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Congress must do its job

Why is the Media Downplaying Our Voting Scandal?

Iraq is disintegrating as ethnic cleansing takes hold

WP,pg1: Religious Liberals Gain New Visibility

Ass-cracks, Cranial Outgrowths and other Perversions

Fish killed as soft drink leaks from factory

Costs of nuclear fuel, burn-up, and fuel economics: A nice link.

Exiles: Iran Jews to wear yellow

The Pentagon eyewitnesses

Paperless States - "Strategerie" of Write In Candidate Feature!

Why are the electronic voting machines useful for

VoteTrustUSA: Something Old Is Something New in Voting Machine Snafus

Clnt Curtis, David Cobb & Ian Sancho- Daytona Beach Sat. 5/20!

California Counties Switch Back to Low-Tech Paper Ballots

I just saw an ad for Napster. My son told me to stay away from that

Collin deputies seize 80 pounds of marijuana

For OLL, but if anyone wants to chat about cigars, brandy and Cuba?

New García Victory Expected in Peru

Kirchner Would Get New Victory in Argentina

Memo: End date unclear for Guard's border mission (AP/CNN)

Homeland Security Seeks Deportation Aid

FBI Investigating $50 Million "Thunderbirds" Contract

Guantanamo detainees ambush guards

NYT/Reuters: Pentagon Secret Spending Said at Post-Cold War High

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against AT&T by Texas Journalists and Lawyers

Iraq: 'We are running out of time,' the officer said (report from Basra)

McCain Gets Cantankerous Reception at Commencement

EU recommends US planes sales to Iran

Three Taliban leaders captured

Verizon Refuses to Deny Participation in the NSA Spying Program

Democrats Ask Bush for Iran Intel Update

Federal judge strikes down Okla. gay adoption law

Doctor details findings of study on health of 9/11 rescue workers

New law could hand out life sentences for Iraq deserters

KR: Millions face a `doughnut hole' lapse in Medicare coverage

WP,pg1: Growing Number of GOP Seats In Doubt

KR: Americans don't like President Bush personally much anymore, either

Bush Wants Newcomers to Know English (no he doesn't/yes he does)

Buzz around Gore fuels talk of another run for president

Bush vows to create 'peaceful' Cuba

So funny, on Oberman, Jennifer Wilbanks

Is it possible to sprout a new tooth where a wisdom tooth was taken out?

Beam Us Home (this world misses her...)

Shitty ass officiating in Pistons-Cavs game!!!

A lovely poem for you all...

"Tread gently. Mother Earth is pregnant."

ANOTHER Big Board question...

Big board question...

Do you have the Dr Who Winamp skin?

Smithsonian celebrates 50 years of the Muppets. One to visit and cherish.

Damn that Applebees commercial

Over the Hedge movie - no spoilers

I bugs me when coworkers get nosey about my human ear collection

Am I that far out of the loop?

Unusual travel destinations you dream of...

My job requires me to get high.... and I'm not too

Dentistry Thread #2....self-extraction...

Dental floss in the toilet bowl!!!

Dental assistant in the toilet bowl!!!

There are teens chanting in the street outside my house.

Do you know how easy it is not to post when you have nothing to say?

Go to YouTube. Find a song that should have been a hit. Post it here.

It's Majic!...

fucking sweet-- Back To The Future is on VH1 now!

Uh-oh. My hard disk has "Zero KB" available.

Putting the Mental in Fundamentalist (My DaVinci code experience)

It's Friday Night! Isn't that the night we go DANCIN'?!?!

got stranded 60 miles out

kevlar, anyone?

BREAKING NEWS! Bush resigns!

"America, bless god"

Summer reading!

Disappointed by Americablog

New logo for the GOP unveiled!

Klezmer, anyone?

Alaska Grizzly Bear Notice

Live ,Laugh.....The rest is easy

Who's The B/W Sticky I Posted?

I bugs me when coworkers get nosey about my snood

Warning: Asthmatics should not watch this. It's so funny it will kill you

Prego floors- good or bad?

Leavin' (for) Las Vegas

What the hell is this "Skin" I see all over the kids cars these days?

I took my first swim of the season in the back yard pool today

For Cat Lovers, & others...

I'm baking a 5-hour seance-jest tomorrow - ask me anything!

I'm faking a 5-sentence jester test tomorrow- tell me anything!

I can't get up for interleague baseball

Favorite elves?

Okay, I guess I could learn to like interleague baseball

I'm taking a 5-hour seance test tomorrow- cross my palm with silver and

it bugs me when co-workers get nosey about my amphalang...

My american friends.....Goodnght..Take care.

"I'm a lumberjack and I'm..." Actually, I'm a trucker guy. Where's my song

Drhl rilow bv ksjoew telpqm reka hrwo?

I need some DUers to help with a quick problem:

Yea, It's my Birthday!!! May 20th!!!

Rolling Rock bought by Anheuser-Busch!

Ask DU's Giant Monster Movie Expert -

Oh, God. The Kudzu thread's hit the four digit club.

Has anyone received an e-mail like this?

SARAH SILVERMAN and ARTIE LANGE on Jimmy Kimmel tonight

Anyone ever been majorly ripped off on eBay?

Who do you find the most beautiful?

Just got back from my future daughter in law's graduation ceremony.

Quick question, re "Zardoz"

I'm taking a 5-hour science test tomorrow- ask me anything!

Do you know how hard it is to not post when you have nothing nice to say?

Pergo (laminate) floors----good or bad?

Letterman asking Mary Cheney tough questions.

We have a new addition to the family!

They found Robin's R. dead body today (Live in Peace or Rest in it)

Clearance shelf: 4 liters of Chablis for $4

The New "Law & Order" Assistant!

********* CONGRATULATIONS KUDZU!!!! 1,000 POSTS!!!! *********

Post # 11,000: Favorite gum

I went hiking! Here's some pics!

Greatest entertainer ever: Yanni or G.G

I can't believe I'm doing this.

Patented Lounge Vibes requested

Like to try People PC.....I have a discount code.

In Soviet Russia...

Sunset pictures for your viewing pleasure. **Dial-Up Warning**

Today I told the love of my life to go F*** himself because

More Britney baby bungling

I saw an afternoon show of The Davinci Code - I liked it. (NO SPOILERS)

I confess: I have a crush on Arianna; have since she was right wing

Vioxx stroke risk could last years: health expert

Black Cohosh Supplements With No Black Cohosh

Sniff and Swim: How Sperm Find Eggs

Chimp Sex Sexy Chimp

Spurs Win!!

Sharing a paragraph from a book about healing through music -

I have graduation Saturday morning...could use a prayer

Kerry's e-mail gets mentioned

Great GD post - "Why I am voting Democratic in 2006"

Send a Dem Daily Blogger to the Take Back America Conference in D.C.

Save the Stickies!

I'm sorry the Yankees lost, KO.

MSNBC: Saddam novel goes on sale in Japan

The Immigration Debate

UK: New law could hand out life sentences for Iraq deserters

Big board question...

Anti-suicide bombing ad for Iraq filming in LA

Sigh! Politician's disease, and one of ours caught it this time

God, they're good.... In a really bad way.

Should Gitmo prisoners be force-fed if they are attempting suicide?

Anyone else find the Guantanamo 'Uprising' timing suspect?

RW columnist still spreading discredited Wellstone funeral story

Tell me again what a great Senator Bill Nelson (DINO-FL) is.

Oliver Stone's WTC movie discussed on MSNBC right now

Dentistry Thread #2....self-extraction...

Official Ned Lamont supporters party thread

How do you envision America: Melting pot or salad bowl?

This needs to be seen here....

7 Things I Believe. Am I Still An American?

A way to put RWers, esp. the well to do, on the spot.

"English Only" is the height of arrogance

Global Warming.. faster than anyone said it would?

the Pentalawn - a must see

Rare Genetic Ailment In 5 Kids Linked To One Sperm Bank Donor

George Soros & Iran Bourse

Sneaking into the New York City subway system or into the USA.

DU this GOP land Paper Poll!

Ok, Upside Down McDonald's Logo and "I'm hatin' it" ...

The #2 "album" on Itunes today...

U.S. plays down Italy's decision to withdraw troops from Iraq

(Dixie) Chicks are everywhere


How many Senators does it take to pass a bill in the Senate?

Uh Oh.. some cheeky photog took a "crowd" shot

If you liked "Da Vinci Code," may I suggest "The Wild Girl?"

Hurricane Katrina Death Toll Revised Upward- by 281 Friday to 1,577

Ed Schultz show...observation or question, but not a criticism.

A little blast from the past...

Quakers condemn Bush hard-line immigration stance

A friend is looking for a kidney donor

Jerry Falwell: "I'll take get a clue for 100 Alex"

BREAKING - Rove Indicated!

Congressman Conyers:Thanks and a Few Items of Interest

¿El congreso pasa inglés solamente?

Allstate cutting windstorm coverage for coastal customers (65,000)

BREAKING NEWS! Bush resigns!

Sooo, no Friday news dump? I haven't seen anything earth shattering

The Bible Bench & The Death of Justice (is anything more important?)

See, I have the right colored shirt, guys... can't I play on the border?

Book TV Schedule May 20th - 22nd


Iraq has become the new Bosnia (ethnic cleansing takes hold)

White House says Bush's Attorney General misspoke his English

If we want peace, we're gonna' have to stop bickering and bitching.

If I went to the movie theather and yelled FIRE....

Something about Free Republic

Is corporate mass media trying to stir up racial trouble with Hispanics?

The immigration issue is very complex

News that will affect your lives & children's future... double whammy

is limpballs looking for more OC?

Immigration (deportation) outrage. This just pisses me off.

Lynching Resolution, No Apology (?!)

Can some Senator make that Pekerwood Cracker Sessions shut the fuck up???

Directv - FREEBIE weekend...HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, etc FREE!

Question about copyright rules and posting on DU

Update on Senator Roberts,Lugar,Spector and Hagel......

Chimp-Human link found

Open Source Investigates; I have started working on the NH phone-jamming:

I just watched The Oil Factor on TV

Ned's on the ballot

ABC TV ad for Neil Young's new album: "You be the Decider!"

Has Karl Rove been pardoned? In secret? Why not?

Disappointed by Americablog

Did Hardball really tape two shows today?

FYI from USA Today, guests of Sunday morning shows this week:

Santorum'NewsVIDEO' PA. Voting Address is Vacant' Contest the votes?'

Summer reading!


60 Protest First Lady Visit (Vermonters don't love Laura or Bush)

Drhl rilow bv ksjoew telpqm reka hrwo?

Subject: Has Karl Rove been pardoned? In secret? Why not?

To make the true Left relevant again, get behind this:

Well, then, I just give 'em a little spankin like this, see?

Mike Epps on HBO ragging on Bush and the Cons

Billboard: Deep, growing rift between "Dixie Chicks" and country radio

He's a divider, not a uniter... at least according to US media

Truthout doesn't even have the balls to admit they fucked up big time!

Republicans wanted severely brain-damaged woman to testify before Congress

Oh boy. Hey Australia! Watch your back... this guy is a stabber

Update me please?

Mandatory Malloy Friday Truthseekers Check in

Why I'm voting Democratic in 2006

New School senior body slams McCain, despite sitting just a few feet away

We're you aware that there are homeless people in the U.S.?

US dismisses Guantanamo 'torture' report

Question about oil/pipelines

This is what we MUST protect our nation from

Now, ya'll remember... English only out there, mkay?

Oh no, they DID let him go play in the sand...

Who do you think the GOP nominates? McCain? Allen? Gingrich?

Bible quotes for George Bush to interpret.

When Sen.Sessions gets excited he honks like a goose...

Doctor Who. A prism into the US media giants

The Repukes are blowing up...ain't it fun to watch?

Making Rolling Rock somewhere besides Latrobe, Pa is unimaginable

Is Scotch/Irish Gaelic a offical language?

RFID Tags in New US Notes Explode

Are yuh scared yet?


Fox News pops the impeachment question

Is it ethical to make a decision for someone based on what you think

It's official. . .2004 was war on gays. 2006 is the war on immigrants!

The MSM appears to be cheerleaders for Hayden

Please email Lou Dobbs. He keeps insisting that Jeff

What Is DU's Official Language?

So are the southwest and California going to have to change

Noche de espanol en DU, learn a new lenguage before its too late

Homeland Security Perusing my Website....

Is it the liberal media's fault that Bush looks like a chimp?

Reminder-they're blowing up the cooling tower at Trojan nuke plant Sunday


What should our official language really be?

Any combat vets here who are gonna watch 'Baghdad ER'?

Mary Cheney will be on David Letterman tonight!


We Must Make The HAMBURGER The Official Meal Of The U.S.

Required Reading For the Free Spirit

Anyone see the DaVinci code?? Did they tiptoe around

Why is this man laughing?

I need an answer regarding Freemasonry

Arizona High School Bans Bottled Ketchup

I saw a black, unmarked helicopter hovering west of Johnstown, PA.

Does possible Telco scapegoat Neustar, Inc. have White House connections?


Truth Out - The Rove Indictment Story as of Right Now

"fear breeds repression and that courage is

My response to a RW "apology"

"You Know You Want a Do-Over"

Full Intelligence Committee over site--Is that a win on NSA issue?

Truthout apologizes (sort of) for Rove indictment story

John Kerry to be in Toledo on Saturday

Lawmakers say 'No Child' law not going anywhere (AP/CNN)

Emergency's founder Dr. Gino Strada and some very ugly truths

Lieberman wins big!!! Joe on a roll

Brooks/NY Times - Base has turned on Bush

WP:Growing Number of GOP Seats In Doubt

Since the President has declared English as the official

Will "English is the official language" be the gay marriage of '06?

If Joe Lieberman were a Constitutional Amendment....

Top law firm faces fraud charges (BBC) {Enron connection!}

Howard Dean: Domestic Spying at the CIA?

"A ten foot fence just means an eleven foot ladder"


21st Century Scholars Act -- Would you support this bill on a Nat'l level?

Sen. Feingold to Receive Backbone Award During Seattle Visit

What's up with this front group standing in front of AT&T etc. - sneaky

McCain Finds Unfriendly Audience in NYC

What else does the USA need an "official" of?

Excerpts from Senator Barack Obama's NEW Book!

Heartwarming "almost won" Philly story ...little money and shoe leather.

UPSET*** Lamont on CT ballot: over 32% of delegate vote UPDATE

The Hijacking of Jesus.....

Lieberman wins nomination, but Lamont forces primary

Bush & the GOP delivered:

Houston Chronicle: Embassy is biggest secret in Baghdad

Chickenhawk Down!

Return of the Native: America's Mestizo Futurethe (return of the native)

New Verizon Logo

Prison-Based Gerrymandering

In the Black(water)

Inside Iraq's hidden war

The age of the neocons headed for the dustbin of history

Editors of The Nation: Phone Spies

Press One for English

Putin offers Russian moms $$ for second baby: Woman not persuaded.

Misjudgments Marred U.S. Plans for Iraqi Police

WP: "New Face, Old Evasion" -Hayden won't discuss waterboarding

A Right Turn Holds Perils For Bush By E. J. Dionne Jr.

The Footnote Police vs. Ward Churchill (Inside Higher Ed)

Puke Gingrich "GOP Drifting toward DISASTER"

The Enforcer (20,000 in Iraq ,but don't call them 'mercenaries')

Bush Plays Politics With National Guard by Bill Press

Homeless Veterans; Reagan Would Be Proud

Response to my Coulter letter and my response, 20 May 2006

Since many people are checking "Zillow" now when they are planning on

Greenpeace activists arrested in Brazil after protest at Cargill

The Environmental Wars Conference: June 2-4, 2006

Huge windfarm planned for Otago (630 MW, New Zealand)

crosspost:they're blowing up the cooling tower at Trojan nuke plant Sunday

Alaska congressman (Don Young, R.) questions global warming

In global warming special, Fox interviews scientists with industry ties

The great Ethanol debate...

Burning cardboard vs. recycling. Which is worse?

Three die, 2 missing in Kentucky coal mine blast.

Intelligence chief wounded, bodyguard killed

Two killed in Gaza's Palestinian security HQ blast

Clash over Police Pushes Palestine to Brink of Civil War

IDF kills Jihad man, three family members in Gaza

Durango woman sues Herald for 9/11 cover up

High detail image of the Pentagon - Where's the plane?

Isn't there usually a lot of activity at the scene of an emergency?

Why Is It So Important To Some That There Was NOT A Concrete Core?

5.5 ton cocaine bust reveals new details of 9/11 attack

Hijackers made 200+ international calls from US

Pakistani sheltering Taliban says British officer

JFK, 9/11 and Wellstone (video)

Bush's official conspiracy theory of 9-11

Rep. Tubbs Jones: 5 Regional Forums on Ohio Voters' Primary Experiences

Election Reform News for Saturday, 5.20.06

Computer Experts Describe Security Flaws in Voting Machines

Diebold and such, ATM's & Banks

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News will be posted later today.....

Off topic - pop or soda?

Has anyone ever heard of a beagle virus? My DH just did

Food for thought for all my TX DUers who enjoy a good demonstration.

Are there specifics rules and regulation either in Roberts Rules of

DVO on Air America Sunday morning 10:30 am

DVO South Texas Courthouse Whistlestop Tour, 5/23,24

My local public TV station is driving me nuts!

coffee recipes?

Soufflé , republican style

Help, I have home raised squash coming out my ears.

Harper rethinks nuclear policy

Harper chides Iran for non-existent racist bill it doesn't have

Mother Arraigned After Baby's Death Linked to Cocaine

UPSET*** Lamont on CT ballot: over 32% of delegate vote UPDATE

Religious liberals gain new visibility

Houston Chronicle: Embassy is biggest secret in Baghdad

U.S., Europeans split over offer to Iran (NYT)

Stripes: Ranks of homeless vets could grow as troops return from war

US diplomats alerted over Chinese computers

Former Nazi removed from Space Hall of Fame

Vatican Disciplines Founder of Order Over Abuse Charges

Businessman guilty of Iran trade violations

Embassy is biggest secret in Baghdad

Religious liberals gain new visibility

Growing Number of GOP Seats In Doubt--WaPo

19 Killed in Baghdad Bomb Explosion

Violent clashes as Guantánamo Bay uprising is put down by US guards

Lawsuit Filed to Force FEMA to Continue (NOLA evacuee) Housing Vouchers

Japan 'looks at June Iraq withdrawal'

Markos from DailyKos is on C-Span now

Report: Anonymity of Air Marshals at Risk

US soldier killed in Afghanistan

UN rebukes US in report on torture

New Orleans to choose rebuilding leader (Mayor run-off today)

Libby Denies Seeing Notes From Cheney

Congress Faces Multiple Criminal Probes

Judge says investigation into allegations of torture by Chicago police

Coast Guard tipping ships about searches: NYT

2 French Soldiers Killed in Afghan Battle

US military pilot pleads guilty to drug smuggling

Dems to Focus on Fuel: Leaders Tell Rank and File to Spotlight Gas Prices

CNNMoney: Why the chicken crossed the ocean -- twice

5 Workers Die, 1 Escapes Ky. Mine Blast

LAT: 30 Days' Notice at the FEMA Trailer

AFP Bush moves to placate conservatives over immigration plan

New NRA Campaign Asks Lawmakers to Pledge Not to Confiscate Guns in Times

Militias Kill Dozens in Darfur Despite Peace Agreement

Barry Bonds hits #714!

Iraqi Government Sworn in Amid Violence

Daimler faces fine in US graft probe

AFP: Al Gore issues global warming wake-up call (Cannes Film Festival)

NYT/AP: Report: Ozone Hole May Disappear by 2050

Animal rights camp to export terror

National Guard Unit Split on Border Plan

(House) Panel Reverses Bush Cuts in Family Planning Aid

Prosecutors Appeal on DeLay Indictment

WP: Scalia Tells Congress to Mind Its Own Business

Colorado: State stays No. 1 in foreclosures

Iraq is disintegrating as ethnic cleansing takes hold

Iraqi parliament approves Cabinet

Judge gives go-ahead for Sound test drilling to start next week

Georgetown Professors Criticize New Hire (Douglas) Feith

Event reflects political clout of conservative Christians (Orlando, FL)

Split emerges in West's front against Iran: diplomats

Howard compares Iran to Nazi Germany

AP Parents Upset Over Gym Class Run By Marine Corps Recruiter

Bush Pushes Lawmakers to Pass Immigration Legislation

NYT: Misjudgments Marred U.S. Plans for Iraqi Police

NYT/Reuters: Pres. Clinton Says Must "Get Off Our Butts" to Stop Warming

CNN/AP: Three dead in Kentucky coal mine explosion

(Rep.) McCollum, Israel lobby at odds

Democratic Rival Forces Lieberman Into a Primary (NYT)

Religious liberals gain new visibility


Need to vent!

GAAH! 2 days ago I bought from today?

Good evening Loungers! What's happening tonight?

I'm going to try something. Free flow thought. (say anything)...

For your late-night viewing pleasure:

Lets settle this right now...What came first...the chicken or the egg?

If you shared a parking lot with a large defense contractor

Need To Vent?

Question: What does it mean when the word "Ignored"

Sorry Lounge

I'm pissed...sorry, need to vent

My Threads Are So Controversial That...

Which pre-1970 Hollywood beauty is the beautiest?

I am sorry

Sweet dreams, Lounge!

The Wiggles = Crank for loudmouthed brats

This administration is so phony....

Time to say goodbye...

Real Source of Global Warming Found: I'm pissed

You know what burns my ass?


Let's hear it for the mods!


Dogs and cats sleeping together

Good cod. I leave you people alone for an hour and there's a brazillion

Anybody ever have 3 threads locked on 1 page before?

Good God, I leave you people alone for an hour, and there's a brazillion

I Ruffle Feathers

With this Post, I declare my love...

On nights/mornings like this...

My Relatives Visited For 2 Days, It Was Great!

Bye DU

Feh! Enough drama! Good night!

Aw, crap

Can someone clear off my bed for me

Good Rfitqc, I leave you people alone for an hour, and theres a brazillion

Man who stabbed cat with sword given probation

Welcome to the Lounge - Padlock central!

I'm sorry, Dave, I can't do that

Right, guys let's give the Mods a break, shall we?

That smiley swinging around the thank you sign is mesmerising

No wonder the Freepers though Colbert was real.

Down in the dumps with ForrestGump...

Goodnight. :)

Good Saturday Morning, Crew!

Meat Beat Manifesto

For the record!

Any advice for me re: starting a web board?

Inspiring melodies

Kitty kidnappers get community service

I feel like I'm the stupidest person in the lounge

Good God, I leave you people alone for an hour, and there's a brazillion

Okay, other Haruka come out wherever you are!

Too DAMNED FUNNY! Tommy Hilfiger whips Axl Roses ass! Seriously!

At what age do trees stop growing rings?

OMG, look what this politician is doing to Guy Smiley (tm)!

'Morning people' suck


Wet Pussy

The official harbingers of summer have arrived....ANTS

He's 22, has 45 neuroses, and is acquiring more

He's 22, has 45 employees, and is hiring more

I need attention, badly!! This time it's my new sig pic!!!

Wherein I wonder whether there is a liquor fairy

How many locked threads have YOU been involved???

Who's the foxy chick on the sticky?

Score One for Oasis.

oops I did it again

I am so sad

New Jersey smoking ban puzzler for you all...

I had only two drinks last night and I got the chills.

Couple Really Odd Things-Guys testicles ripped off.

Man gets probation after stabbing kitty.

My Scruffbunny has mono

suggestions for good movie from Blockbuster ?

going to see Neil Innes tonight....I know....

baby girl is teething... waaaaaa... wife and I are up in shifts

I am shocked by the loutish behavior exhibited by the Chicago Cubs today!

Cubs vs. White Sox

Which actor do you think is the hottest?

brake-fast® dog food bowl....this bowl could save a dogs life!

Do horses ever get tired

Fla. 'cat-snatchers' get community service

Poo. I just made oatmeal...

Whadja have for breakfast?

Reminder to self: Don't click on Kudzu thread while using dial up

Which is likely to happen first: American Indian elected President of USA

The Ten Commandments... as a romantic comedy?

What will people find easier to give up?

Could somebody please hurry up and invent time travel?

I fucked up again

Fun Geography facts: More people speak Kannada than live in Canada

What do you enjoy doing enough to get up early on Saturday to do it?

What the hell is a sticky?

Need some help here, from Videogamers.

The Nations Contest!

What's an appropriate First Communion present?

Writing to DU from Beirut, Lebanon

Creepy guy follows me around on the net

You know, those Snapple White Tea things are pretty damn good.

So, who do you like in the Preakness?

Dating outside your ethnic group.

if there was a reverse Ignore feature . . .


Oatmeal. I just made poo...

My latest from Caracas Venezuela...(very exciting)...

I am now the most hated man on my block

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 5/20/06)

There's a horse with my last name in the Preakness today!

Gramar; speling and punctiation freek's yopu need to cheek here;

My Star!(s) Who got me my Star?

Apologize in advance for this question


Anyone Feeling Just a Bit "Unsettled" This Morning?


Click here if you don't like Barry Bonds

The Chicago Cubs can never win the World Series.

Recommend Topic for Greatest Page

Well, I Just Saw the Da Vinci Code, Without Having Read the Book

found my son's leather jacket in a suitcase in the basement

Gonna be movie'd out...DaVinci today...Rock and Roll High School tonight!

Official thread to continue flame wars in.

Redking was drunk last night ....Sorry if

My LCD monitor went black on me (croaked) today....


Do not click on this pic OR caption it OR both. No.

My Dog is in a Food Coma!!!

Just shaved my head and found something very strange.

Preakness Stakes: Can someone explain odds to me?

"In Memory of the Fallen" - my newest video

Did anybody just see the brawl in the Cubs/Sox game?

Icelandic cuisine

Would I be able to pass a drug test?

I won $200.00 !

Let's play 'What should Rev do?'


Happy birthday wishes to........

Oasis was too far out in front of the news-cycle.

Do You Believe In the Loch Ness Monster?

If you haven't donated yet, why not?

I just won on WHAD'YA KNOW!!!

Why do people hate The Killers?

When all is said and done...wouldn't Pitt ask us to "Move On?

3rd Street promenade , Santa Monica. No place to park,

Have I grown too old to dream?

Saturday, May 20. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:


Is Cannes in...

Dodgers 16, Angels 3

I'd trade all o' my tomorrows for one single yesterday

Thank you My good friends of Du


Eurovision Song Contest this evening.

Are you now or have you ever been a somnambulist?

Up to how much would you bet for a 1 in 2 chance of getting $10 million?

David Letterman's: "Great Presidential Speeches" rips Bush.

"You're a t-shirt at best!"

My life is SHIT

yeah sure...

Almost at 1000 posts! Ask me anything!

Golfers, help me price something for a garage sale.

The Trojan Nuclear Plant cooling tower implosion is Sunday at 7 a.m PDT

How many of the seven deadly sins are you currently practicing?

Does the Kudzu thread really deserve credit for its high post count?

How often do 2 DUers share 1 computer?

Anybody hear anything on "Over the Hedge" yet?

Who is the greatest home run hitter of all time?

Ladies - Who's the sexiest Guy?

Kitten photos!

Favourite Batman Movie

Have you/will you see X-Men 3 The Last Stand?

What's your favorite bad movie?

Hetero DU women-who would you "switch" for? (pic thread)

Where would you rather live?

good night

List three unusual things about your parents.

How charming.

Bernardini wins Preakness; Barbaro injured (MSNBC/AP)

Why are people jerks?

Barry Bonds hits #714!

Story game time...we are the authors...

it's a DU right of passage...

don't miss this post:

Do you feel there are too many "flaming" topics posted here???

Question about rabies vaccinations

Does anyone use glucosamine chrondtin...

I'm so excited

Gay panic defense! I'm watching the Biography Channel. It is about the t

Even Deep in Dixie, Gays Sense Acceptance

Is anyone watching Mary Cheney on David Letterman?

Who here fancies a DU fantasy WORLD CUP tournament?

I hate to ask, but can anyone experienced read my chart.

Insight Needed

John Kerry Delivers Kenyon College Commencement Address

Kerry is writing the foreword to this book

These are really cool ads (Americans United for Change)

Ah Massachusetts.

Are Republicans writing the NYT headlines?

This is cool!

Anyone else in the mood for a picture thread?

I posted about today's Gov Rendell rally

Link to Kenyon College Webcast

so NOW it's a bad thing to disrespect a war hero

New Mexico update

How to make friends and influence them

A blast from the past...

A rant on JK trashing. I'm backing the trashers against a wall from now on

Thread #2, Pic 5: is that authentic or fabricated, and if so,

Anybody here at the CO state assembly?

Bush's Unfinished "Projects"

Prison officer snatched girls off streets to rape

Alert DUer Helps Solve Unexplained Gator Attacks in Florida

Lawmaker Pledges Congressional Hearing (Cover-up) on Iraq Incident

What language did the founding fathers want for the official American

Religious liberals gain new visibility

The UK has a new language and it's not English.

One-legged Taliban commander calls up and says he has not been captured

Lieberman must be in tears tonight

Freeper gathering against the Big Dawg! A HUGH gathering! Am Series!

Must read! J. Smiley on GWB's "oppositional defiance disorder"

Have we all donated to DU?

Judges rule U.S. sex policy is illegal. Tying health funds to a moral...

Official languages

So I'm looking at this list of "official" languages...

Joe Lieberman

i am just a messenger

Coast Guard tipping ships about searches: NYT

Surprise, surprise - Guess who’s coming to a border near you!

Help me to understand one thing about his immigration thing?

I just saw the movie "Water" by Deepa Mehta

Unease on Industry's Role in Hypertension Debate

We're Making Progress! Progress Is...

Switzerland. The size of 2 New Jerseys. FOUR OFFICIAL LANGUAGES

AP: Romney overhauls panel that backed ban on baby formula giveaways

Power Shut Off After Woman Owes a Penny

Maine on the leading edge of NSA Phonegate

Enough of this "We can't pull out now, we gotta finish the job", crap.

Amend the FMA

If we can rid ourselves of this administration and Congress, first order

'Worried about losing Congress"? Rupug only call in. WSJ now.

Embassy is biggest secret in Baghdad

Seeking United Latin America, Venezuela's Chávez Is a Divider

New Orleans Mayorial Run-Off Today!

The death of retirement.

Libby Denies Seeing Notes From Cheney

I have no sympathy for Joe Lieberman...

OH EFFIN' BROTHER (Top 50 Conservative Rock Songs)

New weapon against wildfires - commercial airliners

You knew it was happening: Commercial ships tipped off by coast guard.

Man gets probation after stabbing kitty.

Classified military spending has reached its highest level since 1988

Wow. Dr Bob Bowman is running as a Democrat?!?

Winning Themes & Slogans For Campaign 2006

c-span wj -"should al gore run in 2008" dem only callers

Guest Lineup for Sunday TV News Shows (Edwards, Feinstein, Wyden, and zzz)

Make Lionel Ritchie dictator of Iraq. Give him Saddam's powers

DU this death penalty poll!

Too DAMNED FUNNY! Tommy Hilfiger whips Axl Roses ass! Seriously!

Flush on a Thrusday, Fry on a Friday, Sit on a Saturday, but CAPTION!!!!

Stop the Illegal Immigrant Gay Married Mexican Flag Burners!

saved by Immigration? Saturday's toon

In Austin, Clinton criticizes Bush and Congress

'In God We Trust' goes missing (from yrbook): "Neutral on religion"

Directed energy in Iraq:

Proof that some anti illegals are racist to the core: check this peach out

The NSA Explained

Rove - Unindicted Co-Conspirator?

Cheeky proofing comment on a marketing plan. Couldn't help myself.

Live Webcast of Sen John Kerry at Kenyon College Commencement

Thanks and a Few Items of Interest, from John Conyers:

New Verizon Logo

*** Saturday Bonus TOONs: Stretched Too Thin ***

Markos from DailyKos is on C-Span now

Winds of change?

A great explanation of political forces by Ken Wilber

What is NOLA like now?

When will they bring back the "Office of Special Plans" or OSP

My thoughts about the Liberal News

Iraq 19 Killed & 58 wounded in bombing in Baghdad.

2 French soldiers killed, 1 injured while chasing Osama around Afghanistan

Shales: Right-wing flapping, Pentagon worried over brilliant "Baghdad ER"

(VIDEO) The Nedmentum begins

CNN - Agency policies put air marshals at risk

Are there links to C-Span call-in show transcripts?

good gads! check out EEVS

What are YOU going to do to dissuade people from the NeoCON

The Untold Katrina Scandal: Republican Miss. Is Lying About Its Death Toll

Durango woman sues Herald for 9/11 cover up

suggestions for good movie from Blockbuster ?

Bush vows to help create 'peaceful' Cuban government

HPV can cause Penile cancer, too. Does the vaccine work to prevent that?

Name ONE Eletcted Leader Who'd LAUGH when asked anout his tanking support.

Is Columba Bush (Jeb's wife) Vicente Fox's sister?

New Federal Ombudsman To Oversee Congress

Doro Bush is on CSPAN II, taking calls

5.5 ton cocaine bust reveals new details of 9/11 attack

Money diverted from war to borders

Be on the look-out for dirty tricks; this election will be close

Bradley must boycott Rove

AP: Mubarak Chides U.S. Over Double Standards

A story about a YELLOW ARM-BAND LAW FOR JEWS is false, yet more outrage

Stripes: Ranks of homeless vets could grow as troops return from war

Anybody else just see Bill Clinton's commencement address? (VIDEO HERE)

Bush- Decider or Divider?

A Harvard psychologist finds that joy is a tricky thing to predict

Eyman, churches link up

Bush Breaks "No New Taxes" Pledge

I just won on WHAD'YA KNOW!!!

George W. Bush’s Tortured Defense Of Torture

NYT: Misjudgments Marred U.S. Plans for Iraqi Police

From Randi's show yesterday - Willie Nelson "Secret Cowboys" vid

When do I get to do the Big Board?

Dragon skin flexible armor flunks tests

My Letter TO Verizon, with Response

"Unless we get some official confirmation, we're going to look stupider

Fitz court filing from May 19.

a DUer recently asked where was Nader: investigating, writing

will the internet be owned by AT&T, BellSouth & Verizon?--Sen Steven


Republicans say (quite proudly) "It is better to be feared than loved"

Look Out: Hillary's "Definitely Vote Against Her" Numbers Shrinking !

Republicon's desperation hit's new levels!

Americans United has been running some great ads on CNN!

Women Get Drunk, High and Addicted Easier Than Men

Liberals want tax cuts for the poor so they can buy more crack (Says boss)

Even Deep in Dixie, Gays Sense Acceptance

Will a Democratic president ever end the failed, deceptive War On Drugs?

Israel tested nuke in 1979

Looking for a link to the PNAC video that was on the greatest this week.

What if M*A*S*H dumped Hawkeye and left you in the care of Frank Burns?

Dear Moderators, Can we have a new thread for the Leopold/Rove/Pitt Saga?

Iconic Marine suffers PTSD, opposes war yet does the unthinkable

Pat Buchanan--- Huffinton, Frank Rich etc -on Book TV--cspan

I finally broke down and donated! Stickies irresitable!

SHOCKING NewsMax HEADLINE: "Oliver Stone's 9/11 Movie Upsets Some"

My review of Da Vinci Code and notes to those offended by the movie

So when the Bushistas finally come down, should we demand

Heavy casualties feared as 50 Afghan soldiers caught in Taleban territory

If we don't hit 1200 donations by tomorrow night, what will the Freepers..

It's time to take back the word 'liberal'!

Toll Road deal taking Daniels to D.C.

It's happening folks! The tide is turning.

Requests For Coporate Data Multiply

Helen Thomas Takes On "New Kid On The Block" &

Caution With OnStar

has CNN gained in the ratings from hiring the idiot Glenn Beck?

"Free" market...CONservative style

Lady, you should have that thing removed

House panel boosts Bush plan to build new nuclear warheads

Car Enthusiasts Turning to Condos

My latest from Caracas Venezuela...(very exciting)...

What ever happened to the latest torture photos?

Thank God! There Is Somebody Who Does Not Like Pickles!

TIME: Why Iraqis Aren't Cheering Their New Government

Survival of Humankind - Rattlesnake, Coyote, and Beuys

Naked Guy' ex-student dies in jail

Rove hasn't been photographed since Monday, May 15th

Um, if reviews are any indication, Mary Cheney may want to rethink

Hub start-up will back up data files for $5 a month

1000s take to streets to protest against affirmative action plan in India

Iraqis cry – “When will this stop?” - Bush's Iraq puppet government meets

The achilles heel for all Freaktards is.....


Matthew Grimm and the Red Smear: Support a powerful musical voice >

Commies on CanOFun!!

I suppose this is childish :)

Redneck music lovers hate the Dixie Chicks again ...I'm buying the cd!

He who controls his borders is "The Decider."

Want more contributions? Give us Bush's head and the boxing glove!!

W '70% unsettled' and Brecht's suggestion govt 'elect another people'

Cheney to LSU grads: Embrace your inner crony

OK, this has my vote of F'd-up criminals of the day...

I am done listening to movie critics....

Just saw DaVinci Code. Why all the negative reviews? It was good!

Cheney To Visit Northern California - to campaign for Doolittle & Pombo

Columbine video game draws relatives' ire

Predictions, what next?

Tyrant criticizes our tyrant

global warming is a greater threat to the future than terrorism B. Clinton

Cheney Reminisces : Rummy Wouldn't Hire Me and I Was Booted From Yale

Brazil prison riots

Live Election feed from New Orleans starting at 7p central.

Did the bubble burst this week?

Skinner, can you give us an update on the fundraiser?

freepers chant "we gave peace a chance, we got 9-11!" at rummy's castle

GBeck on radio says DaVinci Code has as many errors as Fahrenheit 911

mary cheney live on c-span2

Caption this pic of cheney

U.S. produces anti-suicide bombing ad for Iraq

Exit route for allies after new Iraq deal

Where's my sticky?

Vatican call to flick Da Vinci ignored

I just found

"What's your plan?" - "To get your racist homophobic ass out of office !"

The Myth of the Republican "Moderate": Sen. Lincoln Chafee Case in Point

freepers feast on their own after a lame Clinton protest...

Connect The Dots

NY Times' Frank Rich deciphers 'The Rove Da Vinci Code'

Who am I?

I saw the tabloid The Globe in the checkout line, RE: Bush

Who is more evil--Bush or Cheney?

I'm A Values Voter!

My vote is for C++ as the official language of the US

This is so Sad! Yet Another Family Suffering Because of bush....


Da Vinci Code movie question.

Da Vinci Code - 29.5 Million Opening Day / #1 US Film

Where can I find a clip of the Letterman interview with Mary Cheney?

HOLY CRAP!!! Harper's and Mr. Fish don't mince words.

*** Saturday TOONs: Spying ***

RW Lauderdale mayor calls working class residents "beer drinking schlocks"

Inspired by Rocknrule, I put a new bumper sticker on my car...

Should there be an official language for this country...

Say NO to Rove!

US textbooks a "scandal and outrage"

Indiana State Dem Chair sends Begala a letter in support of Dean.

Can you tell a person's political position by what they drive?

Some animated gifs for you

FOX EWES - You "Herd" it Here First (I say this sheepishly)...

G.I. Jesus? Battlecry -The new form of military recruitment from the RW

Uh-Oh George! Pesky questions about your National Guard Duty. Again.

This Election In November 2006 Is The Most Important One of Our Lifetime

Bonds yards it.

Ordinary RW scam, or something more sinister?

New anti-war video.

Abe Lincoln, GW Bush, and JFK are on a plane.

We are quick to judge because passion for change will not wait

Republicon's desperation hit's new levels!

Obama: It took two days in the Senate to be called a sell-out

A GOP encounter from my precinct walking today.

I'm running for office and received this crazy email

Mary Cheney: "I've got my cake and I'm eating it too. Proudly."

Do most Dems wear Birkenstocks??

The Real Democratic Party has emerged as THE "Third Party"

Another reason to loathe and ignore Tom Friedman

Memo To Harry Reid: It's the "Bigotry Amendment"

A right wing moron tries to sound rational on gay marriage

Do You PERSONALLY KNOW Someone Who Is/Was In Iraq or Afghanistan?

You Do The Math

The irony of ahem English only

The Environmental Wars Conference: June 2-4, 2006

Don't think English should be the official language? You're going to hell!

Witty, confident, relaxed - yes, it's Al Gore

The Political Week in Cartoons

Is it time to hide the children ?

Bush Is Certifiable

2004 CBC Interview with Bill Clinton

Are JD Hayworth and Richard Pombo vulnerable?

If GOP were the underdog - they would be screaming about IMPEACHMENT

Robert Parry: Democrats, the Truth Matters!

Religious Liberals Gain New Visibility

'Mudcat' sets Dem's sights on rural America

David Gregory asks Bush about his horrible, no good, very bad rating

so the morans want english as the "official" language (and many of them

How difficult is it for Republicans to vote against their Party ?

more on Martinez and the magazine caper

Why are we still afraid of terrorists?

November 06: A Re-Defining Moment

Four arrested in Romania for spreading bird flu

If Gore Runs, Republicans Win

Do we treat Team Bush better than Bill Clinton

Joe Conason: Don't punish Hayden for Bush's sins

Hayden wants the 4th amendment scrapped

The media and certain Dems were targeted by ANTHRAX TERROR 9/01

The media spin vs. the cold, bleak reality (pix heavy)

Voting Machine Chicanery--A Hypothetical Solution

Mothers Against Illegal Aliens Lady, in her own inadvertently funny words

military contractors to gain control of U.S. borders - snookered again

At "Mothers Against Illegal Aliens" they're speaking Bush's language

"Nothing worse than a woman know it all." — Behind the scenes on Hardball!

What does making English the "official" language mean?

Theory:Reagan moved the country to the right. Gingrich to the far right...

Right Message, Wrong Messenger

CNN's Quick Vote du jour, RE: stemming the violence in Iraq.

Say NO To Karl Rove!

Newspaper poll re: Nitwit sending NG to border...

The HPV Misinformation is Sickening

Does anyone have LIVE vote results from NOLA?

Clinton: climate change greater threat than terrorism

Town may evict unmarried couples with kids

In House Races, More GOP Seats Look Vulnerable

The Slow Motion Squirrel Act ...... is it the Finale?

Landrieu or Nagin in New Orleans??

Sorry bit the post entitled Holy Shit, is posted under..

Laura Bush's commencement speech

Why does everyone insist all Dems speak with one voice?

My LTTE re: False Iran dress code/yellow arm band for Jews story:

Holy shit!!!!

Sigh. Rule #1, Mr Lieberman, is don't accuse opponents of buying votes...

Update in Florida citizen-activist investigating election fraud

Murtha says he should have spoken out sooner, warns of investigations

Giving lie to Bush's personal popularity

Cheney in San Diego Tues - CDC wants us all to come "greet" him!

Religious liberals gain new visibility

Party of Deceit ... World of Failure ....

Democrats to Focus on Fuel

New Obama Book Probes Political Problems

Another great Dixie Chicks song!

The Village Voice (now RW owned) Fired Him, Mother Jones Hired Him

Political Vanity.....My FReeper definition on Urban Dictionary needs..

Good Afternoon, Governor.

Polls, 50-state strategy, and the coming re-alignment...

John Kerry Delivers Kenyon College Commencement Address

I support English as an official's why.

Help me compile a list of the best Democratic quotes...

DLC arrogance - is there no limit???

It will be good for the Democratic Party to defeat a Repub-Lite...