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Archives: May 4, 2006

Making Colbert Go Away: The docile press corps was offended when

Mary Cheney almost quit campaign over gay marriage (but still supports *)

The "New Totalitarianism" now defines a desperate neocon end game

U.S. Marines go hungry (begging for food from Iraqis)

The as yet unproven myth/theory of the all-powerful AIPAC

Was THIS plane shot down? (calling DU tinfoilers...)

Ohio Struggles to Fix Voting Problems

Its official. I ***hate*** Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia

Prepare for conflict, chiefs warn Ottawa

Tories, Liberals make common cause, NDP opposes NORAD renewal deal

High dollar not justified: Dodge

U.S. Marines go hungry (begging for food from Iraqis)

Mexico's Fox won't sign drug law

Secret Service records of Abramoff visits to WhiteHouse will be incomplete

Senate passes Obama-backed amendment for funding U.N. Darfur mission

(Ruth Bader) Ginsburg: Congress' Watchdog Plan 'Scary' ('Soviet')

Under U.S. Pressure, Mexico President Seeks Review of Drug Law

FCC approves Net-wiretapping taxes

Las Vegas Passes Resolution Opposing The Patriot Act

Giuliani calls Moussaoui verdict disappointing, symbol of justice

Lobbying Bill Passes Narrowly in House

Anthem in Spanish Doesn't Faze First Lady

NYT: Valerie Plame Seeks Book Deal

U.S. Urges Mexico To Rethink Drug Law

WP: U.S. to Step Up Disassembly of Older Nuclear Warheads

Mexico President Refuses to Sign Drug Bill

Iranian philosopher & intellectual Jahanbegloo arrested

Oil prices tumble on fuel report (BBC News)

Contractor's deal was Harris priority, former staffers say

Cheney has no regrets over Iraq invasion

Protesters, police clash over US base

Florida Governor Bush warns of levee failure (Lake Okeechobee)

Whooooh!!! Judge Joe Brown!!

Tom "Batshit Crazy" Cruise's Pre-Nup with Katie Holmes. Love is NOT dead.

YES, the Dead speak to us. This town belongs to the Dead,


Why I am leaving my current job, number 2,417:

"These terms only appear in links pointing to this page:"

He's BIG!

Like a Rolling Stone

America's Next Top Model

OMG! I can't believe Kelly Clarkson was just voted off American Idol!

I'm an American. Can I be your Idol?

WhY dO I kEeP hItTiNg CaPs LoCk WhEn I mEaN tO hIt TaB?

Russell Crowe Denies Calling Sharon Stone A Monkey-Ass-Face

30-something posts to 9000

Major spoiler on LOST.

Job-seekers: How long have you been seeking?

South Park: Nanny 9/11 to help w/ Cartman

So I put my blog back up

Resurect an old thread , response and question

Reason Skinner snubbed the Lounge on the homepage announcement:

File Trnasfer

Original UNALTERED Star Wars Trilogy coming to DVD!!!

This is probably the wrong forum, but . . .

I know a lot & I'm a little bored. I will solve most problems presented

A musical FYI

Anyone know a source of organic porn cran?

I've just seen the first lightning bugs. Wanna chase 'em with me?

Any one here a fan of This American Life. It is a great radio program.

I just poured chicken broth into my glass of Shiraz.

9000 posts.

Request: anyone know where I can find video of "brooks brother riot"?

Not ONE Reply To My Last 12 Posts. I Must Be Poison

I added a new module to my journal.

Does GD have its own brand of Kool-Aid??? Is it Fucknugget Kool-Aid?

I'm going to bed with Gene Rayburn and Richard Dawson.

help help! can someone capture an important W video clip?

If you've never had O'Hara's Irish Stout...

Port. Ruby or Tawny?

Dog owners.. What do you put in your Kongs?

Thursday List Thread

I need to confess to something terrible that I did today

I got a 6 AM (Eastern) delivery appointment. Ask me anything

WannaJumpMyScooter is going wild in GD

Why do spammers imagine I'll open "Re: joqyk news"?

What are you drinking?

I'm tipsy. It's nice.

Woah, I made 83 posts (including this one) in the last 24 hours...

A new religious fad: Buddhist Fundamentalism "Bufu"

Breaking: Scott McLellan shoots boy in face

Fucknugget vs Cat Poo Sandwich

Campbell's New England Clam Chowder is full of rocks!


If you -had- to name your kid something fucking weird

I just ate a bag of dill pickle potato chips, ask me anything

I'm an American. Can I be your Idiot?

I am such a nerd.

MatcomNews Late Edition: Fast Food Customer Tosses Grease at Customer

Why do spammers imagine I'll open "Re: matcom news"?

Real American Idol spoiler

You missed the New Orleans Jazz Fest? Take my PHOTO TOUR!

Dog Owners! What do you put in your bongs?

HehHehHeh....I'm Back to Lookin' at Older Attractive Jazzers Again!

A friend needs some prayers

Here's an idea!

What would you do with $50,000?

My Guitar! (only pic could find of it...)

Anyone know a source of organic corn bran?


What exactly is an "iota?"

999,930 to go

What gender ages better in terms of physical appearance?

Superman is a dick.

A new religious fad: Jewish Buddhism "Jubu"

So who else found a rare bird today???

Hey, do any of you watch GHOST HUNTERS?

George Lucas releasing the ORIGINAL versions of Star Wars again!

Am taking a stand on Immigration!

Test....Is this thing on?

My son is born!!!

What have you learned from past relationships?

After Making Beer Ever Lighter, Anheuser Faces a New Palate (WSJ)

Vote for your favorite creepy German celebrity!

Should I go to my 20 year High School Reunion?

Holy Cow - Major LOST Spoiler

How the Hell did YOU Survive Childhood?

What to you have in your body that wasn't there when you were born?

Vatican Re-Examines Ban on Contraception

Absolute Proof That Ghosts Exist!

"Because Atheism Is All About The Porn?"

Cassini Flies by Titan, Sees More Craters (NASA/JPL)

Damn it, stop saying that phrase!

Mary Cheney Considered Quitting 2004 Campaign Over Gay Marriage Issue

David Mariner: Howard Dean Lied About Firing DNC Gay Director

For anyone here reading Cobra II

Would anyone like to take on this "too little too late" poster?

So, what's your schedule like?

Is anyone watching Nancy Grace?

Darn it! I know this was just posted here and I can't find it!!!

Hayden smacks down writer for distorting Kerry's plan

Photos from the NOLA Jazz Fest.

KOEB - 5/3/06 - Is it Fitzo de Mayo yet?

Release Of Chicago Police Torture Report Postponed

Moussaoui gets life in prison

DUers - John Kenneth Galbraith is your man!

DId KO just say Mexico's Fox will NOT sign drug decriminalization bill?

CNN/AP: For late-night hosts, it's open season on Bush

I swear. This is really my hair. The guy next to me has

See? This is the goal post. Senor Bush must make it through

How much is the war in Iraq costing you?

CAPTION... Thumbs Up! Iran Dies!

Congress Says No To Permanent U.S. Military Bases in Iraq

What does Moussaoui, Ted Kaczynski, Eric Rudolph, Terry Nichols, & Bush...

Last Sunday's NYT Crossword: 15 down - judge (7 letters)

Anybody else havin problems accessing canofun website?

On AOL! NEWSFIGHT! COLBERT vs BUSH! Vote To Choose Who Wins!!!!

Snow Job's First Decision? Whether To Pull The Plug on WH Briefings!

New Phone Poll.

North America just got smaller

House Conservatives Back Crackdown on Gas Price Gouging

Tee hee Imposter "Trounces" Bushitler!

Judge Issues Opinion in Libby Case

Happy Birthday Pete Seeger 87! GUANTANAMERA

I was convinced that this man had raped and killed his daughter. He didn't

Rita Cosby is interviewing 2 family members. They are distraut and she

This is how we will be able to start something else:

Mexico's Fox will NOT sign drug decriminalization law-msnbc

How Do the anti-anthem-in-Spanish puritans feel about The Bible in Engish?

Nafta/Cafta/Shafta? Do Borders even matter?

Bush and The Rainbo Club

Does anyone know if the CIA leak grand jury actually met today?

Do Republicans lack the 'irony' gene?

Law And Order Is Based On Plame Case

The 23rd Qualm

Who is your favorite Kennedy?

Interesting stats on bumper sticker sales

Three al Q members in Military custody will never...

Jesus Christ was a victim of torture and the death penalty.

Mou-wahwah didn't kill anybody - unlike McVEIGH - AND

Did Stabenow really offer a $500 credit?

C-Span host compares Bush WH plan to nix daily briefings to Krelim

Anthem in Spanish Doesn't Faze First Lady

"Gas Prices Are Killing Me." sign in eastern Lancaster County, PA

Outed CIA Agent Valerie Plame Seeking Book Deal

Chevron to investigate gas price gouging

Come to Louisville Ky May 13 for Andrew Horne. We need your

Gods, are Republicans and conservatives IDIOTS!

Anyone notice subtle change about soda in schools?

Poll : Moussaoui : your opinion about the decision

colbert covering war protest in ny this weekend

over 40,000!! Keep 'em coming! Bwahahahahahah!

This is an old photo, but what is * doing?

Disgust! Instead of Musak I was treated to fascist demogogue

Mr. LD has asked me to quit saying the phrase, "I'm pissed off"

DU S'Carolinians Take Heart! Stephen Colbert is from Charleston!

He knew what was coming.He deserves death....

Give me affordable Health-care!

The more bedwetter news typers whine about Colbert, the funnier he is!

So I wrote my Senator about the $100 gas "rebate" . . . .

CNET News: Video of presidential roast attracts big Web audience

We need LESS comedy (Shrub), more BARBS (COLBERT).

Is C-SPAN video footage not public domain?

Malloy Humpday Check-In!

Don't move. Shhhh. Still now. THere is something on your head

Hey! Where's my damn cup of coffee? CAPTION

As The World Turns, NBC...

The Daily Show does it again!!! Great Show tonight! PLUS...

Does someone who still says "thinking outside the box" understand humor?

Oil Gevalt! Oy! Jon Stewart is hammering!

Nicholas Kristoff (Pulitzer for Darfur) on Tavis Smiley -- WOW!

Poll: Lieberman not hurt by Iraq stance

Colbert "was a bully," Richard Cohen whines

An unfond remembrance of bob hope

Question: Does anyone else think Anderson Cooper is this

Anderson Cooper's Mom Uses Sweatshop Labor to Make Her Fashions

Health Care for America - a rational question.

Did you ever see the film "The Warriors"? I have a thesis...

*: "Put the fire out, now! There is water everywhere. I want the fire out"

Big Dick: Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien --->>>

I've had it with you Specter slammers.

I am glad to be here in Tuskeege. Y'all had a syphilis problem

I have a feeling that this embassy will never open

Torches and Pitchforks

Hey DU! Have we yet thanked Admin for the New Home Page??

Montana grants WWI critics posthumous pardons (a little late)

(Ruth Bader) Ginsburg: Congress' Watchdog Plan 'Scary' ('Soviet')

We Must Honor Earth's Limits

Iraq For Sale - Help with Greenwald's new film on Iraq War Profiteering:

I hesitated to share this freeper experience but here it goes

Listening to Air America--Dallas today and almost every other commercial

"Law & Order": Gypped from the Headlines

Ignoring it didn't work. Saying he wasn't funny didn't work.

Iraq War Veteran/Author Paul Rieckhoff on Colbert Report tonight!

What do George Bush and Eric Cartman have in common?

So today I snapped at an elderly man pretty harshly concerning his sticker

While I might disagree with you, I will defend to my death

Move over Michael Moore....Steve Colbert is now the most hated


Lost souls, will they ever come around?

I think this News Network could change America (Or even the world)

Holy Crap!!! George W's palace

*Bush's eyes get very bright when he's talking about the death penalty.

Colbert the leftwing Trojan horse at * media lapdog banquet

Tom Cruise Inspires Ultrasound Legislation in California

Help me dispell the myth that Clinton could have assasinated Bin Laden

Firedoglake: "Fitz won"

Americans Were Told Reagan Wasn't Impeachable Cuz He Was "Too Likeable"


North Dakota to be First State to Issue Licenses to Hemp Farmers

OK, I'm hyperventilating with fear over avian chicken pox

new Bush nickname? "Il Dunce"

Letter to 'Republican' family;

Just can't get into the Moussaoui Thing...What's Wrong with Me /American?

JOe Scarborugh is ranting Moussaoui should have gotten the death

Talking Back To Your Doctor

Do You Think Bush Will Receive A General Pardon

Meet the man who will send Robin Hayes packing!

CAPTION Unka Dick with a 7th Cav hat... Little Big Horn TIme?

This site needs more female avatars to choose from. Suggestions!

This Bird Flu Pandemic "FORECAST" is complete BULLSHIT!

This high-octane rocket-rattling against Tehran is unlikely to succeed

Life in prison?? HELL NO!!! put Moussaoui to death

Congressman Conyers' Spring Newsletter

Sham ethics reform passes

"left wing commie douchbags" -Lieberman supporter to Lamont supporter

TPM: Wanna know what repub was on Shirlington Limo board of directors?

Bush waved Mexican flag in 2000 election

Anyone Ever Thought About Life Without Bush and His Cabal?

So Bush can hug and kiss...

Censure gets us nothing. Impeachment gets us little more .....

Moussaoui's defense atty just compared him to Bush on Reg Joe's show

Colbert Reaction Shows Media Are Frightened Of Bush

Torture and inhumane treatment are “widespread” in U.S.-run prisons

I see the passion in the eyes of DU'ers regarding Moussaoui


Some data from Tuesday- Dem turnout overwhelmed Repubs

Tim Ryan (D) Ohio is displaying a picture of Bush holding hands

Sherrod Brown wins with more votes than DeWine

Drop A Colbert Brick On Bush...

Bird Flu! Terror! Terror!

Lott: "When my own daughter harasses me, you know you're in trouble."

Important! Entire Bush reaction to Colbert video posted! He's mad!

"Ozone Al" for president in 2008? The heat is on.

I Have a Different, or Additional, Take on the Immigration "Crisis"


SO COOL what I am seeing on CSPAN now-Wasserman, Ryan, Delahunt

Have any of you received an email from John Edwards?

Rising gas prices -- a blessing in disguise?

"Red States, Blue States: New Labels for Long-Running Differences" (NYT)

Iraq: Woman doctor arrested after accusing US forces of stealing

Amnesty International: US Government creating "climate of torture"

Iran and the Democrats: Does it feel safe?

Jim Hightower - Bush's Imperial Presidency

NYT Pans Nightmare Nom: An Unqualified Judicial Nominee

Emperor Palpatine aka Darth Cheney Lectures Putin about Freedom

Finding a Way Home (homeless services help neighborhoods)

Baghdad anger at Bush's undiplomatic palace

So Not Funny (Colbert)

Sex, Lies, and Government Contracts

New Yorker: Not Wise

06 Race Update - Democrats In Full Swing

Sidney Blumenthal (The Guardian): Ridicule and contempt

The Onion--Illegal Immigrants Returning to Mexico for American Jobs

Arianna: "Net Neutrality": Why are the Bad Guys Better at naming things?

Meet Jerry Doe--Plame-like

Molly Ivins: Race Card Backfires on Republicans

FCC Approves Net-wiretapping Taxes

BushCO Spent $$1.6Billion on Publicity for the Iraq War...

Telecoms' Secret Plan to Wire Yellowstone Park (CDreams/Newswire)

The Energy Wars - rise of a new global energy elite

Bible's profile at the Capitol touches a chord

President Bush Commemorates National Day of Prayer

America, you won

Ozone Al' for president in 2008?

The State of Peak Oil Movement @the Cusp of Collapse(Ruppert)

The Most Important Thing In the Universe. It's Day Five of Colbertpalooza!

Lapdogs: How the Press Rolled Over for Bush

Scoop El País (Spanish) interview: Paul Pillar, ex-CIA Near-East chief

I’m with Stupid: Why Tony Snow is perfect for press sec.

Jobless claims rise last week(to 322,000), labor costs up (2.5% annualized

ADB warns of monetary turmoil

Schwab, Ameritrade, Etrade --

Fuel, fertilizer prices expected to keep climbing

Giant ozone hole may be forming over Tibet, experts warn

New Method Confirms Importance of Fungi in Arctic Nitrogen Cycle

Photovoltaic systems now have energy pay back times as low as 1.7 years!

Global warming weakens air currents

Michael Pollan's new book on the U.S. food chain provides much to chew on

New "100-Mile Diet" website

Some puzzled by Alaskans' opposition to wind farm (Mass. Cape Wind)

Glass-laced honey used to poison Pyrenees bears

As a British DUer who has been

Honeymoon over for Israel's incoming premier

Israeli, Palestinian women leaders meet to discuss peace

Israelis help rebuild Iran

The country that wouldn't grow up

Israeli, Palestinian women leaders meet to discuss peace

U.S. thwarting donor states' bids to send funds to Palestinians

Hamas: We'll move toward peace if Israel leaves occupied lands

Olmert: Settler blocs to be part of Israel forever

Found Any Realistic Explanations For Free Fall, Anywhere, Ever?

Errors in Loose Change 2

Washington Journal

Indiana Filmaker Debuts new 9/11 Movie

Bottom line...

9/11 Commission member calls for KSM to be tried

WOW 34 excellent articles in ER F & Related News but only 10 Votes...

Articles in today's Cleveland Plain Dealer on election fiasco

Useful for upcoming elections

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Thursday May 4

Diebold and Ohio: Nothing ever changes

Diebold Not to Blame for Diebold Disasters Says Diebold (Brad)

It's the programming code that is the problem

It's on the march: Vote-By-Mail, one county, one state at a time

Michael Moore's producer is looking for video of Andy.

Iowa Lawmakers Introduce Iraq War Resolution

CR Gazette says Vilsack talking to Whirlpool @ building them

Saw Bob Chambers today

So, say someone accidentally reverses the power supply to a hard drive...

UN Broadcasting Treaty seen as severely limiting essential freedoms

A radical notion

Austin: What is the state of the State Party?

Turn Howard loose!

Central Texas Couple Sentenced In Forced Child Labor Case

Does your city or county use Diebold touchscreens? Check this out!

Well I've finally done it. Given up meat and fish for health reasons.

When will US electronic products start coming down in price?

Did Teacher Strangle Teen, Go Dancing?

Perris Teacher Arrested For Sex With Student

Faux (oops, Fox): Homeland Security Issues Mass Transit Alert

Somalia blames US for funding Mogadishu warlords

CIA row hits U.S.-Europe intelligence work - lawyer

At least 5 dead in strike on Iraqi house-witnesses

Cheney accuses Putin of restricting rights

Cheney rebukes Russia on democracy

A new Hayat jury issue-Lodi Terrah! case

AP: U.N. Will Question U.S. Over Torture

Two US soldiers killed by bomb in Iraqi capital

Specter Gives Judicial Nominee New Hearing (at Democrats' request)

Dean fires Dems' gay outreach chief,Shakeup follows criticism by partner

NYT/Reuters: Democrats Push for Stem Cell Vote in US Senate

Ex-CIA analyst condemns Bush 'manipulation campaign' on Iraq

Sunshine brings British out to vote

Rise in Late Pays Not Worrisome (Housing Bubble)

Backlash to protests hits lawmakers like a brick

U.S.: Outtakes show al-Zarqawi as poor gunman

Prosecution Rests in Priest Murder Case

Central Texas Couple Sentenced In Forced Child Labor Case

Ray McGovern x -Cia agent was the one that yelled at Rumsfield

Breaking News: Strong earthquake .............

Laura Bush OK with Spanish

General: Zarqawi 'Bloopers' Tape Found

"Floods, Winds Strike Mo., Okla. and Texas"

Heckler greets Rumsfeld at policy speech

Bible's profile at the Capitol touches a chord

Darfur peace deal appears imminent. US/British proposal

Net censorship spreads worldwide

CNN//Reuters: Report: NASA lacks science funds

New push for direct talks between US and Iran

Harkin wants troops out by Dec. 31

(Katherine) Harris faltering in bid for a Senate seat

Three in Four Americans Angry About Gas Prices (Gallup)

House approves plan to put nuclear screeners at 22 seaports by next year

Marine from Connecticut killed in Iraq, father says (#2410)

An Ugly Turn in the Race to Oppose Mrs. Clinton

State Rep. Apologizes After Allegations Of Racist Remarks

Ex-Homeland Security aide freed on bail (sex charges) - CNN

Iran plays down threats to attack Israel

(Fla) School trips to Cuba face ban (bill sent to Jeb to sign)

Hot debate over Taliban student at Yale

Pa. Governor Opens Lead on GOP Challenger (49-35)

Swann Earned $1 Million in '05

US says zooming in on Zarqawi

Venezuela recalls envoy to Peru

WP: Unintended Pregancies of Poor Women on the Rise

Pentagon surfing 5,000 jihadist Web sites

Bolivia's Leader Faces Complex Task (Natural gas nationalistaion)

(Toledo) Blade Recognized For (Coingate) Investment Scandal Series

Accept U.S. war deserters, 'Peace Mom' pleads


BREAKING NEWS: Questions About Kennedy Car Accident (Patrick Kennedy)

Local GOP accused of hiding '02 donation (Abramoff/phone jamming)

Turkish Forces Are in Iraq: Turkish Spokesman

Poll finds Casey's lead falling

US Command unveils unflattering video snippet of al-Qaida in Iraq leader

05/04/06 FOX News Poll: Bush Approval Rebounds Slightly...

Bar Assn Backs Suit Challenging Eavesdropping Program

Kremlin says Cheney attacks on Russia "incomprehensible"

Rumsfeld strategy speech heckled ("I do not lie" says Rummy)

Bush's Spanish "not that good": spokesman (re: singing anthem)

Senate ignores veto threat, passes war-funds bill

(Jackson, MS mayor) Melton pulls over school buses to get a hug

bill gates wishes he wasn't so rich (why not give 51% to me then?)

Textbooks to include contributions by gays

Moussaoui Says `God Save Bin Laden' at Sentencing

Firefox gets a fresh security update

Officials Cut Funding to Navajo Head Start

Despite Upgrades, Humvee Deaths Up

Miss. Gov. Denies Pardon for Black Veteran

Teacher Out Of Job After X-Rated Video Surfaces

Bush calls U.S. a nation of prayer

Things I wonder about late at night

Brad Radke goes 7 innings before giving up home run.

Well, my worst week ever is half over. Good night!

I have a declaration to make!

What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?

Isn't it amazing how much online content is constantly being written by

Can you guess what they're selling?

Chef Pleads Guilty In 'Tomato Stabbing'

here's a pic of me playing with my organ--Enjoy!

I have a strange desire to create a totally useless thread

Real Estate Tycoon Wrestles Alligator - Alligator Bites Real Estate Tycoon

Are roses on a Piano better than......

I bought a paper shredder today

I hear the drizzle of the rain

I really, really hate these guys!

My current "Wheel in the Sky" streak is at 3 days

Can someone explain to me...

swimming together

Yay! Han shoots first again!

How cruel, but how true.

Good Thursday Morning, Crew!

I just want to say it's been great being on DU. (NOT a goodbye thread :P)

Why won't my DU Google button work anymore

So, who else is up at 3:45 am?

I miss my garden

Raccoon found atop Loop skyscraper

What should be the punishment

If you were given the opportunity to live in Hawaii for 3 years...

Dental veneers. Anybody got 'em ? Discuss, please...

OOPS!!!! Is that what those orange cones were for?

Lunch Choices today!

Why don't ALL cars have a rear-window wiper?

Why don't ALL cars have a rear-window wiper?

Male?Female DUers: Do you like hairy bi's?

I'm feeling blue. Post your favorite blue-mood songs. I'll start:

Woman Sets Snake (And Her Apartment) On Fire

I hate illegal aliens!!!!!!!

Scheduling SNAFU

Three words you should NEVER hear from a parent

Oh man! Would you Walrus Association people please leave me alone!

King Tut's Penis Rediscovered

Everyone wants to know how to read the sexual body language

George Lucas is worse than Dubya when it comes to beating a dead horse

Best blonde joke ever

Zuni's penis rediscovered

Let us all welcome a brand new DU'er

Rock on! Three years of college in the books!

Who's your favorite sensei?

I Am Mad At The Show, "Lost" (SPOILERS)

All people who generalize are morans

Vanity Post: Our film has been accepted at Silverdocs and will premiere

Bubba Knows All

thread moved

robynn chun Emails?

Charity exec who stole to pay dominatrix gets jail

Driver is stuck in a traffic jam on the highway. Nothing is moving.

Male hetero/bi DUers: Do you like hairy girls?

Advice please! My son is getting braces.

The asthmaticeog indifference thread!

Alligator Bites Fla. Real Estate Tycoon While Wrestling

make up cool stuff that you will do today

TV's "The Prisoner" *** SPOILERS REQUESTED ***

South Park

May the fourth be with you.

Charletson, SC flowers?

Fuck the fourth, may the fifth be with you!

The Word of the Day is.....

Underwire Bras Set Off Metal Detectors In California

W's penis lost, never to be rediscovered

Who's Your Favorite Cross-Dressing Male Actor?

$50,000 Trolley Engines Protected With Hair Nets

Lawmaker Wants To Ban Private Ultrasounds - Because Of Tom Cruise

It's done! My last assignment of the year!

"I'm a BIG star. I blow solar flares out of my ass."

A Civil War in the Marvel Universe!

I've eaten something unnatural every day this week.

Spell check


Is this right or wrong?

I don't want to be at work.

I am now Out Of The 700 Club!!!

Panic on the streets of Cleveland!

My power ranger cakes

I want someone to come over and scrapbook with me!

Netflix question

from the "Last Picture I Ever Took" Contest...

Requesting advice: Friendship in jeopardy

Click for Grænlendinga saga

Me, the Ugly American

MrsGrumpy's Crying Game...Part 2...

The beginning of the DU-Lounge

Father Pushes Past Cop To Aid Injured Daughter - Charged With Felony

If this were my kid

Post a pic of your favorite planet

Did you know that if an ATM machine breaks with your card

For jpgray: jpgray appreciation thread

Can all car dealers get you a 7 day insurance policy?

Help Help Help

I passed 15,000 kidney stones and didn't even realize it

what do you think of this Milky Way ad?

I never thought I would say this....but I am embarrassed for Tom Cruise

Gmail users

The healing power of DU.

Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan

Pickled Corpse Tumbles Out of Rum Barrel

Hah! My professor rules!

Post a pic of your favorite penis

Shoot me, please. Terrible earworm.

Apple folk, how do you handle this problem?

Unclear on the concept- the Head Shop (pic)

Cool Cat Disco Game

I passed 15,000 posts and didn't even realize it

so, I have returned

10 year missing cat returns home

National Geographic survey and results

a holiday tomorrow May 5th...

What's your favorite, perfect chocolate chip cookie?? I need DU

Nice full name, Pablo Picasso.

Kidnappers Threaten To Bake Stolen Store Mascot (Pillsbury Doughboy)

Some levititist on Bush............

*yawn* goodnight!

Why?!? (Warning for the squeamish)

Is it ok if I'm turning into a bum being retired???

Those disability insurance programs

right now, I'm drinking beer and eating a donut

Anyone know where I can get some VaPOOrize?

Why do dogs howl at fire/police sirens?

Aha! I've figured it out! Girls Gone Wild is a conspiracy to remove...

Edward R. Murrow Award from the Overseas Press Club

Black helicopters are following me! (pic!)

What is irony?...Irony is

Best song by The Who

OhioBlues - let us count the ways we love her

D-Leit. Delete. Destroy.Annihilate. If anyone saw this I would be ashamed.

Post a pic of your favorite plant

What do you do to counter your work life?

Your LEAST FAVORITE Dwarf out of the seven.

Update to MatcomNews: Lewis set for day in court (the Avon Lady Cat)

Squeech music live in Boston

Having a bad day, and nobody's talking to me.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 5/4/06)

Anyone know about $$$ and transport from London's Trafalgar Square

PBS Frontline "Country Boys"

The Moderator Appreciation Thread...

Fox pays Simon Cowell $36 million/year for American Idol

post a picture of yourself when you were older

If imagination is more important than knowledge...

is it true about Floogeldy and the clap

The REAL jpgray appreciation thread

Post a pic of a favorite pianist

Klaatu Barada Nikto

Cats and airplanes

TheSmokingGun.Com: 90-Year-Old Man Assaults Liberal Cop

The appreciation thread appreciation thread!

St. Louis restaurant help needed -- know a good one?

WHY is Floogeldy always clapping???

*vote here for the Lounge's theme song*

Meditating for (spiritual) Protection later. Anyone want on my list?

Elvis week on American Idol

What's good to do in Edinburgh, Scotland? We're going there next week!

"House" fans! Who else liked the 2-part episode? *SPOILERS*

Cat Heads To Trial For Terrorizing Neighbors (Cat Even Ambushed Avon Lady)

Look at this "vegetarian" gourmet food as seen on this website:

For librarians AND Natalie Portman lovers

Grannie's bummed

You favorite female rock drummer?

I HATE the phone company, and I'm fucking FURIOUS

If you could go back in time and stop ONE assasination,....


Congratulations BridgetBurke!! 15,000 posts

Post a picture of your favorite pants.

Congratulations no name no slogan!! 15,000 posts

Post a pic of your favorite painting

Post your favorite quote, (must be political in nature)

Happy birthday GOPFighter!!

Someone just paid $95 million for a Picasso.

How come people don't talk shit on that "Spirit in the Sky" song?

Lez Zeppelin - all female Led Zeppelin tribute band

A pre prepared message to all the ladies with regards to the world cup.

So.. what game(s) are you currently addicted to?

CPD's Random Wikipedia Link of the Day: The man who saved the world


Find Out Who Simon Cowell Thinks Should Win 'Idol'

UK Guardian: 'Everywhere I turned, I ran into sexual abuse'

Happy Reason Day!!

Guardian: Japanese doomsday cult leader likely to hang

Tim LaHaye: G. Washington would be xian fundy. Fact: LaHaye is a ass.

Medicare information given to seniors often wrong, study shows

Anybody have experience with Golden Rule individual insurance?

Cancer Patients, Survivors Find Relief Through Ancient Practice

New Storm on Jupiter Hints at Climate Change

King Tut's Penis Rediscovered

What is your age and at what age did you come out?

Gay Group Demands Apology For Episcopal Leader's 'Terrorist Bomb' Remark

NHL Awards: Finalists Announced

Incoming England manager McClaren gets ringing endorsement

Kentucky Derby is this weekend

Bleh! baseball Cardinals' owners cutting free tv broadcasts on KPLR...

A question about Bonds and the HR issue

UPDATE on Smoke

anyone picking up any bad vibes on Cheney

help me understand these intuitive feelings I 've been having

Is there any way to bring this outrage to JK's attention?

Rethugs believe curbing lawsuits = healthcare. Morons.

Tom Tomorrow--Kerry and the media (old one from 2004)

Tables turned

Kerry & Rep Hinchey Intro Bills to Repeal Oil Co. Tax Breaks & Subsidies

My new response to Skull and Bones

Pic from Monday

DU's love-hate relationship with JK: some rambling thoughts

Lessons of Kent State Still Important 36 Years Later

Countdown Newsletter -- 05/04/06: Shut Up, Go Directly to Jail

KOEB 5/4/06 Z man on the run ..... a la Gilbert & Sullivan

American Hostages

ConsortiumNews: "Lesson of Iraq War - Don't Scrap Your WMDs"

SSDD. More stupid RW plans for 'Reducing dependence on Middle Eastern oil'

Breaking: Scott McLellan shoots boy in face

Was THIS plane shot down? (calling DU tinfoilers...)

Recent South Park: Cartman is a total mirror image of *

Our Monarch above the law

Sycophantic courtiers.....

Once More Unto The Breach

Sometimes I feel so uninspired

President Hu: If Iran developes nukes, then Taiwan will get some nukes...

Daily Kos wins media awareness award!

Is the US Dollar "pegged" to the Saudi Arabian Riyal and Pakistani Rupee??

Petition: Torture is Un-American

The simple stupidity of speaking one language...

washington journal time-new head of FEMA,Strategic redployment

AOL Poll: Was Colbert funny and appropriate? Rate his jokes. Please DU!

In the Chaos of Iraq, One Project is on Target: a Giant US Embassy...

It's showdown time in Pakistan...

Postage Stamp Increase = Bush's War Tax...

Does anyone have a link to shows that Plame was looking into Iran

Headline on Cleveland - Plain Dealer this AM: Why Are We Still Counting?

Washington Journal

Ex-CIA analyst (Pillar) condemns Bush 'manipulation campaign' on Iraq

Why don't ALL cars have a rear-window wiper?

Bribery Contractor deal was Katherine Harris priority-former staffers say

Don't finish that cup of coffee before you . . . . . . . . . CAPTION!!!!

Turkey massing troops on Iraq border is making everyone nervous

Amnesty International: US Government Creating "Climate of Torture"

I'm afaid that even Project X might not pull it out for America...

Cheney wants Russia to stop using energy supplies for "blackmail"

Vermonters deliver impeachment resolutions to Congress

Whee! Kos wins media awareness award!

To all on DU - May the 4th............

Hybrid sales up 139% in '05

Valerie Plame Shopping Book Proposal (Hope it's published before November)

Universal Pictures Shuts Down It's Message Boards

2 U.S. Soldiers Killed by Bomb in Iraq

...So ... Don't Argue Their Point...

Anyone else hear Paulson (acting FEMA Director) Call Gulf folks "Stupid'

Wanna ask MSNBC's head honcho Rick Kaplan a question?

Bush declined to meet Norway's PM: reports

The Intelligence War Over Iran

Nadler on C-Span WJ re: Port Security bill - vote today 9:35 am


CNNMoney: YouTube sees user rebellion

Tested by fire and standing perky, she will never give up!

Improve Elections - Take Action Today >>>>>>>>>>>>>

More ACLU Docs show FBI spied on faith-based peace group...

Don't fear "the Jackal": The growing paranoia of Dick Cheney

Why won't my DU Google button work anymore

OMG!: Cheney Lectures Russia About Reform...

Iraqi vicar wears a pink kerchief in his pocket...

Stem Cell Discussion: Durbin on the floor, CSPAN2, calling repugs on

Marathon station selling gas for $2.35 a gallon

Well, no, I don't EXACTLY know, you see, I have people...

Impeachment Ad to be in USA Today within next several days....


Special Head On Radio Network Broadcast

CAPTION the National Day of Prayer...

Lest We forget

Bush won't let the Taiwanese Presidents jet land on mainland USA

Status of GJ- did they meet yesterday?

Do we still have sedition laws on the books here

Somalia blames U.S. for funding Mogadishu warlords


Good morning, an immigration comic to start your day:

Plame/Libby court experts what does this mean

If the GDP is Up, Why is America Down?

See, the US is a big country. Germany is a small one... CAPTION



What was your favorite Colbert line?

Why all the anecdotal stories?

Kaavya Syndrome.

kiss Yellowstone Park goodbye - illegal secret meetings

i realized just how bad things are getting

is Mexico a sovereign nation?

Bush's Chamber of Secrets: How they'll prove to be his undoing.

Dahr Jamail: "Reason for Their Death Is Known"

Legal Advice Desperately Needed-S.Carolina-He told her to leave and...

Alligator Bites Fla. Real Estate Tycoon While Wrestling

House Lobbying Rules Call for More Disclosure

How many of you are going to Mexico to consume legal drugs?

Mexico's Fox balks at signing drug law

Dean fires Dems' gay outreach chief,Shakeup follows criticism by partner

Colbert Shocks the Media Silent


FYI: Guests on "Real Time" w/Bill Maher tomorrow:

Trying to Make Science Entertaining in "The Flock of Dodos"

I say we start a "Quench Republican Bloodlust" fundraising event

Half the day gone, no evidence of prediction coming true, yet.

Finally! A way to eliminate automatic congressional pay raises!

Pesticides Found In Winter Snow At National Parks

"Cheney Lectures Russia About Reform" Oh. My. Word!

How Gatsby Got Wild

Which comedian should speak at the next Nat Press Club meeting?

How about a Caption for Karen Hughes - pic

Nation’s retailers post best sales in two years

Musharraf has a bull's eye on his head

Little Big Dick "Chutzpah" Cheney Blasts Russia with Blatant Hypocrisy

How about a Caption for Ken Lay - pics

Sidney Blumenthal: Ridicule and contempt

Kent Conrad,D-ND is tearing it up on Senate Floor-CSPAN-2

(Audio) Bush doing his weekly address in Spanish on Cinco de Mayo 2001

all bush did was weaken

Tony! Tony! Tony!

Our military never seems to own up when they kill innocents in Iraq.

Breaking: Moussaoui Saves Box Of Kittens From Burning Warehouse

Spanish speaking DUers.... Time to get to work.

Mencken on fearmongers in Washington

Daschle group files Abramoff complaint in New Hampshire

If Colbert had a few more minutes to go what could he have added?

Myanmar's junta goes for the kill

'A New Anthem, for ALL languages'

Verdict Raises Questions (why some prosecuted, some not article)

Laura Bush Sets All-Time Record, Flip-Flops in Just 25 Seconds

Karl Rove in a Corner (excerpt from 2004 article)

Senate GOP offers $100 rebate checks to Darfur victims

US air strike kills 13 in Iraq: medics (May 4, 2006 in pictures)

Why Stephen Colbert didn't bomb in D.C

That Rove indictment been handed up yet?

WH says * didn't sing anthem in Spanish - his Spanish is not that good

Study: Bush owes 2000 "win" to Fox News

Santorum took corporate flights while arguing against perk

A question about the Colbert "audition" video...

Bigoted Beck set for CNN debut

State's Rights: From Succession, to Sovereignty, to Obstruction.

Is anyone else getting "Illegal Imigration", forwarded e- mails?

ATLANTA ... Representin'!!

Before this comment gets lost amidst the 45,000 other Colbert "thank yous"

What about contacting the

Today's Luckovich is brilliant! Check it out -->

I will not support drilling in ANWR

Colbert's crime? He ruined the party

DFA: Three more strong GOP districts in 2004 are "in play" in 2006

Fox pays Simon Cowell $36 million/year for American Idol

I got called a "faggot" by an old man the other day.

It appears as if the Dollar is in play!

Two George W. Stupid screen caps and a really dumb quote...

NAFTA: A Disaster For Mexicans As Well As Americans

Brad Friedman on "The Guy James Show" today

Southern FL is the next NOLA if we get hit with a big hurricane this year.

Why Moussaoui and not Khalid Sheik Mohammed?

American Journalism Review: Shut down WH Correspondents dinner

Waitasec. Cuba is OFFICIALLY considered a TERRORIST nation by the US govt?

I just heard that phosphates & soaps were banned from Lake Geneva in 1933.

Does anybody have a link to Georgie looking under his office desk

Rummy taking hard questions about the war on CNN.

Paris may seek Moussaoui transfer to France

If you could live anywhere else


Caption this * pic

E&P: Analysis: Libby's Latest Filing Puts Judith Miller on the Spot

Is Your GOP Congressperson Ashamed of the War? Mine Is.

A message from Ramsey Clark

Colbert chatter just won't stop

Katherine Harris' campaign looking like the "Caine Mutiny"

Andrew Sullivan gets it right

TPM: Bush is a coward and buck-passer; the whole country suffers for it

Iraq better off now? I think not

Why is Randi away again, do you know? She OK? nt

Describe one aspect of Bush's character with a single word. Ex.: coward

Ed Shultz playing Ray McGovern questioning Rummy now!

Clark was heard moaning and groaning and when the curtain was...

Stephen Colbert wins Buzzflash Award (Wings of Justice)

Sago Blast Probe Focuses on Lightning

Colbert's performance has been eradicated from

" new websties springing up" the Thank Colbert--even as this skit bombed

SCANDAL : Rove got a Cunningham-style deal when he sold a house.

Here's my Stephen Colbert homage!

Sir! No Sir! - Must See! (Film Screen w/Info & Links for City Near You)

This is just begging for a caption...

U.S. occupation air raid kills 13 Innocent Iraqi People in Ramadi!

Republicans yesterday vs Republicans today

US cash-out refinancing above 15-year high

Republican Solution to Immigration

UNICEF slams malnutrition in India (let them eat call centers).

nods to kpete-harry reid eviscerates george w bush

DHS warning in Indiana! Urgent!

Media Matters: What would it take for CNN to cancel Glenn Beck's contract?

Senate setting up Bush for first veto!

Local Fox TV news anchor arrested for statutory rape

Joe Klein on Al Franken Now - I'm Turning OFF While He's On

Unwelcoming Party For Karl Rove At PA Fundraiser scheduled

Kentucky Derby is this weekend

they are protesting rumsfeld live on cnn

Someone just paid $95 million for a Picasso.

The Stephen Colbert Reader (Link Dump!)

If imagination is more important than knowledge...

Caption this * pic

ok-homework time-who has ties to these drug companies?

Abramoff money may be connected to phone jamming


REPORT: B-52 Bomb Racks being changed out.

Good programs coming up on Wisconsin Public Radio

Dean has a MySpace page, playing "Dear Mr President"

No WMD's here - they laugh long & hard!

New (silly) comic. Topic: a certain nutcase

Archive of Special Exhibition Edition of Head On with Bob Kincaid now up!

* Scandals Getting Old; Which One Will Finally Take * Down?

i thought it was good to

Kent State: 36 years ago today

PHOTO: The Happy Republican Mugshot - An new trend?

Can someone, in a nutshell, wrap up the net neutrality issue?

IDEA: The '50 State' Impeachment Project

HAHA...Begala got off a good zinger:

New '08 GOP poll: McCain strong in NH but not Iowa

History might say McGovern's ambush of Rummy owed to the Colbert Effect

"Bienvenidos".... Remarks by President Bush on Cinco de Mayo

Is it illegal to charge more for using a credit card?

I propose a new word, , usage can vary

So J.Leopold said that a presser on Fri would be announced today.

In my house, I am "the Decider."

Democratic candidate/vet - Andrew Horne hitting Bush & Cabal

Which DUer coined the phrase "He has got big Colberts"?

One would think that the countries surrounding Iran

$GAS...Start the motorbike revolution!

Woah, Rumsfeld on CNN live now

Ray McGovern x -Cia agent was the one that yelled at Rumsfield

White House Insider (former FBI) Admits To Espionage

In 1928, THOUSANDS of people died when Lake Okeechobee,FL(WARNING GRAPHIC)

does anyone know who else was at Rumsfeld's thing today?

In The Demo(25-54 Age), O'Reilly Hits A New Low

Mr. Colbert: You Forgot to mention the MOST important topic !

Homeland Security Will Embed Reporters for Disaster Reporting

Apple folk, how do you handle this problem?

Hayden smacks down warmongering writer for distorting Kerry's plan

Anyone See CBS last nite - fuel differences in SUV & Prius?

Ex-GOP Majority Leader in FL: "I will not sell my soul"

Buenos Dias, Dittoheads!!!

Surfing for Jihad

AOL: about that backwash

Zarqawi's Other Side: Girlie Man

Dan Abrahams reporting about weed smoking on campus.

The Neocons Were Setting Stage for Iraq War BEFORE Bush Was Elected

Discovery of Zarqawi tape reveals Pentagon's new Iraq strategy:

Stephen Colbert and the Death of "The Room"

A little Colbert FLASH for you all

Federal Dynamic Strikes Again!

Mary Cheney puff interview on

Kent State

My e-mail to the WP 'journalist' that thought Colbert bullied Bush

AP: McClellan Says Bush's Spanish Not Good

My neighbor girl leaves for basic training May 10th.

My thoughts on Immigration

What would * have to do to get impeached?

CNN-Congressman Patrick Kennedy RI- Crashed into Barricade on Capital Hill

WEDGIE!!!!! thursday's toon 5/4

What would be a good inspirational song for the Democratic Party?

South Dakota's Abortion Revolt

Froomkin revisits Colbert to dissect the Bush/media relationship

Tweety shows Iraqi Army deserting! Where's the corporate media?

If you want to see Blair take a kicking, follow this link

Chimpy's Cinco de Mayo a little early (photo)

Itchin' For Fitzin!

O'Reilly hits new low!

Lou Dobbs JUST SAID Mexico Is The #1 SUPPLIER of METH In The U.S.

Why dogs don't live as long as Repukes (and some dems)

Gas prices undermine Bush ties (more GOP lies)

You know we're in political times when OC food reviews are political!

Video of Bush Singing Anthem in Spanish?

Who's got videos of .......

First Graduate of the New American/Iraqi Imperious Guard

Same-sex couples forced into exile from US flock to Britain

(Pollster) Bush's image a problem for GOP ".....the point of no return"

Let's have some fun - imagine a Bush/God conversation

Klein: "I never said that the left hates America... (Weasel!)

Rumsferatu Heckled by Anti War Protestors (RAY MCGOVERN)

2410 Reasons why the DSM is Important

If no one is watching C-SPAN 1 right now .. you're missing a cat fight

Tell this to Freepers who are against Cinco de Mayo:

How will Moussaoui spend the rest of his days? (NPR Story)

keennedy and the media

To keep our Sanity....we need to remember that "THEY" are Caged Preditors.

Hey, Can DU Have A Guessing Contest For The Friday News Dump?

Katherine Harris's losing it! (her mind or her driver's license!)

Martial Law : 9/11 Rise of the Police State/Free Download/LINK

WLIB/AAR renews it's lease...?

Congrats to Haley Barber and The GOP! Mississippi no longer poorest state!

King Tut's Penis Rediscovered

The Ernest T. Bass Presidency

Skeptics warn bird flu fears are overblown

UN Broadcasting Treaty seen as severely limiting essential freedoms

Maybe This is Why People are Attacking a Kennedy AGAIN....

Cohen (WP) and Colbert ...... "he was a bully"

What life in prison will be for Moussaoui

say what you want about Dobbs-he isn't owned by anyone.

say a prayer or observe a moment of silence today for the Kent State dead.

Colbert /One of Greatest American speeches of all time?

ACLU petition needs signatures by 5/5: "Torture is un-American"

Wolf is on the Kenndy story again.

Help me debunk

Sheriff Joe Arpaio (R-Phoenix) insults Arizona yet again

Biden (running for pres) Once Again Refuses To Renounce His IWR Vote!

Saw my first "black helicopter" today. Actually a very dark flat

CNN reporting Rep. Pat Kennedy in auto accident - insinuating he was drunk

Pablo Neruda's last poem

Would anyone like to discuss Joe Klein's writing?

Blumenthal on Colbert & Bush: The Fool and the Knave (Salon)

please du this poll in my neocon local paper

GOP's Ed Rollins: Hookergate is "Big"

First they ignore Colbert.

Springsteen's "Seeger Sessions" Debuts at #3 (Yes, it's a protest album)

Any DU lawyers?

Dumbed Down Americans: Chattel for Global Tyranny

Tin Soldiers and Nixon coming....

Slam Dunk Scooter

Cindy Sheehan: Pro-American = Anti-Bushco

Bush's Bird Flu Plans

If Bush was a Democrat and Repukes controlled Congress, what would happen?

bush the idiot's expressions when listening to Colbert


colin powell suggests that we forget about the run up to Iraq

Please post a link to the Colbert WH Corres. dinner.

Shouldn't fundies be prohibited from speaking 'in tongues?'

How smart are you? Take a look at an 1895 8th grade exam.

great video from crooksandliars

Can't Believe It... Lou Dobbs Actually SAID Nothing About

Anyone catch Alison Steward's "The Most"

Molly Ivins---Republicans wake a sleeping giant

Are Democrats and Republicans equally corrupt?

(Back in the USSR?): Homeland Security Will Embed Reporters

Have fun with this whackjob email I got today!

VIDEO: Rumsfeld Called Out On Lies About WMD

seen on a bumper sticker today

$5 a gallon!

Interesting email - is this true?

Jobs people some won't take.

"Floods, Winds Strike Mo., Okla. and Texas"

Rummy grilled by protestors, heckled. etc. cnn now on Wolf

VIDEO: McGovern flames Rummy on CNN!

OK, have you seen the National Anthem in binary code yet?

WH press briefing - 12:15 edt c-span3

In Iraq Today: Bombs Here, Bombs There, Bombs Everywhere...

GREAT radio interview with Iraq War Veteran/Author Paul Rieckhoff!

"Ballsalicious" Photo of protester who interupted Rummy's speech..5/14/06

The revolution has begun!

Washington has big guns and planes. But Iran has 150,000 American hostages

Bush in distress: reaction shots at the WH Correspondents Dinner

Salon- 5 pgs from Eric Boehlert's LAPDOGS: How Bush Got the Press to Heel

New Stephen Colbert avatar!

Bush Could Ease Pain at the Pump--If He Wanted

NBC evening news story on Colbert

RW Talking Point on why people in the UK are healthier

Was Jesus really a liberal?

Non sequitors and other "debate techniques"...

Are air shows a waste of oil?

I have decided to support Alaskan drilling on ONE condition --

Beyond The Minutemen

The Truth Behind Their Mexican Bashing Nonsense (They want more Mexicans)

Thought experiment: How would you lower the price of gas?

Radiopower Lightning Strike Progress Report

I present to DU, the ULTIMATE in hilarious irony.

Air America welcomes...Little Rock, AR! (YAY! IT HAS RANDI LIVE!)

DIEBOLD DISASTERS CONTINUE: Security Alert in PA! Failures in MI and OH!

The myth that illegals are bringing down wages for all.

What are Democrats saying, ON TV, about Colbert?

Stephen Colbert- Genius, or Geniusest?

Latino/Hispanic Group Mission Statement

In his Last column, Richard Cohen Said 3 Surprising Things!!

The countdown to a massive aerial bombing of Iran . . . has begun?

It's all over. WE live in a fascist state. This is outrageous.

* and the Serial Killer Personality

Rove, this is for you......ENJOY !!!!

Controversial New Way for Women to 'Pay' Rent

Portland May DU MeetUp this Saturday!

New Brinkley Book: Nagin clueless, collapsing coward...

"Capitalism created the greatest middle class in history"

Warning: No-Groping Zone

Let's have a big DU appreciation thread for Ray McGovern

Valerie Plame "Shopping Around" For A Book Deal. Why?

Stephen Colbert's Birthday Is...

Ray McGovern PUBLICLY Accuses Rummy Of Lying About WMDs

George W. and the Skeletons in his Closet -- Juicy Pravda Hit Piece

Democrats Must Fight Illegal Immigration

GOP courting Unions

Fundraising e-mail from Elizabeth Dole.

OC Weekly: Let's Help the Democrats Find Their Spines

Save the Wealthy

"Important Barometer"...Bush approval rating in New Hampshire at 30%

Ohio SOS Candidate Jen. Brunner:"Longline Taftwell" fails another election

Pat Buchanan: "Americans are awakening to the character of these people"

American's flee to UK

Terror trial Blow for Bush -----Verdict brings mixed reaction from familie

Cleveland Ohio Cuyahoga County STILL counting Tuesdays votes!!!

The brilliant simplicity of bush's energy plan

Looking for Reagan info

Cheney @ LSU: Bad idea

Kenneth Blackwell

As a British DUer whose been

RW (this time C. Hitchens) smearing of Juan Cole continues

White House Plan Defers Leadership In Bird-Flu Fight

My local Independent Weekly paper printed the FULL transcript of Colbert

Could someone post Al Gore's most recent "Not Running" statement.

Okay about Exxon and the taxes they pay

GOP Candidate Webb calls for veterans’ tax break! He has an excellent Idea

Late-night hosts pile on as Bush's ratings drop

BC Professors Object to Honorary Degree for Rice

UN Broadcasting Treaty seen as severely limiting essential freedoms

Bush aides: "It did not overshadow Bush's own funny routine"

Are the American citizens getting tired of digging through the roomful

This is how Bill Frist lied on GoodMorningAmerica:

Moussaoui's face has been constantly on Faux since yesterday morning.

Thom Hartmann is on Fire Today!

If you needed another reason to dislike Ken Blackwell

F.B.I. Oversight Judiciary Hearings just starting on C-Span3

$109 Billion for "Iraq war and Gulf Coast Recovery" (Spin Alert)

May 4, 1970: How Kent State Could Happen Again

TV ad for Dem Challengers

New book calls Ray Nagin a coward

The Five Most Common Lies in Business

Leno on bush

Robert Reich: The Complainers

New poll, only 30% of US supports Bush on Iraq

Human Beings Are Not Contraband!!!!!!

The Godfather USA

black commentator------

The 08 Democratic candidate

Guy asking tough questions to Rumsfeld!!! WOW!!!

Presidential Prayer Team's perfect gift for NeoCon Chickenhawk friends

The oil from Alaska now, where does it go? Where is it refined?

Google Current TV has nice segment on

MT Sen Burns (Abramoff mess) in deep trouble according to Keenan poll

USC Title 18 sec. 2441: War crimes.

Rummy's speech interrupted several times by Hecklers in Atlanta!

Two drink salute to Ray McGovern today...

Posted this in another thread RE Immigration

Don't sit on a frying pan...CAPTION

Another topic Moussaoui

DemocracyFest will have Dean, Hackett, Robert Greenwald....

I can't seem to access the site

Illinois impeachment resolution update. . .it may have to wait until fall.

Gas went down six cents over night

MTV News article on Colbert media silence

WOW! John Snow will discuss the ECONOMY and JOBS! TOMORROW! WOWEE!!!

"Non-voting sons spoil election bid"

"if anything, [Colbert] was playing against the room."

The Colbert Conundrum & Bill O'Reilly - What's Not Being Said

Comprehensive=Do Nothing

So what if no one laughed?

2008 Democratic Convention Watch (5-2-06 update)

Proposed amendment: National Vote of Confidence

Rhode Island: GOP Incumbents Struggle in Blue State

Lessons of Kent State Still Important 36 Years Later

"Unemployable"/ A thread dedicated to great labor songs!!!!!!!

"The jury convicted him to life in prison"

TWICE now Santorum justifies his actions with how expensive his race is!

Terry Gross interview with Lt. Paul Rieckhoff....Excellent

Photo: King of the Popes...Bush offers blessing @ W.H. (Nat'l Prayer Day)

Kerry & Rep. Hinchey Introduce Bills to Repeal Oil Tax Breaks & Subsidies

Administration keeps talking about the high gas prices in Britain.

The Return of Al Gore: Apparently, It is That Easy Being Green

my tip on ABC Colbert video made WaPo

How CAN we win the House in '06?

The Cons want Slaves: (The Truth Behind Their Mexican Bashing Nonsense)

"FuneralGate" is Reanimating - Three Part * Scandal Guide

Tom Hayden Sets the Record Straight on Kerry’s Iraq Plan

Every Democratic Senator just voted for more war funding

Pls. sign petition to help Clean Up Congress w/Clean Elections-

Lieberman polling very well

Congresswoman, Bono widow claims Reps can't afford college

Courage, Mom!

Richard Cohen (WP) calls Colbert "rude," "not funny," "lame," "insulting,"

Election Predictions

Hollings says GDP "Enron-faked," we're in recession!!!

Illegal immigrants...opinion