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Archives: May 25, 2006

John Nichols (The Nation): Checks, Balances & an FBI Raid on Congress

Officials Defend Raid on Lawmaker's Office==WaPo

Newsweek's Fineman: Selfless Oracle? (Gore; Fineman calls him "endearing")

Cheney – CIA Leak-Gate focuses on the Vice President

No One Here Gets Out Alive

Clarence Page: Are they straddling the 'crazy base'? (Clinton & McCain)

Check out this LTTE...this guy is a piece of work.....

Concern for the Troops Impeding Impeachment?

Joe Conason: Nasty Foes Now Owe Apologies to Gore

Congressman Dana Rohrbacher on C-Span trotting out


Female Pundits Could Use Help With Hate Mail

Romania Give Dracula's Castle to Owners

Bullfrog linked to fungus spread (BBC) {food, pregnancy test links}

House Favors Scaling Back Bush Nuclear Bid

J. Environ. Sci. Tech: Plutonium risks at Yucca probably overstated.

NYT 9/11 DEBATE INVITATION from Don Paul & Jim Hoffman

Debunkers Can't Touch This

DUer GuvWurld on Thom Hartmann, June 1 11 a.m. - Be there

WiFi. Will it kill you?

Climate Report Paints Bleak Picture Of Texas' Future - Am. Statesman

Mezzetti's Antipasto


Alberta threatens to drop out of equalization deal

Harper says he's finished with Ottawa press corps

MSNBC: Prosecutor in CIA leak case says Cheney could be called to testify

Special counsel: Cheney may be called to testify

Report: FBI blew many chances to identify (Chinese) spy (Katrina Leung)

Mexico warning on US border wall (BBC)

Iraq faces clash with Kurds over oil deals

Congress Stalled on Troop-Hurricane Bill

House Speaker Hastert under investigation: ABC

Iran: 15 Students Reported Missing After Clashes With Police

Senate Passes Measure to Protect Military Funerals From Protesters

U.S. Opens Probe on Iraq Civilian's Death

Justice Dept. denies Hastert under investigation

Editor at Conservative Magazine To Be Top Policy Adviser to Bush

Iraqi Insurgent Gives Chilling Confession

Court in Abuse (Torture) Case Hears Testimony of General

U-turn by White House as it blocks direct talks with Iran

NYT: Levees Rebuilt Just in Time, but Doubts Remain

Iran students protest Ahmadinejads government

ACLU Files Nationwide Suits Against Wiretaps

Number of gays leaving military rises

Charge of Negligent Homicide for Boy, 8, in School Bus Death

Prosecutor in CIA leak case says Cheney could be called to testify.

Video game raises Venezuela lawmakers' ire

Lay alma mater rebuffs endowment request

(Israeli) PM urges U.S. to end threat of nuclear Iran

General denies urging use of dogs in interrogations

St. Thomas honor student apologizes for grad speech

States signing on to deadly force law

Stock quote i love:

taking driving test tommorrow, and the clutch is slipping. ask me anything

Everyone at the "Plant Place" saw my underwear tonight.

problems with democratic match

Major American Idol Spoiler!

Armless man denies dangerous driving

Prince or whatever he is called now

I'm curious DUers. How much do y'all bray?

Hey! All you American Idol assholes!

Computer review....

I got lost in the woods today!

Time remaining: 78 days

My "just now" telemarketing experience.


Okay. In a fit of desperation, I am going to eat this thing I found....

God damn fucking son of a bitch (American Idol - NOT a spoiler)


I have seen,I have saw...

LOST! Who's your favorite character?

My local TV is doing a story on "bugchasers" - men who want to get AIDS

40 Things You'd Love To Say Out Loud At Work

Bleh....That BK Texas Double Whopper SUCKSSSSSSS.

What's the longest period of time you've not been to the dentist

OMG! A Lounge Thread About American Idol Has Deleted Posts

Post a pic of you getting high!

Movies about people you'd liked to see made

Steel Guitar

Who looks better?

Is it immoral to vote in your own polls?

Why, oh why did I buy salt water taffy? I can't stop eating it.

I hate to love it, but I do. Let us celebrate...

There is one beer left

This has got to be the oddest commercial Ive seen in a LONG time...

Post your relationship queries here, and I'll answer them!

I'm trying to figure out which movies to order off of Netflix now

Happy 65th Birthday, Bob Dylan

who's your favourite Monkees vocalist...?

Woman's Toes Licked By Man Hiding Under Car

How often do you look at other DUers' profiles?

Pics of my garrot. :) :):)

Neil Finn co-wrote one of the songs on the new Dixie Chicks CD!!!

Howdy Loungers! What's happening tonight?

We have eggs!

Post something so heinous in this thread that you get banned

For geography aficionados:

Translate your name into Russian!

cutco knives? is it a scam?

heh heh, it's cosmic...

New wave sucks!

LOST! Is it just me or do they make up the plot while drinking shots?

Question about Barbaro for the DU horse people:

Teacher shows up for work drunk

At last. A book that explains NASCAR to you "girls".

Okay, where the frig did my 20s go?

American Idol ***spoilers****

LOST Season Finale (SPOILERS!!!)

What's the most absurd name you've ever heard in real life?

Lou Costello and Howard Dean sing OutKast!

Post a pic of you saying Hi

Prince has totally jumped the shark. He's on American Idol.

post a funny webpage url

I've got a phone interview tomorrow for a biostatistician job


Let's make a list of UNDERRATED/OVERLOOKED Movies!

Who's on MySpace?

I have a strange urge to begin posting to the Religion/Theology forum.

Pope needs a ride

Question about Jesus

Mammoth skeleton found in Siberia (BBC) {can't afford the dig!}

Military Discharging Two Soldiers Per Day For Being Gay Despite War

8 Year Sentence In Gay Man's Killing

"The Gay Side of Hazing" (article at Outsports)

Astrologists: do you have a favorite software that you use?

BOOK READ: 'Journey of Souls' Thread Part II

Is Imus nuts, or what?

Media Matters takes on Patrick Healy's slanted reporting on Kerry

I Hope

June photo contest TOPIC poll...

delete- dupe

KOEB 5/24/06 "Old Glasses Night" Edition

Where is the global outcry at this continuing cruelty?

Repigs going down, it's why a Dem office was raided by FBI ---

KOlberman now. Pelolsi, Jefferson, Hasturd.

The argument the Democrats must make. Conyers/Lyons

Amnesty says Jordan torturing detainees, courts turn blind eye

Repugs going after ANWR again

Heads up; show about Arlington Cemetery on PBS now.

Bumper Sticker of The day:


I'm sorry to say that if you have money you can fool most of the people...

12 Marines may be court martialed over Iraqi civilian massacre

What do you make of this?

They always fail

Lou Dobbs used data from a website linked to white supremacists

LISTEN: 6/1 11am PT Thom Hartmann Interviews DUer GuvWurld

Detroit Free Press Video Re Iraq

The Big Dick nodded off during Olmert speech, see for your self...

LTTE to NYTimes regarding bs article on Clintons' marriage

Meanwhile, we taxpayers are demolishing a barn to look for Hoffa

DaVinci?.. blame it on sex, drugs & Rock + Roll....

Gonzales's Rationale on Phone Data Disputed

Teacher's health Insurance is through the roof.

Brad Blog VIDEO - Olbermann on Leopold and Libby from last night

My Address To the American People

Woman's Toes Licked By Man Hiding Under Car

Who's on vacation more, Bush or Jon Stewart?


Insurgents fight U.S., Iraqi forces to stalemate in Ramadi

DU This pole on imigration....


First Leopold

Baseball honours 'Negro' stars at last (BBC){Negro leagues-->Hall of Fame}

Sensenbrenner's "refined" solution to High Gas Prices

Partisan Attack Dogs

Hastert denies involvement in corruption scandal (seeks retraction) - FT

FReepers frow gauntlet: We Won't slit throats! Not in Untited States!

what can you do without?

Bill O'Reilly....The Hank Aaron of "Worst Person in the World"

Okay, I'm getting a weird feeling about the investigations of Congress.

McDonald's encouraging Americans NOT to eat cheeseburgers.

DeLay is dumber than we thought. Thinks Colbert is really a conservative.

Putin announced Russia would open an oil-bourse 7.1.06

Speaker Of The House Dennis Hastert Under Investigation By FBI...

problems solved here

"The wheels of justice grind slowly but exceedingly fine..."

Quick, quick a freeper attacks! Calls us dumb, hasn't seen DeLay->Colbert

Why was there no office break-ins of Duke Cunningham, TOM DELAY?

Why is Mary Magdalene the Newsweek Cover Girl?

OMG-Awesome anti-war video...

ADHD Drugs Send Thousands To ER Each Year

CNN seeks story ideas (2nd, and last, posting)

WHY did the FBI need to go into Jefferson's office? Think fer a minnit...

bush has turned this country into a nightmare where the only thing that

ATF reveals the “worst” gun dealers in the country

I knew it wouldn't last long

Most characteristic Republican attribute?

MANDATORY MALLOY: Hump Day Truthseeker Roll Call

Companies that provide data to Negroponti, rewarded with license to steal

The "Bipartisan Corruption" ploy is BACKFIRING!

Take a break.."World on Fire" video Sarah McLachlan-plus others

School District to Monitor Student Blogs

To all these folks who think we should stand up for marital rights

Bush Fiat Says Corps Can Cook Books for "National Security"

Senate Nixes Protests At Military Funerals

Something is telling me its all a ruse. We are being fed. (a meandering...

Why aren't MORE Nazis prosecuted? Just asking n/t

Things that MUST happen, or else it's welcome to the third world:

Harper says he's finished with Ottawa press corps

Every veteran discharged after 1975 stands to be a victim of ID Theft

We all constantly adjust....have you noticed?

Why Aren't There More Women Columnists?

I've said it before, I'll say it again, the NeoCons are fucking stupid.

Up front there ought to be a man in black.

Tired of CNN, ABC etc... ? try EURONEWS

Hasbro Halts Plans For Dolls Based On Risque Music Group

sigh-my son just told me-he's taking a job with KBR

Needs a caption...went into overload so I posted it instead!

Negroponte can absolve corps from opening books for "national security"

No Democrat can win if we don't fix the press

MSNBC and Yahoo prosecutor says Cheney could be called

on the corner of federal highway and oakland park blvd

I suggest everyone here in GD take a mental health day...

CAPTION Vice President "Hulk" Cheney.

Let's discuss the good ol' Christian Right...or the bastard offspring of

Annual Fleet Week Observance Begins in NYC - Give the sailors Voting Info!

10,000 Americans dead from Bird Flu. Fred Phelps has new signs *photoshop*



Hastert Investigation Rumor is probably FALSE, Dept of Justice says No!

*** Wednesday TOONs: Vet ID Theft ***

Right-wing attack on mainline churches

Cheney may be called to testify

Have you noticed odd things re your snail mail from some sources recently?

ABC standing by Hastert story :D --->

Woes with PETA

Check out this website and try not to spew.

Everest climber left to die alone

GM Offers Gas-Price Cap for SUV Buyers ($1.99 gal. for a year)

Group backing veterans in elections wants Ensign to apologize

"GOP Spine Insertion" up for bids on Ebay

Senate's Katrina, Iraq cash diverted for pork

oops. Dupe

NASA Weapons

John Murtha: Jane Harman: On the Right Side of the Surveillance Debate

that is definitely NOT Little Joe!

McCain's plan for ending the war sometime after 2009 (not sure when)

cheney "may" testify?


The Full Rudy: The Man, the Mayor, the Myth (2002)

Democrats' Momentum May Stall at Doors of the (NY) State Senate


How will the GOP muddy the waters for the Hastert Scandal and what ...

Pentagon ID Theft Puts 1 million Ohio Vets Credit at Risk

What politician speaks the truth in the fewest words ?

It's not the first time........I'm sure you all have the same problem

GOP Employment Opportunity (Salary + Benefits!!!!)

Hillary triangulates Al Gore

Watching Coruic interview Gore on Countdown I couldn't help but wonder

Four easy words that could be very effective in 2006.

Cantwell not at her fundraiser with Feingold, crowd cheers Darcy Burner...

If Al Gore decides to run for President, it will be because....

CongressDems OUTRAGED over Jefferson after rolling over for Hayden?

GOP Fantasy - U of Cinci Poll Shows Bush Appr 50% and Taft 34%

It's Alex Jones but still some creepy stuff, that's been proved true at

Bush's Garroting of Democracy

Iran offered 'to make peace with Israel'

Energy Geopolitics 2006

Employers risk little in hiring illegal labor(but Senate increased fines?

Judge: Man is too short for prison

Secret Plans to protect Blair from Terror Attack left in hotel

Just saw An Inconvenient Truth

What we owe the fallen (Author AWOL Unexcused Absence of America's Upper C

House Judiciary Committee backs Net Neutrality Effort

John Nichols (The Nation): Ken Lay--Guilty. George Bush--Guilty.

Breach Was More of the Spirit, Not the Letter, of the Constitution--WaPo

Thoughts on Eron decision from an Ex-Anderson guy

The Fairies That Set Our National Security Policy

Coming Soon: The Web Toll (Popular Science)

Forget the NSA. Here's another very scary list. Are you included?

Editors of The Nation: Status Quo Gitmo

ABC News stands by their report on Hastert-a spine?! OMG

CHENEY, ENRON, and the Constitution (Time)

Equality In Cyberspace

Paul Craig Roberts: GWB Won't Stop Lying


Here's that website with the eagles.......

Chomsky’s ‘Failed States’ succeeds in exposing 'democracy' scam

Who you gonna Believe - Comic

Converting trash gas into energy gold (CNN)

UK Drought Powering Boom In Rainbarrels, Water-Saving Tech- Reuters

Ice-Free Line Moving Rapidly North Of Svalbard - 5/15-19 Data

Big 3 Talk Fuel Cells, H While Toyota Plans For 1 Million Hybrids/Year

So I've been reading up on fast neutron reactors

Hey Kids! It's Yucca Mountain Johnny! Your Tax Dollars At Work!

With 97% Of S. Asian Vultures Dead, Indian Bans Toxic Veterinary Drug

Shifts In Jet Streams Powering Desertification Worldwide - Satellite Study

On Track For Massive Global Snowpack Loss By 2100 - Physorg

Charging up the stairs (BBC) {energy from vibration/piezeoelectricity}

Atomic Red Herring

Paper Defenses For Global Tropical Forests - 5% Logged "Sustainably"

Thames Water Considering Towing Icebergs To London

Make-Your-Own Ethanol Stills Selling Strongly

Rivalry deepens Palestinian crisis

West Bank family tells of crisis

The affliction

Kadima MK: Jewish area of Hebron will grow, be connected to Israel

Abbas issues Hamas with ultimatum

Israel not bringing Arab boycott to WTO

Lawyer who filed suit against Almog to be deported

Israel to transfer arms to Abbas' forces

Israel's economy leaving Palestinians far behind

Talking Acronyms

New Video Clip Surfaces: Firefighters Say Bombs in WTC

New York City firefighter warns of bomb in building on 9/11

Election Reform, Fraud & Related News Thursday May 25, 2006

North Carolina vs. California

Call for GA SOS Cox to step down; Cox says no problems w. Diebold system

Phone Jammer Lends Wisdom at "GOP Campaign School"

Braley Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

So, how is the GOP's "immigration crisis" playing out in Iowa?

Teachers drunk at school

Google: same query, different location, different results.

Per CNN, Enron jurists have reached a decision, to be

HOLY MOLY! Camp Wellstone is coming to Houston!!!!

So we're fighting for

Apparently Sheila Jackson-Lee is undecided on Net Neutrality

If you are in Corpus for Memorial Day Weekend

Local grocery store is closing, what should I stock up on?

What is a quick easy way to prepare asparagus?

DU This Poll for Canada

Canadian press member practically calls P.M. Harper a liar to his face!

5 Canadians wounded in Afghan blast

IL Schools punishing students using

Teachers drunk at school

Democrats' Momentum May Stall at Doors of the (NY) State Senate

Romania Give Dracula's Castle to Owners

House Leaders Demand Return of Seized Files (Hastert, Pelosi statement)

Cheney May Be Called in CIA Leak Case

3 Killed in Baghdad Blast

FAIR TAX event fills arena to overflowing hours before its scheduled start

(UK) War legality advice to be disclosed

Regions to buy AmSouth for nearly $10 bln (Bank Merger)

Army: Florissant (MO) soldier killed herself

Panel led by Maine judge considers ban on free trips

U.S. EconomyGrows at a 5.3%Annual Rate in First Quarter(bad inflation adj?

Iran Conducts Missile Test: U.S. Defense Official

Hearing to decide medic's fate in (Iraq) killing

Gunmen wound senior Iraqi Defense Ministry official

Abbas gives Hamas 10 days to recognize Israel

Three more countries to join peacekeeping force (E. Timor intervention)

Skilling GUILTY on fraud and conspiracy

Enron jury has reached a verdict -- CNBC

CNN! What chutzpah! DeLay and Skilling's convictions.....


Gonzales's Rationale on Phone Data Disputed--WaPo

Hastert aide: Probe rumor is retaliation

US says gov't, not court, should judge spy secrets

Rove-Novak Call Was Concern To Leak Investigators

Al Gore at trhe Town Hall In New York

Hastert, ABC spar over investigation report

Terror gang 'planned to blow up nightclub'

Rove revs up (Illinois) area Republicans (defends war and tax cuts)

BREAKING: House votes to open Alaskan arctic for drilling

White House, lawmakers cite Skilling, Lay verdicts

Raid of Democrat's office a 'dangerous' first, DeLay says

Democrats gain on slumping Schwarzenegger, poll says

Optimism about voting reform wanes (New machines, but problems persist)

Suicide Bombers Pledge To Defend Iran

Journalist investigated for mocking Putin

Extended-Cycle Birth Control Pill Wins FDA Approval

Bush’s Personal Aide To Enroll at Business School--Havard Crimson

(Bill) Nelson More than Doubling Up (Katherine) Harris

Treasury's Snow reportedly to leave in June

British soldier cleared of killing Iraqi boy

Bush Orders Documents Sealed in FBI-Congress Case

CHENEY, ENRON, and the Constitution (Time)

Poll: Democrat leads for governor(Ohio)


Civilian deaths send top Marine to Iraq

Clinic protest planned (Pine Ridge - pro-choice)

Testimony: Visiting General Urged Dogs' Use

FCC's Martin Orders Probe of TV Stations That Air Ads as News

Zarqawi backers lay down Shariah rules

History Debate About Slavery Turns Ugly in Ohio Senate

House panel approves Internet gambling ban

Google, Dell in computer tie-up (BBC)

Judge: Some Katrina insurance exclusions unenforceable (AP/CNN)

Armed groups shun electronic media to counter U.S. high-tech surveillance

CNBC: U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow to resign by mid-June

GOP to put war up for debate (Chicago Tribune)

(Power Outage) Trains halted between New York, Washington

Indian workers get $1.2 million in US 'virtual slavery' case

Top general urges restraint by Marines in Iraq

VA chief tells Congress he's 'mad as hell'

Hastert lashes out at Justice Dept (repeats "intimidation" charge)

Microsoft battles Word PC virus


Enron's other victims: Californians: Officials recount how trader nearly b

VA Breach Discovered Through Office Gossip

House Approves Oil Drilling in Alaska Refuge

Rove-Novak Call Was Concern To Leak Investigators

U.S. veterans' data theft may cost (taxpayers) $500 million

Early 'Invisibility Cloak' Could Be 18 Months Away

FDA's Role in Blocking 'Morning-After' Pill Cited

Berlusconi reveals hope of return (BBC) {seeks to overturn election}

(Harry) Reid On The Conviction Of Ken Lay

Leftist candidate surges in Colombia

Leading Antivirus Software Exposes Customer Computers

Gallup: Morality Ratings the Worst in Five Years

Australian troops land in East Timor

Treasury will quit collecting 3% long-distance phone tax, promises refunds

Venezuela's Chavez calls Bush administration a 'mafia,announces plan to b

Duke women's lacrosse to wear 'innocent' armbands

Murder charges likely in Iraq raid

Researchers Trace HIV's Ancestry to Wild Chimps in Cameroon

Lay guilty on all charges; Skilling guilty on charges 1 - 35.

NYT: Solution to Greenhouse Gases Is New Nuclear Plants, Bush Says

CLARK: Begin Troop Withdrawals (AP via Navy Times)

The horizontal Angelina Jolie: ooo-la-la

I just got back from my county Dem convention - ask me anything please!

Oh, blah, I'm going to bed.

Am I the only one getting a sore goat, in addition to the others?

I think i might have Strep Throat

Exchanging currency...dollar to euro question

I'm off to bed, Hep Cats

I've pretty much got laryngitis.


do people that work at oil-change places get commission?

Do you expect to get something other than money from your job?

Whaleback Waddy

"The Monsters Are Due on Maple St" starts momentarily on SciFi (1:30 am)

Does anyone know how to look up an old online newspaper article ?

Am I the only one getting a sore throat, in addition to the others?

RWingnuts better beware of GEORGE WASHINGTON



I Am Leaving!

She left the ignition on....

So...what's your favorite thing to squeeze?

I just ate a roasted Thai chile!

They're BACK! (my hungry contractors)

Four posts to 7,000. Ask me anything.

What's the weather like in Ireland this time of year?

REM promoter Ian Copeland dies

No New Daniel/Stephanie News?

Is this "Jack" ? (Mathew Fox) yes yet another "LOST" thread


Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

The new "Live" album rocks...

I'm curious DU'ers - How the hell are ya'll?

Hear that whistle? It's six o'clock

Permanent wave sucks!

Behold - Hasselhoff sings Rhinstone Cowboy!

Caption the gelding.

I am on my way to Costco to purchase beer/wine for after the funeral

Ugliest. Dog. Ever.

Spirit in the sky...

I think i might have Deep Throat.

Janet Jackson lost 40 pounds

Kindergarten graduation? WTF?

Ramadi Rocks!!!!

'cause I'm walkin' down the road

It has been 337 hours since I last saw Naomi.

Stolen Cinnamon Bun Resembling Mother Teresa (The Nun Bun) Turns Up

Remember it's TOWEL DAY!

Just want to say, I love the lounge!

It ..... is.... blogging!!!

I need prayers and good thoughts for my sister.

Sticker I saw this morning


Here's a fact of which you may not be aware

Another fact of which you might not be aware

This is so NOT funny...I woke up this morning with a visible, hideous

so i was searching for a picture, and came across

Anyone? School me on proper hand-washing (of clothes) techniques.

Ooooh this kitten's so cute you just want to squeeze it!

New wave music impresario Ian Copeland dead at 57

Lyrics for a Thursday

The LOST season finale watercooler discussion thread *SPOILERS*

Is it Shaven Yak day yet?


Anyone here ever go to a "Womyns" College?

Anybody having a "quickie" for lunch today?

Did you see David Hasselhoff cry?

Drunk Driver Smashes Car: Bumpersticker On Back Reads "I'm A Drunk"

I declare today FRIDAY!

Do you swim in the ocean when you visit Florida?

Remember the old Al Gore?

My cute cat.....

Soooo, who won America Idle last night?

Only six more months till Christmas

Computer/tech question from a total dumbass (me):

Fish don't fry in the kitchen, beans don't burn on the grill...

I have a question about "American Idol."

JackMN painted me a picture

The sweating grows worse.

How much water do you drink per day?

Benny Hill Wins American Idol!

Good news!!!

A modest proposal

Is this a poll?

Just got this radio, and it works!

Class Reunions - do you go or do you skip them

What purpose do poppy seeds serve except to get stuck in your teeth?

I met a gin-soaked barroom queen in Memphis...

Some "Office Space" quotes for Kenny Boy

What's it like to take a shower in a bathroom full of pot fumes?

George and Martha...story of loved lost...and of love found again...

What's it like to take a shower in a bathroom full of Brit Humes?

I just want your extra time and your

Houseplants of Gor

Is Big Brother coming on this year?

If everyone in the world tried ______ just once, there'd be world peace

I was raised by a toothless, bearded hag.

Cate Blanchett to play Dylan in biopic

What's it like to take a shower in a bathroom full of legumes?

whoa!!!! google ads hit the lounge!!!

"Bar time's only 2:30? What do people do after that? Just go home?"

Experinent only PIGBOY SUXZ

Any Elder Scrolls fans out there?

Military dating = Chinese Baseball?

So I just ruined my last day with my girlfriend and I feel like an ass

Favourite male singer?

lets see how this looks with the google ads:

I NEVER thought I would need glasses courtesy of Google!

"Didja see Jackie Robinson hit that ball?"

Well, I for one welcome our new Google overlords.

Da Vinci Confounds Analysts as Records Fall

My abs hurt. It's not like I can ice them. What am I supposed to do?

Funniest post of the day on DU.....

Funniest thing EVER posted to it is folks.........

Ladies- if you could choose your bra size, what would you be?

Hi! My name is Ken Lay, former Enron CEO - ask me anything

Boiled hamburgers, grilled beans, German rhubarb salad...

I've got the weirdest thing going on

Ad Placement Poll

Does anyone know an herbal remedy for asthma?

My cell phone sucks.

Ok, who's been posting about Pink Floyd.

How do you sign a nasty letter?

I am also bored! What should we do?

If I post the Brazillion joke, will we then have a brazillion google ads

Ask me anything in the world you've been wondering about me!

Google ad for Chinese Baseball?

We've talked about shoe & bra size... What I want to know is what size

What's it like to take a shower in a bathroom full of pot roast?

If I had a hammer

Apparently, you can only parody the Google ads in the Lounge.

If ALL your actors can't sustain a Russian accent through the whole movie


A Guy Question to go with all this Boob Talk

Does anyone else get "Medicinal Marijuana"?


Porn Porn Porn Porn Porn Porn

Meth makers hijacking storage units

I am going on a five minute break.

The woods are lovely,dark and deep..

Sex and DU and Rock and Roll

What should I be backing up on my computer?

What about dextrose/fructose?

are the stickies eventually going to go away?

Anybody need any free Pink Floyd DVDs?

I talked to Dell earlier today and they are really pushing the PCs hard

The official interesting pictures you have found in DU archive searches

Hooray! They found a cure for Chronic Dry Eye!

NYT: Robb's Plan to Lure Nurses May Hurt Poor Loungers

I just accepted a job offer!

Head wounds are silly. Shell Beau is silly.

damn! i failed the driving test

"Republican Survey" on the Latest Page?

1184 Donations in one week... Thank you, Democratic Underground! nt

Did I check the cough medicine before drinking?

Favorite type of food?

If I were a carpenter

Come to my Leather Dungeon of Pain

Do you know what they do to soft, bald, overweight republicans...

I took the canoli today

Reminder: Google Desktop does spy on your computer.

I desperately need kitty pictures!

What the hell is "best dress"?

Are you alive?

The winds begin to rise....and on the horizon...the Primary Wars cometh!

Am I too silly for my own good?

I'm not the biggest Pink Floyd fan in the world

Am I the only person who is NOT bothered by the google ads?


I'm soooo hungry!

I LOVE the ads!!!

Give me a joke

Who's on MyFace?

If you donate....

If you donate....

Expert Leak Detection! Click here!

Anyone else have to hit the 'back' button twice since the ads?


The official 'post your sincere wishes for Lay & Skilling' thread

i am chain smoking right now

The Daddy of ALL appreciation threads--Vibes for MrsG's Dad!!!!

Given a low credit report.

Why did it have to be Snakes...

In praise of Robin Williams, who does not get enough respect

OK, is the placement of these ads ticking anyone else off?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 5/25/06)


My loathing of David Caruso is beyond all reason.

Miles Davis Miles Davis Miles Davis Miles Davis

Norm McDonald as Gandalf, David Spade as Saruman - discuss

I say to thee, yea verily, quit whining about the ads.


DU Scavenger Hunt. All aboard!

A trivial question for the KOEB...

I'm curious DUers. What shoe size do you wear?

Where is billyskank?

My cat is eating the dog's food. I had to put the cats on a Vet diet

So I poured a shot of vanilla rum into my protien drink

Do you know where your towel is?

Breaking this story myself: BUSH HAS AIDES!

I am HONORED to post the following:

Time for a trip down memory lane

My husband gave me a Better Than Ezra earworm

Congratulations Taverner!! 10,000 posts

OK, I admit it's my fault Google is coming.

Wish me luck, Loungiacs.

THE TUBES are talking about doing some big REUNION shows!!!

Maria Callas Maria Callas Maria Callas Maria Callas

Could we do something about the Google Ads for Contributers to DU

steroids are poison

Yankee or Dixie?

AHHH!!!! HELP ME!!!!

Thursday, May 25. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I was supposed to get an offer letter today

I'm bored as hell. Ask me anything. nt

News from Cleveland: Libraries have become dens of degeneracy

No, THIS is Hugh!!!!!1111!!!!!11!!!1!

You know what I think about when I see people sneeze?

Benny Hinn Wins American Idol!

These ads fuckin' SUCK.

This is bullshit about Idol getting more votes than the president

Do you have a nickname that only your family knows and uses?

So tell me, do YOU have sympathy for people you have on ignore?

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

I love people.

Is anyone else Totally excited to see The X-men the last stand

Congratulations bigwillq!! 25,000 posts

Firefox + Adblock

What should we talk about a lot to make Pink Floyd go away?

I'm thinking of shaving my mustache. What's your opinion?

That was then...

What great questions are answered by L. Ron Hubbard's Dianetics?

Am I wrong to be really pissed off about this?


Dude, I'm totally gonna buy that Pink Floyd box set!

Dawwww! It's a widdle baby TOITLE! Look how teeny this liddle guy

Anyone else hate taking antibiotics?

HELP PLEASE!: Does anyone know if there is a place to download (legally)

Question for DU women, Breast Augmentation... WHY????

How about some LOVE and HUGS for MrsGrumpy,

I'm curious DU'ers - What's your IQ?

proprietary eponyms: Xerox, Kleen-ex, band-aid

Ask me anything, and I will reply with an image from my photobucket

Do you know anyone who Stutters?

Religious research paper

Spears Dumped Kabbalah Over Cash Clash!

Thinking about a faith based reality...

Bishop of Chelmsford left stranded in Kenya in row over gay rights

Religious Liberals Gain New Visibility

Vaccine Prevents Cervical Cancer. So What's the Down Side?

Study: ADHD Drugs Send Thousands to ERs

Dr Bob Beck video - lecture on curing cancer and HIV with micro-currents!

Planet shine 'to aid life search' (BBC) {extrasolar planets}

Is it scientifically correct to say 'oxygen is dissolved in water'?

Geek poll: what's your text editor

My brother is married and in the closet...

Are children of gays obligated to keep their parents' secret--forever?

I hope "Equality" California doesn't regret its decision...

Las Vegas Catholic school fires gay teacher over MySpace page

Anti-gay crusader joins with Russian evangelicals

Ex-gays in film only Pros!! And Question: Are ex-gays?...

Who was your sports hero as a kid

Whaaa---poor Pistons are tired--that's why they lost game one?

No Belmont for Bernardini

There are three Memorial Day threads in GD worth looking at:

Waas: Rove Was Novak's Source; Two Men May Have Planned Cover-Up

Post on McCain and returning funds

Kerry's statement on Olmert

Kerry was right,

More political positionning.

A look back on the Ohio 2004 election totals by Greg Palast:

John Kerry on Enron Convictions

Guilty on the Enron case.

Spring has sprung!

Meet Captain G-A -- Cruise ship Captain and Photographer (what a job :)

Water Falling Over Things 2006, Part I (DIAL-UP WARNING)

Anybody up for another sunset?

Town Talk, Warrenton Journal (MO)

Countdown Newsletter -- 05/25/06: Countdown is on at 9 p.m. tonight

Lay and Skilling GUILTY

We're being paged...

No KO Friday, Monday, Tuesday

Look at this description of our current situation:

A solution to the border problem.

American Indian Graduates May Don Feathers

Freepers and Predatory Alians!!!

At last. A book that explains NASCAR to you "girls".

It's not quite this bad yet, is it?

A Letter From CNN's Lou Dobbs:Dobbs: Actually A Good One!

You have to love that "liberal" media

18,000 Pounds of Fireworks Seized in N.Y. - Yikes!!

If Dumbya were to pardon Kkkarl...what would be the fallout?

Bev's Infamous Air America Meltdown

Ben Franklin/FDR postcards available on

Overthrowing the Iranian Regime

"Lamp Lifters"

Santa Clara Cnty, CALI. officials seek 400 more poll workers!- PAYS $$!!

CNN Cites White Supremacist Group As Source

Stephanie Miller podcasts

FITZ Wants to Use Cheney Notes to Nail Libby + New Filings 5/24/06

China says US is scaremongering again

2,459 American troops now dead in W's war

What time is it when your government is run by madmen?

Attorney General told to reveal advice information on legality of Iraq war

Sessions on WSJ-talking of immigration. cspan

Olbermann and Family Guy - When did this marriage made in heaven occur?

DU this poll on FBI- Jefferson record taking

"Victory"? Forget it: By Sidney Blumenthal

CSPAN1 on WJ: Larry Craig, chairman of VA committee,

Customs and Border Protection opening mail from foreign countries

Where Do You Draw Your "Privacy Line"?

Chilling report on federal judges

Remember your influential women: Florence Nightingale

DU Wake Up Call: Does your name fit in the blank space??

General Miller denies suggesting use of dogs on people at Abu Ghraib

FAIR TAX event fills arena to overflowing hours before its scheduled start

Dumb Ad on Sludge Page: Any Truth in this crap?

Land of the free, home of the brave.

Some more dots to connect

27mil Veteran's Files Stolen By Republican Culture Of Corruption...

George W. Bush as Dungeon Master in a D&D game (link)

MSNBC asserts this Pope is psychic! (mistake in headline - humor)

Special counsel: Cheney may be called to testify

Expanded Worker Checks Would Use Faulty System

May 25: This Day In History

Wagging the Dog

Chief of Caritas forced out


Slavery case from upscale Milwaukee suburb (illegal migrant)

do you suppose National Review Online staffs its 'writers' with...

Republicans are Un-American

"The Corporation" on now on Sundance (CST)

Isn't This Deal With Gore Amazing? The non-candidate

Hastert to receive more warnings from White House in coming days.

WAR is a racket. It always has been.

Editor at Conservative Magazine To Be Top Policy Adviser to Bush

Impeachment: the double-edged sword

[vent] So yesterday, in traffic.....

Prosecutors say silence in CIA leak case may signal Rove indictment coming

Cheney on the stand? & Not Just To Authenticate Document. (Salon)

Why don't we all just get naked?

Anybody watching Morning Business on the House Floor??

Saudi textbooks still preach hatred - report (Warning- Graphic)

List examples of Liberals speaking & acting from their values.

Who killed the Electric Car?

Our strongest issue?

Enron verdict to be read at noon today, Ken Lay, Jeff Skilling...

So, Is the Jesse Macbeth story true or not ?

AFGHANISTAN: Fighting forces 3,000 to flee - Bush is still liberating them

MSNBC: Do you think the government has gone too far in spying on Americans

It is a fact that political websites critical of this administration

Please DU this poll

Thursdays are Turddays without a CAPTION!!!

Why do we need the Blue Angels buzzing Downtown NYC all morning?

True Irony: Faux News Presstitutes and Hillary

Benny Hinn Wins American Idol!

Everest pioneer blasts climbers who left dying man

The Dixie Chicks Are Playing The Rednecks Like A Fiddle!

Retiree benefits grow into 'monster'

The 'Chinese military buildup' reports are old & staged to discredit China

Morton Kondracke is a threat to "national security".

How do other DUers feel about going through with Impeachment after 06?

freeway blogging, VFP-style (x-post from MA forum)

Guilty!! ...... Lay and Skilling... WOW>

Minutemen endorse Griffith, not Bilbray against Busby in CA 50 race

White Supremacists Ratchet Up Anti-Hispanic Action - ADL update

Lay Guilty, The "decider" will pardon Kenny boy if he's not impeached

Bring the snacks. Official "Kenny Boy Guilty" Party Thread

House debating ANWAR drilling, AGAIN, under closed debate rules, CSPAN

A suitable punishment for the Enron felons:

Dennis Kucinich: Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

Ghost Of George Wallace Haunts Gay Marriage Debate

Fitzgerald Collecting Cheney's Smoking Guns

Another low for Fox

c-span3 hearing on lost VA records


A couple of questions on Lay and Skilling

media seems broken hearted at verdicts

Hey Freepers! This really IS a nation of laws!!!!!

Is keeping one group of folks from marrying at the top of YOUR agenda?

Pardon for Lay? I don't think so.

Lay & Skilling to be sentenced on 9-11

AP: Some Lawmakers Wary of Fight Over FBI Raid

TIME: Are federal, local law enforcement digging into our phone records?

Enron Verdict - Guilty or Not Guilty - What will it be???

CNN article & poll on Enron Verdict

Judge: 5-Foot-1 Child Molester Is Too Short for Prison - gets probation

a New Orleans jazz label owner's open letter to Ray Nagin

Jefferson calls Pelosi "tight-assed honkie bitch" ??? & HIS OFFICIAL REPLY

The only thing you need to know about the "Fair Tax"

Congress may revoke pensions of intelligence personnel who speak out.

Elena Benador the kool aide queen

Dixie Chicks on SIRIUS Howard Stern at 8:30EST.

Libby prosecutor may call Cheney to testify in CIA leak case

Lest We Forget: Blast From The Past on K Lay, Bush & Jesus

Fox News: enough Lay, Skilling...AMERICAN IDOL!! Impact on Alabama!

Question about Barbaro for the DU horse people:

Q at next Press Conference: "Will Bush pardon Lay and Skilling?"

Comet 73P

Bush just barely even hardly knew Ken Lay, or Jeff Gannon

Please sign petition to save 18 yo Nazanin. Iran will excute her...

bad timing - bush/blair press conference tonight

Murray Waas: Gonzales stymied NSA spy investigation

12 Jurors in Houston give me some hope today.

Enron Verdicts = Bush reaching for Maalox and Jim Beam

Aaaargh - Mainstream media strikes again

“Bush, end the streak of lies!”" as 15 students 'streak' across the Arbor

Man! I Feel Like A Moran!

Jeffrey Skilling screen cap: the face of a felon

The next time someone says "When the Iraqis stand up we'll stand down"

Nobody could have anticipated Lay getting found guilty.

3 Men Killed in 2 Attacks in NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico

The white house home page has been updated....12:54ET

Judged by the company you keep...Kenny boy, Abramoff, Delay

Ken Lay facing 165 years. Something to ponder....Will he roll on Cheney?

BREAKING: Jurors reach decision in Enron Trial - 12:00 EDT

Which Marriage Will End First: Bill/Hillary Clinton or George/Laura Bush

So has FAUX News started blaming the Lay/Skilling verdicts

Democrats should try appealing to married voters (with Freaker analysis)

Run for your lives ! The dominoes are falling!

George "Don't knowem" Bush. ... Cheney. ... Lay. Honor and Arrogance.

Thu May 25, 2006 2:01am ET

Oh shit. FBI to question House members on domestic spying disclosures


Can someone please find a Ken Lay mugshot

Is there any way to override a presidential pardon?

fox news has blown a fuse - it went dark for a few mins.

Guilty, guilty, guilty!! Ha-ha!

can anyone debunk this?

Soooo, who won America Idle last night?

dupe - please delete and see here:

Today's Snowjob about to start

Putin: "We see how the United States defends its interests . . ."

So how many Bush "Pioneer" fund raisers have been busted? Here....

Has any news report linked Bush with Ken L? Just curious as I have not

Living wage: How about $9 an hour?

Today's Hate-A-Dem theme: "Dems are opposed to impeachment"

"The worst president in history". Why now? Why us?

Defendant Slaps Attorney in Court

Help Colorado beat down Owen's threatened veto - anti-gouging bills

A little cowboy humor to lighten the day.....

Breaking on Raw Story: Gonzales stymied NSA spy investigation!

1 hour since the verdict-Have they got their talking points yet?

Lay, Skilling found guilty at Enron trial

I love me a Repuke conviction news day!

Now I look into the future at the Right-Wing Enron Talking Points.

New GOOOOOGLE Ads: Let's all take the Republican Survey

CIA Pressed for New Torture Documents by Guantánamo Detainees' Attorneys

Holy Cow! There's a Google ad in the Latest Discussions

Am I the only one having trouble with Crooksandliars?

Skilling's attorney says they'll continue "to fight the good fight."

Caption * "winking"

Dealing w/ 'failed families'

LOL! An ad for a 'Do it yourself' FEMA kit?

Marine General: some Marines could become "indifferent to the loss of life

The appropriate punishment for Kenny-boy Lay...

An anti-Bush alliance

where would I see the Hastert/Abramoff money on Opensecrets??

Vote for us, or else we'll be held accountable!

It's Dixie Chicks vs. Country Fans, but Who's Dissing Whom? (NYT critic)

Impeachment will stop the flood of horrendous pardons that * will issue

Murray Waas: Justice Department Probe Foiled (by Higher-ups)

All Hail the Mighty Clenis!

Ken Lay--Guilty. George Bush--Guilty (The Nation)

New Enron Song: BECAUSE I'M KEN (Sing along, everyone!)

Hastert Lashes out at DOJ over Leak

Caption Ken Lay!

Freepers: Enron/Lay was a CLINTON scandal.

Mine policing-Another fox guarding the hen house for Bush & Company

Geez, all kinds of merde hitting fans all over the place today.

Hastert should resign for the good of the Republican party

Thom Hartmann sitting in for Randi today (Thursday)

You were wondering perhaps how the fascists in Freeperland were taking...

Google: same query, different location, different results.

Body found near SUNO believed to be Katrina victim

Free community college for all?

*Religious Persecution* Mr. Lay didn't commit a crime!!!!!!!

GOP Speaker Hastert accuses ABC of libel, defamation

Silence is golden or does it kill? The case of Raw Red Rover

Let's just admit defeat, we CAN'T remove the incompetent crazies.

I think the whole Enron thing stinks! From the memory hole...

I have come to the conclusion that all people bashing Hillary Clinton.

Tell CNN Glenn Beck is a RACIST and must be removed.

DeLay quotes Steven Colbert in his defense.

Consistently Kicking Billbo's A**

How did they actually find someone WORSE than Rita Cosby?

Washington's secrecy battles. From the memory hole

Children and violence towards pets

Bush backs down on Jefferson documents

Swift Justice? Not for the Poor; Certainly not for the Rich! 4 long years

Cafferty has questions today on "witness Cheney" and the Enron verdict

Top general urges restraint by Marines in Iraq

Who does this remind you of?

Gore may be the only one who isn't going to jail at the rate we are going

Mountain Lions in California, Alligators in Florida

Madonna - Greed over God

How many appeals will Kenny Boy & Jeff

Anyone know where I can get contact info for Madeline Albright?

No reports of the "Duke" rape story on The Guy James Show today

"The O'Reilly factor was simply 'a blatant lie' "

Hastert is going to sue ABC.

New signs of cooling housing market

Teacher Under Fire For Classroom Rifle Lesson

Incredible Dutch interview with Bruce Springsteen


Illegal wiretaps good - legal warrants bad... 5/25 toon

WSJ: Credit-Card Issuers' Problem: People Are Paying Their Bills

Bush Administration puts Ken-Boy away

Take it off, take it ALL off.

New Pew Research Poll on Abortion, Stem Cell Research, Death Penalty, etc

I hope it's true that Bill has a girlfriend and that it spoils Hillary's

Lay turns to God and family (and a pardon from Bush) after guilty verdict

House OKs Oil Drilling in Alaska Refuge

Coulter's books, now cheaper than comic books

Handy tool to take wind out of freeps' sails re: Clinton & Enron

Finally. A problem George W. Bush can solve.

is this Hastert thing just another Rove plot to discredit ABC?


Bush's Personal Aide to Enroll at Business School

How's this for a "Travel Advisory?"

TIME >> Why Bush can't seem to find a good Treasury Secretary

I'm going to see AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH tonight

Your Honor, We The Jury Find The Defendants INCREDIBLY Guilty!

Let's Give the Freepers an Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Thread

Freepers already blaming Clinton for the Lay/Skilling Verdict!!

Caption this . . .

Godfather's pizza/NRA asshat says Liberalism is hate crime

Bush orders documents seized in Capitol Hill search sealed

All right, we had the damn trial. Now execute Lay and Skilling!

So who is going to watch Rumsfeld on The Larry King Show tonight?

Caleefornya Dems need to make Arnold and Enron ONE WORD from now on.

A Momentary Lapse of Reason (almost 20 years later and still very fitting)

AIDS cover up, bad science to cover up the truth.The Army made AIDS

Fitz has 2 new docs up. Filed electronically (as were the ones 2 wks ago).

Suspected Driver In Fatal Crash Could Walk Free

Final vote on over all Imigration Bill - C-SPAN2

Anyone read the Globe?

Hey remember that Osama guy?

Ken Lay--Guilty. George Bush--Guilty.

Why please send a message explaining why this post was locked

Stupid things seen on Google Adsense

GOP Requests Church Directories--HOW did I miss this? From Feb.!

CNBC: "Lay & Family In Circle Of Prayer After Verdict"

HIV Came From Cameroon Chimps, Doctors Confirm

Vote on S 2611, the Senate Immigration & Border Security bill coming

Why is FAUX saying it's legal for the FBI to search congressional offices?

From the RNC website - call talk radio!

Ohhhh Kenny Boy (The GW Bush Lament)

Why would MSNBC run a 45 minute FOX program recap on American Idol?

British Attorney General ORDERED To Disclose Info Leading to Iraq War

So whats the Poodle and the Chimp show supposed to be about tonight?



Neo-con Joke

Did I just hear Lou say we need Mexico’s permission

Breaking this story myself: BUSH HAS AIDES!

It seems like there is at least one bank robbery or

MI bill would have citizenship status on drivers license

How do you deal with with the *stupidity*?

Just hung up on a rude March of Dimes caller........sheesh.....

So why aren't the Dems standing up and asking to end NAFTA and

I got my star back!

usurpation of power-let's discuss

Fun hypothetical situation

I knew sooner or later there would be a good one :)

(VIDEO) Bush's Immigration strategy isn't working too well (too funny!)

When is it a CITIZEN'S responsibility to share facts with their neighbors?

Tragic story I heard on the Osgood Files about a soldier who died

Lou Dobbs giving props to Chavez!

When will pResident GW Bush pardon Kenny-Boy Lay?

Heads up - Gore on Rachel Maddow /Air America tomorrow morn 8:30

EXCLUSIVE PALAST BOOK AUDIO - ALSO:AR Election Crash, More Hastert Bribes!

Bosnia/Kosovo combat related deaths.

Iconic Marine Is at Home but Not at Ease (LATimes)

These Guys just do not get that they are headed for Impeachment.

Rep. Jefferson hardly a Democrat

So Are We All Seeing The Same Ads?

John Snow is expected to resign by mid-June

my column for this week: Do you measure up?

Is Oprah switching channels in your city?

tweety and russert - guess what their first topic is.

Negroponte's power grows. He has power to stop the SEC if he wants to.

Who should be held accountable for the failure of oil?

LOL! Pat Buchanan just called * and Blair "the last 2 survivors on the

Something is seriously wrong with these Google Ads. All I'm seeing is

Is it just me or does this board now resemble a dyslexic's worst nightmare

The Washington Post Hints That Clinton Has a Girlfriend

Net Neutrality gains a victory today

How can "Intelligence Officials" be so sure OBL's tapes are authentic

Dixie Chicks--Does anyone know if the new CD has charted yet

Bush and Enron: as usual Consortium News has the big picture

What is the definition of "executive privilege"??

I think *ush has promised Kenny boy a pardon already

How many innocent Iraqi citizens' deaths are YOU responsible for , george?

Would gay marriage threaten your relationship?

Bush and Blair acknowledge Iraq setbacks

Ken Lay--Guilty. George Bush--Guilty.

"I don't want (insert name here) to be the Dem nominee for 2008."

Framing:"Immigration problem" helps Americans live the "cheap lifestyle"

JD Hayworthless is an asshat! Check out this scandal.

Bush and Blair coming up - streaming on C-Span 3 @ 7:30 Eastern

Lou Dobbs blaming the democrats for senate passing Amnesty

What consequences provided under FISA????

Bill Clinton will have Ken Lay killed in jail

Al Gore at trhe Town Hall In New York

Heads up: Countdown/KO on at 9 p.m. tonight

Caption this Hastert photo

I think Kenny Boy already has his tropical hideout stocked

Sometimes, you have to choose between the lesser of evils.

Caution: I am going to defend Republicans in this post.

Immigration bill change: must consult Mexico before building fence.

10 "News" Stories That Send Me Channel Surfing In A Nanosecond

How long is the pole up Tony Blair's ass?

Is Nancy Grace really as stupid as she sounds on TV?

Bush Aide Gets Special Enrollment to Harvard Business School

Senate Will Soon Vote to Repeal the Estate Tax

Advertising on DU: Stage One

Meme--Simple Questions: If you support the war, why haven't you signed up

There's another 'hidden' item in the Senate immigration bill..RNs

In fairness to Google Advertisers...

Iran Offered Recognition of Israel, Nuclear Cooperation bush: How Dare You

Correction re. Dobbs and Chavez.

(VIDEO) Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: Republicans are bobbleheads

Please start using the adjective " Bush Pioneer" knows what news is. It's a "HOT TIP ON CLINTON"

NPR on "An Inconvenient Truth"

If DU gets in bed with Google - I quit...

The question we absolutely MUST ask anti-impeachment dems

I can speak a foreign language and never knew that I could!

Let's design our OWN voting machines, does Diebold have a monopoly?

"Bush One of Most Incompetent Presidents in Entire History" -- Fox News

Has anyone here seen P.N.A.C.'s MySpace Profile?

Study: Saudi Textbooks Still Demonize Christians, Jews

Judge Levels 60-Year Sentence in Attacks

Bush Seals Records Seized From Jefferson's Office

Pity the Enron employees? Don't. Most of them knew the co. was scamming.

~ The State Of The News Media (Must Read) ~

David Schuster talking of Rove, novak, cia leak on Tweety now.

Canadian press member practically calls P.M. Harper a liar to his face !

Very creepy article about Bill Frist at

Caption this Picture of Tru Wub

On that Ken Lay/Bill Clinton Golf game:

Admins: About the Google ads:

Will Pitt on Repubs desperate strategy...

Ha Ha! I totally changed a right wing rant radio show the other night.

Okay, will someone PM when these ads have been reined in please?

Calling all brave souls, especially you FW Bloggers

THE WALL, see what PINK FLOYD meant and why governments banned the album


Ken Lay: "God is in control, and we love our Lord"

A thirty-hour work week...

Pretty damn cool. MIT picking from the public school ranks.

It's Fleet Week in NYC. A few pics of the ships heading into NY Harbor

Victory for the Internet

Libby prosecutor may call Cheney to testify in CIA leak case

Cooking Up A New Cold War

Funny PIctures GOP Jail

Wow, They are going after the businesses that are hiring

My Mother Learns The Word "Neo-Con"

Advertising on DU: Stage Two (b) - some changes

Bush’s Personal Aide To Enroll at Business School--Havard Crimson

Advertising on DU: Stage Two

"LAY CONVICTED ON MULTIPLE COUNTS!" r u doing the DU Happy Dance?

in honor of Ken Lay day: the smoking gun


Bird Flu: UN predicts death of 150 million people

A Memorial Day Reflection

AOL Poll: Dixie Chicks "Flip-Flopped" r.e. B* Please DU!

msnbc: "There is a predisposition to overturn these verdicts"

TOON: Witchcomic on Denny Hastert

Should Bush Give Back the $1MM+ He Got From Lay/Enron?

Raw Story: CIA Leak Filing Indicates Gov't Has Evidence Re: Cheney

Bush's relationship with Enron and the two convicted criminals

Bill to Ban Protests at MILITARY Funerals?

The TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution!!!

MSNBC:Optimism about voting reform wanes (Extensive discussion)

Please, Please no Kerry in 2008!

Mayor : FBI was trying to spy on Portland Government

Remember: Lay is Chimpy's #1 LIFETIME CONTRIBUTOR!!!

Quote of The Day (from a DU poster):

Nebraska Child Molester gets NO JAIL time-

What is Memorial Day? Why? -- Pics...

Watching Bush & Blair on CNN... Bush really is a fucking idiot.

What if we could vote with our tax dollars?

Conservative Top 50 from "Won't Get Fooled Again" to "Stand by Your Man"

Wonkette: Hillary seen having conversation with Gannon !

Satire: Bin Laden Praises News Media In Latest Tape (BSNews)

Confessions of an addict.


Extremists Declare 'Open Season' on Immigrants

Democrats Must End Talk of Bush Impeachment...Fox News

Half Million in US Prisons for Drug Offenses- Highest Prison Rate in World

Is Ehud Olmert the next Tony Blair?

What does DU'ers think of this...If Ross Perot had not dropped out..

DNC Mayor's conference is on...after 3 delays. C-Span 2 Dean Durbin

Investigation probing Hastert's bribes from terror groups?

Drudge posts more BS about Al Gore

Randi's Rant: On Jefferson, and the FBI raid on Congress

Sharpton: Pull 2 Ala. Candidates From Race -- oh boy....

Ohio Senate GOP showed racism last night

Language as the new skin color

Missionary - The Official American Sex Position

Recruiters lead charge for '06 vote

My Prediction And My Justification On Rove....

Rising Wages for Nurses? Nanny State to the Rescue (Market economy

Saddam's nephew arrested

Trial of former procurement chief begins (David Safavian, Abramoff link)

A couple of important things which set Al Gore apart from the rest

Damn good thing the Indians didn't designate an official language

Libby told Grand Jury Cheney spoke of Plame

Video: Progressive Caucus Iran Hearings from yesterday

Political Ad Revenue to Hit $22.2 Billion This Year

This impeachment hawk asks his fellow DUers:

I want Hillary to run...

ABC's The Note links today to NYPost article: "Lobbyists Love Hillary"

Skilling convicted of wire fraud

How Haditha will energize the Right

Peter Daou calls MSM "Tabloid Tactics" the "elephant in the room"

"Who say wha' babe? Who say wha'?" -- Rush waiting on Lay talking points

White House interns of King George 2nd

The robotic fly on the artificial plant has a hidden microphone...

The enduring wisdom of Helen Thomas


Just posted at FR: Arrest of illegals falls off Clinton pace

Peter Daou: Tabloid Tactics: It's Open Season on Gore, Clinton, Kerry...

interesting Pelosi cartoon over at

Dumb Editorial du Jour: George Will jumps the shark ("A Vote for English")

Lynn Woolsey challenged by Joe Nation, wolf in sheep's clothing

Lay & Skilling guilty on all counts

Rightwing talking point: Bush cleaning up Clinton's corruption

Just FYI: (my) Senator Clinton email regarding NSA wiretapping

How will the conviction of Ken Lay affect the stock market?

Joementum to be honored at Neocon Lovefest tonight

Mike Malloy Listeners: Where did he get that clip of b*sh saying

Help Stop the Growing Divide between America's Haves and Have-nots

U of Cinn - Another bogus poll

Roundup of Bush / Lay connections

Possible cellmates for Lay, Skilling

If the Dems take control of the Senate

Kucinich sends Bush Iran letter, signed by 72 others

Joe Conason: Nasty Foes Now Owe Apology to Gore

Denny Hastert, Fristy, and now TOM DELAY condemning FBI raid on

DU Lie of the Day: Democrats are saying 'no impeachment'

If you wanted to know about Hastert & FBI, NPR wasn't the place to go...

So *that's* where they keep the CAPTIONS

Moment of Remembrance Hasn't Caught On

Last wk NPR did a story on K.Lay

Million dollar lottery for voting: Opinions?

Two coauthors of US VP Cheney's Energy Task Force found Guilty

GREAT clip! LISTEN to Tricky Ricky SQUIRM - AUDIO interview

McCain returns $20,000 in political contributions

Edwards: Democrats should decry Bush monitoring of phone records

The FBI - Congress feud (NSA, Jefferson raid, campaign finance, what's up?

Praise the Lord! Preacher Ken Lay

Is this true...anyone know?

If you like political novels, look for a copy of "Night of Camp David"

Gore cannot make global warming his main issue if he runs for president

Boehner Bucks Up His Troops

BREAKING: House votes to open up arctic to drilling.

Howard dean: The Republicns brought corrutoin not only to DC, but also

Smoking Gun has 40 letters between Lay and Little Lord Pissypants...

Politics of the Dead

Why the "New" Al Gore can't get elected (Editorial content)

Countdown With Keith Olbermann on at 9:00 tonight!

Prebutting Bill O'Reilly's "Culture Warrior"

Treasury secretary signals he may resign (Snow)

Poll: Nelson leads Harris 58%-25%, but Harris may lose primary to no-namer

The GOP nominates Allen, Dems Nom Hillary and Giuliani Runs Third party

Does not the "Sargent of Arms" have legal jurisdiction on capital hill??

What percent of voters do you believe KNOW about voting machine fraud?

Blair will not pick up his Congressional Medal at this time

"Lord Revealed Next Fla. Governor" -- Florida's all set!! lmao!

"Our" Vote

What time was Dean on Hardball?

For M$M Clinton's Balls (and other appendage) Rule! via Atrios/FiredogLake

How Will You Be Remembered?

What were Al Gore'sr Accomplishments as V.P.

Why is George Bush sealing Rep. Jefferson's records??

New docs on Fitz's website

Of Republicans and Impeachment

DeLay uses Colbert interview with Rbt. Greenwald on his legal defense site

McCain, Clinton now in statistical dead heat. Clinton would wallop Bush

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