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Archives: May 17, 2006

Alaska Spends Cool $3 Million on Arctic Oil Drilling PR Campaign

"The Guard Has Heard the Plan. Now It Needs the 'How.'"

Great piece on Harper's

Cities' Rankings for Road Rage Episodes

Who Will Inherit the NSA? (Rall)

Internet Ad, and Is It the DLC or the CDL?

Spy Tools In Need Of a Law

Justice Department shouldn't target journalists (sportswriters)

Bush puddle jumps from PR Stunt to PR Stunt-The Nation Crumbles

Why the dollar is falling so fast (BBC)

It's a bird...It's a it's .....

DU's Achilles Heel .. AA Flight 77 epitomizes it.

Regarding AA Flight 77...

In all this hoo-hah about the new Flt 77 Video, Lets not forget this...

No reinforced steel-rod in the Pentagon

I have photos of a plane hitting the pentagon you won't see in MSM:

Flight 77 was not a scheduled flight for 9/11/01

If I WERE a conspiracy theorist, this would be my conspiracy guess:

Can a AGM-86C/D Cruise Missile be mistaken for an airplane?

Pentagon Strike

The LACK of Photo Surveillance at the Pentagon - NOT a dupe!

Conclusions from the 9-11 Pentagon movie

Pentagon video: Why has NOBODY at DU figured out why it was

Can I ask a stupid question?

There is still an open FOIA request for 84 additional videos

For what it's worth - Perception RE: Pentegon

5.5 Ton Cocaine Bust Reveals New Details of 911 Attack

ANOTHER 100+ Machines Fail in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh)!

BradBlog Cites Bill Bored: DIEBOLD KNEW IN EARLY 2004

If anyone in the Houston area is free around 10am tomorrow and wants to

Phone companies want CRTC decision reviewed

US spells out plan to bomb Iran

Ugh puke Howard Fineman just said

NYT: Senators Push to Block Medicare Deadline Penalty

In New Ballot, Kerry Leads Bush in U.S.

Mexico threatens lawsuits over Guard

Ont. lumber groups sue over softwood

Polygraph Report: Third Lacrosse Player Not Lying

Should pain play a part in learning? (NY State)

C.I.A. Making Rapid Strides for Regrowth

WP: Confidence In GOP Is At New Low in Poll

Judge Weighs Libby's Media Records Request

(UK) Drugs minister 'smoked marijuana'

He ain't pretty, he's John Howard, Bush says

Families' Lawsuit Over WTC Memorial Tossed

ABC, Brian Ross: FBI Secret Probes: 3,501 US Targets (incl. reporters)

Republican Leadership Approval Hits All-Time Low (WP/ABC poll)

Schwarzenegger touts plan to ease traffic -- and causes traffic mess

PitCo stands up to Patriot Act (Colorado County wants its rights defended)

Fabled ice field 'set to vanish'

Basra carnage escalates as one person killed every hour

Casey Wins Pa. Democrats' Senator Primary

Video game reopens Columbine wounds

Mayor Accused Of Discounting Water Bills For Sex

Supervise or step down.

Picture of Idol's Randy Jackson in his Journey days.

I'm gonna be an uncle!

WHo cares about Britney?

Happy 40th Anniversary, "Pet Sounds"

Damn, I have McPheever

Now THAT'S extreme. (pic)

van morrison's performance on the band's "the last waltz" movie....

Wow..Dig this picture of a lightning bolt...and I mean CLOSE !

Turned on the TCM channel just in time to catch this classic GWTW scene...

Take a look at this kid.

"Yes, the thread count put me over." - Boston Legal finale!

Barry Bonds just hit...

My Current Favorite Newsbabe

I just watched the season finale of "Scrubs".

A neutral forum?

"Deal or No Deal"

Are bars even useful as pick-up joints?

What should my 10,000th post be about?

BWAHAHA! I like the "Jesus Saves" sticky!

The Prom and Sexual/Affectional Orientation

Okay. Important Question.

I am watching Network on DVD, I forgot what a great movie it was.

Witness: Off-duty cop ran naked from crash

Man, I was watching hot gay sex on MTV tonight

Congratulations to Catboreal & Family!

Ice cream for Colbert.

But can a vice president be impeached?

I need a new avatar picture

Tired of beating my head against in the wall in GD

Post 6666

My wife told me today that her friend's husband is hooked on DU.

I've Just Been Stabbed In The Back By Someone I Called Friend

I hope we find out who posted that pink sticky.

SCOTTY's on Leno!

Flavor FLAV!!

What's your State animal?

vacation!!! wooohooo!!

Samantha Bee just did a Great parody/Scare Video on The Daily Show!!!

So, is everyone going on the World Naked Bike Ride next month?

You know, being Gay is very natural in woodland settings....

I think Gray's Anatony is really lame. Like where are the nurses?

Where the frig is enigmatic?

Their Bible, my Constitution

Every now and then I google

I just want to rant tonight...


Christians for Wife Swapping - Now I've seen it all

these birds were outside my bedroom window today....

Man stays in college for 13 years?

i fucking hate moving

Cannes Audience Laughs at 'Da Vinci Code' "It Stinks"

The Word for Today IS.....

Is that Bill Clinton's head on the body of Jesus in that sticky?

"Socialized Medicine is wrong."

I don't like children.

yipee i finally was able to donate

American Idol tonight - spoilers

Caption this!

Hey, I just found out that Samantha Bee is married to Jason Jones.

Skin care

Do NOT mess with me. I'll kick your ass. "Me and what army"? *This* Army

Remember Carlos Castenada, anyone?

Has anybody ever dated outside of their culture...

This guy wants $900 for work on our deck. Help -- is this reasonable?

"Pete Seeger Still Singing at 87"

State flags generally suck don't they?

Had a tooth extracted today

What's your personal conspiracy theory?

Survey: What do you think caused your heterosexuality?

Isn't American Idol another version of Survivor, without eating bugs?

What Ever Happened To . . .

ALTERNET - Sam Harris: Why Religion Must End

Interview with Satan: Are Scientists Clueless?

Myriad of woes doomed NASA test craft

Pyramid in Bosnia -- Huge Hoax or Colossal Find?

High school parents complain about ``heterosexual questionnaire''

Link Is Cited Between Smell and Sexuality

The Million Dollar Staffer

More companies move to sponsor gay chamber

Power Rankings from - GRRRRRR

Congratulations Mr Casey!

I am about to be controversial. Has anyone been listening to AL Gore?

is McCain's whoring paying off ?

delete- dupe


KOEB 5/16/06 - It's Snowing edition

More Americans Want Bush Impeached Than Did Clinton....BY FAR

Chimpy** Slips the Tongue to First Lady Of Australia......

After a "tease" from the MSM today will our "Established Blogs" finally

"Red Letter Christians" - sad but very good

Is there a transcript of the White House press briefing for today.

Can I auction of my three stickies, with the proceeds going to DU?

20% are Mexican?

I hope Rove gets indicted

An unabashed true liberal just won Kentucky's 3rd district primary...

US secretly sought records of 3,501 Americans (ABC News)

Since 9/11 is hot topic with the video release - here is the Loose Change

Anyone with a link to the daily show bit yesterday...

Muslims in Azerbaijan protest “Da Vinci Code’

I detest the deliberate misuse of "conspiracy theory."

IMHO! Today is the FIRST Day "9/11 Conspiracy Theories" were Addressed!

Keith O. to talk about Rove indictment, or possibility thereof, NEXT!

Breaking: Millions Of Mexicans Change Their Name to John & Suzie Smith

Well here's one thing BushCo wants to distract us from

Barry Bonds just hit...

I discovered something interesting about Repugs and weight loss.

ID chips for all illegals


Why Do Peope Continue to think Hilary Will Run in '08?

question about 'don't' (anti-net neutrality)

Weak US dollar weighs on markets (BBC)

Libby Case - 3 hour hearing today

Bushes' Assets May Top $20 Million; Cheneys', $94 Million

Electric Company Story on Countdown with KO...

Spectacular picture of the thunderstorm that produced killer tornadoes

Why is no one else carrying the Debate

?? fed policy: NO CLEANUP after a terrorist attack, if it disrupts economy

Two Years Ago, Mass Became The First State To Legalize Same Sex Marriage

NEWSWEEK: Bush to Move Lou Dobbs to the Mexican Border

"These people are taking Iraq back to the Dark Ages"

I've Just Been Stabbed In The Back By Someone I Called Friend

Anyone have any info on the PA. primary today? I checked the PA

"Pete Seeger Still Singing at 87"

How many days left until the Next Presidential election???

DHS Does About-Face In Backing Use of National Guard to Seal Border

Ohboy. Someone at AT&T is gonna get fired for this mailing envelope

John Conyers :" We're Doing a Heck of a Job" (Rove)

I just have to put my 2 cents in about Gore....Mr. President....

To all the Leopold haters here

When is KKKarl Rove going to be indicted?

what's up with, and why can't I access it?

They are always on the take.

When Do The Giggling Murderer's Poll Numbers Come Out?

What did Jonathan Alter say tonight about Gore

O'Reilly lied about Dean being a liar

Why not just invade Mexico and make it a state?

How hard do you work? Do you struggle?

Nancy Grace: What a wretched creature.

Al Gore: Shoulda Coulda, Woulda: '08

Merry Hoaxmas!!

It is the 4th quarter, 5 minutes left and were up by 17.

Place your bets: Rove will be indicted....

I'm sorry DU admin...

Here’s a Da Bushie Code summary:

If someone got wind that Rove was about to be indicted

Bush reverses stand; Telcos careful with words (more lies!)

Howard Dean nailed it on The Daily Show lastnight.


Border security is all Harry Reid's fault! Blame him. Blame the dems!

Boston Legal on NOW>>>>what political issue will they tackle tonight?

Interview with Satan: Are Scientists Clueless?

3000 troops to be put on Texas border

Father Knows Best

"Jason Leopold" isn't the same as "Truthout"

Allegedly Forced To Strip, Strippers Sue Police

Samantha Bee just did a Great parody/Scare Video on The Daily Show!!!

My wife told me today that her friend's husband is hooked on DU.

Oil firms get needed tax relief

ALTERNET - Sam Harris: Why Religion Must End

Daily Show covering Bush's speech

Scotty McClellan is coming up on Leno...

I don't understand why posts about religion get moved out of GD...

Hatch: What secrets? What objections?

Stripes LTE: We need to resist these encroachments on our civil liberties

The main pic on HuffPo irritates me...

How in the heck do you respond to this?

Ok, let me get this straight.

Congratulations Tucson you're giving me some hope that's your not an

I'm loving the Stickies.

One of my fav stickies:

Scotty's on LENO!!!

Tucker: 193 million mexican immigrants plus relatives by 2019

I'm jazzed!

HALLIBURTON expands in India: Bush/Cheney POLITICAL MUSCLE cited

The great sticky ripoff

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in

Judge Reggie B. Walton: Libby defense will be limited in attacking Wilson

Outstanding Progran Running on Frontline on PBS

Is impeachment of Bush really the best way to go???

If Fox News was part of Hitler's regime, how would they spin his actions?

Ran into a petitioneer today...

Every time I see this picture of Ann Coulter's hand...I freak

Bumpersticker (with photo of Bush): "Saving your ass, like it or not."

Ohhh Boy the shit is getting deep

Katherine Harris - Dressed for Success?

Hearing in SFRC on Iran & Nukes & Political Ambitions on 5/17

Poll on Iraq: 52% Bush intentionally misled; 59% Mistake

U.S. News & World Report on JFK Assassination (THIS WEEK!)

What, exactly, is General Discussion?

Will the real Patrick Fitzgerald please stand up?

More creepy visits to my web site...

Ugh puke Howard Fineman just said

Huff Po blogger: Al Gore will be the Democratic nominee for the 2008

Risking a life term to protect a child...

Federal budget SLASHES diabetes research, education

It's A Disservice To ALL Concerned To Keep Gossipping About Will, J.P, TO

Hellloooo AmeriKa! "US spells out plan to bomb Iran "!!! Wake Up!


If BushCo doesn't sustain a major political blow this week....

Happy birthday, Studs Terkel!

Giving Grovel Bot a Break - here is my take on DU and things

So, what happens when they steal the election again?

Is anybody watching the NO mayoral debate?

Polygraph Report: Third Lacrosse Player Not Lying

That "Jesus Saves" sticky is way cool. Now let's offend gays & minorities.

Stanley Kunitz Dies at 100; Took No Crap from Republicans

Toyota activism >>> Photos

Kerry Amendment Passes Senate, Will Add Border Patrol Agents

National Guard on the border ...Plan doesn't exist

Howard Dean on Jon Stewart's show RIGHT NOW

Shepard Smith Gets Tough On Alberto Gonzales: Fox news oh my

The so-called "New Al Gore"

We lost....

Websites for 2006 election polling and projections

California Teachers Association endorses a Republican for Congress.

AT&T mailer

Barn Door Bush

The Clinton/Gore Ticket I REALLY want to see...

Atlanta / Georgia Gay-marriage alert!

CA 50: Negative Ads Darken Tone of Special Election

Shoulda Coulda, Woulda: ‘08 (About Al Gore) from Huffington Post

Hands off Venezuela!

Who knew President Bush was this funny?

More Karl Rove Funnies at Grand Theft Election Ohio. "Race the Clock"

NOW PAC Endorses Ned Lamont for U.S. Senate in Connecticut

According to Cruella deVille Harris' internal polling

Tom Friedman can't believe Bush's (latest) 29% approval rating.

I'm gonna be a bastard re: Snow's crying. . .

"West Wing" is gone..."Commander in Chief" now the only

* at/barely above 50% in just three states.

If you thought your phonecalls are all they're after...

Confidence In GOP Is At New Low in Poll

Voting Verification Idea

So I got into it with my conservative sister-in-law this weekend

FRONTLINE Tonight: Can You Afford to Retire? On NOW!

"...a pocket full of quarters at a pay phone"...

What Do WE Tell The Children?

Ned Lamont socks it to Lieberman - A+ video

It's Too Late Baby

Kerry or Gore?

25 weeks left: What have YOU done to help ELECT DEMOCRATS in 2006?

Katrina vanden Heuvel (The Nation): The End of the Hummer?

Domestic Spying: They're Not Getting Data, They're Getting the Switches

Why Does the Motherhood Debate Turn Into a Caricature-Building Exercise?

What Does $400,000 (plus) Buy the Bells?

Nancy Pelosi forfeits the Constitution

NAH! NAH! NA! NAH! NAH! I'm not telling...

Gene Lyons: Still up to no good

The Revised Revised Revised Revised Story

Bush Is Now A Lame Duck - Dick Meyer CBS

National Guard and the Border. Now I get it…It’s a Parade!

NSA-Judges informed...raised no objections

Starting over when Bush is gone--Mike Whitney

The Ultimate Net Monitoring Tool (NSA / AT&T internet tap)

Cheney Implicated in CIA Leak Probe (bradblog 5/17)

Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy

JOSHUA FRANK: Save Darfur? Not So Fast...

How To Mimic A Third World Regime - Philip Slater Huff Post

Tom Hayden (The Nation): Hawks for Withdrawal

Power Shut off After Woman owes a 'Penny '

John Nichols (The Nation): A Hometown "No" to Nancy Pelosi's Bid

MOGAMBO GURU: Every Dip Is Lady Fate Smiling On You

Rove Indictment and Jason Leopold - Brief Update

Tom Friedman's Flexible Deadlines (FAIR)


JASON MILLER: White and Might Make Right

More bloody than Carrie: Bush's revenge on the National Guard

States' Rights Hypocrisy

Gene Lyons thinks there is bad news for Republicans

Consumer Prices Rise, Putting Pressure on Fed

10% of downsized rehired, 21% start/aquire new business - of those working

Well, I've definitely gotten hammered the last few days

PM (Tony Blair) backs new wave of nuclear power stations

"Californians For Clean Energy" Seek Part of Oil Profits

Wind farm supporters target Kennedy's Boston office

Russia Said to Launch Reactors in 2010

Biodiesel Made from Algae in Sewerage Ponds (NZ)

Logging bill chops into necessary protection

House OKs Bill for Damaged-Forest Logging

Risks of coal gasification, Fischer-Tropsch, and other synfuel processes

Typhoon Chanchu Roars Toward China Coast

Scientists Back Plug-In Hybrids

The great oil race: Cheney discovers U.S. is losing out to China

14 common features of conspiracy theories

Could I get your opinions of what happened on 9/11?

My thoughts on September 11... for whatever they may be worth.

Adnan Khashoggi and the 9/11 Truth Movement

Question for those familiar with flying.

Pentagon video sync rate

Why were we given three different stories about the air response?

911 Pentagon, wild theories aside, how do ya'll explain this...?

The ONLY thing that makes me suspicious about 9/11 is...

Flight 77's speed on impact - Greater than 600mph?

Hoaxes are part of the hoax.

Does anyone have a link to the flight 77 Video?

"strategy of tension" in Italy

Can someone make an animated GIF for me?

If it was a missile where's the plane? And, BTW, Where's John Kerry???

The MSM is so far behind the truth, they'll never catch up!

They idenitifed the remains from Flight 77 gathered at the Pentagon

This is why the networks are hyping the Pentagon images!

Can someone please explain the Cleveland-United 93 connection?

Question: The plane that hit The Pentagon,

Anyone Ever See This DVD?

Courtesy of the US Government

Were cameras not capable of capturing the plane? HELP

It was the world's largest theft ever!

Witness Testimony

9/11 Commission: one consular officer issued hijackers 11 visas

Lies, Lies, Lies

More information on 9/11 Pentagon attack from a "government watchdog"

New Pentagon Plane video: Just Released!


Will Major Media Finally Cover Election Fraud?

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News May 17, 2006-Everything But Edition

Alameda, CA Consultants deliver report, say handcount violates Fed Law

This is one Great Election Reform Post -- Give it a boost!!!

Blouin volunteers? or Blouin staff??

Blouin - More Tax Incentives (QC Times) I guess Iowa Values wasn't enough

I want one of these now!

I got a phone call from a Fallon volunteer last night

Blouin plans more attack ads

New Bruce Braley ad and Rick Dickinson TV and Radio ads

Who is everyone supporting for the Iowa Democratic Governor nominee?

weird audio problems

Runtime errors

Can someone please let me know if this is real?

Anyone else going to see George Carlin tomorrow (Thur) night?

State Chair Candidates to speak at BANDs fundraiser

... and you thought Waco was full of rednecks and racists ...

Austin DUers: get-together after the delegation meeting Sat (5/20)

Heritage sourdough starter for the cost of a SASE


4 dead in mining accident in Kimberly B.C.

Female Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan

Globe and Mail:Anti-Emerson protesters, some flags and a 'tripping hazard'

New York piano tuner defies US in Cuba

Some who have served are back from Iraq, and feeling bitter

Gays flee as religious militias sentence them all to death

President Backs Off Wiretap Secrecy

New filing may spell trouble for Vice President's former chief of staff

Delete - Dupe

McCartney To Separate From Wife

Miami commissioner apologizes for run-in with police

bush reverses stand on spy program oversight

Hundreds of Iraqis are fleeing Basra for Baghdad every day

GOP Official Faces Sentence in Phone-Jamming

Chicago Tribune poll on collecting phone records=74% NO

Guarded response (Pataki, Other Govs are cool to Bush border plan)

Basra carnage escalates as one person killed every hour

(Attorney General Alberto) Gonzales 'not clear' if kin legal

Big GOP guns helping congressional challenger(against Melissa Bean)

Ex-Wis. (GOP) Assembly Speaker Gets Prison Term

Hyde to Koizumi: first vow no shrine visit

Misery follows flood's havoc

House Ignoring Pledge Over Pet Projects

Halliburton says can maintain demand if oil falls

Hollywood receives Al Gore, documentary on global warming

Rove Tries to Court GOP on Immigration

Liberals key to Afghan vote (Canada)

Judge: Documents On AT&T Surveillance Allowed (EFF lawsuit)

Senate Votes for 370 Miles of fencing along Mexican border

Iraqi Kurds say Turkey shells area inside Iraq

2 recent bits of tax news proves the upper 1% are shafting the rest of us.

Saudi foreign minister: 16 Saudi Guantánamo detainees to be released this

NYT/AP: House Panel Criticizes Homeland Security

NYT: Paul McCartney and Second Wife Split

Spitzer seen as best to fix government: poll

I've never contributed to anything political, but...

Protesters arrested at Halliburton meeting

The Ultimate Net Monitoring Tool (NSA / AT&T internet tap)

( Republican Congressman ) Rohrabacher to Give Back $23,000

Who would you vote for, Gore, Clinton, Kerry, Other? (and why)

Castro Denies Forbes Report On His Wealth

(NFL linebacker) Porter now says he won't diss President Bush

Tobin Sentenced: 10 Months

IRAQ: Baghdad mortuary overwhelmed by rising numbers of dead

Rumsfeld Defends Guard's Use on Border ("useful real-life training")

Watching NBC? Murtha talking My Lai type incident for Iraq.

Protesters arrested upon attempt to enter Halliburton meeting

Last chromosome in human genome sequenced

Inflation fears send U.S. stocks down

Wis. Bill to Give Free Tuition to Veterans

Wis. student arrested, accused of defaming administrator

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 17 May

Pataki's Approval Ratings Remain Dim

Limestone teacher loses job (showed students inappropriate Internet clips)

Senate votes for fence on southern U.S. border

Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan

GA Governor may call special session on marriage ban (to pander)

Iran President Rejects Europe Incentives

U.S. ambassador says no plans to put National Guard on northern border

'The Da Vinci Code' India release in trouble

Mexico Voters Fear Nation on Edge of Chaos

U.S. secretly backing warlords in Somalia

(NOLA Mayoral) Candidates spar with moderators (Chris Matthews)

Judge Has Heart Attack on Eve of Hearing

China Evacuates 600,000 Amid Record Typhoon

FBI seeks help in civil rights probe of GOP convention arrests

Ecuador cancels oil contract with Occidental Petroleum

Payment to Lewis staffer studied(linked toCunningham/Lewis/Lowery scandal)

IRAQ: Baghdad mortuary overwhelmed by rising numbers of dead

Rumsfeld Seeks Extra Funds for War Bills ($65 billion more)

U.S. April CPI up 0.6%, core rate up 0.3%

Poll: Most U.S. workers satisfied with pay

Majorities Say White House Staff Changes Mostly Cosmetic

Ethics Panel OKs Abramoff-Related Probe

Chafee campaign files FEC complaint against primary opponent

Ex-(GOP)-Official Gets 10 Mos. in Phone-Jam Plot

Navy sinks retired warship for reef off Florida (Reuters)

Unions Oppose Hiring of Mexican Workers by Vidor Business

NYT: G.O.P. Voters to Be Target of Radio Ads by Democrats

Gunman shoots Turkey court judges

First day on job, Snow has his 'Muskie moment'

Daschle to test the waters in NH

Democrats offer plan to cut US oil import reliance

Protester Killed During Colombia Protests

Murtha renews call for U-S troop withdrawal from Iraq

CNN/AP: DNA study: Human-chimp split was messy

Oil firms oppose ethanol incentive

Dow Plunges More Than 150 Points (actually 170 points at 12p CST)

AT&T Whistle-Blower's Evidence

Big Oil Launches Attack On Al Gore

NYT/Reuters: Many US Women Abused by Men, Study Finds

Gatlin denied world 100m record

GRAPHIC: WashPost/ABC poll good news for Dems (and a warning)

Duke rape suspect is son of rich & powerful (Lobbyist linked to Bush)

CNN: Prof Churchill falsified, plagiarized research

Navy probes My Lai type killing of Iraqi civilians

Mo. Town Denies Unmarried Couple Permit

World opinion of U.S. sinking, Dislike of everything American on the rise

Stupid question.

As CaliforniaPeggy would say...

good news?

Who can write something for my sticky?

Paging OR!! Per request::

The problem with abandoning an argument


I just gotta say...

Homeless Foot-Licker Charged In California

Happy Foot lamborghini semiweekly mother attack wednesday living room wall

Holy Sh*t. This is HUGH!!1!!

Irate hags generally suck don't they?

that magical f-word (animation)

Good Wednesday Morning, Crew!

Happy 8th wedding anniversary to Chimpy McSmirkers and Me (vanity post)!

Have you ever worked with married people who are having

Jonah Goldberg = Sex God

The only thing wrong with luck is...

It moved!

Scorpio vs Leo

Please stop using bright red for sticky backgrounds

Alligator Shot By Woman (Cited for hunting w/o license)

Hello to the Lounge...

Do text "Stickies" display in an ugly, 'typewriter' font on your computer?

Man Bolts Lamborghini Countach To His Living Room Wall

luck factor - improve your luck by improving your mind

Woman's Seat Belt & Bra Strap Deflect Bullet

GOP Official Charged with Sexually Assaulting 92 Year Old Woman

My boyfriend's cat is so crazy

Oops, A Dupe!

As God is my witness, I well NEVER let

Robot Bartenders, conversation and IQ

Netflix question

Since when do businesses tout their "integrity"?

oops, delete

Howdy Doody Fans : Clarabell the Clown Dies at 84

What does N/T mean?

Frat Hazing - Pledges Forced To Carry Feces Covered Rocks Through Forest

Teen Forced To Tell Parents Of Any Girl He Dates That He Is A Sex Offender

Who has XM?


Is there anything worse than waiting for an important phone call?

Books you hope to never see: _______________ for Dummies

What music do you listen to when you exercise?

Heroic Computer Dies to Save World From Master's Thesis

First sunny day in 8 days--I went JOGGING outside this morning

One of the profs in our department on NPR at 2:00

How come double clicking an RSS icon doesnt just take you to the homepage

If I buy a sticky, what should it say?

Nice job to the chihuahua pair of posties


condoleeza pictures?

Is that Clinton's head on Jesus' body?

I suppose you all want my comments on the Paul McCartney divorce.

So I live under a rock, what are stickies

You're not a communist, are you?

My 5000th post!!!!


Congratulations ozymandius!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations lonestarnot!! 15,000 posts

OOooohh!! a double sticky!!

Can't wait til all we see is Skinner's dog's ass.

Breaking! Paul McCartney and Heather Mills separating ...

my semi-weekly don't forget me thread & 1 random question

When and if Rove is indicted what will the defcon level go to at DU?

Will McCartney be rejoining the band "Wings" now?

OK, who put up our Lord and Saviour Bill?

Boys Charged With Beating Up Their Mom For Mother's Day

If China can do it, why can't we?

So I had this fucked up dream last night

Do you think there will ever be a movie version of the Voynich Manuscript?

Anybody seen the movie Hoot?

I like children.

Found this, had to share--ANTI MONKEY BUTT POWDER @


We need another thread about the McCartney/Mills split

I just can't watch! Skinner's dog is about to be vivisected...

McCartney/Mills to split, Mills pulls half the weight, Paul hopping mad

BREAKING: McCartney, Mills split over "Da Vinci Code" film

McCartney - Mills is having Tom Cruise's baby, and I banged Yoko

McCartney-Mills split daughter Beatrice in half over the DaVinci Code.

Breaking McCartney-Mills split because Mills was cheating on him


Just returned from my daughter's school. Did a quick perimeter

Final Clarabell the Clown dies at 84

I am seeing Snakes on a Plane


Things Not To Yell In The Theater While Watching The DaVinci Code

I'm pretty sure that the revolution *will* be televised.

I am very wet.

I just got a new Blackberry, i just brought up DU on it and

Which scheme encouraged you to donate more?

Not a stinko Heiny!

Not a Heino sticky!

Be fore warned, a funny post in GD!

BREAKING: Mexico approves $15 pair of heavy duty wire cutters

BREAKING: McCartney, Mills split over "Tom Cruise" film

The Producers: Worth missing

O. M. G. Romeo gets TWO stickies!

I like Keds

That cat in the "sticky" section HAS to go to

Where can I get a free news crawl toolbar? I have searched all


What shouldn't be cooked in cast iron pans?

I like kids

I like Kleeb.


someone just gave me a "Bit O' Honey"

Here I am

The summer of the Da Vinci Code SNOBS has begun

Dr Pepper Berries and Cream

Video highlights of US Mens soccer World Cup goals, 2002 Korea

Orange kitty stickie

Right now I am in the worst meeting in all my time here

Who's putting up all the Ron "artistically bankrupt" Howard pics?

If I went to a bar and ordered a beer, what is the best I could order?

If I went to a beer and ordered a bar,

What Alcohol Beverage makes you CRINGE because it smells or tastes bad?

So, are Ron Howard and/or da Fonz DUers?

Man Sues Kraft Foods Claiming He Found A Rodent Tooth In Peanuts

Why I will see "DaVinci Code" movie - by LynneSin

"Lost" vs. "Idol" vs. last hour of "Amazing Race"

What shouldn't be cooked in cast iron pants?

It's a travesty! The word dildo

Champagne cocktail recipes, anyone?

If you want to know how "The DaVinci Code" ends - don't see it in Thailand

Margarita Recipes. Let's have 'em.

I love sitting in a freshly cleaned room...

I hereby declare that the word "committee" has too many double letters.


Former Bengals tight end Ross dies at 49

Okay. Who has a Ron Howard jones? Who's got an Opie monkey on their back?

Is a frogs ass water tight?

You are on the phone. You have to 'Go'. Do you take it into the bathroom?

I like kids.

Click on the Gen. Hayden sticky.....

I am leaving DU

Erik Satie was born on this date in 1866

Funny job application:

A message to whoever put the Buddy Christ sticky

McCartney To Separate From Wife

Looks like "The DaVinci Code" is da Bomb. (Critics say it Sucks)

the irony...I am in Lust with James Spader/Alan Shore...

... How do you stop siblings from barging in without knocking?

Happy birthday legally blonde!!

I have a really geeky computer question (USB ports)

Why?! Why the Ron Howard stickies?

The 12-Step Program for Internet Addicts (oldie but goodie)

OMG!!11!1 Did U hear what tweety and Randi just said?

Ok, what's with the flowers?

McCartney blames the media (?) for his split with Heather!

Who Was The Hockey Player Who Climbed Into The Crowd & Beat A Guy

What do you love about the U.S.A?

I think jukes is a lousy meta-critic.

I just spent 2 hours paying bills

10,000 posts later... (obligatory THIS IS HUGH I"M SERIES here): HUGH post

Would you sell your eggs for $7000?

I think Rabrrrrrr is a lousy meta-meta-critic.

Women of DU - a makeup question

How many pillows do you keep on your bed?


Who is the really hot woman in the sticky?


Paul McCartney is splitting with his wife.No prenuptials signed.

Be Thankful...

What's it say on the side of the WTC towers in that sticky?

I just saw a Heino sticky!

Would you sell your bacon for a buck?

Say the president died in a biking accident tomorrow morning...

i think primate 1 is a lousy critic

5 posts to 10,000! Ask me a couple of things.

To my Norwegian friends and my American friends of Norwegian descent...


I have a gimp arm.

Any "Top Chef" fans out there? I think the finale will be in two parts -

What's your favorite sticky so far?

How many people do you keep on your bed?

KEVIN GILBERT memorial thread - died 10 years ago today.


Why must I "buy blue"?

This probably makes me one of those really annoying parents you hate...

I opened the KUDZU thread, and I swore I never would....

We have a Trader Joes! *happy dance*

Perfume question... and, does anyone else smell like Elmer's Glue?

"DU Lounge Members are LOST!"?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 5/17/06)

So what does QED stand for?

I invite Random Koolzip to continue the funny threadjack we had going

Summer fiction recommendations?

Not only is he a bad director, Ron Howard is one ugly motherfucker.

How does the daddy longlegs get into the empty bathtub in the first place?

Stupid Paul McCartney DIVORCE JOKES--(spot the beatles songs!)

Would your dog look good with a shaved head?


Annie Chun's Pad Thai Noodles are an EGREGIOUS RIP-OFF!!!

IDOL- who goes tonight?

vid of Scott Stapp drunk on "Casino Cinema"

I'm looking for text comparison software, any ideas?

Would you look good with a shaved head?

Shameless promotion for a website run by my friends and I...OH NO!!!

What do you do with the bathroom door when alone?

Wednesday, May 17. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

OMG! I have 12 posts to 10,000!

We're off to San Diego!

Screw Will Pitt

For the twisted freak who has everything

I came here to party........ask me anything........

Seeking motorcycle suggestions

What music do you listen to when you exorcise?

CONFESS!!!! What Alcohol Beverage makes you CRINGE because...

Someone please feed that poor kitty on the latest sticky!

Update on Work-in-progress art

What happened to the stickies?

Who's Your Favorite Science Guy...

Have any of you ever been in love when you clearly knew you shouldn't be?

What old TV shows should be re-made

Dead artists you've seen in concert?

Favorite Hiaasen novel?

I finally got my Driver's License today. At 25 years old.

Mother vs Daughter #5

Mother vs Daughter #4

Mother vs Daughter #3

Mother vs Daughter #2


Mother vs Daughter #1

three days and I'll be on my way to Italy

The mods are out today, just like the pretty yellow sunshine! So remember,

Sonic Drive-In - what's the deal?

House catches fire when raccoon trap goes awry

Alligators: They're like bears but with scales


List your favorite "Bubble Gum" song.

A two-fer: AmandaRuth and MiniMandaRuth

Can I borrow your hands

What movie would you like to see re-made?

Have you ever fallen down the stairs and just not quite figured out HOW?

Which are creepier, clowns or mimes?

Looks like "The DaVinci Code" is a Bomb. (Critics say it Sucks)

Congratulations autorank!! 15,000 posts

Campaign 2006 Bumper Stickers

Philly/NJ DUers: Please come see me play in Atlantic City this weekend!

Da Vinci code - fiction portrayed as fiction - Christians in an uproar

Media/Bush say 38 M now benefiting from Drug Plan - but 3 M low income

NJ may pass Maryland like over 1000 worker health care bill

Target Corp.cuts health coverage - may actually drop all coverage

FDA gives approval to Valeant's generic Cannabis {chemo amelioration}

DNA study: Human-chimp split was messy (AP/CNN)

Cell Phone Users More Likely To Support Gay Marriage

Aravois: immigration reform is 'gay-bashing with accent.'

Pan Africanist Congress leader apologies for anti-gay comments

Polish Politician Demands Investigation Of Links Between 'Homosexuals

Is this a news forum?

The wicked whitch is on CNN right now! NT

Activist: Sorry, Mrs. Bush -- Protecting Marriage Is a Campaign Issue

Poll: Indiana Voters Support Gay Partner Rights

Perdue To Fight Georgia Gay Marriage Ruling

Recognize Gay Couples Former Family Court Chief Tells Austrialian Gov't

Gay Flowers For Mass. Lawmakers As Marriage Threat Looms On Anniversary

Champions' Cup- name your poison

Former Bengals tight end Ross dies at 49

Barca Barca Barca!!!

So "Loyal Americans" are booing the Canadian National Anthem

Preakness Field

Vets For Peace Conduct airstrike over Georgia (Pic)

check out this post in the Gore/Kerry flamebait thread

Thoughts on the new-found "harmony" in the Senate

Rains in NE are Kerry's faults.

Rasmussen Poll - Kerry Beats Bush!!

Is Kerry on Stephanie Miller now?

New Kerry e-mail on success of his previous e-mail on behalf of

Isn't anyone else questioning why Sara's post was locked and

Turkey and the fallout from Iraq's impending fracture

Democrats Announce Sweeping New Energy Legislation (Kerry quoted)

Kerry also spoke here today (Busy, busy guy.)

Just posted that slideshow in GD last night and could use a little help...

"it wasn't as hard to take as Kerry's loss"

Ick Ick Ick Ick Ick Ick Ick Ick Ick Ick

John Kerry: The Real Record on Tax Cuts


Not Kerry related but funny


Kerry coming up on Stephanie Miller

Another stop off for JK in OH

NV Former Sen. Hecht has Died. (Sen Kerry once saved his life.)

Bloggers From the Inner Circle

Aye????????? On building a fence on the border?


Countdown Newsletter -- 05/17/06: Spy Patrol

I Still don't see a Focking Plane !!!!!!

There was no fucking 9/11 conspiracy. Only Bush admin incompetence

A word on this missile / plane issue ...

Can I ask a stupid question?

For what it's worth - Perception RE: Pentegon

Having seen the video taken at the Pentagon, I now agree that

Reporter On CNN Said Plane "Hitting No Where Near The Pentagon""

MSNBC reporter just said that DIA guy told

There is still an open FOIA request for 84 additional videos

I have photos of a plane hitting the pentagon you won't see in MSM:

Can a AGM-86C/D Cruise Missile be mistaken for an airplane?

Regarding AA Flight 77...

Conclusions from the 9-11 Pentagon movie

Pentagon video: Why has NOBODY at DU figured out why it was

Rove planned jet hitting pentagon to get back at Leopold in future?

An observation on conspiracy theories and their opponents

I am about to be controversial. Has anyone been listening to AL Gore?

Flight 77 was not a scheduled flight for 9/11/01

If I WERE a conspiracy theorist, this would be my conspiracy guess:

Pics of plane flying into Pentagon to be released today???

The LACK of Photo Surveillance at the Pentagon - NOT a dupe!

It's a bird...It's a it's .....

14 common features of conspiracy theories

Heads up! CNN to show Flt. 77/Pentagon video..coming up.

If you didn't get enough of Mike Malloy...the Lion of the Left is fired up

Petrodollar became the essential basis for the US economic hegemony in the

All this MIHOP vs LIHOP stuff is a distraction...

WHY are foreign websites quoting

2,450 now dead in W's Iraqi War

Courtesy of the US Government

What ELSE is NSA; FBI, and all the rest doing to us?

When were 6,000 or more last deployed on US soil?

They demanded Kerry release his records; but they won't give any info

New Pentagon Plane video: Just Released!

I have a question regarding the Plame case...

PA 6th District - Good News

A few questions about the Flt. 77/Pentagon video (large photos)

Anyone interested in how PNAC pulled it off?

Man vs. Machine: Ban the voting machines once and for all

washington journal time-free speech vs nat'l security

I looked into their souls ....... pure evil stared back at me...

VIDEO: And now a few words by Merle. (I liked it!)

Dollar Falls, Gold Up in Europe

The Progressive's Ruth Conniff: "WHAT ABOUT CENSURE?"

"Dude, we're totally reconstructing Iraq"

Ray McGovern: Bowing To The Police State

Letter to My Reps

Why not vote Nader?

Skinner, I miss the boxing glove bashing whatisname on the jaw!!

In all this hoo-hah about the new Flt 77 Video, Lets not forget this...

DU's Achilles Heel .. AA Flight 77 epitomizes it.

Pentagon Strike

As long as we're talking 9/11 (1984 SPOILER)....

42 Iraqis, 3 GIS Dead in Today's Grand Jury Proceedings

McCartney To Separate From Wife

Pentagon plane footage vs. 2006 election...and seventhson

More information on 9/11 Pentagon attack from a "government watchdog"

Like it will matter... Letter to my Senators re: Hayden

Bolivia unveils plan to distribute land to poor

Day #2 of repubs pissed at Bush-wash journal

Hundreds of Iraqis are fleeing Basra for Baghdad every day

56% prefer Democrats to control Congress after the elections, sorry GOP

We need people to Stakeout Fitz / The Courthouse

How many of you are afraid of your own government?

IRAQ: Baghdad mortuary overwhelmed by rising numbers of dead

Reply from Bell South to my email

FEATURE-In Iraq war, time is a weapon

Tony Snow on Today and Good Morning America: His *is* McClellan

AAR's Mark Riley?

Dislike of everything American on the rise

Santorum's Hypocrisy on Tape

Army Suicides Highest Since 1993

How about a presidential election by hand count?

New filing may spell trouble for Vice President's former chief of staff

If it could somehow be medically proven that Bush and Cheney were

ChoicePoint and the NSA

Study: Exxon Valdez Oil Lingers In Alaska

I was at a seminar today

CAPTION the Mutual Backhanded Admiration Society...

What's up with a Wednesday? Why, Where, and Who? . . . . please CAPTION!!!

Bush to Move Lou Dobbs to the Mexican Border

Which is more important?

The Gross National Debt

MSNBC is discussing baghdad ER-Good discussion

Would Cheney make your top ten list of the most evil men in history?

overhead last night... Bushonomics..hehe

A little statistic for your "borrow and spend"...

I just got off the phone with bushitler and

If Karl Rove ever spends two days in jail:

How close will the GOP be to Bush after the elections in November?

"We are not "mining or trolling" for information on millions of Americans

US Troops are Hunting Down The Enemy in a Dental Office in Baghdad!

MPAA Rates Poster an F (for Gitmo documentary)

Children believe in germs, not God

How many people are dying right now for a proper economy?

c-span3 rumsfeld heckled at hearing - "liar"

Oh. My. God. WND Actually Compares To Removing Illegals to KILLING JEWS

It don't make a shit to me who it is as long as he or she is a dem

I don't understand the furor over the NG doing border patrol

Is there any way we the people can get UN election monitors

Question: The plane that hit The Pentagon,

Montana Senate: Burns Trails Both Democrats

I just got off the phone with Will Pitt.

Tony Snowjob is a cheap FOX hack, & he represents DESPERATION

Bush Signed Exec Order : Permits Telcos To Lie W/O Violating Law

DUers need to rent "The President's Analyst" about the phone company

Lou Dobbs rips Bush's lastest immigration speech.

if you dare-Limpballs interview with the Cheney,Prince of Darkness 5/16

did Stephie's voice guy just get really pissed at the producer?

Who's on Rove watch today? GJ meets today!!!

Lay & Skilling's jury starts deliberating shortly.

I am leaving DU - thanks all.

Ned Lamonts Willimantic office opening(Connecticut)

Norah O'Donnell: Rove to the Hill to brief House GOP on immigration

Associated Press: Is Al Gore running for President again?

Math doesn't add up for the NSA database, must have MORE INFORMATION!!!!!!

luck factor - improve your luck by improving your mind

Chicago Tribune poll on collecting phone records=74% NO

Hatch Says Court Briefed on Surveillance (Bush says not being done)

Where was Patrick Fitzgerald on Friday May 12th?

CAPTION the two sausages...

Is deploying the The National Guard to Iraq (overseas) illegal?

The tears of Snow

Bucking Stereotypes - Some Interesting Observations

Was it the machines..or was it the elimination of black voters

Why was this CNN pentagon plane footage released?

John Kerry phone-in on Stephanie Miller NOW.

Is Gore SNL avaialbe online?

Super Strong Kool-aid Served at Freaker RepukeliKKK

Has anyone heard rumors of Tony Snow leaving?

So I guess today's the day Leopold will reveal his sources

Give Me Liberty or I Quit (precious!)

Victory in the Senate--

Once again, the terrorists win. :(

FINALLY! Rove has been Indicted !!!!

The debate on immigration~

George W... from "The Wednesday Wake Up Call"

Al Gore to lead NYC town hall on global warming May 25th in New York

Anyone know if there's a connection between "The Hill" and "PR Newswire" ?

Check this out, FEMA:

Show of solidarity for Venezuelan president in London!

Howdy Doody Fans : Clarabell the Clown Dies at 84

America's elderly face growing drug addiction problem

We've got a lot of work to do folks: PUBLIC PERCEPTION

40 Million Uninsured Deeply Moved By Tony Snow's Tears

Bushes heart warming story

Do you think the polls will indicate any kind of post-immigration speech

I just made a donation to the John Conyers campaign and encourage others

WhiteHouse Press Conf Now on CSPAN-3

Some who have served are back from Iraq, and feeling bitter

hell done froze: nola newspaper endorses the democrat

Bad news kids - Republicans maintain control of BOTH houses this November

Airplane, my ass. (Screen capture graphic)

double standard? or comfort/risk level difference?

Anyone have that screen capture from the Daily Show last night?

Ian McKellen, My new hero!!!

Foggo & Wilkes Said to Have $7,000 A Night Hideaway In Honolulu

great news network

Obviously not the first time these two have "made wood" together

DHS fails to submit strategic border security plan (DOH!)

Big Oil Launches Attack On Al Gore

US develops new "coffee" bag....Canada sends a whole coffee shoppe

Anyone Ever See This DVD?

Work Harder - Millions on Welfare Depend on You

CNN just reports that some Dem said no problem for Hayden confirmation.

Bush welcomes Olympic 'dudes and dudesses' the National guard deployment scheme sounds like a total load of .

Francis Bacon quote

Personal dream: Rove indictment=* liability=NSA wiretapping of his phone

Just a little slideshow I put together about what is happening in America

"Enough Of The War - And Enough Of Lieberman"

Has Rove been indicted? Has Fitz struck yet???

Did I just hear Wolfie correctly on CNN?...

The "war" in Iraq is not THE reason...

New conservative meme: "I'm really more of a Libertarian"

"Values" gestapo out in force.

FYI - the DOW is at -170 points right now

Bush Reveals 2-Part Plan To Aid Nation's Uninsured

Now we know why Katherine Harris was chatting up * on the tarmac.

How many more business hours until the indictment comes down?

Should Barney Frank "out" all gay Republican congresspeople?

Out-of-power Taliban Resumes Public Executions

Bush signing tax cuts on White House lawn Live,msnbc

Anyone ever hear of CNN's Glenn Beck?

Just watched Gore. Just watched Edwards....(videos)

Town won't let unmarried parents live together

For those lurkers who believe in that "build a wall crap"

Mr. President? What the hell is a Dudess?

This is why the networks are hyping the Pentagon images!

Time to help the NSA.Post here if you've made your citizen's arrest today.

Big Oil Launches Attack On Al Gore

Awwww!! CNN *hearts* Tony Snow!

Protesters Arrested As They Attempt To Enter Halliburton Meeting

Aha! New Exec Order Allows Telcos to Lie

question about taxation of illegals

Bush dispatches Rove to Capitol Hill to pitch immigration to Republicans

Energy costs push up April consumer prices - INFLATION ALERT

new Fed. guidlines have women pre-pregnant all the time

Bill Maher: Bush, "for the next three years, just don't touch anything."

Ron Howard getting a lotta love from a DU'Er today...

CNN: Chimpy signs the $70 billion tax giveaway to the rich

Is that K Harris standing behind * on CNN?

Geese, I think we all deserve a good spanking just to have it

Gore video

Hot Damn!!!! Only 2 more weeks to hurricane season.

Town won't let unmarried parents live together

Lowell Weicker nails Joementum.

Am I the only one who can't stand Jeanine Garofalo?


AT&T loses bid for a closed court

What's Little Lord Pissypants record on cancer funding? (Tony Snow)

Wasn't the NSA whistleblower supposed to testify to the Senate today?

Gerald Ford has died. (NO HE HASN'T)

CBS' Dick Meyer: Bush Is Now A Lame Duck

TDS: Phone Logs and Fox Pundits... Crooks and Liars Video!


As Pennsylvania goes so goes the country?

Jeff Sessions amendment to the immigration bill passed, uh-oh

Have you seen THIS? Scraping the bottom to say something nice

Jesus made Gibson a filthy rich man

US accused of backing Somali warlords

US Senate gives Lou Dobbs Viagra

This one is for all the freeper boards who monitor and lurk here...

Pentagon Video Courtesy of JUDICIAL WATCH Has Wingnut "Partner:" Townhall

Top 10 Signs of the impending police state

Kiss my fucking ass, Little Lord Pissypants!

Okay, it's been about five days...

General: US forces cannot withdraw yet from any Iraqi province

ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox, did not air the Democratic response to Chimpy

Dow is DOWN 207 POINTS at 1:41 EST today .....

Jonathan Tasini (Hillary challenger) on Mike Malloy tonight

EFFSuit against AT&T: NSA installed equipment at AT&T offices

2 recent bits of tax news proves the upper 1% are shafting the rest of us.

Our Apologies good friends... Remembering an act of faith and resistance.

Senate Approves 370 Mile Triple-Layer Fense

ben ferguson: tard baby

YOUR MOTHER CALLED....Wednesday 5/17 toon

Situation: You're Karl Rove, you're about to be indicted - What do you do?

I confess - I locked Karl on the 4th Floor!

Caption this Rummy pic...

"What day is it when Laura Bush makes an appearance on the Sunday shows?"

Big Oil Launches Attack on Al Gore

Whatever happened to "the focus has been shifted to Cheney?"

Dubya and Katherine!

So, like, they are goin' to make, like, English thuh official language?

Nuclear accidents. Lots of 'em. Lost nukes. Near accidental launches.

Snow Job is living up to his name.

BREAKING: Mexico approves $15 pair of heavy duty wire cutters

Before moving to Atlanta, I lived in El Paso, Texas

Who is the really hot woman in the sticky?

I just got off the phone with reality.

For LEOPOLD & ROVE Watchers: Rove to keynote GOP dinner Friday night IL

Someone with contribution rights on Wikipedia HELP!!!!!!!

Women Run Anti-War Ads In Iraq (Code Pink)

Tom Friedman says next six months in Iraq critical... again and again..

Ted Kennedy is on fire on C-span

It is not all bad new for Pres. Bush. A whooping 66% say OK to domestic

Regardless of the veracity of Leopold's report

Froomkin on Snow: not much improvement over Scotty

One Person Killed Every Hour In Basra

Protesters Arrested at Halliburton Meeting

NRA to Police: Do Not Confiscate Guns In Times of Crisis

Why I Leave DU

Question for those familiar with flying.

the elusive karl rove indictment

(VIDEO) The Daily Show on immigrants and borders (Primo Shrub-shredding)

Saudi King Abdullah Tells Newspapers to Stop Publishing Photos of Women

Take notice

Serpent on the Rock- Now this will get your blood boiling.

The website is gonzo...

WTF: O'Reilley claims "hidden lefty agenda" in immigration debate

Dow heads for biggest one-day drop in 3 years(Inflation fears)

The media is full of it...

Email from Freeper and my response

Elderly Iowa Woman Has 'Do Not Resuscitate' Tattooed On Chest

Bumper Sticker opinions wanted....

Thanks George!!

Don't we have a ton of national debt?

self delete

National gurad at US borders

hardball opens with bush's low poll numbers

check out the new revision to the RNC wikipedia entry

Dow logs biggest one-day drop in more than three years

Tweety: Hillary Clinton is With The president on Iraq!

You're forgetting about the multinational corporations and ultrachristians

Does anyone know what happened in Black Jack, Missouri today?

New immigration comic. A funny one.

Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" has Hollywood premiere

After watching the Daily Show tonight, I will never look at the

I really like the stickies - Thanks DU, for your creativity

Kerry on Stephanie Miller right now

14 y.o. girl jailed - won't testify agst 20 y.o. accused of molesting her

Inside look at what's really going on in Iraq

I just got off the phone with my husband...

Just got this from the United Farm Workers (UFW)

WP: Southwest May Adopt Assigned Seats on Flights

Can you get a home loan? Illegal immigrants can

Which of these principles of moral conduct is most important for you?


Inflation up so Fed will raise interest rates to make sure middle class

On the CIA leak investigation front, the grand jury meets at 1:00 pm ET.

I hope you enjoyed the 24 hours of 9/11 conspiracy talk in the GD forum.

"Victory is being able to admit defeat"...Chuck Todd on W's war

I just got off the phone with Karl Rove.

What do liars do when confronted?

Big Oil Launches Attacks Al Gore

Bush is right, secure our borders!

The Post Turtle - a little humor

* and Cruella on CNN... LOL

Washingtonian: USA Today Phone Spying Scoop Has Post and Times Scrambling

Just remember this - the public airwaves are OURS.

Freepers declare fatwa on Dan Brown for "DaVinci".....

Bernard on Imus pretending to be Mayor Nagin

John Conyers: "We're Doing a Heck of a Job"

dupe - please delete


The real consequences of CIRA...Immigration Bill

Mary Cheney on Wolfie right now

Holy Shite! - Someone just as delusional as Darth Cheney

Important facet of the plan to use National Guard on the borders.

Did the grand jury meet today?

More on the tale of personal responsibly

David corn is surprised there isn't more coverage of Rove & Fitz

Question...on Rove indictment..

If Cheney's daughter thinks Iraq war so right, why isn't her ass over

CSPAN: Tax debate getting testy

Jason Leopold accused of plagiarism in 2002

To the generous person who gave me a star

2450 Reasons why the DSM is Important

The M.I.T. tin foil hat study . . . for those who missed it

IT'S A SETUP. Bush briefing both full intelligence committees on spying.

Was there ever another instance of anyone speaking of "business hours?"

ray mcgovern on CNN/dobbs...5:45 pm CDT

Two Ridiculous Theories I’ve been Seeing Here Lately

What do recent Bush appointees have in common? (warning: harsh photos)

Why don't they have Robots do the work Americans won't?

Rove to Rescue Phone Jamming GOPers

Watching NBC? Murtha talking My Lai type incident for Iraq.

Helen asked about Rove's status in today's presser. transcript-

Wrong Forum

This is pretty funny. I just got a promo from Verizon...

Bumper Sticker Round Up.

TODAY! Guy James is going to jump off the top of the broadcast tower

DEAD is DEAD. I Hope You Sleep Well george....

Riddle me this. Rove was stripped of policy responsibilities

Latest from Evolutionary scientists;

Patrick Lehey Green Mountain PAC event in DC w/Grateful Dead members

Will corporations/right wing groups eventually own the internet?

Former GOP official sentenced to 10 months for phone-jamming

Let's all support John Conyers- the Right is in attack mode


Brazil gang violence - prevent Bolivarism by threatening 'order' ?

Are you a "leader" because you SAY so? Because you have more money?

I was just wondering if this poll was done by DU'ers already;

Hey Will

New Talking Point: "Stay the Course" = commit to indefinite, open ended

How they're framing Net Neutrality

So Is Rove still suppose to be indicted this week?

Canadian mission loses 1st female soldier

Tweety, we can tell you why Dems now outpoll Rethugs on taxes.

Anyone catch the CNN scroll with the name of the senator that died?

Silly Bobble Head

poor in amarillo.... getting bad here

Allegedly Forced To Strip, Strippers Sue Police

I'm Offended!!!! Waaaah!

My, my, my. Tweety sure is hammering Rove's talking points on *'s numbers

Have our Dem leaders become the same as Repubs?

Bin Laden PWNS Bu$h

Canada's vote on extending Afghan mission in doubt

Fuck Chris Matthews, and his trying to use Hillary as a distraction.

Did anyone else see Lou Dobbs' great interview with Ray McGovern?

DNC: The Timeline of a Leak

Murtha: Marines Killed Iraqis 'in cold blood'

Hillary wouldn't have started the Iraq war

DUer Faygokid mentioned on Salon's Daou Report: Re: Tony Snow

Bush is either the dumbest person alive or the best actor in history

OMG. I agree with the NRA!

How children learn about God and Science

Why voting matters

James Tobin sentences to 10 months in phone jamming case.

It Is So BAD In 'Peaceful Basra' Iraqis Are Fleeing to Baghdad!

A United Farm Workers' online poll - re: undocumented farm workers.

A thought on the Leopold/Rove indictment thing

Another Joke in the Situation Room - Mary Cheney

Tony Snow is a dirty scumbag

I just donated to Lieberman's opponent Ned Lamont due to the rape comments

Is it better to get involved in politics in real life, or on the Internet?

Rove already indicted for "something"....take on Leopold...

Deporto Alberto!

Today... Is A Good Day To Indict !!! (On This Day On History!!!)

Who is Congressman Leonard Boswell?

Late breaking news from pat robertson;

Did gold skyrocket to $710/oz today?

Christian Wire: "Will Sony remake Birth of a Nation? Tom Hanks as Hitler?"

Backward Blackjack MO

HEADLINE: 'DNA Study Maps Human-Chimp Split' (Crawford Man?)

Tweety just blamed Hilliary's stand on Iraq as the reason we're

The NO WAR Armbands are HERE!

Does anyone else find all this hullabaloo over DaVinci Code telling?

Why offer amnesty to illegal aliens?

Link to Opus Dei priest blogging about the "The Da Vinci Code

U.S. Contingency plans for bombing Iran

OMG... Check this out!


I've never contributed to anything political, but...

Boomer parents can't let go

Making the Iran Thing Legal-Like

Alderman wants to allow noncitizens in Carrboro (N.C.) to vote

Is this the Dirty Little Secret behind the illegal immigration issue?

Abramoff White House Logs Mystery Solved!

Congratulations, blogosphere!

The ultimate net monitoring tool

Kerry's May 15th deadline has passed. There is a BETTER way.

Can someone just tell me one thing re: Rove/Luskin...

You make your own luck? COOL!

Lynn Cheney "would have wiped the floor with Teresa Heinz Kerry?"

Check out Dusty Foggo's Hawaiian hideaway! Pic heavy.

Is GWB implementing the "New World Order" that his father spoke of?

problem-questions PA voting

Response from Verizon regarding phone records --TOTAL DENIAL!

John Conyers: 'Help Me Fight Back Against the Republican Attack Machine'

OMG! US aircraft carrier *sunk* in Mexico's Gulf!!!

Breaking on AP: Indonesian Volcano just Erupted Violently

If the GJ votes to Indict Rove today, will supporters claim Leopold Right?

Calling Old-time DUers- "Is it just me, or have you noticed...?"

Don't the '24 business hours' expire today?

Bush - 50%+ approval in only THREE states!

Seeya soon, DU! Biloxi Bound!

I don't give a fuck if Leopold is right!

Jason Leopold: Still Confident About Rove Indictment Article

Glenn Beck - Looks like his ratings are tanking

Executive Order Permits Verizon, Et Al to Lie About Phone Records

GOOD NEWS: Judge Seals Documents in NSA Spying Suit

Neil Young's album being "backshelved?"

Marc Ash: "Update on the Rove Indictment Story"

Okay, so an indicted Rove continues to work at the White House?!!

If the indictment is dated Friday, how did Fitzgerald get a meeting?

Complaint: I don't appreciate the "Jeb 2008" sticky

On a personal note...

PHOTOS: HALLIBURTON annual meeting protests, arrests made

I hate the expression "Fitzmas"

One of these guys is a fake pundit. Which one is the fake?

"Give It Up, Cheney" - Halliburton Stock, that is...

Anyone familiar with Film Threat? Biased review of Gore's film?

If marijuana has no medical value, why synthetic pot???

So it's okay for Wolf Blitzer to call Mary Cheney a lesbian

Showed the cover of Rolling Stone to people at the pool (in Repub. area)

What would be in a time capsule of the Bush Era?

What to Expect When the Dollar Collapses

Randi Rhodes is being totally obnoxious to her current caller!!!!

A resemblance that is a little too scary for me.

I used to think that I was a world class asshole

How do you regard theories of hominid evolution? poll.

Please, oh please, oh please...

Global Climate Change: What kind of mess would the ocean become if it

i have 3 stars to give away. who needs a star. i love this site.

The OT was written to ensure survival of the species!

We are being very purposefully distracted.

Murtha on Hardball: US troops executed 24 civilians

News Break--Satire is Dead!!!!!

They're digging up Jimmy Hoffa in Michigan.

Who is it OK to victimize in a capitalist society?

I found myself in a church last week. Question for you...

Rhandi Rhodes appreciation thread!

"A clear federal crime ordered by the president more than 30 times"

****** ALERT! ****** U.S. HOUSE BUDGET VOTE TODAY - MAY 17! ******

friend just heard this on CNN... re: Cheney - Plame leak

A few suggestions (Reply to: "Is it just me, or have you noticed...?")

Theodore Roosevelt, WoodrowWilson and the League of Nations

Mary Cheney on Letterman Friday

Did Anyone See Frontline Last Nite - on the retiring boomers

I would appreciate a donated star. I've contributed in the past.

My 1001 th post.

Instructor apologizes for asking students to write about whom they’d kill

Missouri Town won't let unmarried parents live together

Castro Denies Forbes Report On His Wealth

World Trade Center. Oliver Stone. Coming Soon.

tar baby, sambo, and "hanging" portraits

How many DUers worked "grunt jobs" in college or high school?

Where are all the Nader supporters? Are they all happy?

New comic on Tony Snow's li'l comment

I remember when I first learned that everyone dies.

Isn't Tice testifying tomorrow on The Hill?

It would be great if we all agreed on Who to vote for or

Tradesports odds, nominee: Hillary 45%, Warner 22%, Gore 12%, Edwards 7%

I just gotta ask...

Official WH pentagon plane video (Dumbya's version)

Rasmussen - Montana Senate: Burns Trails Both Dems (keyword: Abramoff)

Howard Dean speaks for me - He sent me this:

Zell Miller or Lieberman? Who do you want as president?

Let's Keep Our Eyes on 2006; 2008 Begins November 8

Hey George ...... Vincente on 3 ......

Illegal immigration at "THE" border -- how BIG an issue is it to you?

Turkey and the fallout from the Iraqi Civil War. Very bad news.


MARY LYON FROM THE LEFT: Bordering on the Ridiculous

If a Verizon customer called a Qwest customer . . .

DU lawyers: do sealed indictments have to be public? IF Rove were indicted

Democrats should unite against General Hayden.

Follow The Money.....

The blood of tyrants and patriots....

Last Day to Act: Help Stop Cuts to Toxic Pollution Reporting

Dems in '08

The true repug heart ...

Now that's what I call momentum!

website of the day... eom

Why would Gore hire former political aide to head his new office in TN?

WSJ: Strong denial re: indictment from Rove's attorney

Please, can we use this window of time? A plea from a moderately informed

WSJ: Gore is more likely to run if Mrs. Clinton does than if she doesn't.


Bush's response to 9/11 mirrors Wilson era ( I know not really) more like

General Hayden looks like a space alien

Disney also collecting your information

2 Most Powerful GOP Officials in PA defeated for re-election

Conyers needs our help to fight the REBUPLICAN MACHINE

Gee, That Op Ed On Bogus Bush Poll Numbers Looks Familiar!

War, Gas, Inflation, Immigration, Hurricane

McCain gave same graduation speech to two different schools

Pentagon Planners Wargame Really, Really Bad Day

Gore says he's a recovering politician, but he may have a relapse

President Lieberman -or- Why we dodged a bullet in 2000

Caught Part Of Tweety's NO Mayoral Debate Last Night........

Pretty Funny - * And The Tax Relief Signing......

Snow-job at bat: WH briefing now- 12:37PM EST

Uh-OH! USA Today's NSA wiretap story is falling apart

Was teaching my kids about the Magna Carta last night

Question: When did immigration all of a sudden become top

Senate voting on two important measures

Democratic candidates for 2008. Who do you like? (POLL)

NOW drops backing for Lieberman

Great interview today of Stephanie Miller with John Kerry (MP3)

Wes Clark and.... TA DA! The DLC's Will Marshall: Warming To India

Is anyone talking about Tony Snow?

Joe LIeberman: Go to another hospital if you want the morning-after pill

Ralph Reed's greatest hits

I'm thinking Rove indictment--Because Repukes are ramming debt ceiling...

Driving home, I think I saw a smirk on a "Bush/Cheney04" driver

US Citizen living abroad? Prepare to take it in the shorts

John Kerry: The Real Record on Tax Cuts

Telecoms in a FreeFall

DU Challenge: Take a local census of Bush voters

Real Grassroots GOPosse American Values

BREAKING.......Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead

After watching CNN this morning, I know why they tapped Snow for Press Sec

911 Pentagon, wild theories aside, how do ya'll explain this...?

White House agrees to tell more lawmakers about NSA program

John Kerry: The Real Record on Tax Cuts

Ya gotta see the tape of Randi and Ed on Larry King Live last week

Hey Democrats: Don't nominate a Senator!

Reuters: US to propose treaty on nuclear fuel production (India)

who thinks market drop, is precursor to Rove indictment?

Tony Snowjob Shines in Lying Debut

Glimmer of hope from yesterday's Oregon primary

Conservatives' ardor for GOP cooling down


Ray McGovern coming up next on Lou Dobbs

I'm ready to argue with and work with REAL conservatives.

Over in Pa. some great state election news

DNC: Rove Trying to Get New Hampshire Republicans Out of A Jam

Anyone see this at Truthout?

We have a challenger in CA-19!

Disinformation continued - NSA Databases -Tice?

Attack on Central Valley Assembly candidate called heartless

New Presidential Memo permits Negroponte to sidestep telecom SecuritiesLaw

Dean on Jon Stewart's show......great or awful????

Tony Snow confirms: FOX News is the White House Network

Lies, Lies, Dichotomous Damned Lies ... Away with you NOW

Huff Post: Al Gore Overcomes the Fear Factor, Hillary Succumbs

A question about the Rathergate documents of dubious origin . . .

How to know when ROVE has been indicted

Awesome covers from "The Economist" Bush and Blair

FOR SALE Froggo's Hawaiian mansion

Conyers officially announces candidacy asks for help

Are you pissed about Dean's 700 club appearance?

Republicans, Tax Cuts for the Very Rich, Budget Cuts for Everyone Else!

Bush Officials Unhappy With CIA Iran Intelligence on Nuke Timeframe

New Ad campaign to counter Gore's "Inconvenient Truth"

Just contributed to Busby (CA-50) campaign - please read!

The Falafel King (O'Reilly) strikes again. The left is a threat to whites.

In Parallel Earth, Olympia Snowe has moved to Connecticut one year ago.

Texas wants to RAISE the speed limit on some roads to 80

Bush's low approval won't lose Congress for the GOP -- other numbers will

Help Rep. Conyers Fight Back Against the Republican Attack Machine

Do you see anything wrong with this fundy's answer to my question?

Democrats Announce Sweeping New Energy Legislation; The Clean EDGE Act

Grammy-winning singer Sarah McLachlan- Must See Video! - "World on Fire"

Bush's $70 billion tax cut - now with helpful visual aids

There's hope in the polls. Victory, too.

Tweety Just Asked Murtha.... Where Are The Marches Against The

Facts (some little known) about Kerry's record on the environment

Tax cut extension, who benefits? USA Today editorial

Parry: America's REAL problem - A poorly informed public was easily misled

Clark speaking about Iran

Catch me up on the political movies that I need to see.

Anyone worry about RW reverence for the Civil War?

"It took 6 years of GWB to realize that Gore is the real deal"

Housing Bubble Busted

Who would you vote for, Gore, Clinton, Kerry, Other? (and why)

Here are the reasons that Hillary would be bad for the Democratic Party: