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Archives: May 10, 2006

Simon Jenkins (The Guardian): If this is Iran's bluff, it's worth calling

Simon Tisdall (The Guardian): Rodeo diplomancy

CBS/AP Poll - it took them 5+yrs to figure this out?!

Oped on S.1955 and Sen. Talent, a former Wasington Lobbyist

Palestinian Pain, One Kid at a Time

Poll Gives Bush Worst Marks Yet on Major Issues

Bolten said to push Goss's exit-given less than a day...

Does George know Jack? Stonewall starts to crack

Social Security Endures (in latest projection 2050-2080 looks better!)

The US's geopolitical nightmare(Rumsfeld may be indicted next)

Did You Hear the One About the Satirist and the President?...

1st- and 2nd-graders (males) accused of sexual assault (one female).

Anti-abortion crowd targets birth control

Bush Administration Attempts to Weaken Health & Safety Laws for Yucca Mtn.

Quartet agrees on ways to get aid to Palestinians

Question? can someone tell me who owns the website ---

County Democratic Officers Should remain Neutral

Are there any freeware/open source day planner type programs

HOW do you make a one click url?? I have been beating myself

Collin County tornadoes

Capt. Trevor Greene's doing better.


Hicks 'could serve sentence here' (Australia)

Wasit residents protest fuel shortages, allege official corruption (Iraq)

Clash Foreseen Between C.I.A. and Pentagon

NY Times -- Bush at 31%

GOP Forges Deal on Investor Tax Cuts

China demands Guantanamo Uighurs

Newark Elects Cory Booker to Be New Mayor

Execution likelier for blacker US murderers: study (Reuters)

Bush, others ditch donations from lobbyist

Zapatista Rebel Leader Gives Interview

Terror suspect was beaten while in custody, lawyer says

U.S. newspaper circulation keeps falling

Court Pick Deflects Questions On White House Controversies

Global Warming Will Be Focus Of Gore-Led Group

Iran to be offered deal over nuclear programme

Execution likelier for blacker US murderers: study

Fla. forbids prosecution of 1964 killing

Reuters: Keith Richards could suffer brain damage-report

Hillary Clinton defends link with Murdoch

Impatient Senators Target Borders, Anthem (resolution passed)

Mushroom Cloud Blast in Nevada Delayed

Dean takes Democrats' grassroots campaign to Orange County (CA)

NYTimes 10pm/Democrats Oppose GOP Health Coverage Bill

Raese wins WV GOP primary to go up against SEN. ROBERT C. BYRD

Iran: Ayatollahs Invite Castro To Become A Muslim

Sen. Clinton Says Bush Has Charm, Charisma

Listening to new Pearl Jam album. So far, really awesome!

What ever happened to Cuban Liberal?

Ask Sakabatou

Does anyone use Napster?

New plot against America revealed

Dogfish head 120 IPA is one Hell of a beer.

Divert Your Course ...

What happened to the VW commercials w/ Peter Stormare

(Snapple top) a "twit" is a pregnant gold fish

three moods of male

I fart in your general direction.

I think my boyfriend's 21-year-old cat is dying

What can't you wait for?

I need to get this off my chest, about movies in the theatre...

Now on Channel G4, The Best of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog...9pm eastern

before i moved to maryland

Spam is going Coo koo now

ooh, House is gonna be good tonight!

Woohoo! I got my hair pulled today!

Do you ever watch the TV show "Good Times"?

I'm not depressed, anyone want to cheer me down?

Army Reserve by Pearl Jam (from new album)

Assholes are not asses... nor holes.

I missed a call from the guy who interviewed me!

The Most Random Oldie Earworm Ever:

I don't know why I care, but...

I'm gonna say this once, and only once, and then I'm gonna be mum:

Hello, you!

Create Britney Spears next perfume!

PMDs found in the MM household...

My essay on, "Sex in the Media"

Trouble-free picture thread!

MONOPOLY: Innocent board game or GAME OF DEATH?

Blaine fails to break wind underwater (Reuters)

GILMORE GIRLS-What happened in the last minute?!?

Two political comments on Law & Order: SVU (spoiler for west coasters)

I'm depressed, anyone want to cheer me up?

I'm a different kind of optimist

The Daily Show - AWESOME tonight

Anybody see the Netflix commercial with Paulie Walnuts (Tony Sirico) yet?

I'm happy for the guy who just walked across America...

Wow, the lounge is kinda dull tonight....

Looking to buy a car...has anyone heard anything about the Yaris?

My neck hurts...bad. Who wants to massage it?

How many Home Runs will Albert Pujols hit this year?

Nikolai Volkoff For Delegate-District 7 (MD)

Some of you may remember my run for Congress

I just discovered the MoMA in NY is playing an Arbuckle retrospective

Is David Blaine on crack?

Anyone want to help a down-on-his-luck conservative?

three moods of baby

This proves exactly how easily things can get by me

A mosquito just bit me smack dab in the middle of my forehead

Anyone buy the Neil Young CD?

You do the Ooby Dooby till you think you're gonna break.

What was the funniest sentence you said today?

The Little Willies on Letterman.

But the only soldier now is me

The Sparks were on The Gilmore Girls tonight...

how on god's green earth does Apple expect us to read the serial number

Nationality of your favorite classical composer(s)

Sigh. 15 year class reunion coming up...


Cheap Trick

My son discovered the ocean today.

HBO's 'Rome' series Season 3...cast suggestions.

Firefly on DVD, will I enjoy it?

self portrait

Britney pregnant AGAIN

primate1: Adequate replacement?

Chocolate Ex-Lax should be banned

Letterman "Mary Cheney's new book "I Like Bush""

I had one of the best days of my life today....

Woohoo! I got my hair cut today!

It's raining. I'm bored.

Boston Legal Looks Good Tonight

What are the little things that make you smile?

Mad as hell, ready to scream..depressed...cheer me up kids

Let's wholesale generalize about groups of college students

I was kneed in the forehead

Anyone ever heard of 'Cabbage Ball'

What's your favorite kind of pickles?

Moles on DU: if you are attracted to another freeper, and it tells

Males on DU: if you are attracted to a woman, and she tells

What did you guys think of former Idol Contestant Kellie Pickler???

Going to see a Banker for a HUGE loan tomorrow

Two twenty-something guys just made my night!

Idol's "Chris" is the only thing worth watching on that show

A lot of arguments over God aren't really over God

Just got home from school, it is now 7:45.

Finally, the Homosexual Agenda, in Five Words or Less

Ricky Hatton.

Veteran Gives Back His Medals

John Kerry on the Republican Tax Plan: It’s a “Raw Deal for Our Children”

For sandnsea - - Oregon blog soon to be online

Election Day today. Well at least the other shoe dropped. Sigh!

Barbara Boxer wants to attack Iran ?

This is confusing!

I'm doing a livestream radio interview in a couple of hours

KOEB Meeting -- 5/10/06: Rupert and Hillary? Edition

Heh. Heh heh. Heh heh hee hee hee. Hee hee haw haw HAW HAW HAW!

Evidence against terror accused 'extracted by torture'

John Perkins, self confessed hitman, explains why they really

HUD Spokesperson Changing Story As Criticism Builds

Revolt of the CIA analysts - "Feith/Libby Crowd Has Lost Major Battle"

Libby Gets Responses From: Mitchell, Russert, Cooper, Miller & Time (PDFs)

A Few Photos Before Bed That Need to Be Seen. And Passed Around....

"Genius" Rove has Little Lord Pissypants at Nixon approval levels

Execution likelier for blacker US murderers-study

Help ! my county elections cheif says ES&S memory cards are infallible

SWEET to see bitter sweet...


Here kitty .. kitty .. kitty.

Boston Legal Looks Good Tonight

So. Bush is "shedding" donations from convicted felons.

suggestions for cast of HBO's 'Rome' Season 3...

Umm, we only call it "the football" it's about this big...

Fitzmas time is near.

Identifying the backwash

Caption: * and Jeb...

US Army promises it will not submerge prisoner's head under water any more

Iran to Bush: 'Return to Christianity'

Nevada Mushroom Cloud Blast to Be Delayed

Mom always liked you best.

‘Nine Fingers’ also linked to Wilkes

I'm watching ABC's 'Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America'...

HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson also involved with Abramoff?

All this Minutemen stuff has got me thinking. I know how to secure

Enough is Enough


What's up with the eagle? No residential seal?

Jude's Diversions

Does George know Jack? Stonewall starts to crack

No Such Thing As UFOs ... Wanna Bet?

Emails from the edge of disaster

You guys watching Keith bust O'Reilly's lies about his ratings?

Bob Ney & His Head Squirrel Might Soon Be No More.

CNN scaremongering for a new war.

Tornado Sirens Going Off

some interesting Google searches"i feel lucky"

I was privileged to have been born .......

Only thing worse than RW spam is when its not formatted properly

Dupe thread

An Army Of One

Quick - give me a link to an enlistment form!

The President's New Helicopter ($6.1 billion makeover)

What does the "Government Spying on Minutemen" story mean?

No justice for New Orleans

The World's Tallest Midget on The Daily Show!!!!

Iraq = Vietnam... Liberal junk?

I Want To See Ray McGovern On T.V. - NOW!!!

Okay so I think it was on Mclaughlin Group

'Mushroom Cloud Blast in Nevada Delayed'

How worried are you about Bird Flu?

Sounded like sabotage to me

I've noticed an escalation of sarcasm on DU, and I wonder why.

Frist picks Cheney, Goss for Distinguished Service Awards

What's in a Murdoch-Clinton Alliance? Something for Both Sides

Silly, I know, but too good to pass jpeg.

Imagine This: You are GWB's Speechwriter

Bob or Robert Wagner

The "I" word. Why do most of our Democratic office holders shy from it?

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in

How/Why did alcohol and tobacco become legal ?

The Ultimate X-treme DLC poll to end all DLC polls. The DLC is:

Gay candidates on state level

Portents: The coming end of the CIA by jim Lobe

How can Democrats reunite this country?

Do you think it's wrong for a congressman totake a flight on a Co.

Is that Frank Rich on The Colbert Report? Wow!

Where is George Bush's Wedding Ring? (pic)

Freepers heads exploding; they are at each others throats.

Posted These Anti-* Jokes In The Lounge. Whaddaya Think?

Neil Young's new tune "After The Garden" a google search for "Pink Dear Mr. President" and

Daily Show nailing Rumsferatu!!!

'McCain's Scheduled Speeches Draw Protests' WOOHOO!

Would an attack on Iran be Legal

Reflections On Balls

What happened to Nine-Fingers's tenth finger?

NYT:B** did not kiss or hug Katherine Harris

Imagine if...

Fictitious bird flu movie arouses panic in US public (?!?!?Wha?)

Click for Pink you won't regret it!

Why is Judy Woodruff on the News Hour ?

The DLC is...

anyone post this today?

Why The Fuck Doesn't That Fossil Larry King Ask "Judge" Judy About ru$h?

Do your best impression of a Freeper post

What the heck does it take to get kicked off FR?

The Conservative Lament to the Bush Administration

No Child Left Behind: Many struggling schools skirt major makeover

Condi Rice Is Angry. Again......

Sen. Clinton Says Bush Has Charm, Charisma

Democratic Party represents morals more than GOP (NYT Poll - Another 31%)


Interesting poll graph from the NYT -- May 10,2006

Boston Legal on in 5 minutes

Sen. Nelson (Fla) on the Iran "crisis" - "most serious threat"

Keep the Colbert speech at #1 on Google video.

the power of the presidency exists only in perception.

Something very strange is going on in America....

I made a comic about really stupid republicans

Everything hangs on fair elections. Everything.

Phil Angelides on myspace

Insane.....50 year mortgage!

Those who thought the immigration debate was a Rovian trick...

The Daily Show is doing an Expose' about Illegals from CANADA!

Um, who is exactly controlling Britain (UK)

New SIbel Article. Sibel says "this one nails it 100%"

Disapprove! Disapprove! Disapprove! Disapprove! Disapprove! Disapprove! Di

The DLC is...

DU helps blast the RW noise machine out of the water!

Broken Dreams, my wife's diagnosis today

McCain's Scheduled Speeches Draw Protests

Apparently Goss and Hayden were BOTH "the right men at the right time"...

Bill O’Reilly for Kerry ‘08?

John Kerry on the Republican Tax Plan: It’s a “Raw Deal for Our Children”

Heads up - WH logs to be released tomorrow!

Democrats Oppose GOP Health Coverage Bill

Too many Conicidences....They Make me Laugh

Calling Names vs Speaking Truth ... what do you think? Is it time yet?

so why didn't he KEEP fishing?

Godsmack's Sully gets smacked for selling the military!!!!! HuffPo

Reason-giving is basic to government by consent of the governed

Limbaugh, "unchecked liberalism" to blame for Katrina disaster.

OC Register: DNC chairman wants grassroots Democratic Party

where is the list of currently indicted/investigated thugs?

Why is dubya's approval rating still so high?

"and the cartoon network turns into the news..." (LITERALLY!!!)

Poll in small town paper needs a little DU love

What are your thoughts about the U.N., and why? Was it swift-boated

The Future of Conservative Extremism and Their Enablers.

Bill O'Reilly wants to know: "Is Bush DONE, or can he make a COMEBACK?"

WaPo: "The Year of the Black Republican?"

Katherine Harris on the tarmac with shrub on video

So, why are Democrats' negatives almost as bad as Republicans?

If this happens we need to rally around Bill Nelson...

OMG! Warning, extremely graphic pictures of DU babies in Afghanistan

If this is Ahmadinejad's bluff, it is bluff worth calling

LOFLROTFSTD, the best Oliphant cartoon ever....

Bush's CIA takeover--Boston Globe Editorial

Robert Scheer: Hayden Is a 'Perfect' Pick

MOGAMBO GURU: Another 138,000 new jobs, and only 271,000 of them are fake

Killed by the U.S. Army

Howard Fineman: Rove revamps the Republican strategy

'Life and death every day' for Iraq medics

Gene Lyons on why celerity pundits are on their way out

Sex, Greed And Forced Abortions

How John Negroponte won control of the CIA

Spies Among Us

Dobbs to President: Do you take us for fools? (Lou Dobbs/CNN)

Wolcott on Ahmainejad's letter to Bush.

W says: "I think Jeb would be a great president"

The Impeachment Campaign, Part 2

WH Staff sked for Prez found in trash (pickup)

NYT: Spy vs Spy (a must-read, can't summarize this on one line!)

The Overton Window

Stopping Hillary!

A Very Questionable Nomination

Wash Post: Abramoff Visits White House Twice. LIE!!!!!

The Last Gasp of the Dollar? Iran bourse opens next week

Is it funny that OPM awards saying "Made in America" are made in China?

Steady State Economy - Why is Economic Growth a Threat?

50-year Mortgages Hit The Market

New book out on sprawl

Iron Range senators hold outs on renewable energy bill (MN)

Wood-burning plants are the next big thing in electricity generation (NH)

Israel Firm Cuts Palestinian Gas Supplies

Hydropower has a Dam-less Future (VOA)

Pan-European Wind Energy Grid Proposed

House Panels Signals Support for Drilling (offshore gas)

Threat Seen From Antibacterial Soap Chemicals

Koizumi To Push For Far More Energy Conservation At G8

Oz Treasurer Hasn't Said Words "Climate Change" In 11 Annual Reports

Why We Must Electrify Transportation

Life must be sucking in the South today...

NWS Advises New York City To Begin Preparing Now For Hurricanes - Reuters

Wal-Mart's next conquest: Organics

Pondering the plastic fork...

Bush - Cut Foreign Oil Dependence By . . . Importing More Ethanol!!

Climate Pressure Sends Welsh Salmon Stocks Plunging

Peretz to open Karni crossing only if security situation allows

Artists urge PM to curb settler attacks on Palestinian children

Israel accepts resumption of aid to Palestinians

Hamas signals suspicion over new Quartet aid plan

U.K. ambassador: Academic boycott of Israel 'not productive'

Lebanon turns to U.K. in bid to press Israel on Shebaa Farms

Israel Firm Cuts Palestinian Gas Supplies

Hamas asks supporters for money, guns

Israel Gives Hamas Until Year-End To Signal Willingness to Negotiate

Back to the towers..

Osama’s arrest to eliminate justification of Musharraf rule: Benazir

"Come Out of the White House with Your Hands Up!"

Presentation Tool for Giving 9/11 Seminars

Local Boards of Elections Blocking Thousands of New Yorkers from Voting

No `verify,' no trust - Sun Sentinel - Florida

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday May 10, 2006

Dems Refuse to Mention Diebold, So its President Jeb in '08

New Diebold security flaw worse than ANY others - "there IS no back door"

Want Democracy back??? Paper ballots and HAND COUNTS NOW!!! n/t

Update to "Two days in the field with ES&S OpScan"

Die!Bold!Die! ( Machine Smashing Man said it was his "civic duty")

LTTE in the W'loo/CF Courier on Latham

Neil Young album playing at my house

Looking for some Civic Skinny????

For my 10,000 post I just want to say

Looks like Maytag will be shut down on Newton.

Strayhorn arrives in Austin with 223,000 signatures

Breaking: Strayhorn loses suit against state elections chief

dean will make sure there is plenty of pintripes around

MoveOn delivering a check to DeLay in Webster, TX, RE: Medicare

I got my shipment of Vidalia onions

shelf life of salsa?

More Con stupidity

Toronto Star: "Harper's Achilles heel"

Conservative MP Vellacott resigns (canada)

Elizabeth May Party Versus the NDP

Scoop: Group to release 900 more pages of Katrina emails (RawStory)

FL woman found guilty in son's abduction

The US's geopolitical nightmare(Rumsfeld may be indicted next)

Alarmed by Raids, Neighbors Stand Guard in Iraq (against Shiite police)

Gunmen kill 11 people riding bus in Iraq

Iranians Fault Rice's Dismissal of Letter

Poll: Dim View Of Bush, GOP

Denenberg drops challenge to King (NY-03)

Incumbent Beats Out Coach

Kempthorne draws green opposition

Judges rule against peace vigil

Bush 'no gourmet' (prefers burgers to salads)

Plan Devised for Illegal Immigrant Hiring

Bush visits Orlando to trumpet Rx plan

Five Iraqis escape US military prison (in Kurdish north)

Lobbying scandal records mention FL Sen Mel Martinez meeting

Baghdad sees 1,100 executions in one month

Baghdad April toll 'more than 1000'

CNN/Reuters: Stones deny Richards suffered brain damage

Walkout, (religious) mobile ringtone row disrupt Iraq assembly

After 20 years, Iran appoints ambassador to Iraq

Putin Zings U.S. Back After Criticism

Mexico Lawmakers Claim Fraud by Fox‘s Sons

Napolitano's election is good news for Prodi

Al Gore, Lehman's Roosevelt to Form New Global Warming Alliance

NYT: Lawrence Lader, Champion of Abortion Rights, Is Dead at 86

WP: Immigrant-Voter Drive Announced

Bush open to Congress plan to expand drilling

WP: Bense Says No to Florida Senate Bid ("virtually ensures Harris")

Dutch donate animals to Latvia to restore wildlife

Jordan arrests 20 over 'Hamas plots'

Four of Iraq's 'most dangerous terrorists' flee prison

GOP spins Democrat’s signs (GOP Shenannigans)

Experts: 2nd Iran letter ground for talks with US

Breaking: Fed raises key interest rate 1/4 point to 5%

Gov. Bush Wants Ex-Boot Camp Chief Fired

Domestic killings shock Swiss (Gun laws questioned)

Another Goss Aide Is Linked to Military Contracting Scandals

Al Qaeda attack on Canada 'probable'

Tribal leaders, clerics call for an end to Iraq's sectarian violence

AOL Lays Off 1,300 Employees (7% of worldwide work force)

C-I-A director-nominee(Hayden) signals support for change on eavesdropping

Bush: Iran Letter Doesn't Answer Question

Russian President Putin takes swipe at Bush administration

US oil executive killed in Nigeria

Fed boosts benchmark interest rate one-quarter point to 5 percent

Adviser: Iraq ‘civil war’ places U.S. in reactive role

Democrats Won't Focus Hayden Hearing on Surveillance

House GOP Expects Tax-Cut Victory

Whirlpool to Cut 4,500 Jobs as Part of Maytag Acquisition

France remembers slavery victims

'Great Satan Park' planned (former US embassy in Tehran)

UK law adviser: Gitmo should close (AP/CNN) {UK Attorney General}

House to Vote on $70B Investor Tax Cuts

Land sale in forest is off, Keller says (Ocala National Forest, FL)

US sees ethnic minority baby boom

Sessions advises Voting Act caution

Oil recovers some ground (CNN/Money)

Iran letter doesn't answer nuclear question - Bush

WP: Minorities fueling new baby boom

U.S. lawmakers target leaders of Uzbekistan

J. Michael Luttig Resigns From Appeals Court

Housing Slowdown Appears to be Spreading Nationwide

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 10 May

'Life and death every day' for Iraq medics

Behavior guide targets 'the ugly American'

Bush Nominee for 5th Circuit Ct. of Appeals Rated 'Unqualified' by ABA

NYT: Staircase at Ground Zero on List of Endangered Historical Places

PS3's hefty price tag raises eyebrows

‘Straight-ticket’ voting at risk in Missouri

Secret Service Logs Show 2 Abramoff Visits

U.S.: China not manipulating currency

Round one goes to Harry Potter

Whirlpool-Maytag - Just announced 4500 to lose jobs!

More Katrina Waste, Fraud Said to Be Seen

Presidential plans found in the trash (staff schedule for *'s FL trip)

US government 'hampers competition'

Ex-communist Napolitano elected Italian president (AFP)

Ex-NSA Chief Assails Bush Taps

Teacher says she was fired over in vitro

Bush Backs Brother Jeb for White House

Housing Secretary Denies Rejecting Contract of Opponent

Republicans shun EU lawmakers

Fla. House Speaker Won't Challenge Harris

Noe to change his not-guilty plea on 3 federal charges (Coingate)

Cheney and Goss Recipients of House Award

General: Mobilization Process 'Almost Torturous' For Reservists

W turns against his Florida savior Harris

Missile may have come from Iran

Abramoff White House files (to be released)...

Baghdad Force to Be Unified to Stem Militias

Former Ga. Schools Chief Pleads Guilty

Cunningham said to be uncooperative(Duke's not talking)

Security Issue Kills Domestic Spying Probe

Have 200,000 AK47s fallen into the hands of Iraq terrorists?

Army releases 18-year-old with autism from enlistment contract

LAT: Threat Seen From Antibacterial Soap Chemicals

Homeless Woman Stomped to Death in L.A.

Blair's support slumps as Brown keeps up pressure for handover

Posada retracts his agreement to testify (at Santiago Alvarez's trial)

(Wesley) Clark wants words with Iran, not war

Putin: arms race with US is not over

50-year mortgage hits the market

War foe's grandson is killed in Iraq

Krispy Kreme awards franchise rights for Middle East

Band manager gets 4 years in fatal club fire

Kerry hits back at Mary Cheney over 'son of a bitch' comments

House passes tax cut bill

Democrats Won't Focus Hayden Hearing on Surveillance

Britain's top lawyer demands closure of Guantanamo Bay

Cuba, Saudis, China on Rights Council

Have a 6 Hour Drive to the Mother-in-Law's Coming Up

I posted a picture in the "bare" thread, and now

Knock knock?

A Gift to you... I think you will like it.

Rolling Stones fans (when was the last time you listened to the B side of

Got Coke?

So I'm about to cross 500 posts :)

Rice and Beans anyone?

Pink baseball bats...??

I'm a bit hyperactive right now.

I just found a bug in the sugar

Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy???

Holy Crow, i just came back from an AMAZING dinner!

My workplace is emotionally toxic. Need advice.



Bear with me here

I don't care what anybody says : cutting off toxic people is healthy ...

This iBook smells like "old people." It's freaking me out.

Geek Prom:

Can someone recommend health insurance provider for a child?

Is anyone else getting errors from DU

Hey! No one's wished ME a happy birthday yet!

Happy 46th Birthday Paul Hewson

Ostrich with me here

I'm bullish on K-Fed sperm. It's going places!

Wednesday morning 9 year old funnies.

David Blaine Feels He "Let People Down"

Wednesday earworm.

Congratulations Up2Late!! 10,000 posts


Catholic School Teacher Fired Over In-Vitro Fertilization

Asking for good vibes

My pc clock is losing time.

Good Wednesday Morning, Crew!

Scrubs appreciation thread

talk about holding her own ;-)

Alex is going to Cornell!!!!!!!!!!!!

self delete ...

Great Bumper sticker here in MD today...


I complain about him a lot, but when it comes down it it, I'm a proud mom

You know I find it good that there aren't sex threads allowed

Dog rescued from Katrina found shot to death

Fun study on children reading fiction (because they want to)

I'm FINALLY down to one meal a day, I don't suffer and I'm actually losing

Todays' BREAKING NEWS..... in Klingon

Mary Cheney's new book was in at the Barnes and Noble near work.

Man Who Started College In 1994 Isn't Quite Ready To Graduate

Who's on fist?

Who's on first!

I am sorry but I love this song.... Exodus Damage... watch this video

Seeking Metaphors Similar to "Like Rats Off a Sinking Ship" or

Going to see a Baker for a HUGE loaf tomorrow

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 5/10/06)

Question about a job description

Gentlemen, would your wifes say they prefer Big Dills....

Going to see a Begger for a HUGE bottle of booze tomorrow

Happy Confederate Memorial Day

9. Humans attacked by pigeons with tire irons

Kindly help me with this question of etiquette

who's on frist?

DU men and women - are you sick of all these men/women polls yet?

Anybody who wants to, should be able to buy a Hummer.

BREAKING >> Britney Spears makes pregnancy official

bush* joke

OK, who sent me "America, Return to God" Magazine at work?

No good deed goes unpunished

'Brokeback Mountain'-does it explain line dancing?

My biological clock is losing time.

Austrailian DUers we need your help immediatly

Gay men, do you ask other gay men out?

Should I run a post-whoring thread to get me past the next mile-stone?

Do not Disturb...

Two alligators (joke).....

Why is it to some people more important

I eat fried rice every day

Body Language question

I got pulled over today.

Does anyone have the old "Hello my name is" thread bookmarked?

it ... wasn't .... PEPPER! Noooooooooo!

Looking for love in all the wrong places ... apparently.

No but yeah but yeah but yeah no but yeah no but yeah... ...but no?

Teen Says Friend Asked To Be Hit With His Car "For Fun"

Hired The GREATEST Guy At Work Yesterday

Can someone help me with my avatar?

the mobster thread

Why can't we have more Christians like Albert Pujols?

DU drunken jerks: Do you creep women out?

MP3 downloads of all of Elliott Yamin's songs this season.

When do we get to rename the lounge to "The Love Pole"?

Caption this photo...

Please help the computer illiterate

In the jungle, The mighty jungle, The lion sleeps tonight...

Thoughts on "make your own Karaoke"-type software?

Songs for Sixty Five Roses

Happy birthday wishes to.......

Bruce Haack -King of Techno......(for the music lovers)

DU Men, if you ask a girl out and she says, "no."

after three days with no cigarettes, I must be a real joy to be around

Talkin' about the future, forget about the past, it'll always be with us,

the earworm pitt should'ah had - Legend of a Cowgirl...

When dumped, what was your best response?

A new--sorta--recipe

"Let's just be friends."

"Let's just be bitter enemies pretending to be nice to each other."

The things people auction off!

Reflections on balls

Fundie mom vs. Harry Potter--a likely win for Potter!

Funny magic video


If you dumped someone- what was the worst response you got

Friends. Got 'em? Like 'em?"

Did anyone watch NCIS last night?

Anniversary gifts?

Ling Ling

The Wizard of Oil

HA HA HA Great Picture.

Name this historical figurine

Does anyone here have the Trunk Monkey video?

The elevator in my building is terrifying.

i didnt mean to start this in GD

Sit down, take a look at yourself...

Word to the wiseMAN

Post here if you've never been dumped.

Post here if you've never taken a dump

Los Angeles area DUers -- KITTENS NEED ADOPTING -- PICS

Who cares what Babe Ruth's granddaughter has to say about Bonds?

Parents- is it just me or do kids always time thier growth spurts for when

Ha! Ha! I caught my boss looking at a "BIG TITS" website.


heart attack!

Has anybody seen "Pitch Black"?

I need to know why everyone is always on the phone.

Is this thing on?

Well eharmony was quite the self-esteem crusher!

Schwartzenneger declares 7 counties "disaster movies"

Person creating fake, sexual photos of college students

Let me ask you something. Ever watch a DVD?

Okay, so, I'm turning in

Just a note.....

Techies, how do I generate a text list of urls from my Explorer favorites

Worst Star Trek cast member cover song ever?

Okay, so, I'm turning on

Predictions on the Fed decision and bias statement. (TBA 2:15 EDT)

Heat Index is 110 F right now. It was higher earlier when the

Vanity post!!!!!! How old do you think I am?

Why does my head hurt?

Somebody Should Do Something About All The Problems

DU guys: How bad did/does rejection hurt?

Who smokes crack everyday?

Road kill is depressed by me.

A picture of GirlinContempt

Sometimes, all we have left is a memory of what was.

Harry Potter and the Eagle of Truthiness

Alejandro Escovedo's new album is pure genius

Are you sick of me, yet?

Check out the eaglets!!! Live web cam...

The recent Sprint/Nextel Commercial

So, I'm watching Jeopardy just now Amusing, offensive, or both?

Popop bragging day

This is an great owl in flight photo.

Anybody watch Ed Vs. Spencer on BBC America?

Freckles. Got 'em? Like 'em?

winners of the "it's a dark and stormy night" contest are:

Name this historical figure!

If you are going to use the restroom at work & do NOT wash your hands

Listening to Alan Rickman recite Sen. Byrd's anti-war speech from 2/12/03

Did you get sick by me, yet?

Question for Christians: If Jesus turned water into wine . . .

My first A in grad school!

Senator Fucks Own Wife Out of Political Necessity.

Happy birthday GirlinContempt!!!

Jack Chick is really falling down on the job

That "Sweet Sixteen" show on MTV is the worst program on TV

Long time no see. I have a question for DU'ers about goats.

The ten most fattening cocktails


So I've been so busy with a political campaign and tax season....

after two weeks of internet trouble I am back

I'm nearly 30 years old and I still have to lie to my mother.

Happy Birthday Girlincontempt

New Anti-Abortion Pill Kills Mother, Leaves Fetus Alive


Worst cover of a song ever?

You're right, cop. You're right; I am a rotten bastard. I admit it.

Ex-Band Manager Gets 4 Years in R.I. Fire

'Fat Man' completes cross-country trek in Big Apple

Who's missing from DU? Can we get in touch with them to make sure they're

Post a Misfits lyric in the subject line

DU Ladies, do you ask men out?

Fish don't fry in the kitchen, beans don't burn on the grill


Can you say.... DOH!!!!!!!

23 posts to 10,000

Congratulations Debi! 10,000 posts

Road kill depresses me.

We've come a long way, baby.

YouTube enables uploading from cellphones

Mogwai is the best band around right now.

What would you do about a bad dog?

DU Hetero Fellas, do you ask women out?

Who drinks liquor everyday?

Favorite Kevin Smith Movie

CSI Clues

Sometimes, they are not in the least subtle.

Field trip students throw paint cans from hotel roof. Injure cop, damage

Vote for your favorite Colin Firth role!

Okay, now what's the BEST cover song?

Barbaro Wins Kentucky Derby

*We're waist deep in the big muddy *

New Jersey, Philly DUers: come see me play at the shore this weekend!

Carnival of the Liberals #12: The Church and State edition

MTV Lampoons the Catholics

Is there a secular alternative to Boy Scouts?

The root of misogyny (puritanical religious justification)

"The origin of male dominance" (ie. religious beliefs)

Christians Sue for Right Not to Tolerate Policies

"Under God", Yes or No

Birdflu help! Vaccine booster cuts dose size in mice

Publishers mobilize against US research proposal

Meditation Improves Mental Health

Is GOP selling of Drug benefit getting traction?

Why aren't Dems screaming about GOP(Enzi) bills destruction of health care

On Acorns, Mice, Chipmunks, and Lyme

Mask helps with exercise-induced asthma

Survivors Say Ancient Drums Help In Beating Cancer's Stress

NASA Agrees To Cooperate With India On Lunar Mission

Relic of ancient asteroid found

Careful with that swatter: 12 Species of Flies Get Federal Protection

Air "purifiers" create smog

NY Judge Halts AIDS Funding Restrictions

Congress Moves To Limit Phelps Clan

Equality California endorses Steve Westly for Governor

Virginia House Accepts Anti-Gay Marriage Definition

Openly gay student elected Dartmouth student body president

Documentary makes case for "The Saint of 9/11"-Father Mychal Judge

Judges Nix Anti-Gay Marriage Ad

Many churches oppose federal marriage amendment

Los Altos Reverses Stand, Gay Pride Now OK

Lawyer Ron likely out of Preakness

I'm rooting for Kathy Harris, are you?

I have a question about dreams.

Going after Rumsfeld

What would have been the best reaction to this letter from Iran?

I wonder what JK's reaction to this would be...

John Kerry on House Rebuke of Bush on Climate Change

Kerry speaking

Favor - Send petition to Senator Frist

Am I alone in thinking that this editorial

Why did this touch me so? (Not about JK)

Kerry just starting to speak on CSPAN2

Kerry hits back at Mary Cheney over 'son of a bitch' comments

Cindy Sheehan working with Sen. Kerry's office on Iraq

31% approval for Bush, 26% approval for JFK? What is this?

Good news!

NH Phone Jamming....interesting & anti-Kerry literature

Plea for help from a newbie.

Countdown Newsletter -- 05/10/06: Ready for Another Bush?

This is a good week to be Botany

Finally I'm back

How Dangerous is Iran's Ahmadinejad? Not as Dangerous as the chimp...

Washington Journal time-kirk weldon,tom davis(efforts to remove fema),

drug company upstaging doctors' orders on medication=mass murder of the

Napolitano elected Italy's president: vote count

Why, what's a who and where on Wednesday? . . . . . . .. Please CAPTION!!!

Heads Up: GJ meets today (and Friday)

Kindasleazy Lies sure is making the rounds these days...morning talk shows

Of Clean Drinking Water and AIDS.

Albany Times Union Calls Rumsfeld a LIAR

Putin makes veiled warning over Iran military strike

Ahmadinejad's letter: An opening quickly sealed

Laura Bush seen with another man last night


The extreme right is talking about impeachment ...Bush is toast!

The story of Tal Afar: another shining example of

"Come Out of the White House with Your Hands Up!"

Good News ! Progressive Blogs/Forums ARE making a difference!

My 11 year old gets it.

Six more journalists killed in Iraq

Scraping to fill the shelves of the Bush library: By Derrick Z. Jackson

Remember when Time Magazine ran the darkened up image of OJ Simpson?

Keith Richards May Have Suffered Brain Damage

The GWB library will be "the most empty $200 million library in the world"

Did CNN really run "Iranian Madman" headline all morning?

Whistle blower fired as inspector general of Homeland Security

Advance prescription for morning-after pill urged

Bernie Ward on the NYT/CBSNews poll - This is GOOD!

An open letter to freeper lurkers:

What the Bird Flu and The Bush Administrion reminds me of...

Galbraith on Taming Predatory Capitalism

Who is John Lehr, sitting in for Charlie Rose? Any relation to

More Troops killed in Iraq than Pearl Harbor

Bernie Ward is gonna read a letter to Richard Cohen

Is Bush Conservative?

God vs Evil (not a typo)

Were people who voted for bush really THAT stupid?

Would it bother you if Bush clubbed an infant to death with a club?

Evolution of a Shrub (cartoon)

Myths and Truths John Stossel Style

'Fat Man' completes cross-country trek in Big Apple

I am normally not up at this time of night but the weather dictates

BBC: UK hacker 'should be extradited'

Woohoo! Billy Connolly's on The Daily Show tomorrow!

Mangoes for Nukes?

Anti-War Music

Scout's admission of being Wiccan leads to turmoil

A Cordial Invitation…the GOP Celebrates Cheney and Goss

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Presidential Plans Found In Trash !

(VIDEO) The Daily Show on Rumsfeld and McGovern

Nuclear testing in Nevada postponed due to lawsuit! ???

Request for links to Al Gore Speeches since 2000

Bono is 46 today

Presidential Plans Found In Trash

New PA poll (5/10/06): Rendell leads Swann, Casey leads Santorum

Compassionate Bush to cut maternal and child health and family planning

'Life and death every day' for Iraq medics

David Sirota (author of Hostile Takeover) on CSPAN WJ next. 9:35 am est

Halliburton Solves Global Warming (!!!)

My first attempt at straw man destruction

Question re; outsourcing and new jobs

Kucinich letters to Bush on operations in Iran and terrorist groups

Animated tribute to Colbert (The Doors' 'Tell All the People' makes it!)

'Great Satan Park' planned in Tehran

People are still spewing this stuff

Bush 'no gourmet' (prefers burgers to salads)

Seriously. Say one nice thing about Bush. (If Hillary can, I can.)

Colbert Clip Pulled, Now on Google

WaPo columnist Richard Cohen gets "lynched" for dissing Stephen Colbert

Why political candidates still don't respect bloggers.

Jon Stewart busts * once again.

Why does a good economy not feel that way?

Field trip students throw paint cans from hotel roof. Injure cop, damage

We're as bad as they are?

Friend of the Family Diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer.

Anyone see the movie, "The Sentinel"? (semi spoiler)

Are We Being Betrayed by Our Dem Leaders?

Support genuine immigration reform:

Democrats, telecoms criticize Pelosi for backing 'net neutality'

This is number 1000

LOL. I just got a call from the RNC.

What's the quote from the Senator threatening Clinton's life?

The Bush boys snub Cruella.

House to vote on Bush tax cut today. Give your Reps one last call. cspan

HUD Chief on Contractors: No Democrats, Please

Has US shipment of 200,000 AK-47's fallen into insurgents' hands?

Presidential Plans Found In Florida Trash Can

House Subcommittee Set to Renew Interstate Handgun Sales

Students Force Homeless Man To Stand Naked In School

Bush On The Couch...

O'LOOFAH out-Chicked, McCAIN on indictments, & COULTER out-gunned

Photographic evidence!! Shrub cares!!

HEADS UP: 11 a.m. Reid/Clinton Press conference re: Enzi Bill!

What is the legal standing of "Signing Statements"?

See ya later, Senator Allen

One point to remember about this HUD scandal...

Breaking: George W. Bush Memorial Library burns to the ground !

How many zingers can you spot in this toon?

Tampa Tribune Editor accusef of Drunken Driving

America Haters

Nonsense takes center stage at White House

Reid and Clinton press conf. so far I do not see it on any station

President Bush last week unveiled his plan to deal with an outbreak

Bush Backs Brother Jeb for White House

Bush Regime's Absense of Communication

Upset vet gives back his medals

NBC cancels plan for costly "West Wing" retrospective; finale is Sunday

New Iraq Spending Bill - $109 Billion New Funds - Will Have NO OVERSIGHT

Any Fitzgerald news today?


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!

Frat Members Fined For 'Brokeback' Hazing Incident

CNN has a story up about wounded soldiers in Iraq on their front page

Way to Go Mr. Bush: Putin warns of a new arms race with the U.S.

We need an expert in Mid East to help interpret "the letter"

* Florida travel documents drama on CNN

Admins - Can we get a Dissing Dems forum? Apparently we've

the elephant in the Democrats' living room . . .

When I lie, I feel so guilty after awhile that I end up telling the truth.

New comic on Hayden and how GOP will speak

Lou Dobbs Poll: Which party offers the American People the best...

Not that I condone crime... but this ROCKS.

Where have all the Senators gone?

Breaking: Allan Bense, FLA House speaker, says, "No thanks."

WSJ: Selling Generic Drugs by Mail Turns Into Lucrative Business

Governor Bush Open to State Help for Marlins

S. F. Chronicle duo could face jail time (more than Balco dealers)

The incompetence is staggering

Citing Iraq, some Boston College faculty protest honor to Rice

Want to change the world? Make gas $10 a gallon. - Mark Morford

200 Experts Warn Bush Against Military Option in Iran

I just love Pat Oliphant

About those Presidential travel plans found in the trash...

Oh I get it! To write a RW Political book, you start with wrong premise

Hero du jour - James Carroll - on Democracy Now!

Slide whistle! I am far from the radio, but can tell Franken is discussing

Oh NO!!!!! Five people escape from US detention center in Iraq

Caption this * photo

Question about boarder patrol and spying

Orphans of the Storm (bushmilhousegang's hatred of kids)

OK..if you see the CNN video,how can you support this war?

Is anyone working on a Counter-Bush Presidential Library?

Why Did Bush Take FOUR DAYS After Katrina, But Is Always in FL RIGHT AWAY?

"Get after it grandma

O'Reilly's still ragging on Natalie Maines -she responds


My Fundie dinner last night

BREAKING >> Britney Spears makes pregnancy official

Cingular Pulls Ringtone Deemed Offensive - "This is la Migra"

*** CALL CONGRESS NOW *** 1-800-459-1887 *** VOTING ON TAX CUTS TODAY ***

When I say "Democratic Ideas" what comes to mind?

Glenn Beck: I, Assclown

If the elections are stolen...

"U Can Bomb the World to Pieces, But U Cannot Bomb the World to Peace"

AOL Poll re Hillary's Nice Comments about the Shrub. Barf Alert.....

Study: Air Purifiers Create Ozone Levels Worse Than Smog

Shrub** , Jeb, and Genetics - Captions Please

The real story on Bush's poll numbers

Larry David: Crazies say Bush lost in 2004 - Greg Palast

Mr. 31% Impeached in Hanover NH last night

I HAVE A DREAM! For Mary Cheney

Gene Lyons: Celebrity pundits are on their way out

I found a new On-Line Video Blog/Feed/collection "Throw away Your TV"

The Farmer and His Helpers: Who Was Right? -->

I am convinced we are going to war with's why....

Fed raises key interest rate 0.25% to 5%...hints it's not finished yet.

Opinions Needed..... better as a bumper sticker, t-shirt, poster....

I just realized something about Rove the Evil Genius, the Mastermind.

bush family

A picture from the Norwegian political assembly, Stortinget ...

Halliburton solves global warming

oh lord here we go - Jeb Would Make a 'Great President,' Bush Says...

Manditory jail time for prostitutes and johns

WP op-ed: GOP bankrupt of ideas, as Democrats begin to define themselves

Any chance for a Gore/Roosevelt ticket in 2008?

Assignment for DU re: illegal immigration and free trade.

Net neutrality my butt

PHOTO: Audience member looks totally flummoxed by Chimpolini

What all the cool chickenhawks will be wearing this summer.

Question for DU'rs about Bush rewriting legislation. Would he do this

Chimp *hard workin'* in Orlando today. While the world rages on.

O'Reilly to Dixie Chicks lead singer: "I enjoyed your performance"

GOP moves to keep inspector's eyes off Iraq reconstruction fund

Porter & the 'boys'


Has the letter from Iran to Bush made public?

Is Same Sex Marriage A Kind Of Marriage?

Molly Ivins: The Best Little Whorehouse in Washington

NYT article about Bush poll numbers comparison to Dems misleading

Some possible Bird Flu information...


The fallen, state by state

One more matchup to add to AOL's president machup poll

Wolfowitz: "I run this institution, after all!"

Brother Jeb would make 'great' US president: Bush

Bumper sticker I saw today

This is why the Dems are not going for Impeachment now

Greg Palast: "Kerry Won. Now Get Over it..."

The Daily Show On Rummy And McGovern

Concerned Women tell Senate not to grandstand stemcell; Bush will veto!

Report: Iran Appoints Ambassador to Iraq

CNN just now: Goss gets the Congressional Distinguished Service Award???

Jefferson Davis' Black Daughter: "I'm not a 1-issue voter. I'll work to

i have come to the cocluscion that

PA Nuke Plant/ $500K in duffel bag incident-- some info about the guards

Caption this pic:

Link to DOJ webpage....Rovewatch ...

Randi to Bush Lover - You're a Slow Learner

Beware of this conservative tactic

Question for Sirius listeners.

The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012

when is the Hayden confirmation hearing?

Who is this famous person?

The Corporate Media are not whores, and I can prove it.

So what the Hell is up with CNN?!?

Have any DU'ers been to the Watergate Complex?

Putin to Russian women: "Have more babies!"

someone needs to trace george

Foggo is really the "victim".......says his attorney

O'Reilly's hyperbole reaches a new low...

Mary Cheney: My dad thinks I'm gross but Kerry sucks!

Susan Sarandon on with Randi

on my last post i might have given pedophiles

Gen. Hayden Flip-Flops on NSA Spying

New Rule: Will Pitt should be required to point out over the outfield...

Video: bu$h thinks:

Inmates running the asylum

WH Blasts New York Times, CBS News

Great joke about Republican politicians

Anyone else just hear Oliely's radio show

Personally I think this whole bullshit about mary chaney...

Raw Story & TPM Prove White House Abramoff Records False

Program alert. Feingold coming up on Ed Schultz show.

Tom Tomorrow: The President's Favorite Sandwich

NYT: His Legacy and His Library Occupy Bush's Thoughts

QUESTION: What I really to work in liberal/progressive activism

Fineman helps to layout Rove's strategy for the GOP in 2006

Opinions Solicited: NARAL Pro-Choice America

WH docs say Abramoff was only there TWO TMES!

Isn't it Ionic? Air purifiers make smog

After the Chimp would this country actually vote for another Bush?

Ugh, Tweety.

Jon Stewart picks Rumsfeld apart!

Europeans throw themselves in the way of Bush's push to punish Iran

Minorities becoming closer to the majority (CNN)

US Afghanistan forces see more Iraq-like attacks

Costly Words: 'I Don't Like President Bush'

The Kool-Aid must be strong today!

Demand Jackson's Resignation (and Rummy's too)

More on Faux News losing Key Demo Viewers (Advertisers Covet)

New Comic: "Cheney, Mary: quite contrary"

Stoking the Beast....Cutting Taxes Doesn't Shrink Gov't

Lawrence Lader, Champion of Abortion Rights, Is Dead at 86

Why does * want the price of everything from China to go up by

What will happen re: Jeb?

Faux's Greta V Sus & hubby Scientologists-lips are sealed

Are we REALLY pulling out of Iraq?

Storms are getting violent and more deadly

Somebody talking about Bush having no power...but what about us?

Wonder why they hate us.........It's not for our freedoms!

Funny Conservative Post Here


I think the media keeps talking up the economy so that they can help


KERRY hits back at Mary Cheney over 'son of a bitch' comments

Breaking: Inspector General Opens Review of HUD Secretary

HUD Spokeswoman Couldn't Answer ?s - Goes on ‘Scheduled Leave’

Well, so much for the cheap(er) gas we've been having

Jeb Bush will make a great president!

The Zombie Walks, Staring President Bush; "They stole my brain"

Snowe: "Preponderance of these revenues will go to upper-income people"

How Long Do You Think It Will Be Till *'s Numbers Drop To The 20's?Teens?

A photo shop waiting to happen.

Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook...

i would like for some phd,m.a.,j.d.or someone with

Charlie Cook: "I ignore the Rasmussen polls because I think they are crap"

Another Bush admin cover-up: White House sneak-gate!

CSPAN: House Tax Cuts debate

Cheney and Goss Recipients of House Award - Yahoo link and pics...

White Colleges Illegally Copying Course Content From HBCUs

Place Your Bet on the Outcome of the Enron Trial

OMG - the NEW POTUS Ipod!

US Statement to the Committee Against Torture - Yeah Right!

Multinational Corporations move to Dominate Organic Market

Hayden may favor spying law changes

Tom Noe to change his not guilty plea - in LBN and here

Third day in a row local news talks about Bird Flu

Front page Independent:The Iraq War Dividend: Blair and Bush fall

Podhertz: Hillary the B*tch (Crooks and Liars)

Mary Cheney's book is getting trashed on Amazon

Those going hungry in New Mexico up 38% this year

Judge J. Michael Luttig resigns from the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

When is Fitmas?!

Caption this...

Don't listen to "The Guy James Show" today.

Tom Hartmann is a Gore supporter!

Dude! There's mercury in my envirofriendly energy saving light bulb!

Religion in Europe...

"This is much bigger and wider than just Randy 'Duke' Cunningham"

Lab probes ease of everyday items (AP/CNN) {Accessibility/Section 508}

John Kerry tells Mary to go Cheney herself!

1,091 killed in Baghdad in April: Iraqi president

Conversation about my Kennedy bumper sticker

VIDEO: Jon Stewart SKEWERS Don Rumsfeld!

The Big Chill: The less you know the better

NBC News on Today's Interest Rate Hike: Will Hurt Homeowners: Bubble Pop?

Does Howard Stern have terrestrial radio swearing off the FCC?

Jeb Would Make a 'Great President,' Bush Says

Daou weighs in on Cohen. Amazing quote from a RW blogger's e-mail to RC.

"All Together Now": Countering the YOYOs (You're On Your Owns)

Why do Republicans hate America?

AS REQUESTED.... Great Mind / Never Mind Bumpers Stickers/T-Shirts

Today is Scotty's last day, and he brought brownies - pics

Those that do not learn from history are bound to repeat it

Always Remember: This Is Bush's War!!!!!

Q: Is Jebby's wife, Colomba, Mexican (originally) or is she from a

A U.S. helicopter flies over the Iraq-Iran border

The Welfare Kings: Temporary Assistance to the Needy Rich (Republicans)

Caption this * photo

Kudlow & Co. just released the first Al Gore Attack! He's gone Loopy!

Imagine a President named Jeb.

Dobbs to President: Do you take us for fools?

Farewell, 'West Wing': an Open Letter from an AP television columnist

Not asking for legal help, but need advice on how to proceed.

Cartoon Wars revisited

I had the strangest dream

Win in November and in 08 with by sticking to Priorities

Wow, Tweety just ripped Ed Rogers over Iraq....

STOP ALREADY w/Iran stories, I want to live in lala land as long as I can!

Thank You Ray McGovern!!

Why do you think more people don't vote?

Former Floyd Co., IN GOP chairman commits murder

A Case Study: Bush’s Decisiveness.

Which fictional character reminds you of Ann Coulter?

Westly/Angelides debate at 7:00 pm tonight (California governor).

Cry Havoc! And let slip the Dogs of War!

Bush nominated Abramoff associate same day Abramoff visited the White Hous

30 Days, Nearly 1,100 Executions in Iraq

Cingular Pulls "Racist" Ringtone (Peggy Hill strikes again!!!)

Is this a great picture or what?

Officials: 12 1st- and 2nd-grade boys sexually assault girl

Mary Cheney calls John Kerry a "son of a bitch"

Is this stupid?

Russian President Putin takes swipe at Bush administration

RANDI RHODES... Most of us DUers love you! You speak for most of us!

It's official - Hiliary Clinton is insane!

Putin calls US "wolf" and promises arm race

Scooter & His Discontents

Demand that Senator Frist Keep His Promise [StemPAC]

Please Hilary...

VIDEO: The Daily Show covers McGovern/Rummy smackdown!!!

Latest Cafferty email question: What would you think of a third Bush

So if the housing bubble bursts

Could Oregon save democracy?

Death mystery from rare bug moves beyond links to abortion pill

Forget HUD dissing Dems; HUD paid a half mil to the hooker limo firm

$7 Minimum Wage - - How to answer a question.

Bombing Iran for Dummies: please school me

Purge time in FRetard City: RimJob goes wild

Mary Cheney is a sell-out

Edwards: Cheneys 'role models' despite 'slimeball' remark

Transcript of Kucinich grilling Bolton now available

ANN COULTER VOTER FRAUD: A First! She Goes Silent! New Details and Docs!

Is it worthwhile for some Dems to speak openly about liberal Jesus?

You are not all that special

Pelosi Sticks Out Her Neck on Net Neutrality, Angers Dems in Pocket of ATT


Jack Cafferty read my response to his question...Can't believe it!

US Shipment of 200,000 AK-47'S goes 'missing'

So Cindy is leading a march to the White House to deliver our Iran message

So I go to Starbucks

HAH! Kerry to Bush/Cheney: the rest of us live in a reality-based society.

Wired News: Airlines Try Smarter Boarding

Rep Slaughter to HUD Secretary:Release Limo Records Linked to Prostitution

Texas' F3 twister (picture)

Caption this Hayden photo

Feingold for President

H. Clinton praising Bush on Lou Dobbs live and in color


updated "Historical Bush Approval Ratings" (graph)

Cost of Iraq War Will Soon Exceed Anticipated Cost Of Kyoto Protocol

Wisconsin Teacher Fired For Having In-Vitro Procedure

Lou Dobbs: GOD or CLOD?

Going long for Jesus

Ann Coulter may lose voting rights

Sir No Sir - flash companion

Blair out, Brown in. Whoa!!!

Some pundits are predicting that Rove will be indicted very soon...

Some pundits are predicting that Rove will be indicted very soon...

Dean's goal for the DNC.....grassroots change plus change from the top.

Bense would give Katherine Harris a run for her money

France remembers slavery victims

Should Democrats embrace impeachment?

best way to weaken McCain's support

I saw a Clinton/Obama 2008 bumper sticker.

If this is Ahmadinejad's bluff, it is bluff worth calling

Lie of the Day!

Judges rule against 5 year anti-war peace vigil

So, if Dems don't take the house or senate, then what?

WTF: Dems are being shamed into not impeaching this bastard

USA Today readers comment on Bush's whopping 31% mandate

Katherine Harris is history..........right?

Should Rove Be Allowed to Run a Campaign From the WH

Craig zzz Thomas zzz of the Energy zzz Comm. zzz

Reid: Dems fight GOP threat to BC access and abortion reduction efforts

NYT: G.O.P. Sees Big Voting Bloc Flocking to Drug Program

WSJ: Katherine Harris Battles Old Friends For Florida's Keys

DUers - please don't forget to 'thank' Ray McGovern, by

NYT: What's in a Murdoch-Clinton Alliance? Something for Both Sides

District's uneven blocking of Web sites draws criticism

Afghanistan, Iraq Near Top Of Infant Mortality Table

Top Ten Questions George W. Bush Asked The New CIA Director

If the "New Nixon: Tanned, Rested, and Ready!" Could Win - Gore Can Win

Repug Rep. Curt Weldon never heard of depleted uranium

Dems group accuses state GOP of hiding illegal donation in 2002 (NH)

Army to give up water boarding torture (so they say)

Diplomacy is communication. But, the U.S. wants to dictate, won't listen

Great New Ad from Jon Tester for Senate (D-Montana)

Scraping to fill the shelves of the Bush library

Who will win the heart of the democratic party?

Shhh don't tell anyone

Cationary Words . . .

Florida voting in free-fall - help

James Fallows is on AAR with Al Franken.

Is George pushing Jeb to run for Senator? ? ? ? ? ? ?

HELP!!! Please see this thread in GD...

Bad news, GOP: Immigrant voter registration drive coming

Great email I got: "How Republicans count votes"

TKS DU! anti-Shrub - pro dem shirt & sticker shop doing WELL!

Low Democratic poll #s have LITTLE to do with current Dem Leaders

Minnesota Senate: Klobuchar (D) beats Kennedy (R), Bell (D) does not.

Franklin Roosevelt: The Second Bill of Rights

Hastert ditches fuel-efficient car for SUV after fuel speech

Rep. Slaughter demands limo records from HUD Sec (prostitution scandal)

self delete

Dems Refuse to Mention Diebold, So its President Jeb in '08

Bush Backs Brother Jeb for White House

Lamarr Alexander is a complete moron.

Bense says he won't run against Harris

On MSNBC right now .... Allen and Private Jets and Perks

"Feelings you went through during this -- difficult periods of your life"

We don't have protests, we have parades.

Another Newzer dissing the Newz?

Pl Dealer: Bob Ney to be hounded by "Gamblin' Bob"

Something to be happy about, Damnit!

Here's your Democratic agenda....

Hey Mary Cheney what about the recent RNC gay-baiting used on Feingold?

USA network, Mel Gibson collaborate on Iraq mini series

I put this out there today for FL-5 race

Ed Rogers: "Ah think Jeb Bush'd beat her like a RENTED MULE"

Bill Clinton to speak at the summer conference of Murdoch's media colossus

SAVE THE INTERNET - MOve petitiion

NY Times: 29% approve of Bush's handling of Iraq War, 25% on immigration

Here comes the plan!

Martin Sheen likes Evan Bayh for Pres - Why?

Things not going so well in Afghanistan, surprised?

What,No posts about more taxcuts for rich?!

2008 Poll Poll

Is this the right time for a Left-Right rebel alliance?

"Michael Hayden is no Ray McGovern"

Lower gas prices: The Unintentional Boycott

Sorta interesting - Do a Google search for Al Gore 2008

What is going on in the Senate with the Health care bills?

Tom Noe to change his not guilty plea

Mary Cheney; Kerry SOB, Edwards, total slime for using me in debates

Rollcall: Pelosi Pushes 'Net Neutrality', Irks Telecoms

Hillary defends link with Murdoch

Bush backs brother Jeb for White House

Does this look like the car of a Communist?

Photo: "Scotty, this brownie's making me FEEL funny...oh, WOW, may-un..."

Is It Possible To Impeach A President & A Vice President At The Same

Name any top Dem leader who succeeded by attacking other Democrats


GOP backing sweatshops, prostitution, forced abortions

Jackson Browne anit-war video - MUST SEE


Say one thing nice about George W. Bush

Bush Criticism costs Contractor HUD bid.

The DU Challenge

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