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Archives: May 3, 2006

Jose, Can You See? Joseph Farah in WND

The Morning After

CNN/AP: Shrinking Alpine glacier points to snowless future

South Africa to End 'Canned Hunting'

Quartet to hold key talks on fate of its Mideast peacemaking role

Living by the sword, for all time

IDF chief: I will resist demands to reenter Gaza

What To Do Tomorrow If Your Election Was Unacceptable Today

McPherson Blocks Vote-PAD in CA

Call Harkin, Grassley May 3 to vote NO on the Enzi bill

I'm so tired of chicken...

My voice is heard:

Tories yank Liberal income tax plan off web site - "Respect Our Fallen Soldiers" - (Canada)

Guardian: Gambling with gas (Bolivia's power play, not naturalization yet

Serious item - Houston plane in trouble

CNN: Sago miners' kin seek truth, solutions

UN powers differ on Iran

US softens tactics in Iraq after British claims of trigger-happy troops

Fired editors get World Press Freedom awards

Taliban Threat Is Said to Grow in Afghan South

NYT: Pardons Granted 88 Years After Crimes of Sedition (Gov. Schweitzer)

Pardons Granted 88 Years After Crimes of Sedition | NYT

CNBC report seen denting Bernanke's credibility

USA plans no sanctions but only nuclear strike against Iran

Iran sanctions premature: UN ambassador

Houston jet in emergency landing

Jet crashes into Black Sea; 113 dead

Breyer Calls High Court 'Boundary Patrol'

Mugabe Buys 10 Fighter Jets From Russia

Canada warned not to emulate U.S. drug policy

In the chaos of Iraq, one project is on target: a giant US embassy

Report: States, cities shouldn't count on federal rescue if bird flu hits

Bush, Hill Republicans Agree To Extend Expiring Tax Cuts

NYT: All Quiet Since the Hurricane, Preservation Hall Reopens

Ohio Election Results Delayed Until After 930 PM EST

Democratic Congressman Wins Nomination In Ohio (Strickland)

ACLU Says Military Knew of Iraq Abuse

"Money Honey" says report does Bernanke a "favor" (Reuters)

Iraqi President Says Sunni Insurgents See Iran as Threat

U.S. dollar falling on deficit worries

Plane Crashes in Russia With 100 Aboard

Rice Says Elections First Step to Democracy in Muslim Countries

Crumbling dike threatens south Florida (Reuters)

Darfur crisis puts Sudan top of 'failed states' list (Iraq No. 4)

'Roof of the world' melting fast

Remains of D.C. serviceman from Vietnam era identified (2 MIAs ID'd)

(Minority Whip Steny) Hoyer: Bush deserves respect (re: Colbert)

Microsoft may delay Windows Vista again -- Gartner

NYT: Faulty Testimony Sent 2 to Death Row, Panel Finds (one executed)

Reid Mulls Filibuster of Judicial Nominees

Methodist panel upholds anti-gay ruling (Reuters)

NYT: After Press Dinner, Blogosphere Is Alive With the Sound of Colbert...

NYT: U.S. Makers Facing Glut of S.U.V.'s as Gas Rises

Oil-rich Venezuela paying billions for oil

Ten inch nails are even better.

Fuck you, blank, I hate you!

I love Nine Inch Nails....

Subject: Do large format AIM smileys exist?

Stonewall Jackson was shot today...

Ah, shit, I just cut my headphone wires in half!!!

So here's a rumor I heard about Denver

I suck 'Lite' beer. Big time.

Hilariously absurd Amazon review.

Arg, why did I waste valuable diablo playing time defending the

guys who say "my posse" instead of "my mormon harem"

Vista: it keeps getting better. And by "better", I mean "worse".

The glass shattered on my grill...

MS Word experts, I need your help

I have 5 days left at my current job. Then I split for NH

God, my microwave is ineffective!

New York photos -- uncaptioned


Hey, GirlInContempt.... how do you look in camo?

The new Bond titles sequence (warning, big-*** spoiler)

Per actor, which Bond films are your favorites?

Damnit to hell. Something is wrong with our moniter. The frontpage is

Wanna be Buddies?

Are Bert and Ernie lovers?

God, I hate that stupid fucker Tom Cruise!!!!!

Stephen Harper eats babies!

Ickiest picture yet of Frist

'Lite' beer sux. Big Time.

This is the thread that never starts!

Buying a travel backpack for the first time...

I just tried to post to every thread on the first page of the lounge.

God damn, my Missy's got some legs!

Why do you let your woman drive your truck??

Greetings Y'All from my new place!!!

I had a shock tonight

I posted this on GD Politics

I am now listening to the new Pearl Jam CD...

Had An Impacted Tooth Removed Today

Well, crap. I put HypnoToad on ignore by accident.

Why do some neurologists say the spine can repair itself?

I find it interesting that my threads about "nothing" are WAY more

did Iraq troops really quit right after "graduating"?

Oh great, it's that time again- any help with presents for my mother?

heh heh... i just posted a response in a thread about the Immg. protests

The Suns are setting...

I'd forgotten how much fun it was to be unemployed

What uhh would you say to me

Man charged with potty training torture

what would you say to Bono if you could say it in person?

Gimme some shuggah

Jim Beam and diet coke...

Okay, it's officially spring

I've just had it up to ---------> here with phony people

I dare you to answer this: If life begins at conception, how come

Opinions needed

Canadiens down, Devils next

Number one, the larch.

If Noam Chomsky were a writer for "Schoolhouse Rock"

Have we ever had a Sean Hannity appreciation thread?

Lillian Gish is Effing Awsome! (Watching Birth of a Nation for the 1st

What would you say to JFK if you could say it in person?

The belle of the Balls-O-Licious (toon)

Is this this the most adorable boy you've ever seen??

If man evolved from apes, why are there still apes?

what would you say to Sonny Bono if you could say it in person?

Uh-Oh, I think I'm drunk...

An update with my little 'situation'

Yeah, well, sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand.

Literary insults. Pick a fave author, and reply with an insult he/she

American Idol...(Spoilers)

Some Of My Springsteen Photos

We are not gonna die!

Anyone remember PB Max?

God I love that stupid fucker Tom Cruise!!!

For my 10,000th post I!

Just got back from They Might Be Giants...

If you have wisdom teeth removed, does that make you stupid?

alarcojon's good news - for those who don't venture into GD......

OK! UPDATE on my continuing adventure to get a hybrid car...

Someone gave me all of the X-Files.

Could Boston Legal be any better? I love it.

Texas Ranch House-anyone watching?

'64 Impala or '66 Caprice?

So, if I started a religion

Most beautiful Silent Film stars? (google and Post!)

Suppose that I claim to be God

Is anyone here hypothyroid?

Flyers getting hosed by refs again

The Clippers advance in the NBA playoffs?

Kentucky Derby Week: news, notes, ruminations, picks

"Breaking The Fever"

Hey everybody! I just wanted to say I'm still here.

Alert, for those who get CNBC, Kerry is on talking wtih Donnie Deutsch! n

Then the aliens came and put these things in my head

Why does it feel like there are people on both sides who would rather

KOEB Meeting -- 5/2/06: I Guess He'll Be Back On DU's Good Side Edition

Lots of NY photos - without captions

My voice is heard.

MSNBC: Olbermann to talk Plame

Why is no one talking about the dollar?

ok DU televised WH press conf continue

Scarborough taking it easy on Colbert - playing clips

My favorite Rumsfeld quotes

Montana Governor says his Irish grandmother was an illegal immigrant

I've got a question of a technical nature

Need pics!

Dean on RNC Chair, Mississippi Governor role in phone jamming scheme

Colbert Report rerun is on now...7:30 PM CDT

Is the Sierra Club issuing boilerplate responses re: Chafee endorsement?

"I am ashamed of this country for the inaction I saw everywhere."

What's your question you think * needs asked, I got the first

Dennis Kucinich vs John Bolton - CSPAN2 repeat now

Olbermann makes up for last night's Colbert fiasco with some GOOD clips

Jose, can U si?

Surprise visitor at the WH Easter Egg Hunt

Leahy: Demand Bush end his arrogant assertion of unlimited Executive power

Pretend, for a moment, that you are not a US Citizen

Two thirds of Americans now disapprove of Bush

Reminder? Shrub has promised to Break The Law

Out with the old and in with the new

A Question About Signing Statements (May seem silly but please indulge me)

Caption this pic of * and Lieberman

Rolling Stone's David Fricke reviews: Neil Young "Living With War"

Losing a child or grandchild is a tragedy

**Compilation Thread** April 29, 2006, New York City War Protest

"DUers Say the Darndest Things"; DEBUT Edition 5/2/06

you just described anyono who has ever given $$$ to Tom Delay

Cody, The Flying Dachshund

Mandatory Malloy Tuesday Truthseekers check in- Mike's Back!!

Keep the Colbert clips "kicked" on Google Video and YouTube.

This guy gets Colbert...

Rush shoots himself in the foot with his latest B.S.

The assembly line workers aren't killing, GM, corporate management is.

Jason Leopold: Clears Up Some ?s In Radio Interview "Things Are Good!"

3 bumper sticker ideas:

Tired of South Park Republican bashing of liberal issues

Just for funsies I'd like the name and your opinion of your State's

have video of the Daily Show talking about Colbert's dinner

Nope, sorry... you ain't bald. I ain't kissin ya... CAPTION

Official Impeachment Text

Anonymous US official leaks capture of another al-Qaeda #2 guy - AP

Staff Sgt. Mark Wall Died in Iraq From A Heart Attack at Age 27!!!

Ohio Republicans: African American SoS over White Attorney General......

(TOON) Steve Bell on nine years of Blair

"Homecoming" DVD Release on July 18th!

Olberman starting with plame

Dean: Indiana voter IDs unfair....also an example of one caught in snare.

NYT:After Press Dinner, the Blogosphere Is Alive (Colbert)

Law&Order and BostonLegal both having shows involving obesity, diabetes

Watching "Birth of a nation" For the first time.

Man charged with potty training torture

BBC's coverage of Israeli-Palestinian conflict 'misleading'

Cheney on Iraq, Afghanistan: 'Three yards and a cloud of dust'

Bush "ready to blow" after Colbert's performance....

schadenfreude on house flippers

The "Good" company will ALWAYS be undercut by the "Bad".

As Rove indictment approaches, we are all clear that an immediate pardon

But will he take his bio-chemical suit?

Caption the Axis of Evil

Dateline Becoming Maury Povacih

Gangs claim their turf in Iraq (Latino gangs, that is)

Laura Bush: We know who you are

Colbert Report rerunning the video from the Press Dinner!

31326 as of 10:29 May 2, 2006 "Thank youuuuuuuuu"

"Current TV" had Stephen Colbert coverage

Iranian Cries in the Wilderness--(signals re: talks rejected)

Arlen Specter, Are You That Somebody?

Report: U.S. immigration law hurts gays

Who are the real reporters?

3 Things You Can Do Today

An idea for a democratic rally.

Everytime I try to

I'm culturally insensitive.

Every State Needs To Get In On This Lawsuit

I'm fed up.

Operation Wetback

Colbert was nothing like Imus, the speech from 1996:

Ending the WH Daily Breifings would be like telling THE PEOPLE -

On another forum, I was talking about Colbert.

John Kerry on CNBC coming up

Boston Legal break

They would not listen, they're not listening still.

I've been giving some thought recently to Section 8 vouchers

Bush in Big Trouble - Return of "The Fixer" Noted

What does a Dieblod machine look like?

USA plans no sanctions but only nuclear strike against Iran

Why the Press does not find Colbert Funny?

"Dear Lamar Alexander" (Re: our national anthem)

"Bracero" (by Phil Ochs, a truthteller)

National Anthem in English only? How about Bible in Greek only?

Here's what the 28% that approve of Shrub think!!

Yes, I could have been aborted. I wasn't.

The War’s Liberal Enablers

Ginsburg worried about Soviet-Like judicial watchdog proposed by Congress

What single thing drives bush? Money or power? Or...?

If Bush wants to bring down oil prices, he can.

Quick tech question?

He's using the Signing Statements as a Line Item Veto -

Calorie-free stevia's 11-year war with FDA

Bolton to Kucinich: "I Don’t Have Time To Read Much Fiction"

Alarcojon has a clean bone marrow

Team Libby Filings (5-1)

DU the living daylights out of this poll on Colbert

A local company is shocked by its undocumented workers

Did John Bolton Lie Under Oath Today?

Is Anderson Cooper Really That Stupid?

BushCo collapse...What was the turning point?

Congressman Conyers: Battleground Ohio Primary Tonight

PROOF Colbert was funny. PROOF heroes matter.

Abramoff: ten months, TWO HUNDRED WH visits! that's EVERY DAY

Sadly, it's time to ask DUer's to help prevent amending the Constitution

Mike Malloy grabs the nation by the short and curly grassroots

Remember how Roger Clinton and Chelsea were dragged in mud?

We can feed and house the entire population with resources found

A 10,000th Post: the Political, the Popular, and the Personal

Just rec'd this email: Working In Mexico.

Sometimes, I loathe the middle class almost as much as the plutocracy

DU, the inner city needs you for a minute

Congressional candidate Joe Sestak addresses students

Its Time to IMPEACH the is they who foisted Bush on us...

Olbermann's breaking story on Abramoff and WH logs:

"You're hurting America..." Another great moment in comedy

Blackwell and the Sorry State of Ohio: A Brief Editorial

Freeper workmate said this: "One day, these crazy bloggers will pay!"

Mr. Bolten....Sir....Could we have a full-time Scandal Czar?

Worked the Columbus Ohio polls today, ask me anything.

Kerry on CNBC now. 7pm (pacific)

Democrats Push Fight for House in the Northeast

Huge Upset in Indiana

Media holds its own in trust poll (BBC)

Be DAMNED wary of our new found 'friends' on the right

On Tweety...Guiliani is testing the water for 2008

Mean Jean Schmit was losing GOP primary in Ohio

Scarborough: It's going to be a long, ugly final 2 yrs for this president

Don "take her breath away" Sherwood gets assist from Santorum

Ann Coulter on Domestic Spying

Colbert replaying Press Secretary demo on his show now. nt

I noticed a marked increase in Rep voters in my HEAVY Dem precinct.

Hoyer(D), House minority whip: Bush deserves some respect

Let's Harass Cheney When Gore Wins in 2008 -- Who's With Me?

My Opinion on press silence re: Colbert

Hold the goddam phone: they didn't even KNOW what Valerie Plame DID?

Here's a good one: in new poll look-alike beats Bush three to one!! LOL

Secret Service to turn over WH visitor logs on Abramoff visits

McEwen concedes primary race to Jean Schmidt in Oh-02.

A letter in the NYT on the lack of mention of Colbert in their paper

Huckabee-Colbert ?

What's this about ballot counting being delayed in Ohio?


I just saw Kerry on Donnie Deutsch and I have very mixed feelings

Clark: "I (told) senators...Don't give * a blank check."

The mystery of the fifth Jew

National anthem in Spanish will still give you goose bumps

Saluting Galbraith ----“Free Market Fraud,”

War in Iraq an Echo From Beyond Walls (Camp Victory)

MOGAMBO GURU: 'It's like shooting fish in a barrel!'

Chalmers Johnson (TomDispatch): Exporting the American Model

Attacking Iran: The Israel Connection

JASON MILLER: Success Is Not An Option

Baghdad anger at Bush's undiplomatic palace (Daniel McGrory)

Sgt. killed 3 years after his fiancee(Both in Iraq, she Mexican immigrant)

Kill This Bill House pretends to reform itself.

Oil Executives Strike Gushers as Highest Paid: Graef Crystal (Bloomberg)

Herbert: Must-see Iraqumentary on HBO this month

Lindorff & Olshansky (Philadephia Inquirer): Impeachment Weighed Again

Gene Lyons ask are "Democrats Divided?

Why is Friedman such a tool? Todays NYT op-ed

Ralph Nader: Break Up the Big Oil Cartel

Robert Scheer (The Nation): My Mother, the Illegal Alien

All in on the Big Lie (The Conservative Mindset)

Sheriff to Start Posse Patrols to Curb Immigration flow

Geov Parrish (Working for Change): Immigrants and hate

Mark Morford - My Life Above Pottery Barn

The Decider Nominates Chief Polluter for the EPA

The Godfather USA

Health Care: Should I Worry?

The Kent State Conspiracies: What Really Happened On May 4, 1970?

Debunking One of the Worst Ideas in Economics

The Inevitable Collapse of the Greenback by Mike Whitney

Davis Sweet (Huffington Post): Does "DLC" Stand for "Damned Little Cojones

"They Just Started Shooting Us Down" -- Kent State

Canadian Dollar over US$ .90

Debunking One of the Worst Ideas in Economics (by Charles Wheelan, Ph.D.)

States sue Bush over fuel efficiency

Federal Study Finds Accord on Warming

German PV Market Increased by 53% in 2005 (837 MW in 2005)

Anyone have a link to those high school kids that build a hybrid?

450-Home Housing Development to Feature Solar Systems (California)

Wireless companies eye Yellowstone national park

Wyoming Oil Prices Lag Behind International Barrel Prices

Hurricane help on the way

Wind industry giant invests in U.S.

German Loremo gets 157 mpg - seats 4 - but weighs only 1000 lbs

EU agrees battery recycling law (BBC) {mandatory after 2008}

'Clear lead needed' on green life (BBC)

Magnitude-8.0 Quake Strikes Near Tonga targets the corporate sector (BBC)

New Jersey governmental panel recommends off shore wind pilot.

Iran Enriches Uranium to Fuel Reactors

High Oil Prices Endanger Future of Airline Industry

Natural gas prices bring a consumer revolt in Germany (0.5M refuse to pay)

Global Warming Cited in Wind Shift

Geothermal Could Meet 6% of U.S. Electrical Needs by 2025

Dalia Itzik / Knesset gets first female speaker

was flight 93 brought down because of what survivors might've said?

The impossibility of mere humans to fly heavy aircraft into huge buildings

Constructive Criticism of the 911 Truth Movement

Call me a CTer . I don't give a flying fuck

This Bird Flu Pandemic "FORECAST" is complete BULLSHIT!

CA State Senator Debra Bowen Picks Up Over 80% of the Delegate Vote

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Wednesday May 3

REALLY Weird results listing shows Hackett won District 02 in Ohio

Blackwell wins in OH - first time all counties use touch screens or opcans

My trip to an election official's office

This week's skinny....

Kerry to speak at Grinnell on Saturday

A 90-day gas tax holiday

Walnuts and cranberries -- they're not just for muffins anymore

My impromptu tofu marinade:

Does anyone have a video of Harper on Fox TV in April, 2003 when he

Toronto's very own Conservative Idiot

CNN/AP: Longtime TV host Louis Rukeyser dead at 73

US decides on transit plan: source (Taiwan's President banned from the US)

Dozens dead in new Iraq violence

War in Iraq an Echo From Beyond Walls (Camp Victory)

Germany likely paid ransom for hostages-Iraq envoy

Pakistan stands among top 10 ‘failed states’ (Foreign Policy magazine)

Court rules against prayer sessions

Rell, Lieberman Get Strong Poll Numbers

Republicans tentatively agree on tax-cut plan (Reuters)

Judge Doubts Moussaoui's Claims About 9/11

GOP split on response to growing cost of gas

Iran Uranium at Level to Fuel Reactors

BBC (Wednesday): EU halts Serbia talks over Mladic

House to Take Up Anti-Price Gouging Bill

U.S. Mayors Respond to Washington Leadership Vacuum on Climate Change

Iraqi president: Syria exporting terror, Iran great danger

GIs Kill 10 in Raid on al-Qaida Hide-Out

NYT: Blaze on Brooklyn Waterfront Levels Historic Warehouses

Magnitude-8.0 Quake Strikes Near Tonga

Iran calls on West to acknowledge it has nuclear technologies

MoD uses FOI get-out clauses to avoid releasing casualty figures

Iraqi general warns recruits against protests (after a near-mutiny)

Scientists Discover (Biggest Ever) Oil field off U.S. coast

1 DAY after defeat- FL Senate offers another NEW School Voucher Program!

NYT/Reuters: Frist Puts Indecency Bill on Faster Track

Outlines of possible Iraqi govt emerging

USGS: 8.1 earthquake near Tonga

Cheney sought Rice's role at National Security Council, Vanity Fair report

Hagel, Nelson (Ne) are expected to split over emergency spending bill

Iraq's Fledgling Media Already Shaping Opinions

Democrats Seek Edge With Interior Nominee

Gallup: Democrats Maintain Wide Lead In Congressional Vote...(54% to 39%)

Bush to Attend U.S.-EU Summit in Austria

US body sees Iraq, Afghan religious persecution

Blackwell Wins GOP Nod for Ohio Governor

Massaoui guilty, sentenced to life in prison.

Oil prices rise toward $75 a barrel

House OKs Energy Price-Gouging Punishment

Torture "widespread" under U.S. custody: Amnesty


(Ohio) First all-electronic election marred by problems

Convicted mayor of Lynchburg, Va., resigns

Sunni-on-Sunni violence snags U.S. strategy


House OKs Energy Price-Gouging Punishment

Iraqi forces arrest 176 terrorists

Abramoff scandal keeps lawmakers home(survey:voters care about corruption)

Ozone layer shows signs of recovery: scientists

Boston College faculty object to honorary degree for Rice

Two missing vials of anthrax are found

US doesn't classify Taliban as terrorists, paper finds

Flaherty (Dem) Sworn In As State Representative

Secret Service records of Abramoff visits to White House will be incomplet

Key Bush judge under ethics cloud

Administration Conducting Research Into Laser Weapon

Raytheon Punishes Chief Executive for Lifting Text

Kentucky man pleads guilty to bribing lawmaker (Dirty Dem)

‘Iraqi insurgents not in contact with US anymore’ (Failed Negotiations)

Bush: 'Evil Will Not Have the Final Say'

Kenneth Starr to Take on Alaska Appeal

(DU'er's sister) St. Luke's to continue care of heart patient

E&P: Letter Reveals Reason (Leahy column) for Firing of Vermont AP Chief

Somalia Leader Thinks U.S. Funds Warlords

After Protests, Backlash Grows

US announces introduction of Iran resolution at UN

WH denies reports that U.S. employs terror groups for special ops in Iran

Canada cuts funds to fight global warming

UN Chief Asks Media to Shun "Terrorists"

Yemen gives light sentence to al-Qaida No. 2

Hearing vowed on Bush's powers

O Globo (Brazil): Lula acknowledges Boliva has right to nationalize gas

General says Iraq army is 'willing,' but not ready

Pipe attack not suspect's first assault, witness says

al-Qaida Conspirator Moussaoui Gets Life

Jury rules 9/11 conspirator Moussaoui deserves life in prison

Only automakers' newest large SUVs, pickups are spared from sales drop

Florida Juvenile Justice hit with $11M budget cut

Post Office Proposes (another) Stamp Rate Increase (because of gas costs)

Minuteman Project to Launch U.S. Caravan

$5 A Gallon! (NY Daily News)

Bush Makes Case for Extending Tax Cuts ( Repugs plan 70$ cut)

Nearly All Sodas Sales to Schools to End

Torture "widespread" under U.S. custody: Amnesty

Security Warning Issued to Mass Transit

Baghdad anger at Bush's undiplomatic palace

Earl Woods, Father of Tiger Woods, Dies

Machu Picchu Shows Wear of Being on Must-See List

Fox, BBC, Al Jazeera most trusted: poll

San Diego: Soledad cross (again) ordered removed

Question about philosophical rhetoric (please read, I need some opinions)

I've had some ideas for a Procrastinators Thread.

Anyone ever get the feeling that posting in GD

Anyone else going to Sigur Ros during their N. American tour?


goodnight DU'ers I NEED my beauty sleep.


post your favorite part of Steven Colberts Press Sec Audition tape

Aw, gee

What was up with the brawl at the A's @ Angels game tonight?

I had no idea "Radio Free Europe" was still running

Question, I'm drunk

Okay kids, I'm off to bed

I had a dream last night that I got caught in the spam filter here!

Ginsberg, the vacuum cat, just ate a whole...

post here if you were born this year

Oh no! 88,666 user registrations!!!

Are there any uppity women about tonight?

Great moments in Snappy Comebacks, G.W.Bush edition:

Bjork, Bjork, Bjork, Bjork!

What's normal about you?

Dork, Dork, Dork, Dork!

Archbishop defends youths in York! York! York! York!

Archbishop defends youths in hoodies

I am putting off posting in the procrastinator's thread

Funny Things God Says

I am a Liberal Asshat!

Who's gonna win tomorrow night?

I am such an idiot.

Heidi rocks!

I just did something really stupid and I don't understand why

Writing Video....

Woke up with a sore throat today

Oh sure, bash the graphic designer.

God, people are morons..

Time to boycott boycotts till people start using the word girlcotts

Bork! Bork! Bork!

Paris and Stavros Apparently Split

Don't you just love Robot Chicken?

What the hell - I saw an "I (heart) explosives" bumpersticker today


Spork! Spork! Spork!

Observations Of My Office Gym


"Honestly, whenever anything explodes in this house..."

Walgreens Shut Down After Meth Lab Found In Parking Lot

Post here and i'll show you a flash video.

Congratulations tuvor!! 10,000 posts

If you could live in any era, which would you choose and why?

First responder gets a big hug.

So, I'm apartment hunting now... question

Which muppet are you quiz?

I voted in yesterday's primary (of course), and...

Special guest in today's "Queen Victoria"

Thank you everyone for your help with digital camera purchase!!

I like peanuts. I eat them every day. Is that OK?

Anybody out there recall a story type song about...

i just got a Phishing email about someone usig my PayPal account.

Please allow me to introduce myself

So I guess Katherine is now going for Kellie's male vote on AI

my muscles are killing me

My leg hurts

4-Year-Old Runs 40 Miles In Seven Hours, Taking No Breaks

Has anyone heard the new Neil Young CD?

Bots to take on urban driving: DARPA Grand Challenge 3 announced

Oh damn it! The book isn't by Colonel Klink's dad!

Anyone do technical analysis stock or other commodies trading

Denise Richards: 'Heather Knows Why We're Not Friends'

About as close to an accident as you can get

Good Wednesday Morning, Crew!

Regarding the cooking of fish in the office microwave:

I gathered up all the April 29 NYC Protest threads and posted them

Ah POOP! Commander In Chief got canceled!

what makes you laugh?

Can any DU lawyer aswer my question?

Paris Hilton: 'Nicole Knows Why We're Not Friends'

Do you understand this joke?

The Say Hey Kid turns 75. Happy Birthday Willie Mays!

Swedish official wants national soccer team to boycott World Cup because

Was the problem in the concept, the planning, or the execution?

I feel a little sick, but I came to work anyways

Man Sues Marriage Counselor For Having Affair With His Wife

CHICKS* IN BIKINIS!!! ( * women, ladies, etc.)

Prince Henrik (of Denmark): " I like my dogs grilled or sautéed"

My Hosted PDF's are garbage - I need urgent help - PLEASE

Funny Pics

Alright, off to my Political Science midterm I go...

Does DU accept AMEX for donations?

Sure, ABC, carry the Spelling Bee Nationwide now why don't you...

What is the best #1 song from KC and the Sunshine Band?

so if the LOUNGE had a theme song, what would it be?

Gannon will be 3 blocks away from my office this evening

Staying in the moment

OMG! I want to adopt this puppy sooo bad!

Man Glued To Wal-Mart Toilet Seat

Hahaha! New freeperism! Must see!

Oops, dupe, self delete

If ich sayde that thou hadde a bele chose, woldstow holde it ayeinst me?

Gannon says he's a syndicated column for the Washington Blade??

I had an Exile/Player medley earworm last evening.

Making iced coffee....

Hey! Xanadu is on!

Oxygen. It's a gas!

Why does my organic milk have a much later expiration?

Anybody ever received the "you might be a TRUE AMERICAN if..." e-mail?

Fuck you and your racist apple

Flash: A Rabbi, a Priest and a Minister Walk into a Bar...Really!

Professors banning in-class laptop use

Guy Dancing at Cardinal's Game - MORAN

menage a trois

About those "Most Wanted" Iraqi playing cards. Did we kill/capture most

menage a rie

"...and an 18-year-old female was shot in the butt."

Congratulations Old Crusoe!! 10,000 posts

Salt or Sugar?

Are you planning on seeing "Mission Impossible 3"?

I was a figure skater for about 9 years...why can't I rollerblade?

Matcom mailed me a cat poop sandwich

There is nothing wrong with your monitor.

I like my dogs grilled or sautéed, reveals Swedish pauper.

Okay, Lovitz has been funny once. Maybe twice.

Canada's dollar now worth 90 U.S. cents

'Dame Edna' slugs photographer

Tim Burton's Vincent:

So I'm reading the Menard's ads,

My wife just told me that all men are the same and that they name

Ok that does is it....

Earl Woods, father of Tiger Woods, dies

Fuck Fiona Apple

'Renegade' Daughtry Odd-On Favorite to Win 'American Idol'

What do you do when you don't want to do anything?

Funny answering machine messages?

I like my dogs grilled or sautéed, reveals Danish prince

Frank Zappa on "Miami Vice" (TV history)

NYC DUers...I need restaurant suggestions

Autodesk Technical Evangelist

Who likes the Arcade Fire?

Man Puts Dog In Washing Machine And Turns On Hot Cycle - Arrested

Mayor Uses Town Credit Card To Pay For Strippers During Bachelor Party

"Real Phone©" - Makes Your Cell Phone Into a *Real Phone*

My cat is so cute!!!

Who was the most influential singer of the 20th Century?

Post here and I'll take a sip of Japanese whisky

Wake up young man, it's time to wake up

Bob Dylan fans: I'm reading Michael Gray's "Song and Dance Man III" now

im on the homepage

Jon Lovitz. Still terrible.

it's time to go now

You and Your Racist Friend

A Texas cowboy

Please list evil computer corporations.

thread killer II : revenge of the mods

Who died and made you God?!

(PIC) Flooded Home: Painted with Comment about our President

What does the word "asshattery" mean?

I'm trying call the police (non-emerg.). It's busy.

There's all sorts of shit wrong with your monitor.

I just made a couple bottles of Irish Creme; ask me anything

Someone gave me all of the X-Lax.

Can anyone name a conservative thinker?

Behold the birth of an internet legend

I've had a pretty good day DU

I thought I would post to my journal.


Am I the only one that doesn't want to see Barry Bonds break Ruth's record

When is Italy going to learn?


Someone point me to a decent jazz radio stream, please.

Happy Birthday to Pete Seeger and James Brown

My Republican daughter is married to a bum

This is the thread that gets on everybody's nerves!

Hey DU! What're you listening to?

Cell phone without a contract

The Wine Thread..whaddaya drink-en..

Little women in big SUVs

Fuck grapples.

T. Marzetti's Honey Balsamic dressing makes a great

Any spanish speakers out there? What does ?Quanto tiempo hace...mean?

Someone give me all of the X-Lax.

Any Hikers around?

I overheard a coworker LYING to her boss ABOUT ME.

"Gone to Greece. Back in two weeks."

Radio_Lady's Mission Impossible 3 thread inspired me *new photoshop*

How morally wrong is this?

Whew! I thought I lost my cell phone!

Something disturbing happened this weekend.


Looking for early 70s ABC Wide World of Sports Theme

Any Non sport trading card collectors here?

Funny Craigslist Apt. Listing: apt for "OPEN MINDED" roomate private room/

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 5/03/06)

5 years ago this week, I met a cool chick on the internet.

Congratulations zidzi!! 40,000 posts

I just got lost and ended up in GD.

Is your post really necessary?

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

Real life Mario!

Man Locks Himself In Home After Mailing Cat-Poop Sandwiches

Congratulations MercutioATC!! 15,000 posts

What are your favorite music scores from non musical films?

how stupid do people think you are...

What do you do for a living?


Carlo Gesualdo Appreciation thread!

Do You Remember "Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist" ??


Congratulations SeattleGirl!! 15,000 posts

Separated at birth??

Congratulations LostinVA!! 10,000 posts

If you don't appreciate The Tubes, then the fucking terrorists HAVE won.

My street is filled with police cruisers! From three different cities!

Creepiest bumper sticker you've ever seen?

Going to Vegas. I don't gamble. What would you recommend?

Noni Juice ... thoughts please?


Spring in the desert. (dial-up warning)

Ptah had to go back into the hospital for pneumonia


Female hetero/bi DUers: Do you like hairy guys?

I'm seein' five threads started by KitchenWitch

Kevin Federline reveals that he wants a threesome with Jessica Alba.

Click for Greenland

submitted: Patti Smith's Horses '05 among the top live albums

Anyone up for an Insult Competition?

What's good to do in London, England? We'll be there for a week.

What strange meat do you want to eat?

Good reasons to get drunk today. Add yours to the list, please!

Hey - who of you live in the twin cities?

Anybody seen RedQueen?

Pics: Sugar Smack and nnns- please add your own.

The goldfish who wouldn't die

What is your favorite Johnny Depp movie??

Ohio folks! Picnic this weekend!

Radio Lady Reviews: 'Mission: Impossible 3' with Tom Cruise

Anyone else watch "HUFF"?

Gunfire at Night

Spamming this forum is EEEEEVILLLL ! nt

Did someone create a sockpuppet?...

An interesting video from an Arab atheist

'Jesus Loves Porn Stars'

Pay to Pray

Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart Quotes

Televangelist Benny Hinn Quotes

National Day Of Prayer...May 4th

Death by Insurance

Birdflu: Seal the Borders! Easier 4,000 miles than 80,000miles of city q't

How come so many Americans have GERD?

Bots to take on urban driving: DARPA Grand Challenge 3 announced

Arabic Star Names

Cloaking device' idea proposed (BBC) {Science gets cool!}

Dean fires Dems' gay outreach chief

Gay issue at forefront of Episcopal bishop vote

Bashing gay marriage

U.S. law separates thousands of gay couples

Wendy's Adds Gays, Transgenders To Employment Policy

Time arrives to respect memorial for gay vets

Priest says bishop spurns gays

I just made a call to the DNC headquarters in D.C. RE: Dean

Earl Woods, father of Tiger Woods, dies

Having trouble getting in touch with my guides.

Mayor steals from dead Marine's family

Wake up to lunacy! (about war)

Drug discounts rejected (Colorado)

Nice post about Kerry's Dissent speech at The Moderate Voice

Iran: What is this bill in the Senate and Kerry's take?

Delete -- no longer can verify this story

Extremely cool!

Thoughtful update and a call to action at We Love John Kerry

Is anyone listening to Biden

There are now three Democratic plans in the Senate for troop withdrawal

Kerry to speak at college in Iowa

Waking up from a long winter's nap

Congress should issue own Signing Stmnt Rejecting *s Signing Statements

ANOTHER invasive species makes it to Lake Superior, Duluth etc.

"It's not working. It's not working!" Barbarous Execution SHAMES Ohio

101 reasons...

Skies look good from the road

WTF is up with's lead fricking news story:"Iraq's cowboy general?"

breaking news--Bush, himself makes a decision. How funny! This


Drunk Bush.. funny as hell...and "Ask a republican" videos

Death Penalty Poll

Alleged Rape Victim Admits Making Up Story

Courage: What you do matters

Darn, we don't get that fabulous $100 gas rebate!!!

Fascinating article on Kent State getting rather lost over in Editorials:

Study finds consensus on global warming (but Death House says more

Burlington, VT: Sanctuary City For Illegal Immigrants?

A Snowless Alpine! Goodbye Ski Resorts in the Alps

This Modern World - 24: Special wingnut edition!

washington journal time-first 30 min-repubs only-state of party

Will "V for Vendetta" come true in this respect? (Bush & Colbert analogy)

Study: US mothers deserve $134,121 in salary

Yes blame the Companies!

The White House Propoganda Ministry strikes again!

AP: Nearly All Sodas Sales to Schools to End

Boston Globe: Invitation to Rice debated at BC

umm. cnn actually reporting that 10 states suing Feds over fuel effiency!

POLLS: UFO's, ghosts, gay marriage more popular than Bush

Health of middle-aged Americans lags behind English counterparts

Mueller says he 'is bound to obey the administration'

is this our future

Lobbyist who pleaded guilty on bribery defended thesis on House ethics

Webster definition of Sycophant:: a servile self-seeking flatterer = MSM

I am a Liberal Asshat, and I am not afraid, nor ashamed to admit it.

British find media hard to trust, says poll

Odd Links to Wilkes Surface in Shirlington's Records.

Tim Robbins, Richard Dreyfuss slam media (coverup for Bush, "shaping news"

CSPAN is taking ONLY DEMOCRATIC callers right now.

Two new comics on immigration, abortion, and Mike Malloy.

Newsweek on May 1 protests: "The economic impact was zero"

The Flu is Back....diversion, diversion, diversion

ACLU anti-torture petition to Condi ......(from Mother Jones)

My last "hump day" of the semester . . . help me CAPTION!!!

Nice video...

Bold Marauder- The GOP's theme song

Ah yes ... Summertime

Rep. McCovern, Dem. saying reform to even read the bills

C-Span took ONLY REPUBLICAN callers this morning...

Karl Rove Indictment Long Overdue

Read (Ret.) Lt. Gen. Odom's article: "Cut and Run? You Bet."

Firedoglake: "The Miller's Tale and Other Legal Ramblings..."

NYT editorial: "Net neutrality": Keeping a Democratic Web

Tim Robbins:'Clinton Lied About A Blowjob-Bush Lied About War'

Investigate Big Dick

White Guilt and the Western Past (might makes right; also a rebuttal)

Colbert was on Democracy Now today?

Bush, (Tom) Kean Jr. and Big Oil Perfect Together

Lou Dobbs and his Minutemen

Boston College faculty object to honorary degree for Rice

Bush Changes Tune on National Anthem...

US general urged "outer limits" Iraq interrogation

Am I missing something? (immigration protests)

Anyone know why the DU EDIT line sometimes does not appear?

Appealing to Conservative Greed: National Health Care--Dems have had it

I like my dogs grilled or sautéed, reveals Danish prince

Smack!!! A great smack of Rumsfeld!

Bush's brain. (No, not Rove.) Warning: pictures are very small.

Wonkette| Dick Cheney: Kind of an Asshole

Bush Regime Developing Ground-Based Lasers To Combat 'Enemy' Satellites

Is the upsurge in the Stock Market because the Democrats are polling

Best Protest Sign Ever Seen!!!

Joe Wilson Drives Me Crazy. I Hate That Guy.

Rumsfeld making LOTS of money off of bird flu hoax.

Does anyone know how to

Is anyone here hypothyroid?

We have court tomorrow for sit in at Delahunts. What's'Nolle Prosequi"

David Shuster Battles Fox, Evil


Juan Cole - Must Read - "We Don't Want Your Stinking War"

Last hour of todays Washington Journal was excellent...

Anyone listening to Dylan's XM show??!! It's amazing!!

Taliban Threat Is Said to Grow in Afghan South

E&P: WEDNESDAY's LETTERS: Colbert Naked or Colbert Truth?

"Attacking Iran" - Key Reasons NOT TO DO IT Explored

Why are there no protests against American jobs outsourced

Simple reason why no windfall profit tax on the oil companies...

"I'm sorry, forgive me, and God bless America, because we can criticize ..

Middle East Experts let Bush know their thoughts on war with Iran

Molly Ivins ------- The No-Reform Lobby Reform Bill

So Mike Huckabee was pretty personable on Colbert yesterday

Is "Can O' Fun" website down?

One of favorite bumper on shirts!

The economy is in great shape & there is a "tinge" of inflation.


You know that this CNN clip will make it to Jon Stewart

60 Minutes - The Colbert Report

Post Office Proposes 3-Cent Rate Increase

Flash Video: Colbert Shames Bush

Bong Hits for Jesus and Ken Starr

Katie Couric is a raging *sshole control freak, says Stephanie Miller

Get Your War On! Updated at Last!!!

Uncle. I'm Sorry.

Caption this * photo

Tsunami warning issued for Tonga

Did Rush Limbaugh Get Off Easy in OxyContin Case?

Make your own freeper bumper sticker here

c-span3 homeland security press briefing on bird flu

Rove's Unexplained Personal Wealth

Who is really responsible for the terrorist acts on Iraqis in Iraq?

By my count, Colbert was funny 56 times.

The Conversation about Bush is Over.

jews boo Mehlman over Iraq

Huge 8.0 earth quake near Tonga

Study: US mothers deserve $134,121 in salary

Begin Humming "Imperial March," Bush Wants Laser Weapon

Brandeis pulls artwork by Palestinian youths

how many freaking republican scandals are out there?I've lost count!!

Bumper Sticker Idea

graduation speakers - if one of these top rethugs were the speaker

the BEST thing about Bill O'Reilly threads at DU...

Bush live on CNBC. . .to his base..

"From our Headquarters in Saudi Arabia"--investing in the global economy

Horse sense tells me we can't survive these gas prices w/out the economy

CAPTION the creepily-made-up and put-out-looking Republican lady...

US doesn't classify Taliban as terrorists, paper finds

In Baghdad "George W's Palace" Is Bigger Than Anything Saddam Built!

Senators quiz FBI director on Patriot Act

This is Bush with Faux News:

DU this poll about gasoline prices on Free Radio San Diego site

Let's get Jack Cafferty to discuss Colbert.

Fewer people identify as Republicans according to Rasmussen

Saudi Arabia caught in Iraqi jihad

Ownership society in action

US doesn't classify Taliban as terrorists, paper finds

Schwarzenegger hopes to get two NFL teams for L.A.

Men: Joe Dallas can help with those hairy palms

Tsunami warning after Tonga quake

Last nites Daily Show question

When can a law be broken?

Immigrant march: How it played in Peoria

TV Newser: Fox, CNN most trusted by Americans; BBC, CNN, by world

Cause... effect

OK, You have to Caption this * Photo!

I was paging through the news channels today, and when

Have you heard these GOP talking points on oil?

Florida Senate kills plan to revive vouchers

The gathering storm over Iran

Anything new on Rove?

"Abramoff contact records will be incomplete"

Iraq and Afghanistan are top ten "Failed States"-- What does that say---

In city's prep schools, girls rule

Two words for FauxNews: spell check

How come so many Americans have GERD?

A freeper's last words?

Young Americans Geographically Illiterate

"The Republican Party is the party of reform"

Anti- War (Ret) Lt. Gen William Odom on "Hardball" Today

Thom Hartmann filling in for Randi today


Is there any video of Stephanie Miller on Dobbs from yesterday?

The underlying problem at the heart of the immigration debate

Several Spanish language versions of National Anthem on State Dep. website

Truthout's Darh Jamail's Iraq Dispatches

Republicans Crazy

If Bush is impeached? then what?

Why we are in so much trouble (please shield the children's eyes)...

"Reason for Their Death Is Known" By Dahr Jamail

Buddy Holly Family Not Happy With Dixie Chicks' Song "Lubbock Or Leave It"


I just heard Limbaugh advocate the invasion of Iran. He's mad I tell you.

ABC's The Note: CIA Leak Jury may meet today

Changing a light bulb in Bush administration.

1 DAY after defeat- FL Senate offers another NEW School Voucher Program!


ExxonMobil CEO's political contributions 11/2003 through 05/2005

Tell Your Member of Congress to Vote NO on House Budget Cuts

Anyone paying attention to the House reform debate on CSPAN now?

Didn't Bush Say He Won Afghanistan?

Hey W! Hows that Anthrax investigation going?

Delicate "whip" Steny Hoyer found Colbert "a little bad taste"


Please DU this poll: Right to sue Big Pharma

Nice Article: Pardons Granted 88 Years After Crimes of Sedition

On Colbert's "Mistake"

Caption El Presidente

Dumb question #458

Caption this pic:

Ginty to Kean: DON'T court Sierra Club, "an environmental extremist group"

Question about the "Free Market" and RW talking points

I think Pat Buchanan should run as the "America First" candidate

Cheney sought Rice's role at National Security Council, Vanity Fair report

"The Return of the Long Lost Art of Righteous Brazenness" (new article)

1 solution to 1 aspect of illegal immigration

Sheriff to Start Posse Patrols to Curb Illegal Immigration Flow

XCEL USERS!! (CO, MN, other states) - READ THIS!

Hearings to be held regarding Bush's blatant power grab.

Cross-posted from Drug Policy: Mexico to allow use of most drugs

Why are 2004 exit polls linked on CBS's politics page?

Hey Americans - nice dollar *snicker*

"lobbyist empowerment act"

Prius sales fall 25% in April :(

Do Dems Have the Colberts to Filibuster Boyle and Kavanaugh?

Flash: Bush Won't Sign Emergency Budget Saying "What emergency?"

How do I do it?

From time to time it is interesting to go through the dump; Freepville


Define "The Middle Class" (spinoff of Entanglement's thread)

O'Reilly: Interest in Darfur "may have something to do with color."

Woman burned alive: Judge Charged With Misconduct

Study: US mothers deserve $134,121 in salary

Pssst: Wanna see some freeper fundies get it right between the eyes?

CAPTION the "dumbass in the headlights" look...

WTF??!! ABC Is AIring Scary Bird Flu Drama

I'm finally getting a chance to catch up on my reading.

Moussaoui Verdict Is In: Jury Recommends Life

I'm Tired of Bushes and Clintons - by Jeff Cohen

If you can't beat them join them

Faulty Testimony Sent 2 to Death Row, Panel Finds

Does anyone know the story behind this pic? Not that it came from

Jury about to announce verdict in Moussaoui

April hybrid sales (by make/model)

No Death for Moussaoui. N/T

dispsy dubya? the two bushes strike again????

Rep. Jefferson Should Resign

FCC Approves Net-Wiretapping Taxes

San Antonio paper "heads" off puns at the pass.

Mike Malloy and other AAR hosts are coming to Seattle for media conference

Fox, BBC, Al Jazeera most trusted:

Where is the Love? by Black Eyed Peas

Darfur is Dying

Limbaugh denies he was arrested.

The biggest schmuck in the world ..

Sounds like the Bush Bird Flu plan is "every person for themselves"

Cable TV Drives Up Time Warner 1Q Profit

Saudi's throw down the gauntlet- "Saudi derides energy independence"

How come Bolton is saying Iran is using oil as leverage to China, India?!

The Bush Record. How many of you have forgotten?

Invention: The riot slimer

Family members one by one agree with Moussaoui verdict....

Bush declined to meet Norway's PM

The Minutemen and Alan Keyes WingNuts team up to hate Mexicans

was flight 93 brought down because of what survivors might've said?

Uncle Fundie Freeper foiled again! Response to Chavez/Sheehan e-mail.

Does Moussaoui's Verdict Mean That The Government Can Now Release Evidence

Photos of Babs and Poppy * from today to caption

fox news is rocking,

Late-Night Comics Target Bush

Carrrie Lemack nails administration for not "locking up" nuke materials

What do you think about Democrats petitioning for Libertarian party line?

Bolivia nationalizes oil & gas sector


Check this out people - could we FINALLY be getting REAL NEWS????

Does Anyone Know Where I Can Find The Colbert Perfomance

Why all the fuss about the Spanich version of the National Anthem?

A couple of bush jokes;

What the Left Believes

Did you see the Colbert Report last nite? Why I REALLY dig this guy

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Congress' Watchdog Plan 'Scary'

Call me a CTer . I don't give a flying fuck

just took a 2 question survey over the phone

Not even 10 minutes and the Freepers are blaming Liberals for life verdict

$3-a-gallon gas: Blame Washington, not Big Oil

Malnutrition kills 10 children every minute, says UN

I just checked the price of gold and what did I see?

BREAKING: House Passes Sham Ethics Reform

i thought leaders and president

U.S. finds religious freedom threatened worldwide

Does anyone have a clip of Canada's P.M. Harper on Fox TV in April 2003

4 days later and Colbert continues to own the blogosphere.

MSNBC reporting Earl Woods (father of Tiger Woods) has died at age 74

Thank you Kristen

The Day Bush Steps Down (Thoughts on the drive home)

Moussaoui: "I won"

Chris Matthews Hardball -- Moussaoui verdict -- anyone taped it?

The Rude one had plans for his $100

Order filed today by Judge Walton Re: Libby

Best progressive talk show music?

The Big Dog doing bush's hard work for him.

Biodiesel now cheaper than fossil diesel

the TURNING point... Wed. 5/3 toon

Have the Stephen Colbert videos on been removed?

What happened to Rove's target letter, as mentioned here ad infinitum?

Poll: Which slogan should I put on a bumper sticker?

Winning over Republicans. It can be done I found out an hour ago.

The always effervescent Pickles to stump for Lincoln Chafee

Security Alert Issued to Mass Transit

Publisher Permanently Shelves ‘Opal Mehta’

Great joke someone just emailed me about *

Grrr. Bernie's Opponent For The Senate Is A Goddamn Liar

Do you consume right-wing media?

WH denies reports that U.S. employs terror groups for special ops in Iran

I hate Hannity's guts and for somebody to make me agree with him

Answering the "Dems Backed Bush Too!" Charge (Kos)

Another GOP Sex Scandal-Strippers On Govt. Credit Card

Today in Congress- Lott's Railroad: $700million / Darfur: $173million


Bird flu planning such a diversionary tactic,

RW Xians grow “tired of ... problems associated with Bush administration”


Interesting "Guy James Show" today Please keep kicked

* really out did himself on the goofy pics today - lots of pics >>>

Bush's scores his highest disapproval rating 63%

Conyers: Will Prodi Ask the Tough Questions About Niger Forgeries

"Duke Lacrosse Defendants Acquitted By FOX News"

"We're All On Flight 93; Those Flying This Country Are On Suicide Mission"

Gift ideas

At the gas station today....

Thanks for the cache tip on Firefox, DU loads fine now. Peace!

Illegal Immigrants Returning To Mexico For American Jobs

What do you think when you see this?

Caption this Scalia photo

"I don't watch the news, I don't care, it's too depressing"

Does "innocent until proven guilty" apply to rape cases?

Something to think about...

Is it just me, or is a Dem House in 2006 being treated as a given?

Worst President in History ?(has this Rolling Stone article been posted ?)

a little immigration poetry

My search for Rolling Stone, continued

Will Bush invade Iran just before the midterm elections?

This is a very troubling poll

DU, BuzzFlash, and DailyKOS are in BIG trouble

Okay, the buildings burnt down in current NY blaze are owned by same guy

Check out the Funny Faces Bush is Making in These Pics.

OK - time to turn off NPR. Conan the republican is on. nt

Hannity today Beat the War Drums. Be assured of what's coming.

AP: Graff fired for Leahy op-ed column, Howard Dean book (2003)

Katherin Harris Launches New Television Ad

Baghdad anger at Bush's undiplomatic palace

Californians interested in taking back Congress please note!

Good U.S. newspapers?

Minutemen trek toward DC in anti-immigrant drive

LEAK SOUP! connect the dots between the '.......Gates'

The reporters should not have been that unhappy about Colbert

Iran Freedom Support Act: Big surprise, it's the oil, stupid!

Another Web Pioneer Speaks Out for Net Neutrality

a new whitehouse plan for bird flu

Colleagues advise Biden to put away Iraq carving knife

Next time there's a Dem in office, will the media finally do its job?

Is Kucinich home and clear yet? (primary results)

I surrender - I give up - I quit


Dahr Jamail:  "Reason for Their Death Is Known" - powerful stuff, chilling

..uh ...

Why do so many people defend men accused of rape?

The Colbert vs * youtube video got pulled, see

GOP Scandal: Barbour Had Controlling Interest in Phone Jamming Firm

Oh-Oh "Bush speech on Bird Flu today at 12" Isn't the Grand Jury meeting

"Lame Duck Husband"

Rove's Last Dance?

Just had a bit of fun...

If a member of your family was murdered, how would you want it handled?

Dems Lead 54% to 39% in Congressional Poll--Gallup

Venezuela: A Sudden Plunge In Oil Production?


Baghdad Burning - Riverbendblog

Did you see any Monkey Bidness in Ohio Election Buckeyes?

I Have a Fun and Friendly Colbert Related Bet to make with my Fellow DUers

NYT-The Blogosphere Is Alive With the Sound of Colbert Chatter

Chalmers Johnson: "The Democracy Peddlers"

Definitive, Passionate Anti-Iran War Statement!! Juan Cole (Graphic pics)

I knew it. I KNEW IT. I predicted it and only wish I could find the post.

""George W's palace" rising from the banks of the Tigris"

If I could make one Amendment to the Constitution,...

Commander in Chief Canceled

WingNut attacks Colbert for Mentioning Tuesday

New Working Links for Libby Court Docs 05/01/06 - 05/03/06

Laughably twisted "review" of Colbert by Rabbi Aryeh Spero (Human Events)


What happene with that ethics reform legislation today?

Happy 86th, Pete Seeger, still the boy with that touch of hope ...

Debunking One of the Worst Ideas in Economics

Anyone hear Durbin on Ed Schultz today - He's for withdrawing troops

HELP! Lobby Reform Bill - Who are the Dems that are going to support?

I hope gas prices go well over 4.00 a gallon this summer

What a &^%^%#$%$@# Mess........

Okay, the economy is BOOMING! So they say. Tell me how.

I love how Karl Rove has taken over GD yet again

Wow, the tide *is* really turning!

French fliers spark security scramble in Florida

Suggestions for the Religous Right on the National Day of Prayer.

One, two, three, four! We don't want your stinking war!-Juan Cole On Fire!

Why what Colbert did matters...

It's a good thing that sneeze droplets stop at three feet.

DIEBOLD DISASTER: Company Gets 'F' From Ohio Officials as Machines Fail!

Want OPEN BORDERS? So Does President Bush and Vicente Fox -->

SANTORUM: "$100 rebates the BEST way to address gas price issue"

If DU had a spanish forum, would you be able to participate?

Upper class white Americans are no healthier than lower class white Brits

This new Neil Young record is great...

OK, it's war against Iran, EU agrees, time frame uncertain

how long before America recognizes that the GOP

Making Colbert go away - Salon

Moment Of Silence For The Passing Of DU's Go-To Guy...

Those of you who are upset by Illegal Migrant Workers...

Bush, five days after Katrina: "PUT THE FIRE OUT, NOW!"

Is it true Bush use to sing the National Anthem in Spanish

Rhode Islanders to be "Deciders" on Bush Impeachment?

I never do this, but here is an email conversation with a Freep friend:

Scientists Discover (Biggest Ever) Oil field off U.S. coast

Ten Murder-Suicides Per Week in America, 92% By Gun

Winter will again give way to spring…

Agree with Colbert being on Time's ''top 100 people??" DU THIS!

Bush was so busy spying on americans and ...

What new medication is DUMBYA on? [PHOTOS from today]

Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia and Brazil to meet on gas nationalization

US accused of creating ‘climate of torture’-report to UN Torture Committee

World’s First Lithium Powered Car has (300 mile range)

Rate Colbert....AOL poll. VOTE!

"THE BIRDS." Corp. News working overtime to scare the droppings out of us.

Free falling: How does one crack Bush's base?

WH Admits Global Warming Is a Fact, and Greenhouse Gases Caused by People

Bush talks to GOD? and what kind of a GOD would wanna talk to Bush?

Dole's desperate plea: "Our backs are up against the wall!"

Illegal Aliens or Undocumented Workers or Other.......

It's SPRING! And dedicated DUers turn their CPUs to Folding@Home


DU Folding@Home - Thread #11 - Put your PC to work to fight disease!

The first Diebold machine:

Wingnut central on C-Span.....


Gold $673.70 Oil $74.82

in my opinion,of course everyone has an opinion,

Will Libby be indicted ?

Transcript of Colbert Speech: You Be the Judge (By E&P Staff)

McCain is *not* the fish that doesn't taste fishy

(Bill C. Davis) Why Impeachment is Essential

Century of the Self - Great online film about how gov't and media

ACTION needed: National Call In Day May 3 Stop Lose Your Health Care

Katherine Harris' First TV Ad

Uh oh they translated the National Anthem

OH 6: Wilson’s Write-In Bid Succeeds, Will Face Blasdel

Colbert * "Believes Wednesday what he believed on Monday " before 911?

Parallels between Gore and Nixon

Santorum proposes rules that he breaks anyways and justifies why it's ok!

GOP on Energy Crisis: IT'S CLINTON'S FAULT! [debunked]

$40,000.00 a year to "house" each US soldier in Iraq!

Weldon Challenger, Meet Vice Admiral Joe Sestak, May 7th, Wayne, PA

If we must worry, whom should we be worried about?

Fox's John Gibson: "Let me clear things up. The May 1st protests failed."

Discussion about lobbying (reform) going on on CSPAN. Some

DU This Poll!

Steny Hoyer (D-Md.): "Bush is president, he deserves some respect"

I sure wish I was religious, because then I could pray for Bill Frist ...

President Gore — Air Force Zero (TOON)

"Abramoff contact records will be incomplete"

Tweety statement

As we sit and wait for the verdict in the Moussaoui trial .......

Congressional Recoil from Latest Dubai Takeover

Winning in November :)

Today Bush voiced his opinion on the National Anthem phony issue

Transcript and Video of Last Nights BLOCKBUSTER "Hardball" Show!

Stop Conceding Areas

C&L Vid Clip: Radio Host Zoller attacks Colbert for mentioning Tuesday

Burns (R): Census should exclude illegal immigrants

Don't fear "the Jackal": The growing paranoia of Dick Cheney

Carlson attacks ACLU for not "standing up for Rush Limbaugh" (they DID)

Prez FukNut makes a statement (Moussaoui)

US private guards kill Baghdad ambulance crewman

Kucinich on floor delivering powerful pension speech now!

Just Realized Something

Pics: Poppy & Bar work the room. Don't forget to try the shrimp cocktail.

Wow...the girl on CNN who lost family on 9/11...

Mercy for Moussawi

Ohio: "Swiftboating" Ken Blackwell

U.S. invasion responsible deaths of over 250,000 civilians in Iraq

Here is an idea...

Democratic Co-Sponsors of Santorum's Iran Freedom Support Act

U.S. Take-over of Hudson Bay Company uproar

Bush sang Star Spangled Banner en español during 2000 campaign

Iraq For Sale - Help with Greenwald's new film on Iraq War Profiteering:

Moussaoui jury poll and a question to discuss about the inevitable spin.

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Is there a republican you trust?

Rep. Louise Slaughter says "Drain the Swamp" / Lobby ReformFloor Fight!

FauxSpin!!! Bush claims credit for No Major U.S. EarthQuakes!

Colbert videos are the top 3 "most-viewed" at

Bolton Refuses To Answer Kucinich’s Questions About US Troops In Iran

CNN's Dobbs and Schneider LIE ASSES OFF about DEMOCRATS.....

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Never thought I'd say this but, hurray for Arlen Spector, who just said:

"Well you gotta call Kerry the front runner for '08..."

Kristen Breitweiser (9/11 family member) is KICKING ASS on Tweety's show

S1955 Bill Prospects: 4 dems favor the Lose Your Health Care Bill

Happy Fun Racist Time

Listening to new Peal Jam CD right now

John Edwards: Partnership with Russia a key to global stability

Blackwell owns stock in Diebold, gaming, Halliburton, tobacco & Plan B

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Help Al Franken do the right thing about Joe Klein, tomorrow.

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Hey Republicans, translate this!