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Archives: May 15, 2006

BBC World Service hits new record

Warriors Wage A Battle For Black Freedom In Brazil In The 1600s

They did it their way - so they have no one to blame but themselves

GOP's risky ploy: 'Scary' Democrats

Iran's oil exchange to trade oil for euros, not dollars

`Jeffrey Was Really Messed Up'

Christian Aid: Climate change a 'deadly threat' (BBC)

Were the Dark Ages Triggered by Volcano-Related Climate Changes in 6th C.?

Israeli Troops Kill 6 in West Bank Raids

Latest Madcow Report on the 5.5T Cocaine Heist.

Did the State of Maryland know about Hursti's latest in 2004?

Fort Bend Democrats - stuff you can do

British lawyer hatched Putin smears

Gulf markets soar

GOP's risky ploy: 'Scary' Democrats

WP,pg1: West Virginia Democrat (Rep. Mollohan) Is Scrutinized

52 Dead in 2nd Wave of Brazil Gang Attacks

Gingrich Says Hillary Clinton Is Beatable

Returning Iraqi jihadists threaten Europe

Faked microchip shames all of China

Revolution in the Camden air as Chavez gets Hero's Welcome

Markets braced for the worst (sliding dollar, equities)--- Telegraph/UK

Negroponte Had Denied Domestic Call Monitoring

NYT/Reuters: Climate Change May Kill Millions in Africa - Report

Border troops would be temporary, US tells Mexico

NYT/AP: Bush to Call for Guard Troops on Border

Reports: Blair to Leave Office in '07

WP: Divide Is Sharpening Among Republicans

Hayden CIA bid hinges on spying role: senators

Bush administration acquiescing to weaker dollar-WSJ (SHHH! Don't Tell!)

Chavez sees oil at $100 a barrel if US hits Iran

NYT: G.O.P.'s Christian Allies Warn That Inaction Could Be Costly

NYT: Former University of Texas President Will Lead U.S. Math Panel

What would you post for a sticky?

Will 'synchophnat' become the new 'moran'?

You can use stickies in postings...

Can someone help? DU posting question..



Oh sick... I just cracked an egg... and it was bloody...

Great Scott, who posted "Man Du Jour" as a sticky?

"Family Guy" Thread

Poop. The sticky code doesn't work in my journal.

"How many is a brazillion?" sticky

I Like Tom Cruise

I tried to post a sticky. I tried posting Lise Meitner's picture. I got

My name is Kudzu.......

For Mother's Day...I received...

Happy Mother's Day, Moms! How was it?!

"American Dad Season Finale" thread

Alright...who put the Brazillion joke on a sticky??

File Trnasfer

For West Wing Fans....

Caught here in a fiery blaze... Won't lose my will to stay.

So, who's excited about this new Aaron Sorkin show?

Monday list thread (renamed from "Sedalia, Missouri")

Charles Atlas Shrugged

Lost mothers thread.

What's up with the alligators?

Okay, I'm pissed

My cat is acting funny.

I have to hand it to the White Sox

good god the world is really coming to an end

Meet Sammie Davis Jr. Jr, officious seeing eye bitch.

Politics on Superman Returns chatboard


Baby ducky died.

Is there any such thing as airborne POISON IVY?

Okay. One last glass of wine and I'm going to bed.

Tony Soprano: "HE OWNS LIONEL!"

My Mother's Day.

absolutely must see: STAR TREK CRIBS

Samantha Morton is such a good actress.

Who wants to be on my list?

*sniff* I wish I had money. :-(

David Blaine's "Street Magician" show is now on TLC

By the way, HOW ABOUT THOSE OILERS???!!!!!

So I saw this new Subway commercial...

How much drinking is too much?


DU's favotire Painter, Kincaid, is being lampooned on Law and Order

HD TV...

The Samhain Appreciation thread.

My strength beyond being crushed.

And the winner of Survivor is...(Spoiler)

Any other HUFF fans out there?

Baby's hand severed at chocolate factory

Phrases you hate

What's your favourite college football team??

Where was your father born??

Reality - The historic fork in the road

Losing your Religion Pt 2: The RW Assault on Protestant Churches Exposed

CA Legislator Wants Sexual Orientation in Textbooks...

This will happen sometime this week

Dolan considers buying out Brown's contract (Knicks)

Capt. Jon Powers is one soldier featured in WP story

Thanks for the sticky!

delete n/t


Geez, there are a lot of hearings this week. Big, big hearings.

JeffR, don't forget to make a "comments" thread...



Cheney's coming to Cleveland. Should I wear blaze orange tomorrow?

Nice sticky, Wolvie!

Plankton blooms linked to quakes

Anyone watching tonight's The Simpsons? (about Creationism)

The world is flat. And if you don't say it is, you're fired.

Haven't watched the Simpsons for a year. This Evolution episode is great.

Donate to DU and post a Sticky?

Say, Admins: Can we get a link from the "Big Board" back to the forums?

Lieberman Calls Primary Likely

I'm watching the West Wing series finale.

Carpe Diem

HD TV...

Ouch a West Wing mistake

What's the name of the new Dixie Chicks album? go BUY it, pronto!

Team Libby Files New Memorandum-Focus on Harlow, Fleischer & Grossman

Global Eye-Shotgun Wedding (Chris Floyd)

So what will Bush talk about in tomorrow's address to we the people?

The Worst Thing about the West Wing's going away

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST

May 26, 1973...Toledo to Des Moines ..gas 35.9 to 37.9

Just released: Karl Rove Prison photo

Vote: Will Rove will resign tomorrow ?

Time: Inside Bush's secret spy net

Democracy or Despotism? Check it out.. 1945

A mother's day thread - dedicated to my wife and mom:


TimeWarner Cable Has Dumped the Sundance Channel On My Digital TV!

Clip: President Al Gore on SNL!


This Weeks Car Window Sign

DAYum! Them Dixie Chicks is some Uppity Women!

Isn't Rove's indictment inevitable? That is

Anyone know how to contact AOL News?

Frist downright ignorant on fed/state responsibilities RE:immigration

Is Bush going to fire (read: ask for resignation) Rove on TV tonight?

Fear and Loathing at Philadelphia's BattleCry (Xian Soldiers - scary s**t)

"Hatred is not a family value"

Why is it that the media runs with Drudge, but not Truthout?

DC bar scene buzz (Rove indictment)

Remember, too, MSNBC's David Shuster also thinks Rove will be indicted.

What was Newt smoking on MTP?


The ongoing Swiftboating of Jason Leopold: Wikipedia Edition

Dammit! I Didn't Get 60 Minutes Recorded - Transcripts?

How does this look?

Drudge just called the Rove indictment story a hoax

Reminder For West Coast - Dixie Chicks On 60 Minutes @ 7:35

Hey, kids, let's play a little number game!

Hey Bush, Gore's numbers are up, why don't you UP YOURS!

New Ned Lamont video (hits Joe-mentum good)

We all want to see Rove indicted.

URGENT HELP: is pen register information akin to (NSA) phone records?

Small town Texas--Rape and death threats while in jail (by the jailers)

How to talk like Matt Druge

I just saw the preview for "Baghdad ER" on HBO,and feel compelled..

Remember the Star Trek "parallel universe" episode?

I just learned the Mary CHEENEE philosophy of politics

What Not to Forget About Karl Rove...

Stand Your Ground Law: Take it to the streets ...

Photo (warning: despot!)

Can anyone tell me what happened

"Not Ready To Make Nice" by The Dixie Chicks ...Nice!!

What's up with the multiple assaults on Truthout and Raw Story?

Bush To Fox: Border Patrol Just Temporary

I Just Learned Why The Republican Strategy Is Brilliant.

Tom Tomorrow nails it again.

Watching MTP - the talking heads really are completely disconnected

HELP: wingnut who said they'd be afraid of med help from a liberal...?

Arizona Sheriff forms a posse to combat illegal immigrants

Hybrid bear shot dead in Canada

This is the sickest effing s**t I have ever read (WARNING)

An Inconvenient Truth - Trailer [video] Gore's New Film

I'm not counting ANY chickens until, or if, they hatch (Rove indictment)

FLASH: "For What it's Worth" - a new PROTEST video


???? was Dean REALLY on 700 Club?? did he really speak vs gay marriage????

didn't king george once say he'd fire anyone in his admin

"We cannot allow our government to consider itself above the law."

Bush's address to the nation Monday night -- as advertized?

51% oppose NSA database (New USA Today/Gallup poll)

Bye Bye West Wing...

Bush Waits FIVE YEARS Before Addressing Border Security & Neglects

I'm afraid every one of us missed the boat this time:

The Big Phoney Is Watching You!

DU made the AZ Republic front page article on Bloggers today (Sun)

Conyers:Its the Voting Stupid

I just want to say Thank You

Hillary Clinton May Not Run in '08

What Cheney said re: Wilson on Meet the Press in 03: Contradicts notes

House Injects Prayer Into Defense Bill

Were you afraid to call Mother today, because of Phoneygate?

Paging lala_rawraw: What were 'they' trying to tip you off to?

Go, Stop, Go

* helps plant a tree - photos >>>

Telecom spying: don’t just get mad -- get even. Here's how:

The Delusional World of Neocon Make-Believe...

Salon's Daou Report on Jason Leopold's Credibility

Happy Mutha's Day

Oh more on our observations from the

A Letter to Verizon

our message in this election

DCCC experts

I pray my faith will be restored....


New slogan: Republicans are cowards

CNN's Cafferty: Sen. Specter only thing in the way of dictatorship

OK World! We need a new 'coalition' for Il Dunce's next war. Who's in?

Gore/Obama in 2008 - That's the ticket!

Did anyone catch what Chris Matthews said this morning regarding Rove?

Photo: Australia's PM & U.S. Ambassador, and a prick in the middle.

new iraqi blog site---should prove interesting

The Day after Fitzmas: Pardon Uncle Karl and Dick (preemptively or not)

My Mom, lifelong Rep, is not voting in November

Faith Based Economics – These Chickens too Shall Come Home to Roost

Does anyone wonder why Rawstory didn't have the Rove story?

"It'll Be Gore?" Andrew Sullivan and Josh Marshall

I just got a horrible thought. Could bush* be using our phone

Hillary admonishes Gen Y'ers

will he resign tomorrow ?

I despise Laura Bush

Paranoia ain't always crazy (Death Squad Johnny's big phone list)

Keep this going for Big Dog.......

Newt Gingrich; I'm not running for president. C'mon Newt, run!!!

Politics Stalls Plan to Bolster Flood Insurance - NY Times 5/15/2006

Impeachment is just one tiny step--Mickey Z.

Rumsfeld on the ropes

Hurricane Halliburton

Snooping feds crossed line on domestic records

With friends like these . . .

Tice Letter to Sen. Warner, re: testimony to Armed Services Committee

Faith used to bully people into silence, boost egos

LVRJ: A funny kind of 'tax cut'

Poll: 91% of Democrats Not VERY Happy with Democratic Leadership

Italian Pay-off From Niger Forgery?

Glenn Greenwald: the Right is ready to impeach * over immigration

Markets Braced for the Worst (telegraphUK)

Paul Krugman--D for Debacle--NYTimes

Blair 'to amend human rights law' (bbc)

Karl Rove Indictment an elaborate Hoax? Did Jason Leopold get Rolled?

Al Gore Lights up Boston

Bob Herbert--America the Fearful--NYTimes

The Purity of Coleen Rowley

Robert Reich (Common Dreams): The Obscene $70 Billion Tax Cut:

Trolling For Senators - Desperately seeking Mildred

This letter to the editor in the New York Times sums perfectly how I feel.

A real asinine editorial

America's Geopolitical Nightmare

WP op-ed: The Return Of Voodoo Economics: GOP makes economics up

Hirsi Ali the outspoken dutch parlamentarian

British "Queen of Iraq" rests in Baghdad cemetery (She drew the lines)

"Shock Therapy" and The Freefalling Dollar --Mike Whitney

Impeachment is too important to leave to the Democrats

"Good Cause for Jitters"

Bush/DOE attempt to destroy defined benefit plans slowed by Congress

Final compromise tax bill gives new tax breaks for the rich

Rich to get super tax break - unlimited "ROTH IRA" non-taxable investment

Aggregate Savings

Gold curious at this time? Take a walk on the wild side with Bush/Barrick

Less Than Meets the Eye, NY Times, 5/15/2006

EU Carbon Dioxide Emissions Below Limit

Bonn Climate Conference Opens - More Than 10,000 To Attend - AFP

Debate Continues On Net Cost/Benefits Of 3 Gorges Dam - Reuters

Canada Wants Even Weaker Kyoto, Special Treatment As Energy Producer

House Science Committee Democrats Call For NOAA Leadership's Removal

Canada to Slash Last Remaining Federal Solar Program

Boehner won't push to cut ethanol tariff

Los Angeles - Home builders switch on the 'invisible' solar panels

Glaciers in Africa Expected to Disappear

Battery Power for muscle bikes.....

Beijing's Drought Now In Year 7 - Up To 9 Typhoons Expected This Season

IPCC Draft Report Conclusions - The Short Version - Nunatsiaq News

Record Short Ice Road Season Stunts Canadian Mining Efforts

Wegener Institute - Arctic Air Pollution Hits New Record Levels

Unsung & Unnoticed, Arctic Ice And Climate Research Continues - NYT

3 major hurricanes to hit US this year: AccuWeather

Gas Clouds Shoot Down Indonesia Volcano

Supreme Court Will Hear Pollution Case (Coal power plants)

Renowned energy strategist sees extraordinary changes ahead

States' Power to Regulate Rivers Upheld (US Supreme Court)

More invasive mussel appears to be taking hold in Lake Michigan

Blow, Winds, and Crack Your Cheeks!

France to build new 1600 MWe EPR nuclear reactor at Flamanville.

From Generation to Generation. On Palestinian Dispossession.

E Mail: Stopping AIPAC (and API, Chamber of Commerce)

Abbas calls for talks with Israel

UA 93: "It doesn't smell like jet fuel"

if flights 77 & 93 "liquified" upon impact, how was all that DNA present?

Bush Said To Be Seeking “Persian Gulf Incident"

UA 93: Important documentary

I spoke to Doug Jones about the "Hursti Report"

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News May 15, 2006. It's "The ERD";)

Its the Voting Stupid ! Blogged by John Conyers,Jr.

The enemy's website

Dave Loebsack

Sal Mohamed's campaign report

SkypeOut is now free within the US and Canada

Keep Austin Blue Wednesday May 17

Going to my first-ever pro baseball game Sunday!

DVO Far West Texas Tour 5/16,17

So does anyone know when schools in Texas start?

Since this is a DEMOCRATIC forum, can we ban all Kinky posts?

"BIg Buy" premeire 5/19 @ Houston's Angelika

"Bring Back Balance" Democratic Rally, Marble Falls, 5/27

Calling Dallas DUers

Spicy Foods are SO good for you!

Safe gelatin substitute?

Canadian soldiers wounded in Afghan blast - CBC

Iran's oil exchange to trade oil for euros, not dollars

Spy programs might up Bush`s support

Gator deaths rise to three

Senate, House GOP increasingly at odds

Negroponte Had Denied Domestic Call Monitoring

Karl Rove Indictment an elaborate Hoax? Did Jason Leopold get Rolled?

Lawmaker made U-turn out of GOP Senate primary


Bush Set To Send Guard to Border--WaPo

'No to half-baked Iraq cabinet' (Iraqi President Jalal Talabani)

WP,pg1: Immigrant Supporters To Counter Bush Speech: New Alliance

McCain urges respect for different views

Rep. Calvert's (R) Land of Plenty (earmarks double his personal profit)

ABC NEWS: Federal Official: US Tracking ABC, NYT, Washing Post

(Chancellor Angela) Merkel: Stop spying on reporters

NSA Whistleblower To Allege Unlawful Acts, Name Hayden

Canada defends UN climate role, overshoots Kyoto

Supreme Court Rejects Indian Tribe's Case

Candidate: Holocaust didn't happen

U.S. to restore relations with Libya -

NYT: Enron Jury Hears Judges Instructions

Boeing to settle DOJ probe for $615M (defense contracting)

Iraq Sunnis accuse US of "atrocity" over raids

Miami Herald: Air Force two-star to No. 2 slot at Southern Command

Some question Bush plan to send Guard to southern border

Iraqi Colonel Calls for U.S Cultural Awareness

( Republican Rep. ) Pombo faces one tough opponent

Federal Source to ABC News: We Know Who You're Calling

U.S., Castro In Havana Billboard Battle

U.S. Orders Ban of Arms Sales to Venezuela

Justices Block Ohio Taxpayers' Lawsuit

U.K.: Chavez warns against war on Iran

A public figure has the courage to say what we all should know in our


A final word from Karl Rove? (MSNBC)

Army Issues Warning About Iraq Documentary ("Baghdad ER")

CBS 5 Poll Shows 71% Disapprove Of Bush In State (California)

Taliban Justice Returns To Afghanistan

Four teachers slain northeast of Baghdad, Six U.S. troops die; mortars wou

D.C. Exec Admits Lying About Contributions

Pennsylvania's Rendell Gets Double-Digit Lead

Rove Said Unfazed by Chance of Charges

Nat'l Guard not expected to patrol border

Treasuries May Extend Decline as Dollar Saps Foreign Interest

U.S. Authorities Fill in Border Tunnel

The Daily Show affects young voters

NYT/AP: Report: 48 Million Refuse to Buckle Up Seat Belts

NSA expert: Next relevation will be ISP, cell phone wiretaps

LAT: Many Forced to Retire Early (nearly half leave sooner than they plan)

CNN/AP: Sen. Clinton apologizes to Chelsea for work comment

Lack Of Media Freedom In Uzbekistan

Insurgents Down U.S. Helicopter, Killing 2

U.S. to renew diplomatic relations with Libya

DIVINE STRAKE: Experts defend blast: They insist explosion not aimed at

E&P: Neil Young's Antiwar CD Inspired by 'Detroit Free Press' Photo


Justices Shy Away From Gay Parent's Case

NYT: Bausch Issues Worldwide Recall of Contact Lens Cleaner Moisture Loc

NY Sun: Rove Indictment Report Denied

Basra's police chief is linked to terrorists-- Telegraph/UK

Study conducted in Nevada casinos claims DNA risk from secondhand smoke

LAT: Airport Plan May Pit Navy Against San Diego Civilians

Former Top Federal Lawyer (Olson) to Take Skakel Case to Supreme Court

DOT proposes 80 mph limit on West Texas interstates

CNN/AP: Big fight over tiny owl

Approval Rating For GEORGE W BUSH as of 5/15/06 (Survey USA, by State)

Rove blames Iraq war for low Bush numbers (speech at rightwing AEI)

Raids fill Hispanics with fear: Legal or not, many stay at home

President Bush's Approval Rating Down in Florida and Georgia

NSA to ABC-Reporter's Calls Reveal Patterns: "We Know Who You're Calling"

Third Duke lacrosse player indicted

Chavez: Imprison 'genocidal' Bush

Congressman Bill Jefferson (LA) to make "Major Announcement"

US sanctions Venezuela over terrorism: official


Bork bork bork!

BLART! MEEP! HERK! I give up!

I was checking DU forums and I found a Loners Group.

Trolling for Myspace friends

I'm lickin' up some scotch


Ye gods and little boarlets, why am I still awake?

Right, let's give this sleep thing a try!

The Knuckledraggers are grunting about us again


Some more pics (*DIAL-UP WARNING*)

Shouted by my SO's kid, from a children's museum bathroom stall yesterday:

What are your ideas of the world's worst Pharisees?

Good night all and I wish everyone a good week :)

FLASH: Rummy's War Room - TOP SECRET


Has any one checked the suicide rate of a society after 7 days of rain?

i switched from 1% to fat free milk today

Do you have aches and pains? Do you have leg cramps?

Do you have aches or pains? Do you have leg cramps?

Don't forget, MrsG!

The Definitive "Are You a Prole" Test

Do any of you have a picture of an Abercrombie & Fitch shopping bag?

Happy day after Mother's day to all you DU moms!

Don't forget MSG.

rainy days & mondays always get me down

What's good or bad for you this week?

Homeless yoga instructor wins $1,000,000

Good Monday Morning, Crew!

Man this rain is nuts


DU librarians! How do "restricted book lists" work?

Wikipedia game

I need another idea for a grovelbot sticky

Okay, "Git r done"

Hey Judy, get Trudy

Whose puppy is that up there on the sticky board?

What happens when you breed a Scottish Terrier with a West Highland?

i had to have my dog euthanised this morning

Molly Hatchet

oops, wrong planet

Supermarket Owner Arrested For Beating Up Suspected Shoplifter

Someone on the Big Board gets it.

I am supposed to be paying bills and working on scrapbook pages...

What does the 'A' in

I just got yelled at by the Admin. Asst.

I watched "Capote" over the weekend.

Burger King's new ad campaign is a nadir in advertising history

Did I ever tell you that stomach flu sucks big-time?

I hate Mondays

Why no Adrianne Barbeau sticky?

Which South Park Character Is The EASIEST To Impersonate?

I've done made me a grilled cheese sammich!

The sun just went down here a few minutes ago

They're opening up a Burlington Coat Factory in my town.

I went through a ChronoSynclastic infidibulum... ask me anything!

Cats are the darnedest critters

I booed the Canadian national anthem

Who is the DUer who lives in the UAE?

Jennifer Anniston: Network TV was "grueling" and she's now "above it."

Some nature pics (*DIAL-UP WARNING*)

Uh, where's my topic?

Eyewear malfunction

Reuters...BREAKING: Rove In...


Sugar, sugar, candy pop!

Does anyone here have contact info for Khephra's mother?

How did this 'loose' misspelling get to be so popular?

SkypeOut is now free within the US and Canada

Everyone - please keep me in your prayers today!!

AWWWWW!! Look at the bunny in the sticky!!

Any DUers in the Merrimack River Valley? Any flooding where you are?

That does it - I've had with GD...

Isn't it about time for kick-ass-bob to leave again?

I finally watched "Memoirs of a Geisha," last night,

So, what has happened over the past...

Who likes Grits with butterflies?

Credit Card Companies are Criminals

That does it - I've had it with VD...

I have something that I have to admit....

I'm Playing Hockey in Church Today.

More Dan Brown goofiness

pssst Mass. DUer's I know of someone who will be out of town shortly

I think I messed up Mother's Day

Question re: assless chaps


I'm rooting for the gators

Why am I so happy that Posiedon is doing crappy at the box office?

I am smoking pot

Jesus To Be Caged To Protect From Vandals

"I'm a'gonna make love to a chicken so I can get the bird flu, see what

This video cured my hangover

Looking for a cartoon

I am poking snot

Beagles Up!!!

I'm playing Hendrix in church today!

Don't forget MrsG!

Isn't it about time for sundog to show up again? the Cubs may not have the best team this year...but...

For $5,000 YOU Can Have Tea With ASHLEY OLSEN

Oprah Winfrey-Pro or Con?

I'm playing hockey in church today

Here It Is: "The Poor-Man's Sticky Board" ...

I think I'd better get away from here

What do you think of TIAA-CREF? What experiences have you had?

I'm playing honkey from church today

Do you think Skype is working in concert with NSA, CIA, FBI, MI6?

Gone for a few days!

Is The Hunt Still On In Canada? I'm hoping to bag a trophy for my mantle

What the bloody hell??!!??

What do you think of Oedipus Rex?

D&D Night!

Goodnight everyone!

The ''Earth Wind and Fire'' Appreciation Thread...


They call Alabama the Crimson Tide, you know....

The singing pasta-maker was in good voice today.

Yep...nothing to see here.

Do You Wear Seat Belts When Driving Or Riding?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 5/15/06)

Little Midlo at the prom.

Evolution of Dance

Shopping Blues and Monday Rant all in one post for your convenience

Why can't we have, "Donate to DU and buy another DUer's soul,"

All these Verizon posts...

I'm painting Hockney in church today!

Flame me if you want but this is one of my favorite thongs...

John Edwards spoke at University of Maine this past weekend

LynneSin officially rocks!


I'm probably not around much this week.

Flame me if you want but this is one of my favorite songs...

Somebody Buy Me A Beer....It's My 1,000th Post !

Shit happened.

Mayberry on Movies: Go see "Art School Confidential" and "Thank You For

They will probably take off Countdown with K.O. tonight for asswipe.

I want my new monitor NOW! Waaah!

20 minutes till the talking chimp is on.

The NSA and you.

I'm getting a Medicinal Marijuana card. Anyone else have one?

I just made a Scotch & Tonic.

How should I f*ck with the Royal Mounties when I go up to Canada this week

What's for dinner?

Shitty day today.

What could have caused this increase in teenage cosmetic surgeries?

Monday, May 15; William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Damn...I started biting my nails again...I suck!

Just put my new bumper sticker on.

Having a hell of a time trying to donate

OK, who did the "Navajo Code" sticky?

Pic: God giving Mankind the finger!

BREAKING NEWS: HILLARY/OPRAH Presidential Ticket announced

California doesn't have Qwest...

Post here if you've got STICKY FEVER

Hey everyone, I'm home!

Leaving my job on May 31. My co-workers want to throw me a good-bye thing.

Do people's names affect your perception of them?

Anybody know ANYTHING about Reverse Mortgages?

would 54g be enough or should I spent more and get 108g?

WOW this place has everything!!!

Hey Loungers! Go check out Ava's photos from the DC vigil

I just got off the phone with Kate and Leopold

Where was your father's porn?

So, financial gurus: Help! (Our Canada Trip)

LADIES (or men who are into men) - which do you find more attractive?

Are any posters interested in a Running forum?


Why do we like Tony Soprano, when we shouldn't?

Does anyone else care not at all about The Sopranos?

Anyone heard from Shine lately?

What do you collect?

This is my 15,000th post! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!

I just got some GOOD news!!!

Have You EVER Called-In To Vote For An "American Idol" Contestant?

Donald Rumsfeld wore the president's briefs this morning...

Here's my new step-grandson

Share some words you can't live without (ie, use a lot)

I'm kickin' it up a notch.

My sister is dying of cancer

Do you insist that passengers wear seat belts when you drive?

Happy birthday cry baby!!

Yikes! Fashion faux pas! What's the worst you've seen lately?

Blue Text On A Red Background... SUCKS!!

What's the best term for a man who gets all the ladies?

GENTS (or ladies who are into ladies) - which do you find more attractive?

What are your ideas of the world's worst professions?

Why is the gecko Cockney?

What are your ideas of the world's best professions?

Rare video: First days of Chernobyl Accident. You guys need to watch this!

oops, wrong forum

I got my tragus pierced today

John the Baptist Cave: New Secrets Emerge

Interesting test

Atheist/Agnostic...would you attend a wedding or funeral at a church?

NEWSFLASH: Jesus Is Fiction As Are The Gospels.

Benfotiamine for diabetes complications, alcoholic neuropathy

Vermont and Michigan follow Mass into variations on UNIVERSAL HEALTH

Exubera: inhaled insulin--No evidence of benefit

The Meatrix: Health Problems From Factory Farming?

Doctors puzzled over bizarre infection surfacing in South Texas

Reality - The historic fork in the road

3 major hurricanes to hit US this year: AccuWeather

Iraqi Ayatollah removes gay fatwa

Laura Bush To GOP: Don't Use Gay Marriage Ban In Campaign

2nd Group Misses Deadline For Calif. Anti-Gay Amendment

Indiana A.G. To Appeal Pro-Lesbian Adoption Ruling

Federal Marriage Amendment up for vote in early June

Gay vets appeal ruling upholding 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy

Supreme Court Refuses Gay Parent Case

Catholic Church Hit With New LGBT Scandals

How GOP’s division over gay rights affects party’s top ticket in Illinois

Russian Gays To March With Or Without Approval

Juve boss quits amid fixing probe

{Steelers LB Joey} Porter expects to jaw at White House visit

The Pistons Game

Doug Flutie Retires After 21 Seasons

favor to ask

The think I love about Kerry

Kerry Event in DC This Thursday

Why does a Lieberman supporter start a thread trying to oppose

Kerry, McDermott: Big Oil Walking Away with $700 Million in Taxpayer Money

HuffPo: "Should Kerry Run Again?"

Kerry Sticky Graphics

Flood update: Just cuz people asked

More Old Stuff.........

Can you stand another sunset?

In search of normal

Some more "Something old" pics

Ok, whose puppy is that up there on the sticky board?


KOEB Meeting 5/15/06--Before, During and After the Speech

Bunny Planet, is that some of your art up there on the big board?

Best Sticky Thus Far

WSJ: Designing Children

Four wounded in Iraq British base attack

The site admins ought to pay me cold hard cash...

Mods - Just out of curiosity, what happened to WilliamPitt's post?

A One-Act Play: This weekend at DU

conservative Christians are upset with Republicans, may stay home


Rant deleted, don't even bother clicking

Yuan to be more responsive to market: draft paper

Form letter for suing your phone company, make $1000 and send a message

The Swiftboating of Will Pitt


12:00 AM Monday, May 15, 2006: A DU Prayer Before Bedtime... "DEAR GOD,

U.S. Democrats Have Ten-Point Advantage

When is Tice testifying this week?

Washington Journal time-prescription drug program

Experts remain divided as to whether Mt Merapi is actually erupting (pic)

Has any one checked the suicide rate of a society after 7 days of rain?


PA residents--Any news of an explosion in Allegheny tunnel?

A victory for the Shadow family

I assume W will pardon Rove, so I'm not too excited by an indictment

VERY interesting information regarding differences between races

Schoolhouse Rock and George W. Bush: some help with civics

Economy: Some anecdotal evidence

Heads Up!! The Good Doctor Dean is on the Daily Show tonight. weighs in on the Telecom industry and their spying eyes

Kospi -2.2% Australlia -1.79% Taiwan -1.41%

The 2.2% Majority

Quit Cheering Cspan

Detroit Free Press: Rove Rumor Red Meat to Blue State Audience

Who put the monk in Mondays??? . . . . . . . . . . . . .Please CAPTION!!!!

It's Not Just the Phone Records and the NSA Spying

Why not form an anti-illegal EXPLOITATION group?

Kaption Karl ---pix->>>

Help. Is Faux Knews still pushing the lazy "blacks" in NOLA story?

If we just would have killed more Iraqis faster we could have won this war

Has the Bush Administration pushed the panic button?

CSPAN Schedule Crawl-Rove on at 11 am today.

i had to have my dog euthanised this morning

Truthout Should Take Its Cues From The DLC & Never Take Chances

The Leopold feeding frenzy

A time to remember "Give me Liberty or give me Death!"

Do you have aches or pains? Do you have leg cramps?

Sneakers -- a surprisingly prescient movie

FISA was a Stretch to begin with...grudgingly consented to.

Mom says NO WAR

WANTED: mpeg or mov of Pinks' Dear Mr. President

John the Baptist Cave: New Secrets Emerge

Gallup responds to the the ABC/WP "telephone database" poll

"W" stands for WASTE. Bush is the most wasteful Prez on record.

Where are all the Mexican protesters?

Is Pickles popular?

Baby's hand severed at chocolate factory

Will Rove have to take questions after AEI Speech today?

What Happens When A Paper Currency Fails?

Bush Legacy in 1 sentence: Military Intervention his answer to everything

FOIA and NSA . If someone receives information under the FOIA

How would data mining have prevented the OKC attack?

Will the major networks carry *'s speech tonight?

And Don't Forget: NONE of the NSA Data Collected on You Is Destroyed!

Candy Cowley Worked On *'s Gubernatorial Race in texASS?

An inventory of the militarized (Southern) border

Bizarre ad on CNN for one of their shows....

Here's my take on the immigration issue.

Foggo. I'd caught the name in passing and thought it referred to:

The thing that is beginning to piss me off about this NSA debate...

Hillary a good choice for 08'? I think this article shows why she's not..

Bushitler and Red Rummy using mentally ill troops.

Greg Palast to be on Democracy Now today:

The GOP has become three parties

Karl Rove IS talking at AEI. That means no indictment.

RAWSTORY: US Tapping ABC News, NYTimes, WaPo

Appreciation thread: anybody else miss liveoak/canofun?

Self Delete - Dupe

ANALYSIS-Iraqi politics complicated beyond sectarian lines

Anyone see Leopold's wikipedia entry?

On Thursday, Sprint Local/Long Distance (landline) will be called Embarq.

Karl Rove , White House; 11:00 AM EDT. (Rove still on c-span schedule)

What ever happened to Alfred E. Neuman?

Hahaha!! Rove is trying to convince us that the tax burden for the

Ok, kind of a tin foil hat rant about National Guard on the border

Rove on CSpan1 n/t

Any one else having probs w/al Gore SNL video?

Got Verizon, AT&T or BellSouth? Drop them like a hot rock

Rove Gets CSPAN Coverage for Speech at AEI by Planting Rumor

What nations besides the U.S. & Saudi Arabia hire 'Guest Workers'?

I'm on hold for Stephanie Miller...I'll give DU a shout-out!!!!

UPDATE 1-Bush to call for National Guard on Mexico border

Saudi says US consulate assailant was alone

ABC News polling director responds to the ABC "telephone database" poll

{Steelers LB Joey} Porter expects to jaw at White House visit

Hands off the Internet= Let the TELECOMS RULE IT!!!???

Raw Story Developing

David Corn just asked Rove about Plame! Q&A @ AEI

Bush to Fox: New Border Troops Will Face North (Funny)

About time for another alert at the Capitol?

I have an idea for after November

Rawstory Spamming

If Raw Story isn't reliable, Truth out isn't reliable

Did Howard Dean really go on Pat Robertson show ?

Liberal Eschatology

Militarizing Border = Bush Crawling Under Desk & Screaming HELP!

Does this mean S. 1955 is dead?

New comic: Dick Cheney, funny pages critic

What's with gas prices going up again?

Iraq Sunnis accuse US of "atrocity" over raids

WSJ: Growing Interest in Shrinking Cars

(NSA) Surveillance Methods Outlined in 2003 DOJ Memo Now Being Used:

CSPAN sucks today--

President's Speech Will Show GOP Continues To Follow Nazi Path

Dozens of Iraq insurgents slain in US-led raids

HuffPost: "I'm So Loathsome I Could Spy"

"TV News should have a blinking red light in the corner saying librul bias

Bradblog: E-voting Train Wreck 2006 - The Wheels Begin To Come Off

Backdoor found in Diebold voting machines.

35 American troops killed this month in Iraq so far

ABC, NYT, WashPost were NOT wiretapped, they were profoundly spied on...

Is Karl Rove Being Indicited today????????

(VIDEO) Henry Rollins' open letter to Pat Robertson

I was a Baaaaaaadddd boy...

If it isn't reported by another source that Rove is indicted by Wed. AM...

Messin' with NSA's Panopticon Program and with Bush's Backwash Apologists

AT&T's PR response (says nothing really)

colbert report tonight - tweety or kevin phillips?

So why is congress not in session today?

Happiness would be a White House Frog March Parade.

2nd MAJOR flood in 6 monts puts Mass. under water.

Dems write their own margin notes for Cheney

Gators Kill Three in One Week-- Watch out this Fall!!

Medicare Drug Plan Deadline Is Today

OK, I think I'm caught up on this Rove indictment thing...

this is painful to watch

Dear ABC Comments Poster: Our NSA-supplied filtering software...

Re: Tonight's BushCo brainwash session..... anyone listening to Limbore?

Harvard on Speed

Plan to put National Guard at border frightens West Texas town

ABC's bombshell of spying on reporters: coming up on Thom Hartmann

Why Rove Would Plant His False Indictment Story

Rove is no longer listed on the cspan schedule as it was earlier. I have

Federal Source to ABC News: We Know Who You're Calling

so what time tonight does McCokespoon grace us with his unlegible speech

Iran may join Russia and China in Central Asian security group

I've seen his aura

WaPo Political Editor (Edsall) on Rove : Maybe...maybe not.

Need some DU help with pictures please....

The Abramoff/Cunningham/Foggo/Goss scandal is missing 1 ingredient.

Is Karl Rove Actually Schroedingers Cat?

David Corn Confronts Rove On Lying About Plame Leak

The Photos That Inspired Neil Young To Record "Living With War"

For those of you worried about war in Iran:

Listen @ HuffPo: I'm So Loathsome I could Spy"

Inside info: The speech is DEFINITELY on border control.

Supporters Pay $2,500 For Photograph With Vice President

Indictment Parties! (Rove Raves?)

Laura Bush Says Media Enjoying Husbands Low Poll Numbers.

Liberal blogs played, victims of an elaborate hoax!

Why not deny it all today? The whole story will be indictment tommorow.

Doctors puzzled over bizarre infection surfacing in South Texas

Re: Leopold's story -- remember what happened to Doug Thompson??

New Poll: Replay of '04 Kerry comes out in front 48-41

A final word from Karl Rove?

you know where I am not seeing anything about the wapo/abc/nyt

Luskin Was Taking Care Of His Kitty All Day Friday- Isn't That PRECIOUS!

2005-border patrol funding dropped: 2006-funds only for 210 new agents

Democracy Now! Darfur. Sorry Darfut. U.S. citizens are totally focused

Rove Speaks at AEI

Harry Reid on Senate floor: Immigration debate on Senate floor.

Make a phonecall that will piss off Peter "We'll do the counting" King.

Rove Blames Iraq War for Low Bush Numbers

Skepticism, Gullibility and Bias

With regard to what is "news": Fitz Grand Jury isn't like ANYTHING ELSE

What time is chimpy on TV tonight?!

Freeper: If Bush says one wrong thing FR will explode

Reuters...BREAKING: Rove In...

Is the Bush speaking tonight?

You Want to Stop Illegal Immigration from the South

Talk Left >> Another confirmation that Larry Johnson posts @ DU

Rove: "We’re in a sour time – I readily admit it"

Hey, what's going on with the Real ID card? Haven't heard anything

Gators are the new Shark

AP: Maine agencies have trouble getting reimbursed for hurricane help

New Meme: Immigrants don't "TAKE" jobs,

Secret gov't source tells ABC News: 'Get new cellphones'

Bush is the figure head and the GOP is the manifestation

Rove resigns, cleric named as successor

Best post from the ABC story

So Have We Come Full Circle - Now Back to Using Pay Phones

DU this MSNBC Poll on use of National Guard on Border

"Maybe aliens made them do it" (or would you consider 'porn'?)

Chavez: Imprison 'genocidal' Bush

Poll: Clinton more honest than Bush

In case people ever end up on the rooftops again, I have a plan...

Here is a piece of propaganda for you: Army: documentary could trigger TSD

wow. Lou Dobbs on american complicity

Incomplete reporting by MSNBC this morning. No surprise.

HEADLINE MEXICO - US to Mass Troops Along Common Border

FORBES: Update 3 - Rove Said Unfazed by Chance of Charges

Rove spoke at AEI today

the Rove indictment story: some questions and skepticism

"Republicans would gain 10 more seats"

Supreme Court refuses Indian land claim case

Skype launches free call promotion in US, Canada

Don't want to use a Cell/Landline??? Use Skype FREE to call any phone.

Are you feeling the pinch yet?

Heroin users, please check in here (actually, anyone can peek)

Yellow teeth Lou Dobbs billing Chimpys speech tonight as very important

Wait with Guy James today! Is this Karl's big day?

Fitzgerald says: HURRY UP AND WAIT!

Teacher Apologizes For Asking Students To Write About Who They Would Kill

Good Conservative Product for the Market Place. Think it will catch on?

Time to paint the WH again..any suggestions?


No Comments? Brian Ross's bombshell

Rove wandering in the wilderness without a CAPTION!!!! Please help.

May 15th is Conscientous Objectors Day! Support the right to refuse war!

Its not a crime to talk to a journalist

I Met Some Of The Tuskeegee Airmen Last Week!!!...

Chavez should embargo all oil to the US.

Rove Said Unfazed by Chance of Charges

Kryptic Words from Rove (MP3)

The KGB is alive and well in Bush's America

We can LEGALLY hear you now... Monday's toon 5/15

On the phone tapping/spying: are you pretty safe with....

NEWSFLASH: Jesus Is Fiction As Are The Gospels.

Isn't it odd how the "liberal" media...

Oh, got to protect that valuable US "culture"

MSNBC just cited Truthout's story.

Rove just referred to Luskin's 4/26 statement in response to a ?

DU: Soon to be wholly owned subsidiary of Wal-Mart

More Bizzaro World revelations: Pat Robertson makes sense

Alligator Attacks on CNN!

Anybody here know UPS or FEDEX protocols? Mail being opened.

I'm rooting for the gators

So, we reestablish ties with Libya, but put sanctions on Venezuela?....

Richard Cohen: A Scientific Inquiry

"I'm an Un-American". New definition...

FYI:Brian Ross will be on Ed Schultz today re Feds tracking ABC news' call

A little slice of America (a distraction and good story while we wait )

We don't want to hear Randi Yelling. Please - put her on LK alone.

David Corn >> Asking Rove One Question

HELP! What was *'s first wiretapping excuse?

Middle class was doing just fine before Bush even with the Mexicans here

US Embassy in Baghdad is a symbol of Bushist corruption and incompetence

This skinhead racist graduated from Emory and was teaching Latin????

Michelle Malkin is pissed at Bush (re: immigration)

David Corn updated his blog

anyone watching MS-NBC will Keith be on tonight

ABC, N YT, and WashPo plan massive terrorist operation: reporting the news

So now, on MSNBC, they are directing folks to Crooks and Liars.

Now I understand how Dan Rather ended up with that TANG memo.

Libby will be in Judge Walton's court room tomorrow

If indicted, What Will Rove's Jailhouse Nickname be???

Why Leopold's column is positive REGARDLESS of the outcome

WP: In Venezuela, Locking Up the Vote

Bush Said To Be Seeking “Persian Gulf Incident"

Holy Crap... Look at the Responses over at ABC

My father just sent me a link to Yahoo/Rove story.

So how low would * numbers BE?

Rove's spokesman says Leopold's a liar

World News Daily: Easy to get rid of 12 million Illegals. Nazi's did it

Oingo Boingo's one pissed off band.

what is the Democratic Platform for gay marriage?

Listen to these two cowards on Hardball.

Malnutrition among Iraqi children alarming: survey

All you lurkers, heads up

Niger-Uranium claim: Will the media ever talk of the other...

Poll: 62% favor immediate Congressional hearings on NSA program

Palast On Randi Now

Am I the only one who thinks this "Rove planted the indictment story"

Okay, so you're part of the Bush White House and you rape a nun.

MSM never jumps the gun on a news story....

Al Gore on SNL/LINK

Police State America video


Santorum really does have a thing about dogs.

Major food source disappearing?

BREAKING NEWS: HILLARY/OPRAH Presidential Ticket announced

Will bush's base coming running back to their daddy ...

Immigration debate on C-span

I'm the decider, uh dictator, uh somethin' like that . . .

I don't give a damn about if he got it or didn't!

The RELUCTANT LAMB...Bush refuses but Pub Forces DEMAND a LAMB

You can fill this vacuum with paranoid self-flagellation or you can...

Heeere's Scotty

CNP Meeting - Conservatives are ANGRY with Bush

Rove: Bush "doing a heck of a lot better job" in controlling the border

Reminder:The Sarcasm Icon is your friend.

ABC Nightline ain't touching the Brian Ross NSA spying story - WTF?

A fact about Choicepoint

Photo epitomizes why the rest of the world hates the U.S.

Hardbull - tweety asks if there is any word on indictments

A sprinkling of smileys on the immigration speech.

Newsweek: Indictment for Rove?

"Texas Monthly"--Tells Tom Delay "Don't let the door hit you..." LOL!

National Guard on the border -- anyone else nervous?

Hillary apologizes!

Somebody Buy Me A Beer....It's My 1,000th Post !

Change your phone to Working Assets and get a Bush Doormat!

Mission accomplished- Greg Palast on Democracy Now. Important interview!

Msnbc says Truthout standing by story.

Breaking CNN - Third Duke Lacrosse Player indicted

Zogby poll shows Fox News keeps BushCo out of jail...

Venezuela's Chavez is shackling the press

CPL Jose Domigos Jr killed in IRAQ and they want to out the hispanics

Chavez offered Bush $50 per barrel oil but was refused.....

Rove's Lawyer -- "cat's fine ...stool shows no sign of harmful parasites"

Donation board could be overlooked if you're like me and not

Lou Dobbs such a sly fox: "and how does Norquist make his money"?

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Diebold Rep in MS, IDENTICAL DOCS: Diebold Writes for PA!

'you keep pertetuating the 'amnesty' lie-and you know it" say the leader

Hahaha! Lou Dobbs just dissed Grover "Nooquist"; he kept

Oh, now THIS is comforting...check out who just visited my web site...

Isn't there a death penalty for treason? Isn't outing a spy treason?

i knew that it was not feasible to trust

One more Rove post..........what the hell....

Bush's approval on immigration at 25%

Buchanan on Rove: "It doesn't look good right now."

Whether it was a perch or a bass, too bad Junior didn't throw it back.

Uh oh! B*sh sez the border policy is not humane and needs to be changed.

Greg Palast says the darnedest things about Iraq, Venezuela and oil wars

At church yesterday....

Will the president kill the VP on TV, and then commit suicide tonight?

Need phone company help! In light of the snoops snooping our telephone

Happened upon an old spy movie called Sneakers from 1992

Military Satellites Spying on Americans...??????

Bird Flu Masks now available to the public!

Put on your Clownsuits America...Shrub to speak at 8...

Central Fla. Officers Enter Wrong Home, Kill Dog

Bio-metric ID cards, the border and Chertoff. I wonder if these are them?

Bush following Iraq playbook on border front

Bush to piss on America's leg and tell her it's raining.

need help with response to timber industry apologist !!

A quick South American update to get minds off Rove for a while.

Bush's 5 Point Immigration Plan, Here:

Ok, so the ice has melted in my champagne bucket. So what?

so i paid my qwest bill by phone today and then...

"The Conservative View On Immigration" = ...

AP : Quotes in response to President Bush's border proposal


Let's not forget Doug Feith...

So ABC isn't going to cover Brian Ross' story? No mention of it.

Tweety Sez "Ag Workers Make $10-15 Per Hour!"

HEADLINE: "Bush to Say Border Not Fully Under Control"

Who is starting the official speech thread?

Lou Dobbs and Tom Tancredo on Wolfie

did they mispell this on purpose?

I'm Skipping the "Chimp/Emperor's Speech"...I have to return a purchase

Democrat Leader Reid's Challenge to Bush's Immigration Proposal

Wouldn't it have been better if truthout .com didn't defend itself........

Rove & Laura's Comments - I am still laughing - Laura says the

Tweety just said "chamber maid work" We still have chamber maids?

Rove's Heck of a Speech

msnbc heard from marc at TO--they are standing by their information.

Mark David Chapman killed John Lennon for Jodi Foster. Son of

When the yellow stars, I mean, ID cards come

BREAKING NEWS! Stool Sample Shows No Evidence of Harmful Parasites

*************** **************** OFFICIAL BUSH SPEECH THREAD #1***********


Isn't it ironic that a loser deserter who sleazed in and out of the Guard

The Da Vinci Delusion...This is REALLY, REALLY weird

DU this Cspan Poll please, it's being freeped.

"the moonfaced adviser" -- lol!!

Did you know that is owned by FOX.

Hursti Report II is OLD news

Keith Olbermann on with Tweety NOW!

Time Magazine has an excellent report on autism.

Bio-metric ID CARDS part of Bush's BORDER PLAN

How Many minutes before Bush mentions 911 in his speech tonight?

Joe Klein: "Conyers and Rangel are embarrassments"

If Election was Held Today: Kerry 48% to Bush 41%

Liberal radio host Stephanie Miller wins over listeners with her sharp-wit

What else on at 9 tonight, EDT? Anything? Anything but the chimpenator?.

How did Randi Rhodes get started in Radio?? Does anyone know?

Am I going to have to carry one of the tamper-proof ID cards too?

Two Wild & Crazy Guys....

Pat Robertson calls NSA a "tool of oppression"

Will Bush have the "Mission Accomplished" banner behind him tonight?

Karl Rove --Ribbit

Fog-go, FO-go, Fo-ggo...WTF!!!

How long before the first "Illegal" is shot and killed?

LYRICS: Cult of Personality

Time mag Monday: Controversial spying program could give boost to Bush

Send this Quote to your Local Anti-immigrant Nativists

A Modest Suggestion: Forget about Rove until it happens (or not)

NSA Monitoring Reporters’ Phone Records, Reopens Questions about Amanpour

MSNBC: Rove indictment anouncement causes standing ovation by 700

Karl Rove Planted His Own Indictment Story

Feb. 9, 2005: Bush budget scraps 9,790 border patrol agents.

Is Leapold's career over if this story is false?

"We are not trolling through millions of americans personal lives"

I want to give a shout out to the patriots at Truthout

The old "pictures of cut up fetuses" email--help with the truth?

Name one Positive thing about Bush

Bett'n a beer tomorrow is the day.

Breaking: "Despite pressure, Rove still holds head high."

Caption this McCain pic...

holy s&*t : read these reader comments on tapping ABC news

OK, how do you think Mexico feels about 'troops' at the border?

Sometimes Randi makes me scratch my head.

a little blast from LS Iconoclast's blogging past, "Dance, Monkey, Dance"

Received more pre-opened mail


Attention citizen!

How much manipulation was done today on the dollar?

Humpty-Dumpty Republicans By William Rivers Pitt

this Leopold-Rove thing is smelling like the CBS AWOL story

DU THIS: Al Gore Needs Your Help!

What Mexican agency patrols their side of the border?

Caption this rove photo from today.

The illegal immigration "Problem."

Please DU this poll again. It's being Freeped

New email discussion between my editor at Op-Ed News and Leopold re: Rove

my god--the media is in a real frenzy over Bush talk tonight. I shake my

Seen a picture of Rove lately? that's all you need to know

Tor + Skype

My governor has found a way to promote responsibility among teens

ABC reports they are being spyed on

Anyone know about the boy in Texax who got bit by a bat and

Let's all start writing in code, DRIVE EM NUTS!

Freepers are attacking Bush BEFORE his speech.....

I'm Cheering for TruthOut & Leopold: No matter what, *WE'VE* already won.

Immigration Issue = Red Herring !


Caption Turdblossom!!

I'm getting really pissed off at environmentalists lately.

Install Voice Over IP -- kiss your phone company good-bye

Rove Lawyer Luskin Officially Denies Leopold/Truthout Story

Bradblog: PA 'Directive' on Diebold Security Hole Word-for-Word Parroting


Ha! Reporter on Lou Dobbs Just Mentioned * Cutting 9,790 Border Agents

Bush's speech tonight: FULL TEXT

Amazing! Story of our roadtrip through a Red Town

It's a (Bill) Clinton sweep -- From The Kansas City Star Have to see

BREAKING: Manager of NSA Spy Database Address Revealed in ABC Blog Comment

Climate Change could kille 182 million Africans by 2100 -- Christian Aid

Da Vinci book 'shows ignorance'

Parents of newborn charged with rape

23rd Millionth Post!! DU Mega-Post Watch Update! Woo Hoo 4 DU!!

How many people have lost Sleep, Money, Recreation waiting for Indictment?

Will Pitt's eloquent, articulate, and well informed posts to DU

Leopold Responds to Corallo's Denial of Fitzgerald - Luskin Meeting

Patriot Act Hell

The ONLY one who'll win in 08 is the one who works to expose machine fraud

New Movie: "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

Notice how all of the states where bush has his highest support are...

So Is The Stock Market Going to Crash Today?

The War on Migratory Invasion.

I wake up this New Zealand morning and Karl Rove isnt indicited

Of Reason & Knowledge

Photos from the CodePink 24-hour vigil this weekend! (dial-up warning)

Biking agiainst Hillary (Senate hopeful pedals peace)

TIME ALONE. TIME WILL TELL (so this is Fitzmas)

Westly running right wing type attack ads against Angelides

"Sourciness". A new word... for next week. While we discuss the

Conservative Christians Warn Republicans Against Inaction

Boston Globe: Putting Guard on border debated

Rove on CSPAN at 11h00 EST LIVE ???

Gingrich, "normal" phone calls not at risk from NSA spying

Who Gets to Play Gerry Ford This Time?

If Al Gore Runs For President In 2008, Hillary Clinton Is Toast.

Fineman on Matthews Sunday: Dems will launch "The Plan" in Sep

No regrets (cartoon)

How does DU help the Democrats and this Country?

Trillions minus Millions = Trillions of phone call illegally searched

We, the people...a "slumbering giant."

a new 'angle' on the rove indictment story

Tonight's show: The Continuing Adventures of Commander Codpiece

What about a Gore/Hillary ticket?

Medicare Drug Plan Deadline Today

Junior has a photo op planned for Thursday at the Arizona border

Rove to give "policy" speach on C-Span to Amer. Enterprise Instit.

"Keep America Great Foundation Announces a Plan to Close the Borders"

Greg Palast: the stealing of 2008 has already begun!

I'm voting for Gore no matter what

BushCo & GOP Congress refused to fund Border Patrol *after* passing law

How Enzi ' bought ' the silence of Blue Cross Blue Shield- at our peril


Has Bush been spying on Brit Hume ?

Christian Conservatives warn GOP on same-sex marriage, obscenity, abortion

any word on spunk and moxie's owner--is there another repuke in the

any correlation between qwest's ceo denying the nsa phone records

Ohio Senate: Brown (D) 44% DeWine (R) 41% (Rasmussen)

Parent screams at Murtha during commencement address

The Cost Of The War - Link........

The DLC moniker is meaningless

Iraq War Images Uncensored

Beware the Rovian slime machine.

DC's ABC & CBS affiliates NOT Carrying Chimpy's speech tonight.

Rove Set Up The Stealing Of The Nov '06 Elections Today.With....

What you have to believe to be a Republican.

Jason Leopold will be on Jay Marvin's show in the next half hour

MSNBC: A final word from Karl Rove?

Who Is ...?

Who will break the Rove story first on TeeVee?

Remembering the Repubs Who Voted to Impeach Clinton for Lying

The same people who says fight them over there so that we don't have to

Has Shrub's incompetence/illegal spying given immunity to all Fed

What if Fitz held off Rove so he could get indictments on Cheney?

Has Scotty McClellan Ever Been Called In Fromt Of Fitz's Grand....

All morning .... Duke, gators, DaVinci, Duke, gators, DaVinci, NE Rains

Roll Call: Probe widens, compliance could "shut down" 3 House committees

Rove Indictment the End for Bush?

Barbarians at the Gate

Does ABC's "NSA Spies on Press" Mean that Rove is Close to Indictment?

Why is MSNBC rehiring Monica Crowley??

"People like this president. They're just sour right now on the war."

Chimpy's little speech is gonna backfire. Many season ending shows tonigh

Your thoughts on a Karl Rove indictment.

will there be questions and answers on c-span tonight

(scoop) Bush to announce lining southern border with gators

Off for a sneak peak of "Inconvenient Truth" and a Q & A with Al Gore

Message thread number 2

Message thread number 3

CSPAN video clip: David Corn confronts Karl Rove: "Nice try, though..."

Greg Palast on Democracy Now-stealing of 08- transcript up!

I'm Going To Ask The Questions One More Time Re: NSA/Telco...

Hey? If Fitz does indict - this means all the MSM (misinformed by sources

Do you think * gets a boost in ratings from his speech tonight? How much?

DU this poll about the NSA phone database!

There is nothing more progressive or liberal than the internet.

Clintons (both), Kerry, Clark, Dean - all (D)s should back GORE now!

Nicolle Wallace on Hardball: Bush will propose a "Virtual Fence" tonight

Ed Rogers, Hardball: "People want to hear common sensual things" from Bush

Cheney speaking now at Renaissance Cleveland Hotel -

Why is bush picking a fight with putin and russia

Great coverage on our campaign against GOP culture of corruption

In Florida an automatic rifle was pointed at protesters

Dan Bartlett: "Karl's focus is sharper than ever and his spirit is high"

Oh Good, Lou Dobbs and Tom Tancredo on The Situation

What happens when the first 'wetback' is shot by a Guardsman?

Crap - Majority Report giving air time to Kinky!


What if Leopold is right about Rove's indictment? What if he's wrong?

Republicans: Party of Treason

Help? ... Link for Cheney saying that he did not know of Joe Wilson.

Sooo...chimpy can attend police officer memorials, but NOT soldiers'?

Atrios has transcript of Leahy on with Blitzer....A Must Read!

Is Il Dunce feeling some pressure?

Anybody started a drinking game for the speech tonight?

MSNBC's 'The Most' just covered the Truthout/Rove story

Turning National Guard into porters. Is that a good idea?

MORE Rove wisdom: "Bush's approval rating is in the 60s in some polls."


Hopefully one of the last Rove polls

Randi Rhodes-Greg Palast Interview today (MP3)

Someone leaked the information about snooping on the media.

Would You Rather Fitz Take Out Rove or Cheney?......nt

FREEPERS IGNORE: We can use these cool databases to deport Republicans!

CNN is becoming all immigration all the time. n/t

Howard "Lying Fuck" Fineman on Hardball...

The Senate Week in Review - Frist "Health Care Week" Dies on Table

Another Monday. Why does it seem **only** John Conyers gets it? WHY????

WorldNetDaily uses Nazis as example of how to deport 12 mill. illegals

MSNBC Poll: Hillary's "Young people think work is a 4-letter word" comment

New Ned Lamont Video Pounds Lieberman! WOW! See this video

DU this MSNBC Poll on use of National Guard on Border

'06 Democratic Campaign Slogan: "Get A Damn Warrant"

Rove's new spin at AEI: People still like bush as a person, GOP Polls good

Plane Flies Banner "JailBush&Chenney!!" Over Atlanta Yesterday

Limbaugh doesn't have high hopes for tonight's Bush speech

Bush, 2005: Law enf. needs judge's permission to TRACK CALLS

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