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Archives: May 30, 2006

Shameful reactions to Haditha 'atrocity' (re Free Republic)

LAT: Russian dissidents committed to asylums in growing numbers

Wayne Niemi (Huffington Post): Anatomy of a Republican

Quest for energy alternatives steps up (AP/CNN)

Animals 'devastate' UK songbirds (BBC)

Flywheels and energy storage.

What did Bush signal? -- George Bisharat on the "convergence"

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News 05.30.06 - Voting Rights Edition

WaPo: Debating the Bugs of High-Tech Voting

ATTENTION ERDers, Check in here: TIme to Recruit some new blood.

Dusky Terry and Denise O'Brien...

Memorial Day in Sugar Land where DeLay was up to his asinine ways

Did you know dill can replace nutmeg?


have you mastered the charcoal chimney?

Iran Set Up for Big Gains in Iraq

US frustrates Swiss nuclear probe

90 die from extreme heat in Pakistan

"Marine at Haditha: 'I Can Still Smell the Blood'

(CNN) Chicken and egg debate unscrambled

LAT: GM Hopes $1.99-a-Gallon Gas Offer Moves Its Fuel Guzzlers

NYT: Talk of Pelosi as Speaker Delights Both Parties

GM to build plant in Russia, invest $200 mln: report (Reuters)

How high did the Republicans' New Hampshire phone scheme reach?(Carlyle Gr

(Playwright Sir David) Hare: I was wrong about Powell. He lied

U.S. Will Reinforce Troops in West Iraq (an emergency troop deployment)

Analysis: Democrats wary of November vote

First tropical storm named

Corruption crackdown: The FBI has sharpened its focus on public graft.

Neo-cons question Bush’s democratisation strategy

Lopez Obrador Retakes Mexico Presidential Poll Lead

Mexico's former monopoly party splits over presidential candidates

LAT: Risks Close In on the Fed: Inflation, growth move in wrong direction

(CNN) 75 detainees join Guantanamo hunger strike

Father upset that Army son must buy own uniform

NYT: Talk of Pelosi as Speaker Delights Both Parties

Bush rating at all-time low in W.Va. (37% approval)

Congressman questions cost of Hoffa search

US marines have landed into Crimean port of Feodosia

Battle of the Cornelius Ryan books/movies tonight on the teevee.

I'm off for the summer and need suggestions for reading

Dr. Tran...

Like Helllllllllllllllllllooo


89 degrees -YUCK!

Tribal Life

Good evening Loungers!

My mother-in-law talking about her life in Poland

Twenty posts to go until the big 10,000! Ask me anything.

For Seniors, the day approaches...

You know what commercial really annoys me?

Help me celebrate my first sunburn of the season!

Wow. Let's go thank the Freepers.


GRUMBLE FUMBLE TUMBLE! Of everything to forget to back up!!!

Post number 2000!

oh blah-dee, oh blah-dah...


Funny videos

Recommend a good Google Video...

Fun stuff to do tonight (webwise)...

It's time to fire the KITTEN CANNON!

3 pitchers of beer, two kami'z between hubby & me, i, what-the-hell...

Who thinks the UFC should be banned and why?

Remembering DU Vets and the brothers you lost....

Help! Help! How do I do a screen capture and save it to disk?

Is it safe to say that Elvis Presley is dead yet?

Even saw the lights of the Goodyear blimp and it read...

The box to my hair clipper mentions "Total Body Grooming"...

Chicken Dance or Electric Slide

If you could look like anyone else...who would it be?


Hokey Pokey or the Electric Slide

Riding along, minding my own business, when WHAM

Jesus interviewed on Oprah (cartoon)

Why my neighbors must listen to my music!

On the road again! 3 week trip I-40 from CA to OKC

Well, that sucked.

Hokey Pokey vs. Bunny Hop

There is a God. He was just very tardy, that's all.

DU Scrabble (Let's see how this goes)

I just wanna know...

Where is the DU group on myspace?

11,000, that first milestone that isn't a milestone!

Go fuck yourself, San Diego.

Who's on your wish list?

Read this or I will kill you

I have a confession:

Need some advice from DU handyman/contractor/home experts

Marital Status

Check in here if you don't want to go back to work tomorrow.

All cottonwood trees must be destroyed! Who's with me?

the indy race thread got pulled in GD = oh well...

Fuck it, I'm having another bowl of that biscotti ice-cream

I just ate some tomatoes from my garden...

Oh, hell with it! 59 posts until 11,000. Ask me anything!

I did it! 10,000 posts! I join the five figure club today! Woo-hoo!

How much is gas where you are?

Help me celebrate my first misdemeanor of the season!

Given all the publicity (good and bad) do you have a Myspace account?

Björk - Human Behaviour (Live At Glastonbury 94)...

Okay everybody, before you see X-men 3 or if you have seen it...


This is why I don't listen to commercial radio anymore:

Long post-- but I could use advice/kind words/ hugs

Insurance question

I just got back from a random road trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Where are you?Gray Warrior....

Hokey Pokey or The Chicken Dance?

I can understand rejecting Christianity...

I am putting my FAITH in GOD, that he/she will

(CNN) Chicken and egg debate unscrambled

LDS to push marriage amendment - Deseret News

Fire Flip Saunders!!!!!! Now!!!

Heat have been to the line 45 times?????

The Heat simply has too much fire power for the Pistons.

Attention National League teams

Shrine to WWII fallen could become just a memory

It's that desperate -- we MUST get out of Iraq!!!!!

Does anyone think?

Kerry reminds me of Sam Waterston as Jack McCoy for some reason

KOEB 5/29/06 - Steroid boy passes the Babe edition

Dead journalists provide comic relief for terror loving Freepers

WE WILL NEVER FORGET - New Animation *tissue warning*

your "freedom" this isnt good for LBN.....

Bush 'planted fake news stories on American TV'

Holy shit;

Rep. Duke Cunningham-R took millions in bribes from a defense contractor

Well looky here - a freeper is running for Congress!

An answer for Caller ID...System Called "Spoofing"

"Calling All Wingnuts".com

Where is the shared hope of our old Memorial Days?

Colbert voted for Strom Thurmond? Can someone help me out?

Architect of the Iran Oil Bourse responds to criticism

The ultimate scumbags....

The lost decade (2001 - 2009) RIP

Which is more patriotic?

The *co Anthem...

How important is the next election to the Repubs and the Bush White House?

Pope takes Lord's name in vain

We are "moonbats"...

Nation impatient, poll finds

My post at freeperland,, hurry before it's banned!!!

Let's thank the Klu Klux Klan While We're Thanking The Freepers

WARNING: Obscene content. Look at your own risk.

well hell. Storms in KS... lost power will lose this in less than hour

I can understand rejecting Christianity...

60 Second Man alert - on MSNBC now

I am putting my FAITH in GOD, that he/she will

In praise of gay friendly HGTV

WP,pg1: Sen. Clinton Is Politician Not Easily Defined: Platform Unclear

Isn't it more likely that Phelps is in cahoots with Bush?

Mike Webb is doing anti-war songs this eve (9-11PM Pacific)

Anatomy of a Republican

Memorial Day tribute to the lost

Fear of Military Disobedience may Block Iran Attack Unless "Incident"

America is the world's only nation with a democratically elected royalty

URGENT!!! My head just exploded!

Bush can wiretap us without warrants and the Republicans

More on Kabul situation

I blame all this Sh*t

Sad story about the dead as they return to America via Dover Air Force

Which freedom are you most sad to see go under the gwb knife?

A reminder: "War is Just a Racket", by General Smedley D. Butler

I put my faith in Kali, the supreme Goddess. That she


Barney Frank on special protection

TOON: anatomy of a republican

Dems Need to Boycott Fox News

Iraq: The Fatal Mistake Bush and Blair Will Never Admit

Taking grandsons to Washington DC

Only a Coward Would Cheerlead for Death


My next bumper sticker: "...because you wet your pants on 9/11..."

Kimberly Dozier

Flag burning (desecration) one vets view.

Rant Thread

Honored at home. Disgraced abroad.

Mega-church minister linked to paramilitary video game(Rick Warren)

A salute to our vets :^) (well, ok, one salute and one confused brand

Fighting fascism ain't happening in our techno-crazed society.

NYT: Nancy Pelosi shells nuts with her teeth, can't identify curly fries.

Junior looks bored [PICS]

Ted Nugent Screaming Asshole.

Something I wanted to share, what I did this Memorial's Day.

please don't move...I need the company while I have no power ..storm



War Widow Holds Service for Wiccan Husband - story and pics

The Cruel War is Raging

Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President...chilling...

Thank you for letting me serve.

Talk of Pelosi as Speaker Delights Both Parties

Noam Chomsky speaking on CSPAN 2 at West Point (From April Speech)

Bumper Sticker/Button Roundup

New Federal Guidelines for all women until menopause..American Taliban

KUDOS to Barbra Streisand

My family is part of the 29%.

Is Hollywood ONLY making Violent and Ultra-Violent movies now?

Venezuela Seeks to Cut Oil Output (NYT)

Freepers FREAK after influential column compares them to TERRORISTS!

Do you live above or below your means?

PNAC Founder Kagan Endorses Dems in 08

Pattern of Force

Help> the ERD..Need Election Reform Minded Volunteer 1 hr/wk

Wanna know what a puke looks like????

DU Cancer Support Group - Can we do it??? (help)

Memorial Day Address -Mr.bush (Onion)

AP: Three steps to November Democratic landslide, if party can close deal

ABC Special Mother's of the Fallen from Ohio

Campaign 2006..State/Country DU Forums check-in !

Ohio Senate Race In National Spotlight

Faith in the White House?

Convicted GOP Phone Jammer Now Teaching “Campaign School”...

The hilarious thing about the Freepers dinging Google over Memorial Day...

I guess some "Freepers" do have some similarities with Phelps....

Clinton Is A Politician Not Easily Defined

Al Gore will be TRASHED before he can be Drafted in 2008!

Why do Democrats destroy eachother during primaries?

Dem Daily post from Kerry: Defeat Santorum AND Chaffee - cuz even though

Hitler and the German left: historical perspective

N.Y.Times to do front page story on Pelosi

Just saw Ned Lamont's ad, and it sucks!!!

"Illegal Immigration", a white nationalist ploy?

1950 letter shows US approved of killing Korean war refugees

Drone's Video May Aid Marine Inquiry

Clinton Is A Politician Not Easily Defined--WaPo

Don't Blame Prices On Environmentalists

Neocons in the Democratic Party by Jacob Heilburnn / LA Times

Technology and Easy Credit Give Identity Thieves an Edge(AZ, 1 in 6)

Why this bastard must go ... now.

Carl Sheeler on the front page of (repug) Providence paper.

Countless My Lai Massacres in Iraq

LAT: The Agent Who Might Have Saved Hamid Hayat (Lodi "terrorist")


Countless My Lai Massacres in Iraq By Dahr Jamail

The Catastrophe Wasn't Katrina

The Threats to Sustainable Democracy: The Four Fundamentalisms

NOT IN OUR NAME documentary on French/German TV prime time

The So Called War on Terror is for Weaklings, Matt Stoller

Devil in the detail for Peru's voters

WSJ: Raiding Capitol Hill

Liberals are the REAL Americans!

What happened in Haditha, Iraq?

Molly Ivins: Reform the System Or Lose the Democracy

What's Important: The Seven Pillars of Misrule

Call for West to help moderate Muslims vs 'Muslim revivalists'

Two Days in October

NYT: GOP planning to disenfranchise millions in 06, 08

Joe Lieberman & the Hostile Takeover of "Centrism" By David Sirota

Krugman (NYT) "Swift Boating the Planet"

Noam Chomsky: Why it's over for America (The Independent, London, UK)

Swords Into Plowshares

The State Secrets Privilege and Executive Misconduct

Building a business on shifting sands (Indian casinos)

Farm groups nix US bid for deeper WTO cuts: sources

Rising Oil, Wal-Mart Sales Weigh on Stocks

HELP: debating freeper saying Clinton never reduced national debt once

Tune it up, then turn it on (P.3 Portland Press Herald, ME)

Prestigious UK Garden Show Awash In Illegal Burmese Teak - Independent

Drought, Asian Competitors Pounding Austrlian Wool Producers - Reuters

University studies confirm ethanol fuel cell technology effective

Denmark's Energy Consumption Falls 1.8% 2004-05 - Press Release

By 2002 China is Expected to Need 2.8 GT of Coal and 600 MT of Crude Oil

US House Won't Even Fund US-Australian Kyoto "Alternative"

Alaska - The Climate Change Poster State - USA Today

Warming, Increased CO2 Pump Up Poison Ivy & Its Itchiness - MSNBC

I'm very resigned towards climate change

Drilling for Oil in New York City

Israel boycott and academic freedom

B'Tselem: Investigate killing of Tul Karm resident

Citizen Spook takes on 9/11 (Hopsicker)

Unanswered Questions: 9/11 widows : to 9/11 Commission

Who did the Pentagon audit for the "missing" 2.3 trillion dollars?

Remember Vote Fraud: A Review - Part 1

After Downing Street dot Org reprints two ER forum posts.

Vote: Moveon - Verified Elections in top ten, set it for top three!

Block the Vote: New York Times Editorial

Convicted Phone Jammer now teaching @ GOP Campaign School

One Man, One Vote, One Conspiracy Theory (Business Week)

Irony Alert: Bob Ney, one of the chief architects of HAVA had questionable

I posted a thread in GD about the national articles.

Washington Post: Debating the Bugs of High-Tech Voting

Iraqi labor leader to speak in Hiawatha

Culver/Blouin 'You love meat packer plants' 'no, you do' 'no you do'

Republican SOS candidates running on Voter Suppression platform

Democrat candidates emphasize education (DMR)

Does Tao have the best deal on XM 2 Go?

Why Republicans should vote for Kinky

Lazy cabbage rolls tonight

I have these growing in my backyard, but I'm confused:

May not have clear victory in Afghanistan: MacKay

Lumber groups decry trade deal

N.L. to work towards Kyoto targets: official

Delete (dupe)


Antonia Zerbisias is the Cat's Ass...

Governor General warned against visiting troops in Afghanistan

Children 'smuggled for petty crime'

Congress balks at Pentagon 'war on terror' missile

EU court says giving airline data to U.S. illegal

Clinton Is A Politician Not Easily Defined--WaPo

Bush 'planted fake news stories on American TV'

Neo-cons question Bush’s democratisation strategy

(Playwrite) Hare: I was wrong about Powell. He lied

EU blocks US access to flight data

Bush to Nominate Goldman's Paulson to Replace Snow at Treasury

Congressman questions cost of Hoffa search

Bush Taps Paulson to Replace Snow

Parents: Iraqi deaths traumatized Marines

CBS journalist arrives in Germany for treatment: expected to survive

Anti-war protesters hit with pepper spray

Prosecutors to Use Volz in Lobbyist Trial

Goldman Sachs chair, CEO Henry Paulson tapped to be Treasury chief

EU ministers agree on services directive

E&P: With 2 More Journalists Dead in Iraq, Total Tops World War II

NYT/Reuters: U.S. Moves Diplomat Critical of Somali Warlord Aid

Please DU this Poll!!!

AP Coalition in Iraq continues to dwindle

Bodies of 2 Marines Recovered in Iraq

Iraq PM impatient with US troops killing civilians

Iraq car bomb kills at least 22

Terrorists destroy Lutafiyah City Hall

Iraq PM ready to use force on Basra oil "gangs"

Italy pledges commitment to Iraq (withdrawing troops, upping assistance)

Nearly 300 prisoners released from prisons across Iraq

Lamont Wins MoveOn's Endorsement ... Tops Lieberman 85 Pct. to 14 Pct.

DHS Personnel Officer Resigns as Dept. Tackles Crucial Workplace Issues

AP Car bombs, mortars leave 40 dead in Iraq (Tues) PLUS 40 on Monday

New Orleans again vulnerable as new hurricane season opens

SF City Hall evacuated after suspicious packages are found

Murtha coming up, 4:30 EDT, on Wolfie, CNN

Consumer Confidence Drops in May

Maryland jury convicts sniper

DJIA off 184 at close.

U.S. military releases 204 detainees in Iraq

Democrats close gap on national security

Symantec Repairs Flaw in Antivirus Software

Time's Michael Ware Moves To CNN (Baghdad correspondent)

Veterans Official Steps Down After Theft

NYT: On a Marine Base, Disbelief Over Charges (Haditha)

U.S. Cautious on New Iran Diplomacy

Sen. Reid met with two of Abramoff's tribal clients

Bolivian president thanks Chirac for support for gas nationalization

Saddam alleged victims 'are alive'

FBI ends search for Hoffa's body

Source: Treasury Secretary Snow resigns

Marines bring supplies for quake victims

Petition filing could halt S. Dakota abortion ban

NYT: A River Cuts a New Course, Leaving a New Hampshire Town High and Dry


Sources: Lawmakers told to brace for Haditha fallout

(Hacket) Lawyer: officers not target of investigations into Iraqi killings

Argentina's Kirchner blasts defenders of military regime (US-supported)

Lead figure in phone jam to advise GOP contenders--WaPo

House Still Seething Over FBI Raid

Sandia Labs tinkers with 'silent' mortar

Pentagon: Iraq Insurgency Steady Until '07

(Bush's) New Policy Adviser Admits Altering Text (Zinsmeister)

Moscow says banned gays because "cleaner" than West

Shah's son urges action on Iran

Pedophiles to launch political party

ElBaradei: Iran not an immediate nuclear threat

Bush To Show "United 93" At White House

Justices, 5-4, Limit Whistleblower Suits

Law needed to limit FBI raids, lawmaker says (Sensenbrenner)

Ex-Kansas GOP Chair Switches Affiliation

Venezuela spending billions on defense

Brake Failure on U.S. Truck Caused Crash

Former Pa. Congressman Reacts To Santorum's Residency Claims

Iraqi PM vows action on security jobs, Basra

Murtha: It's Time to Redeploy

Bush Learned of Haditha Deaths From Press

Reid defends boxing tickets: Ringside seats came from state agency

Giving airline data to US illegal: EU court (Reuters)

Crowd joins widow to seek memorial for Wiccan soldier

Good night, Lounge folk! I go sleepy.

How long can an OP be before you just don't care for the thread

any geometry geeks out there who can help me?


Who is this Tom guy on all the myspace profiles???

Bush makes me cry

This is not a sex thread

Hey, my definition of freeper got put on Urban Dictionary!

Ribbit or Rabbit?

i wonder how many myspace posts kitchenwitch can make??

Australian brothel owners want exemption to anti-smoking laws

Insomniacs UNITE !

Brothels Ask For Exemption From Smoking Ban

Student Suspended For Chewing Caffeine Gum

Where's Clintmax?

Man Frees Puppy From Alligator's Jaws

Kentucky Man Finds Python In Rental Car

US Marshals Switching to Red Hat Linux

Do you fix a lunch for anyone? I just made my last one because my guy....

When I first arrived you were all such jerks,

Meat Loaf Says He Doesn't Remember 'American Idol' Performance

I wonder if there is a HUGH MORAN on myspace?

Sometimes it sucks to live in the Middle East

Bush announces US Army will be renamed "Republican Guard"

Last pic for the weekend...

Questions to ask the OB/GYN doc this am?

Happy birthday wishes to...........

Yes! My buddy Jay and I are embarking on a caper

Good Tuesday Morning, Crew! (R_A edition)

The Department Of Redundancy Department

Wallet Found Right Where It Was Dropped - In 1971

The new MIKE KENEALLY album ROCKS! Seriously.

Best IT presentation title EVAH.

I had to do a little work in the yard this weekend because...

Memo to the State of OREGON

LOST fans- get your action figures this fall.

A Morning Poem

ACK! *Hasselhoff*

I got to spend a really nice day with PoppyG on Saturday.

Pins and needles

Who else is ready for some "Rescue Me" tonight? nt

Okay, so you're stuck on a sinking ship...

What is the graver sin?

Air conditioner fans

no one around to have lunch with - waaaahhhhhhhh

Cheney vs. the Penguin: Twins Separated at birth?

One of those times I wish for waterproof protection for my computer screen

Tommy Gavin or Tony Soprano?

Just shaved my head.

My brother is about to make me an uncle

Really? People can't be this stupid...

I just added the first person ever to my ignore list.

CONFESS!!!! How has Kudzu and the thread impacted your life?

Any HVAC pro's out there?

Can you guess the identity of this famous rockstar offspring?

I look like a rabid chipmunk! Help!!

Closing on an auctioned property

My husband needs BIFOCALS!

A rant about customer service auto-lines

Tuesday, May 30. William Shatner's Thought For The Day:

I just blew up...

Man Who Couldn't Swim Drowns Trying To Save Remote Control Boat

What brand of shoes do you wear?

We had a big family reunion on Sunday:

Baby Born With Third Arm

Set Your Recorders... My Sister's Movie Debut Is Coming Soon!!!

I really want this!

Time for 10 random answers (again)

Kitten Gets Head Stuck In Toilet

Watched "Jarhead" over the weekend.

I saw *THE* most offensive t-shirt last night

How can a damn dog bark every half-second for 3 hours straight

its official 9 1/2 weeks pregnant!!!!

Breaking In GD

Is it possible for an Objectivist to be a kind of progressive?

Glad to see that Martina Hingis finally shaved off her mustache

Thieves Targetting Lawn Ornaments

Hey, Loungers! Anybody listen to Al Franken today with Laurence

Accused Murderer Tries To Strangle His Lawyer In Court

American inventors at their very best!

Too much advanced technology?

What do you guess is the DU ratio of Girls to Boys?

This day in 1431, Joan of Arc was murdered.

Principal Vernon (from The Breakfast Club) has died...

It's 10:00 pm and it's NOT completely dark yet

And now, a follow-up

I just saw in the Google ads above


Why am I sooo freakin' tired?

Cop Eats 13 Doughnuts In 3 Minutes To Win Contest

Poodle (awesome film)

Damn phone phishers...

What's the funniest thing you've ever found on Wikipedia?

I'm procrastinating

did the cow really jump over the moon?

Pubic hairs aren't bodily functions eom.

Strippers Fight Outside Burning Club; At Least One Arrested

Very Strange Michael Jackson Video...


all my x's drive a lexus in the nexus...

BREAKING - Paris Hilton Will No Longer Bear Fur

After spending a lovely early afternoon in GD/GDP...

Male Restrooms.... funny!

When I check "My Posts," one of my posts has zero replies.

Quick Ones = Q. What do you call a virgin on a waterbed?

My God, I've been killing allot of threads. Am I that un-interesting?

Redneck BMW

Arlington National Cemetery Question

Tortillas (corn or flour)

Slow Ones = 1. How Do You Catch a Unique Rabbit?

10 Answers.

Tragic! It's Simply Tragic...

Happy Birthday Mel Blanc!

This 'poem - rap' is a must see!


GOPisEvil = "I Go, Pelvis!"

BREAKING - Paris Hilton Will No Longer Wear Fur

Is Rachel Ray really Janeane Garofola w/ a makeover?

DaVinci Code...Critics vs. Moviegoers...

Happy Birthday, newyawker99!

Ok, I'm really a Republican...

What would you name your band?

Wow! I just boarded Senator Barbara Boxer on a plane!

Meditating for Positive Energy. Want on the list?

Glasses SUCK!

Best Erin

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 5/30/06)

I thought this was funny


Bridge on the River Kwai

This is my 1000th post here on DU!!!!!!

Does anyone else hate that DD mercial w/the mom and kids

The Nairobi Trio

Don't come see me play this weekend!

What's your favorite Bogie film?

Quick Computer question

six questions on urinal etiquette

Should I put this on my resume?

"...and yada yada yada, I never heard from him again."

Tuesday, May 30. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

NEW from my garden....Just took these this morning.....dial-up warning....

Married with Children

What's your favorite toothpaste?

What is your favorite name that rhymns with Doris?

Things that make you feel old


10 Random Questions.

When you pass a mirror or other reflective surface, do you check yourself?


Advice needed - first day of new job and I HATE it.

Are you a "Bright"? Help me explore this website, won't you.

Banning or outlawing things.

Marital Status Poll for TODAY!

Post here if you can top this. And, trust me, you can't.

What's your favorite Boogie film?

My Las Vegas Vacation

What Color Is Your Favorite Mouthwash?

Puppy left in car dies-woman charged.

Man, music was so much cooler back then

What prevents you from getting married?

Common Foods, condiments, beverages you find utterly sickening?

Reply with lines from DU Google ads

We're seriously considering filing a criminal complaint

Anyone care to join me outside, for a clove?

Berlin's Love Parade revived: "The love is back"

Vote for what liquor should be used to make a Martini

Keynes Versus Daniel

Once again my fellow Americans embarass me...

Isn't saying that someone isn't really a christian not christian?

Oh great! Now Ahmadinejad wants to bring about the end times.

"Going Beyond God"

Don't want baby on 6.6.6. What will you be doing - or avoiding - on 6.6.6?

Please explain to me what the significance is of placing small stones...

Coming soon to a PC near you -- Left Behind: Eternal Forces

Why Believe?

U.S. trusts lowest for Atheists

Are we born with or without belief in a higher power???

Why is there a current obsession about 6/6/6?

Update on public health info, via 800 service, from the CDC:

New Therapy For Severe Depression Can Take Months To Work

Sleep More Important Than Diet For Weight Control

Life's Harsh Lessons 'make You More Gullible'-study

Satellite could open door on extra dimension

Sexual Desire is in Your Genes

Battle of the DIVAS!!!

I work for the greatest company ever!

The Freedom to Marry Coalition and Barack Obama Endorse Deval Patrick

I GUARANTEE the Pistons will beat Miami. (major dial up warning)

For those visualizing a healing light around the earth...violet or green?

the Bush Military History Project

List Kerry's accomplishments here - be THOROUGH

Oh I couldn't help chiming in -- Webbie/Miller-Hate-fest at dKos

Maya Angelou

Call C-Span alert: Kerry in LA on June 1st. (Major FP speech)

Ed Schultz talking about Swifties now

Sen. Bentsen's funeral (C-Span at 1:00 pm)

More dribble!

Global Warming a "hoax" -- was this in your paper today?

Mr Ward is on fire tonight

"simplicitude" - Would Repugs use this term if Bush used it first?

more from Jesus' General...this time on Feith

Touched by a noodley appendage...

A lake turns from blue to red..

I don't care anymore if you do not care what is ethical which is relative.

"Tears welled in the US president's eyes"...oh boo frikkety hoo.

Iran positions itself for big gains in Iraq as US role faltering

Japan cabinet approves funds to get 8,000 US troops to leave

Why Believe?

Europe vows to help Spain with immigration crisis

Shah’s son urges action, not rhetoric, on Iran - Punk wants a regime change

So my gas and electric bill in March was $497?????

Marines were traumatized after Haditha incident

"I'm Joe Lieberman and I approve this attack ad"

Freeper on Ray Tal now

Yesterday Palestine, today Iraq - Israeli/US troops, no difference

My government told me we didn't have enough troops in Vietnam too

Gore:"Become an activist as a consumer, as a voter, as a citizen."

Marines' families discuss Haditha deaths

Being Republican means...

Democracy Now show talking of troop incident of killing civilians.

Imus comments on Hillary Clinton: "that buck-toothed witch, Satan,"

The Rove Beetle

just announced on WJ-Snow has resigned..paulson new treas sec

Does anyone know how to do this?

US General from Iraq is pissed.

C-Span Call-in Question: I'll Answer It

Presidental powers discussion on WJourn. now. Good discussion.

Cassidy: Horror of war even worse 3 years later

The 500 Hours of 9/11 - NYT

Hank is bald!!!!

Diplomat Critical Of U.S. Aid To Somali Warlords Moved

"there is no such thing as too much retaliation."

Sensenbrenner, & Conyers-Raiding of Congress office Hearing Now-cspan

Anti-War Protestors (Olympia, WA) Hit With Pepper Spray

Okay, so you're stuck on a sinking ship...

what is John Snow smoking? surge in economy and lock on deficit spending?

I found the best prison & prison guard for Skilling, Lay and Bush & Co.!

Snow Resigns, Paulson To Succeed, Zoellick Mad, Cheney Whispering

Father upset that Army son must buy own uniform

Secret listening program in Iraq

The real Opus Dei

"No one died at Abu Ghraib" - Michael Smerconish on NBC Today

Another video for Memorial Day

the Afghan Backstreet Boys do a number

DU this live discussion about anti-global warming charlatans!

Bu$h visits elementary school...

Lloyd Bentsen memorial service on CSPAN 1pm ET (Bill Clinton to speak)

This outrage on the part of Congressmen re; raid on Jefferson's office

My letter to Thad Cochran re/Wiccan burial headstone

TPM totally annihilates the AP's Solomon story about Reid.

Two primaries for Menendez' old seat next Tuesday (NJ-13)

Bush announcing Snow resigning in WH garden now on cspan

Haditha Cartoon - I guess the Brits were not amused

Not-for-profit hospitals get three times more than they give: study

The speaker at the Memorial Day ceremony I covered yesterday

watching Jarhead tonight good or propaganda?

The Naked Truth about Christian Education...

So,what have they fucked up today?

Treasury Secretary Nominee: Failure To Ratify Kyoto Undermines

Dear Mr. President..

Katrina Survivor & Activists call for resignation of heads of NHC and NOAA

If Jenna Bush were killed in Iraq, would W finally understand?

The 29% will soon become the 10%, then the 2%. Then what?

U.S. sends 3,500 more troops to Iraq

EU Court Ruling Signals Break With U.S. Surveillance System

Is the Bush Regime a Sponsor of State Terrorism?

Congress Balks at Pentagon 'War on Terror' Missile...

Just had someone offer me tix to a Bush dinner

Narcissism, Corruption & Politics

Former Ney aide names names in Abramoff Case

10 to 15 a day just like her12

Drudge: IV twins born "the wrong color".

Feingold to address New Hampshire Democratic convention

Those who do not learn from history...

Conyers: A Closer Look at Presidential Signing Statements

Bush Hosting "United 93" Screening At WH...

Regime change official military policy with opening of new Pentagon office

The typiucal repukelikan nowadays...

Let the wild, blue tunes of Tuesday ride upon a CAPTION!!!!!

Imus comments on Al Gore: "the phoniest bastard on the planet,"

Jefferson Raid Supporters: President is using your hatred against Congress

The 2008 attacks on Gore have begun.

Why Republicans should vote for Kinky Friedman

Driver drags bike 4 miles

Found This in the MYSPACE Political Forum: Budget Numbers

Emptywheel's: Anatomy of a White House Smear, 3.3

The Iraq War—On Drugs (giving troops bags of meds, pills)

Could this info on Ney point to surveillance of congress?

Caption tony snow

DU Election Reform forum post picked-up by AfterDowningStreet

per Fox Poll: Jeb only one we can beat in 08

Iraq to probe US massacre -US Version Differs Widely From That Of Locals

Please DU this Poll!!!

Dems say oil execs, Bush Admin set to gain from estate tax repeal

Tyranny of the Christian Right

Has the FBI been politicized like the CIA has been?

Need help, something from FSTV

Molly Ivins: Reform The System Or Lose The Democracy

This old fogey just bought Neil Young's "Living With War"

Iraqi PM leaves no room for excuses for civilian deaths in terror fight

Rove-Novak Call Was Concern To Leak Investigators

Robert Redford: Kicking the oil habit

Rawstory:Feingold heads to New Hampshire; Silent on run...

Abortion Ban to be on The Ballot in South Dakota

The buck stops with Bush, not Rumsfeld - By Rahm Emanuel

Sensenbrenner To Draft Legislation To Limit FBI Raids Of Congress

Fox News to Choose Female Anchors for Brains, Not Looks (Beverage alert)

Jury Finds Washington Sniper Guilty of Six Counts of Murder

Tom Toles Cartoon ( Re: Al Gore)

'9/11: Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future' Conference

Jonathan Turley: 'deep constitutional crisis" re. FBI raid. now on cnn.

Laurence O'Donnell on Al's show

Gangs in the Military

US frustrates Swiss nuclear probe

Veterans Official Steps Down After Theft

Life's Harsh Lessons 'Make You More Gullible' - Study

I Would Love To See "Current" and "Link" TV Share Some Programing.

CNN says we are sending in 1500 more troops to troubled Anbar

'no child left behind" BS

Good For South Dakota Citizens!

The Incurious President

Can the Crime Family be tried for War Crimes?

WSJ: Incidents Prompt New Scrutiny Of Airplane Software Glitches

Natalee Holloway has been year

Once again another study shows that Abstience Pledges by Teenagers useless

HEY! I finally saw a "White Rose Society" Google banner ad!

Bush to host 'United 93' screening

Canadians for a Grown-Up Government...

Dems say oil execs, Bush Admin set to gain from estate tax repeal

Noam Chomsky: Why it's over for America

Banning and outlawing.

Officers not target of investigations into Iraqi killings -more bad apples

We need more "inconvenient truths:" here's a couple:

Gore being interviewed on NPR right now (CT)

Are we Even with Iraq yet for 9-11, or is it 10,000 of them for 1 of us?

The Dow is Down and we need a ........ CAPTION

White House take over

The NEW American Flag... steal this image...

Does anybody know the plan for Iraq?

It's a coalition of the dwindling

"The Guy James Show" has a great guest today!

Bayer dumps HIV tainted drug Overseas

Clinton to speak at Bensten memorial service

Henry Paulson - The New Bush Cheerleader

WSJ: How Exercise, Diet May Cut Girls' Later Breast-Cancer Risk

WSJ: Some Life Insurers Play by Different Rules

Al Gore film opens strong

MSNBC:Do you think there's any justification for what happened in Haditha?

Gossip Roundup: Cindy Adams: Expect “another 11” indictments.

Bush learned of Haditha deaths from press

check out this AWESOME letter to Editor...Kansas is waking up

Tweety's daily bending over backwards for Shrub

Republican Moral Equivalence: How a Flea Is Like an Elephant

Murtha coming up, 4:30 EDT, on Wolfie, CNN

has anyone done a comparative/side-by-side timeline of VN + Iraq????

Today's Cafferty Questions:

The pic is from Rense but I had to post it, too funny not to.

Dueling Headlines: CNN: "A Pattern"?-MSNBC: "Hell in Haditha"

Know what the greatest value of the book, the DaVince Code, is (for me)?

FoxNews analyst: "Global warming is bogus...dreamed up ...

They weren't born monsters, Bush created them . . .

DU This Poll And Read Article.....

"The Indictment That Wasn't"

Greg Palast on Peter B. Collins radio show right now! Listen online

Iraq PM impatient with US troops killing civilians (Impatient?)

CAPTION: What is Washington thinking?

Anybody else still unable to get on the crooksandliars site?

My latest

. . . we have lost confidence in the U.S. side . . . they can't protect us

Italy Vows To Still Assist Iraq Despite Troop Pull-out

Unanswered Questions: 9/11 widows : to 9/11 Commission

Zinsmeister is a Spinmeister (Bush adviser altered newspaper quotes)

CEO comp = 6.6% of co's annual earnings at largest 100 CA public cos.

About Memorial Day.

Ldotters sink to new low -re: deaths in cbs news team

VIDEO: Murtha accuses Pentagon of DELIBERATE Cover Up

Sole survivor of Indonesian family infected with bird flu unfazed

Those who do not learn from history...

America the failed state. First draft

This "raid" is so very, very much like the Watergate break-in...

Free boxing tickets is front page news?

Cafferty Read my response again!!!!!!! I was "Chris in Denver"

I'm an immigrant, but where I am there is little anti-immigrant fervor...

We traded 3,000 dead here and 2,468 dead in Iraq, all to help the enemy:

Snow: "The President is not afraid of people who disagree with him..."

Who is this?

The Wacko moms are on Dr. Phil today. Anyone watching?

Monkey Dance -- this is a great RAP -- sums the whole of human experience!

Is Rachel Ray really Janeane Garofola w/ a makeover?

Has anyone been to a Take Back America conference before?

Bush Nominates His Old Coke Dealer For Drug Czar (BSNews)

Let's DU a poll in Reid's backyard...

Al-Qaeda's long march to war

Riverbend's Bagdad Burning is back:

**Please sign this petition against military actin against Iran**

Great "Inconvenient Truth" review by a self-described Republican:

A great Digby post explains why wingnuts don't get Colbert: brain damage.

Michigan Residents Be Afraid

Bush picked Pat Paulson to be Treasury Secretary???????

Who does the blame for Haditha fall on, primarily?

Ted Nugent - Running for Governor of Michigan: Some helpful hints

Helen , Tony and the Karl Zinsmeister Show-down


OK, I am truly impressed with this young man

Who is more "Mainstream"?

High Court Trims Whistleblower Rights

Pet peeve regarding job searches and interviews (corporate)

Bush regime is sending more soldiers to Iraq, they predict more war

Um, why the Bush gear ads?

Amazing how someone like John Lennon

And why this man is not impeached just kills me.

Fahrenheit 911-and-a-half: Moore documentary sequel to be released in 2007

Impersonator (Bridges) adjusts makeup to make Bush seem more vigorous

Please try to see the repeat of the repeat on Smithsonian if you have

Today's CNN Headlines!: Hoffa Not Found! SF Bomb Scare A Dud!

Bastards in Suits verses People in Uniform: for Memorial Day

Yes President Stupid, words actually mean stuff.

To democratic senators who voted for bushes supreme court appointments

3rd anniversary for "Mission Accomplished", 1st for "last Throes"

Okay, this freaked me out. Any small business owners ever get a personal

Al Gore Interview on most Public Radio stations at 3:00pm EDT (Now!)

caption this

MSNBC: Jusice Dept concedes to give Jefferson copies

Haditha. Is my memory correct? Didn't we post about Haditha right after

Today in Afghanistan--message from the US Embassy

DU this MSNBC poll re: Haditha

I am not sure if it is one word or two words: Blood Bath in the markets

"There are more of us than there are generals."

CNet: Gonzales pressures ISPs on data retention

Laura Ingraham comments on the courage of journalists in Iraq

Bush's war has turned our young sons into psychotic monsters.

Do Democrats Have a Death Wish?

Race, Sex, Gender, Unions -- Selfishness

Do people have the moral obligation to care

Why they will NEVER find Hoffa's Body...

Clinton opponent fails to get war resolution before convention

Someone PLEASE Tell Me When This Will All End?

I am at a Memorial Day parade today and the local republican

Is the GOP trying to provoke impeachment??

CNN Breaking - Supreme Court Makes It Harder For Whistleblowers

Question about interest rates /new legislation/ credit cards

Hell, they killed the cousin of the Iraqi UN Ambassador in Haditha...

The smear game, as the GOP plays it is like Whack A Mole at the state fair

Bush and Rove have generals in to talk about Haditha

Why Republicans are like Slinkies ...

This picture is so freakin' heartbreaking:

Just read "Davinci code" a spoiler question and observation. SPOIL

Dixie Chicks Slated to Debut at #1!!!

Soldiers "receiving bags of antidepressants & sleeping meds"

Khan Nuclear Trafficking Probe Being Hampered by US

Has anyone got one of those Walmart Neighborhood Markets in your area?

Grrr. Bank of America annoyed me today.

Using Pentagon's 'America's Army' video game as memorial and protest

Bill Frist is on the TV talking about how millions of people will be dead

Implicated officer's hometown comments on Haditha Massacre

WHY WHY WHY isn't Rove indicted yet?

Shipmates, Liberty ain't what it used to be

Bush Reassures "The Markets" That They Can't Believe A Word He Says...

Howard Kurtz, Unreliable Source By Larry C. Johnson

Why is John Kerry attacking "SwiftBoaters" now??

The USA trying Saddam for Crimes Against Humanity is making us look stupid

Haditha massacre: Iraqis feel it "happens all the time."

That's it! I'm immigrating to Canada!

Apple's iBook Bursts Into Flames

I don't see support on the DOW til about 10,500.

Anyone notice the registrations are growing fast?

Me? I just don't think I could bring myself to shoot children in the head.

Re: Haditha..."Don't you remember Arab kids cheering after 9/11?"

When will the Clinton's join the Carlyle Group?

Another New Animation - Who We Are - YearlyKos Promo

Does This Offend You - And my response

John Bolton: A Rook in the Plame Scandal

I might consider being a terrorist if soldiers shot my kids in the head.

In NY - Hillary Pilloried

**Election Reform in the news- 2 NATIONAL publications TODAY!**

An inconvenient truth for immigrant bashers

Me 'n tha feller nex door . . .

Clint Curtis (Prog. asked to "hack" voting machines) running for Congress

Almost 100 years since the last great Republican President...

Bush Iraq Atrocities Bumper Sticker ------>

PHOTO: Yet another snarling bald white man with bad teeth.


Zogby Poll: 70 Mill. Voting Age Americans Support New 9/11 Investigation

The Leopold disaster was useful and instructive

New Bush Comic: Bush Goes To The Movies (sees United 93)

Holy Crap! Left Behind Game... Convert or Kill The Infidels!

Cunning Realist puts the blame for debt where it goes and where we go next

CA-50 repuke candidate suing CA cause his kids got 'outofstate' rate

Dougllas J. Feith syllabus

Once-United GOP Beginning to Fracture (see chart below)

Why do many think Dems have a better chance to take the House than Senate?

Can you find an extra $5-10 to help win a republican house seat in CA-50?

Some Manhattan Democratic Clubs decline to support Senator Clinton

NYT: MSM Covers Election Fraud-Disenfranchisement

Should Muslim refugees from around the world have the right to enter

New York Democrats designate Spitzer for governor

Bush to screen United 93 at WH

Have you all seen this girl, Nikki Mendicino?

Terry Gross Interviews Al Gore Today NPR

Why Iraq isn't like Vietnam - it's worse!

Warning - Logic alert (freepers need not read) - flaw in the arguments for

Hey! Conservatives and Libertarians! Wanna REALLY “shrink the gov’t” ...

Unlike Liberal Bloggers, CNN Doesn't Avoid The Hard News

Straight Marriage - the cornerstone of our society

Anyone know the estimated cost to run for President in 08?

Holy Joe's Trash Talkin'

Raw story developing, Russ Feingold headed to New Hampshire

Truly great video on google video

Video: Bill Clinton's eulogy at Lloyd Bentsen's funeral today

Librarians Speak Out for First Time After Being Gagged by Patriot Act

Henry Paulson, Goldman Sachs Chmn, is new Treasury Sec. Bush on TV

Iraq's new PM tired of US Troops killing civilians "by mistake".

Best. Protest. Sign. EVER.

Al Gore just ripped bush* big time

Big Dig overseer rewarded with Federal Highway post

David Sirota: Joe Lieberman & the Hostile Takeover of "Centrism"

Lamont Wins MoveOn's Endorsement ... Tops Lieberman 85 Pct. to 14 Pct.

The return of the trolls!

Quick old was bush when he committed his so-called

The GOP/ROVE machine is going to take you down AGAIN!!!

Gen Batiste on Hairballz

WSJ: Bush should have accepted Gonzales' resignation

YEARLYKOS Con :Ep. 2: Peace Takes Courage

One of my Freeper friends sent this to me.

Suits versus Uniforms and Supporting the Troops

My 'big picture' health care idea (the musings of a clown)

New Bush Comic: Bush Goes To The Movies (sees United 93)

Ex-Kansas GOP chair switches affiliation .... Rats Jumping Ship

Two articles about NeoCon movement WITHIN the Democratic Party

is it OK to kill for oil?

Are you more likely to vote for the passionate or the logical?

Laurence O'Donnell on Al's show

Alaska: Knowles to run for governor again

More evidence: Ex-Swiftie couldn't get the media to listen to him.

Our own tax simplification.

The POSITIVE THREAD - Post your fave's record - the votes and the issues

Democrats about to control 60% of Governorships?

The loss of middle class jobs in the U.S.