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Archives: May 21, 2006

Make Poetry, Not War Maureen Dowd

The fair choice for climate change (CNN){Greenhouse gases, carbon trading}

Breaking point: Inside story of the Guantanamo uprising (Independent / UK)

Iraqis Form Government, With Crucial Posts Vacant

Congress Faces Multiple Criminal Probes

Lo! Rupert has spoken

Afghanistan gripped by worst fighting since 2001

Economics Nobelist on the IMF and America's fiscal incontinence

Jean Rohe Why I Spoke Up (at New School ) where McCain gave speech.

Dome of Montserrat's Volcano Collapses

Three Gorges dam wall completed (BBC)

What are the rules on recommending threads here?

You realize proving controlled demolition does not prove MIHOP, right?

New 9/11 Demolition Movie - "What's The Truth?"

Critic apologizes for misconstruing Doug Jones' remarks

Question about voting

I didn't even know there was a debate today

No June visit to Washington for Harper

Bernardini wins Preakness; Barbaro injured (MSNBC/AP)

Student jailed for planning food fight at Glendale school

NYT: In House Races, More G.O.P. Seats Look Vulnerable

Ships tipped off to surprise searches

Colombia city power grid attacked

New orleans mayor's race, Landrieu leads, but race tightening

FBI searches congressman's office

President Bush hails unity government in Iraq

AP: New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has won re-election

Veterans bill loses $507 million for military construction work

NYTs: Misjudgments Marred U.S. Plans for Iraqi Police (fuel civil war)

Latest Hitler: how lies become news (Iran Law that Jews wear armband lie)

NBC: FBI searches congressman’s office

Some Nevada Republicans bring discontent to convention

Mrs. Bush Tells Grads Not to Ignore World

Immigration issue is dividing Republican Party

Republicans seek apology from Reid

SF Chronicle: Champion of nudity found dead in jail cell

GOP Pins Hopes on Black Republicans

Fugitive pleads with US to 'liberate' Iran (meets with Richard Perle)

Verizon says PUC has no authority over NSA records (Maine)

Winner Ray Nagin

Despite ruling, prayer recited at graduation

Pope: Low birth rates in Canada due to 'pervasive effects of secularism'

Two Bushes

The Four Seasons. Vivaldi

MEEP!! I'm going to Chinatown in fifteen minutes! Who wants what?

Five Break Into Police Cars at the Sheriff's Annex

Am I wicked?

5 Episodes of "Little Britain" starts at 9pm ET

Oh man, why am I having fun in Freeperland?

Hypothetical Battle: Giant Megalodon Vs US Aircraft carrier


The whisper in the word....Love..Goodnight

I just spent nearly 9 hours walking and standing in 103 degree heat

And a good Saturday evening to you all!

Another kudzu sticky!

Being an ADA on Law & Order=Being a redsweater securty on Star Trek.

new mozilla beta release

Whose phone number is that in the red sticky?

Who is The Best Person In The World?

Need strategy suggestions for

Tonight, I performed oral.......

An older song that seems to fit our present times...

Help me pick a subject for this thread

Sorry for the sticky. I had to show off my ripped pecks

Man, I hate emo kids.

MMMM Beefcake!

Top 50 Conservative Rock Songs (Good for a laugh...)

Who is the best Persian in the world?

I'm watching the ORIGINAL "Rollerball"

I'm leaving in a few minutes to go see The Da Vinici Code !!!

Cool old airplanes (pic heavy)

Anyone else think DU should offer free colour theory lessons...

Okay, so they're doing a remake of 007's Casino Royale

Kudzu was too far out in front of the news-cycle.

"Next time I have a question I'll ask someone with a penis!"

Mid 20th Century Pop Culture Quiz

I need pseudoephedrine, but do not want to sign my rights away to get it

God, SNL sucks so hard these days!

It's time for HATE HAIKUS! - share your hate of Fuckstick, in haiku form

Nazi Punks Fuck Off

OK! New pics from tonight...the sunset and the waves...dial-up warning

Is your town "gay friendly"?

I'm taking my fabulous ass out dancing

List three unsual things about yourself

10.5 NBC pseudoscience/FEMA movie tonight

Constipated by American "Art"--or a Rabrrrrr appreciation thread:

Saturday night downer: query re: asshole parents. (Had 'em? Are you them?)

Any other blood donors out there? Take a bow!!

Well, I'll bet none of you have ever done THIS:

Screw kudzu! It's going nowhere!

Dear DU yogurt experts: HELP!

Bloodline of the Holy Grail

Public Health Malpractice

What the hell is it with the Mets and closers

My stepmother is at an Adventist "hospital" and I would like comments

I am so sick of these...(warning profanity)

American Perspectives

what follow-up do you expect to Kerry's Iraq speech after 5/22?

It was sunset on Gull Bay as the EDVs gathered to watch

So ... today I had 'that talk' with my son ......

First UK troops to leave Iraq 'within weeks' - US sending in more troops

FYI Da Vinci Code: Bloodlines on the History Channel.

Public to see report on cop torture allegations

Bechtel: Friends in High Places


After attending the Dem State Convention in CT, I have to say...

Big Dog just made me cry on C-SPAN

They made another 9/11 film??

Fourth Estate Radio Show at 10pm!

FEENEY WATCH: Scalia Spanks Feeney for Attack on Judiciary

Need nice pics of Al Gore

Just saw the Masters of Horror episode which spoofs the 04 election

Rawstory:NY Times' Frank Rich deciphers 'The Rove Da Vinci Code'

Law Enforcement Hearts Electronic Records

Rate the GOP

Coming on CBS Now: 48 Hours Mystery - Disappearance of U.S. Soldier

Do they not teach psychology

The sticky of the gent in the current top row linked to an interesting

Misjudgments Marred U.S. Plans for Iraqi Police

Nagin Ahead - No, Nagin Behind - No, Ahead.....

Wesley Clark will be on Fox New Sunday 11:20 am

Condos offer car fans 4 walls for 4 wheels

N.O. - 14% reporting, Landrieau 51% Nagin 49%

Salon Interviews Truthout Re: Partial Apology Over Rove Article

Any combat vets here planning to watch 'Baghdad ER'?

Why do Democrats fight so ?

It's time! Who's going to watch election results?

You know you're old when Katherine Harris's opponent, Leroy Collins

I Love DU: Why I Am Not Donating

DU "Standards" Of Accoutability: My Response, In Agreement...

FBI raids US House of Representatives office (Dem)

Please DU this poll

need help here!! am I losing my mind, because I could have sworn there

A major Da Vinci revelation for Harry Potter fans!!!!

How was David Letterman's interview with Mary Cheney?

Lawyers call Gitmo uprising 'rubbish': Inside story of Guantanamo

Daniel Elsberg's Psychiatrist: Is the NSA Bugging YOUR Doctor?

Looking For Some Original Artist Sketches..(For A Parkinson's Tattoo)Help!

Move the Furniture, the Band Is Here

Top story on MSNBC is the search of a Dem congressman's office

Sunday morning news shows; Ugh for the most part...

Jean Rohe: Why I spoke up


Is this true about "No Child Left Behind?"

My Take On NOLA's Election

Gang Members Joining the Military

Fetus' Feet Show Fish, Reptile Vestiges

Should Atheists be allowed to marry?

WWL calls the election for Ray Nagin.

Elisabeth Bumiller: Rove will not be indicted

Bush breaks pledge and increases taxes on teenagers

I was in the local pharmacy this afternoon,

w8liftinglady--so glad to hear that your soldier is home-- thank you for

We need MORE immigrants like Steven

Dear agent mike,

SNL Cartoon on Now!

Jean Rohe - Why I Spoke Up (New School pre-McCain speaker)

~ Ned Lamont Sends WAKE UP call to Joe Lieberman (full report) ~

Real life update on Housing situation-

To all those who will attend Christian church services tonight or tomorrow

NAGIN WINS !!! - There IS Hope For America !!!

Kiplinger's “smartest places to live”

FYI: Dallas TX drivers

Feith to teach at Georgetown; remember Doonesbury on Kissenger at

Saturday's Doonesbury: LOL

McCartney may lose quarter of fortune in divorce (4 yrs-- WTF?)

I Am Proud To Have Donated To The Best Political Site On The Web.

Need Your Help!!!

Shipping Co.s tipped off by Coast Guard before searches

The reporter who wrote the USAToday NSA story

Governor Jeb Bush tilts toward gay-marriage ban in FL Constitution

San Diego Union Tribune: Give it up

Misjudgments Marred U.S. Plans for Iraqi Police

Cheney stumps in California for embattled House candidates

Ray Nagin: Kissing Bush's ass in his acceptance speech

Religious liberals... poverty, affordable health care and global warming

Think Progress: Climate Scientist To CEI: Stop Misrepresenting My Research

Never let it be said that DU'ers aren't creative in describing

Tasini On A Tear

Okay guys, some GOOD NEWS From New Orleans...

CNN's Jack Cafferty SLAMS the GOP over anti-gay marriage amendment

NY-29: We can win this one

Asking a BIG favour, fellow DUers ...

"Lieberman wins!"

"They Ordered Me to Lay My Head In a Pool of Blood"

Religion, Rome and The Reich: The Vatican's other dirty secret

Will Your Vote Count in 2006?

Bush governs in dictator style

WP,pg1: U.S./Mexico border "feels and acts like a country unto itself"

US faces eviction from Kyrgyzstan (Our Last Mil Base in Central Asia.)

Warnings for emergency responders kept from Area 51 workers

Packed planes, rising fares: Rough air travel on the way

Propaganda helps politicians rob us blind

Bruce Shapiro (The Nation): The Wiretapping Tango

How Labour used Bush's tactics to get Blair elected

Collapse of the US Petrodollar Looming

2006: The Year the Progressive Movement Became a Movement by david sirota

Home flippers' investments flop

Hartford Courant: Lieberman's in Trouble

Johnny Got His Gun, but Now He Can't Get a Job

LOL! Moon's Main Man, Richard Viguerie, Tells Conservatives to abandon GOP

Dahr Jamail: Testimony from a former U.S. Army Ranger ("atrocities")

NY Daily News: Gun Shows - Fun for the Whole family!

Waterfuel - new metalworking revolution or hoax??

Floodwater threatens coastal wildlife (Maine)

Don't rush to nuclear power, warns Blair's environment adviser

Global Food Supply Near the Breaking Point

US and Canada to take 50% of world LNG supply by 2015

What Sportsmen Think About Global Warming: National Opinion Poll

European energy groups involved in carbon trading are manipulating

Who Killed the Electric Car? Lots of resources here . . .

About that time when young Queen Elizabeth was pawing the plutonium.

Where have all the icebergs gone? Where have all the icebergs gone?

Enviros: N.C. power plans omit alternatives

The Vela Incident - Nuclear Test or Meteoroid?

Bomb 'aimed at Abbas ally' found

Militants claim Palestinian spy chief attack-Web

The incredible shrinking Palestine

Israel OKs Expansion of Jewish Settlements

Is LIHOP/MIHOP about to break wide open?

Jamie McIntyre Expands On Pentagon 9/11 For 'On The Story'

Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression

New squibs video No Sheraton Hotel Tape

Petition for Awareness of the 9/11 Truth Movement


A new voting machine: Populex

Exit Poll Margin of Error in North Carolina 2004

Will MSNBC put this ON TV ?

MSNBC: Elections chief urges citizens to demand vote accountability

Newsweek calls new Diebold security disaster "fast track to fraud" !

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News Sunday May 21, 2006

Kucinich spreading the word on electronic voting machines

Busy week upcoming for the Election Assistance Commission

Common Dreams: Why is the Media Downplaying Our Voting Scandal?

Oh, boy. Now we're in trouble.

BradBlog: NPR's Weekend Edition Covers the Latest Diebold Security Issues

First District Dems take on issues

Tom Vilsack's Israel Jaunt Funded by AIPAC.

Chicks are coming to Des Moines

Long shot - Nevo users, can you control your SB card or WinTV PVR?


Salsify, anyone?

Tories twist words by equating war dissent with disrespect of troops.

I posted this over at GLBT, but since it's about a remarkable Canadian,

CNN/AP: Immigration dominates party radio addresses

Prosecutors ask to get DeLay charge restored

'Da Vinci Code' opens with est. $29M: Yr's biggest opening-weekend gross?

Recently enacted tax cut bill takes more of teens' savings

BP's 'hero' status argued

Packed planes, rising fares: Rough air travel on the way

Authorities arrest man in fraud case:Bank scandal hit Uruguay during crisi

WP: Violence Invades Baghdad's ERs: Police, Soldiers Attack Physicians

Spanish PM Seeks Peace Talks With ETA

Army Jury Convicts Soldier in Wife's Death

Da Vinci Code Breaks Italy Box Office Records

13 Killed in Bombing at Baghdad Restaurant

Now that a Government has been formed in Iraq are the troops coming home

US faces eviction from Kyrgyzstan (Our Last Mil Base in Central Asia.)

Democrats Sherrod Brown, Harry Reid launch fuel-bill campaign

Johnny Got His Gun, but Now He Can't Get a Job

Warnings for emergency responders kept from Area 51 workers

Ex-deputy secretary of state new figure in CIA leak probe

How Labour used Bush's tactics to get Blair elected

Mexico is more antagonistic against foreigners then US

FL: 'Surplusing' process starts for school employees (new word for layoff)

Hundreds branded criminals due to mix-up

Firefight Kills 4 Soldiers in Afghanistan

LAT: Al Qaeda Agent's 9/11 Role Comes Into Focus

Information Sharing on the Rove Indictment Story

Republicans Pin Hopes on Black Candidates

Weary Serbs watch Montenegro vote

Filing: Tape Shows Lawmaker Taking Money

Vicente Fox wil visit the US

Locked-out motorists could get keys faster

Bilingual law fails first test

Doolittle among incumbents facing tough primary fights (Abramoff ties)...

(IRAN) No distinctive attire for non-Muslims

Police union launches anti-Newsday campaign

Iraqi PM vows 'maximum force'

In open split with Bush, top US conservative calls for independent mov't

The Trojan Cooling Tower Is Gone

Mubarak Chides U.S. on ("Nucular") Double Standards...

Briber paid for 2nd meal for Harris

Venezuela loans Bolivia $100m for land plan

NYT/Reuters: Bono Presses Africa to Tackle Corruption

La. Church Shooting Leaves Four Dead

(Israeli PM) Olmert: Iran Close To Atomic Bomb Know-How

Iran biggest beneficiary of US-led Iraq war: Albright

Dixie Chicks' Maines Now Says President is Owed 'No Respect Whatsoever'

WP: Bush Is Losing Hispanics' Support, Polls Show

No Security Guarantee for Iran, Rice Says

Attorney Gen.: Reporters Can Be Prosecuted

Despite Pledge, Taxes Increase for Teenagers

Gonzales: Language Bill Purely Symbolic

(Gen.) Franks: Soldiers' deaths cost of security (doesn't matter how many)

El Al quits equipping planes with new anti-missile system

London Times: Markets ‘are like 1987 crash’

Court Filing Says (Democrat) Lawmaker Caught on Tape Taking $100,000

Republican hopes to ride Lieberman's declining wave

Phil. Inq.: Santorum calls Casey a 'thug' in residency flap

ABC: Edwards: Bush Worse than Nixon; Blasts Bush, Readies to Run Again

Oooh. Bonsai kittens..

Do you have a favorite net hoax?

Damn, Eddie Murphy used to be a funny mother fucker.

I am only posting this thread so I can look busy.

Okay, can someone tell me why tonight was so weird?

The Da Vinci Code nudged me toward examining Christianity

Just where the Hell is KUDZU going?

Minnesota's legislature just approved 2 new stadiums tonight.

Taste the sweet MacGuffin.

Anyone else see the White Sox - Cubs brawl today?

Why is today's media and music so depressing?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Moses supposes his toeses are Roses...

I needed to test something to do with the main post function,

Barry Bonds hits MacGuffin

70,000 empty Coors lite beer cans!

I wish to complain about this Barry Bonds

"Booed when he was introduced before the game....

Goodnight everybody.

'Da Vinci Code' opens with est. $29M: Yr's biggest opening-weekend gross?

What's your favorite postmodern or "challenging" movie kiss?

Anybody ever do a chocolate cake shot?

Señor Wences, did you do any?

do your fixed male dogs hump other dogs?

Double Take Headline of the Day: Is Shrub Darwin's 'Missing Link?'

I'm obstreperous and there's nothing you can do about it!

Got a letter from my exwife

Got a letter from the government

Got a letter from the government


Wow..I hugged Bill Clinton this morning..

What does "Too far out in front of the news cycle" mean exactly?

OK so I know I shouldn't laugh at violence...

Can't sleep. Setting up home theatre PC instead.

Did anyone see the Barrera v. Juarez fight last night?

ONLY $29 million grossed for DA VINCI CODE??

Did You Hear About The "Other-cott" Of The DaVinci Code?

So you say you like to dance?

Da Vinci Code Breaks Italy Box Office Records

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Trickle Down Economics on CBS Sunday Morning....

Ooookay. I am invisible.

Found a dog yesterday

Black Sci-fi Comedy About Dysfunctional US Wows Cannes: Southland Tales

What if they remade "The Rock" with The Rock?

Are you now or have you ever been an egotist?

When you go into public wearing sandals, long hair and don't shave...

Some Of The Stickies Are Hysterical!!

"Back away from the porn...DONATE NOW"....

Free Movie weekend on DirecTV. HBO Baghdad ER on tonight

i don't go anywhere where i can't wear sandals

Dixie Chicks tour dates posted

Ignore the critics - The Da Vinci code is freaking awesome!

I'm the 20th most blogrolled person on DU??

Finland celebrates Eurovision win

Death to boners!

Bad dog.

Legendary crooner Robert Goulet seeking Canadian citizenship

View outside

Help please on Faux Bailey recipe

A question about TOILETS

I don't care anymore

What if we were to turn the kudzu thread into a really raunchy sex thread?

Anyone care to burn one?

I am slightly sick.

I'm loving my new media center!

I got a summons for federal jury duty.

Anyone else having problems with "hide thread"?

What should I do with my "In Cold Blood" 1st edition hardcover?

PC Help??? Trying to install XP on a Linux machine.

The original 'A Star Is Born' is on!

Post pictures of you cheating on your spouse!

Absolutely nothing

Anyone else beginning to think that we won't meet the fund drive goal?

So what should I do with the rest of my day?

I need just one person to PM me

New Pearl Jam Video Is A Free Download

Play the Ice Age Scrat game on-line, post your highest score!

I don't want to clean my apartment

I just posted in the kudzu thread. I'm so ashamed!

List 2.54 usual things about yourself

If I weren't such a cheap bastard...

How far away are you from the Shelter House at Downing Park?

Max readers here- What time? I want max readers of my post..maximum #

I is off to bed now.

I've got Jury Duty this week - any advice?


Jesus poll. Did he exist? Son of God. A Man?

Any car people who could give me a little help?

Holy mackerel! Did you guys in northeast Connecticut just get

Damn it. As if things couldn't get any worse.

God gave rock and roll to you


watching 'what dreams may come' on sci-fi, why does it have to be so...

Happy birthday OneBlueSky!!

Goodnight..look after yourselves....peace

What is your best piece of memorabilia?

Hats off to the Cleveland Cavaliers!

Dammit! I wish I had a credit card!

Mike Wallace DOES have brass balls.

if you had to choose . . .

Update on my sister with cancer situation

Cookie sex

Senior Pranks, did you do any?

Prom update

Anyone familiar with Austin, Texas?

I am stuck on Band-Aids

I'm The Luckiest Guitar Clown Alive

i'm listening to styx

Inadvertent Venison Marinara

I had a nice trip.

Caption this...

On second thought, let them all die

Re the Oscar Wilde stickie. Nice to see the man's face up there

Congratulations kentuck! 35,000 posts

One of my posts was deleted

Hey! I just logged on and saw a sticky with my face on it!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 5/21/06)

Christie's auctioning off Star Trek props

Nelly Furtado is the worst!

New anti-war video (FLASH)

Barbaro Update

This is why the Calgary Flames suck

"You..." Choose your favorite!

Anyone been to Oaxaca or Chiapas?

It's time to purge another dangerous group from the Democratic Party

Congratulations primate1!! 15,000 posts

Sloganize your name!

I got lost in the woods today.


I am so proud of swag...... Hitting 1050 on his provocative....

Dumbest thing you've ever done while pre-occupied...

Happy National Orgasm Day, DU lounge!

So should I keep the hair cropped short like this?

Suggest journals for my blogroll, dammit!

please tell me what you think:

The Da Vinci Code movie opens: Fundies of the world go nuts!!!

I'm not writing my paper right now.

Why Don't You Go To The Movies Any More?

For all those who say there is no God... I offer you proof.

My washer just stopped spinning - can you recommend a new one?

The IMDB Bottom 100 Movies Of All Time......

Free Voice Mail Services

Taste the sweet muffin

I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YOU!!! Post a pic from your High School Days


post a picture of you as a picture

Post pictures of you in another country

Stovetop Blackberry Cobbler

My new lastest cake.. and no its not the penis cake..

Religious Right Note: Ken Blackwell

Atheist/ Agnostic Question: A Funeral Prayer, what do you do??

Was Muhammad real?

Question about prayer in public meetings

Religion, Rome and The Reich: The Vatican's other dirty secret

Religion/Theology debates? Or just mocking others?

How Religiously Diverse is Democratic Underground

What would you do if you were granted God like powers for a month?

Dairy cows linked to human twins

SkypeCast on Access to Health Care

CBT-I versus pharmacotherapy for primary Insomnia

Powerful telescope to be built in Chile (AP/CNN)

YAY Kansas, watch us move!

I feel really privileged to know this woman.

Hingis Wins First Title Since Her Return

Chess News for week ending May 21

Barry Bonds ties Babe Ruth !!!

Boxing: Barrera vs Juarez

Cheney Health Thread Part II

Kerry joins Strickland rally in Toledo

Hey Fedup -- WP story says Drake is now vulnerable in VB

Politicians on the net! Didn't we say this?

Which old time movie star does John Kerry most remind you of?

Kerry: “Do you think I ought to do it again?”


Motorcyclist and Bridge

"There's Ice Cream up in the Barn"

F. Gordon, thanks for recommending the exposure book...

I know this is going to make me seem like a jerk....

Bloodline of the Holy Grail

The Revolution Starts Here

How do you get people to connect the 'dots'?

Food For Thought For Repubs, Freepers, & Misc. Lurkers

Religion, Rome and The Reich: The Vatican's other dirty secret

A Humerous and Interesting Conversation on Religion

Hirst's diamond creation is art's costliest work ever

What a Hoot. GOPs Pombo and McCloskey in a knock down drag out

RW'ers on Government Protection

Like to try People PC.....I have a discount code.

The SMITE report - Pat Robertson Smiteologist reporting (Sun toon)

Double-take Headline of the Day: Is Shrub Darwin's 'Missing Link?'

It's time to purge another dangerous group from the Democratic Party

Hey, Freeps! I thought you don't care what them Socialist Canucks...

How Religiously Diverse is Democratic Underground

Bush to make announcement on live t.v. on a Sunday morning?

Amnesty, Reagan led the way in 1986

Awakening the sleeping masses

1918 flu survivor may help with bird flu vaccine

There's a sticky up there with a favorite political quote on it.

c-span WJ with holly bailey from newsweek

"Be gone by evening prayers or we will kill you,"

Tidbits from Tweety. (Gore, Rove news)

Fox News Sunday proves it's fair and balanced with Condi and McCain

Things are much, much worse than they appear, though few see it.

Moment of silence-for the 26 marines killed this week ABC.

The chimp Praises The New Iraqi Government! Peace Will Reign!!!!

delete - wrong place to post

Happy Birthday, Al Franken!

Anybody Have The Sunday Talk Show Guest List? Anyone Watching MTM:

"I've no plans to stand for US presidency again," says Gore

Trojan Implosion OFFICIAL Watch thread!!!

Where is the song in a Sunday morning if we don't . . . . . . .CAPTION????

How accurate are the unemployment figures?

Iran says no thanks to US security guarantees. What? They don't trust us?

Friend Left As Deposit At Gas Station

Revisiting immigration.

Now that a Government has been formed in Iraq are the troops coming home

Should Democrats start advocating for a "Balanced Budget Amendment"?

"Dems need to reassert tough minded liberal internationalism in the Kenn-

George Will said we are in the middle of civil war in iraq

Quote of the day:

Citgo and the US military

FBI raids Jefferson office in D.C.

Has anyone compiled Bush family=Saudi family relations?

Blitzer interviewing PNAC signatory and thug Zalmay Khalilzad

Firefights Kill 1 French, 16 Afghan Troops

How to prevent power mongers from taking over?

Edwards Video: "Leading an illegal effort to spy on Americans"

Is the Bush/Cheney lack of response to Katrina a crime against humanity?

It's... "The Mary Cheney Hyperbole Contest"! (describe your fave Cheney)

Combatants use a new weapon in terrorism war: the sex bomb

Republicans Pin Hopes on Black Candidates

These are some of the guys that started the war.

I wonder what it's like to be the most hated man in the world.

Coast Guard warns ships of inspections

Reading Chomsky's "Failed States" and am wondering...

'I know how hard it is for you to put food on your family"

Russert is having TWO Republicans "squaring off" on immigration. WTF?

AP: Rice: U.S. Faces Dilemma Over Guantanamo (bs warning)

Canada's National Post retracts report that Iranian Jews will be forced...

Bushism of the Day - What is he referring to:

Does anybody remember the NASCAR driver who criticized Duh-Bya?

What the f*** is Kathleen Parker's deal? (Tweety panelist today)

Fury on the Right-Bush's Base Betrayal

Is LIHOP/MIHOP about to break wide open?

Selling air at the 7-ll

Deep-sea fish stocks 'plundered'

question about Govt. Printing Office


Kindasleazy Lies utters complete nonsense and Russert doesn't care!

How to piss off a Republican:

Doesn't this guy EVER use anti-perspirant?

AOL Poll on Bush* tax cuts. Screwed teenagers/raised taxes

(VIDEO) Rumour from the Convention says Lieberman will leave in two weeks

Is the Iraqi government becoming stable enough to execute Saddam?

Someone PLEASE tell me they have the video of Tweety acting like a monkey!

Full page ad in The NYT's-10 CEO's Call For Rummy's Can

Please read and recommend this thread in Election Reform

Saudi Texts Continue to Support Hatred

This week is the week.

Wishful thinking?

It was Kathleen Parker, not Bumiller, who said Rove would not be indicted

Legendary crooner Robert Goulet seeking Canadian citizenship

Truthseekers...need help with Malloy music.

FOX News should be reprimanded severly

In open split with *, top US conservative calls for independent movement

Jean Rohe: Why I Spoke Up Against McCain

Question: Are most Wal-Mart shoppers Dems or Repubs?


TruthOut, Investigative Internet News Source, says Cheney may be target

BREAKING: AG Says He CAN Prosecute Reporters For National Security Stories

For all those who complain about the "silent" Christian Left

FDL : Fitzgerald Investigation/Libby Case Update, Part II

Never forget that those in charge right now are cold blooded murderers.

WaPo: As Loudoun Grows, So Do Its Families

How does this sound: Return To Commonsense Vote Democratic

Judith Miller: Tipped Off to 9/11?

I need help with a book....

A Dire Department?

remember the UK weapons scientist's strange death?

Two can play the immigration game---I'm moving south for

Want A Star And A Sticky? Come On In And Join The Contest!

"I apologized for disrespecting the office of the President. But I don't

I've no plans to stand for US presidency again, says Gore

John Edwards: Bush Worse than Nixon

SF Chronicle: 10% of all Mexicans are now living in the U.S.

Speaking of Brainwashing

Question for Lousianans about MrGO

The 14 Points of fascism,as they apply to * and gang


FDL: Fitzgerald Investigation/Libby Case update, Part I

Even Repuke Kansas doesn't want brownback as pres...

Lovely. Those counting Iraq deaths are "MISSING THE BIG PICTURE"

David Gergen thinks the country is adrift -- not so, it's being pushed

Globe tabloid

Judge Revokes Bail For Saudi Bus Riders

Stephen Colbert on the minutemen and their "fence"

Trainwreck Of The Week 5/20/06

Fighting back against government intrusion into the privacy of the media.

HEADS UP! 20 minutes to "State of Belief" on AAR.

IMF Warns Bolivia on Nationalization.

Drug addiction fattens Banksters wallets, CIA

Any Mass delegates to the convention - consider Gabrelli

people are strange..

All electronic devices are subject to compromise.

From a BUJEW....The Da Vinci Code

Have you noticed that their has been an upsurge of ...

Setbacks can derail retirement savings

Voir Dire and the legal way to profile. Thread for trial lawyers.

DU a poll;

Please DU this poll

Have you changed your telephone talking habits, maybe even in jest?

Plame outing poll

Company stock in your 401(k)? It's unwise to roll it over to IRA

Montenegro independence lead now wafer-thin: pollsters

A collection is being taken for George W. Bush. A must read.

1 in 136 U.S. Residents Behind Bars

Tinfoil time! RE: Jefferson bribery scandal

Okay DU.who is sponsoring the Illegals to gain citizenship

B*sh's handling of our Country reminds me of

(VIDEO) John Edwards: Bush is worse than Nixon

These soundbytes sure put "I didn't inhale" in to perspective.....

The Monitor - at 6 pm CST - Greg Palast

1933 was the last time the U.S. savings rate was negative as it is now

The fun things people say. This week: Madame Roland of France

Article - Lieberman's in Trouble

"Are the kids being taught to hate the GOP ?"

"We see the horseshit. Show us the ponies."

The "Bush taxing teens" issue. Gimme your insights.

Anyone else seen this?

"An Inconvenient Truth" - take the pledge

All right, all right, I donated.

Mexico Works to Ban Non Natives From Jobs

(VIDEO) SNL: Fun With Real Audio and Bush

Student jailed for planning food fight at Glendale school

Rice doesn't know Jack

Has anybody seen "Chasing El Norte"?

Who Isn't A 'Values Voter'? An impressively analytical piece by Will

What if Fitzgerald is really after Cheney ??

Legal immigration. Still, homeless & no better off than if illegal.

'Baghdad ER' Shows Medics on Front Lines

Will Marshall on C-SPAN

John Lewis: 'Conscience' with clout changed their test: I'm a "hardcore liberal" now!

Current TV segment on abortion in Utah. Very interesting.

George Bush Texas Air National Guard statue.

Time for a Historic Update From Ras

Democrats need a Blue Moses to part the bullshit on the Red sea.

New anti-Gore M$M herd narrative: "The Anger Trap"

Hey Election Reform people (and everyone), Newsweek just put an article up

Video of US Army on raid in Iraq.

Oh God: Filing: Tape Shows Lawmaker (Jefferson) Taking Money

Attorney Gen.: Reporters Can Be Prosecuted

Please DU this poll on Gitmo

Is this why Apple decided on chips from Intel instead of IBM?

BRAD BLOG: NEWSWEEK, NPR Cover Diebold Disaster! And Much More!

Need Audio clips of bush saying that Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11

A suburban, PhD prostitute. And the point is...?

*** Sunday TOONS: On the Fence ***

On CNN's Reliabe Sources,Brian Ross reveals his phone monitored.

What Percentage of Immigrants in the US are Mexicans?

ABC Reporter: Bush 'Makes Me Feel As If We Are Drug Dealers or Terrorists'

Judy Miller, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and Chimpy McCodpiece

How to upset your Republican boss

I think a good way to shake the rest of the Chimperor's base...

100 donations to go!!! I'll kick in another 10 bucks!

CNN: Inside Opus Dei - cilice

The Difference Between a Conservative and a Neoconservative

Congratulate John Murtha for Profile in Courage Award [PETITION]

Dixie Chick: "I Don't Feel He is Owed ANY RESPECT WHATSOEVER" (Time)

RW Attempting to Takeover Protestant Churches: AAR @5PM on State of Belief

cspan caller: 'Bush is the worst enemy of the white man ever'

What did I miss? (away from Western World for 2 weeks)

Ken Blackwell a JINSA member?

Bush's Wicked Iraq Lies

There is a new sticky of a most beautiful cat

Do you Support or Oppose "Guest Worker"?

WAKE UP DU! THIS is the face of your enemy. Don't let it slink away ...

The end of Will and Grace

TalkLeft: Truthout vs. Team Rove, Round II

Couple Receives $409,000 For Adoption Agency's Negligence

Shot I hope is heard around the world.

Murtha to be honored with John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury (9/11! 9/11! 9/11!)

OMG-Doonesbury today "9/11"

Benny Hinn robbing poor people again

(PICS) The President and FIrst Lady at Cannes (Dialup warning)


3 Questions for Timmy's Whore

TRUTHOUT UPDATE 5/21/06 - Thread #2

1 in 136 U.S. residents behind bars

Please all check this out...........

Top Ten Reasons There's No Discussion On Hayden Hearings

TRUTHOUT UPDATE 5/21/06 : What We Know & What We Believe

Barbaro in 3rd Hour of Leg Surgery (Hope he pulls through!)

What If Dems Fought Back Against Corporate Media Shills Like Tim Russert?


Video: (White Christian) Texans turning Muslim

When is James Baker III gonna save the day?

Verizon is Evil

QUESTION: best cities for liberals ??

Md. School With No Curriculum Challenges Conventions of Modern Education

$110 for 110th

Critic apologizes for misconstruing Doug Jones' remarks

Please explain why we even have minority congressmen?

Radical Ideas... Democratic Values?

Conservatives snub Bush

Be a Part of the Growing Pro-Impeachment Grassroots Movement

Newsweek calls new Diebold security debacle "fast track to fraud" !

Baghdad ER tonight on HBO

Will Marshall of the Progressive Policy Institute tells us how to win?

Sherrod Brown focuses on trade

How do we maintain a military to fight the enemies of Capitalism?

Who's the real "DINO"? Lieberman, or the "Let's defeat the DCL!"-ers?

AP: Edwards Links Wife's Health to '08 Bid

Republicans call on voters to unseat "full-fledged liberal" Lieberman

Tom Hayden's pep talk to the anti-war movement

Harry Shearer on NO and Democrats

SNL funhouse video. must see

Massachusetts Lt. Gov's debate live-blogging thread

Watch your back Nancy Pelosi, Rahm Emanuel wants your job

BartCop Versus Arianna Huffington on HRC

I wonder what inside info. this woman has...

Eric Massa sez "If You Build it They Will Come…and Stay"

strib: Change is in the air - maybe

Is it trollfull around here today?

I am so disgusted with John Kerry

Just got back from our "politician central" celebration

strib: Don't ignore lessons of welfare reform

January, 2007 ... there is a Dem Senate and Dem House ... will they ....

Gov Jeb Bush's break from political maneuvering doesn't last long

The 'Anger Candidate"

would you support brownback for pres in 2008...even KS says HELL NO

Dem or Repub - I'm likely to consider voting out incumbents because

With all the Truthout stories and No Rove news what do you think?

LTTE: "As soon as these illegal immigrants finish working on my roof... "

Did (Jason Leopold) tell the truth?

Idiot con claims all polls are all liberal- biased

Tax Bill was partisan. Will it help or hurt us in November?

Drudge has a report about a Dean controversy at DNC - anyone familiar?

Hartford Courant: Lieberman's in Trouble

Dems' chances of winning a majority of the House are improving rapidly


When The Greens Said In 2000: "There's No Difference Between Bush & Gore."

In the current Immigration Debate and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Who is a worse Bushco shill.......Tweety or Russert?

If Reagan had not selected Bush as his running mate in 1980...

Democrats that criticize Democrats are "traitors" to their Party ?

Zbigniew Brzezinski calls War on Terror a narrow and extremist vision

Fox "news" BS Alert !!! New skeptical global warming special starts today.

Would A National Primary Be A Good Idea?

John Edwards blasts Bush, prepares to run in 2008

I heard there is an 4.7 unemployment rate from..

Doonesbury slaps around the chimp and his scapegoat (9/11)

Progressives, Dems, Anti-DINOs, Indies, Nader voters, R-Lite can all agree

WP: Edwards, Out Courting Labor, Banks Goodwill but Little Cash

Hillary Clinton may be better (than Gore)

I'm so impressed with John Kerry

Strickland Leads Blackwell in Ohio; Kerry joins Strickland rally

Commencement Speeches Check-in

Republican voters are like abused spouses.

Why can't Senators at least say if Russell Tice said anything shocking..

NYT: Dems make defeated candidates pariahs; GOP gives status, respect

Will Newt Gingrich be on the Repub ticket in 2008 ?

Dick Morris On "Beating Hillary"

Hypothetical Re: Rep Jefferson....

I am conservative

The Electoral College: What should be done with it?

Wes Clark vs. John McCain: The Contrast is Clear!

David Astin: covert domestic assault of American citizens by DoD?

So John Edwards doesn't think we should impeach Bush

Who's the real "DINO"s? Lieberman, or the "Let's kick out the DLC!"ers?

Whittle down the field for 08. Then post your list of final contenders.

Time to Demonize "Conservatism" for a change.

Ted Kennedy: Time to be led to pasture?