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Archives: May 2, 2006

Dollar starts the big slide against major currencies

Years Later, 'Mission Accomplished' Closer

Sounding the Alarm on Government-Mandated Data Retention

Hu protester Wenyi Wang doesn't belong in jail.

What Orwell saw

Bush Leverage w/Russia, Iran, China Falls as Oil Prices Rise

Heritage Fdn: Senate Nearly Nixes Railroad to Nowhere

Some thoughts on gang bangs and "proving it"

Robert Parry (TomPaine): Iran Intelligence War

Wolcott, on Colbert's monologue at Correspondents Dinner

What are the implication of the Feds no longer reporting the M3??

More species slide to extinction

Ford Motor chemists report work on ultra-clean DME diesel fuel.

Mourning a West Bank wife

2 Unexploded Bombs Found In OKC Bombing - Video Proof

How The FBI Let 9/11 Happen

You're invited to BAND's "fun-raiser" in South Houston May 19th

Softwood deal was brewing for year or more

Aren't We Glad To Be Canadian

Use of Secret Warrants Up Last Year

Group seeks to begin AT&T depositions on US spying

NYT: Accord Hopes Dim in Darfur With Departure

CNN: White House to release logs of Abramoff visits

CO: Customers stiff Xcel (utility) with $26M of (winter heating) debt

Poland furore over Russia, Germany, pipeline

AP: in Pandemic Draft Plan, Borders Open

Iraq: Japan Will Pull Out When U.K., Australia Do

Europeans hold May Day protests

1M Immigrants Skip Work for Demonstration

Iran hits out at 'dangerous' US

Common Cause Seeks Justice Probe of Harris

Father Charged in U.S. Terror Probe Freed

Texas Republicans boost DeLay's legal defense fund

Buntion capital murder conviction overturned

Immigrants flex clout in US rallies

Republicans Drop a Tax Plan After Business Leaders Protest

Gloom among workers over retirement

Ring of steel protects Iraqi oil terminals

Lawyer rejects claims Hicks 'arrogant' (Australian "detainee")

Poll: Gas Prices, Iraq Weigh Down Bush (CBS 33% Approval)

Debt drives Indian farmers to suicide

USA Today: Poll: No comfort for GOP

More species slide to extinction

NYT: Bush Hails a 'Turning Point' in Iraq

Hispanic Beaten at Party Also Said Burned

Florida Senate defeats proposed school voucher amendment

Sorry, SeattleGirl - I have to root for the Twins tonight

It seems there's bad karma/chi/juju/quantum energy going around

Peggy Sue Got Married:


Say hello to my baby. She is four.

What Was Your Favorite TV Show When You Were A Child?

Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee


John Hodgmen (Daily Show's Resident Expert) in new Apple TV Ads

So is 24 on in 5 minutes?

I Feel Like I'm Slogging Through Molasses!

Wow! OLN has the feed from the CBC for the Wings-Oilers game!

World's Most Funny Political Moment

Blues Brothers 2000 urgh the horror


Nuke popcorn upside down? What would happen?


Hey Lounge Lizards, have you had your dose of . . .

YIKES DU just went Freak Repugnant on me

Ahhhh, shit....

People need to chill out

Am I totally unreasonable?

here's how I feel tonight

Anybody else watching Casablanca?

Boy it didn't take long this evening to get me filled with Piss & vinegar!

Coming this summer.. C for Cookie...

Floogy Woogy disses me!

New Artists Who Go By Their Real Names

I miss my grandma's PORCH SWING

What in the hell is going on with "The Sopranos"??!!!

I LOVE Nancy Grace

You hear that sound?

Why in bloody hell was KW in GD tonight?

So, I'm thinking about becoming an officer in the military.

Where is Bertha?

The new PEARL JAM album is anti-Bush brilliance! BUY IT NOW!

I just finished addressing the box to mail my ex her purse back.

Johnny Cash on Sesame Street!

What did YOU do for YOUR 10,000th post?

what the bloody hell is wrong over in GD tonight?

I am attracted to the Dixie Chicks.

OK, this muppet is definitley on something...

Would this be a good time for them to re-release "El Norte" (1983)?

Constant server resets, anyone?

Archie versus The Punisher:

Word association game - Clinton: What is the first thing you see in your

Are there any other Hedonism (Jamaica) fans here?

is there such a thing as a right-wing nutjob liberal?

BEST Bond flick ever:

seven away from 7000

Cats don't care

The Freeper/English dictionary has been updated!

Behold! The Atheist's Nightmare: THE BANANA!!!


***Official Red Wings Consolation Thread***

Did anyone watch Medium tonight?

God, some fucknuggets were just out in the hall covered in tin foil

"Impeach Bush" Plane Banner-Jazz Fest NOLA

How many times can you watch Casablanca?

I made a meat loaf and a big pot o' spaghetti......

Your favorite sound:

(SPOILER ALERT)--anyone else think that "24"--

Favorite foreign film actors/actresses

This post tells you whatever you want to hear...

2 bricks short of a load

Seems I'll have to iron a shirt tomorrow morning

This is the thread that never ends!

Whole Bible Being Read On Capitol Hill

Energy Crisis

Does AZ post here any more? Just wondering since I don't

Wealthy political reactionaries and strife within the Episcopal Church

Chess news for week ending May 1

Well how about this? I'm speechless in a good way!

Is it like this for folks in other states who have Prez possibles?

Kerry on Environment, from 2004


A variety of old stuff -- help me choose!

If Keith blogs in an empty forest, does he make a sound?

Well, I just watched the Colbert bit on the replay.

Another Misleading Republican Attack In California (on Busby)

For those who want to download the Colbert clips from YouTube...

It's funny.

Tony Snow is an attention whore: would he WANT to cancel

Holmes (H & C) kicks ass. Video. Really. Hannity wimps out. Must see.

Keith to talk of Colbert -showing clips

Prioritize these. Which of these are the biggest causes of insomnia

Keith Olbermann is on the air!

May Day Breaking News

Keith O. Rush has take pee tests as part of probation-coming up he said

That's the way to go Georgia.

- limbaugh 10/5/95

The mowing is done.

New CBS poll: 71% think country is going in the WRONG direction.

Seminal moment ignored by the MSM Part II

DU'ers...give yourself some credit. Colbert doesn't have bigger balls

What would you say to someone who made a statement like this?

400,000 marchers in Chicago. 6 pm in LA and SD-HUGE crowds.

OK, who wants to help me co-found the SC Estrogen Brigade?

Biden proposes spliting Iraq into three regions

More demonstrations and objections to immigration than slaughter in Iraq?

Misery Accomplished

This true? on edit let it die it's debunked by Snopes.

AP Whoring at it's Finest! 'Mission' Gets Closer to 'Accomplished'!

OK, so where's a link to this now-legendary colbert performance?

Did anybody hear Tweety ask, "why was he so bad...Colbert?"

Jason Taylor Suffers 'Minor Injuries' in Road Rage Incident

Bush proclaims May 1 "Law Day"

Yes! Keith is going to cover Colbert on Countdown!!!! This should

VIDEO - Iraqi Officials Pledge Suicide Bombers to Stop Attack on Iran

why is it that most countries

Is Net slow tonight?

KO is starting with Colbert

Poll suggestion... Fire them all!

Big News: Impeach Forum, Colbert Prank, May Day Strike--why GD so gossipy?

Colbert on 60 Minutes (Hi-Res?)

CNN/AP: Twain's frog jumps to center of endangered-species debate

Will Colbert's speech change anything?

Dollar starts the big slide against major currencies

Supremes Rule in Favor of Anna Nicole Smith - Congrats!

Come look - What I found in my mail box.

Spilling the beans. A near death experience in an American Jail.

Founder of Minutemen targets run for president

Joe S-Colbert took a blowtorch to Bush-suppose to singe -not burn.

Paula Zahn Called The Minuteman's Bluff

when is/was Snow's 1st press conference????? n/t

Keith does Milbank and Colbert TONIGHT on MSNBC.....

How the "boycott" went in our neighborhood....

Ten states to sue Bush Administration over fuel economy standards

Harry Reid: A sad anniversary of a sorry public relations stunt

"Truthiness To Power" Countdown on Colbert right now EDT!!! :)

VIDEO: Condi Dodges National Anthem Question 3 Times

White House Correspondents Dinner---Colbert makes 'em nervous

Happy May Day...the TRUE Labor Day!

Who's going to sell their vote for 30 gallons of gas?

Fox news in Austin said over 1 million protested in LA today

Reports indicate Bush's coalition becoming unwilling

What I don't get...

For first or second generation legal immigrants only...

Creating a more equitable distribution of wealth.

SCOTUS says defendants must be allowed to, um, defend themselves....

Bush team imposes thick veil of secrecy

Colbert spoke truth to power

Colbert is Tankman.

Cheney refusing to report "not under any duty" (ChicagoTrib)

Divide and Conquer -- It's the same old game plan.

East Coasters - Give Us a Play-By-Play of The Daily Show!

Anyone know the lyric translation

President reproducing asexually! (Stewart on Colbert!) Discuss!

Greed and Speculation Fueling High Oil Costs: Opec produces surplus oil

Sensenbrenner town hall meeting tonight

How can we make mass transit pratical in the U.S....

Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"

Internet freedom is under attack by Congress ( petitiion)

The Freepers Respond to Colbert

DirectTV Techs: Policy Makes Lying Part Of Job

Just a heads up for those on the East Coast:

Grade Lou Dobbs

Another Colbert tidbit: Watch Rita Cosby at 2:47 of the video.

This is just an opinion here but here is my thinking on the Las Vegas test

About Olbermann "selling out"

36,666/mo die from smoking, 1/3 of deaths related to Dr's. Iraq???


Biggest War Protest March in New York April 29th, 2006.Where was news!


Many American businesses have relocated to Mexico

The poor should not have sex/get married or poverty is their fault

weighing in on current events

Bolivia sends soldiers to occupy gas fields

Rush can't vote!

We have lost the media, Our votes are counted on corporate bought machines

"Please Don't Take My Daddy Away" - photo

My email to local media regarding Stephen Colbert

If Bush were caught red-handed doing everything that Logan is doing in "24

Do Bush's rhetoric and plans to attack Iran violate international law?

So Olberman leads with Mission Accomplished/Powell slamming the war. . .

Anti-Government White Supremacist Guilty

MANDATORY MALLOY: Monday Truthseeker Roll Call

The Arch Diosese of Los Angeles organized illegal Immigration protest?

How close are we to being able to transplant fetuses? I ask because over 17,000 w/a few infiltrators to boot

Comments, please!!!!!

Should Olbermann be fired?

Kucinich Bill: 100% Excess Profits Tax on Oil Companies. 50 co-signers!

Bolivia Moves to Nationalize Gas Industry

O.K. DU...are you for amnesty for illegal immigrants or against?

Someday, Colberts Face on Mount Rushmore ... He has saved America

Jon Stewart calls Colbert "ballsilicious"

Morford: Colbert Roasts some Bush

Depleted Uranium: Dirty boms,dirty missiles,dirty bullets

Bush responds to Colbert

You take a picture, and it shows up on currency..whada-yah-gonna-do?

Today (May 1) is LOYALTY DAY -- the preznit says so, officially

media schmedia...gotta read these replies..

Wow. Mike McCurry is having quite the meltdown on HuffPo

Dunkin Donuts Blue or Red company?

Colbert at Correspondents Dinner Video ** Bit torrent download

Adios White Privilege

Dana Milbank Says Stephen Colbert "Wasn't Funny"

EU drivers to U.S. drivers: Tough luck

Joe Klein said Colbert's speech "wasn't funny"

Who chose Colbert? HERE'S THE ANSWER:

This will be a long post; witnessed a microcosm of what I hope I'll see in

A couple of things...

Why should we bother anymore?

Are we Democrats? Or NASCAR dads?

600K hispanics march in LA is NOT news :-)

DR. STRANGELOVE starting NOW on Turner Classic Movies!!

I've been on the fence about this immigration thing....

OMG -- Has anyone read Riverbend's update to Baghdad Burning today?

Ken Mehlman has been awfully quiet lately

Three leading Democratic senators attack Bush over 'signing statements'

CDs You Might Want To Buy Tomorrow - Pearl Jam & Ministry

If Olbermann thought Colbert went over the line, you have to ask..........

My last post on the immigration issue

Rate my anti-Arnold/Terminator posters

Poll: Americans would rather be poor/ unemployed than 75 lbs heavier!

The Press IS Covering COLBERT'S SPEECH at the WHCD!!!!!

NEW "The Colbert Report" coming on NOW 11:30 p.m. ET

We are a Three Stooges nation - not a George Carlin nation....

For All Of Those That Contribute To Our Cause, I Thank You.

Letter to Frist re: illegal immigration

ADMINS! Why is DU acting wiggy? Is it you or outside forces?

My response to a right-winger crying ...

All progressives must face these simple facts going into the 06 elections

I will advocate for , counsel with, or hide a resident "illegal" family..

Olbermann Asks If Colbert Crossed A Line

Why can't Mexicans get legal work here?

50-year mortgage debuts in California

McCaskill Calling Talent out on Stem Cell Research!

Do you want to help get our troops out of Iraq? Then read this...

Where does Larisa Alexandrovna go to get her reputation back?

May Day IS Labor Day in most of the World.

Could the US be invaded? Discuss...

2,403 American troops now dead in Iraq

Kucinich: I need your help to continue my work for peace and justice

Does anyone know how I can contact Steven Colbert?

Olbermann : was a line crossed with Colbert?

Can someone help me understand something?

Poor America, Dumb America

MSNBC confirms: Outed CIA agent was working on Iran

Zero-tolerance=Zero brains


Poll: Do you support getting better control of the Southern U.S. border

Introducing The 'Clever Car' at 108 MPG I want one!

Reid eviscerates Bush

'M:I 3' previews tomorrow! Will you go when it opens? Check this out:

For those who loathe the creeps that sat on their hands for Colbert, read:

We Can Arrange this Great Economic Boycott over Memorial Day

Honestly now What really chance do we have of reforming elections

the case for war against Iran

Weldon Challenger, Meet Vice Admiral Joe Sestak, May 7th, Wayne, PA

Does anyone here agree with Bush's immagration reform plan?

Springsteen dedicates song to"President Bystander.":"How Can A Poor Man...

NYT: Looking to 2008, Giuliani Campaigns in Iowa

The LOSEYOUR HEALTH CARE BILL has been put on the senate calender under

Do you believe the American people have a hand in the current...

Americans Decry Iraq War Casualties, Cost (WSJ/NBC)

Pubs hurriedly abandoned tax proposal opposed by the oil industry

Nothing the US has ever done about immigration across the Mexican

JOSHUA FRANK: Challenging Hillary Clinton -- New York takes on the War Par

"Once we rebuild Iraq, can we rebuild our schools?"

John Kenneth Galbraith on "trickle-down" economics

Has anyone been to "The Kid from Brooklyn dot Com" website?

Records of Jack Abramoff's White House Visits

"The antiwars movement" can capitalize on the momentum Hispanics have

Is this immigration thing more about votes then policy or convictions?

Santorum: $137,000 from oil/gas companies for 2006; >$400,000 lifetime

Average Monthly Death Tolls In Iraq Continue To Rise

# of posts at over time

Carter bets on father's good name to win seat

What if we considered DU to be a ThinkTank rather that a forum....

Cable networks MSNBC and Comedy Central reject labor ad

I'm still wondering why Colbert is so important?

Colbert is an edgy comic.........

Does anyone else see the cycle occuring between the hispanic Boycott

The U.S. Congress and We The People In A Big Game Of Chicken?

How Long Does It Take To Train Iraqis?

Why does Olbermann have the same guests on every night?

CBS poll, Bush at a new low, 33%

Maybe THIS will make you feel better and give you some hope:

What to you is your own purpose for Democratic Underground?

National Day of Prayer, Ohio Counter Rally this Thursday May 4th

Brilliant Piece by DUer msedano--"A Day Without An Immigrant" Rate it up

Who's Representin'?

Illegal Immigrants/May Day and How pissed I'm.

Do they think we are that stupid?Another turning point in Iraq,yeah right

Where's Freedom of Press? Open Letter to AP Rptr Who Signed Up Colbert

Democratic Lawmakers Seek to Close No Child Loophole

Jonathan Alter: "Lightweight" FDR Should Give Democrats Hope

Resurgence of Shia arouses ancient fears among Sunni

Tom Engelhardt: I'm Already Against the Next War

Liberate FEMA from DHS, E.J. Dionne, SF Chronicle, 5/2/2006

WSJ: Gambling for Their Lives- UN turns to scratch-card lotteries

MIGRATION-US:Amid Solidarity, "Nativists" Grow More Violent

The Circle of Crude, Editorial, New York Times 5/2/2006

Squirrels On Crack: The News Media In A Nutshell

Reports: Plame Was Monitoring Iran Nukes When Outed

A 'guest worker' plan isn't a solution

Molly Ivins: The No-Reform Lobby Reform Bill

Arianna Huffington: Bombs vs Bombshells Revisited

Iran threatens Israel if US acts "evil"

Bolivia Seizes Gas/Oil Industry

Guardian: Gambling with gas (Bolivia's power play, not naturalization yet

The rape charge as weapon

Scott Ritter: Once more unto the breach

LTG (ret) William E. Odom (Foreign Policy): Cut and Run? You bet

Why We are Going to go to War

Bush and the America he created

The Psychology of Bush’s Nicknames

Rove's Unexplained Personal Wealth

Increase in Medicare transfer payments pushes "income" up 0.8% in March

Hippos endangered? The planet really is f...ked!

The Circle of Crude (crosspost)

Canada To Play "Ceremonial" Role At New Climate Talks

Canadian Tar Sands Industry Rejects Concept Of Paying For Water It Uses

Qinghai-Tibet Glacier - 47% Of China's Glaciated Area - Melting @ 7%/Year

After Astounding 2005 Season, Hurricane Researchers Speak Up On Warming

US Navy Sonar Possible Cause Of Mass Dolphin Death In E. Africa

Global Warming Differences Resolved (satellite vs. balloon)

Cape Wind developer sees "uphill fight"

Ford Sales Fall 7 Percent in April

Big-Mouth Bush Told Clinton How To Handle OPEC

Dynoil to Build 1.5 bgy (billion gallon/yr) Biodiesel Refinery in Houston

Keep Your $100 And Write An Energy Policy - Herald News

Million Solar Roofs Bill Resurrected (California)

Progress Energy to build ("closed loop") biomass power plant (FL)

New GM-Led Plan To Challenge Toyota's Lock On Hybrid Market - NYT

A race against time

Spectre of failed state looms over Hamas

Jerusalem: Haredis destroy internet cafe

The mystery of the fifth Jew

Welcome to Israel: Population seven million and still counting

Olmert unveils Cabinet

Florida teen 'still fighting for his life' after TA bombing

What's your opinion about this photo from Portland Airport?

Is this Al-Haznawi or is this Al-Haznawi?

New update on the 5.5T cocaine bust at Madcow.

i still believe bush was involved

Has anyone else seen this video about the plane

NY: A Mini-Rebellion Averted As Town Transfers Voting Keys

Truth is All: does anyone have an update?

ER DUers especially Liam Laddie, Enquirer wants to know about optiscan

Cleveland Ohio: Judge Orders Polling Place To Stay Open Until 9:30 pm

Ohio: New voting machines cause delayed start in Columbus

AZ SOS "misinforms" radio listeners about Diebold, HAVA, won't let Brad ?

FINANCIAL TIMES: Electronic Voting Switch Threatens Mass Confusion

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 05.02.06 "Mind blower" edition

VIDEO - Ken Blackwell Using Religion to Hijack Ohio Election

Cleveland TV-major voting machine problems/man attacks machines

WANTED: This person voted over 6,000 times on 11/2/04

Why isn't the DNC building an election fraud detection model?

Brad: National media finally covers 2006 electoral meltdown

Hello all. I come to this forum with a question:

OHIO - Poll Rage? Man Breaks Machines At Polling Location

Bruce Braley Commercial!

Iowa grandmother deployed to Iraq

Culver (D) 46%, Nussle (R) 40% for Iowa Gov.

Primary Pledge

Anyone scrapping out old computers

New Poll Has Cautionary Details for Ron Paul (R,Tx)

cross post about medicare reform (deform)

Check this out!

Strayhorn, Friedman claim signature success

how in the heck am I gonna get this freaking kitchen packed?

My cheeseless lasagna.

Harper Does Not Eat Babies

Neocons exploit "excessive taxation" myth

Quebec poll: Conservatives 34%, BQ 31%

PM sought 2-year NDP pact

Canada to sell out military to US?

What will be the worst thing about neoconservative hegemony in Canada?

EU drivers to U.S. drivers: Tough luck

1M Immigrants Skip Work for Demonstration

Electronic voting switch threatens mass confusion

1 killed, 1 hurt in clashes in Lebanese Palestinian refugee camp

Ex-stripper does new turn -- in missionary position

Oil crisis to continue for next three years: US

MSNBC confirms: Outed CIA agent was working on Iran

Man charged with abusing grandson

Crude futures steady under $74 a barrel amid lingering tension over Iran

Abramoff White House visits to be released

16,000 Species Said to Face Extinction

Russ Feingold on CSpan2 Now!

Resurgence of Shia arouses ancient fears among Sunni

Live on CSpan Now - H. Waxman Grilling John Bolton!

Debt drives Indian farmers to suicide

'French Watergate' threatens Chirac

2005 the deadliest for journalists in a decade: RSF

Sen. Frist Backs Off Oil Co. Tax Increase

10 States, in Challenge to US, Plan Suit to Force Better SUV Mileage Rules

Iran shells Kurdish rebels in north Iraq

Libby's Lawyers Seek Media Records

Berlusconi resigns as Italian PM

Republican Revives Island Hunting Plan

Army Seeks Blood Donations for Iraq War

Most US young people can't find Iraq on map: study

Failures cited in Iraq rebuilding - Auditors detail a range of woes

Markey introduces net neutrality

Lawyers: Libby needs media records

German Hostages in Iraq Freed

Turkey won't allow US to use its bases

Sectarianism Now Plaguing Iraqi Army

Study Shows Americans Sicker Than English

U.S. confident of Iran sanctions

US missionary, 70, accused of sodomy in Kenya

Aloha Al Qaeda: DHS officials partied on taxpayers' money

DNA test exonerates man serving life sentence

California Challenges Bush on Fuel Standards (suit filed against *Co admin

Iran Discovers New Uranium Deposits

Colbert still digesting Correspondents’ reaction

ACLU: Women at Wis. Prison Treated Badly

College Aid Qualifications to Get Stiffer

Palestinian professor sentenced for terrorism in US

Wal-Mart Cleared in Negligent Hiring Case

Suicide bomber attacks Iraqi governor, 3 dead

Bush Losing About One Point per Month Since January 2005 (Gallup 34%)

Fire engulfs New York warehouse district (Reuters)

Medicare Asks U.S. Elderly to Pay 11% More Toward Medical Bills

Secrecy Fight Delays Detainee Rules

California foreclosure activity up (8.3% in last year, 13% in Q4 2005)

Biden offers detailed plan to end Iraq war

Man Breaks Machines At Polling Location

Glitches Reported in Ohio's First Punch-Card Free Election

Man Executed After Difficulty Administering Injection

Judges weigh arguments on gerrymandering

U.S. sues black activist on Voting Act violation

Iranian official: We may recognize Israel

Pelosi Seeks Review of Briefed Congressmen

Young Author Faces 2nd Plagiarism Claim

Grandmother deployed to Iraq 10 months before retirement

Guardian: Experts: Drug Spraying Failing in Colombia

Tillerson's Exxon Mobil Faces Eviction From Bolivia

US could seek Iran sanctions outside UN: Bolton

Iraq says Iran breached border twice in April

US finance sector puts Web pricing in crosshairs

Iran Threatens Israel if U.S. Attacks

WH Correspondents Dinner Organizers Brush Off Criticism

Injection Problems Delay Ohio Execution

Most turn deaf ear to Spanish U.S. anthem (69% sung only in English)

Qatar pledges $60 million in Katrina aid

Iraq to control security 'in two years'


ABC: Top CIA Official Under Investigation (Poker/Prostitutes Parties)

3 Democrats slam president over defying statutes

Sen. Lautenberg Asks CIA Director For Assessment of Damage to National Sec

Vice President Plans 'Freedom Agenda' Trip

Rell Flying High In Connecticut Gov Race, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds

US general urged "outer limits" Iraq interrogation (Sanchez)

Poll Shows Many Can't Find La. on Map

DoD Identifies Marine Casualty (#2405)

US and Europe Draft Iran Resolution

Va. Studies Medical Needs of Transgender

Sen. Byrd rips line-item veto proposal (AP/CNN)

Focus on the Corporation - The 10 Worst Corporatioins of 2005

Bush snubs Norway's premier

Mexico's Fox to OK drug decriminalization law

Boy, 16, executes father's killer

ACLU Challenges Kentucky's Funeral Protest Law

FEMA Closes Office in New Orleans

Middle-Aged Americans Sicker Than British

US guards kill ambulance crewman (mercs in Baghdad "killed him and left")

Democrats claim Bush favours white males for political appointments

Poll Rage? Man Breaks Machines At Polling Location

36 US House Reps Want Bush Impeachment Probe

My avatar / signature has become the IN thing.

Colbert is "ballsalicious"!

Trivia Question For Guitarists And Long-Time Meth Users

I hope this thread in GD doesn't get deleted.

Trivia Question For Guitarists And Long-Time Math Users


Why men need wives (Ooh, I'm gonna be in SO MUCH trouble)

Totally tasteless joke

Y'know those "Dog" billboards?

Who wants to fuck and fight?

Hubby's 60th birthday

"Bushwhacked" - new firework on market this year slams * in label artwork

Bert Really is Evil!

Those gas hog stretch H2 limos and prom season.

Headcandy: Sidney's Psychadelic Adventure=Awesome

What is your Medical Insurance status?

Name this Bass Player. Then and Now Pics

The purse is boxed up and ready to go. Good night!

I just posted in GD about my new Pasta Express, thought I would

Hypothetical situation - a plane crashes on the border of Canada and USA

Apparently Oeditpus Rex wishes me to cause an international incident!

Well, since I have caused a virtual international incident, I am now

Have we ever had an amber appreciation thread?

where can i find the forum for

Hypothetical situation — Kitchy bounces her boobies on the border

There are a lot of boobs on Yahoo's Most Popular Photos page right now.

Should I watch 'Silence of the Lambs' when I go to bed?

Help! What's that riddle where your relative is you?

Neoma's Sig-line Pic Wishlist. (Dial-up warning.)

The Thomas Crown Affair at Best Buy.

And, like a crazed truck driver hopped up to his eyebrows on amphetamines,

The Geoffrey Chaucer Blog!

You know, I like to wear jewelery or clothing that makes noise when I walk

Happy Newlyweds: He Is 33 She Is 104 - His 1st Wife, Her 21st Husband

Doug Mirabelli is back--thank goodness!

Is that Bush Sr. in Beck's "Loser?"

Good Tuesday Morning, Crew!

The guilty undertaker sighs

Captain Clintmax's 10,000th post!

There's a highway overpass lover's spat on 495-North in MA

The new Mac ads are hysterical


dolo amber.



Okay, who broke the DU?

Hypothetical situation - a plane crashes on the border of Canada and USA.

How Can I Post Photos?

So I'm reading the Harvard Gazette

my dog killed some animal and I can't figure out what it is

I'm sick.

Absolutely incredible sand art from Vancouver

Man Wants To Build Community Named 'Sinnerville'


So I'm sitting here in my cube, like a good worker, when it happens

DU helps me procrastinate

I feel like I'm the only one who ever comes to work.....

V for Vendetta + Sesame Street = C for Cookie (youtube movie)

anybody see the cowboy family change wives last night?

Girls who say "hubby" should all be destroyed

For jpgray: Fenris.

BEST Bondage flick ever:

Hey Sensebrenner! thanks for pissing off a whole race of people

I decided to get creative in the kitchen.

I got an 'A' on my final English paper!

Question on last night's "24"

Alternative Freedom, a documentray about the invisible war on culture

Who wants free pie and chips

I'm sick and tired of his pompous, oxycontin-popping hypocrisy

Y'know those 'God' billboards?

Illegal Mexican cartoon characters are stealing our jobs.

Taking 5 minute break!

Ok I have to say this...


DS1....Check your PM!!!

Hey DS1!! Paging DS1!!

Weight Loss Update - from 275 lbs to 205 lbs since Dec. 13, 2005

...yet wave, o'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave

How many weeks will it be until people stop wandering into GD and asking

Does this point of view make me a nazi?

Anyone listening to WXPN? Where is this live "Digging in the Dirt" from?

folks, put the cover back on properly

Has to be PMS... I just finished watching the "ER" where Dr. Greene dies..


Anyone else watch "Trailer Park Boys"?

Nancy & Tonya: The Opera!

The office is being painted so everyone has been sent home....

Keith Richards was in a Jetski/Coconut Tree accident. He's okay.

I'm going to make a delicious sandwich

Okay, what does "ZOMG" refer to?

Hey Lynnesin! Progspawn is a Led Zeppelin fan.

Woman, Visiting Her Husband's Grave, Gets Run Over By Her Own Car - Killed

The Grapes of Wrath... the movie should I watch it?

The video of Colbert roasting Bush

Ballsalicious, Balls-alicious, Balls-O-Licious, or Spelled Some Other Way?

I am the Walrus

How hot do you like your spicey food?

NOW...Tom thinks that Katie is too fat to be a beautiful bride

Best haunting Sci Fi disembodied voice.

Does the color of your suit really make a difference?

Jackie Wilson

Ok Colbert at the correspenents dinner was hilarious

Colbert Colbert Colbert Colbert Colbert Colbert Colbert Colbert Colbert

I can't wait for the Rapture


Do you have any phobias?

and is that blinkiing NEW MAIL gif so hard to see it warrants a thread

Worf vs Chewbacca

What's the strangest thing on TV or a movie that's ever made you cry?

Avian DUers! How did you (or your family) migrate to the United States?

Does anyone know where Colbert lives? I want to go over and wash his car

I propose a new 3rd party with Elliott Spitzer and David Gergon for

Do we need a GD:Colbert forum?

Who should host the 2007 correspondent's dinner?

Do we need a Lounge: Tom Cruise forum?

I'm considering buying a mountain bike. Recommendations?

How did you (or your family) immigrate to the United States?

People who say "gals" must die.

Tom Cruise. How the fuck did he get where he is?


Tom Cruise charms Mexico


Tom Cruise's nappy mission

Tom Cruise charms Ron Mexico

You know, you can say what you want, but at the end of the day....

The nature of love

US Army surival manual...... downloadable pdf.... this is pretty cool.

Since I was such a downer lately, I thought I'd share that I'm having

Tom Cruise Escapes Car Accident Unscathed, Dented The Car

Hey, I just got my donor status back!

My wife made me watch "Battlefield Earth" last night

If install the new Firefox Scrapbook ext. what'll happen to old folders

Women who say "the wife" instead of "my husband"


These are pretty funny.

I've learned a new onomatopoeia.

Advice wanted for buying a Digital Camera

Help! My laptop just broke.

Typos..Typos..Calling all typos

Weekly World News: Bush thrilled, reading successfully at 6th grade level

Who wants homemade chicken salad on oatnut bread?

Does anybody remember that AIDS was first called SAIDS?

It's been over 6 months but I still miss my BIG cat.

Balance Point video.

The chrysalis in my dining room. (dial-up warning!)

What's better?


Aw hell, abcessed tooth->root canal-money=crap

So why won't gas stations tell people their price over the phone?

This AM, gas was $2.64. At 5PM, it's $2.89 - WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?

Large group of people dress up like Best Buy employees

Colbert still digesting Correspondents’ reaction

Don't stop

Bought my digital camera and now going to return it (with Cat picture)

Comfort food...

A thought about the show "Good Times"


Shakespeare fans, I need your help

Goodnight all

What do you like best about yourself?

Dixie Chicks Announce First Tour Dates For England

You're alone in a room with ThomCat. What do you say to him?

So the new homepage is up here on DU.

I am tired, hungry and I am PMSing...

Can you hear me now?

I'm gonna go get some Lobster ya want anything?

I just realized something.

Guys who go to Mianus instead of Uranus

What is the most naughty number?

Fuck Peach

Gas station is 8 miles away... its prices may be $2.64...


I see that TCM is airing "Birth of a Nation" this evening...

To R. Kelly and Tom Cruise

Tom? Sorry, I have more important things to worry about ::rant on::

Nickleback - are they REALLY necessary ??

Official DU Lounge Poll 5/2/06

What is the most mystical number?

What color are your living room walls?

Nickles--are they REALLY necessary ??


I bought a Pasta Express, found it at Target. It really works,

Which Female Celebrity Is Most Often Impersonated By Drag Queens?

"24" fans. Should Jack and Chloe get married?

Please send prayers and good thoughts my way

Idea! Let's Spew Hate Towards One or All of THESE celebrities!

Is it strange to feel guilty about accidentally killing a houseplant?

You're alone in a room with Tom Cruise. What do you say to him?

10,000 Days - Tool...

Happy birthday wishes to..........

Jon Lovitz--still absolutely terrible

Best guitar riff intro song

I want to buy the house but I'm just not seeing any reason to buy now

Best Bogart

So, after making the quiche,

I just upgraded my site.

Have we ever had a dolo amber appreciation thread?

Yesterday was 10 years since my brother's death. Tomorrow is six...

Is hysterical laughter at everything a normal part of emotional recovery?

Pretty Spring pictures!

I just got Bruce Springsteen's "The Seeger Sessions"

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 5/02/06)

People. Why are you posting on DU? The Maury show is on!!!

What do you think of fundraiser carwashes?

I think we should restore the original lyrics to The Star Spangled Banner

Ahhh - retail therapy makes everything so good.


I went to the dentist for the first time in 18 years today

Now is the time for - FLUFFY BUNNIES!

Why do wackos always want to be my bestest friend?

Buying with a realtor questions

guys who say "my wife" instead of "the wife"

In praise of bootlegs

Wherein the Author argues that vehicles other than SUVs can be obscene too

MrsGrumpy's post in GD made the home page!!!

Anyone here file chapter 7 after the law change?

guys who say "the wife" instead of "my wife"

Ok baby kitty people. Live blogging a birth this morning.

Elliott Yamin -- Tell me this guy can't sing.

Kurosawa DU'ers: What do you think the last scene in Ran meant?

To my Mom.

Photos from West Point "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Protest 4/25

Fuck Apple

Rumors about a sequel to Batman Begins...Joker and Harvey Dent?

For the dog lovers out there.

NEW!!! Superman Returns trailer online NOW!

decoding Real Estate speak

Irrefutable argument enders that drive your opponent nuts

Get your ThomCat pics here!!

Speaking of crying while watching tv...

I am the Decider (King George's Theme Song)

I'm glad I'm single.

Photos from NYC Peace Protest 4/29

VA DUers. Meetup this Saturday. Come one, come all!!

Lets have a nice, light, uplifting thread

Papal Reprimand for Catholic Radio

An article encouraging Churches to focus on Hostility - to attract Men!

US Spends twice Brit level, yet we are sicker than Brits, die younger

Europe's space module takes step closer to launch

Mother: I feared son would 'turn' gay

Democrats Join Lawsuit To Block Funding To Anti-Gay School in Kentucky

Handcuffs and Leg Shackles? Are you kidding me?!?!

'Ex-gays' Now Promote Gay to Straight Clubs, Day of Truth in Schools

Skinheads unite with Christians in anti-gay protest

Methodist panel upholds anti-gay ruling

Calvey Praises Reversal of Sexual Orientation Policy

Alabama Middle School Teaches Homosexuality 'Unnatural'

Gay Episcopal bishop: God 'very happy' with gay activism

Colorado Springs Mayor rejects nod to gay center

Charges filed in rally for gay rights at BYU

Falwell vows no support for Giuliani

Commanders Turn Blind Eye To Homophobia Report Says

Appeals Court Upholds Discipline For Anti-Gay Discrimination

Wise guys who like guys

US senator slams gay marriage ban

Is it weird to want to have kids?

WIngs suffocate again

A kind email from an Avalanche fan to her Red Wings fan friend

Shaq and Kobe Have Girls

Twins fans

Tale of the Taz (update)

animal cruelty-please sign this petition

Al Gore in the spotlight; one Astrologer's take.

So I met this dude

Here's an appreciation thread I enjoy!

Democrats To Call For Real Commitment To Energy Independence

David Remnick on Imus plugging a book and

Is Kerry back?

Great smackdown of CNN propaganda about "insurgents"

Amendments offered by Kerry in the Emergency Bill concerning Iraq

Confession of an Ignorant Voter

Cut and Run? You Bet.

I cite the thread below to praise the moderator.

What the hell is Mehlman talking about in this

If you can't twist the truth, then just make stuff up (RW underworld)

Must-see (for Kerry fans) DKos Diary

The MSM is already starting the spin (Unbelievable!)

Artcic Refuge: they're at it again. What's wrong with these people?

What can the Canon experts tell me about teleconverters?


Some more old stuff...

Photo manipulation- Fake Infrared

Jon Stewart Defends Stephen Colbert!

Countdown Newsletter -- 05/02/06: GOP Blues?

I need your help and ideas, KOEBers!

I've been watching Alison's new show "The Most" and...

Video, MSNBC confirms Valerie Plame worked on Iran

A friend, his camera, and a rally

E&P: Jon Stewart Defends Colbert's Dinner Speech

Only Criminals Care about Privacy

God blesses the USA (ward sutton cartoon)

CIA Outing Damaged Security, MSM on Electoral Meltdown & More!

The Chimperor Has No Clohes, He Said >>>

Predict what OxyRush will do within the next 18 months.

TAKE THE MONEY AND SHUT UP... Tuesday 5/2 toon

There are a lot of boobs on Yahoo's Most Popular Photos page right now.

Paper receipts on voting machines - Cuyahoga county???

Steve Bell on Bush impressionist + Colbert in the Guardian

i still believe bush was involved

Army Seeks Blood Donations for Iraq

I bought a Pasta Express, found it at Target. It really works,

washington journal time-cspan

Greg Mitchell, E&P's editor, slams Milbank & other critics of Colbert

I Wish Al Franken Would Axe Howard Fineman

New Army DOCs Reveal US Knew & Approved Torture Before Scandal Broke

China urges Japan to speed up destruction of abandoned chemical weapons

Neil Young's "Living With War" is on iTunes, with booklet (pre-order 9.90)

S. Korea won't go along with Bush's plan to starve out the N. Koreans

hatfill, judy miller and mobile weapons labs

Depleted Uranium -- This shit has got to stop!!!!!!

Billions Wasted in Iraq, Says US Audit

BREAKING: Bush's First "signing statement" here:

Colbert funny or not funny? A little of both.

My letter to my Congress-critter & Senators & the Editor

If only the American working class had the chutzpah the illegals have.

Bird Flu - sorry, still not buying this!

MEME: We won World War 2 in four years.

War On Leaking Expands But Here's Hoping It Doesn't Succeed

Where can we read the Prezzydents "signing statements" ????

Berlusconi does the honorable thing

US, Iraqi forces kill over 100 Iraqis in Ramadi

Without the discovery of oil

"IMPEACH!" Steve Bell gets it & draws it-giving no mercy

Text of Imus' infamous Clinton speech

The new Mac ads are hysterical

(VIDEO) TDS and Colbert cover Colbert

"Our repeated petitions have been answered by repeated injury"

SHOCK! FauxNews is unhappy with Stephen Colbert.

If Bush were impeached, wouldn't he just say the law doesn't apply to him?

Turn a Tuesday on its little head, . . . . . . . . . .write a CAPTION!!!!!

Quinnipiac Poll: Anti-Bush, Anti-War Feeling Does Not Hurt Lieberman

Hackett's in for Springer today

In Asian communities, just another day

Which of the Cable News hacks is the worst and why?

The U.S. Govt’s Secret Colorado Oil Discovery

prior to war bush stated no nation building. does anyone remember?

What dumbass picked Stephen Colbert?

The Culture of Coziness in Washington

Can you Conceive of a Political Scandal without the word "gate" involved?

Exhibit of Moussaoui trial: But this is NEVER a photo of Atta!!

I see this bumpersticker a fair amount and I have NO idea what it means

A thousand forms of fear....I almost think this topic belongs in...

Iran Discovers New Uranium Deposits

DU: So do we want to read or watch the slime balls?

Agribusiness becomes fuel business

Holy Hotties: JC's Girls Girls Girls!

Hackers access personal information on Pentagon's TRICARE servers

So, Stewart went on Crossfire, and then it was canceled.

"Statue Of Liberty" - lyrics to a fantastic song I just discovered

CSPAN 1: John Bolten testifying about UN Sanctions

Oh, it's about November 1st, 2008, let's say; and * facing unemployment

US private guards kill Baghdad ambulance crewman

Der Boy King's Face

Troops seize Bolivia oilfields

Is the GOP a front for Fascism?

Russ Feingold on CSpan2 Now!

Great smackdown of CNN propaganda about "insurgents"

When guys on Capitol Hill look like Beavis, Butthead

No...Rush, the operative words here are "Addict in Recovery",

Legal Experts help me out. Does Rush' Lawyer Cringe everytime Rush goes

The Ideological Purity Test

Official "Yosemite Bolton goes to Congress" thread

Waving Mexican flags on the streets of America, imagine!!!!! Next thing

Stupid Bimbo on NPR this Morning Gave Me An Early Adrenaline Rush

You want communism? Vote Republican.

Live on CSpan Now - H. Waxman Grilling John Bolton!

Did you catch that you can buy Neil Young's CD as a download only now?

Oil prices near $74 on Bolivia, Iran fears

Just saw this

The netroots weakness. Why they don't think we count.

A note to the "progressives" on DU :

Republican House Leadership Slams Republican Senate

GUESS WHO LIED - About Making Bomb Grade Uranium!

The host on AAR (internet stream) is getting on my nerves.....:-(

New comic: One possible explanation for the news blackout (Colbert)

Real reason revealed for why Stephen Colbert was invited...

Colbert link????? (help)

Fun with The Dove Foundation

Bigotry at work in war, 3 warn

Stupid question: What are Atrios' "ponies" all about?

Scotty on c-span

U.S. Government Commissioned Spanish ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ in 1919

349 more and Bush will have killed more troops than 9/11 attack victims

Scotty on c-span

If Gannon's extensive WH access gave rise to 'Gannongate,'

Rate the Political Significance of Colberts performance

Suggestion: Add "balls-alicious" to the DU glossary

OH MY GOD! My Braaaaaaaain....

Preserve Net Neutrality: Agree to drop ISP's that push the COPE Act

mark knopler and emmylou harris `all the roadrunning

Does anyone have the Colbert White House CD dinner?

Popups from hell--they are blocked--but you still have to look at them...

Scotty WH Daily Press Briefing coming (schedule says noon)

"Gulliver's Travels" isn't funny, either...

Ok, DUers, REMEMBER, Loose Lips Sink Ships!!!

Listening to Frist today, it appears the $100 in gas WAS A LIE ANYWAY.

In a spirit of solidarity with multilingualism

One last Colbert thread - because of three particular quotes:

Bill Kristol said something to Colbert about "writing his White House

Interesting Blog on Bush and the End Signing 750 laws stuff.

New Rules: The Media Must Retire The Phrase "Some People Say"

Fla. Town Says No To Big-Busted Mermaid Statue

Thank you DU veterans.

To Steven Colbert...

Get ready for White House "LOG-GATE II" !

A simple plan...

KO did not say our hero crossed the line. KO and Colbert. woodamnwho!

Does South Park influence young, impressionable...

Hey!! Check out the "Thank You Steve Bridges" Site (the Bush Impersonator)

What was this business between Bush and David Gregory?

Rate this: How influential is this person? (Colbert one of Time's Top 100)

Does anyone know if there is a charity that Stephen Colbert supports?

I voted today.

How Do I Even Respond to this Conservative's Response?

Mayo Clinic Chief: U.S. health care system "doomed"

The last word of outgoing WHCA pres. Mark Smith on Colbert....

Historians Give Bush Failing Grade (New Survey)

Ballsalicious, Balls-alicious, Balls-O-Licious, or Spelled Some Other Way?

White Rose needs your help in testing something, Please?

Is Comedy Central the only intellectually honest cable news station?

American Judas Selling Security of America & World for 30 Pieces of Silver

DHS urged to approve standards for private airport screeners

smirk's man Pope ratty is vexed over condoms and love

Man... this guy was pissed. Broke voting machine

In America, if you're sick and poor, you might as well just die

Have you read the Bill of Rights?

WTF is this? The "Save Our Small and Seasonal Businesses Act of 2005"

Will someone answer the dorkbell.

Will we be able to restore America without violence breaking out?

Special edition today: "The Guy James Show" following a day of intrigue

Great picture from the immigration rally in LA

Caption this freeper rally pic

Chopping down the Bush administration.

The Colbert Report

We don't have a malpractice problem, we have an insurance problem.

A Reminder to Freeper Vandals

The Decider at Work (comic)

Has anyone else noticed on FR a real rise in liberal bashing?

Eulogy for a Lapdog

Randi just played a large part of Colberts speech

BRAD BLOG: Primary Day E-Vote Meltdown and "Breaking" (literally) News!

States sue Bush over fuel efficiency

Audit documents BILLIONS wasted in Iraq

150,000 American Hostages

Star Wars fans look here - How liberals love their country

OMG!! Inside --->>> Facts that actually JUSTIFY the Iraq War!!

Remember the great gas shortage of 1980 to1988???

The headline is deceiving--as WH was forced to turn over these docs!

Colbert Takedown (to go) In iPod Video Format

Notes from Santa Ana, Immigrants rights rally

Senators Question F.B.I. Director

Why can't a more like a MAN??

On illegal immigration, idealism and Gen X

Randi to have Henry Waxman & Dennis Kucinich on

Guy James Show must be a threat to freepers

Aloha Al Qaeda: DHS officials partied on taxpayers' money

Foreclosure activity hits highest level in two years (California)

Guy James Just Went Dead

So, what happens when we reach 'Peak Immigration'?

If ANYONE Else Had Done The Keynote at the WHCD & 60 Mins. The Next Night

Common Cause Seeks Justice Probe of Katherine Harris

Cheney Plans "Freedom Agenda" Trip

California sues feds, saying SUV mileage standards should be raised

Does anybody NOT believe that bunkerboy & the repukes are plotting REVENGE

Man Executed After Difficulty Administering Injection

Military Enlistment Rates finally explained.

"...more Nerve Endings in your Gut, Then Your Head..."

An immigration issue question

FOX blocks employees from visiting CanOFun

this administration is SOARING!

Josh Marshall: On an Intimidated Press

Does anyone have a link to download a copy of the videos by Pink & Dixe ch

Stephen Colbert Shows President Bush What Shock and Awe is All About

I just e-mailed all my state legislators to civil disobedience in Nevada

Air America Radio vs. Reality - Part 1

Who do Conservatives *HATE* the Most?

My Experiment with Talking to Neocons

SF Gate's Jon Carroll on fighting oil companies "at home"

TPM reports that Ken Melhman booed by American Jewish Committee

(Canadian dollar) rises above 90 cents US--30 year high

Does anyone here post on the Ed Schultz board?

Our monarch, above the law

So How Do I Answer a Man From Qatar? I am so embarrassed.

Cafe manager fired for refusing to make staff work during rally

OMG...Rex the Homeland Security Mountain Lion (I feel safer already...)

Any update on Andrea Clark?

Watchdog asks Justice to probe Harris deal (Oh, Cruella!)

NJ Senator calls on CIA director to conduct Plame/Iran damage assessment

Frist backs off $100 gas rebate proposal - Not really

Pakistan 'is a top failed state'

Immigration hypothetical

So how does one respond to

Hannity & Colmes take on Westboro Baptist Church

Man down! Er, I mean "Guy Down!".

Randi's talking about DUer Larissa now!

I saw something at work that warmed my heart

No 3 @ CIA Subject of Investigation Related to Bribery Probe

Rush Limbaugh "Most Welfare Recipients Have a Color TV and a Microwave"

MSNBC - Tweety: CIA Agents re: Plame & the harm it did to agency, etc.

I voted today

"The observed patterns of change over the past 50 years cannot be ...

A quick tutorial for the Colbert-impaired MSM on what's funny.

Hardball is Doing How We Went to War in Iraq Tonight (Tue 5/2)

Re: Immigrants: WWWS? (What would Woody Sing?)


Wouldn't you like to see Junior stalked by Helen Thomas?

paging DU'er helderhied

Iran: "Comeon babe, I know it bin ruff in da past, but I'm differen' now"

"This VERY good economy"- Bill Bennett

Danae does it again! (Non sequitur TOON)

Question re: Big Oil Profits

WH reporter tells Josh Marshall about "reader intimidation" from the left.

does anyone think that if we bring the troops

Tweety's going to chat about politics, poker, and prostitutes! I'm

Bill OhReally proves that there is no liberal bias,

has anyone seen the story

Which is worse: exporting jobs or importing workers?

Cuyhoga county commissioner: Diebold machines can't count ballots

General: Military action against Iran fraught with risk and repercussions

US News: Skewering comedy skit angers Bush and aides

Come up with your own Bush response to Colbert's reaming

"Stephen Harper Eats Babies" (Electronic Vandalism)

Democratic Socialist Questions

Bush's Nuclear Madness - Renaissance

60% of Americans can't find Iraq on a map

Bird Flu...

If I was a congressman who was asked to be a guest on Randi Rhodes

Isn't it time for a little Fitzmas?!!!

Apple renews flat-rate iTunes music contracts, refuses variable song rates

"If you're one of the few loyal Bush defenders who are still around, ...

US could seek Iran sanctions outside UN: Bolton

They knew every word Cobert was going to say... We were not the auds

Has any DU'er heard news this a.m. on this information?

Poll Shows Many Can't Find La. on Map

Existential question about prostitution

Richard(Gag)Perle: Iraqis are freer today & we are safer-Relax & enjoy it.

what im sick of

Grandmother Ordered to Iraq 10 months before retirement

Bill Schneider CNN just now--* has a 17% approval rating on

CNN is nothing but Bird Flu and Terra Terra Terra this afternoon

I suggest we give Howard Kurtz the Lloyd Grove treatment

Latin and South America 'squeezing' US on oil--Great report on cnn NOW

New Army document reveal US knew of and approved torture before Abu Ghraib

Larissa moved Plame/Iran - now can we get focus on her Pat Roberts story

You know what I'm sick of?

If you can't twist the truth, then just make stuff up (RW underworld)

PM 'eats babies' sign flashed at commuters

Howard Kurtz, WaPo lapdog: Punchline Politics (says there was NO coverup)

Stephanie Miller says she'll be on Lou Dobbs tonight!

Even Business Schools Are Turning Against Bush*! ...

On this day 49 years ago Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, 47, died at Bethesda...

Markey introduces net neutrality

Did Colbert have a TV show last night?

More about the Spanish Star Spangled Banner

Republican chairman booed at American Jewish Committee event

Bolivia weighs in on Peru vote along with Venezuela

Stephanie Miller on Lou Dobbs tonight

It's just shameful how this Cunningham scandal is making me talk about SEX

Ten Commandments Monument Garners Attention

"For And By Big Oil" -- Joint House and Senate Democratic Report

Kurtz's take on Colbert is nauseating

Bush, as you had someone singing it in Spanish were you revolted?

"the president can't find his "bottom"--Lou Dobbs

Olbermann up +37% O' Reilly -12% Key Demo 25-54 April

Sensenbrenner and Abramoff

Our retirement system is a disaster

Destroying to Save - Not so Hidden Agenda

Migrants do battle with cruel, indifferent desert

Do You Realize CNN Has Actually Made A Plane Crash Boring

Is it ok to scam big Coporations?

Kucinich on Randi right now!!!

how do you capture a screen again?Bush/Spanish anthem

Peter King: "We... have Katrina fatigue."

If Kerry had been elected, what would the impeachment charges have been?

The real criminals in the immigration debate are the CORPORATIONS

Kucinich on AAR Now

they named an airport after papa bush????

I was outed at work today

Randi on Colbert: At long last, something finally wiped the smirk ...

A Bank with a sense of Humor

Randi is on giving props to Colbert and Stewert

Serious item - Houston plane in trouble

Need help

Daily Howler on Colbert - Boy, they are losing me............

Imagine the following scenario…

Look what conservatives are resorting to....

"radical leftists" now control immagration movement. Tag line on Lou

C&L: Frist blames Clinton for gas prices

Have we done anything for Colbert, like Helen Thomas? Can we?

Cheney Travels with Chem-Bio Suit at All Times

Congresswoman Goes To Court To Keep Polls Open Late

Article in Comcast News: Is the voting rigged?

13 Days Left until the Iraq Withdrawal Deadline - WTF?

Cut and Run? You Bet. (By Lt. Gen. William E. Odom)

Voter turn out today--a glimmer of hope?

Plane took off from Houston and lost it's tires????

Arrianna/Colbert make Time's "100 Most Influential People" list

Anyone have the link for the Katherine Harris seduction photos?

1 Day of May, 2006: a photo essay

The Christian Exodus Movement

Ray Bradbury's "Martian Chronicles"

Bill Frist has some of the worst political instincts I have ever seen

Two Colbert Classics- A Tribute

How do we like the new DU homepage Design?

TOONS FOR TUESDAY - Betcha can't eat just one!

WaPo: Lawyers: Libby Needs Media Records

i got 99 problems, but a migrant worker ain't one.

Stephanie Miller is a HOOT

Ohio man tells executioners "It's not working"

FLASHBACK: Gore Beware: GOP Convention Promises Major Press for Latinos

Pres. Gore's new movie

Mexico Will OK Some Heroin, Cocaine Posession

Um... where's Stephen Colbert on the avatar list?

Matthews doing serious journalism - QUICK! Find an airplane

Ya think? Exxon CEO tells customers: "use less of our stuff"

Can DC-9's/MD-80's "dump fuel" or is CNN going to be "Live" for hours...

How would you like to make $100/minute?

Have you noticed that the Colbert critics...

Women Unite Against Bush's Favorite Democrat Lieberman

My take: the key to the Plame case lies in the emails

MSNBC Cancels and Deletes Most of "Hardball" for Plane Having Problem!

Did Colbert's WHCD speech hurt the neocons?

Cheney travels with a chemical-biological suit at all times

They are demanding to become citizens...BS

I am a progressive... because I say so...and some things never change.

Bwaaa! FoxNews is in a ratings race with the Colbert Report!

Heres The Video Of Colbert at WH Press Dinner

Caption Bolton

is the same thing as freerepublic?

So, Andrew Young stands up for WalMart - how bizarre.

Bush International Airport???

Dixie Chicks Announce First Tour Dates For England

You're alone in a room with George Bush. What do you say to him?

Soooo, something strange happened today

The BIG DIFFERENCE Republican vs Democratic Parties IS:

Send a rose to Mothers who have lost a child in Iraq this Mother's Day

16 yo boy executes his father's killer.

Hardball or Softball?

I was listening to an Irishman talking about immigration...

did I just log onto Free republic?

For those who live in Minnesota

President Bush's Signing Statements-- Care to read a few? Interesting.

Electronic Voting Switch Threatens Mass Confusion - Truthout

Looks like we are having a bit of a problem with voting in Cuyahoga Ohio

HELP DUers... Really great country anti war song???

Colbert, Still Digesting His Correspondents' Dinner Reception (WaPo)

Amnesty. The right wing framed you again

Guys, come on. Are we done with Colbert yet?

Rightwingnuts have to inject their venom everywhere -- even my hobby

Cut and Run? You Bet. - By Lt. Gen. William E. Odom

Found: U.S. commissioned Spanish anthem in 1919...

ABC: Stunning Investigation of Bribery & Corruption Has spread to CIA

My two cents on the Immigration protests.

New comic: "He's just dumb enough to try it." (star spangled banner)

Now that we know Tyson/Perdue Foods exploits undocumented workers- will

Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold On the Redeployment of U.S. Troops

3 Senior Democrats Coming out about the 750 Laws that

Caption Rove, Hubbard, and Chimpy!!

CSPAN...Kucinich asked Bolton flat out if there are troops in Iran

Are we destined to be a meritocracy?

John Kenneth Galbraith: Prolific polemicist who revealed the human face...

The Colbert Blackout

Lou Dobbs has "worked in the fields"?

can impeachment prevent war on iran?

Do You Prefer Bush's Impeachment Originate At State Or Federal Level?

National Anthem Sung In Spanish At First Bush Inaugural

On A Lighter Note: Stephen Harper Eats Babies

no money for the "war on drugs" another bush failure

To the people upset with the illegal immigrants' demands,


Drudge and Fox News must feel threatened by Colbert

Bumper sticker: Smile, you could have been aborted

ENGLISH is the mother tongue of ENGLAND.

Three days later, and Colbert is still the talk of the town,

PART 2: i got 99 problems, but a migrant worker ain't one.

U.S. Gov. Commissioned Spanish-Language ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ in 1919

GWBush at Hispanic festivals sung ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ in Spanish

Colbert walk-out: The Comedian“won a rare silent protest from Bush Aides"

Bush's 2001 Inaugural Ceremony Featured Spanish Star Spangled Banner

Oh come on you stupid Mexicans....LEARN ENGLISH!!!

James Wolcott on Colbert: Mission accomplished

Larisa Alexandrovna finally gets her "props".

I had a guy pass me yesterday with a Bush/Cheney sticker displayed

VIDEO:Bush looking for wmds - big laughs - McGovern exCIA Comments

There are legitimate arguments against impeaching Bush. Here are my

MSNBC update: CHENEY's office KNEW Plame's work was sensitive

Gas price in your neck of the woods today 5/2/06 ???

Editor & Publisher files story on Larisa Alexadrovna's Plame, Iran reports

LOL! Have you seen the World News Trust homepage today?

MSNBC: Gas guzzling Hummers still selling strong (demand up 231%)

Think the GOP is going to let us easily take back the house, think again!

Latest WillPitt article is out: A Turning Point

I'm The Guy In The Maroon Shirt, Can You Spot Me (May 1 Protest) ???

"Mission Accomplished" indeed

The Idiocy is Swelling

Kucinich vs Bolton on C-Span now

Aren't working illegal immigrants essentially scab labor?

"Don't Sneak Into My House and Demand Your Rights!" -->

Don't get played by the immigrant baiting game


Led Zeppelin's "The Immigrants Song"

Colbert is the fool in "King Lear"

Breast cancer has made me a criminal

Hmm maybe I should leave DU

animal cruelty..please sign petition

what do you think is the most important issue right now?

USA Today/Gallup: Chimpy @ 34% ( down 3 points)

Let's Link to the Tipping Point Patriots...I'll start with Eartha Kitt

If Ben Burch is right - 36 days and counting.

There is nothing wrong with your monitor. The DU homepage has changed.

How many of our top Politicians are CIA?

We have someone running against red-headed "Opie" Adam Putnam...

I turned a republican into a democrat today

Violent Protests in San Diego tonight

I am off to work the polls in Columbus Ohio, I'll report back tonight.


Feingold will oppose S 1955, the so-called Health Insurance ..ACT. It

Lock Limbaugh up NOW!

Then and Now: Media ignores Colbert; They didn't ignore Imus

Kucinich to question Bolton re: troops in Iran (C-Span 10am edt)

Feingold speaking on Senate floor at 10:03AM!

Here it is! Bush got a blowjob! We can impeach him now!

Bush in ‘ceaseless push for power’

need help. prior to war bush gave reason for war and said no nation build

ProJo: Sheeler vs. Whitehouse

Culver (D) 46%, Nussle (R) 40% for Iowa Gov.

Will Rhode Island join the list

Has anyone else seen this video about the plane

The Big Oil companies are watching our Congress very closely...

Lest we forget: "Senator Promises Investigation Into Gasoline Price Rise"

I'm not quite sure what you call this....

Come November, Will Democracy Be Served?

80,000 on no-fly list

Comments posted on Colbert performance

If Feingold is so Liberal Then Why Did He Vote For

It is said that our Jails are full of Innocent People

David Gregory Background check....

Another missed opportunity to make a point on Iraq.

How Did Wilkes' Personal Driver Get DHS Contracts Worth Over $25mil?

Reid, Durbin Rip Bush Administration on 'Mission Accomplished' Anniversary

Montana Senate Poll. Burns trails both dem's. Morrison leads Tester.

"I've been down so goddamn long it looks like up to me"


Iran Threatens Israel if U.S. Attacks

Did Roosevelt have it right on immigration?

Specter, Target of Republican Revolt, Regains Maverick Stride

Quinnipiac Poll : Anti-Bush, Anti-War Feeling Does Not Hurt Lieberman

Attn: DSCC, DCCC, DNC, DLC, Various Caucii ... what's the 'plan'?

Now that frist has decided we aren't getting $100.00 rebates

I propose a new 3rd party with Elliott Spitzer and David Gergon for

Stupid is as stupid does!

Let's have some fun - what does a freeper prayer sound like?

I'm surprised the "conservatives" haven't solved the immigration problem

No Place Like Home

We've been "Turning the Corner" for YEARS!!

Your 8-minute lesson on US interference with Iran streaming from YouTube

Republicans think 9/11 is their greatest accomplishment

Heres The Video Of Colbert at WH Press Dinner

Question about Absentee Ballots...

Do we have 11 million vacancies in our jails?


Should there be a license required in order to vote?

AZ state election director goes on radio ONLY if Brad can't question

Gotta tell Ya! All DU'ers MUST WATCH Hardball...7:00 p.m. est! Do It!

I just made an Ohio Republican SCREAM!

Tim will be leaving the DNC blog for Lamont's campaign...good luck, Tim.

Bottom line: The Washington press corps is our enemy.

MSNBC confirms: Outed CIA agent was working on Iran

Our country only has one language? Say something not in English.

Ohio Primary Today-Problems Early With Machines.

C&L Video Clip, Frist: "And if President Clinton had not vetoed that..."

Rough day for the USD today

Tom Tommorrow: "Our Long National Nightmare"

Subject: The Poor Dollar (like father, like son)

Reporter Asks Question, McClellan Blames Democrats

If This Happened in the Clinton Administration

Look at CSPAN right now! Look what these idiots are voting on!

Breaking! Cheney and Dana Carvey are having an affair!!

Bush toadies: "We're going to see a lot of military activity on Guam"

Faux News and CNN Are Bleeding Viewers in Key Demo 25-54

I think America's Geographic Illiteracy accounts for Political Ignorance

Cleveland, Ohio: Judge Orders Polling Place to Stay Open Until 9:30 pm

The other day, someone posted a thread, "What do Repubilcans Want"

Bush and Bonds

Republican chairman booed at AJCommittee event

Tweety laying out case for impeachment on Hardball

What's with this sudden flurry of right wingers decrying 'K Street"?

Transcript: Don Imus, 1996 Radio/TV Correspondents Assoc. Dinner

Madeleine Albright is rocking with Wolfie

Brian Lamb certainly went off the deep end on this poll - WTF???

Of Generals, Spys, and First Responders

Freeper comment about Colbert:

U.S. Gov't Commissioned Spanish Language "Star-Spangled Banner" in 1919

"Lieberman not hurt by Iraq stance"

Question: Can deaf people sign the national anthem or will that be

BREAKING NEWS: Broadcast flag is back (Stevens sneaks broadcast flag

Congress may consider mandatory ISP snooping

Was Rudy Guiliani's First Wife his Second Cousin or his Third?

CNN: Enterprise Carrier Strike Groups heads to the Persian Gulf

As we stare down the $4.00 mark for gas, who remembers this little tidbit?

At last! Something impeachable

Bush Blows Gasket Over Colbert routine! HA HA HA!

Which 'Idol' is most presidential?

The "Conservative" mind must be terribly complex because I don't

There already is an official Spanish version of the national anthem

As God is My Witness all DU'ers MUST WATCH "Hardball" Tonight!

Evan Bayh; eliminate the electoral college

Delta Gamma Sorority to Serve as Technicians in Ohio Election-NOT FakeNews

WSJ op-ed: problem in Iraq is our "White guilt"

Markey introduces Net Neutrality Act

Brad: National media finally covers America's 2006 electoral meltdown

A day without Republicans

Please help with a reply to this horrible email

Let's send this link to ALL media. Colbert has over 18,000 Thank You's!

Video Hunt Contest: Find Bush singing National Anthem in Spanish in 2000

Eleanor Clift: "Kerry turned out to be a wind-surfing dilettante"

Dear Chairmen Dean - What about Election Security?