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Archives: May 1, 2006

Bigwigs Can Reap Millions From Bankruptcies

WP: My Guantanamo Diary, Face to Face With the War on Terrorism

The U.S. Embassy will be the De facto Capital of Iraq

Gary Younge (The Guardian): Calls for resignation are meaningless

Voters angry at incumbents

£1bn windfall for carbon trade firms (BBC) {CO2/emissions trading}

Japan remembers Minamata victims (BBC){Minamata disease/mercury poisoning}

Gibbons & Pombo say mercury ok for humans! Dems slam em!

Terror group threatens to ‘slaughter’ Fatah top echelon

Olmert: Ahmadinejad is 'psychopath' who 'speaks like Hitler'

The Untold Story of Israel's Bomb

Ohio will have a candidate who REALLY fights for voter rights!

I need 3 DUers to bring CD players to the DU Caucus in Ft. Worth in June

Does anyone have any tips or tricks for


One of these days...

Winnipeg used for urban warfare training

Anyone know about this? (please read)

Bush to shield AT&T from lawsuit (re. spying on US citizens)

US escalating spy flights over North Korea

UN is like the Twilight Zone, says Bolton

U.S.-Russia chill revives Cold War memories

Afghans free jailed U.S. journalist (was with Jack Idema)

Baghdad Accuses Tehran of Shelling PKK Rebels Inside Iraq

EU widens trade sanctions against U.S. -

Suspect Opens Fire Outside Gay A.A. Meeting

Jolie asks Laura Bush to nudge her husband towards education

Detainee 'beaten' after talking to press

The Guardian: Ministers say Blair must name day

Iran to Allow Women to Attend Sporting Events

Al-Zarqawi models himself after Mohammed

Once-Fancy Baghdad Street Is Suffering

Tax cuts to dominate first Tory budget (Canada)

NYT: Sharp Reaction ("scorn," "ridicule") to GOP $100 Gas Rebate Plan

GOP targets Georgia districts

Billions wasted in Iraq, says US audit

NYT/AP: Macs Are Virus Targets, Some Experts Warn

Iraqi troops protest after graduation parade

My shitty weekend brings forth a positive!!!!!! Beer battle...

Best Hockey Movie EVER?

What's your favorite straw man?

It's time for the 5:15 PM "OMFG, this is HUGH" thread...

Unanimous game show TV commercial - one guy wears a T-shirt...

Is this Prison Break show any good?

Everybody went up to GD to talk about Colbert.

Official 4/30 West Wing **SPOILER** Thread

LeftyMom, you lose! flvegan still hasn't posted in this thread!

Can you read my mind? Do you know, what it is, you do to me?

The lounge is making me think that becoming a monk is a wise thing to do

This is incredibly SAD

Whats better than a Davy Crocket lunch box?...

Check out this American Express ad - Wes Anderson is in it!

I am sooo GOOD!

"American Dad" thread, new ep

I want to be easy!

Alright, dammit. Light (Lite) Beer. Tastes great? or Less filling?

Beyond The Pale: Jim Gaffigan Comedy Hour on Comedy Central RIGHT NOW...


The news had this 28 year old on about trying to let his fiancee let him one IRL's been noticing I've been pissed this weekend.

I had no idea a post of mine would be so popular...

Vinnick as Veep? ---> (SPOILER ALERT) <---

College DUers: There's now a FOX News group on Facebook.

When you marry someone with a history of Boozing, whoring and gambling....

World Boogie. Appreciation thread for NMAS

How about a post from your cache thread?

Are we so alone?

I had 2 threads deleted today!

All of my responses tonight will be lines from Arnold Schwarznegger movies

If Neil Armstrong started making his "One small step" speech but then

Okay, I need dinner advice again

"If you follow every road, you might get lost."

My parents just gave me this picture.

"Family Guy" thread, new episode

Can somebody come bail me out in a few?

Skoal Dip is Nasty

Best Weezer Album?

I got short with the operator while making a reservation.

eBay poster offers "Tattoo Shop Mummified SEA MONSTER Mermaid Corpse"

Does anyone drive a Honda Insight?

Skol Vodka Is Nasty

What would you do if someone sent you a porn pic in a PM?

How much is Your Sunday Paper

Rock and Roll Heaven

Inflatable Doll

Anyone here ever see the Red Elvises?

Shouldn't have cleaned my keyboard

New TOOL disc tuesday... is anyone else as excited as I am?

Any Louis Jordan fans in the house tonight?

Ok, which one of you assholes is sending creepy porn pics to the newbies?

You know what's fan-frickin-tastic?

I am SOOOOOOO bored . Ask me anything . Seriously .

Most overplayed classic rock group?

Help! I've fallen into introspection and I can't get out!

W00t! It's the "crackhead" episode of Moral Orel.

In three sentences, tell me what happened with Colbert.

Flame me if you must, but I don't give a flying fuck what you think!

Early one mornin' while makin' the rounds....

*Question for Anyone out there using Hotmail*

Loungers, here's my latest GD post:

I'm going into GD. If I'm not back in five minutes, come after me.

wanna know what I think is a load of shit on DU?

Quick question for DUers in England. (Question about Magna Charta)

Woo-hoo! KEEPING UP APPEARANCES is starting now...

I just watched Eraserhead, ask me anything.

How should eggs be cooked?

If you could hop on a plane and travel anywhere, where would you go?

Well...How I almost had a new hybrid Toyota Camry ...

So we've sent a few mixed gender astronaut teams up

Bush violates goats.

32 more cute animal pictures... (dialup warning, 779k total)

Okay, so this really bothers me about "Big Love"....

Would you name your offspring the name of a product or company?

Guess these 2 locations...

My childhood friend is in the movies!


Went to the save darfur rally today with my brother

First photo of Tom and Katie's baby Suri

Check your PM

Happy May Day DU !

Everybody has somethin to hide but me an my monkey

"Muslims in Orbit"

I'm so tired...

North Sea fossil is deepest dino (BBC)

Gay Republicans warming to Bush

Someone openfires on gay AA meeting. Anyone have info?

Anti-Gay Federal Amendment 'Silly' Danforth Tells Gay GOP Group

Yahoo Sports Screwed Up

May 2006 Prayers and Healing

Keeping an open mind

This is interesting

Save Darfur rally was awesome

How do Sigma lenses stack up to Canon?

I was just thinking on this fine Sunday afternoon

Shootout in Rhinelander

CNN has Bill Clinton on with Sanjay Gupta (sp?) talking about health care.

Inequality Matters

Is there gonna be a replay of Colbert and the press awards?

Wired's excellent articles on Al Gore and The Green Revolution

Post of the Day! "Colbert virtually accused everyone in the room of..."

Support "Air America Radio."

Have we overlooked the chicken story?

Bush's power grabbing

In case you missed it, Neil Young's "Living With War" stream:

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST

Sorry I am late to the party-STEPHEN COLBERT IS THIS FOR REAL

A Small Taste of the Media's Power to Choose the News

Just how screwed are our Vets?

A selection of 04/29/06 Colbert avatars, in honor of the man

Latest Harper's Index

Right-wingers can assail Colbert without watching or showing

Family Guy is brilliant tonight, by the way.

Energy secretary says oil companies ‘have lost control of the market’

Thefts go up with gas prices-Sonora, CA (Tuolumne Co) April 27 news story

You are four times as likely to be hit by lightning...

Breaking: The Priory of Scion is a HOAX!

2 kids (8 & 10) start fires that kill 4, burns down 15 homes, 2000 acres

Hey, does anyone have any information on this hate crime?

Mega-producers tip scales as organic goes mainstream-SF CHRON

Muslims in Europe (BBC)

Colbert - Claudette - thank you thread. Stephen wants it. Post pics here

Colbert's performance reminds me of Imus' speech about Clinton

NYT/AP: Reality TV threatens survival of network newsmagazines

Why Liberal Radio and TV never works …(AAR)

"Colbert's Balls" - I am officially submitting this

Are the 32% the chamberlains?

sec.of energy

Can someone explain to me why there are so many threads that begin with

Sarasota students walk in solidarity for Ugandan youth

I'm so tired...

Drug and gun laws in Mexico:

Colbert on 60 Minutes (West Coast)

Colbert-free... guaranteed! CAPTION the decider

History will treat Colbert's speech as significant, courageous...

Want to see a right-winger who's drank the Kool-Aid, a lot?

Creationist to replace intelligent design proponent at seminary

HEY! C-SPAN just showed an EDITED (w/o Colbert) version of the WHCD!

Can't seem to get on CSPAN...what time are they going to repeat Colbert?

People are sick!!

The Man. The God.

L.A. mayor picks NFL talks over immigrant boycott

New TV advert talks up electricity from coal...

Freepers protest WH Correspondents Dinner

"Those considering truth-telling in the national interest need not fear

I am worried about the protest tomarrow.

Is there more Colbert video than what's on C&L?

I might be afraid to send my kid to school tomorrow.

We have found a social conscience long last

Damn - no Top 10 Conservative Idiots tonight

Picture this on EVERY radio and television broadcast:

Secure the borders?

When Does george Learn to just stay Home???

West Wing Cannot End

Is this Bush's Reaction to Colbert Or Is it Just Past His Bedtime?

Just sent Big" Thank You" to for her supporting

You anti-Colbert types or "Colbert not funny" types

Why is condoleeezzza wearing her boss's coat?

Pic of the Bush Family from 1966

Billions wasted in Iraq, says US audit

To drive up his approval ratings, President Bush will . . .

My local news just mentioned Darfur!

I'm sick;...

Can someone tell me who this Colbert guy is?

Do you think there are terrorists living in your state?

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it: WH will cease daily press briefings

We should make Spanish the official Second Language of the United States

If another country invaded America, would citizens fight back?

What was better this week Neil Young's new album or Steven Colbert ?

National Anthem translated to other languages

Meet Steve Bridges.......Bu$h impersonator

John Kenneth Galbraith

Steve Bridges: $18,500 keynote fee plus airfare and expenses

Furious Bruce Springsteen Dedicates Song to "President Bystander"

Warning West Wing Spoiler What if Bush

Share the most drunk-on-Koolaid RW statements you've ever heard here

M3 Money Supply data no longer reported, big consequences....

Freeper's pretending that they have military service.

Examples of the president's signing statements

Homemade walking aid tackles MS (BBC) {helps weakened leg muscles}

Colbert is a flipping genius and no one's "Monkey".

Strange of instead of Colbert

This is disgusting... really low

Do you have children?

Get the popcorn.

Is there a complete link to the dinner from last night besides part 1 and

One reason why I think Colbert's speech was so important (Twain quote)

You have to watch the Colbert video 3 or 4 times to catch it all.

Ominous sign of things to come

Rent a Blimp (read Hindenburg): THANKS COLBERT!

How Many DU'ers Are Vets?

We just got a high school graduation picture with the kid holding a gun

Stephen Colbert Thank You Site: 1,000,000 Thank Yous

Does corporate America support the May 1st protest?

"Because you can, you must"

Does anyone have a link to Colbert on 60 Minutes?

What's the likelihood of Rove getting an Indictment tommorrow?

Are there white knights .... or even allies .... on the right?

When does a dictatorship cease becoming noticeable?

Freepers eating their own re: Powell's statements about troop levels

Quiz - Which American President said this?

Is anyone here going to the Personal Democracy Forum 2006 Conference?

The official unofficial Top Ten Conservative Idiots thread!

Susan Sarandon receiving death threats, takes swipe at Hillary.

So why does tweety (C Matthews) focus on Hilary and 08 Presidentials

Powell and Rice squable over war

The media's missing links


Death By Insurance, Paul Krugman, NY Times, 5/1/2006

"The one Hillary's worried about is George Allen." (as funny as Colbert


test - please ignore

Senator Bob Kerrey Patriotism then and now

Radical Plan to Kill or Realign Federal Programs

Turkey won't let U.S. attack Iran from its land

Leonard Pitts nails it (pretty much)

Unity Through Autonomy in Iraq (This is a MIND BLOWER!)

Ethanol's Promise, New York Times, Editorial, 5/1/2006

Groups scream to end crisis in Sudan - Toronto

Juan Cole: Possible Partition of Iraq

Anna Quindlen's The Sign of the Times article re China

Beth Quinn: 'Pro-choice is not a synonym for pro-abortion'

Bush Turned down chances to kill Zarqawi

Population, Resources, and Human Idealism

Don't Spoil The Party

Feds Could "gut" Soc Security Disability Rolls

Katrina vanden Heuvel (The Nation): Crisis of the Republic Time

NYT Book Review: Pollster-Consultant Industrial Complex

They Should Have Hissed Barack Obama

The Great Turning

New Oil Shock ahead as $100 spike looms



John Kenneth Galbraith died on Saturday

Natural Gas Artificially High? Cities Suing Producers

China tests new maglev train (AP/CNN)

Twain's frog jumps to center of debate (AP/CNN) {threatened species}

Canada 2006 installs surpass 2005 wind power -- in April.

Fuel Costs Prompt School Closings in Tenn.

Dust bowling? How long before the US needs to import food?

How low should we make the national speed limit?

Gaza journalists get threats over Hamas coverage

Gazans fear clashes in Hamas-Fatah security dispute

Israel honors fallen troops as Memorial Day begins

Israel kills woman in W Bank raid

IDF probes huge sex scandal

MIHOP-ers: If you were them how would you have gotten job done?

Clint Curtis for Congress Campaign Needs Your Help!

Come November...What can we do if there is a repeat of '02 and '04?

Ssshh! Don't tell anybody. We'd hate to disturb the voters…

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 05.01.06 - CTA Investigation;)

Eureka Reporter: Group plans parallel election to check June 6 results

Calif. Teachers Assn. Endorsement of Repub. Scty. of State Exposed;)

DoJ Agrees to NY Plan to Delay HAVA Implementation

Email from Bev Harris of Black Box Voting

OMG -- have a look at today's front page in CR

Wireless Network Help??

24-hour Citizens' Filibuster for Freedom, May 5-6, San Antonio

Houston-Galveston area DUers, we lost a good woman last week.

Vote for Nick Lampson and Chet Edwards to get fundraising help!

Loal Fox buys time on local AAR afiliate.

Prop 2 is coming back to bite Houston in the ass

Loonie cruises near 90 cents US

Harper to Probe Islamic Terrorist Cells Claims by US

Sources: Harper's fall agenda includes clean air act

Seattle-area garbage haulers near strike

$100 gas rebate plan ignites angry backlash

Gold extends gains to 25-yr high on Iran, dollar

The Abramoff Effect: Vegas No-Shows

Iraq Inspector Says Rebuilding Lags as Handover Deadline Nears

Bush Leverage With Russia, Iran, China Falls as Oil Prices Rise

Iraq battles for peace three years after US 'victory'

NYCLU: 1M bag searches illegal, ineffective

Stabenow donor an issue for GOP (Abramoff)

(Iraq) Militias steal new recruits with better pay and perks

$30 million in tobacco cash at stake

May Day Demonstrators Rally Across Asia

DC:Breaking: Suspicious Package to be blown sky high!

Gang activity seen in U.S. troops in Iraq

Bush a failure: professor poll

Over 500,000 children suffer from malnutrition in Colombia

Suspected Rebels Kill 22 Hindus in Kashmir

(Chief justice of CA Sup Ct) George calls death penalty 'dysfunctional'

Nixon backed off Israeli nukes

Bush voices confidence in new Iraqi leaders ( defends prewar planning)

Iranian workers protest on May Day.

Billions Wasted in Iraq, Says US Audit

ABC:Hmeland Insp.Gen. pressured by Tom Ridge: 'tone down' Bush criticism

Grand jury probing '05 BP Texas blast -reports

Chicago Gang Graffiti In Iraq


Bush Leverage With Russia, Iran, China Falls as Oil Prices Rise

WP: New Pay Scheme, Tied to Performance, Begins at Defense Department

U.S.: Ramadi battle kills 100-plus insurgents

Puerto Rican schools, government offices close (AP/CNN) {out of money}

Tweety Is On Fire

Tape shows Iraqis allegedly abusing body

Iraqis Rally for Help Against Insurgents

Iran Nuclear Negotiator Calls for Talks

Morales Nationalizes Natural Gas Industry

Bolivia Leader Orders Army to Gas Fields

Coalition kills 27 militants in Afghanistan


NY protesters seek Guantanamo base shutdown (Clergy and Laity)

ABC: Homeland Inspector General says he was pressured to 'tone down' criti

U.S. wiretapping controversy sparked inquiries from Canadian spy watchdog

Protesters demand better security in Baghdad

Kennedy Cousin's Defense Identifies Two Men Implicated in Killing

New Black Panthers barred from Duke campus

Ohio Republican Reasserts Innocence (Ney)

Boom in retirements could slow economy, Fed report predicts

Will Rush stay outta trouble? Blood will tell (Random drug tests)

REPORT...Social Security runs dry in 2040

Strategy of dividing Iraq starting to make sense, some officers...

FT: Electronic voting switch (and problems) threatens mass confusion

US Presbyterians call an end to Cuba travel restrictions

U.S.: (Ken) Lay looked out for No. 1 (Details of Lavish Spending)

Who's buying cell phone records online? Cops

Bush a failure: professor poll

Ex-neighbors were warned about suspect (Texas teen raped by two with pipe)

Chicago Gang Graffiti Showing Up In Iraq

Records of Abramoff's White House visits (to be released, at last)

Biden: Split Iraq Into 3 Different Regions

(USSC )Anna Nicole Smith gets OK to seek inheritance

Immigrants Plan Nationwide Day of Protest

Bolivia to nationalize natural gas sector on Monday

China Tests New Levitation Train

Gasoline Price Hits $7 a Gallon in England

SUV sales teeter at turning point with mixed signals from buyers (DetFP)

Court Says Defendants Can Blame Others

Two 80 pound baboons were in my yard last night

How bout dem Kings?

Howard Stern: New King of Satellite - By DAVID SPADE

God, I wish real life had an Ignore feature!

What is the spanish equivalent of: "Hogwash"?

A superquick IQ test

Because just need a good laugh...

There are 3 locks in the Lounge first page.

A Little Mexican Humor For May 1st

Picture this on EVERY radio and television broadcast::

Happy May Day All!

The Politics of Ballard Street (Comic)

There are 3 lochs in the Lounge first page.

Do you read web comics?

Well, I just cut her out of my life. Good night.

Good Monday Morning, Crew!

"Folk Song" - by Bongwater

DU... s-l-l-l-l o-o-o-o -o-ow- w-w-w-w-w

Help! Looking for the "Compassionate Conservative" banner with the banjo

It's taken me over 45 years to get around to it...

I think it's time to re-introduce the lounge to

Do you write? Here's the DU literary journal

Ho hum.....

Blessed Beltane!

Well...How I almost had a new hybrid Tweety Canary ...

Ha ! Ha! Deal with it... Bush lied to you!

Old man down

I just wanted to post this funny cartoon from Saturday

What were the last 25 songs you listened to?

BBC needs a new sketch artist.. (check the pic they posted)

Sopranos - Johnny Cakes

Thieves Steal Trailer With $100k Worth Of Red Bull Energy Drink

To all who helped me decide about the 11 yr. old on myspace:

Favorite South American lingerie design nationality?

Woman, 62, Fights $1,431 Cable Porn Bill

Dude - Valery Plame's hot

I am still hung over from Saturday.

Dude - Valery Plame's hot


Never mind.

What have I done so wrong that god punished me with this nightmare

What forum is best to do this...

DU hit by the immigration boycott?


My thank you note to Mr. Colbert.

I encountered this little fellow in my garden last night

8 years ago today...


Colbert is the heir apparent of Kurt Vonnegut.

10 p.m.: "I'm hung-er-eee."

Stomach Flu: The Gift That keeps on Giving

Woman, 62, Fights $1,431 Cable Porn Bill

What's the deal with that guy in the Outback Steakhouse commercials?

Immigrants smell like bubblegum

What, exactly, is "'Weird Al' Karaoke"?


This earworm is slowly destroying my soul

I twisted my ankle and I can't walk

If you could have only one deceased comedian back, who would it be?

I'm in detox mode today

Anyone have a Ford Escape Hybrid? (m)

Describe the ugliest/bizzaro piece of clothing your SO insists on wearing:

Man Equips His VW Bug With Navy Jet Engine

Help me test this server?

Who should I spank to help improve the dicipline of DU?

Kelly Brook washes 2 80 pound yellow jackets in my house

Whose body parts would you expose at a rally to stop the war?

TGI Friday's 'Sorry' After Diner Finds Slice Of Finger On His Hamburger

Does anyone know

Jon Lovitz is absolutely horrible, and so is everything he does

apparently i'm not an american

I'm running on very little sleep and a whole lot of coffee.

Thousands Take Part in Valley Immigration Protests...

Conversation about tea gone weird.

Anyone have a Hybrid Ford Escape?

Shit. I dreamed about her last night.

Monday To-Do List Thread

Help me - where can I see Colbert's performance?

New Bra world record

Hey Packer Backers!

I don't care if Rush was on drugs.....

Shit. I lost an artist's special calendar signed by Christopher Reeve

De-cheesifying lasagna?

Actually, this could be my dad.

What's for lunch?

Nude Dude Ranch Opens In Arizona

I'm supposed to read "The Art of War" for work

I'm gung-ho and raring to go--time to finish college

just put on some new bumper stickers.

Song Rant (Short)...

The New Orleans Saints will kick your teams ass this season

Billyskank spanks raccoons to improve the discipline of the lounge

Ever make small edits to your Journal? ...


does anyone know how to get a verification box on myspace?


Do you like ice in your drink?

Who broke GD?

Those poor worms

Did DU go down where you are?

OH! DU is slowing down again!

Booo - Leading off for the Yankees - booooo - Number 18 - booo - Johnny

I twisted my psyche and I can't walk

GODDAMIT, why do people say "The Empire STATE building?"

I'm going to make a pizza for supper

Good morning, Worm your honor.

How often does your cat go outside?

Here is the key to getting a good price on Ebay;

Love this pic (from!

Well, it's hard to find the words to say...

Windows Technical Issues

Holy shit. First-time parachutist jumps to death after cutting own cords

A/C is ON for the first time this year

Donnie Darko - best movie ever?

Tell me something about Europe

Do you think that the bu$h admin/DHS/NSA is jamming DU at times?

The flamewar poll to end all flamewar poll! Colbert vs Stewart

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 5/01/06)

My mom lost a friend today...

My avatar is a red X.

DU is f*cked up!

Radio Lady Reviews the Movie: 'R.V.' with Robin Williams

Saw a "Gore 2000" bumper sticker today. Felt like crying.

"GA! Pbtbtbtbtbtbt! Yesssshhhhhhhhhhhh!"

You MUST do DU this poll....

Who wants to fucking fight?

Dude - Valerie Plame's hot!

Best choice from my wacky autofill cache

Chinese Man Buys MiG-21 Fighter Jet On eBay

Casino or a movie?

I can't believe I posted this pic of Kelly Brook

Am I the only one that finds it unusual that Scalia-

A Name Generator Right Up My Alley - Find Your "Ron Mexico" Name

Figured out a new way to meet women

Favorite Canadian? (pop culture edition)

California Peggy

Satie poll

In about an hour I'll be heading off to my last college class...EVER!!!


A Trip through Big McLargehuge's gardens (dial up beware)

I need a shoulder to cry on, guys....

EEK!!! A Spider in my laundry Basket!!!!!

RENT.Was. Amazing.

A picture of: jane_pippin (dial-up warning)

Oh my God! There is a really really big yellow-jacket in my house!

If you could live in van ........

Road trip!

two 80-pound yellow jackets in my house!

Hey Ben Burch, you gonna be on Mike's show this week?

What's Weird About You?

Patsy...Sweetie Darling...It's Your Birthday!! Joanna Lumley Is 60 Today!!

Agonizing over naming our Daughter

PA (Philadelphia), NJ DUers: come see me play this weekend (May 5-6)!

Can someone give me the link

"Misquoting Jesus" by Bart Ehrman

The sacred and the profane

"Not Perfect, Just Forgiven"

Homemade walking aid tackles MS (BBC) {helps weakened leg muscles}

Mitnick and Wozniak on Coast To Coast AM tonight

Write your Senators and Reps-Marriage Protection Amendment

OUTSpoken Families Toolkit is Now Available

Mirabelli back to Boston to catch Wakefield

The New Orleans Saints will kick your teams ass this year

Happy Beltaine

The Daily Psychic III

Biden wants to split Iraq into three regions

The sky is falling - Stevens just credited Kerry of parts of the bill he

Telecom bill is being introduced on the floor

Rand Beers to be on Randi

Wow, this is like a whole other world

What do you make of this Zarqawi story?

One has to wonder

I'm back and rested, but bearing ominous news on Iran

From the Truthout archive, an oldie but goodie by Will Pitt

DKos poll on Iraq War Plans. Vote on Kerry Vs. Biden

This is a bit surreal!

He's back!

Completely off topic (for Vek re the AP)

Kerrey on Kerry (KerryMail)

Interesting TPM post; opinions on the Kerry critique?

Developing on RawStory: Kerry PAC biggest Dem $ donor

Lamar Alexander is an idiot

A Place Called Hope

Countdown Newsletter -- 05/01/06: W's Mojo

KOEB 5/1/2006 Imagine Edition

KOEB in NYC (again)

"Smack Down"

Is it Richardson's time?

Mission Accomplished Day by Cindy Sheehan

George Clooney’s Mission: Save Darfur

You'd make a better president than him

Question for those with Bush-supporter friends, families ...

Nice long article regarding racist George Allen coming in New Republic

Ronald Reagan started this amnesty mess in 1986

We plan on not shopping tomorrow

New York march = PICTURES!!

Who saw 60 minutes?

LA Times discontinues reporter's (Pulitzer prize-winning) column, blog

Entering NO-WHERE USA - Monday 5/1 toon

La huelga general! This gringo is going to bed, but soon will wake

Is today the 3rd anniversary of MIssion Accomplished?--or tomorrow?

3rd Anniversary of Mission Accomplished. segment on cnn now

Mark Crispin Miller, C-SPAN2, 6:30am

a little history : May Day, time to take it back ?

CSPAN Washington Journal Time-Iraq reconstruction,immigration

Billions wasted in Iraq, says US audit

good morning everyone

my gawd-cnn is showing another sustained clip of the Bush double

Giving Bush a Pink Slip - Commentary: Marching in New York City

Regarding that General In the Colbert segment...

Report an "error" to CNN

Anyone else annoyed with Newsmax Condi 2008 ad in NY Times email?

National sushi provider has ties to anti-gay Christian group

"Mission Accomplished," George Bush, May 1, 2003

They're here to stay, and Congress knows it

Need that video clip.

Will The Cuban Immigrants In Miami Be Protesting Today?

Look at how many people are downloading the Steven Colbert video

Computer generated dup., sorry.

Another dup.

Gangs claim their turf in Iraq

Bush of a Thousand Days by Frank Rich

Highlights from Colbert?

One stop shopping for all things Colbert

There is a pic of Reggie Bush in Yahoo's "President Bush" slideshow.

Where the hell do they get these numbers?...

Chimpy disobeyed 750 laws.

Is anyone marching in support of the immigrants today?

Is DU acting buggy for anyone else?

Has any marching, walkouts, protests begun yet? n/t

New comic: "Damned work ethic..."

Col. Al Rodriguez (Ret) on C-Span2 live 10:06 on Immigration

Slashdot covers Colbert

do you think kristol is regretting his appearance on Colbert

Taking over the media - a way to Democracy? Buying Fox out.

I gave my gardeners, housekeeper and nanny the day off today

Who's buying cell phone records online? - Cops

Laughable Newsmax Poll: Hillary vs. Condi

Common Cause requests Feds to investigate Katherine Harris

Militias steal new recruits with better pay and perks- “a career move"


Today Show Brown-Nosing For * By Omission

The best sign ever that I saw at a protest

Is DU Becoming a Bulletin Board for War Propaganda? Comment & Proposal

Driving to work, I see a bumper sticker, and it gives me an idea

Thank You Stephen go thank him!!!! (NO SPACES FOR SITE)

Supreme Court Backs Anna Nicole Smith

Declassified Infrared Tech Can Save Home Buyers Thousands

"The last third is usually backwash" - Isn't this a perfect analogy?

If Democrats win, first thing they need to do is put $1 per gallon tax...

MSNBC: Consumer spending rises as incomes grow, economy doing well

Will Stephen Colbert be named:

Vote: Which was the less funny and biting satire?

Bush: An employee we need to let go....

We just received a gift - the best opportunity imaginable.

I could watch this Stephen Colbert speech all day..

"America's oil companies have earned every penny of their profits."

Caption this screenshot of the roast

Just heard Drudge talking about Colbert--hilarious!

Could Gandhi & MLK have succeeded in today's media climate?

Rush Limbaugh - 10/5/95

Favor needed

May 1st has not been kind to Bush.

Was in Borders this weekend, thumbed through Savage Weiner's book

AFGHANISTAN: Misery for female and children prisoners

For all you hold sacred and profane and in between . . . please CAPTION!!!

Save Democracy, Please CAPTION!!!!!!!!

Boy, the stock market is really up today.

Caution: Now Entering The White House

Cheney, Hastert "speak (?)" at LCR dinner

DC:Breaking: Suspicious Package to be blown sky high!

LOL the Colbert video

We need to build a 20 foot high wall across the border

3 Things To Remember As You Watch The "* Was SO Funny" Clips on the MSM

Caution: Now Entering Freeper Territory

CNNMoney: Illegal workers: Boon for U.S. economy

Sosobad O'Brien had a great Freudian slip this morning...

Poland recalls Hitler-Stalin pact amid fears over pipeline

Bill for US occupation of Iraq keeps on climbing

Bush Leverage With Russia, Iran, China Falls as Oil Prices Rise

Bushism thread: Idea came from my facebook group at NAU

Woman, 62, Fights $1,431 Cable Porn Bill

Ignoring Colbert: A Small Taste of the Media's Power to Choose the News

CBS has live video of the protests in NY and Milwaukee right now

$1,600, 000,000

Guarding Cheesecake (Nora Ephron on embedded reporters)

Will Rush Lameballs offer autographed mug shots to his listeners?

Did the Bushbots think Colbert was on their side when he was invited ?

Heads Up: Good Morning America will have the Dixie Chicks

Gas Prices (Chevron reg unld/15 miles west of Sacramento): $3.219

Protest for illegal immigration, but not against an illegal war

My thank you note to Mr. Colbert.

Immigration Watch: Canadian Immigrants Vow To "Not Consume Much"...

Miami has larger turnout than expected (immigration)--was low turn

If you call BCBS on behalf of Andrea Clarke, mention Michael Moore FIRST

Comedian and Right-Wing Pundit Steve Colbert Arrested

El Gran Boicot is on!

Fences and Windows - Naomi Klein (what today's march means)

Stewart Smalley is doing a Rush intervention

Dear Friend,


I can't afford my gasoline

wh press briefing on c-span

My father-in-law said at dinner tonight that "we should bomb Iran."

LIMBOsevic's spin: "No probation, don't have to report to anybody"

Happy Mission Accomplished Day!!

***** Call ***** 1-800-459-1887 ***** TODAY ***** to Stop the Cuts! *****

CNN Poll: Vast majority believes Iraq mission not accomplished

In honor of MA day - Mission Accomplished - Have your barf bag ready

How about a Concert for Peace?

Saw the best bumper sticker driving to work this morning!

CNN pretending they're "fair and balanced" about Wash. Press Dinner Show.

let me share a short story on war,leadership,

Reminder! Primaries in OH, NC, & IN tomorrow!!!!!

Let's pretend

It's the 3 year anniversary of Presidential Crotch Shot Day

Irrevocable mistakes can decimate an inherited IRA

ABC News Online: Bush turned down chances to kill Zarqawi: ex-CIA spy

EVERYONE, Watch this movie...

FBI Sending Thousands of Secret Letters

Ted Kennedy on Hardball tonight

When Will C-SPAN Re-Broadcast Colbert at WH Dinner?

It seems the "Georgie Twins" were all that happened at the Press Dinner.

Announcement: The Fighting Democrat is back

Anyone agree that our nation's headed for economic collapse?

Bush (April 2004): I wouldn't be happy if I were occupied either.

DU this poll - Immigrants help? or hurt? economy?

"Mission Accomplished" day memories. Tweety gets serious competition...

Imus actually had pic of Colbert on just now, but I only caught last few

Iraq has reached 'turning point' en route to democracy: Bush

Saw This On Wi. T.V. Last Night: Father Who Lost Son Against W-ar

Neil Young's ridiculous new song (Tucker Carlson)

Woman, 62, Fights $1,431 Cable Porn Bill

Wes Clark on Franken

'Mission Accomplished' By The Numbers

When you find yourself on the side of freepers

Our own Reichstag fire..

More and more Russians are seeing the United States as the enemy

Appeals Court rules GOTV & canvassers don't need a permit

Tony Harris on CNN 2:13 p.m. on Immigration

The Today Show ignores Stephen Colbert

I figure even with the $100 "rebate" I am still going to pay $940 in Bush

Sharp Reaction to G.O.P. Plan on Gas Rebate (ridicule from constituents)

How can I find the moral justification to begrudge an "illegal?"

Here is the key to getting a good price on Ebay;

"Immigrant Anger" -- MSNBC LIES!!!!!

Turn in your illegal immigrants right here - good old Homeland Security

Ted Rall figures out the war on Iran

Does anyone think that the pigboy will make it eighteen months

Leave It To The RW Nut Jobs... 'May 1 Is Conservative Shopping Day!

In honor of Mission Accomplished day,the 5 dumbest things W has ever said.

Special Report: The Truth About The Commerce Dept. Economic Report

the japanese government is considering raising

The Line by Springsteen (on immigration)

Bush at it again: Criminal charges for reporters who publish leaks

Pentagon poll has * at 74% disapproval.

Astronaut Eileen Collins leaves NASA (AP/CNN) {1st woman flight commander}

Nightline: Homeland Security Official Pressured Tone Down b/f 04 election

100,000 per police --immigrant marchers in Chicago-expected to increase

Please don't miss Rush Limpballs

O.K., What's The deal With rove? I'm Impatient,

Bush Popularity = Inverse Price of Gas

Personal information and making shuttle reservations...

Post's Shailagh Murray: "Bush was funnier" than Colbert

Bodman sees up to three years of fuel pain

Madonna at Coachella Festival: "Just go to Texas...

Breaking: Limbaugh may not own a gun and must submit ...

How to play with "facts"

I'm looking for a video of Colbert on Sat

OMG! They have Latinos lined up in the streets!! MARCHING THEM OUT????

Neil Conan made me shut off the radio today.

ALERT! General Clark coming up next on Al Franken show!

Group files criminal complaint against Rep. Katherine Harris

Repugs like to pick fights..

3pm MSNBC - THE MOST - A new show premieres - host Alison Stewart

Randi is discussing Colbert now

"Dear Mr. President" by Pink, take a listen

The New Orleans Saints will kick your teams ass this season

If Bush is the "decider" what is Cheney?

Sen. Kit Bond: Mowing Down Lawn Mower Reform

The mysterious case of the 'gay-bomb' request (WTF?)

Tomorrow's three state primaries - runners and riders

problems somewhere between here and White Rose.

24-hour Citizens' Filibuster for Freedom, May 5-6, San Antonio

Suppose all 11 million illegals became citizens and could vote.

Listen To The Guy James Show. (And help me test this server!)

Just called Medicare about Part D. I'm relieved!

Stop Elmer!!

NC Review (positive) of Colbert at dinner

Bush phones Putin over Iran nuclear plans: Kremlin

Justice, the death penalty, and how to get rid of it.

How can we solve immigration and retain our GREED?

Maybe we should send Congratulations...

"He doesn't just stand for things, he stands on things..."

The Jimmy Kimmel/Bachelor Board is at it again....

Randi paying tribute to the Colbert

Social Security, Medicare Trust Funds Sink...

Here is what Teddy Roosevelt said about immigration

Economy: the DOW vs the Wallet

Protect DU, Fight for Net Neutrality, Act Now!!

Vote for anti-Bush DARFUR design (especially you Nixon-era DUers!)

A revolt of Conscience - A quiet day in America

Pat Roberts (R-Kan) refuses to hear Whistleblower testimony re NSA illegal

I had a run-in today with a Backwash Republican today

Stagflation: it's here

More than 300,000 rally for illegal immigrant rights in Chicago

Is "Decider" *'s signature quote?

He won the war. He was an effective commander. Everybody recognizes that..

Which pointed barb from Colbert stung Bush the most?

May Day

Blame it on Hugo, Blame it on the Mullahs...

Just came from an immigration march/rally

Caption the Anti-Immigration Bigots

Poll: Who's the funniest lefty radio show host?

What movie quote sums up Republicans best?

I don't care if Rush was on drugs.....

The DOLLAR Will be the Next Victim of the Bush Presidency

Caption *

News Station in Dallas Indicates May 1 Protests BACKFIRING -->

Media Matters: Media touted Bush's routine, ignored Colbert's skewering

My take on the illegal immigration debate

Official Guy James Show thread

May 1st - 3rd Anniversary of Mission Accomplished Day by Cindy Sheehan

again RW pitts economically powerless against each other (immigration)

I just registered

Helen's an angel/hero for sure!!

Karl Rover holds up his hands for what?

Avian Flu and the Surveillance Function of the News Media

Why did * say "Help. I'll have to call Rumsfeld and ask"?

Hi ho, Hi ho, It's off to captions we go

And the Cognitive Dissonance Award goes to...

Has anyone posted a video of Colbert's ENTIRE speech?

Meat companies closing for immigration boycott

Query: What happened to Condi's leak story?

Mark Crispin Miller on Book Tv this morning

What is the GOP's ultimate goal?

Well! It looks like NYC's corpomedia got their 'copters fixed!

Landshark is one of us - you need to hear this, OUR guy talking.

David Schuster on Plamme's importance - A great report on Hardball

White House forced to turn over Abramoff records...

Three Years Ago Today: "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" ---pix--->>>

OUCH! High Gas Prices Will Last Years, Bush Aides Say (Los Angeles Times)

Your World CHANGING According to Fox News

Costliest hurricane in US history?

FYI: Senator Kennedy is supposed to be coming up on Tweety. nt

Three Years Ago Today

Colbert Report/Who is going to watch this evening

Photos from today's protest in Chicago

Colbert's speech was like Stewart's Crossfire moment

RWer just has to find a way to blame Clinton for something.

Faux News take on Colbert

*Pics of Sacramento's Rally

My 9 year old son is running for "class president" on a peace platform.

My 9 year old son is running for "class president" on a peace platform.

Orlando Rally pix

"Bush challenges hundreds of laws" (Boston Globe)

I started a thank you Steven Colbert account on

The view from outside my office in San Diego.

DU sure runs fast when everyone gets kicked off

Border Agents to Americans: "You Have Been Invaded" -->

What's Happening In San Diego (So Far)

Susan Malveaux: "Prez never actually said 'Mission Accomplished'...

CNN just talked about the "Thank You Stephen Colbert" site

A picture screaming for creative photoshop work

lets lighten up a little,a great line

i think the bush administration

Someday, if we're lucky, we'll be half as tough as Guy James.

Well, well, well. Looks like Chalabi's up to more mischief!

Secret Service agrees to release documentation of Abramoff's WH visits

NYC Peach March pics (okay, 2)

On May 10th We'll Find Out Who Abramoff Visited At the White House

You can take the guy outta the KGB, but.......

Where were the Minute Men at todays rallies?

no surprise....humorless sticks in the mud thought Jon Stewart flopped

Olbermann should be good on the subject of Colbert tonight

I saw this on last night's news from Philadelphia.

Would you leave your children behind to emigrate somewhere else?

Bird Flu Strikes Florida Trailer Park!

Anyone seen's "Mission Accomplished" Christmas ornaments?

VIDEO - MSNBC: Plame Leak Hurt Ability to Spy on Iran for WMD

Have you heard NEIL YOUNG'S new anti-war album yet??

De-Evolution of Bush & Rove

Whats the deal, I have tried to watch the Colbert video a couple times

Double DumbAsses!!!!!

FUCK "Labor Day"; celebrate the REAL May Day!

Bush Comic: The Search for Bush’s Mojo

El Gran American Boicot A MAJOR Success!

Oooh, CNN doing a piece on "I'm the Decider" statement...

Anybody read Lou Dobbs' comments on the demonstrations?

I could give a flying fart about the "immigration issue"

Plan to pay Palestinian wages faces US objections - Bush says let em starve


Wolf's got his fingers on the nation's pulse again

celebrating may day-- let`s go old school

missed it? or can't get video?...transcript of Colbert's speech at WHCD

My 9 year old son is running for "class president" on a peace platform.

How are the polls against Joementum ?

Europeans: Americans need to get over high price of gas

VIDEO: New York Antiwar March--TV News Reports (3 Clips)

Media Matters sez O'Lielly lying about his viewership threefold!

Giuliani Says GOP Open to Diverse Views

The Ron Reagan Show

Oh Dear I thought May 1st holiday too in US

Outsourcing/Offshoring links

Half million protesting in downtown Chicago!

Photos from protest in Denver

Tweety Is On Fire

any problems getting on du??? i could not get on for over 1 hour!

Predict here -WHEN will Fitz. indict Rove?

Is anyone else suspicious why Colbert would be booked for the WHCD?

What's YOUR priority in addressing the illegal immigration problem?

When You Drive Home, Do You Take Any Left Turns? When You Walk Do You Use

Jeff Skunk Baxter (whoever the hell he is) on Colbert

how about some thoughts on immigration

I guess limboy will not be hunting with Cheney any time soon...

Any DUers that visit Freeperville, I have a question:

Fox News Slams Colbert: ‘Inappropriate,’ ‘Over the Line,’ ‘Not Very Funny’

Ignoring Colbert: A Small Taste of the Media's Power to Choose the News


Survival of the Fattest ***Picture/Sculture***

Pic: Free Republic protester at WH Correspondents dinner

The issue in immigration is that this generations immigrants are non-White

The TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution!!!

Do most Americans in poverty work? Looking for source...

Aaaw how cute, Fred Thompson brought his granddaughter to the dinner

Madonna Urges You To Lick Cheney’s Bald Head & Worse (Oh My!)

Joe Wilson and Valery Phlame on Hardball

Salon has the FULL Colbert WHCD Video (in Quicktime) on their site!

Randi just said that Stephen Colbert should win a Pulitzer Prize for

David Frum, Bush Apologist and NeoCon freak, on Colbert

Best president never (to date) to have served


During peace marches, Chicago cops wear riot gear - Not today!

I HONESTLY do not understand why 'they' are protesting tomorrow. In what

Coulter: Al Gore "seemed kind of gay".

The war in Iraq: "if Osama was a Christian it was the Christmas present

Folks, in these difficult times on DU...

See Norah giggle her way through an interview with Dean. MSNBC video.

I Come Here Now To Praise A Show On Fox News Channel

My take on Illegal Immigrants

OMG DU!!! I just shook Rep. CYNTHIA MCKINNEY'S hand!

Did you see the movie 'R.V.'? Looking for the location of the meteor

this may get deleted,i apologize,

I finally get it, Tweety is actually a Tory!

Al is talking about the WHCD now!!!

I'm coming out of my shell.

Any anti-hispanic hate-filled rhetoric yet?

Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. says Nevada blast is a bad idea

Duke Case - Release of Time-Stamped Photos BIG Mistake

Managing Director of the CARLYLE GROUP on Charlie Rose tonight

Will Bush Get Even With Colbert?

A recent study shows that 67.4% of all statistics

Iraq war ILLEGAL, says United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan

"Just go to Texas and suck George Bush's d**k."

This girl is smokin'!!!

WOW!! Over 10,000 thank yous for Stephen.

I am supporting Pennacchio in the Pennsylvania Senate Primary

DU, make sure your voice is heard.. What's important to you?

They can't take my bumper or my chest away!!

Bob Kerrey (D-hawk) adds his support to Kerry withdrawal plan for Iraq.

Comparing media coverage of Colbert/Bush 2006 to Imus/Clinton 1996.

MSNBC confirms: Outed CIA agent ( PLAME) was working on Iran

Become a non-union member of the AFL-CIO.

33% - All-Time LOW CBS POLL

The Official Unauthorized "In Praise of Colbert" Photoshop Thread!!!

Dear William Pitt: please don't leave DU.

Conyers on Colbert


For the history of human consciousness, please CAPTION!!!!!!!

Salon (Michael Scherer): The truthiness hurts

I met one of the 32% today.

Yesterday, I posted a smackdown of a Freeper in class by me

It's time to purge another dangerous group from the Democratic Party

TODAY IS is the 'REAL LABOR DAY' not the one in the fall

May me it's the day my now 18 yr old son has to register

Most under-reported news item from the New Orleans Jazz Fest (photo):

The TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution!!!

Why Colbert matters

In solidarity and support of Immigrant Rights.

"lots of kids in crowds"-"these kids should be shcool" says msnbc Report

Chalabi is back in the loop (and this isn’t just a sick joke)

Did your ancestors immigrate legally?

Colbert's speech at the WH dinner was TOTALLY inappropriate.

Spanish version of Star Spangled Banner on State Department website

So Clem and Jethro are building a fence let's shut them down.

Some aspect of illlegal immigration not being discussed....

U.S. workers sacrificed in favor of illegal immigrants

The anti-immigration argument that confuses me...

Restoration 2006 - Lend a Hand in New Orleans

Darfur Resource And Brainstorming Thread. Please Keep Kicked

South Park Parker & Stone Boycott

Cheney laid out Iran War plan Aug '05: terror attack here then bomb Iran

Should illegal immigrants be arrested at today's demonstrations?

Bush is cooking the books again on Social Security

Anti-War Music

Calif. Impeachment Forum: Malloy, Rep. Waters & others + crowd of 1,000

Picture this on EVERY radio and television broadcast:

"...just so long as I'm the dictator."

"President Bystander"---The Boss' dedication to Bush

The PUBs want Respect? Then They should IMPEACH BUSH...Dems should help

Rove: Back on the Stand (Newsweek)

"President Bystander"..."The criminal ineptitude makes you furious"...

Digby has a good thread on chimpie and the Constitution

Bush Should Honor 'Mission Accomplished Day' by Resigning

A toast to their hungry vision: Steven Colbert and artistic vision

Cuyahoga Co Dem Leader Doesn't Trust Electronic Voting

The view from the heartland...

'Mission Accomplished' By The Numbers

The really dangerous American fascist

Compare & contrast: Tom Cruise as "Maverick," and...

Time TOONS of the week:

How long will it take before they realize the truth of what I wrote?

FYI: Paul Hackett will sub for Jerry Springer tomorrow


Allison Stewart gets her own show on MSNBC

How full is your tank?

DU the CNN "Situation Room" about Colbert!

limbaugh now free to help others in his situation

May Day news not on the media

"The Decider" unmasked-W's homepage

NY Times coverage of WH Correspondents Dinner AVOIDS COLBERT

Reid on the war: CSPAN2 now

Will Diebold do limbaugh's drug testing

I wonder if the criminals at free republic are pissed at limbaugh

Colin Powell is still selling snake oil

Smiling for a mugshot - a "Conservative" Value

Spanish version of Star Spangled Banner on State Department website

New Iraqi soldiers tear off their uniforms embarrassing the US.

MSNBC just did a 15 min segment on the white house dinner last night

Let me offer a contrary opinion on the media's coverage of Colbert...

Finish this sentence: If I were elected President, the first thing I'd do

Vote Colbert - Bush Roast Video to the top

The five dumbest things President Bush has ever said

There will be a war in this country soon and it won't be ...

source for stats on the parties?

Joe Wilson next on Hardball.

Repuke Senate $100 gas rebate=$10 billion transfer of taxpayers' money

"You do not speak for me"

"Tony Snow Will Be A Strong Advocate For This President"

The White House's Iraq logo is surprisingly honest

Make Novak Cry - Buy a Democracy Bond

I've had it up to **here** with 'plans'

Madonna attacks Bush at festival - Get into the groove, boy...

Did I hear it right? Valerie Plame is coming up on Hardball?????

Keith Olbermann Covering Correspondents' Dinner/Colbert tonight!

'I'm Already Against the Next War' -voices and signs from protest

Mission NOT Accomplished - 3 Years Later

CNN Poll: 9% believe "U.S. Mission in Iraq has been Accomplished"

http:// thankyoustephencolbert. org/

Springsteen Anger in New Orleans, Dedicates Song to ‘President Bystander’

Wes Clark on Franken, Monday 2-2:30 EDT......

Colbert Hits a Raw Nerve

Is it me, or is the whole damned internet slow today?

O'Brien Squared On CNN Report That The WH Says We're Officially....

Tweety claims that Plame was working on IRAN WMD...she was trashed

DU mentioned on Franken show and General Clark is on next

Do you support the protest going on today?

"This president listens in a very dynamic fashion."

A Guide to Practical Voting (long)

I'm surprised there is not more news on today's protests here at DU

Cynics don't read this or reply.....How can WE arrange an economic boycott

Hollywood wasn't ready for Stewart, What makes DC think they were ready

Anyone have an estimate on the march/Boycott today?

Who should host The White House Correspondents' Dinner Next Year?

CNN: Alexander on English only national anthem

How many republicans does it take to replace a lightbulb?

This little girl is getting hate mail you wouldn't believe because she has

Kerrey on Kerry

Why has this site become so sullen since Alito got confirmed?

ras- just 24% have favorable opinion of protesters

WP's Froomkin on WHCD and Colbert: All Kidding Aside

Let's hear your plan for finding and shipping back millions of illegals

GEN Clark pissing all over bush administration on Franken now

The boycott by the 'illegals' just fosters more hate

Are "conservatives" lining up to take jobs away from Immigrants

Come November...What can we do if there is a repeat of '02 and '04?

Bush Comic: The Search for Bush’s Mojo

How did the boycott affect YOU today?

Want to know how we got to $3.00 per gallon gasoline? - 8 frame cartoon

This should be posted everywhere...

Sherrod Brown down by 11pts in OH race.

Wes Clark just said he's "thinking about" running again!

Seizing Riviera Beach for the rich...Florida's eminent domain tragedy.

11,000 thank you's to Stephen Colbert!....