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Anybody Seen a Molly Ivins column Since Nov. 23rd?

URGENT: Vote in this poll & help get Coulter dropped from a newspaper

What Is Conservatism and What Is Wrong with It?

Conason; The Last Neocon

Here's where you can get the ISG report

Economic Report: Corporate Holiday Parties? Who Cares?

Guardian UK: If Not Now, When?

Supertelevangelistic Sex and Drugs Psychosis (MP3)

Who killed Bolton? Not the Dems — the GOP, that’s who

Bush-Blair split over report's key proposals

Please consider giving a gift that keeps on giving from Heifer International this year:

Texans Overwhelmingly Oppose Gov. Goodhair-Backed Plan To Fast-Track 11 Coal Plants

GM''s Wagoner Just Can't Stop Talking About Electrics & Hybrids - Globe & Mail

UK - McDonald's Shuts Down In Devon Town Famous For Its Food - Daily Mail

Nearly Half Of Iraqi Marshlands Restored Through Joint Japanese-Italian Project - AFP

Flood And Wind Warnings Across Britain - Also Warmest December Night Ever Recorded - Daily Mail

Australia Sends In The Army To Help Fight Bushfires - Reuters

But ... but ... ('TOON)

And It Only Took Five Years! EPA To Test Lower Manhattan Dust Beyond Ground Zero

China May Overtake US As Top Total CO2 Emitter Before 2010

23 States Plan Far Tougher Mercury Control Measures Than Federal Plan - CSM

Terrorists rejoicing over new Baker report

Israel stands by vague nuclear policy

Please Don't Report Your Suspicions To The Government

Flight 93's tail section is M.I.A.

Remember the Pinto or Why Isn't the Performance of Our Voting Machines as Important as

Seminole Tribe buying Hard Rock cafe business

Anderson Cooper To Debut On '60 Minutes' (this Sunday)

Cash-Strapped Homeowners Can't Make Payments

Senate approves FDA chief nomination

Oil groups dream of day they can enter Iraq

HP pays $14.5m to end 'spy' probe (BBC)

Poverty shifts to U.S. suburbs

Another roll call for an infamous day’s survivors (Pearl Harbor anniversary)

No End Visible In Goodyear Strike

Whirlpool to sell Hoover floor-care business for $107 million

Shuttle night lift-off postponed (BBC)

Wal-Mart Drops Newly Hired Ad Agency

Bush says new approach needed in Iraq

AP: Traveler risk system may violate ban

Bush: No early Iran-Syria talks

U.S. port security unlikely to stop nukes: experts

Warm welcome in Washington, cold shoulder elsewhere

Dueling Views on Diplomacy Pit Baker Against Rice

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson: 'I Am Running' in 2008

Charles Taylor's son charged with torture

(WTC) Dust tests brushed off

US opens new Guantanamo camp jail

Australian navy to shoot at fish poachers

Bank Of America Outsources Benefits Administration

Renowned cancer scientist was paid by chemical firm for 20 years

Ex-KGB spy 'was poisoned in hotel'

House prices plunge: All Hub gains since March ’04 vanish

Gen raps Blair for betrayal

Kurdish leader blasts Iraq group's report

Students Cry Out for Freedom in Large Demonstration at Tehran University

Sleepy Sand - The Great Mystery of Life - What Is it? What Causes It?

Coming home

CaliforniaPeggy. PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I'm sorry, sorry, sorry.

thanks for the mojo

I believe that all threads in the Lounge are sex threads

Race Apologizes for Dick Remark

Human Resources sucks.

Why is it that no matter what side of a closed door my dog is on,

Three Boston songs are on my computer.

For RetroLounge (PICS!):

A little love for lumberingbear please

Emile Cohl "The Hasher's Delirium" (1910)

Steelers are going down

mash up christmas music

Oh, chaos. Another day and night of fuck me.

Thanks for helping me with my school stress last night, loungies.

Be My Downfall Tonight!

I just saw Al Gore!!!

Snots, post your confessions here

Snots, post your boogers here

Have you ever committed a PUI?

What should I change my name to?

Does anyone know what may chang is?

Singing In the Baptist Choir (A Humorous Tale)

What prizes will DUer #100,000 get?

The Ultimate Female Joke

youtube movie

Fav. Facebook group ever

Thursday, December 7. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

OMG--"The Fez" was in my dad's computer music files.

32 down, 108 to go.

Ba. Na. Na. Ra. Ma.

Colbert is hilarious tonight.

Is it really UPS policy to leave packages in front of the door at an apt complex???

I have tomorrow off and I'm drunk already - ask me anything!

"None Genuine Without This Signature"

Woohoo -- 1000+ posts!

If you could only posses five books and ten photographs,

I'm going to watch Survivor right now!

What do you gloat over?

Does anyone else get tired when they have a headache?

Okay, so Britney Spears admits she went 'a little too far'

I'll try here and I will give you one of my Zodiac heroine drawings.

Should be good for a laugh...

I love grad school...I love grad school...

Loving you is easy 'cause you're beautiful.

Oh, fuck me. Another day and night of chaos.

So... I called in sick today...

FYI - Public Service Announcement

Where did everyone go?

OK. Maybe three locked threads in 24 hour period on the DU is too much...

Celebrating the wonder of Oasis

FUCK! There's a huge palmetto bug FLYING around inside my house!

All I want for my birthday is a kick for this thread (link below!)

It's morning on the Africam...

One vehicle, one companion, one destination, one weekend.

My Christmas Tree (Photo Thread for Christmas Decorations!)

Jay McShann, Leading Figure in Kansas City Jazz Scene, Dies at 90

Ever had bad times re: family inheritance?

Alphabetizing 5000 books

Is the are you live in considered: Urban, Suburban or Rural?

Focus On The Family Endorses 'Satanic Role-Playing' Religious Warfare Video Game As Kid-Safe

Excerpt from an interview with the Phelps family from 10/31/06

Probe spies landers on Red Planet (BBC)

Mary Cheney’s Partner ‘Will Have No Legal Relationship With Her Child’ Under Virginia Law

WTF: Phoenix Suns beat NJ Nets 161-157

UM chooses Shannon as head football coach

Why do I do this ? Crap.

New Mexico governor "considering" 08 run

now this a camera i would really like to have

Need some help on a satellite radio

A TOON for the Texas 23rd runoff (This Tuesday)

(TOON) Steve Bell on Bush/Blair press conference

Guantanamo detainees going to new prison (across the base)

Dubai Ports Cleared To Test Methods Used To Screen US Cargo

Hey People! Stop With The Threats Already!

(Ohio) State senator got workers' comp break for his firms

Mother says teacher ‘exploited' child

I posted something I thought was funny about George Bush and

Texas freeper-like ass to hold pig races to protest mosque

Without commenting-those that haven't taken impeachment off the table

Anderson Cooper To Debut On '60 Minutes' (this Sunday)

Listen up, George! We The People have spoken and the ISG elders

My 7th grader's political comment in social studies class...

Oil groups dream of day they can enter Iraq

For This Brief Moment In Time, I Don't Care About Iraq; About The ISG; About Gates; About Bush.

Repubs are going to recommend no more "supplemental" spending...

5 "Never again" events have occurred during *'s residency.

Is this a sophisticated scam

Seriously: What is the Difference Between GW Bush & Hillary as to Iraq?

Just got home from seeing George Carlin live. VERY funny, new material....

Thought: The man with his finger on the nuclear weapons trigger, can't pronounce the word nuclear.

WTF: Phoenix Suns beat NJ Nets 161-157

Tax Break Bill May Open Gulf of Mexico to Oil and Gas Drilling

Can anyone give me an answer to this question?

Giving the finger (bush)

Australian Government protecting Exclusive Brethren

Internet fuels rise in number of jailed journalists...

Too, Too funny.....

Accuracy in Media covered up a massacre in El Salvador

Sam Seder on Countdown!!

Another ISG HIdden Fact: - Saudis Funding Sunni Insurgents Who Are Killing US Soldiers

"Where's my drink?"

Anyone seen any anti-net neutrality campaign-style ads?

On one day the military reported 93 significant acts of violence. There were actually 1,100 that day

OK, Chimp has no intention of following any of ISG's report: so what can we do?

WOW!! I'm surprised Bush didn't fling feces at the reporters today

Light a candle ***with update***

"heh heh... heh heh heh... it's tough, we know that"

Bush will let Rumsfeld give another big contract to Haliburton for Gitmo before he leaves-& Congress

Rupert Murdoch's NY Post has "Surrender Monkeys" on the cover as a

Guilford (Vermont) man accused of stalking Muslim family

Please help with list of Clinton's accomplishments ---- and other things......

So. We can send our 18 year olds to boot camp. They can finish

Affiliation with a gang isn't a crime under military law

A link to say good bye to our Brother Joseph Randy Barnes Please sign

Raw Story: McCain taps 'Call Me' attack ad producer (Terry Nelson) to be campaign manager

Suit by Iraqis and Afghans claims Rumsfeld ordered torture

Giuliani and Clinton lead in primary polls (Hillary has 20 pt lead in two new polls)

Bank-robbery suspect wants to put government on trial (Army Ranger vs war crimes)

If the ISG was reality based

Those Cialis commercials crack me up.

Soldiers who are victims of sexual assault while serving in the military are the unknown casualties

Did Blair say more than a dozen words today?

Vote in 2008 Presidential Straw Poll on Daily Kos, (Clark, Gore. Edwards, Obama winning)

Ex-Liberian leader's son faces U.S. torture charges in Miami

DU made "":

McCain a Maverick? I don't think so.

Vindication & Sadness

New Iraq strategy: US president should disclaim oil interest

Analysts: U.S. at root of effort to topple Lebanese government

Next D.C. Police Chief Talks About Single Parenthood

Are you "Fiscally Responsible?" Or "Fiscally Sound?" "Irresponsible or Unlucky?"

Do O'Reilly, Cavuto, Hannity, etc. own stock in any companies that

No End Visible In Goodyear Strike

If the President doesn't follow the ISG recommendations, Congress must stop funding a failed policy.

Lieberman, Collins set to announce new Iraq group

I Wanna Give a Shout Out to Lil' Dick Cheney!

Another poll to DU. Note the impeachment option.

Thom Hartmann and Ed Schultz beat all other talkers in Seattle Arbitron ratings

The distinguished senator died

An excellent letter in the NY Iraq Study Group

NEW VIDEO: UFPJ - Keep Hope Alive!

If Bush lost all composure, what would you want him to say?


A Young Republican Explains Why He Can't Go to War.

Global Warming Threatens Sea Life: Drop in species' food source found

About the Australia bush fires (short animation link)

Caption George W. Bush!

Texan wants to have pig races on his property to offend Muslims

Bush after receiving ISG report: "Where's my drink?"

Some people do anything for amusement. I guess this pic is supposed to be funny?

How can people still have those stupid "W" stickers on their cars?

Sen. Harry Reid Says Thank You To Tavis Smiley and the Black Community

Why is liberal radio stations being dropped across the country?

"Strange Culture," Film About Steve Kurtz, Artist/Professor Charged By FBI, Premieres At Sundance

Renowned cancer scientist was paid by chemical firm for 20 years

YowZa ::: Congressional Approval at 13%!

*** Thursday TOONs: Study Group ***

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

*I* know when the next terrorist attack on American soil will be

Feds want to seize home of a guy I used to know, not sure how I feel about it.

George W. Bush Is The First CATASTROPHIC President In American History

Just discovered a blog: We Have Failed

I think the last battle of Baghdad is probably underway now.

I just got rejected from a credit card for having no credit history

Sho time

Are the moonbat liberals out to fuck up the Constitution?


Flag Makeover

Nuclear Future

Am I the only one that thinks this is HILARIOUS?

Re: White House Caught Doctoring "Mission Accomplished" Vide

Give Peace a Chance.

The Voiceless -- John Edwards' Fight for the Working Man

Smith Comma John: Human Being for President!

U.S. military spokesman says Kyrgyzstan shooting appears to come under immunity agreement

Ahmadinejad's message submitted to Kyrgyz counterpart Bishkek

Iraq Casualty Count: 2922

Watching the Poodle

Why did they need a 2/3 vote in House for fetal-pain bill?

How long before Repubs filibuster Democratic legislation?

A bad precedent for whistleblowers (Stephen Heller & Diebold)

Petition for redeployment of troops from Iraq. (Boxer petition)

Why Does Fox Frame 2008 "Hillary vs. Obama" ?

Don't rush training of Iraqi forces -US commander

DU's favorite House member......

Hillary leads the presidential pack

Arianna and Buchanan going at it on Scar.... n/t

Russert Whistling Past The Grave Yard...

A Turning Point for a Panel: 4 Harrowing Days in Iraq

Hot gossip from 2 Big Ten Professors of Political Science. bush is toast

Clinton/Obama or Gore/Clark

"I only hope that the President is listening."

What is the story with that other discussion forum..the LU. Anybody ever

Fox brazenly declares the war on Xmas!

AFL-CIO Organizing Summit: It's About The Rights of Workers To Change Their Lives

The Best Reasons Not to Impeach, And Why They're Wrong

McCain taps guy behind racist Harold Ford ads as campaign manager

Save The Cheerleader, Screw The World!

Do you agree the recommendations of the Iraq study group are the best way forward?

Russ Feingold: How does he get elected?

TPM Cafe: Hillary thinks she can "win a bunch more states than Kerry"

Vote for the Dailykos: best weblog of the year

My former life as a right-winger

I'm Still Waiting For That Damn Apology" - cross-posted from DailyKos

Gated Communities Go West - By Elizabeth Oliver,

Will Bush Choose His New Friends Over His Old? by Juan Cole - Salon

Bolivia's Morales Eye Middle Way on Coca (AP)

The Best Reasons Not to Impeach, And Why They're Wrong By David Swanson

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Saudi Op-Ed

Meese of Arabia and the Baker Group's Grab for Black Gold- Chris Floyd

Beating off the rescue party by Sidney Blumenthal at Salon

"Frankenstein" - Poppy & Baker created a monster

Merriam-Webster's 'word of the year' (no joke)

The Failed President and the New "Greatest Generation" by Frank Schaeffer at Huff Post

Israeli Researchers Fin 'Altruism Gene' - Jerusalem Post

The Baker Boys: Stay Half the Course by Greg Palast

Get the grenades out of Bush's hands...A call to Action!

A Quest for Integrity - a call-out from Dennis Kucinich (a Must Read)

Changes Are Expected in Voting by 2008 Election - NYTimes

The Struggle Continues by Carl Pope (Huffington Post)

The Parts Left Out of Borat by Paul Krassner at Huffington Post

Poll: Americans see no easy Iraq exit By NANCY BENAC - AP

GOP Senator: Iraq War "May Be Criminal"

The Nation: The problem with the New York Times' "conservative beat"

It's a Cheney!

Don't Renew Military Aid to Colombia

Colombia too dangerous for critical journalists, film director says

Swear On A Stack Of Korans! by Bill Press

Together they rode off into the sunset... (Bush, Blair, and delusions)

NYT: Dueling World Views Pit James Baker Against Condoleezza Rice


Spying on Big Brother - Nat Hentoff for V V

Washington consensus: blame victims in Iraq

Election 2006 Continued Wrap up – The Coming Economic Swoon and Did Republicans Throw the Election?

(Pilger) Setting the limits of invasion journalism

WP: "The Last Gasp of a Smoke-Filled Room"

The Spirit of Democracy in Venezuela

I will leave Forn Policy to grownups.

Hawks Meet to Lick Wounds

What if Baghdad Bob was right all along?

Breakfast with Dennis Kucinich by Cindy Sheehan

Solar Breakthoughs; +40% efficiency

Amber Waves of Gas?: Gasoline Alternative May Be Found in Prairie Grass

Baker's yeast mutant can boost ethanol output -MIT (Reuters)

Warm weather in Europe cause for concern

C(alifornia)-PUC Proposed Decision: R(enewable) E(nergy) C(redits)s Belong to Solar System Owners

James Hansen - Can We Still Avoid Dangerous Human-Made Climate Change?

Expert Predicts 14 Named Storms in 2007 - AP

PA Gov. Rendell Announces $3 Million Investment in Alternative Fuel Technologies

Ebola 'kills over 5,000 gorillas' (BBC)

Hamas: we will never recognize Israel

Top Israelis, Americans at Saban session- Media Barred

Analysts: U.S. at root of effort to topple Lebanese government

Guardian (Jonathan Spyer): Don't expect peace soon

US congress bans talks with Hamas

Baker’s Miscalculation

Tom Teepen: Before blaming Israel for everything

Uri Avnery on the starvation campaign in Gaza

Israelis piqued by Gates nuclear "confirmation"

The power of Nasrallah

A barrage of accusations

Lebanon prime minister derides Hezbollah

Witnesses: IDF troops shoot and wound two Palestinians in Gaza

Saudi Arabia says Israel nuclear arsenal biggest threat to Gulf security

Haaretz (Ze'ev Schiff): Hamas' critical lesson

Speaking frankly about Israel and Palestine -- Jimmy Carter

No Palestinians, No Palestine, No Problem

UNHRC slams Israel for the 7th time

And here's a....

VIDEO: Perspective on 911

David Shayler's "Sky News" Gig.

Daughter of 9/11 Flight Pilot Is Found Dead After a Fire (coincidence?)

9/11: The Roots of Paranoia

David Lynch on Loose Change

Status of RFK Jr's lawsuit?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. 12/8/06 Hmmmmm

NYT: Changes Are Expected in Voting by 2008 Election: Paperless voting machines will be obsolete

'The sky turned black - it was as if we were in a disaster movie'(Tornado n London)

U.S.-Bound Cargo to Be Screened at Six Ports

British, Danish troops seize Iraqi militants

U.S. soldier dies in roadside bombing (#2923 and 32 so far in Dec)

NYT: Bush Backs Away From 2 Key Ideas of Panel on Iraq

U.S. Mines Pollute Water Despite Predictions of Low Impact, Says Report

Houston Chronicle: Australia Wants Its Troops Out Of Iraq

AP: Bill Clinton Supports Dialogue With Iran

(Australia) Crackdown on flying with liquids

Foley Report Awaited From Ethics Committee

The Hill: Roberts (R-KS) open to leaving Senate Intelligence panel

Changes Are Expected in Voting by 2008 Election

AP: U.S. Troops May Be Able to Leave Iraq (Gen. Chiarelli)

W.House won't accept all proposals from Baker group

Rumsfeld wants torture case dismissed(hearing set for today)

Group: Journalists jailed more in China

Reuters: Two U.S. pilots charged over Brazil plane crash

Reuters: U.S., Iraqi troops seal off Haditha - residents

US Congress saves watchdog on Iraq reconstruction

Shopping Mall Terror Plot Foiled

Foley panel: GOP didn't protect pages

MNF Iraq: Roadside bomb hits dismounted patrol, kills two MND-B Soldiers

ABC: Mark Foley Investigation findings to be released @2pm

After Delay, Congress Tries to Finish Up

AP: Dual Missile Test Fails Off Hawaii

Cognizant to invest $30 mn in Hyderabad operations

US air strike kills 20 'Al-Qaeda terrorists' in Iraq

WP,pg1: Costly Coast Guard Fleet Update Falters (Another fiasco!)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday December 8

School bus crashes in Ham Lake (MN); 4 critical among the many injured

Feds Arrest Would-be Terrorist Allegedly Planning to Attack Chicago-area Mall During Christmas Rush

House panel: GOP leaders negligent in protecting teen pages.

Mn. GOP cuts ties with Legislator accused of domestic abuse...

Iraq insurgents’ bombmaking gets more lethal

Senate to hold closed joint caucus

U.S. Democrat leader Dean tells Europe his party wants to rebuild relations

NYT: Turning Point for Panel: 4 Harrowing Days in Iraq; Considered interim report

Illegal immigrants $18 bln boost to Texas: report

Blue Dog Democrats Have First Meeting With Bush

LAT: Iraq Study Group Report Enrages the Right

Iraqis, U.S. dispute deadly raid in new friction (6 Women, 5 Children Killed)

Senate eyes closing caucuses for speed

House Republicans shift blame to Democrats

Cop Pledged Love to Polygamist Leader

W.House won't accept all proposals from Baker group

Committee investigating Foley to hold press conference (2 p.m. ET)

Payroll growth rises 132,000 in November

Building damaged in WTC collapse dismantled

Video shows L.A. cop assaulting cuffed teen

Shooting west of Loop; Metra trains halted

AP Poll: Few expect victory in Iraq (dissatifaction of Bush's handling of Iraq @71%)

Foley report: Republicans negligent in protecting pages (but broke no rules)

McCain hits report as 'recipe' for defeat

Rumsfeld says worst time as Pentagon chief was Abu Ghraib revelations

US subprime loans face trouble

CNN: Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Jeane Kirkpatrick has died

Bush Reaction to Report Worries Father's Aides

Top Democrat (Henry Waxman) questions Blackwater deals in Iraq

BREAKING: Cambridge, Mass- Building Fills With Smoke, Traps Workers

Allstate Calls A Halt (to selling homeowner insurance in CT, NJ, DE - hurricane fears)

CNN: GOP senator criticizes Iraq war in emotional speech: "That is absurd....may even be criminal."


Lawmakers beg Bush to help (convicted border patrol) agents

Bad Santa! "How to tell you've been really, really bad..."

The Browns suck so bad..... I watched Men in Trees instead....

I saw "Borat" today with my 78 year old mother!

I'm going to take a pill

Do I look fat? (evil chick question)

Amaze your friends, make fools of your Repug enemies

i broke my wrist

Damn, I just had to call the RAs in on a fight outside my room.

What in the world??

Hey, Australians! Wanna be on top?

Laugh with or at? The difference between then and now.

The catalog is killing me today

Anybody work at home, internet based biz?

Ah, "Sara," wait a minute, baby.

My new monitor arrived!

Evil creates Cthulhu.

OMFG, I've been up since 6 am EST, and I JUST (6:40) noticed that there's an inch of snow

Vandals Run Over Singing Santa, Steal Baby Jesus

Will NWC's 10,000th post thread still be here when she hits 20,000 posts?

I am absolutely mesmerized by this song: Razor by Foo Fighters

Bring 'Em Home.

Holiday Greetings from pResident bush (pic)

Grammy Nominations: Congrats to Dixie Chicks and Neil Young

How do you motivate yourself when you don't feel like working?

I was doing the robot and Iooked up and my dog was watching me

Construction Crew Takes Roof Off House, Doesn't Return

I know this had to have been done before but... (Song rewrite)

Apple Ranked Lowest on Environmental Care

Woman Gives Birth On International Flight - Citizenship Of Baby Now In Question

Are you going to a company Xmas party in Wilmington, DE tonight?

I would like to post something

What kind of God would send down THIS?

Holiday Shoppers Keep Buying During Fire In Department Store

Dog as my witness, I will not post any more today and if you see me hanging around

LOL. On local news: "Christmas Tree Pornaments."

I have my work internets back YAY im series!!11!!!

OK People I have lost track about the "War on Christmas" thing!


I feel nauseated about this microwaved baby case

Baboons on the Africam now n/t

Bluescreen of Death...HELP!!

you are NOT the only one

The Dec. 1st message from Yoko Ono re: today - Dec 8th

Liam Gallagher claims he was once visited by the ghost of his idol John Lennon.

There were coyotes singing outside my house last night

Some Radio History: Radio Collage From The Night Lennon Died

Welfare workers to quiz Britney over 'parenting concerns'

Charlie Brown Xmas tree for sale

I'm going to get groceries and some mascara.

Well, I made the appointment with the surgeon's office

Nine new shoots on my philodendron

More erudite?

Did you ever lick your pet?

War. On. Christmas. Lt O'Reilly Reporting!!!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 12/8/06)

Americans Found To Be the Biggest Dicks of all Humankind

Are you drunk? Try this sobriety test.

how many words/phrases rhyme with hiLLary

The Sandwich Gods Are Showering Me With Blessings Today

ATTN: DUer CAT PEOPLE... have a chuckle

It's that time again!

The poem I chose for my final presentation on Monday


I've never seen the Fruitcake Lady before. She's Truman Capote's outrageous aunt,

Just found out my friend's cat has leukemia....

***A Poem***

Please listen to Leo DiCaprio's accent in "Blood Diamond" (link) and tell me

Congratulations BOSSHOG!! 15,000 posts

9-Foot, 500 Pound Shark Washes Ashore In Texas

Important DU Poll RE: Africam

Flag Makeover

Are you putting up holiday lights this year?

Anyone know where I can find a very nice men's room?

Does this ass make my post look big?

I am so glad we have heat again!!!

And you thought there was no good reason to shop at Wal-Mart

Does this post make my ass look big?

Okay, 'fess up. Which one of you jokers hid my car keys?

Project Runway Fans - here's some news that truly sucks...

By the time I'm old enough to have sex, sex will probably kill people.

Gotta holiday party you don't really want to go to?

Need tech help...PLEASE! Can't view the Africam and it's breakin' my heart!

How to scare a sheep

Sometimes, IT just IS.

Tire chains.

Standard Condoms Found To Be Too Large For Many Indian Men

rhinos and baby on africam!

Countdown to sauce time: 2.5 hours....

More people should write songs

This explains a lot, actually

i love everything about booze....heehehe

Standard condoms found to be too large for many Republican men.

Best website ever:

Who loves my Woody?

its fucking freezing. i am frozen. thats all i have to say about the matter.

I'm about partied out.

I have never learned a thing from Dr. Phil. He is a fucking idiot. Thank you Oprah for creating him.

Is there any way to 'unsqueak' hardwood floors?

any "My Name is Earl" fans here?

you know what sucks about cold weather?

So I had a truly brilliant idea tonight.... (Cut my own hair!)

You don't really care for music, do you?

It's National Handwashing Day!

Best Christmas present I've had in years.

Dylan Video

Heard it from a friend who heard it from my ex...

Idiotic bumpersticker I saw on the way to work this morning...

Anybody in here has played Medieval 2 Total War yet?

Happy birthday femmocrat!!

What flavor am I?

Last night there were skinheads on my lawn

Anyone know where I can find a very nice men's robe?

John Lennon: When You Heard the News That Day (oh boy)

Carson Williams Christmas Lights Videos

I found what I want to get for Christmas... (I added pics.)

Basic Lounge Demographic poll

I'm thinking about dying my hair. Any advice?

Anyone else born on Dec. 8th?

Am I going crazy or is TV as bad as I think it is?

My thoughts on John Lennon - long yap

just how slow is it around here, anyway?



Men Are Just Happier People

Discrepancies between CBS's "Rudolph" and the Bible's explained (CBS 8PM tonight)

The DU Journals have been around for awhile now

MEN, PLEASE READ THIS... It's about that young man who died in the Oregon wilderness...

What rule(s) do you live by?

Could somebody pour me a beverage, please?

Time for the NEXT NEXT Picture Thread.....Make it Hot People..I need some warmth

Do you sleep through the night?

Help! Where to find a Sony Play Station 3?

What flavor are you? Quiz

I'm almost at the end of my rope...

Radio Lady Reviews: Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto" (WARNING: SPOILERS! Opens Friday, December 8, 2006)

Nintendo Telling Wii Users To Hold On To Controllers (Flying out of user's hands)

I need your kitty pictures

Baby and / or Tie Dye Picture Thread

The Missionary Spirit

Challenge: Can you identify this passage of scriptural verse?

How do you express gratitude for your good fortune in life?

X class solar flare

Musical theatre fans: help me settle a debate

'Restoration' after the fall

Resignations follow vote to ease ban on gay rabbis

If Marriage isnt an important word/right: Then why are we denied this right/word?

WNBA Coming to an End?

Boxing News {12-8-06}

Forget the Mannings, what about a Schottenheimer Bowl?

Forgiveness, breaking news, and a GD post

Daily OM: "Hidden Gems - Experiences We Don't Understand"

Could you guys spare a little energy today?

I got a bonk-on-the-head message last night

A couple of recent OPs

Congress to go home; treats veterans like Bob Cratchit

More stupid reporting from the NYPost. - The art of writing a non-story

Anyone see the new Faux poll

What's this?

McCain's campaign manager

Carpetbagger rightly says Krugman's column goes too far about IWR yes people

Boston weather update

Iraq Study Group Report = John Kerry Report ?

Correction of a link I sent to some of you:

Color photos from the Depression era

Yesterday and today

Anybody see the drunk Santa on Olberman??

NYT: Voting Reforms To Be “Core Issue” Of Democratic Congress...

Cool website has recent satellite photography...Taken within hours, not years/days

Henry Waxman - Is it January yet?

ABE LINCOLN Hates the Troops!

US soldiers way of keeping order in Iraq

Jack The Ripper - Revealed?

Have you seen this?

Diana inquest will be held in public

Hospital Dumped Patients on Skid Row, Police Say/ This IS sick!!!

US opens new Guantanamo camp jail

The "Long War"?

Another of my favorite posts

Rice's spokesman: She's ready to "devote tremendous energy" to Middle East

What does being a Democrat mean to you?

Please DU leftist blogs

I was wondering just who else on the Iraq Baker Committee was

Has anyone seen the movie: "The Secret"?

Europe breathed a sigh of relief when Democrats won the election.

2,921 U.S. troops dead in W's war against the Iraqis

Is Tony Snow a reincarnation of 'Baghdad Bob'?

Is there always a video of Rush L. talking into the microphone?

Till the day they all die repubs will say that liberals lost the war.

David Swanson: "We Must Prevent Permanent Bases In Iraq"

National Review indavertently gets it right about Bill Bennett

Whatever Happened To All Those Pictures With the Halo On Bush's Head?

It does my heart good to see all these republicans crying.

Is there a video group (or a YouTube expert willing to help)?

Holiday, CHRISTMAS card idea! Season's Bleatings!!

Laugh with or at? The difference between then and now.

America Defeated. Thanks a lot jr.

Fringe RW'ers use worms to spread propaganda

DU Imus fans, please explain that the appeal of that man to me.

"Operation Squeeze Play" is proving easier than expected, says the man who lost 6 troops Wed.

Frist's tearjerking plea for bipartisan in his farewell speech yesterday

WJ this morning

Saudis reportedly funding Iraqi Sunnis--Shall we attack Saudi Arabia then?

bush understands 'how tough it is'. fuck you mr. bush sir.

Hey asshole--It's BAD in America. That Help?

McCain Hires Lawbreaker as Campaign Manager

CNN...Saudis funding insurgents in Iraq. So, W* & Cheney's pals are killing our soldiers?

Family Research Institute: Mary Cheney Cruel to Children

Gibson film angers Mayan groups

Please DU--lose the "Sleeper Cell" ads

Please AT LEAST 100 Rec's for video "BRING 'EM HOME"

Iraq Study Group Report = John Kerry Report ?

Salon's Joe Conason: The Last Neocon

Iraq Study Group Report...FREE on Audible right now thru 12/20.

Hilarious, Fox news attacking Obama on his lack of experience for

DUers to what extent is Samuel Huntington

The First Catastrophic President In American History

Proposed Constitutional Amendment

My "take" on the Mary Cheney pregnancy

Saudi Arabia beheads a Pakistani and his daughter convicted of drug trafficking

ISG: “Ask Iran and Syria to Help Us with Iraq.” Why Would They? Also, Bailing Junior’s Ass Out Again

First we have to admit we were wrong

On the "death" of AAR and Liberal Talk Radio.

Seems that bush* being the decider and all like he thinks he is

Will the Republicans move further to the right?

9 Former Detainees Go To Court TODAY-To Hold Rummy Responsible For Torture

"I will leave forn policy to the grownups." (Steve Bell 'toon)

Tom Toles hits yet another bullseye.

NATO air support may have killed Brit in Afghanistan

I'm so GLAD McCain is attacking the ISG report!

Dean calls for 'immediate change' in Iraq

Nas' Song for the Blood Diamond Soundtrack

Who knows what the cabal are up to now that their evil plan has been twarted by the elections.

It's time for the Senate to bring its campaign filing system into the modern era.

So why don't Tweety CALL-IN demanding Shrub come-up-with-a-plan NOW-NOW-NOW?!!1

Toles - a little too late

ISG Report: Recommendation 63

Drilling Down Red Web Sites Versus Blue Web Sites

ISG wanted an interim report in September,midterm elections scrapped idea

Is it me, or is a "gradual troop withdrawal"

Sam Seder just said we'll likely hear some "very positive" news about AAR....

Wow...did Connecticut just have a little earthquake?

RW Wiki update

More on our "Good Buddies" from Saudi Arabia

Blowhard war criminal Rumsfeld spewing forth.

Question: Small claims court...and a little rant.

Sharing the true spirit of Christmas

LAT: Conservatives incensed over panel's findings

Bush: "I look forward to working with Senator Reid and Congresswoman Pelosi "

Military training accidents....

Will global warming result in plagues and pandemics?

Does a criminal stop his behavior without punishment?

Lots of crap happening today:

RIP Jay McShann . . . Kansas City jazz pianist . . .

The 'War On Terror' Is About Oil

caption this * pic...

defeated congresspeople attend "Life after Congress" seminar

Well, another GOPer bites the dust

Please critique my LTTE on Iraq then & now

MSNBC Breaking News Banner - Chicago-area man arrested for alleged holiday terror plot. (Updated)

Taking bets, thwarted Chicago terrorist, Repuke or Dem?

Last night on Scarborough: "Monkey in the middle?"

CBS/AP: Engagement Ring Arrives After GI Dies

It's still about oil in Iraq

Your Opinion, Please:

How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?

Leahy is going off on judges and Repuke hypocrisy on the Senate floor right now

Rant time....watched Inconvenient Truth last night - this will be convoluted, but...

Rummy asked how he wanted history to remember him, "Better than the local press."

White House Dog Barney Stars in New Film.

Controversy over Iraq air strike

Heard on Imus this morning about McCain

Let Me Explain How Bush Sounded Like A Grounded Nine-Year-Old Yesterday ...

A Flushed Flight of Fridays looking for . . . A CAPTION!!!

Abu Ghraib music

Iraqi Mirage: The Coming of Plumbing

"Stay the course!" GW Bush and Joe Gibbs

Energy Policy Suggestion

Ca. Super. bets his Sequoia voting machines can't be hacked

ISG report: "The Oil Sector"

Caption this pic

If we can be out of Iraq in a couple of years, then the neo-con war was successful

Tributes being paid to Outgoing Senators on the Senate floor now

16 car pile up in New Orleans because of Ice

suggestions for video clips on GOP hypocrisy on democracy?

Leahy is tearing it up on CSPAN2 right now

I just saw Rumsfeld crying on tv....what was that song?

FOX News is having a very bad time with election results...

New Orleans to Raze Public Housing: "This is a government-sanctioned diaspora"

You know I think Rice, Bush & the others know they have been proven so very, very

Are Humans Totally Stupid? by Mark Morford

12 million suburbanites live in poverty

Rise of the Falafels

(Returning) Reserve Troops Facing Job Woes

Have your wages increased? NY Times says "Long a Laggard, Wages Start to Outpace Prices"

Judge weighs torture claim vs. Rumsfeld

How on earth did Iraq ever survive and prosper for five thousand

The irony in Mel Gibson's Apocalypto

Dear Mr. pResident...

Who among the GOP will 1st break ranks and call for IMPEACHMENT?

Former SF Giants shortstop Jose Uribe was killed early Friday in a car crash

Pat Fitzgerald is involved with the Rockford Illinois terror case, will make announcement later:

FL-13 Update: Fight Heads To Congress, Pelosi must decide whether to call for new election

Sorry, but trying to smear and "swiftboat" Jimmy Carter because of his new book

What to do with our time?

Like CLOCKWORK, BushCo screams TERRA when W's nuts are in the fire

Bush the Worst Ever? ... Four opinions on WP

Who is Kent Jordan?

Fuel oil prices went up 0.20 a gallon in like a week?

Bush To Baker: "I'M THE DECIDER!!!!"

ISG report regarding Iraqi oil

Report echoed Sen. Kerry’s warnings

weapons tests on people

Dems will try to block pay raise

Republican economics

I hope we continue to openly criticize everyone who initially supported Bush and

Let them eat nanoparticles

Maybe I'm wrong, but this strains credibility.

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Friday 12/8 - with "fig Leaf"

Need advice: website vs. blog. ???

Women and children killed in US raid in Iraq. We say insurgents killed.

Those leftie socialists at Wal-Mart...

Paramilitary raids

The Media Marginalizes The American People...

Foley ethics report link

Feds fuck over the homeless again

ACLU Argues Case Against Rumsfeld...

Greenwald: No matter what ISG says, "Americans are done with this war."

Why does anyone need a 30" tall

Are they dropping live 2000 pound bombs in Avon Park, Florida yet?

2925 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

CT University study finds that BUSH LOVERS ARE INDEED "NUTS"

Iraq Panel: Privatize the Oil!

Hey Commander Chucklenuts, here's your legacy!

MSNBC Breaking News - House panel: GOP leaders negligent in protecting teen pages.(updated)

GOP Senator: Iraq War "May Be Criminal"

LA Times Op/Ed on Iraq Study Group: It's Still About Oil In Iraq ("...spill more blood for oil.")

Steve Forbes is upset Bush may compromise with dems and elminiate social security wage cap

Possible Owner of AAR not able to afford Franken and Rhodes?

Here's the Mark Foley, House Ethics Committee Report:

There are some people you just can't smear... Jimmy Carter, Michael J. Fox...

Little Lord George Meets Santy Klaus ---pix--->>>

OK, what's going on in Chimpy's pea brain to make him think "stay the course" is the only way to go?


My new bumper sticker idea...


Did Mark Foley ever get out of Rehab or is he still clubbing in

The Straight Talk Express- McCains new Campaign Manager

Is Rodney Alexander a Democrat or a Republican?

Poll: 9% still believe in a victory in Iraq. The rest - a compromise of some sort

Democrats block pay raise for Congress, Cheney

From the Heartland and for the farmers in this season,

GOP absolves self in the Foley scandal

Will someone please explain this?

No lie: `truthiness' gets picked as Word of the Year by Merriam-Webster

GOP was negligent

26 years ago today - R.I.P., John Lennon

CorpGovActivist - tresspass charge hearing today

What's happening in the House with Thomas and Rangel right now?

Flatulence forces plane to land

When I seach for "Climate Change" in Google news...

Can someone please explain why Diebold stock is still going up?

Silly String Has Serious Use in Iraq (for real)

What's up with Mr. Ignore?

I'm not a big fan of reinstating the Fairness Doctrine

Those who want Gore to run in 08 PLEASE check in!

Open letter to any Republican politician

LAPD Officer Arrested

Dean in Portugal : "Time for the United States to renew our relationships around the world"

Proposed LTTE. Opinions before I send it.

Friday Afternoon Toons...

Will our children blame US for Bush's debacles?

9% of Americans expect a clear-cut US victory in Iraq. Who are these people?

new A-P-Ipsos poll: Bush dissatisfaction has climbed to an all-time high of 71 percent

Wales: smoking heroin because cannabis is almost impossible to buy

Was Rummy getting all cry-baby weepy too?

Warmest Wishes for Freedom, from the ACLU

Cindy Sheehan on trial, Kerry's sister involved

In all my years I've never met a 61 year old spoiled brat childman.

Ignorance Exemplified - re: Joe Darby and Abu Graib


I guess there's some good apples in Houston too

Special one-time federal excise tax credit in 2006 rebates tax overpayment on phone bills.

Today is the last day of Republican control of Congress ! Rejoice !

Sidney Blumenthal: Bush will ignore the ISG report, like he did in December 2004

Germany shelves smoking ban over concerns it may breach their Constitution

Jay Marvin news

CNN: Foley EXCHANGED "sexually questionable" messages

Get Your War On!: The Moustache of Understanding

Rumsfeld just go, no more townhall meetings and chicken dinners at our expense

RIGHT ON CUE: Holiday Mall "Terra" Attack Thwarted, says Sludge


Does anyone have the Bill O'Reilly "cut his mike" clip?

Word association: Senator Gordon Smith = ______________

That face!

UPDATE - Straight Story Effort - Please Read

I wonder if pro-lifers agree with Bill O'Reilly. Hmmm...

Judge re: ACLU Rummy civil suit: "What you're asking for has never been done before"

Palestinian Factions "agreed On Borders Of State" - Hamas

Iraqi mayor accuses US troops of killing 5 children in overnight raid. This is why we're there?

Please vote in Weblog Awards Poll....and keep kicked....thanks

CAPTION anyone?

The difference between Christians and Crusaders

The genius of Homeland Security in pictures

Anyone know why Randi Rhodes' Dec. shows aren't available at

So another repuke jumped ship!!

Chilean ex-dictator Pinochet loses another friend

Michael Weiner Savage

Impeachment What if... moderate (sane) Repubs convened a meeting w/the Decider

Mark McKinnon and Joe Watkins: Asshat apologists

Oh goody, more IMs have been released, Foley's into loofahs as well!

Imus shows again why sometimes PC is saner than not-PC

Not out of the Bush Yet

A day in the life of a 14 year old Iraqi blogger.

Joel Pett on Reagan's legacy

Who's jacking w/ the gas prices this week?

I'll be damned, they're doing it breaks for the wealthy

"Southfork on the Potomac" ........The Bush Family

Parochial Schools Asking For (Taxpayer-Funded) Textbooks

Romney, No McCain, Gains Support of Republican Traditionalists

BBC - Condoms 'too big' for Indian men

Israelis peeved at Gates nuclear arsenal remark

Americans Are Buying the ISG BULL! The Truth: IRAQ IS NOT A MISTAKE OR ACCIDENT

Candy Crowley/producers cut out Senator calling Bush "criminal."

Solar Tsunami

Damn! Some teenage bravado tonight!

Bush and Paris Hit Club Scene

A Christmas Gift to a DU Friend.....

Neighbor (Freeper I betcha) Threatens Mosque With Pig Races

Great Sutton Impact cartoon about the Bush/Webb "incident"

Mission Miracle - by Venezuela and Cuba

PFEB Alert! Patrick Fitzgerald News Conference Video!

Sen Gordon Smith: "I, for one, am tired of paying the price of 10 or more of our troops dying a day"

Get yer George Bush Naval Aviator Action Figure for Xmas!

Jean Kirkpatrick Has Died

Reality Check: Wellstone's Iraq Predictions

Pappy and Pals 'disappointed' and 'concerned' with Junior's reaction to the ISG report

Why do the rich hate the poor?

"Life Is What Happens To You When You're Busy Making Other Plans" -- Rest In Peace, John

If Kucinich runs again--would you support him in '08?

The "Decider" is back

What if Baghdad Bob Was Right All along?

Woo Hoo! Just received my ACLU membership card.

Deputy Dresses As Elf To Catch Speeders

"Bomb All The Terrists and Let God Sort Em Out!" US Killing Civilians in Iraq *Graphic*!

The Vietnam Syndrome is back in all it's glory thanks to jr. bush!

Rep. John Shimkus chose to hide the Foley e-mails from the page board's Democratic members.

Franken Just Sounded Like He Was Saying Good Bye

Impeachment - my (possibly) changing position -

I don't care whether George W. is impeached or not.

Could it be?

Hookahs are a big seller this holiday season in the Green Zone

Would the Bush Boy read the ISG report if it came in THIS cover?

If you never read another post of mine, Please read this one

Leahy and Specter Introduce Bill to Restore Habeas...

Saudi intelligence chief says Israeli nuclear arsenal is provoking arms race

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson: 'I Am Running' in 2008

Bush Dismissal Of ISG Creates Possible Effort For Bipartisan Impeachment Effort - By Robert Parry

What do you think about O'lielly and the other repugs....

I hope my 1st grader doesn't get kicked out of school because of

Greece bans mobiles in schools (BBC)

Al Gore is Looking for a Million People

Another Solar breakthrough, 40+% efficiency

Markos on Impeachment - I agree

With a nod to Paul Krugman, here is "The Cassandra Chronicles" Weekly Standard, April 23, 2003

Top-Level Insiders Selling Their Stock At Phenomenal Pace

Father of Chelsea's Boyfriend in Prison for Fraud, Scams

If it would take a year or more to do an impeachment - would it be worth it?

A Soldier's Christmas

Galactic exploration within our lifetimes?

Sibel Edmonds: Theft of nuclear secrets, no secret

I'm getting tired of Corporations sticking it to the consumer

Faulty online mapping linked to wrong turn disaster (Cnet - Kim)

News alert! Hillary to study video game violence.

My Mother's Memories of December 8, 1941, the Day AFTER...

Rep. Henry Hyde got married last month. Will he cheat on her too?

Agency Sells $40,000 Worth of Furniture and Equipment for $350 (EPA)

McKinney introduces bill to impeach Bush

Abstinence-only counselors worrying that their funding will dry up

2fer: New Yorker on DOBBS. HITCHENS: "Why Women Aren't Funny"

Oh my--My 13 year old has played a couple of violent video games

Important Petition to sign regarding Media Consolidation

United For Peace & Justice: D.C. Peace March on January 27 (Ava's video!)

The other side of Habitat For Humanity

Laura Bush bought a dress that costs $8,400.00

My own personal war against the Arabs.

Krugman: They Told You So

Sanctioned Fund Raiser for Straight Story - Please Help, DU

A few members have suggested doing a charity donation drive this holiday season. We need your help.

Halliburton provided contaminated water to Soldiers...

The Pandora's Box of Lies...

When the Tigers Broke Free

Bring 'Em Home

Sen. Durbin blasts lack of Halliburton oversite...

Once Upon A Time In The C.I.A...

the Halliburton Curtain...

School of the Americas (Warning, graphic!)

Bolton's Departure Leaves Ranks Thin At State Department

Bush Administration Sought To Cut Payments To Sickened Nukes Workers

Tom Feeney blasts Dean for not wanting House to seat Buchanan...

Okay.What is the status of Air America? Are they closing up shop?

Saudis funding Sunni Iraqis. Aren't they supposed to be our "allies?" link..

New Iraq Democratic Veterans in Congress

Which one is the biggest whore ?

Quest for Integrity - D. Kucinich

WaPo pumping up Hill vs Obama showdown.

AP Poll: Few expect victory in Iraq (60% want withdrawal in six months)

Captioning W, posted to wrong group, but there was a reply so . .

Ignoring the ISG Report

Excellent CNN video of Bush/Blair yesterday. Suzanne Malveaux says gwb didn't just drink the Koolaid

Bush is still at 38%? I don't get it!

Bush's Iraq approval at new low , 27 %

Does anyone have a link to the Daily Shows Back in Black segment about "Happy Feet"

My Prediction-Baker Report will simply slide away in the news.

It is over - Rick Santorum says farewell!!

"We cannot say we're against the war and then vote to fund it"

Richardson Says He's Running in 2008

Kucinich Mulling Second Run For President

New Gore Book May Prompt "Draft Gore" Movement (And Clark Has A New Book, Too)

AP: Alaska Lawmaker Arrested in FBI Probe

No one can shudder like Jon Stewert.

Russert's comments on Hardball...

Jeane Kirkpatrick

Small poll at my office was strange. Jeb Bush beat Clinton and Obama.

The Hill: Roberts (R-KS) open to leaving Senate Intelligence panel

My hunch is that the Repubs will stick with Bush for one more year...

When Republicans go down, they really go down

2007 House Floor Schedule

'94 Republicans blame '06 debacle on GOP's putting self-preservation above nation's agenda

Bush lies and the ISG report

The Great American Housing Boom

No, Mr. President. Your resigning will help.

Per CNN, ethics committee conclusions, RE: Foley, to be

Here We Go! Friday's Smoke Screen! ABC Breaking...

GOP trying to give themselves a raise today before leaving

Will McCain's age be an issue in the campaign?

"Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays"

What's the REAL reason the Iraq occupation has been such a disaster?

The season hit me today .... and I'm sitting here weeping .....

Ya Baby we have our Veterans Chair Bob Filner

Der Mittenfuhrer's 1994 remarks on same-sex marriage could haunt him

Foley Coverage at 2pm EST on ABC

Rumsfeld not on list of Medal of Freedom Recipients for next week

Please can we have a Hillary forum or a 2008 presidential forum?

Rummy's warning

This week's top 5 Democrats and Republicans in the early '08 Presidential race

Hate to nitpick about foley thing, but...

House Ethics Committee Report on Mark Foley

Friday's Terrorist in Rockford, IL - Rest of the Story

Saudi intelligence chief: Israeli nuclear arsenal provoking arms race

We all know that * will ignore the ISG 79 suggestions, so...

Judge weighs torture claim vs. Rumsfeld

Pelosi:Statement on Ethics Committee Report on Foley Scandal

Bush should be impeached without pension or Secret Service protection...?

Should the Democrats get a pay decrease to themselves?

A couple of messages for Peter Beinert

Bolton just cried on TV too

I Finally Saw Al Gore's 2008 Campaign Commercial

Will George W Bush be blamed for collapse of "Republican Revolution"?

The ISG’s False Hope

Senator Inhofe: "CO2 is not a pollutant"

Senators Boxer, Obama say Pentagon to Investigate Mental Health (mis-)Treatment at Fort Carson, CO

FOX NEWS Freudian slip?

Don't lose any sleep if your '08 pick isn't a frontrunner !!

Great WP Op-Ed: Mary Cheney, GOP and discrimination against her own child

Tin Foil Hat: Baker, Cheney, Cheney's Trip, Saudi Arabia, and I.S.G. report

Are any Dems reacting to the Housre Ethics Committee Ruling ?

McCain still not dead.

Great idea: let's stop pitting Obama vs. Hillary...

Krugman & Kos: Gore/Obama 2008 Dream Team

Oregon Senator Gordon Smith dumps Bush

"Dale's a nice guy, but he's a Democrat, and I was afraid it would be blown out of proportion."

Does Papa Bush really think his son George is an honest man?

question: who are the "true" progressives in the Senate

If Obama loses out in the primaries, should he accept a VP spot if asked?

Bull or Bullshit?

If Hillary apologized for her IWR vote, would that actually satisfy you?