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Archives: May 26, 2006

Brad McIntyre: Getting religion right while leaning to the left

NYT: Ignorance Claim Did Not Sway Enron Jury

Conason: Jefferson Must Go

Al Gore is taking part in a NYC town hall tonight....Does anyone know...

The Alt Fuels Distraction

Had a strange conversation on Peak Oil

E85: Spinning Our Wheels

How Bush starts Iran War will show if 9/11 MIHOP/LIHOP

Recommend John Bonifaz for DFA endorsement

ITS THE ERD STUPID: Election Reform NEws & stuff for Friday, 5-26-06

Needed: Peace activists in Mt Vernon

How many activist are for Maxey?

Fava beans

My new favorite cooking/recipe source

Harper ‘not committed' to safe injection site

PMO muzzles MPs on gay Mountie union

Harper To Ban - "Peeing Cats"

Too bad about Rona

CNN/AP: Bush and Blair Acknowledge Iraq 'Setbacks'

Faculty's Chilly Welcome for Ex-Pentagon Official (Doug Feith)

Bush Says Treasury Secretary Snow Has Not Talked to Him about Quitting

Iran to U.S.: Stop bluster, let's talk

Blair tells Bush US must back reformed UN

Veteran Data Was Removed Routinely, Official Says

Military Expected to Report Marines Killed Iraqi Civilians

WP: GAO Report Faults Bush Voluntary Programs To Cut Air Pollution

Iraqis say US forces "besiege" town, military deny

U.S. legislators heap praise on Canada; Wilson lets news of meeting slip

NYT/Reuters: Vermont Signs Ambitious Health - Insurance Law

Man finds 36 dead sharks on Hawaii beach

WP: Once a Friend and Ally, Now a Distant Memory (Ties *Co to Lay)

Sources: NSA leak probe incl. Congress: FBI wants to interview top members

Foreclosure Rates Soar in Metropolitan Chicago

Border Fight Divides G. O. P. (NY Times)

Iran Proposal to U.S. Offered Peace with Israel

Bush says Abu Ghraib was biggest mistake of Iraq war

Amendment Fight Gets Contentious On Hill

Judge Says Man Too Small for Prison

(Calif.) Bill would require registered sex offenders to notify employers

For Wiccan Nev. soldier, death brings fight

(Schwarzenegger) would veto bill mandating inclusion of gays in textbooks

Female Soldier From Wis. Denied Conscientious-Objector Status

AP: Deserts Expanding With Jet Stream Shift: "moving poleward"

Brzezinski Wants Orderly Iraq Withdrawal

I don't know about you, but I could go for a Gilmour David Ringtone

Man, a Faro guage sounds interesting

Weirdest ad I've seen yet

I'm curious DUers. How long is your hair?

I'm curious DUers. How long have you had hair?

I. P. Freely

I'm curious DUers. How deep is your love?

I've acquired the rights to TelleTubbies and... We're remaking The Passion

Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin

All this talk about the ads is just a cover for the admins' real plan...

The hottest woman EVER!

Congrats, Suich!!!

Right, the economy is faltering and jobs vamoosing.

Supergroup...Does it seem like Ted Nugent is the nice guy...?

If Taylor Hicks wants to make it, he needs to do this song

Miami had absolutely NO bizzness winning that first game

'Ronin' is on AMC right now.

The Brazilian Joke and other DU Rulez, Post your fave

Will you Mary me?

Fill in the blanks . . . .

Will you harry me?

Here's a love ballad for the ages...

Question for Gold'n'Plump Chicken, Breast Augmentation... WHY???

What gets you excited?

I did NOT intend to cut it this short!

OMG, the nightmares! The nightmares!

Cool,surplus army tents!

Breast Kudos thread

Will you divorce me??

Will you bury me?

Bard Nowell of Sublime died 10 years ago today

Fifty More Minutes and it's ON!

Did I miss the memo about the ads?

Will you fairy cake me?

Finally, I'm out of the 900 club!

This new Omen remake looks really, really lame

Will you marry me?

Barbaro--in case you still wonder:

Holy crap! I CAN save a lot of money with GEICO!

I bought a lamp.

I don't get the complaining about the ads.

Things that you regret...

Need airline expertise-daughter in Morocco/ticket problem

Did you wish Sir Ian McKellen a happy 67th Birthday?

Tell me an ironic and funny thing that has happened to you.

Betty Butterfield

Three Brazilian soldiers were killed today in Iraq.

Google Ads are harmful to children and other living things.

The purpose of advertising is to create demand.

All I want to do is cry.

Went to a AA ball game tonight and had a blast

Please Help Me! I'm a Ditz!

How do I install software on new computer when I've lost installation code

Stuff on my cat

Hoodwinked was pretty darn good. Aeon Flux absolutely sucked.

Please help me! I'm a Dritz!

Do pediatricians still have the right of waaa?

DU ads should be targeted to Lounge threads...

An interesting observation re my treadmill routine:

According to the ads you can have a career in anti terrorism

Credit card consolidation... question.

To anyone whom I have offended in the last few days: I'm sorry.

I can fit my ass into a hole in the ground

Time to let my freak flag fly

Should there be another forum for people to complain about the ads ?

A friend came over who's losing his mind. Wow!

What are you drinking tonight?

I can fit my pinkie through my earlobe.

I miss's was a year ago today...

To anyone whom I have insulted or pissed off in the last five years

Won't someone, anyone, please click on my poor lonely thread?

Robert DeNiro totally kicks ass! I'm watching Ronin -

NEVER watched one American Idol

what do you buy somone for a retirement party gift?

My four year old daughter told my wife that "Daddy had been

HEEHEEHEEHEE...I quit my job!

Jaw-dropping hi-rez (1600x1200) tornado photo


WooHoo!!! School's out for the summer!

re: DU advertising -- is this happening to other people?q

Will you hog the covers and fart in bed for me?

SugarSmack or NoNameNoSlogan:

I got my federal tax refund.

Do you believe in "love at first sight"?

Are you interested in a career in anti-terrorism?

National Review's Top 50 Conservative Rock Songs

Duck's X-rayed gut has UFO - story and photo


The Slim Whitman Appreciation Thread

I just went to a concert, and my parents don't know!!! Ask me anything!

doo doo doo, lookin out my back door. (39k pic)

Associate Freely

I have a popsicle. What do you have?

Will you query me?

US faith group opposes constitutional ban on same-sex marriage

Effect of Moon phase at ovulation on the sex of baby (???)

NYT: In the Mojave Desert, Ancient Signs

"Time for Howard Dean to resign"

What do the Royals have to do...

Kryon channelling: 14 questions

Do you believe that Atlantis existed?

Immigration reform passed!

You know it would be nice if people actually presented arguments

Hello, everyone. I need some help, please.

KOEB 5/27/06 "Bring Keith On" Edition


Did Bush and Blair acknowledge that their Iraq invasion is illegal?

Bush and Blair...joined at hip..Blair refers to Iraqi's as "These People"

Shop Democrat??????????????????

" seems like an eternity,... a decade"

in the not too far away time years ago, shrub the snake oil salesman would

What group does the MSM most resemble?

Stay the course, Finish the mission...blah blah blah...


Do you know where your towel is?

Poll: Which will be talked about more tomorrow...

Why I would vote for Lamont in the primaries

63.4 Million

Blair wants us to suck up his guilt, take more hits for their dirty war


Seattle Cops TASER a bear to death.

Sorry I Yelled Out "Die Fucker, Die!" As I Beat The Livin Shit Out Of You

Sad that Bush* doesn't regret invading a sovereign nation.

If you are still reading us Will I have something to tell you


tweety bush/blair wrapup thread....he looks very serious

It's up to the netroots to point out the significance of Bush's admission

Smart sites to power semantic web (BBC) {'smart' www}

How Bush starts Iran War will show if 9/11 MIHOP/LIHOP

Is this link acceptable for GD? And if not why not?.

WP, Froomkin: Cheney was at epicenter of campaign to discredit Joe Wilson

I think I need to gouge out my eyes.

Oh, NOW he regrets "Bring It On"?!?

Bush finally admits to mistakes?

Dorkus Idioticus ---pix--->>>

Have you ever posted at

Tell Keith we appreciate him Sooo much

FEATURE-Iraqis dread new night callers, flee homes in droves

Three Brazilian soldiers were killed today in Iraq.

MoveOn agenda house parties--your experience?

HUH? Nora ODonnell says that Dubya still has a 50-60% "Personal"

Did anybody see the CBS evening news story on the marines in Haditha?

Witness testifies that Gen. Miller lied. He urged the use of dogs on people


We keep forgetting about 9/11.

Mandatory Malloy Thursday Truthseekers Check in

OK, the Hillary or Condoleezza vote advertisment has got to go....

Bush & Blair in summation: The War goes on, Fuck you all.

I know who the next Republican Presidential Nominee is going to be.

Heard of ClickTV? Looks like Awsome Potential!

Migrant birds from Africa in serious decline: study

Scarborough compares Bush to Fonzie saying "I was WRONG!"

"Sorry, sir. Wrong department..........

If BUSH admits he was WRONG, do the wingnuts admit WE WERE RIGHT??

Joe Scarbourough -coming up: Bush 'regrets" (apology?), msnbc.

"she died in the blast"

bush 'admitted' mistakes... then *smirked*. Did anyone else catch that?

LOL - Mike Malloy has a live one

Independent World Television Has anyone

It appears Scarborough and Carlson have not been authorized to

They Stole My Idea, I Tell Ya, LOL !!! - Any DUers Going To The YearlyKos?

Whose time will be up sooner? Bush or Bin Laden?

how long has the "failure" search joke been in Google

Anyone else have Google ads in the middle of their DU page?

Bush and Blair - Fish and Whistle

Military Expected to Report Marines Killed Iraqi Civilians

Fun Hypothetical Situation

Bush says "being born was a big mistake."

Experts says Cheney can't avoid testifying

Are there any checks to posting duplicate threads here?

I call bullshit on Bush's Mia Culpa!

Can someone please tell me why, since the format has been changed on DU,

Caption Tony and *

As Lay and Skilling cry themselves to sleep tonight...

What's with these ads about FBI, terrorism, and Iraqi dinars??

So in what part of the world was it interpreted correctly?

Which will be banned from the Internet first?

Leno: Ken Lay was a major contributor to the Republican party

For those complaining about the ads

The Impeach Team

Do they teach compliance

Faculty's Chilly Welcome for Ex-Pentagon Official (Doug Feith)

Hard thing to watch - CNN just now - toothpick reporter Dana Bash

What did Condi and Josh Bolten think of Tony and * tonight? - photo

Anyone in here who doesn't personally like Bush?

UM... this is a bit out of place here

CNN's Schneider Likens Gore to Nixon

WTF do Bush and Blair talk about when they are alone?

Where's Mrs. McCain?

ads related layout issue....

A teensy tiny complaint about the new format with ads....

Hello, My name is Nickster, and I'm a Keith O. virgin......

Court to decide status of sins: Couple revealed misdeeds to their church

Watchin 'COMBAT DIARY' on AnE right NOW

Russia seeks to seize control of Royal Dutch Shell's Sakhalin project

Don't come back, Tony, just stay there in Washington. Don't come back

Inhofe (Mr Global Warming is a Myth) is holding a Global Warming Summit

Two gay RCMP officers plan to marry this summer.

geez, 9 pm, and a marine recruiter won't take no for an answer

Bush regrets saying, "Bring it on", and "Wanted, dead or alive"

What is art?

Who do YOU think is the REAL power behind the throne?

So how much do I have to ante up to get google off this site?

Breaking: Treasury Secretary John Snow has signaled to the White House

Iran, Bush & Nuremberg

Conyers: Netroots helps ensure net neutrality victory

bush doesn't regret a damn thing--except for his low poll numbers

*** Thursday TOONs: Kenny Boy ***

"... that a man look a woman in the eye and tell her she is inferior"


I live in one of the wealthiest communities on the planet and

Dean on Hardball...about the Clintons.."That's just gossip." Video

(TOON) Steve Bell on the Bush/Blair visit

Okay, Now Google Ads Are Targeting Me By State

I guess we have been typecast by Google Adwords - FLOYD RULES!

500 person trauma kit

Forkin' "Lincoln"? Made me shut off the TV

Gelliebeans latest podcast for week of 5-21-06

Is it a sin to lie?

Toe Licking Suspect On The Loose In Tulsa

Happy that Lay's flayed? You might like this photo.

Young Americans "have no idea what's going on", get news from Jon Stewart

Bush and Blair, Thread 2 from here:

Galloway says murder of Blair would be 'justified'

Do You Fly a Lot? Flying on a Summer Vacation? Your Safety Comes Last!

Who would you vote for in 2008?

This Tony&W Kabuki was all about his poll numbers and nothing more

Bush** flip-flops on Abu Ghraib & "Bring 'em On". Now he says it was

Schweitzer visits Guard in Iraq

Stick me in the ears with sharp objects - I agree with Tucker!

And ah...the,'s ah.....most ah....there's a ah....making progress

U.N. shoved aside by Dubai's growth

Who has the URL of the Bush aide who is going to Harvard...

Blair tells Bush US must back reformed UN

I used to have a little respect for Tony Blair, but no more.

Second Bush Term, best thing to happen to the Democratic Party?

Breaking Bush/Blair admit mistakes in Iraq vow to sacrifice troops until

if you've never seen this video, make damn sure...

Editor at Conservative Magazine

For victory-seeking Dems, R-E-S-P-E-C-T Key to Future

I have just figured out the Dem strategery for 2006 & '08!

Ahboogarreb...Sheesh...He can't even pronounce it.

Guess who is gonna replace Snow (Treasury)?

Guardian: Blair tells Bush US must back reformed UN

George Bush is such a mad, petulant little child

The world doesn't need an apology from Bush!

Bush regrets saying "Bring 'em on"

It's Obvious, Republicans Are Bobbleheads

Lookin' For A Leader? Dave Obey

Please DU this poll about freedom of speech. It needs your help.

I just know all the women on DU want me....

Ted Kennedy: Call to Service

Treasury secretary signals he may resign

Democracy Now: Amy Goodman interviews Arundhati Roy

Bush/Cheney=Govt of the corporations, by the corporations, for the

A nightmare to behold: Will Lieberman seek revenge?

Galloway says murder of Blair would be 'justified'

Tweety admits feeling emotion in response to * admissions, then

Give your DFA Vote: Stephanie Studebaker for U S Congress in Ohio

The Convention should be in DENVER

Bush is a national embarassment.

Environmental evangelists


Bush's Enron Lies--By Robert Parry

Police state America? The signs are all there...

It's Time to Engage With Iran By David Ignatius

Why no Bush support?

Why Mine Deaths Are Up

Okay JEOPARDY fans What is?

David Brooks is at it again....

Galloway's response from his website: "I would not support assassination"

Nobody home / Santorum tries to cover his tracks on residency

EFF: Key Portions of Critical Documents Unsealed in AT&T Surveillance Case


Nobody home. Santorum tries to cover his tracks on residency.

Enron bosses convicted but still off the hook for fleecing state(CA)

Bleak House, by Chris Floyd

"Peaceful" Basra falling apart...

Kissinger told China communist takeover in Vietnam was acceptable: documen

Ken Lay "Shocked" at conviction


Beginning Of The End: Haditha Makes The Television MSM

Ken Lay--Guilty. George Bush--Guilty.

The End Of Civilization As We Know It:Bill Press

Is media hiding Judith Miller's In June Bush Knew Al Qaeda plan's story?

Rood: How Big Is Big Brother? Assembling the Pieces of the Domestic Spy Op

Tar Baby Margaret Kimberly

Gambling in America article, interesting split in the GOP

Another gold search recommendation: Rob McEwen

Gee, Ya Think? GAO Slams Voluntary GHG Plans As Ineffective - WP

Numbers Of Some African Migratory Birds Collapsing - Reasons Unknown

22-Year Satellite Study Shows Dramatic Tundra Changes - Woods Hole

Antarctic Peninsula Displays Warming On Fast-Forward - RMN

Tuvalu Citizens Now Grow Crops In Cans Thanks To Salt Water Intrusion

On the British Government Decision to Ban Coal: Biofuels Implications.

Energy Geopolitics 2006 by Richard Heinberg

Feeling the Heat --

Klaus Toepfer - Climate Breakdown Will Power Political Destabilization

Pass The Bread -- Bill Moyers commencement speech, Hamilton College

Judge: DOE Must Remove Nuclear Waste (Idaho Natl Lab)

Vinod Khosla's presentation on Ethanol at the MIT Energy Conference

Twilight Zone / A doctor without borders

Hamas Pulls Private Militia Off Streets

Palestinians Referendum Text:

Jeff Halper: Countdown to Apartheid

Very cool animation using a card trick to illustrate confirmation bias.

New Take on "Loose Change"

The secret NSA Diana tapes...

Psychological Resistance to Facing Election Fraud

looking for video of Clint Curtis at Congressional hearings

To Skeptics Who Doubt the Perils of Electronic Voting

Lawyer blasts voting machines-Judges hear argument on their unreliability

Clint Curtis for Congress Needs Your Help , D.U.

Stop the Corruption, Support Clean Elections

SDS National Convention In Chicago (August 4-7 most likely)

First District Fund Raising Numbers

Harkin voted against Hayden confirmation - thank him if you wanna

Used laptop - first wireless- Help!

I just heard Limbaugh doing a commercial for CompUSA

Here's an easy way to get rid of google ads if you don't want to see them.

Upward Polling Trend for Bell, Downward for c4n3p, Stagnant for Perry

Followup on "so we're fighting for"

So what do you guys think of the LaRouche folks?

I decided to ask the Democrats in my precinct their opinion.

Hey, have you checked the google ads in here?

Sausage Pie

U.S. legislators heap praise on Canada; Wilson lets news of meeting slip

Governor General warns against sensationalism in Canadian journalism

Website e-mails back Harper's feud with media

What a beautiful eulogy for Captain Goddard by her father.

You've all been told. (Public has no interest in media-PM feud: Harper)

Ignatieff: Kyoto been a liabilty to Liberals

Harper calls for fixed election date every four years

Knox County soldier dies of wounds suffered in Iraq (#2463)

The secret NSA Diana tapes...

Iran's Mottaki arrives in Iraq

Car Bombing Kills 8 in Eastern Baghdad

Iraqi Suburb Is More Secure, but Hemmed In

Iraq hostages watch executions before release

Pataki Gets Pilloried On Paté Cash

CIA leak filing indicates gov't has evidence regarding Cheney

Hastert says he'll work with Justice Dept.

The Only Wall America Should EVER Have

Venezuela, Spain sign deal on military boats

2 more Ney aides subpoenaed in Abramoff bribery case

Colombia’s paramilitaries take up ‘private security’

Time magazine ordered to turn over docs (to Libby) in CIA leak case: AP

Peruvian candidate Garcia escapes bullets

Official: Marines could be charged with murder

Iraqi man chosen to lead Qaeda’s global operations

Former Rep. Jefferson aide sentenced to 8 years

Iraqi Minister Backs Iran on Nuclear Research

U.S. Adults Remain Very Pessimistic About Situation in Iraq (Harris Poll)

Area Walgreens pull theft-prone OxyContin

Grand jury eyes 9/11 hero Kerik

Italy to withdraw 1,100 troops from Iraq

Holocaust Victims Names in Mormon Database (Guardian)

Italy to Pull More Than 1,000 Troops From Iraq

Senate Confirms Kavanaugh to Appeals Court (this is BAD)

(Sen. Norm) Coleman says Hastert overreacting on FBI raid of congressman

Ill. suburb schools reject book ban

Um, I forgot 7 people talked of spy - Libby

Peterson Juror In Contact With Killer She Helped Convict

Police reopens U.S. House office building, suspending searches

District 214 board approves disputed books after hours of speeches

Secular Iraqis Unimpressed by New Government

Amtrak faces budget cuts after House vote

Iran says would hit back against any U.S. attack

CNN >> There are reports shots have been fired in Rayburn House Office

Feds Send Back Ga. Evolution Sticker Case


House Republican firm on immigration

Senate Confirms Kempthorne for Interior

Evidence in Probe of Iraqi Deaths Points Toward Murder by Marines

Dying 'Dr. Death' Has Second Thoughts About Assisting Suicides

House panel votes for Net neutrality

White House compares illegal immigration to speeding

Former Jefferson aide gets 8 years for role in bribery scheme

Shi'ite faction menaces Iraq Basra oil exports

(Jeb) Bush vetoes a record $448M

Speaking to Medical Graduates, Bloomberg Diverges from GOP (on science)

Arizona Legislature OKs Immigration Bill

Galloway's response from his website: "I would not support assassination"

Senate confirms Kavanaugh to appeals court

Ethics Commission to Probe Former Ohio House Speaker's New Business

New Orleans to top US wage growth in 2006: study 17 minutes ago

Galloway says murder of Blair would be 'justified'

ANWR drilling faces tough time in Senate

Iraqi tennis coach, players killed 'for wearing shorts'

Test explosion in Nevada put on indefinite hold

U.S. residents don't trust leaders (Zogby - 24% trust Bush)

Senate OKs Hayden's nomination as CIA director (78-15)

Sources: Capitol "gunfire" likely from air hammer

What do the Google ads say about DU so far?

Post a pic of a wanted criminal that people think you look like!

Is DU slow for anybody else?

Why I still have faith in SALT LAKE CITY!

Convicted felon records

Bumper sticker du jour

Paging Dr. Fred Weiner, Dr. Fred Weiner to the Lounge please.

proof that Tom Cruise is a genius

Ah shit! Best Firefox extension ever!

Duers are too smart to ever get drawn in to those bullshit ads.

proof that I am a genius

Baby Bush...

transparent computer screens..

WTF? "The Proud Republicans" Ad? Is this a joke?

last one tonight, I swear...

Nighty night, all!

A come to Jesus moment? You be the judge.

AD: Little wok of the Orient

At some point today

Proof that Phil Collins is a genius!

okay. seriously, I need to go to bed- and you all have to be sick of this

Am I safe from the Google ads here?

To sleep or not to sleep? It really is the question this time.

Get a Mac!

It's one of those nights, ask me anything

Hey! Where did the sticky board go???

This is so lame!

People's cruelty makes me sad

Linux Free Software Linux Linux GNU Open Source GNU GNU Linux Linux GNU!


Where does Mussolini keep his armies?

I know why I am up at 4 am, who else is up.

Can anyone else access these web sites?

Rats Chew Through Power Equipment - Thousands Can't Watch American Idol

MMM Wire Rope Clips

Anyone Else Here Know Someone Who Had Surgery and then Blood Clot?

Armless Man Stopped For Speeding

I just thought of a brilliant ad campaign

Apparently Google thinks Unix is sexy!


My cats now smell like peppermint

Job Seekers! Apply now for Deep Throat II!

Someone at work just told the Brazillion joke

Are you practical? And can you explain it to me?

Just because you have anti-choice/yellow ribbons on the back of your car..

Water discovered ON Mars!!!!

well i'm going to take the wife and kids tomorrow

One that you haven't heard

I really thought that today was Thursday...

My dogs love me sooo much!!

Two days ago 79 and, 89 and hellacious.

I drove as close to the White House as I could.....

(((((no, no, no; i think it is interesting, from a social science point...

New Wax Britney Spears comes complete with heaving breasts

Yes, at 3:57am, I just got back from the vet.

Ya'll Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind,...

This is not a SEX thread. Just checking to make sure the Google ads

Is it just me or

How to tell if you're email/computer is being Agent Miked?

Screw you guys, I'm going

Is there going to be anything good in the theaters this summer?

Fixing a hole...

I could really use a hug.

Marijuana Muffins Make 18 Sick At School

Was Dick Cheney knocking down beers this morning?

'Da Vinci Code' diet

I need a hug.

If you are considering seeing the new X-Men movie...

Sometimes, I like to dip my fists in buter.

National Review seems to be getting ideas from Free Republic

How do you ensure your cell phone, left on a bus, will be found?

Alright, I shaved the mustache, what do you think?

I can't do anything right today!

Couple Gets Married At Local Wal-Mart

Lucky Bamboo Shop...

Bush (Will Ferrell) speaks on Global Warming(s)

New Bush joke I just received

At the sound of gunshots this morning, the congressional GOP delegation

Rush Limbaugh's bared buttocks make 18 sick at Lilith Fair

i like eggs...

Interesting new bean bag game on the Nabisco games website.

Bad movie titles...

Gather Round Kiddies For Matcom's Golf Joke O' The Day!

I'm curious DU'er's

School's out for the summer...

stroked, or fanned...

My roommate told me she spent $160 on liquor alone for her party...

Anti-virus/Spyware/Firewall software- what do you recommend?

I'm 16 and 1/2 years old today. Ask me anything.

Man Robbs Bank, Sits Down To Read Magazine

OK, now I've seen everything---Military Laptops!

Is there such thing as a social spider?

Rusty the Narcoleptic dog

OK, now I've seen everything---Military Lap Dances!

My maserati does 185... I lost my license, now I don't drive

Is this real?

Later loungers!

I'm making pulled pork this weekend

Dean Martin songs...

What is a Pink Floyd ad?

Desmond Dekker is dead!

Post your runners-up to National Review's top 50 conservative songs.

Just found out I won a $100 MasterCard gift card at work!

Tatu vs. Rammstein.

The only thing I want to know about the show lost is...

Sign my DU Pink Floyd petition! Sign it!

My god this is so adorable you'll need insulin when you're doing watching

Forgive me - live each day to its fullest.

Dire Report From Outside the Lounge

Happy birthday wishes to........

Anyone want to go shopping with me?

I'm kurious oranj, DU'er's


I'm 5'4" - does this mean

Why should YOU be banned?

Would "in the CIA we trust" get a lot of votes as a possible replacement

What can I blame mutley-r-us for today?

Why should YOU be canned?

Some people seem sane.....

Fun With Polls

Any So Cal DU'ers want a baby kitty. Smitten just had 4!

Proof that Peter Gabriel is a genius!

Does anybody hear know how to speak Finnish?

I finally broke down and went to the doctor.

Great Carl Sagan quotes for you all

Post here and I will take no action

Post here if I'm on your ignore list!

Pope caught wearing Prada shoes again...

My buddy Dan got beat up in court!

Since he can't see it- Eat My Ass, Hedges!

If there are any Morrowind Players out there,

Anyone Here Discover DU Via DU BUMPERSTICKER On A DUers Car?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 5/26/06)

Post threads here for me to kick.

Welcome back returning DUers thread

Apparently New England drivers are the dumbest

Congratulations mmonk!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations slackmaster!! 15,000 posts

*happy dance*

I'm sure getting a lot of spam today


Anybody know where I can get a free laptop?

BREAKING: Britney and K-Fed splitup

Be honest -- if you were slipped pot muffins, how would you react?

Virtual group hug

Funniest Google ad so far: Coulter

I LOVE this classic rock station! Woohoo!

SWEET. Jack "King" Kirby was a "rather liberal democrat"

Ugh... What a day.....

Hey, if I want to watch youtube I'll GO to youtube.

Do you work for a small company or a large company?


It's 80 degrees in my room right now...

Friday lyrics

Penis Enlargement

Everyone have a happy and safe holiday!


My daughter just graduated from school, high!

Complete this old chestnut: "When pants fall down..."

I've been on this site officially for 2 years (lurker for 1 year prior)

Post a Tori Amos lyric in the subject line.


USA Nat'l Soccer Team plays Venezuala Coming Up

Need advice - quitting a job and you're in debt.

We're in a bearish market. Caption Ken Lay and his special friend:

I gave a baby cottonmouth this morning.

Hi, I'm Troy McClure...

Congratulations Richardo!! 20,000 posts

Congratulation Bleachers7!! 20,000 posts

Post here and I will add you to my Ignore list.

Fire weather weekend ahead...

To spoil myself after a really shitty week at work I bought

Godzilla & Hedora, on sci fi...

I can grind my ass to fit in a hole.

Had a wild encounter with my neighbor across the ally

SafariBlock like Firefox's AdBlock, except for Safari

Some of the google ads are actually pretty funny.

Got a nuclear stress test this am


Goodnight you in bad pirate voice.....

In the spirit of helping out Google Ads, name your 5 favorite musical acts

Nicolas Cage is going to be The Ghost Rider.

Help! Foreign language proficiency tests?

Can anybody identify this person for me?

Hey - looking for a wedding couple cliparts..

Anybody here into Sudoku?

Should I go to the family reunion or not?

My DU friends are the best

I'm adopting a dog this week!

Anyone have advise on visiting DC overnight?

If you only had a toaster -

I got a room at the beach for 3 days! I NEED a break!

Am I the only one who gets annoyed about B*sh being in Camp David?

Oregon Coast Pictures Redux. ** DIAL-UP WARNNG

Ask DU's resident Giant Monster Expert!!!! Memorial Day edition!!!!!

Should Lou Dobbs Return to the Teletubbies or Stick with CNN?

I will have a few hours to explore D.C. next week...Advice?

How many of you have Memorial Day off?

I'm getting a MacBook.

My mom and I am fighting again - this time over Ken Lay

Fact: Rock stars dancing about with flowers hanging out their bottoms...

Question about workplace propriety

Link to pre-1912 photos of Japan

Who is your favorite Beatle?

I've found the best alternative radio station in the UNIVERSE!

Friday Evening Picture Thead: Pre-World War I Russia, in COLOR

Friday, May 26. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

My Friday's night ask me a difficult question thread.

My daughter just graduated from high school!

Texas Love Song

Post here and I will add you to my Buddy list.

Green Day Fans: Watch Billy Joe STOMP A Heckler At An Early Concert

I'm planning a short visit to the White Mountains..

Best episode of "All in the Family"?

Today's ethical dilemma: the guilt of authority

My phone interview is rescheduled!

Best Fluff/Romantic Movies for DU'ers who can't get away this Weekend.

Squirrel - Bird fight. Weirdest thing I've ever seen.

Where the heck did Walt Starr go to???

I am staying home for the holiday, anybody else doing the same.

This thread is useless without PICTURES

my elusive hairy bastid, Riff Raff

I killed a baby cottonmouth this morning.

Good Friday Morning, Crew!

Homocore enthusiasts: Team Dresch reunion dates (Seattle, PDX, NYC, CHI)

Warning! Do Not See The New X-Men Movie. IT SUCKS! (No spoilers)

Your top 10 favourite albums

Old lady gives a jerk in a Mercedes what he deserves - Video.

Let's share real emails we got from Bush supporters... I'll start

YouTube Free-For-All (Another)

Have you seen 'X-Men 3 The Last Stand' yet?

Guess whose voice I just recognized in an episode of Spongebob


Sad day for ska fans......Desmond Dekker is dead.

My sister passed away last night



Church Officials Ask for Forgiveness

Why is the Christian Sabbath on Sunday???

A Core Message

Don't atheists and religious people really believe in the same thing?

Intel Award Winner Tests Ayurvedic Herb on Pseudomonas

Russians harness star power in new battery

(song) "Big Gay GOP Fear Factor"

Mets at Marlins - May 26 - Pedro goes tonight

Should We Always Turn The Other Cheek?

On the Dem Daily: JUDGE BROWNIE Posted by John Kerry

Washington media at work - How to use Dodd's announcement

Waldam about the Democrats and the heartland.

Can anyone suggest a good advanced "How Congress Works" book?

Air Pollution Report comes out. (Requested by Kerry & McCain)

SBA: Push for Native American Small Business Help

McCain watchers -- this one's for you

McCain, Kerry, Allen and Hagel to Help ACYPL Celebrate Its 40th

I'm glad Congress is taking a week off, cuz then it gets nasty


Zogby Poll says Americans don't want felons Voting Rights restored

Kerry on the Confirmation of General Michael Hayden as CIA Director

Is this support for Kerry's plan?

Why am I laughing?

4 Democrats opposed the three nominations that were voted today.

The Rise and Fall of the Bush and Blair Empire

Horrible News

New Bush joke I just received

The 23rd Qualm

Bernie case you didn't get enough Malloy...

Douche is saying you are crazy and your TV screens lie

CNN's Bill Schneider is a resident fellow at the AEI (RW think tank)

Guardian: Putin revives energy row with US...

Is this a racist comment?

Help me debunk this email about Social Security

Has anyone seen the Freeper response to....

AD: Little wok of the Orient

New Take on "Loose Change"

AP: Study: Sept. 11 Survivors Still Grieving


AD: "Republican Survey Are You Proud To Be A Republican?

Warning! Do Not See The New X-Men Movie. IT SUCKS! (No spoilers)

The secret NSA Diana tapes...

2,463 American troops now dead in W's war

VICE PRESIDENT RUMSFELD? Russert slip of the tongue?

Bush/Blair press cong.: Am I imagining this?

Stupid fucking Google ads!

Falwell: Graduates: We will not be silenced

Who's your presidential choice for 2008?

To Skeptics of Perils of Electronic Voting

No pretensions at Separation of Church and State.....

Who's your vice presidential choice for 2008?

Fly at the walls of life and thrive, but first . . . . . . . . .CAPTION!!!

How about this? Ads for non-subscribers, no-ads for subscribers?

Possible "Wake up the media" campaign

Dixie Chicks on GMA this morning

Those ads are hilarious

Radio Interview with Jason Leopold - Wisconsin Public Radio

Never kick a man UNLESS he's down. Bushco is collapsing.

Does this man look contrite?

Idiocy in my local weekly paper....

Must read on immigration from E. J. Dionne: "A Debate Beyond the Fence"


2 charged in fake raffle for military families

George Bush/Blair Civ4 teleconference(joke)

HELP: Looking for a transcript of last night's post-speech Hardball

Russert coming up on C-SPAN WJ 9 EDT. Start dialing!

A boy and his dog... (photo)

Nobody home / Santorum tries to cover his tracks on residency

How bout' a National Moment of Screaming Rage?

Iranian foreign minister arrives in Baghdad

McCain returns donations from Dallas billionaire Wyly brothers

Bush Responds to Hastert

GOP - Lawlessness to Order Party

Hayden just confirmed by Senate

Chris Matthews on Dick Cheney (Cheeney)

Pot doesn't cause cancer, study finds...

DU this Lou Dobbs poll.

Top 10 Signs of the Impending U.S. Police State

just had a chance to blast Russert on C-Span

Psychiatric Care Denied to Gunman

Field Marshal James Sensenbrenner (R - WI) is on my TV spewing hate

Bush, Blair admit "Missteps" in Iraq war. Don't you just love that word?

Was Hayden still running the NSA? Maybe they wanted him out?

who were the 15 people who voted against Hayden confirmation?

Jerry Brown was called "Governor Moonbeam" because he said

Religious right using Mary Cheney's name for anti-gay fundraising

B*sh: "We have no beef with Iran"

Zack Space too liberal - he appeared on Air America (Bob Ney)

Am I right? Inconvenient Truth beats out DiVinci Code?

Liberals VS Conservatives on the Iraq war- A summary

Hayden in w/ "nearly no discussion" Dems join Rubber Stamp Club, so why do

National Review: top 50 "Conservative Rock Songs" - all by liberal artists

Senate Confirms Hayden As CIA Director

Monday is Memorial Day! An Essay.

Iraqi Minister Backs Iran on Nuclear Research

Scientists predict how to detect a fourth dimension of space

C-Span2 Now! 10:42 - Arlen Specter

Lock down on Capitol Hill ... shots fired...

A Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all

Um, I forgot 7 people talked of spy - Libby (NY Daily News)

Memorial Days under Bush are Extra Bittersweet.

Shots fired at Capital Building

Shots Fired in the Rayburn House Office Building, so where are...

Police report shots fired at Raybun House Ofc Bldg

Let's have a moment of silence for our stolen service records.

Army Using Policy to Deny Reserve Officer Resignations

This is not a SEX thread. Just checking to make sure the Google ads

Open letter to Bush

Great Ken Lay quote, submitted for your approval.

The picture I would like the world to see

(((((no, no, no; i think it is interesting, from a social science point...

Has Anyone Seen Gore's New Movie?

Bush Aide, who is a college dropout, gets accepted to Harvard Biz School

Ken Lay acts like a man who knows he's NOT going to prison.

Al Gore on Rachel Maddow's radio show now

delete - dupe

Breaking: Dick Cheney thought he saw a quail.


Ya'll Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind,...

Memorial Day tribute to those who died -- including Iraqis and Afghanis!

The cost of the Iraq war is infinite

How NSA Uses Private Companies to Spy On You - Verint and Verisign

Bush Apologizes For Saying He Wants Osama Caught "Dead or Alive".

President Tony at Georgetown right now, ugh

Hayden...there are several Senators whose judgement I trust...

David Horsey TOON: "If it's necessary for Homeland Security..."

Should Democrats Vote to Confirm any Bush Nominee

Was Lay Released Pending Sentencing?

Sound of gunfire sounds a little fishy...

I'm just a shrimper whose gonna stop eatin' to stop the war!

A beauty from the ExxonMobil "Citizen Action Team"...

Would you consider booby trapping a body to be a war crime?

NSA wiretapping was a covert cover up for a sex education program.

Enron-Bush Criminal-Ken Lay-Republicans-Google

I'm glad Hayden is out of the NSA.

Did anyone just hear Sen. Byrd's tribute to his wife on the Senate floor?

Police investigating "possible shots" heard in PARKING GARAGE of Rayburn

"We've all been talking to our parents"

Posting a recording of a telephone conversation on your blog.

If you are considering seeing the new X-Men movie...

Senate Passes Immigration Bill in 'Do Something' Spirit

Get down Shortie! They're shoot'n at us!

Anyone have advise on visiting DC overnight?

What were the "shots" in the Rayburn Office Building?

Is Hayden really that bad? Fill me in.

Students force divestment from a for-profit prison corporation.

Capital Lockdown: That's when they sweep for bugs & plant more

Those damn Dixie Chicks!

The Friday Line: House Playing Field Expands for Dems

MoveOn Online Primary Results: 85% for Lamont / 14% Lieberman

Looks like we are going to need an "Ad Complainer" forum

Pastor says Jesus told him who would be the next Republican Governor

DARPA at it again - invisibility cloak

Ok it's Friday, what will be in the news dump?

Just has to be said - stupidest government in American history.

Galloway's response from his website: "I would not support assassination"

Angie Dickinson on Ronald Reagan - funny

Patrick Leahy is a traitor who supports spying on Americans

Rayburn Building Lockdown - Shots Heard - UPDATE

The Burial of the 9/11 Story that Got Away

WTF? - A New Observation About Wally World


Just heard reply of Bush/Blair news conference and Bush said..............

Has anyone seen this DKos straw poll - '08?

My email to Senator Feinstein

Swat Team Moves Into Rayburn Building (w-updates)

New MeMe - "It Will Be A Democrat Who Ends The War In Iraq"

Regarding the Ads...

Poll: Do you believe the NSA has a file on you simply because

U.S. Military Admits Iraq Massacre -- Months After Press Reported It

is CNN insane?

Specter & Feinstein Propose Ban On Funding All Eavesdropping Outside FISA

so...MSM has virtually nothing else to talk about or report, huh...

How many ads have you clicked?

Rayburn Building Lockdown - Shots Heard

How long before our economy goes belly-up?

Every News Source Will Jump On Specter's Explaination

Bob Graham - Senate should confirm Hayden

Jonathan Turley was testifying when the reports of shots in Cap. happened

Message to the chickenshit congress

so the next 3 days, probably 4, nothing will be happening in D.C.

Hayden roll call vote

Before you bolt the doors on another week, . . . . . . . please CAPTION!!!

My 1000th Post : Dedicated to Dubya! (pic heavy)

New Details Filed on NSA "Secret Rooms"

Am I the only one who finds it scary that...

Right Wingers and their Moral Relativism

Piss off Chimpy: Iraqi foreign minister backs Iran on nukes.

Dixie Chicks on GMA this morning...

Shouldn't Kyra (CNN) have on her flack jacket and helmet?....sarcasm...

How chickenshit ARE we? If I were to think like a terrorist .....

Bill Bennett: Bush's Un-intellectuality is his main charm....oh boy.

Did Karl Rove make the "shots fired" call?

$600 A Foot? I'm Just Sayin'!!!!!!!!!!!!

Condi & Bolten React to Bush/Blair Press Conference

Bush / They Live

Investigators denied clearances for probe of eavesdropping program

Dubya should have stayed on the fucking RANCH!!!

OMG!! Casualty at the Rayburn Bldg.

So much for two-for-one burrito day at the Rayburn House cafeteria.

If Ken Lay rolls over on Cheney ......

Judge: Reporters Must Give Libby Documents


The Sixties were troubling times, but now seems so much worse.

The new WH policy guy's name is Karl Zinsmeister?

Send your love to the four senators who voted against the three

Are you a vet whose info might have been swiped?

TWO-FER TOONS for Friday 5/26

Millions of Afghans could go hungry...

Coming soon to The New York Times? Globe reports Bush marriage breakup

Did senate vote on the BFEE tool for Interior Secretary yet?

This is sick!! (Wedding at Wal Mart)

Justice Dept. issues statement denying investigation of Hastert.

"Chain Gang" - for profit prisons

Dems chickened out on Kavanaugh. Shame on them!

Republican Friends Response To Gore's Movie Trailer

FDA approves new shingles vaccine

Be the Decider and CAPTION This Pic -

Judge Walton's Order (5/26/06): Reporters Must Give Libby Documents

ATTN VETS: Identity theft info

AP: Ney, Reed Listed in Lobbying Trial Files

Is this the neocon "Reichstag"?

Marines Accused Of War Crimes Face Court Martial

Former Jefferson aide sentenced to 8 years for bribery role

"I'm Not Ready To Make Nice": Dixie Chicks. Reba, eat this!

Big Cheer to the 14 Dems Voting No to Hayden and the Five who Didn't Vote!

Eyes Wide Open exhibit in Boston (video)

is the CSPAN website down?

I am not afraid!

Glenn Greenwald just posted a GREAT piece.

Interesting article on Google Ad Sense....

Perhaps "A New Day" will bring Bush a new writer

Ha! Tweets Bats 0-2 In His Attempts To Shape The News Cycle

"The Guy James Show" is taking reservations for today's program

Looking for FreedomAngel82....

Unconstitutional - The War On Our Civil Liberties (video)

Gonzales Crushes His Own Inquiry into the NSA Spying/What you can do

Question about workplace propriety

An exercise in compassion (Galloway's statement)

Grand Jury Charges 26 Orlando Area Residents With FEMA Fraud

If you only had a toaster -

for Memorial Say-something everyone can do..Handbills in shopping carts

The dems did it again.

Nightline Honoring the Fallen But Not Reading Names

Coming soon to the The New York Times? Globe reports Bush marriage breakup

No one replied...Did anyone read this?

Can someone photoshop the squirrel?

Playing the impeachment card

New WH Policy Aide (Herr Zinsmeister) Changed Quotes In Article

Source of Gunshot sounds was the elevator man banging

Santorum loses it in a radio spot! Poor, put-upon Rick.

Italy to pull 1,100 troops from Iraq

An Inconvieniant Truth...............i smell OSCAR

Attention Lawyers and Anyone Who Slept in Holiday In Last Night...

Rove's Spokesperson Responds to Waas Article

Some of the google ads are actually pretty funny.

Is Al Qaeda a worthy opponent?

Is Jefferson tied to Republicans?

Why the hell are we still looking for a mouldering corpse of Hoffa ?????

Dixie Chicks Taking The Long Way

meeting between Bush, Ohlmert and Blair in same week.... anyone worried?

Tweety - Will Cheney Take The Stand - YES + Some Bullshit

An Opportunity At FreeRepublic

Scarborough: Blair makes Bush look ignorant

Bush Ad: Father Knows Best

Company: Hackers can crack top antivirus program

Could A Larry King Retirement "Come Sooner Than Planned?"

USA set to face Venezuela (on Friday)

Pro-life "boot camp" offered for teen 'survivors of abortion holocaust'

Any vets out there a little bugged by the data scandal?

If you are gay/supportive, it is time for new leadership. Read this:

Robertson says he leg-pressed 2,000 pounds

Olberman's Openers Tonight Anyone?

Under the Cold Eye of History: a historian rates Mr Bush

Same Sex Marriage Amendment - Set opening session June 5, 2:00EST

What RW Conspiracy Theory do you find the most funny?

Hack your Prius

CNN: B. Schneider Calls Dem-CA Candidates 4 Governor "Nerds"

U.S. Military Admits Iraq Massacre

I've been waiting for some of the D.C. DUers to gather around

*** Friday TOONs: Kenny Boy Part II ***

Any lawyers here who can answer why Enron crooks

Dan Bartlett on CNN...

Christians should behave like Christians

US lawmaker (r) admits he gave erroneous tip that shut Congress

Caption the happy couple. Condi and * go to Camp David - pics

"Vox Day" still at it.

This is what being greeted as a liberator looks like. Friday night dump today?

A Blast From The Past... The Bush-Ken Lay Connection

The 23rd Qualm

Kavanaugh, Hayden, Alito... What Were We Saving The Filibuster For Again ?

It's obvious why the Democrats voted for Hayden

Last night I attended a Rotary Club Dinner honoring local HS students

Republican Rep Jim Saxton was the one who reported gunfire

Pentagon Sources: Civilians likely killed without provocation

NYT confirms Murtha's story of Massacre in Iraq

Did you buy Bush's performance last night?

On "The Majority Report" who are they talking about right now?

Outrageous! Lou Dobbs says Bush has turned Congress over to the Dems with

Fallen troops' families split on Bush talk

Technically speaking, was the Iraq War illegal, according to US and

House leaders concede FBI right to search

Bush & Blair - Indifference & Ignorance: By Scott Ritter

Do the RWers have any reaction, yet, to the Marines massacre and coverup?

George bush is a piece of shit fucking traitor.

Iranian-backed militia groups take control of much of southern Iraq

ARRRRGH!!!! Ken Lay's guilty verdict has me PISSED.

A public apology to a grumpy old clown

MedicarePart D doughnut HOLE anyone?

Gotta Love Google!

Breaking news re: Kissinger, China, Vietnam

Caption *

Best Game EVER!

Ney, Reed Listed In Lobbying Trial Files - AP

From WI: Public schools should not have to enroll "unteachable students"

An American life is not one shred more valuable than anybody else's life

The decline and fall of Truthout: another casualty in greater war:


Another round of weapons of mass distraction

OK, three ROUSING CHEERS for the administrators

Could someone here who speaks Spanish and gets Univision do a translation?

Good grief, people, quit piling on Skinner and the admins

Attack Of The Bushbots 3D - Part I - Seizing Power (DIALUP WARNING)

Student Suspended For Having Caffeinated Gum

Don't like the ads Google is tossing up???

BREAKING: Newt Gingrich caught with woman in House parking lot

Need some math assistance please

TWEETY: Says Bush is "Lincolnesque"

Calling all Chemists/Physicists: My BS senses are tingling - "Aquagen"

Who asked Bush to list some mistakes yesterday?

I Know Why (You're Semper Fi) NEW music from Ian Rhett for Memorial Day

A Letter from Boehner...

Sex offender moves again, another town meeting

Hasbro Halts Plans for Dolls Based on Pussycat Dolls

Cool kids' book! "Why Mommy is a Democrat."

Mr Rogers Goes To Washington -1969 - must watch video

DEA boss, to bring back alcohol Prohibition??

Students Rush to Block Exit Exam

Before I sign off, any news on the GJ or Fitz or Rove?

"Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me. Twice on the pipes means

Kerik was a hero of 9/11.

Freepers to Counter-Protest Fred Phelps @ Arlington on Monday!

Attack Of The Bushbots 3D - Part II- The Infiltrator (DIALUP WARNING)

Florida couple bought a Cylinder of depleted uranium at auction by mistake

Divine Strake Test explosion in Nevada put on indefinite hold

Hilarious Video of Bush Discussing Illegal Immigration

Coffee and tea alert

Kinder, gentler Bush..

Wrong Way Bush: By Larry Johnson

New Google Ads hawking Ann Coulter's book. SKINNER, REMOVE THESE ADS!!!!

Here's a copy of the press release to STOP THE BOMB/STRAKE in NV

Mary Kay and Vili interview on MSNBC

Al Gore and The Rude One's Question:

Bush and Cheney's Future: After the 08 election and all the nasty

Front page, LAT: Probe Finds Marines Killed Unarmed Iraqi Civilians

"Bush, the Homicider." Thanks Randi! n/t


Krugman Tells The Voters The Truth (Daily Howler)

What are the pros and cons of the various new aggregators? Which is best?

It's been two weeks since Rove was indicted.

Can anyone suggest a good advanced "How Congress Works" book?

Australian on Everest Still Alive And Being Rescued

Advertising on DU: Friday May 26 Update

Follow the leader...

Ned Lamont at Planned Parenthood dinner last night. Also Cecile Richards

Libby Loses Another Ruling!

The Marijuana-Smoke Shocker

Another Katrina body found, in bathtub. Why not found before?

THE WALL by PINK FLOYD w/ GRAPHICS: part 3 - waters vs. glimore

I don't feel bad for Lay's victims

The Nation: TIME magazine columnists are "obsessively abusive to liberals"

July issue of Seventeen-Freepers strike again!

Enron & Ken Lay started ripping off California w/ in 72 hrs of bush's ....

Clinton gets cranky as a question about Dems and Iraq hits close to home

Shots fired in Rayburn Building: police release video of possible suspect

The proper way to position lips when speaking in public....

LOU DOBBS Just Did It Again! (METH Coming Across The MEXICAN Border)

National Moment of Silence?

Some political thoughts on Microsoft v. Apple

Invisibility cloaks possible....I kid you not.

Ken Lay is FAR FROM "BROKE". His 900K/yr income starts in 2007

Vet visited HS, told kids not to ever protest if they love...

The Only Wall America Should EVER Have

A dumb joke that made me laugh - Happy Memorial Day DU

Duke University's website on lacrosse case

What does it mean to you when someone is classified "autistic"

Immigration and Wages (Serious discussion only!)

Political Tone Deaf Pelosi - Someone smarter than I, please tell me...

Connecticut's Dodd Is the Ideal Un-Hillary

AP: Senate clears the way for Kavanaugh vote

Historian Douglas Brinkley on CSPAN1, talking about Katrina..

Venezuela's Oil

The 10 Pro-Anwar Dems

Misty water colored CAPTIONS

Excellent 9 page story: criminal source of McCain's wealth

BushCo, You're Fired!


Oh MY God! Brian Ross-ABC GET it WRONG!!! OMG!! OMG !! OMG!!

Partisan reviews of Al Gore's movie at supposedly neutral sites?

I feel sorry for the poor Congress Critters.

The Convention should be in MINNEAPOLIS...

State GOP distances itself from McGee school (NH phonejammer)

Starting A New Thread - * Should Have Apologized For.........

"If the election were held today... "

Hey, George, remember this?

Hayden roll call

Okay so ...... Its HaydenDay ..... what to do?

Iraq is more and more like America everyday

We're choking on "dry powder".

BREAKING - Shots fired at the Capitol

Why wouldn't the investigation include Hastert?

More proof we have lost the "war on terror"...


Enron: The Bush Connection on Democracy Now today:

National Journal Poll (2008 poll)

Karl Rove's access to the NSA's information gathering

What will republicans do when they discover

Just Read Molly Ivins Column - she doesn't think they put GW Back Together

Some of The More Notable Congressmen/women That Have Rayburn Offices....

US Senate race poll

Turn on C-Span 2 for the DNC press conference. Dean and Mayors and Durbin

When Ahnold Got Lay'd

Anyone have a link to give to Lamont's campaign?

Tester outraised Morrison last six weeks (MT-Sen, Burns-Abramoff)

Hmmm - Military Man Takes Over CIA - Washington D.C. Under Lockdown....

Latest Florida Senate poll - dog crap more popular that Katherine Harris

C-span Brian cut him off

Hastert's letter

WSJ review of "The Good Fight"

Republican Bobbleheads (on the House floor)

Seperated at birth?

Dear Sen Santorum: Advice from one former Pennsylvanian to another

WHAT have they done to our kids NOW?

Dixie Chicks are on the cover of TIME mag:

Bush says he wants Blair as PM while..

"Suddenly, It's a Steel-Cage Match With the White House" -and that's good

Nay to NSA illegal spying!

"Labor is the Superior of Capital" ...A Republican said this ???

College Republicans Stage Events to Mock Global Warming

Wash. Journal: "Ken Lay was just a mid-level criminal".

One of the bigshots in this company I'm working for just tried

Quotes from Chimp last 3 years re: Iraq...funny & sad too

Is there a good site to track PAC dollars?

I have a request

ZOGBY: Bush at 24% in "trustworthiness", as per AAR news. nt

Howard Dean's Petition....Asking for 100,000 Signatures to block Hayden.

Benjamin Franklin and the Hayden confirmation

Paul Hackett will be subbing for Ed Schultz Monday

bush rejected secret Iranian proposal for peace

I have an idea!


Ha Ha ---Ann Coulters Google ads are sponsoring DU---How Ironic

Leahy's lame excuse for voting yes on Hayden

Tweety: please answer the question what promient democrats are

Immigration Reform and the Electoral Map

Bloomberg: Science under attack in politics

"The lame-duck double act take their final bow" (Times-UK)

Question about potential '08ers and the '06 elections

Rasmussen PA Gov Poll: Rendell 52% to Swan 34%

MARY LYON FROM THE LEFT: He's Sorry, Alright

Yesterday, Stephanie Miller's sidekick read something

Anybody See This From Cato Institute on Bush: Power Serge

The Biggest Scandal in American History, and What is the Response? Silence

Pittsburgh paper gets "undeliverable mail" from letter sent to Santorum

63 KBR Truck drivers have died so far in Iraq. Kill'em, Bag'em, Replace'em

I have called two senators, one congressman this afternoon....

Fed up with this....Can`t you just get along with the DLC?....threads?

On The Democratic Daily: JUDGE BROWNIE, Posted by John Kerry

What President Bush has done for us

Ghost of Lincoln returns, Dubya quakes, trembles. Post 11,000.

Rick Santorum: Add TAX DELIQUENT to his name!!!

Kerry on the Confirmation of General Michael Hayden as CIA Director

How to convert Republicans (an audacious plan that's worked!)

Applause for 14 Democrats who Voted NO to Hayden! and 5 Who Didn't Vote!

To all the American Idol detractors, have you ever considered

Hilarious Video of Bush Discussing Illegal Immigration

Haditha Massacre update -- how is anyone in US not ashamed of our war?

Bush's evil smile, flashed after his phony "contrition"

Why no discussion

The choice - a lasting rift within the party?