigations-Choose To Leave Rather Than Face 2 yrs Of Hell

Open Letter To Recruiters

A Chicago area serial killer died in prison: Ralph Andrews

Should They Have the Child Out-of-Wedlock, or Get Married First?

Jack Cafferty's questions for today:

Is there any Institiution that you DO Trust?

Remember this: Baker is responsible for Bush being in WhiteHouse

'Most websites' failing disabled (BBC)

DFA Petition: Mandatory Paper Ballots

KUCINICH: Americans DID NOT VOTE For Iraq Study Group -They Voted For A New Direction-OUT OF IRAQ

Bullshit. Don't Forget WHY We Invaded Iraq.

Bush is REALLY starting to resemble Gollum wrt Iraq

Jesse Jackson: Congress must insist Bush isn't above law

Cheney 'looking forward' to gay daughter's baby

Say Hello to the Goodbye Weapon

And some people wonder why vicitms of rape are reluctant to come forward!

MSNBC should NOT be releasing info on KIA before the

Give $75.00 to send your Senators & congressperson to see "Nativity Story"!

What is your opinion of the Iraq Study Group report?

HEADS UP: Two hugely important parts of this ISG report

You know - Iraq does not have to be a democracy.

Keep Christ in Christmas bumper sticker for sale at my school...

TOON: When you're deep in a hole ...

Murdoch's MySpace Promises To Keep Out Sex Offenders...

So that was the big Mars announcement? Whoop-de-fucking-do

Oh my God. There have been at least *19* attempted acts of terrorism in the US since 9/11

Jose Padilla and me (reflections on solitary confinement)

Silly String Finds Serious Purpose In Iraq

Globe: Senior WH staffer shopping tell-all book: Chimpy's drinking binges, etc.

"19 bombing days left until Christmas" - freerepublic

New DU Group: Asperger's/PDD Group

Freepers idea for a master race. (It ain't pretty)


Larisa Alexandrovna: Litvinenko and the FSB's Authority to Kill

New DU Group: Barack Obama Group

Report: Body of James Kim found - Confirmed :(

"Neo Culpa" is enough to make any pacifist want to kick some neocon ass

If lost in the it better to stay put or look for help?

Olbermann on Airport Security & Your Terrorist Rating

Amp'd Mobile - Lil' Bush

Interview with John B. Bellinger Bush's legal eagle...

How Dick Cheney's Lies Got America Into Gulf War 1

JFK Orders Blockade of Cuba, 1962/10/22 (1962) Missile crisis

Crying has helped Bush Sr. Out Before

Immediate action required to save nutritional supplements

I don't reckon we'll ever hear that we were right...peace soon....

Gates and Nelson Discuss Terrorist "Powerball"

Carpetbagger Report On Wes Clark

Deleted for confusion about controversy

Pelosi's New chairman of the House Intelligence Committee wants more troops in Iraq

Alright- this is SERIOUSLY not flamebait. I'm dead serious,

Rate Senator Clinton's leadership in our party over the last six years

Builder puts $16 million into election process

Hey repukes in congress - if you don't want to actually work: RETIRE!!!

To be viable, Edwards will have to explain his less than stellar

Your favorite for Democratic nominee in 2008 - FINAL

I Feel Hatred....not a good thing....

Why aren't more actors running for office as Democrats.

Poll: Top priorities for Bush and Congress

Fav/Unfav for potential 2008 candidates...

Cheney can come to Mississippi to find out who the Daddy is

Republican Bonilla Hangs On in TX 23rd, But Hispanic Vote May Decide Outcome:

GOP Breaking promises again to Veterans and the Troops

AP: House GOP to Vote on 'Fetal Pain' Bill

Did you hear? The chaotic mess in Iraq isn't Bush's fault. Nope, it's not.

How likely is this? ('08)

Dilemma for Bush : Does he listen to Rush Limbaugh or to James Baker?

Gen. Caldwell, chief U.S. military spokesman in Iraq: "I don't see a civil war in Iraq."

I.S.G. makes it offfical Iraq is Vietnam

Marsha "The Dope" Blackburn on Washington Journal

Frederick Kagan is on C-SPAN right now

2 Q's: 1.Are nomanies normally under oath with they are being interviewed

reworked Mother Goose rhymes...

Tom Hayden: ISG rebuffs neocons, but seeks "lower-profile" war

729 days from today (11/4/08) I think we can all agree.....

Quick questions and observations about the Iraq Study Group and its timing.

Dollar Bill Jefferson playing the race card in TV Ads??

How did we get here and where to next?

WP: Christine Jennings' Congressional Race: Still No Winner in Florida's 13th District

Anti-Bush Bat Signal Ticks Off Neighborhood

RE:Usefulness and tits on a boar

Iraq Study Group: Cut and Run w/ Artificial Time Table.

Biden:"If there seems... 'Mr. President, what you are doing is stupid,' that is a problem"

Feingold on Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight ( 8:00 pm Eastern Time)

Va. Gov.Kaine delays death sentence for a second time

All this mess in Iraq, all the dead; all the money-just so Bush** could be re-elected.

Are current polls trends on nominee preference an indication of who should run?

Does anyone think Prestupid will actually read all 90+ pages of the ISG report?

AP: Parties Amassed Debt in Election Effort

Who was that cackling witch on Thom's Program?

The discussion today about what

AP: Groups Mixed on Mary Cheney's Pregnancy

NY Post's Andrea Peyser Suckles, Slams Obama in Same Day

What was Poppy Bush crying about?

Eagleberger has serious case of the twitches.

Which families should Congressional Democrats care more about

Next to the War in Iraq, all other issues are relatively unimportant

Notes and Quotes From Gates Hearings

Liberals fight back with "Contract with America"-style coalition, Norquist-like Tuesday Group

I feel very sad for my country...

msnbc breaking news: "Iraq Study Group’s Baker: 'Stay the course' strategy no longer viable"

Why are states taken on individual days for a primary?

URGENT SENATE ACTION ALERT: Please Help, Labor Arbitrage, SKIL ACT (S.2691)

Edwards needs to show the money

$1,603 a day

Tell me why I should support your candidate for President (keep it positive)

John Kerry on CNN’s “American Morning” (VIDEO & TRANSCRIPT)

God wanted Mary to have a child without a father

How much of Hillary's support is because she is a woman?

How much of Hillary's support today is because she is married to #42?

I'm so ticked.. YMCA raises monthly rate b/c of increase min. wage

Cry us a river poppy.

So naturally ..... there was no 'looking back' ........

John Kerry Talks to Ed Schultz About Iraq Study Group Report (AUDIO)

The Stupidity of the Arrogant

Best wishes to Mary Cheney and her partner

The Bipartisan Myth: Democrats Won 35-0

Lauer to Gore: "You could save the world."

Sen Kerry remarks on ISG Report Release:

The condemnationn of Mary Cheney's Pregnancy

Forget what you want and say what you think will really happen with Iraq ....

"The Two Obama's and Me" ......(Chris Bowers' (MYDD) personal Experience)

John Edwards to receive the AFL-CIO's Paul Wellstone Award

Obama Phenomenon....Is it because he's more like Colin Powell than Jesse Jackson

The Premeditation of The War (for Oil Not Terror)

"Democrats Cave on Gates Nomination" by Robert Parry. Agree/Disagree

Should the constitution be ammended to allow non-American born citizens to be president?

People in highly taxed countries better off: report (CBC)