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Blog entry from an Idaho Repub that may be waking up...

Kevin Barrett: Media hide truth: 9/11 was inside job

Bob Cesca (Huff Post): Truthout Reporting That Karl Rove Was Indicted

Spying on our own / Congress needs to stop Bush on phone surveillance

Confronting Empire, Passionately

WP: Guard Unit Established by U.S. Suspected in Death Squad Executions

Spying: How far is too far?

Ohio losing faith with President (BBC)

Mother Jones: The Predator State

A coming tsunami -- The Republicans' bankruptcy of ideas

Dick Cheney – CIA Leak-Gate investigator Fitzgerald files two Briefs With

Larisa Alexandrovna (Huffington Post): Tomorrow is Zero Hour

posting this about dollar slide in economy forum for safe keeping

Why We Must Electrify Transportation

Major breakthrough with my RW DBF..........................

Where do you get your environmental news?

Ocean Buoy temperature sites document significant temperature rise in Gulf

Gaza: Gunmen raze Morag hothouses

Kevin Barrett: Media hide truth: 9/11 was inside job

Court of Appeals rules that Ohio lawsuit will be put on hold.

Republican wants Ballots recounted BY HAND?

The Gazette printed my LTTE today

Our phone calls not being tracked, spy agency says

CIA Leak Court Filing Focuses on Cheney

NSA phone tapping: want to make $1000 and send a message?

Revealed: The cash-for-fake-ID scandal at the heart of (UK) Government

GOP Is Not Law-and-Order Party On Immigration, Democrats Say

Kennedy Plane Diverted After Losing Power


Al Gore is on SNL tonight!

Yahoo: Cheney the Focus of CIA Leak Court Filing

Duke Lacrosse DNA: Mystery Man Revealed

Cheney Pushed U.S. to Widen Eavesdropping

Pressure rises on Blair to quit Iraq

Fired Officer Believed CIA Lied to Congress

Hijacking Scare Sends Air Force, FBI Scrambling

US mothers begin vigil at White House, protesting Iraq war

70 Hilton workers suspended (for wanting to unionize)

Russia and US trade angry words over Iran at UN dinner

Chavez to ignore Blair on UK trip

Chavez Plans Cheap Oil for Europe's Poor

Report: Mentally ill troops forced into combat

Ted Kennedy's plane hit by lightning.

Breaking: Seal Indictment

I am cold.

Which of these television shows get the best ratings?


Got wood?

I Hate Moving!!!! (a rant)

What I've been reading lately

Geez! Anyone else jonesing for Yahoo?

Can you flee my sight on your computer?

Men's Health magazine looks particularly interesting this issue

Jewish and/or Arab DUers: A question for you.

OMG!!! I just realized ...


Devils beat the 'Canes 5-1

That's neither here,nor there.

Goodnight My Friends....

Check out this review of Neil's Living With War

My "E" key isn't working.

MN Twins are makin a move...after a miserable start...

What is something you do that you'd be hard-pressed to find others doing?

Front page of DU has Truthout link : ROVE INDICTED

You have flies in your eyes.

Watch this, dammit!

"We are a very casual work environment, so the suit is not necessary!"

Sheboygan is in the news...

Thank god for that lockbox, eh?

Bob Seger Likes His Jock

OK, so DON'T tell me when I've screwed up :P~~~~

Woohoo! Chicago on 'Soundstage'!

You thought "The Eagle Is Sore" was bad?

Pizza in the oven, beer open, Hyacinth on TV.


Are you a betting man,or woman?


How did you find MU?

the evolution of dance...the white boy can move!

My 36 C longs are starting to irritate me.

I just got the sweetest call for mother's day

Is Saturday night the night that mods take off?

Gore on SNL again

Need the icon...

Beware of the Cybermen

Question about Dick Cheney

Cooks: Help!

Anyone else stuck

Post a picture of the cutest couple you know....

My New Resume

What will be the first name of the inmate who makes Rove his bitch?

Would you paint wood paneling?

My word it is nuts out in GD/GDP

I just ate a whole jar of applesauce.

There are bugs on me!!!

Can you see my site on your computer?

Miles to go before I sleep- My MOM hits town tomorrow!

What do you mean,we're outta gabagoo?

Which actor is the biggest ham?

YouTube users -- I have a Quicktime problem.

Look who I found!

What is up with plus size clothing?

Josh Lucas lists "Mosh" as one of his favorite songs

Any NONI juice drinkers here??

I went over to GD, but I got scared and came back.

Supportive words would be very much appreciated this evening.

You drunk too?

*** Happy Mothers Day to all you DU Lounger Mothers! ***

TURN ON SNL - Al Gore!

If you had to go "back to where you came from" where would you go?

Paul Simon was just incredible, awesome on SNL.

I need puppy help - HELP!!!!!

Do you believe in extraterrestrial life?

Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Nintendo Wii?

Who is the best narrator?

SCOOTER'S DIARY is now unveiled! Ask me anything.

It is TIME for the a Gino Vannelli appreciation thread! (pics)

Out yourself.

This movie is going to be AWESOME!

Was Darwin on the wrong track?

Ryan Francis (USC Point Guard) Shot Dead

Did you know that Jimmy Carter feels

Energy in your living space & how do you feel about re-gifting...?

Sir! No Sir! Must-see Vietnam documentary

What was so funny?


Does anyone find it strange that *

This is too cool...

At Falwell's University, McCain Defends Iraq War - NY Times

And now,.For something completely different. A trip to Delusionville, USA

NCLB punishes schools/states who don't meet standard...

Newsweek: A Fresh Focus on Cheney-Hand Written notes

E&P: Who Is Leslie Cauley, Who Broke 'USA Today' Bombshell on NSA?

My church also owns GE stock

Do you see any cyanosis in my lips?

Great photo! (Rove fake mugshot!)

Video - Cavuto: "Collecting our phone records is better than...

Video of Karl Rove meeting w/ Fitz ..... Breaking

EX-CIA man says Bush on wrong track

Never let them forget. "Iraq is the central front in the war on terror"

DU and the coming Rove Indictment.

Pastor charged after spanking girl for revealing sexual abuse

Poster on Huff Post says Rove's speech has been cancelled at the AEI

Has Rove cancelled his speaking engagement for Monday?

I'm sure it's been asked many times, but which Dem do you want for Pres?

Heads Up! QWEST Communications Connected to the Carlyle Group!

NSA phone tapping: want to make $1000 and send a message?

Another BBCA gem - The Thick of It - Terrific show

We need to have "Independence Day, the Sequel"

last time things were this bad for the pukes, 9-11 I guess

Need help with freeper - arguing about School of America

CNBC: Russert talking to reporters on Rove, immigration, etc.

In case you haven't seen this (from GD Politics and LBN)

Betcha the WH lets FUX break the Rove indictment story

(VIDEO) Randi Rhodes and the Chickenhawk

Ooooooooo.... Pretty Colors!

Now they need to get W to lie under oath in a grand jury investigation

Cheney's thinking underlined in Exhibit A!

Where we do well, and where we need to improve (personal analysis of dems)

Bwahahaha, can't stop, laughing, side hurts... from... comedic barrage...

Screw it! I'm busting with optimism

'Will we come out of this?"-our country-the mess we are in. c-span now

Anyone want to give me their best bio on Jason Leopold?

Agents harmed by outing of Plame didn't have time to get affairs in order

Fired Officer Believed CIA Lied to Congress

LMAO, Funniest Freeper post of the day!

NY Daily News is trying to verify Leopold's story

Dem Leadership needs to deal with impeachment this way...

CDC issues new STD warning: Gonorrhea Lectim

Experts Debate Bush's Use of His Powers

If Rove is really indicted, do you think the MSM will shred his fat ass?

Stephen Colbert's Press Corps speech = Terry Gilliam's "Brazil".

Mothers camp out in war protest

What I find extra scary about the NSA data mining.

Either God is a Republican, or he tunes out Tim Russert....

Gallons and gallons of koolaid served - CNBC, Russert, etc

Sunday's TV News Shows (same old...same old)

Worst administration.

Gore on Saturday Night Live NOW

BREAKING: The Decider Finally Did Something Right!

Mods: Start setting up the Rove indictment board! Incoming!!!!!

Anyone check freeperville on their reaction to their hero's indictment?

gore again!

SNL: Gore's back to discuss his movie on Weekend Update

House passed bill to make phone records off-limits to review w/o consent

A mere shadow of Churchill's ass...

what will the M$M say WRT the real president's performance tonight, vs.

snl; AL GORE???????

Anybody notice among the credits on Neil Young's "Living With War" was

Mel Gibson's new movie "Apocalypse" is an attack on George Bush....

Karl who? I think he supported Ann Richards. I may have met

Obama's DNC speech

The Dixie Chicks will be on 60 minutes tomorrow

MSM:Gore "Wooden,sighing, exaggerating" Bush "Outdoorsy,charming,

What McCain said at Falwell's commencement makes no sense

Pure evil asshole!

If Rove has been indicted, how come not one word in the media


The Jack Bauer Administration?

Any of you dropped Verizon, AT&T?

Report: Suicidal troops sent into combat

Your not an American...You are a terrorist... The new war

Grief Compels Marine's Dad to Support War (drinking the KoolAid)

Anyone have SNL Gore video?

Innocent Man Mistaken for Offender by E-Vigilant Neighbors

Bird flu: Here is someone outside of the "terra terra terra" scope's view.

Bob Cesca at Huffington Post: Truthout Reporting That Karl Rove Was ...


Ted Kennedy's plane struck by lightnening - diverted to New Haven

Iraqi Army Units Fight Each Other in Friday Confrontation

WWTD on MTP? Re: fat Tim Russert?


Americans want a Democrat in the White House

Local FOX Said - Monday something something After the Pres Speech ? What?

A Wiretapping Inconsistancy?!?!?!

Junket Jeers (from MSNBC)

AL 08

Peek into the Freeper mind tonight - my neighbor dropped by,

I really wonder about something, and think it calls for study...

Which pundit will spill the Rove indictment news on a sunday am show?

A plea to all the "mighty, mighty big, swinging dicks out there...

Car crashes kill 400 times more people than international terrorism

Republicans have owned the CIA and Intelligence for years...

Mood - Pissed. Rant mode - On.

WTF is up in Cleveland? Could it happen here?

How Reagan destroyed solar energy and boosted oil

Hope springs eternal.... Apparently many think Mary Cheney's a fraud...

OMG! Al Gore is doing the Saturday Night Live Opening!!!


*** Happy Mothers Day To All You DU Mothers...! ***


CNN poll: Does it bother you if the U.S. government collects data

DOJ Moves to Dismiss AT&T Class Action under Cover of Night

My big lottery win!!!

Gonzales at courthouse with Rove? on Friday?

Let's not beat each other up over this Truthout/Rove Indictment thing.

When Larry King does another show with talkshow host...

All you actual & wanna-be psychologists, think about this

Before I jump on the tinfoil express, opinions would be welcomed on...

If KKKarl resigns, I want the NSA to record the number of phone calls

Since we KNOW Bush CANNOT function without instructions from Rove...

Miami Herald: FL Democrats lick chops, see GOP weak

Fitzmas is coming, the goose is getting fat....

Proof Rove is going down!

Tribute to a U Maine Student who Died in Iraq

Making a Splash- Kennedy's book about his dog: "My Senator and Me"

Question about California's Primary

Aspens, Worms, and Weasels

McCain: What a phony. Please read the att'd article about his speech at

How Many More Dominoes After rOVER?

Americans Criticize Guantanamo Situation

Notify Senate Intelligence Comm. -- Oppose Hayden

Cheney Pushed U.S. to Widen Eavesdropping

You are truely a poet Sparkly

Al Gore cites success in Mexifornia

Only 30% of Americans Trust Bush on Iraq

An election is like driving a car

Du is on a one track mind thinggy tonight. I can't take it. Where is

If Rove gives up Cheney will Fitz

Everything that the NYThas told us about the war in Iraq is a lie

2-1/2 Years, 16179 Posts, 1 Corrupt Bastard, 1 Day of Justice

The army is sending mentally ill soldiers into battle

Why does the MSM hate seniors? The deadline for signing up for this

Kerry or Gore

what are the most important issues facing our country today

Dan Walters: Fewer and fewer (CA) state Democrats

CNN: Is disagreement about the war in Iraq helpful or harmful to...

Anyone else sick of seeing elder * & bubba joined at the hip?

Elizabeth Edwards' Fun Question: Unbelieveable but True

Kennedy Plane Diverted After Losing Power


Action Alert fron ACLU regarding phone companies' spying:

Fitz to introduce copy of Wilson article with handwritten notes by Cheney

Put a damper on Howard's junket

who would you vote for president

To **all** DU mothers

'Twas the Night Before Fitzmas

If truthout is right what exactly is up with the MSM right now?

Hillary has a 53% national approval rating?

Congrats to TruthOut - Do you see now how the WH has control of ALL media?

Border security plan worries Texas town

Tony Blair: Time to act against animal rights protesters

WP: Administration's secret measures, exposed, don't look good in light

Nation needs to know about records at NSA

Of Bugs, The President, And The NSA: National Security Agency Intercepts

Founders didn't think 'trust me' was enough

Making peace with moms (Sad Mother's Day Story and Origin of Day)

Michelle Goldberg on What is Christian nationalism? (about her new book)

John McCain – Remember When people thought he Wasn’t a Sellout?

Bush book list heavy on history

Pair help Iraq veterans 'survive peace'

RW Religious Leaders: Out Of Touch With Their Congregations On Contracepti

Castro pits U.S. jalopies vs. Chinese buses

The Marketplace of Perceptions

Wiretapping preoccupied Hayden at NSA

Avian Flu Wanes in Asian Nations It First Hit Hard/ NYT's 5/14/06

Can the Democrats Weather the Rage of the Pitchfork Brigade? (DU Mention)

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 243

Have you seen the new Harper's yet?

Emerging Nations (not US, Europe, Japan) Powering Global Economic Boom

Does anyone here have a Home Equity Line Of Credit?

Petro-Euro: A reality or distant nightmare for the U.S.?

UK's Leading Allergist - Warmer World Powering England's Hay Fever Upsurge

especially on a nite like this

Two tidal power proposals (Maine)

China And India, Start Your Engines

China Imposes 5% Tax On Disposable Chopstick Exports - AP

More Exploration or More Conservation?

Chesapeake Bay Eelgrass - Keystone Species - Dying Of Heat Stress

Court narrowly upholds 'family reunification' ban

Fury as Israeli writer criticises US Jews

A.B. Yehoshua sends 'deepest apologies' for AJC remarks

U.S. teen hurt in Tel Aviv suicide bombing in April dies of wounds

Game theory

In the West Bank, an Escort for Palestinian Pupils

Israel's Supreme Court upholds ban on Palestinian spouses

LEGAL ANALYSIS: Ruling favors Jewish state over democratic

... "phantom" planes "melting" into buildings ...

See the plume of black smoke

Everybody's gotta learn sometime.

Where's the explanation for this?

For Paul T: Scowcroft, Global Guardian, Federal Advisory Cmte

I have a question...

Stray question...

"sip and puff" device

Lowell Finley, leading election attorney, up at 6:30 pm CST

Who else is sick of "liberal" media icons ignoring election fraud?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Sunday, May 14, 2006

For those who saw Clark last night, a question

whois scanning your computer?

What can i learn from my firewall log?

Question about converting Word docs to PDF

450+ Freeware apps ...This is a great list

To all you moms out there, Happy Mothers Day!

To all you mommies out there, Happy Mothers Day!

We bought a used bread machine, and

Fine Cookin'....

Uses for homegrown tomatoes ?

Harper staffer defends Tory media policy

Complaint to Congress for US persecution for free speech of a Chinese

Bin Laden 'probably back home in US'

Fla. Killer Alligator Believed Captured

Doctors puzzled over (very) bizarre infection surfacing in South Texas

FBI raids top CIA official's home

Report: Wealthy are winners in tax change

In Kentucky Hills, a Homeland Security Bonanza

McCain tries to heal rift with the Christian right

Baghdad bombs kill six and wound 10 -police

Legislators eye shooting preserves loopholes


Bush book list heavy on history

Iran to reject EU offer to end atomic work

Peru's jailed ex-spy chief sentenced

Dozens Killed in Attacks Across Iraq

Roadside Bombs Kill 26 In Baghdad (60 More Injured)

Report: Military Suicides Linked To Extended Deployment

Five Florida counties get uncertified voting machines

Fired Officer Believed CIA Lied to Congress--WaPo (Mary McCarthy)

Mentally Unfit, Forced To Fight

Castro pits U.S. jalopies vs. Chinese buses

British "engaging" Basra police despite terror link charges

Iraq Begins to Rein In Paramilitary Force (Some death squads US-made)

Israel, U.S. to start discussing convergence plan this week

Report: 28 Bodies Found in Algeria

Pair help Iraq veterans 'survive peace'

N.H. Declares Emergency Over Flooding

NYT, pg1, lead: Avian Flu Wanes in Asian Nations It First Hit Hard

Spies ‘hid’ bomber tape from MPs (MI5 knew ahead of time)

Mentally Unfit, Forced to Fight

Bird habitats to get $3.9 million in grants

Rice trades barbs with Russian before Iran meet

Pentagon challenges mental health report

Cheney in N.E. Ohio tomorrow

Texas teenager dies of rabies from bat bite

Nepal Gov't Set to Curtail King's Power

White House dismisses calls for direct Iran talks

Momentum Grows to Halt Medicare Penalty

Wiretapping preoccupied Hayden at NSA (at expense of reform agenda)

51% oppose NSA database (43% approve - USA TODAY/Gallup Poll)

Brad and Jolie want to star in film of Atlas Shrugged

Cheney suspicions of Iraq WMD probe, CIA spy outed in legal documents

2 British Soldiers Killed Near Basra

Move of Halliburton Meeting Draws Fire (hiding from shareholders?)

Boxer tells Mills grads U.S. needs to pull troops from Iraq

PM predicts relationship with US will grow closer

CNN: Deadline for Medicare drug plan looms

Iraqi Soldier Completes U.S. Army Ranger Training

Spies ‘hid’ bomber tape from MPs (London Train Bombing)

First Lady: Don't Campaign on Marriage Ban

Abramoff cohort spent millions on Sussex homes

WP: Budget Cut Would Shutter EPA Libraries

CNN/AP: Floods force hundreds from New England homes

Laura Bush doesn't believe bad polls on husband

Observer: IMF acts to avoid markets meltdown ($ plunging)

Networks Grapple with Presidential Speech Timing (during May Sweeps)

Campaign Complicates Allen's Ambitions

Shiites, Sunnis Threaten Gov't Formation

Film takes a graphic look at Iraq combat ER

Jail riots follow Brazil attacks (at least 30 dead in Sau Paulo)

Mighty U.S.-built generator feeds frail Iraqi power grid

(AFT) Cheney's gay daughter hits Bush stance on gay marriage

Santorum ups rhetoric on 'maniac' ruling Iran

UAE still hoping for US trade deal by end 2006

Children 'should sleep with parents until they're five'

Preval takes office and restores democracy in Haiti

Stay off the acid, kids....

Okay. I've been up for 42 hours straight

Insomniac Zombies, COME HERE.

Bill Sux at .18 Microns

Settle down girl

Ow ow ow ow.... Am in pain. Ow... Pity me.

It is better to have loved and lost than ...

Bottoms Up! The Cocktail Turns 200

Probably just as well I don't carry a gun.

Man, it is quiet around here!

* has killed CIA proving CIA did not kill Kennedy.

We're drowning up here!

Horn I'm damned up...

how many of you buy stuff from Alchemy Gothic?{cross-posted}

I'm out of Big Tobacco cigarettes

I just put the sugar in the gas tank.

Whatever you do, do NOT use this toilet

Good Morning!

Damn I'm horned up....

Who needs the NSA when you've got this?

what's a great magazine these days?

I just put the sugar in the refrigerator.

Congratulations robbedvoter!! 20,000 posts

Find something to whine about....

Are you loud in bed?

A tribute thread to my Mom

There is a branch above my satellite dish

this is my favorite interior designer.

Is there anybody awake who'd be willing to give me a hug?

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Do you take music for granted?

Fine Cookin'

Just thought I'd share this (dial up warning)

in honor of mothers everywhere

Police Came and Shut Down the House and Now People are Homeless



Lol. My six-year-old may be a future Freeper.

BBC mistakes cabbie for ‘expert’ and interviews him live on air

Things you hate to admit "Amnesty Thread"

Stop Making Sense=Brilliant

If you see a gang of hellraising grannies in San Francisco today

I want to say California peggy kept me sane over the years

In the spirit of things, a tribute to my mother.

HEY! Not fair...I'm always being called a mother......,

Do you choose to be anonymous when going back to your hometown?

You very own personal windfarm..

Who stole the F###king sun?

Wow! Red-baiting!

Is nudity and profanity allowed in the Lounge?

In this picture, Adolf Eichman looks remarkably like my father.

Funniest classical pieces you know of?

Today at the Sonshine Soup Kitchen: Vegetarian Chicken Ala King

Do you live where people sneer at strangers?

How many mothers day calls does al Quaeda make to the US?

Is nudity and profanity allowed on network tv in America?

Pulp Fiction. No matter how many times I see it, I'm amazed at how good

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 5/14/06)

I don't want to go to work today

How do you get rid of your desire for someone?

watch...oh the joy of mother's day....hahaha

HOTEL RWANDA--Saddest Movie I've Seen Yet.

Why would anyone want to see "hot anime action"?

Dammit Mom, why didn't you pick up the phone?

I gotta go pick up some weed.

Does extraterrestrial life believe in you?

To my grandma, born 5/14/1916

Is it wrong to marry your former step-father?


Do you live in a place where people say hello to strangers?

Does extraterrestrial life believe in you?

What do you think about a guy who doesn't seem to like his mother?

Is it reasonable for me to refuse to cook dinner on Mothers Day?

Was there a Boogy Man in your closet or under your bed?

Damn. Found a baby bird with a broken wing and leg...

WOO HOO! My First Greatest Page thread!

My pancakes are not satisfying.

Look What My Son Made Me For Mother's Day!

Does extraterrestrial life believe in DU?

Should my 8,000th post be about it being my 8,000th post.

Homegrown's alright with me.

NTSC/PAL dvd question...

Incredible prank on Ottawa Mayor

Two hours of West Wing tonight

This is my first Mother's Day apart from my son and I'm feeling sad




Play as Spiderman!... well a mecha anyway...


Survivor Finale or Soprano's

94 degrees

Mother's Day: I'm not a mother, _but_ (dial-up warning)

I had this terrible dream last night. I was posting an OP and I started to

Do you buy your wife a mother's day present?

Anyone use Lee Rabinowitz Steiner's stuff?

I wonder how Wolf Blitzer would do in the UFC?

Are the stickies gonna smush us down?

I'm actually drying my shorts in the oven right now

Anyone have a stepmother they love deeply.

What should I have for dinner?

"I need to return this vibrator"

I donated and I can post 1 sticky...what should I post?

Translate your first name to a different language

Why not move to a smaller city?

Combination kitty and garden photo thread. (dial-up warning)

Goodnight everyone!

The Mothers who arent with us anymore appreciation thread

Happy birthday wishes to.............

o.k. will someone please tell my cat its Mothers Day?

Stop the contest. Stanley chooses worst product name ever.

The Simpsons and creationism

LOL: BBC accidently interviews cab driver re: Apple v. Apple

Did you ever meet someone by accident.....

Pink bats for breast cancer research

Post A Headline That You Expect To Read Sometime This Year.

I will take you home again Kathleen

Finally saw "MASH," the movie

If you only watch baseball one day a year, make it today...

Sunday artwork: "Feminine Elegance"

Who is the male equilvalent of Paris Hilton?

Last Mother's Day luncheon for Grandma

HONK if you give a rat's ass about The Da Vinci OR movie.

My *grandmother* just asked me why lesbians "who don't want to have sex

6 Laps left in a Formula 1 race. And the local news breaks in to tell me

Mother's Day photo thread- post a pic of Mom!

The Greatest Music Video Of All-Time

Fashion help: what to wear to a wedding reception

Anybody aware of an IBM event in San Jose in June?

***East Coast West Wing fans****

Favorite Gone with the Wind character:

Any ideas for movies to rent tomorrow night (during Bush's speech)?

Adrienne Barbeau Alert!

Some pictures on Momma's Day.....*dial-up warning*

I posted a poll in poor taste last night and I apologize.

Whatever you do

Cat location update

I'm playing hookey from church today.

Her name was Marilyn. She was a liberal.

Alchemy Gothic.

Where was you Mother born?

My cat Buddy died today, and I miss him

Whats the dumbest thing you ever seen posted on a vehicle?

Will you go see the Da Vinci Code?

Brad and Jolie want to star in film of Atlas Shrugged

What music are you listening to?

From Helix to Hologram, article

The Enlightenment and Constructive Postmodernism

An atheist at a Bat Mitzvah

The Thin Skins Of Religions

Medical center to coexist with holistic hospital

Maybe Jesus does NOT want you to get cervical cancer!

'Brazilian Stonehenge' discovered

Cowed Mary finally speaks

"The Mayor of Castro Street," coming out in 2007.

A memorial site

The real deal or "good cop, bad cop"?

Chess News for week ending May 14

What the.....Do We Know? On HBO....

"Celestine Prophecy" Insights-anyone know what they all are?

Urgent - Help save Veterans Benefits today!

Join Sen. John Kerry & Support SNAPPAC

Kerry in The Hill: Health insurance for every child in America (5/10)

I hope everyone in NE New England is OK!!!

May Contest Timeline

Greetings from Havana, Cuba

Gore Vidal on CSPAN2 1:10 AM

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

CA Gov race - Westly Goes negative - big surprise


Ben Ferguson is a putz

It may be a little early, but you don't have to change too many words.

East German Stasi secret police collected "smells" of political dissidents

Tom Wolfe describing NASCAR on CSPAN2 ... NOW!

Lewinsky Case's Prosecutor Accused Of Stalking Woman

HUD investagated! for firing Contractor after he said he didn't like Bush

Podcast and slideshow of Howard Dean at TiEcon 2006 in CA this week.

Report: Wealthy are winners in tax change

Rove will resign........did you read this?

Why did Tulane need both Clinton and Bush to speak at their Commencement?

well,it now appears there is another agency that

So this friend of mine says, regarding health insurance:

All this and World War III?

Bottoms Up! The Cocktail Turns 200

scandal, - investigations, indictments list

You drunk too?

President of Iran praises Jesus Christ....

DOJ Moves to Dismiss AT&T Class Action under Cover of Night.

I Believe

Yahoo is reporting that Karl Rove has been Indicted (via Truthout)

Christian Newswire: "Abortion is being GLAMORIZED on Mother's Day"

Santorum: U.S. has right to phone records

Are they working together?

FBI raids top CIA official's home

Happy Mother's Day to Barbara Bush!

Human society should be stuctured thusly:

A little help from our Canadian friends about Immigrating to your great


Rove Indictment: Anything at all from MSM?

Al Gore lives on my street

Karl Rove: If the annoucment is not made this week...

how many of you buy stuff from Alchemy Gothic?{cross-posted}

Johnny and Jerry, sitting in a tree

getting windy? Sunday 5/14 toon

Former Inspector says he was pressured to suppress 'biotrailer' findings

Bush Does Polk

OK, I'm having trouble waking up. What happened? First with Cheney

c-span wash journal - greg palast, r. emmett tyrrell

Illegal Workers: the Con's Secret Weapon

Al Gore on SNL Right Now!

In The Heart of the Fear Economy, All Is Well: A Tale Of Two Articles

High gas prices - (not so) hidden benefits to cred card companies?

123 US service members sworn in as citizens

At a labor event last night in Iowa

"My Journal" suggestion

Malkin is taking questions on c-span 2

South Korean protesters scuffle with police in protest against US military

NYT: Health clinics for routine services being set up in chain stores

Why isn't anyone confirming Leopold's story

The nicest Mother's Day gift I've ever gotten.

As Katrina hit it was special interest business as usual

MSNBC: Mentally Ill Troops Sent Into Combat

Bush/ Cheney/ Rove and Co. are the terrorists we really need to fear.

NSA Question.....

CNN Poll, the worm is turning.

In April, House passed bill to make phone records off-limits w/o consent

Turley on HADLEY's $2B waste, Shrub's criminality

The Newt is trying to blame Bremer for all that's wrong in Iraq. MTP

Racists riding wave of anti-immigrant fervor

Congressional race in NC gets dirty (figures, a Repuke throwing daggers)

Desperate Republicans chase the black vote

why do right-wingnutz like: r. emmett tyrrell, have those beady...

A Stupid Person is a real scary thing.

Another parody song for the NSA: "Phone Line"

Cheney was administration's top advocate for warrantless wiretapping

Palast is right. We're NOT at war.

Boxer rips into NSA at Mills graduation & says it is time to leave Iraq

Chávez is a threat because he offers the alternative of a decent society.

DUers Please help - Share Examples of Effective Candidate Web Sites

Newt on MTP (centr. time) with Tim Russert-NSA

This is the NSA charter, as signed by Harry S. Truman in 1952...

I say- If shrub and dick want to have access to our phone conversations

That CBS Morning piece on Saradon was OK

It Newt on Crack?

Has Rove been indicted??


Chicago Tribune/WaPo: Filing in CIA leak focuses on Cheney

They are just using phone records to...

Media User 101

Does anyone know where I can get Rush & Sean's mailing lists?

If Cheney was my dad I wouldn't write a book about it.

According to FISA, "content" means both substance of call AND fact of it

In praise of Country Joe McDonald

looking for LARGE Democratic Logo... I need a BIG one please...

Biden on Hayden (barf alert)

Mother's Day MTP "I love my Newtie" Poll

Put some sun in Mother's Day, . . . . . . . . . . . . .please CAPTION!!!!

Fine Cookin'

Hadley on FTN - What a lying son of a bitch

The thing with Newt on MTP.....

You won't believe the obscene bumper sticker........

I just enrolled in Medicare D. On the first page of the enrollment

JORDAN: Torture of prisoners rife, say rights groups

Heads up: Greg Palast on C-SPAN WJ

Bravo Frank Rich

Four percent of Americans have extremely low standards

Sen. Frist coming up on Wolf Blizer, cnn Late Edition (quick news first).

Frank Rich

AP: Experts debate Bush's use of his powers

Pink bats for breast cancer research

Did you know lightning can be triggered?

What on Earth is McCain Talking About?

New comic on NSA

So how has cataloging all domestic phone calls helped the NSA catch OBL?

Do we know ALL the companies that helped the NSA?

U.S. corporations "can't find enough Americans to fill their jobs"

Backlog at borders, cracks in the system

Legal vs. Lawful; The Bush crime family is using LAWFUL

A couple of interesting commercials on Sunday's talk shows...

film from 35 years ago -domestic survailance-testimony-MTP coming up

Just Another Normal Day in Iraq - 5 roadside bombs and

will president be addressing rove on monday's address?

Words from the founding fathers RE NSA and IRAQ.

Funny pop up I just got

Is the Rhode Island primary already over? This dscc says so

US forces urged to leave S. Korea

Your Celebration preparations for our 2nd Fitzmo Day

The First DEM To Distance Themsleves From Gore's SNL Skit Will Be...

a few observations of the "liberal" media this weekend

Wal-Mart Tries to Enlist Image Help (NY Times)

TIME: Does This Man Have Your Number?

GOP in Congress, reduced to passing laws to protect the Admin's

Another Reason why the NSA spying cover story doesn't wash.

SNL - President Gore's State of the Union Speech

I'd like to give a special shout out to all the DU Mom's! You go girls!

Whats the name of the web site that debunks urban legends and myth's?

Re: NSA Phone logs excuse: "It's nothing you can't get from Google."

The question is: What does Bush think a "terrorist" is?

Gal on Chris Mathews Just Said "There is Highly Enriched Uranium in Iran"

Try this tin-foil hat on .......

Why isn't the MSM reporting Colbert's speech... er, Rove indictment?

Prominent AZ State Senator's Son gets 30 days (got off easy)

Did anyone here what David Shuster on MSNBC said?

The King and Queen of America---special request

Yes, spreading controversial, unsubstantiated reports IS dangerous

I just got off the phone with Jason Leopold

Patriot Act "Compliance" Training?


Howard Dean... how do you communicate 06 Strategy on Bugged phones ?

Christians scare the hell out of me

"Fitz Brings the Frog March Again" (Tune: "Let's Do The Time Warp Again")

List of organizations carrying story so far on Rove Indictment

I went to a parallel universe this morning- Fox

cnn to start 'special' coverage on the immigration problem at 6 am ET.

Some news does break on Sunday evenings.....

Businesses Ought To Be Freaking Out Over The NSA Spying

So some Republicans want to bring people together & stop the vitriol

Here's a funny platform - For The People, NOT For The Corporations n/t

How can anyone say the WH did something "legal" or "illegal" if....

Don't hesitate; shift the 401(k) money directly to IRA account

OMG! ---IMF/Fed efforts to prop up the sinking dollar

Another Award Winning Florida Family

Will they use the Guard to protect New York's borders

Digital age distorts rules of privacy

Shock of shock

Public Service announcement for NC DUers-keep Checking your local weather

Big deal about Cheney notes and still no Tenet and Brewster-Jennings

Here is the thud of the next shoe dropping - kudos to Bob Schieffer

The Sunday Morning Unintentional Hilarity Award today goes to . . drumroll

How, why a blogger calls CEO a plagiarist

A few thoughts on Rove/Truthout/Ruskin and the like

An obvious question that seeks a logical

University Physical Plant Director Fired over LTTE

Look at Cheney's scrawl on Joe Wilson's Times op-ed piece

I am sure everyone realizes how important it is that Fitz does his...

Happy Mother's Day

POLL: How far has the "wiretapping" gone already?

But what is a sealed indictment? GLAD YA ASKED:

MUST SEE LIVE TV BLOOPER--Cabbie interviewed as media expert by mistake

Take the Smoke-Free Home pledge

Caption these photos. *, Mrs. * and Condi >>>

Do you think Al-Qaeda is real?<- About posts in "Al-Qaeda has won."

Anyone seen the Boeing/Military Commercial?

Mentally Unfit, Forced to Fight

Hooligan detector tested for Euro 2008

It would be best if the Rove indictment wasn't announced till Tuesday.

The oaths they take and the oaths they break

RW talk radio host (Gibson?) praises Rove, DeLay, Santorum

Mothers Day Miracle

"Fishin' Accomplished"... bush's fish tale headline.... Just for a yuck

Is Dick Next In Line?

Delusional freeper thinks a rove indictment will help their party

Blurb for Tweet's Show this AM. What would happen to * If Rove indicted?

any updates on the national push to unionize hotel workers?

So here's how a dictator does it

NYT: Hadley the Liar Defends Spying on US Citizens

Last night I tried to post the Rove story on FR

Had Enough?

Jason Leopold on NPR this morning?

US could access EU data retention information (phone calls, emails, etc.)

Mothers Day for Peace

RW talk show hosts attempt to trivialize NSA info in USA Today

Rice Speaking at Commencement. Prof Quits Catholic College

"Lunatic Left" Claims Rove Has Been Indicted!!!!!

Follow up. Secret Service points gun at protesters in Tampa

Are we at "war" or are we not at war?

I think many of the TruthOut and RawStory bashers are GOP moles.

"The Good Ship Fitzgerald is Listing"

This is Great!

Does anyone speak Arabic here? Looking for definition of a specific word.

Why do Republicans have the best IT departments and hackers?

Remember When CNN, MSRNC, ETC. Had Message Boards?

AZ case: does LDS church punish 'wrongful conduct' of almost missionaries

The Funny Conservative Post of the Day

My dad (Republican voter since 1968) just told me:

(VIDEO) Ladies and Gentlemen, The President of the United States (SNL)

Eagle theft pits religious practice against the law

Newt Gingrich in MTP: Hussein involved with Al Queda

The USA Today 51 opposition poll, in depth:

It is also worth noting, before I take my nap...

The Thin Skins Of Religions


"wait to be spoon-fed overspun tidbits"

Katherine Harris fires her gun at Hallalujah Land Ranch!

Ted Kennedy's Book Party on CSPAN2 now

This is toooooooooooo funny, have you read this?

Chris Matthews and his White (rich male) Supremist ways.....

What the Fuck is Wrong With the Beltway Democrats?

"Mother's Day Proclamation"'s about PEACE

Mexico's Fox Calls Bush to Discuss Border

Army Brass Worried About HBO Movie With Bloody Images Of Our Soldiers

Bernie Sanders, speaking on corporate control of the media

So where's Barbara & Jenna today?

Why is Pickles being given valuable news airtime & other rhetoricals


CNN war poll is being freeped

'm listening to Lyndon LaRouche on TV. He makes more sense

examples of indicting someone in secret?

What did I miss????? I have listened all day to talking heads

A freeper on my veterans board posted this the other day:

Has any other source verified truthout's reporting on Rove?

Putting National Guard on the Mexican border is not about

So when will Rove be indicted?

What If DeadEye Had Sons?

Wolf Just Made Frist stutter... (12:10 Sunday - The Sit. Room)

Dumb Post Alert

Could it be Fitz releasing Cheney Scribblings late Friday was Caluculated

"Roger and Me"

* Avian Flue Wanes in Asian Nations it First Hit Hard * NYT's May14/06

Pickles' idea of what constitutes feminism (btw, says she's a feminist)

Texas teenager dies of rabies from bat bite

Uh, anyone else notice this ... more and more Laura

Wonderful letter from John Hostettler

Guvenator... that's a pretty girly tie... are you a girly man?

Glen Beck on Headline News: When will they

Did Roosevelt LIHOP to the pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor?

I know you love the Dixie Chicks, but Andy Stern, SEIU, is on 60 Min. now.

Don't Forget, Everyone: Dixie Chicks on 60 Minutes Tonight

PHOTO: A happy, carefree Mother's day!

What about the * Administration infuriates you the most?

HAHAHA! Laura Bush "Doesn't Believe" the Bad Polls for Georgie!

Laura Bush doesn't believe bad polls on husband

was part of scotties departure timed so he wouldn't have to answer-

Horse Apples...

Pink Stink: 10 yr. old kept from singing ''Dear Mr. President'' in school.

Bolivian nationalisation leaves Lula in disarray

Speaking of privacy, what do you think about

"This guy has become a syncophnat for the extreme left wing."

Great questions about Fitzgerald and Fox. Please read

What day is Fitzmas? Our very own DU Pool

I can't believe it--I messed up my stickies--bring

FReepers ask hate mail to be sent today to my state. Will you counter?

There's some really strong kool-aid out there folks!!!

Here's the full video of Colbert at the WH correspondants dinner:

So .. are we ready for this "Down Goes Frazier !" moment??

Would you put it past LIEberman (Joementum)

TOON: Ted Rall (Nazi Punditry)

How will Rove spin Rove's indictment?

Will you not discuss politics when you call Mom today?

One more maybe two killed by Phoenix serial killer.

30 days for assulting over a dozen kids

Colorful article from an Italian site on the "Rove indictment"

What is WITH this sick connection between Bush I and Bill Clinton?

My personal email of the week... feel free to use it if you want

The Freefalling Dollar and Bush’s war on the Middle Class

Donation time again I guess. Well worth it I might add too

Allison Janney: "I have a feeling Pres. Bush has never seen 'West Wing'"

heads up: 1966 Farenheit 451 Showing on HDNM Tonight at 8:15C

"Karl Rove Is Innocent And Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald ...

I'm All Happy About rove & dick's problems, but what about bu$h?

Chatting Online with Elizabeth Edwards

Please DU this CNN poll.

Colbert and 9/11...

With all Moms gone - last one Wednesday - Mother's Day with "Fog of War"

John McCain is a disgrace

Dixie Chicks interview on 60 Minutes on NOW

Howard Dean cancels Berkeley graduation speech to honor union picket line

Poll: How will the Mainstream Media report it if (when) Rove's indicted?

Too hippy-dippy left for you?

Steve Kroft's q's to DCs reflect CBS's corporate position. Play it safe.

questions about 401(k) rollovers:

Border troops would be temporary, U.S. tells Mexico

This e-mail made me want to vomit.

Mother's Day in Iraq

Has Anybody Here Been Able To Infiltrate FR?

The MSM as GOP shill

Warnings about what to do if attacked by a terrorist.

Blitzer and the Situation Room Sucks

What is your biggest disagreement with your fellow DUers?

Info on the build up of gun ships in the Persian Gulf.

Police State America

Living costs squeeze retirement plans

If Cheney is Fitz's ultimate target, isn't it time to get to know him?

Cheney in N.E. Ohio tomorrow

Just got a call

PHOTO: John McCain, have you no dignity?

Welcome `home,' Michaëlle Jean

OKAY! If I threw a nickle in, so can you!

Happy Mother's Day to Barbara Bush!

Well, Flight 93 didn't exactly set the box office afire, did it?

When pushed too far, the oligarchy will clamp down

Great Communicator

Happy Mother's Day Protest Photos! 'Mom Says No To War' in DC!

Take the Fox is Fake News challenge

US and Viet Nam strike trade deal. Tell me again why the loss of 58K

Thank Patrick Fitzgerald LINK

4th Amendment and private companies

Alert: The NSA wishes to remind everyone to call their Mothers today...

Al Gore on SNL from last night, from YouTube (k&r, pls!!)

If pedophilia is not a choice,why can't they recognise how wrong it is?

Rasmussen: * approval rating at 39%. WTF???

Jason Leopold-Sticking By Story In Radio Interview

AOL Poll! It Accompanies article about Laura thinking polls are wrong.

O.K. Legends Ball vs. * Prime Time vs. The Apprentice vs. Rove Indictment

Three BIG Questions Regarding The Truthout Rove Indictment Article

Important point to know reNewt's lie about Saddam/Al Qaeda on MTP today

Dick Cheney is even worse than you think he is.

Halliburton's meeting move to small Oklahoma city draws fire

Gingrich on MTP is praising Hillary...

Does anyone Think Kerry Has Connected the NSA and His Campaign Dots?

The Pope and The Da Vinci Code (put your coffee down)

Congratulations, EarlG!

(VIDEO) If you liked Al Gore on SNL - watch this one, too ->

How dare the Dixie Chicks represent the South and then turn to the dark

You may as well have a file on a jar of jelly.

The insidious creeping upward of prices share the wealth of information at the DU

"Anarcho"-Capitalism (Proprietarianism): A self-contradictory "philosophy"

This Alone Needs It's Own Thread (Cheney's Personal Notes):

A full scale investigation needed to expose Bush/GOP massive crime:

We must stop buying the right's spin on Christians

New Bumper Stickers (Trying to Dispel some Myths and help in 2006)

Larry Johnson "Leopold Had Multiple Sources"

A song parody for the folks at the NSA

Why There Is So Little Congressional Enthusiasm for Bush’s Impeachment

New Journalism 101

Pete Seeger sang some songs for us. Can you send an email?

A debate ripe for pay per view

WSJ: Ned Lamont, Kos Celeb

Ahmadinejad's letter to Bush - not as crazy as I expected

Politcal Cartoons

Poll: Plurality of Americans want Democrat in Whitehouse in 2008

I've been wondering the same thing about...

Feeling optomistic. Am I an idiot or what?

Warrant, warrant warrant! Why wont they ask the RIGHT question?

Watching George Will & David Brooks on "This Week", I can see how Nazis...

a bloated republican pinata

Hagel on Bush Immigration Plan: ‘That’s Not The Role of Our National Guard

Who do you think is the better senator from NE?

I prefer a sane man acting crazy over a crazy man pretending to be sane

Rove indicted? Proof, or imho let it go for now,

If not top spot on GOP ticket, Jeb Bush looks good for VP spot

NYT: Hey Democrats, Why Win?

White House pulls out Pickles for Fox News Sunday interview...oh boy...

How many Senators/Reps are vulnerable to BLACKMAIL?

Please remind me of the Dems that voted for the bankruptcy bill--

what with all the ROVE ROVE ROVE

WSJ: The Two-Star Rebel

Sales numbers for Neil Young's Living with War?

If information is power....?

Massa, Baldwin, and Duck discuss the PTSD Epidemic

Sources Say The NSA Made It Clear That It Was Willing To Pay....

Does "lawful" mean the same thing as "legal"?

Greg Palast live on CSPAN Washington Journal right now

Why is Fitz sitting on the Rove indictment? (Is it Cheney???)

Another Public Opinion Lie?

Harold Rogers(R)Kentucky;profiteering from Homeland Security?

7 Rules from the War Advertising Council

McCain, Falwell, Hypocrites

Brilliant Dead on Satire- "Ask a Republican"

I'll Give It To * That They Have To Do Something To Prevent Our....

Always interesting to go back and reread past articles...

Enough!!!! with the 'supply side' shit ... economics, opinion, journalism

'Giuliani Time' shows Rudy's rough edges (New Movie)

Gore Vidal on CSPAN2 4pm

How can Biden blast illegal spying, but support Hayden?

Help me put the pieces together to destroy Gingrich's argument

Has there been any other confirmation on Rove's indictment?

Bush Secretly Collecting All Records on Gun Purchases for CIA !

Freeps react: "False hope of Fitzmas," Rove "as innocent and pure as snow"

Five Florida counties get uncertified voting machines

Sherrod Brown still ahead of DeWine

"16 words" in SOTU speech

Hard-core Republicans fleeing Bush

New England State of Emergency. Where's the strummin' Cakesucker-in-Chief?

A classic: The Accidental Candidate

'the largest, political blogosphere video launch in history.' ?

Why should Democratic politicians or the American people listen to the MSM

Anyone know how this domestic spying thing will affect VOIP calls?

POLL: Which is the Rightful President of the United States?

looking for pics of shrub & dumsfeld....


"A great evil exist that threatens every man woman and child"

Come on, let's quit believing the "hardcore republicans leaving Bush"....

The original Mother's Day proclamation

Any opinions on Nancy Pelosi as President of the United State?

A question for Mother's Day: why did we invade Iraq, anyway?

Bush, you're an ASSHOLE! A MUST SEE!!!!

Peter Daou, Huff Po: As Reporters Suck Up, Laura Bush Slaps Them Down

When will Bush announce a troop drawdown? August? September? October?

Spy programs might up Bush`s support

Impeachment Progresses in California Legislature

Why Nancy Pelosi is Pulling Her Punches

Cleveland Plain Dealer Whining About Kucinich Victory

Jane Harman: It's a 'lawless White House, out of control'

John Edwards to speak at Costco in Arlington VA, May 16 lunchtime

Link to Al Gore on SNL

Imperch Bush

Anyone wathcing 60 minutes with the Dixie Chicks

Cavuto: "Collecting our PHONE RECORDS better than collecting our REMAINS"

They even sold our History! Smithsonian's secret deal with Showtime

Newt say's if you make "normal" phone calls you don't have

Choice Point + NSA = TIA

Gore: Tide turning on global warming

Join Senator John Kerry and support SNAPPAC

Daily Kos: The COLBERT Effect: Al Gore Gets It

Bush eaten by a bass!! (fun with animation shop)

Edwards/Obama '08?


Clark calls for full investigation of NSA domestic spying

This stuff really pisses me off ("Both parties are the same" crap)

An Urgent Call to Action to Save Veterans Benefits!

Please DU this poll

Miami Herald Watchdog: Hidden truth of youth's death at camp