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Southwest plane tries to land-No One in Control Tower

Canadian Federal Court of Appeal to Hear U.S. War Resister Refugee Cases

Quiet Gestures, Heroic Acts: A Conversation with Robert Ellsberg

McCain's straight-talk express stalls

Stumbling Into a Spy Scandal

Interview with Adolfo Perez Esquivel

WP: Who Isn't A 'Values Voter'? (George Will makes sense???)


We Live in a Parallel Universe

Parallel Universe of Bush Legality

Sidney Blumenthal (The Guardian): An American idea shatters

Democrats take heart as Americans turn their back on Bush policies

On Simple Human Decency

Bringing meters out of the closet (BBC)

Carbon trading's real colours (BBC)

Question about global warming, rising sea level, and ocean contamination

What If Pentagon Is Red Herring And Is There To Confuse Priorities

This is the best forum at Democratic Underground.

Two frames from each video, before and after the flying thing enters

Mark Crispin Miller Video download.

Suit filed in District Court for election fraud in Red River County--Texas

"Eyes Wide Open" at the Freedom Festival In Cedar Rapids

Suit filed in District Court for election fraud in Red River County

OK, kids, I'm reportin' back!

Chicken leg quarters.

Why are we in Afghanistan right now?

Court Deals AT&T a Setback ( on whisleblower case YEAH)

Former Bush campaign official sentenced to prison

Boehner issues threat (vote for buget or lose your committee)

Duke Cunningham's Republican replacement under investigation for fraud

Western projects are bleeding Afghanistan dry, says minister

(Iraqi) Gays flee as religious militias sentence them all to death

Update on the Rove Indictment Story

Rumsfeld Won't Vow Major Iraq Pullout Soon

Marines killed Iraqi civilians 'in cold blood': US lawmaker (Murtha)

Many US women abused by men, study finds (4 in 10)

Gunmen kidnap 15 Iraqi athletes

Saudis to Bush: Don't Cut Off Palestinians

We'll send prisoners back to 'unsafe' countries, says Blair

Judge killed after blocking promotion of teacher who wore Muslim scarf

Deadline for new border rules still uncertain: Wilson

Kremlin Spells Out Gas Link to WTO

Ex-Lockheed agent pleads guilty to China arms plot

EU probes 20 European gas firms

WP: Anti-Incumbent Voters Sent Messages Tuesday

Canada's stay in Afghanistan extended by 2 years (Vote - 149-145)

Sensenbrenner: Bush Turned Back on Bill

NYT- Seeking to Control Borders, Bush Turns to Big Military Contractors

Seeking to Control Borders, Bush Turns to Big Military Contractors

DNA database has 50,000 children

Former Giuliani aide cites asthma after Sept. 11

Bush Predicts Election Victory for Republicans

The 9/11 story that got away (Judith Miller)

Venezuela's Chavez, Libya's Gadhafi meet to discuss oil

USA to impose sanctions against Uzbekistan because of Andijan events

Bush urged to give Putin the cold shoulder

U.S. Said to Weigh a New Approach on North Korea

ABC News: Sean Penn to Play Richard Clarke in "Against All Enemies" film

NYT: Seeking to Control Borders, Bush Turns to Big Military Contractors

NYT: Bush Pledges Vigorous Fight to Retain Republican Control of Congress

Wired : The Ultimate Net Monitoring Tool : NSA Domestic Spying

NYT: G.O.P. Conservatives Topple Veteran State Lawmakers in Pennsylvania

Ecuador accuses US of 'blackmail' as oil dispute worsens

Bill Clinton to Write New Book (On Public Service, Citizen Activism)

U.S. Aims to Deploy Tactical Lasers in Iraq (aim at drivers checkpoints)

US 'to circumvent Geneva Conventions'

Canada Parliament backs Afghan mission extension

God warns of coastal storms, possible tsunami, Robertson says

Web attacks end anti-spam effort (BBC)

My Neighbor is an Albino Flagellating Monk, what should I do?


How often you clear your cookies and other random thoughts...

will you come clean my kitchen?

Sir Paul and Heather headed for splittsville

I just used my new Flash Drive, I love it, going to get another one.

can anyone recommend a 108g wireless router unter $200?

shit, HELP! what happened on the first 15 minutes of Lost?

Is it time for a World Cup thread?

I am protruding

Do Not Log Off DU...

I have internet again!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Now, I want to show you something I'm really proud of

Which t.v. commercial annoys you the mostest?

Give the Spurs some love!!! they HaVE to win tonight

Thin pretext

Cool new game!! "Pie Bill Gates 2"


I'm bored, what should I do?

In regards to the "Karl Rove Indictment Party".....

Best song most people have forgotten about

Do you think when The Da Vinci Code comes out...

I invite asthmaticeog to bite me. Twice. Sideways.

Why is sex the only thing that adolescents are able to think about?

Why is sex the only thing that adults are able to think about?

Grrrrr...I hate 1-0 losses!!!

Why is sex with Wilford Brimley the only thing Rabrrrrrr can think about?

anyone else happy when Detroit loses in basketball.

Anyone own a motor scooter?

How can I get to December 31, 1969?

******* IS OFF 'MURICAN IDOL!!! SPOILER!!!!!!!!111111!!11

A guy wants to sell me his eggs for 7000 dollars.

I miss Frank Zappa, but not Helen Reddy

Things I learned this week on DU and in the world:

More from the DS1 Freeway Photographic Blog

The firms Patton, Boggs & Blow and Parks, Franz, & Cox

Why is adult thinking about sex so adolescent?

Any political songs on new Red Hot Chili Peppers? (Stadium Arcadium)

Anti-entertainment TV rant (just written)

And the "Just drove into water and cracked my engine block" award goes to

You know, I think someone really goofed at Disney...

The person I picked weeks ago to win America's Next Top Model just won

Dove Energy Glow lotion-best stuff ever!

"I just wanted to tell you... I'm your number one fan!"

Amazing Race-the winners are (spoiler)

Greg Norton appreciation thread

Colbert is interviewing Teddy Roosevelt.

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" animation is too cute!


Dumbest porn star name ever?

Good Evening Sweethearts

All right. It's sleepy-bye for me. Night folks! *hug*

Norton Commando Appreciation Thread.

I'm off to Bedfordshire...

We've Seen That Bearded Guy on "Lost" Before

Facial hair: attractive physical feature or scourge of mankind?

Please please please let the system still be down @ work - I am so selfish

I had a rather erotic dream about a DUer

What happens if I don't reply to leftofthedial's thread?

This guy on the Daily Show is an idiot (Ramesh Punneru)

American Idol Eliminations coming on soon - may contain SPOILERS!

What happens when a redneck wins the lottery...

Will Pitt is a Dingbat.

I've developed a wacky obsession with Eazy-E

Ron Howard: If you fear 'The Da Vinci Code' will upset you, don't see it

I lost my mentor & friend today.

How's about a DU get-together here in August?

My son got his first formal sex education today. He hated it.

AANNND The May 2006 DS1 Award for Highway Dickheadedness goes to...


I hate having fibromyalgia...


I won a book!

Anyone watch Invasion tonight? (spoiler)

Happy Birthday, Mom. You shoulda been here to see 60. Still miss you


Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched?

How to make pirate copies of records

Is this funny?

Not only am I leaving my place of work, but my favorite person in IT/IS

What irony.... "DONATE & post a FREE sticky"

6 weeks ago, the electricity on the west side of my bedroom went out.

Are you free?

You're a single woman, living alone.

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

I found an apparently old vase and I can't figure out the signature...

Edward Norton Appreciation Thread!

Dim bulbs in New Jersey find pumping gas a challenge

American Idol thread - spoiler inside.

Does anyone else snicker when they get mail from Northwest Airlines (NWA)

Unpleasant experience at work today (advice welcome)

Someone should start a picture thread...I mean really

About the Religious debate going on:

I'm Really Tired Of People Comparing Faith In God To Santa Claus

Neurodegeneration, inflammation and

Mars Art - May 17th edition (dial up warning)

Pistons Fans

Did anyone see this crap?

Is anyone up for this?

Looking for articles - the archive search here is down right now.

"A sunbeam, a sunbeam, Jesus wants me for a sunbeam"

KOEB Meeting -- 05/17/06: Somebody's Watching Me Edition

A word about Opus Dei

LOL! Who put up the KO sticky with OUR TIE?!

Fuck guns

God says Republican rule possible for the US

Al & Tipper Gore at east coast premier of 'An Inconvenient Truth' -pics

ABC lies and says that Bush's "guest-worker program" leads to citizenship

Texas evangelist selling bogus BioPerformance gas pill.

Sean Penn to play Richard Clarke in movie Against All Enemies

May Rove have been too slick for his own good?

Mike Malloy talking about AT&T, and Negroponte

Lowest Approval Ever for * in Latest Rasmussen Poll, and other goodies. nt

Today no guns, tomorrow probably not, but thats only my choice

Mandatory Malloy Wednesday Truthseekers check in

Pat Robertson: God Says Tsunami Possible For U.S.

Hispanics, the New Jews

Gay? Liberal Professor? Bookseller? Live in Iraq? Get sentenced to DEATH!!

WOOODAMN WHOO I've got stickies on the board!

I have a son in the army!

Jon Stewart's The Daily Show's guest tonight:

Study Finds Wal-Mart Contributes to Poverty

About the Religious debate going on:

Anyone ever see Robert Parry as a guest journo on any broadcast program?

Is Building a Fence along the U.S./Mexico Border a good idea?

GM to restructure accounting ranks

John McCain Waxes Poetic About Benefits Of Stockholm Syndrome

Australian leader one of few to stick with Iraq coalition

Al Gore

Sir Paul and Heather headed for splittsville

Don't forget: Tune in to Matthews Tomorrow Night! Opus Dei Access!

Did Mary Beth Cahill doom the Kerry Campaign?

Growing Up Sexually

In which the Author realizes racists & xenophobes are the same everywhere

Dick Cheney, Dove: The Vice President’s changing tune

Mary Cheney has too much Dick in her to be a lesbian.

Man in Texas hires illegals, after they have done work, he calls police.

AT&T just called

Curious about the National Guard thing

these people are too stupid to live

DaVinci Code panned at Cannes Film Festival.

Watching your Budget Debate on Cspan====Crazy

ten things I hate about commandments.(funny stuff!!)

Hayden Hearings Live on Maryland Public Television

Would it be possible to see if Fitzgerald was in his office last Friday?

Duke Cunningham's Republican replacement under investigation for fraud

Mandatory Time Out Thread

'CIA prisons in Asia, Africa'

c-span2 is showing the Rummy testimony today. now

Do Not Log Off DU...

An interpretive display of Bush's approval ratings

Someone ought to run a Roto-Rooter truck through this place.

John Edwards: Irresponsible Blogger = Irresponsible President?

I missed this interview with Chiocepoint with Randi

How soon we forget... From Kent State to Iraq to Outer Space.

An oldie but goodie: Kiss Hank's Ass (remember this one?)

I'm Really Tired Of People Comparing Faith In God To Santa Claus

Will the chimp watch "Baghdad E.R."?

"Tar Baby" is quite common - especially in the govt realm:

Keith O. will talk of NSA, intell, Heyden now

As soldier death rate in Iraq increases, so does WH white noise...

Who here just heard Lewis Black


General Patton on the effectiveness of walls

When printing out a boarding pass on-line and it won't do it


Pat Robertson: God Says Tsunami Possible For U.S.

Check out CQ's new Election Forecaster map

I was chillin on DU and then along comes Rove and truthout

The many spellings of Gadhafi

I'm getting goddamned tired of this racist shit

Human Ancestors May Have Interbred With Chimpanzees

Look whose going to make big bucks off the immigration issue!


John Hodgman explaining the Bush "Tax Cuts" on The Daily Show!

Bon Voyage, Old Girl

Which of these recent DU topics embarasses you most as a DU'er?

Dropping house prices are actually triggering the inflation increase

Will 3000 be enough?

I'm watching this rightwing twerp on The Daily Show,

Is this as bad as it gets here or is primary season worse?

Gov. Doyle Visiting My School Tomorrow. I NEED Advice!

$20=1/2 tank of gas

Is the worst thing that could happen to Democrats to win in November?

PHOTO: Because a small smily just doesn't cut it here the last few days...


WP Congressman Conyers:No Rush to Impeachment

I Have A Solution And Explanation To The "DU Has Changed" Type Threads

IS anybody listening to the CEO of Chevron on Larry King?

I would like to apologize to Will Pitt for what I'm about to say...

You know that old worn-out "Hillary is too polarizing to win" expression?

I haven't posted in years... and I can't believe my eyes.

LOL: Colbert interviews Teddy Roosevelt....nt

Colbert is interviewing Teddy Roosevelt.

Write what you think the Bush Legacy will be

Rumsfeld defends National Guard at border: will SHARPEN THEIR SKILLS

Was Tony Snow the inspiration for Ron Burgundy?

so, has saint ronnie been cannonized yet?

Another one for the Minister of Silly Hats

Three liars in a fountain... tra la laa

Can we revisit this whole Snow Crying Thing - People Who Cried in Public

Oh, the irony!

Spreading the McPheever (The Nation)

Minnesota Supreme Court Lets Gambler Deduct Losses

We could be talking about Cynthia McKinney.

Eviction for Unmarried Couples With Kids?

OK. Who's the senior in the shades on the stickie?

Well sure your phone is tapped. Mine? No way dude.

will someone please organize the biggest DC peace rally ever for mid-June

CDC scientists are public servants who should not smoke or drink

Hayden is thinking... I know more about you than you do,

Mohimar sans hat? Stop the presses!

If I write a story claiming Cheney has been indicted, but it does not

I'm curious about other's opinion on.....

New Rule! (on CNN)

But they are not bald, sir...

Don't know much about economy

Murtha:"our troops overreacted...killed innocent civilians in cold blood."

Shit, are those guys going to shoot me if I yank on his sleeve?

The Many Faces of Gadhafi

Judicial Watch Claims to have Proved Bush won in Florida in 2000!!!!!!!!

All dressed up and no where to go but prison, I hope...

Joe Scarborough wants to know what you're outraged about.

Ooops !!! - Anybody Else Catch Tony Snow's Freudian Slip Today ???

(Rove) From May 8th: Remember Shuster on KO: "In the next 2 weeks."

Anti-semitism CZAR?!

Vote in CNN poll: Is building a fence along mexican border good idea?

I will be buying a beer for will pitt and jason leopold.....

AT&T request to have whistleblower documents returned....REJECTED!

MSM will regret not hedging their bets on the Rove indictment.

Interesting Post at Truthout referring to a DU Post

4 1/2 years later, the fate of Kenny Boy and Jeff Skilling to be known

Theme for this years RNC Gala - NASCAR - pics

ex-Stasi chief praises Bush to militarize the border

JOSHUA FRANK: Karl Rove Indicted? -- Jason Leopold and Truthout

World Trade Center trailer in Quicktime

New Raw Story teaser about 9/11: Judith Miller to claim

can you apply these lyrics to the immigration debate?


Presidential memorandum signed by the President on May 5 LOOK!!!

Caption this * photo

As the Stock Market Continues its Decline, Bush's Numbers will Crash

What does it mean to be a Democrat?

Yeah, I'm pissed...So what?

Conservatives scrambling for lifeboats (dailykos)

I knew it, say goodbye to your guns boys

my hubby who is non-political JUST WOKE UP>>>> and he is pizzeddddddddddd

a Rove is a Rove is a Rove ...

Was Rumdum heckled at the Congressional Hearings today?

Maybe Pat Robertson is listening to...

Well knock me over with a feather! Tammy Duckworth on MSNBC

the biggest blow to republican 2006 hopes

Breaking news........... Rove still not indicted and...........

Surprise: Duke Lacrosse rapist's parents rich Bush buddies

Democrats take heart as Americans

Do you have Rove Rage? Here are some of the symptoms.

Lawmaker: Marines deliberately killed Iraqis

Sorry, Mrs. Bush -- Protecting Marriage Is a Campaign Issue

.....and the rocket's red glare....

Laura's having a yard sale!! Only one BIG problem...

War Bloggers in Despair, "Diagnosed" with PTSD

VA-Sen - Listen to Jim Webb's radio interview

Leopold and his editor are sticking to their story

May I float a PA voting machines theory?

VIDEO: Murtha on Haditha (Crooks & Liars)

Starry-eyed optimists beware.

Let's all get together and buy a Congressman.

Hillary is a failure as a Senator -- she does not deserve the nomination

John Glenn spoke tonight to a group of dems Columbus, OH

Al Gore’s mojo and making it happen in 2008.

AT&T Slapped In NSA Suit

'Mkay, all you Jon Stewart-from-last-night naysayers, what say you NOW?

Heartless Repug attack on fellow repug w/heart transplant, how depraved

interesting interview with Howard Zinn

Why I don't care if the Rove story is true or false or whatever

R's eat their own: Robert Novak, reduced to right-wing blogging

Pat Robertson; God says American coastline will be lashed by storms

"You are not being governed." - Dick Meyer, CBS news

Mike Malloy is crying. His heart is broken.

Bill Clinton to Write New Book

Why should I give Al Gore or John Kerry a second look??

Judges Should Police Themselves - NY Times (Editorial) 5/18/2006

Fast-track Flyboy

Christian Coalition Announces Support for 'Net Neutrality'


Blood, Money and Flowers

Bush Spent $1.6 Bil. on 'Spin'

Bush's Desperation Agenda

(Big Business)Re-evaluate the Privacy Risks of Hosting Data in the U.S.

Racism Warning Has German Hackles Raised

Why the Pentagon has turned on the makers of 'Baghdad ER'

My LTTE on Rumsfeld OpEd

Mars and Venus in the Classroom--WaPo

Mother Jones: Dismantling Iraqi Life

Protest tunes bubble up as war's popularity sinks

Colleges Chase as Cheats Shift to Higher Tech

Mayor of London's LTTE: Chávez legacy

Molly Ivins: Wreckage of the Bush administration

The Nazis, Bush and Impeachment

Jefferson, Jackson and Robert Rubin's Hamilton Project by Kevin Phillips

The Demographics of the Future

Halifax (NS) Chronicle Herald: " Mounties get their men -- each other"

Just a thought - if Mexicans and their businesses decided to boycott

Some sobering analysis as to why the massive sell off yesterday

House Debates Lifting Drilling Bans

Global Warming Turns Pristine Coral into Rubble...

Rare American Chestnut Trees Discovered

'Carbon Dioxide... We Call It Life,' U.S. TV Ads Say

Israel's Half-Plan

Israel village tries to breach barrier with Palestinians

Officials: Israel-Italy love affair over

What If Concrete Core Is Red Herring And Is There To Confuse Priorities?

Faith vs. Skepticism

The 9/11 Story That Got Away

William Rodriguez 911 Hero?

About path on this pentagon photo

Was 9/11 foretold?....

Randi Rhodes lets it fly! Pentagon, NORAD, etc...

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News Thursday May 18, 2006

Evidence of machine theft of votes

Iowa Diebolds Not Sequestered

Serious Problems With Electronic Voter Machines

Help Wanted: Saturday's Election Reform News- One Day Only Special

WI: County Rejects (HAVA) Grant for (Diebold) Voting Machines

Here's Culver's newest TV ad - sorry no negative attacks here!!

Iowa Diebolds Not Sequestered Despite Known Flaws

Polk Co. Dems Spring Dinner (featuring Bayh)

Come get some SKINNY...Funny Blouin didn't send ME a fund raising letter..

And... who are you supporting in the 2nd District

Speaking of the First Congressional District

So, ah, heh heh, who is everyone in the First District

Andy McGuire...

how do I create a static IP address for a playstation 2 with a

Question on network (sort of)

Austin DUers: Bruce Elfant ice cream social on Sun. (5/21)

This young Texas Democrat needs our help (million-pixel site)

Does the school funding deal sink Strayhorn's candidacy?

Great Chris Bell article in Texas Monthly! Read online before it goes away

There are now two stickies on the Board for David Van Os

TDP Chair--my vote goes to...

Limited-Edition Barbie dolls for the Houston market

AWWWW! Somebody posted a sticky for us!!!

Pasta Fazul - Italian Dish, no meat and delicious!


The words that sank Harper's Mr. Clean

Miffed, Mr. Harper kills his commission

Are you Canadians having an unusually cool spring?

Ron Howard: If you fear 'The Da Vinci Code' will upset you, don't see it

Colleges Chase as Cheats Shift to Higher Tech

House ethics panel to probe several lawmakers

Nikkei slips back near 16,000

Local seeks to oust Clinton

Democrats Offer Alternative to Republican Energy Plan

Republicans Hope to Block a Candidate

Chafee campaign files FEC complaint against primary opponent

G.O.P. Voters to Be Target of Radio Ads by Democrats

Lawmaker (Murtha): Marines killed Iraqis "in cold blood."

Humans, chimps may have bred after split

Mars and Venus in the Classroom--WaPo

At Least 18 Iraqis Killed in Attacks

(At 1am est Wed. night) House Passes a $2.7 Trillion Spending Plan

G.O.P. Conservatives Topple Veteran State Lawmakers in Pennsylvania

Chesco Senate election surprise (first time in more than a century!)

Taliban steps up spring offensive (biggest Taliban attack on Wed/Thurs)

Hayden likely to be quizzed about NSA spy program

Tarrant Cty, TX: County job cuts called political (GOP infighting)

Vioxx Risks Begin Earlier than Thought, (Secret FDA) Study Says

U.S. Proposes New Disarmament Nuke Treaty

Bush Approval At Lowest Level Ever In New York (22% approval)

Conservatives urge Bush to push marriage amendment

Killer at 12, Tate returns to prison for 30 years

SFChron: HP to cut $1 billion per year

Vote to curb Nepal king's powers

Feingold, Specter clash over gay marriage (Russ walks out of meeting)

Italian Leader Calls Iraq Occupation 'Grave Error'

Lieberman Dials Up Convention Support

UN Agency Expands Team Investigating Bird Flu Cluster (human/human trans?)

Jobless claims surge, Puerto Rico blamed....jump to 367,000

Former Goldman Sachs exec named DNC finance chair

Human Rights Watch: Mexico More Open

Bill would make bases off-limits to new airport

BBC: Doubts over Iran nuclear capacity

Afghanistan Sees Violence Upsurge

NYT/AP: Bush Heads to Border Smuggling Hotspot, Yuma, Arizona

Laser 'optical incapacitator' issued in Iraq

Officers want more Supermax staffing(union officers predict a prison riot)

Americans Increasingly View Most Members of Congress as Corrupt

Iraq 'not as bad as under Saddam' (UK Defence Secretary Des Browne)

Venezuela: Citgo to invest $500M in U.S.

Up to 105 Die in Fierce Afghan Violence

Republican candidate hits new low in slimy tactics

new polling data redraws redstate/blue state map. check it out!

Iran Official Warns Against Iraq Crisis

USAT: GOP Sen. Gregg: Critical border-security money diverted to Guard

Central Asia dilemma spurs US talk on reviving Uzbek ties

Chile Releases Former Peruvian President

Pentagon denying Israelis security clearances

Martin Dardis, investigator who linked Watergate to Nixon, dead at 83

Nepal king to forfeit powers

Iraq VP calls on Basra to take responsibility to calm the city

CNN: CIA nominee vows to keep secrets

Miami Herald: Pro-Uribe vote fraud cited

Pro-Sistani demonstrators stage protest against Basra governor

Iraq Health officials warn of increased respiratory disease in Missan

Pa. Voter Revolt May Portend Trouble

Democrats Accuse Bilbray Of Voter Fraud, Perjury

Honda to drop Insight, plans new small hybrid

Iraqi policeman killed in US fire after bomb attack on US convoy

MPAA Rates Poster an F (Winterbottom's "The Road To Guantanamo")

State Dept to limit use of Chinese computers

Rasmussen-Bush Job Approval (Drops To Lowest Yet AFTER Immigration Speech)

Assembly candidate suggests opponent might die in office

Senate leader says California won't pay for Guard deployment

22,000 Swann voters didn't vote for Santorum (PA Primary)

Synthetic Pot Pill Gets FDA Approval

Second House panel says FEMA should be independent

Howard laughs off Bush's bald jibe


Republicans Sought IRS Probe of NAACP

Bush Backs 370-Mile Border Fence

Funds link Martinez, Abramoff

Hayden won’t talk torture in public

NYT: Law Firm Milberg Weiss Is Charged With Bribery and Fraud

4 U.S. soldiers, Iraqi interpreter killed by roadside bomb

Pinochet accused over murder of ex-president

ISP Snooping Plans Take Backseat

LSU preps for Cheney appearance

Italy's Prodi Calls Iraq Occupation a 'Grave Error'

US to monitor behavior at more airports

Legal loophole emerges in NSA spy program

Get used to oil nationalism, says Shell

High court clashes over police search evidence

BellSouth wants article retracted

FDA Panel Endorses Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Report: Border Smuggling Prosecutions Rare In S.D.

The 9/11 Story That Got Away

Judge dismisses Masri torture case

Consumer group 'sees red' at Xcel [Energy] annual meeting

Actress Susan Sarandon Endorses Clinton Opponent In Senate Race

Kentucky Governor's Pardon Deemed Valid

NSA tested privacy-friendly system (late '90's, shelved after 9/11)

Brain Surgery Patient Dies, Others Alerted (CJD)

Home market takes dip: First price drop since ’93

Tape Shows Man Fell Overboard From Cruise

Leahy, Rummy clash at hearing

(CNN) Poll: 25% believe they've been wiretapped

Occidental (Petroleum) seeking 1 billion dollars from Ecuador (AFP)

Wiccan widow threatens to sue over memorial plaque

Bolivia unveils plan to distribute land to poor

Former Nazi Removed From Space Hall of Fame

Steve Martin rules!

Suppose they made a sleeping pills that were totally convenient...

I know what boys like

"Ten Things I Hate About Commandments" very funny

The Suburban Lawns - "Janitor"

The good guys won

American Idol Underground :-) ...

The DaVinci Code for Roves Indictment lies within

Do you think my boss will be unhappy?

"Britney Spears sent her baby home in a vehicle driven by George Michael"

I saw the "Da Vinci Code"

Are you going to see "The DaVinci Code," and why not?

What should BlueIris meditate for next?

Who knew you could party so hard to Abba?

What's all this then?

I'm pathetically easy to please

Stupid, but amusing, bit on Wikipedia's DU article

Fuckin' J.P. Gray did all my drugs.


Screw you's (plural) and the fly-infested nags you swaggered in on!

Am I the only one who thinks...........

Wake up and play with me!

Bill Clinton on Ellen Degeneres' show today!

Can't Pay Your Water Bill In Arkansas? F*ck The Mayor And You Don't Pay

There are some politicians who have dedicated their lives to Rome....

Man Arrested For Stealing Neighbor's Front Yard


Last night, my daughter's Honors Choir (junior high) sang songs

" for a few walnuts."

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

ZombieNixon All-nighter Thread

If DU was a big auditorium filled with live-action people...

Downtown we'll drown

More Mothers Vs Daughters #1

NBC Today and ABC Good Morning America mention American Idol as lead-in

More Mothers Vs Daughters #4

More Mothers Vs Daughters #7

Neil Young's "Living With War" debuts at #15

More Mothers Vs Daughters #8

Thinking of Internet dating?

I am not afraid to die.

More Mothers Vs Daughters #9

More Mothers Vs Daughters #3

A round of applause for the Evolution stickes.

More Mothers Vs Daughters #2

More Mothers Vs Daughters #6

Whatever happened to JimmyJazz?

Rapper MIA denied entry into USA

Family fun with pre-teens and teens - DDR Karaoke.

I just finished all of the Mother/daughter polls. Should I...?

HA! Love the "Evolution" Stickies!

More Mothers Vs Daughters #5

Pakistan Welcomes It's First Cross-Dressing TV Host

Is this a good letter of resignation?

Wal-Mart Clerk Notices Customer Trying To Use HER Stolen Credit Card

There is an animal in my crawl space that is raising hell

I live in a shanty in a... a shantytown

incredible fotos of mammaries!!!

Kentucky Family Fights To Keep Pet Lion

Hack to save Windows Media streaming files to QuickTime movies on a Mac

Here is my idea for "evolution" stickies.

Artist rendering of Pat Robertson

Fun and Games With Your NSA

Do not snort powdered wallaby.

What are you, ON DRUGS?!?!!?

For my 1000th post, the Perfect Salmon Recipe!

What happened to

Do not snort powdered wasabi.

Thursday *LOST* Thread (Spoilers imminent)

post your favorite liver tics

"Gimme a quarter!".."I don't have any."..."I'll beat your ass!!"

My family has gone mad for the Subcontinent! (pics)

Atlanta area DUers - are women with implants that common there?

Last night I met a DUer through another website

Have any of you ever fallen in love with someone...

Make up a good quote

Funny anchorperson video clip in here.

How do you pronounce "woman"?

OK, who posted the John Ashcroft sticky note?

WHAT is the stickie next to the big board stickie?

what post has gotten the most votes for greatest page ever?

I was watching an episode of "Judging Amy"...Neglect question...

The Da Vinci Code still a nose ahead of Dude Where's My Car

I want to crawl in a hole and die

Police: Man Gets On School Bus, Hits Boy

OJ asks Catwoman to marry him .....


I accidentally put someone on.

I've never fallen down the stairs

INCREDIBLE Photos Of Mammatus Clouds!

My ex is pregnant

Share you most exciting gardening story

Woo hoo I got a B- in chemistry!!!!

10,000 ways that won't work?


I've fallen and I can't get up

I've never fallen down drunk.

The bait, switch, lie sticky is brilliant!

I just ate vomit in a bag...

My favorite picture of two of my favorite men...

My internet connection keeps going in and out.

I've fallen down drunk

I LOVE this cover of "Imagine"

When policemen break the law, then there isn't any law.

So I was watching EWTN this morning, and those guys are PISSED!

Zombie Nixon - is that you in this video?

ChavezSpeakstheTruth is an asshat.

Post something stupid from your cache.

My all nighter will be over in THREE HOURS!!

Why are Turkeys called Turkeys?

I've finally done it! I now have everyone on DU on "ignore."


Saint Leopold the Good

Da Vinci Code trounced by Ernest Goes to Camp

What is it???? (picture)

Link to my 10 kittens over in the pets forum (careful photos are HUGE)

I need help with a medical condition (not advice, just what is it?)

Well, I was born a little premature

I'm so lonesome I could cry

what alcoholic beverage makes you cringe because you've lost

My father is getting divorced and he and my sister are pissed---at me

I dare somebody to go to GD and post an oblivious Leopold/Rove thread

Life Sucks Then You Die (The Fools - 1985)

The Microsoft Nation, Your ONLY source for news.

I'm gonna take this foot,

Question about Ivy League admisions...?

Post an Ansel Adams pic here. Lets get a DU Lounge Gallery going.

Worst theme park EVER!!!

Still no answer for OJ.... OJ doesn't like to wait...

Stoopid allergies!

Post-Vacation Blues

8,000 posts. Ask me anything.

This is the God awful Honest Truth: I know little about Jason Leopold

OMG... What *IS* That??

Attention opinionated movie-goers!!

I Believe That Children Are Our Future...

Congratulations pinto!! 15,000 posts

Gardening is a surprisingly physical pursuit.

Amazing Race(spoiler)

CONFESS!! If I wiretapped your phone, what juicy secrets would I learn

Anyone else ever make themselves pass gas?


A Rastafarian MENSA puzzle...

George W. Bush is the kind of a guy you'd like to have a _______ with.

Post a Gomez Adams pic here.

Stinkin' lawnmower won't start! Any suggestions?

The "Will and Grace" series finale is tonight.

God dammit, i'm at work! Someone take down that DICK sticky!

One of my husband's students tried to pick me up at a local club.

Man Files Civil Rights Complaint After Daughter Not Named Valedictorian

Republican Ice Cream

Scooby Doo movie 50% better than The Da Vinci Code

Okay, who stickied the whale penis? nt

We are thinking of going to Vienna this summer.

For my 30,000th post, I have 30,000 questions!

WOOOHOO Love the Bernie Ward sticky!!!

Wow. EMG next week and my blood pressure is at a new low.

Just wait until Foucault's Pendulum The Movie (Spoilers)

HA! --- "See Rock City" --- Best Sticky So Far

THE scoop on the new Star Wars original trio DVD releases - info heavy


I wish someone would create a Bush and/or Cheney punching bag.

My parents are off to PA to buy fireworks right now.

this post is engineered to generate replies

I'm bullish on Prag! He's going places!

I feel sorry for anybody who has put somebody else on 'ignore'

Well, I got fucked again. (Need opinions, etc.)

I love my office

I am the Lizard King. Ask me anything.

Who is Tex Murphy?

I accidently put someone on ignore.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 5/18/06)

What is the deal with all of the locked threads in GD? This might be

I kill threads

Anyone else ever make themselves pass out?

I need advice for a graduation gift for my future Daughter in Law.

"Blaine's Destiny" - Episode 3.

Energy Boosters

BREAKING: Oprah insinuates some people are "Scumbags"

I'm seriously thinking about going MAC.....

The Matcom's Invasion Of Canada Takes Place At Dawn

Do You Think That YOU Have Been Wiretapped?

I want my own sticky!

Thursday morning garden picture.

Britney almost dropped that damn baby again.

Let's have our next DU gathering in Orlando at HOLYLAND!!!!!!

I'm Bullish on Ava! She's going places!

"Nevaeh" ahead of Sarah, Vanessa and Amanda for girl baby names

create an e-mail to send to the future

After reading the enclosed article, what would you ask Pat Robertson?

I should at least take a nap.

Yumm - who's that hot guy on that new stickie?

Congratulatons Skittles!! 40,000 posts

Didididit dit didahdidit didahdidit dahdahdah dahdidit dididah


How's your typing?

the Raconteurs, anyone?

Did you know Sunday is National Orgasm Day?

Our magnolia is BLOOMING!


Are you a nerd? Is your significant other a nerd? Prove it.

river pics today - south-middle fork, american river, auburn, ca...

post your favorite river pics

I need LOTS of good vibes right now

Wow, "Da Vinci Code" is at 21% on the Tomato-meter!

Are you for sale?

A strange online test. Have fun.

This place needs some PET PICS!!! (Dial-up warning)

Cute pic of my pets napping today

Okay... I'm tired of it.

I'm a lucky gaijin!

None of you people are US soccer fans?

Thursday, May 18. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Never mind the penis, what freeper posted his own mugshot?

Someone just put me on ignore!

Who here remembers what the hippy said to the woman in The Love Bug...

Deeeetroit Baaaasketball!!

Sally Field is selling Boniva.

I wiretapped my own phone...

Life's a bitch and then you die!

Do you have a DU nemesis?

Check out this vintage thread




Questions about not filling morning after pill?

Picture thread time!!!!

Beware - Pat Robertson can see the future

youtube free-for-all

I Believe The Children Are Our Future...

A bird shit on my head and I had to carry a dead pig

English 101: Religion and Christian are NOT to be used interchangably...

Christianity and the War Against Pleasure...

God Hates Superstition.....?

Question for non-believers. (And other interested parties.)

Atheists are so intolerant!!!!!

Regarding the Christian bashing going on here;

Should children be taught to believe in God?

American Diabetes Association Urges U.S. Senate To Finally Pass Stem Cell

Birdflu Cluster of 6 humans, Sumatra. WHO investigating, some others worid

Three new planets found around sun-like star (

What's The Deal With Some Straight Liberals?

Ohio last out of 50 states and DC in bias against GLBT

Giuliani Backs Anti-Gay Reed Lt. Gov Bid

Pelosi Signs On To DADT Repeal

Tribute to all GLBT people

Howard Dean says he's sorry

Question on Brokeback

Federal Anti-Gay Amendment Approved For Senate Vote

Pride Fest - Milwaukee June 9-11

Sailor Falls Overboard, Dies (Volvo Ocean Race)

Angel visit

If you read this forum but can't post because you don't have a star...

Just had a major car accident.

Interesting astro. look at Patrick Fitzgerald....

Beachmom & FedUp , hide the children!!

This is really good!

Sound like someone you know?

Berkeley St. resident missing, DUer asking people from MA

About that book the Senator is writing: (BGlobe mention 5/18/06)

Free pdf copy of New Soldier online

Bill Clinton, activist????

Kos Diary by Karen DC

Wilderness Society - Contact Congress to vote no to any drilling in ANWR

"the Elmer Fudd "be-vewy-vewy-qwiet" school of political discourse"

ok, who made the KAP sticky?

Blogosphere Been Very Very Good

DU Noise Level WAY too high: "Olbermann is Worthless" "Fitz is Corrupt"

Altercation Book Club: Lapdogs by Eric Boehlert, or Swifties revisited


Portraits galore

Thirty photos a second with a compact digicam?

Oh, my word...

Good commercial attacking Schwarzenegger from Angelides

Cheney is thinking... I could shoot that fucker and

Tin foilhat question.

Sometimes I feel like I've been tied to the whipping post....

confirmation? (re: Rove indictment)

(Rev. Pat) Robertson: God Says Tsunami Possible For U.S.

Bernie Ward discussing "pre-pregnancy" NOW

I see a thousand points of read my lips...

The Pentagon's Ghost Investigation (Salon)

An "in depth" analysis of our current political situation...

Murtha talking now. cspan

Truth and Time

Markos (Daily KOS) stars in new Ned Lamont ad

Racism and National Security - Border Control

Tom Friedman's Flexible Deadlines

Here is a quotation about truth...and reuniting

When does White House usually release Bush's schedule?

Another great Ben Sargeant Cartoon..

Murtha on Iraq: "Rove... disgracefully minimizes public reaction..."

Halliburton protestors arrested in OKLA yesterday

The 9/11 Story That Got Away

We've got the Republicans right where we want them.

How to break into Television.

“Coalition Forces Watch Over Iraq's Oil Platforms”

8:45 PM PST Thursday Evening - rover Indictment Will Be Revealed

VOTE DEMOCRAT! (campaign poster)

Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr says Mahdi Army no longer a militia

Poisoned town wants Saddam’s chemical suppliers (The USA) to pay


No more Bush Bashing!!

Liberty is secured by blood?

What crimes did the Boston Tea Party participants commit?

Washington Journal Time-CIA hearing

Giuliani's Deputy Mayor has been diagnosed with 9/11 Illness

They did it again

Hayden Confirmation hearing this AM 9:30AM c-span, switching to cspan 3

Talkleft: Another Internet Report of KARL ROVE's INDICTMENT

Shocking News From Balitmore Sun Regarding NSA & Spying

Scores killed as violence surges across Afghanistan

"Look mummy, there's an aeroplane up in the sky"

Breaking: Major doubts over Iran nuclear program...

Erstwhile silent family members speaking out about Bush...

Democracy for America-add your voice to block privacy intrusion!

wow-check out how * is doing in your state!

OK, this could mean nothing, but....

The Republican Party let themselves get HiJacked by the NeoCons

A suggestion from a friend of mine to protest NSA wiretapping

Giuliani scoffed about effects of being around 9/11 site, BUT!

Lionel Tate, now 19, gets 30 Year Sentence

This morning's faculty meeting (ie, the uninformed public)

Jason and Will, I BELIEVE

I am doing Nielsen TV ratings this week.

If a member of the Intelligence Committee came forward and exposed...

Caption this Hayden pic

How credible is Wayne Madsen?

Where can I find a list of C-men who voted for budget this morning?

Rapper MIA denied entry to U.S.

Bush regime wants treaty to ban production of plutonium and uranium

Answering the call of duty, again

We'll send prisoners back to 'unsafe' countries, says Blair

Just what did the Founders have to say about gun control?

It's my birthday today. Guess what present I'm hoping for.

Wayne Madsen is confirming parts of Jason's story

CA-50-Dems Call for Investigation of Bilbray for Perjury & Voter Fraud

Please DU this poll-re :free speech

NSA tested privacy-friendly system - Scrapped after 9/11

NBC Today and ABC Good Morning America mention American Idol as lead-in

Any word on Tice's testimony? did it happen yet?

truthout? Timeout. Please...

Martin Sheen for President!

The best idea to help Mexico and the USA: Mexican Marshall Plan!

Should we invade Puerto Rico?

***C-Span 3, Hayden Hearings Thread 2***

Blue 24, Red 36... Hike: Intelligence business political football

Poll on phone call spying in Billings Gazette

Sen. Ron Wyden (OR) finally asking clear and concise questions


Regarding the Christian bashing going on here;

That "human devolution" sticker series is hilarious

My bet : The "sources" are freepers

When does the 'He'll know in 7 to 10 days' expire re Rove?

Here it is: Alternet's Judith Miller story about 9/11

A question about a phrase/label that is used often here

Theory: Leopold was right. Dead on. And then circumstances changed.

No more posts about Leopold!

What happened to

New Italian PM calls invasion and occupation of Iraq a "grave error"

Listening to the Hayden hearing is a waste of time.

Help! Just got back from the Hospital Where myFfriend had

It's time for a petition to Congress - "NO MORE DIVERSIONS"

***C-Span 3, Hayden Hearings Thread 3***

What dance will you do/what flowers will you throw at our liberators?

BushCo taking a series of unusual steps - Hayden to maintain his rank

"the Mary Cheney White House"

New Liberal BLOGGING spot

Need link to the that map that shows only Utah-Idaho-Wyoming "Red States"

Boy Scout learns about Pentagon invading his privacy

Chimpy's numbers plummet in repuke-leaning poll (36% / 63% ).

Bernanke:Housing Market Is Cooling

If the media is so "librul," shouldn't Repukes support breaking it up?

Two timing: An Overworked mother's plea for polygamy

Senate on C-span: Illegal immigrants are IMMUNE from prosecution

alien invasion? no,not the mexicans......

The Border War Comes Home (eye-opener)

Someone please explain to this straight gal why I should fear gay marriage

An Inconvenient Truth: TAKE THE PLEDGE!!!

Theory: What if they got to Fitz?

05/12/2006 Indictment

And God said (speaking on the matter of Pat Robertson):


Theory: Leopold was wrong. Dead wrong. And then he backpedaled.

Crooks and Liars web site has been hacked?

Deregulation (under Carter and Reagan) responsible for today's gas prices?

Simply put: Was Rove indicted on Friday or was he not indicted on Friday?

Hack to save Windows Media streaming files to QuickTime movies on a Mac

"The Person In Fitz's Bull's Eye Is Richard Armitage" (ex-NSA Head)

Bob Novak: Hastert hot over CIA chief's firing

Leno-Bush going to Border -1st Time Actually Showed Up for Natl Guard Duty

I have 2 stars left....who needs one?

'Why did my son die in vain?'

C-Span 3, Hayden Hearings Are Beginning

Is God mad at Republican rule in America as well as Democrats

Does this sound familiar?


what happened to crooks and liars website?????

What happened to my girl Armanpour ?

Crooks and Liars site Hijacked????

700-Pound Alligator Pulled From Fla. Canal

Democracy Now today:

I refuse to use IE

jsut a moment ago I saw a picture of Hayden with all the metals

Cooper Tire removes shredded tires from accident scenes to avoid lawsuits.

Official Truthout/Leopold/Rove Indictment Thead #1

Amazing Photo of a 29 Percenter...

Poll site - Should Nat'l Guard be used to protect US borders?

No Rush to Impeachment (By John Conyers Jr.)

Do We Have Even One Govt. Agency that is actually functioning?

Mary Cheney on NPR with Diane Rheaume

Bush regime mulls peace treaty with North Korea to replace 1953 armistice

It takes more than grease to keep the wheels turning

Highest death rate since Jan 2005

Rightie radio head to the left, "You were right, I was wrong"

Why Did Gas Prices Shoot Up Rather Than Rise Gradually ?

Rummy: "it's not a science, it's an art"

Hayden's making up laws again: "Standard of Reasonableness"

A Modest Suggestion of What to Say to Your Wingnut Relative re: Jeb Bush

This seems to be the big "still for Bush" argument.

There is something really creepy

Ex-NSA Head on NSA domestic spying: “This Activity Was Not Authorized”

We have now entered the Twilight Zone - T Lott just said he is an Idol fan

DU This Texas Governor's Poll

TURLEY keeps banging about Shrub's criminal acts

Only 5 years into lifetime term, Bush introduces Ethnic Cleansing campaign

Cervical cancer vaccine may get OK

Russia: Bush's use of non-nuclear ICBMs may lead to a nuclear counterstrike

Perfect rebuttal to: "We will not have civil liberties if we are dead."



HELP!! Dem stand on immigration, would someone please tell me what's

Navy details a huge unmanned aerial vehicle program

Flush the crud out of Thursday, . . . . . . . . . . . . .please CAPTION!!!

joke of the year from Pat Roberts

Hastert Lets Cheney Have It : by Robert Novak


Republican Boogieman thread

Congressional report indicates phone co.s may be liable over call records

AT&T Whistle-Blower's Evidence

The NSA and YOU!?

What is the deal with all of the locked threads? I just logged back on to

WAIT!! So Pat Robertson is praying for the destruction of his CBN channel?


Panel weakens La. abortion ban slightly

We can all use a little hope and inspiration from Jefferson

Battlefield: U.S.: Pentagon spies treat the homeland like a war zone

36% Rasmussen - LOWEST EVER Measured by this poll

Does anyone know anything about "Project Restore"?

FBI Creates a weblink to ease reporting of public corruption tips :)

Homeland Security officer charged with murder

Immigration. Check. Gay rights. Check. Abortion. Check.

Was 9/11 foretold?....


Sign the "No more political diversions" petition

So they want a marriage to only be between a man and a woman?

Another Hayden pic to caption

All together now, "Yea Russ"

Bob Cesca: "FoxNews Presents! The War On Darkies"

Bush requests 1 Iraq/weeks worth of money To Bolster Borders.

When does Hayden's wife

TOON: Pundits in 1943 Germany

Anyone know if the Duke rape case is being shown on T.V.? Sarcasm. n/t .

I just got a call from elect katherine harris dot org

Can the netroots buy a controlling share of Halliburton?

T-shirt slogan sparked feminist talk with daughter

Bush's approval rating drops to record low in New York

Bush Turns to Big Military Contractors for Border Control

If anyone here backs illegal wiretaps - you're fucked in the head.

Clear Channel Must Answer for Racist, Violent Broadcasts

"Al Gore's Masterwork" from The New Republic

***C-Span 3, Hayden Hearings Thread 4***

GOP will pull out every political diversion it has to try to win

the DOT COLLECTOR....Thursday 5/18 toon

LIVING WITH WAR (Neil Young) debuts at #15 on Billboard 200

If marriage is between ONE man and ONE woman ...

$2.6 Million donation to UNICEF

Further evidence of the Liberal Media in action

Rumsfield: USA harkitsee sääntöjenvastaisia kuulustelutapoja

Senator Kennedy is live blogging on the OAC blog:Right NOW

Bush Denies Existence of Mars Invasion Plans

Other Than "Your Candidate," Who Could You Be Happy With In 2008?

Please correct my memory.

Whatever happend to Tice testimony that will blow our doors off...

GOP challenges NAACP tax-exempt status

Bush to visit border region | $1.9 billion sought

Senator Clinton to cosponsor Internet neutrality law

Wow -- Randi playing audio from "Network"

Here's the reason they think marriage is under attack:

This Texas Democrat needs our help (million-pixel site)

Cher is on Ed Schultz right now

Carbon Dioxide is GOOD for You!!

FEED - Food & Environment Electronic Digest , May 2006


Clarabell the Clown Actor Dies of Cancer

Monkeys 'string words together' (BBC)

What happened to Crooks and Liars dot com?

"Fairy Tales," The (lack of) intelligence underpinning Bush's Iraq policy

Protests to greet Condoleezza Rice at Boston school

***C-Span 3, Hayden Hearings Thread 5***

Here, is the inner workings of a ...

Is * at the pig farm now?

Italy to pull out of Iraq

James H. Kunstler- Visionary or grumpy crackpot?

B.Ward said the religious right considers contraceptives a sin

If You're Not Listening To Randi...You Should Be

Does anyone know anything more about the "anti-semitism czar"?

Breaking: New clues on fate of Lindberg's baby

Letter: Cheney speech at LSU inappropriate

Christianity and the War Against Pleasure...

Did you guys see Jon make a complete fool of Ramesh Ponnuru last nite?

How can I contact Al Gore or his office?

“Fairy Tales” The Lack of Intell Underpinning Bush Iraq Policy (Harpers)

Anti-Francine Busby ads are demonizing her as a "Liberal".

Blair has ceased to govern. Douglas Hurd.

lest we forget...and this was way back in 2003

So , if it's ok to wiretap Americans

How to troll?

Top Ten Signs The Government Is Spying On You

Wolf Blitzer: 'Lieberman is way way way way way ahead in polls."

Harvard: Chimp-human link more recent than thought. This is not a joke.

What's the difference between the gay marriage bill in 2004 an '06?

Sick email

Amendment to Stored Communications Act (SCA) shields phone companies

So, after the FBI finds Hoffa will they start looking for Osama?

Inhofe amendment being voted on-English as the national language


NCLB up for "reauthorization"

National Forest Sell Off! Do You live in one of Bush's 35 States?

Doesn't anyone have "dirt" on "General Hayden?"

The liberals are coming to take your guns and raise your taxes.

CBS News: Over 50 FBI agents looking for Hoffa in barn.

Tomorrow is D-DAY!!!

Sensenbrenner/Conyers introduce Net Neutrality legislation

Do Congressional Democrats have a positive program to present for '06?

General Hayden is gonna have fun before the Committee when...

More bad news re: Electronic Voting - call your Rep. today !!

Are we still at war???

I "heart" ProfessorBainbridge (right wing blogger) today!

They are PIIIIIIIISSED! The right is going to split's delish!

Official: Africans pay $1,800 for 1GB of data (AP/CNN) {Internet inequity}

Tweety watchers i have a question for you

Amazingly weird picture of Hayden

Kondracke denounced Qwest as "basically helping terrorists"

Some schools cancel Fridays due to fuel costs (Reuters/CNN)

Elder Abuse -- America's shameful secret

Lack of volunteers threatens rural ambulances (AP/CNN) {Rural/small town}

Why, with Bush on his knees, we are in a funk

Why is "traditional" marriage always "under attack" in election years?

A great moment from a High School performance last night.

Immigration And Gay Marriage Are The Same Issue To Repubs

For my 1,000th post I'd like to share a poem.

Widow of man who died rescuing kids at Ocean Beach may be deported

Bush to campaign for Senator Kyl . . . .LAURA that is

Widow of man who died rescuing kids at Ocean Beach may be deported

Is the Boycott France thing a example of Francophobia?

Apple launches Intel-based MacBook (CNNMoney)

Prodi says will hold to pledge to withdraw troops from Iraq

Protests to greet Condoleezza Rice at Boston school

CNN Poll: 26% suspect they've been wiretapped (you couldnt make this up!)

What 3 News Items Will Keith Feature Tonight

If offshoring didn't involve the slow extermination of America,

Anyone Here Listening to Sam Seder on AAR

2454 reasons why the DSM is Important

Did anyone else watch David Gregory interviewing * on Hardball?

They gathered in coach's home for booze, drugs, sex. Jaw dropping story.

Whatever happened to those nutjob Cubans (Elian's Miami relatives)?

I don't mean to be a dick, but Ed Schultz is a fucking moron - NRA Warning

Studies: Tax cuts don't pay their way

"It's legal 'cause we say so."

new polling data redraws redstate/blue state map. check it out!

Here is a text book example of why Casey or any other Democrat

"She's not a Christian."

POLL: Worse consequences for US? (Susan Sarandon)

TODAY! "The Guy James Show" miracle answer to the immigration problem

Will they fall out to the left, or the scary-crazy edge of the right?

After listening to Tweety play Defender of the Faith on teevee

Prodi's promise to withdraw troops from Iraq bodes ill for UK

Couple Arrested For Asking For Directions

Don't forget that Bush* took care of business in Afghanistan...

Insect Politics.

THE DECIDER: Erect a fence! But don't block off the whole border!

Caption this picture of Gen. Disaster!

Caption - the Sinner and the Saint

What is a "chuppie"? And if you are one, how does that make you feel?


Say, let's build a wall on the border - it'll so work!

Politicians In Drag! Some people have too much free time! (Heavy graphics)

CNN just announced that Bell South is asking for a full retraction

More BS from the pharmaceutical companies. . .

Could this mean what I think it means?!?!?!

pat robertson does it again. as i'm sitting at the computer

Speak truth to power-Just heard some of opening comments regarding

Former Bush campaign official sentenced to prison

'oh, you poor naive bastard'

Gas guzzlers are popular?

Bush Hits Record Lows at Rasmussen Following Immigration Speech

The NSA Spin Continues

Another "24 business hours" sighting

Tonight's Larry King: Why are repubs turning their back on Chimpy?

These are the dates that I fear the most... 6 Nov 08 - 20 Jan 09

My letter to Al Gore...


Digging for Jimmy Hoffa....again.

"Hayden Laments Politics of Intelligence" (spoof)

Bay Buchanan doesn't even have the minimal integrity of her brother.

I Don't Want Your Fucking Protection!!!!

Do you have a home mortgage?

Oh geesh, Tom Daschel is talking about running in 08.

How to "buy blue" with every credit card purchase

Could Olbermann possibly be more worthless?

Freeps Freaking Over Immig. Bill -- Threatening to LEAVE the US!!!

Telephones, NSA and you

Republican candidate hits new low in slimy tactics

Jack Cafferty almost made me cry!

The real problem with Gore running

Easy answer I gave when asked how gay marriage would affect my marriage

What Is the Best Work of American Fiction of the Last 25 Years?

The Illegals In My Yard

Just got an invitation to dinner with Joe Wilson

Hotline: "The nastiest piece of direct mail we've ever see"

National Republicans target Boswell as a #1 swiftboat priority this year.

Is the Fascits Loving Sen. Patsy Robertson's Term up in '06?

If we follow indictment pattern of Libby+indictment for Rove = thisFriday

Rove fooled you. *co Takes Control of Corporate Disclosures.

Armitage focus of CIA leak

Others' heartlessness or fear-mongering doesn't inspire me, at all.

* meets Gordon the police dog - Caption this photo

DUers need to know the FACTS about the swiftlie episode - a thread for you

A new twist on the ol' flying car (

what if WE got invaded?


Harpers: WH deems CIA Iraq critics "assholes and defeatists"

Will somebody explain how Bush expects the USA to pay off its....

How to get the pro-war crowd to contribute to the war effort

Former Bush campaign official sentenced to prison for suppressing Dem vote

TOONS! "Milkin' Time!!" Edition!

Sensenbrenner: "BUSH Wanted Felony Provisions in Immigration Bill"

OK, here's my ticket 2008. Gore/Feingold.

Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O'Reilly

Attacked, threatened by mob in attempt to deny me my Bush protest

Leahy says Hatch expressed support for polygamists

Investors Who Bet Against Bush Made a Fortune

Da Chicks Are Comin'

I just really confused some high school kids.

National Wildlife law experts needed-Red Tail Hawks

Dear Republicans, Welcome Back to America (this is your last chance)

FEINGOLD Says: "See ya" As He WALKS OUT Of Gay Marriage Hearing

Hastert: if you earn $40K a year, married +2 kids, you don't pay any taxes

Walking Wombs

Eleven observations on Race and Ethnicity from a 'L' Liberal

Gelliebean's latest weekly podcast for 5-14-06

Reporting in from Caracas Venezuela...

The Paradigm has shifted.....DUers are now in The Majority.

non confrontational protest sign for West Point protest

DKos's Blockbuster: Open Letter to Al Gore ( A Must Read folks...)

Frightening. This is one cold-hearted son of a bitch.

What are you going to do with your $9.00 tax cut ?

Poor Bush.. He's cautioned to end his love affair

Separated at Birth: Hayden and Porky Pig !

You've been putting it off all week -- Now is the Time to Donate to DU.

Guess who started the 'liberal media' line

How grandma got legal

If you want Sensenbrenner gone...

So this latest "car that runs on water"-is this the real deal?

Wes Clark Jr. tells it like it is on "The Young Turks"...!!!

Protest George Bush at West Point.

Great News from the Pennsylvania Primaries: IE Senate & Governor

Local seeks to oust Clinton

More Repugniks eating of their own. Ann Coulter calling for new President

Number to Call for Veterans Issue

Does anyone know if Tice testified yesterday? Is he still

Illegal immigration timeline. Who started the hullaballoo? Didn't Bush

Hayden Hearing - Pat Roberts is a F**KING snake.

The "lawyers" in the NSA and White House thought it was legal?

Fiore - Snuggly the Security Bear :)

Will and Jason, I BELIEVE

Campaign contributions - Some advice please

No Joke: Bush Declares 'Day of Prayer for Permanent Peace'

Ohio Governor: Strickland (D) Enjoys Growing Lead

Iraqi civilians slaughtered by Marines -- where is the news & the outrage?

Houston Gold Star Mom Amy Branham Answers Question - What Noble Cause?

bushmilhusegang agrees global warming killing reefs

Tony Snow calling talk shows from aboard Air Force One - is this "legal"?

They tell me it's all thumbs up

Who do you think will be sworn in on Jan 20, 2009?

Where does Brian Bilbray (R) really live? Turns out not CA-50 district

artic sea ice shrunk 300,000 sq. kil. in one yr. - melting gaining speed

People are Stupid

A truly RADICAL concept for the 08 cycle Democratic Primaries

We must support Gore's new movie... If you can go out...

Hayden hearing: Did Wife and I hear Correctly.. Close session?

Liberalism and Christianity

Need Some Feed Back... I Would Post At Florida Forum, But Not Much

How YOU can help put a progressive in Congress

If we'd worry about the 2006 elections the way we worry about Hillary '08

Power ranking in Congress.

This has to be about the nastiest piece of direct mail we've ever seen!

Competitive US House seats?


Feingold questions Hayden 051806 (MP3)

Specter to Feingold: 'I don't need to be lectured by you'

First time since 1994, investment firms give more to Dems than to Reps

Be glad: YOU are the most important American who has ever lived

Will Hayden Make it Through the Hearings and Be Appointed to Head CIA?

Giuliani Headlines Ralph Reed Fundraiser

Republican Politicians behind IRS Audit of NAACP

Hayden defends eavesdropping at CIA confirmation (credibility questioned)

If no Rove indictment tommorrow, there will be no indictment. Period.

Letters: GOP Constituents Want NAACP Probe

House passes $2.8 trillion budget plan (CNN)

Give 'Em Hell Harry and gay marriage

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired

"Legal??" How many disturbing things are "legal" now?!

The Tip of the Iceberg-yet another scathing indictment of the BFEE

DU this poll

Early reviews on Al Gore Global warming documentary


Hillary Co-Sponsors Network Neutrality

Seven Days In May

Now it's a Fake Controversy Whether Colbert Was Funny Or Not

So how can Hayden talk about a "probable cause standard"

Cheney holds 50,000 Haliburton stock option shares worth $3.76 million

Hillary sat on the Board of Wal-Mart???

I'm outing myself: ***I have an 08 Favorite***

Conyers: Conviction in NH Phone Jamming Case (10 months)

Two best damn political posts of the year!!! Rokken....

Think Immigration Battle is a Huge Smokescreen

A dream debate: Randi Rhodes vs. Ann Coulter

"Presidential Memorandum Permits...Telcos To Lie"

Way above the minutaue is, WAR & PEACE. Either we Embrace One or the OTHER

From Elizabeth Edwards - "Our New Website"

There's an asshole on our southern border

Ray McGovern: Bowing to the Police State

Quite possibly the scariest *Separated at Birth?* EVER!

Conyers: "I Will Not Rush To Impeach"

PBS' News Hour has just finished a major asskiss piece...

Ann Coulter has crossed line:"Where are the skinheads when you need them?"

WSJ: Reversing Course on Electronic Voting

The three big Hillary questions:

Democrats: illegal immigration = failure of GOP definition of "free trade"

If Bush thinks he has powers to do whatever he wants because we

Fan and foe may greet Bush during Beach visit (for Drake R-VA02)

does anyone remember the "bush's fuzzy math in Texas" campaigns

Getting "SNUGGLY" with Gen. Hayden (`toon)

Radio talk-show host apologizes for supporting Bush

Airbus bangs another hole into our once great Boeing

Vote for one: The Constitution or Safety and Security ?

Why shouldn't Gore or Kerry run? Why not let the voters sort it out?

John Leo's Memo to Colbert fans: Humor and edginess aren't the same

James Gandolfini; I will go to Iraq


I still love Kerry. What makes anyone else more viable?