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Archives: May 19, 2006

The NY Times, Judy Miller and 9/11: The most stunning failure yet?

Prodi signals early end to Italian role in Iraq 'occupation'

An Affront to the Constitution (Nichols/Nation)

Venezuela in mock foreign invasion

Saving Secular Society

It can’t happen here? Think again (Herald Bulletin / Anderson IN)

As Death Stalks Iraq, Middle-Class Exodus Begins

Anyone know about homemaker iras and contributions?

Call for names of publicly traded wind energy providers...

Kazakhstan plans to triple its output of mined uranium.

Coal-fired power plant emitting greenhouse gases!

"As climate changes, garden zone map does too"

If Osama had planted bombs in WTC why does Gov. cover it up?

Judith Miller knew 9/11 was coming?

What kind of exhaust plume is white?

Denver auditor reluctantly approves voting machine contract

Will Blackwell Provide Enough Voting Machines to Dems in 06 Election?

Want Democracy back??? Paper ballots and HAND COUNTS NOW!!!

League of Women Voters, AFL-CIO sue FLA on ba-a-ad voter reg law

Governor Pataki is coming to eastern Iowa.

Could use some help - Al Franken thinks Jim Leach a "good guy"

LAT: CIA Nominee Defends Domestic Surveillance Program

Applause, Protests Greet Howard in Canada

Giuliani stumps for Ralph Reed (and civil unions?) in Atlanta

Egyptian Police Beat Pro-Reform Protesters

State department reverses itself on use of Chinese computers

House Votes to Keep Offshore Drilling Ban

More U.S. airports to monitor traveler behavior (Reuters/CNN)

Markey Seeks FCC Ruling on NSA Program

N.Korea may be preparing missile launch: reports

U.S. Indictment for Big Law Firm in Class Actions

(Franklin Co, OH Election) Board calls for ethics investigation

Documents highlight GOP scrutiny of NAACP

CIA 'torture' lawsuit thrown out

Sprint Nextel sued over NSA charges

WP: Nominee (Hayden) Has Ability To Bear Bad News

Govt. retiree health benefits to cost big

(CBS) Poll: Border Plan Gives Bush A Boost

NYT: Giuliani Campaigns for Ex-Leader of Christian Coalition Ralph Reed

Border agent shoots and kills driver coming in to US

White House knew of payments for Tobin's defense

Four prisoners attempt suicide at Guantanamo camp

Cindy Sheehan, religious liberals protest Iraq war outside White House

NYT: (Bi-partisan) Vote in House Seeks to Erase Oil Windfall

Relations With U.S. Lowest in 20 Years

Top Air Force brass said to be under FBI probe

Update on the critter in the crawl space

I just got myself some wireless headphones and I love

Here's Scotland's Rosslyn Chapel featured in "The Da Vinci Code" (PHOTOS)

Why is my cat attacking my messenger bag?

Post Your Prom Pictures

A strange online testes. Have fun.

A strange on line toastie.

THEY'RE CHILDREN!!!! (Rant. Be advised)

These Are a Few of DU's Favorite Things (A musical interlude).

If gays really could convert heteros,

America's Top Inventor: Anybody watching?

Answer this:

Where do humans come from?

The tide is turning. This was sent to me by a republican co worker

Regarding Nuking Iran

Anyone drive a new or mostly new Mazda 3?

Russian Martial Arts????


I love trail running... and so do my knees

OMG!!! I have fifth row seats to Bo Bice!!!!

But... they keep saying it isn't NATURAL!

A friend just emailed me this "Smart Bartender" joke.

A Poem About Success

A very funny mistake on BBC.

My apologies to New Jersey and whoever else I insulted last night

If I've offended you ever in the past,

If you were to go anywhere in Mexico, where would you go?

Karl Rove has fled the country!

Humans may have interbred with chimps.

The future

"Grow your Own fags" ?????


Loons are complete vegans!

Amazing Card Trick!

Michael Bolton on Jay Leno tonight!

my contain spoliers - DAMMIT ER DAMN YOU!

I'm on in 15 Minutes! YEAH!! 11pm ET/8pm PT

I want to watch the Wiggles!

I heard some news tonight..

Good Evening everyone!


My mood for at least the past week

I am eating brains for dinner

OMG CSI amazing ending OMG

Did you ever own a 14 inch laserdisk player?

Tonight's ER....

Jon Stewart brought up the "hugging the tar baby" comment

Willie Nelson on The Daily Show!

Should I be worried?

Anyone else disappointed with the That 70s Show series finale?

Historical Star Trivia #4

Historical Star Trivia #2

I've had this feeling of dread all day...

And now a look into... the future.

GD has become the Lounge-lite

Did anyone hear?!? Russ Feingold just got ENGAGED!!!!

I feel like I have come home after a long sojurn in the wilderness

What's so cool about the Safari browser?

TSA says I'm not a terrorist-fucking DUH!!!

This shit is GENIUS!!

Post a pic of your SO nekkid!

Wish me luck, all!

I had to make a choice, either TV or youse guys

Historical Start Trivia #3

for your late night viewing pleasures


Any Sam Cooke fans in the house?

Reach out and meet a DUer you only slightly know....

Now meditating for Love and Abundance for:

Historical Star Trivia #1

Advice for * from a fly!

Which is more fun?

TA DAAAHHH!!! My 1000th post...


The real "Crash" (1996) movie coming on HBO.

Sexy people can pretty much do whatever they want

Tell us about your furry family members personalities...

THE MIRACLE HAS ARRIVED! My new Camry Hybrid....pic heavy!

***Will and Grace*** Finale, EST, Possible Spoilers ?

DU Bikers! You think you can handle this machine?

About "The O.C." -- and a question: what about YOUR hometown?

OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!! Whimper....

Hangin' out in Savannah, GA

Cool! Just saw the Neil Young album commercial on KO (photo)

What book does it seem everyone has read, but you haven't?

Eructo, ergo sum

Have I found the LOST-aways? Am I thinking too hard?

Post a Photo of your Grandpa thread!

Yes I'm doing it - KITTEN THREAD!!!

What is your favorite Ancient Civilization??

Interview with Satan: God Spoke to Pat Robertson?

Genetically driven crimes in America, an explanation for deaths by

Get a clue, Deborah Messing...!

Grinnell College speech (Video)

Just out of curiosity - when you go see Kerry at a fundraiser

Hey, what are you guys reading?

Kerry Calls for Study of Minority Ad-Contract Opportunities

KOEB 5/18/06 Hayden Hearing & Finding Jimmy Hoffa?? Edited w/ comment

KO is playing David Gregory's interview of * on Countdown this evening.

(VIDEO) Ned Lamont's ads on CNN

A New Declaration of Independence - July 1909

Gore needs to give us an answer soon after the '06 elections

SLAM! Commercial for Neil Young's new album!

Sen. Reid: pls. sign anti-discrimination declaration to be sent to Frist

Discuss Pentagon Hit, Judy Miller: TVNL Live....8 pm ET

Iran's "newly refined" uranium hexafluoride may be Chinese import

Film director sees Irish civil war drama as lesson on Iraq

Keith Olbermann smacking Sen. Roberts regarding instilling FEAR. msnbc

Russia becomes unlikely human rights guardian

Russia to bid on Vietnam nuclear power plants

Now that you've thought about it, what did General Hayden say today?

carefully 'choregraphed" photos, Yuma, AZ Dick Gregory on Keith. O. now

Can someone ask Hayden.....

Keith Does Young

If the border fence-builders need a site for a demo project,

Caption the Close Encounter

Good News in Iraq! US Troops will Now BLIND People At Checkpoints!

Military recruiting in grades 5 &6 - WTF?!

God to Pat: In 2006, the coasts of America will be lashed by storms."

Check out these pics. Gore Guerilla Marketing (4 pics bandwith buds)

REPUBLICANS who are more LIBERAL than DINO's

The new Repub meme...

I wonder if "Hitler's" people just "burned out" leading to that horror.

Genetically driven crimes in America, an explanation for deaths by

Katrina VanDen Heavl on Joe S. now-talking of privacy and Bush Adm.

A New Tack for Airport Screening: Behave Yourself!!!

Pentagon Takes Recruiting to New Heights

Caption these Bush photos

Former Nazi Removed From Space Hall Of Fame

Scientists note stunning loss of ice, snow (Canadian Arctic)

My LTTE re: CANADA Afghanistan mission vote recently held.


larry king - "right turn against bush?"

Judith Miller knew 9/11 was coming?

[Sen.] Talent pivots [Flip Flops] on Medicare late penalty

Photo Op, meet Photoshop....

George W. Bush Is an _______.


Remember those animal/human hybrids Bush was so worried about?

GET THIS BOOK: Paul Rieckhoff, "Chasing Ghosts" (IRAQ)

So the Senate spent the day discussing homosexual marriage

Do you utilize your State DU forum?

Chimp-Human Hybrid Possible, Scientists Say.......

What's Congress done in the last month to address the health care crisis?

Congressman Conyers:Conviction in NH Phone Jamming Case

Senate votes to make English our official language (kinda sorta)63-34

Here is one issue we can all support Hillary on:

Can we subscibe to the 'Do Not Tap List' can we opt out of phone tapping?

Somebody try the RawStory link to story of AF general under investigation


Big surprise, "carbon trading" ideas don't work.

Government enlists public service 'spies'

In just over a week the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 514 points.

LMAO, Look at the cover of Ned Lamont's campaign DVD

Judges are paving the road to fascism.

Data mining? Bah. Unimportant. Much worse is date sowing.

From mid-May to mid-June: 15 states have primaries


I'm "raffling" a DU star! (Not a real raffle, 'tickets' are free!)

GOP Congressman wanted NAACP tax probe!!

Should the USA have an official language?

How do I make a screen grab

DHS: We have to take limos; taxi rides are too expensive

poor ol' george

Saw Jason Leopold speak tonight

In the Black(water) - $950/day for a security guard (NOLA)

Liberty, Death, and Politics as Usual

what are the highest rated liberal-leaning radio shows?

Results from the DU star "raffle"

WTF? Larry King Has All-Repug Show, and Announces Two More Next Week:

Is it too soon for movies about 9/11 to be made?

Larry King's right wing theocrat guest demands payback from W

TSA says I'm not a terrorist-fucking DUH!!!-cross post

Trailer for Oliver Stone's new movie "World Trade Center" ......

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in, Oops no It's not a best

why Al would love to beat Hillary for that nomination

Do they have a software out that you could browse invisible

So they've spied since 2001 but in 2002 Bush wasn't worried about OBL

Russ Feingold SOOO gets it!


75,000 pledge to see An Inconvenient Truth on opening weekend


The New World Order (with apologies to Yeats)

Bush has his "Dukakis Moment"

Some people will believe anything; Elvis' 11% and Bush's 29%

We need to build a giant dome over the mainland U.S.

Biggest 3-D Map of the Universe

"As climate changes, garden zone map does too"

A shout out to the GD mods...

Huckabee (R): Federal government says we are on our own re: bird flu

In honor of Armed Forces Day on Saturday, Steal This Image...

Today at WH protest.....they represented "the birth of a religious left"

Dumb question #27: Why don't we just make gasoline out of corn oil now?

Sen. Kennedy on the "Republican Right Wing Anti-Marriage Amendment"

MPAA CENSORS film poster of Guantanamo movie

Caption the Dip Wad riding in his toy dune buggy

Duke Rape Redux! TruthRoveOut Galore! Why isn't this HAYDEN DAY on DU?

Anderson Cooper is interviewing Sheriff Yosemite Sam on immigration

Pics of * waving Mexican flag

David Gergen on CNN re * comeback: People are hitting the mute button!!!

new Neil Young album sells 60,000 in first week...

Mounties get their men -- each other

Mr. President, you are fired.

Please, Stand Up, Whoever Just Posted This Sticky.

Will Blackwell Provide Enough Voting Machines to Dems in 06 Election?

Want to get rid of Feinsteinin the primary? Meet Colleen Fernald


Why do liberals hate CO2?

Another soon to be classic * photo

I am NOT a brood mare!!!! A kyndculture rant.

"fear this"

Fitz watch - Where is he?

i'm watching "1984" with my son...damn

Anti-War Music

Do we have a list anywhere of the Dems who voted pro and con

What exactly happened in Pennsylvania's primaries??

Cingular+CWA(union)=Radio Commercial????

The Alzheimer's Gambit.

Angry Guerrilla Street Campaigning for Old Guys

Al Franken: "My Contract on Republicans"

Help please .... Josh Bolton had a 5 point plan to help * look better.

Cursed Meme, Trojan Meme. Away with you, Damned Meme

Did I hear right (in a news blurb on radio)? House passed resolution

A friend just emailed me this "Smart Bartender" joke.

Former Senator Bob Graham supports Hayden confirmation

Democrats take lead

Who do you want to see run for President in 2008?

Bush's economy -- Carnival Cruises having soft Caribbean bookings

My LTTE re: CANADA Afghanistan mission vote recently held.

FEMA e-mails show officials discussed Hurricane Frances payments (Miami)

NSA Killed System That Sifted Phone Data Legally

Good news in Arizona's Senate race

Must See Video 5/17 Daily Show: John Hodgman on Bush's Tax Cut/Lewis Black

Bush on the Border: Coyote One

"You are no more a protector of the Constitution than am I."-Specter

Throw the DINO's out....through the primaries!

Feingold statement on today's committee meeting

Bush Is Certifiable

Pennsylvania shaping up for the Democrats!

The Herd Goes The Wrong Way (James Gandolfini/Tony Soprano)

Civic groups sue Florida over law shutting down voter registration drives

Hayden Admits Political Leaders trumped up WMD Intel

McConnell Amendment Requires Photo ID for Federal Elections

Blame It on the Hundredth Monkey

so Sen. Hatch is leaky at times.

Congress bribery probe could deepen

Financial Editorialists Take on Spying


Liberty Over Safety

Iraq War Takes New Toll On Women Soldiers

There is only one issue --Mark A. Goldman

Harry Smith's Impressions Of Baghdad (Tigris: "de facto segregation line")

Thank God for George W. Bush (Steve Horowitz,

Karl Rove Indicted? Jason Leopold and Truthout take on Rove and the W.H.

Taliban, Al-Qaeda regroup in Afghanistan, defying U.S. strategy

John Dean (FindLaw): Bush compared w/ other "wartime" pres on free speech

Terry Jones: Blood and circuses (new TV series on Rome)

Leaked Report: Corrupt DEA protecting Columbian traffickers

Gates of Eden, by Chris Floyd

In Praise of Good Shoes and the Cheap is Junk Principle


Couple Arrested for Asking Directions (scary America)

Bush rejected Clinton surveillance program: ThinThread

How the Right Stole the 60's (And Why We Should Get Them Back)

The Da Vinci Code Furor: Makes You Think (Seesholtz.,

Americans don't like President Bush personally much anymore, either

A thread recently about how official stats on unemployment,

Russia will probably build Vietnam's first nuclear plants.

Imports—America's Achilles' Heel

American Society of Ag and Biological Engineers on Biomass Energy

State of California has an online list of Cleanup Sites

Public transit beats solo commuting on annual Commuter Challenge day (FL)

It's an Ill Wind...(Oz's Howard and wind power)

Science as Smoke Screen (editorial, Science mag., endangered species)

Deep-sea fish stocks 'plundered' (BBC)

Bird of prey back from the brink (BBC)

Project to probe impact of sonar {on whales} (BBC)

Senate Democrats Introduce Broad Energy Package

'Extinct' frog comes back to life (BBC)

France's renewed taste for wood heating

Voices From Prison (Uri Avnery)

The border has moved

Israel Will Buy Supplies for Gaza Hospitals, Premier Says

Olmert deputies to meet Palestinian president

The wrong solution

Israel should face sanctions

Hamas spokesman caught smuggling cash

Gunfight erupts between Hamas and Fatah forces in Gaza

20 protesters hurt during anti-fence rally in Bil'in

Congresswoman cuts off AIPAC

the Pentalawn - a must see

These people are so full of shit

Durango woman sues Herald for 9/11 cover up

it really was an airplane

You would think the Pentagon anti aircraft/miss defense would've worked

"Bomb in the building start clearing out"

I just learned to make a screen shot from the Pentagon video, lookie

Why is the Media Downplaying Our Voting Scandal?

What you can do about elections

Put Election Reform on MoveOn's Priority List

Election Reform News for Friday, 5.19.06

NVRI: Letter Outlining NVRA Noncompliance to Blackwell, Lawsuit Possible

More on the Culver love-fest - KCCI profile on the candidate

Blouin sends out the attack squad - Legislators....CHARGE

Nussle had more money than God....

Friedmanites warned not to read blog

Photos from last night's Harris County CEC meeting

Austin groups files class-action lawsuit against AT&T

Pot laced muffins put teachers in hospital

That Ramen Noodle Salad Stuff

Question regarding researching a recipe:

Harper leans toward rival to Kyoto

Syncrude plant closed temporarily because of odour concerns

Darwin's theory not allowed in North Quebec schools

Chinese fugitive facing deportation to be freed in B.C.


Lawmaker says Marines killed Iraqis 'in cold blood'

NYT: Senators Left Out of Loop Make Their Pique Known

US 'must close Guantanamo camp'

Grassroots groups, unions challenge Fla voter registration law

AP: Penn. Voter Revolt May Portend Trouble (For Republicans)

Hayden Senate Confirmation Appears Assured

Nuclear scientist set to head Iraq's oil ministry

Britain's human rights record attacked in EU report

Top Taleban commander 'arrested'

Report Says FAA Got 52 Warnings Before 9/11 (oops! - old story)

Venezuela in mock foreign invasion

UN: U.S. must 'eradicate' detainee torture

As Death Stalks Iraq, Middle-Class Exodus Begins

BellSouth to USA Today: NSA story is bogus

Another probe in Cunningham case

NJ Public Advocate Says Municipalities Have Too Much Leeway to Seize Land

(CA's) Governor Seeks $1 Minimum Wage Hike (to prevent Dems $1 + indexing)

WP: Privacy Case May Rest on Alito Vote: Forced Entry by Police at Issue

Congress bribery probe could deepen (Cunningham, Harris and Goode)

Iran eyes badges for Jews Law would require non-Muslim insignia

Dead soldiers flown home as British presence in Basra is questioned

UN urges US to shut Guantanamo prison

Does San Diego Need A Newer, Bigger Airport?

Witness in Fugitive Polygamist Case Speaks Out

At least 1 million Iraqi's have left Iraq

Guantanamo Prison Guards, Inmates Clash

LAT: FAA Blocks LAX's Use of Funds

ABC, Brian Ross: Air Marshal Faced Retaliation for Citing Security Issues

Judge Extends Ky. Grand Jury Investigation

Iraqis agree on govt, leave key posts for later

Taliban, Al-Qaeda regroup in Afghanistan, defying U.S. strategy

Bush: 'Life is good,' 'unsettled' people disapprove

Mexico's Calderon Takes Lead in Race With Polls, Focus Groups

Housing Cool-Down Is 'Orderly,' Fed Chief Says (6.6%/30 yr.FRMAC mortg.)

U.S. sending reinforcements to violent Ramadi

Pot laced muffins put teachers in hospital

U.S. sending reinforcements to violent Ramadi

Deaths of evacuees push toll to 1,577 (Louisiana Katrina deaths)

Senate Votes Twice for English Language

Durango woman sues Herald for 9/11 cover up

Military may send soldiers from Kuwait to Iraq

House Panel Cuts Foreign Aid Request $2.4B

Military seeks head count of contractors in Iraq

Feds Seize Armor-Plated Car Bought in Iraq (by Army reservist )

Harper buoyed by Australia's support for Kyoto alternative

GOP to Run Anti-Strickland/Kerry Ad Same Day Pair Comes to Toledo

Strong Quake Off Eastern Indonesia

CNN: U.S. sending reinforcements to violent Ramadi

New century of thirst for world's mountains

Rebel attack downs key Colombia oil pipeline: ( Occidental Petroleum)

Taliban gaining strength in Afghanistan

House Conservatives Cut $500M Off Vet Bill

4 Indicted in 1998 Vail Resort Fires

House Panel to Examine Iraq Raid Probe

Prostitution Clause in AIDS Policy Ruled Illegal (1st Amendment victory)

(Federal) Judge Blocks Ky. Schools Graduation Prayer

Tribal rebels blow up two gas pipelines in Pakistan

Flexible Body Armor Fails Army Testing

PFAW: Sen. Judiciary Commitee vote Marriage Amendment

Top Park Service Official Reprimanded in Deal W/ Dan Snyder(owns Redskins)

Fifteen Guantanamo Saudis freed

Reuters) -Bush opposes English as national language: Gonzales

US Sen. Menendez Looking Closely at Bush Censure

(Ken) Lay Defense Blames Auto Signature Machine (2nd Trial)

Bush to attend fundraiser for congresswoman; she remains in D.C. for vote

AP NewsBreak: Guard Stint to Last 2 Years

Civil Defense drill begins in Cuba (Hurricane prep)

Anheuser-Busch buys Rolling Rock

Great response to our fund drive Thursday. Let's make Friday even better!

Al Gore, movie star, talks of his latest role

DeLay film to premiere in Houston tonight (redistricting & legal problems)

Fox's Bill O'Reilly wades into quarrel over cartoons at UO

Vatican disciplines Mexican priest after abuse case

AP -FEMA Says Ark. to Keep Half of Trailers

Cancer-causing benzene found in some drinks: FDA

Some Iraq war vets go homeless after return to US

Bush blames Iraq war for his low poll numbers; says U.S. won't retreat

Reid calls language proposal racist

Cheney: Nation won't forget Katrina's victims

Democratic Activists Seek to Punish Their Own for Backing Bush

Congress bribery probe could deepen (Cunningham, K. Harris, Goode Jr...)

Patrols Beefed Up Near Santorum's Home (Penn Hills PA, He Lives VA)

MP to investigate Dr Kelly's death

WP: 5 Professors Quit Religious School, Patrick Henry College

Senate backs ten fold hike in indecency fines

Louisiana House Unanimously Passes Violent Games Bill

US fumes as Iraq backs Israel boycott

Hayden had doubts on wiretap legality

Experts say report of badges for Jews in Iran is untrue

A Brazillion Reasons not to read this.

"And I want a toilet seat made out of solid gold..."

My friend sent me this video..

Coyote One: Bush trolls the Border

Good night

Hotels to avoid

Meet some friends of mine.

Somebody tell me why...

I'll be damned

Dupe - twitchy finger

These guys are comin' to town this weekend

It's 2:53 a.m. BlueIris is starving. Pick a snack for her:

Unlikely monorail-door maker: the (seattle) opera

It is Friday night in Australia. This means I really need to sleep!

Highway to Hell......

Yes I'm doing it- MITTEN THREAD!!!

Oh Thank you!!

My star expired...

Has Gnarls Barkley caught on

The minute the sting penetrates your finger

Silverdocs annouced their 2006 lineup today and Al Gore will be the

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

Will people who believe in god...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 5/19/06)

*Warning the following joke is not funny and involves pron movies*

Odd news from Today's paper and earlier this year

Visit scenic Booshes' Dyke!

A question about baking muffins

5,000 POSTS!!!!!!!

Illegal alien jurors taking GOP corruption trials U.S. jurors don't want.

Did the Canadians let Matcom into their country?

Alright, who put up the Chimp Crossing sticky?

WOW look at this! The first hybrid Motorcycle

River Deep, Mountain High

Nicola's Day with Oasis Star

Just because we’re divorced, that doesn’t mean we’re not a family.


~~Milestones~~ - in my life this week

A group called. . .

Will people who believe in Zod

Will those who believe in Odd ..

My first exam is in an hour. Wish me luck.

I'm sick , going home, shades closed, blahhhhhhhhh

Cottage Cheese: super food

Goodnight thread of healingness.

Post two pictures that are creepy that you took......

Please tell me this is a joke...

Thank you, Sugar Plum!

Congratulations SwampRat!! 20,000 posts

Just for Call Me Wesley - a new flame suit

Someone please explain to me

Why is "support" a bad thing?

D-D-D-Do right, D-D-D-D-D-Do Right Always Works....

Crockett and Tubbs?

Will people who believe in Rod

I really wanted pad tai for lunch and soaked the rice noodles before I

'Runaway bride' on the rebound

The horror! The HORROR! Argh...

Do doooo dododo!

Wanna see what makes george run? X-ray the chimpinator

Fie on you, all ye who live unexamined lives!

California DUers: Steve Westley or Phil Angelides for governor? And why?

70,000 Beer Cans Found in Ogden Townhouse...WOW!!!

BREAKING: 'Runaway Bride' Jennifer Wilkes- "The wedding is OFF!"

Anyone know how to make a Dingbat?

what are pron movies?

What would you like to do to "Sherriff Joe Arpaio?"

Cocaine In Breast Milk Caused Death, Prosecutors Say

OK, someone explain that sticky to me.

Banjo playin squirrel - guitar strummin penguin - squealin piggies

Alright, there's big trouble in GD. They're on Thread FOURTEEN of

Elevators out of service

okay, all you brood mares

i think my mom got a sticky

Which pre-school children's TV show would you cancel?

Senate to pass bill requiring White women to have more children...

I didn't get it. *disappointed sigh*

I haven't gotten a PM since I returned! PM me and I'll compliment you

Tenant leaves behind 70,000 empty beer cans in Utah townhouse

Heading in to Mexico (La Fonda) to do a little shopping/surfing.

Happy Birthday to Chewbacca!!!!!

Just so you know, the lounge vibes aren't broken

Cav's and Lebron James lead the Pistons 3-2!!!!!

Who doesn't love my walter lebowski stickie????? (see above)

Mr President...Look at the big board!

Friday Bowie Thread 3: Best Sideman/Collaborator?

Girl, 10, goes for a drive in Pensacola, hits other cars

I don't wanna kill my china pig


Better morally ambiguous anti-establishment film?


I had creamy dill salmon over pasta with a side of broccoli for lunch.

A pastel Alaska sunset for you late nighters...

So it's pouring...thundering...yet if I were outside...

Should I watch last nights Will & Grace

Francisco Liriano starts tonight against the Brewers....

My 2 Rabbits just cracked me up.

I waded into the GD English wars

Coming out of my cage and I've been doing just fine

Things that you do when nobody's looking.

Do I really want to work at a firm that would ask this question?

Who should play Bob Dylan?

Let me tell you about the sheer depth of my laziness today...

Caption the CIA Mastermind....

You've heard of Johnny Cash and George Bush, but ........


INCREDIBLE close-up video of a tornado forming (link)

Joke for today

If rock bands were neocon...

The DaVinci Code: Will you see the movie?

I miss Veronica Mars.

Any runners here?

Direct tv- All three (hbo/showtime/starz) are free this weekend!

What did you get for Fitzmas today?

How 'bout some Good Afternoon Friday Zombyfied Wishes?

So, I'm at work looking at porn

drinking problem?`s going to be hard to top this

10 Things I Hate About Commandments

Does pig latin work in foreign languages?

Okay, who posted the cute babies.

down at the OFFICE, the shiite is hiiting the fan....

Who's the coolest of cool DUers?

another joke for today

Congratulatons rman!! 10,000 posts


More reasons to adore Colin Firth

Harry, Carrie, and Garp

Today was a GREAT day!

Britney says she needs a gun because she almost dropped her baby

Bi-Lingual DUers:

Friends Repay Joker With Human-Cage Prank

Hey! I got new shoes - check 'em out!

So, what's everyone up to today?

I know you guys may not care, but who killed Jimmy Hoffa and why?

Can dogs eat jalapeños?

Vegtarianism Vs.... ?

Best. News. Blooper. EVER! (Gay Mount Everest)

weird & funny web site:

I'm going to my first day at my new job!

Happy birthday JadeFox!!

I'm listening to early Rod Stewart solo

A random encounter with....

Which will get more posts: kudzu or OfficialTruthout/Leopold/Rove

Congratulations RandomKoolzip!! 15,000

Parenting question re: Prom

I bugs me when coworkers get nosey about my porn

Friday, May 19. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

My, my, those Republicans are touchy.

Great response to our fund drive Thursday. Let's make Friday even better!

Why do female department store mannequins have nipples?

My Friday's night ask me a difficult question thread.

"Does anyone remember Laughter?"

Help! I got grease all over my newly painted wall.

How about some good vibes/prayers Lounge?



Top 50 conservative rock songs

DaVinci Code movie (members reviews)

Today is "Write like a Freeper Day". Do you have a hugh celebraton planed

I am so proud of the HS boys in my town

I bugs me when coworkers get nosey about my food

What song do you have the most versions of?

Anyone have the "Good Night, and Good Luck" soundtrack?

I have a new job...Assistant to the Dean of Arts and Sciences....

Call him? Or don't call him? ~~~ Need advice.

Does anyone watch "My Name is Earl"??

Hey, Which Favorite Movie of yours have they remade and ruined?

Guess how much I love you

I need a hug


The religious phonies who rule our government By DOUG THOMPSON

Belief in the government is an act of faith.

Is God the President of Turkmenistan?

Religions Evolve, Part 3: Judaism

Historically, there was no Jesus nor Shakespeare as most think...

Who do you think hates the "world" more?

Are You Going To Go See " DaVinci Code"????

Battlecry..... is it similar to the Hitler Youth Movement?

Merck Caught Misrepresenting Vioxx Risks Again

Birdflu:seal the Americas: Oceans perfect barrier: few could try crossing

Study shows apes can plan ahead (BBC)

Let's make some cheese!

end of a era.

War Of Words Heats Up In 'Lesbian Baiting' Coach Suit

Russian Jews Drag Gays Into Ideological War

a belated Happy National Day Against Homophobia!

Mounties get their men -- each other

On the passing of a Stonewall veteran

Ricky Williams may play in the CFL next year....

So who's ready for the subway series?

Come on Pistons!

"Soon..." - Karen Bishop - May 18, 2006

What was this?

Buying a new house using Tarot - I would love your opinions.

Did you see Kennedy's statement?

25% of Middle Class Iraqis flee as conditions worsen

America: The Great Divide. Report in The UK Paper, The Guardian

Obama releases a short excerpt of his book -- Short Kerry mentions already

THREE new updates at We Love John Kerry!

Patriot Project letter from organization president Judith Droz Keyes

A Fair Reversal: Kerry's office quoting Democratic Daily

Another Post with You Here

about that Virginia Senate Primary Webb and Miller

Extremely troubling article on Iran -- anyway to find out more?

Sunset pastel

Yee gads, gang...I was on Tucker Carlson's show last night!

Okay, whose sticky is that telling KO that Murrow wore Garcia ties?

KOEB Meeting 5/19/06--Keefless Baseball Hooky Night Edition

Iran Oil Bourse

Republicans wanted to sic the IRS on the NAACP

A Shout-Out to the DU Women and Men in the Fight for Women's Equality

20002 - a palindrome post and a poll

The power to inflame. And soothe.

Just something to smile about:

I really like the "You are here" stickies, whoever just posted those two.

Gerald Levin (Levine?) used to run Time, Inc.

Less than one hour ago Paul Begala posted this on Huff Po...

just raise the ceiling...Friday 5/19 TOON

This "We're at war, so anything goes" crap is wearing thin.

We believe

When will someone challenge Mr. Bush to his face?


Should Senate Dems Filibuster the Gay marriage Amendment

The Dubya Code

Washington journal time-what did you learn from General Hayden

2,454 now dead in W's Iraqi War

Scientist with Nazi Past Removed from NM Space History Museum Hall of Fame

16% of Americans in latest CNN poll approve of Bush on "gas prices"

Oh,Good God..Bush and Malveaux on cnn...again

Just because we’re divorced, that doesn’t mean we’re not a family.

Baghdad's Lionel Richie Obsession

NY Times 25% of Iraq's middle class has fled the country or is planning to

Terry Holt, Rethug on CNN:"Democrats are still the party of gay marriage."

Border Patrol runs over, kills migrant

David Gregory interviewing ** on Today Show

(2/9/05) Bush budget cut 9,790 border patrol positions

Role reversal?


(VIDEO) The Daily Show on the Origin of the Decider


Can Dems use the Gay Marriage issue to their advantage?

Iran eyes badges for Jews and Christians.

U.N. Panel Urges U.S. to Close Prison at Guantanamo

British pull their own teeth out with pliers because of dentist shortage

The Great Fence of America

WSJ Bixby talking about US budget. Says it does not add up.

A Message for the USA Today Copy-editor:

Another MIssion Accomplished

Looking for any news from closed portion of NSA Hearing yesterday.

More Promises Than Funding: The House Adopts An Irresponsible 2007 Budget

A thread recently about how official stats on unemployment,

The Taliban is winning over the hearts and minds of Afghans

Text of the Fourth Amendment

Senior Powell aide focus of CIA leak investigation, former spymaster says

It's Friday--What will be in the news dump today?

US looks to arm Gulf states against Iran

How can we turn Rove in to a leper? Someone noone in their

NY State: Assclown Approval Plunges to 22%

Green group split hurts prospect for wilderness

May Numbers: Only 3 States Approve of B** (Idaho, Utah, Wyoming)

WP: Jim Henson's Muppets Get The Smithsonian Treatment

Stephen Colbert and Edward Snook *expatriot* are my heroes.

War pig Hayden calls Iran a "hard target", Senate resolve gets slushy

Is Shrub Darwin's missing link?

Republican's voters are pissed, but will still show up to vote in Nov.

Blue Nation, by Chris Bowers (

Here's a depressing poll (sort of)

WOW look at this! The first hybrid Motorcycle

Did they get "sick" or did they get high?

Is DU running real buggy today for anyone else?

US Urged to Close Guantanamo...U.N. says its ILLEGAL

Polygamists set up shop in Texas

Apophis to attack earth!

Pakistan struggles to stop Afghan heroin

Air Marshal Says He Faced Retaliation for Bringing Up Security Issues

Do you think the NSA spy program is being used to make money by BushCo?

What is Going One With the NSA/telephone company story?

Get Ready: RS's got something developing on leak case....

Bashing Democrats, A Pundit Addiction

Don't send Kan Lay & Jeffrey Skilling to jail.

"You got your damn war " My Lai Redux...


LTTE published! In the Ft Worth Star Telegram

Guantanamo Prison Guards, Inmates Clash

Being Forced to Watch "The Da Vinci Code"

Jon Stewart does it again: (Discussion about abortion.)

it really was an airplane

I'll gladly pay you tomorrow for a CAPTION!!! today.


SMUG CHIMP ALERT: He ain't pretty, he's John Howard: Bush

Did anybody listen to the Stephanie Miller show today?

Brian Lamb: M. Cheney call-in show @9:45am Sat. 5-20. Did y'all hear this?

Cheetos for Chickenhawks

I used to listen to NPR

Darfur: 'You did nothing.'

Bitch roundup from The Rude One

Virginia Senate Race could be a key pick up this November

Democrats - "The Restoration Party"

Latest Breaking Non-news,

How should America look? Salad Bowl vs. Melting Pot

Choice or genetics

Has the "decider" ever made one rational decision?

OK, Rohrbacher and Sessions are standing up for the American worker now..

are we getting a snowjob at the WH today?

70,000 Beer Cans Found in Ogden Townhouse...WOW!!!

Prisoners Attack Guards at Guantanamo

Pardon my Planet, thinking outside the box

What's the point with "English as a National Language"?

Many Americans have become ANXIOUS to the point of WORRY

Organic Trade Association's "Store Wars"-very clever

Prosecutors Defend Decision to Drop Felony Charges in Fatal DUI Case

Cocaine In Breast Milk Caused Death, Prosecutors Say


State Dept. to limit Chinese computer use

Reuters:Shooting closes busy U.S.-Mexico border crossing (New Info!)

MSNBC: Man crossing border "lost his life"

The Desperation Party...

Is Shrub Darwin's 'Missing Link?' (Christian Science Monitor..for real)

Jimmy Hoffa, Osama bin Laden, Weapons of Mass Destruction...

People Willing To Lose Limb, Eyesight To Be Thin

Immigration bill now includes 'English as Official language" measure?True?

Yesterday, I had the idea of creating a petition

Anoher lying recruiter

FBI investigating Air Force officials... TPM Muck

Know what's interesting about George Washington?

*Weekly roundup*

Question about Gitmo

Winning (and Losing) the First Wired War

At least 1 million Iraqi's have left Iraq

Ruled insane convicted killer gets drug to make him temporarly sane

Great definition of "Free Republic" in Unrban Dictionary

So, is there a good canned response for all the anti-Cindy Sheehan emails?

Addressing the "brood mare" article in Congress.

FYI: Duncan Hunter supposedly coming up on CSPAN2 to respond

I'm sure this is a dupe, but what's goin on with

Immigration Solution: The Wall That Works for Everybody

2 reports today of men killed border control agents. What do we expect?


AP: Immigrant Smugglers Avoid Prosecution

New Cell Phone Guns Hard To Spot In Metal Detectors

Meet The Republicans again. All Repub lineup this Sunday

What a double standard

Fantastic Interview today--"The Guy James Show" I promise you'll love her

How Does Bush Compare With Other Wartime Presidents: By John Dean

Hahahahaha. So many people have no sense of irony.

'Spoiled' Blair's son leaves US House internship

who am I to post this?

Chavez giving free medical care to US citizens

Need help responding to idiot RW parrots?

Mark Kirk (R - LOSERS) sent me an email UNSOLICITED!!!

Italy's new PM, Romano Prodi, calls Iraq war a "grave mistake"

Labor Union Question(s)

Another death on the border. This time in California.

"Can you believe that guy?"


If you had $150,000 to give to charity, what charity would it be?

Video: David Gregory asks Bush about his Nixon like disaproval rating

The militarization of all intel under the DoD

5 Professors Quit Religious School

Snow Defends Use Of The Term ‘Tar Baby ( On a radio program)

Friday news dump

Senate to pass bill requiring US citizens to be white...

Why must the Anthem be in English when church services can be in Spanish?

"How Democrats and Progressives Can Win"

america is not the only country making new marriage rules

Ask Not for Whom the Friday Tolls, It Tolls for Thee, . .please CAPTION!!!

Had to share this..

To The Religious Right: Get Tough With G.W. Bush Or Apologize To Bill Clin

We have a Snow problem now. Too much Snow in this administration.

Willie and Alice Nelson to be on with Randi today.

Where is Ross Perot? "Can I talk now Larry? Is it my turn now?"

Holy Shit! With her bare hands!

Gunfight at Gitmo?

Wis. High Court: Laxative Not Unreasonable Search

Randi is mocking "weather forecaster" Pat Robertson.

Bush opposes English as national language: Gonzales

Meet the Press - All Repug Sunday - Timmy must be feeling guilty

I am fed up.

Today is "Write like a Freeper Day". Do you have a hugh celebraton planed

"Austin Groups Files Class-Action Lawsuit Against AT&T"

Hatch and Leahy exchange "words" over polygamy???

"this is the about the RW and them leading the President around by

Critics Blast Bush For Not Praying Hard Enough

I Am a Fool (apologies to Simon & Garfunkel)


The english only debate... Yet another KKKarl diversion

Just when I think I've heard it all...

Why many of us couldn't stand Bush from the moment we first

Not only do I agree with the official English thing

CTBob: Lieberman forcing state Dem chairs to freeze out Lamont voters

Which will get more posts: kudzu or OfficialTruthout/Leopold/Rove

Hoyer: House Republicans Slash Military Funding...

Did Anyone Hear Joe Conason On Franken Today?

FBI Says It Has Good Lead in Hoffa Search - Not doing so good on Osama

"We will return the U.S. Army to their homes by death boxes and coffines."

VIDEO: David Gregory's "Unsettled" Interview w/ Bush (CrooksandLiars)

How about if we make Kansas a "no fly" zone?

How do the Orthodox churches play into the Da Vinci Code?

Is life so dear, or peace so sweet...

Does anyone have a contact address for Al Gore?

YouTube video has Beach Boys song for Bush bio - check out the flag.

Homeless Iraq war veterans are a “growing trend.”

Why do we feel uncomfortable with multiculturalism?

Great response to our fund drive Thursday. Let's make Friday even better!

And Here's News Straight Out Of the Who Gives a Shit File

NYT ad space update for open letter to Gore. $150,000 duckets!

Twelve DUers have gotten a truly strange kind of pop-up in a GD thread

Paul Begala apologizes (mea culpa) for mocking Democratic Activists

Bartcops tribute to Randi

Love Tom Tomorrow?


We’re being freeped at

So why hasn't Osama attacked us again?

My message to the Chimperor:

so do I have to spell "favor" with a "u" now?

Take Your stupid "Viva Bush" bumper stickers off your cars....

VIDEO: Fox's Gibson Defends Racist Comments (CrooksandLiars, MediaMatters)

Yay!!! "colbertian" is now a real world

Rummy would like to shut down Gitmo, but he fears for their safety

Please Explain Something To Me

US describes intense fight with Guantanamo inmates

Does anybody speak DEMOCRACY?

Limo company gets 21.2 million $ contract to drive around DHS folks (more)

Joe Galloway/Dept of Defense exchange

Al Gore will be at Cannes tomorrow

States forced to change their official mottos to English

Do graduating students have any say in their commencement speakers?

Challenge to Freepers who support wiretaps

Scalia Tells Congress to Mind Its Own Business (Repubs are unpopular, but

Poll: Who is Phil Gingrey (R-GA) channeling with his 'stache?

Mark Wilson for Senate (D) Washington State gathering steam

Is there a list of members of the Bush Transition Team?

Contradicting Snow, Gonzales Says Bush Opposes Making English ...

Help needed from Wisconsin

Zell Miller endorses Ralph Reed (as does 9/11 exploiter Giuliani)

I had a very sad conversation with the mother of a soldier today

Janeane is bailing out !

Only reason I'm going to see DaVinci Code is that Kudlow Trashed It!

19 Cubans reach Florida's shores

Anyone want to decorate the Fitzmas Tree (Flash) while Waiting?


The Moral Minimum

48 Hours (Saturday) - Duty, Death, Dishonor (Soldier Disappeared)

An appreciation thread for the Lib/Dem men of DU that fight for women!

If you can't stand Joe-mentum, come watch the nominating in this thread

What do you think of the term "illegal alien" ?

Castro may rule Cuba

Report Says FAA Got 52 Warnings Before 9/11 (oops! - old story)

I'm worried about the DNC cash on hand

global food supply fizzling out

Inuit Elders sit at wreckage of collapsed igloo/PHOTO LINK

Tucker Carlson wishing he could vote again so he could vote against *.

my new RUSS FEINGOLD bumper sticker! And my "Short List" for Pres, Yours?


Stories of Iranian law requiring Jews to wear badges are FALSE!!

There is no argument about English

Do You Participate in State & Country Forums?

Gitmo inmates attack guards stopping a suicide

I Would Love to Smoke One with Willie Nelson

"Republicans Care" Do you think a bumpersticker will be enough?

Lou Dobbs poll needs a little DU love

Maybe the NSA can help PAT ROBERTSON hear God better.

English: official language; Christianity: official religion; Straight: of

On a much lighter note..

My two cents on the "English Only" debate.

New Comic: Bush Patrol

Movie on Sunday..."Baghdad ER" HBO...8:00 pm The truth about the war

Dobbs accusing Harry Reid of race baiting

All Repuglican MTP This Sunday (Again)

Telcos Hire "Scapegoat"(third party company) to Give NSA records

Hysterectomy on demand

CNN: B*sh got "border bounce" in new poll? (+ 2%)


Orange roughy going extinct.

DaVinci Code ?Fascist?

There's something just wrong with Bush calling for people to speak English

Since when is legislating language a good idea?

Ad running on cnn---against Bush phone/ domestic surveillances. It

California DUers: Steve Westley or Phil Angelides for governor? And why?

Howard Dean email blasts Hayden nomination -- Please sign petition

How do we exit Iraq?

We need some controversy here: What's Ralph Nader doing?

Is "Is ebonics English?" racist?

Bush: 'Life is good,' 'unsettled' people disapprove

Lou Dobbs is kicking Suzanne Malveaux's ass

The myth of the best medical system in the world.

English as National Language or Common and Unifying Language of US?

New Iranian Law, Jews to wear badges,

CNN Says We Have A Growing Internet Addiction

Graduates didn't like McCain speaking so gave him a rude into

a new form of mental illness??

Sidney Blumenthal: "How Bush Destroyed The C.I.A."

Tom Friedman's Flexible Deadlines

LAT: "Sopranos" enters culture war sparked by gay marriage debate

How do you keep from getting really depressed?

The Ghost of Adolph Hitler: Nazi Influence in America

Blackwater USA paid $950/day/person during Katrina

Iranians may force non-muslims to wear badges

Question for DU Hispanics?

Video, audio, photo coverage of arrests at Rummy's house

2000 US troops off Venezuelan coast

Phone tapping phrases that could get you labeled a terrorist

I don't think I could pass an English speaking test in the southern states

Castro healthy enough to live till 140 years old: doctor

Innocent German man who USA tortured loses suit due to "national security"

Is ebonics english..

If you wonder why English is not our official language, check here

Gov Dean: Obvious That Hayden's Involvement In Spying DISQUALIFIES Him

A used Prius might cost more than it did new

The *officially unofficial* Tar Baby poll


Should white be the official skin color of United States?

Local paper's write-up of my run in with the brownshirts yesterday

Duke Cunningham to start cooperating

Easy answer for the speak English only crowd

an 1895 letter by Jose Marti speaks of revolution - Jose Marti? you say

Mary Cheney: A Snarl with a Vagina

Blackwater Wal-Mart guards paid 1 thou a day in New Orleans

Illegal Immigration a personal story

So, this evening I had the great fortune to have a quick chat with Al Gore

¡Este Entero "Crisis" es Fabricado y es Racistas!

History channel-program on cults--James Jones was a liberal Marxist

The Next American Hero

Amendment to Require the President to learn & speak English.

If a person is anti-immigration, anti-choice, sexist, and pro-Iran war

How do you respond to "They are *ALL* corrupt" comments?

The #1 reason George W Bush should be impeached.

Former molestation defendant to get $700,000 (5 of 6 victims recanted)

What exactly is media "Integrity"?

Democracy for Houston delivers rubber chickens to DeLay's office - video

Bush: 70% of US citizens just plain "Unsettled"

25% of Middle Class Iraqis flee as conditions worsen

Caption this * photo from today - LOL

Military incursion from Mexico??

Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong

Does speaking "proper English" really help you to get a good job?


Five Years on DU: Why I Donate

Come on guys! 400 moe donations, before you take off for the weekend

What percentage of the Dem party is Progressive/Liberal?

Has America become a Fascist society?

WSJ: The Other Hidden Immigrants

Sen. Feingold to Receive Backbone Award During Seatle Visit

I just realized that I fully support the minute men and a secured border

DVD promoted Christ to Jews as the Messiah (sent to 80,000 homes)

My warning to friends and family. I will be fighting to stay off the bus.

Attack on the U.S. $$$$ - behold the *RUSSIAN* OIL BOURSE!

Did Telcos Hire "Scapegoat" To Give NSA Phone Records?

A few of my favorite stickies from GrovelBot's Big Board

Bush es un Pendejo

What Democrats should never, never, NEVER say if they want to win in 2006

"There's no place like 2008" on an orange safety vest - Great protest pic

The TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution!!!

Republican Souffle recipe

imho, no soldier EVER dies in vain

Frist, 2003: Against policies that "divide people"

Hayden and the Closed Session Tango

Guardian: Pakistan sheltering Taliban, says British officer

Sanity Hearing schedule

Woo Hoo

The Republican caller on C-Span this morn.

Another Democrat shows he is

Wanna dump on Democrats?

WP political blog: Handicapping the Governor's races

MoveOn: Pledge to see Gore's global warming film "An Inconvenient Truth"

MSNBC is breaking news on Guantanamo clash

A Deficit of Honesty and Confidence (Letters from NYTimes)

Voter Registration -- how about some activism?

What if?

guess who is stuffing Teddy Stevens' pockets

Oh My Heart Hurts! LINK TV... Right Now Showing A Program On Wellstone!

Don't judge somebody by the (terror) label

A thread recently about how official stats on unemployment,

Senator Paul Wellstone "Biography," on Link T.V., ch. 375 , 7:00 am.

ABC: Air Marshalls Cannot Protect the Public; Can't be Undercover

Think You've Seen How Low Republicans Can Go?

“The herd will go back to their pen — and the general will take his seat.”

Dem activists goal: to get candidates to take stands, pull off a few wins

Dow Headed downward

Dean on the 700 club?!?!

are the Dems still looking for a message? I found one with a good slogan.

Is the liberal dream dead?

What is the current value of Cheney's Halliburton stock?

Lamont's Pitch

No confusion: Democrats vs. Republicans

If English becomes the official "National Language", we would

In honor of Senator Inhofe, I propose making the Oklahoma

Laws of the moment--the R way to bring down the Constitution

A Better Way To Pander? Dem Ticket Feingold-Buffett


Did Telcos Hire "Scapegoat" To Give NSA Phone Records?

OK, so what language should be the official language?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .............

If the Democrats win, will the "war on terror" continue?

New Comic: Bush Patrol

English firsters: Come see the Declaration of Independence

CNN cut short anti-Bush commercial

Can we settle this right here right now? Hillary Clinton...

What I think "messed up" the Jason Leopold article.

CNN cut short anti-Bush commercial

Wes Clark on the Science Panel at YearlyKos

California: Democrat Primary Gubernatorial Debate (video)

CT convention live stream- Annie Lamont is up

Thelma Drake snubs Bush at her own Fundraiser

BEWARE: RNC-Rove are using Dems to defeat DEMS

Miller, NYT knew 9/11 would happen and stayed silent?!

Why discussion about Coulter, Rush, etc. is good for us

English as Second Language for Model Citizens.

This poll is being freeped!


The “Dirty War” Returns to Mexico - yikes!

Nevada Democrats slam President Bush during convention

GOP Senate Keeps Focus: English Now Official Language

The Patriot Project to combat swiftboating - Judith Droz Keyes letter

Women, get ready for **another** assault on your bodies .......

Dems who voted to make English our "official" language

Edwards gives out $300,000 in scholarships at rural N.C. school

An URGENT Message from the RNC!

Why does the United States of America need an official language?

Quite a Chilling Video

The Toll of Iraq: ‘Iconic Marine Is at Home but Not at Ease’

A vote for a "DINO" is a vote for Kennedy and Conyers.

military using new torture weapon in Iraq. (temp. blindness)

The people of this country are mad as hell and could be mobilized by the

US "Embassy Iraq", the largest fortress in history, est. cost 1 billion

Ned Lamont scandal. He owns Halliburton stock!!!!

Hawaiian and English are the Official languages in Hawai'i

Increased Immigration Hurts the Middle Class