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Archives: May 23, 2006

Every domestic spy program has a silver lining

Which is the real Iraq?

VOA's Baghdad Bureau Still Closed After Six Months

America Behind Bars

A little straight talk, please, on the NSA scandal

Voting by Mail: Ending Long Lines & Hanging Chads

Wrong choice for CIA (Milwaukee JS)

Al Gore's Unlikely Helpers (WaPo)

Phone Taps in US and Newsroom Spying in Germany

For Clintons, Delicate Dance of Married and Public Lives

India on alert for suicides after stocks slide

Lib Dems plan a £2,000 road tax (BBC) {tax on CO2 emissions!}

Coal mining in W Virginia??

The Lawn Racket

Why nuclear power is not a sustainable source of low carbon energy

Israel's UN ambassador slams Qatar, praises Bolton

June 2-4 Chicago 9-11 Conference

Has anyone seen this?

Zogby: Over 70 Million American Adults Support New 9/11 Investigation

If you didn't get the MEMO, Kerry '04 told us to early vote

Are we entitled to a paper ballot when we vote?

Culver comes out with some attack ads against Blouin

I love Sal Mohamed...

Windows Genuine Advantage?

Vote for DVO on Texas Kos

Maxey or Richie?

Ont., Que. out of sync on gun registry

French are rudest, most boring people on earth: British poll

Lay Takes Stand at Bank Fraud Trial

Italy's Berlusconi Questioning Election (again)

Former National Century execs charged in $3B case

Bush Bill Raises Taxes On One Group-Kids

WSJ: (Republicans are) Backing Away From Bush

Deal in Wen Ho Lee case may be imminent

Which is the real Iraq? The Independent-UK

Seagate cutting about 6,000 jobs with Maxtor deal

WP,pg1: FBI Raid on Lawmaker's Office Questioned (breached sep. of powers)

AP Finds Wyo. DFS Gives Money to Churches

Three days, no verdict in Enron case

Talks on swifter Iraq troop exit

Drudge 'retracts' story on Howard Dean after receiving letter from DNC

Violence erupts at blockade

NYT: Kentucky Mine Where 5 Died Had History of Violations

Earth-Solar Cycle Spurs Greenhouse Gases - Studies

Defense Attorneys Seek Toxicology Reports On Accuser In Duke Case

Lost & Found

J.K. Rowlings, Stephen King, and John Irving at Radio City Music Hall

"You can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake." POST A QUOTE

Why There Aren't Many Right Wing Observational Comedians

Can we send Jack Bauer after the Propagandist and DICK?

Boy Sets Fire: The Misery Index

Does anybody here make movies? What kind?

Anyone watching the Eagles Goodbye tour on Bravo? Those guys look

The Zombie Scenario Survivor Test

I know you are but what am I?

Say something conversal

Say something conversational

Why did you pick your nose?

Say something convoluted

Anyone watching The Apprentice?

help me spend my money! I JUST WON $500,000....

I saw the Da Vinci code yesterday.

Hilarious! The "smart" webcam prefers my cat's face to mine

Does ANYONE care about Madonna's little stunts anymore?

Help me identify a snake

The Dog Whisperer

**Some lovely random WIMR poetry for y'all on this Monday night...**

My daughter would have been 28 today...please talk to your kids and

Married, single, divorced, etc: Do you dress to impress anyways?

Say something controversial

Should Jessie MacBeth have his eyebrows waxed?

OMG these spurs are going to kill me.

Stress buster

It's time for a GENERIC THREAD!

Trooper To Plead Guilty In Crash That Killed 4


If you're looking for a cheap thrill, check out this link!

Yesterday, I saw a Ford GT

I just want to get this out there...

Say something. Any fucking thing.

There is nothing so exquisite, so grand, so breathtaking as good sax!

when did Evil Knievel jump the shark?

Has 24 jumped the shark?

How many DU gatherings have you been to?

when did Cream of Tartar jump the shark?

When did jumping the shark jump the shark?

What goes with Halle Berry?

Hey, DU computer geeks-help needed

BREAKING: I just posted in GD.

I'm sick and fed up this! I'm leaving the lounge for GD

pin hole camera made out of paper

The Pres Who Shagged Us...

I "bounced back" from what I thought was the "love of my life",...

Any librarians or archivists here?

I'm series. Good riddens to the morans

From 1932: "FREAKS" (Just started on TCM)

Damn it! Is Demopedia down?

The joys of being the big brother.

Who here rides motorcycles? I'm buying one.

I promise I'll bookmark it this time.


Ever hated a subject but loved the teacher?

When did ZombieNixon pump the herk?

Holy (bleep)! Look who's doing the voices of the next "Spyro The Dragon!"

Can anyone recommend a good Over The Air HDTV Tuner

Right. When you get drunk, how do you feel?

Good morning!

Greatest Single Game Pitching Performance?

When did ZombieNixon herk the pump?

Existentialism in a Postmodern World - with legos...

Jake Peavey has 16 strikeouts after 7 innings. Padres vs Braves.

I find Chris Angel to be incredibly HOT!

How are the Clippers holding up?


What goes with cranberry?

I promise I'll bookmark it this time.

I'm Going to Vegas This Weekend. Where Should I Go?

OMG this spurs game is going to kill me.

What kind of computer do you have, laptop or desktop.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is on HBO now!

Oh my gawd, a fuckin' horse broke it's leg.

Signs..Signs. Everywhere are signs..(DIAL-UP WARNING)

Q: What's amnety?

What's your sexy BRAZILIAN name?

Time to bring back "Star Search" and dump American Idol.

A song for the freepers.

Could someone PLEASE get Janeane Garofolo OFF of "Majority Report" -

Rapture is coming in 14 days!

"DaVinci Code" question (nonspoiler I think):

Favorite candy?

I'm going to the store, do you need anything?

A new OAJD! Not as old, still as lovely! Maybe even LOVELIER!

Talk about the "Alias" series finale here! *spoilers*


So, speaking of my fabulous ass

Oprah's Fancy Ball

off to watch seinfeld, simpsons, and malcom in the middle

TCM's theme is "Penn & Teller" - tell me how these movies fit that theme.


Best things to join in order to meet eligible members of the opposite sex

New king in the tequila Hall of Fame:

What was your LEAST favorite subject in school?

When did 'Happy Days' jump the shark?

My new commandment: No amnety for the ignorant

I coulda been sworn in today, but since I SUCK, I wasn't.

Celebrity crushes...who's got one??! Post a picture...

Someone stole my dog's grave stone

I have a job interview on Wed. at 10 AM. Wish me luck!

Defend your username:

Who was the worst teacher you ever had?

DC or Marvel?

Meteor shower May 22–23?

Clergy Condemn Anti-Gay Federal Amendment

are most of you self-taught..or did you find a mentor?

WaPo column on new hire for Team Kerry

Interesting Article at the Nation about Mondale, Gore, Kerry..

How bad Kerry did in 2004

Live-blogging the Mass Lt. Gov's race

What did Scooty know and when did he know it 5/22/06 edition

KOEB 5/22/06 Star Witnesses?? Richard Armitage cooperating w/Fitz??

"World Council of Churches slams Israel" from Jerusalem Post

Wingnuts always say that government revenues increase as taxes decrease.

Reminder: 24 is 2 hours tonight

What will the GOP Crime Syndicate election scapegoat be this year?


Rohe on Countdown in a little while.

The Dixie Chicks will be on Letterman tonight

Ned Lamont on AAR Now

Marcy Winograd on Mike Malloy Show tonight!

I want Jean Smart to marry GW B*sh... (24 alert (possible spoiler)


Is there a technology forum?

Boy Sets Fire: The Misery Index

Bush would get Impeached if he Had an affair.

Afghan air raid kills up to 80 Taleban, at least 16 civilians

Taleban more aggressive and more numerous: French admiral

New FEMA guidelines for rebuilding New Orleans.

Should Jessie MacBeth have his eyebrows waxed?

Author, others seek to stop AT&T from giving records to NSA

So how is Fitz supposed to build a case when * and company MUST

Bush quote of the day

Hold on people, here we GO!

So Has Christ Come Back Yet?

PHOTO: Red America Will NOT Standby And Do Nothing! (Immigration)

Anyone watch Medium tonight?? Not a spoiler.

Even A Freeper Moran Would KNOW This Makes No Fucking Sense!

Oh my gawd, a fuckin' horse broke it's leg.

Katrina Police Shooting

Is This Freeway Blogging?

DU apparently is becoming the clearinghouse for hoaxes

Rawstory:Times plans page one story on Clinton's marriage

The Pres Who Shagged Us...

The growing specter of confrontation with Russia...

Malloy discussing "Sealed versus Sealed" eom

Barbaro's Injury Should Advance Cause of Track Safety

If you have seen "Baghdad ER"-Please take a minute to email HBO

I'm series. Good riddens to the morans

Roll the clock back 16 months... more stark realities...

Chimpy in the ad on the side of the site

Huff Po: Gore takes Cannes by storm - will the Oval office be next?

DixChix next on Letterman - 12.20 AM EDT

Avery Johnson for President

I received bumper stickers today, and I don't know why:

Those of you with iTunes - Don't forget to support the Dixie Chicks!!!

Dixie Chicks & Martha Stewart coming up on Letterman

(TOON) Steve Bell on Blair's visit to Iraq

Stone denies coup-film plan

Mary Kay Letourneau and the Bush* administration

Will the Dems campaign on the Katrina and Iraq disasters? NSA spying?

Time to bring back "Star Search" and dump American Idol.

Picked on as a child? Could that be why they do what they do? (pic heavy)

We need a moratorium on ALL immigration, guest worker permits, etc.

Mandatory Malloy Monday Truthseekers check in


Religious Correctness

A metaphor for these times we live in


Rasmussen: shrub 40% job approval...

I'd Truly Like To Thank Someone Here, I Just Don't Know Who !!!

Ellsberg Says Publication of NSA Leak Was `Necessary'

Rethugs not worried about 2006 elections because of immigration issue.

Disgusting bumper sticker

Jean-Luc Picard said it best in "First Contact" RE the "Borg"...

PBS west coast now - How Joseph Goebbels Helped Hitler Rise to Power

Molly Ivins: Is Bush a Lunatic?

Video: Teachers Get Stoned Off Muffins. Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Report from Cannes: "...the hottest star in town is Al Gore." You betcha.

Crisis as Bush's new IRAQ government backs Israeli boycott

The Video of Bush discussing the Global War on Terror is a Fake

Know what I fear? An Executive declaration providing a new heirarchy

Look what someone's selling on ebay! The Go-To Girl

World Prison Population List

Conyers:Seymour Hersh: The NSA is Listening to Calls Without a Warrant

PayPal users, watch out for fake invoices being e-mailed to you.

I received these bumper stickers,

Canada's right wing PM has pissed off the media already! Love it!

Anyone watching 24 finale yet tonight?

New Bush Comic: Turning Point in Iraq

You Are All a Bunch of Terrorists

My head feels like it is going to explode!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where are you on The Political Compass?

Check out Larry King...The entire CNN political team. Roundtable.

Would you get mad about this book?

OMG, Prof Jonathan Turley just scared the hell out of me

My daughter would have been 28 today...please talk to your kids and

PBS' American Experience: "The Man Behind Hitler" (Goebbels)- 9pm EDT

Q and A with Thomas Paine

Is the Iranian President one of the students who took the US Embassy

Would you rather see:

Windmills controversy sparked in Northern Mich -

FBI's Saturday night Capitol Hill raid raises alarms

Iraq doctor brings evidence of US napalm at Fallujah

Will these jerks ever do time for their crimes?

Sex Offenders Could Be Banned From Net

Malloy says Rove likely HAS been indicted.

Legislation Would Require Pet Evacuation Planning

Culture of Corruption

How many Democratic Senators sided with Republicans

This morning I saw 5 helicopters flying towards O'Hare Airport

Columbia University

Pastor: Lord said Charlie Crist would be next governor (Florida..)

Um...Query: Has anyone actually tried to see if this Border

C-Span: Future of Intelligence....Has ANYONE Watched this?

NYT will run piece on supposed Dem concern with Clinton marriage

High praise for John Bolton from Israel: Described as "sixth" Israeli...

Author Of Federal Anti Gay Amendment Draws Kudos From The KKK

Colo. Fighting "Dem Vet" Running Against Tancredo

From one of the three states that still love Bush..A Poll.

NYT: For Clintons, Delicate Dance of Married and Public Lives

NYT: For Dems, Scandal of Their Own (but FBI search disturbs both parties)

Dodd Weighs Support for White House Run

So how did it happen that the vast majority of us have no say in

Public Citizen's Congress Watch looks at lobbyist donations

Jefferson: Probe Won't Force Resignation

Fox Idiots --- Richard Clarke and Wesley Clark are different people!!!

New Bush Comic: Turning Point in Iraq

Another "turning point"; how many is that now?

20.47 Miles of a Single, 6 foot high, Chain-link fence cost $648,364.12!!!

DNC: McCain Dodges Phone Jamming Connections in New Hampshire Speech

Dubya's go-fer/dogsitter/daughter dater to enroll at Harvard

Hastert Blasts FBI Raid On Rep. Jefferson's Office

Hey Middle Class, the poor people can't hurt you!!!!!

Can a poor person be elected president?

Fed up with this....Can`t you just get along with the DLC?....stuff.

Cheney's Guy

Seen This Time Article On The Dixie Chicks?

Paul Krugman (NYT via CommonDreams): Talk-Show Joe

Labor demands Bush plane truth(Australia)

JASON MILLER: Slaves to the "Free Market" Unite

USA Today: Hypocrisy is a weapon U.S. doesn't need in arsenal

USA: The Unlimited Surveillance of America by Dissident

Juan Cole: The Black Psy-Ops Campaign against Iran

NPR: Church Leader Describes How He Was Used by Delay & Abramoff

Lobbyist money...he's No. 1, he's No. 1! [Santorum]


Newsweek: Washington’s New Watchword: Containment

Judgement Day Smackdown: The Constitution vs. Geo W Bush

Holtzman's huff (Colorado Repuke Governor race)

Eyes on the Prize

Cheney Testifies Before The Truth & Reconciliation Commission

Information Sharing on the Rove Indictment Story--TruthOut

Scientists have no chance against spin doctors (David Bodanis)

Cheney's Guy ..The Most Poweful Man You've Never Heard Of./Here's Why.

Immigration bill: the 'no amnesty' solution(applicants leave first...)


BusinessWeek: The Snooping Goes Beyond Phone Calls

This Modern World-GOOD GRIEF!

Molly Ivins: "Yes, I Am Actually Calling Them Racist" (

Kenny boy's alma mater rebuffs return of $ for Lay's legal bills

Deborah Leavy: 'The fall of the House of Bush'

Elaine Pagels "The Truth at the Heart of 'The Da Vinci Code'"

The Da Vinci Code: A Woman's Story?

Bounty of $25K offered for head of Da Vinci Code author

The Transformation of Al Gore

H-1B labor arbitrage 20% increase each year!

62% Of New South Wales Back In Drought Status - Reuters

EU Expects Canada To Meet Kyoto Committments - Reuters

Indian Tigers Extinct In Wild Within 15 Years - Numbers In "Freefall"

EU Negotiators Unable To Agree On Funding For Fisheries - Reuters

Fishing "Major Threat To Turtles" - Esp. Loggerheads - BBC

Swiss Re May Introduce Climate Breakdown-Specific Insurance Products

Canada's Tories' Kyoto "Alternative" - 5% Ethanol Gasoline Mandate

Canada Now Opposes Stricter GHG LImits In Future Treaties - G&M

Bill Clinton - "Get Off Our Butts" On Global Warming - Reuters

High Seas Fish Stocks "Plundered" - WWF Report - BBC

Southern Spain's Vineyards Dying Under Impact Of Warming - Bloomberg

Saudi Aramco Pledges To Join Climate Fight, Cut GHGs - Reuters

Al Gore's Unwitting Assistants - Interesting WP Article

The Need for a Moon Shot

McCain calls for more nukes

who killed the electric car

Global warming risk 'much higher'

European Wheat Supply Tightens On Floods, Drought - Reuters

Bush ‘Doubts’ He’ll See Gore Movie

Vast wind farm proposed (300 MW, Buzzards Bay, Mass.)

A question of scale: Electricity and steel making.

Shoppers' thirst for palm oil threatens to wipe out orangutan

"Some Scientists" Calling For Cat. 6 Hurricane Category

Dizbad Wind Power Plant to generate 112,000 MW/hr electricity (Iran)

U.S. House of Representatives votes to tighten sanctions on PA

Egypt: Palestinians trained bombers

The Storm over the Israel Lobby. Michael Massing

Palestinians not to accept statehood less than '67 borders {edit}

Leader of Hamas' militant wing captured by Israel

'Hamas' terror is not a reaction to the occupation

New Video: Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime 1.0

Trojan Nuke Demolition = hauntingly familiar!

On the "Photo evidence that will lay to rest all the

Why the 9/11 conspirators will probably never be caught

Murder of Thomas Crane Wales - strange timing...

4 STEPS TO HOW THE GOP STOLE THE '04 ELECTION (and will repeat again)

Gore: No Intermediate Step Between SCOTUS Decision and Violent Revolution

More backdoors in Diebold voting machines-new supplemental study 5/23/06

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 05.23.06 - Its TOP TEN List Nite

Republicans Fraudulently Re-register Dems in OC, CA

New supplement to Hursti Report II released

CA, San bernardino "Voting vehicles w/touch screen machines!?" for Nov

Hand counts or revolution NOW!!! The proof of a stolen democracy:

Mark your calendars for the Linn Co. Democratic Picnic

So, John Edwards is coming to Western IA.

How to make a hyperlink NOT display the URL?

what is a good audio streaming download, and video.. i don't have a good

Precinct Chairs: How much time does it require REALLY?

First Lloyd then Clifford....

Lloyd Bentsen has passed away

Perry's Lead Grows Slightly In Latest Poll

The Democratic Cook and the Gardener

OK, so I woke up with a sore throat the other morning

fresh tomato sandwiches....

Conservatives soar in opinion poll

For Clintons, Delicate Dance of Married and Public Lives

Sunnis list demands to end insurgency

Hizbollah sees no need to aid Iran if U.S. strikes

West's 'terror deceptions' rapped

Taser sales to public proceed as ban stalls (Tennessee)

(BREAKING)Suspect in Natalee Holloway Case Release

VOA's Baghdad Bureau Still Closed After Six Months

2 in CIA to testify Libby lied on leak

CNN/AP: Amnesty International report condemns U.S., China

CNN: Katrina autopsy: Police shot mentally disabled man in back

Former Democratic Sen. Lloyd Bentsen Dies

Leader of Hamas' militant wing captured by Israel

Documents Detail AT&T-NSA Web Surveillance Claim...

Fannie Mae braces for report ($11 bn in cooked books)

Bolton: U.N. council likely anti-Israel

White House says conditions will dictate Iraq pullout

China completes the 3 gorges dam

Mexico rights watchdog finds brutal police tactics

THE ENRON TRIALS: Lay admits mistakes

Reporter Regrets Separatists Interview

GOP urges aspirant to quit (fears "character assassination" of Beauprez)

Corruption widespread in Iraq

Air Force stepping into war zones on the ground

(Afghan President) Karzai orders 'human shield' probe

USA Today: Pre-9/11 records help flag suspicious calling

Stress disorder linked to soldiers' ill health

CNN: House votes to choke off aid to Palestinians

Iraq violence kills 2,500, displaces 85,000 in two months: UN

Iraq: Minister for Culture Resigns

(Abramoff) Lobbying Trial to Look Inside White House

Sharpton: Pull 2 Ala. Candidates From Race

Signed Hutton report (re. Dr. Kelly death) auctioned at Labour fundraiser

Hartford Courant: Dodd Poised For Possible '08 Presidential Run

German High Court Curbs Database-Mining

Feds Charge Miami Lawyer With $13.5M Fraud

Car bomb kills five in Baghdad

Busby: Jefferson Should Resign

Iraq: 2500 dead in 2 months

Karzai orders probe of Afghan village bombardment

Senate Panel Backs Hayden for CIA

Raising the Barr for Congress

Iraqi Gov't Agent Admits al-Qaida Killings

40 Killed in Iraq, 11 Near Shiite Mosque

Ariz. Measure Would Give $1M to a Voter

Washington ‘hawks’ oppose EU3 incentives plan for Iran (Cheney, Bolton...)

Edinburg native killed in military action in Iraq (#2456)

SC Lt Gov. Andre Bauer injured in ultralight crash...

Source: Theft of vets' data kept secret for 19 days

(Bolivian President) Morales ally rejects Bush's democracy concerns

ACLU requests files on anti-Bush protest

Howard blasts Iranian leader's 'blind bigotry'


The Snooping Goes Beyond Phone Calls

Boeing unveils lightweight bomb for urban combat (making 24,000 for USAF)

E&P: KR Reporter Joe Galloway, Nearing Retirement, Hits Rumsfeld in Emails

Indian Christians want 'Da Vinci' banned, offer bounty for author's head

PAC run by Howard Dean's brother endorses Lamont

ABC: Charles Gibson Named Sole Anchor of 'World News Tonight'

McClatchy Sells Philadelphia Newspapers

Mutilated and killed, Iraqi boy is sectarian victim

Iran Target of Apparent Disinformation Ploy (PRO-WAR PROPAGANDA)

Senate rejects plan to allow all illegal immigrants to stay

ABC breaking : New Bin Laden tape says Moussaoui had no role in 9/11

US goes on counter-attack against Amnesty International

U.S. Says World Could Handle Loss of Iran Oil

Milberg Weiss gave top Democrats funding

Bloomberg: Seven Indonesian Bird Flu Cases Linked to Patients

Pentagon urges China to explain military buildup

2 in CIA to testify Libby lied on leak

CNN >> Senate Intelligence Committee votes 12-3 in favor of the nomination

NYT: Lieberman Says He's Ready for Democratic Primary Battle

Trial Opens for 2nd Abu Ghraib Dog Handler

Terror bill would limit Florida scholars' travels (Jeb Bush to sign)

FCC chief says won't probe NSA call program

AP: Former VP candidate, Sen. Lloyd Bentsen dies.

5 Arrested In Attack On Anti-Gay Funeral Protesters (Fred Phelps)

Defense Sources: Duke Accuser Gave Conflicting Stories About Alleged Rape

Greek and Turkish planes collide

Savannah Radio "Not Ready to Play Nice" With Dixie Chicks

How do I add images to my signature?

Now that we've discussed rock best singers, how about R&B?

My poor meatball

Sean Penn writes to Matt Stone and Trey Parker

Beast's real mark devalued to '616'

You know what I really like.

What's your favorite Little Debbie snack?

Their first great-grandchild.

Sleep is not the answer.

Is My Pizza Safe?

Does Rosetta Stone offer a course in Moranish?

define amnety

Khash does it again!

Sisterhood of the travelling Carpenter's Pants on HBO now!

Carpenter Pants: Do I have to call an exterminator? Or...

It's 2:54 a.m. BlueIris is hungry, irritated and sad. Should she eat:

VGCats are wonderful.

What kind of cookie are you?

W. VA Courthouse Shrubbery Being Ruined By Homeless Urine

Bummer! Apple's iTunes Store seems to be broken this AM.

If your supervisor says equipment you support is "a necessary evil",

Conversation with someone I'd met 30 minutes prior:

A hard rain is gonna fall.

Does anyone else write to a Heathrow pensioner here?


Did you know? - Where does "to win hands down" come from?

Eurovision 2006 song contest winner is......... FINLAND!

Which state abbreviation always confuses you?

Hahahahaha! Laughing Yogi

A question about Guantanamo Bay Cuba?

Flowbee Haircutting System...WTF?!?!!

You have to see this animation!

Police Getting Emergency Calls About Skimpy Bikinis, Lost TV Remotes

‘Dog’ the Bounty Hunter Marries Beth despite tragedy

Any Panty chefs here?

i just got a great bumper sticker, "Will Work for Peace">>

when you start meowing in my ear at 4am you get thrown off the bed.

I had another interview last week

KitchenWitch is EVIL!!!!!!!

Does anyone use a travel agent anymore? And if so,

Anybody else think it's strange- all these animal stories?

Simba just emitted the SMELLIEST fart

This is for khashka and

I'm having a hungry day.

i have not posted in GD for a few days now

tell us about an unknown corner of DU that you frequent

Hey Colin Firth fans: Really nice fan site

What can I say? I LOVE kids!! (new grandkids PIX)

Now Tony Bourdain's a guy I'd have a beer with.

Have you ever had jury duty?

I believe that Congressman William Jefferson ought to resign.

New song: Tom Cruise Scares Me... how about you?

it's that time of the month again...

Carpenter Porn: Do I have to call an exterminator? Or...

How much Seagram's Master Blend before you don't know what the fuck's

I want a lapdance, any suggestions, anyone?

Mr. Boneless buffalo wing inventer guy!

What kind of roll-playing are you into?

My selfish rant of the day. What's yours?

Khash is totally chuffed

Anyone watch Super Group on VH1?

I hate being stuck in suburbia!!

What makes "country music" country music?


So, what is with all of the country music threads anyway?

A chupacabra stole my lunch

tjwmason, can you identify this building for me?

"Gay Man Climbs Mount Everest" (hilarious)

Need help finding a movie quote


Do you arrange your paper money to face the same way?

I want a Laplander, any suggestions, anybody?

self delete

what about this odd political comment in 24?

WTHerk?! I was almost hit **again**. Twice!

Question for people who work or worked in retail

I need some big-time help from any computer experts.

Let the air conditioner war begin

Help! Help! My Sig Pic is ENORMOUS! AGGGGGGGHH!

A GD thread made me think about something

DU was in my dream this morning

The new Gay news.

Gaelic snark?

Panel: Legislators Shouldn't Work Drunk

I need entertainment

Congratulations MrBenchley!! 35,000 posts

Best Lapsed Religion to giggity with?

Panel: Legislators shouldn't Pork Drunks

Fun with 419 Scams

Gay Groups Praise Killing Off Of Gay Mobster on 'The Sopranos'

I'm going to take a nap on my hammock...


"Can't You See" for GM cars? Ad agencies have gone nuts, haven't they?

What happened to Sundog? Is he on hiatus?

Thieves Steal 600-Pound Buddha From Restaurant

Blatant plea for sympathy...and a question.

Raccoon Attacks, Bites Shovel-Wielding Woman Over 20 Times

Doh! She called - well, text-messaged me

Why brother?

I left a little something out of the coffee

For Xmas I'd like this!

Why brothel?

Suspect Allegedly Stole, Threatened To Kill Elderly Man's Dog

I stole a 70 ton almost-comatose matcom from the liquor store

Well, it's official. My mother has now completely gone mad.

Who was the BEST teacher you ever had.

I have proof that micky mouse is evil!

Who put the 'United We Stand" flag sticky up there?

Make it so!

Is this ironic or not?

Why bother?

Direct me to the last thread you made. #2

Right. So if you think someone else is hitting on your girlfriend...

Minor Rant: Why does tire air cost $1.00?

Answer the truth! Do you tan in a tanning bed?

Poetry: I just dont get it

Lets have a mean, dark, depressing thread

Good news - got a response to a resume...

someone locked me out of DU!!

It turns out I'm bi... or something...

Shit! I nearly accidentally killed my ex-girlfriend today

MatcomNews UPDATE: Woman Wants Probation For Outdoor Attack Cat

Speaking of labor laws:Uniform cleaning fee

Q: Do gmail accounts expire if not used

It turns out I'm bubonic... or something...

I'm alive!

Carpenter Ants: Do I have to call an exterminator? Or...

I'm a bit busy you know.

Any Pantry chefs here?

no explanation available

It turns out I'm bionic...or something...

The world prejudice map (79kb jpeg - 1000pixels wide image by 688pxl tall)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 5/23/06)

Shit! I nearly accidentally called my ex-girlfriend today.

Bad band names.


Shit! I nearly accidentally nailed my ex-girlfriend today

Why is Bush slowly destroying America,

Ever have one of those days at work

Labor law question - Unused vacation time

Tuesday, May 23. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Man I hate school board meeting night.

Grow up, media. The guy was not DEPRESSED. He's PSYCHOTIC:

Man Says Wife Shredded His Scrotum

Is DU too big?

Kids, it’s your CIVIC DUTY to vote for the American Idol tonight.

So it turns out an ex of mine is in data mining

What is your rigntone/ wallpaper on the cell

Fred Schneider of the B-52s performing ANGEL OF DEATH by Slayer

The Emo Orange

Is ephedra legal again?

Ever thrown out or lost something that later became a true collectible?

Yay! 700 Club! and it only took me three years!

How anal-retentive are you? (DU edition)

My bunny should be giving birth soon.

How Do You Change Your IP Address

What are some great actors' worst roles?

Good Tuesday Morning, Crew!

The Red and Black thing.

How do you pick up a bartender?

Late at night, do you ever drive around the parking lot of bigbox stores..

I missed the last Will & Grace and Desperate Housewives. Can someone...


Grannie's Wedding Pix!

Need some research help, please. I can pay, too.

So, what happened with Daniel and Stephanie; inquiring minds want to know!

16 Random Questions

REMINDER: 10.5 Apocalypse is on again tonight

For prom season: modest dresses for nice Mormon girls

What kind of role-playing are you into?

I am getting flamed for my Ass in GD.

Few movie threads lately - so here is my top five all time worst. Yours?

Granpa, what's "Trance Music"?

Is it time for you to buy a Bikini Design Kit?

Say Goodnight, Dick.

What's the last music artist you listened to?

Seattle Cops TASER a bear to death.

leftist_rebel1596 answers your questions in this thread

Does anyone else write to a Death Row prisoner here?

Who has/had the best voice of any female singers?

Which level of Hell are you damned to?

Why reincarnation is a load of bunk

And the best recording of 2006 is....

These last two American Idol contestants prove that Star Search

I wonder if religion is somehow inherit in our evolution.

Post an excerpt of something that speaks closely to your spiritual views!

Pics of Bush showing very odd looking hole in his throat area...

Hypnosis may boost in vitro fertilization success

Openly gay Missoula police officer in the limelight

Teacher In 'Heterosexual Questionnaire' Furor Placed On Leave

Conservative Churches Claim Gay Marriage Would Harm Them

Guerriero departing Log Cabins for Gill Foundation

Gay Former Employee Sues Qwest For Alleged Bias

Mass. Senate move to take gay youth panel from Romney

Australian PM On Hotseat Over Gay Marriage

Church of Scotland faces gay 'weddings' split

Georgia Supreme Court Told Governor Playing Politics With Gay Marriage App

Gay-marriage ban a no-win deal for Bush

Mets/Sox fans: Ever hear of DeLillo's movie "Game 6

C'mon Oilers!!

The Detroit Tigers!

Lebron James $100 million?

Tarot reading - Spying on Americans... Part 1

Is reality as we have known it falling apart?

Any astrologer looked at upcoming election?

*'s chart. . .ughhhh

toll-free number for Vets discharged from the military since 1975

Scot Lehigh in the Globe: John Kerry's encore

Hypocrisy watch!

Kenyon speech video up

Vote early, vote often - list of dailykos polls

A Globe article crediting Kerry with calling for withdrawal.

The odd flotsam and jetsom

A new Kerrycrat?

Early pictures with new Nikon 18-200 VR lens

Newsletter The Case Against LibbyMay 23, 2006

AUTHOR SPEAKS: Story of Iran tagging Jews was "opinion piece"

A film as important as "Fahrenheit 9/11" and "An Inconvenient Truth"

This is how I'm going to invest in my child's future:

Israel's UN ambassador slams Qatar, Russia, and China. Praises Bolton

thank you, Skinner...

Zogby: Over 70 Million American Adults Support New 9/11 Investigation

90K user registrations in DU

A Sticky Thread Proposal

I am encouraged by Jean Rohe; she is as brilliant as she is beautiful.

High Comedy: O'Reilly's advice to the Democrats.

IEDs:a cautionary cartoon - Tue 5/23

Panel: Legislators Shouldn't Work Drunk

Housing Costs Too Much? Then Work More, Fort Lauderdale's Mayor Says

Impressive Way To Start A Day.

Laptop lifeline for wounded US troops (BBC)

WP: FBI Raid on Lawmaker's Office Is Questioned

Politics is a war of why are our Dems shooting blanks?

George finally found a use for his beer can pull ring collection

Vicente Fox to visit migrant workers in WA

Kurtz coins phrase: "the Liberal Blogosphere"

The new issue on the William Jefferson story.

Question for all the KO fans here at DU

Rick Santorum highest PAC recipient?

2,455 Americans now dead in W's War. Iraq in chaos

Ban on cattle drug offers hope of saving India's vultures from extinction

'Matriarch' of anti-smoking movement dies at 61

On Murderers,Killers,etc....

Dixie Chicks will be on CNN this half hour: "No Apologies"

Chris Dodd may seek WH

The first word out of Liberman's mouth was Lamont wants to buy election

The Shattered Glass Ceiling

con. ackerman getting an earful on WJ

Rice’s Speech to Boston Grads Contained a Disconnect From Action

If America were to be founded today, by you, how would you proceed?

Renewing the Call for a Nuclear-Free Middle East. Peace Action

The latest reach of the Unitary Executive

Foreign Labor Contractor Fined Again

War on terror ‘undermining human rights’ (Amnesty International Report)

The one overriding message I get from this Administration is

FAUX Newz posts poll on Dixie Chicks

Anyone know of a documentary that does a good job of explaining the rise

Anyone Else See PBS Last Night on Rise of the 3rd Reich?

Justice catches up with Rush Limbaugh.

"Rove will be indicted this Wednesday."

Sorry, I'm not a fan of the Dixie Chicks

Making everyone vote in a 12 hour period is archaic & stupid.

how much more can will the Dems in Congress fight for my civil rights?

Exclusive: A Rising Star Offers His Own Immigration Plan (Time)

Iraq Is Disintegrating As Ethnic Cleansing Takes Hold (resembles Bosnia)

Was Iran's revolution in 1979 organized by oil companies

The AFA is back on the warpath. Sick bastards, all.

"Baghdad ER" schedule (HBO)

MSNBC Poll: Should President Bush Watch The Gore Movie?

Help! I need the largest newspaper in Spokane, WA!

A column I just wrote under my Dissident moniker

New Witchcomic on blogs & the NSA.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Sperm = eugenics ????

Wired Calls Abu Gonzales' Bluff

Which people have to leave?

Anyone else getting a llot of "hangup" phone calls lately?

Dems, Milberg Weiss & Corruption.. I call bullsh*t!

T. Franks retires from army; stop loss means average joe cannot why?

Zogby: Less than half of Americans satisfied with 9/11 investigations

26.5 million vets' records, and the public servant brought the discs

Katie Curic needs kneepads

Imus kept playing Dixie Chicks cuts this morning

I keep hearing that the FTC reports that there is no price gouging

MSNBC Poll: Should Bush Watch the AL Gore Documentary On Global Warming?

Hollywood sign had peace sign sprayed on it - looking for photo

Is the sky falling?

If we don't fight for our nation, then we don't deserve it anyway.

sen clinton heckled at national press club speech on energy

Operation "CORRUPT DEMOCRATS" in full swing!

"We made a colossal mistake." - U.S Rep. Walter B. Jones

Why are tonsillectomies rarely done any more?

Can what took place on "24" happen in reality? (spoiler alert)

I'm sure that all the "Global Warming" nuts.....

Kucinich has control of the Democrat's time on the House, CSPAN1 now

Commencement speaker apologizes for contraception rant etc.

Another new Anti War song from a great band, Live.

Fox: "Nancy and Charlie and Gore, oh my!!"

Cheney at LSU commencement: We will not forget Katrina 'difficulty'

CNN: Theft of vets' data kept secret for 19 days

WP: Howard Kurtz >> Wrong About Rove?

(VIDEO) "Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy" RIP Lloyd Bentsen

Nation's AGs demand meeting with Bush Admin re: High Oil Prices

new HIV question donating blood, have you been in jail 72 hours,

Gore volunteers to take his movie to the White House!

ABC's 'The Note' Suggests Democrats Want US Troops Killed and Maimed

Are we seeing the beginning of the media control of the election?

Let's hear from everybody who voted for Dukakis/Bentsen in 1988.

Blair and his ridiculous photo-op in Baghdad

Drivers that stike cyclists should rot in jail for the rest of their lives

Reagan Official: Paranoia as Policy - How Bush Brewed the Iran Crisis

THANK YOU FOR THE STAR!!!!!! Whoever you are.

Um, is it just me...

The Magic F.

New radio play on Bush from the writer of MASH: 'Abrogate'

FoxNews anchor derides "Al Gore's global warming hysteria".

Great Article about Impeachment Threats/NonThreats - Jesse Jackson

Bush's Purgatory

Put a cap on Wednesday with a CAPTION!!!!!

Do I need to find a tinfoil?

"...between a definitive Supreme Court decision and violent revolution."

heads up, the lord has spoken to someone else besides smirk

DU This Poll...

If you are a DailyKos member, be sure to Vote in the polls out today

Former Reagan Official: "Truth is forbidden, except on the Internet."

Bush's supporters seem to prefer lies over truth, what's up with that?

St. Thomas commencement speaker apologizes. Called women "selfish" for

We need some new avatars!

washington journal time-NYT piece re:"Clinton Marriage"

The Moran Man (Satire)

Talking about Dixei Chicks on MSNBC now!

Rove will likely never go to jail or face any punishment, indicted or not.

Post here if you are one of Leopold's sources.

Early morning tinfoil hat.... Please try this on for size.

Tolstoy on the good works of the rich

HEADLINE: White House Plays Down Troop Withdrawal

Oh Goody! Now it's "The Clinton Marriage"

Doublespeak undermines 'war on terrorism'

It would make no sense to say you were ashamed of Bush, inside the USA

Political Corruption In Perspective

The Jeb and Cruella Show!

Where's all the "Jefferson must resign threads"?

Like my sticky says.......Thanks ! for the star whoever you are.

Doublespeak by US and UK undermines war on terrorism: Amnesty

DU this poll: Would you support splitting families? (currently 50-50!)

Update on Unwed couple/children barred in Missouri town-ACLU

Bush regime looking to use Iran to justify restarting Star Wars boondoggle

self delete

Before Conservatives Label the Liberals "Godless Un-American Traitors"...

I had to bite my tongue really hard today....

US sets up £215m deal for Afghan arms - from Russia

Arkansas - Dem Primary Today (May 23rd) - GO VOTE!

Everyone who recently recieved a free star please post a THANKS sticky.

Democrats to use minimum wage as election weapon - Rueters

Sam Sedar is on Randi's show right now

Keyblogger Hardward in New Dell Laptop Computers??

Hercules vs Wal-mart

According to CNN Hilary has the most money

Colbert to give commencement speech In Illinois

Kennedy tearing it up on the Senate floor

Pardon me? Ariel Sharon is still alive???

Pentagon urges China to explain military buildup

new CNN promo - hard news

John Kerry Statement on Stolen Veterans’ Records

*'s Personal Aide (breath mint carrier) Enrolls at Harvard Bus. Sch.

Orrin Hatch: " long we'd be in Iraq and I said at least 10 years."

Newest RW spin on Bush popularity ratings

These last two American Idol contestants prove that Star Search

iTunes users - Show your support for the Dixie Chicks!

So yesterday I take my kids to see Over The Hedge and

Use the wiretaps to discover who placed the puts on Airline stocks on 9/10

Afghan Leader (U.S. Stooge) Orders Inquiry Into U.S. Bombing

"A Day Without DU"

9-11 Changed Everything

Inflated Terrorism - Propaganda Lies by Project Censored's Peter Phillips

Surprise! Bush FAILED TO PLAN on court impact with his immigration thing

After a long exhausting day posting on DU I realized...

Democracy for America email about JOE LIEBERMAN. Donate to Ned Lamont!

How was YOUR war, you miserable little pissant?

Kos '08 poll: Feingold handily ahead at this time

Let's make TRUTH the National Language, & support those who speak it.

What part of "the war's a disaster, stop it now" don't the neocons get?

NYT Is Liberal??? Ha!!! (I Think I'm Gonna Be Sick, But It's a MUST READ)

Police: Fla. Mother Made Up Story About Abduction (was a dream??)

Caption the Cheneys...

??? effects of NY stock exchange buying some foreign exchanges ???

MSNBC - Allison Stewart going to be talking abt. Dixie Chicks

Minor Rant: Why does tire air cost $1.00?

Just got a call. . .

Christians Reviving America's Values: Our Borders Are Not Secure!

Another DU thread I failed to bookmark (RATS!)

Hey DU! Which states still have a paid state college system?

Catholic group upset at Madonna 'crucifixion'

U.S. Marine Corps Eyes Hybrid Humvee

Hillary Clinton could have the full powers of the USA Patriot Act

More dead miners (Yes it is bush and the corporatist's fault)

advice needed re: fundraising for Gore Letter in the NYT

Greg Palast on "The Guy James Show" today. Maybe some DU'ers will listen?

Called Feinstein's office re: Hayden Committee vote

Public Citizen releases 73 page study on Lobbyists and Congress.

One of my rants/editorials got published on another website...

Just heard on AAR that Chris Dodd is considering a run for president in 08

Big Ed Schultz sings the praises of Dixie Chicks' courage today!

Daily Howler: Challenge media script NOW or it's McCain in the WH in 2008.

Try to guess the next BS story....

Deja-fucking vu: "Bolton: Iran regime can stay if ends arms pursuit"

What was Jack Abramoff doing in Venezuela?

Surprise Surprise a new Bin Laden tape has emerged

Jellocrats???? Great new word, huh?

Those move on parties really are filling up fast.

Carl Levin's office hangs up on constituents

Call to open drug 'shooting galleries' (for addicts to shoot up safely)

So, Do You Think the Congressional Offices are Bugged?

Ewww! Emesis Basin Alert! The latest drivel from Chairman Ken Mehlman:

1973 St Louis fire destroys many military records...conn to data theft???

kos: "Stuart Rothenberg hates democracy"

They say 9-11 changed everything", and I say...

Anyone watching The Daily Snow Job?

Why is former Governor McGreevey writing a book ?

Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) Weighs Support for White House Run

Coulter will clean your apartment, if you pay her under the table!

Cheney's Guy-Addington most powerful man you've never heard of...

Anyone else noticing a resurgence of W stickers?

Dick Durbin's lips are moving but I'm not hearing anything right now

Tony Snow: "Now, where was I in this?" -- Helen Thomas: "Still spinning."

Does Iran have a right to acquire nuclear weapons?

Does anyone else think we're being played?

bush and olmert having press conference

Exxon-Backed Pundit Compares Gore To Nazi Propagandist

Anyone watch the American Experience about Goebbels yesterday?

Gore on 2000 Election, Cheney Drawn Further into RoveGate, More...

Israeli PM at White House says he will meet Mahmood Abbas in near future?

Democrats’ liberal icon justifies wage cuts for workers, bonuses for CEOs

So, does shell oil stand a chance of shaking a 1.5bn fine?

Thousands confess in NATALIE HOLLOWAY story to finally shut the media up!

Backing Away From Bush

mindfreedom update...

Torture apologist David Rifkin on NPR's Talk of the Nation earlier

The Decider versus the Suiciders--- Suiciders are winning ....

HuffPo: Fact-Checking the Blogs; Left vs. Right

From 2004 -- a message to Red Staters and Republicans (Jamie Foxer)

Conservative callers defending Clinton on Bill Bennett's show

Late payments on US Mortgages rise; (headline cont)

Imperial Grand Wizard Jeff Sessions coming up on Lou Dobbs!

Three Most Downloaded Albums Today on ITunes

the worst offenders of the press

2 in CIA to testify Libby lied on leak

Dean/DNC need to kick Bill Jefferson out of the party NOW

Question about the subpoena power a Democratic Congress will have...

This is a damned appropriate sign

BuzzFlash headline: "Jellocrats" endorse Hayden.

Cheney on Iraq: "a battle for the future of civilization."

Bush's word of the day: "suicider"

City May Move To 4-Day Week Over Gas Prices

ABC just had this story-enter million dollar draw if you vote

"Balloon flower red": hideous, at least in NY Times photo

Group Attacks Anti-Gay Protesters At Marine's Funeral

"I know. I saw the movie."

100% Rightwing radio. Now rightwinger buys Philly's 2 papers

Bush and Blair Want to Take You to a Gay Bar

About that minimum wage.


Denver finalist for Dem 2008 Convention

Bush Live: We are doing a pretty good job stopping the suiciders on

DUers: Brave Enough To Be Wrong, Point It Out and Allow the World To Watch

That's it. Bin Laden is Bush's LONG-DEAD PR Svengali.

so, Matthews made his career off of the Clinton's marriage, and now...

ALERT:Philly papers SOLD to FReepers. Give em hell - 916-321-1855

A Sign of Renewal and a Reminder at Ground Zero

WHY are NOLA defendants

HuffPo: The President's Secret IMs

When you shop at walmart, you are buying tanks and planes for China

Daily Kos fantasy straw poll 2008. Gore 3255...1.29pm

We are winners - don't act like less than that.

Bush: Don't judge Iraq by the violence.

Video: Fox compares Gore to Goebbels

Charlie GIBSON bumps off Elizabeth VARGAS

WTC 7 is up and open for business.

The Propagandist thinks the voting age is 21?????

Bill Frist has just convinced me

5 Run Over at Ga. McDonald's; 3 Are Tots

Murtha gets JFK award PHOTO--------------->

I say 9/11 changed nothing.

Hmm.... Even Repubs are freaking out over FBI raid on Jefferson's office

Feingold, Ron Wyden, Evan Bayh, three dissenting votes

For those pretending "gun rights" is a bipartisan issue....

Mike Malloy's blog: Has he mentioned yet tonight....?

*** Tuesday TOONs: Break the Code ***

baghdad before and during a sand storm-big pictures

Is it me? Or is it really the 1870's?

How well is the Mighty Wurlitzer doing its job? What are you afraid of?

Here's an online poll - 45% rate bush a moron - needs help

Rev. Pat Robertson, 76, can leg press 2,000 pounds.

There was a bomb threat today at my school.

The Red Alert - Peace Takes Courage

You'll never guess who Hannity is interviewing

Just got my copy and listened once through!

We should form a new National Organization of Gun Owners

Councilman "not allowed to pray in Jesus name", "crushing liberty"

Just Don't Tell 'Em You Know Me: By William Rivers Pitt

Bob Kerrey: My Perspective on the New School Commencement

"No, seriously...take me to your leader."

Yahoo News is linking to the AT&T documents that Wired leaked

Just got an email from my rep re:Iraq

If immigrants must learn English, then Freepers must learn to spell

GA girls suspended for singing Spice Girls song (over the word "lover")

Video: Bush Sings "Imagine"

Breaking: Lloyd Bentsen Has Died

Does that Onstar stuff that the automakers install now creep you out?

Net Ad Seeks Temp Workers to Privately Shuttle Hackable Voting Machines!

59-27 % margin says that Bush has done more to divide country than Clinton

True Story: Ding Dong. AT&T Calling (At My Front Door)

The Definition of Evil....

Allow me to remind you abu Gonzales' stunt with Andy Card in Sept '03.

Please DU this MSNBC Poll

Regarding The FBI Raid On Captol Hill....Please Help Me Understand

Vince Gill got Dixie Chicks' back!!!

This Morning's Good News on Rove

Supreme Court rules police don't need search warrants in "emergencies"

On Casey Sheehan's grave lacking a marker......

Why the Illegal FBI search of Rep. Jefferson's office is so bad:

Regarding the 26.5 million veterans who had their info stolen

DFA Endorses Lamont!

VIDEO: The Dixie Chicks sing on Letterman

Did DU just go down for a short while?

Top Ten Signs of the Impending U.S. Police State


Rumors of death greatly exaggerated: US humorist Art Buchwald

Arundhati Roy on Democracy Now! today

HEre is the 31% who still support *. Spin spin spin

The Dixie Chicks

There was a post on Du some time ago about a fraud on Ebay,

I saw Baghdad ER last night!

Air Force 1 pulls away without * - Have you seen this yet?

Gore on the 2000 Election - Was it Stolen?

If China makes a military move on Taiwan, would we really take them on?

Trampling American Empire

The one obvious choice to clean up this mess in '08 is Al Gore


Learn English, Dammit!

BREAKING: Hayden approved...12-3

Kerry is talking about VOTING ISSUES OF 2004 in his commencement speeches

Dixie Chicks Poll in Lubbock, Texas (Lubbock or Leave It) Please DU!!!!

Why All the Bad News from Aruba on FOX News?

Howard Kurtz - Watch that flying Glass

Last Jesse Macbeth thread...

Propaganda and domestic psychological operations-a result of Rumsfeld

Helicopter flying search pattern over Eastern Elgin, IL...

Nonsense about the Border is just Cover for Pushing through "Guest Worker"

MSNBC's David Schuster: CIA Leak GJ to meet Wednesday

I seriously doubt that Rove has been indicted already

Must See!: O'Reilly gets the Colbert Word treatment

Vaccine Prevents Cervical Cancer. So, What's the Down Side?

E-Mails Indicate Rove, Gov't Forced ICANN to Nix '.Xxx' Domain

Don't Mess With Texas ... a note from Michael Moore

32 pipe bombs, two grenades, seven sawed-off weapons and a machine gun...

Jesse Macbeth, Jessie Macbeth

I am puzzled about this theft of veterans' data. Why would anyone need

I believe that Congressman William Jefferson ought to resign.

Freeptards View Themselves As "baffled outsiders".

Daniel Ellsberg and Reichstag

Congratulations Bennet Kelley! DU author is finalist in Journalism Awards

Tonite | Countdown w/Keith Olbermann "The Case Against Libby"

Jason Leopold heads up.

My theory on internecine nastiness at DU.

Atheist Removes Memorial Crosses For Woman, Baby

Fridge fills up in Arizona desert season of death

I don't mind the DLC

Was Leopold right after all?

US Military No Longer Planning For "Victory" In Iraq...Now 'containment'

2008 Election

Is Rep. Jefferson just a patsy? Why have we come down so hard on him?


Repug cannibalism in Alabama

Who picks the topics in the House/Senate? Do they HAVE to

There's a bad moon a-rising ......

NYT: In Fight Against the "Governator," California Dems Lack a Superhero

Chris Dodd is running for president

Condi's Sr. Adviser bored us this morning on W.J.

Santorum vs Casey poll

Lloyd Bentsen has died

I've decided I'm for Gore

New articles on George W.'s Palace-"Embassy Iraq"-poss.slave labor?

Got to love Fox...

Where Does Lobbyist Money Go? (Good resource link)

A note on corruption

Dems: Republican budget is "crippling", "shabby", "morally irresponsible"

today's tongue twister: all oil all oil all oil all oil

One of ours is embarassing himself on C-span Washington Journal

With a $5 million war chest, Joe snipes at Ned for being wealthy

Leg pressing for Jesus

So MSNBC is trotting out every Democratic congressperson

Under penalty of death, GOP Candidate guarantees his reforms will work

Refusing to play O'Reilly's game

A 16 year old's sacrifice for the earth... I'm so proud...

DU this poll please

Stinky letter from Peter King to Newsday:

"A participant in an ongoing criminal enterprise"

'So he (Gore)considers the election stolen? '

Progressive Hawaii Sen. Akaka is being targeted by the DLC in primary

a link I found on a blog I love about how pervasive the rot is.

DLC joins Gibson in calling for more "European babies"

Nobody Cares About the DLC Except You

Give one, tiny, small, itty bity FUCKING BREAK - re Trafficant

Penn Hills PA Dem challenges Rick Santorum to a lie detector test

Jefferson needs to resign & Democrats need to urge him to do so

For John Edwards Supporters and Friends - Join One Corps

Was the SD pro-choice petition drive shut-down earlier than June 19th?

The 'lighter moment' ploy

Millions for Everglades restoration in jeopardy (Thanks, Jeb!)

The "Won't Impeach" pledge still being waved in our faces

Feingold: We hear you loud and clear (DSCC e-mail)

ACLU responds to General Hayden's confirmation...

Self delete

Questions about the conflicting reports about the NSA spying program

Just heard on the radio that Hayden

US call for AWB probe (Harkin)

GOP House Leader Blames Democrats for Deficit, Clinton for Energy Policy

Choicepoint/ theft of Vet's info connection?

Raising the Barr for Congress

The DLC is the Root Of All Evil—It is the Problem Not the Solution

California Trying to Impeach The president and vice president

Who is Nouri al-Maliki ?

Report on the recent 'progressive spiritual activism' conference

Every day, another kick in the teeth

"The paper of record"? ..... or .... "that left wing, liberal rag"?

The Transformation of Al Gore

Santorum is already swiftboating "Bobby" Casey

Feingold, Wyden, and Bayh voted for America; The Jello-crats are:

Looking for the big (D) on the ballot: big D brand identity

DU the Dixie Chicks!!

A Tall Texas Legend Passes.

John Kerry Bill to Protect Veterans from Identity Theft

Beltway media launches character assasination of Al Gore

New lyrics needed for our National Anthem

How long do you think it will be before the US has a black president?

DFA endorses Ned Lamont

“Combat Diary: The Marines of Lima Company ” on A&E

Tightening Screws and Raising the Heat

Republicans Fraudulently Re-register Dems in OC, CA

Hayden is a pr*ck.

I'am sick of the media talking about Hillary running for President

DU Plameologists Alert: Big Expose on the Powerful Man You Never Heard Of.

Former DNC chair, Don Fowler, sends letter of support for Dean's strategy.

It's time to put aside our differences and unite against Bush

Today I DEMANDED a paper ballot!!

Why I'm not afraid.

James Carville on Larry King last night speaking about '08 candidates.

DU this Poll - sent to me by GOP and Santorum

I found an old, crusty DLC sore and I decided to pick at it.

RESOLVED: the number one, most urgent issue before us is

What to do about our panic. How to be in this moment. (by request)

"The Da Vinci Code": It's just a movie

FL Gov: Davis (D) does best for dems, Gallagher (R) does worst for repubs

2006 Senate Races

Why Iraq War such a problem for Dems - HBO's Baghdad ER

So, How WOULD a Patriot Act?

Fran Drescher is thinking of running for congress (no joke)

I believe firmly that the bin Laden videos are not real, but I need help.

Methodist Leader Calls For President’s Impeachment