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Archives: May 16, 2006

IMF Acts to avoid markets meltdown (ObserverUK)

Bush's sacrifice for PM's roast

White House's number is up

View From a Border Town: .. Guard Raises Concerns Of Militarization

As the bombs fall, Iraq's Kurds have 'no friends but the mountains'

Bush hard-pressed to rescue presidency, experts say

Ann Coulter cries for fascism

European Stocks Slide for Second Day; Mining Companies Plunge

S.African gold shares pounded amid mining sell-off

A Promising Young Life Prematurely Committed to Sand, NY Times, 5/15/2006

American Bomb Victim Mourned in Israel, NY Times, 5/15/2006

Paul Weyrich GOP strategy: Our election wins increase as # voters decrease

Universal WiFi coming to Houston!

Halliburton Shareholders- Peaceful Demonstration- Duncan OK- 5/17/06

To those attending the Austin Drinking Liberally meetup tomorrow (5/16)

Give me your tired, your poor, your bran muffin recipes. (Carrot bran)

Vote could extend Canada's commitment to Afghanistan by 2 years

Hirsi Ali the outspoken dutch parlamentarian

Bush on CNN ... too early! ... You got to see it!

New Orleans Gets $150M Line of Credit

UK Troops Question The War In Iraq (Recruiting target missed by 50%)

Spitzer pushes for universal Internet access

City sues gun shops over illegal weapons

IRA Swaps Could Cost U.S. Billions in Tax Revenue (big bonus for top 1%)

Cheney reportedly pushed for eavedropping without warrants

Bringing in Guard Raises Concerns Of Militarization

Bush Admits Broken Border, to Send Guard Troops

BellSouth Says It Gave NSA No Call Records

Reid: America Needs Comprehensive Immigration Reform (U.S. Newswire)

Gangster violence plunges Sao Paulo into chaos

FCC Chief Calls for Probe of Phone Cos.(Copps)

Mubarak's Son Met Secretly With Cheney

Hollinger Inc. to co-operate in Conrad Black case

Reform bill to double immigration

NYT/AP: Nancy Reagan Again Takes Lead on Stem Cells

BellSouth Says It Gave NSA No Call Records

Chavez offers cheap oil to Britain's poor

Cindy Sheehan will be in Kalamazoo, Michigan tomorrow!!

If Bushie messes with the finale of Grey's Anatomy...

I'm getting really pissed off at environmentalists lately.

"buying the presidency" scene in final ep of "Malcolm in the Middle"

"Nice palm. I read a great deal of pleasure in your future."

I wonder who contributed the newest sticky.

So, I'm hanging up on B.C. Stats people non-stop

Pretty good Judy Garland bio on TCM now.

I hate waiting.

Uh oh...

Closing in on my 1,000th post, some thoughts.

Anybody know ANYTHING about Reverse Cowgirls?

A Lounge thread just got moved to GD!

Howdy Lounge! I'm baaack!

Check in if you just mooned the television set!

Lookin' For A Leader

My son makes sure to say "Al -Qua-ida", "Bush" "oil" and other key

Oprah vs. Maury

I may get a date this Friday!

I got my wenis pierced today

I just posted a sticky! Betcha can't tell which one it is!

A Bazilian joke

Terry Funk!!!

Here's An Entertaining Video Vanilla Ice Vs Skinny Puppy

Opera vs Mariachi?

If you're into old Hollywood at all...

I heart my sticky.

Three guesses as to who put the cowbell sticky up

In Santa Barbara: I haven't seen the sun in far too long

I LOVE my Cuisinart!

So, are the Stickies inspiring you to donate?

HELP "24" fans on the West Coast!

If Skinner's Butt Smells, I Smell With It. I Smell With It Untied.

Holy Shit! Did Anybody See The Prison Break Finale Tonight?

*Reminder for the west coast* Grey's Anatomy is 2 hours tonight!

Okay... I'll tell you all about my Crush....

Hiya, back from Discount Root Canals (Victoria, BC, Thanks!)

Did Britney Spears ever sing about Oprah in a video featuring Tom Cruise

I must remember this excuse for the next time I forget Mothers Day

Who just died on CSI Miami?

I bought a flute today!

Why is there no Jason Leopold thread over here?

Belated Brazilian Happy Orgasm Day, Lounge!!!!!!!!!

I am thinking about buying a USB Flash Drive, anything I should be

I just got off the phone with Fanny and Alexander.

OK. So why did no one tell me TMBG's Dial-a-Song is online?!?

It's not my usual alarm clock but it worked this Sunday morning


best stickies?

Whadayah drinken tonight?

Y'think if I put "Skinner's butt smells!" on my sticky I'd get in trouble?

Bush made me miss the end of King of Queens. grrr...

I just got off the phone with Leopold and Loeb

Anyone Live in Young America, MN?

The DUDQ players are in the house!

Is DU painfully slow for anyone else?

Hey we hit 23 million posts today! :)

I may get a PS2 this Friday!

Shit hitting fan in GD coming to the lounge for comfort!

24!!! Probable Spoilers for West Coasters within....

Pictures of my garden & deck flowers. **DIAL-UP WARNING**

John Mayer Needs to SIT DOWN and SHUT UP.

And now it's time for "Ask a Gwar Fan".

Do you have dental insurance?

You suck! But your peanut butter is OK!

Will you go see Snakes on a Plane?

Okay... I'll tell you all about my crush....

Why do my threads seem to die?

So I went to the doctor today

We need a break from the you-know-what threads. Do this now:

Anybody know ANYTHING about "The Prisoner"?

Wish me surgery luck for tomorrow!

Well, Skittles the Cat: GONE. She got out Thursday, and she's just gone.

Bears Eat Monkey in Front of Zoo Visitors

What's your opinion of Oprah?

An 11 year old(!!!) to be Britain's youngest mother.

Grey's Anatomy...what are your predicitons for next year?

This meeting of the DUDQ is hereby called to order!

Finally! The Dixie Chicks are starting TV promotion of their new CD.

Just adopted a dog. Need a cool name. Any ideas?

i got my prepuce pierced today

I'm back

Mothers' Day Poem

License plate frame/bracket/holder (only in California)

In the interest of balance

Is George W Bush the "anti-Christ" ??

Is Judaism and the islamic faith messed up or what????? And Amer. Indians?

Divine vegetation

Is it just me, or is the "Da Vinci Code" Jesus cooler than Catholic Jesus?

A Guide for Self-Help: Focusing on the Emotions of Daily Life

Some try ultra-fat diet to combat medical conditions

New Jersey Expected To Be Next State To Rule On Gay Marriage

Secretive Gay GOP Operative Ups Anti-Hilary Campaign

Exxon To Vote On Gay Rights Measure

Can someone help with a dream interpretation?

Revolt in the Ranks? Be VERY Careful, Neocon

Real Solution for Border:Kerry Amendment to Add 1,000 Border Patrol Agents

Bush caught rehearsifying

west wing finale replay on bravo 8pm edt

Does the GOP sell e-mail and home address lists?

Does * have the shakes?

The chimp may as well become a Dem...

Please MSNBC...can we go back to Countdown with KO...

Bush hyping up national security...

WSJ: MySpace to Offer Downloads of TV Show '24'

Why will it take long to train border patrol guards?

What did Olbermann just say about Carlos Mencia?

I want to see PROOF that Americans refuse to do those jobs Bush says

bush doesn't want to "play on anyone's fears.."

Why isn't our Pres. addressing the 2500 deaths of our loved ones in Iraq?

c-span taking calls on bush speech

Oliver Stone's WORLD TRADE CENTER Trailer

He was against it before he was for it...



anyone checked over at freeperville to see the reaction??

Keith O. talking of the speech--had Durbans response also.

Chimp spent 20 minutes saying absolutely nothing.

Iraq's soccer fields no longer a haven

question...why the NG on the southern border? What about the northern

Pentagon Releases Gitmo Detainees' Names

So, if you are a long-time law-breaker (been illegal for more than 5yrs.)

How long was it?

Is Bush Planning A “Persian Gulf Incident”?

My mother wanted to watch the idiot talk about immigration.

WTF are "high-tech fences" - ?

CNN/John Roberts on border ide

Pssst - check out the top 3 netflix rentals for Crawford, TX....

Cindy Sheehan will be in Kalamazoo, Michigan tomorrow!!

So, who's got the franchise on those "tamper-proof ID cards"?

Now we know. The KBR built dentention camps are for us!

Kinky Friedman on AAR with Sam Sedar

Has Hitler already sent troops down to the border?

America: The Lawful Evil Kingdom of Chimpy the First.

Real Solution for Borders: Kerry Amend to Add 1,000 Border Patrol Agents

Repukes Tancredo (CO) and King (NY) : "No bill is better than a bad bill"

Carlos Mencia: "Don't look at the elephant - Look at the immigrant!"

Gulags and "papieren" in America?

Why not hire some of those American workers Bush says won't work

So how close did Bush come to endorsing English as our "official" tongue?

About those ID cards & illegal immigration

SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS COMRADE!!!!! - National Workers ID

Most ironic statment: 'we're a nation of laws & we must enforce our laws'

Carlos Mencia made a good point about the BioCards.

Did the Bush speech appease the anti-immigrant wing of the GOP?

You Can't Run A Grocery Store If You Don't Speak English.

Aha! the REAL message: Serve the military and become a CITIZEN

Bush cues the proxies.

Now we know why the amnesty program

MSNBC showing Sen. Dick Durbin Democratic Rebuttal NOW

The Problem With Freak Republic and The Rightwingers

Didn't the Chimperor nix the cross referencing system re: phony SS #s?

Was Joe Wilson a source for the Jason Leopold Story?

My guess is that Bush just lost the Mexican-American vote

OK, I'll say it: these stickers are annoying

Why shouldn't Bush consider catching that fish the best moment

Keith O. talking of Cheney notes ( cia leak).

BWAAAAA - Bush's Idiot Moment! Did All See That, Or Just CNN Viewers?

Tweety is offended!!! I've got the vapors!!

Main news organisations condemn sedition legislation (Australia)

Light pollution in night skies object of new state legislation

Chavez: Imprison 'genocidal' Bush

Why Is MSNBC The Only Cable News Channel Carrying the Dem Response?

Official Mexican reaction to Bush amnesty speech

Reid Throws Bush A Curveball On Immigration

David Sirota: RHETORIC vs. REALITY: Bush On Border Security Funding

Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.

Bush to base, "I'm LYING TO YOU!!!!!!!!!

Dean's reaction to Bush's speech

Dixie Chicks, Valerie Plame & Bush

Tamper Proof ID's: What documents are used to get them?

Joe "Fucking" Klein is a gasbag. And an asshole.

Congressman Conyers:Another Day, Another Civil LIberty At Risk

You Pick!

Bush is sunk. It's like nobody's "on-message" anymore

Rollin. Rollin. Rolllin on the riiiiver...

Tonight's Chimpy speech made me long for a speech by a real leader.

Did anybody else notice that ** seemed to have

Two Items in Bush's Speech Should Concern All Of US .....

How long can they hide if the indictment is sealed?

Is * shrinking?

Great cartoon from Handelsman of Newsday

If you know anyone from Missouri please help (Senate Race):

Daily Kos member exposes Jason Leopold as a sockpuppet

First mention of Rove indictment in msm:

And another thing. Rehearsing the big "speech" just before airtime....

Question On The Leoplold Thing (Sorry, I'm Mostly A Lurker On This Issue)

AAR just now. 2nd letter to Bush from Iran .....

True or False: American politics is always about economics?

Children of the Machine

Let's help out Bush

By 04, Senate had voted twice to nix Intel. purchase for satellite program


This meeting of the DUDQ is hereby called to order!

Listen, my children, and you shall hear.....

Malloy reporting that Chimpy *finally* going to Viet Nam

Is it just me, or is the "Da Vinci Code" Jesus cooler than Catholic Jesus?

Turn this photo into a Republican Captioned Pic

Mary Cheney On Letterman Friday Night (5-19-06)

Shit happens.

A Bush apologist says * has lost touch with reality

Pictures of the year international

FReeper response

After Tonight's Debacle (You Know What I Mean) , How Low Will bu$h Go? Or

The NSA is on the line -- all of them

A comparison between **'s approval and drinking the kool-aid

This whole emphasis on people learning English

Howard Dean coming up on Daily Show!

Chavez: Imprison 'genocidal' Bush

Bush on CNN ... too early! ... You got to see it!

Pre-paid Cell Phones

The Smoking Pen By Dan Froomkin

Have any of you ever heard of a group named "Dove"?

Would everyone just CHILL OUT on Truth Out and Raw Story?

Where did the depleted Uranium that Iraqi children are breathing come from

Looks like the Rovinator has been pumping iron

Boeing gathering our info too? More than Choicepoint& NSA worries

TOONS: Big Brother Loves You Edition

CNN: Bush: U.S. 'a lawful society....

Bush's New World Border

Is George W Bush the "anti-Christ" ??

So will the Republangelicals finally get upset about NSA eavesdropping...

Stephen Colbert in "Law&Order Criminal Intent"


Just saw the littly Hillary montage on The Daily Show

Conyers:Mainstream Media Decries Government Monitoring, Sort of

I propose: "The No Child Left Unparented Act of 2006"

It's about Fitzgerald, not Leopold, Stupids.

Joe Klein: that was probably the coolest presidential image

Can I pimp a really good site? .... too poor to vote republican .com

Wolf Blitzer lost all credibility tonight.

This cries out for a caption....

Strange occurrence re: Arbitron

Okay, if you think TruthOut and RawStory are bogus,

Bush BOMBED....Bush BOMBED....caught rehearsing, looking stupid


Late Nite FDL: The American Chickenhawk in its Native Habitat

Bush had no Texas accent during most of his speech. Weird, huh.

YOUTUBE VID: "Lazy Ramadi" 3 minute short filmed by US soldiers.

False start for Bush speech, blamed on network pool feed

A sentence about mining versus tapping:

The "No illegal alien left without amnesty" act.

Not Your Soldier

Just a little story to take your mind off KKKarl for the night.

Not Your Soldier

Freepers are mixed on ABC/NYT/WashPo Fourth-Estate-Gate story:

How long before we have a "Tonkin Gulf/Mayaquez/Pearl Harbor/

Steve Clemons on Rove..Grand Jury assembles again on Wed.

What is up with the pages loading so slow tonight?

Sometimes you just have to wonder

WSJ: Rove's Camp Takes Center of Web Storm

President's Middle Path Disappoints Both Sides

Will all the assholes raise their hands, please...


FDR/GWB comparisons on Tavis Smiley tonight - Jonathan Alter's new book...

Little Lord Pissypants crashed and burned. Rehearsing speech ROFL

I think Il Dunce helped us tonight.

My National Guard friend says he'll go to Canada before

What is your view on "Support Our Troops" magnets?

Mandatory Malloy Monday Truthseekers check in

You know why I think politicians favor illegal immigration?

How does tribal sovereignty work re: border patrol?

Former FAA Counter-Terror Expert Refuses to See United 93

Does America have the best technology in the world?

Patriot Act Abuse: Journalists Phone Records are Fair Game.

Freepin' knuckle-draggers want chimpy's head on a stick...

Our Dem leaders are ignoring the will of its people

Karl Rove's Spokesman Mark Corallo

CNN's Bush rehearsal video.......

A fucking "Biometric" card!??

Scarborough is getting it, he is PISSED... over the journalists'

This is another Karl Rove, Jason Leopold, and thread.

It is time to get radical! Memorial Day demonstrations all fifty state

Jon Stewart's website says Howard Dean is up tonight!

FBI Acknowledges: Journalists Phone Records are Fair Game

The Welsh are the true Britons?? Genetics point that way.....

Get yer' Prez Speech Polls here! Hot and Fresh out of the oven!

I Stand With The

PHOTOS: Because I care . . .an itinerary for Pickles


Just heard the term "catch and release" about illegals


Bush is in trouble. Take cover.

Who Else Thinks This Constant Infighting Is Juvenile?

*************** **************** OFFICIAL BUSH SPEECH THREAD #2***********

Natasha Rothschild of truthout,org; Rove definitely will be indicted

ID cards... watch out it is coming for all of us

Judgment at Nuremberg is on TCM

From TruthOut

Remember that border gates can be used to keep people from leaving

A sober, reasoned analysis of Bush's speech

Blue Nation!

Thousands of Guard troops on the border, or the start of martial law?

Is America a lawful society?

Our newest, bestest friend...

Being that we have had 5 million freaking threads on this :-)

How about a 3-yr moratorium on ALL immigration?

If Truthout And Will Pitt Fall I Fall With Them. I Stand With Them United.

Is DU a "big umbrella"? Are we trying to welcome any people

Musings of a middle-class poor person

Kerry, McDermott: Big Oil Walking Away with $700 Million in Taxpayer Money

The speech is ending early tonight because its past bed time for the chimp

Ok honest immigrants don't cross the border illegally. Ok.

There is a difference between an illegal immigrant and an illegal immigran

Ok Keith isn't going to give the president a break. I guess he wasn't

Tweety he might have said something about illegal hiring. BUT!! that

When the Border Police Stand-up, We'll Stand Down!

Good Dem response by Durbin

What's the exit strategy for getting the guard off the border? Did our

Col Jack Jacobs is against nat guard because brown and black people

Empty suit, empty speech

New Rove Talking Point After This Address Tonight......

Tweety's in some kind of a wierd lather about the differences

Gee Dubbz spoke at some Gulf Coast Comm. College

Question: When Is Amnesty Not Amnesty? .......

Just remember Freepers: * is the Decider!

Guard at border, but no authority = get rid of DEM Governors in AZ & NM

I D Cards - another Rethug corruption nest ....

A way to elect an additional Democrat in Rhode Island - ROVE STYLE

I lay 50-1 odds-this is the company that gets the ID contract

Meaningful Penalty < ----- vs ----- > Hold them Accountable ......

Jeb Bush quickly packing FL courts with right-wing ideologues

Know what I thought about Shrub's speech tonight?

Daily Show has Howard Dean and Colbert has Kevin Phillips

Hey kids! Decode this awesome patriotic message!

Bush's Speech/Border Troops/Logical Fallacy.....

secret messages on answering machines

Ceausescu in the 70's listening in on entire population

Wow, talk about a change in tone. Tweety on Olbermann's show.

Sealed indictments

I Noticed That Neither MSNBC Nor CNN Had A Immigrant Spokesperson....

DU these polls

Ras: Ohio Senate-Brown by 3%

MSM: cowardly whusses.

Need help DU with a Supreme Court quote:

Next time a Repuke/Freepturd/Dittododo does the "National Anthem


Real Solution for Borders: Kerry Amend to Add 1,000 Border Patrol Agents

Howard Dean on The Daily Show tonight!!!!

WOW!! 10 minute MSM segment on voting irregularities, Great Coverage

Drudge Doesn't Have Anything Up About False Internet Reports That Rove....

Instead of IDs, why don't we just tattoo the infor... Oh wait...

Bush is losing popularity in Utah

SO, boys and girls...Did Bush regain his Sunny Nobility tonight?

NFL - Porter 'I got something to say to Bush'

Focus on 2008.

Bush Bounce After Speech:

Folks the speach was a bust

I think what's really getting lost in this Illegal Immigrant debate

Karl Rove is the most overblown political advisor of our time...

Zogby- Majority of Democrats support amnesty

Why Don't We Just Make Mexico the 51st State?.......nt

Kerry Delivers Commencement Address with Comedic Edge

Clark talks with Iowa voters.

Hillary Kills the Goose that Lays the Golden Egg

Do you support amnesty?

Sooo...after Bush pardons Rove, then what?

WP: In Speech, A Balancing Act of Policy And Politics

US could access EU data retention information (not just US!!)

U.S. troops caught in middle as Iraqis feud

WSJ (5/16/06) reports on "media frenzy"

Can Rove weather the political, legal storm?

Rove vs. Reality-- E. J. Dionne Jr--WaPo

Karl Rove, Bullish on the Budget and the Border--Dana Millbank--WaPo

Rove, the Internet, Jason L., bloggers, and the rumor mill (article)

Karl Rove, Bullish on the Budget and the Border

Patent trolls' get their just desserts - San Jose Mercury News -5/16/2006

Geov Parrish (Working for Change): Now America Reacts

Exploiting American anxiety

San Diego Union Tribune: We must secure these borders

An absolutely hysterical GYWO toon....

Bush stomps on Fourth Amendment

The widening NSA net

Arianna Huffington: On the Washington Post NSA Snooping Poll

Moscow, China Won't Back Force vs. Iran (AP)

Provision in bill to protect Gulf Coast billboards is intrusive

Rove vs. Reality (very good article)

The Government's Massive Data Sweep

Laurence Tribe (Boston Globe): Bush stomps on the Fourth Amendment

OK You Right Wing Lemmings…Define “Liberal”

Blood Is Thicker Than Blackwater(being sued for the 4 hanged men)

AOL to Release YouTube Clone

TIME: Why Gaddafi's Now a Good Guy

The Business: The British lose Basra

Will the Real Traitors Please Stand Up? Best Yet 8^)

McCain, billionaire brothers forgive and forget(swiftboaters funding McCai

USA Today Phone Spying Scoop Has Post and Times Scrambling

New York piano tuner defies US in Cuba

Rumsfeld op-ed: Birth of a free press is victory for Iraqis

"Shallow Throat" on GOP Meltdown: Turn Up the Heat!

Reliance on faulty polls pushes Bush popularity ratings downward

???IA bans all public performances religious right song 'The Champion'

Molly Ivins: Could Lunacy Explain Bush's Policies?

Walmart in the American Conservative

Parents, kids not necessarily 'family' everywhere

McCain jokes that West Point Grads are bastards

High price of gold keeps isolated Eureka, NV in business (Barrick)

Russia Grapples With an Atomic Dilemma

N.Korea appears to restart nuclear reactor - report

EU to offer Iran best civil nuclear technology

Nuclear power exhibition planned tomorrow in capital (Viet Nam)

Cascade glacier meltdown stuns scientists

Global Nuclear Fuel Allianace Taking Form

Griping About Gas Prices ... In A New SUV

Hydrogen from algae - fuel of the future?

Ecuador revokes Occidental oil contract

Arctic Harp Seals Show Up on U.S. Beaches

The Greening of Chicago (Time)

Landmark tower at defunct nuclear plant faces demolition (Trojan OR)

Peretz defends wave of attacks on Palestinians

Identity parade

Crack of Israeli bullets ends activists' protest against barrier

Aksa Brigades threatens US, Europe

Police bar youths from torching Acre mosque on Lag Ba'Omer

There was no fucking 9/11 conspiracy. Only Bush admin incompetence

Planes do Not Vaporize

No Realistic Explanations For Creations Of Free Fall Offered - I Have One

Did anyone else see the flash?

Did I just hear Wolfie correctly on CNN?...

Airplane, my ass. (Screen capture graphic)

Do you see any PLANE in that tape?????

video clip of plane hitting pentagon...they should use this.....

Rove planned jet hitting pentagon to get back at Leopold in future?

A few questions about the Flt. 77/Pentagon video (large photos)

Snopes Fodder - "Flight 93 (movie) Musings from a Delta pilot"

A word on this missile / plane issue ...

Correlation of the two Pentagon videos

I Still don't see a Focking Plane !!!!!!

Why was this CNN pentagon plane footage released?

Since 9/11 is hot topic with the video release - here is the Loose Change

Pentagon plane footage vs. 2006 election...and seventhson

As long as we're talking 9/11 (1984 SPOILER)....

I don't see a plane.

"Pentagon to Release Film of Sept. 11 Plane Attack"

All this MIHOP vs LIHOP stuff is a distraction...

Heads up! CNN to show Flt. 77/Pentagon video..coming up.

Pics of plane flying into Pentagon to be released today???

My kingdom for a REAL Pentagon video tape

An observation on conspiracy theories and their opponents

MSNBC reporter just said that DIA guy told

Reporter On CNN Said Plane "Hitting No Where Near The Pentagon""

Having seen the video taken at the Pentagon, I now agree that

CNN's Jamie Mcin-LIAR: Now he says he saw the plane!!

How many surveillance cameras does the Pentagon have?

Am I correct in understanding they basically added a few more frames?

check it out

(NY) Who is this asshole State Senator Flanagan . . .

Cross Post: Hundreds of Voting Machines break down in Philly Primary

Ohio-insider contract scandal brewing at Franklin County elections board

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News May 16, 2006 -- DU it!

Clear box voting

Diebold: Voting for AmeriKa so you don’t have to.


So I took this opportunity to send a little dough to DU and put up

Yepsen: A general holds appeal for a nation weary of war

Have you ever had one of those days when...

Weird, Mike Blouin doesn't have his attack ad against Chet Culver

LOL. I just got polled about the TDP Chair race!

what do you think of his immigration speech?

The right-wing nuts are NOT happy with Bush

Who wants to Freeway blog tonight?

How popular is Baby Bush in your part of Texas now?

Just got a call from a "research firm" wanting to know who I

How to talk to a kinkaroo. (kinky supporter)

Regenerating laughter for all you foodies

For my foodie buddies, my house pics are up

Harper's ex-adviser now bank lobbyist

TIME: Where the Taliban Rules (Again)

Dancing Away the (Prom) Night. With the Governor. At His Mansion.

WP: In Speech, A Balancing Act of Policy And Politics

Natasha Rothschild of truthout,org; Rove definitely will be indicted

Deal With U.S. Would Let Boeing Avoid Prosecution

Trent Lott - If you don't have anything to hide, why are you worried?

D.C. Exec Admits Lying About Contributions

Pa. Primary to Test Voter Anger

U.S. troops caught in middle as Iraqis feud

FCC member urges probe into phone firms

Parents, kids not necessarily 'family' everywhere

Senate Bill will Increase US Population by 193 Million by 2026

6 Civilians, U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq (#2446)

Canada wants to extend Afghan mission to 2009: report

In the Midwest, a GOP Opportunity (Iowa Gov race)

Breaking: 7.4 Magnitude Earthquake under S. Pacific

Pentagon Discloses List of (ALL)Gitmo Detainees

Delays in an Effort to Avoid Delays (Registered Traveller program)

Bush Immigration Speech Doesn't Win House Republicans

Powerful earthquake rattles islands near New Zealand

US releases fullest Guantanamo jail list to date

Fox News Alert! India delays opening of "Da Vinci Code" Movie

Bush’s, Cheney’s filings reveal mutual yule gifts

R.I. lawyers sue telephone companies after newspaper report

NYT/Reuters: Border States More Bitter Than Sweet on Troop Plan

Emergency bill (in CA) for drug coverage OK'd

ABC Claims Government Traced Its Reporters' Calls

China says backs EU approach to Iran stand-off

Militants Kill 18 in Baghdad Parking Lot

Snow's first formal briefing

(Iraqi President Jalal) Talabani slams Iran, Turkey interference

US Senate votes against Isakson bill/amendment

HollingerInc gets immunity from Justice(will testify against Conrad Black)

9/11 Pentagon video goes public for first time

House rejects request for Cunningham papers

China Launches Severe Crackdown on Media

WP: Study Finds Western Parks Exploited, Neglected: BLM Faulted

U.S. April Producer Prices Rise 0.9%; Core Up 0.1%

Seven House members arrested at Sudan Embassy

1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill still a threat - study

‘CIA planes used emirates airports’ in covert global ‘rendition’ programme

FBI says it examines government workers' telephone records in leaks invest

European Nations May Give Iran a Reactor

Bush imposes travel ban on Belarus government (election fraud!)

Karl dreaming if he thinks W beloved, say pundits

CNN/AP: Teen prescription drug abuse 'entrenched'

New voting machines are a hit


Iraqi government in its final form - Maliki


McCain, billionaire brothers forgive and forget(swiftboaters funding McCai

Senate gives Bush an immigration victory following speech (Spin spin spin)

Researchers find no signs of "Iraq War Syndrome"

Israeli minister wanted by FBI to visit Cuba

East Bay's Lee, other lawmakers arrested during D.C. rally

Cell-Phone-Only Crowd May Alter Polling (then discounts the evidence)

Power Is Shut Off Over One Cent

Top missile designer says new Russian missiles resistant to a first strike

Hatch: Court Briefed on Bush Surveillance

CNN/AP: Report: Robotic spacecraft crashed into satellite

Dutch Lawmaker Quits, Set to Leave Nation

Insurgents turn bolder in Iraq

Verizon issues statement this afternoon

UAE diplomat abducted in Baghdad

Specter strikes NSA deal (no longer asking to know if it is legal)

Chinese Internet writer sentenced to 12 years: backed free elections

New Legal Proceedings Filed @ Fitz's Site (Cheney-annotated news article)

AP: GAO Reports Military Unprepared for Storm

Dems' immigration response (can't have another deployment with no plan)

318 ex-lawmakers are now lobbyists, report says

7 House members arrested at Sudan embassy

Verizon stock takes hit on $50 billion lawsuit

GOP congressional candidate criticizes Bush administration

Nazi death files set to be opened

Bush: U.S. Not Listening to Domestic Calls

NAACP Sues to Block Omaha Redistricting

U.S. prisons in Iraq release 151 inmates

New England sees worst floods in 70 years

Prodi cleared to form government

Chavez may price oil exports in euros

3 more soldiers die in Baghdad Tuesday

Venezuela Weighs Selling U.S. Jets to Iran!

Congress may make ISPs snoop on you

Immigration is Mexico's disgrace: leftist candidate

Bush Approval Rating Falls to 33% in ABC/Washington Post Poll (from 38%)

Sweatshops in U.S. Territory (N. Marianas Islands/Abramoff)

US spells out plan to bomb Iran

Bush agrees to full NSA oversight by Congress

Enron's Lay, Skilling broke no laws: lawyers

US Fights Redress for CIA Kidnapping 'Mistake' (rendition case)

Judicial Watch to Obtain September 11 Pentagon Video at 1 p.m. Today

NOW to back Lieberman's Democratic challenger for Senate seat

Lobby group for undocumented Irish gets €38k boost

She's Baaack: Judith Miller Writing About WMD for the 'WSJ'

Verizon: NSA Didn't Ask Us for Records


King warns Saudi media over women

Kerry to Bush: 'Stop trying to rescue your poll numbers'

Mexico Threatens Suits Over Guard Patrols

Resolution Denouncing Waco Lynchings Read

BREAKING: Georgia Same-Sex Marriage Ammendment Struck Down

Two cats, two boxes the same. The two cats are fighting over one

If You Had The Means To Travel Anywhere in the World

Now that was weird

Right, I have to ask this:

Do people consider "cunt" word to be a cuss word?

Do I have a virus?

My right latissimus dorsi (What do you call it when it's only one?

Hailstorm today .. Afterwards, birds were walking around utterly dazed...

Dupe, delete

I can't sleep damn it you are my last resort

Bravo, David S.!

Did you see Libertine? I did - in a theater full of old Japanese ladies.

It's TOO FREAKIN hot to sleep! What the hell? It's MAY

Weather Lady Says We Will See The Sun Tomorrow

This is so fucking COOL!

Bravo, vain last resort, but duped for $600 art thou, like a dazed bird.

saw An American Haunting tonight

GMA doing a deleted scene from Grey's Anatomy.

Spent Saturday night in the hospital

Holy sh*t! I just watched a dog kill a six pack!

Are people really that stupid? (some Tues. morning humor)

Bears Eat Monkey In Front Of Zoo Visitors

We missed the first 20 minutes of Grey's Anatomy. Help please!

BREAKING: it's "speech" not "speach"

Holy Crap, check out these pictures of our Decider!!

One of my Catholic friends has informed me that the Pope is sick .....

Blogging with Pandora

Girl Run Over By Hummer Stretch Limo Leaving Prom

Well, just who is that on the Big Board?

So, I am now an official evacuee of flooding in Massachusetts

CONFESS!!! Prong -- do you go all out or just stick with the basics

Coming to a Library/Bookstore near year: Kudzu in America

Electric Company Shuts Off Power To Woman's Home Because She Owed 1 Penny

Kudzu on a motherfuckin plane

Aw crap I lost my star!

Holy sh*t! I just watched a dog kill a cat

Are you vain?

Happiness is ...?

a new freeper word: possiblistic


Ruby's reading the bumper stickers on my car:

Hve you ever changed your mind about a major life decision?

New Controversy Swirls Around DaVinci Code's Depiction of Saviour


New Restaurant Name Causes Stir - "The Pink Taco" (I KID YOU NOT!)

Is Pepco's Math Correct?

No work for me today because the system is down.

OK, who's the smartass that posted a tombstone next to Dale Earnhardts 3?

Asia reunion tour dates announced! Woohoo!

Maybe the announcers should tell the Brazilion joke during the World Cup

Javascript question

Favorite tale of a creepy dirty old man

Is it "Prom" or "The Prom"

Corporations Are People Too.

A brazillion snakes and Kudzu vines take over the plane's Lounge

My e-mail server's been down since last night...

Colbert made this week's US Magazine for his speech at the

did you guys see the breaking story on DW?!?!?

I'm blonde now!

Okay-the stickies ar funny but they are becoming tiresome

Send all good vibes this way! I need this job!!

look at the latest sticky

I just had an electromyogram, and that shit hurt.

I'm talking to Sascha Cohen on the phone right now!

A poll of utmost national significance

Can Someone help me resize a pic?? Please???

More possible 2006 Dem. campaign slogans.

'Survivor' Winner Sentenced to 51 Months

Has anybody ever had their iPod freeze up in hold mode?

HILARIOUS! BBC mistakes cabbie for MP3 expert during live interview

Fifa World Cup merchandise: good and bad

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 5/16/06)

How many people have a BABY JAIL?

I nominate Britney for Moran of the Year!!

Oh my goodness talk about wild hair lol..

gonna have to wait

Gone for 5 nights, Skittles the Cat returns, channelling Lilly von Schtupp

While waiting for Fitzmas...

Oh joy. A sticky of Liam Gallagher being obnoxious.

Charlie Chaplin Speaks...

What's your opinion of Opera?

Speaking of borders...a comedy view from Jon Stewart.

Seriously - this is a DU Photoshop contest if I ever saw one (WARNING)

Please pardon a stupid question

What's your opinion on the stickies?

Oh my god, what a tragedy

Interesting new stickies

Da Vinci Code protests: "200 Tom Hanks fans and one angry nun"


Watching Lebron James emerge as an NBA superstar is a treat...(pic)

Grovelbot has taken over DU again. Aren't you scared?

Everybody... Today's clintmax Morning Crew thread is the first-ever pic

Lindsey Lohen & Paris Hilton in Bar Brawl(not kidding-that's the headline)

Rabrrrrrr's unofficial American Idol poll thread

"Barney indicted for leaking" pic

Oh god. What do I do? I'm going crazy.

Trippiest political music video EVARRR!

I nominate Britney for Mom of the Year!!

Spears quits Kabbalah - says her baby is her new religion

*American Idol* song choices for tonight

Okay, I donated already!

Is hotter than a whore's ass in Vancouver today

Hmm...hunger and laziness collide...oh, the dilemma.

Man! I should keep you guys on a tighter leash!

AOL to Release YouTube Clone


Want to see my sister's wedding picture?

I could care less.

Candy covered popcorn, peanuts and a prize! That's what you get

'Boston Legal' fans reminder.

Perm? Yes or No?

Time to promote the DU baseball group!


Hellllllllp! Some strange creature has stolen my avatar!

Porn? Yes or no?

Barry Bonds ate my baby oil!

"Why are the pretty ones always so dumb?"

Pram? Yes or no?

Hilarious logo from EFF front page

Inquiring Minds Want to spoils of crime

It's time for American Asshole!!!!

Paris Hilton's Urge Brings Fame to Bavarian Farm

Ahhh little yellow feels good to have you back!

They were working on the gas main today, and haven't turned it back on yet

I don't have ten bucks

Happy birthday kmla & blondeatlast!!

The people in my support group don't seem to want to be in a group w/ me

My son told me just an hour ago he's making me dinner

Is there a better ensemble cast flick than "12 Angry Men"?

Woohooo! Letting that spider live was worth it!

West Wing pilot...when Jed throws the "Lamb of God" people OUT

How would you handle this?

Spears caught with infant seat facing wrong way in her convertible

I'm looking for technical help...

Ack! My roommate's listening to "My Humps!"

stickies ? - what exactly are "bong hits 4 jesus" and what does it mean

Pink Taco Restaurant Causes Stir

Today is H2O Man's B-day!!!!


Are there fewer SUVs on the road?

What the fuck is going on outside the Lounge tonight?

Video: Guy's just drinkin' a beer in the ocean and a crab grabs his...

complete stranger in line behind you in the store says,

Photo: No matter how you slice it, this is WRONG. Dial-up warning (200K)

So I made my first alcohol purchase yesterday

I wish real life was like DU

Tuesday, May 16. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Today is a dreadful day in history

Kudzu on a plane!

Pictures from Richmond, Virginia Meet-Up

Are there any DU women who are Pigs? Or I suppose "sows"

I get to go to Nashville for 4 days!

Interesting question...

What's the best PC video editing software?

Kudzu is taking over the lounge.

Vanity post alert!! Pic of me...the recent college grad!

Prom Poll - may already have been done but I missed it.

Congratulations Canuckistanian!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations bigtree!! 10,000 posts

SKITTLES the Cat UPDATE: She . . . is . . .

Good Tuesday Morning, Crew!

Best DEAD band (ie, "dead" is in the band's name)

Now if that isn't a cutie pie ...

SUN!!!!! !!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!11111 1111 !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!

One garden pic from this morning

Uh-oh! OMG!...........*BABY PICTURES* (7)

Got into a religious argument with a co-worker

CONFESS!!!! What was the first alcoholic beverage you ever bought

CONFESS!!! Porn - do you go all out or just stick with the basics

Barry Bonds ate my baby!

The USPTO granted this patent.

CONFESS!!! Prom - did you go all out or just stick with the basics

"Mama! That's not being my kind of nice!"

Man Tried To Put Out Cigarette In Bowl Of Paint Thinner, Burned House Down

Take fake snakes to Snakes on a Plane and throw into audience?

Rabrrrrrr's take on all current events:

Wish me luck!

Is anyone else gonna pay $600 for a @#%# Playstation 3?

Tony Award Nominations Announced and no, Julia was NOT nominated

Parents who buy their kids crap like I-pods, razor phones, expensive

People who sit in Barnes and Nobel and read/mutilate whole books

Confess- Prom: Did you behave yourself?

OK.......I just want to say something here.........

I refuse to use IE

A poll of even more utmost national significance


Does faith require ritual?

Forever Pregnant

Anyone exempt their kids from vaccines?

Methane-belching Bugs Inspire A New Theory Of The Origin Of Life

Neanderthal yields nuclear DNA (BBC)

Gay Man Sues Over Police Sting

Catholic Church Hit With New LGBT Scandals

Help me find the thread where someone asked if DEM gays 'hated' Dean...

come on SPURS...get with it

Younger Vick joins Dolphins

for my A, S & AH buddies, my house pics are up in DIY

Troops & Vets: "I am disabled by my service to my nation."

Kerry will be in Toledo, OH, on Saturday. Just rec'd this:

Interesting Kerry-mail

Sen Kerry to call into The Stephanie Miller show tomorrow (5/17)

Fun Stuff for Kerrycrats and Dems update....

Reminds me of a rant!

DU in May 2006 is most like which of the following:

JK Speaking Next on C-SPAN II n/t

Kerry Border Amendment Passes

I voted today.

New member at WeLoveJohnKerry and she has a gift for you all!

I am about to be controversial. Has anyone been listening to AL Gore?

On the off-chance that I ever run a contest again

Countdown Newsletter -- 05/16/06: Tracing Reporters' Calls?

Laugh of the Day, or Happy Birthday Tucker Carlson!

Bears Eat Monkey in Front of Zoo Visitors

Is Rove Schroedinger's Cat?

NYT: President's Middle Path Disappoints Both Sides of...Immigration Issue

The Daily Show on Hillary was Hilarious.

Slow DU...We're going to the PANIC ROOM...!!!

As much as I want Rove to be indicted

another angle on NSA call records: they know who's been doing those polls

We will be a brown America in the next century

Is DU slow-w-w-w-, or is it just moi? nt

What the hell am I missing?

The Minister of Silly Hats

Bush's Middle Path Disappoints Both Sides of Divisive Immigration Issue

Newest Zogby poll is loaded with pres candidate questions - link to join

"Without illegals, Big Macs would cost double." - Bernie Ward's sub

"We will have to get used to dying again."

What is a progressive?

Tuesday's toon - 5/16/06

2,445 American troops now dead in W's war

Tonight, DU is taking us back in time

Raw Story: Tom DeLay retains perks of Majority Leader post

Rove looks skinny in this photo from today. Perhaps because of stress?

Mexico should militarize their side of the border.

Johnathan Alter--The Defining Moment- (FDR) -on Imus now.

NSA book author: NSA 'probably' has your ISP, cell records

Washington Journal time-reaction to nat.guard 202-737-0002

It's TOO FREAKIN hot to sleep! What the hell? It's MAY

GMA doing a deleted scene from Grey's Anatomy.

Google Notebook is live. Anybody checked it out yet?

Repub callers on WJ do NOT trust Bush to do anything!

Passaic County (NJ) gets faulty voting machines (Sequoia).

AP: San Bernardino to Vote on Immigrant Plan

In a perfect Republican World...

bellsouth denies handing over records

Stalker story!

I was the first person in my district to vote this morning!!!

is it just me?

Big Brother knows whom you call. Is that legal?

Local Repugs dubious of Dear Leader (cracks in the armor)...

Where are those reporters now?

Stupid CNN Poll: Which is more important to tightening

Is This Clash Song Relevant Today?

Release all the politician's phone records, they've got nothing to hide.

Least Popular Poll (No 'candidates' in this one, folks)

Sorry bastard Henry Bonilla

One HELL of a commencement speech

National Guard to the border?

BellSouth customers *might* not have had their records sold:

New Plan - The SACRED Option

Today is H2O Man's B-day!!!!

Here's a scary Orwellian scenario - is it future reality?

The Pallor of Richard Perle.

American Enterprise Institute "scholar" wants the gov't to buy organs

NYT, pg1: As threat of diabetes rises, funds to combat it are cut

What makes this (NSA program) different from anything Clinton did?

King warns Saudi media over women

Zogby This Morning

c-span wj 9:30am edt taking calls about rove

FYI: Howard Dean coming up on TDS/Jon Stewart-repeat @9amCT.

Wow!!! Rove is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chertoff on cspan. says it is press conf. (border security is the talk).

Dixie Chicks, Valerie Plame & Bush: By Robert Parry

Boston Legal is on for TWO hours tonight!

Reason #6548


AT&T and the Eunuch Congress.

HOLY CRAP! Bev Harris is on Coast to Coast tonite!

The N.G. plan...there's more to it.

Former CIA chief: "the FBI is monitoring calls of a number of news..."

Plame Grand Jury to meet WEDNESDAY

Caption the Desperate Moran:

What would you think would be a good slogan for America now?

Dr. Frist Needs to Surgically Detach His Lips from President's ...

caption this

If the elections were stolen:

What propels rape stories to wide attention? Duke versus Virginia Union.

TIME: Taliban once again rules southern Afghanistan

Spying on journalists: The final nail in the coffin

Poppy finally bought Little Boots a job he can't buy his way out of


LOL Fox' Gibson, meet Jeff Gannon

(VIDEO) The Daily Show on diplomacy and spying

Fox News Alert! India delays opening of "Da Vinci Code" Movie

A border newspaper's report on local reaction to Shrub's plan

If J Leopold were duped, Drudge would've pounced by now don't you think??

Karl and George's not-so-excellent adventure (desperate improvisation)

Bwahahahaha: CNN had a crew in OHIO watching Pubs listening to Bush

Pink Taco Restaurant Causes Stir

FCC Chief Calls for Probe of Phone Cos.

Remember Bush's last most urgent crisis facing our country? Social Security

Miller reappears in the WSJ with a puff piece on Lybia

Congress May Make Internet Service Providers Snoop On You

Wait a minute....

What would be the Bush Administration's worst nightmare?

Picture the following sequence of events:

Teaser: Unscripted Gore says he's 'recovering politician, but you

BBC interviews cab driver (believing he was a technology expert) LOL!!!

One of the first task of the Democratic Congress next year

Tale of trashed Ferrari twists along the fast lane of mystery

GOP Candidate: "Bush administration may go down as the worst in history."

Joe Klein is a (racist?) embarrassment

Freeper Implosion Over *'s Border "plan"

Are Fundamentalists going to agree to biometric ID's?

I didn't watch the speech and I don't want to hear about it.

Has Godot been indicted yet?

Fox news alert: Bush news confer. with Aussie Prime Mininster (yet alert)

Whatever you Do...DON'T Miss Democracy Now Today!!

DU this poll: Bush’s plan to deploy National Guard troops

George is in his straight-talking-no-nonsense but all bullshit mode!

Wal-Mart profits up 6.3 percent, top forecasts

We need a break from the you-know-what threads. Do this now:

Flip: FBI denies spying on reporters

BellSouth Denies It Gave Records to N.S.A.----Somebody's Lying

Immigration is Bush's Pandora's Box

Trent Lott - If you don't have anything to hide, why are you worried?

New Idea! Let's Blame Fox "news" for the War!!! Really, here's the plan.

Tracfones, Common Sense, and the Big Telephone Spy Lie

Oh,Goodie-fresh meat-Tony Snow up in 10 minutes

Tamper-proof ID cards

It's Tuesday, Everybody say "Hey!" to the NSA.

BA and BS,,thats whot those Pubs are giving us,,,Band Aids and Bull shit

Paris suburb names street for Mumia Abu-Jamal

whats the chances

CT-Sen: NOW to endorse Ned Lamont

"Rove vs. Reality": Country is off Bush message, and is not coming back

Briton 'gang-raped by Italian sports stars'

CNN: Bush: U.S. does eavesdrop on phone calls of ordinary Americans

AP: Bush: U.S. Not Listening to Domestic Calls

Tony Snowjob coming up at 12:30

Guest workers.

Question about phone tap

Bush LYING ON TV Right Now!!!

Trinity Broadcasting: "Contact John McCain! But be TACTFUL!"

NYT interviewer asks Tim Russert: What about your MOTHER?

Are US gasoline prices being manipulated according to region????

Bush just said John Howard "may not be the prettiest person on the block..

In Depth: Tensions Rise On 30th Parallel, IEDs Found

Saudi King to Saudi media: No photographs of women.

If this isn't the definitive picture sequence of our Village Idiot....

Punk Ass Crusade!

As long as the NSA only goes up to the 6th degree of seperation.......

Flying America in unfriendly skies

I have *had* it with "Protecting the people is our number 1 priority".

NOLA's Diebold-style election for Luddites

Hee hee, Thom Hartmann v. a CNS news hack

Sagging Poll Numbers May Be Altering the "Nuclear Option" Equation

Oh damn, almost forgot, 3 states have their primaries today

Hmmm, detention camps. Can we call them Nazis yet? Or is that still taboo?

Helen Thomas to Tony Snow "the President Said He Didn't Obey the Law"

If you really want to know what's going on with Rove-look at his weight.

Cancer Stops Snow in his Tracks

Non-citizen workers are better than citizens. They can't vote.

So, who thought up Shrubs immigration plan, since NOBODY is

Co-worker's "Constitutional" justification for NSA spying - help me reply:

800 MA National Guardsmen called out; news video of evacuation of nursin

CAPTION the Connoisseur of Manly Beauty...

WAPO: Skype offers free calls to landlines. (USA & Canada)

Snow's first formal briefing

U.S. reserves nearly 'broken,' says chief

Iraq government takes shape (time for U.S. troop withdrawal)

Just another day in the focked up life of Katherine Harris

Bush motorcade pointing guns at protesters? Any truth to this?

2 quick points

Congress and 7 yr. olds understood the speech, but what about 6 yr olds?

Is Teen Sex Bad?

(Bradblog) Pentagon to release video of 9/11 Pentagon crash

CNN's Jamie Mcin-LIAR: Now he says he saw the plane!!

Aaron Brown takes faculty job at Arizona State University

Beale AFB Homes With Toxic Mold - local news story and video

Did we just get Roved on immigration?

E&P: Condi picks top-10 music faves for Bono's guest-edited newspaper

Cheny on Limpballs right now for interview. The only person Cheney

Democrats should push for the guest worker rosters...

Have you seen the state tracking polls lately?

Regarding the New Docs on Fitzgerald's website

Impeaching Bush AND Cheney: Doing Our Homework, Persuading the Persuadable

I don't see a plane.

America: From Freedom to Fascism to screen at Cannes, May 22nd

Planes do Not Vaporize

Hey Admins - Please allow the new Pentagon footage to be discussed here

STUNNING animation of New Orleans flooding on! (Flash required)

I don't know what happened with this Leopold thing I see so many threads

National Security Letters: How Patriot Act Enables the Govt to Spy on You

When will Leapold "out" his sources like he said he would?

A letter to my senator--the last!

Bracing for for another round of "How can Bush come back?" stories

Heads up! Snow to hold his FIRST WH Press Breifing.

7 House members arrested at Sudan embassy

Anyone listening to Byron Dorgan now on the Senate floor.


An example of the GOP idea of a Guest Working program

On English al Jazeera - 18 more killed in bomb attack today

Have the stickies been freeped or is that a joke?

Can a blowjob save America? CHB

I propose a new national holiday: Arlen Specter Day


Japan Confirms 26th Mad Cow Disease Case

Ohio Teen Jailed for Not Testifying Against Man...

I think that the "newly released" Pentagon footage:

Brian Ross, ABC Correspondent, to be on Democracy Now today:

Okay, we have had the immigration speech, the 9/11 diversion, rearranging

DRehm show today on W immigration speech....border patrol

Bush's 'body man' is leaving after four years as personal aide

Caption *

Today's Cafferty File questions (nothing about spying on reporters)

Sensenbrenner wants ISPs to snoop on us

Perhaps our govt. was Fascist/Imperialistic all along.

FBI Notified After Cruise Ship Passenger Mysteriously Vanishes

If you think Tony Snow's use of "tar baby" was wrong, you're ignorant.

Pledge to see "An Incovenient Truth". 66,000 so far and it hasn't even

During A Mothers Day Phone Call A Guy Speaking Arabic Busts Into The Call

this is a test...this is only a test

Why All the Congestion???

Patriotic songs that pissed you off.


How much credence should we have in the "US begins bombing Iran on 06/07"

I didn't hear anything about Rove on my car radio so I guess he's still

Some Perspective, Please! (Leopold and Rove)

~ Opinion Thread : NSA Spying vs. Real Terrorist Surviellence ~

Did anyone else hear the knuckle dragger who called Guy James?

Immigration Problems Continue Unabated

Non-fiction book discussions:

Question on the origin of the immigration debate

Cafferty on a roll about Rove speech yesterday cnn.

Bush Teases Australian Prime Minister - Good Grief!

" Powerful in Washington" (AP pushes bogus survey to hype GOP Congress)

ChoicePoint rep to be on Randi @ top of hour.

Saudi Arabia Bans Pictures of Women

Today is a dreadful day in history

My jab at AT&T story--It felt good

Was it only land line companies who offered up their records?

GOP Using $100M In Tax Payer Money To Preserve Confederate Submarine

Bwahahaha! IMs between Smirk and Bill

Senate voting on guest worker program (c-span2).

Do freepers know what humor is??? re: DU donations

Is there such a thing as a computer that CAN'T be hacked, or

Okay...Give me some new cool sites (on any topic)

what tony snow actually said was "tard-baby"

Tell Jack how you feel

Cingular Offers Free Calls For Flood Victims in MA & NH

LEOPOLD on Ed Schultz .....ON NOW!!!

Big choice: Palast on w/Randi, or Leopold on w/Schulz? 4PM, CDT

If you don't listen to "The Guy James Show" today, you will miss

Suspicious package in DC - from WRC-TV

If this is already posted, I am sorry.

Who says that Bush & the Republicans don't help out minorities?

Need a breakdown of the education of voters

Solution to the problem of finding 6,000 border guards

Good God Almighty...Tennessee couple rapes their ONE DAY OLD kid!

LIVE NOW: Greg Palast ANSWERS ChoicePoint rebuttal (Randi Rhodes Show)

Iraqtile dysfunction

The Present Debacle/ or a disturbing missive from a "friend"

Europe proposes to give Iran reactor if Iran gives up enrichment program

On Schultz, it sounded like the story is

BWAHAHA! Anybody else catch Tweety's "goof"


I cannot WAIT to see the Freeper Heads Exploding!!!

Wierd. Am I reading too much into this?

If "The world is better of without Saddam Hussien"...

Republican Leadership Approval Hits All-Time Low (Wapo Poll/Bush 33%)

Hollywood's view of Iraq coming to screen near you

In case anybody cares - Pentagon Releases 9/11 Security Video

Video does lie...

LIVE NOW: ChoicePoint PR rep demands Randi time for Greg Palast rebuttal

Bush: Evil OR Stupid, which is it?

What about the Canadian border?

BellSouth, AT&T added to $200 bln privacy lawsuit

is this the bush* mis-mal-admin's 18 minutes of fame, mercy, mercy

29% Approval Rating = Let's Air The 9/11 Footage Again

Down in the Polls, Bush Dusts Off A Uniform in the Art of Distortion

Sorry......more Tar Baby

Snopes Fodder - "Flight 93 (movie) Musings from a Delta pilot"

9-11 Commission Report is a lie

Why won't they raise the minimum wage?

CNN: One of Novak's Sources Was NOT in White House

"We Don't Need No Stinkin' Guardrails"

Be a police officer in Iraq ($134,000/year)

'Bush speak' a sophisticated 'deception'

HFS! Just Got My "Supplemental Tax Bill": $1750!!!!

On Jason Leopold

Got an e-mail from Elizabeth Edwards........they've got a new website

I am sick to death of "Thinking of the Children."

Bush Approval ties lowest rating in 25 years of ABC News Polls

Judicial Watch... Who are they anyway?

DIEBOLD KNEW IN 2004, DID NOTHING!, Also New 9/11 Video Released...

What in Sam Hill is * up to?

What if Bush had announced confiscation of all property

In for a haircut today, and hairdresser was saying that Patrick

Which Networks Aired Dem Response to * Speech?

Conspiracy theory, leftist, extremist...Designed to shut you up!

Salon Follows Up on Leopold Fiasco

Video of plane hitting Pentagon didn't look very conclusive to me..

A Rant on Airline Prices

Since the chickenhawk-in-chief didn't come up with a plan

after watching Snow's briefing,I have something bitchy to say-forgive me.

old article (1951) on LRHubbard

Ray Tal: Bush scheming to get more National Guard

What is * looking at? - pics

When things get really crazy-making..and you start to turn your anger

Let's not overlook this story over in LBN:

Time Magazine cover....another angry man! Is it a prerequisite

The multi-billion dollar costs of teacher attrition.

Pentagon Video seen here

Go to it DUers! Now hiring: conservative writers!!

NBC Nightly News covered the 19 dead Iraqis; but not the 3 US KIAs.

How many of you here have ever voted down your local school budget

I heard talk last night on AAR about a second letter

Cafferty: Bell South, AT&T, Verizon, deny giving out phone numbers

Bush is coming to town (Yuma) on Thursday! I don't know if I will be able

Securing our borders is boilerplate. Something presidents normally do

Another angry Republican leaves the party

2 MORE Republicans leave the party behind!!

Invisible keylogger

"Chink in the armor" and "nip in the air"......offensive?

Bush agrees to full NSA oversight !?!?!?

Why would a plane flying into the pentagon disprove MIHOP?

stickies ? - what exactly are "bong hits 4 jesus" and what does it mean

Rush Limbaugh is fully engaged in helping the Rethugs distance themselves

World Domination epiphany

So Tony Snow had cancer. We already know that.

You want illegals exploited for slave wages; I don't- yet I'm the racist!?

Anyone have a reliable estimate of illegal immigrants?

Nebraska has left the dark side.

Brown/Black haired? Brown-eyed? Dark complexion?

Poll ask about Nat'l Guard patrolling border, but that's not Bush's plan

Just found keystroke logger (klogger.exe from Kelly Software) on my work

Snow job/press briefing online and here... (he feels loved)

Seizure of Journalists' Telephone Records CONFIRMED

Cardinal Urges Legal Action Against 'Da Vinci'

Christian Nationalism...

It's State Dinner Time

republican porn star running for governor of Nevada !

National Employee ID card revelations

Why is Bush obsessed with the National Guard?

Of Stars & Bars and Tarbabies . . .

14-Year-Old Jailed After Avoiding Trial Of Man Accused Of Molesting Her

Is Hillary's war position different then McCains?

Did you hear Jim Mickleshefsky (sp!) on Hardball describe the actions

It's a Natural Gas Miracle.

What happens to insurance co's with nationalized health care?

I've been in a seminar all day today


'06 Hurricanes May Hit New Target: The Northeast

where is the damn pentagon video?

Alberto Gonzales not sure if his parents came over legally

Woman's Power Shut Off Over One Cent

gotta DU this poll! 'does NSA surveillance program bother you?

photo of Twin Towers by Beuys 1974 - Cosmos and Damian

Concern Women of America to audit schools for homosexuality

What's all this bullshit about "bravery" and "risk"?

The Republicans Have Single Handedly LOST THE WAR ON TERROR

Countdown tonight

Greenwald on Specter's surrender (NO judicial ruling on NSA program)

OMG! - Apparent AT&T mailer that went out last week

My mail has been opened!!! What should I do?

Controversial Experimental Weather Modification Bill in US Congress

How Many of You Just Have a Cell Phone now? no other phone

Plame Commercial on CNN (Help, please!)

Forget about ego's, apologies and taking sides....

If Rove skates, what will get more attention:

EVERY story on CNN about new Pentagon footage mentions conspiracy theories.

The Gun Game...

How much time to give Leopold's scoop?

Beautiful! John McCain Gets the Anti-War Treatment at Columbia Graduation!

US spells out plan to bomb Iran

What's the Democrat plan for illegal immigration?

When illegal immigrant-bashing flops, who will GOP scapegoat next?

Al Gore's movie - An Inconvenient Truth

Jason Leopold on Ed Schultz right now ~

Yes, Tony Snow is a racist

Malnutrition in Iraq Has More Than Doubled Since Saddam's Reign...

New posting of docs at Office of Special Council

Off the subject of Rove now, let me ask what are liberal values?

Venezuela to sell American jets to Iran? Anybody know

Jason Leopold coming up on the Ed Schultz show soon.

by popular demand - THE WHEELS ON THE BUS

DIY Emergency Contraception

Gays flee as religious militias sentence them all to death

just in case we didn't know why kids don't learn geography...

CapitolHillBlue comments on Truthout controversy

I think Gore may be the only person who can beat Hillary

sean hannity, I hope some female in your family is never raped

Jodie Foster Slams Bush Admin At Penn Graduation

In last 50 years what is best and worst thing America has done

President Al Gore

Virginity Pledges Can't Be Taken on Faith

Rice says PBD to Bush entitled "Bin Laden determined to strike inside US"

Palast's new book says NSA spying is all about election theft

Molly Ivins: Bordering on lunacy

Interesting post on FireDogLake. RE: Rove, Fitzmas, etc.


My friends10 yr old girl's doing a paper about Barbie being a sexist toy

If Hillary is Pro-War... Why would any of us vote for her ?

A powerful weapon against NSA spying

I voted electronically for the first time today!

Lacrosse Team Rape(?): What do you HOPE is true?

GOPUSA Forum Banned Me ...

Will Pitt and Mark Ash of TruthOut--- do I trust their judgment?

These Orchestrated Attacks on Leopold is a DIVERSION ....

Check this out, Re: Pentagon Video Slowed WAY down. LOOK CLOSELY AT 0:25!

John Kerry Supports Pro-environment Democratic Candidates for Fall

Another Fund Drive? Where Did All The Money Go? (Answer: Programmer Chow)

Haiku Crimes and Misdemeanors

WSJ: Rebounding Stock Market Proves Bushist Economics Right

Kerry Border Amendment Passes

Chertoff on using National Guard on the Border

Chavez to supply Europes poor with discounted oil next year..

(CA) State bill would ban preteens from riding in auto front seats

Joel Chandler Harris -> Uncle Remus -> Brer Rabbit -> Tar Baby

Tony Snow weeps today - for himself, of course (NBC just now).

Lawyers, please weigh in here. Is the fact that Fitz has

CNN just advertised an upcoming special on how to rob a bank.

Mexico - #1 US oil supplier

Federal Election Reform: How are we to get anywhere without it?

"DUers Say the DARNDEST Things"; Third edition (pic heavy warning)

Within You, Without You

Where's the Video from the GAS STATION? From the HOTEL? From the DOT?

Judge Strikes Down Ga. Ban on Gay Marriage

Holy "Handmaid's Tale," Batman! - Consider yourselves "Pre-Pregnant"

DU this poll in The Olympian


Lieberman: rape victims can find another hospital if denied dayafter pill

Dupe! Please delete

How much do you pay a month for Your Phone Service?

Christianity and Republican Morals – The Great Paradox

Hug the Tar baby? WTF?!

Bush sets timetable for troop withdrawal

Speaking to a conservative friend about Bush's speech

Idaho passes ex-stronghold Utah as the nation's biggest Bush backer

Scott Ritter: A Silver Lining in Bush's New CIA Pick?

Pruden: Payback coming on November 8

Spying on ABC and Media reported over 1 Year Ago .....

Torn in two on the immigration issue.

Bush Beats Out Nixon: Least Liked President Ever

Salon: Karl and George's not-so-excellent adventure ("desperate improv")

AP: Analysis: Bush Courts Two Sides at Once

Crisis, what crisis?

Massachusetts Gov: All dems have double digit leads over repub

NBC News deputy Washington bureau chief Wendy Wilkinson

"Read My Lips - No New Illegals"

Help Send 'Crashing the Gate' to Congressional Democrats - PFAW

Cell phones a problem for pollsters

FBI monitoring of reporters calls is confirmed

Survey suggests president's prime time address swayed viewers

First Snow press conference coming up

Tony picking up where Scotty left off...

I support prison for the illegals

What makes this (NSA program) different from what Clinton did?

Freepers referring to Bush speech as "Clintonian". What a low blow.

Snow new Conference ...Now on Cable networks!

"Work" IS a four-letter-word.......So is "Dino".......

Tony Snows first formal press briefing

E.J. Dionne: Political changes Bush didn't want

Jon Stewart Interviews Howard Dean

Snow is walking on marbles, stumbling all over himself.

How do we get the Lamont video out to everyone in Connecticut?

speaking of slave workers

My review of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"

video clip of plane hitting pentagon...they should use this.....

'Trickle Down Viciousness'

I stuck my head in a FOX-hole and heard bu$h will secure borders by 2009

Montana Senate: Burns (R) Trails Both Democrats

Do you see any PLANE in that tape?????

An Al Gore comeback? Tonight on Countdown with Keith Olbermann!

day two in the wapo abc nyt call data flap.....

Did the Decider mention detention camps last night?

Border Issues and the Phony Drug War

Most talked about stories on DU and elsewhere seem to differ ...

Whats up with the "Droolz" stickies?

New Republican cop- out: "I'm only interested in local races"

New Zogby Low for Bush Approval: 32%

Totali- fascio- tyrannic- barbarism. They really mean Liberalism!

Hey *W* - OxyBoy doesn't like your immigration speech, either.

One America Web Site (John Edwards)

Wag the Dog, enough of this fake good/bad cop GOP routine

AG Gonzales, 2-6-06: Declines to answer first-class mail breach question

Just voted

NSA officer Russell Tice to testify in closed session Wed., May 17.


NOW PAC Endorses Ned Lamont for U.S. Senate In CT

Bush Still Stretching Same National Guard He Tried to Cut

Photo: Orwell spins in his grave AGAIN, courtesy of George & Laura

So how many people in the VP's office are cooperating with Fitz?

It doesn't matter what Dean said on the 700 Club

"Who wants to hear Ron, TONY some YAZZ FLUTE?"

If Jason Leopold ( is correct and KKKarl Rove

Somebody's Jamming The Leopold Interview On Shultz!

*Co Pulling Out All The Stops..........

NRO: "I suspect that Bush’s amnesty does not include a 23-year queue"...

Secret Powers: My LTTE published in Chicago Tribune

Amnesty vs. "It's NOT Amnesty". And the spin goes on.

The New World Order's Letter To Every Citizen Of The World Warning......

Thoughts on Al Gore

Jon Stewart: "Entire network of (Fox) anchors hired to be press secretary"

W could go be one of the Gaurds on border and complete his service

Bush's Approval Ratings Fall in Utah (10% drop since January)

CNN's "snap poll" of viewers who are "somewhat more Republican"...

National Guard? Brilliant !

When Bush does this thing...right HERE...with his hand, he's LYING.

You are a pure, unabashed, die-hard Democratic loyalist

FINALLY-65 years after Pearl Harbor we are going to attack Mexico

It would be better for Dems in 06 and 08 if Smirk

Is the immigration scare a distraction or a Trojan horse?

So .... it seems the gubmint's gunna show us the plane that hit the pentag

Brad: Hundreds of Voting Machines Break Down in Philly primary today!

Sign up to participate in ZOGBY polling here:

Talking about tamper proof I.D. cards on Hardball. Know how to defeat

Could It Be That Somebody Is Getting Close To Proving Either .....

Okay, I just saw the 'new' Pentagram/plane pictures. We're being punk'd

Next time some repuke tells you that no one could have forseen the problem

Is there another NO mayoral debate tonight?

Go Rhode Island .... it's your birthday

Anybody have any comment on the actual content of Bushs speach

TruthIsAll: Nov. 4th 2004. "To believe Bush won, you must believe..."

Must see these great graphs at PFOAC(The Project f/t Old American Century)

Richard Perle has a hell of a lot of nerve

Oh GIVE ME A BREAK!!! My Diebold selected Senator Isakson (GA-R)

What Is FEMA Doing About the Massachusetts Flooding?......nt


Inside the Beltway, out of touch

Please DU: Do you support President Bush's immigration proposals?

Bush Loyalty Quiz

US Contractors pay $12-15/day to Iraqis for work. Is that legal?

Snow brought to tears in mid presser.

DU this poll on NSA

There are only 3 likely candidates that I enthusiastically support in '08

With all this talk about Truthout

Why I Like John Kerry - and would vote for him.

Bush's Speech: Not The Employers Fault

Whatever happened to...the human/animal hybrids?


Al Gore Says He Might Run in 2008!

"Fox Fans" explain how THEY would keep illegals out of the U.S.

Can't you see the plane?

Finally, America wakes up. Kerry 48% Bush 41%

Tony Snow uses racial slur on first full press conference day.

Should state "gay marriage amendments" be unconstitutional ?

This is a genuine SOS.

Helen Thomas shows 'em who's boss and WHY! A blatant push

Do you agree? 'We have been under Republican control since 1952.'

The new guy gets to start a thread