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Archives: May 22, 2006

Violence Invades Baghdad's Emergency Rooms


Thank you, Mr. Bush.

Keep Your Eyes On Iran

As we survey the crumbling ruins (Ivins)

(Ju-u-u-u-st great...) Filing: Tape Shows Lawmaker Taking $100G

Descended From Jesus? Do The Math

Not Out To Impeach President (Conyers)

Global Temperatures to Rise 4.3 Degrees by Mid-Century

Talk-Show Joe (Krugman on Lieberman)

NYT: 'An Inconvenient Truth': Al Gore's Fight Against Global Warming

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 244

Rising Ocean Temperatures Threaten Florida's (and globe's) Coral Reef

Africa on the brink of catastrophic change -- blame global warming

A Look Inside a Radical New Theory of the WTC Collapse -

Is Judy Miller threatening Bushco with revealing MIHOP?

?? - Right after 9/11 *everyone* knew it was an inside job

VoteTrustUSA: Gaping Hole in HAVA Voting System Standards Widened in 2005

GuvWurld: Inherent Uncertainty

W O W what an ERD, Awesome, IS this the best Sunday ERD ever ?

Did you get an email from Boyd Richie today?

The fake "immigration crisis" - my report from the streets (Houston)

**IMPORTANT UPDATE** Flying Saucer Meet-Up INFO

Afghan leader thanks Harper for extending mission

Violence Invades Baghdad's Emergency Rooms

Home flippers' investments flop

FIJI: Iraq Guards Urged Not To "Jump Ship"

WP: Libby Prosecutor Focuses on CIA Officer's Status ("motive to lie")

Free Iraq will be ‘devastating defeat’ for Al-Qaeda: Bush

Few Americans Expect Bush Impeachment (30% - Fox News Poll)

Global Temperatures to Rise 36 Degrees by Mid-Century

WP: Elections Are Crux Of GOP's Strategy

Derby winner begins road to recovery

Israeli prime minister to press Bush on unilateral plan

Russia: Tackling The Demographic Crisis

Europe, N.Y. stock exchanges may merge

U.S. Interested in Iran Talks Over Iraq

Pressed by US, European Banks Limit Iran Deals

Rice says U.S. can't close Guantánamo

Fox News radically alters AP wire story on their website

Teen earns diploma as he fights to stay in U.S.

Nuclear push 'a terrorism risk'

NYT/AP: Chief Justice Roberts Says His Goal Is More Consensus on Court

2 Congressmen Seek Security Plans

Information Sharing on the Rove Indictment Story (latest Truthout)

'$45m paid to Iraq kidnappers'

WP: (Sr.) Bushes Banter for GWU Grads

NYT: U.S. Is Proposing European Shield for Iran Missiles

McCain says New School students need lesson in courtesy

Criminals can just be SOOOO stupid!

I just saw NBC's proposed fall schedule.

My "Da Vinci Code" moment--in 1974! (Warning--long)

Is the Niagra region still intact

Come on folks only 74 donations to go.

On a personal ads site, would you respond to a person then quickly

I am losing my mind

I really wish I was itemized this weekend

Ex-Little Leaguer Almonte marries 30-year-old

Colorado Teen Investigated For Playing 'Boob Tag'

Is this Friday the release for X3?

I keep finding pieces of KitchenWitch's mind

sodomize your dame!

there is a drawing of left is write on grovelbots sticky board

Meet the Mets

"Aren't you a wonderful, caring asshole."

"Forget the Night, live with us in Forests of azure"

Completely Free 411 Services

We MUST NOT allow a mine shaft gap!!!

Direct me to the last thread you've made.

guess in which country I took this picture

why are people herks?

My head just stopped spinning - can you recommend a new one?

ATTN: HeyHey, i found the best sig line for you!

LOL; below-season temps and a frost warning tonight in MN/WI.

Has a country song ever made you cry?

them skeeters go apeshit

There's enough explosives in the garage to blow up Cuba.

How 'bout those Pistons?

Do you use flavored salt on your popcorn? What's your favorite?

People all over the world, join hands, start a love train....

I think it's a new Moral Orel at 12:15 EST.

A strange request: the Customer of the Day

Official Barbaro Prayer Thread

Anyone know how to weather/waterproof outdoor painted wood furniture?

Something few have ever seen - photo of me in formal dress

If I had to have surgery on my ankle, would anyone care

Me so horny

Is the Kudzu thread huge so that someone can sneak a sex-subthread....

Having a late night beer. Anyone else tipping a few?

my first lounge post..look what i found..wish I could go

I'm eating crappy pizza. This is wrong. I'm in NJ, Goddamnit!

It's "goo goo goo joob" not "koo koo kachoo"

Is this clip from /Easy Rider/?

I had quite the adventure

I think my chickens have a death wish.

Ahhh... going for a lil' stroll for a couple of puffs-- anyone wanna come?


My suggested great surprise ending to the Sopranos series.

Happy Birthday Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!

What do you think President Santos is doing?

Derby winner begins road to recovery

For all those who say God has no sense of humor...I offer you proof.

Is DU experiencing Technical Difficulties, or is it Just Me?

Hey Tuvor, Spider J, Mr Slayer, et all....

Why Are People Snarky?

What did you think of the movie "21 Grams"?

Thanks to the donor who put up the sticky.

Let's examine how I've grown as a flasher

I have to get up early to get Darwin's balls snipped off.

Nice sticky, Hitler

Is there a full moon out?

The Gods Must Be Crazy is now on Fox Movie Channel.

I feel like I've been gone forever!

How many threads do you have hidden

Can they do a remake of "Airplane"?

If I put my mind to it, can I get a boyfriend by the end of the summer?

The New Superman Returns Trailer!!!!!!!!

Hi, everyone!

I swear on everything holy and pure...if Billy Wagner blows another game..

PassingFair made me watch "The ChumScrubber" last night...

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE: Does anyone care about it anymore?

Lordi! Finnish monsters win 51st Eurovision Song Contest

Anyone watch Hustle on AMC?

s.o.b. cheney will be in sacto tomorrow & j st will be closed from...

Let's examine how I've grown as a flash producer

What'd you think of the Sopronos tonight?

why did homo sapiens evolve hair on their eyebrows?

"Family Guy" Season Finale Thread (on now)

My Answer to Defeat Bad Trashy Midwestern Lawn Art - Garden Velmas!

Oh My God! - Desperate Housewives (possible spoilers)

Best TV Game Show

I want a laptop... Any suggestions on brand?

I've learned something new today

Why don't we pool our money and buy an large island somewhere...

Should I steal my neighbor's dog? (WWYD)

Ella and me .. the grandma! (1 pic.)

I've discovered a shocking secret that will rock the Mormon Church

Anyone else watching 10.5: APOCALYPSE tonight?

What American city are you?

computer acting funny....need help from the tech folks

would you drive 1,508 miles to meet a DU'er that you have never

Adam lived with Dinosaurs??

"Miracle Debris" Cross to be erected at WTC

WOW!! Trading Spouses Crazy Lady

Rice Supports Gay Inclusion At UN, Move Fails

Jeb Bush Switches, Now May Support Anti-Gay Amendment

McGreevey Book Passages Detail Gay Governor's Pain Coming Out

Gee - Repug Guv candidate (CO) opposes marriage!

Yikes! Honest senator and traffic ticket story.

Just between us down here in the clubhouse....

So I went to see the "Da Vinci Code" this weekend....

For all those who say there is no God... I offer you proof.

I put a bunch of update info

Planned Parenthood Opens Quick-Service Clinic

re: Baghdad ER..a lighter note

FL Republican leader calls on government to send money to catch gators.

Come on folks only 74 donations to go.

Which best represents US christmas cheer, after 5 yrs of Bush?

Foxnews Political Comedy Special airing tonight

We'd all do well here if we never read another "TRUTHOUT" article.

What really burns me up MOST about all of the last 5 or 10 years......

LKLive cnn good discussion --energy policy, Durbin

Video of lunatics blowing themselves up for Allah...

Kuwait court acquits ex-Guantanamo Qaeda detainees

1,000 Incarcerated Per Week From '04-'05

Italy's new govt promises less Bush ass kissing than Berlusconi did

Jefferson bribe is one guy and half the Republican leadership

Official Barbaro Prayer Thread

59 to go folks, contribute now! Please.

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST

If Ray Nagin can fix New Orleans...

Want a job in Afghanistan???

FLASHBACK: US forces murder US reporters, on Bushco orders

Bush/Cheney and the meaning of the word Courage.

BBC: Deep-sea fish stocks 'plundered' ALARMING!

Child dies in Wichita after being hit by SUV!

Court allows use of drug dogs in traffic stops

U.S. Ranger describes slaughtering Iraqi Civilians

Come on folks less than 40 donations to go. Let's DU it.

There is no way Rove will ever be indicted for anything

AT&T won't say if it gave records to federal government (Missouri)

10% of Mexico now in U.S.A.

Theodore Roosevelt discusses the Bush v Gore decision

GASP! My county is having problems with their new touchscreen machines!

BBC: Millions Flock To Da Vinci Code (2nd biggest opening ever)

Peter Werbe suggested visiting ITMFA, ...

Susan 'strep throat' estrich aghast that FOX would be called racist

How many of these Bushco Crimes/Atrocities do you remember?


The Similarities Are Striking

McCain: New School students need a lesson in courtesy from Falwell's goons

25 donations and 25 minutes to go. COOOOMMMMEE ONNNN

Where is George Bush on Monday May 22?

John Edwards said scrub is the worst president!!!! WTF

How come we don't have a Homosexual Agenda Page like the Freepers?

1184 Donations in one week... Thank you, Democratic Underground!

The fake "immigration crisis" - my report from the streets (Houston)

WHAT?......... Did not hit 1200

Mexico better watch out. O'Reilly is on the case. *snicker snicker*

British poll: The French are the worst people in the world

TOON: Tom Tomorrow (Good Grief, Porter Goss!)

Graduation.....A thanks....and a request for a 'decoding' of the vestments

Here it is in full color at the DNC site...the GOP Culture of Corruption

Anyone watching this special on HBO

Now people want to take away delivery options too?

Caption this picture of Dumbya:

DU this poll on the Dixie Chicks

Kos Diary NAILS it wrt to the press whining about being mistreated....

If you hate this bastard in the White House

*: Like Harry Truman, reputation will rise as the years pass

A puzzle: why help AIPAC?

Barbaro out of surgery... news seems positive.....


Could someone start a thread when there's an answer for the TruthOut mess?

A post a few days ago suggested Gannon was there to service Bush.

Bush: It's a new day in Iraq (graphics heavy)

What would Barbara Bush say about HBO's "Baghdad ER"?

Gore advisor in WSJ: "I know for a fact he's thinking of running"

Don't let them subject us to fifty more years of military build up.

NYT Exposes Diebold Voting Machine Security Flaw

Any combat vets watch Baghdad ER?

Democrat Jefferson caught on videotape taking $100,000 bribe


Roberts Seeks Greater Consensus on Court

Why Afghanistan is burning

Daily Kos Diary: Did Gonzales Kill Fitz's Rove Indictments?

"They should learn to speak English"

Joe Lieberman will be re-elected

check out this excellent slam at mcdonald's in costa rica.....

ATTENTION DUers Who Post on Other Websites!!!!

"By my hand alone almost 200 were taken out, that's just a rough estimate"

McCain: A hypocrite?

After watching Baghdad ER can some tell me what the hell the mission is

Republicans get poor score in a FOX poll

This Catholic blogger...says abortion foes, right wing support for Nagin

News from the White House Strategy Room...

Lawmaker Took Cash for Favors, F.B.I. Contends

Politicians Brave the Internet - With Help

Howard Dean doesn't care about black people

anyone have a link to where to see the Al Gore film?

Religious Liberals Gain New Visibility

Say it ain't so. Katherine Harris and Charlie Crist once were *an item*?

'UFO' crashes off KZN coast

U.S. Ranger describes slaughtering Iraqi Civilians

The Battle Cry For Theocracy

Congressmen Bob McCloskey &Charles Coleman running impeach Bush ads

Just watched Baghdad, E.R. - am weeping and seething at

explosive? possible split in the republican party

Boston Globe: Rice speaks on eve of commencement

How to beat big money and win back congress

Chris Bowers at MyDD has a post with a statement from Donna Brazile.


An Army Rangers account of Iraq

Just out of curiosity...a poll about Dean and the Clintons...

Republicans at the heart of massive corruption:

What just happened?

What do you dislike most about the religious right?

Iraqis Lack Faith in Leaders by Meagan Stack

The Progressive: An Interview with John Dean

Chait in LAT: The right discovers Bush's 'honesty'


The Un-Hillary - President Al Gore? (New York Magazine)

Involvement of Superior Officers at Abu Ghraib to Be Raised


Venezuela's President Chavez wins hearts and minds in London


Rove "Scoop" Remains Exclusive--WaPo

Former Senator John Glenn Goes To Bat For Democrats

Orange County (CA) Register: If not now, when?

Clarence Thomas on bush: "He's in real trouble"...

Insurgents Keep U.S. at Bay in Ramadi

George McGovern: The End of "More"



A Muslim Mao Calls for Wiping Israel Off the Map....

Washington’s New Watchword: Containment [not Victory]

Bashing Democrats, a Beltway Press Addiction

Five Civil Questions for John McCain

Voice Encryption May Draw U.S. Scrutiny (PGP Creator Phil Zimmerman)

Why doesn't the president get credit for the economy?

Memoir Details NJ Ex-Governor's Gay Trysts

OECD warns on global imbalances (BBC)

Vexed to Nightmare, The Unholy Union Behind the War on Terror

The Problem of the Bushmen

Sorry someone has just beat me. Re: FTC and Gas prices.

Do you know why I love the E&E forum?

In the Northwest, Nuclear Power Takes a Hit

Solar hot water systems resurging (NC)

Okay, I just got a new manual lawn mower...

Germany welcomes wild bear return (BBC)

Terrorists claim Palestinian spy chief attack

Goldsmith (UK attorney general) to examine Gaza deaths

EU to avoid Hamas dealings but aid Palestinians

Jordan demands swift PA inquiry into killing of embassy staffer

Paying for Israel's makeover

Terrorist: 35 Jews volunteered for suicide attacks

Pollard: It's a miracle I am alive

Jimmy Carter: Israel's New Plan, a Land Grab

"World Council of Churches slams Israel" from Jerusalem Post

Zogby Poll: Over 70 Million American Adults Support New 9/11 Investigation

Zogby Poll: Over 70 Million American Adults Support New 9/11 Investigation

John F. Kennedy killed by CIA agents? (theory)

Over 70 Million American Adults Support New 9/11 Investigation (Zobgy)

Zogby Poll: Over 70 Million American Adults Support New 9/11 Investigation

"9/11 Eyewitness Hoboken" trailer - new version of 9/11 Eyewitness

looking for link to all those Diebold images

"2004 Presidential Election – Compendium of Attempts to Dismiss Vote Fraud

Update on Voting Woes.........

Diebold's latest PR spin

Voting by Mail: Ending Long Lines & Hanging Chads

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News May 22, 2006

Gubernatorial race reportings -

Skype and Firewall Problem

I just posted a GREAT URL to my blog.

Can I get cable access via my cable line?

My 254-county campaign & traveling this week with Maria Luisa and Valinda

Brunch for 8

New security cards will suit both countries, Bush says

PM needs to show respect on the job

Rising Ocean Temperatures Threaten Florida's (and globe's) Coral Reef

NYSE proposes Euronext merger (original source)

Under U.S. Threats, European Banks Limit Deals Involving Iran

Blair Visits Iraq to Support Its New PM

Iraqis Lack Faith in Leaders by Meagan Stack

Israel: Iran 'months' from making nukes

BBC urged to sell Radio 1 and 2

Peru challengers hold TV debate

Abramoff E-Mails to Get First Courtroom Airing in Safavian Case

Congressman Caught on Tape, Documents Say

Venezuela's President Chavez wins hearts and minds in London

Amid protests, Rice meets the press

CNN/AP: WHO chief dies after brain surgery

London Times: British troops to start leaving Iraq 'in months'

AP: Franks Says Iraq Deaths Price for Security

Bush looks to (mid) elections to revive presidency

Website of KKK supporting anti-gay US Rep. Marilyn Musgrave

Montenegro swings towards independence

Arab League chief calls for nuclear-free Middle East

Big Oil cleared by FTC for price fixing

Nieman Web Site Posts Journalists' Suggestions for Political Coverage

Kabul clerics rally behind Taliban

U.S. Is Proposing European Shield for Iran Missiles

Murtha to Receive JFK Award for Iraq Stance

(FL) Death Penalty May Be In Jeopardy (Stupid Repugs

Mining industry pushing for rollback of rescue rules

Personal Data Of 26.5M Veterans Stolen

Paisley rejects nomination as N.Irish leader

Report: New Orleans Levees Underfunded

Exposure of suppressed UK war casualty figures

U.S. Marine Killed in Western Iraq

WCAX: Democrat asks Bradley to boycott Rove visit

US ‘too hasty’ in move to condemn Ecuador

Israeli diplomats plan to sue Ahmadinejad

Bush's faith worries Albright

U.S., Turkey to hold joint military exercise next week

Taleban commander still at large

Memoir Details NJ Ex-Governor's Gay Trysts

Wired: Whistle-Blower's Evidence, Uncut

U.S. airstrike kills dozens of Taliban

Zogby Poll: Over 70 Million American Adults Support New 9/11 Investigation

Thieves Steal Personal Data of 26.5M Vets

Washington’s New Watchword: Containment [not Victory]

Former President Clinton agrees with Bush immigration plan

Albright critical of Bush's religious absolutism

MSNBC's David Shuster; Rove decision could come at "any time"

Germans warned of neo-Nazi surge (BBC)

kuwaiti Emir dissolves parliment

Soufriere cripples Caribbean flights (another volcano)


Britain's Blair to Visit President Bush

Investor group seen lead in McClatchy auction-(Knight-Ridder Dismantling)

Jordan to parade Al-Qaeda in Iraq member: TV

Democrat Gives Early Support to Hayden (Levin)

India stock markets halt trading

UK sees foreign forces leaving Iraq by 2010

Judge shouts Saddam down (in court)

Prominent Chicagoans Sue AT&T over NSA Surveillance

Seven former National Century execs indicted

Supreme Court backs police in emergencies

Hurricane center predicts calmer season/NHC predicts 4 to 6 major hurrican

FTC Releases Report on its “Investigation of Gasoline Price Manipulation..

Workers Burn 2 Factories in Bangladesh

Supreme court won't decide lethal injection challenge

Halliburton, Bechtel could be factors in border security plan

'Fifty die' in Afghan air strike

US says personal data on millions of veterans stolen

Condoleezza Rice faces silent protest in Boston

ARG: Bush's Job Approval Ratings Unchanged (Huh? Fell to 32% from 34%)

Wired News: Why We Published the AT&T Docs

Laborers' Union Breaks Free From AFL-CIO

DNC consults lawyers after Drudge Report story on Dean

Iraqi prisoner abuse trial begins for US soldier

Successful surgery for Kentucky Derby winner (AP)

NYT/Reuters: Britain Confirms Meeting of World Powers on Iran Wednesday

Domain Wars: The U.S. Versus .xxx (.xxx stopped after Rove/Dobson meeting)

Abramoff E-Mails to Get First Courtroom Airing in Safavian Case

LAT: FBI Agents Rebel Over Mandatory Transfers

Six injured as 'freak wave' hits British ferry

FL: Foreclosures up 39 percent in 1Q (national increase up 38%)

Mining Industry Pushing for Rollback of Rescue Rules

Kerry calls for international summit to quell Iraqi insurgency

Venezuela to Invest $700 Mln to Build `Steel City,' Chavez Says

Bush snubs Gore film on global warming

Latin America would be better with a 'different' US, says Argentine presid

Citizenship by Birthright Up for Debate

Bush worried about Venezuelan democracy

When I was in Jr. High about 50 years ago we did not listen

Is '10.5: Apocalypse' the worst teevee movie in history?

What is that canard about Canada anyway?

What was your most creative excuse for missing work or school?

Holy crap! The kudzu thread is the new Lounge record!

Gonzo and Fitz - pic

Thank you to whomever gave me a star.

Does Size Matter?

Condoleezza Describes the Clenis, on MTP (Photo)

Tonight, I found what looked like blood in a bag of shredded cheese.

Why don't they do remakes of flicks that were already bad

OK, I need to sleep. Good night!

William Hung crowned king of the Artichoke Festival

Is it freezing where you are too?

These guys were/are fucking crazy

Looks like rain

Looks at watch...

Camping pictures! (Dial-up warning)

It's 1:30 in the morning. I am hungry. The fridge is empty.

I am proud of my son - for light reading

I've got 2 Stickies, and absolutely nothing to say...


Good Monday Morning, Crew!

Happy birthday nini!!

Beer sighted in Germany!!!

What is the most-used smiley on DU?

I'm drinking my coffee black this morning. Yecch!

KitchenWitch bugged my kitchen!

I saw the future of the internet this weekend. Second Life.

Fuddize Your Favorite Site

Nothing can be more annoying than a meddling friend

SAN FRANCISCO Bay to Breakers race parties with the best


Tonight at 11:15 pm Eastern, on TCM

I learned my alcohol limit this weekend.

"Kicking & Screaming" (SPOILER)

got a favorite clitoris?

What is the most used NON-smiley on DU?

Happy Viagra Day

Happy Victoria Day

Who are those blurry looking hotties on the sticky?

More men are falling victim to date rape drug used by predatory females

Happy Victoria Day

I'm starting to seek out A&W soda pop.

my apologies to all that responded to my 1st "lokt" of today

Did Wolfman Jack deserve his records?

Lounge Lizard SEX THREAD

Happy Birthday Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle

Da Vinci Code' debut is best of year ($224 million worldwide

Wanna help with a good GD thread? (Just info, no fighting)

Don't listen to Divici Code critics. If you liked the book, you'll enjoy

Women are attracted to different places depending on their motor cycle

It feels like Minnesota here this morning.

Does Lance Armstrong deserve his records?

great bumper sticker

I'm gonna go chuck a dead golfer into the girls' bathroom!

Do I deserve Louis Armstrong's records?

I totally begat

Women attracted to different blackface depending on their minstrel cycle

The fundies are attacking Paula Deen, for crying out loud!

Oh mamamia Oh mamamia !

OMG! I can't believe what happened to Barbaro

A Short History of Funk - thought someone might be interested

My kittycat is dying and i don't know what to do

Man, I'd almost would want to watch that show "Supergroup" on VHI

Okay, I watched "Madagascar" this weekend with the SO

I didn’t raise my son to be a soldier

That 70's Show... Series Finale... Unanswered Questions.

A ladybug has been on my kitchen window for 24 hours now

I'm cooking chicken...

I totally forgot

Let the midnight special shine the light on me!

got a favorite Clenis?

Please take a look at my GD thread

Anyone want to talk about the Sopranos last night? ***SPOILERS***

My summer goal...Reach 10,000 posts by Labor Day...

Racehorses risk fatal finish in a life-and-death gamble

Order you 2 DVD Da Vinci Code Deception set today...

I'm going to go into general discussion now.

All work and no play makes...

So i guess yesterday was the last Simpsons episode...

Besides "Impeach," what's your favorite song on the Neil Young album?

In what language (other than English) did the Beatles record?

How do I add a sigline ?

Blatant Self Congratulations...I have finally graduated...

I'm an adult - I think- so why do I let my Mom get to me? (rant)

Should I steal my neighbor's pog? (WWYD?)


the third time this has happened-

Who here likes sea scallops?

So I'm in Entertainment Weekly #878 this week,...

Oh man... I think my best friend's going to date my brother-in-law.

Should I steal my neighbor's god? (WWYD)

Jason Fox is my role model - great Fox Trot yesterday!

Why do people jerk?

I look up and to my surprise...the John Lennon of the nineteen-eighties!

In which the Author marvels at the endless versatility of Apple notebooks

Last week, this week. Two pics.

I'm a little tired of the anti-kudzuism going on here in the Lounge

Saw the previews for the new Bond movie

To the anonymous donor -- WOW! THANK-YOU!

Science Update: Bushcronium Discovered!

Should I steal my neighbor's child? (WWYD)

I got screwed


I have this perfectly good wicker laundry hamper,

I broke the stinking wash machine.

The moral of this story: ride my bike more.

Are they really spoilers if you read the book?

When should Kudzu be KILLED?

3rd person

So this morning

Get Up Rounder...a dedication

A young cowboy named Billy Joe grew restless on the farm

Shit. They let us back into the country.

anyone know a decent homeowners insurance company?

When your credit card goes to Mexico without you: my PSA

essential culture question....

I liked Ring Dings better

I caught a huge bass yesterday, but I threw him back! Aren't I sweet?

So, Jesus Was Married to Mary Magdeline, and She was of Royalty?

I Just Mowed My Lawn... And It Smells Like ONIONS!! Why??

What would you do if I

Hell is the self-checkout line at Home Depot

Has DU gotten 16 donations since the pledge drive officially ended?

Should we lobby the American Association of Realtors

I'm afraid my Toaster is going to kill me...literally

I'm afraid my toaster is going to sell me... literally.

I'm afraid my Toaster is going to thrill me...literally

Sitting at a trade show in Vegas

101 versions of Stairway to Heaven

Veterans: Where did you take basic training?

I need your help! Looking for a free online postcard for a post-wedding in

Which movie should I watch?

Walt Whitman rocks!

Help me out loungers! I need music suggestions!

I'm addicted to black Jelly Bellies

Anyone know anything to do in the Baltimore-DC area..I from SF

Bear sighted in Germany!!!

Night Mary-ellen,night Jim-bob.....

Varnish/Lacquer "dry time" question

Ick.....St Louis area chiropractor accused of

Why do Lounge threads never make the Greatest page?

what exactly do you consider "second base"

any1 got a favorite Clamato?

What is Cream of Tartar made of anyways?

Have any of you used to find a job?

Moore Goode Dick from the Arkansas Razorbacks

I'm afraid my car is going to kill me...literally

What is it going to take to get an email from Zogby?

FYI to '24' fans. Two-hour season finale tonight, starts at 7pmCT. nt

Hey Y'all ~ wet birds gotta eat too ...

Why are there so many lonely people here?

Never saw before...Bushit

What someone needs to make is an adult-sized big wheel.

I want to kiss a nice guy.

Tonight on Monty Python's Flying Circus...

Presenting my 1st ~

Picture thread! Post a picture of your

7 Commandments Assignment Help


WhoTF put that sticky up there about "You had your chance?"

Can I give one of my stickys away?

Tanya Barrientos is a f****** dumb ************.

The Bible told with Legos (seriously)

Boise, Idaho area recommendations?

Is it safe to cut fireworks with a knife?

Loungers must choose: Martini--Gin or Vodka?

Women are attracted to different faces depending on their menstrual cycle

Have you ever gone to a bar during the week?

Who wants to make fun of the Legends Ball with me?

Why did you pick your avatar?

What's Cream of Tartar used for anyways?

Why do people respond to an original post with "who cares?"

My friend with MS was left stranded in the shower for over 4 hours...

I'm gonna go chuck a dead gopher into the girls' bathroom!

Describe every film you can in the format "______! On a plane!"

Komm, susser Tod. (Come, sweet Death) (5000 posts!)

Just saw the scariest yard sign:

Monday, May 22. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Boy, 7, completes swim from Alcatraz

The Simpsons or Family Guy?

Check out the red stickies above.

What should I do now?

Anybody catch Big Love last night after Sopranos?

Apartment dwellers...your opinion please...

Etiquette poll: when you do someone a favor and s/he doesn't thank you:

Favorite 24 spoiler ***SPOILERS***

So who's going to break Henry Aaron's home run record?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 5/22/06)

Say something non-controversial


got a favorite Clematis?

Anyone here see Spike Lee's "Bamboozled"?

Wow, I haven't posted much at all lately, but I have an excuse. . .

Pics from a BLM wild horse and burro auction. (Dial-up warning).

Hugh Moran's family goes to a protest...

Question for the ladies.

1 sunburn, several bug bites, and 9 days later. (dial-up warning!)

The DaVinci Code has to be a first for me!!! **Spoilers**

How the @#$% am I supposed to go to Class, Study AND Work AND Volunteer?

WARNING: very pic heavy! But worth it...The Getty Villa!

"With 10 Pages of Shocking Photos!"

Am I the only one here who thinks Macs are all style, no substance?

What's Your Beer Personality?

I want a lapdog, any suggestions, anybody?

I just realized the last legitimately elected President's initials are...

What color are your eyes?


Who has/had the best voice of any front man in rock history?

Does Barry Bonds deserve his records?

Seniors Speeding Around on "Rascals" in Wal Mart

50 questions

This is great.

Batman or Superman

Why I hate the Church...

Michigan Health Care Plan ??

Slovak doctor says solar flares could raise strokes

Should menstrual cycles be tampered with?

It Could Happen To You .... (online banking )

Demonstrators Clash At De. Marine's Funeral (Phelps' cult gets pelted!)

Wilton Manors gun group promotes self-defense for gays

Bishop says gay rights secure

KKK publishes web-page on anti-gay US Rep. Marilyn Musgrave

The correct 19th Amendment

Poll: How does DU see the Dems' stand on equal marriage?

New Orleans gets '08 NBA All-Star Game

UFC fans thread

This is obviously a school by and for Indigos.

I've got a few questions for the astrologers

Pedaling Away Oppressions

John Kerry to Hold Press Conference on Iraq Today

I am sick of people saying losers can't win - as if there is historical

Arctic Wildlife Refuge Under Attack ... AGAIN!!! URGENT. Vote this WEEK

Anyone see Jim Braude interview JK on NECN just now?

Hearings for this week.

Data of 26.5 Million U.S. Veterans Stolen, John Kerry Says:

For any Bill Moyers fans here, ProSense has a great post on Moyers'

How do these photos compare colorwise on your monitor?

Countdown Newsletter -- 05/22/06: D.C. Scandals

Bill O'Lielly sucks up to the Dixie Chicks

Canned hunting...totally disgusting...elk and deer

Heyyy Kiddies, Cheer up!!! Only 10 more days to hurricane season! is now at 59,714 responses

An Iraqi mother’s most dreaded mission

"Please don't let those mean ol' Dems investigate & impeach George"

How does one become a conscientious objector?

1 lie & an affair vs. 10,000 lies & 50,000 dead people.

Russia to take over as president of Council of Europe

Oreo cookies and the national budget

Condoleezza Describes the Clenis, on MTP (Photo)

Happy Harry Smith is in Bagdad

Hmm.. Walmart has sold ALL its S.Korea stores

browsing through this to me...

Albright critical of Bush's religious absolutism

John F. Kennedy killed by CIA agents? (theory)

Russia: Tackling The Demographic Crisis

I just noticed that Laura was standing next to Bush yesterday when he

Where's Bob Boudelang?

If Bush laughs one time, it means that Colbert was funny.

A shame he wasn't around to talk some sense into Patrick Henry

Republicans have failed my family - I NEED SOME INFO PLEASE

What should George Bush be the most afraid of?

Does The Right Wing Have A Hotline To C-Span?

Will the "quiet progress" lead to an invisible victory?

Nurses vote for new union and find their health benefits no longer cover

Edwards: If I were in the Senate, I would vote for censure. (slams cheney)

How the sam-hill do you get through to Cspan?

Breaking point: Inside Story of the Guantanamo Uprising...

Colbert speech # 1 at Apple iTune store! People paying to hear the truth

Jesus' General: Mr. LaBarbera, Please take credit for your research!

Rep. Jane Harman, Podesta-on the Future of Intel. cpan Now, panel

Cheney rehashes remarks for LSU grads (same speech from '04)

The Neocons have turned our soldiers into Nazi Storm Troopers.

I Love Canadians

Radio just announce (Sacramento Area)

Where are we going?

Q&A with AT&T spinner Cicconi on Net Neutrality

There's no place like home...

Fitzgerald's Witnesses

My response to the idiotic RW talking point about privacy

Is this the week ...?

7 deadly books? Talk of ban hits burbs


US is upset that Israel is selling sensitive military technology to China

Bush Flip Flopping (like a Perch) on Immigration

Is Judy Miller threatening Bushco with revealing MIHOP?

*, Blair agree on phased Iraq withdrawal-raw story at noon.

'God didn't take Stephen, a war took Stephen'

Farce in San Franciso Bay. 7 Year old completes swim to

I don't think Rove is going to be indicted...after the story that came

Racehorses risk fatal finish in a life-and-death gamble

Immigration: The one thing they haven't fucked up..

The "Swiftboating" of a returning veteran by the VA

What Is The Current State Of Our Intelligence Gathering/Analysis Ability?

Don't listen to Divici Code critics. If you liked the book, you'll enjoy

Da Vinci Code' debut is best of year ($224 million worldwide

Look at this baseball cap. "Ha Ha Ha America," indeed!

Fox is carrying Bush speech live from Chicago.

1000 new inmates a week enter US prisons - 1 in 136 amer. in prison

DIXIE CHICKS ON GMA NEXT. Tune in and enjoy.

somewhat of an update from Rawstory: DNC consults Lawyers

Just read on, moron* and poodle making major announcement..

Yadda, Yadda, Yadda.....Blah. blah, blah.....

Jessie Macbeth lists interests as "killing haajis"

Comparing the United States to the rest of the Industrialized World...

Protest Bush this Saturday at West Point Military Academy

Why is Madeleine Albright worried about bu$h's faith?

who paid for Fucks news global warming debunk ?

ARG Poll - Bush 32%

Congresswoman cuts off AIPAC

Free Leonard Pelletier YES. Free Ice Cream No. What gives?

50 fuggin year mortgages ..... cuz gas prices are high ... or cuz ......

ROVE: make Iraq a centerpiece of campaigns

31% believe *'s presidency is done @ poll

Shameful! Group's efforts aim to censure Jimmy Carter

bushmilhousegang testing new AIDs vaccine on foreigners

Is anyone watching Chimpy's make pretend Q & A on CNN?...

Website of KKK supporting anti-gay US Rep. Marilyn Musgrave


AFL-CIO: Congress to Vote on Estate Tax Repeal

A Retraction and an Apology

Anyone else get a DCCC curvay/donation letter in the mail this week?

UFC fans thread

DNC consults lawyers after Drudge Report story on Dean

$45m secretly bought freedom of foreign hostages (Western

Letterman turning hard left (Dix Chix tonight)

;God bless the vice president, secretary of defense and NSTAC

Post your eulogy at PBS's Memorial Day site.

New Bushism Video Clip

So I'm checking the "news" channels for Durbin's speech

I'm sooooo fucking glad I now know what Bush and H Clinton have on their

NYT: Misjudgements Marred US Plans for Iraqi Police

US oil industry charges US gov't w/ "behaving like a third world despot"

"When I Came Home" - THIS WAR HAS TO END!!!

Besides "Impeach," what's your favorite song on the Neil Young album?

30 organizers from 8 states at the DNC today for two-day training.

Powerful Live Performance - James McMurtry, "We Can't Make It Here"...

DNC to loudly denounce Drudge story (developing)update

"The Mainstream"

Why did Frist pick 666 to bring up Anti-Gay amendment?

A show about Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Karl Rove, is on

What's up with the new Google banner? What is it about?

Seems Conservatives are just now willing to be honest about *.

Republicans are the party of bigotry.

Help a wounded Marine

Ban on same sex marriage:: now on WSJ cspan

Can't Bush make all his stupid speeches from the W.H. & save gas?

What do you make of these USA Prison Stats (MSNBC)

Republicans became power-hungry spenders - St. Paul Pioneer Press

worst spin ever

Veterans' data stolen

Imagine if W had been president during WWII

NY Post & CNS news: "Iran has Hezbolla sleeper cells in NYC."

Tony Blair says new Iraqi Govt means insurgents should just give up now.

What came first, The Chickenhawk or the war?

Imus has racist lackey impersonating Ray Nagin once again

Censure Jimmy Carter???

Michael Moore - UK only for 3 nights

Who put the mumps in Monday? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Please CAPTION!!!

Hold on to your humanity

Mary Cheney's book is #1324 at Amazon.

Rethuglicans have not woken up... they are not seeing the light !

WTF?!?! Censure Jimmy Carter?

The US in Peril? (Jeff Madrick on Kevin Phillips, NYRB)

Tax Cuts

What do you know about the Bilderbergers?

Bush* LIED ; He RAISED taxes on Teenagers. Read my lips, he RAISED TAXES.

Why no public comment: No CIA NIE (report of intel) on Iraq since 2004.

Private Prison Operators Eye Immigrants as Business Opportunity

Is Neil Young's album getting any airplay on the radio?

ALERT - Powerful GOP supporters trying to buy TWO Philadelphia papers

Science Update: Bushcronium Discovered!

Chasing El Norte...

Self delete

Rove "Scoop" Remains Exclusive

With Gannon gone, who's Bush's newest squeeze?

I need a response to this RW idiotic rant.

today's Cafferty File questions are ripe for DU-like responses

PHOTOS: NOT IN MY NAME! Boston College protests DR. Rice

Guy James made an interesting point in re: flags

Anyone watching the CBC coverage of the Caledonia blockade?

Colbert's Speech Number One Download on ITunes

anyone know a decent homeowners insurance company?

Poor Richard's Almanac - Comic Strip

Exposure of suppressed UK war casualty figures

DU Trend: Labeling DU members as Neocons and Freepers


I have a sleeper cell right here in my home.

Bush questions greenhouse sources

No Dem BUSINESS LEADERS to counter the RW buy up of print media, too?

Can wiener-shaped balloons save Joe Lieberman?

So I'm in Entertainment Weekly #878 this week,...

Ask A Republican

Like mace in the face

Is there something wrong with this thread title?

Have I told you guys I love you?

Santorum. Another "macho" Repuke hiding behind his woman

Who has/had the best voice of any front man in rock history?

Wes Clark points to Arkansas Governor Race

Bird Flu Update

The media whores are shitting on Gore again

Froomkin: White House at Cross Purposes

You now serve the state, the state does not serve you.

If Junior has a 666 on him, that means that Babs and Satan ...

Update on Voting Woes.......

is it just me or has there been a drop off of the amount of trolls on here

Here's your grenade -- you want fries with that?

Insurgents fight U.S., Iraqi forces to stalemate in Ramadi

Words can be Worse than Weapons

Bush. Lecturing America on the GOLDEN RULE

Stephen Colbert Hits #1

Rep. Jefferson to speak. Wolfe, cnn just annouced this. Coming up.

"If we didn't know, it was only because we didn't want to know!"

Paul Krugman: Talk Show Joe (Lieberman)

This winter, pack a passport or don't pass at all

On a gardening show I was watching,global warming came up.

"national" language amendment-- Constitutional end run?

Bush ‘Doubts’ He’ll See Gore Movie

MSNBC (Hirsh) on Iraq's new Gov't: inoffensive but weak individuals

Jefferson will not be resigning.

Humanized Rice?!? WTF

National Post removes story about Iran making JEWS WEAR YELLOW ARM BAND!!

Lieberman: "I will take a two to one victory any day in any campaign."

Randi is on a roll today! She is pissed and it's making for good radio!

Phelp's freaks protest Delaware Marine's funeral

How should the smear campaign Censure Jimmy Carter be dealt with?

Orange hunter's vest over grad. gown - She's here!

Govt website gives latest info on VA personal records compromise

Terrorists Making Explosive Breast Implants

Carrboro NC


I think we ought to start talking in terms of Bush's disapproval numbers,

Just heard all Veteran's records have been stolen

Bush as toast popping out of the toaster stickie is great!!

Randi starting out with the "war on journalists"

Clarence Thomas: "Pray for Bush, he's in real trouble."

Oil executives march on DC

does anyone know where i can get a transcript of doro bush koch's

hardball - maj gen john batiste - rummy should go.

"Theft" of Vets' data

Drudge backs down on DNC/New Orleans story

If Storms Hit the East Coast This Year Will Global Warming

Question for DU lawyers: Since when do indictments have dates in them?

We will NOT celebrate "Fitzmas" on "The Guy James Show" today

Question: Has anyone read or heard anything about Lynn Cheney,

FDL Smacks Down Kurtz

Latest Information on Veterans Affairs Data Security

New Witchcomic for y'all.

Two more states have primaries tomorrow (Arkansas and Idaho)

hardball - now on Plame with sharpton and rogers

(VIDEO) Dean from two weeks ago saying Jefferson should go if indicted

What type of Friday news dump

Choicepoint: the final solution...they're everywhere you are

Seymour Hersh: Listening In-"Gov Consultant Told Me..."

I'd like to see a Bush v. Gore poll taken in Tennessee.

Excellent Kos Rant: Poor, poor Joementum

Bush's approval rating falls to record low in yet another poll

What The GOP Is Up To - Pro-Censure TV Ads Debut on MONDAY!!

Is Arkansas ready for the Dem Primary Tomorrow (May 23rd)?

Gross: CONdi gets standing O at Boston College

Another stellar day at the stock exchange.

Anybody know how the pro-choice petitioning is going in So. Dakota?

Pledge of Allegiance?

Whassup with this? "Censure Carter?" And money behind it?

U.S. Foreign Policy Checklist - Checking it Twice

If you hate Da Vinci Code, you aren't American !

Ned Lamont on Majority Report tonight. AirAmerica 7-10PM EDT

Cafferty question this hour:

Just days away from hurricane season.. water's heating up

MSNBC: Rove's legal team expects decision 'at any time'

coming up soon: Sam Sedar takes on bloated media hog Tom Friedman

Profits are out of sight, while soil remediation in La is less than

Over 70 Million American Adults Support New 9/11 Investigation (Zobgy)

Here's my response to American Legion call to jail war protestors.

Which set of lawyers fed "TO" the information they "RAN ON?"

Wash. Journal touts Nat. Review article skeptical of Global Warming....

Why I hate the Church...

Was Jason Leopold Misled? Was he Targeted? James Hatfield Revisited...

Halliburton, Bechtel could benefit in border security plan

Oliver Stone to make Venezuela coup film: Chavez

Max Mayfield, Dir. NHC, predicts 10 hurricanes, 6 major, this year.

“Survivor” Richard Hatch Wins Free Lodging and Meals for 51 Months

Did Gonzales Kill Fitz's Rove Indictments? - DailyKOS

Israelis to sue Ahmadinejad for plotting to commit genocide

Defend Lynn Woolsey, an *anti-war* DEMOCRAT

Experts: Hurricane season won't match 2005

What is going on with the Ken Lay Verdict?

Drudge Falsely Smears Gore

What if Gore took office in 2000, but died, so Lieberman became president

"The Stretch of the Week"

Bush's FTC finds no evidence high gas prices caused by gouging.

Bombs target "suspected" taliban, always hit confirmed civilians..

What was last years Hurricane forecast?

A Progressive Plan (Free Books for DUers ! )

C-Span: Future of Intelligence....Has ANYONE Watched this?

Does it bother you when other DUers curse a lot?

For those who want "true conservatives" instead of "neocons"...

Kerry calls for international summit to quell Iraqi insurgency

New security cards will suit both countries, Bush says

Taliban's new commander ready for a fight, it ain't over till it's over...

What exactly IS Traditional Marriage?

Why the United States invaded Iraq, and now is thinking about invading Ira

Should Representative Jefferson Resign?

McCain aide attacks woman who spoke out against senator...

"I support the troops, but I don't want to see them dying on my t.v."

George W Bush, you worthless piece of pig shit....

Take It From Me: Al Gore

Pat Roberts is no Patrick Henry, I tell you

'How Stupid is Karl Rove?'

Soldiers to get life in jail for refusing to act as occupiers

What I bought at the Grocery Store Globe magazine today

Only in America. A horse has better health care than most Americans


Tonight on TLC.. "Honey, We're Killing the Kids"..

Seems GWU grads had "Ma and Pa Kettle" as commencement speakers

The White House Press Corps Exposed

FBI to get power to veto consumer software that lacks "back door"

Pills Rendering Menstrual Period Optional

Why I'm here

"Rove Scoop Remains Elusive"


Paula Deen food network attacked by RW Christian Fundamentalist

How does DU see the Dems' stand on equal marriage?

Dixie Chicks Poll Needs A LOT Of Help

Building a "farm team" for Democrats, training new people for the future.

Wired News Violates Court Order, leaks FULL AT&T NSA spying documents!

Ted Koppel: Time for U.S. to Form an "Army of Mercenaries"?

Africa on the brink of catastrophic change -- blame global warming

Hurricane Predictions: "Not good news"

26 million 'undocumented workers' now have verifiable SSNs

Bush Regime On the Ground (Again) in Iraq

Clearing US Customs/Immigration in other countries. WTF?


Dixie Chicks #1 @ Amazon!

Breaking: Personal data on 26 million veterans stolen...

Transforming secrecy claims into "a doctrine of broad government immunity"

Expose: Mentally Unfit, Forced To Fight

In latest New Yorker article about "Dog Whisperer" talks about Bush

Remember: We're the mainstream; they're the lunatic fringe (add links)

Basic Math Lesson: D>R

Final Salute. (Very sad picture)

Admit it. When you a are bookstore, what books to you "180"?

Reporter throws down with DoD official over criticism of coverage

Jean Rohe (New School) responds to McCain aide's smear of her

Wash Journal-CSPAN: Ann Marie Squeo, WSJ, talking about

5/22/06 - CBS Public Eye on Leopold Story: "Buyer Beware"

The Hugh Moran family goes to a protest

Pelosi ? Or New Blood

McGreevy is an idiot. One shouldn't kiss and tell. Especially to Repubs.

Very Sad Encounter With Soldier Heading BACK to Iraq

15 yo SC girl protests ban on Confederate flag

Consortium incl. Carlyle Group buys parent company of "Editor & Publisher"

Have we let things go too far?...

NOW poll: do you mind being wiretapped?

Brit Hume calls dead Iraqis and Americans a sign of progress

The video of the Army Ranger is a fake.

Strategic Voting Machines Question

Chicago News Reported That Sherman H. Skolnick Died Sunday.....

Power Rankings for Each member of Congress

If you see any "gang dealers" please notify....

Viguerie: Conservatives must stop funding the RNC

NYT: That After-Dinner Speech (Colbert's) Remains a Favorite Dish

Did anyone hear the dipshit reporter on Washington Journal this morning

Will Dave Letterman be an SOB now?

Must a legislative candidate be elected to in order to legislate?

Communities discuss things ...... it s what communities do ......

LAT: A Restive Base Throws the GOP Off Balance

BUSTED! Another Puke who actually thinks he's a christian! BWAHAHAHA

bush* should be made to watch Bagdad ER every night.

Raw Story: DNC consults lawyers about Drudge report...denies it.

On Baghdad ER

Is anyone else made nervous by recent political trends?

People are looking for something different from the Democrats...

"You don't have civil liberties when you're dead."

John Glenn To Take Active Role In Democratic Campaigning

Boston College expected to protest Rice Today

Joe Sestak, PA-7 Fighting Dem, supports Net Neutrality: post at dailykos

FBI search DEM congressman's office ...

Missouri Law Could Cut Off Minority, Senior Votes

Bush Ratings Drop Among Hispanic Voters (Republicans worse off than Bush)

Anyone not see how the George W. Bush administration meets fascism's

Bush-Blair Plan A Sham

John McCain is an idiot!

We have no media voice? Some on our side do. Why him?

Iraq Black Hole: The $2-Trillion War

"Americans see violence on their TV screens" ?????? Where?

Republicans and their "marriage protection" bill: I'm guessing, and I

YearlyKos! Wish I could attend. Howard Dean, Wes Clark, Boxer

Rove gave * a new word today

a DU exclusive: "live" report from Kerry's press conf. on Iraq

What will be the press's reaction to Gonzales?

Q: What does Rove need to make corruption a bipartisan issue?

Funny how the talk died down for a Constl Amndmt to allow a naturalized

New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. apologizes to graduates

How is the "Gang of 8" Constitutional?

Will Howard Kurtz expose EVERY errant story, or just the ones

WP: Think Tank Center for American Progress Takes Forceful, Liberal Stance

A serious post about 'liberal' sterotypes ......

Thinking Outside the Borders.

Rep Jefferson (D-LA): what should we be doing?

Can we get an indictment already?

Is there a component of Dem party in charge of monitoring the news media?

Just Got Back From a Bernie Rally...

Milberg Weiss gave top Democrats funding

Maybe Mr. Bush doesn't rely on Ms. Rice's advice, after all...

We will all miss McCain

Condo protested at Boston College today - photos

Phone Conversation with Veterans Benefit Commission Executive Director

"Landrieu, meanwhile, picked up endorsements from the Republican Party"

Possible new Republican talking points in case of election fraud

The DLC scares liberals to death

Drudge Retracts DNC Story --- Developing

Al Sharpton

HEADS UP - GOP at work to control Pennsylvania papers and SAVE SANTORUM.

Bill Frist's Cayman Condo

DeWine Goes Negative, Very Negative

RAW story will have an exclusive Iraq report at 11:30 on their website

My Note to Marc Ash, Director of

Al Gore refuses to rule out running again

Kerry to Hold Press Conference on Iraq Today

I just donated $100 to the Ned Lamont campaign.

Pass the Bread (Bill Moyers is great!)

Carl Levin; as of right now, I support Hayden as new CIA chief.

Rumsfeld may be evil and incompetent, but...

Anybody else get pissed watching "CONDI"?...

Have You Altered Your Phone Habits Now That The NSA Is Data Mining?.,,,

Data of 26.5 Million U.S. Veterans Stolen, John Kerry Says:

Down in polls, Ohio's DeWine goes VERY negative

Is this "the Fringe Left"?????

Reason #1 that the DLC rocks: ending child hunger by 2012

I'm so Impressed with Wes Clark ! Fighting for Dems everywhere in '06!

Chavez considers buying Russian Military aircraft..

No, I won't calm down.

I don't understand that Kerry gets so much support to run for President

What's the Difference Between "English Only" and Whites Only? (jpg)