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Archives: May 29, 2006

Used the phone lately? Worried?

Defense Contractor's House of Cards

"It's the Identity, Stupid" (how Baptist's have taken over part of USA)

Global Eye - Bleak House

Immigration debate impacts Mexican race

The deadliest war in the world (Time/CNN)

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 245

Bush 'planted fake news stories on American TV' (Independent)

Climate change ushers in new life (BBC) {avocados, olives in Britain!}

US aid for Israel $2.46 billion in 2007

Sharon Moved to Long-Term Care Facility

is this 'a good thing?'..... long 9-11 discussion on Coast-to-Coast

Paper Ballots, Hand Counted, are the "Gold Standard" Around the World

NM: Court Says That State Should Have Allowed (2004) Recount

Scoop NZ: Utah Newspapers Ignore Voting Machine Sec. Reports

Interesting Notes From the EAC Meeting

Just learned about Rob Borsellino's death

Poll: Culver (D) only candidate who leads Nussle (R)

for my foodie pals, a house update

sometimes it just doesn't work....

Bush's 'candor' was scripted response to planted question

Senate Leaders Profess Less Outrage on FBI Raid

Defense Contractor's House of Cards

24 children held at Guantanamo, many as adults: Time

Private security staff plan strike over pay cuts (Iraq)

Bush 'planted fake news stories on American TV' (Independent)

Bus bombing kills 11 people in Iraq - police

U.S. Urges Financial Sanctions On Iran

Weak dollar may force Fed into tighter policy

Sixty attacks a month on British forces as 1,000 soldiers go Awol

NYT: Trial Opens Window on Shadowing of Muslims

'US is an expert in killing'

Gingrich: Gov. Bush could be president

WP: Another Stumble for Ralph Reed's Beleaguered Campaign

Pentagon Seeks Nonnuclear Tip for Sub Missiles

Gay boycott could hurt Cox in primary (Georgia Governor Race)

If you see a velociraptor....DON'T

Insert or substitute sone bureaucratic blarney in movie titles

So, who has $2?

It's beer time!

BikeWriter, you here?

Time to welcome some new members...

the Realtor just called!!!!!!!

FBI and Portland City Hall, part 3.

Always keep this in mind.

I wannna you smile...just smile

This new website is cool and creepy!

Im crazy

I just dug a splinter out of my foot.

Im drunk

Have you ever been arrested while protesting?

John McCain was at the Sun-Mavs game... they showed him on TV

My brother finished radiation Friday

The cycle of life in four pictures.

Ok, help me out here...

Am I the only one who liked X-Men 3?

The youngest puppy pictures ever posted here. GUARANTEED.

What do these lyrics mean?

New PC speakers...a little help please.

"You Cannot Fart Around With Love"

I've pretty much decided on the perfect diet: The "C" Diet!

Post a quote from your favourite series no-one has heard about.

is vegetarian

Radio mike goes dead for Bonds' 715th

Bush is losing his base. Know how he can bring the numbers up?

Is there a good free MP3 recorder program that lets you schedule

Suppose Lysenko was right after all...

I wonder if i got to much sun today

*bangs head against pillow* Make the weird dreams stop! AAAIIEEE!

is there a way to cover gray hair without colouring?

What do I need to do to get a foot rub?

'Breakfast Club' principal Gleason dies

Dear Lounge -

Flame away ...I love the New Internet Explorer (7)

So, today, my tweleve year old son announced

Dear Dr Seuss

‘X-Men’ storms to record opening weekend

Who came up with that name, "The Bangles?"

Good Luck CalPeggy!

VEGETARIANS are you offended by kudzu?

X-Men 3 changed my life!!

How the bloody fuck do I change the destination email on PayPal??!!!!!

Had any strange dreams lately?

Pat Robertson says he leg-pressed 2,000 pounds!!!

IFCO/Pastors for Peace 2006 Caravan to Cuba

I am wondering if anyone on DU practices Vodoun...

i need Feedback on Relacore diet pills, have a neighbor wasting away on

Mysterious Glowing Clouds Targeted By NASA

Interesting Paragraph in Discover Magazine (June 2006)

Chess News for week ending May 28 (four annotated games included)

Adrian Beltre...

"Snap!" - Karen Bishop - May 27, 2006

Thanks to all my Astro buddies for the energy and good wishes

fucking assholes

Another Memorial Day post

Self referential.

Instant runoff - June contest

Wanna smell like dirt? Howsabout Playdoh?

Bush Makes Blair Jump Through The Hoops

War is a racket.

BushWatch: What We Don't See on TV

Corruption, government failure fuelling (sic) Afghan insurgency

Censored Stories - “Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death”

This is funny

Mediabistro: Fox reporter to become Vatican spokesman?

All Things Reconsidered Radio Program By Bruce Burch At 10pm EST

A Commandant against the Vietnam War.

"Answered by Fire" -Australian miniseries- how can I see it here?

Prediction-If the Dems take a House and the Pres by '08...

A sort -of tribute to Keith Olberman....

Demand Truth

"it's awfully hard to elect the spawn of Satan, even for the Democrats."

Intense news from Iraq

Death and Taxes: The grisly toll of illegal immigration on Pima County

Special Memorial Day Broadcast of the Head On Radio Network

Would Iran and Saudi Arabia Like To Jointly Govern Spain?

Matt PUDGE sucks really bad

At 3:00 pm, Monday afternoon, a National Moment of Remembrance

Because there was a post earlier,Re purple hearts....

In honor of Memorial Day

Worst idea ever-Non-Nuclear Trident Missiles

The Law Enforcement Role in Containment (outbreak)

The Beattitudes and Vietnam....

Bill Maher: "Religion Is Bad & Drugs Are Good-Find Me A Campaign Manager"

Memorial Day.... time to walk the talk... Go to this website!!!

Whats up with

Marines and the 'massacre': a neighbour tells of aftermath

What about not DRIVING anywhere on Memorial Day?

GODLESS: Southern Baptist rePUKE leader says Ann Coulter hates God

Great (anti-) War movies win Palme D'Or awards at Cannes

Umm... WOW, a music website I go to got hacked ... Let the dissent begin

New Yorkers fight mobile phone ban {in public schools} (BBC)

just watched the very first episode of West Wing. God..I wish

Sullivan Ballou

READ this Harpers Article -

TOON: GOP's same old answer to every question

"May all Iraqis rest in peace"

Are There Groups Ready And Prepared To "Swiftboat" the GOP '08 Candidate

Do you think rich people get off easy with fines? Percent based fines!

How many think Ken Lay will flee the country?

"I asked 'Butch' several times if all the people were killed.

Memorial Day: A Promise to a Real Ranger

Had two revelations today....


Bush's 'candor' was scripted response to planted question

Travellin Soldier by the Dixie Chicks

Is Public Shaming by the Church Legal? TX Appeals Court Will Decide.

I'm having a harder time each day

Dear God, what has happened to our country?

I Remember Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. on Memorial Day

AP Poll: "Americans are Impatient" (???)

Know any soldiers?

Ever seen the rules at Falwell's "Liberty University"?

To all DU vets this Memorial Day weekend

*** TOONS: Mr Fish Part II ***

My Marine son's take on Haditha

Southern Baptist leader says deliberate childlessness defies God's will.

In Flanders Fields

the ADS the ADS

I really shouldn't do this, but I'm going to give Bush some advice here

I just had an idea re: signing statements

FIFTY-THREE THOUSAND NAMES on a Wall in Washington.

If living in East Germany was like living in the USSR, then why was

Memorial Day is here yet again - PEACE TAKES COURAGE ANIMATION

Think winning the House and Senate will end BushCo? WRONG!!!!

Lou Dobbs: Liberal Bias in Media Prevented Criticism of Colbert.

Did Andy Rooney just dis American religions?

Central Ohio DU .... Come March tomorrow w/ Mary Jo Kilroy

WalMart ass whompin'

Make a note, Al Gore on Stephanopolous next Sunday.

A Veteran Stays Home on Memorial Day

'I am the Decider, KooKooKaChoo'

Cheney and Jefferson (VP and raided office guy) Tinfoil time!

Toledo Blade Investigates, Fires Reporter who exposed Noe Connection

An Inconvenient Truth - 90% Fresh at

Roll Call: Dem Leaders Warn of Bipartisan Traps

HIGH QUALITY ANTIWAR MUSIC! MP3s, streaming or submit your own

The ‘Chicken Little’ syndrome

Chris Bowers and Digby GO AT...the Southern "I.D" and why it Matters

Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones Hearings for Voters in 2006 Primary

Swift Lars exposed!

two years too late: Kerry attacking swiftboaters

For the Troops on Memorial Day: A Real President

Twisted Dick Cheney....VP from hell.

NYT: Unto the City the Wildlife Did Journey


They died-but it did not make us free

My Lai . . . Haditha . . . and America’s whitewashers

So now I've written this thing & don't quite know what to do with it...

Web censorship: Correspondent reports (BBC) {China, Cuba, UAE}

The Few, The Proud, The Murderers

Paul Craig Roberts: The Evil Within

Memorial Day thoughts from Patrick Henry

NYTimes (Bumiller): A Few Years, and Then Another Bush?

Must Read: Some true, up-to-date, UK/US history on Diego Garcia

Yes, we hate YOUR President... live with it

Boston Globe continues whitewash of Republican 2004 Ohio election crimes

Talk swirls of Great Lakes offshore windmills

Germany's wind farms challenged (BBC)

Sell the gas guzzler? Do some math first (P.2 Portland Press Herald ME)

Info & Opinions Needed Please... Radiant Electric Heat vs Econo-Heat

A bullies' alliance

The boycott and Lawrence of Arabia Syndrome - Haaretz, 5/29/2006

Amnesty: Microsoft helped Israeli Police in Vanunu probe

Israeli helicopter fires missile at Palestinian militants in Gaza Strip

Reuters employee issues 'Zionist pig' death threat

UK 'regrets' NATFHE boycott decision -- Jerusalem Post 5/29/2006

Academics, ministers slam teaching union boycott of Israeli academe -

9/11 Whistleblower Andrew Grove comes forward.

If you think about it the death and destruction of 9-11 was rather minor

Is it just me or has there been an influx of new debunkers here since

NSA knew Nawaf Al Hazmi intended to hijack US airliners?

9/11 Truth on NBC News

9/11 Commission report is a lie (Commentary, 5/16/06, Seattle PI)

In memoriam and in preparation ...

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 05.29.06 - High Impact for You Day

On this Memorial Day as we honor our dead, honor also our dead Democracy

Preemptive election theft: Is Turdblossom working the CA-45th?

Video of Future EAC Chairman, Brad Friedman's Culver City, CA Speech.

Register Endorsements

Question about DU journals

My Chinese Mp3 player is infected... Hmm

Did anyone else get this?

Amazing, actual unretouched photo from District 22

Pictures from Memorial Day in Houston.

The dream of a place where tyranny is unknown

Interesting cookbook on the Marketplace

Garden update - week 6

This is the year for it!

It's the TTC strike thread!

Ignatieff, Kennedy racking up early support of other politicians

Harper's fallen-soldier policy switch blasted

Rightwing spin: Stephen's slam-dunk

Gouging Canadian book buyers

Canada's most under-appreciated conservatives

Riot involving US forces erupts in Kabul

Mortgage defaults on rise

Rosslyn priest quits over Da Vinci Code hype

The contenders of '08 look to Ohio

If Fletcher case goes to trial, big names could participate

Two UK soldiers killed in Basra

Brothels Ask Exemption From Smoking Ban

Iraqi army says captures aide of Zarqawi in Baghdad

NYTimes (Bumiller): A Few Years, and Then Another Bush?


Afghans Riot After Deadly U.S. Truck Accident

Your nation is free! I just heard it from George, himself, on CNN.

Indonesia quake toll tops five thousand

Former Iraqi minister says US forced testimony against Saddam

McDowell Becomes FCC Member

Swann getting disclosure heat

Freepers; Baptist Church loonies square off

Israeli helicopter fires missile at Palestinian militants in Gaza Strip

Gen. Pace: Wait for probe of Iraq deaths

All Illinois Vets to receive health care!

How bad is it in Kabul?

6 Nations Plan to Sign Off on Iran Package

U.S. Policy Was to Shoot Korean Refugees

Iran says research on nuclear fusion progressing

NYT: Bush Gets More Bad News From Iraq

'Home-grown terrorists' living in Canada: CSIS

Burns dropping; Schweitzer soaring

U.S. military convoy accidentally runs into cars in Kabul, killing 3.

High-tech tags may track kids in TUSD

Humala Gains on Garcia in Peru Presidential Poll, Apoyo Says

US-led air raid kills 50 Taliban: Afghan official

CNN on-air: CBS's Kimberly Dozier in critical condition in Baghdad

LAT: Bloody Scenes (from Haditha) Haunt a Marine

Number of Guantanamo Bay prisoners on hunger strike rises to 75

'Breakfast Club' Principal Gleason Dies

LAT/AP: Bush Honors War Dead at Arlington

Bush Bans Protests at Military Funerals

AP: Gas Customers Rage About Pump Prices

AP: Senate Leader (Reid) Took Free Boxing Tickets

Chavez backs Peru candidate

Tonight on Monty Python's Flying Circus...

Guys, don't let your wives see this silly video!

Question about DU journals

For Memorial Day, a consideration for Bush:


And again the question

Gray warrior....where are you?

Resume question -- please help

Is anyone watching? Let's see.

Poll: What was the worst part of my day

"Go for it!" 1979 is just too strange.

Good Monday Morning, Crew!

George Clooney kinda looks like (and acts like)

Humor-free thread in GD!

X-Men 3 banged my wife!!

'I am the Cat who walks by himself,

English radio station bans James Blunt songs

Bush impersonator on ABC (The View) eom

Waiting for ice cream (kitty pic)

Saw this sign on my way to work this morning

Senator Wolfman bites Cheney... in the face!

Attention 'Rescue Me' fans

Wow. I made it to the pre-interview screenings.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Pirates

Memorial Day Tribute in song and emoticons...

finally watched war of worlds last night - what a crappy plot

2006 Calgary Folk Fest Lineup

Am going to go take a shower! DO NOT post anything here while I'm gone!

Hello, You have reached...


You really *HAVE* to listen to this single.. Oh man like WOW. R & B IS

Your Number One Secret to Success!

A little pictural gift for the lounge music lovers...

The sensations I get from lays...

Someone needs to put HERBICIDE on that KUDZU THREAD!!!!


OK..what is this Kudzu crap...explain....

Worst. Lyrical Device. Ever.

This is why I love Fark...

Tell me this isn't a fake!

So...what'd I miss? I was distracted and not here yesterday.

My computer is really fucking..

Look at the size of this bird!

Do your local police officers wear hats?

Is DragonForce serious?

Wanna see some kitten pictures?

No cook-outs today

delete subject line here

Indy Fans? Thoughts?

What music would you outlaw if you could?

Poll: Window fans - should they blow in or out?

How do I get a toothpaste stain out of a shirt?

Alright all you age 30+ DUers, you'll love this!

I Let my daughter go hang with PassingFair's Daughter and all Hell breaks

I found a much nicer kitten picture: (seriously)

Neil Young - a whole lot subtle-er.

What DUer would you outlaw if you could?

Goodnight people..Peace

I've got a hip problem

Why is my dog so hostile towards me mornings when I go to work?

It's peanut butter ...

I'm thinking of taking on a second job

So Mrs. Rank and I decide to relax, celebrate the holiday.chill -pic heavy

Ribs on the grill...cocktail in hand...Dean Martin recorded live at Tahoe

Scubbing Bubbles automatic shower cleaner...

It's Cherry Coke time!

What TV would you outlaw, if you could?

92 degrees outside, feels like 96 due to humidity!!

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to...........

Lute lessons and advice

I am pissed...take care..little brother,sister..

SuSE Linux 10.1 is kinda slick...

bored boreD borED boRED bORED BORED BORED!!!!

Saw DaVinci Code yesterday. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

As Seen in TV

"The Deadliest Catch" has become one of my favorite shows

Create your SOUTH PARK alter ego and post it on DU!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 5/29/06)

It's so damn hot!

Bob Roberts as relevant now as it was 14 years ago.

Home Remedies for Shaving Cuts?

So what's wrong with fanny packs?

Home Remedies for Shaving Cats?

Quick test.

What's the minimum you'd sell your vote for?

Dumping ATT as my ISP - any recommendations?

How Do Your Pets Handle the Summer Heat?

So who else wakes up with numb and tingling arms and hands?

How will the Kudzu thread die?

Do you have eczema or psoriasis? Maybe not....

My ipod is posessed

I'm watching Cross Country with John Edward psychic.

William Shakespeare's Thought For Memorial Day:

Why must I listen to my neighbor's music?

Post your favorite witticism, maxim, quote, excerpt, proverb, or aphorisms

The little girl in the red coat.

NEW Superman Returns trailer, first shown before X3


My kid's elementary school was severely vandalized on Sat. night

Favorite style of music poll

People you have a strange fascination for who are slightly repulsive

Anyone like "Alternative History"? Need a rec

Di dyo ukn owt hati fyo up utt hes pace sbet we enwo rdsi n thew rong...

Picture thread

what's your favorite summertime food

Detroit Tigers Fans of DU...I am sorry...

What would you find at a Freeper garage sale?

Hey all you fellow migraine sufferers !

Be a rock snob - post your delusions of grandeur here!

Best Freeper Thread Ever!

The Mikado

Pick Up Line Generator

What sport would you outlaw, if you could?

It's Memorial Day: What music are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

i'm a father!!!!!! (warning: big pics!)

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

Defiant female priest says Mass

The Pope Asks: How Could God 'Tolerate' Holocaust?

Rosslyn priest quits over Da Vinci Code hype

The Last Temptation of Christ

New Religion and a Possible Lawsuit

History challenge

remind: Geneticist claims to have found 'God gene' in humans

Cancer. Has it always been with us, even in the Middle Ages,

NY Daily News Front Page: Mike Vows He'll Honor Gay Marriage

Anyone else enjoying the HBO show, "Big Love"?

Ricky Williams signs with Toronto Argonauts of CFL...

Looking for credible mediums

easy explanation of 3rd, 4th, 5th dimensions

four agreements by ruiz. easy read. ONE of my favorites

Did you know that John Kerry? (humor)

Working on a collection of Neocon/Repug quotes. Got any good ones?

Should I quit posting on my blog?

more on the subject of swift-boating on Dkos today

Added to Research Forum: the Grand Canyon Response

My Recent Trip to Lebanon

Cooper's BBQ

Paul Hackett will be on CD tonight!

They Might Be Giants NSA ringtone

Need help finding something: I didn't vote for bush passport wallets

??? chickenhawks give commencement addresses to military ???

In 30 seconds…

Thalidomide OK'd for cancer treatment per AP

How does one email The Daily Show or The Colbert Report? I can't

Reporter, Last August, Noted Worries That Haditha Marines Might "Crack"

For Memorial Day: Dixie Chicks singing national anthem Jan. 2003

"Majority Report" do you listen?

SDS Actions in Olympia WA

Oh No.. today's Sherman's Lagoon Comic..... :) :)

Bush 'planted fake news stories on American TV'

CNN FINALLY Concerned About Seperation Of Powers (Except For US)

Riot Erupts in Kabul After U.S. Traffic Accident

Okay, you CAN "go gentle into that good night," but first CAPTION!!!!

Insourcing Can AFfect Us All (from "")

This is what we're up against

Now on A&E, MUST SEE: "Combat Diary: The marines of Lima Company"

Today Bush expected to say more sacrifices may be needed in Iraq.

What FReepers do with old Clinton Impeachment signs

Questions in Canada, but Only Some Can Ask Them

Last night I had a grotesque nightmare. I dreamed freeper thoughts.

Try to watch "The American Experience" tonight on PBS

Top ten signs of impending U.S Police State

The Freedoms And The Fallen We Honor

There will be NO revolution without music - This thread needs 2 R's!!!

Hey - how about a different discussion of 2008 Election?

KILLING FIELDS: Iraq Is the Republic of Fear

Television Ad on local FOX channel claims global warming is a lie!

We've GOT to get over this notion that we MUST obey our government.

Invisible war

TODAY'S TOON: "F*@# the Dots"... Monday 5/29

from Wes Clark's Memorial Day e-mail:

Tired of outrage, feeling unsettled is no better


Memorial Day: For Robert, Ruth and George.

Any other DU'ers working on Memorial Day?

In memoriam

Army's Payroll System Is Breaking Down

Bozo dumbshit Minutemen building fence with MEXICAN CONCRETE

Bush bans protests at military funerals

Giant U.S. Embassy project dismays Iraqis

Computer game simulates an invasion of a South American nation.

Giant U.S. Embassy project dismays Iraqis

'I Pretended to Be Dead'

Sisters in arms

Memorial Day 2006, the Vietnam Memorial Wall, and recollections.

Vet. Joe Violante Leg. Dir. of Disabled american Vets was on W.J.

Country radio nixes Dixie Chicks... Maybe the truth hurts

From Red to Blue, Watch the nation change.

About the Negroponte powers: Are corporations gagged?

Two LTTE in USA Today.

Poodle Blair bows to Bush on Iran, global warming

Jim Hightower talks about Afghanistan

Have all options been expended ?

Impeaching and trying Bush adminstration only way to support troops

Supporting the Troops - We're all six monthers now.

Former Iraqi minister says US forced testimony against Saddam

Why are sailors comfortable aboard a nuclear ship, and we make

When idiot son ordered National Guard troops to the border

Ah the disrespect for America's fallen amendment act

Gas watch.....ours is down to 2.59 here. This is the Memorial

I'm convinced Faux News enhances the applause at *'s speeches.

Would the USA tolerate for one minute the same behavior from our police

Has anyone else been sent this forward about "red" Fridays?

Honor the fallen, not the war (Boston Globe Editorial)

A Memorial Day Message from Wes Clark

FreeRepublic Freak out with Phelps while W utters fucking obscenities

Project to Teach Anonymous Communications to the Media

I need help finding a Business Week article.

CNN on-air on-the-scene: "AFGHANISTAN BOILING OVER" after deadly accident

German conglomerate ownes 1,800 amer. water utilities

US Killing of Civilians "Fact of Life" in Iraq: Iraqis

Al Franken rerun talking about B OReilly lies.

Mission Accomplished! (Graphic)

Some questions about Ken Lay and power shortages

HAPPYNEWS.COM, TX "Real News, Compelling Stories, Always Positive"

Your nation is free! I just heard it from George, himself, on CNN.

Is Thom Hartmann's show live today?

UK: Record numbers viewing Internet porn

A Blast from the Past. FRC showers Claude Allen with praise.

Will "An Inconvenient Truth" open up at more theaters?

Something Scared Me Today

Bob Herbert: Consider the Living

white supremacist hail Lou Dobbs has one of theirs

Did Bush Sing The National Anthem In Spanish During His Election Campaigns

"impending health catastrophe - Iraq - cancer - depleted uranium"

A protester waits for * motorcade leaving Arlington - photo

Clark: Begin Troop Withdrawls

Memorial Day Truth: There Is No “War on Terror” (Firedoglake)

My LTTE on immigration reform. Comments?

DO YOU want to KNOW the truth!

The courage to face the truth.

For Memorial Day, a consideration for Bush:

* and rummy at Arlington National Cemetery - pics

In memory of four-legged friends

Did anyone see this video about the Haditha survivor?

Al Gore said that the internet is bad for streaming video,

GOP Congress Funds World's Largest Embassy - But NOT Helmet Upgrades ! ! !

Benjamin Franklin can solve the Energy Crisis!

Hypocrite Bush declares "Great Outdoors Month" Why Exiting Iraq Won't Be Easy

Anyone have the recent Couric Gore video link?

Memorial Day Cheers and Jeers (add yours)

FBI Kept File On Comedian Richard Pryor...

I don't think I am prejudiced but in some ways I may be

Taking it to the states

Indy Fans? Thoughts?

Let me introduce you to our mayor, Teresa Isaac.

Freedom of religion vs. equality and justice

Noting a fine US soldier on Memorial Day: Ron Ridenhour.

DU a poll;

Paul Hackett is hosting Ed Schultz's show right now!

Special live edition of "The Guy James Show" today! Memorial day special

Is Delay a cartoon character in new kid's flick, Over the Hedge?

How do I get a toothpaste stain out of a shirt?

Memorial Day speech and parade

Tracking made easy with wireless gadgets

This Week Beats Meet The Press - Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha,

Hallelujah! I have seen the light!

Special Stan Goff Memorial Day Interview at about 17:30 EDT.

Benzene levels in flavored beverages by brand and type

President Gore is about to be on TV here in Blighty

2.7 trillion in adjustable rate mortgages to reset over the next 18 months

Bush said it again today...

On the spot: 'Crowd wanted to skin us alive'

As you honor our dead, ask not for whom the bell tolls

Freepers; Baptist Church loonies square off

A Memorial Day Tribute to an Army Nurse in Vietnam

Article II, Section I of the Constitution: Presidential oath of office

Haditha is Just the Tip of the Iceberg, As My Lai Was in Vietnam

Bush Orders Us To Honor War Dead, Refuses to Go to Any Funerals Still!!!

Yesterday on Kurtz CNN joke show

Nugent running for Governor of Michigan?

Wash. GOP Issues Resolution on Immigration

U.S. policy was to shoot Korean refugees

New Right Wing Meme: Dems might be Neo-cons and Shouldn't be Trusted

Pentagon chief 'wasted US lives in Iraq'

How Serious it is.

How We Are Here - US K-9 soldier in Iraq

Kenyan public smoking ban starts (BBC)

X-Posted...Whoops... Yes, we hate YOUR President. Live with it.

How to honor fallen soldiers this Memorial Day: Stop making more of them.

GOP Senses Defeat in CA-50

Bush Laid A Wreath At Arlington - I Laid Out $200 For A Bottle Of Scotch

From Freedom to Facism (video)

Why did YOU join the military?

Rethinking the role of our Armed Forces.

OMG...the PSYCHO should be BANNED from Memorial Day service.

I just saw a commercial to stop Net Neutrality!!

How bad is it in Kabul?

FBI Offers Hands-on Archaeology Training

Some Kennedy pictures I found

Mount Saint Helens Spews Ash After 3.1 Magnitude Earthquake

Memorial Day tribute from Neil Young

War refugee must register for the Selective Service. WTF?

"Everybody has a mortgage to pay"

Cafferty's working today - 7pm question is an opportunity to vent

Very Good News from New York

Good news from Everest: Clean Everest Expedition brought down 1300kg

Fuck-you thread to FR

Eyes Wide Open

Charlie Gibson covering Arlington Cemetery...he is sickening

AP: Bush gets more bad news from Iraq

freepers face off with anti-gay protestors

A must read: Iraq is the Republic of Fear

GM's On-Star Time to boycott their vehicles.

new voting machines to be purchased...reason for less voting places

A street in Kosovo named for Clark (and other photos)

US faces new challenge

To those of you who wish to deny Citizenship to children

I'm embarassed that Bill Frist is from my state.

Freepers pissed that Google didn't change banner for Memorial Day

Seat belts now required on motorcycles …

EW's 10 best movies depicting the veteran's experience

A different pledge of allegiance ("For All" by Gary Snyder)

Would Americans be this passive if Bush had invaded and occupied Canada?

Roger Waters 3 Minute Video- The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range

Operation Helmet - Have you some change to spare?

"freedom isn't free"

Worst cartoon rendering of Bush I've ever seen

Ten Hours of LIVE Memorial Day radio beginning NOW on The H.O.R.N.

Same story, two very different headlines

Bush worshippers are the real un-Americans

OneAngryDemocrat's Free Anti-war music site - Please KnR thread.

Video tribute: Mission Welcome Home for US soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan

Remembering the victims of Hurricane Katrina - pics

"Gore wants to be drafted", says Chuck Todd on C-SPAN WJ (on now).

Let's DU ABC News About Charlie Gibson

Should Gore have acquiesced in the Coup of 2000?

so who do YOU thank for your freedom today?

How bad is it in Kabul?

Gas stations near me starting to make customer pay inside, due to

The Great Incompetency Lie this a bill on the draft?

2,464 dead as of today. FUCK YOU, GEORGE W. BUSH!

Who ordered the FBI to search a congressman's office?

Neil Young - a whole lot subtle-er.

Why DIDN'T you join the military?

The Financial Hammer is falling ....

One guess what Michelle Malkin's new website name is.....

As a Vietnam Veteran I want to post this for my forgotten comrades

Ties to gay choir cost music director his job

Welcome to Plantation Amerika! Oprah lives in the BIG HOUSE ~


All Illinois Vets to receive health care!

10 freepers at their protest today - 10!!

Twain: When you pray for victory, you pray for many unmentioned results.

PNAC's new expansion plan for 2008: Take over the Democratic Party??

I'm embarassed McCain and Kyle warmongers are from my state!

CBS News Crew attacked.

Real proof of Bush's Popularity (read carefully)

Too bad we couldn't have some sort of a Declaration of Independence.

Anybody notice how easily Bush went from Leaker-in-Chief to Decider?

Rules Separate Mentally Ill From Treatment

Freeper terrorist-supporters celebrate dead journalists in Iraq!

Have you ever known personally anyone such as Charles Starkweather,

It is time. I pledge to remove all of the following words from my vocab

DC has become a bunker

Saturday TV Funhouse: Fun With Real Audio

Why is DU celebrating SNL attacks on Bush critics?

Newbie Alert!!! Here's the "Moran guy"

Thou Shalt Not Tell

Serious question......What makes America the 'greatest country?

With all respects to our veterans and fallen soldiers

'Bush's Faustian Deal With the Taliban'..L.A.Times May 22, 2001

Road to Guantanamo (movie coming out!!!)

Did Anyone vid cap the " American Experience"...

Our free speech dilemma in the heartland

Proof positive- Media was COMPLICIT with WH and Swiftliars


Affluent buyers losing homes

Thank-you thread to FR

Why I think the economy is on the verge of collapse (and Bush knows)

Somewhere around 30,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed since Bush invaded

world's only superpower. World's Only Superpower. WORLD'S ONLY SUPERPOWER

I think it's possible that I'd join the military today ... if ...

What do you think about a Flat Tax?

The TRUE Daughters of the American Revolution!!!

Anti-War Music!!!

The trooper told me I was causing a 'curiousity slowdown' pic heavy

Office of Special Plans now Office of Iranian Affairs.... here we go

I just fed 30 homeless veterans for free...Thank you McDonald's!!!!

Neocons in the Democratic Party

DU Vets, family and friends of Vets. Memorial Day check-in

Did your Confederate ancestors die dishonorably?

--------THE WAR PRAYER---------

What are the Reasons for the 29% being "PERMAMENTLY FOOLED"

Can someone Please explain why Rangel keeps introducing this bill?

Please take simple online action on this FAA issue

If Fletcher case goes to trial, big names could participate

U.S., Afghan forces fire on crowd after crash

WP: Schwarzenegger Reaches Out to Democrats, Independents

50 State Strategy, CA-42 and Mark Hull-Richter for Congress!

Hate Gays, Immigrants and Flag Burners

Failed Foreign Policy

Neil Young's New Album Speaks To Me As A Young Person ...

Anyone else surprised at John McLaughlin of The McLaughlin Group lately?

Const Question - Concept of congress people exempt from arrest, etc...

I want Fred Phelps protesting at my funeral

NYT: NY's Mayor Bloomberg sounding like a candidate for the White House

OK DUers here's the assignment, should you choose to accept it:

Did GWB and the Neocons lie about Iraq?

LAT: Scandals Swirl Around Chicago's Mayor Daley

Administrative Elections in Italy - results looking good

NYT, Bumiller: A Few Years, and Then Another Bush?

Wellstone Voter Engagement School Manual -- free download.

The general has an essay worth reading and photos worth viewing

1600 kids have lost parents in Iraq

From John Wilkes and Robespierre, to Tom DeLay and William Jefferson

Guantanamo hunger strike spreads

Kerry, Murtha, Haditha and True Patriotism

Will the deaths of 2 compatriots affect CBS's view of the occupation?

There is No 'War on Terror'

The contenders of '08 look to Ohio

WSJ Con Freaks Out

Robert Kagan co-fond PNAC wants conserv. Dems to win '08

Media Memorial Day by Norman Solomon

AP: Wash. GOP Issues Resolution on Immigration

The sky is falling - The Hastert "approach"

'Sorry, this thread was a mistake

Amnesty to target net repression (BBC)

Negroponte Can Waive SEC Rules?

Paul Hackett is running Big Ed's show for him tomorrow !! Call him!

For Memorial Day: Editorials Still Oppose Iraq Withdrawals

Former Pres. Jimmy Carter Campaign" Op's" Launch "Third Party 08!"

Is there any chance that Gonzales is implicated in Plamegate?

2 CBS News crew killed, Kimberly Dozier "serious" after Iraq attack

Where are the Democratic voices..

Tracking made easy with wireless gadgets

C-Span Washington Journal

Veterans salute Army Pfc.'s casket carried in his pickup truck

A Memorial Day Message from Wes Clark

How much you wanna bet this bill doesn't include the Phelpies?

Two Democrats running for chance to unseat Sen. Snowe in Maine

LAT op-ed: Neocons in the Democratic Party

CA gubernatorial primary: Angelides Attack Ad Points Back at Him

Anyone have a video of that "joke" * made about not finding WMD?

Tweety: God saved Bush from booze. Ha!

East Timor isn't our story

How come no one talks about term limits anymore??

Is Ben Stein coming around? Stunning column

WOW!!! Colbert admits to voting for Strom Thurmond. . .

Five Senate Democrats Who Helped Get Us Into This Mess

The perception of impending doom...

Lieberman walks with Republican Nancy Johnson in Waterbury parade

Two years too late - DUers STILL ignoring Swiftliar data ignore the TRUTH

Hitler was a leftist

I find this cover of Blueprint, the DLC's magazine, rather disturbing.

Is it me, or do Dems seem to re-fight he same political war?

Insourcing Can Affect Us All