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Archives: December 7, 2006

Why Don't Muslims Condemn Terrorism?

The REAL War on Christmas

Cheney's pregnancy dismays some conservatives

MySpace Worm Uses QuickTime For Exploit

Bush 'Privacy Board' Just a Gag

San Francisco Longshoremen To Shut Down Ports In Solidarity Action

How To Speak Republican by Jack Shafer at SLATE

The Post-Abundance Era

The Oil We Eat: Following the food chain back to Iraq

A Blueprint for Iraq: Will It Work in the White House?

Hardliners turn on Ahmadinejad for watching women dancers

Serious Use for Silly String - AP

Pro-Life Phoniness by John Seery at Huffington Post

Rejecting Anti-Union Rubinomics, Progressives Will Stand With Workers (Huffington Post)

Belgium 2030 energy commission suggests scraping 4 year old nuclear phase out.

EPA May Drop Lead Air Pollution Limits - AP

Mastermind of 2002 Netanya hotel bombing on Hamas list for prisoner exchange

Who do you believe about what happened on 9/11?

Gordon Ross responds to some of his critics.

RNC funded Robo-calls & other dirty tricks in at least 53 close Congressional races in 2006- details

Karl Rove on "vote flipping".

House leaving town with work incomplete

Iraq panel urges US push for Israel-Arab peace

Analysts: Bin Laden alive but hamstrung

Holiday surge in child smuggling seen

Cheney's pregnancy dismays some conservatives

Cheney 'looking forward' to gay daughter's baby

San Francisco Longshoremen To Shut Down Ports In Solidarity Action

Woman's flatulence forces plane to land

BBC: Cuba frees well-known dissident

Conservative Scholars Ease Gay Rabbi Ban (AP)

Bipartisan panel (ISG) urges agencies to order civilians (Federal Employees) to Iraq

Armed Russian Authorities Raid IBM's Moscow Office

Lathrop (Democrat) comes out ahead in recount (where ES&S scanners do the counting

Dean wants another (FL) District 13 election

The group of people most in need of knuckle sandwiches

Jimmy Carter Says Yes!

When I was a kid, here's what I wondered about "Pop Goes the Weasel"

My 900th post!!!

Post here if you're a DU prune.

Post here if you're a DU prude

The long-awaited pictures of: ZombyWoof's cat (with bonus pic)!

Fattening veggie comfort food tonight.

Africa cam #4, wed evening, gnus, zebra, gazelle, warthogs, elephants, lions?

Guess who's coming to the hospital with my wife when she gives birth? (Hint: this is in the Lounge.)

Wednesday night drinking thread

So, they picked America's Next Top Model, but I kept forgetting her face even while looking at her.

The Democratic Underground appreciation thread!

Wednesday, December 6. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I'm calling out GOPisEvil.

Has anyone seen "The Conventioneers"?

Ripping off fellow students is low.

Proctologist help please....I have a DVD stuck in my

Macintosh help please....I have a DVD stuck in my

Wanna join me on my walk around Lake Elizabeth today?

Anyone looking at Primetime: Basic Instincts on ABC?

Water Found in my Bedroom

Slaughter found in my redrum

I'm spending lots of money for happiness. Am I crazy?

David and Maddie's first kiss

I don't know why, but I find this funny as hell

I *totally* scored on changing my cable service tonight!!

The guy I have a crush on hugged me for no reason today, then almost killed me.

anybody have some healthful mojo?

Oh Help. My son's ex girlfriend is working at the same place as I do.

That Liberty Mutual commercial with the smoke alarm beeping:

Lounge gearheads.

SAP or Microsoft?

Who loves the long horse?

delete wrong thread

Thing on a cat's nose -- any idea what this is? Doesn't look good. (photo)

Errybody in the club gettin tipsy..

Now is the Time to Speak Up! Best Darrin Stevens?

I'm turning down money for happiness. Am I crazy?

For anyone interested the best Mythbusters EVER is on tonight.

Anybody ever try rishi tea?

E-RUDENESS: You still need a salutation and complimentary closing in an email

I've been cheating while my husband is away on business.

Woman's flatulence forces plane to land


French-Canadian curse words

Religious bullying in the 5th grade. How to handle it?

Worst sick day of my life today.

Lunch! What do you eat?

Have you ever wanted to try a hug, but are too old and irresponsible to do so?

Who supplied the "sweet stuff" to help make Mary Cheney's baby ?

I have listened to an hour of Oasis - and I am wishing to hear REM

Ball Foods Challenge

What do you think of my next, next tattoo?

A bit new to DU..

oooohh ... Eric Bogosian in Law & Order, CI!


Lounge Vibes Please: They think my dad has Leukemia...

Need some help on a satellite radio

6 Days of no electricity after the ice storm. I'm finally back!!!!!

Shouldn't Christians pray to...

New Matthew message from December 5, 2006

Senator Kerry interviews Thursday

EXXONSECRETS.ORG: How Exxonmobil Funds The Climate Change Skeptics

Hagel not impressed with Iraq Study (Lehrer now--along with Chris Dodd)

Dodd agrees---things unraveling too fast in Iraq right now. Report may

John Bolton's UN office arrested CODEPINK women for delivering anti-war petition

Central Fla. Officer Resigns After Transvestite's Sex Accusation

US Testing New Weapon on Human Subjects

Wonder why the ISG did not look back?

Glenn Beck guest said the strangest thing today on the radio program...Anyone else hear this?

History in the making - Nelson Mandela at Wembley stadium

6 Days of no electricity after the ice storm. I'm finally back!!!!!

Microsoft debuts book search tool (BBC)

DefconAmerica to WALMART: Stop selling religious violence for Christmas!!!

the iraq study group doesn't get it -- bunch of name droppers, ass kissers, blood letters.

Would you buy a used car from Tony Snow (flake) ?

E-RUDENESS: You still need a salutation and complimentary closing in an email

Suit alleges kindergartner sex assault (by another kindergartner)

It appears that Jenna Bush and Britney Spears have the same taste in men


Why did Santorum and Jim Bunning vote against Bob Gates?

South Carolina Democrats plan April presidential debate

Another risk for our gov't budget - mortgage lending

Why did Santorum & Bunting vote against Gates today?

Afghan golden treasure on display (BBC)

{Lab-grown} Bone rings exchanged by couples (BBC)

'Bob' Gates On The "Long War On Terrorism" From Todays Hearing

Great. Now we're known around the world as the flatulent.

Utah bride: Parents kidnapped me

Regardless of your views of the ISG report, it's going to work to our

US: Justice Dept. Brings First Charges for Torture Abroad

Bill Nelson and Mel Martinez seem determined to bring up drilling off Florida again.

OxyRush Was Amusing Today

Check out these ... Rush LIMPBALLS websites...Very funny

Do you support the recommendations of the ISG?

Heavens, DHS is really screwed up!

"...Democrats could care less about families..." Unbelievable!!

This is rich

Oh, swell. The poodle is here. (photo)

The ISG's recommendations: From an Iraqi blogger.

DU this ABC ISG poll: The Shrub's reaction. (ZZZzzzzzzZZZZzzzz)

Does Pat Buchanan have an obsession with chestnuts?

"In a few weeks" says the unhurried Commander in Chief .

To the Future

Friends Committee on National Legislation (Quakers) wants to build on the ISG report to withdrawal

12/6: Iraq Study Group Results - 12/7: Fire Karl Rove!!!

(some people asked in PM's) Here's the annual XM Friends and Family deals (free radios)

Veterans and Military Families Know who the Grinch is

Testing The DU Journal.

Just for clarity, describe "winning" and "team"

2,919 U.S. troops now dead in W's war against Iraq

Mixed reaction to Cheney's daughter's pregnancy

2919 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

HAHA - can't wait until Mike Luckovich's blog opens tomorrow

Louisiana Disputes a Bill from FEMA for Hurricane Aid

What punishment does L. Paul Bremer deserve? Is hanging too good for him?

A comment I left on repuke Jack Kingston's blog...

What MSM have reported the lastest US Deaths in Iraq?

Scarborough plays "You're no good" while showing Nancy Grace

I feel like the US is heading toward a big crisis.

Chicken bugs - oooh, yum!

Who will be Bolton's replacement at U.N.?

I wish I knew how I feel...

Dem Now! Interview With Author of "Ghost Plane"

Congratulations, Red State America!!! You're number 3!!!

Russ Feingold will be on Countdown Tonight

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Big Mike Malloy archive find - Shock and Awe

Sen. Clinton Proves She's Presidential. She backs Sen Obama ...

Read the Iraq study report?

Rising health care costs - don't blame smokers, blame technology and insurance expansion

Is race a really a factor for Obama? or gender for Hillary?

Foreigners only sleep with the Republicans that Americans don't want to sleep with

Is there a documentary that encapsulates your "special interest" plight and fight?

Gates Confirmed by Full Senate 95-2 Vote...Biden/Bayh & Dole Not Voting!

10 US Soilders were killed in Iraq today.

What is the Purpose and Goal of the Iraq Study Group

OK, I admit it. I have an open mind for every bizarre conspiracy theory about Bush there is.

Feingold Cuts Through The ISG Hype on Countdown ~ Courtesy of Crooks and Liars

Can you imagine if Bill Clinton had a lesbian daughter with child?

Hey..they say there is currently H20 on Mars. Maybe we should "seed' it

~* A coupla hump-day toons *~

See this?

POLL: Should we pay for what we blew up in Iraq?

Why is it going to take the bush administration several weeks...

Congress Is Actually Going to Have To Work 5 Days A Week

Hardball's "Subliminable" Messages:

Did Jesus on a trailer hitch

$44,000 a year for health insurance?

Which will America have first? A non-male president, a non-white president, or


First Lady Fashion: 3 ladies show up in same $8,500 red dress Laura's wearing

my guess at the Democratic Senators strategy on Gates

ATTN: Dem Leadership: "Keeping us up here eats away at families,"

Straightening out the voting mess before the next election.

Puke Alert!

Impeachment Rallies from Coast to Coast This Sunday (Dec. 10)

ISG and Gary Larson

How many days a week do you work?

DU economists, a question about a depression

Have you ever eaten an MRE?

Liberal Media? We've lost two progressive radio stations this month

First Lady Fashion Faux Pas: 3 women wear same dress as Laura to holiday reception

WKOX/Boston is dropping AAR, liberal talk

I totally disagree with the woman on Larry King who wants her son to

Do we need a base on the moon? Is this where Bush is going next?

Pennsylvania town mulls recommending guns for all

Heads up! BET now showing AMERICAN GANGSTER - IranContra-CIA drugrunning

Liberal Talk Radio is learning that you go to bed with the devil and....

For those interested in what's actually happening in Iraq.

Kerry (John) on Scarborough Country

Can Hillary be stopped?

OMG! I just did some math, on numbers from the ISG Report! ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS!

My favorite post, ever...revisited...

Florida spends thousands in legal fees to deny a sick boy his blanket

First Lady Fashion Faux Pas

Are Al Gore's denials part of a pre-planned strategy to run in 08?

Oregon (and other NW) people: what is it that makes the roads there dangerous in winter?

Are you Prepared?

Its OVER...The BUSHCO will be forced to RESIGN or be IMPEACHED. Make Way for President Pelosi...

Hoffa: Teamsters Union Is Clean And Government Control Should End

Jimmy Carter on Hardball

DCF: Jeb Bush's Legacy - Greg Pound - Child Abuse...

Keith Olbermann interviews Russ Feingold on the ISG Report

Liel and Bill Clinton...

Janet Reno WITH Parkinson's discusses Parkinson's Disease...

chris matthews michelle malkin

President Clinton responds to Ann Coulter...

Canadian party leader makes a hilarious gaffe (plus Harper's response)

Helen Thomas asks George Bush about Iraq

AP: Dems Aim to Repeat Success in the West (New West Project)

Jack Cafferty Question: Should Rummy Receive the Medal of Freedom? You know what to do!

Labor ally may shepherd Edwards' campaign (News & Observer)

Elections Aren’t Over Yet. Check Out Texas District 23 working families against a Bush administratio

AFSCME's 1.4 million members want better returns on the $1 trillion they invest (shareholder rights)

Congress takes up trade, taxes, abortion

Not Much Jingle in the Pockets of Minimum Wage Workers this Holiday

Feingold on Olbermann Tonight at 8 pm est

Just heard Dodd suggest on PBS newshour Senate endorse findings of ISG.

10 U.S. troops killed in four incidents in Iraq

How many days a week do you work?

some 57 million—say they would join a union if they had a chance

AFSCME (my union) to Spend $2 Million on Democratic Agenda US News :-)

W. should appoint his father and Bill Clinton to lead a diplomatic initiative in the Middle East.

Panel: U.S. underreported Iraq violence

Tony Snow: Someone please tell him to shut up and go away

the 2008 issue should be addressing job losses

fema screws another city hit by a flood

Rosemary's New Constitution (written way back when)

IDIOT WATCH: Lieberman opposes "politically motivated withdrawal".

Slate: Iraq Study Group Report summary of their advice: Cut the crap

Biden: Iraq Study Group report: Necessary, but not sufficient

Feingold's Motive For Backing Out Of 2008 Run? [Ponders] Gore?

That voice ... *snap* .... I just KNEW I heard it somewhere bfore .....

The ISG draws a line:

Permanent Bases and Temporary Presidents

Robert Parry Analyzes why Dems Caved on Gates Nomination....

Lou Dobbs Exposes Goodyear’s Plan to Cut U.S. Workers, Move Jobs Overseas

Little has made me as cynical as the Dems approval of Gates

Let us revisit Hillary Clinton's "conservative" record...

$44,000 a year for health insurance? USA Today

Opinion of Richard Nixon...

Dean calls for new election in District 13 in Florida...interview Sunday BayNews9

Chauncy Gardner for President

7,000 a Year Die in U.S. Prisons

Cash-Strapped Homeowners Can't Make Payments

Amy Goodman: It's the Bigotry That Should Be Silenced

Somewhere A Banker Smiles -- Muffled Noises From The Ranks Of The Babbling Paranoid (Joe Bageant)

Elizabeth de la Vega's Criminal Indictment of George W. Bush Et Al.

THE INDEPENDENT (London): A damning indictment of a President and his policy

How Outsourcing Will Destroy America

Dennis Kucinich's Showdown With the Democratic Leadership

Oil for Sale: Iraq Study Group Recommends Privatization

Poverty shifts to U.S. suburbs

NYT: "Pearl Harbor Revisited"

Oil groups dream of day they can enter Iraq

Keep Your Eyes on the Lies (David Brooks) by David Michael Green

None Dare Call It Reason

Gendered Division Of Labor Gave Modern Humans Advantage Over Neanderthals

Novak: They Got Bolton

The Angry Voice Of The Mogambo (TOVOTM) (Mogambo Guru)

Hotel workers test positive for polonium - Yahoo News

Forget Iraq, What We Need Is a Panel on Bush: Margaret Carlson

Don't expect U.S. to create democracy in Iraq (lessons from Greece) (Mickey Z.)

Arab world welcomes Iraq Study Group report - CS Monitor

If the NCAA ran our presidential elections

Afghanistan's Priceless Treasures Hidden 28 Years Ago

WP,p1: Iraq Study Group Report reflects disdain of foreign policy establishment for neoconservatives

LAT: A pregnant pause in the right wing

Do-Something Congress =WaPo Editorial

'I'll flee the country as soon as the US leaves'


Iraq Remedial Study Group --Animation by Mark Fiore

Democratic Wave in Congress Further Erodes Moderation in GOP

"Realists" rebuke Bush, neocons

Poverty follows families to the suburbs

LAT: The Iraq Study Group Report: Blunt talk for an audience of one

NYT editorial: Iraq Study Group provides political cover -- if Bush has the sense to embrace it

Citizenre Introduces Home Solar PV Rental Program

Federal Wildlife Agency Won't List Disappearing Eastern Songbird as 'Threatened' Species

Update: Maine, 6 other states, sign regional greenhouse gas draft rule

Plastic particles destroying oceans

Companies convert CO2 to auto fuel (AZ)

Russia to airlift bomb-grade uranium from Germany (former E. Germ. research reactors)

Tax aid called green light to energy saving for manufacturers(CF Bulbs)

Tax Break Bill May Open Gulf Drilling - AP

(H2) Fuel Cell to Light Holiday Tree at State Capitol (CA)

Partial recovery for Iraq marshes

New Congress likely to push national standard for renewable electricity

Six hurt as tornado hits London

State approves Lower Saucon power plant (landfill methane, PA)

State regulators set standards for renewable energy sources (NC RPS)

Last Minute Move Would Delay EPA Rule (dust and soot) - AP

Israel Rejects Iraq Study Group Proposals

LATimes: His cause is the Holocaust

Israelis piqued by nuclear "confirmation"


Hezbollah leader accuses Siniora of working with Israel during war

Here we go again

Israeli Arabs seek autonomy and veto on government decisions

Thank You, Jimmy Carter

An interesting post from GD board.

Another nail in Cockburn's credibility: Didn't believe in global warming

lawrence vs larry a google search on Makram Chams.

Openmindedness on the subject of 9/11.

The Mahablog >> Dear Conspiracy Theorists

New Dilbert cartoon pokes fun at electronic voting

Any takers?

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News, Thursday 12/7/06

FLORIDA - Voters Describe Voting Machine Failures in Sarasota County

GOV DEAN: "You CANNOT Seat Someone If You Don't Have An Election That's Valid"

Burglar rummages through SUV at funeral home, finds bodies

SF Chronicle: Democrats warn Bush on Iraq funding: New majority will seek to influence war policy

Food-safety fears revived as Taco Bell pulls onions

The GOP's Southern Exposure

Iraq Study Group Settles Debate Over 'Negative' War Coverage (under reporting)

(Wes) Clark writing book to be released in '07

Bush 'Privacy Board' Just a Gag

DCF told: Treat inmates now

NATO convoy bombed in south Afghanistan

Militants kill district chief in Afghanistan

Iraqi police targeted in bombings and shootings that kill at least six

AP: 4 sentenced to death for firing on U.S. warships (Jordan)

AP: Terror attacks feared in Philippines

8 People Die During Gang Feud in Haiti

Liberia torture case to be tried in U.S.

AP: Germany Ends Probe Against 2 Soldiers (Afghanistan photos)

Iraq and Kurds fail to agree on budget, oil

Iraq study group to testify on report

Senators Crapo, Lincoln, Baucus, Grassley Praised by National Environmental Leaders for Introducing

Bush, Blair to meet to discuss Iraq

Call to lift US Kyrgyz immunity

CAN chief worried about exclusion of Bolivia, Ecuador from anti-drug reward act

48 bodies found tortured in Baghdad (Wednesday)

Iraq plans international, regional summits on its fate

Olmert disagrees with U.S. Iraq group

UN urges freedoms for Arab women (BBC)

State Agency Whistleblower Gets Job Back

After 3 weeks, no word on abducted contractors

Bush to present policy changes by year-end(maybe)

Troops doubt pullout is possible by '08

AP: Congress Reaches Broad Trade, Tax Deal

US forces in Iraq say kill 14 rebels with tank fire

Slurs Used in Attacks on Muslims in Florida, Ohio Says CAIR

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday December 7

2 Professors Among 23 Killed in Iraq

AP: Congress to Keep Alive Iraq IG Office

NYT: Democrats Set to Press Bush on Privacy and Terrorism

Probes dismiss imams' racism claim

CNN: Six injured as tornado hits London

Warning over spiralling Iraq refugee crisis

Brownback tells AP Iraq should be split

Chavez, Silva relaunch South American gas pipeline studies

Senator gives global warming alarm a final cold shoulder

NYT/AP: New Mexico Governor Richardson Decries Border Fence: "Monument to demagoguery"

US Senators (Schumer & McCain) propose to track sex offenders online

Americans skeptical on use of force: poll

New Jersey voters favor gay civil union law: poll

Korea: Another Bone Fragments Found in US Beef

Report Says Oil Royalties Go Unpaid

Forecaster predicts busy 2007 US hurricane season

Global Warming is Reducing Ocean Life, Increasing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide, Say Scientists

Man loses case, wins sympathy (FL Pain Meds Case-25 Yrs Upheld)

Bush: To win in Iraq, beat extremists

One day U.S. Iraq death total rises to 11

Government motion on same-sex marriage is defeated (Canada)

Controversial Leader of 'Ex-Gay' Therapy Group Steps Down as Criticism Mounts

(AP) U.S.: Padilla's Time in Brig Irrelevant

2 'caged' children testify about alleged abuses

Bush's father to visit post-coup Thailand

Litvinenko contact 'is in coma'

Israelis piqued by Gates nuclear "confirmation"

FEC Chairman to Resign From Agency

Australia:We spurn US on new Iraq role

Rep. Huntley: Ruling Confirms Minnesota Can Protect Medical Marijuana Patients

Democrats Will Try to Block Pay Raise

Report says Saudis are major financers of Sunni Insurgents

Consumer borrowing plunged in October

European Socialists eager to work with U.S. Democrats

Wall Street sees wave of U.S. public asset sales

Prince Charles to Use Commercial Flights

Ros-Lehtinen Selected Republican Ranking Member of House Committee on International Relations

Ecuador's president-elect heads to Brazil for meeting with Silva

Houston Suburb Objects to Mosque Plans

AP: Lawmakers Agree on U.S.-Indian Nuke Bill

Protest vessel plans to ram anti-whaling line home to Tokyo (Sea Shepherd)

CNN/AP: Bush EPA: Leaded gas may return, along with lower standards

Powell on Iraq: 'It looks like, smells like and ... is a civil war'

_______ should be included in the Olympics

Let's play Rock-Paper-Scissors! I'll start...

Lilly to the Cubs and Garcia to the Phillies?

are you in for a penny, a pound, or are you in for a penny in for a pound...

South Park is hilarious - teacher is dating a kindergartner

Hey, Where's Rev_Acts04?

Sweet! Every issue of the New Yorker, to April 2006, on a USB drive!

Here's a pic thread idea: Post a pic of you by a computer screen with DU on it

Merry Christmas, Y'all ...

I think I know what Mary Cheney is up to.

Know what I'm getting real sick of?

My head is exploding!

This is the Lounge, right?


OOOOH yeah!

I'm getting marred next week!

Does God Approve of Our Yuletide Rituals?

I think Oeditpus Rex and Tyrannosaurus Rex are one and the same.

Should I go into the Mac forum -

Help me out here

Favourite MXC challenge?

I am going to back off for a while.

Mom's Brain Surgery Update

Why do they do this to cats (Attn: Flaxbee)? (Dial-up alert)

Schadenfreude: I saw the ex, she looks like hell

I can't say enough great stuff about Netflix.

I will be very happy when 2006 is finally over.

I Will Leave Forn Policy To The Grown Ups

chapstick time

Weed arrested for marijuana possession

I got stopped for speeding yesterday!!1!! (GRR)

Important advice

Accused Foot Fetishist Sentenced For Calling Teens About Their Feet

So I have to take TWO finals today and my boss says she REALLY needs for me to work on top of it

Bulletin: GD is debating whether Al Gore is fat.

Please help me help a Fellow DUer - Straight Story - X Post GD

Practical Jokes.

So, today is my Crim Law final.

Dangerously Amused, are you whoring my drunken antics?

I'm feeling festive today.

The Seminole Tribe of Florida is Buying the Hard Rock empire cheap

Driver Hits Deer, Ties It To Roof Of Car, Collides With Police Officer

Post here if you know what I'm talking about.

Which network late-night band do you like best?

I just got my first

My 12 year old cat is on her way out. Lumbo-sacral disease.

Oregon: A sad ending for the search of missing SF Man.

The future of humanity may rest on the results of this poll.

What is a non-slut? What number makes you unslutty?

Am I A Moonbat?

No thanks. Coffee goes right through me!

What's your favorite breakfast?

John Leguizamo will be on "My name is Earl" tonight.

Day three without a cigarette. It's getting better. But the headache is killing me.

So, today is my crim son final.

Stupid people on drugs are the best.

chipstack time

Which celebrity would you least like to see with a gun?

Why aren't the smilies moving?

Did anyone here learn to cycle at an adult age?

I can't say enough great stuff about porn flix.

18 posts to 15,000

Half-day of school. Hell yes.


Thanks to petersond... this is 15,000

I have a horrendous craving for chicken cordon bleu.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 12/7/06)

Is there a cd scratch repair that actually works

What is it?

I need a little cooking advice please.

So my gas company charged us a $50 dollar service and delivery fee this month.

Oh I love Craigslist!

Last night I dreamed that someone loves me

On a scale of 1 to 5: How scary are you?

Lance Henriksen (has been actor) is an asshole!

Damn, I need Nerd Help too!

Would you take your children to the Theatre on Broadway (NYC)?

Bald is the last prejudice.

Retro Fun! 50 Greatest Commercials of the '80s.

NERD HELP! Please!!

Tech question on browsers.

Anomie, anyone?

Care to waste a few hours reading comics? I have a suggestion!

Did I miss today's Top Chef thread? (possible spoilers)

QUESTION: "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

Had to write a new company email policy for work today - People Are Idiots

I can't believe I never got into Ween until now...

Which evil laugh is best: "Bwa-ha-ha-haaaa"!, or "Mwa-ha-ha-haaaa"!?

Der Feuerwehr!

Holy hell a house on the street behind mine is on fire

Hawai`ian DU'ers: I need "Aloha" etiquette

WTF? I just got a nasty email from the IT guy about forwarding chain mail.

looking for good democratic job websites

Merry F*ing Christmas to ME! Losing my job at the end of the month...

bonhomie anyone?

Bigfoot Question: What are your thoughts on the Patterson film?

Apple: Evil liberal conspiracy

Is the old "rumor" about sex ending after a dinner true?

Would you be flattered or insulted if you were offered money to do the deed?

Ennui, anyone?

Can you all see the Google ads?

Evangeline Lily

I do not apologize for my race remark.

Did you know that I'm a "f*cking b*tch"?

Are they trying to tell you something?

how old were you when you first farted (got gas)

Would you be flattered or insulted if offered money to do the dead?

A quest of sluttiness

Attractive Accents?


OMG, I have been dubbed "The Financial Aid Goddess"...

Shut up!! you are so Beautiful!! And Handsome!!!

Happy birthday Astonamous!!

Congratulations MissMillie!! 15,000 posts

On a scale of 1-5: how sexy am I?

We found a dead cat in a shipping container today

Anime anyone?

How much of the stuff that you get for Xmas, Hanukkah, etc. do you "re-gift"?

Teen murderer who killed because he was bored, says prison "too hard"

So who is the temp where you are?

So what is the temp where you are?

Who else changed their avatars to a seasonal theme?

Anyone know when these Christmas TV specials coming on?

Anyone besides me going to watch the space shuttle launch tonight?

What Movie you've seen in last 2-3 Weeks would you recommend for


Fingers crossed that my mom will be home from the hospital in a few days.

blech. I'm all bloated.

I suck.

Holy shit. Someone just killed themself less than a block up the street from my work.

Anyone here witness the Phoenix Lights in March 1997?

Need some help. I recently saw a small video online - a comedian who


So what can Bush do now??

Constitutional amendment to ban turkey basters?

I think Haruka and Joan Jett are one and the same

Dick Apologizes for Race Remark

Would somebody please explain today's "B.C." to me?

I am so very stressed out about school right now.

Anyone else here addicted to Su Doku?

'Tis the season for me to become homicidal over chapstick.

Should people smoke in order to keep tobacco farmers employed?

Okay, fess up: what are your plans from 9-5, on Friday and Saturday?

Need Some DU Advice On My Mortgage!

I'm not a public speaker...

Man Tries To Pass Bad Check In Front Of 80 Uniformed Police Officers - Arrested

My mother: On Life, Hugo Chavez, Stephen Colbert, and Everything

Does anybody know anything about German sausages?

I'm considering giving Hallmark ornaments to everyone on my

I want to say something nice about Senator Inhofe.

One final down, one more to take tonight... I look outside and it's snowing

Gandalf the Grey, Garland Thief

Some Holiday Funnies

Do you believe a boy can be sexually assaulted by a girl?

Snobs: Post your confessions here.

A question of sluttiness

On a scale of 1-5, 1 being low and 5 being high: How chthonic are you?

Anyone know t he name of Jamie Foxx's production company?

Sending out love to MrsG

On a scale of 1-5: How sexy are you?

Cooper's Hawk eating a Sparrow

Do you like or hate holiday banquets and work parties?

So my eight-year-old (son) has the names of his future children picked out, already,

My German Teacher is going to fail me for no real reason!!!

Hope all of our UK DUers are ok, hope no one was hit by the tornado they had in London.

Hey everybody - I had my 1st gallery show in NYC!!!

Do you play online Confess

We need your help...please help us vote

Wow!!! I just got emails about enlarging my willy, pleasuring my partner, & getting 38 million USD!

Is the old "rumor" about sex ending after marriage true?

After I get DVR I won't have to watch that *@%& Eric "Wanker" Clapton commercial!

Do you play any online games? Confess!

Do you have sleep apnea? If you DO, please see a doctor... got the scare of my life with my Mom!!

anybody know what 19:20 is in US or whatever you call civilian time?

I have tickets for "Dreamgirls" this Saturday.

Vulcan Pug

how old were you when you first partied (got drunk)

It's... the NEXT PIC THREAD!!

A fitness query for the gym experts:

some horses,a sunrise,a flower , a big dog, and a butterfly

Grammy Nominations out

Have you ever had the stomach flu?

Steve Guttenberg

I am craving Olive Garden

Does anybody know anything about German surnames?

Music snobs: Post your confessions here

Should I buy a Roomba?

Today's Richard Dawkins count!

Today's Sam Harris count!

Your View on God - Subjective or Objective?

St Paul's tomb unearthed in Rome

We have ourselves a great crop of threads going!

Bush sucks.

I'm Halfway Thru Dawkin's "The God Delusion," And It's Tremendous

A liberal Christian and the Great Commission.

deluded atheists...

Rebuilding in hurricane zones

Church of Sweden gives gay couples church blessing

Jass Stewart is running for Mayor of Brockton, Massachusetts again!

A Pariah's Triumph--and America's

CBC: [Canadian] MPs defeat motion to reopen same-sex marriage debate

Movie about gay marriage, gay rights

Rule V draft...

Bart Starr's other less famous sneak??

West Virginia Coach headed to Alabama??

Klinsmann withdraws from consideration as U.S. coach

A simple parable culled from GD.

Daily OM: "Serving the Higher Self - The Ego"

Sen Kerry on CNBC now. n/t

People fighting against ISG


Anyone hear JK on Stephanie Miller?

This and that: Odss & Ends

Sully backhandedly acknowledges Kerry's ideas are part of ISG Report

This should put an end to Kos attacks on Kerry and the War

anyone see JK on Scarborough?

Attention all IWR experts, you might want to go to Kos and defend Kerry.

Hey -- gotta love THIS diary

OT: ARGH!!! Boston losing it's AAR station!

Digital cameras

What's on your Xmas wishlist?

And The December Theme is

David Horsey TOON: Bailing out to victory in Iraq

The ISG Report IS ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS. It, like the administration, MISSES THE POINT a google search on Makram Chams.

PILOT HAD HUNCH: It led him to wife, kids

This thread needs some love...and know that it loves you...

Wal-Mart and the post rapture Militan Xtians w/Guns game..

RE: Mary Cheney's baby: I cannot believe a Christian would ever say this....

The liar and coward is STILL at it.

Russia not to extradite suspects in Litvinenko’s death

In A.D. 2007 War Was Beginning

Do The Bushman (TOON)

Those crazy eighties

I always miss all the good stuff...

Joe the King

If this doesnt scare the crap out of you, nothing will. THE GOODBYE WEAPON

Clifford May on C-SPAN 7:30

I'm Halfway Thru Dawkin's "The God Delusion," And It's Tremendous

So, what happens if we actually train the Iraqi army?

AP: Iraqi politicians, citizens play down significance of new report

We need a bush press conference NOW.

U.S.S. Arizona (Dial-up warning)

Inhofe's last days (as chair): Head Exploding Alert!

...helped a CIA officer and a Delta Force sergeant load two 105 mm howitzer shells into a vehicle...

I will leave forn policy to the grown ups

Native American wisdom.

"New Chair to Explore Economic Inequality"

Regarding the ISG..."A classic Washington compromise"

C-Span now! New Intel Committee Chair Sylvester Reyes "Washington Journal"

Is Imus blind, or nearly so?

AP: EPA Sets Final Sept. 11 Building Testing

"Kilpatrick Tapped to Lead Black Caucus"

Oil for Sale: Iraq Study Group Recommends Privatization (surprised?)

"Springer Pulls the Plug on Radio Show"

Nominee for NRA person of the year;

"Reality Show Features Gun-Toting Celebs" or... "Are you scared yet?"

"EPA May Drop Lead Air Pollution Limits"

Iraq Study Group Report PDF link-Read it first!

Thursday's filled with capers, capons, critters, crib-wetters, and . . . CAPTIONS!!!!


Radical Fringe Toon Thurs 12/7 - just a little change of pace

A Rat and a Stone

Obama Petition available

Reyes (D) Intel Chair on C-SPAN - NOT impressive. Shoulda picked Hastings!

The fall of the house of bush.

The Kumbaya choir is making me ill.

Hawks meet to lick wounds (Joementum too)

I highly doubt that there is flowing water on Mars...

Chuck Grassley (R) pissed off about redacted reports

Today is Pearl Harbor day, has humanity learned anything?

DemocracyNow discussing ISG OIL Privatization recommendation now...

My question about the Cheney Baby

Bush Considering Doing Away With Lead Air Pollution Limits

Iraq Study Groupies Panetta and O'Connor reachable on npr right now

US Government abandons Marine in Philippines rape case

Bolton's Departure Leaves Ranks Thin At State Department

Andrea Mitchell Moran Comment:on MSNBC this AM

Bush Administration Sought To Cut Payments To Sickened Nukes Workers

Pubbies whine about having to work a 5 day week....

Santorum and Bunning voted against Gates, does anyone know why?

Has The ISG Addressed The Elephant in Iraq aka: The American Embassy?

Continue to Rest in Peace Shipmates - Pearl Harbor - 65 years ago today

What do Santorum and Bunning have in common? Well, besides that...and that too...

Need to DU this two question poll on Bush Sr from Dec 5

Fed Anti-Torture Law Used for First Time, Ever. Son of Ex-President Charged

Gore's not running, he's too fat

A pregnant pause in right wing

Kerry on the Stephanie Miller show

"What’s the dollar value of a starry-eyed idealist?" ( in DC Today?)

"Andy Rooney Is Internet Hoax Victim"

Bush 'Privacy Board' Just a Gag

freeper post of the day

Pearl Harbor survivors meet for last time

ISG--Iraq war a failure, but give it another year anyway.

If your presidential primary candidate loses, then what will you do?

Spector Signals That He Will Join Dems To Restore Habeas Corpus

has anybody watched LINK TV.. it is on Satellite, is it available on Cable.. how is it.?


Iraq Study Group Calls For Complete Privatization Of Iraqi Oil Industry

Please help me help a Fellow DUer - Straight Story --->

Anyone know of alternate stream for Airamerica Sam Seder??

$500,000,000 Won't Be Enough to Redeem Bush's Legacy with a Library

So why are we funding the embassy version of Neverland in Baghdad?

US media asks: Will Bush heed the Iraq report?

Trick question: Which SHAKESPEAREs has Shrub put on hold to read the ISG? n/t

So has georgie decided to cover up the gray?

NY Daily News: NeoCons Meet In White House for Last Supper. Everyone there!

E&P: Tony Snow Battles David Gregory on New Iraq Report

Louisiana's 2nd CD run-off election this Saturday

Why did Santorum & Bunning vote no on Gates?

Why is "Pearl Harbor" viewed as such a dirty, treacherous deed?

The Saudi perspective on US withdrawal from Iraq?

Santa and the Mainstream Media today

Canadian vs. US workplace?

Fox(faux) News declining viewership............

They're going to sell the ISG by having Bush/Blair oppose it...

Where's the Employment group?

The Decider and Poodle Press

the bushturd is sure needing a distraction about right now and that worries the piss out of me

Conservative Groups mixed on Mary Cheney's pregnancy

Surrender Monkeys? Grab a Gun, Sir Rupert The Scummy

US Indicts US citizen for committing torture overseas

Achieve the Objective. Achieve the Objective.

Need Some DU Advice On My Mortgage!

Bush/Blair presser sounds like, "Why I ain't listening to those fools"

Dixie Chicks Sweet Vindication..(who isn't embarrassed by Bush??)

The full lyrics to and video "This is Our Country". Kudos to John M. for getting this out there!

remember how Jeff Sessions talks to dead people?

"The 'ADULT' will be going to the ME" (Blair)--per Mike Barnacle just

Some quick help

Constitutional amendment to ban turkey basters?

"Way Forward" = complete BS

Until yesterday, WH exploited bully pulpit so well it was easy to forget there were other pulpits

Azzaman (Iraq): A Lawless Baghdad 'Descends into Chaos'

The end of the American Empire...would that be a bad thing for the average American?

I heard some talking head say that bush can rehabilitate ....

Israel Rejects Iraq Study Group Proposals

How come no one ever mentions James Baker as a Republican Presidential


BC does it again...

Breyer delays deportation of legal permanent resident on a midemeanor assault

Mary J. Blige, Dixie Chicks, James Blunt Lead Grammy Nominees

Another Russian spy poisoned, in critical condition

This administration reminds me of the kids in the movie "Lord of the Flies"

Carleton (University) students bar anti-abortion groups

What do you think that the repugs are thinking when they say...

The elephant gives birth to a mouse

I am proud of my 4-year old Granddaughter

Bush, "It's bad in Iraq." A list of problems that *'s war has caused.

The report is a stunning indictment of Mr. Bush’s failure - in Iraq and no less in Washington.


It's bad in Iraq. Does that help? No, but I'll tell you what would...

Retro Fun! 50 Greatest Commercials of the '80s.

In Mexico we work not to die and we die in our work!

Did your power go out in last week's Missouri/Illinois Ice Storm?

Can you imagine what would have happened if we HADN'T won Congress

Caption this pic of * and Blair

Bwa-ha-ha! Murdoch's "Surrender Monkeys" (Post cover) - ISG

Here is a link to the ISR - on Adobe

At the hospital today....

Der Mittenfuhrer's Midnight Judge Appointment Accused of Lewdness

11 U.S. troops killed in Iraq

Iraq is “quickly becoming the largest” refugee crisis in the world

Mountain Meadows Mitt flip-flops, back-stabs and sells-out on the environment

Who would be your fantasy President?

GOP making a mess for incoming Democratic Majority

Bush*/Blair they don't GET IT. Say Iraq is still WINNABLE.

I have a solution for those who say we can't quit in Iraq

Iraq refugee crisis threatening to spiral out of control, rights group says

What do you think about this bipartisanship...

Feds have been fudging the inflation, unemployment, and

Poverty follows families to the suburbs - Thank you GWB

Caption this pic of Bush talking to kids

Interesting factoid: How many women have served in Iraq/Afghanistan?

Do you have benefits at your job? If not, would you like to?

Did I ever tell you the story of the little Chimp that Couldn't?

So, I Guess Gramps Cheney Has No Comment On The ISG Report?

There are at least 3 different pdf versions of the Iraq Study Group report


Exxon Spends Millions to Cast Doubt on Global Warming...

Transcript Of Feingold On Countdown Slamming Iraq Study Group Report's Shortcomings

Happy Anniversary - Guy James!!!!!!!!

The New York Post Crosses The Line With "Surrender Monkeys" Cover

2:30pm EST TODAY! Bill Frist To Say Goodbye To The Senate (CSPAN2)

What does "Winning in Iraq" mean?

BUSH: "To Show You How Important This Report Is, I READ IT."

Need help on wills and probate law

FBI says U.S. criminal gangs are using military to spread their reach

Is the Free Market dead? And have Conservatives killed it?

Could Cons be supporting the cause of Dominionists?

Is Osama mentioned in the ISG?

My final opinion on Iraq! Raise taxes on the rich to pay for the war.

Pissypants and Blair presser transcript... get before they whitewash it further

For the people who have seen "An Inconvenient Truth"

3rd Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division - 5 killed

I'm getting bad vibes from DU. It seems like we are always complaining.

Bush: "the fundamental question is:..Are we willing to change as the enemy has changed?"

President Pissypants and Poodle ----pix--->>>

OK, where was * just now? Saw him heading back to the WH around

What the ISG Report is REALLY ABOUT: OIL

New freeperism: "I say EXTREEM action is due."

Dilbert's comment on electronic voting

deluded atheists...

Best line in the 2026 film, "The Tragedy of George II"

4F Rush Limbaugh Calls ISG "Iraq Surrender Group"

"Nobody sang 'Kumbaya'"

"I talk to the families who die."

Say Goodbye To A Really Good Man:

There is no excuse for anyone who voted for the IWR, and they should NOT run for President

"You don't want dick cheney as president do you"? Gimmee a break.

Jan. 2005 Report: More gay linguists discharged than first thought

Any update by Skinner about the contacts he had with the Secret Service people?

Thursday afternoon TOONS....

Greg Sargent: Broderesque calls for "bipartisanship" mainly serve the GOP

"Sacrificing the few to save the many". A rant.

RWer's View of "What's Wrong With Hollywood".......Stereotyping!

James A. Baker III, seemed very pleased with himself on Larry King...

If I made a 3000 death, 300 billion dollar mistake at my job...

Was the ISG's purpose more to take away Dems' eyes away from Phased Redeployment than to take Bush's

Hey kid there is also no such thing as Santa.

EPA May Drop Lead Air Pollution Limits...

how old were you when you first partied (got drunk)

"The Nativity Project. A Public Witness to Keep Christ in Christmas," - story and pics

How would you rate Venezuela's Democracy?

Helen Thomas ON ISG: The equivalent of the U.S. telling them: "We broke it -- now you fix it"


A new Fiore - Iraq Study Group Monarch Notes -

Iraq violence has been underreported

Is Michelle Malkin a hate filled city?

Big GM seeds buccaneers Versus The People of India

Question about something on Randi

Any Realistic Solution To The Iraq Mess Begins With Bushco's Immediate Resignation

AP: Iraq Panel Concerned Over Al-Sadr's Army

Late-Night Political Jokes for Dems

C-Span 2 : Are you guys listening to the out-going Repugs cry-fest?

Bush / Cheney Remaining in Office will be a constant POISONOUS

Are there any laws about mailing sand?

Call Congress. RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!

Is there any one person in the world you would follow if...?

AP: Houston suburb objects to mosque plans

Breyer v. Scalia (ACS v. Federalist Society)

is there anything to the criticism the panel had no military representation on it..?? my mother

9/11 death toll: 2752

Pearl Harbor Day--Called my dad like I do every year.

My teach told us today that Rupert Murdoch owns LA Times now.

Great piece on CNN - snowjob, * and Blair with endless use of "forward"...

Is Bush in India?

Ray McGovern coming up on radio 4pm PST: links

GPS Is Not Always Your Friend

Two Million Iraqi Refugees

Iraq: Give the Iraqi Govt. One More Chance vs. Bring the Troops Home Now.

I Just Recieved A Swearing In Invite

bush's latest language misenmanglement

Ann. Coli defends torture

What would happen if we pulled out of the "Green Zone"?

Watch this great video on how single pay healthcare would work,

OK Kids... how about this one for your bumper..

Beyond Sago-Excellent series on mine safety

Here's a suggestion for Senator Clinton

Who's watching Bushie's circus on

TOON to remind all of what December 7th means

Breakfast with Dennis In Search of Peace by Cindy Sheehan

If 70% of the people want the troops out of Iraq?

Snow: You Can't Snap Fingers, Get Arabic Linguists...

Christmas in New Orleans

Somebody please translate this 29%er freeperism for me, thanks!!1

I've got a ticket to see George Carlin tonight at 8:00 ET. And Lewis Black on the 28th

Seminole Tribe buying Hard Rock cafe business

New rightwing owners kill AAR station

British DUers, give us some feedback on how the ISG report

Why are the same people, who made the wrong decisions on Iraq

Would someone tell Tim Russert

Bush has called in an expert to save his foolish ass in Iraq...

December tornado hits London

My mother: On Life, Hugo Chavez, Stephen Colbert, and Everything

Set the Wayback machine to the years you were growing up.

Don't Ya Just Love When You Come Across Some Bush Slam Unexpectedly In Your Local Community Paper?

Poll: Which bumper sticker?

Urgent Action on Net Neutrality. We can DU this!

NYT: Supreme Court 'declining in relevance'

Iraq Study Group May Not Be A Plan To End War-BUT-It Does Ensure OIL STAYS IN US HANDS

Tantalizing TOONS, served best with a mellow merlot.. Here, have a taste...

Brownback calls for more family values

And Now>>>>Steve Bell's Take on ISG

Senate Democrats, Following Iraq Report, Plan Hearings on War

Let's help the repukes nominate...

I've become paranoid about using the telephone.

Any one hear or seen Alan Simpson on CSPAN this Morning

CNN now. Joe Kennedy, Citco, Chavez...

Boston Gets A Clue: Local WingNut Talk Radio Ratings Drop Like A Rock

Dennis Miller: "I'm only conservative on the war"

Dubya reads?


Falwell’s Flub: Jerry-Rigged Policy Opens Door For Pagan Proselytizing In Virginia Public School

Still not worried about McCain?

They all died in vain. What a terrible thing to say.

The GOP's Southern Exposure

Iraq Study Group: Saudi citizens funding Sunni insurgents (and this is a Baker-led commission)

George Bush:

Any Donald Westlake fans?

I Am SHOCKED! bush** Was TESTY Today With Brit Reporter!

Alps Warmest in Over 1,000 Years

Anybody Hear Friedman On Imus This Morning?

The ISG report--I read this stuff so you don't have to.

"It must be some redneck thing."

"Will the president listen"? WTF kind of a question is that?

Hillary's too vane to be president (Arianna Huffington/LAT)

Excellent REALITY Reporting From Baghdad, What A HORROR!

James Baker: Covering up Republican screw-ups since 1981.

Tony Blair, sexually frustrated poodle?

House passes bill to allow tithing during bankruptcy

To those who think god put w in office, did god screw up?

Corporate wins over the American dream...

Would you pay to go see this Movie or just wait for the DVD?

Can you give me any background on the TV public service announcements for Darfur?

>>>>>>>>>>Oliphant Does It Again

We really have to battle back this language about a "way forward" in Iraq

Bush Asked Whether He’s ‘Still In Denial,’ Responds ‘It’s Bad In Iraq. That Help?’ Heh heh heh...

John Bolton refuses to give exit interviews


They Never Begged Me for Oil

ANOTHER station drops progressive talk (1530 WSAI in Cincinnati)

Another roll call for an infamous day’s survivors (Pearl Harbor anniversary)

I know that it would never happen...and after 2000, i was pretty down on Al Gore...

Impeachment = President Colin Powell, not President Pelosi

The Nation (Pakistan): "What the U.S. is doing to itself, no military power could do."

Damn, I've changed my mind. IMPEACHMENT is a priority.

Bill Richardson Announces Presidential Run! [UPDATE -- FOX LIES]

The worst thing about the holidays

Randi is going to be on LIVE in my area...Franken is gone!!!

Happy Birthday Eli Wallach!

Spokesman for Bush, "James Baker can go back to his day job."

2 more years? bush can't HANDLE 2 more years.

Scallions traced to Ready Pac - they had the Spinach E-Coli Outbreak

Christian fraternity sues UGA

Human Rights Watch summary on Venezuela

Dixie Chicks grammy nominations!

Malkin: San Francisco is a hate filled city

So Bush Refuses To Accept Study Recommendations. Now What?

Requim for a Lightweight

The U.S. is 'fomenting' the civil war in Iraq by arming and training Iraqis to kill each other

Who will be the President pro-tem of the Senate?

So who really picked the ISG members???

Girl, 13, charged as sex offender and victim . . .

Some of Distressed American's latest graphics

Shadow's Taxicab reports: "Get us home"

What is Arianna's Problem?

Outgoing Republicans trash the place

Contrary to what his detractors say, Jimmy Carter was one of the most successful

The Bush Crime Family - Alien Lizards (A montage of Swamp Rat's art in a video)

No, you giggling psychopath, it really doesn't.

Hannity claimed today that Franken has quit radio


French presidential hopeful asks Howard Dean to set up a visit to the US

Pelosi: "It's really sad . . . Republicans never miss an opportunity, to miss an opportunity."

OAXACA: Human Rights Update


Are you an organ donor? If not please consider...

Seems our incoming Dems got sassy with Rubin today...Good for them.

can someone please give me a summary on the BCCI scandal?

Fighting Poverty - A Matter of Obligation, Not Charity | Human Rights Day - December 10

O'Reilly: U.S. may have to "level cities like Tehran"

It's December 7th, What was YOUR personal Pearl Harbor? Mine was today.

2920 "I'm waiting to hear the words 'I was wrong' Dick Morris, 4/9/03

Mandatory National Service

When they say ''Cut-n-Run''... (Now relevant again!)

JFK speaks about launch of Telstar satellite in 1962.

Lil' Wayne's FU to Bush

Lil' Bush - Episode 2 - Nuked

Lil' Bush - Episode 3 - Evolution

The Seven Dwarves: I believe that nicotine is not addictive

United For Peace and Justice (video)--Jan. 27--You're Invited

John Lennon - 10/09/40 - 12/08/80

The American Style Media...*graphic imagery*...

The Bush Crime Family - Alien Lizards

Stephen Colbert Dances

Lil' Bush - Episode 1 (Pilot) - Hot Dog

Blast from the past - - the 1991 Gates confirmation Senate vote roll call

Some Republicans Take a Scorched-Hill Tack

Question to ponder.....

If Obama runs, I think it will handicap Edwards and take away a lot of his appeal.

The Day That Will Live In Infamy

Senate Democrats on Iraq Study Group Report

Anniversary of a Tragedy

Where is their outrage of fatherless due to Shrub's war? These wingnuts

Well wadda ya know. After all of Bush's fruitless bloodshed, we're gonna try some diplomacy

I guess we won the war on pollution

Cry me a river, Republicans

Pregnant Mary Cheney is making Freeper heads EXPLODE!

bush lied to coverup his failures according to ISG

According to Smirk, the ISG report proves the human being and fish can coexist peacefully?

My two cents worth.

Faux News

Robert Bryce: Omitting the Obvious with James Baker

Another Great Quote From Bush

Barney: "I could bite him"

The real reason that any Dem who vote for the war should have voted against Gates

The Greatest Generation will live in fame. How about us?

New York Post's classy cover on the ISG

The CYA - erm - ISG Report

Move over Tigris and Euphrates: denial is a river in Iraq

has ANYONE heard from Mark Foley?

Sandra Day OConnor

George Mitchell to be US ambassador to UN?

Parsing polls: "Liberal" still a "dirty word," "conservative" an acceptable one


"What now, Mr. President?"

On the father of Mary Cheney's hellspawn:

Candidate apologists, promise me one thing: if your candidate becomes prez, hold them accountable.

Bush: "It's bad in Iraq"

Rasmussen Reports cooking the books? Statistical experts check-in here

Empowered Democratic governors look to '08: They head states with 295 electoral votes (270 wins WH)

Would we be in Iraq today if Congress had done their job?

Giuliani: Leaving Iraq a 'Terrible Mistake'

Interesting sculptures of Political Figures

Seriously, has Hillary Clinton said anything at all about the Baker report?

"It's bad in Irag. That help?" retorted Bush..." very Nixonian, except gwb is inarticulate.

Listening to windbag this afternoon in the car and...

Has George Bush read the Independent Iraq Report yet?

The Poodle knocked * off balance when he stepped out first. Pics.

What Happened to the Foley House ethics committee Investigation ?

Dean: Dems should keep out Buchanan (Sarasota FL)

for DU's terminally weird

We need your help...please help us vote

$11.5 million added to Homeland Security to protect * in 2008

This is late I know, but that joint news conference....

House and Senate Republicans make a deal on veterans and military families

Jack Kingston conservative idiot or lazy f**kin' worthless conservative idiot

It appears the economy may be going into a slump before Dems take over?

Christine Jennings needs help. Request for affidavits

Stop following the Democrats; lead them instead

Chicago Sun-Times columnist: Hillary eyeing Clark for VP.

Bush and the Repubs are rebuilding their political cover...

Forget W, they're trying to rescue the "Pub party

Your view ...... is Russ Feingold growing into the role now unfilled of Paul Wellstone?

Look what these Rethugs said about impeachment then; what about NOW?

It took a year, almost to the day.....

Unity08--are there ideas here that Dems need to look at?

"Whenever the American people feel empathy for a foreign poeple, it makes me queasy"

Senators give their opinion on ISG report

MP in Canada defeat banning Same Sex Unions motion 175 against.

Clark or Gore?

Next-generation Bush moves to Fort Worth

My theory on why the MSM is pushing the 2008 primary race so hard

What do you think of Grandma Pelosi so far?

Wouldn't you think the GOP would ditch Bush now?

Can't believe I missed this - Scarborough AND Buchanan saying 'Kerry's right' ???

Why Rumsfeld Got Fired

CEO Bush

Had an encounter a work today....I work in the deli of a biggish chain

"some commanders are worried about(IED's)increasingly used to target American Officers.

Which is more valuable?

New GALLUP POLL on Democratic Hopefuls (Obama and Hill fare best)

GOP Front-runner?

How Rush built his radio empire.....

Not another anti-Hillary Clinton thread...

"Barack Obama, Inc.".... the birth of a Washington machine (Harpers)

1917...1917.....Remind yourself as you read.

This personified the civil union vs. marriage debate.

Questions about Bill Richardson

Don't EVER, EVER buy Domino's Pizza!

The Note reports Hillary will join Holy Joe at 3PM to announce launch of PSA video game ratings

No Wonder Daddy’s Crying (Mary Lyon)

Why can't more Dems be like Dennis Kucinich?