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Archives: May 24, 2006

David Sirota: Money plus secrecy equals trouble

Armed Groups Propel Iraq Toward Chaos

Newsweek: Bush's Spanish Lessons

Forbes magazine notices Al Gore: "Gore, Inc."

John Nichols (The Nation): William Jefferson, D-Wall Street

Keep digging into story on phone-jamming (The Hampton Union)

Katherine Harris – Still a Crook

Can Humanity Make a Stand Against the Onslaught of Capitalist Imperialism


Iran deploys its war machine

The Democrats’ Losing Attitude

Birdflu..lame economy will launch it on the world from Indonesia

Attenborough: Climate change is the major challenge facing the world

Bad news we'd like more of.... (windfarms)

Eastern U.S. still colder than normal

Correspondence with a Swedish Nuclear Scientist: Sweden's Nuclear Future.

Feds Reject Petition to List Spotted Owl

Hamas officials talk to Israeli media

Hamas, Fatah agree to end violence in Gaza

Olmert ponders toughest question

Sharon's Legacy in Action

Don't believe MIHOP?

Zogby Poll: Over 70 Million American Adults Support New 9/11 Investigation

9500 Able Danger documents?

Submitting Stolen Election 2004 video to Huffington Post....

A post in GD Politics asks if the Vote needs Priority

My Kinky Friedman bumper sticker

My new favorite summer thirst-quencher:

Ham Ham and more Ham... got ideas?

Legal draft of softwood deal may go to U.S. this week, lumber industry say

Karzai orders probe of Afghan village bombardment

Journalists boycott Harper news conference as media battle heats up

Coalition organizes against 'Atlantica'

Quebec to go it alone on Kyoto, Charest says

Reporters boycott PM's news conference

Former gitmo detainees to SUE RUMSFELD AND 10 GENERALS

Iraq arms 'leaking to insurgents' (US-sponsored arms from Bosnia)

AP: Lobbying Trial to Look Inside White House (3rd most Rec). tells me

Legal draft of softwood deal may go to U.S. this week, lumber industry say

Proponents Press Senate on Stem Cell Research Measure

Moscow angered by US plan for 'star wars' bases in Europe

Pressure builds on North Korea to end nuclear program

U.S. House approves sanctions against Palestinians

Ethanol plant being built in Illinois

2 Guantanamo detainees overdose on pills

Calif. candidate accents rival's illness

Millions (of residents) at risk if NJ chemical plants leak-study

Verizon planning ("significant") job cuts in local unit

European nations draw up Iran compromise

Journalists boycott Harper news conference as media battle heats up

IEA worried about Russian natural gas

Two Elderly Women Jailed In Deadly Insurance Scam

Quebec ready to go it alone on Kyoto: Charest

Iran Requests Direct Talks on Nuclear Program

Texas justice admonished for Miers support

Lott Prepares for a Possible Return to Senate Leadership Role

Iraq doctor brings evidence of US napalm at Fallujah

Ratings in Tank, Cheney Still Reels In Big-Time Bucks

Abortion Doctor's Killer to Represent Self

Alleged bin Laden tape: Moussaoui not part of 9/11(Bad bush polls coming?)

NY judge: Endless ban on speech in NSLs likely unconstitutional

NYT: Armed Groups Propel Iraq Toward Chaos

Special U.S. Envoy for Combating Anti-Semitism Assumes Post

CNN -- Bush: U.S. would aid Israel if attacked

NYT: U.S. Plan to Lure Nurses May Hurt Poor Nations

No Link Between Marijuana Use and Lung Cancer

Is Paula Abdul high again today??

Viking princess ATTACK!

Rant about people's expectations

Interview Question: Tell me about a time when...

Tuesday night. Loud drunk people in the hall, time to turn up the music.

I am in a horrible, carnivorous, she-bitch mood tonight. Help!

Is anybody able to get on

Man Says Wife Shredded His Modem


GRRRRR....damn Directv

I AM THE GOD OF HELLFIRE! And I bring you . . .


does anyone know what 'DOA' means after a persons name?

does anyone know what 'LD' means after a persons name?

If your name were Anthony LaPanta would you change it?

How come there are no stickies about Rabrrrrrr?

This is the happiest day I've had in months.





I started drooling and i came up with this>

Shit! I nearly accidentally called my lord Satan today.

If you could get a pony the same size as a dog, would you want one?

Now its the Kitty Kat FLU Pandemic!

If there were a genetically modified strain of grass for your lawn that...

If you need to pass a urine test

How did we live without Baby Mops?

Man claiming to be Luke Skywalker shocked several times with taser.

Why are there no Dead Milkmen anymore?

If a dog was as big as a pony, would you want one?

Heather Mills Alone

Damn it all to hell

Oilers are up 3-0!

i have finally found religion - the church of the flying spaghetti monster

DU Exclusive: Candid pic of *bush being given his meds!

You guys know you're all crazy, right?

Are You The Decider?

Where's Ava. I miss her


Cheer me up, please.

Damn, an ice cold 40 oz. sounds good right now.

Ooops. I lost my star.

All right DU, I'm a seething cauldron of rage, can you cheer me up?

Happy Birthday To Me

quick question- Do you tip furniture delivery people?

I started doodling and i came up with this>

15th freaking inning...someone PLEASE score

Dose (filter)

Why are there no milkmen anymore?

"I can see past my own . . . .

Jazz, My Friends.....Jazz. Jazz, Jazz, Jazz. (Dial-Up Warning)

My first thread..... Want to say how glad I am to have found you all!

Does anyone post in the Lounge who is older than fifty?


Dear DU audio file type conversion experts

If you've been wondering where I have been, I have a new 'net addiction

I'm 25 away from 4,000 - Ask me anything

I have to admit, I am VERY scared...

Ever Send an E-mail you Regretted later?


This Jazz dude is actually watching American Idol. (No Give-away)

OK, I admit the Che Reagan shirt is clever.

I'm cream crackered

I drove by YellowRubberDuckie's house today!

Question for Vegetarians....

Basketball center of America...Florida???

I just saw "Troy" w/ Eric Bana & Peter O'Toole. It was great!

What books are you currently reading?

What Abstract Moral Concept can you be fooled into dieing for?

I need to pass urine test on Friday. I will have 48 plus hours clean

Voyager II detects solar system's edge (

Gays more accepted in workplace

Sermon on Homosexuality in Ohio UMC church on 5/21


Raptors get top pick in NBA Draft Lottery...

This is fascinating!

Need some help


DOA Thread

KOEB - 5/23/06 - Screw American Idol edition

On the "Photo evidence that will lay to rest all the

Anybody else having problems getting Raw Story to come up?

Road to Guantanamo Trailer Up (and official website)

Former gitmo detainees to SUE RUMSFELD AND 10 GENERALS

U.S. Public Widely Distrusts Its Leaders

Zogby Poll: Over 70 Million American Adults Support New 9/11 Investigation

Problem I need help with

Senate Intelligence Committee?

To the DUer Who Led Me to the Yurica Report,

Has Helen Thomas been sitting in the back?

Bin Ladens new video

Republican Candidate Uses Opponents Illness Against Him While Campaigning

That Scarborough dude is going ape on that "People screwing up America"

Large animal medical specialists are working 24/7 to save the great horse

Thought You Guys Would Get A Laugh Out Of This AT&T Letter I Got:

2456 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Hot Damn! Four cents a gallon! What shall I do with my savings?

Guns flown in for Iraqi police 'leaking to insurgents'

Bumper sticker du jour...

Are you registered absentee?

look at this GOP gas propaganda

Where's Ava. I miss her

Holy crap! Hastert Protests to Bush Over Jefferson Office Raid!

Inflation-adjusted hourly wages in the US were higher 35 years ago

Larry King sucks...

How many Neocons would need to be 'beamed up' to save America?

Iran Requests Direct Talks on Nuclear Program

Bush to President Vincente Fox "don't talk to the media"

Are liberals behind the recent Gator attacks?

Carter, Mondale Surpass Adams, Jefferson

Joe S. is having a tissyfit over the dixie gals. msnbc now.

Caption this photo

Suburb tells unwed couple they don’t fit in

I'm so proud to have friends like this teacher;

Big Fat, Puffy, Red Faced, Right Wing slob bloviating on Larry King:

Did anyone see Charlie Rose tonight?

Need Some Quick Help, re: Janet Parshall


Yikes McGee - Singing with humor and wisdom

Little Timmy and Matt Lauer (pic)

Pull up your panties and wrap yourself in your raincoat...

Bush Cool To Gore Movie on Global Warming

Free Nationwide Wireless access?

? Fave lesser know blogs/websites on politics, social justice, religion...

Mike Webb has Jean Rohe on - New School Commencement (McCain)

George W. Bush's policy takes the USA to financial collapse

7 Million never signed up for medicare drug plan - wonder how many died

In regards to polls

CanWest Goebbels: In the Service of War (FAKE NEWS TO START IRAN WAR)

FCC says they cannot investigate NSA data mining

What's the dumbest/most evil thing you've seen on Fox?

Question: Google Earth- How old is that shit?

What kind of group is the National Center for Policy Analysis?

Mexico Works to Bar Non-Natives From Jobs

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in

Arkansas Election Results coming in now! Beware of Holt!!!

Ann Coulter's New Book & A Writer Fighting With Her Over The Title

The BIG Mistakes

Why do we ask "why?"

Lets Support the Crawford paper, Lonstar Iconoclast, that endorsed Kerry!

Madonna plays Jesus...

Stephen King sends you all a warning ! Muhuhahaaaa......

YES!!11!! I gave up my car today. Committed to riding a bicycle full time.

When will people get the point?

San Francisco renters or lawyers - I need some advice.

Now I've seen it all - PRO carbon dioxide commercials.

New owners of TWO Big Pennsylvania papers are SWIFT VET LIAR BACKERS.

What choice do I have besides BellSouth? ARGHHHHHHHHH

Stars & Stripes LTTE: Coulter spreads hate

UMBC Commencement Thursday...anyone else attending?

Are we transferring the cost of our medical care to the backs of the

Jay Rockefeller, Carl Levin, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Mikulski

How did Murray Waas know at 7:23 AM EST on 10-28-05 that Fitz was going

Who rates highest on the Major Yuck Index?

We're keeping the stickies for good, right?

Pat Robertson can leg-press 2000 pounds! (I couldn't make this up.)

Dixie Chicks "Taking The Long Way" Will Be The #1 Record This Week

child abuse,gullibility and...

A 'feel good' Most Admired poll

Dissenting The Dissent

Politics1 SLAMS Drudge! "Rove disguised self as a female hooker"

CNN Seeks Story Ideas

"SUPERHUMAN" Blacks - - Oh, our wonderful, unbiased media...

Who Killed The Electric Car? (Trailer of Sundance Documentary)

Bush wants diplomacy to work? Here's his chance! Iran wants direct talks!

I only repeat these because they bear repeating.

Research project to track RW investor group - PLEASE HELP TRACK THE $$$$

The Republican Wars

Net Neutrality

So let me get this straight - We mustn't compare Bush to Hitler-

ACLU Will Assist FBI Probe into NYPD's Arrests of Convention Protestors...

Just had a Freeper encounter....

The morans of hate: billboard, but alas no picture.

Web inventor warns of 'dark' net (BBC) {Berners-Lee disses telco plans}

Too poor to buy a PC? BillG has a plan for you.

What House seats do you think will flip? [poll]


Michelle Malkin is full of hot air on You Tube. Anyone suprised?

The REAL problem with the DLC, the left and the Democratic Party.

"She was born middle finger first"

Brian Bilbray, "Another Duke Cunningham Clone in Congress?"

Senate RollCall Immigration

Howard's speech to parliament boycotted

Court Asked to Examine Taft Papers

believe in MIHOP and want to prove it to others?

Joe Lieberman is STILL talking about "Disarming Iraq".

Lieberman up to 60% approval in latest surveyusa poll

FYI: Al Gore to be interviewed on the Today show, Weds morning

I want to see a knock-down, drag-out Democratic primary !

Wisconsin Governor Signs Abstinence Bill


Baghdad ER - Soft censorship victim?

F.B.I. Raid Divides G.O.P. Lawmakers and White House

Unemployment up in Ohio

Sign here to express your opposition to Hayden..DNC needs names to deliver

New Book -- "Fight Club Politics" or "How Knute Gingrich screwed us all"

Bush administration, and FEMA claim it's ready for hurricane season

Joe Lieberman: George Bush's favorite Democrat?

Which of these two guys would you vote for?

Reason #2 that the DLC rocks: fighting global warming


Cooking up B.S. on Iran...

Lies Wide Open: Post "Truths"

Bush Puts National Guard In Charge Of Public Relations--Onion


MOGAMBO GURU: The Bloodthirsty Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

BattleCry; inside the stadium with Ron Luce's Holy War

Peter Rothberg (The Nation): Isn't Iraq Enough?

Palast: Al Capone of Electricity: Ken Lay Will Get Away w/ his Real Crimes

"It WasJust a Matter of Time " (before Republicans pulled Race Card)Digby

Big Brother's New Toy:Cheney Won't Be Only Big Gasbag Watching You

An Example for Democrats (Do Democrats need LEADER to march to victory?)

Bush and Congress tell working people to go to hell - Lou Dobbs

Rumsfeld's OpEd and my LTTE in response

DHS, Feds & State EFF UP Hurricane Preparedness Drill & Cancel it.

Bernard Weiner today - Wow!


Marry or get out, US town tells unwed parents

Thousands quarantined in Bucharest

Mexico Elite Sees Leftist as a Danger

Robert Watson (Sun-Sentinel): Under the Cold Eye of History

Watch what you read Gonzalez hints at leak prosecutions

GAO Says VA Not Alone in Data Carelessness

The Strange Case of the State of Utah

Sex Theme Park to open in London

FWD: fwd:fwd: to everyone you know !

NYT editorial: Bush and Gonzales's "Sudden Taste for the Law"

National Post: why it published the Iranian badge story (TRUTHINESS!)

Robert Scheer: Wow! Iraqi Leader Takes Bush's Calls (

Lou Dobbs Editorial

Inconvenient Truth Gets Great Review in NY Times

Gene Lyons: Democrats must confront GOP strategy

Behind the Birth Dearth

Nature of the Beast

"They Should Have Shot Them All" -- Kent State Aftermath

Fed Reserve says Pension Plan Participation drops under Bush 2001-04

Feinstein tries to help engineers now in Senate

Birdflu:end it NOW: $12/chicken head in Indonesia

US Workers give back average of 4 vacation days, as French use 39 days

? Fave lesser know blogs/websites on politics, the enviornment......

Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" starts its national run today!

Ronald Reagan killed alternative energy research in 1981

Finland To Push Environmental Issues During 6-Month EU Term - AFP

Aus. Government Study - Pace Of Warming Far Faster Than Earlier Estimates

Flogged-Dead-Horse Energy Policy - Yet Another ANWR Vote Thursday

China, India & Brazil On Track To Double GHG Emissions - World Bank

Teeming Army Of Stalin's Crabs May Reach As Far S. As Gibraltar

The East Is Brown - China's Hot New Export Sector - Pollution

Clinton (D-NY) Unveils Conservation-Heavy Energy Plan - Reuters

Aw, Shucks - Texans Drifting Away From Big Trucks, SUVs - Bloomberg

Know anyone that's doing this? Re: Homemade biodiesel

Climate Report Paints Bleak Picture Of Texas' Future - Am. Statesman

Amnesty International Report 2006 - Israel and the OT

Israel must halt the crisis among the Palestinians {edit}

Olmert ponders toughest question

Palestinian security chief killed in Gaza

Where is the global outcry at this continuing cruelty?

Israeli-Palestinian gunfight leaves 2 dead

Olmert says Israel will draw own borders

Updated version of John Doe II's Hijacker profiles and doubles:

I want to know what YOU think happened on 9/11

It's Alex Jones but still some creepy stuff, that's been proved true at

"The great and powerful OZ,..I mean Intelligence Community,..has Spoken."

Danish Press: WTC 7 "had to be destroyed" on 9/11

secret Fema plan to use pastors in preparation for martial law

Contaminated tower looms over ground zero

Bev's Infamous Air America Meltdown

hey you guys......

Central Count OpScan Shown to Lose Far More Votes than Precinct Count

Stolen Election 2004 video on

Last of Holdouts in NC Goes for Optical Scan

DUer Liberty Belle wins nat'l journalism prize: voting machines article

ACTION ALERT; Immigration Bill has Mandatory State Voter ID. No Way

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News May 24, 2006 Millionaire Edition

Academic Paper for Exitpolologists: "Detecting Attempted Election Theft"

Activism option: emailing elections heads with e-voting news.

BradBlog: Ad Seeks Temp Workers to Privately Shuttle CA Voting Machines

National Journal's rankings - most watched House seats

Silly state convention question

New KCCI poll #'s (sorry, no link at the moment - will look for one)

Skinny - anyone? (05-24-06)

Can anybody help me?

Can Windows XP password protect an entire folder?

Does anyone have a video to Flash converter?

Action alert! Ryan White Care Act up for re-authorization!

The Jim Henley for Congress Headquarters needs volunteers!

Austin DUers - Party Platform meeting tonight (5/24)

I'm leaving Texas in 2 months, so I did my part to help Chris Bell

A fitting toon from Ben Sargeant

2007: TX schools to open Aug waivers allowed.

derby's DU Challenge for the State Convention

Houston Freeway Blogging

Chicken, roasted butternut squash in fresh basil cream sauce

Macleans: Harper for president? It's not that bad - it's worse

Looking to leave the U.S.

Newsweek: Bush's Spanish Lessons

Eastern U.S. still colder than normal

Mexico Elite Sees Leftist as a Danger

Hurricane Drill in Louisiana Canceled

12 More Iraqis Die in Drive-By Shootings

Qaeda denies link to suspect in Jordan

Office search riles GOP (Jefferson)

Lawmakers defend hometown projects

US Embassy in Japan Warns of Possible Threat - Reuters

Trial begins for ex-Bush official tied to lobbyist

Huge fire breaks out at Istanbul airport

Bush Praises Olmert's Land Plan (proposal to redraw boundaries

An Example for Democrats (Do Democrats need LEADER to march to victory?)

House GOP Not Budging on Border (enforcement-only plan

(President) Fox Begins Visit in Immigrant-Friendly Utah

Vote or No Vote - The Game Show.... WTF????

Bush and Congress tell working people to go to hell - Lou Dobbs

Five Face Charges for Taking on Phelps Church Protestors

Glitches bug machine vote

Deputy Secretary of State (Robert Zoellick) may quit: papers

NYT: U.S. Urged to Stop Paying Iraqi Reporters

Lawyer: 3 kids tossed in bay as sacrifice

Missing opposition figures in Philippine military custody

Terrorism Trying to Create Civil War in Iraq, Says Blair

Iraq announces arrest of Saddam's nephew

FL officials in boot camp death end meeting before allowing group to speak

Washington sniper planned to terrorise America, says partner(The Guardian)

National Post: why it published the Iranian badge story (TRUTHINESS!)

Iran Requests Direct Talks on Nuclear Program

White Kenyan Again Charged With Murder

Garcia fights for Peru votes with 'responsible' pledge

Nagin, Blanco meet to bury hatchet

Antiunion ad campaign in Detroit's face today(DeVos for Gov and now THIS?)

Radioactive find in Putnam shed causes a stir (Florida)

Olmert says Israel will draw own borders

Three Americans Arrested in Congo Coup Plot

CNN/AP: Questions raised about FEMA nominee's tax returns

Veteran's Secretary Says He's 'Outraged'

Wanna See Some of the Beauty of Caracas,Venezuela? (very pic heavy)

Senate fight nasty already for Santorum and Casey

I'm still confused

John Kerry Fights to Protect Veterans from Identity Theft

Cross-dressing teen barred from senior prom

Group thinks CIA had vigilante ties (Institute of Policy Studies lawsuit)

NYT/Reuters: New Orleans Seen Top US Target for '06 Hurricanes

Jeb Bush approached about running NFL

Veterans want VA to pay for credit checks after data theft

Iraqi leader forecasts U.S. troop reduction

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 24 May

House Passes $93.6 Billion 2007 Agriculture Spending Bill

Judge OKs $6.6 billion Enron settlement

(Sir Edmund) Hillary Blasts Climbers Who Left Dying Man

Iraq VP says Blair, Bush to study pullout timetable

FBI Raid Divides GOP Lawmakers, WH (Boehner: will go to Supreme Ct.)

Yee relates his experiences at Guantánamo Bay

City Council votes to seize Wal-Mart land

Blade Reporter Suspended For Writing Letter to Pulitzer Board

High School ACLU Adviser Is Fired for Stopping Prayer

India, Norway join Spain in Cuba oil prospect (9.3 billion barrels est.)

ACLU launches 20 state campaign to end NSA call data program

Rights Under Assault In Iraq, U.N. Unit Says

Pollster says President Bush hurting state's (FL) GOP governor candidates

Amnesty urges U.S. on Iraq contractors (mercs "accountable to no one")

Iraqi Security Forces Unlikely To Be Effective: Report

Bush names new domestic policy aide

BBC:Ambassador in Afghan plane fire (no injuries reported)

Bin Laden on the Move; New Sightings in Pakistan

Pakistani immigrant convicted in NYC plot

Standoff prompts daycare evacuation (police & 23 yr old back from Iraq)

U.S. says Taliban gain strength; 29 dead in clash

Four Massachusetts mayors join ACLU challenge to sharing of phone records

Pelosi asks congressman in bribery probe to resign post

Hastert demands FBI return documents

Wis. Governor Signs Abstinence Bill

"Exclusive: Hastert under investigation"

Mass. Gov. Romney makes visit to Iraq

A dozen Marines may face courts-martial for alleged Iraq massacre

Gephardt expresses Nov. doubt (Democrats winning control of House)

U.S. soldier killed in Iraq (#2460)

Capitol Police Visit Santorum's Penn Hills Home

Advertising on DU: An Experiment

Tareq Aziz takes stand for Saddam

Fusion reactor work gets go-ahead (debatable)

CIA Authenticates Bin Laden Tape

NYT/Reuters: Singer Joan Baez Takes Up Residence in L.A. Tree

Off-Duty Secret Service Officer Carjacked (He drove a

U.S. Is Faulted for Using Private Military Workers

Gore limits campaigning to climate change (no "intention" of running)

We're walking, talking toxic waste dumps

U.S. Ambassador to Norway: Are you friendly or not?



Which job should I take?


Dodgers win *again!*

it's after midnight and I can hear a lawn mower running


May I please start a Good Night thread?

I need to pass urine on Friday.

May I please start an Up Yours thread?


I believe in you!

Remember the violin sound in Friday The 13th when the knife moved?

Just a shout out to how much DU rawks!

Oh my - I just looked at Jupiter through my telescope.


Shall we go fifth into the Forbidden Zone?

Nighty Night Lounge People!

Tomorrow is going to be a great day.

Shall we go forth into the Forbidden Zone?

A shirt bid on my head and a dead pig had to carry me.

Who is more annoying

If I could post as many pictures as I wanted in my sig line...

Shall we drink a fifth and go forth into the Forbidden Zone?

Could someone get Dick Cheney to shoot that Kudzu thread in the face...

This old biddy must bid YOU a good night

Might Kudzu Thread of Doom...yeah right nerds.

Dodgers on Jupiter win e-mail they regretted later when HUNGRY.

Oh my - I just looked at my telescope through Jupiter.

Why are Gatorade bottles so hard to open?

after midnight

Husband, Wife, Child Share The Same Birthday


Woman Finds Hubby In Sack With Other Woman - Hits Both With Can Of Raid

As Oilers make Cinderella Playoff run, Edmonton is facing a beer shortage.

I think it's time for a Kudzu Forum.

Listen to the new Dixie Chicks CD here


"Because if you dont, the terrorists will win."

My aunt was in a car wreck yesterday....

Mom Chases Down Home Invaders In Her Purple Cadillac Escalade

Khash fucks up again

Do you also have such a rough week?

Anybody have a gif with the following elements. Chair, talk show set, and

I figured it out.

attn: cat people

American Idol is just an expression of the majority's desire to pump

American Idol is just an expression of the majority's desire to pump

American Idol is just an expression of the majority's desire to pump

New kitty pictures in the Pets Group area!

OMG!!! I need this invention today!!!!!!

Holy Crap, I thought The Boondocks was going over the top with the Luther.

Bush in the Amazon

Microsoft designs the iPod

Waiting for Windows Vista??

And now... Pictures of our six week old barn kittens!

A talking pug recites some Shakespeare (Quicktime)

no more veve and black cat

What really happened in Gobel, OR on May 21, 2006

I'm having hernia surgery next wednesday-

More "Before and After" pics.

Okay, I'm drastically changing my sig line.

Another Freeper conversion (still more work to do, of course)

I thought it was lawnmowers at midnight----it was time trials!

do you or did you ever wear braces??

Has the world gone mad?

Has anyone figured out who the "Get a Brain Morans" guy is?

Two funny videos

Strained by back carrying too many groceries last weekend

OK, lyric time!

Couple Caught With Stolen Sex Toys After Returning To Store

So who writes those American Idol songs anyway?

Ok ladies... a question....

Good Wednesday Morning, Crew!

Who do you want to win American Idol?

Nuts, anyone?

This may have been discussed already, re: Linda Evans on the recent Dynast

Dixie Chicks: I'm Not Ready To Make Nice


Dixie Cats: I'm Not Ready to Eat Mice

Another Dixie Chicks copycat: I'm Not Ready to Bake Pies

Wish me luck! It looks like I'll be appearing in Federal Court tommorow.

a royal goose

Time for.... Post your best (or worst) pick-up lines!!!!!

Windows Vista to require 15GB free disk space, cost anywhere from

I am going camping in 2 weeks, but

Full disclosure - 1 of my guilty music pleasures: Missing Persons

Do presbyterians still have the right of way?

"All thy tediousness on me, ah? DOGBERRY... I'll wait upon them:

More lyrics... so sue me

Stock quote i love:

Is there a good, non-ephedrine metabolism stimulant out there?

Owner goes to court to save attack cat.

A really good DUer got tombstoned.

Phoenix drivers 1st in safety.... LOL

I just got a cat!

Jukes - much love to you man!


Why do people respond to posts to say they aren't going to respond?

Post a pic of a celebrity that you think I look like!!

I'll miss you, jukes!

Jukes! You rocked!

So... some sleezeball started hitting on me today.

Which do you find more interesting?

Some original instrumental tracks to share.

You know what I don't like about "The Da Vinci Code?"

Dixie Chicks have 3 of top 6 Country Itunes

I'm gonna ask you for something

Release your inner Gilbert and Sullivan!

Need basic (I hope) computer help!

I bought flea collars for the cats and my pregnant wife is concerned

I bought flea collars for my pregnant wife and the cats are concerned

Hey!! Wanna buy some good wine cheap?

What should I brew this weekend

Is your baseball/softball glove autographed?

Pet peeve: Couples that say "we're pregnant".

"If the Dixie Chicks can sing with their foot in their mouths,

My mom might have ovarian cancer.


Miniature brides? I'm getting too old

Cat fight: The Dixie Chicks vs The View Ladies

Why is it when someone else yawns it makes you yawn?

Are you a dog person? Cat Person? Other?

Can you be older and anorexic?

I want to redecorate my room

I'm old, DUers - how curious are y'all?

Preakness Winner Bernardini Out of Belmont

*THE* Final "American Idol" poll of the year.

There is no FUCKING WAY...

Anybody else have weird co-workers?

Happy birthday fight4my3sons!!

Oprah and Elie Wiesel at Auschwitz

Gee, I wish my mentally disturbed bio father would just leave me alone.

Hapy me! Now...?

I'm down 15 lbs and three quarts of vodka.

Puppies Mistakenly Euthanized

30th Anniversary of the Judgement of Paris

I give up. Do you think I'm nuts?

Trucker's Breathalyzer Registers 18 Times Legal Limit

so you're cooking rice, and you need to grind achiote (annatto seeds)

My friend was kidnapped 16 years ago today

Post your local example of how f'd up things are.

From GD: "Scientists grow artificial penis"

Robert Jordan (Wheel of Time series) diagnosed with amyloidosis.

Is it wrong for me to encourage my employees to smoke pot?

My coworker started me yawning and now I can not quit.

Oh, just go ahead and lock this now.

I'm curious DUers. Is someone here...

Madison DUers, you better run

How come we say "how tall are you" instead of "how short are you"?

Congratulations xultar!! 15,000 posts

Leaving this Sunday for a long road trip

By the power vested in me by the Dominican Order of Rock, Scissors, Paper

Okey doke. Which one do you choose?

DU is teasing me

Squeech music live in Boston

Oh PUKE! Bumpersticker I saw at my kid's school today:

Yuck! This tastes awful.

Um...not to make the rest of you feel

To the asswipe taking a left off 495 who cut in front of me to SQUEEZE IN

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 5/24/06)

Reports of new Abu Ghraib atrocities have surfaced

Greatest Magazine Cover of All Time:

I have a reason to live!

What is a worthy punishment for the fools who decided

New show on A&E...Combat Diary: The Marines of Lima Company.

What weird things does your SO, Husband, Wife, etc do that confounds you?


Are You A Yankee or a Rebel? Quiz

I am posting from my shiny new laptop!

I am so SICK of hearing about American Idol

I stole a plate from the cafeteria. Ask me anything.

do your cats bring in creatures and release them in your home?

Please wlecome DU newbie runawayjim, who posted one of the funniest

The joys of home ownership: the f***ing a/c went out last night!!!

Need your prayers and good thoughts

Tuesday, May 24. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Please order the new Dixie Chicks cd

Do you care if your spouse/SO makes an effort with their appearance?

Have any of you ever eaten other people's food from the break room

Holy Shit! What in the HELL happened to Key West???

smart gator--looks both ways before crossing turnpike.

Milli Vanilli

Pics of my parrot. :) :) :)

who drew the sticky with u4ic on it

I need to bend my arm back and forth to keep it loose


Cheerleaders? They've got Cheerleaders now?

Anybody else enjoy Pandora (

Kat will win tonight and I'll tell you why.

Is it me or does Nacho Libre just look totally stupid.

What questions do you want "Lost" to answer tonight?

Suggestions for offbeat stuff to do in Paris.

I'm curious DUers. How much do y'all weigh?


Filling out job applications is boring

I just got my PhD yesterday --

My Daddy needs some DU vibes shot his way...

Kitty picture thread featuring Cuddles, the lardass Ragdoll cat!

I just watched some one drink a glass of tunafish juice-10 oz

I'm curious DUers. How tall're y'all?

Broiled hamburgers, baked beans, German potato salad...

Have I mentioned how much I love my California?

I'm curious DU'ers - How old are ya'll?

Speaking of movies... questions about "Chinatown"

Advertising on DU: An Experiment

I'm Bullish on Kudzu. It's going places.

Jesus Freaking God

Spock quote i love:

What's the strangest song lyric you've ever heard?

Do pedestrians still have the right of way?

Wanna See Some of the Beauty of Caracas,Venezuela? (very pic heavy)

Don't you love it when a boss overtly ignores a question you ask,

Post a pic of a celebrity that people think you look like!!

Meatwad make the money, see.....

Any Elvis Costello Fans?

Who do you think would make a cool celebrity couple?

I'm curious DUers. What're yer credit card numbers?

Am I weak because I determine my self worth by

Has anyone else here, never watched American Idol?

Philly, NJ DUers: See me play at the shore ALL WEEKEND! 3 DAYS!

Watch out...I bite....

The Monkees sold out to Kool-Aid.

Today, I come before you, my dear ask for your help.....

regional pronunciations of common words....POST SOME OF YOURS!

? Fave lesser know blogs/websites on politics, social justice, religion...

The Importance of Spiritual Activism- a report on the recent DC conference

A quick apology to this group.

"I love Christ. It's his fan club that scares me."

If religious and philosophical ideas were liquid substances...

Video games can help cut surgical errors: study

Mars Art - May 24th edition (dial up warning)

Major theories that have been "overthrown"

Harbor restaurant owner denies sign barred 'fags' and 'coloreds'

Lesbian and Gay News Quiz

(Louisiana) Senate votes down bill on sexual orientation

Domestic partner benefits OK’d by Utah court

Columnist criticized for ‘faggot marriage’ remark

San Francisco school board may pull Junior ROTC over gay bias

Pro-gay bishop snubbed in Kenya

Scottish Church votes for gay 'blessings'

Phils at Mets Wed May 24

Neptune retrograde for 5 months as of May 22nd


Self deleted

Bedtime reading pleasure: Matthew's Message for May 23, 2006

Every little bit counts! Or another thumbs up for Senator Kerry.

There is a discussion in the Senate on voting rights

The Senate is debating the McConnell Amendment on Voter IDs

McConnell Amendment OUT

Posted a thread that I feel

This is completely disgusting!

On Today Show - Gore Rules Out '08

MA people, do you know where your governor was this week?

Why are the dems not planning to filibuster Kavanaugh?

Contest suggestions?

Something new on fugalugamugasmug I didn't know

Countdown Newletter -- 05/24/06: Political Stew

Rev .... Wisconsin kids will not have sex now?

GM offers gas-price cap for SUV buyers

Canadian Press walked out on the Prime minister because

White House has video tour in Espanol.

Sorry please delete.

2457 Reasons why the DSM is Important

AP: ACLU Seeks Probe of Phone Companies

"The great and powerful OZ,..I mean Intelligence Community,..has Spoken."

Extreme Outsourcing:

Kick the Oil Habit

Wells Fargo mortgage discloses data theft

washington journal time-is the fbi search of congressional office ok

GM offers gas-price cap for CA/FL SUV buyers

The New York Times grows....

"Traditional American Values" . . . what are they? . . .

would you like to take Zogby polls?Here's a link to sign up

W wants to settle the Iran dispute diplomatically, right, just like Iraq

Those stupid Osama audio tapes, who's zoomin' who here?

Sources withing the Fitzgerald Investigation say Rove NOT indicted....

Does anyone know of any anti-war protests over Memorial Day?

To Senators Feinstein, Levin, Mikulski and Rockefeller

I guess it doesn't matter that the man who supposedly attacked us is free.

Movie Trailer: Who Killed The Electric Car?

Give'em hell Ned!

Cspan? Should the U.S. have direct talks with Iran? They've offered

Out of Iraq - now

Heads Up! On the Today Show, Couric is interviewing President Gore! eom

Dixie Chicks have 3 of top 6 Country Itunes

A Little Extra Something for Memorial Day

THANK YOU Federal Government!

WaPo Columnist Laments US "Birth Dearth"

Office search upsets members of House

So if I change phone service...

Help Wanted

If you pay someone to do something for you that if you did yourself would

U.S. Ballistic missiles in E. Europe threaten Russia - chief of staff

Founder of Trinity Christian Academy faces charges...

WSWS on Jefferson raid: Moving towards a presidential dictatorship?

Juan Cole is rockin' today! Must read!

Strained by back carrying too many groceries last weekend

Arkansas Primaries: Dems 250,000 votes, Repubs 59,000 votes

Howard Dean and Russ Feingold Stand Up Against Hayden/Sign Petition!

When They are Rich, You are Poor

Miracle Spring Water; OMG!!! New "Magic Beans" on Comedy Central Now!

Eavesdropping, Gagging, and the Constitution- by Ray McGovern

NYDN: Jeb Bush NFL Commissioner candidate?

Russia Lawmakers May Ban Dollar References - Freedom rubles?

Pitt and lala: Why'd They Get Such Abuse?

Gore on Today NOW!

Would Katie Couric please quit already?

Nightline: We're in debt (Americans) because our brain is 'chemically

Iraq war could be decisive in race for Hyde's seat

President Gore please go home to your rightful house, please

DeLay's Replacement Candidate is in the pocket of Bob SWIFTBOAT $$$ PERRY

Why is Dick Gephardt being an ass?

For inner city drivers, a car that uses no gas at all: the Air Car

Forecast for Telecoms-Continued Heat, 100% Chance of Lawsuits(CSM)

Nations agree to build fusion reactor

Bush is Certifiable by Paul Levy

Pardon Me, Mr. President! Libby’s Difficult Defense (NY Observer)

Senate targets illegal immigrants' employers

Cleveland Submits Bid To Host 2008 GOP Convention

Anyone in Florida hear of Bright Futures?

Cspan caller: We need to invade Mexico & stop the invasion.

U.S. is urged in Pentagon report to stop paying Iraqi reporters

TOON: Whose Talking Point Is It Anyway?

"the little brown ones"

2,457 of our troops now dead in W's war

Jeb Bush Is Approached About Running NFL

Iraq arms 'leaking to insurgents'

GM to Cap Gasoline Prices in Calif., Fla. ($1.99 for gas guzzlers)

Everytime I switch pages, I see the mug of Rick Santorum....

Hoffa Taunts FBI in New Video

Fight'n 'em over here, so I don't have to fight 'em over there!

I post a Post Turtle Analogy for you. Now, it's for posted you.

How to get a Republican candidate's attention

IVAW Statement on MacBeth Video

May I See Your Papers Please??

Is Bush drinking NOW? More important than TANG, coke, or anything else.

The Democratic Vision: Bold New Direction for a Secure America

Today's Tom Toles Cartoon - Stolen Identity

Question of the Ages.....

Senate to vote on the Voter ID Amendment!

Jefferson search was the horse's head on the bed for Congress.

Fresno Bee: Pawnshops full of people trying to get gas money

Joan Baez, 'Butterfly' Protesting In SoCal Tree

More compromised data.

Jefferson gets thousands, Cheney's Haliburton gets billions...

The Senate is debating Voter ID Cards right now.

another leaked Justice Dept. memo

Gonzales Defends Phone-Data Collection - By Walter Pincus

Avian Flu Update: limited human-to-human transmission

About the whole William Jefferson scandal!

Please help: Does anyone have a link to "redneck" writer Baigent (sp?)

John Barry's "The Great Influenza"

The "raid" on Jefferson's office was more "political" than anything else..

Bin Laden on the Move; New Sightings in Pakistan

Israeli PM addressing joint session of Congress now on CNN

Stupid Investment Idea of the Year: Socially Irresponsible Mutual Fund

WOW, look how much bigger Jeb's head is than Junior's

Precisely one week ago, Mr. Pitt DID apologize, in a now locked thread...

Military apologizes for killing civilians "We never wanted this to happen"

House Dems To Hold Iran Hearings 3:00 p.m.: Draft Letter To Bush On Iran

Domestic Spying Panel on C-Span

Class war or the race to the middle?

Top Exec at Fannie Mae makes 90 Million in 6 years...

Question about Homeland Security

ABC News says OBL has been sighted

Washington Monthly on Smirky

Patrick Henry College & Brit Hume

Beware of tempting stories. Source thoroughly before posting...

Gore/Edwards 2008

Many parents encouraging tots to watch TV

Republicans defending Jefferson are setting up a trap for Dems

Tinfoil Hat Time.......Missing Veteran's Data = Voting Records

secret Fema plan to use pastors in preparation for martial law

Did anyone else notice how Cheney kept nodding-off during the speech of...

A question about Dubya's omnipotence

State secrets privilege slams door on civil suits

Shadow's taxicab reports 5/23/06

Amnesty International's Annual Report by Larry Cox on C-SPAN 2 now!

Whose Talking Point Is It Anyway? Part 2 (TOON)

Yahoo Messenger Worm Infects Internet Explorer

Has there been anything on the Rove indictment??? I keep thinking

NSA Records Indicate You're Making a Lot of Calls to Baltimore...

Top Scientist Advocates Mass Culling of Human Population

Iraq doctor brings evidence of US napalm at Fallujah

Republicans, incumbents receive large majority of oil lobby cash

MoveOn Online Election: Lieberman vs Lamont

House Progressive Caucus to hold hearing on Iran at 3pm ET

Rep. McCollum (D-MN) orders AIPAC to stay clear of her office

New contestant for dumbest FRetard post ever

DISPATCHES FROM AMERICA - The delusions of global hegemony, Part 1...

Puppies Mistakenly Euthanized

*: "the capacity to destroy innocent life with a suicider."

Bush Gave Negroponte Broad Authority to Waive SEC Rules

climbing out of his hole? Wed 5/24 Toon

Ultimate Taxi - THANK YOU! for that stunning wallpaper

Think this guy is a Bush supporter?

Portland Mayor: FBI was trying to spy on PDX gov't

Did anything happen (drill) in Chicago at the beginning of this month?

Freepers are rating down "An Inconvenient Truth" on Yahoo,

Three big ideas . . .

Job Discrimination and the "Christian Right"

Love those CHICKS!

A second "big idea" . . .

Guess who voted for the first time yesterday!

Yuck! This tastes awful.

I'm getting excited thinking about the new adds feature

"If the Dixie Chicks can sing with their foot in their mouths,

Cat fight: The Dixie Chicks vs The View Ladies

After WW2, society treated its members decently for ~40 years or so...

Lost in the woods of a week, Wednesday needs a CAPTION!!!!

Racist extremism

Bill Frist hearts gorillas. Or gorilla hearts. Or something.

Why did the Sons of Liberty dress as Indians for the Boston Tea Party?

House Leaders Demand FBI Return Papers

What has the NSA actually accomplished w/wiretaps?

Do you have to boycott Wal-Mart to oppose Wal-Mart?

Our country is being overrun by these illegal aliens

What do you think about work?

Baghdad Emergency Room

The "Situation Room" is doing segments on Al Gore

CNN poll: Would Florida Gov. Jeb Bush make a good choice for NFL commish?

Keith Ellison may become Congress’s first Muslim

Jimmy Carter coming up on Wolfie

Scientists grow artificial penis

Could Jeb Bush be the next NFL commissioner?

Why does congress "debate issues" on the floor? None of them are

Thoughts from Within. Is this Woody ?

Iraqi Leader Takes Bush's Calls

My Encounter with the typical voting public today:

Neil Young: "The Chicks continues to speak out while others worry..."

Al Gore interviewed by Katie Couric from Today Show here:

Great Article from National Review! - "Our Bravest President"

Mike Farrell (MASH) rips the war mongers a knew one.

I'm amazed at what Americans have learned to put up with under Bush.

Glenn Beck fails to boost CNN ratings

Guy Jame Show-Lets see if we can get fewer DU'ers than yesterday

Dufus Dimson answering "will you watch Gore's movie" (vid clip)

Remember that FBI sting operation against Delay?

Today: National Day of (Out)rage! Protest re: Spying/Net Neutrality!

So how many people you know are droping the word President from Bush's

Wrapping Up Iraq In 18 Months (starting . . . now!)

KO promo:Richard Vigeri(sp) "Bush Betrayed us" (one hour)

ANWR Vote Thursday

Empty suit Mitt Romney makes SURPRISE visit to Baghdad

More great news from the wonderful world of education

interesting observations from the yahoo flameboards

Dershowitz: "Katherine Harris - Still a Crook"

School Bans Sesame Street Gang T-Shirts

Dear Mr. President

Ex-Bush official hid ties to Abramoff, US says

Are you against a National ID?

Badge of dishonour...from The Toronto Star blogs

Sen Boxer looking good today

How long has it been since DU'ers checked DU "Activism Forum?"

Freepers On FBI Probe Of Hastert: "We Can Kiss Congrss (sic) Goodbye"

How the Right Hijacked the Feminist/Victim's Rights Movement

Front Runners for 2008???/DEMS.

Americans should be frightened by the incompetence

Are there any stats on bush tax cut benefits by state?

Where are all the Al-Qaida folk now that they've been tapping our phones?

"Peak Wine" --(yet) "They Ate Well and They Drank Well"

Sen. George Allen: Singing "Stille Nacht" in English is an insult. . .

Tweety to talk of CIA leak case. Former procecutors. coming up msnbc.

Indo. family w/bird flu story broke April 19-why are we just hearing

WSJ: Taxpayers Get Soaked

2459 Reasons why the DSM is Important

Beware of PayPal scam going around

In honor of Colbert's vacation: Pat Boone - Great free speech advocate or

Christian Wire: "Democrats-in-GOP-clothing will not get a free pass"

Afghans' uranium levels spark alert

Caption this Phelps Picture

Frontline show about meth epidemic

What are Republicans Afraid of Here?(Hastert Demands FBI Return Documents)

Let the disenfranchisement begin - McConnell Amend. Passes.

Waiting on the world to change...

What's that sound? Bushbots heads exploding?

Study finds no marijuana-lung cancer link

Mother catches teacher in bedroom with two boys

a change in the neighborhood today

I wonder how someone learns to "hate" this much, quotes of Jonah Goldberg


Freeper blames Dems for Bin Laden not being caught...

Arizona politician caught in lies about illegal immigrant crime

Just amazing, what a mix of Valium, amphetamine & Haldol will do

Did anyone else hear a news story this morning that the FBI are now

Thx Ms Liberty - Gore's upcoming tv interviews

Tweety back to normal tonight, and all is right with the world.

Tweety compares "Che" t-shirts to confederate flags

National Photo ID For Voting Fails

Republicans wooed Bill Jefferson to switch parties in 2004

Just did a new Zogby poll and I have a problem with it

Jon Brown, Freedom Fighting Hero or Villainous Terrorist?

Anyone have a Jimmy Hoffa update? Last I heard is the FBI was tearing

Anyone watching Hardball....supposed to be about Plame case.

CNN: Could this be Gore's moment. right now

Online Service Helps Callers Beat Caller I.D.

DNC blog has pics of the Mayors' conference....11:10 C-Span 2

No wonder Hastert Worried About FBI Raids - Hastert under investigation

Huffington Post

Whaddaya know, weeks later experts agree: Use your words, fool

Who knew there was a Texas Weather Modification Act (1967?)

Tony Snow will be a guest on Lou Dobbs this evening

Why should Republican Congressmen care if their offices are raided by FBI?

'States Signing on to Deadly Force Law' I can see where this is going!

Are DUers more or less prone to hero worship than RWers?

Bush and Negroponte Scheme to Waive Disclosure for Private Companies

Underground radio online: your commercial free network

What Do CIA-Wilson-Shuster-Leopold Have In Common (NRO-Proceed w-caution)

Pascua Lama, Chile, Barrick Gold, glaciers & greed.

Stop the destruction of the things we took for granted

Prairie Dogs finally charged in Crawford, Texas

Mad at AT&T/Verizon/BellSouth? Want to Switch Service? Don't!

You have your Gun! You have your Bible!

Sen George Allen Claims on Live Teevee to be a

Connect bin Laden tape and sighting: CIA slap at Bush and Bush PR reply

Support BC Prof Who Resigned Over Condi!


Should we "Helen Thomas" Russ Feingold???

"Is Iran turning into the new Nazi Germany? Share your opinion online:"

What's the point of paying for insurance when it doesn't cover anything?

250 miles per gallon

Fox News calls Ohio gov. race "a bit of a nail-biter" contrary to polls

Should we "Helen Thomas" the Dixie Chicks? Roses?

I'm The Decider

Canada: If Harper won't answer questions, Press stops showing up

Jeffeson raid, Hastert and GOP outrage....

Bird flu? Pshaw! Unseen pandemic is scarier

Palast: "It's Baker, not Rove"

Voters' TOP PAC Recipients' Who Gives and Who Gets' Stats.& More'

Predict the upcoming ads on DU

1776 map and "English as the national language"

Greg Palast knows who stole 2000 and 2004, and how they’ll take 2008, too

FBI tries to place informant in Portland City Hall

Male student wearing dress denied entrance to prom

Who are the lefty batshitinsane people?

Hummers - If ya can't get one, drive one!

My 5 y.o. grandson is singing "Dear Mr President"

"Music legend" Pat Boone is ripping into the Dixie Chicks

Anti-War Music

Jesse MacBride is also Jesse Al-Zaid: From Bad to Way Worse

What was the origin of the now ubiquitous term

Can You Still Hate Wal-Mart? - Mark Morford

Immigration e-mail I got today

HHHHAAAA HHHAAA !!!! Defend Delay uses Cobert clip!!!

Hastert #1 Recipient Abramoff Money & "in the mix" of bribe investigation!

Cocaine In Breast Milk Caused Death

If they don't have anything to hide...

"For all practical purposes, they’ve broken up."

Advertising on DU: An Experiment

I'm still confused

There are only two options

Prosecutors say silence in CIA leak case may signal Rove indictment coming

Woman Fights To Hang American Flag On Home

Are there still any Soldier's blogs?

Natalie Maines hate mail in 2003 (Dixie Chicks)

Excessive religiosity and poverty are often correlated, at least

Is there any chance that Wm. Jefferson was framed?

Faculty committee report on Duke students' disciplinary records

More on how artificial sweeteners help CAUSE obesity

Global warming predictions are underestimated say scientists

Oprah in Auschwitwitz with Elie Wiesel: It could happen again

Just released: Pelosi To Jefferson: RESIGN...from Ways & Means

Was the FBI justified in raiding Jefferson?

ATTENTION VETERANS - Re: VA Identiy Theft (Stolen Laptop) Info Here

DUer Liberty Belle wins nat'l journalism prize: voting machines article

Senators on floor bemoaning the decline in Ph.D. level engineers and

While GOP investor groups buy up what's left of the newsmedia, our Dems

So what's your ideal 2008 ticket at this minute?

Desperate for Supporters, DeLay Turns to Stephen Colbert


Who pays the fine for illegal aliens in our military?

Anyone want to see the strength of the CHINESE MILITARY?

You Might Be an American Nazi, If...

Hugo Chavez issues a taunting obituary for the 'American empire'

Zogby Poll: Impeachment is the #1 Cure for Restoring Trust in Government

Kucinich, 70 Others Send Letter To Bush Seeking Direct Talks With Iran

Does anyone doubt that certain G.I.'s are committing war crimes?

Combat Diary: The Marines of Lima Company on A&E tomorrow night.

CNN now Swiftboating Ray Nagin...

Faye + Dzika's film "Stolen Election '04" up at Huff Po! Pls View!

In memory

The American Way of Lie-f

Check out who Hastert is supporting in IL 14.

U.S. Plan to Lure Nurses May Hurt Poor Nations (and the US, too!)

Pombo Forcing Vote on Arctic Refuge Drilling this Week

Group claims death threats received from "Carter supporters"

Great new (angry) song from "The Dixie Chicks" to the Bush-bots (free!)

Latest Poll in Florida: Nelson 60%, Harris 33%

Beyond Hillary: Reclaiming Our Party from the McClellan Democrats

An Interview from Iraq

More Hard Work in the Senate

Don't believe MIHOP?

LAT: Democrats Battle Over Safe Seat in Congress

Anyone who is truly a leader, would insist that Bush must go. Do we have

Gore's Global Warming Campaign May be Popular enough to

It doesn't matter if you are a Democrat, Republican, or a Socialist...

Joint Meeting of Congress, CSPAN1, 10amCT. Anyone know what

Why in gods name would anyone who calls themselves a democrat...

Ehud Olmert?

Tired of Government Lies?

Terror bill would limit Florida scholars' travels

our antiquated system of campaigning re:Gore

Four things I want for my birthday!!!

Poistive Thoughts

Way to frame civil liberties debate

So what’s the skinny on Chris Dodd?

Wis. Governor Signs Abstinence Bill


Wes Clark: "2008 is IRRELEVANT!"

Jeb Bush not well thought of as possible NFL president. HA HA...

Out of Touch on Iraq

Gert Clark to be honored - June 17th

Why we swear

Barbara Lee Rocks! - Progressive Caucus pre-emption hearings

Rep. Shelly (D Nevada) ON THE FLOOR says

The Criminal Hypocrisy of Hypocritical Criminals

The DIXIE CHICKS were right all along - Please share that with your

CNN just did a piece on Gore’s movie

"Liberal"Susan Estritch cries that Liberals are mean to poor Faux News

Anyone want to take a guess at who the most unpopular Senator is.

Here's what I don't get.

"compete in the primary but support the ticket in the general"

Gonzales: "no reason to believe ... thieves understand... (stolen data)

Is Scooter Libby a munchkin?

Yesterday Democracy for America endorsed Ned Lamont

Hatert & Pelosi agree?

WSJ: Immigration Costs Move to Fore

WP, Cillizza: Club For Growth Chalks Up More Wins

Tricky Ricky Santorum is Pulling his Swiftboat ad against Casey

AmericaBlog is funding rasing if anyone can afford a few to throw their

Gene Lyons must read: "Democrats Must Confront GOP Strategy"

People realizing that the GOPers are CORRUPT? Wouldn't a F*CKIN'

Screw you ABC News / Gore blurb

One weeks later, McCain rediscovers that his 2000 abusers were abusers

WSJ Poll: How would a visit by Bush affect Republican candidates

Mission accomplished

Jellocrats. LoL Now that's a term I haven't heard before. but it fits

Should Rep. Jefferson resign his post? his seat?

Cleveland Bids on GOP Convention, but not the Dem Convention?

Give me something on Rove Damnit!

Slate takes on the NYT's wacko page-one story about the Clinton marriage

Why wasn't Congressman William J. Jefferson arrested a year

VIDEO: "Un. Able. To. Govern."

George Allen: "...a little ole noose"

It's what we don't know that is so worrisome...

Inside Donnie Rumsfeld's Orwellian Pentagon: Jim Hightower

Who will be in control of the House next year?

Why is Russ Feingold not popular in his home state??

Our freedoms aren't up for a vote

No Gore ‘08 - from Today Show Interview

Wingnut rebuttal contest

Advertising on DU: An Experiment

Tom Delay uses Stephen Colbert in latest defense ad

Gore Alert! Al Gore Schedule Info Here!

Since repubs don't have anything to hide what are they ...

Who will we run in the next presidential cycle and who will they run?

ABC NEWS says Hastert up to his neck in Abramoff...

Bush Environmental Adviser: Gore’s Film Gives The ‘Same Advice I’ve Been

Online discussion with Lamont at DFA tomorrow....bat nearing $50,000

For the midterms, make you best, most wildly optimistic single race

Mike Farrell reviews HBO's "Baghdad ER"

Gore More Years (Independents like Gore)

Fran Drescher, (The Nanny) wants to get into politcs

"Bush-hatred a threat to national security". Wow, so it has come to this.

Medicare horror story

Why I support Dean's 50-state campaign

CNN's Lou Dobbs Cites White Supremacist Group as Source RE/ Immigration

2008 Democratic Convention !!

If Gore were to get the 2008 nomination, what ticket would you rather see?