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Archives: May 12, 2006

Report on NSA Brings Surveillance in Focus

deleted - double post

Blackwell not a friend to blacks

Mother's Day

Ever-Expanding Secret

An Easy Call: Lying

Telecos Could be liable for Tens of Billions (thinkprog)

Meet the Shock Troops of the Christian Youth

Frank Rich slams 'United 93' film as 'exploitative'

Texas signs deal for planned wind farm off Padre Island

Ohio EPA clears way for biofuels project

Family of Briton shot dead by IDF demands soldier be put on trial

The great catastrophe

Have These PA Documents (re: Diebold) Been Seen/Posted Before?

Hats Off to Bucks County, PA! In levers they trust!

Speaking of the fox guarding the henhouse & conflict of interest...

The Women of Diebold

Sequoia Voting Systems Respond to Venezuela-Related Rumors/Misinformation

BradBlog/John Gideon: Diebold's Deliberate Security Vulnerability


IC people...

Any way to increase download/upload speed?

Since the Chimperor is now at 29% approval... Let's Party!

B.C. official chastises MP over police shooting comments

An e-mail I Received

Diplomat gets undignified welcome to Canada

New wars prompt new look at `war orphan' tuition waivers

Canberra briefed in 2003 on Iraq oil carve-up plan ("blood for oil")

KY Republican Gov. Indicted

Abortion Ruling Polarizes Colombia

In Kentucky, Governor Is Indicted in Jobs Probe

Foreign Software a Spy Risk, Deputies Say

House Passes $513B Wartime Defense Bill

Foreign oil workers kidnapped in Nigeria

FDA OKs Pfizer Anti-Smoking Pill

Murtha predicts U.S. pullout from Iraq

Feds open investigation of House chairman; he denies wrongdoing

Congressman probes DHS link to sex case (Limo Company)

Police beat election fraud protesters

China, Canada seek crude off Cuba, but not US

Army Acts to Curb Abuses of Injured Recruits

WP: Path Clear for Harris in Senate Bid

Phoenix-Area Posse Nets Just 1 Arrest

Pentagon Exploring Border Control Patrols

Venezuela Suggests Control of Oil Projects

Morales urges Latin American countries to kill FTA with U.S.

Poll: 2004 Election Was Stolen (ABC 56%,CBS 64%,CNN 70%, FOX .5%)

US in secret gun deal

Dean (admits mistake, says "I misstated")...Party Platform on Gays

Reid’s role in Nevada House race seen as 2010 political play

Basics, Not Luxuries, Blamed for High Debt

(WSJ / Harris poll:) Bush's approval rating drops (29%)

WP: House Injects Prayer Into Defense Bill

Congratulations to djeseru! 2000 posts!

Positive thoughts, vibes, prayers, tommorrow is my mom's birthday


So what are you getting/doing for Mom for Mother's Day

I missed the final episode of Ed...did he marry Carol Vesse or WHAT?

Bernie Kosar fans. It looks like he is having some problems.

I have found an Irish Euro cent piece in my pocket.

My four month old laptop died last night

I've heard the NSA is after CaliforniaPeggy.

I've heard "Light My Fire" is about California Peggy

The Office tonight (spoilers)

Who replaced our mid-May weather with March weather

I've heard KitchenWitch wishes she were

What was California Peggy like in High School?

Should I drive to the store and get ice cream?

Possibly the greatest batshit crazy ever delivered

Anyone watching E.R. tonight? (Spoilers)

How should i get my parents to drive me up and get me brownie mix?

I just IMed myself through the link in my profile.

My fiance and I are hangin', kickin' back, listenin' to some Manilow

At last! The weekend! I can—oh, wait, I have no life anymore.

Breaking: Teacher arrested

Where's Mike? It look like he was suppost to be live but when I listened

Friday list thread

Mike and Maureen landed on Mars (crude, but funny)!!

The Moral of the Story (cute and funny)!!

G-Love and Special Sauce are coming to my town!

Did anyone else watch the season finale for "Desperate Housewives"????

All of this CaliforniaPeggy stuff is getting out of hand!

anyone in wisconsin----what is happening to the dells?-

What was Colbert talking about? 3 French horns & Cheney??

My pitbull wants to give CaliforniaPeggy a wet sloppy kiss

I'm actually At Home. So I can hang out with you guys

Mods please make this thread interesting.

What does Your Pet Goat do that makes you laugh your Ashcroft off?

A totally unsatisfying night of reality TV. I feel so cheated.

I'm an Asshole.....

Douchebags can be easily identified by their shit-eating grins and

Is it any wonder we all fell in love with this band?

What is Stephen Colbert's IQ?

Good bye lounge!

Conan O'Brien is the poor man's Jim Carrey. Without facial expressions.

Post some Big Brother lyrics.

I never thought I would say this, but I am glad I have Qwest

Tornado Watch for MD, VA, S. PA, and N. NC until 11pm tonight.

The Moran of the Story (ugly and stupid)!!

Week old Budweiser tastes like a fire extinguisher.

Thompson Twins!

Rant of the day --- screaming babies on red-eye flights

Mods please delete.

Resurrecting the Classics: Peaches "Set It Off."

Great ideas for movies!

I just found a "dime" sitting on the middle of the floor at my workspace

Who drinks pot liquor every day?

the NSA agent assigned to me

I've been living under a rock for the last 6 years.

The King of Carrot Flowers

I had a really bad day

If I put one finger over here while I touch there ~

MUSIC PEOPLE! Where the fuck is the score for The Beatles "In My Life"

OMG, I can't believe people are still reading Hamlet

what does your ass do that makes you laugh your pet off?

Did anyone else watch the season finale of "My Name Is Earl"?

I need some songs to listen to to clean the house tomorrow,

How come there's no sloppy joe topping for pizzas!

Create your own Law & Order Spinoff!

Why the hell can't people accept it? The Da Vinci Code is FICTION!!!!

I don't give a shit, but the media does. So what's the big American Idol

Question about medical ethics / legality

Aaron Rowland rocks. Broke his nose to save the game

You have got to be kidding me!

Confession: I tried to watch O'LieLLy tonight.

We all know it's impossible to keep up with the Energizer Kerry, but

You good folks totally rock you know

2004 ELECTION STOLEN-Poll According To Viewers of All Networks Except Fox

I think Sen. Kerry picked up some good advice today!

KOEB Meeting -- 5/11/06: Big Brother Sucks Edition

Don't know if this is "Sweet" but get a load of the 70's hair!

It's finally raining.

Have a question...

Ray McGovern- retired CIA analyst to speak in Duluth, MN., Friday night.

Immigration/Permanent Residence Question: Please help

I was called today to participate in a 'conservative" survey...

Cheney, Rumsfeld, GHW Bush involved in cover-up of JFK assassination...

anybody watching Virginia Fox (R-NC) on cspan?

Zogby Poll: Bush Lied About Iraq, Has No Right to Attack Iran

Turley coming up on KO! If you missed him last night, this could be better

So Vhy Do You Hate Amerika? Und Vhy Were You ...

President of the Corporate Interests and Most of North America!????

Secret Service, Gestapo, automatic weapons, and chimp.

ATTN: DU attorneys: Can DU file a class action suit against NSA or

Turley: The Legislative, Judicial & Executive Branch of Govt. = chimpy!

Busby and Bilbray currently tied (in Cunningham's deep-red district!)

Scarborough's jumping ship.

EU lawmaker says US pressured media not to report on our torture camps

Thom Hartmann on the JFK Assassination on Discovery Now

Denver Homes piling up

Start shorting the telecom stocks--

I am considering a class action lawsuit against BellSouth

I have NEVER wished slow pain and suffering for ANYONE in my life before

I've had enough equivocations--Letter to Feinstein.

good news look here

canofun (txliveoak) has video posted of Turley from tonight's Countdown

Bush - I have to believe the world revolves around me or

Scarborough has screwed the pooch

If this doesn't bring tears to your eyes...

Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Rush today says a stupid thing...

Here's a delicious thought

Hold On A Second, Just Maybe

So are my calls to my mother safe on Vonage?

"...we're not 'mining'..."

KO is so pissed!

John Gibson (radio): Markos' book is about How Bush Lied

Anyone watching Keith? See the little blog about the American idol story

Any possible way that Hayden does not become Harriet Miers II?

Loved the ad for the Neil Young album on Olbermann, someone

My e-mail sig line seems better than ever today...

just a little change of pace -----glen beck----

Wish I could live for the day when "KO" didn't have to do "Corporate Crap"

So, how is that restoring honor and dignity thing coming along, W?

Willkommen zum MotherLand

Congressman Conyers Blog

This Goes A Long Way in Explaining What is Going On.

Down with Big Brother! Down with Big Brother! Down with Big Brother!

My final thought of the night. If today was not the day the

All you lawyers: They violated your attorney-client confidentiality

Let's Impeach the President

What's with the 3 glasses in front of them? Cyanide, I hope.

US in secret gun deal

It's like being the coach of a team - the WORST thing about all of this...

Olberman!!! Now! Hayden's Toast! n/t has some great bumper stickers related to spying!

Now can we call them in fact, fascists and Nazis?

Polls we wish TO GOD the media would do....

It's old news, but is Qwest okay now?

Unpopular is NOT ENOUGH for me. I want them OUT!

Is looking at phone data a wise use?

My Internet Connection dropped for a few minutes...

I learned something new tonight. Neil Bush/Hinckley connection?

If Nancy Pelosi knew about this eavesdropping on America...?

So when dose NSA start opening our letters?n/t

NSA scandal of the day will result in the following for the Bush Regime

Sessions and Cornyn are major league assholes....

Does Fornigate+NSA+TheRoveMile = Iran?

Popular opinion means something in a democracy.

Telcos Could Be Liable For Tens of Billions of Dollars

Breaking: Teacher arrested

Telcos Could Be Liable For Tens of Billions of Dollars For Illegally...

Telcos could be liable for tens of billions

America 1776 - 2000

2004/5 - more than 1,060 govt employees convicted of corrupt activies

Question - I do NOT have t.v. - how is the MSM reacting to the NSA story

29% makes Bushitler happy

Are "they" going through the phone records of reporters?

Couldn't Resist Doing A Poll: How Low Will * Go ?

Coming soon to your state --- Thousands protest Puerto Rico's layoffs

Since the phone company conspired to deny me my

I never would've said it before today, but censure is now realisitic

I thought the purpose of Headline News was to get all the news in 30mins.

now might be a good time to remember Gnu Privacy Guard...

One Man, One Vote...One Machine, One Million Votes (Diebold security flaw)

So okay, they've got all these lists of who called who and talked for

Dean correction?

Do red-staters seriously not care about the gov't spying on them?

DU Discussed NSA Spying On Americans Over A Year Ago

'Darko' Director Investigated Over 'Terrorism Links'

...All gone to look for America

Just fllipping the channels.....

The Mystery of the Missing Roberts Papers

WaPo: An Easy Call: Lying

Chimpy is playing with fire here

Phone data: A Machiavellian LIHOP?

Here's the real deal on the party changes...a power shift away from DC.

Toddlers 'will learn nothing from TV'

Let's talk Rove

(FoxNews)Cavuto Says Let the NSA Spy or Face a Mushroom Cloud

You be the Decider ...

I am glad NSA overshadowed the immigration/border issue

WP: We Get the (American) Idols We Deserve

Pope Condemns Same-Sex Marriages, Describes Gay Love as `Weak'

You ain't nothin' but a hound dog (photo)

Newt says "I won't defend the indefensable"

Anyone see Newt on Spinsanity and Colmes 2nite??

Dear NSA,

Could this NSA leak today be an inside shot at Hayden's nomination?

I want to be a Bush speech writer. Here is my writing sample.

Michael Moore - Roll the cameras out !!!

Video: Ben Veniste "Where is the Civil Liberties Board?"

An Easy Call: Lying (Wash Post)

Dolphins 'have their own names'

"This floor has weakened dramatically -- and collapsed in places"

Justice Brandeis said it all


Inspector general to audit massive FAA outsourcing effort

The Damn Dots Are Connecting!

? Has Tony Snow hosted any televised press conferences?

PR Firms = Propaganda......excellent must see video

NSA Data-Mining: Threat to Liberty or Distraction from Patrick Kennedy?

As Violence Grows, Shiite Closes Town's Mosques

It's snowing in Wisconsin...tornadoes in TX and DC


Looking to End Her Skid

We are almost out of time

You be the decider....last words of


Welcome To The Press Secretary's Position Mr. Snow!

Bush Court Nominee Wallace Rated 'Unqualified' By ABA Panel

A scary, scary thought regarding what happens if the dems take over

DU this one please! Phonetap poll!

My AT&T Phonebill

Question about NSA data mining

Did they bribe the phone companies ?

The NSA knows who got voted off "American Idol" before Ryan Seacrest does

San Diego Union Tribune: Hunter's myopic stance on airport is harmful

RE: the poll where only Fox viewers believed the '04 elections were fair.

How Bush Could Stop the Slide.

Tucker Carlson's show teaser on MSNBC, "Looks like 'the Paranoids' might

40% of malpractice suits called meritless

Heres a message I just sent to AT&T Yahoo on their "abuse report"

When Imbeciles Ruled the Earth

How the mighty fall: Tucker Carlson is doing a segment on M.I.L.F.s...

Freeper reaction to NSA phone spying

New Orleans Evac Plan


Has There Been A Comprehensive List Of Phone Companies?

Since Qwest is the only one, who held out to **

Ex-CIA Larry Johnson on Mike Webb tonight (9PM Pacific)

If Republicans knew what was good for them, they'd impeach Bush themselves

Did I hear Jonathan Tourley correctly?

Colbert: Cheney is the three french horns


Politically, today has been like a bad acid trip.

Lily Tomlin's Ernestine comes to mind:

Is the Chimp the poster boy for schadenfreud? I'm not sure.

Alan Shore tells it like it is! video

Would Fitz accept an appointment as US Attorney General?

First, George, now Dick ...(can't get a hotel room)


Follow the money

NYT: Army Acts to Curb Abuses of Injured Recruits

The Chimperor still losing ground - WSJ reports he's at 29 percent

We interrupt your regularly scheduled distraction

Why does everyone in the media.....

Strange phenomenon...a ring of fire in the sky...vid

Who will strike while the iron is hot?

El Al Wants To Do Own Baggage Screening At Newark

DUers from San Diego: What's with the Mt. Soledad cross?

What do you think caused the latest Bush drop in the polls?

America is America no more.

Sign Up - Call it was it is: The "BUSH REGIME" - spread the meme

Lost in the shuffle: DeLay RESIGNING JUNE 9...***Official***

I'd hate to be THIS guy today.

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in, It's a Best of Malloy

Recent Cheney Poll #s?

Calling a spade a this bumper sticker too harsh?

Madeleine Albright on The Colbert Report: "The Message Of Iraq..."

I have carried alot of water for Dean

WHOAH! Murtha predicts Dems to pick up 40-50 seats!

I think they are breaking the HIPPA law. As a doctor, I call

NIH Official Supports Culling Out the Elderly

My Dream Line Up For The Sunday Talk Shows:

PROTEST: Forward Your Phone Bills to the White House

Topsail unveiled: the real scope of the NSA's domestic spying program

"President Bush thinks that history will judge him as a great leader"

Bush, December 05: "ONLY INTERNATIONAL calls being monitored"

Jon Stewart and a new show

Freepers just heard about the Harris 29% poll

Dixie Chicks To Be On 60 Minutes This Sunday; Discuss Death Threats

JFK assassination documentary on Discovery Channel now

THIS WEEKEND in D.C.! Silent March/New Memorial to Iraq Civilians

Pentagon: Treatment may prolong PTSS that "could disappear naturally"

ER tonight was incredible!! (SPOILER AHEAD)

Free Republic has been appropriately renamed.

My 79-year old Mother said today...

Any other moderates been pushed to be more inclined towards impeachment?


Video: Scarborough - "You should be afraid. Very afraid."

KO right now: "Note to the Bush Admin.: '1984' was not a HOW-TO MANUAL!"

Amazing tornado photos

Newt on FOX is Drunk!

Where the hell is Malloy tonight???

I am thinking about leaving BellSouth.

Verizon Ethics Line: 800-856-1885

How do we treat unrepentant republicans

29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29% 29%

Fear For Sale ~ Choicepoint Data Mining & The 2000 Election

First Lady Lunches Locally With Thornton Oil Family (Louisville, KY visit)

Bush Losing Core Supporters

What Bush really prays about these days

Have you ever been on the phone and had your call dropped

Seattle P-I columnist: 'George, your number is just about up'

I hang my head in utter frustration

Exactly who would be the audience for Mary Cheney's book?

The Cheneys sure are a classy family

Folks, SPRINT back-stabbed its customers too!

OMG! Have you seen this website? "The Record of Republican Corruption".

Sustainable, Free-Range Farms and Other Tall Tales

I'm a republican because i'm for smaller government.

Ruh-oh -- > Israel will hit Iran in the next few months: Israeli officia

Let's really start fucking with the spooks!

Don't forget! The NSA spy "program" began BEFORE 9/11.

Greetings And God Bless.! My Name is Paul BEGALA

A new unit of measurement

Clark in N.H. yesterday: "lack of vision at the top in this country."

Why They Die

Congress denies emergency contraception to women in the military


Who is getting more nervous about Bush doing something stupid?

EFF getting some love from Ch 11 news in San Francisco now!

Mr. BowTie Tuck*r is going to give the other side.....

Obama mocks Bush's `subliminal messages' of Iraq victory

From Abu Ghraib to Fort Sill....

Democrat would defeat Pombo in CA-11 if election were held today.

When are Hayden's confirmation hearings? I wanta get

If al-Qaeda made tens of millions calls inside US we are in deep shit

With all the NSA stuff dominating the news cycle, this was forgotten

So does this NSA thing push Bush into the 20s? I think maybe.

Congress urged to help make more 'sensitive' information public

Any lawyers in the house; can we start a Class Action or something?

Holy Yak Shit: Newt is handing Sean Hannity his ASS on FOX

Raw: "Concern that U.S. may be preparing for a military strike on Iran"

This was posted on BEWARE!!!

I was at the Emily's List luncheon today! Shook hands with Tammy Duckworth

Bush is so low, Rove is ordering attack on Iran. Don't ya think?

A Plame Flew Into * - Loaded With Fuel - A Fire Is Burning - People Are ..

Anybody got a link to Randi Rhodes on Lou Dobbs this past Tuesday?

Scare tactics to protect the police state

USA Today NSA Headline - Been Traveling And First Learned Of....

Dammit!! Dems are letting Libertarians like Scarborough Steal Our Message

Reuters photo: "Condi, I think I may need a bathroom break..."

Was the Kerry campaign part of the "tens of millions"?

Your phone records are *not* protected by 4th Amendment... so stop trippin

History Channel now showing.....

Any Word On The Fitz/Plame Investigation - Is Rove Going To Be....

Did Howard Dean Clarify/Apologize Today?

Calif. Senate proposes adding sexual orientation to textbooks

Is it **what** they did? . . . . . or **that** they did it?

Wow! Scarborough just said "you should be afraid, you should

Thank you for calling BUSHCO Customer Service.This call may be monitored

UNHAPPY Freepers: "Bush only cares about the needs of the Fortune 500"

Thank You QWEST for Protecting our Civil Liberties!!

Bush Administration Spying On Us? There's More Important Things...

there are between one and two billion Americans? who knew?

Just Curious - If We Were To Look At KKKarl's Bookshelf What.....

Didn't Dems roll out today...

Dems Win Would Move House Committees Far Left

This Has Me Very Upset!!!!

Vegas Odds On Where Dean Shows Up Next

Which Group Of Voters Could We LEAST Afford To Lose?

35% in the polls, signed civil unions bill

Holy Moly! Francine is Running DEAD EVEN with Bilbray!

You are absolutely not going to believe this vid Bayer knowing spreads HIV

Prospective CIA Director Doesn't Know What The Fourth Amendment Says!

Katherine Harris supporter: "she's got spunk"

The Sources Said The NSA Made Clear That It Was Willing To Pay ....

Salazar laud's Qwest's refusal to cave to NSA

ATTENTION: All sexually repressed Republicans ......

Facism in America Prevention Act of 2006

House Injects Prayer Into Defense Bill

29 is NOT the bottom

Former Sect. of State Madeleine Albright on the Colbert Report tonight!

Remember this?

72 members of Congress sue to stop illegal wiretapping


Desperation time for pubs; what to campaign on

Bigger plans"database of every call ever made within the nation's borders"

The fighting over Dean has to stop.

Inherent Power of the President

Bush approval rating 29%

My pledge: For 2008, I will NOT support any DLC-backed President.

first president with MBA has proved inept as the federal government's CEO

My Letter Sent To The President: An Open Letter To President Bush

Moments ago, the U.S. Senate failed to pass S. 1955.

J.D. Hayworth: Beatable?????????? (poll gives him five-point lead)

The basis of state-initiated impeachment is the Jefferson Manual

My Challenge to DU: Find one campaign and volunteer to make a difference

This is how the Nazis did it...

Pentagon ignors actual signs and symptoms of stress in returing troops.

NSA Sweep "Waste of Time," Analyst Says

LAT editorial: Is any phone call off-limits?

E&P: Editorials, from Right and Left, Hit Latest NSA Shocker

Glenn Greenwald: Polling hysteria and the NSA program (on the WaPo poll)

Did You Hear the One About . . . Bipartisanship?--WaPo

The Father Factor

A tax cut only the rich could love

Prozac for Republicans?--WaPo Howard Kurtz

Palast - The Spies Who Shag Us [Bushco's private-sector KGB

WORKING ASSETS: Take Action -- Demand Answers on Illegal Domestic Spying

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death

Larry Johnson:The Foggo of War

KKKarl believes he will be INDICTED soon.

Calif Committee OKs bill to add gays, lesbians to textbooks

How Government Uses Phone Data Uncertain

Pentagon Exploring ways to use Military for border security

I'm The Decider!--Mark Fiore Cartoon

"The Motherhood Manifesto" @ the Nation

Bush Blames Polls on 'Battle Fatigue'

Steve Almond: "Condoleezza Rice at Boston College? I quit."

Hey Democrats, Truth Matters (dangerous if let Bush gang off the hook

Study: (California) State is one of poorest in U.S. (high rents)

Living in Poverty?

200 Feared Dead in Nigeria Oil Blast

190 Nations Meet In Bonn Next Week, Try To Bridge Climate Policy Abyss

Blizzards Fuel Surprising Tourist Boom In Japan's Snow Country - AFP

World Bank - Global Temperatures Rising Faster Than Anticipated - Reuters

Scripps Study - Complex, Alarming Results In S. Asia From Climate Warming

Norway's CO2 Emissions Down Slightly In 2005 - Probably Pricing Artifact

BP Refinery in Texas Called Biggest Polluter (AP/ABC News)

China Slaps Tax on Disposable Chopsticks (AP/ABC News)

Energy efficient electric baseboard heaters?

Oppose the Walden Logging Bill! Nat'l Call-in day is Tues, May 16....

German CO2 Below EU Target, But Canada's Ambrose Whines Kyoto "Impossible"

Katrina May Allow New Orleans To Eradicate Fire Ants - ENN

Bill Ford - "Oil Is Not Going To Be Any More Plentiful Or Easier To Find"

A Critique of Kunstler's Vision of Doom

Israel's New Government (Uri Avnery)

Haifa mayor: I agree to refugees' return

Arab MK: I would agree to grant settlers Palestinian citizenship

Hamas supports Palestine ‘next to Israel’

AIPAC and me.

Hamas rally to collect donations for beleaguered government

Settlers break into Palestinian quarry, set fire to caravans

Gaza militants cook up deadly mix

Israeli Soldiers Shoot Two International Peace Activists in the Head

Hamas wants to work with Fatah to fight Israel

New Video Hot Off The Press!

Like 9/11. NO Proof by Photos, but Evidence for False Claims.

Looking for a post: number of people needed to pull off 911.

Florida FBI investigated Atta associate in spring 2001

American Prospect articles on all-mail voting in May 2006 issue

American Prospect articles on all-mail voting in May 2006 issue

New York Times -- Black Box Voting study "biggest ever"

My county just switched to ES&S Ivotronic. Shd I be happy about it?

It's not about Bev Harris -- it's about Hursti, Funk and Sancho.

Group pushes for paper ballots in Dutchess

Bonifaz qualifies for Massachusetts Sec. of State ballot!

One Man, One Vote...One Machine, One Million Votes

Brad says on Air America: "Franken won't talk about this stuff!"

Benefit for Voter's Rights w/Howard Dean

ERD for May, 12th, 2006. The E-Voting HAVA Meltdown continues

General Clark in Iowa today for Boswell

Vilsack to New Hampshire - DMR

"He's a draw."

Vilsack heading to Israel next week

Gene Seaman already running scared

Where can I get a Chris Bell bumper sticker???

Another Kinky supporter on DU.

Texas House District 94

How long has this been a 'Constitutional Crisis'?

Link for information--can only be used in Texas

I don't think we will win by attacking Kinky

Looking for a good crispy chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Cons Roll On Towards A Majority

Harper hires ex-con

Neo Harper hits the big time

Tax-cut bill wins final passage

Kentucky governor indicted on hiring-misconduct charges

U.S., France call on Syria to mark border with Beirut

US in secret gun deal -Small arms shipped from Bosnia to Iraq 'go missing'

US could access EU data retention information

S.Korea charges stem cell scientist with fraud

GOP Prisonwatch #2: Kentucky Apocalypse

Our Gunships Heading for the Gulf: toward Iran

Bush Blames Polls on 'Battle Fatigue'

200 Feared Dead in Nigeria Oil Blast(Here comes $4 gas)

White House Stands by Hayden Nomination

Lay Faces Second Trial in Separate Case

Chávez: Castro is a 'social' Christian

Fadhila party withdraws from Iraq talks (complaining of US interference)

Pentagon eyes ways to use military for border security

(Shi'ite) Party quits torturous Iraq government talks

`No hope` left in Iraq, expert says

Boehner Ridicules Senate Republicans as Party Tensions Rise

DHS Circumventing No-Bid Contract (Congressional Interference)

Kuwaiti revaluation may signal GCC re-pegging (More Trouble for the $)

Bush to Speak About Immigration on Monday (Prime Time Speech)

Rumors swirl as deadline to challenge Harris nears

Palestinian professor to appeal jail term in U.S. terror finance case

Obama mocks Bush's 'subliminal messages' of Iraq victory

Developer Peter Monroe challenges (Katherine) Harris in GOP primary

US must address Iran security concerns: IAEA

E&P: Editorials, from Right and Left, Hit Latest NSA Shocker

Key battle for Mogadishu resumes

RMIT launches (cell tower) tumours investigation

E&P: White House Won't Confirm or Deny It Tried to Stop 'USA Today' Story

Four jailed in grave-theft case (Animal rights activists)

Snow Makes Solo Debut at Chaotic Briefing

Girl, 11, will be Britain's youngest mother (Her mother is proud of her.)

Leaders hail intimate ties between Europe, Latin America

New fears surface over touch-screen voting

Dusty Foggo Search Warrants, Breaking on CNN!

3 U.S. Soldiers Killed In Iraq

CNNI: Your call: Should the NSA look at phone records?

(NSA) Program may cut support for Bush by conservatives

Home of outgoing CIA official searched

Up to 200 feared dead in Nigeria pipeline blast

Strained Army Reserve blocks officer departures

CIA Nominee Hayden Defends NSA Programs

More Uranium Reportedly Found in Iran

Rep. Cleaver wants congressional fuel efficiency

Red Cross Chief 'Deplores' White House

FEMA Goes High-Tech for Storm Preparedness

4 Marines killed in tank accident in Iraq

Two killed, one hurt in attack on Afghan UN car

Communists sweep elections in Indian states

Feud led to Goss’ firing (Negroponte, Hayden...)

Administration cites state secrets in bid to derail spy lawsuit

US terminates part of major Iraq hospital-building contract

National Parks to cutback

A Cuban deal for oil drilling draws interest (repugs want Cuba ban lifted)

Four new candidates to challenge Harris for Senate seat

US fuel tankers burned in North Baghdad ambush

Romney takes action against commission on gay and lesbian youth

Shi'ites claim Iraqi attack (of a US military vehicle)

Shi'ites claim Iraqi attack (IED attack on Bradley carrying mercs)

In Iraq, Pitts (R-PA) urges completion of new gov't-Baghdad not 'war torn'

'Floor was covered in blood' (Ethiopia, Addis Ababa)

Military recruiter denies gay linguists were discharged; Wants gays

Former president Clinton bests Bush in honesty poll

Snow stumbles during first meeting with White House press

Clashes Erupt Between Two Iraqi Army Units

Judge Puts Off Military Tribunal Hearing

Rove to be indicted!

Penguins wash up dead in Argentina

2nd Batch of Dynamite Left at Fire Station ( IN MY town this time)

New York Times: New Fears of Security Risks in Electronic Voting Systems

U.S. Economy: Consumer Confidence Declines as Gas Prices Surge

White House says Bush backs HUD secretary (after apology)

Court Considers Wealth As Asylum Claim

Ohio Politicians Brace For Noe's Planned Plea Change in Coingate Scandal

Iraqi Militias Biggest Obstacle, Bush Says

(ABC)Phone-Records Surveillance Is Broadly Acceptable to Public

Iran Sought Advice in Pakistan on Attack

Groups to Bush: Drop Iran-Israel Linkage

(Harry) Reid says more info needed on phone call project

Italy denies role in CIA abduction

Lone juror saved Moussaoui from death: report

GM to End Production of Hummer H1!. (It's about damn time)

Bush 'committed' to Iraq success

600 Ugandans reportedly abused while working in Iraq

Iran and Turkey fire salvo over Iraq

Discovery prompts more concern about Iran nukes (is this new?)

FBI Raids Foggo's Home

Former Congressman Sonny Montgomery dies

NYT: New Fears of Security Risks in Electronic Voting Systems

(Native) Hawaiian recognition to come to a Senate vote

Military vows to punish philandering soldiers

Suicide warning issued for young Paxil users (AP/CNN) {drug side effect}

(Dems force) House panel to hold hearing on CEO pay on May 25

Frank Boos, Fixture on PBS Antiques Show, Dies at 70

Gibson Inspired by 'Fear-Mongering' Bush

No States Meet Teacher Quality Goal

Clashes Erupt Between Two Iraqi Army Units (Kurd vs. Shi'a)

Missouri legislature passes voter photo ID requirement

Lawsuit challenges new bankruptcy law

Gatlin smashes world record (100 M)

Wal-Mart tells landowners: Sell or else


NBC: Bush may deploy Guard along U.S. border

Energy trade ties dominate EU-Latin America summit (AFP)

China, Canada seek crude off Cuba, but not US (AFP)

Cops told Pat K was at watering hole before crash

"Pelosi: Impeachment is 'off the table'"

Bombshell: NSA Whistleblower to Expose More Unlawful Activity

Verizon Sued for Giving Records to NSA

(Katherine) Harris aims to renew (gun) permit

Is NSA Phone Record Database the Cause of Phone Record Bill Disappearance?

Minutemen, protesters square off at Capitol

Qwest Explains Why It Refused N.S.A. Query

Another classic video: Aphex Twin - 'Windowlicker'

I goofed -- mods please delete.

Resurrecting what shoulda been a classic: Sparks - "Looks Looks Looks"

Oh, what the fuck ever

OK, weird, or what?

Who really gives a rats ass about Barry Bonds?

Hey guys/girls, I need 10,000,000 cash........

dirty three letter initials on video game high scores

Sopranos, Desperate Housewifes, Survivor on Sunday, who has 2 or

The best six minutes of television in recent memory

how i love old Dave Mathews......

paranoid android . . . radiohead, thats good stuff

I need a quotation

Need Your Help LOUNGERS

More Than 60 Dead Cats Found In Connecticut Home

OMG, I can't believe people are still eating omelets

OMG, I can't believe people are still drinking gimlets!

OMG, I can't revive people with still-beating ocelot hearts!

Question for British DUers:

Does anyone know how to look up salary data for a particular pay grade?

Cop Accidentally Tasers Fellow Cop (In The Mouth) During Roll Call

I was looking for a job, and then I found a job

Man Denied Mother's Day Tote Bag At MLB Game Sues Angels Baseball Team

Friday earworm.

PODcasting? Fuck That. Now We Bring You "GODcasting"

How do you say

It's banding day for the Cleveland falcons!

You know what....FUCK IT ALL....

ODE TO A STAPLE (I fixed the errors in the poem...)

Woman Awarded $1.27 Million After Maggot-Infected Leg Amputated

The Lounge vibes worked again!!!

"Make the stringy meat that I don't know when to quit chewing!"

BREAKING: Ashlee Simpson Will Neither Confirm Nor DENY Nose Job!!!1111111

G4 - Star Trek's Spock does Cribs...Directors Cut! I love these.

Catholic priest jailed for satanic slaying of nun 25 years ago

The Truth About Sushi

Okay, who will give in and just do it? Desperate times call for desperate

OMG, I can't believe people still drink gimlets.

Would your cat wear this?

The phones tapped anyway

Mother's Day cards blow

My lasted podcast

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

NSA will use phone data to round up copies of "Natural Cures THEY.."

Things to do in Lexington, Kentucky

PSA #2: Don't try to file your own teeth with an emery board.

What's the best city in the US?

I handed in my resignation today as Curator of the Museum of

Check out the Psychos LIVE ON C-SPAN!

Pastor Charged After Spanking Girl (For 2 Months) Who Made Sex Abuse Claim

This is HUGH11111 I'm SERIES11111

Man Tried To Impress Girlfriend By Driving 126 MPH - Jailed

OMG, the Lounge is broken!!

I guess I chose the wrong week to shave my....

I guess I chose the wrong week to shave my head....

I have a request of the Lounge - good job vibes for my husband

WooHoo, My weekend project just arrived

On my way to a job interview...need Lounge vibes

Pop Rocks are not that great, after all. A PSA.

Chicago Weather....WTF?????

Anyone been watching American Inventor?

What corporate instructions to customer service are on Verizon faxes now?

How come nobody puts macaroni and cheese on their hot dogs??

How many teeth do you have?

What do urban legend emails and DU--GD forum have in common?

Help!! Is there a way to fix this stupid mistake??

Should I fill out the rest of my DU profile?

Stories From the Road: Last Day on the Job

Yesterday was my ONE YEAR anniversary on DU

Homocil, until you come around.

OK, new office rule: If I am within earshot of your desk,

You wily son of a...

"We polled a studio audience and we got their best response to this:.....

Okay, my last two finals...good vibes appreciated.

Can you Loungers help with a poll?

Burglary suspects videotaped themselves with stolen camera & leave tape

So I just to a "what kind of Christian are you" quiz

OMG, I can't believe people are still eating giblets!

india arie is going to come play in my office

A Rachel Ray meltdown

Oy...what is the point of this work process?

Congratulations Tierra_y_Libertad!! 10,000 posts


Robinson suspended for violating league's drug policy

I'm signing the mortgage on a new house today--ask me anything

Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD Box Set Vol. 9 coming Tuesday...

Yoga classes for a senior citizen?

Now that Murdoch's pro-Hillary, will Fox give our Simpsons avatars back?

I'm obsessed with VH1 Classic.

Anyone doing anything special this Friday eve?

I'm going to the Cheese Warehouse. Any requests?

This is my last day on DU before I hit the road.

I went to replace my son's alternator in his Honda.

Deadwood", RIP?

what does your ass do that makes your pet laugh?

Tool question

Can I Add you on my myspace?

Salt water taffy is the work of the devil!

Neko Case sounds a little like Kristin Hersh to me

FSM - The Game!

The Directors cut of the music video "Sugar" by System of a Down*Must See*

The RetroLounge Daily Poetry Thread Friday 5/12/06

We owe our mother 's a big thank-you.

A tip about fuel economy--pass it on

What kind of liberal does O'Reilly think you are?

Is it wrong to fall in love with your new phone?

Baby Shower etiquette- A ?

Move over Liger, Grolar Bear discovered:

New Zealand Put Up For Sale On eBay

Man admits foot-fetish assaults on subway

bush and the baby. PIC

Monster fix for Mac OS X, QuickTime

lets have a wave to Agent Mike thread

HELP! Old wedge of Romano cheese in fridge - is it still safe to eat????

Trojan Nuke Cooling Tower Implosion, May 21, 7 a.m.

Does this look like a face to be afraid of?

My friend just got us concert tickets to see Wilco.

Friday Bowie thread: Worst Bowie album?


Anybody have the Gahan Wilson froglegs cartoon?

German DUers - what is the correct way to eat my vergnugenwurst?

"I'm your mother and you have to listen to me, and I am telling you...

My Jones Soda bottle is trying to cheer me up.

This is why I prefer to travel alone (rant)

Has anyone seen MI III, I saw it yesterday

Question on "A History of Violence" - Spoiler Warning

Thai female prisoner loses bout and chance to reduce sentence

My new bumper sticker.

Curtain-hanging question (easy!)

Mods please delegate.

New rules for road kill

Paris Hilton unviels new video game at E3, calls it by the wrong name

See you tomorrow

Miho Hattori Appreciation Thread. THIS is an ORIGINAL.

You know you're a Cards fan when...

You know why you never see elderly people around noon?

So I had to pay a bill online while taking my kid to swim practice...

Go Go boots - post your 60s flashbacks here!

Glory Glory Hallelujah!!! I finished all my work!!! School year is over!!!

Opera (or trivia) please!

How do you upload an mpg3 file...I have a very funny one for

Ladies of the Lounge! Confess---what's your record?

I survived the Home Depot paint department! Ask me anything!

what size shoes do you wear?


Thanks. Nice to be back.

I have 9040 emails in my Yahoo email!!!!!

Anyway, the new Friday night ask me a difficult question thread.

OMG, I can't reprieve people who are still beating ocelots!

An omelet or spaghetti?

I hate my job and want it to die.

I have decided that 'YouTube' is the best thing ever.

German DUers - what is the correct way to eat weißwurst?

You want to know a great way to torture yourself late at night??

Are you paranoid?

Oh, just kill me now.

Who wants a yummy pasta recipe???

Tell Me Something Good!

Post pictures of truly awful hairstyles.

I have decided that 'MySpace' is the worst thing ever.

Dog trauma. Dog lovers....please check in....could use a little help.

Songs from a bit ago that really apply now.

Dangerously Amused is the queen of the copycat thread

What kind of shoes do you have on today?

Boston Legal: who is your Favorite??

DU Old School Crowd...When you don't post here...where do you post.

Do you really have to come to a complete stop to make a right turn?!

Ok, it's 1967 and "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"

This Music is Damned Addictive!

What a sick mofo O.J. is

OMG I have discovered Miss Betty Butterfield...

What Was The First Rap Song?

Congratulatons tjwmason!! 10,000 posts

Take a bow! My DU journal's good, but it's all thanks to you

Who wants a steak?


Do you like musicals? Which is your favorite?

I've been on campus for almost 30 hours

Greetings from Yellowstone! Don't forget DU's The Necessary Language...

Get your canned donations ready (Post Office food drive)

I want to rent a DVD tonight. Any suggestions?

Visitors - ever get "Skyline Envy" when in Chicago or NYC?

Magna aliquam erat volutpat.

When you learn something horrifying, do you feel a need to tell someone?

I learned today that I'm a racist (question buried inside)

It's Spring in my garden....New today! Dial-up warning, though.....

I'm moving to Santa Barbara!

Who likes Freaks and Geeks?

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to.........

Too much time spent on here-I just made my 15,000th post.


What is the worst city in the US?

In the film version of your life....who would you want to play you?

I'm a step-grandma again...

Did Dinah Shore have something going with Burt Reynolds?

Radio Lady here! Greetings from Scotland -- where it's cloudy and

Chávez: Castro is a 'social' Christian

Major Religions of the World ...ranked by number of adherents.

"The story of the Fall is coupled with a second...

FDA: Antidepressant may raise suicide risk-Paxil

Chronic Fatigue Is in the Genes, Study Finds

Copper, magnesium, zinc levels tied to mortality

Pope Attacks Gay Marriage

Rally of religious groups Saturday will work against gay-marriage ban

Army recruiter says give us your queer...they'll be men in a year.

Australian Capital Territory Passes Same-Sex Unions Law

Mass. Gov. Attempts To Abolish Gay Youth Commission

Pope Benedict rails against proposed rights for gay couples

Gay Canadian Cabinet Official Admits Drug Use

Illinois Governor's Conflicting Views On DADT

R.I. Lawmakers Chided For Delay In Gay Marriage Vote

Jewish Federations Move Toward Gay Outreach

Ducks sweep the Avs

Games Played Streak Ends When Matsui Breaks Wrist

Buffalo Sabres fans at HSBC Arena are brutal

RIP "Sonny" Montgomery

Ahem. Trolls come out at night, you know.

Interesting post for your reading pleasure:

The BEST e-mail a democrat ever read

GAO: Less than 25% of vets w/ PTSD signs referred for more treatment

Kerry on Recovery for Katrina & Rita: Promises Made, Promises Not Kept

I hope you know the good Senator is on CSPAN1 now, 10:38amCT,

Is this the tipping point?

Get out there and join the party!

Nagourney, John Kerry, John McCain and Piss Poor MSM Reporting

John Kerry Quotation generator.

Remember that undisclosed trip I was talking about?

Fast & EZ exposure correction in Photoshop

Hawaii Pictures I

Hawaii Pictures II

Hawaii Pictures III (Underwater)

They pave paradise

New column up, with Michael Musto!

OK, who else is depressed that * is preempting Keith on Monday?

NSA wiretapping: kids say the darndest things

KOEB Meeting -- 5/12/06: Howard Beale Appreciation Society Edition

You know that this guy is a democrat....

So have you ever searched Amazon for "My Pet Goat"?

ABA rates Wallace "unqualified", and the LIBERALS are the reason!

If Cheney resigns b/c of indictment or health, the procedure to fill .....

Was the latest tax cut simply a bribe to *'s core supporters?

Stupid drug decisions: allergy medication and the Feds

Does the $70 BILLION Tax cut help you?

Rate this Yahoo photo up!

What's in the Decider's utility belt?

N'kay, here's what I'm thinking.

Dixie Chicks Recall Death Threat (on 60 minutes this Sunday)

It's Friday! Merry Fitzmas????? Will KKKRove be indicted?????

Ken Mehlman: "I'm not Gay!"

New anti-Iran war slogan: "2006 Iran = 1939 Poland". How do ya like it?

More BSE animals in U.S?

Free Protest Songs online

Suppose President Hillary wanted to intimidate Fox News Personalities


i lied. i lied. i lied. but you ain't gonna hear me tell you that i lied.

MUST READ!!! To ALL Mother's!!! LOL

back of the room...Friday's toon 5/12

Study: (California) State is one of poorest in U.S. (high rents)

Bush isn't worried about his low poll numbers. He just gave his rich

Hail to the Chief played with hands

2.7 Pay Raise too much for the Military (Bush Administration)

Dixie Chicks are going to be on "60 Minutes" this week!

the reason American aren't "taking it to the streets" . . .

If Tony Snow and FOX News can't get his numbers back up...?

good morning du!

bush* hears you -- comments on NSA spying

No wonder Osama still roams the middle east wild and free!

My letter to my senators: Tax Cuts Passed.

29% Approval. . .full speed ahead with the Hayden Nomination

Qwest: Info for a more informed decision

Tell them the IRS will have access to the NSA database...

`No hope` left in Iraq, expert says

Voting block for '08

washington Journal time-let's watch brian get out of this one

Bush speech re: NSA Domestic Spying - you can tell he's lying

Troll in Chief

GOP iPods????

Massive phone-call tracking fuels furor (where's the courier database?)

How can examining stats on phone usage say anything about terrorist

Iraq's progress "magnificent," U.S. contends

The judgment of history.

More NSA "secret" projects not disclosed yet.......

GOP Prisonwatch #2: Kentucky Apocalypse

You're being wiretapped because you OK'd it

My state passed a 2003 law protecting telecoms from suits; did yours?

The secret to violating the Constitution - Free Enterprise Capitalism

Are you afraid of buying online

I have but one purpose in all this DU'ing, try to better educate

Rachel Maddow's NSA telephone call conspiracy theory...

For the sake of the Current Resident . . . . . . . . . please CAPTION!!!!

Two broken ribs, concussion, bruises and damaged disks.

CNN Breaking: Nigerian Pipeline Blast (explosion during repair of rupture)

Is Political Decorum really so strong that no elected official..

The high stock market is due to the dollar's devaluation

NBC: Bush will address the nation Monday, at 8pm re: immigration

PROOF that Americans DO CARE ABOUT Voting Fraud:

M"SNBC just announced./.. Bush...

Poor Kathrine Harris, what anyone here could've told her without...

The Billionaire Subsidy & Relief Act

I'm thinking Poindexter set up the phone sweep

WTO Faults EU for Blocking Modified Food

With Liberty and Scrutiny for All (Detroit Free Press)

Bill Bennet spewing on CNN now...callers are upset (about media furor)

Bush breaks the 30% barrier, and falls to 29%

Woo Hoo Woo Hoo......

I loves me some mama! Stephanie Miller just played drunk Newt

Bush is like the abusive husband who says" I only hit you baby cause I

Telcos: Fine Print on Service Agreement Gives Consent to Turn Over Records

Lawsuit targets voting machines

you think someone was thinking about bush* when they wrote this joke

House Appropriations Chairman Is Facing Federal Investigation

Tow truck driver in ultra-red county sez-

Is Vonage safe from the NSA ?

This poll needs help

T-SHIRT SUGGESTION #1: Pampered Pets of the Washington Press Corps

wiretaps and all that--how do immigrate?

Is Bill Bennett the most highly educated moran you ever heard spew?

So, Who's going to come forward with proof

what about other companies??

ACLU Petition regarding NSA domestic spying

Just think if Clinton were doing the wire tapping and it was EXPOSED

"I have nothing to hide"

FREEPED (?) ABC News Poll re: NSA Spying: Majority OK With It

Palm Beach County panel recommends paper trail for elections

President HIllary Clinton will need the full powers of the Patriot Act and

Did Sprint cooperate with the government?

Joe DiGenova and Freepers would like Fitzgerald to drop Libby Indictment

They are missing the point entirely………….

anyone know where I can find the exact dates of the 3 Kerry vs. * debates?

PETA urges Applebees to alter poultry slaughter

Nothing to hide! Instead of attacking Americans' right to privacy

Karl Rove: Bring him on!

The Dixie Chicks Rock!


The results of my unscientific poll - NSA monkey business

NSA summed up well

OMG they denied it ( verizon)

Check this out. (from Australia) Terrorists caught text msging

GWB's negative poll numbers, worse than Nixon

Wall Street Journal reports Chimpy's poll numbers in the 20's!

Tommy Thompson will either run for Gov or Senate in WI (maybe)

Report: Steeply higher mortgages and school loans squeeze U.S. households

DU this poll in the AZ Republic about phone tapping

Minuteman rally on C-Span LIVE

Where are the toons?

EFF Class Action Suit against ATT for Illegal Domestic Spying here:

If Bush were to suddenly keel over and die (gods forbid)

OK, is anyone forming a viable THIRD PARTY yet? n/t


Re: Hamas. Bush adds another failure to his endless list.

I may be wrong but didn't the Carlyle Group BUY Verizon?

Twelve soldiers have died THIS WEEK, per CNN, lest we forget.

29% Means *'s Support Is Down To The Cowards

I'm just about to call VERIZON

If you can indict a freaking ham sandwich, why is

Lawyers here? Can we get a class action suit going against Phone Cos?

Why don't you hand over YOUR phone records Mr. President?

ABC Poll on NSA phone surveillance.

NYT: "Congress must stop pretending", Bush claims "limitless power"

If Buxh is still having a hard time of "getting to the bottom of the leak"

Bush Lied.

(FIORE) The Decider

Our Gunships Heading for the Gulf: toward Iran

I am ready to change

ISS for having a condom? Only in Texas...

The Parties We Should Make Pay the Price for This Affair

On Bondage and Freedom....where are we at?

Military to control border with Mexico? Pentagon moves to "protect"

"The business manager simply enters the orb, and it protects him..."

Finally, an authentic 419 Scam

The 44th President is speaking on CSPAN2, if anyones interested

Bush Live on CNN Now, 10:41 a.m.

An important question we're not asking candidates

One thing, I don't think the Bushbots will cause a major incident at home

funny pic in my email today:


Bush's Domestic Spying Program (cartoon)

The line up on Real Time with Bill Maher

So My FREEPER Sister In Law Sends Me This MINDLESS Freeper Email -->

I don't mind if they check out my phone calls

Best literary metaphor for the Bush administration NSA spying

Mel Gibson says new film inspired by "fear-mongering" Bush`

What are your congresscritters saying about the NSA spying scandal?

What phone do you use most?

It appears the Minutemen have stepped into the void left by

Why do Republicans HATE Democrats so much?

Iran and tinfoil hats and August, 2006

Howard Dean, others, cancel Berkeley speeches over union dispute there.

We can spy on Bush, too! (Starting at just $25/month)

Israel to ask bushmilhousegang to attack Iran

New Zealand for sale!

NSA Poll: Shame on WaPo

Audible beep after phone rings

Excellent, simple FCC site showing law forbidding your info release.

AT&T gone as *long distance* carrier as of NOW!!

Let me see if I've got this straight.

AT&T gone as *long distance* carrier as of today! :)

Threat Seen From Antibacterial Soap Chemicals (chem buildup)

Well, I just had some fun with a LTTE I wrote

It's time to help out the NSA guys.Post here if BinLaden called you today.

Dennis Prager says there are 100,000,000 terrorists

NSA, phone calls, Carlyle Group and Directory Assistance - WHOA!!

Good article in Tampa Trib on our press conference yesterday

What good is the NSA phone base if not all phone co's participate?

The antiwar movement (the inside/outside approach) your thoughts...

What is happening on C-SPAN?

WTF-- ABVNews reports a 2:1 margin FAVORING phone surv., but....

Republicans are spoiled children


This ABC poll only had a sampling of 502 adults

"NeuStar" is one of the telecom spying "technology enablers" for the NSA

Bill pulled recently - NSA connected?

I have confidence in this president

Great statistic from Harper's Index:

Please DU this WSJ poll!

Bush-hating is so two years ago

A simple Bushism OR a blurting of Bush's hidden agenda?

Anyone remember TIA or Total Information Awareness

First, George, now Dick ...(can't get a hotel room)

I just LOVE this Diebold quote

Everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey

Prediction: Bush Monday Speech: Attack on Iran & Military at Borders

Caption this * pic..

DU Investigators >> list of some 500 data-mining tools under the NSA

Has your cellular company handed over its records to the NSA?

I never thought I'd see the day when Godwin's Law.

What's That Tapping Sound?

T-Mobile states it has not participated with any warrant-less NSA program

You have been screwed. Again. GW "29%" Bush is still effective.

Key passage in USA Today Story: NSA Refused to Go to FISA Courts

Tracking terra... my ass - follow the money.

Katherine Harris Gets Challenger in GOP Senate Primary

E&P: White House Won't Confirm or Deny It Tried to Stop 'USA Today' Story

Halliburton Falls Victim To Pranksters Touting $100M “SurvivaBall” Suits

Matthews on Rove Indictment: ‘It Could Be Today’

The Best Legislation Money Could Buy

Are our warships heading towards Iran yet?

Hastert video at Humane Society web site

The Spin Is In

I think the White House should be called the KREMLIN from here on out.

Halliburton demonstrates a way for execs to survive global warming

Warrants issued for Ex-CIA Official for office and home

can't anyone now make a FOIA request and get the phone records?

So it's not just phone calls being's everything you buy &

Neocon invalidates "NSA spying could have prevented 9/11" meme

They didn't even send a card. The WH and NSA KNEW it was

The New *Hello*

29 percent rating - another reason not to impeach

cnn reporting on Dusty Foggo. raids on home and his cia office.

To those who called/emailed your telco providers: Any response?

Well, We Should All Be Safe-Hundreds of millions of calls -

If you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to worry about

Caption Dick (Dick) Cheney sleeping through another meeting:

How much do WE pay John W. Snow, Secretary of the Treasury?

I've figured out the plan...

Dean, I REALLY don't care.

DU Old School Crowd...When you don't post here...where do you post.

One Republican's Response to NSA Phone Call Database

What is the toll free number to Capitol Hill?

Linking Right to Privacy to the NSA . Time 4 a Consitiutional amendment

Tony Snow Melts Down in 1st Gaggle

ICTS employees routinely "intimidate" journalists coming to U.S.

Republicans prove your not listening in on Democratic candidates & strategy

"NSA-Now Spying on Americans", t-shirts, et al/LINK

Mel Gibson launches scathing attack on George W. Bush

What the HELL??!! WashPost: Most Americans SUPPORT NSA's Efforts -->

Wonkette: AP bulletin reports FBI search of GOSS (not)

Joe Biden: "Hayden is a first rate guy".

AP: CIA Nominee Hayden Defends NSA Programs

CNN: Tracking Americans

Subject: George W. Bush Monument

If Bill Clinton had monitored phone records...

This Time, It Really Is Orwellian: By Robert Parry

A Bush Fable .... I wrote this for DU 1/7/06 ..... Might it come true?

Qwest Explains Why It Refused N.S.A. Query

Uprising @ state emissions test station

Let's fuck with the NSA...Purchase Middle Eastern Sims of Ebay and

Bill Bennett is crying on the radio this morning...

How would they respond to wiretapping if Clinton was in office.

Perch=Barsch auf Deutsch Where can I find the original German...

Phil Zimmerman's Zfone will defeat NSA phone scrutiny....

Yes Men Strike Again!

Breaking Hard! This is HUGH!! Sen. Byrd on C-SPAN 2

Dial Up Users Heads Up If Switching to Qwest

Gingrich On NSA Spying:‘This Can’t Be Defended By Reasonable People’

This is Satire

RESPONSE: "Well, *I* DO have things to hide."

June 9th as Day for Call for an end to Congressional Corruption!

Can't you just feel all the integrity coming out of the.....

For those that have "nothing to hide"

Spying? No worries, according to NPR Presstitutes

Newsweek: "My Bad: 25 years of Public Apologies

Autistic Recruit Released!

Simple statements to keep any political discussion on track

C'Mon. I Want My rOVER Indictment - NOW!!!

ICANN rejects .xxx domain

Message from West Point Graduates Against the War co-founder

Sign ACLU petition to phone co's: Don't Spy on Me!!


John Conyers on with Thom Hartmann - streaming

EMILY's List Luncheon on CSPAN NOW! 2pm eastern -

If I worked for the NSA and I called in sick,

LTTE to Tampa Trib

Democracy CANNOT exist among people who are religious FANATICS.

"Not Your Soldier"/Vid LINK

Boehner Ridicules Proposals From Republican Senators (Update1)

Why that little nose picker...

MARGARET KIMBERLEY: Ted Hayes: Colored minutemen

California Solar Boat Race Sparks Similar Race Down Under

They are just way behind us on the learning curve

Snow Makes Solo Debut at Chaotic Briefing

Warning on search engine safety (BBC)

The dollar is falling in pace with Bush's poll numbers :(

When will the President be addressing the nation?

Wouldn't it be deliciously ironic if all those caught in the NSA

John Kerry is on C-SPAN 2 on Senate floor talking about KATRINA!

Today's Pollkatz "Bush Approval" graphic simply deserves it's own thread.

Contract with America - which of the 10 points is your fave?

"the roses of success!"

Lapdogs: How the Press rolled Over for Bush

Bush's stolen elections & time in office is the greatest threat the U.S

Michael Smerconish gets his butt kicked over at Huff Po.

History Channel

When are they going to announce the indictment of Tubby?


CNNI: Your call: Should the NSA look at phone records?

Back Online from Home at last!


Doing our part

25...25...Do I Hear 25!!

"Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism"

"Who you're talking to often matters much more than what you're saying"

My answer with the "I have nothing to hide" types

TPMmuckraker: NSA Whistleblower (Tice) to Spill More Beans to Congress

*** House - budget vote delayed *** (Keep calling 1-800-459-1887) ***

My response to a god and flag and troops prayer chain email

DJ Arrested After Sexual Threats Against Rival's Toddler (DJ Star)

Editorials, from Right and Left, Hit Latest NSA Shocker

Well we knew it [NSA database] was illegal: 47 U.S.C. §1002(a(2))

Anyone noticed the latest spin

Don't ever let Republicans/conservatives say they support law and order or

Congress Vows Scrutiny of Phone-Record Collecting (Update1)

Holy Sh!t!!

This is what is missing in the NSA debate

Qwest's Refusal of N.S.A. Query Is Explained


This one didn't last long.

Taking Chance Home

Let's release all of Rush Limbaughs phone calls

Why Are Liberals Always Dubbed as the "Bad Guys"?

Telcos Seek to Deceive Bloggers with Cartoon

Jonathan Turley on with Randi right now!!

A Vaccination That STOPS Aging & Prolongs Avg. Lifespan to 500 Years?

Apparently the Wall Street traders are all liberal traitors....

CNN poll - who do you trust more?

"Frankly" Speaking

I am more afraid of my fellow citizens now than the government or terroris

Are they listening to your "Guy James Show" calls? I'm guessing yes

Christian Virgins are Overrated (Morford)

Tip off the FBI to the corruption of the Bush regime....

Things are happening so fast, I can't keep up. What's the deal on COMCAST

Did you spot the hole in Bush's phone spying statement?

Energy Prices Affecting Consumers, Reports Show

Who has rights to phone records?

Ohio Teacher Put on Leave over his Opinion?

What's your beef? Is it really Dean or the Democratic Party?

New Bush Comic: Congress Demands Answers, Now.

when i saw the price of the euro today i was curious how much bush

I just love Leahy! Look who he uses for a fundraiser

Caption this Pickles pic..

Did Congress declare war and I missed it?

IMPEACHMENT graphic. CLinton V. bush.

Come on Al Franken! Admit you read it on DemocraticUnderground!

Phone calls get tracked, but they won't check citizenship for students.

Screw you, Leslie...

Katrina was good for NOLA. It stopped the Fire Ants

"But the Angel of Death that took my son is your son."

63% say that the NSA Spying is "warranted"?

850,000 teenagers will give birth this year in the U.S

The propaganda and misleading polls have begun..we are so screwed.

To Those Who Try to Stifle Talk of Comparing Bush and Neo-Cons to Nazis

We need the DU Infiltrator Squad in Florida

Shrub's Shit Sandwich

OMG! Howard Dean in the headlines again!!

Two people want to get married. They are both adults.

Think Progress: "Q&A on Potential Telco Liability" in NSA spy scam

Called Verizon, what a hoot... First lady started reading from a...

something tells me numbers are being fugged here

Chavez urged to seize four big oil ventures...

NO WAR Armbands

Response from Verizon

Tracking all calls US citizens make will NEVER lead to abuse. Never.

My church owns Halliburton stock

NSA Again Violates the Law (Dir., Center for National Security Studies)

Man Gets 16 Months In Sex Slave Case (daughter sold for $260)

MySpace Photo Leads to Student's Arrest on Drug, Bomb Charges

Bush Backs HUD Secretary (who denied contract to non-supporter)

Is anybody familiar with GCI?

Stirring look at student dissent in Nazi Germany

Independent-minded Republican senators?

FBI raids CIA. on tweety: 4 PM CDT

Reply from Verizon:

::: VIDEO ::: of Newt on Hannity and Colmes - Is he trashed? You decide.

Dems need Whistleblowers inside the BushCo media machine

Help an old woman out here Re: NSA & our phone calls?

Any Grand Jury activity today? nt

Bored with local/national programming?

FYI - Qwest availability.

Is what the NSA did illegal Re: phone records

What else the spying program would be useful for

I don't believe the ABC poll about Americans favoring the spying

I just got a money solicitation call from the DCCC!

Whitehouse "Setting the Record Straight" on Domestic Spying

Katherine Harris to get a Primary Opponent

Please i need some info about insurance

Don't ask your phone company if they sent your data to the NSA

I'm not yet sure where the wiretapping is going

State Farm Seeks Homeowners Rate Increase (FL - avg 70% hike)

Vote on ABC website against phone database

Ann Coulter Hits the Nail on the Head!

Randi Rhodes on Larry King tonite

I'm voting republican because Bush is going to cut taxes.

What's wrong with this picture? The raid of Dusty Foggo's home.

Correction for Raw Story: Bill Clinton was NEVER censured.

Is That Goddamned Idiot's Speech Monday at 7 p.m. (cst)?

The Most Searched for "Enemies" of the United States according to Google

The nation has crossed over into DEFCON II for Democracy

I can not say this strongly enough.....WE NEED TO THANK USA TODAY.

GM ending sale of the Hummer H1

Hardballs hotspots have to be a desperate attempt to rally some ratings

A Chaotic White House Debut for Tony Snow (more incompetence)

Shifty-eyed Bush (VIDEO)

What's the current deal with Noe from Ohio?

Cindy Sheehan on Randi Rhodes show now

RimJob plays the "commie" card on immigration.

I think I've heard this somewhere before

It scares the hell out of me if the ABC poll is right.....

America under a spell when it comes to fighting terrorism

"Six Degrees of Separation" - How many to be a 'terrorist'?

Heads up: David Sirota on Lou Dobbs to discuss Chimpy/Congress decline

Bush's 'Big Brother' Blunder

Nobody wants Dick Cheney & John-death squads-Negroponte fishing for their

The ABC/WaPo Poll is Crap

Posse Comitatus...There is talk about using the Military to guard borders.

i called for troops on the american border

Thank You David Sirota!

"disinclination on the part of the authorities to use any legal process,"

Home evicts 75-year- old amputee, smoker

False advertising!

The Telecoms aren't turning over anything, the NSA is intercepting...

More veterans may need extra help for post-combat stress (AP/CNN)

Mid May and I'm turning the furnace back on tonight. My newly leafed

Have any of you contacted Verizon, Bell or AT&T?

So you think the NSA Database issue is harmless if you are NOT a terrorist

Immigration requirements too restrictive

Democrats! Demand Investigation Into Media Polls Favoring NSA Spying

Hope springs eternal! 45 minutes to ...

OMG! Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks is ready to kick someone's ***!

So now that Bush's approval rating is 29%

Any new info about the impending war on Iran?

Meet the Shock Troops of the Christian Youth

Ummmm.... W. T. Fing. F ???????

NBC Nightly News Says Bush Will Announce Troops on Borders Monday Night ->

My letter to the Internet destroyers

I am so reassured now, Verizon responded to my e-mail:

NSA Whistle Blower....more to come...People are going to be shocked

To the 63 Percent...It's NOT a choice between Freedom and Death.

Time Magazine Article - "Blame Mexico: The Mess Starts At Home"

Everyone breathe

Re: Immigration. What does "guest worker" really mean?

BUSH'S APPROVAL CLIMBING! OMG! (we must be the ones in the bubble)

Clinton kept the U.S. safe for 7 years and 10 months from...

Need a photoshop artist for a quick picture...

Now we know why Bush is gonna send troops to the border

White House/Abramoff logs held back, while America's call logs are seized

Snow's gaggle: "Are you ever going to -- always going to tell the truth?"

I think wiretaps are good.

Who's willing to drop their long distance out of protest and to send a

"Why we need to pray for the CIA"

They never went to the FISA court because what they were doing was ILLEGAL

Is Bill Clinton still the President?

FYI: Collgate Bought Toms of Maine last month (April 2006)

Where was that picture of Chucklenuts doing his dance today???

I guess all of us here are on some kind of enemies' list

I am fed up, Its time for Bush to leave STEP DOWN OR BE REMOVED

More on Mass Death of Sheep in India After Grazing in GECotton Fields

Verizon Sued in NJ. Bell South anyone??

Police: Pastor Spanked Girl Who Claimed Abuse By Relative

Was Alltel involved in NSA spying?

Clinton beats Bush ACROSS THE BOARD in new poll

How's Shrub going to handle the speach Mon. if Rove's indicted on Monday?

Can we assume Rove has received a target letter now?

Why do the Republicans think they secured their base with the tax vote?

Gas-Guzzling Hummer H1 Dumped By GM

Automatic rifle pointed at FL protesters from Bush mororcade (DailyKos)

Iran and Turkey fire salvo over Iraq

Speak Wisely

If 81% of Americans disapprove of the direction

Please don't post Ann Coulter's vomit here

Government lawyers claim that phone customers consented to the wiretaps.

Uh, guys, I think I've obligated myself to a party!

Reading, Writing and Race - Comments from a Racist HS teacher:

A Message From Working Assets' President (NSA wiretaps)

We've all seen CSI, Law & Order, NYPD Blue, etc., right? (NSA issue)

My Predication: Karl Rove will commit Suicide before indictment

Verizon Sued ($5 Billion) For Giving Records To NSA - Seattle PI

This NSA thing is a losing issue for us

It Is Fiday! Is It Also Frog March Day?

Verizon Wireless did NOT turn over numbers to nsa?

Ten Reasons Why All Americans Should Fear and Loathe NSA Data-Mining

Kinky turns in signatures to get on Texas ballot

About Those "Peaceable Goals..."

response from AT&T:

Gibson inspired by 'fear-mongering' Bush

What do Negroponte, Goss and "Bucky" Bush have in common?

FORBES sucks rotten eggs down a short tube.

Post your favorite inspirational/political/rebel song lyrics here!!!

It's Been Quite an Evening.

So if you used a payphone that some "alleged" al qaeda or terrorist

Thom Hartmann talking about WaPo poll and NSA wiretapping on AAR

Where's the Red Rover Indictment damn it!


Nations Largest Windfarm Planned for Texas

WSJ: This electronic voting deal isn't working out so well

LOL, I just told my husband that Bush** is at 29% in the Harris poll

Cell phone users and the NSA

Home Foreclosures Up (63%!!!) As Mortgage Rates Climb


March 2008: pity poor little Krystal Parnell.....

Randi Rhodes on "for the howah" tonight on Larry King Live

What IS this thing RW American politicans have about Winston Churchill?

GOP Fundraiser: "My God, what were we all thinking?"

Americans have got to stop being a buch of self-centered marshmallows.

The U.S. as Third Reich

Guests on "Real Time" w/Bill Maher tonight:

Aren't we Extremely vulnerable to attack right now?

Chevron Takes 22% Stake in Texas Biodiesel Company

Former president Clinton bests Bush in honesty poll

C'Mon Bush - YOU Got The 4th Amendment - REGISTER EVERY GUN ASSHOLE

You all have gotta see this............

American exceptionalism. U.S. impunity. What make us so special?

LTTE: Time to Resign

My only question about the "They're Taking Our Jobs" excuse

Where Dems go most wrong, politically, and make it easier for mediawhores.

CNN Morning: What car would moms rather have?

It's time for a Boston Tea Party...we are NOT being represented.

Qwest unavailable in Michigan. For whom can I dump Verizon?


I am live blogging the "Crashing the Gate" book signing

top TEN senate races


Condoleezza Rice at Boston College? I Quit (An open letter to BC pres.)

Yes Men pull Halliburton hoax: If you haven't read this it pretty funny

*ANYONE* Who Says the NSA Isn't recording PHONE CONVERSATIONS

god bless american, EVEN IF YOU MUST CURSE US FIRST: graphic intensive OP

Now this is what I call fucked up Freeper logic..

The more I think about it, Nancy Pelosi really has to go...

Bush Weighs Deploying Guard to U.S. Border

GREG PALAST - The Spies Who Shagged US - A MUST READ

Where does Sprint sit on this NSA call logging crap?

Oppose the Walden Logging Bill! Nat'l Call-in day is Tues, May 16...

*** TOONs: Just because we need some... ***

Am I correct to assume that the NSA mining led to the NSA wiretaps?

FR: "Rosary For Souls That Will Be Lost RE: Da Vinci Code"

What happened to the Rove Grand Jury?

Blind Eye to Culture of Polygamist Abuse and Child Molestation

New uranium traces found in Iran. Wow! Imagine that! Quelle surprise!

* looks worried today

A Theme Song for DU; A Political Statement, and a Tuneful Frolic For All.

If Al Gore were to decide to run again, would you support him?

Get your canned donations ready (Post Office food drive)

Joe Wilson - You Got Your Wish - Enjoy this moment.

How I nailed my freeper co-worker.

The REAL Daughters of the American Revolution

Dennis Kucinich advice to the lovelorn

DUers. . .how are you a terrorist

Caption *'s "gesture" - pic

Anti-War Music

If you could have any Dem give the response to Bush's speech on Mon...

Just so we know - Mothers Day started as a war protest

Breach of Contract! (with America)

John Gibson : "We need to make more babies"


Hinchey launches effort to uncover who halted DOJ investigation of NSA pro

Qwest rocks!

A New DU'er Bill Board You'll Be Proud to Call Your Own

Congress' Security Cmmtee- "No objections raised to NSA program..."

I have a verizon cell phone account - is there anything that I can do

Book TV Schedule May 13th - 15th

"I don't care if they tap me,I got nothing to hide". How do you respond?

I respectfully request that this poll be DU'ed.

NSA Whistleblower: ‘People…Are Going To Be Shocked’ (Tip of the iceberg)

NRA "wimped" out! (NRA cancels presentation at New Paltz!

NYS Reps Hinchey (D) and King (R) on 'da tappin' issue

Tom Suozzi to run for congress?

Children left behind

Know your BFEE: Lies are the Currency of their Realm

My SweetHeart's LTTE to NYTimes

February 14, 2007 (A clown can dream, can't he?)

My honest attempt to help Karl Rove

. . ."surrender power now or be impeached tomorrow". . .

Bush: gov't does not listen to domestic phone calls without court approval

Gang of 14

Rep. Murtha predicts Democrats gaining 40-50 seats in November

Iran Hostage Scandal

Is the IRS still thinking of selling or giving away your tax information?

Laura Bush....George`s First Responder

Freeper Logic

How would you do a criminal investigation on the cheap? Phone Records mayb

It's not Bush's fault! Space aliens gave him bad advice.

Nominations taken here for asshat of the week...

Katherine Harris' weekend plans

bush* puts his political appointes

The roaring 20s!!!

Another way to still be a Bush fan - especially if you voted for him

Looking for something to do tonight? (Florida Friday planner)

Non-combat related deaths? Why so many?

I'm afraid the time is ripe

My note to Senselessbrenner on data mining and his committee

Who will Bush sacrifice next to the bad-approval-ratings gods?

WP, Cillizza: The Friday Line: Static Senate Rankings Still Favors Dems

Why doesn't the media connect the dots between NSA hearings shutdown

Chris Matthews, on today's "Imus," on Rove Indictment: ‘It Could Be Today’

Anyone Have the Current Polling on Cheney's Approval Rate?

Steve King (R-IA): "Brand pro-amnesty Repubs w/ scarlet letter A"

Another Item for the "Not that We Have Anything to Hide" File....

CNN Front Page poll

They Thought They Were Free. Principiis obsta et finem respice.

does others besides me suspect the rash of ID thefts at banks as NSA?

Mollohan puts $3.7M beach house for sale

So, does "National Anthem only to be sung in English" rule out

So where the hell is John Poindexter?

Democracy Now today:

It's Not Just Call Data Records: Some Telcos Let the NSA Tap Into Fiber

New poll, 66% SUPPORT latest NSA phone tapping scandal

Olbermann: No "I" in Team, but there is in Investigation and Impeachment

Tom Delay to resign on my birthday! (June 9)

ha! ...i laugh at this funny joke

OK So They Are Data Mining All Of The Americans' Phone Calls....

bankrupting Milwaukee for profit

Why did Nelson, Nelson, and Pryor vote aye for the tax cuts?

What if Ross Perot were to have run today instead of in 1992?

List of Class-Action Lawsuits Against NSA, DOJ, Telecoms

CIA Official's Home, Office Searched (Foggo!)

LTTE to my senators

This abc poll everyone is talking about...

Ken Starr's Replacement Faces Stalking Charges

Why let WaPo censor candidates? This blows my mind.

FL Senate race update

Bush Beats Out Nixon: Least Liked President Ever

Dumbass to give "highly important" immigration speech Mon. night

What Does Wayne LaPierre Do For Approximately $1,000,000 a Year?

NSA datamine on terrorist activity is a duplication of DSS functions...

OH COME ON, We're not that stupid.

"But it's only a phone number, what could they do with that?"

Former president to attend fundraiser for Baldacci (Clinton to Maine)

Photos from today: Bush, Cheney, Condi, Rummy...FEEL THE JOY in that room!

Kerry on Recovery for Katrina & Rita: Promises Made, Promises Not Kept

AOL Poll - Does Howard Dean hurt or help the Democratic Party?

received letter from debra bowen (running for calif. secretary of state)

Beware MSM Polls About NSA Domestic Spying (like ABC's) Because...

Bush in the 20s now

GW Bush: Turned the American Dream into Nightmare

Did anyone ask Snowman about the world record perch that Bush caught?

Why doesn't someone spy on the pResident? How high up do you

Gov. Bush resisted appeals to run for U.S. Senate

I need the address for AT&T and Verizon Corp Hdqtrs!

Coulter: Repubs are like Gandhi; send skinheads w/ torches after liberals

Scientists call Diebold security flaw 'worst ever'

Can we all send our phone bills to the NSA to save them some time?

Katherine Harris renews her gun permit "for practical purposes"

Any word on Rove?

NSA Phone taps-what else is being done?????

Quietest State Forum Contest Winner - New Hampshire!

Front page diary by Markos.. Begala out to pasture. Tom Rinaldo post also.

"The Democratic Party recognizes that marriage is a union between

My pledge: For 2008, I will support ANY Democrat for President!

Tell Congress to Stop the EPA from Cutting Toxic Pollution Reporting

Regarding the third party debate. . .

How does Smith v. Maryland affect the NSA scandal, if at all?

Links to all things right wing

Iranian nukes not the real issue (neocon power is)

Froomkin on WaPo NSA poll numbers --- actual language of questions

It can happen here

Katherine Harris supporter: it's time to mount her

Pls. sign ACLU petition: "DON'T SPY ON ME" ~

I need some help understanding the wiretap issue

Explain this to me: How would they use your telephone number??

Perhaps we could embed Lou Dobbs with the National Guard

Another great column from Craig Crawford: Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death

ABC Breaking News - Criminal charges likely against #3 Foggo

re: NSA ...... Are we railing against the wrong part of this issue?

Hang up on NSA's Accomplices: AT&T, Verizon, and Bell South

Utah GOP US Senate candidate served with an anti-stalking injunction

Dean is going to continue reaching out to the Christian community.

Big Lie of the Week

What makes Bush think 10,000 GIs on the border are better

When you call Mom on Mother's Day ........

Bush visit to Florida...they aimed assualt rifles out the door at seniors!

If I see ONE MORE black chevvy Suburban with blacked out windows

For MSNBC Watchers - what do you think of this Perverted Justice thing?

Political Wire: In Ohio, Brown Pulls Ahead of DeWine

If a US Nuclear plant had a minor accident, would Bush/Cheney tell us?

NSA is able to know who got voted off "Idol" before Ryan Seacrest does

Photos: A HARD week at work, Stretch...HARD...but I'm off to Camp David!

Another slimy republican indicted. Governor of Kentucky Fletcher.

Need a reason to impeach? How about 1000?

Moussaoui jury foreman: no death penalty = "cloud of doom".

Dean Cancels Cal Speech

Rove Informs White House He Will Be Indicted

David Brooks was on NPR and just made me hurl chunks...

Once and for ALL ....Bushit or Cheney?

HAD ENOUGH? Barack Obama is ON FIRE on C-SPAN.

Check this out ... the RNCC is SCARED about the fall

My response to the "Hotshots" on Hardball...

Huffington: Stephen Colbert "was Dylan plugging in at Newport in 1965"

SnowJob's Debut

Texas Medication Algorithm Project costs taxpayers billions, drugs kids

BlogBox: A Few Of My Favorite Anti-Bush Things

Clark stumping for Boswell today in Iowa

This is what Pat Robertson believes

DU is looking better today. Much less 'dump Dean' bullshit

White House Meeting today - Photos (grim faces)

Will the Republicans' $70B tax cut package backfire on them?

Ann Coulter calls for skinhead lynch mobs to take to the streets

This is all Bill Clinton's fault. His administration is clearly to blame.

Bonifaz for Mass Sec Of State has qualified to be on the balllot

Blue Meme: "Nixon knew he couldn't govern when his numbers sank this low"

Bush, 2005: 'I don't want you reading my personal stuff.'

Boston College Professor quits because truth, knowledge & Condi do not mix

New Bush Comic: Congress Demands Answers, Now.

Bush "Death Spiral"

For all you people who say you won't vote for a DLC backed candidate

"Mexicans" were in TX, AZ, NM, and CA about 10,000 years before Europeans

SIXTY MILLION potential terrorists in the US?

Important questions for a Friday

Truthout: Rove Informs White House He Will Be Indicted

Simple Domestic Spying Questions for a Simple President

Trivia Time! How many years did it take to get women the right to vote?

New York Times -- Black Box Voting study "biggest ever"

My Pledge...I will back the DEMOCRATIC nominee WHOEVER it is...

Rep. John Conyers calls for investigating into GOP phone jamming

Michigan Gov. Granholm unveils universal healthcare plan

Russert says Dems accountable for Iraq's missing WMDs

Colbert tribute song

Is there ANY reason to trust BushCo hasn't used "data" against Democrats?

Taking it to Bush One More Time in RI

What do you think of a Gore-Dean ticket in 2008?

Whats up with Bev Harris?

Nagin (D) or Landrieu (D) for mayor of New Orleans